Back on Track (2013) - full transcript

A former Olympic champion wants to compete in the Berlin Marathon one last time. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

The marathon is started.

Paul Averhoff won again.

Fantastico! Una legenda.

...Olympic Games...

...the incredible Paul Averhoff!

...perfectly prepared.


This is the story of Paul Averhoff.

You won't know him,
because you're too young.

But sooner...

every child knew him.

For Paul Averhoff
was not only a runner,

he was more than that.

He was a legend.

It's not his day. He is beaten.

He has delivered for fights,
but today?

No, this is not his day.

It's restless,
because it has got round that.

The russian Popov was in front,
but behind him, as by a miracle,

because how could it differently,

Paul Averhoff, Germany's hope,
the blameless Sportman!

"Man, Paule!", you want to call him.
"Man, Paule, fly!"

"Fly to the finish,
it is not far off."

(Cheers and applause)

(gentle piano music)

(Radio Presenter) ...wants
the song "La mer" of Charles Trenet.

Thus greets her husband
and the entire request music team.

(Song "La mer" of Charles Trenet)
(slow, joyous music)

(Clock strikes two)

Eating! Do you hear?

It's so typical.

Paul, dinner is ready.

Could also eat as slow.

(song continues)

Cabbage rolls.

- Ah.
- What are you doing?

- Come here, get high.
- Ouch.

- Attempt, come, try.
- (she whimpers softly)

Tomorrow she's back on her feet.
Weed does not pass.

(young woman)
The third time in four weeks.

Yes, but...

But we do not want
to go to geriatrics.

Dad, Ludmilla from the mobile service
you didn't like.

- She could not cook.
- Yes.

- And Mrs. Schulze...
- She stole.

I cannot be ever here.
I have no more holidays.

- Then I'll buy a flat.
- We need not much.

Yes, and I can also cook.

And when she falls down the stairs?

It happens again.

(she moans softly)

(depressing music)

It has worms this year.

They have every day, dad.

(depressing music)


(muffled screams)

Tobias, do you come please?

Shortly, I'll be right back.

One wish?

Look what I found.
It's so great, gummy bears. Do you like it?


- Do you have a wish?
- (Man) No, thank you.

- Do you have a wish?
- (Woman) Thank you.

I thought it was very nice.

I'm happy for you.

The autumn, the autumn
The autumn is here

It brings us wind, hei hussasa

It shakes off the leaves,
Brings us rain weather

Heia hussasa,
the autumn is here

(squeaking wheels)

(she slurps and chokes)

(woman coughs)

(oppressive music)

(woman moans)

(woman moans again)

Do you remember
how we celebrated?

At Wannsee, with Hilde
and Gerd and Anton.


(faint howling from outside)

They're no more here.
Are all gone.

A little bear.

It's great.

So, numero four.

Well, someone ist quite busy today.

Good morning.

Not subside,
then it's that too.

And be careful with the Uhu.

Let's see.

- They actually have a purpose?
- The little men are for the Autumn Festival.

Don't, Mrs. Labinski!

And what makes you
at the Autumn Festival?

We celebrate the autumn.
With poems and songs.

- Ribbeck of Ribbeck on the Havelland.
- Should I read it?

- Yes.
- Oh, God.

Sure there's algo a spring festival
and a summer festival.

- Paul.
- Then it goes on and on, right?

He has to give a little more effort.

- For Mr. Averhoff, everything is still new.
- Every beginning is difficult.

Yes, Mrs. Labinski.

Yes, and then ist spring back
and then?

Then everyone is already dead.

(she chuckles)

It's good to have a small goal
each day.

Well, as long as
we do not need to eat.

This will not work. This is...

Are you tired?
Do you want to relax a bit?

He has to go home.
(door slams)

Where are you going,
for God's sake?

- Home.
- Home?

This is a dead home here.
Pull you over, outside is fresh.

if you don't like here.

You not too. Chestnut male.
It isn't no end here.

So, Paul.

That's the end here.
I feel that.

Yes, well, then...

Then you come up.

(door closes)

(crow calls)

(oppressive music)

(hopeful sounds)

(bells ringing)

(pensioners sing)
And put your trust in him at all times

For he is wonderfully preserved

Your husband is not a believer, is he?

- Yes, he did not feel.
- Oh, yes.

Who dares God, the Most High

That has no...

Much we have lost.

The work, the friends,

the familiar home,
the spouse.

Nowhere else can we experience
as painful as here,

on our last station.

We want to capture the past,
but we can't.

That afflicts us
and makes us sad.

Lord, in our helplessness we pu
our fate entirely in your hands.

(quick steps)
Then you say:

"In the world you have fear,
but be of good cheer."

"I have overcome the world."

- (Woman 1) She again.
- (Mrs. Labinski) There!

- Amen.
- There!

- There.
- There is no one, Mrs. Labinski.

- There.
- (woman 2) Rest, stupid quail.

- Song number 3...
- There!

Song number 374, um, 376,
"So take my hands."

- (Woman 3) What is it?
- Mrs. Labinski, you're missing on the organ.

(Woman 4) She spins.

(triumphant music)

(he gasps)

(he breathes noisily)


(er burps and coughs)

Are you well?
Need help?

- Where want your husband go?
- I've trained.

- (Woman 1) What he says?
- Trained? He has trained.


- What do you train for?
- Marathon, Berlin-Marathon.

- (Woman 2) What he wants?
- He's training for the Berlin-Marathon.

- (Woman 2) What?
- Berlin-Marathon!

(she laughs)

In the end,
he wants to win too.

Why not?
By participating, you may also win.

- Otherwise, you don't need
to participate.

- What does he want?
- He wants to win the Berlin-Marathon.

(laughter and murmurs)

(woman 3)
Can not be true.

(murmur ceases)
Do you even know who I am?

(loud murmur)

We have to go slow, no?
Very slowly.

Firsst week: quiet endurance.

And then tempo runs, interval training.
The same program as in Melbourne.

This was in 1956.

- You used to massage my legs.
- Yes, earlier.

- Now you're crying with the wolves.
- I sleep.

- You cries with the wolves.
- You make yourself just ludicrous.

You stood up to a year ago
in the heart of the action.

As party chairman and supervisory,
you was great coming into Berlin.

And suddenly the gib crash.
The stroke.

An event that turned your life
upside down.

In your book you write,
to have ignored alarms.

Before we talk about...

(other promising music)
(cheers and applause)

(guitar playing)

Hey, on wove the car


Then the wind drives rain
across the land

Do you know him?

Get the golden sheaves

(sing only a few votes)
Hey, on wove the car

Then the wind drives rain
across the land

(woman 1) That was he?

(only the therapist)
Get the golden sheaves


Simply remove.
After the program.

- (therapist) May I take a look?
- Yes.

This is mine.
I had only borrowed it.

- Who should that be?
- Olympia 1956.

- Have you been drinking again?
- Olympia 1956. And...

- Paul Averhoff!
- (murmur)

- (woman 2) He runs again.
- (Mrs. Labinski) Yes, as before.

- Earlier, earlier...
- We were on the radio.

When he won,
my husband was so pleased...

In Grunewald,
the children ran after him.

...that he has the glasses
cut off his head.

Earlier was not everything better.
The hunger, the debris...

We did not have much.

- But the future we had again.
- Beautiful memories.

They wanted to put him to sleep.
Just because he was old.

There were pretzel sticks
and shower to celebrate the day.

And the whole terrorism.
There was not only Gold.

- Bad memories are included.
- What?

(murmur ceases)

What do you remember,
Mrs. Mordhorst?

(darker music)

(he gasps)

(Paul groans and moans)

- He fidgets.
- He is no longer alive.

- (woman) He did not survive.
- Simply remain.

Simply remain!


Will not help me.
My own wife.

Where help?
It's not going to help.

I had asked you to get me
rubbing alcohol.

- No, you didn't.
- You know well that I need it.

- Now lie down again.
- I have to run the lactate oil.

- you die yet.
- Then you have time for crafting.

- With your friends.
- How will that work in eight weeks?

- As you go around.
- How I run around?

- As a startled chicken.
- Ah!

Just talk.
Do not listen to your body.

No discipline, nothing.
As a beginner. And without a hat.

Well, if you do not help me.

- Earlier you came with, in any weather.
- Yes, earlier.

-"We are not made of sugar", you said.
- This is camel oil.

Camel oil?

That we were, Margot.
We both.

You cannot just forget.

(gentle piano music)

Help me, please.
One more time.

I can't handle it alone.

But this is terrible.

As it always was.

(dynamic music)

(he growls)

Once 25 squats.

(man breathes out evenly)

(excited whisper)

(Mrs. Labinski, whispering)
He does the squats completely naked.

(she laughs)

(man clears his throat)

Mrs. Labinski,
hear it out on, now!

(cheerful music)

(he gasps)


(he shivers and groans)

(whistle is blown)

(lively music)

(Mrs. Mordhorst)

Hop, hop!
Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop!

From the rising of the sun...

Abdominal pain, sorry.


Abdominal pain.

(lively, fast-paced music)

Eh! Eh! Eh!

(she hoots)

(peaceful music)

(applause and cheers)

(triumphant music)

- (woman) Suspected pneumonia.
- What are you looking at me?

- You was in service.
Mrs. Labinski must not go in the park.

- Should I tie her?
- We go up to two milligrams.

(she laughs)

Tobias? You constantly
exceed your time corridors.

Because these Magda,
or as it is called, Polin,

is constantly sick
and no substitute was there.

I rather think it's a question
of self-management.

Colleagues already know this.

- You need to train?
- Yes.

Why do you need it?

Well, I have anyway a short time.
The Ethiopians train all year.

- Sit down shortly.
- No, no.

Always stretching afterwars.
Many hobby sportsmen forget it.

Many end badly.
Do you exercise?

This is not easy here, right?

This strange place.

These strange people.

Pretty cloudy cups here, isn't it?

Cloudy cups? Yes.

(he groans in pain)


The end. Everywhere here.

Here you can already become cloudy.

That makes me afraid.

You must not be afraid.

Up, down, up, down, up.

So it is. Goes on great.

(he sniffs)
Oh, I need a shower.

You find it all funny here, it isn't?

We had a resident who wanted
to go to the South Pole.

What do you think,
how far has she come?

By the yard gate.

- (woman 1 whispers) That's incredible.
- (Paul burps)

(he coughs)



(conversations fall silent)

Who do you think you are?
You live in a retirement home.

The people deserve respect.
They have a long life behind.

This home is the last thing
that is left to them.

This home is really the last.

(interested whisper)

Do you actually know

what you expect of the people here
and your own wife?

Always on. Never stand still.
If you stand still...

you've already lost.
- You're already fix and foxi.

- Averhoff comes slowly but powerfully.
- Run ist for young people.

Young people.
That you cannot conquer.

- They are much too young.
- I can.

- How are you going to defeat them?
- (excited murmur)

- He creates, he is really good.
- (woman 2) That's one thing.

(murmur silents)

Monday, 14h in the park?
On 15 rounds? Yes?

- (woman 3) What he said?
- (Paul) Monday, 14 o'clock?

Yes? Ok?

- Monday.
- Yes. 14h.

(enthusiastic murmur)

(woman 4) Can not be true.

(woman 5) I don't believe too.

Sure, he creates.

He would manage that
without training.

- He is very doll on it, believe me.
- (woman) Never.

Yes, ok, I write on the release, please.

Then you can go.
And do it now. I'm sorry.

May I ask you,
what are you doing here?

I needed a patch.
Because the scrubs here.

And rubbing alcohol.
And more carbohydrates.

I'm almost at the anaerobic threshold.

To me is the same.
You don't run around the park, ok?

- No?
- No, no more running around.

- But why not?
- Because that bothers the others.

(tinnitus whistle)

Have you understand me?

No more running around the park,
that is good.

(pensive music)

(motor de carro)

(car door slams)

(Paul laughs)

The lady has real humor.
How she wants to ban me running?

Can a fish also be prohibited
swimming, or not?

Prohibit? She thinks that.

I've already beaten all
other battles, not Margot?

Besides, you know,
it's indeed not long back. Here.

October 20.

Take your time holidays
and bring with Gregor.

- (Margot) He is no more.
- Ah so.

Have you degree up to my ears,
not Bees?

(lighter cracks, flame blazes)

We want you really
not be a burden.

- Not, Paul?
- We have promised.

I come on alone.

Dad, you had a circulatory collapse.

- (Margot) Do not argue. Please.
- And the cold does Mama certainly not good.

- It is not good to me.
- Do you see? She's not well.

She's never good when there's trouble.
You know that. Ah, here.

You know, cooking here is
so hard to her and so...

(flames blaze)

- (Margot) Oh, God!
- Dad!

What are those for curtains?

It's all madness here.

Slowly, I think that she
is right with you.

Why, what's wrong with me?

I have to go.

(silent scene)

He has always been a bit unconventional.

But to a certain extent
I can also understand him.

Chestnut men, I mean,

that's really a bit hollow.

We do here what we can.

We work at a high level of nursing.

That sould not be a criticism.

Otherwise you would have chosen
another nursing home, right?

Yes, of course.

Hm, how turns out
this agitated depression?

Agitated depression?

disturbed day-night rhythm,

increased urge to move.

This is not uncommon in the elderly.

But my father is not depressed.
That does not suit him.

Her mother had cancer.
How did he handle it?

- Has that very depressed him?
- Oh, that's been years ago.

But hier in geriatrics
the death is omnipresent.

Here the old fears come back.

And so he runs now?

Maybe we should draw
to our neurologist.

We should take your father seriously.

In all his mental problems.

I don't know.

Yes, maybe you are right.

(sad music)

She doesn't mean. Believe me.

- You stay with me, right?
- For sure.

(he sobs)

- We are like the wind and the sea, isn't it?
- Yes. Like the wind and the sea.

We come together
and we go together.

You know it.

And tomorrow you'll show it
to them.

Three, two, one.

(exciting music)

With or without compassion?

All the same.

(Paul pants)


- Earlier he's ever done that.
- Early times I could also run.

He is a legend.
He has always done it. Betting?

Ah. "Betting?"

(Margot) More 14.
(Stadium horn sounds)

Slowly, Paul.

(stadium horn)

(Margot) More ten rounds.

(Stadium horn)
More eight rounds. Keep pace.


(stadium horn)

(it thunders)

Ten, twenty Euros to win Averhoff.

Who holds it?
Come on, victory or defeat.

Dead or alive,
that would be a bet.

(woman 1)
Yes, he is very confident of victory.

(woman 2)
Where is he?

- Where is he?
- (woman 3) There!

(woman 4) Yes, go, go!

(exciting music)


- There!
- Quiet, calm.

- (Mrs. Labinski) There!
- He comes back! He comes back!

(stadium horn)

(Paul Fan) For a victory Averhoff
there are currently three Euros for one.

- (woman) And if he loses?
- Never.

It's like 1956 in Melbourne.

He will share the race
and then he strikes.


Three green certificates
and you win the thing.

Come, 200.
Last offering.

Well, then not.




Can one still get in,
in your bet?

(he growls)



- Come in please?
- Come in please?

Come on, Paulie.

Final sprint.

Come, come!

(exciting, fast-paced music)

(silent scene)

(stadium horn)

(dramatic music)

(Paul pants)

(stadium horn)

(Audience cheers as in the stadium)

(stadium horn)

(worn piano music)

(silent scene)

(enthusiastic discussions)

Where is the doctor?
(he groans)

- (with a polish accent) What are you doing?
- Mm, You to me too.

(Song: "Music to Watch Girls By",
of Andy Williams)

(fleet pop music)

(Mrs Mordhorst)
Well, fine. Yours, isn't it?

- Hello.
- Hello, hello.

- (Paul Fan) Here.
- (all) Oh.

(Paul fan) And this here. Fantastic.

(Mrs. Mordhorst) He was young.

(Paul fan) We know him too.

I told my daughter about the run,
sure she comes.

Well, you can wait a long time.

When he runs, the whole city comes.

We don't dream more about it.
Today they have very different heroes.

Well, well, well, well, well.

My daughter is violinist solo
in Boston, Massachussets.

My son has a bungalow, a wife,
two children and a mistress.

And in his spare time,
he plays around with shares.

I speak to him every sunday waiting
for his answer on the answering machine.

- But he has never come.
- Well, they live their lives.

- Let us have it done too.
- But we were from another timber.

There was one for the others too.

Yes, but that isn't so easy today.

Our daughter has almost no friends.
She is constantly on the move professionally.

My daughter is violinist solo
in Boston, Massachussets.

That you said already.

Monika has eating disorders. Sometimes
she is too thick, then too thin.

They are preoccupied
with themselves.

And then they run to a psychiatrist.

They can see me.
I also know about it.

- The children don't mean evil.
- They want to forget us.

I can understand it.
They want no more see this misery.

- The age is terrible.
- Yes.

My daughter is violinist solo
in Boston. Massa...

Lord, deliver uns.

Hit and sunk.

(lounge music)

Hip, hip, hurra!


- Paul fan) Hip, hip...
- (all) Hurra!

(laughter and hoot)

- What's your name anyway?
- Martha Labinski.

- Your daughter is violinist solo.
- Yes, in Boston, Massachusetts.


(he sighs)

Are liver spots?

No, jail tears.

Was a burglary.
But it was already ages ago.

And the bride,
she's also long gone.

(he chuckles)
Yes, it is that.

We can indeed take together
a cup of tea.


(dial tone)

The AB of Julia and Henning Mordhorst.
Tell us why you are calling.

Mailbox of Julia and Henning Mordhorst.
Leave a message.

(she sings)
Do you hear the sing of the engines?

Run to the enemy!

Do you hear it in the ears?
Run to the enemy!

Bombs, bombs, bombs on England!

(she sighs)

(she hiccups)

- You are right.
- Tomorrow.

- (man) They are out of control.
- (leader) No.

- Legenda n?o traduzida -

Now I cannot also...

- Tobias?
- Yes?

We talk sometimes, isn't it?

- Hey, they had fun once.
- Fun?

Yes, they live here
on the ass of the heath.

Spend time on.

- You know how it works here.
- No, how?

Ah, shit.

Not enough nurses, half of them
unskilled or I don't know where.

You have all the system here.

The main thing is: the house
throws from coal.

And, yes... Also, ahn...

"Yes... ahn... hm... also"?

What have you put back?

You have massively violated
the regulation.

Ten to twenty ill residents in a storm.

I laugh my ass off.

- You get immediately the night shift.
- No.

- Please?
- Saturday is the fusion.

Then falls off the times. Hm?

- (whisper) Fuck you.
- I heard.


Flower, Candle, Raven.

These three words, please,
just remember.

Flower, Candle, Raven.

Mr. Averhoff,
you know what that is?

You said that the food
was so delicious yesterday.

What have you cooked?

I? cooked? No...

The night shift has noticed
your little mishap.


Ah so, yes, yes.
I cooked...

What have I with... I...
That was... ahn...

Ahn, noodle soup.

Mmm. Noodle soup?
It's also really tasty.

- My wife also likes to eat.
- Or was the chicken soup?

I get smooth but hungry again.

I don't need a doctor.
I am healthy.

Here, as "horses lungs"
I have been always known.

- Mr. Averhoff.
- That should be even investigated.

Dr. Groenwoldt is neurologist.

He's examining how we
can help you medically.

Thanks, but I can walk alone.

- We help you...
- They always want to help.

So don't endanger yourself
and the others.

- (whispers) You must get out here.
- Who needs to get out?

Well, a girl must get out
to the tea dance.

Lie down a fleet sole with guys.

Little chestnut men...
isn't it?

Now I've forgotten it...
What was to eat the day before yesterday?

Well, no matter.

And the three words, Mr. Averhoff,
that I ask you to remember?

- Flower.
- Flower, yes.

And the other two?


Stove, grave.

- (neurologist) Grave, aha.
- That's interesting.

So flower, stove, grave, yes?

- Yes.
- A grave.

Everything is buried.
Everything passes.

Everything you loved.
Man is powerless. Do you run around?

- You don't know who I am.
- Yet.

I used to be...

"When Margot goes, I'll end",
you said to Birgit.

When your wife was in the hospital.

- Always on.
- You fear that Margot goes.

Your wife, that you know that long.

To be then on your own.

- (Paul) Never stand still.
- (therapist) This fear is terrible.

But you are not alone here.

If you want to cry,
then you cry quietly.


(she screams)

Ah! Uh!

(dramatic music)
(Paul pants)

(damped) Where's he going?


Come on. Go.

(police sirens)

(soft club music)

- Gerome.
- What?

I'm actually quite convenient for you.

Like a rubber doll.
Inflate, fuck and then...

(she hisses)

If you see yourself as...

How do you see me?

The one that sits in your mind.
A guy?

That one.


- You are right.
- What?

Because there is someone.

I feel angry with him because
he won't let me live my life.

Ok. Name, address?

I'll finish him off.

It's my father.

He turns my life upsided down.

Your father won't let you
live your life?

How old are you?

Ah, in Dubai? We want to ask
if you are the next t...

(tram rings)
Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, but...

(battle in TV)

(speaker) Paul Averhoff!
Impressive how fit he is.

Ready for the big comeback.
Paul, have a seat.

(Paul) Thank you.

(Reporter) I also welcome Margot
Averhoff, your wife and trainer.

For over 60 years,
an inseparable team.

- A warmy welcome.
- No, that is...

Paul, we talked on the phone,
we know each other for 20 years

and I cannot believe it.

They wanted to ban you running?
Why do it?

Yes, you know, Mrs. M?ller, the ahm...

- You mean the home therapist?
- Yes, she thinks I'm... ahn...

She thinks you're crazy or aligned?
Or how do you mean?

- Yes.
- To me, you don't seem insane.

(Paul) You to me too.

(Beckmann) How happened
such a misunderstanding?

It even came to a neurologist?

- (Paul) Yes, that is, because...
These little chestnut men...

- Because these little chestnut man...
- (Beckmann) They should tinker?

- I don't want to tinker.
- No little chestnut man?

- Why not?
- I'm out from the age.

- You like crafts?
- Crafts? Oh, I don't know.

(stadium horn)

Say, are you a little crazy?

And Mrs. M?ller, Paul,
don't know who you are?

Or you don't want to be known?

Well, she means it's certainly good.
She's still young so...

You don't want to talk more.

This is really highly decent
and we respect that, of course.

The dismal management of elderly
people, which is a sad everyday.

One reason to make a whole program
on the subject.

Paul Averhoff,
you have won London and Boston.

We have a few pectures here.
This is 1956, this is Melbourne.

- (Paul) Yes.
- (Beckmann) Your opponent?

(Paul) Popov. Good man.

(Beckmann) You are a running legend
and now, at the end of a long life,

they want to treat you that way?

- We have survived worse.
- What do you mean?

(Margot) Yes, the war.
And then the hunger winter.

(Beckmann) You left never hang your head.
You have ever keep on.

This is our kind.

(Beckmann) Would be nice
if one doesn't forget.

If we don't get you, Paul.

(Paul) We are not bad,
we only seem to be.

At some point we all look so.

Bad, isn't it?

But you know,

the whole life is a marathon.

The first steps you will fall slightly.

You think nothing can stop you.

But then come the pains.

Your powers wane, meter by meter.

You think you no longer can.

But you walk on.

Always on.

To total exhaustion.

And at the end is victory.


The victory.

Paul, thank you for visiting us.

If you want to know
if he managas the impossible

and win his last race,
then go to the stadium.

(Reporter) Scandal in the nursing home.
Marathon legend Paul Averhoff...

(Spokeswoman) Averhoffs fate
is not an isolated casa. According to a study...

(Speaker) Averhoff ist not at end.
He wants to run the Berlin Marathon.

(woman whispers)
Now he knows the whole town, that's right.


Running legend tells all!

- Now you come in the slippers.
- There are already so many.

- Is everything really dreary here.
- Yes.

- What is dreary?
- Ah.

Mr. Averhoff was messed up yesterday.

So he had that spoken.
They talk a lot on TV.

He's just confused.
That's why he talks like that.

- Nonsense.
- Yes, yes.

- Too confused.
- He caused chaos.

- You are confused yourself, you fop!
- Put yourself.

We talked to Mr. Averhoff.
He regrets what he said.

- He looks forward to his return.
- (Murmur)

- Lies have short legs.
- Yes, that tells you right.

I mean, he's still here too.
We have it nice and warm.

- We are very satisfied.
- Outside ist not more our world.

- You lie, you lie, you dry crack!
- (Woman scares)

He will run.
He'll show you all.

- (Man says something in Russian)
- He is a champion!

(it's said something in Russian)
We have nothing.

Do not do anything to us.
(it's said something in Russian)

Fins off, you old bag!

It's enough.
I have other options.


- (woman 1, quietly) Scary.
- (woman 2, quietly) Yes.


Then we're closing for today,
I would say?


(Margot moans)


(Margot moans)

Dad, what's wrong with Mama?

- Oh, that's okay. It's all okay.
- But that no longer works.

Let's at least talk to the hospice.

Did you know? With the doctor?


These are not good people there.

(Margot moans in pain)

- (Paul) Too late?
- Registration deadline was two weeks ago.

- But can't be.
- The Marathon is already overbooked.

- And there's no exception?
- Yes, two.

- Have you been there last year?
- No.

- Even run under 2:40?
- Yes, I do.

- When that was supposed to have been?
- Yes, ahn...

- When that was?
- 1953.

(triumphant music)


(cheerful music)

(silent scene)

(singing girl)

- All my heart thoughts are with you.
- No.

- No?
- No, not now.


Your father confused all residents
for weeks.

And then he kicks like a kook...

Well, you see that yourself.

And then he runs into TV and provides
us with all seriousness in the pillory.

I don't know, I... I think
he doesn't feel respected here.

Oh yes? Then you should
look for another geriatrics.

No, I...
I didn't mean so.

If all the 300 inhabitants
make sucha a confusion...

He doesn't want to make trouble.
These are subconscious processes.

Well, if you want to play really Jesus.

How's your parents then?

(she snorts)

Your mother needs care
and you father actually too.

He is more labile than you think.
The doctor has confirmed that.

Why you were there
when the doctor came?

That has surely rocked up.

Because... bacause I wanted to help.

Do you know how it is
when you go to bed alone?

To wake up alone at dawn?

Do you know how many
old people think of suicide?

Because the partner is dead,
and the friends and all they knew?

I know that.
I see myself every day.

I try to help, yes.

Bacause no one else does.

(she sobs)

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it so.

Do you know what bothers me
about your father?

He makes his problem
the problems of everyone else.

(depressing music)

(she sighs)

I told you,
I do that when I'm home.

We wanted to only make us useful.

Yes, it looks.

You didn't come and I thought,
I'll do here before some order.

Today I was in the geriatric home.

They would try again with you.

No, no.
That's very nice, but not necessary.

But, Dad.
How are we for weeks...

That's only until the marathon.

Then, then we move back home.

How do you imagine that?

The broker has considered
the house as sold.

(rumble, Margot screams)


Come, here, I help you.

- What's up?
- Yes.

That was again typical.

Don't argue. Please.

Mama, tell me how
he can find things here.

Well, he started to make me joy.

- Joy?
- Yes.

It was in the last days,
almost like earlier.

Mm, yes. Earlier.

Like earlier.

All of us went to the sea
and we traipse around in the resin.

- Because the air is so healthy there.
- Well, it is.

All went dancing, but we played Ludo.

We always thought that you liked.

(sad music)


(he takes a photo)

I know you.
You're the guy from TV!

Really horny show, dicker!

(ominous sounds)

Oh no, Margot!

(dramatic music)

(Man) Your mother has a tumor in her head.

The metastases are from
her old breast tumor.

It may be that she gets better
for a few days, but...

You should take leave of each other.

(sad music)

(crow calls)

I would like to go with you
to where you're going now.

Here you will still be needed, Paul.


You have to run your race.
You have to run.

Do you promise?

Further, Paul.

Further, it goes on and on.

- Are you so sure?
- Yes.

Because otherwise you would be
the biggest liar.

- Never stand still.
- Never.

Who remains standing,
has already lost.

What one says...

But there's no one more except you.



There are more than
you can imagine.

(crow calls)

- (Margot) You're just talking.
- Because you haven't said a peep.

- You were so shy.
- Shy? You were drunk.

Weel, it was just after the war, because...

Because we had so many
pent-up demand.

And then I asked you to dance.

(Margot) Yes, there sould be a waltz.

- Your father gave me with his foot...
- So, I was not so bad.

- You dance like an athlete.
- This is what I am.

- Others write poetry, I run.
- Sorry, Bienchen.

- Always the ol'chestnuts.
- I hear always like that, Mom.

And then...

In the middle of the Ku'damm...

There we kissed.

It was bitter cold.

- But beautiful.
- New Year 1951.

- (Paul chuckles)
- (Margot) Yes.

(Margot breathes heavily)

Do not leave me.

Please don't.

I'm still here, Paulie.

I'm always here.

(depressing music, bell ringing)

We are as wind and sea, isn't it?

As wind and sea.

(sad music)

(silent scene)

- So. Oh...
- Can't you look after?

Oh I'm so sorry.
I'll get a towel.

Let me make it.
Let me. I make it.

(she cries)


Are you sick a few days, isn't it?
This is madness.

What do you want from me?

That you know exactly.


- "Tatao" did you always said.
- Mm.

"Kakao" did not go.

"Mama, Tatao."

Do you remember?

No longer know you.

And then you Mama made a "Tatao".

How do you imagine that
in the near future?

How? What?

Here with us.

- It's quite good, right?
- Yes.

But I also have something
like a private life.

- Private life?
- Yes.

I'm no longer four.

Private life, but...

- Here it isn't.
- Exactly. I have no private life.

- You never tell that.
- Because you don't listen to me anyway.

Dad, I... ahn...

I would like now to take you
to the geriatric home.

You cannot.

But, you must.

- That was all a misunderstanding.
- There's no life there.

Dad, this is blackmail.

Now I don't have time.

It's not long back to the marathon.

You're not serious.

- I'll be back at six.
- Dad.

Wake up!
It's over. Mama is dead.

Do you realize it at least?

Don't you understand it more?

You're a bit...

(door closes)

(sad music)

(trolley rings)


(silent scene)

(police officer)

Wake up, you can't sleep here.
Get up!

(dog barks)

Come over.

You can't sleep here.
Take you bag.

There is he again.

(hopeful music)

(sad piano music)


(pouring rain, thunder)


(melancholy music)

They have all told
you had died.

Weed does not pass.
Do you know it, Paulie.

We're like the wind and the sea, isn't it?

We come together
and we go together.

(music turns dramatical)

(he sobs)


(oppressive music)

Please don't.

(shots on TV)
(Paul) No!

- (Tobias) Take it easy.
- (Paul) No!

(loud rumbling)
(Paul) No!

- (sobbing) Let me!
- (woman) Take it easy.

(Paul) Let me alone.

(woman) Come.

- (woman) Come.
- (Paul) No.

- (Tobias) Take it easy.
- (Paul) No.

It's okay.

- Let me.
- Take it easy.

- It's okay.
- Shh!

(sad music)

Shh! Shh!

We gave him a sedative.

And I say this now just so
you don't scare.

We had to fix it.
Only temporarily.

So that he don't hurt
more himself.

What must then be done?

(she sighs)


- It that necessary?
- What?

That with the shackles.
He can do nothing.

Yes, that must be.

- There's something wrong.
- Age men.

- Is that necessary?
- What?

- The fixation.
- You know that yourself.

- He cannot do anything.
- There's a medical certificate.

- A certificate.
- Kidding me?

That goes not stop here.
Do you have a better suggestion?

- We let him running.
- How to run?

Well, his race.
The marathon on Sunday.

You're really a hoot.
The man has lost his wife.

He's done with the world.
He runs himself to death.

- He can. I'm sure that...
- I know.

- Man, you're so...
- How so, how so, how so?

He is desperate.
And what do we do?

We listen to? Nope.
Store in the arm?

Make it in your spare time.

Beautifully pumped and secured
with tablets, and that's it?

The man is suicidal.

- Is that in your cerebellum?
Many thanks also.

You were tonight here, isn't it?


Man, this is no life,
when it so passes.

Give him one more chance, please.

No. I won't take the risk.

I love you!


Nothing more.

(sad music)

(English Radio News)

(pounding disco music)

(dial tone)

Oui, all??

- Gerome?
- Yes?

- It's me.
- What's up? What's happened?

Where are you?

My mother cooked me a pap

and father sat down at my crib.

And he told me that all love me.

Grandme, grandpa,

my little bunny Moritz.

They have made the world healing
every night.

(sweet sounds)

That was so kind of him.

Embrace me.

(pensioners sing)
We proud people children

Are vain poor sinners

And don't know much

We spin webs air

And sought out many inventions

And get ahead of the target

(sad song)

...overcrowding, you know.
This is not very easy...

(bell ringing)

Thank you for my job

Thank you for every little luck

Thanks for everything bright, merry...

(Door squeak and slams)

(she hammer on the door)


That's impossible.

(bell ringing)

Today is a good day. Ahn...

Because Mr. Averhoff
is no longer here.

- Halleluyah!
- (murmur)

(woman, whispering)
That cannot be.

I'm glad,
because I never liked him.

For me he was a troublemaker.
An impostor.

(indignant murmur)
That is, he was so.

Because he is away.
He's gone.

That was half an hour.

So today is marathon, alleluia!


Yes, the poor devil had lost everything,
isn't it?

He was at the end.
He had reached the end of the world.

in this godforsaken place.

But then, as his downfall
was already a done deal

and everyone had written him off,
all, including myself...

(Tobias, whispering)

(man) ...there came an angel.

(Tobias, whispering)

Yes, an angel.

And helped him to his feet.

(excited murmur)

Yes, and there he stood.

Ready for great deeds.

To show the world
what is a true hero.

Well, the beginning was hard,

because the poor devil
had indeed lost his heart.

Then he remembered
what he had promised.

It was to his dear wife
that he had promised us all.

Never stand still.

Do you remember?
Never stand still.

(excited whisper)

And he is risen, risen.

And is gone.

Out into the city.

His race to run,
as he had promised.

Soon he is at the Brandenburg Gate,
in time for the launch.

Everyone thought
Paul Averhoff is done.


But this man, yes,

this man is a legend.

So, we must hurry.

At three he will be in the stadium
and before there's a currywurst.

(excited murmur)

Well, who is coming?

(she groans)

(quiet music)


(solemn sounds)

(triumphant music)


That was the start to this year's

About 40,000 runners
from 125 countries are on track.

From elite athletes to
recreational athletes...

- (announcement) All aboard.
- Attention.


Stay back.

(Opdenh?vel) Fantastic pictures
from the road on 17 June street.

Around one million spectators
are expected today at the track.

42,195 km,
this is the mad distance

that lies till the finish
in the Olympic Stadium.

It's a wonderful autumn day,
it's sunny but not too hot.

Ideal conditions for the runners.

At front a small group has settled...



Oh, there!

You had conceived it, how?


at least we got out.

(exciting music)

(heroic music)

(TV is on) from Berlin-Marathon...

Birgit! Come! Quickly!

This is a rightig thick thing.

This used to be one of the greats.

Paul Averhoff! He was won
everything there was to win.

Boston, London, Olympia...

Come on, let's go.

(cheers and applause)

Ei! Ei! Thicker!


Banging show, Thicker!

It won't only give winners,

for some is the way too heavy.

That's hard. The long
preparation for nothing.

Today none wants to give up,
because that means defeat.


(Sadium announcement)
Overall pursue here in the Olympic Stadium

68,000 spectators in the final.

(cheers and applause)

Back to Paul Averhoff.
He runs his very own race here.

He was lost in a retimement home.

His wife died,
he had lost everything.

And now: what a comeback.
He fights.

He fights with neavy treat,
but that doesn't mean anything.

- This is typical for him.
- Come on.

Come now, fight.
On, on, on.

Come, come, come ahead.
12 km.

Come on!

(cheers and applause)

(exciting music)

(Stadium announcement) Please
stand up for the national anthem of Kenya.

(murmurs and laughter)

(expectant music)

(noisy breathing)

- It seems that nothing happens.
- No.

(Paul gasps)

(fast heartbeat)

(Paul breathes heavily)

(scary sounds)

(quiet music)
(Paul breathes heavily)

(Margot, whispering)
Paulie, I love you.

(Air Raid Sirens)

(bomb explosions)

(unintelligible voices on radio)

(Girl's voice)
Dad, you're sick.

(baby cries)

(Margot whispering)
Never stand still.

(Paul breathes noisily)


(quiet drumbeats)

- (woman 1) There he comes.
- (man 1) There.

- (woman 2) Great.
- (man 2) There!

(cheers and applause)

(man 3) Yes!

(cheers and applause grow up)

(man 4) Yes, yes, yes, yes!

(heroic music)

(triumphant music, thunderous applause)

(fanfare is heard)

(heroic music)

(music fades)

(quiet piano music)

(heroic music)

(triumphant music)


No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.
It's still more...

Oh, our Mrs. M?ller, she is now
in Africa. SOS Children's Village.


- As if she had not problems enough.
- At least she understands nothing.

- Shall we dance?
- Oh, I must...

(soulful music)

Another coffee?

- Do you want coffee?
- Thank you.

- Great, better you don't get back.
- Oh, yes, right.

- (baby cries)
- Oh, wait a minute.

Oh, yes.
(he makes baby noises)

(she whispers something to him)

- (baby fusses)
- Oh, watch.

I've got something. Got something.
Look at it, Look at here.

Yes, this is for you?


- Yes.
- (baby gurgles)

(hopeful music)

Copyright ? Flavio Peterson
Untertitel by flinx