Back to Back, Face to Face (1994) - full transcript

Wang Shuangli is Deputy Director of the local Cultural Centre, and hopes to be appointed Director. However Old Ma is brought in from the country and installed as Director. This starts a long train of events with Wang's cronies using the bureaucracy to try to oust the new director. At home, Wang has problems because his father wants Wang to have a son to carry on the family name. However, because of the one-child policy, Wang cannot have any more children unless his young daughter is certified infirm. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Still working, Dad?

I have something to tell you, son.

Mr Li's mother visited me this afternoon.

She said you have high hopes
of becoming the Director.

Dad, forget it.

What are you talking about?

I just want to give you some advice.

Hunters shoot the bird
which comes out first.

I understand.

Please have a rest soon, Dad.

Wash your feet before you go to bed!

Otherwise clean the quilt yourself!

Even a washing machine
can't clean it properly!

Quiet. Dad is still working.

Listen! Listen!

Your dearest shoemaker makes noise
even at night!

This is so annoying!

He has worked as a
shoemaker his whole life.

If we don't allow him to work,

he'll be very depressed.

If he gains happiness from his work,

why should we stop him?

I'm not gonna take care of anyone
who isn't my blood father!

But do tell him!

Don't bring dirt into our home!

Let me tell you some good news.

Our department is going to conduct
a simulated election.

I think I'm going to be the new Director.

Why is this good news?

You've been the Deputy Director
for three years.

Shouldn't it be the time for a promotion?

Also, you know all the others
will vote for you.

I know.

Alright. Switch off the light and sleep.

Shuangli! Shuangli!
Wake up! Wake up!

Your father is crying! Listen!

Hey, your trousers!

What's wrong, Dad?

Tell me! Don't endure the sadness!

Open the door, Dad!

Otherwise I'm gonna break it!

Leave me alone! Go away! Please!

What happened to Dad, Fanglan?

Must be something related to
the lack of a grandson.

It's our Government that adopted
the One-Child Policy.

Why blame me for giving birth
to a daughter?

Alright. Send Honghong
to kindergarten now.

Is everyone here? Fine.

Then let's begin.

Holding a simulated election is
our Government's idea.

It's a practice of democracy.

We'll give you blank sheets.

Write down who you
think is the best candidate.

Don't panic and don't worry.

Just write down the
best person in your opinion.

Have you brought your pens?

Why would staff of the Culture Department
forget to bring pens?

(Wang Shuangli)

Could I leave now?

Of course.

Need any help, Mr Wang?

No. I'm just passing by.

Come inside.

How are the photos?


- So this is the new camera.
- Yeah.

What are you focusing on?

Nothing. I use it for peeping.
See for yourself.

He puts only his friends
in important positions.

Like Li the accountant and Monkey.

What's on your mind, Mr Wang?

Call me if you need any help.

Cut it out.

If they conduct an election,
I can assist in your promotion.

Those who don't vote for Mr Wang

are all motherfuckers!

Don't you realize it's a poor slogan?

You treat me so well, Mr Wang.

In the past, every leader despised
this temporary labour.

Except you. I'll repay your kindness.

I'll do anything for you
no matter what the cost is.

Shuangli! A phone call!

Hello? Commissioner?

Yeah. I've prepared everything
for tomorrow's interview.

I know Bingbing's talent.

She'll succeed definitely.

Don't send us gifts!

Everyone knows Wang isn't a greedy man.

He cares only the benefits of the society.

Take them back! Do it!

See you later! Bye!

See you, Li! See you!

Oh, don't worry, Commissioner.

I select the judges
with careful consideration.

All of them are reliable.

It's a mission possible.

Oh, I'm telling you, Bingbing is sick now.

I'm afraid she can't attend the interview.

Sorry for being late informing you.

I hope it won't cause you any trouble.


What's wrong with you?

Are you mad?

Don't worry. A little trick.

It's a trick of mine

in order to gain the trust
of the Commissioner.

You idiot!

You're painting a snake with feet!

As a Commissioner
Mr Leng is very experienced.

You're causing me trouble!

Long-haired but short-sighted.

Leng Bingbing can't attend
the interview tomorrow.

Then what should you do?

Isn't it a fake interview prepared for her?

Maybe I should cancel it.

Don't. People will call you a liar.

Then who should we recruit?

None. All have political backgrounds.

The Commissioner will be angry
if I recruit any of them.

Look at you.

The Commissioner's daughter wants to work
in the Culture Department.

You could simply hire her,

but you organize an open interview instead.

Let's see how it ends.

Go ahead.

You must think on it carefully.

All of you are witnesses.

These letters are written by important
officials from important departments.

Any of their fingers are bigger
than our waists.

Who dares to offend them?

However, my dear fellows,

they dare to abuse power
for private gain in broad daylight.

This really disgusts me.

They send us a bunch of letters
just for a little interview.

What's your opinion?

By the way,
where is Leng Bingbing's letter?

She's sick,
so she can't attend the interview.

It's up to you, Mr Wang.

Yeah. It's up to you.
What's your idea?

My idea is to recruit none of them.

But this is not a good idea, Mr Wang.

You're offending the officials.

I have an idea.

- What idea?
- Tell us.

We get a total of ten judges here.

Let's take turn to give scores
from 8.5 to 9.4.

Now it's your duty, Li.

According to the rule,

the highest and the lowest scores
are excluded.

At last the overall score is 71.6.

If Li gives 8.5,

then the next one should give
8.6 followed by 8.7, etc.

If Li gives 9.4, then the next one

should give 8.5 and then 8.6
and then 8.7, etc.

That means at the end
all candidates will get 71.6.

It's same as cancelling the interview.

40 minutes left.

If you don't have any further suggestions,
let's vote.

Raise your hands if you agree.


I'm Xiao Lele. It means "joyful'.

I'm attending the interview today.

Here. A letter from Mr Hou.

The interview will begin soon.
Just relax until then.

- Don't be too nervous.
- Fine. Thanks.

The registration fee we receive
is 1150 Yuan in total.

Should we keep it as an annual bonus?

Find an extra 2000 Yuan.

Pay off the loan we owe the bank first.

You pay the bank loan bit by bit.

They complain that it's troublesome.

I'd like to pay off the loan first.

Tell other people,

helping me now is helping themselves
in the future.

Oh, I asked you to contact
that construction company.

Have you done it?

I invite the manager of the company

to have dinner
in Hongbin Restaurant tonight.

Li, you're smart.

I learn that there is a personnel
rearrangement in our department.

I don't know anything.

Don't show me that
face. I really don't know.

See you later.

Please give the score.

Exclude the highest score.

Exclude the lowest score.

The overall score of Candidate 4 is 71.6.

71.6 again?

Tell me, old man.

What do you want to know?


Please tell me under what situation

we can have a second child.

Only when the first child suffers
from genetic defects,

or being paralyzed.

For example, being deaf or mute.

I see. I see.

(No Early Marriage
and Early Child-Bearing!)

Opened is the gate of Revolution.

Blown is the clarion of Revolution.

Roaring are the waves of Revolution.

Marching are the people of Revolution.

Oh! The future of China!
It's so bright in Revolution!

Whose poem is it?

Mine. Is it good?

Awesome. Nice theme.

Please give the score.

I'm telling you. It's rigged.


Exclude the highest score.

Exclude the lowest score.

The overall score of Candidate 9 is 71.6.

The final result of the present
interview is surprising.

However, no matter what,

we respect the decision of the judges.

We respect their hard work.

Now, please go home and wait for the phone.

The open interview ends here.

Mr Wang!

Mr Yan! Nice to meet you!


Don't you need to administer
the staff with the Commissioner now?

The Commissioner has
made changes to the schedule.

Mr Wang, allow me to introduce.

This is Mr Ma.

Yan, may I ask the Commissioner's
opinion on the interview?

Any improvement needed?

The Commissioner
appreciates your work a lot.

He even asks his staff to learn from you.

If he really appreciates me,

why doesn't he allow his daughter
to attend the interview?

This is a private matter,

so I know nothing about it.

But I've heard that you're smart
in dealing with people.

Nobody can refuse your offer.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

The department asks me to inform you

Mr Xu wants to see you.

Alright, let's start discussing
Serious issues.


the Culture Department

has achieved so many goals

under your excellent leadership.

All of this is because of yours
and the Commissioner's trust in me

and the hard work of my fellow colleagues.

Please sit.

I have learned that our Government
emphasizes promotion of Chinese culture.

The Commissioner
considers this important also.

After my meeting with the Commissioner,

we decided to appoint the Former Associate
Mayor of Xishan Village, Mr Ma Fusheng,

as the Director of the Culture Department

as well as the Party Branch Secretary.

Wang, I know you may want to argue.

We understand after working for years
you want a promotion.

But Ma is much older than you.

At least you have an advantage
in terms of age.

A young man should be able
to face challenges.

I know in the simulated election,

you voted for yourself.

I'm confident in my ability.

This proves that you're immature.

Being humble is our tradition.

Nothing can escape
the eyes of other people.

Come here, Ma.

Mr Wang, nice to meet you.

I was a newbie in literature in the past.

And now I'm a newbie in culture promotion.

There are many things
I need to learn from you in the future.

Please sit.

My pleasure.

We're sailing on the same boat now.

You're the Director and
the Deputy Director respectively.

Your duties will be like this.

Ma, you're responsible for
personnel management and communication.

Wang, you're responsible for
business and finance.

- Any problems?
- No problem.

Any difficulties?

My wife lives in the village.

She wants to stay there.

But my kids are studying in the city.

Could I have a bigger house in this city?

Our department has just built
a dormitory for staff.

Maybe there is a spare room?

If you really want one,
we can only give you Li's room.

Li has bought a private house recently.

According to the policy,
he can't live in the dormitory anymore.

So let's do it.

I'll pass the task to Wang.

It's no good for Ma to inform Li directly.

Nobody will want to follow
a Deputy Director's order.

You can't fool me. I know all about it.

The staff reveres you
like you're their God.

Don't believe the rumour.

Mr Ma just comes.
He may have a misunderstanding

thinking I'm a devious person.

Don't worry.
Both of us are good comrades.

Why are you here?

The meeting venue with the construction
company has been changed.

I come here to inform you.

The name of the venue
is something in English.

I'm afraid your father was incorrect.

Is it Shifeng?

Absolutely not. It should be Sheraton.

Why would it be Shifeng?
Which place is called Shifeng?

If you already knew they would
appoint another person as Director,

why didn't you tell me?

I was afraid it'd hurt your feelings.

In fact, everybody knew about it

except for you.

So they have told you.

We had a meeting.

Oh yeah. Mr Ma wants to live in the city.

He wants your place in the dormitory.

Mr Au orders you to give it up.

How come Ma knows I buy
a private house recently?

Yan told him this morning.
Everybody knew about it

except for you and me.

Motherfucker Ma!

He shoots the first arrow at my head!

Calm down!

You're not yet a member of the Party.

Why must I be a member?

Even if I'm not one of the Party...

Let me tell you.

Nothing can be perfect.

Don't interrupt my talk.

You can keep scolding, Li,

but you still need to give out the room.

Also, all of the staff must attend
a meeting tomorrow

as a welcome party for the new Director.

Oh yeah. Be tolerable. Relax yourself.

You're the tolerable one!
Tolerate it yourself!

At least you can think on it before we go.

Please support me, Mr Wang.

Don't worry.

I'm the kind who always keeps my promise.

And we'll cooperate for quite a long time.

The ballroom project is planned by me.

Supporting you is supporting myself.

I'm willing to help.

But the construction cost
can't be too high.

I don't want to give the new Director
any chances to trap us.

Don't worry.
I'll give you the greatest discount.


Come here, Xiaozhu.

Mr Wang, this is the contract amended
in accordance with your suggestion.

See if it's fine.

And allow me to present you a gift.

What is it?

You're worth it.

In the construction business,

everyone considers it treasure.

This is against the law.

You can't fool me.

Mr Wang,
things changed after the Economic Reform.

It isn't against the law.

Also, our Manager is a Destrict Deputy.

Still I can't take it.

Mr Wang is a righteous man,

so we should be righteous too.

How about this way then?

Our company saves the money for you first.

Mr Wang's father is quite old.

We can subsidize for you

the whole cost of the funeral.

Are you cursing my father?

I donn't mean it.

How about this way?

Li has bought a new house.

You can use the amount for the decoration

- and make his home nice-looking.
- Sure.

And you save the remaining for me.

When the right time comes,

we can organize a trip to Beijing
for all of the staff.


That's it. Then we leave now.

We leave now.

- See you.
- Let me show you out. Keep the money well.

Mr Wang, don't worry
about the quality of the construction.

I can assure you.

Let's go together.

You go first.

I have something to discuss with Mr Shi.

Then see you another time.

Send your team to demolish
the old houses tomorrow.

Don't send too many people.
The progress should be slow.

After demolition, wait for few days

and then start excavation.

The excavation should also be done slowly.

Stop all work after excavation.

What's the point of doing it slowly?

A masterpiece comes from slow
yet careful work.

And magicians never tell the secrets
of their tricks.

Fine. I understand now.

I nearly forget to ask.
What's the effective date of the contract?

I'll amend it to one month in advance
in accordance with your suggestion.

Don't worry.
Your new Director won't discover it.

If you do as I say,

I'll send you the money
as stated in the schedule.

You must keep the promise.

Oh yeah, Mr Li,

is this a trap you set

in order to trick the new Director?

Why? Do you hate him?

Hey Li!

Hey Li!

What's the matter, Luo?

Give me the key to the meeting room.

What for?

There's a meeting at 8 a.m. today.

Mr Ma asked me to prepare everything.

Hey, don't be late.

Mr Wang! Mr Wang!
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Need any help?

I heard that the village guy Ma
is gonna be the new Director.


Is this his work?

Yeah. His.

What the fuck is this!

I must teach him a lesson!

Don't be rude.

Mr Wang, we're waiting for you.

You're so hard-working today.

Not me.

It's Luo that opens the meeting room.

He asked me to give him
the key this morning.

I just woke up.

Oh yeah.

Last year you punished Luo
for his affair with a woman,

he hates you very much.

He's so hard-working seeing
the new Director.

I'm disgusted by his attitude!

Luo has a poor personality.

It's a shame that Ma appreciates him.

Who fucking cares about Luo!

It's his own business
to follow the wrong leader!

From now on don't give Luo
the chance to be cocky.

Comrades, we don't have
any serious issues to discuss.

This is just a welcome party for Mr Ma.

Please welcome our new Director.

Mr Ma

was used to dealing
with farmers in the past.

He's good at stopping people
from practising cremation and abortion.

He's also good at collecting
manure and harvesting.

From now on, he'll participate
in culture promotion like us.

I'm confident of his ability.

Alright. Let's pass the platform to Mr Ma.

Frankly, I'm destined to do this job.

Last year, our city

held a photo exhibition
named Golden Autumn.

I borrowed a camera from my friends

and took some photos,

and I named the set Drunken Autumn Wind.

Surprisingly the Culture
Department selected it

and gave me a prize.

Do you mean this one, Mr Ma?

Yeah! That one!

I'm specialized in techniques but not art.

But I don't think it's qualified
in terms of techniques.

The ISO setting isn't correct.

Did you adjust the aperture?

I'm a newbie. I just took
the photo by chance.

All of you are my tutors.

See it for yourselves.

Nice! Excellent!

Maybe our poor storage
has lowered its quality.

Any suggestions?

Mr Ma wants my room in the dormitory.

I know Mr Ma admires me.

Yeah. How should I put it?

Mr Ma cares for me so much.

I'll give you the room
in two days from now.

This is my little gift for our new leader.

I think the arrival of Mr Ma

encourages every one of us here.

Our music team has decided to

create excellent songs and music

to compete for the Music Prize in our city.

If Luo can get the Music Prize

under Mr Ma's leadership,

then our literature team can compete
for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Any further suggestions?

I have an advice for Mr Ma.

In the current society,

Everyone wants to be the boss.

We should emphasize
the importance of spirituality,

and organize some educational activities.

That's all.

- Do you mean...
- The meeting ends here!

Members of the music team,
please come to see me.

Luo, come here.

Why are four cups missing?

How could I know?

You opened the room!
If you don't know, then who knows?

Maybe they were lost a long time ago.

Don't try to fool me.

Who's trying to fool you?

Yesterday when we had the interview,

all 40 cups were there!

I counted them myself!

- But I didn't touch any of them!
- Alright. Alright.

Just some little cups. Get over it.

Ma, I don't think this is right.

Our department has set up the rules.

If we abandon one rule,
the staff will ignore the others.

- So...
- If there are rules,

then do it according to the rules.

Understand, Luo?

Four cups. Eight Yuan in total.

I'll deduct it from your salary.

Who dares to deduct my salary?

I won't allow the others to get paid then.

Luo, you've worked here for years.

Please set a good example.

But I...

I told you when you got the key.

You should take care of everything
in the room.

You replied, 'No problem.'

When did I say this?

Hey. You're an adult.

Don't try any excuses.

Fuck you!

You just want to harm me!

What a warrior!

Alright. Ten Yuan in total.

What's wrong?

I forget to inform you.

We're demolishing the old houses
in order to build a ballroom.

This is the ideal place for the ballroom.

- Have you signed any contracts?
- Yeah.

Dad, why does Luo come here?

Nothing. He asked me to mend his shoes.

Mend his shoes?

Luo is a son of bitch.

Why do you consider your work so cheap?

It's my own business.
You have no right to judge it.

I've repaired shoes my whole life.

I make no exception to my customers.

If not for me working this hard,
could you go to school?

Could you be a department leader?

I don't mean it.

Luo is trying to harm me in the department.

You don't understand.

I'll give them back.

Luo, stay there.

Take back your shoes.

Seems that you're not the kind
to keep one's promise.

Your father is willing to repair my shoes.

If you don't take them back,
I'm gonna throw them into the rubbish bin.

You go back first, Mr Luo.

I'll send for you when I repair them.

Thanks a lot, Mr Wang.

Why did you buy an ugly desk?

I think the same.

But Li...

- I'll do it!
- I'll do it! Alright!

Li said it must be this one.

Nice. Nice.

This reflects how economical
our department is.

We aren't really that poor.

Luo, take some money from Li

and buy a new desk.

- No need! No need!
- Mr Ma, don't you agree?

Ma, don't argue.
I insist on buying a new one.

Otherwise the others will tease us
and regard us as poor.

This one. 260 Yuan.

Buy a pair.

We offer a discount when you buy a pair.

No way. The Director
tells me to buy only desk.

Then I'll include only
the desk in the receipt.

It'll work.

Will it work?

Mr Ma, please sign on it

so that I can submit an expense account.

Anything else?

No. Thanks.

Submitting an expense account.

Hey, my old friend Li.

What's wrong with this?

What do you mean?

I'm submitting an expense account.

You must have the leader's signature first.

Mr Ma has already signed on it.

Then go find Mr Ma to help you.

Don't ask me.

What's wrong with you?

Let me tell you, Li.

Don't fool a smart man like me.

I won't fall into the trap.

Are you stupid or just
lacking common sense?

Mr Wang is the one
who takes care of finance.

If you don't trust me,

Go and ask somebody else.

What's wrong?

Li says your signature is meaningless.

Mr Wang is the one taking care of finance,
so only he can sign it.

Wang, then you...

Give it to me.

Go ahead.

Wang, in our village,

the Mayor and the Associate Mayor

can both sign the receipt.

That's the village.

This is the Culture Department.
Two different things.

And Mr Xu the Associate Commissioner
has told us,

you take care of personnel management,
and I take care of finance.

What do you want, old man?

Pass that one to me.

I want to have a look.

It's a chain smoker produced 30 years ago.

Look at the craft. How brilliant it is.

How much?

100 Yuan. Cheap enough.

And it fits you well.

50 Yuan.

- How about 80 Yuan?
- 50 Yuan! Must be 50!


It fits you well. I'll pack it for you.

I have told you many times,

so, no need to worry.

We're working according to
what we've planned.

- Mr Wang!
- Why are you here?

Why are you so nervous?

There's something wrong with Luo's receipt.

The desk he buys for Ma costs 260 Yuan,

but it's written as 380 Yuan
on the receipt.

Can it be inflation?

No. I went and had a look in the shop.

It must be Luo cheating.

Luo must have bought himself a chair
but he didn't report it.

Keep this a secret.
We'll expose this when the time is right.

Expose it only when Luo complains
about his salary.

Keep it a secret if Luo doesn't complain.

Also, Ma has taken the contract
for the ballroom.

Have you seen Ma, Monkey?


- What are you doing?
- Taking a walk.

Haven't we all agreed?

What does Li say?

He says his mother is sick recently.

Once she recovers,

he'll give you the room at once.

I see. Then I'll live
in the guest house during this time.

Yan, go to tell Wang.

Tell him to ask Li to give out his room!

Otherwise charge him 10 Yuan every day!

Fine. I'll go now.

Too bad!

Going against your boss is
like climbing Mount Everest.

Deal with it.

Has the construction company
decorated your home?

Finished yesterday.

My advice. Move out.

Go and submit an expense account later.

- Anything else?
- A cupboard.

Hey Li! Are you ready?

Song, after deducting the rental,

here is 192 Yuan.

Luo, after deducting the rental,

as well as the cost of five cups,

here is 166 Yuan.

Hey! Sign it!

What's wrong, Luo?

The rule states you should sign
when you get the salary.

What? Demanding more for your salary?

Even if it isn't enough for food,
at least it's enough for a fool.

What did you say? Who's the fool?

Deducting my salary without any reasons

and ordering me to sign it!
No way!

Then do you still want it?


You dare to beat me!

Behaving like an animall!
This is just wrong!

Who? Who's like an animal?

He is your friend,
so you help him,

but harm an innocent like me!

Shut the fuck up you fucker!
Who is the innocent?

Let all of you be the judge!

This is Luo's receipt!

A desk costs only 260 Yuan!

He spent 380 Yuan!

Why do you need the extra money
for the same desk?

Where has the extra 120 Yuan gone?

I'll accuse you right now!

Luo, then it's your fault.

The new Director trusts you.

How can you do such a bad thing?

Listen to me, you fucker Luo!

Deducting the rental
plus the cost of five cups,

you have 166 Yuan left.

And the extra 120 Yuan
you spent on the desk

should also be deducted!

Here's 46 Yuan! Stick it up your ass!

Luo, you must reflect upon yourself
on this incident.

Let's face it. Pick up the money.

Sign it!

Dad, why don't you smoke cigarettes?

Why do you smoke the Hookah again?

Cigarettes are too expensive.

So smelly.

I'm used to it.

What's wrong, Honghong?

How come there is a smell of smoke?

Dad! Don't place your Hookah water here!

The kid will become a mute
after drinking it!

Spit it out! Quick, Honghong!

Thanks a lot!

I've prepared the room with my kids.

- Li is really a piece of bullshit!
- What's wrong?

He broke all the glass of the cupboards
and the light bulbs.

He even cracked the toilet tank!

Maybe the room was always like this.
Forget it.

How bad you are! Why didn't you call us?

We've been waiting for 2 hours.

Why did you come? We can do it ourselves.

I won't help you carry the furnitures,

but I'll help you create the floor plan.

I love plans very much.

Nice. Nice.
I'll let you design my floor plan.

- Fine.
- Unload it.


Too heavy!

This cupboard.
Place it facing the north.

Hey! Take a rest! Take a rest!
Have some cigarettes!

The north! The north!
This side!

Take a rest! Take a rest!

Ma, you need some beautiful furniture.

These are too ugly.

I can't design a nice floor plan.

I come from the Third World.
I need to earn more money first.

- Oh, you're too humble.
- Wang.

I have something to tell you.

Wang, the Human Resources Department
allocates Leng Bingbing to our department.

Is it the Commissioner's
order or your order?

It's my order.

You have the right to do it.

Tell me, which position
should I appoint her to?

Don't you know it yourself?

Maybe we could appoint her
the leader of literature team.

I heard that she's a novelist.

No, they were just some school assignments.

Also, how are you going to deal with Song?

Yeah. I'm thinking about it.

The business team lacks
an associate leader.

Yeah! Yeah! How come I forget it?

Then maybe we can transfer Song
to the business team.

I'll talk with Song tomorrow morning.
Then that's it.

Motherfucker Ma!
Who the fuck are you?

Huh! What do you know?

Why do you appoint Leng Bingbing
team leader?

Because her father is Commissoner?

Or because you fucking hate me?

I'll quit the job now!

Coming! Coming!

Is Mr Wang at home?

In the kitchen.

Mr Wang!

What's the matter, Song?

My resignation letter!

Song! Song!


How come he fails to deal
with even minor problems?

What had he achieved
when he was Associate Mayor?

Commissoner, most staff
in the Culture Department are troublesome.

Yan, do you know how much a desk costs?

It depends on the type of desks.

The most common one.
Like the one you have.

Less than 250 Yuan. More than 200 Yuan.

As an official, you really know nothing
of the citizens' poor situation.

Ma bought a desk not long ago.

It's of the same type as yours.
It costs him nearly 400 Yuan.

Please allow Bingbing to work here,

From the beginning,
I'm reluctant to see her

working under the same system with me.

This kid.

Don't worry, Commissioner.

Bingbing loves literature.

You can't ban her from her hobby.


Then I'll give the task to you.

Don't worry, Commissioner.
No problem.

Ma and I have accepted Song's resignation.

Ask Bingbing to come tomorrow.

- Monkey! Monkey!
- Yeah?

Come here quickly!

What's up?

Here's a phone call for Mr Wang.

No. No. I'm too busy.

Hey Monkey!
Damn you!


Mr Wang.

The shoes are ready.
Do they look okay?

Fine. Fine.
Mr Wang,

I'll pay you.
How much does it cost?

My son earns a lot.
No need to pay me.

If you remember I once mended shoes
for you, then I'm satisfied.

Fine. Fine.

The Department of Health is coming
for an inspection.

All construction sites in our city
must be cleaned up.

Otherwise the head of the Culture
Department will be punished.

What's wrong with Mr Shi?

His team hasn't even completed
the demolition.

Communication with other departments
is Ma's responsibility.

Is this your trick?

When would magicians reveal
the secret of their tricks?

Find Ma. Tell him to handle it.

Mr Wang! Mr Wang!
So you're here.

I come to work now.

Welcome. Welcome.

You come at the right time.
I'll bring Bingbing to the village

and help her get familiar
with the working environment.

Stop laughing! When would magicians
reveal their secrets?

Not even to their friends.

Mr Wang, go to the village?

Pack your personal belongings.

I'll bring you to meet the
famous novelists in the village.


The car will arrive in about ten minutes.
Any problems?

Yeah! No problem!

When you build the ceiling,

you must use a transparent one
for the dancing floor.

Work according to the floor plan.

Hello? Mr Ma.

I'm sorry we can't meet the requirement
you mention right now.

Moreover, Mr Wang is the one
responsible for the project.

I won't do anything if he's absent.

I'm really sorry.

If this is the case,
then we have no way out.

- No way out.
- Fuck!

- What happens?
- Stay away from my business!

Look at the construction site!
It's a mess!

You must clean it up!

Our company is mainly responsible
for the construction.

We clean it only
when the construction is completed.

It's an important inspection!
We'll be punished if something goes wrong!

We're just poor citizens.

We're not related to the inspection.

I warn you!

Your company must take the responsibility
if something goes wrong!

What responsibility?

If you don't act as I tell you,

I'm gonna cancel the contract!

I'll find a better company
to work on the project!

Fine! But we can accuse you
of breach of contract,

then we can earn money without working!

I won't pay you! I won't!

Once we're at court you must pay us!
Nobody can escape the law!

If you don't clean it,
I'll keep standing here!

Go ahead!

Alright! Alright!
It's not worth getting angry!

Let's go have a drink!

What's the reason for not cleaning it?

Li! How dare he trick me on his own!

I'm gonna teach him
the cost of fearlessness!

It's because Wang is
supporting him from behind!

They deducted my salary

and accused me of the receipt

all because of my support for you.

When a new leader arrives,
one should provide his support.

But they harm me because of this.

Forget it. Forget it.

City people.
They have a very complicated mindset.

Their nerves are all messed up!

- Drink!
- Drink!

Hey Luo! Why are you
vomiting in front of my home?

Why can't I vomit?

Tell Wang the bastard to come out!

Drunkard! I'm not gonna argue with you.

Wang you bastard!
You harm me using others' hands!

Your heart is painted black!

But God is righteous.
You have no son.

Your family lineage can't be carried on.

Mr Luo, you dare to say it again?

Do you know why
you don't have a grandson?

Because your son doesn't know
what kindness is.

Your family lineage can't be carried on.

Do you know why?

This is God's punishment.
God's punishment.

You go to hell!

You heartless animal!

None of your words come
from a human mouth!

I can see what happens simply
from your hopeless look!

I really have no way out.

Even if you fire me,
or expel me from the Party,

I still can't come up with an idea.

Mr Shi, what should we do?

There are so many wastes.

Even if we make our staff

work to death,

we still can't clean it up by tomorrow.

What have you done all this time?

Do you work only
when the inspection is coming?

Where's Wang Shuangli?
Go and find him!

- He has just returned from the village.
- Go find him!

Hey! Let me tell you!

If you two can't solve it,

I'm gonna punish you terribly!

How is it? Any ideas?

All these wastes,
just let them remain untouched.

Like construction works in major cities,

covering the whole site with big plastic
boards. No one can see the inside.

Do you agree?


We can even write something like
'Constructed by ICM Construction Co. Ltd."

And use them
as our company's advertising boards.

Then let's have a try!

Make it quick.

- This is a brilliant method.
- Yeah. We should promote it.

We can even place pictures
and slogans on the boards.

Yeah. Showing others
the strength of the Culture Department.

- Yeah.
- Alright, Ma.

I'm leaving with the Governor.

- Alright, Governor.
- See you, Governor. See you.

Fine. Fine.
See you. See you.

Wang, you've worked
as Deputy Director for years.

You built a dormitory for the staff...

The inspectors were very satisfied today.

Thank you so much.

Otherwise I'd be in trouble.

No big deal. We're colleagues.

Oh yeah. That is...

Commissoner asks us to work faster.

But Mr Shi says

we owe him 200 thousand
for building the dormitory.

If we don't pay off the debt,
his team will stop working.

I try to argue.
He finally agrees to delay the deadline.

What the fuck!
Isn't this an insult?

Er... Oh yeah!

What's the matter?

Mr Xiao,
the Director of the Department of Finance,

has a sister named Xiao Lele.

He told me that

if we can offer a job to Xiao Lele,

he'll donate 170 thousand Yuan to us.

Definitely a great deal.

Let's do it this way.

We used her outstanding performance
in the interview as the reason

to employ her.

- You're the boss.
- Alright. So that's it.

Hey you! Come quickly!

I'm coming!


Who are you?

Don't shout at me!

Xiao Lele brought me this.

Outward remittance.

Must come from the upper class.

Ma falls into our trap again.

Trap? Ha! It should be the toilet.

I mean he's full of shit now!

Oh, now what I need is your order.

Save it in the bank.

Wow! You're my idol!

I'll do it immediately.

Where's the 170 thousand Yuan
we saved earlier?

Why did you deduct it?

Don't shout! Don't shout!
Tell me slowly.

If you can give me a reason,
I won't shout at you!

You must pay off the debt
when you obtain a loan.

We're already kind enough
not to punish you.

Still don't understand?
Go home and digest it!

Stop! Stop!

Ma is in big trouble now.

Although we pay off the bank loan,

but this is immoral.

Ma loses his honour.

Honour? He stays in my room!

It's already an act of dishonour!

He doesn't respect me,
so I dishonour him!

He also threatens to fire me!

I'm fucking angry!

I'm gonna show his funny posture
to the public!

Monkey, don't add oil to the fire.

And don't invade people's privacy.

No. I'm always a righteous man.

Cut it out. Lying all the way.

I know all your dirty acts.

Come, Honghong.
Honghong, drink it.

Grandpa, the water is bitter.

It's tea.
Drink it. Drink it.

Recently Honghong has been
drinking your Dad's tea.

I tasted it. It had a smell of smoke.
What do you think?

Don't worry too much.

Oh yeah.
I forget to tell you.

That day Luo drank too much.

He shouted that God
forbade us from having son.

Guess what?

Your Dad kicked Luo's ass so hard.

Luo deserves it. But
you should be blamed too.

If you gave birth to a son,

- then such things wouldn't happen.
- Damn you!

If you're able to obtain
an extra birth permission certificate,

the second one I give birth to
must be a boy.

It's raining.

Time to promote prevention of floods again.

Wang, take care of the department
alone for few days.

No problem.
You can just go without worry.

Hou Xinsheng, the Commissioner and I
are going to the flooded area.

Bring me a camera.

Which one you want? Ricoh or Minolta?

Give me the Seagull one.

Get it from the museum.

Then how about Ricoh?

Oh, be careful!

It's an expensive camera!

Monkey, don't act smart!

Ma is more skillful than you.
He won a prize before.

- Fine. I'll leave now. See you.
- Fine. See you.


Is that Wang?

He is seeing me off.

Seems that you're close friends.

A leader should show the good on his face
and hide the bad in his heart.

After all you've worked here
for a long time.

You're quoting from classic literatures.

Drive now.

Fill it fill it until full.

There comes a big belly. Big-be-lly.

Grandpa, Dad has a big belly too.

Hey, don't talk nonsense.

- Xiaoling, what is this for?
- None of your business!

Oh, you don't tell me.

Quick, Monkey!
Your turn!

Oh yeah!
It'd be nice to sunbathe!

Hou Xinsheng!

Come here, Hou Xinsheng.

Boss! Boss!
Why are you firing me?

Our department employs two new staff
recently. We're overstaffing.

Firing temporary labour is
the Commissioner's decision.

Fuck! They're really doing it!

Hey! Hey!
Is Mr Wang aware of this?

Mr Wang takes care of finance.
I take care of personnel management.

Regarding the decision to fire you,
I don't need to inform him.

When this month ends,
you can find a new job.

All these reporters

only follow the famous governors.

All are slimy little creeps!

That's too bad!

Take you as an example.
Going to a flooded area in person.

Rescue so many victims.
No matter how bad the weather is.

But none of the public knows it!

It's my duty.
Why must I let the public know?

I'm satisfied if I can help people.


how about holding a photo exhibition
named Heroes Against Floods?

To praise anti-flood heroes,
and promote moral values.

We can give the task
to the Culture Department.

Didn't you and Ma administer
the rescue team in person before?

Your idea is really good.

Ask them to work on it.


Ha! Seems that you really enjoy yourself!

They're the photos

showing Mr Ma and Commissoner

administering the rescue work.

Print them out at once.
We're gonna send them to the exhibition.

Haven't I been fired?

What's the point ordering me to work?

Hey! Your contract hasn't ended yet.
Don't you want your salary for this month?

We're Communists. We should obey
the orders till the last minute.

Son of bitch.

Hey! Don't be angry at me!

I'm a coward! Don't frighten me!

Motherfucker Ma!
I'll strike back!

Photos taken by Ma.
Which should we use?

This one.

That's too good.
I'd use this one.

If I tell you that one, then use that one.

What's the point?

Don't you understand?
What's the topic of the exhibition?

Heroes Against Floods.

See. Other people were covered
with mud and water.

Our Commissioner was under the umbrella.

Not even a single speck
of dirt on his clothes.

You're really my idol!

This was taken by the youngest journalist
in our city.

And this set of photos

were taken by Mr Ma
of the Culture Department.

And this one is

our Commissioner Mr Leng
administering the rescue team.

Ma! Ma!

What is the point of all these?

As stupid as a pig!

Stop! Don't laugh!

Today, having Mr Shi and Mr Wang

as my customers is my great honour.

For the hard work of all of us.

Also for the failure of Motherfucker Ma.

Cheers, everyone.


What's wrong, Monkey?

Getting some water.

- Nice.
- Fill it up.

Now that Ma is gone, I can't think
of a better candidate for the Director.

This isn't my focus. Restoring the
construction work of the ballroom quickly is.

I must have it completed in 6 weeks.

No problem.

No matter what,
I'll prove my ability to them.

That's right.

By the way,
can you order Ma to return me the room?

No way.

I can't give you back the room. Don't
put private matters on a public table.

Hey, Mr Shi.

Last time you promised

to organize a trip for all of our staff.

I'll keep my promise.

Hey! Hey!
How about me? Me?

Why not?

Ma's decision to fire you is revoked.

As long as I'm still in the department,

nobody can fire you.

Look, Monkey.

Mr Wang treats his staff so well.

I know it!

Otherwise why would everyone work
for him no matter what the cost?

Damn right!

Come! Drink! Cheers!

Ma? Him? After the consideration
of the nature of his work,

Ma is being transferred
to the Department of Argriculture.

Now the Culture Department is
in lack of a leader again.

After discussing with the Commissioner,

we decide to appoint you

as Temporary Director.

Mr Xu, Commissoner calls you.

Wang, any problems?

I'm grateful for your decision.


Oh Shuangli! How come
they appoint you as Temporary Director?

When will they really promote you?

Maybe you should quit the job.

Quit the Deputy Director job also.

Otherwise you're just working hard
for nothing.

Hey! Are you listening to me?

You don't understand.

The big victory comes
from enduring small pain.

This year is almost over.

It's again the time for Commissioner
to examine the ability of the staff.

I must provide some solid facts
of my achievement.

This is what really makes them trust me.

I can't understand you.
A small role dreaming of something big.

- Fanglan.
- Yeah?

I have something to discuss with you.


Go visit Ma with me later.


Our department is organizing
a trip to Beijing.

I want to invite him as well.

Oh? A cat crying for dead mice?

Ma will definitely tease you.

I won't go.

He wouldn't dare.
A leader must know how to deal with people.

Go with me.

Here. There is nothing tasty in my home.
Have some peanuts.

- Thanks.
- Nice.

Ma, this time we go to Beijing,

I hope you can be the tour guide.

No big deal. No big deal.

You're transferred
to the Department of Agriculture.

I wonder if they have
a dormitory for staff.

It'd be better to live in our dormitory.

The environment is better here.

No. I'll move when I buy a house there.

Don't, Ma.
You're the former leader of our department.

Your Kids go to school in this city.
It's more convenient.

That's right.

Just eat as you like.
Here. Come. Here.

Oh yeah, Mr Ma.

Someone gave us this.

Wang doesn't like wines.
I learn that you love it,

- so I'm giving it to you. Come.
- No! Please don't!

Please accept it, Ma.

- Friends accept each other's gifts.
- That's right.

Frankly I love drinking wines.

- Then how come...
- No. Listen to me.

She doesn't allow me to drink,
so I must give it to you.

Quick. Come quickly.

Oh, where is my seat, Ma?

Yours? Your seat is there.
Last row.

- Last row.
- Sit according to your ticket.

Set your luggage down first.


Beijing is a big city,

so don't worry about spending too much.

Let them live well, eat well and play well.

But all we spend is your money.

Still remember the magician stuff?
I must thank my magician.

Wang, it's a pity you can't go with us.

But there must be somebody
taking care of the department.

I still have many jobs to finish.
Enjoy yourselves.

Mr Wang, if you can't go with us,

you should at least invite your wife.

She needs to look after Honghong.

Also, I'm worried she'd be kidnapped
in Beijing.

We are going on a
trip to Beijing this time.

We must thank Mr Shi for his kindness.


No big deal!
Enjoy yourselves!

Thanks! See you!

See you! See you!

Alright! Sit!

Mr Wang, I can see that

everyone is grateful for your kindness.

Going on a trip always makes one happy,
doesn't it?

After all we're a poor department.

At least I can provide them
some benefits this time.

Oh, Mr Shi.

Regarding the ballroom, please tell them
to work more quickly. I'm relying on you.

The construction is completed,

but we need 250 thousand Yuan
for the decoration.

Please send me the amount
as soon as possible.

Could you pay for me first?

I don't have much capital in the bank.


Alright. I'll come up with a solution.


Don't move. Don't move.
Here comes out a big one. Done.

By the way, have you heard that

drinking hookah water makes one mute?

My grandma told me when I was a kid.
Why do you ask?

Oh, nothing.

- Fanglan.
- Yeah?

I want to discuss something with you.

I want to borrow 1000 Yuan from you.


I need the extra amount
for building the ballroom.

Initially I want to obtain a subsidy
from the town hall,

but Li isn't here, so I can't do it.

I decide to borrow it from you.

I'll return it later. Can I?

No way.

You allow Ma to go on the trip but not me.

And now you beg me.
Go ask the bank!

No. If I allowed you to go on the trip,

people would blame me of
abusing power for personal gain.

And it has nothing to do
with borrowing money.

I borrow your money
but I'll definitely return it.

I beg you. Please.


Why do you come here?

To visit my old friend.

Do you need help?

Mr Wang, I want to work
in the department again.

Let me tell you.

I always want to return
after Motherfucker Ma is gone.

Why not?

Why not?

So you permit it.

Then it's a Yes.
You're really my friend.

But you've been gone for half an year,

you need to pay some charges
to the department.

Otherwise Commissoner may blame me.

Fine. How much?



Damn it!
If I knew you're so rich,

I'd ask you for more. Would've said 4000.

At least what I give you
isn't a small amount.

Then that's it.

I'll return to work on tomorrow morning.

No need to go to work so soon.

I want you to go to the town hall with me.

For what?

I need a subsidy for building the ballroom.

You're more familiar with the staff there,
so I need your help.

- Fine.
- I'll pay for your transportation cost.

After all, the benefit comes
from the price one has paid.

- Mr Wang has returned.
- Thank you.

Mr Wang.

- Mr Wang!
- Song, you're also here.

Bring some drinks, Lele.

Take a seat

This is for you, Mr Wang.

For you.

- What's this?
- Look at it.

During the time we were in Beijing,

you obtained all the money we need.

- Song, Please drink.
- Thank you.

All thanks to Song's contribution.

He helps me a lot.

Mr Wang, you're so humble.

Doesn't every official know your talent
and appreciate your ability?

Alright. Alright. It isn't
the right time to claim the credit.

Go and transfer this amount

to the account of the construction
company quickly.

- No problem.
- I must see the construction completed within the month.

- Just wait for my good news.
- Can you do it?

No problem.

Mr Wang, you've returned.

Mr Wang, how's the progress?

Unbelievably good.

I think once our ballroom starts service,

we can invite all the important
officials in the city

to enjoy dancing there.

And Bingbing, please
invite the Commissioner.

Why should I be the one?

- Why don't you invite him yourself?
- It's so obvious.

When the daughter invites the father,
the father must accept.


Lele, please invite your friends
to the dance club

and ask the beautiful ones
to dance with the officials.

Fine. How many should I invite?

The more the merrier.

Yeah. That's entertainment.
The more the merrier.

It must be a great party.

Commissioner, You dance very well.

My dad dances better!

Oh Ky, the atmosphere is nice here.

The Commissioner really
has a great mood today.

Why are they so happy?

I think, he's very satisfied
with the ballroom.

Please drink, Uncle Xu.

I say, Xu,

Ma had spent ♪-8 months on the project

but the construction was not completed.

And the result was a mess.

Wang only spent one month to complete it.

Wang is really talented.

It's all because of
your excellent leadership.

Stop praising me.

I've done nothing

while you're responsible
for the whole project.

Dad, Mr Wang is really excellent.

He's a true leader.

If you don't appoint him
as Director this time,

I'll scold you!

I say, who would flatter
the boss so much like you?

the best part hasn't started yet.

Yeah. Then show us.

Let's start!

Not bad.

- How's it, Mr Ge?
- Nice. Nice.

So that's it.

I have a meeting tomorrow.
I need to check the documents now.

So I'll leave first.

Let me show you the way.

No need. Thanks.

My driver is waiting for me outside.

Wang, later,

Mr Au has something to talk about with you.

Yeah. Fine. Fine.


Dad, won't you stay for a little longer?

- No. Enjoy yourselves.
- See you, Commissioner.

- Commissioner, Thank you so much for coming.
- You're welcome

Wang, you've done a really brilliant job.

Much appreciated.

No big deal. After all it's my duty.

Oh yeah, in order to reduce your burden,

after discussing with the Commissioner,

we decide to appoint Mr Yan
as Director of the Culture Department.

He'll take care of personnel management,
as well as business and finance.

Please cooperate with him.

The first modern ballroom in our city,

started its service last night.

All the credits are given to the
excellent leadership of Mr Wang Shuangli.

The whole project

has been completed within 40 days.

Who wrote the piece?

It mentions only your leadership.

Where is the credit for the Commissioner?

Who are you asking?

You, of course.
With such an article,

no wonder the Commissioner is angry of you.

Isn't this a trap?

Then let it trap me!

Maybe I should fall into a real trap

and get myself killed!

Don't be despaired.

Bullshit! I won't give up at all!

Time to attend the meeting!
All the staff must be present!

The new Director arrives.
He wants to meet the staff.

We're old friends,

so no need for me to introduce myself.

From now on, we must unite
the whole team to work as one.

I'm different from Mr Ma.

Mr Ma is older and more mature.

He's more experienced
in coping with problems.

I'm young and emotional.

I hope this won't cause me
to offend anyone easily,

but if it does happen,
please tolerate and forgive me.

Wang, see if you've got anything to say.

Fine, if no,
then this is the end of this meeting.

Hey, Song!

Mr Yan, why did you order me
to write the inspection report?

You quit the job
without any important reasons,

and now you return to work
also without any reason.

Our department isn't your own toilet,
so you can't go in and out as you like.

Writing an inspection report

is the basic requirement, isn't it?

So why do you complain?

Mr Wang allows me to return to work!

And I've paid the charges required!

I'm not banning you from work.

Since the Deputy Director permits it,

you can still work here,

but you must hand me
your inspection report first!

I think even Wang will agree with me.

Am I right, Wang?

Er, I have something important to do.
I'll come back later.

Honghong, Grandpa will get you some water
and add some sugar

Honghong! Don't drink it!

You evil old man!

You harm my daughter with hookah water!

Are you really human?

I'll accuse you!

What's wrong?

Go away!
Go ask your father!

He's giving Honghong hookah water!

He plans on turning her mute!

I've had enough! I...

You bitch!

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

I'm not human!
I'm a bastard! I'm a bastard!

- Dad! Dad!
- I'm a bastard! I'm a bastard!

I'm a bastard...

Mr Wang, initially I was the one
managing the ballroom.

But now Yan passes the duty to Xiao Lele.

Isn't he insulting us?

And he gets 20-30 tickets each day.

They're worth over 100 Yuan.

Yan also says he'll fire
all temporary labour!

I'm not the only temporary
labour here,

so why did he only say that to me?

- It must be because I'm a close friend of yours!
- That's right!

I returned to work because
I knew the leader would be you.

You must do me justice, Mr Wang.

Yan is the Director and
the Branch Secretary.

He takes care of business,
finance and personnel management.

What do I take care of?

How can I do you justice? Huh?

And who the fuck can do me justice?

Your coat, Mr Wang!

Ha! Is this another Ping Pong Diplomacy?


What are you doing?

Don't you see it?

We aren't really that poor,

why do you go out and work?

You don't understand.

It's boring as hell staying at home.

If you want to show your care,

you can bring me lunch every day, right?

Come. Carry it outside.

Be careful.

- Time to eat, Dad.
- Fine.

Take a break if you have the chance.
Don't overdo it.

Do you have lunch?

Fail to be the Director again?

That's alright.

Oh yeah.

Take Honghong and your wife home
when you have the chance.

Tell them I'm sorry for what I did.

Please tell them how regretful I am.

Good morning, Director.

- This is the balance sheet of June.
- Fine.


What are these?

All the invoices signed
by the former Directors.

I made a copy of each one.

It's easier to trace
back when errors occur.

So, do you imply that

you're gonna make copies of every invoice
I sign from now on?

No. No. Impossible.

If the Director doesn't like my idea,
let me burn them all now.

Old man, do you mend shoes?

You don't say?

If I don't mend shoes,
why do I stay here?

- Come. Sit.
- Fine. Thanks.

It was scratched
when I touched the steel by accident.

It's new. What a pity.

Easy. I'll repair it from the outside.

Don't! You better repair from inside.

It looks ugly after repairing from outside.

I'm too old. My vision declines.

I'm sorry about that...

Hey! Hey! What are you doing?

You're damaging my beautiful new shoes!

No. The shoes were damaged already.

How can you blame me?

If you're a poor shoemaker,
you should've told me first!

Now you've ruined my shoes!
What should I do?

Take back your shoes.
I won't mend them anymore.

Take them back.

Don't fool me! You do it on purpose!

The shoes cost 140 Yuan!
Compensate me for my loss!

You're accusing me with no reason!

All of you have a look!
His shoes were already damaged!

And how can a poor man like me compensate?

I don't care! Compensate me for my loss!

Otherwise I'll hang the
shoes around your neck

and take you to the Police!

Hey, this young man!
You shouldn't insult the innocent!

Right! He's accusing me for no reason!

Listen to me, Old Wang!

Buy me a new pair by tomorrow!

Otherwise I'll deduct your son's salary!

You bastard! What's the point!
How dare you!

Everybody looks at him!

Arent' you the Director
of the Culture Department?

Aren't you a leader?
Why do you bully an innocent?

His shoes were already damaged! He...

Mr Wang! Mr Wang!

Quick! Quick! It's bad!

- What happened?
- Your father!

What happened?

I don't know! We need to go!

Wait a minute!


I'm sorry.
Let's go home.

Hey! What are you doing?

I'm his son.
Go home with me.

- No! No! I won't go!
- Go home with me!

Go home with me!

- I won't go! Leave me alone.
-Go home with me!

Dad! What are you doing?

None of your business!
I'm selling my own blood!

Dad, no matter what happens,
I'll take care of you!

It's none of your business!

Then how am I gonna face the others?

Not your business! Go away!

We're busy!
Do you still want to sell your blood?

Yeah. Yeah. I keep my promise.
None of your business!


I beg you!

Uncle, Mr Wang is a good leader.

Right, Uncle.
If you insist on doing it,

how is he gonna face the others?

You don't understand.

I ruined the new shoes of Mr Yan.

I must compensate him for his loss.

Who is Mr Yan?

The Director of our department.

Oh, your colleague!

You're sailing on the same boat!

Why should he bully your father?
How bad he is!

Hey! Hey!
Our hospital isn't your meeting venue!

Go away now.

Old man,
we don't want your blood anymore.

- Take your clothes back.
- No. Don't...

Uncle, let's go home together.

Shuangli! Shuangli! Wait for me!

Shuangli! You...

Dad, are you hurt?

Are you alright?

Don't be angry at me!

Dad is doing this for you.

Dad, I know it,
but what'll the others think?

Don't worry. Think about it.

Now after this incident,

everyone is criticizing Yan.

What'll Mr Leng and Mr Xu think?

This is a small city.

The news will be spread all
over the place by tomorrow.

When one knows another's scandal,

he'll add oil to the fire.

I work as a shoemaker for my whole life.

What kinds of people haven't I seen?

Ha. Yan is the kind
that feels cocky easily.

He's still immature!

Mr Wang!

Mr Wang!

Mr Wang!

Mr Wang!

- What's the matter?
- Mr Wang.

I wrote an article.
I'll post it on the newspaper.

Read it.

See if the title is good.

Old Shoemaker Selling His Own Blood.
All Because Of an Official's Cruelness.

Please don't stop me this time.

If I fail to take revenge,

I'll walk like a fucking dog from now on.

Oh Xu.

Xu, look.

Look what's in the newspaper.

I've just received the
Governor's phone call.

He blames me for
appointing the wrong person.

Our situation is very severe.

How poor Yan is!

It's some minor private matters,
but now the whole city knows it!

What should we do now?

Suspend his work and have an inspection.

Apologize to the old shoemaker.

We must restore our reputation.

How about the Culture Department?

The only way is to appoint Wang Shuangli
as Temporary Director.

I don't understand!

Yan has followed me for years!

How come he still doesn't know
how to deal with people?

What a poor leader he is!

I drank too much wine last time

and I insulted you.

I hope you can forgive me.

I apologize to you.

It's alright, Mr Luo.

As a human, no one is perfect.

You mended my shoes but I scolded you.

It was not right.

Get over it. Get over it.

I know you think that I'm a kind person,

and this is enough.

Dad, dinner is ready.

Oh Luo, please eat with us.

No no no! I've had my dinner!

See you later. Enjoy your dinner.

Please eat with us, Mr Luo.

- Eat with us.
- No. I really have had my dinner already.

Just eat with us, Luo.

Have a seat.

Then, it's my honour.


Time to eat, Honghong!

It's hot in Guangzhou.
Why do I need so many clothes?

What if the weather changes?

It isn't troublesome
to carry more clothes.

It's too heavy.
Alright. I know how much you care for me.

Don't fool me with sweet words!

You have Leng Bingbing to care you!

You can enjoy the time
you'll spend with her.

We're going on business.

It'd be better to have a partner.

Don't worry!

Have you had any affairs with her?


She is the Commissioner's daughter.

I'll get into trouble
if I have an affair with her.

Then why was she the last one to leave

after the grand opening of the ballroom?


Just after they appointed Yan as Director.

- Do you admit it?
- 1...

I was waiting for you outside that time.

Hey! I know you two
aren't having an affair!

At least not you!

That day, I wanted to lend you
a shoulder to cry on.

But I thought it'd be better
to leave you alone.

I was afraid you were so depressed that

you'd do something horrible,

so I stayed and watched.

Don't be sad. Things will change.

Aren't we living well now?

You make so many contributions
for the department.

The dormitory followed by the ballroom.

They still won't promote you.

Are they blind? I really mean it...

Mr Wang.

So you've returned.
On the trip,

you traveled by different vehicles.
You must be tired.

We'll get our salary today.

You two probably run out of money.

-Yep -You seem to be having
a good time in Guangzhou

I'm still waiting for a living wage.

Focus on your work. Careful.

- Here. Give it to me.
- Careful.

I'm tired. I'm gonna take a rest.

I didn't mean that...

So you've returned.

I'm not saying that to you.

Fine. Fine. Fine.

Fine. Alright. See you then.

You must be tired, my Deputy Director.

Now it's the last month of this year.

Please start working on your
travel expense documentation,

so that I can take care
of the reimbursement.

Otherwise we cannot finish
all the accounting works

for our department.

Please drink.

The Party conducted an inspection on me.

They still trust me.

See. They've allowed
me to continue my work.

I'm still the Director.

Here is all the travel
expense documentation.

Please examine it.

Look, Wang.

Oh my dear Wang.

How can I thank your father?

He has taught me a very important lesson.

The citizens are the water,
and the officials are the fish.

By itself the water is lifeless.
The living one is the fish.

What's your logic?

How can fish live without water?

Unless the absence of water
causes them to evolve.

Oh! Just like a blind cat
meeting dead mice! I score again!

Go ahead! Still your turn!

Next one.

Strange. Why is it only 40 Yuan?

Are there any mistakes?

Nothing wrong.

After I deduct the rental,
including the amount for the utilities,

there is 180 Yuan left.

However, your father
damaged the Director's shoes last time.

The shoes cost 140 Yuan.

This is how you get 40 Yuan in total.

But Li, it's Yan's fault!

Even the media criticizes him!
[t must be his fault!

How can you deduct Mr Wang's salary?

Don't blame me. This
is the Director's order.

He says the media is not our department,
so you still need to pay for his loss.

If you want to complain,
bring it up with the Director.

I'm just a petty accountant.

Wait! Wait!

Li, you goddamn son of the bitch!

Do you know what gratitude is?

Mr Wang treated you well in the past!

Oh come on!
The past is passed! I live in the present!

- You fucking son of the bitch!
- Hey, Monkey!

It's no good fighting.

Mr Wang!

Now I'll pass the remaining timeover
to our Commissioner,

Mr Leng, and our Associate
Commissioner, Mr Xu.

Well done! Well done!

Thanks to Yan.
Now we have our own cinema.

A blank in the cultural aspect
of our city is filled.

Brilliant work! Brilliant!

Yan is really brilliant.

My decision to appoint him
as Director is right.

Where is Wang Shuangli, Yan?

He... is feeling unwell.

Yan, Bingbing told me everything.

It's your fault.

Commissioner, I...

A leader should have not only talent
but also virtue.

Don't always start conflicts!
Unite the whole team!

Only the one treating others well
can be treated well.


I apologize, Commissioner.
I'll improve my shortcomings.

It isn't too late to repair the cage
when you lose only one sheep.

Think on it.

Mr Wang.

Mr Yan.



Have a seat.

Wang, do you feel better now?

Much better now.

I keep wanting to visit you,

but I'm too busy at work.

At least now I get the chance.

I bring you some medicine.

And I want to know
if you need anything else.

Mrs Wang, why are you here?

So here you are, Bingbing.
Have a seat.

How is Mr Wang?

He feels much better now.

He's talking with Yan now.

Don't listen to Li's lies!

I never meant to harm you!

After all Li is a slimy little creep!

It's passed. Forget it.

I'm tired.
I want to rest here for few days.

Wang, this room is crowded.

I'll visit the doctors later

and ask them to transfer you
to the intensive care unit.

At least it's a small room.
It's quiet there.


Our cinema starts its service today.

I've brought you ten tickets.

You can keep them for yourself,
or give them to friends.

These ticket times are when my friends
are busy working.

And who'd watch films? They're boring.

Not really!

The LDs in our cinema are of high quality.

We buy them from Hong Kong.

There are martial arts, murders
and gunfight. Really fabulous!

I can bring you ten more if you like.

You can give them to anyone.

Nice. Thank you.

After all we're the heads
of the Culture Department.

Who follows who?
It's up to you.

Mr Yan! Mr Yan!

What the fuck are you doing?

That is

the box office profit is not good recently.

Same movie each time,
who wouldn't be bored?

Who'd still buy tickets?

Yeah. That's what I'm thinking.

Let me tell you.
My friend

has bought some new LDs from Hong Kong.

All of them are exciting and entertaining.

The price is reasonable.

I wonder if we should...

You go with Lele

and pick the best of those LDs.

I always adore smart leaders like you.

Let me warn you. Don't play any tricks.

But that's impossible!

I only care about the
benefit of our department.

Go at once then.

- Dad, please sit.
- Dad.

What's wrong?
Your wife asks me to wear this coat.

It fits you well!
Keep it!

This is the last time.

Isn't it nice-looking?

How much does it cost to live here?

Don't worry.
The department will pay for me.

Nice. And it's warm here.

It's very warm here.

Restore your health and then
go home together.

Eat, Dad.

You're not working now.

Yan is the only one running
the Culture Department.

Every project requires
his agreement to move forward.

I don't care.

I understand it completely now.

Yan comes from the upper class.

A weak wind can't blow away
a ship with strong anchorage.

Moaning beggers get teased
and barking dogs get beaten.

But can you forgive Yan
for what he has done to us?

Endure it. Peace comes from enduring.

Conflicts are all harm but no good.

Even if I become the Director,
it isn't a big role after all.

Will this really benefit us?

Maybe you're right.

Just look at Dad. He was once a farmer,
collecting food from the soil.

He had worked hard as a shoemaker for years

in order to send me to the university.

Now I, my wife and my daughter
all live in the city.

The food is much better.

The welfare is better too.

One says, "Learning to satisfy is
learning to be happy.' Isn't it, Dad?

Yeah! Yeah!
Take care of your health.

I'm still waiting to have a grandson.

Dr Gao.

I may not find you
if you don't have a night shift.

I hope you can give me some help.

Wang, we've been close friends for years.

Just tell me what you want.

Fine. My daughter
feels uncomfortable recently.

I wonder if she has a
congenital heart disease.

I hope you can help me confirm it.

What type of confirmation do you want?

You're an expert.

You understand my situation.
Why bother asking?

Fine. I'll do it for you.

A man...
When his career ends up in failure,

he should at least seek consolation
from family life. Right?

Wang Xiaohong.

Just give it to Mr Li
of the Department of Family Planning.

He'll do it for you.

- Will it work?
- Of course!

If he refuses to do it,

next time when he asks me
to treat his kidney disease again,

I'll turn him into an eunuch!

- Dr Gao, in our society,
- Er, this...

it's all about dealing with people.

I'm very grateful for your kindness.

Alright. I'll leave now.

What's wrong?

I'm probably pregnant.

Qiaoer. Qiaoer.

We have a grandson now.

We finally have someone
to carry on the family lineage.



You have a young brother.

You have a young brother now.

Come! Film of the Month!

Hero and beauty! Blockbuster!
Romance and adventure!

Hello! Hello!
Buy your ticket!

Come! Film of the Month!

Even foreigners come here to watch it!

Help me just for a few minutes.

- I have something to do. I'll be back soon.
- Fine.

Don't miss it! Don't miss it!

The first cinema in our city!

Now present you the best film
of all time, Basic Instinct!

Don't miss it! Don't miss it!

Feel the excitement! Feel the happiness!

Hello? Is it the Police Station?

I want to report an incident

which has enraged many citizens.

You really disappoint me!

You mess up everything

in our ballroom and cinema!

You dare to show porno in the cinema!

If I don't scold you,
we'd even have a brothel in our city!

Please listen to me, Commissioner!

I don't want any excuses!

You are the director of the department,
and a legal representative,

go argue with the Police
if you have the right!

All of this!
All of this is your fault!

If you knew the film was a porno,

why didn't you tell me in advance?

How would I know it?

It's Xiao Lele who picked it.

And only you can make the final decision.
Why do you blame me?

Would you blame gravity
when you fail to poo?


Get out. Get out.

I order you to get out!

You get the fuck out of this department!

What have you said?

I told you to get the fuck out!
You are fired! Understand?

Pack your things and then get out!
Out! Out!

You man of the bitch,
open your eyes widely,

and see what's next!

Get out of here!

Wang, I've learned that

the cinema of the Culture Department
was forced to close by the Police.

Don't you care?

The earth stands still
even the sky collapses.

Damn right! After all you're my tutor!

Oh, look at your calligraphy.

Looks like flying phoenix
and hidden dragon. Awesome.

This is... Which style is it?

Free style.

- Mr Ma...
- No. Call me Ma.


How come it's so bitter?

Let me add more sugar.

Don't bother. I don't like coffee at all.


if Ma loves your calligraphy,

you should give one to him.


You can write some more.

I'll place them on the wall.

Dad, the result of the ultrasound scan
came through.

The doctor says it's a boy.

Great! Great!

But the traditional Chinese physician
says it's a girl.

I don't believe
in traditional Chinese medicine.

Western medicine is more reliable.

Haven't you been a supporter
of traditional Chinese medicine?

Why do you change your stance now?

No. Western medicine is more reliable.
It's a boy.

I hope it's a boy too.

Does Honghong behave well at Mom's home?

She behaves well. Don't worry.

Oh, I want to eat shrimp.

I mean those fresh shrimp.

Thinking about them makes me hungry.

I'll buy them this afternoon.
I don't have money in my pocket now.

Me too.

I don't get paid for two days.

With one more kid
we need to spend more money.

Yeah. Other officials always think
of their own benefits.

But not you.

Working for so many years,
still a poor man.

Oh, even this ring

was given by Mom for our marriage.

I haven't been made rich by marrying you.

At least I never borrow money
from other people.

Come here, Shuangli.

Have your lunch later.

What's up?

What is this?


Look! Can you figure out what it is?


Where did you get all this money?


My work as a shoemaker for all these years

Was not a charitable activity!

I saved a lot!

But I'll leave it to my grandson.

Fanglan! Fanglan!

Buy anything you like.

Don't hesitate.

so you come here to buy groceries too?

Oh, Wang!

Wang, stop calling me Commissioner.

Au is the current Commissioner.

Never mind.

Even though you're retired,

you're always the Boss
and the Commissioner in my mind.

- How much does this chicken cost?
- 3.1.

I know where it's cheaper.

Let's go there then.

Have you heard of that scandal with Yan?

He followed me for many years,

but I fail to know his personality

It's like having a nightmare.

It's Yan's fault.
You had nothing to do with it.

Although what you say is true,
the others view it differently.

By the way, I heard that you're learning
calligraphy recently. Is it difficult?

Practice makes perfect.

Is your wife pregnant
with a boy or a girl?

We don't know. It's
still too early to tell.

If it's a boy,

remember to invite me to the banquet.

Of course. Of course.

Good afternoon, Mr Leng.

Mr Wang,
I have something to discuss with you.

Alright. See you later.

See you, Commissioner.

Now it's game over!

Even if Yan is not sentenced to jail,

he'll be expelled from the Party!

Xiao Lele!

- Who's the man next to her?
- Look at it closely!

- He's Yan!
- Damn right.

Hey, Monkey.
How did you get this?

I don't need to tell you.

Why are they dating each other?

Yan is married,
but his wife lives in the village.

I've investigated all of this.

And he has a three year old kid.

And Xiao Lele is a bitch!

Don't use dirty words, Monkey!

She does something really dirty.

Why can't I use those words?

Can you imagine Yan and his bitch

fucking in the office at midnight?

And they moaned and moaned!

And the whole room shook!
How terrible they are!

Yet, I failed to capture
the most exciting part.

Xiao Lele is still single.

How is she gonna get married
if this is exposed?

And Yan is still young.

He'll learn from the past gradually.

Hey, Monkey!

- I've got a bunch of them!
- Monkey! Monkey!

Put the focus of your camera
on serious social issues!

That's easy for you to say,
but I'm the one being fired!

Who can feed my wife and my kid
if I lose my job?

Why don't you blame Yan?

And Yan harmed your father!
He harmed you!

And he is promoted to the Director
instead of you! Don't you hate him?

When did you become a coward, Mr Wang?

Revenge can only lead
to more revenge.

The lesson is over.
Now it's up to you.

You can do it if it pleases you,
but no more for me.


Mr Wang,
they asked you to go to the office.

What's the matter?

Many people are at our office.

Many governors and officials.
They're holding a meeting.

Our Commissoner Mr Xu says
you must not miss it!

Gosh! Can it be related
to the birth permission certificate?

And Yan runs away with Xiao Lele.

Our department needs a leader.

Maybe they'll promote you this time!
Let's go!

Mr Wang, see you on another time.