Back from Hell (2011) - full transcript

Six ex-classmates decide to spend some holidays together. To enjoy a short rest period and some amusement, they rent a manor house in the countryside, upon where to forget the raving madness of the city life. After they get to know the priest living in the adjoining church, the group moves into the house. Very soon, the convivial mood progressively deteriorates, while in the house strange phenomena start to happen, apparently paranormal. The journey turns into a nightmare when Giorgio, one of the mates, starts to have aberrant behaviors, until he shows evident signs of what properly seems a diabolic possession. While Alessandro, his best friend, tries to find a scientific and rational explanation to the happenings, the other friends trust in Father Elia, the priest. He feels Giorgio is surely possessed by the devil, and tries to exorcise him. But in the end, all the people will figure out that what is happening goes over their ability to understand, and moreover, their possibility to control. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

(rock music)

- Come on, seriously, this is unbearable.

Nobody films their holidays anymore.

- [Mark] I thought you had a blast

watching the one we did in Spain.

- Thank you very much, that's because

we the actors were fun, not the director.

The best actor in the world is
nothing with a good director.

- Okay Michael Moore, that's it,

how about changing frames jackass?

- What was he doing?

- Making a documentary on my boobs.


- [Mark] I would've happily watched that.

- I'm sure about that.

- Don't feel left out, honey.

I'd watch your boobmentary too.

- [Claudia] I'm not surprised, you pig.

- Honey.

- Yeah?

- Do you have anything to say?

- I'd be happy to watch
your titmentary, seriously.

- Okay, just keep your mouth shut, honey.

- [Mark] "Just keep
your mouth shut, honey."

- You're all just animals.

- Why are we the animals?

I mean you're the ones with

breasts for us to stare at right?

- That's right, of course, we read

about it in every medicine handbook.

The purpose of mammary glands is to

allow men to motorboat
them and get aroused.

- [Mark] And rub other body parts too.

- Disgusting.

- That is so true, did
you hear that Sarah?

- Yes.

- Oh my god, your boobs
are getting bigger already.

- Okay, you're disgusting.

- Okay, so breastfeeding
is the main purpose.

All I'm saying is if that was their

only function you would probably

have two steel faucets riding off

those incredible beautiful breasts.


- You two stop it.

(ominous atmosphere music)

- [Claudia] What are you guys up to?

- [Alex] Claudia, fuck!

- What?

What's going on?

- [Alex] It's George.

- What happened?

- He's acting weird, I don't know.

He had a knife, I don't know.

- [Mark] Come and see for yourself.

(wings flapping)

- [Alex] What's that?

- [Claudia] What...

- Look at that, was is that?

It's George's.

Let's go, let's go.

(wood cracking)


- [Claudia] Alex, where are you...

- [Mark] Alex, come back.

- [Claudia] Where are you going?

- [Mark] Come back.

(distant screaming)

- [Claudia] Be careful.

(camera feedback humming)


- This is exciting, two hour road trip

through quicksand and
then how long of a walk?

- Come on, it's not gonna
be more than 10 minute walk.

- Oh sure.

10 minutes.

I'm gonna need another week

vacation to recover from this trip.

- Wasn't this the point?

Getting away and experience something new?

- Exactly, sunny beaches and hot chicks.

- And chaos.

- Thank you.

- Do you need help?

- No thanks, I can do it.

- It's a long hike.

- I know, thanks anyway.

At least someone cares.

- And may I introduce to
you our final location.

What an amazing place huh?


What about that road that would've

led us right to the front door,

we could have parked here, man.

- [Claudia] Yes, but they rather we don't.

- [George] Of course, don't worry

about making our lives easier.

Who are the owners, sadists?

- Worse, monks.

- What, monks?

Fuck, I didn't know.

- Come on, they won't bite you.

- Okay, but what the fuck guys?

You all know that
blasphemy is my religion.

- [Andrew] Blasphemy is not a religion.

- I still don't wanna be seen with monks.

- You're not staying with them, you dick.

It belongs to the dioceses,
but there are no monks inside.

There's only a priest
in the church next door.

- That's still too close for me, okay?

How the hell did you find this place?

- I didn't. They found me.

They were looking for the
best architect in town.

- And he wasn't available
so they called you?

- Yeah, that's right, 'cause now

women can't have successful careers right?

- No baby, no, not if they're so inclined

to get "stuffed up" by their boyfriend.

- Stuffed up?

- Yup, stuffed up.

That's how it is, madam.


- The dioceses (mumbles) the required

amount of property restoration.

And these are my friends,
just along for the ride.

- So I was told.

I'll go get the keys
and show you your rooms.

- [Sarah] Thank you.

- Thank you, Father?

- Elia.

Pleased to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- Hey hey, with a little help
you might get laid too, Mark.

- You're so vulgar.

- He's a cute little man, come on.

- [Mark] A little on the geriatric side.

- But charming, don't you think?

On The History Channel tonight.

- [Sarah] Shut up.

- Well as I was saying, the property

was built during the 16th century.

Originally it was an old monastery.

It was erected as a place of worship

dating back to the ancient Roman times.

The inside court with the
fountain is evidence of this.

- [Sarah] The Mundis.

- That's correct.

The spring of life according
to the ancient Romans.

Please follow me.

Your rooms are on the side of the wing.

- [Mark] Jeez, it's only four days.

- Four days is a long time, I'm gonna have

to tie all your clothes
up in a knot again.


- [Mark] That was Prog right?

- [Alex] No, that was Budapest.

- [Mark] What are you
talking about, that was Prog.

In Budapest you were stuck to
that chick, what was her name?

- [George] Oh yeah, oh my God.

- Oh, oh, oh what a girl,
Ostaki was her name right?

- What a stupid fucking name, Ostaki!

- What an ass though.

- And now it's Claudia's turn to be...


- Come on guys, give it a break with that.

- A little affection every now

and then wouldn't hurt you know.

- What did I do now?

- Nothing, nothing, it's all right.

- Sarah.

Sarah come on, hey, hey.

You know I care about
you and Samuel right?

- You meant to say me and Leonard.

- Leonard, what kind of a name is that?

- You know I'll change your mind.

- [Mark] How about you
guys give me a sex scene.

- Yeah, maybe.

Next time.

- Give me five minutes okay?

- [Mark] Shit I'm hungry.

- [George] Hey camera operator.

- [Mark] Sorry, sorry.

- Thank you, as I was saying, another one

carefully does the table
setting with such flare

and style, typical of
a good old housewife.

Got something to say, old housewife?

- Did you do that?

Get off me, man.

- Well thank you for your participation,

but most of all tonight, and only tonight,

for you on the Evolution Channel are

two very lovable examples
of modern day women.

- Oh geez.

- Groomed, elegant, and charming

except for a little lump there.

- Yeah, you have a lump in your head.

- And entirely devoted to
this glam art of gossip.

- A little justice at last
after thousands of years.

- So what you are really
saying is that you're

vow to starvation is to compensate

all those years of male predominance?

- Let's say it's a start.

- Wouldn't you say that's a little

cocky, a little presumptuous?

- How about shoving that carrot up your

darkest cavity and see
how presumptuous that is.

- Just how I like it, who told you?

- Sorry George, it was me.

- Okay get out of my way!

It's ready.

- Finally.

- [Sarah] Thank god.

- Okay, oh, I forgot the glasses.

- Oh, is that bad?

- To say that God isn't
real is ridiculous!

- Come on, I never said
that God wasn't real.

- Oh you didn't?

- Not at all.

All I said was that there was a so called

"God" of ancient times who were in fact

a highly developed society
from another world.

- What difference does that make?

- It's subtle, but there's a difference.

- Whatever, whatever.

- Okay.

- Come on, if you stop and think about it,

there are thousands of
statements that prove it.

- [Sarah] Such as?

- In the bible alone, if
you've read it thoroughly,

you will find the fire winds, right?

Angels kidnapping
prophets up into the sky?

- [Claudia] Uh-huh.

- Think of Elias, think of Enoch.

- Jesus...

- (mumbles) right?

- No shit, Sherlock.

- Those are metaphors, okay?

Those are ways of
describing visions and other

phenomena they couldn't
explain at the time!

- That is exactly what I am
saying, it's the cargo religion.

- [Claudia] What is cargo religion?

- It's a religious practice.

It was first started after World

War II in the Pacific Islands.

During the war, native
populations witnessed

the arrival of military
bases on their islands.

They saw planes landing, taking off...

- What is your point?

- My point?

My point is of course all those bases were

abandoned once the war
came to an end, guess what?

Some of those natives began worshiping

the foreigners that had made all

that were offering from the sky.

- Yeah, well I don't think it
has anything to do with this.

- You'd be surprised sweetie, 'cause they

didn't just pray to them
from home, you understand?

They went as far as rebuilding the planes

and the landing strips and any other

piece of shit part that they had seen.

- That's bullshit!

- All right.

- You sure do know a lot of bullshit.

- Come on!

- To tell you the truth, it all

comes from the theory and practice

of (mumbles) class he
took back in college.


- So laugh, laugh at it all.

Just 'cause you don't
wanna think about it.

But put the pieces
together and you'll see.

- That's just great, whatever.

- [Sarah] You can't really
believe that God isn't real.

- God is (mumbles).


- What about the pyramids, guys?

(mumbles), Machu Picchu, and all those

ancient works of art which in order

to be built required way more advanced

and complex skills than a lot of the

populations had at the
time, who built them?

- The aliens, who else?

They came floating down on their

little spaceships, they built the pyramids

for us, and then they packed up and left!

- Well it's sure better
than believing that we once

were apes and we spontaneous
evolved into humans.

- Yeah you're right, because it's

the alien that made us evolve right?

- Ever heard of genetic manipulation?

- Ever heard of conspiracy
theories, Mr. Paranoid?

- Yeah sure, a little
critical thinking and

I'm immediately classified as paranoid.

- Come on guys, both
of you could be right.

Let's say that we have
been created by the aliens.

The question is who created the aliens?

- [Sarah] Oh please Alex, come on.

- Here comes Mandela.

- Why Mandela?

- Mandela is a peacekeeper.

- Whatever.

- So who taught you how
to make a wi-ji board?

- I don't think you need a college

degree to know how to make one.

- It's oui, idiot.

- Oui, what's that?

- Oui stands for yes in French and German.

- Oh oui, yeah, well why
isn't it si, yes, or da, hao?

Why French and German?

- I'll tell you when you grow a

brain if you don't mind, okay?

For now just shut up if you will.

Sarah, are you in or not?

- Christ.

- Nice.

Let's hold hands.

- Shouldn't you hold a cup?

- [George] No, that comes later.

Let's just hold hands for now okay?

- This grosses me out a little.

- Don't be a homophobe.

- Oh I'm sorry dear, I'll
make an exception for you.

- Oh thank you darling, I
was getting a little worried.

- Okay guys, guys, stop messing around.

You wanted to do this right?

And now you're just goofing around.

- This is the only reason I'm doing

this stupid thing, to fuck around.

- Okay, for once I have
to agree with Sarah.

You two, please shut the fuck up okay?

- Okay.

- And let's begin by evoking a spirit

kind enough to speak with us in peace.

- A cute spirit please.


I was just kidding, come on.

- I'll kill you if you do that again okay?

- [Andrew] Okay I'll stop now, I'll stop.

(loud bang)

- Andrew, you're really stupid!

- [Andrew] That wasn't me okay?

- Yeah right.

- It wasn't me!

- Easy, easy, calm down everyone.

This just means that the spirit is here.

- Hope she's cute.

- You two cut it out.

- And now comes the cup.

- This is my favorite part.

- Everybody happy?

- Okay, who's moving it?

- The spirit.

- I've never seen such a thing.

- Yeah, it looks like the
entity is very active.


Tell us your name.









- [Andrew] What kind of
a name is that, Liberate?

- I have no clue.

- Liberate is a Latin word.

- [Andrew] Is it?

- Try asking him what he wants.

- L.






T, same word again.


He's not done.










Is this Latin again?

- Free me from...

- [Sarah] Hell.

- Right.

- Free me from Hell.

I knew we shouldn't have done this.

- It's okay.

Calm down.


- I'm scared okay, this is scaring me.

- Yeah, but there's no danger in this.

- I'm not saying we're in
danger, I'm just afraid.

- Listen, why?

We are the ones moving this thing.

- Okay, I still don't like
it, can we stop please?

- [Claudia] I think she's right.

Let's just stop.

- Thank you.

- [George] The spirit says no.

- Okay, you guys are really stupid.

- Oh come on, we're just having fun.

Hold on.


I command you to immediately
go back to where you came from.

- That's it, listen, I don't give

a shit if it's you or not, I'm done.

- I don't think that's a good idea.

- It's not us, Sarah.

- Yeah, but you said we
were the ones moving it.

- [Alex] Yeah, but they're
unconscious movements.

- We need to stop.

- We will, I told you we would, but just

give me a few minutes to figure out how.












That's it.

Means something?

- Alex?

- Give me your son.

- Yeah, right, fuck you.

You're all fucking assholes!

- Sarah.

- Hey, this happens all the time,

the spirits are known to threaten people.

- I don't give a shit what the

spirits are known to do George,

I didn't wanna do this in the first place.

- Hey, honey, it was just a stupid joke.

- What are you doing there?

You gonna sit there forever?

- I thought it was fun.

- What kind of joke was this?



- This is the second time.

- I told you to trash it.

- Shit, it's brand new.

I told you I bought it three months ago.

- [George] Then crash it.

- [Mark] The door is shut.

- Let's kick it in.

- [Mark] What if they're up to something?

- We'll interrupt, that's
why we're here isn't it?

- May I help you?

- We were just strolling by and his tongue

fell off and we were
actually looking for it.

- You two are morons.

- You really wanna die Mark, huh?

- [Mark] It's 3 AM and
Alex wasn't back yet.

We were getting a little
worried, that's all.

- So sweet of you.

- Guys!

- Sarah, hey.

- Sorry, but...

- What's going on?

- Andrew's disappeared.

- What?

- He's gone.

- What do you mean?

- [George] Ahh!


- [Claudia] Jackass.

- Already checked the kitchen.

- [Mark] You did?


- [George] Over there!

(wings flapping)

- [Mark] We lost him.

- Man, you can't see shit in here.

- [Mark] Hold on, I got a
flashlight in my backpack.

- Get it out.

- [Sarah] Andrew!

- Andrew!

Come on out!

- [Sarah] Andrew!

- [Claudia] Andrew!

- [Sarah] Andrew!

- [George] Drew!

- Andrew!

- [Claudia] Andrew where are you?


- [George] Come on Andrew!

- [Sarah] Andrew!

- [George] Andrew!

- [Claudia] Andrew!

- Andrew?



What the fuck's up with you?




Fuck, you hurt me.

- Oh god.

- Are you okay?

What's wrong with you?

- What the fuck just happened?

- You okay?

(low static humming)

- How's the drunk doing?

- The drunk doesn't
even remember drinking.

- Which proves you did.

- Sarah's mad at me 'cause she thinks

I wrote that shit with the cup.

- You didn't do it?

- No I didn't, okay?

Look, I care about my son.

Even though the mother's
turning into a psycho.

It's just that I'm a little
worried since yesterday.

- Come on.

I think this ouija game
freaked everyone out.

Besides, the old monastery,
being here alone, all of

our stress, put it all
together and that's it, man.

- You know what, I do remember.

- What?

Grabbing me like an octopus?

- The light.

- What light?

- What light, man?

- I don't remember.

- Here you go.

- What is this?

- You're a dick.

- And childish.

- But you sure are a good cook.

- You see honey, you chose
the right one after all.

- Yes, but I'd rather have
a grown up than a good cook.

- Oh come on, I'll put my
shit together, you know

you're the most important
thing in the world to me.

- [Mark] Please, I'm filming.

- Do you forgive me?

- I'll (mumbles).

- They're such suckers.

- Maybe that's because they
have feelings unlike you.

- What you mean?

- [Elia] Everything's fine.

- [Mark] Father, you scared me.

- Forgive me, I didn't
Mean to spoil your movie.

- [Mark] It's all right.

- It was not my intent.

- [Mark] Everything's fine.

Why do you ask?

- Well sometimes isolated places

like this can awaken some...

The irrational side.

- [Mark] No need to worry, Father.

We're used to places like this.

We've been in way more isolated places.

- I'm glad to hear that.

Have a good night.

- [Mark] You too Father, goodnight.

So the third night he's there in

his room lying on his bed watching TV,

there's cable, so you know, and he's there

peacefully watching TV
and all of a sudden.

He's like this better not be a joke.

Gets up, walks to the
door, opens the door,

and here is this little girl, the same

little girl with the white dress,

but she's thinner, paler, with dark

circles around her eyes, and is

staring right into his eyes and is like

sir, can I have some
bread and water please?

And he's like sure.

Rushes back in because he doesn't want

to miss her again, goes there, grabs a

bottle of water, piece of bread,

walks back out, and there she is,

she's still there, so he hands her

the bread and water and she just

holds it there and stares at him.

And then he remembers what
the receptionist told him.

So he leans slowly over and says...

Little girl, you must be...

(loud bang)


- You asshole!

You too!

- Smile, you're on candid camera!

- Fuck you!

(loud thump)

(flicking light switch)

(flicking light switch)

(loud static)

- Alex!

Alex, wake up!

- What's up?

- George's not here.

- Jeez, I'm way too tired, fuck you.

- No no no no no no.

He's not in the bathroom
and I heard something.

(distant scrape)

Hear this?


(distant scrape)

Did you hear that?

I don't know what's happening

here, but I'm getting a little...

(wind howling)

(loud bang)

- [Alex] Hey.

- [Mark] George?

- [Alex] Hey, you fucking scared me.

- [Mark] What's up with that knife?

- [Alex] George.

What are you doing?

Where is he going?

- [Mark] What's he up to?

- [Alex] George, what are you doing man?

- [Mark] George?

Fuck, shit, turn that.

Wait, turn that light on.

- Gah!

- [Claudia] Be careful.

- [Mark] Oh god.



- [Claudia] George, what are you doing?

- George.

Do you hear me?

George, calm down.

What are you doing, put
the knife down please.

Take it easy, okay?

Come on.


- And that's when I saw the demons

being thrown about (mumbles)!


Our Father, who art in
Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses as

we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.


- [Claudia] George?

- Are you okay?

Hey dude.

It's gone, okay?

Calm down, it's gone.

(Sarah shrieks)

- What's happening?

- [Mark] Sarah.

- George had a fit.

- Are you okay?

- [Alex] Hey dude, it's gone, it's gone.

- It's the light.

It wants something and it
won't stop 'till it gets it.

- [Mark] Don't start right now.

- [Alex] So?

- [Mark] Claudia says he's fine now.

- This doesn't mean anything.

Possessed people feel fine between

one evil fit after another.

- [Mark] Hold on a minute, evil fits?

- Father Elia thinks that George is

possessed and he wants
to perform an exorcism.

- I'm sorry to tell you kids.

I don't think, I know.

- I'm sorry to tell
you Father, but I don't

believe in God, let alone exorcism.

- This doesn't make them less real.

However, I'll give you 'til
tomorrow to think it over.

If you don't accept my advice,

I must kindly ask you to leave this place.


- [Mark] Goodnight Father.

- Goodnight.

- [Mark] What now?

- The light wants something.

You heard what he said.

- Sarah, you need to calm down.

He wasn't talking about your son.

He doesn't even know he said such a thing.

- But that's even worse don't you think?

Don't you get it?

He doesn't know yet, but he hates him.

- Sarah stop, okay?

You're talking nonsense.

- What should I think then?
That the spirit wants my baby?

If that's the case...


I feel like, I don't
know, since we come here,

it's like the baby's been
having these strange...

- [Alex] Okay, that's enough of this shit.

- [Mark] Father Elia is gone.

We're going to bed.

- Yeah, we're coming.

Let's go.

- [Mark] So anyone threw up green shit,

spoke a weird language, or
better yet bent a spoon?

- I took a green dump if it counts.

- [Mark] Nope, I don't think that counts.

- Please, go right ahead,
we're just having breakfast.

- What about George.

- I'll give him a scan and then get

him to a colleague of
mine, a psychiatrist.

- [Mark] You think he's sick?

- Maybe not, but what he did last night

could be a slight form of schizophrenia.

- What if the things
Father Elia said were true?

- Come on Sarah, possessed?

- Yeah, but we all saw what he

was capable of last night right?

I mean what schizophrenic
would do such a thing?

- I don't think it's schizophrenia.

Maybe there's something
more to it than that.

- [Sarah] What?

- I think there's a kind
of electromagnetic field

which interferes with our
nerves and rational behavior.

I don't know, well anyway,
I think it's best we leave.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- It won't let us leave.

- What did you just say?

- I...

I said it won't let us leave this place,

but I don't know why I said it.

- Really?

You don't know?

Just like you don't know why you

wrote that thing with the glass?

- What thing?

- The one about my son.

- Sarah, that wasn't me.

- Are you sure?

Or you don't know?

Just like you don't know why you

said it wants something from us!

- Sarah, calm down.

- No!

I'm not going to calm
down around this asshole!

If you don't want this kid
you just have to say it.

- Please Sarah, stop!

I'm begging you, stop!

Why wouldn't I want our son?

- Our?

Our son?

No, this is my son, and I won't let

anything or anyone take it away from me!

- It's okay.

Don't worry.

It's fine.

- [Mark] Fuck.

How did this happen?

- I don't know.

Maybe we left the headlights on.

- [Mark] We came here during

the day, our headlights were off.

What else could have done that?

What are you thinking?

- Andrew had the keys right?

- [Mark] Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.

- So it seems.

- [Mark] How do you feel?

- Run over by a bus.

And I have a splitting headache.

- [Mark] Do you remember anything?

- No, nothing.

Claudia told me that Father Elia

thinks I am possessed by a demon?

- [Mark] And what do you think?

- What do I think?

I don't know.

What the hell do I know about
what a possessed person feels?

Did you film me yesterday?

- [Mark] What do you think?

- Fucking maniac.

Show me.

- [Mark] I don't think it's a good idea.

- Don't bust my nuts,
I wanna see, show me.

- [Mark] What if you get paranoid?

- I think I'm over that by now.

Fucking hell.

- [Mark] What?

- Fucking hell, I don't
know what to think of it.

I think I wanna leave this place.

- I don't remember.

- [Alex] What do you
mean you don't remember?

- I mean I don't remember.

- What doesn't he remember?

- I asked him if he let the
car battery go dead on purpose.

- Now why would I do such a thing?

- Same reason you said
the things you said.

You wouldn't let us go away,
but you don't know who.

- God, am I going nuts?

- I told you you're not, okay?

Could be stress or a slight
form of sleepwalking.

- Stress my ass, I wanna leave this place.

- Easy George.

- George!


- Whoa, hey!

- That's enough!

- Stop it, okay?

Stop, calm down.

(screaming in foreign language)

- [Mark] Father Elia is ready.

- This is insane.

You're gonna let him do it?

- [Mark] You got a better suggestion?

- Listen, something very
weird is going on here okay?

But it has nothing to do
with ghosts or demons!

- How can you be so sure of it?

I don't usually believe this shit,

but there's not much of a choice now.

- There's a reason!

- Oh god.

- There's always a scientific reason.

- [Mark] What is the reason?

- Listen.

There's something here,
okay, that sense some kind of

electromagnetic waves
which are driving us crazy.

Just think about it.

Our cell phones don't
work, the camera turns

itself on and off, the
car battery goes dead.

- [Mark] It could all be a coincidence.

Andrew left the headlights on
and the car battery goes dead.

- You think it's a coincidence?

- Relax, relax.

- I know what I'm doing, don't worry.

- [Mark] Relax.

- You think it's a coincidence?

So how do you call this?

- How did you do that?

- I didn't do anything.

It does it by itself.

I noticed it last night during dinner.

By accident.




What do you think?

Do you think that demons are responsible?

- This is getting too weird.

- Yes, right.

Listen, there's some
fucking energy here, okay?

We have to find what it is and stop it,

not perform some kind of
stupid and useless ritual.

- I don't know, Alex.

There's too many weird things and I

don't know what to think, but Father Elia

said that tomorrow is delivery day

and we could leave tomorrow, but we

can't just sit here and do nothing.

We have to do something and we

don't have that many options left.

- Remember, do not question the entity.

If it asks you something, do not answer.

If somebody starts feeling
uncomfortable, they can leave.

No need to say that if someone feels like

praying, they're more
than welcome to do so.

In the name of the Father, and the

Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

(George groaning)

Lord be with you.

Our Father, who art in
Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

- Why are you looking at me?

- Shh!

You mustn't ask any questions.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day your daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses as

we forgive those who trespass against us.

- Stop looking at me.

- Shh!

That's enough!

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

(demonic groaning)

Evil being that inhabits this body,

I order you to tell me your name.

(speaking in foreign language)

- What did he say?

What did he say?

- You must keep quiet!

- What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?

He wants my son!

- I command you to tell
me your name, damn snake.

Our Lord crushed your
head, tell me your name

and go back to that whence you came from.

(speaking in foreign language)

Tell me your name.

God asks you to.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our savior,

the angel Gabriel which already defeated

you once, I command you
to tell me your name!

(speaking in foreign language)

Shh, back, back!

Lord, you have been our
dwelling place throughout

all generations, before
the mountains were born,

or you brought forth the whole world,

from everlasting to
everlasting, you are God.

I command you to tell me your name!

(speaking in foreign language)

- You turn people back to
dust, saying "Return to dust,

"you mortals," a thousand
years in your sight

are like a day that has just gone

by, or like a watch in the night!

Demon, I command you to tell me your name!

(speaking in foreign language)

Yet you swept people away
in the sleep of death.

They are like the new
grass of the the morning.

In the morning it springs up new, but by

evening it is dry and withered.

Tell me your name!

Tell me your name!

(speaking in foreign language)

We are consumed by your anger

and terrified by your indignation.

You have set our iniquities before you,

our secret sins in the
light of your presence.

You must tell me your name.

You must tell me your name!


Damn you!

I command you to free this innocent body!

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Mark] So?

- He has a fever, but he's fine.

- [Mark] If he's sleeping,
at least one of us is fine.

- Yeah, you're telling me, I
think I'll never sleep again.

- [Alex] Why doesn't he reply, Father?

- What's going on?

- He doesn't want to finish the rite.

- [Claudia] Why?

What happened?

- Because I can't.

- [Claudia] What do you mean you can't?

- You don't understand.

The entity you have awaken.

- [Claudia] What?

- That entity says it's god's image.

No demons would ever say such a thing.

Nobody except for one.

- Who are you referring to?

- He who...

I don't even want to give his name.

- Why are you lying Father?

- I'll tell you, I'm not lying.

- I knew from the start
that something wasn't right.

I told myself why, why should a priest

live here in this remote place,

so remote that no one comes out here?

- It's a sacred church.

It's normal to have a priest guarding it.

- Maybe normal to celebrate Mass.

But to have a priest living here 24/7?

There are hundreds of chapels in

small towns that have no priest.

- What does that have to do with anything?

- You don't get it, do you?

There's always a priest.

And not any priest.

An exorcist.


What are you hiding from us, Father?

- This is absurd.

- Really?

Do you really believe that?

Or are you not so sure?

You don't really know what's here right?

But you have doubts.

Maybe it's only a tale, a legend.

But people still believe it.

And what happened today
cleared all your doubts.

And now that you know
what's going on you give up.


'Cause you know it's useless.

Father, please tell us what you know.

- I...

God save us all.

- [Alex] Father please!


- Hey guys.

- [Claudia] Hey.

- Is Sarah there?

- [Claudia] No, what's going on?

- I can't find her anywhere.

She ran away because she knows.

- What does she know?


What does she know?

- It wants our son.

- Listen to me, I'm tired
of this bullshit, okay?

What is it, what do you
mean he wants our son?

What the fuck are you talking about?

(twigs snapping)

Did you see that?

Where did he go?


What the fuck, wait for me!



Is that you?




- Dude, calm down okay?

What's going on?

Where's Andrew?

- [Mark] I don't know.

He started talking crazy
and then he ran away.

I don't know.

- [Alex] Hey!



(Claudia shrieks)

- No!



(sobbing and wailing)

- No, wait, please!


- [Alex] She needs help, okay?

She needs help.

Let's go.

No, no!

- Sarah.

- It wanted my son, but I couldn't,

I couldn't, it wanted my son.

(Andrew sobbing)

I couldn't give it to him,
I couldn't give it to him.

I couldn't.

I couldn't give it to him,
I couldn't give it to him.

- So?

- Everything's okay.

I gave them both painkillers,

they'll sleep through 'til tomorrow.

Cleaned up Sarah's wounds which
don't seem to be infected.

She's lost a lot of
blood and I don't think

she's gonna be able to have kids anymore.

- Hey hey hey hey, it's okay, it's okay.

Come here.

She'll be fine, okay?

Don't worry.

I think we should try to figure

out what's going on here, okay?

- How do you plan on doing that?

- I think that this thing is
trying to communicate with us.

- [Mark] What Alex, a demon?

- We have to find out.

And I may have a solution.

- [Mark] You're sure you wanna do this?

- It all began with this, remember?

(speaking foreign language)

Whoever wrote this
wants something from us.

- [Mark] A get out of Hell for free card?

- I was wrong.

Ifri means underground in Latin, not Hell.

- [Mark] So you're saying that there's

something buried beneath
us that wants to be freed.

- I'm not sure, but it could be.


- Well then.

That's great.

We're back in the game.

I thought it was just a demon hunting

us down, but no, there's something

buried beneath us that wants to be freed.

I just can't wait to dig it
up and encounter this thing.

- You have a better suggestion?

I didn't think so.

If something really is buried beneath us

and wants something, our only option

is to figure out what it wants from us.

It's the only thing that could save us.

I mean no one's asking us to
free it if we don't wanna.

- I think I already know
what it wants from us.

- Mark, listen, if you don't want to

be a part of this, just tell me now okay?

- Fine, fine, fine.

Let's just do this, all right?

- Let's repeat what George made us do.

- This isn't good.

- Spirit.

We are here to speak to you.

Please tell us your name.


Metatron is your name.

(loud bang)


- What are you doing?

What are you doing?

How dare you sully this
place with profanity!

- We're trying to get in touch
to whatever is there, Father.

- Get in touch?

Get in touch?

You're attracting evil to this place!

- Take it easy.

There must be a logical explanation, okay?

And we have to find out what
it is since you won't tell us.

- This is pure insanity.

I won't even allow evil...

(loud bang)


(static distortion)

- [Mark] I think it's over.

- I don't think it's over.

(glass shattering)

What was that?

- What's going on?

- You have no clue of
what you have just done.

(wood snapping)

- So you tell us then!

What is Metatron?

- [Claudia] It seems like
it comes from upstairs.

- Okay.

We have to check.

- [Claudia] Alex, be careful.

- Let's go.

(distant thumping)

- I won't let you
confront him on your own.

Just in here.

(distant banging)

(rapid banging)

(loud bang)

- Whoa.


Stay back, Claudia.

(creepy laughter)

- Our father, who art in
Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done...

- Thy will be done!

- [Elia] As it is in Heaven.

- You be a good German
and you're my German too!

- George.

George, are you okay?


(creepy laugh)

What is it you want from us?

- I wanna be free!

- No, no, George, no!




(distant groaning)



What's the matter, George?




- There's no broken bones.

We have to take him back inside.

Go grab a sheet.

- Okay, okay, okay, let's go.

- We have to do something.

I don't give a shit if there's

a rational explanation to this.

What I know is that if we don't

try and stop this thing, both Sarah

and George won't make it through tonight.

- I agree.

It's time for him to tell us the truth.

(Elia praying)



Praying is not enough.

- Now more than ever.

- [Alex] What is Metatron?

- This is Metatron.

- [Claudia] An angel?

- The most important of angels.

Recording to the (mumbles).

He is connected to the tree of knowledge.

Of good and evil.

He's in charge of monitoring the

development of human knowledge.

- [Claudia] What is that
thing that floats around him?

- It's a cube.

Metatron's symbol.

Nobody certainly knows its meaning,

but according to the legend, it's the

universe knowledge
concentrated into a nutshell.

- George carved a cube in the wall right?

- Yeah.

- So Father, it an angel that's driving my

friend nuts and is causing all this mess?

- Metatron is a dreaded angel.

He knows every man's
heart and its secrets.

He separates the good from the bad.

He might just be doing that right now.

- What are you trying to say Father?

That my friends are dying
because they're sinners?

That your Lord is punishing
them for their sins?

- [Claudia] Alex.

- You think that Sarah slashed her

stomach open 'cause she's a sinner?

- Our father be with you.

Will not judge of all the Earth (mumbles).

- [Mark] Alex!

- [Claudia] Alex stop!

- Do you think that the
unborn child was a sinner?

(Elia coughing)

- [Elia] I wasn't trying to
cut your friend's stomach open.

- Well that explains it.

You won't fool me with this shit!

- [Claudia] Alex!

- You sick fuck!

God is responsible for the
good things, why are we

responsible for all the
shit we must live through?

- [Claudia] Alex please!

- [Elia] How did all this start?

How did all this start?

- What?

- [Claudia] Alex.



I love you!

I love you.

- I love you.

- Be with me tonight.


- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry.

- [Mark] Hey, no apologies for me?

- Sorry, dude.

I don't know what's happened.

Let's get out of here.

- We all reveal our true spirit.

Facing the holy light.

- Well so you did, Father.

So you did.

- Before the night's over!

Each will get what they deserve.

- Remember when Andrew and
George ran into the woods?

They must have been
attracted by something.

- [Claudia] So let's find it then.

- Jackpot!

Hey, Mark, help me out!

- [Mark] Coming!

- [Alex] Claudia!

- [Claudia] Yeah?

- [Alex] I found it, I found something!


- [Claudia] Hold on.

- Look.

Lerribilis Logus Iste.

This is a terrible place to be in.

- [Mark] Point in case, keep away.

- Yup.

- [Claudia] Hey, are you okay?

- I'm okay.

Whoa, wait, wait.

One, two, three!

Okay, I think we need a ladder.

Let's go this way.

- [Claudia] What is this place?

- [Mark] I don't know, but my camera is

picking up a lot of interferences.

I think we're getting there.

- [Claudia] It looks very ancient.

- [Mark] The images are
distorting on my camera.

I can barely see it.

- [Claudia] Looks like a chapel.

- [Mark] Wow, check the cross.

- [Claudia] Yeah.

- [Mark] Check it out.

- [Claudia] Here lies the power of God.

- [Mark] Haven't we caused enough

damage to this place already?

- I don't think we did.


- [Claudia] What's that?

- Seems there is something still inside.

- [Mark] Maybe 'cause what's
inside is meant to stay inside.

- Well that won't stop us.


- I don't know, but it looks
like a kind of instrument.

It's kinda warm and very light

and it's covered in that (mumbles).

- [Mark] It's making my camera go haywire.

I'll step back.

- Please Claudia, step back.

- No way.

- Come on, just a few steps okay?

You're the only physician around.

What if you get injured too?

Who will take care of me?

- Smells like bullshit to me.

- Come on, please step back okay?

- Okay.

You be careful okay?

- Yeah.


(loud rumbling)

- [Claudia] Alex!


- [Mark] Claudia, where's Alex?

- [Claudia] I don't know.

I don't know.

The light took him.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

- [Mark] Listen, we have to go back

inside and check on the others okay?

- [Claudia] What will we do?

- I don't know, I don't
know, lock ourselves

in our room and wait 'till dawn okay?

Anything better than staying out here.

Come on, we'll look for
him tomorrow, come on.

(loud thump)

What was that?

- Andrew!

- [Mark] No, no, don't tell me!

Don't, don't tell me he's dead.

No no no.

Run Claudia, run, run!

Move move move move move!

Let's hurry, let's hurry!

(distant thumps)
(demonic grunts)

What was that?

- I don't know, but whatever it was,

I'll be ready for it next time.


Oh my god, Sarah!

Sarah, what happened?



Sarah, please answer.


- Oh Lord.

Lord please have mercy.

- This is your Lord's mercy?

- [Mark] Calm down, Claudia.

This is not his fault.

- Yeah, they never get their hands dirty.

They simply judge others.

What was it you said?

We're paying for our sins?

- I was wrong and I am sorry.

My words were rushed words driven by fear.

- All good then right?

- [Mark] Claudia stop!

Haven't we seen enough
violence for tonight?

- Sarah.

- [Mark] I don't wanna rush you

guys, but I think we should go.

(demonic grunts)

(Mark gagging)

(Claudia screaming)

- [Elia] Let go of her.

Let go of her!

- I had fun with Sarah.

I'll have more fun with you later.

- Our Father.

- Father, you don't get it huh?

Your words are useless.

Before and now.

(Elia screams)

(bones cracking)

- George?

- Yes?

(loud whacks)


- [Mark] Dawn.

- [Reporter] If you hear this

message, this is a quarantine area.

- [Mark] What is this?

- [Reporter] Therefore
exposed to the M phenomena.

- [Claudia] I have no idea.

- [Reporter] Lock yourselves at home.

- [Mark] It's on every station.

- [Reporter] Avoid other inmates.

Leave only to provide yourself
with food if necessary.

Avoid the light.

Avoid the light.

Therefore, exposed to the M phenomena.

Lock yourselves at home and report

your position with either fire...

Leave only to provide yourself
with food if necessary.

Report your position with either fire

or drapes outside your window.

Special units will come to your rescue.

Avoid other inmates.

Leave only to provide yourself
with food if necessary.

Avoid the light.

Avoid the light.

- Come and see this.

- [Mark] I think the whole
village was evacuated!

- I think we better leave too.

- [Mark] All right.

- What are you doing?

- I don't think I'd ever
watch this tape ever again.

(loud bang)

(sharp creaking)

(heavy metal rock music)