Back Streets of Paris (1946) - full transcript

Madame Rose runs a seedy hotel in a suburb of Paris. Strong-minded but without the least moral scruple, she once killed her husband whose honesty was a hindrance to her business. Under a suspended sentence, she now indulges in smuggling. One day, Victor, one of her former accomplices hounded by the police, finds sanctuary with her. During a drinking spree, he has the bad idea to entrust to her a suitcase filled with bank notes, a loot with which Victor hopes to rebuild his life in South America. But Rose, lured by temptation, betrays Victor, who is arrested by the police. However, he manages to escape with only one thing in mind, to take revenge on Rose... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

"If good folks saw criminals as they are,
they would lose their taste for the riffraff."

- So Simone, how are you?
- Fine.

Here are the towels.

- Hold on a second.
- What do you mean?

- You see, I'm doing servants' work again.
- No point being the owner's daughter.

What can I say?
It saves her money.


I'd rather be raising pigs.

It's certainly no worse.

You look at things too closely, Simone.

You can even say
I smell them too closely.

Let's go.

- They're still asleep in those rooms.
- Ah?

They sleep days and wake at night.

Would pigs live like that?
A pig at least sees the sun.

You need to be careful with
the sun, it gives you freckles.

- It's very pretty.
- Oh, Simone, would you want freckles?

- What if I did?
- You have no sense of aesthetic.

What's all that about?

I'll explain...listen...

A woman can only be beautiful
by living harmoniously,

...developing her potential
and balancing body and mind.

You should work on
your mind, Simone.

There's enough work
to do here already. gave me two
extra towels last week.

That's where they went!
I got in trouble for that.

I'll give them back to you.

Don't worry about it.

What's going on?

- What's his rush?
- He stole his sheets!


- What's going on?
- Nothing at all, I paid, now I'm leaving.

- So what are you carrying?
- Nothing, see?

Open your raincoat.

Take that off.

I wasn't paying attention
when I dressed.

Why not the mattress?

Go, take your sheets back!

- It's 100 francs.
- 100 francs for what?

For stealing my sheets!

- You don't have the right.
- I'm claiming it.

It's that I don't have the money,
madam, if I had 100 francs...

How much you got?
Go on show me!

Go on!'s something at least.

But you owe me.

- What a bitch!
- Shut up, be quiet, you're no match...

- What if she'd shot you?
- For some sheets?

- You don't know she killed her husband?
- She did?

Yes, it was 15 years ago,
for less than that, from what I hear.

Pow! 6 times with a revolver.

Still here? You'd
better fly away, dirtbag.

Run away you dishonest...
Crook! At your age...

What scum this young generation!
Another who'd have emptied the room!

- That's shameful...
- Because he knew I'd pity him...

And not call police, because I can't
stand the police...Good day ma'am...

More troubles Madame Rose?

A woman alone, trying to run
a business, in this day and age.

Look who's there, what are
you chuckling about?

I was listening,
nice sentiment...

- I got robbed.
- That's hard to believe.

Because I don't run to police...right ladies?
Won't you come in?

- Should have killed him.
- Simply, yes.

After you.

So, where are you coming from?

- Went away to the countryside again?
- Me? In prison? I did nothing.

Nothing with your own hands,
that I'm sure.

Ah, this Victor and his fancy ties...
I'm happy to see you. Have a seat.

Shall we drink?

To what?

That reminds me, wait a sec...

Armand, vermouth!

- She's got a lot of merit.
- Especially with today's clients...

So, Madame Rondeau, for your cousin's
wedding? If you gave her a nice umbrella?

- But those are expensive...
- But no! Guests often forget them here...

I'd appreciate it,
thank you very much!

- There's a thoughtful person...
- And virtuous...

- But they say she killer her husband!
- He must have done wrong.

- Oh, come on.
- I know how men can be.

- But we must think of the children!
- Do the children think of you?

- Shhhhhh!
- What?

That's her daughter...

- Come, I'll buy you a trinket.
- I don't like them.

What a hardhead.

This is a very nice fabric.

Ever seen one of these?

I've turned to have a look at these
many times in this country.

- Would you like to try?
- Say, easy there.

- And you ma'am?
- Oh! He's nice for a sailor.

I also have scarves, this one is
for weddings, believe me or don't...

The bride can hide all but one eye,
...but what a lovely eye...

Aren't they pretty?
Why go without.

It's a scarf that has been perfected
for generations to improve a look...

"Pure soie" it means "Pure Silk"
in Hindustani. So top quality.

- Must be if it's from there.
- Listen to the lady.

Ladies, the sale
will move indoors!

- Don't buy that mom.
- But they're made in Hindustan!

- So are you coming?
- So now you're in a hurry?

- That gent was looking for a room.
- Well, I'll leave you.

Thank you madam.

- You're the gent looking for a room?
- Yes.

Good day, miss.

You're a sailor?

I'll explain if you'll keep my secret.

I pretend to be a sailor, for better sales,
but I just sail the streets.

- Too bad.
- Oh, but I travel!

I go all over Paris, with it's
many hills and large lakes...

And all the exotic
animals are here...

The city has strange fish
and enormous turtles...

Do you know the tall giraffe in the
Vincennes Zoo that eats from your hand?

But why come to Montmartre?

I love to visit strange lands.
So you have a room?

You should probably go elsewhere.
There are cleaner streets than this.

Think I could sell these
in rich neighborhoods?

With wide sidewalks and
street sweepers cleaning up behind me?

- So? Don't want me around?
- But yes!

Good! Now I'm settled!

When will you come?

- Tonight after dinner, O.K.?
- Yes.

- I'm Fran?ois.
- My name is Simone.

So, until tonight Simone.

A few small jobs, it's never a big score,
but the regular clients come around.

I keep things nice and quiet...

I had a good silk stocking scam...
The Belgian tobacco thing...And lace...

In short, you're the industrious ant.
Not my style.

You're looking prosperous.

Things are pretty good.


You don't sound happy for me.

A dear old friend like you?

How did that happen?

- Is that your business?
- No...

- But may I know why you're here?
- I'm not here.

- What are you saying?
- Anybody asks, I'm not here.

I need a few days' quiet.

Somebody's looking for you?

I don't know, but it's a matter
of making sure I'm not found.

Rose, I'm changing
my life around.

Ha! You've only done that!

This time I'll stop changing. I booked
a passage to Chili and am settling there.

Everything I need is right here.

Ah? Be careful walking
around with that.

I can't leave it in the bank.

- A lot of it?
- Enough for an honest life.

- With how many women?
- Depends on how many rooms...

I just needed trip money, that's for
over there, I won't spend it in France.


It's not the real thing?

- What's not real?
- You.

You'd like to know what's in there?
You won't find out.

But here, I'll show you
the price of the trip, look...

- I can't see from here.
- Put on some glasses.

I have a loupe...

I don't need a loupe,
I know where this is from.

I love your restaurant, Albert,
because it's always empty.

We are busier early, Mr. President.

Why call me Mr. President, Albert?

Long time ago you called me Count
when I was not one, but a president...

Now I'm a Count and you
call me Mr. President.

Mr. President has become a Count?

Only on vacation,
in Paris I'm above that.

I am Count of the Pope, Albert.

Would Mr. Count like some port? He must
have tasted some at His Holiness'.

It's the same one.

I never met the Pope, because I'm a
free thinker, but I'll try if it's bad for the liver.

Ah, there's madam.

- Ah L?on, something terrible just happened.
- A bit of port?

- Just terrible...
- Drink it, it's blessed.

I was attacked on the street,
I'm still shaking.

- I think I shall faint.
- Faint later, tell all first.

Look L?on, they stole my ring.

- The one I gave you?
- I don't wear any other...

That's more serious, how did you notice?
I'll bet you left it on a sink.

But no L?on, I was attacked with a
machine gun, just as I was leaving home...

- A man bumped into me..
- You screamed I hope...

It was too late,
he'd already gone.

- Oh L?on, if you'd seen those eyes.
- And then?

- That's it...
- And the machine gun?

He surely had one...

- The ring?
- There was no more ring.

That's charming.

Oh, L?on, you find
this charming?

I see that you'll
never understand me...

You could have given me a wooden ring,
it would have had the same value to me.

Not for me...we must notify police.

Oh L?on, can the police
fix lost memories?

No L?on, I'll live with it...
I'll have courage...

I feel better already,
just being close to you.

My poor dear... can get me another?

A wooden one or a small pebble?

- Something simple...
- A trifle, what a sweetie!

Blow your nose, my dear.

Ah, there's Marvejoule...

You ditched your wife?

She's doing pennance to prepare
for St. Joan of Arc Day.

For three days she's been fasting
at home, so I'm rather hungry.

Dine with us...Gisele, let me introduce
Marvejoule...a man with religion.

Miss...I believe we've met?

I don't think so, Gisele just
arrived from Angoul?me.

- Ahh.
- Pardon me.

-I think I'll powder my nose.
- Go ahead my dear.

So...what do you think of her?

A bit thinner,
but it suits her.

What are you saying? You've been in
Angoul?me these past few days?

I pity you...may I?

I deserve pity? Surely not.

I met your young lady in Vichy, where
I lost a suitcase with 63 000 francs.

She had been
bumped into by a man...

- With a machine gun?
- There's a machine gun now?

That's progress!

You want me to believe you were
robbed without creating a scandal?

You know, when you have a wife
who communes with the Saints...

But I did have it investigated...

You'll believe anything...
I don't need any investigation...

She's a wonderful girl,
such sweetness!

She prefers a pebble
to gemstones...So?

- You let her choose?
- No, but I gave her a ring and it was stolen.

Beyond that, your
suspicions are foolish.

They're not just suspicions, I can
even tell you where your ring is.

It's in the hands of a man named
Victor M?nard...or Loiselle...or Martignac...

He's a man of bad ways,
she has a weakness for bad ways.

Jean, tell me you're kidding.

- Hello hello?
- Got the number yet?

Right away, miss.

Hurry up! Please!

Tell them I've left!

Where has she gone?

Who are you looking for, sir?

- The young person who was with me...
- She left.

- Since when?
- About 5 minutes ago.

- You see?
- So I didn't marry Joan of Arc.

- I'll take your word
- Where's the phone?

Right here.
Let me...what number?

- Please let me...
- Leave me alone!

No no, not you...hello, it's Joan of Arc?
Sorry, Fran?ois...

We got cut off, please, our hats!

- I could at least eat!
- We'll eat later!

- You know Fran?ois?
- Which Fran?ois? Shhhhh.

Thank you sir.
He's upset, he speaks to Joan of Arc...

- I meant Fran?ois, the police prefect...
- You're not going to file a complaint?

You don't have to with them, he must
have a long police record already...

It can't be easier to become a Count
of the Pope than be a lowly pimp.

- That depends.
- You're insulting me? You'll see.

And the phone call ma'am?

I've won't have time...
But do you remember the number?

Better if you don't...

- I ate too much...
- More Mr. Victor?

- I'm good Armand.
- Bring the good bottle.

What are you looking at?
Never seen my silverware?

Pocardie...Caf? de Paris..


I know the nice places...
I've been around.

But it's stealing.

Always on her mother...

They're souvenirs I brought back!

It's done in the world,
when dining around town.

And that? What is it?

That's from the day I went to
confession before my wedding.

What a fun day!

What's with you?
I'm not allowed to laugh?

See there, drinks only water...

Crazy idea, getting married...

Yes, especially for
it to come to this.

- So why did you marry?
- He insisted.

- That'll teach him.
- Could you speak of something else?

This subject doesn't bother me.

Tell yourself you had it good, my girl.

He gave you a good example,
but I give you food to eat.

And what did you do today?

Did the laundress come?
Did she bring back the towels?

- Yes.
- The right number?

She gave back two too many last week.

That's good.

You see? I'm honest.

So I returned them.


You hear that?

I'd knock her unconscious.

But no, we should
never scold children.

Listen to me Simone...
There...Listen nicely...

The laundress gave you two extra towels.
That's fortunate...and you'll see...

Pay attention...
See where this leads?

It begins with paying debts,
then we forgo our benefits...

Next thing we're giving out charity...
Today you return towels...

And tomorrow
you'll give to the poor!

You understood my lesson?

- A long time ago.
- Then why don't you obey?

Because I'm not a thief.

Get out, you idiot,
you're mocking us!

You see?
She gets me so riled up!

Laugh all you want,
life is no picnic.

And to hear that from a daughter,
at least a man can say it's not theirs.

She's just like her father,
a man I had to suppress.

See how I suffered,
what got me to that point?

So you had to do it?

What do you think?
That it gave me pleasure?


I ran a business.
With him there was no commerce possible.

Take note that killing one's
husband doesn't help one's business.

But I had to choose.


Here, I'll even explain...

He checked my scales!

When you sell beauty products
by their weight...go ahead...

If you give the right weight...
There's no point in selling by weight!

That one, always
calibrating the scales!

And narrow-minded...

He wanted the good things...
From selling perfume by weight, imagine!

Still, those old men that come around to
buy powder, it's not what they really want...

One of them bought a kilo every week...

No, no, they come by
to pinch your bottom!

Well as soon as I figured that out...
As if I liked getting my bottom pinched...

Your stories make me laugh!
Here, have a drink.

You can't imagine
my life back then.

He wasn't a man,
he was a catechism.

Some people are born honest,
they can't be changed.

In fairness,
they're easier to pity.

I don't pity them,
I'm against them.

Oh, I don't have any
secrets with you, Victor.

He decided to close the store.

I was on board if we declared bankruptcy.
A pretty penny can be had...

Well no...he wanted to pay every cent!

He always wanted to pay everything!

He was leaving to tell
the manager when I stopped him.

Was that ever painful...

Luckily, the saleslady was a real tart,
So I said he had seduced her...

A real doormat, that girl...

Mind you, that can be useful
when selling perfumes by weight...

So I got some reprieve...
But it did me harm.

And again, all by his own fault.

I still pay for his tomb...
With the Belgian tobacco.

That's funny.

Don't speak like that Victor.
You don't know what it's like.

What do you know?
Are these the only glasses?

Over there.

I know what I'm saying!
You couldn't understand!

You're making a big deal about
killing a poor imbecile?

I'll tell you what's coming.

Somebody you know well...
Who walks beside you.

He's smoking...and the
whole thing is working.

Feet moving, arms swinging,
the entire body doing its work.

Even the lips pulling
on the cigarette.

The smoke entering the chest.

That night, on a road.

You pull out your revolver...
Toc! You fire at it.

And then nothing. Nothing.

That's interesting...
On top of that he was handsome.

Careful, you'll end up doing it.

I did it.
Since I did, it interests me.

I don't believe you!

Did you know Raymond? Tall,
blond, good-looking Raymond?

What ever happened to him?

Wasn't he blackmailing
a notary in Bretagne?

- With an accomplice, in Foug?res.
- What happened to him?

Go ask at Foug?res, in the forest,
corner of dirt road and Route 177.

Six feet under. He's still there.

His accomplice didn't like to share.

Why...why are you telling me all this?

Because I think of him
from time to time.

The guy who was walking, then wasn't.

We have a moment
of impatience, and there it is.

A moment of impatience...
You don't understand a thing!

I don't understand anything anymore.

It's not my fault I killed him!

Try not to think about it.

Even if I could,
she always brings it up.

It's awful to not even be able
to respect one's own mother.

- Quiet Simone, a mother is sacred.
- Sure, that's the problem.

You should go to bed.

- I'm waiting for someone.
- You?

Good evening.

- You see, I make them uneasy.
- Of course, a young girl.

Doesn't bother me.

- So you're waiting up?
- I promised him a room.

A boy who sells silks,
this is a first for me.

But do you even
know who he is?

No, he sells scarves, I said.

Others wouldn't understand.

So forget them.

So much for the past.

Must be for me.

I thought you weren't here!

Yes, it's me.

Ah? Who? Named Fran?ois?

Yes Fran?ois, that's all I heard.
Please be careful Victor.

Remember: Fran?ois!

I don't care. Not even a bit.
See you tomorrow, don't be worried.

- What's wrong?
- He's not happy.

- Good. Who?
- Because of the ring. Ha!

They make me laugh.

All falling so easily,
then caught in their trap.

He may involve the law,
there are some scoundrels.

I know who I'm dealing with.

Then Victor, to your health!

No, enough, enough...

What Victor, you don't
want to drink with me?

You're right...

After all, why should I worry.

What do I care about a Fran?ois?

Say Victor, can I tell you something?

- I feel like sleeping.
- Me too, let's call it a night.

What's with him?
Looks like a disguise.

Don't need any
disguised-types right now.

It's Fran?ois the First, stay here.

What's going on here?

I came for a room, madam.

- Your name is Fran?ois...
- Yes, why?

No advances, go away!

Come back later.

Come Victor, let's get
you to sleep. Armand!

Bring Mr. Victor to his room.

You sure he's gone?


- Good night.
- Good night.

He's charming...

Everyone was very nice this evening.
Except you.

Was that the owner that sent me
away before? What a drunk!

That's my mother.

My poor Simone.

Put him in room 22.

To each his own road
To each his own life

When heaven listens
My life is pleasant

To each his own sadness
To each his own life

When the cup is full
My life is...

- Soon finished with the singing?
- You don't like my song?

I know you, I saw you last night.

- Nice to meet you.
- Name's Fran?ois?


Naturally, you're not
really a sailor? - No.

That's enough.

Sure my name's Fran?ois, so what?
Is it against the rules here?

Hey. Come here.

The guy last night came back.
Did he mention me?

- Why would he have?
- You sassing me, lunkhead?

Take your rag and polish my shoes.
I'm going out.

That's not my job.

- You'd better, princess.
- Do that job yourself, understand?

I understand perfectly.

Sailor boy.

What's his story? Talk about a
strange fellow, badly raised.

- It was to humiliate me.
- Why humiliate you.

Because I'm not like them.

You shouldn't be.
You're very nice as you are.

Tell me Simone, do you
ever go out of here?

- To go where?
- Travelling, that's what I do.

Simone, Monday, are you working?

It's quiet Mondays.

- I'd like to introduce you to H?l?ne.
- Me? Why?

She'll be nice to you, a change of pace...

Would you come with me?

- I'd like that.
- So we're set?

But where?

When it's cold she
lives under a fake rock.

But she comes out when it's warm.

It's the giraffe at the Vincennes Zoo.

When you feel her nose in the palm
of your hand, it's like a kiss.

- Sound good?
- Yes.

In my establishment,
you get two sugars.

My head really hurts
and I don't know why.

Here Armand, my key.

-Good morning madam.
- Hello Madam Rose.


- One sugar or two?
- Two please.

You're up early.
That's right, we're Wednesday.

He takes the 9 o'clock train in,
so imagine how early I have to get up.

- I can't really scold him.
- That's right.

Makes him think I wait faithfully all week,
so he even calls me Penelope.

He says he has many clastics,
but he looks perfectly together.

- Looks like you have a good thing going.
- He's a softie, no complaints.

Except he never orders bubbly.
Say, you should take those off.

- Doesn't go with the early train.
- You think? It's stylish.

That's what I mean.

- Gotta go, au revoir.
- Au revoir.

Simone, the coffee!

Where has she gone off to?

- Aspirin?
- A bit painful.

Having coffee?

No. The guy from
last night came back?

- What guy?
- The disguise.

I have disguises in my hotel?

- Keep an eye out, I don't like it.
- Me neither!

- I'm back tonight at 7.
- Taking the briefcase?

Well no, keep it for me,
back at 7.

- And the ring?
- I'll keep that. Au revoir.

Au revoir.

There you are,
come take your coffee.

Say Simone, what's with
the guy from last night?

You sent him away, but since
there was an empty room...

I sent away a client? Me?

- Well...What's this?
- Did I ask questions at your age?

- Who's the disguised guy?
- He isn't disguised.

What's going on in this house?

- So you disobeyed me if I'm correct?
- You don't remember?

- Try to remember...
- Don't be insolent!

Finished? Back to work.
Bring me the passkeys.

No, the smaller ones.

I can't find them.

If you lose passkeys,
how can I run a hotel?

- Here they are.
- Good, thank you. Get going.

Simone! Here. Go on.




Take that bill and get me
some change across the way.

Yes madam.

There madam.

Thank you, stay downstairs
I'm going to the hairdresser.

Very good madam.

- Let's recapitulate.
- I saw everything, I know the score...

Shhhh. He drank port wine?
What kind?

- House port.
- Show me.

Go get it.

These days it's not like it used to be,
I wasn't always the way you know me.

- So? He used wineglasses?
- Obviously.

Well put some out here.

I was a young lady for company,
arts, entertainment and all...

Thank you.

Back then a mark of favor was
some flowers, a bauble, a cashmere...

Ah, a cashmere, today things
get quickly too familiar.

I understand.
- Understand what?

Why he drank port.
That's already something.

You understand what I'm saying.

- You understood?
- No.

Well I understand myself!

- He's a desperate case, no?
- Yes, I fear so.

Tell me Mr. Albert, was it you or I who
heard talk of Joan of Arc near the sinks?

Joan of Arc this, Joan of Arc that,
I know many things!

Too many.

I'm no fool.

We're looking for a thief called Victor
M?nard...or Loiselle...or Martignac...

- Do you have his address?
- Me? Who do you take me for?

- And you?
- I wish to help, but don't know the man.

- And you?
- Me?!

But if we don't have the address,
how will we find him?

Now's a good time for a little trim?

- How much is a trim?
- Oh please.

- I'm listening.
- You still do message service?

Since I'm listening.

This is a bit off the cuff but...

- Are you sure they can't hear?
- Hold on.

How's fatso doing? Sit there,
it'll only be 107 more years.

Thank you very much, sir.

You see?

You know Victor?

That snob? He owes me his first
conviction. Wouldn't even say hello now.

Maybe he knows.

If he did, I'd start growing a beard.

- Victor stole a ring.
- Is that all?

Pearl and sapphire.
Go right ahead.

- The bounty will be yours.
- You got that right.

- He comes back at 7.
- 7? O.K. Works for me.

- Do jewel thieves get long sentences?
- You bet, he won't expect parole.

So we can sleep soundly.

I love peace and quiet.

20 francs for the trim.

- You said it was on you.
- Normally it's 40.

Oh. Then do you have change for
1000 francs? It's all I have.

- If that's all there is.
- You're a sly one.

Ho ho! You wont find these anywhere
around here, they come from China!

Thanks ma'am,
thanks from the Chinese too.

I also have hankies I brought over...
...on a bike...10 for small ones, large 15...

- I'll take a hankie.
- Good day madam.

- But I don't have change.
- Take it, credit is fine, I'm at your hotel.

Ah, you're the sailor? Then I'll take
a larger one, we can settle later.

Move closer ladies,
I have unique, sensational...

- What about the first race?
- You should bet on...

The first race is a sure thing!

- I've been calculating...
- I don't calculate.

To each their own. But you'll
be the one who gets the ring appraised.

- But that's dangerous.
- No, because it's natural.

"My boyfriend gave me a ring,
I want it appraised." Could I use that?

What's with you today?

You know I love you Giselle?

I do, yes. That's what is sad.

Yes I know you love me,
but also what you call love.

You're having your moods.

Go find out the price
and meet me here tomorrow.

- Victor I'm afraid!
- Of what for heaven's sake?

Something tells me it's over.

You're right it's over,
we sell it all and take off.

You can even drop the old guy.
See? I'm making a concession.

- That wasn't what I was thinking.
- Wrong. You must always be thinking.

- Sure it'll be O.K.?
- Yes.

- And that Fran?ois?
- Poor fool.

- You met him?
- He'd better not interfere...Waiter!

- So you have no change for 1000?
- My gift to you madam.

Well...that's worth a drink.

What time is it?
Soon 7 o'clock.

You are sturdy.


Good as gold.
That's so strange.

What's strange about it?

Some say you're police.

Me? Who says?

Just to look at you.

But who?

Your neighbor upstairs.

I don't like that one bit.

Me a policeman?

You should just tell him.
He comes in at 7.

Rest assured, I will tell him.

So it's you then.

Well I have a few things to say.

I don't like your rumors.

I have my own work.

- And fine work it is.
- Surely cleaner than yours!

Not that.

Nice weapon.

Do we stop this?

Let him tire out.

Hide sweetie.
I'll tell you later.

How much does
a palm plant cost?

Excuse me, that's ours.

Go right ahead.

- And thanks.
- My pleasure.

See how easy that was?
Give me the handcuffs.

- I told you to watch out.
- I understand now.

O.K. ma'am that's enough.
Get up, no funny stuff.

- Are you sure you're not hurt?
- I'd like a light.

Let's go.

All this will increase the charges.

Good evening folks.
Was the gentleman satisfied?

What more does he expect?

Oh Madam Rose...
If only you knew.

What about me? 4 broken panes
not to mention the palm plant.

My beau got scared and left.
He said he wouldn't return.

Ah? In that case you'd better
look for a room elsewhere.

This is a proper house,
I don't want single women.

May I?

Well then, I'm off.


Victor? He's not here.
Who is this?

Ah it's you. You were expecting him?
I think you can keep waiting.

- Yes...arrested.
- What do you mean arrested?!

By the police.

So now you get it?

Some people have hard heads.

- Say there...
- Madame?

Have you change
for 1000 francs?

Do like I told you, understand?

- Tell me you understand?
- Yes.

- Nice of you to come visit...
- It's the least I could do, Victor.

What did I tell you?

I'll go to granddad
and return the souvenir.

Be very kind with granddad.

I shall.

And then what?

It will work, granddad
does whatever I want.

- Then?
- Want me to bring you cakes?

Yes, plenty of cakes...
Then what? Fran?ois?

Yes, I'll find little cousin Fran?ois.

He was very kind to us, so we must
return the favor. Make his acquaintance.

- I already like him.
- He must like you, stay on him.

When I get out...
Do you think the weather is...

When I get out...I'll kill him.

- You frighten me.
- Good thing I do.

Oh. It's time.

No, I won't leave,
I'm fine right here.

Please miss, I beg you,
don't make trouble.

Oh Giselle, I didn't expect this.
What are you doing here?

Don't say anything L?on,
here are your pearls and sapphires.

My pearls and sapphires...
But where are you going?

Straight ahead to my repentance.

On foot?

It's your own fault!

Understand me if you will.

But Giselle, I'm willing to listen,
but please don't go so fast.

You want to hear it all?

Then here...
I decided to become a thief.

- Yes, a thief!
- Shhhhh. Not so loud.

I couldn't.
You are too good.

This is all very nice...

It's sad L?on, sad...

Because of you
I nearly turned out bad.

You'll see you're responsible.
Good bye.

Wait, Giselle..
Tell me, this Victor...

- Who?
- Victor M?nard..or Loiselle...or Martignac.

Are you not ashamed?

Sir, you don't remind a woman
the things she wants to forget.

- Anyhow he's in Africa.
- Really?

When he left me 3 years ago
that's where he said he was going.

- Then again he's such a liar...
- He's not there, he's in jail.

Jail? But if I understand...
You had him arrested?

- Yes.
- Oh, you did that.

You, a Count of the Pope?
Good bye.

Giselle, little Giselle...

If I made a mistake,
I'm ready to...

A mistake? You have the ring but
still go to Africa to arrest the innocent?

But I'll have him released!

You're worse than he is. At least
he never hid his wickedness. I'm going!

Oh Giselle, it's as if he was free, now...

Don't go.

I hope, and want to believe you.
But do you understand what you did?

I'm sorry, Giselle.

Good...then go back and sit down.
Don't eat too much, L?on.

Giselle, when will I see you again?

You want to?

- Tuesday then.
- Which one?

- It doesn't matter now...
- Next Tuesday?

Next Tuesday then.
But think L?on...about your injustice.

He can't get away with this.
There's a score to settle.

You're out of control.

Bridled or unbridled
I have my part to play.

And this is it:

The scene takes place
in a hotel room.

The traitor lives next door.

The latch is on this side,
and it works.

I can only take your side,
Victor is my friend.

Oh, if I were in your place...
Here, I'll tell you the trick...

But the latch must stay open...

Middle of the night,
you have an accident.

I'll show you the accident.

What do you think?

So naturally, you call for help.

- You're a pretty girl...
- That's my job.

So then you know the technique.
Come on, help me put this back.


When heaven listens...
My life is pleasant...

To each his own sorrows...

To each his own life...
When the cup is full...


Good morning Giselle,
did you sleep well?

- I didn't have much time.
- Want me to go?

There, I knew something
would happen, but not this.

But it's weird
you're not police.

They told you that too?

Yes, but it's stupid.

So why did you
come to this hotel?

Now I think
it was to find you.

- Fran?ois I want you to understand...
- I'm no dumber than others...

- You're much're honest.
- Not you?

- No.
- Bah. That'll come.

What are you thinking?

Ah, there, you're having doubts...

Knowing the future,
what could be worse?

But then, tell me.

If I were honest,
I'd leave right now.

- You wont leave?
- Yes.

I don't understand.

I hope you never do.

Ah, another complication.

- Giselle, tell me what you must.
- Not now, when it's done.

Now go, I'm getting dressed.

Giselle, I can't wait.
I never knew how to wait.

Well I never knew how to
admit things. We must learn.

See you tonight.

Latest news,
hot off the presses!

So Simone,
still hard at work?

Unfortunately yes, unlike you
I don't think of anything else.

I'll finish my rooms, then wax
the hallway, since I have time today.

- What about our stroll?
- What stroll?

To the Zoo,
you forgot already?

- I'm trying.
- Why?

You have company now.

Oh, what does that have to do
with the Zoo? Simone, what's wrong?

I made a date with the giraffe,
she'll be angry if you don't show up.

You can try to make me laugh, but...

Yes I will, and you sorely need it. I wait?

- You're nice to.
- Hurry up.

Look how she stands,
like she's wearing a crown.

You know how they make them?
They tie them by the neck when young.

So soft, does she speak?

Their voices are too high,
we can't hear them.

I fear I'm too much like a giraffe.

- But I wasn't tied by the neck.
- Maybe by the hamstrings?

Anyway, I was tied.

And I don't speak either.

Come on Simone,
are you so unhappy?

- I'm trying my best.
- That makes it worse.

When I think of you,
with that woman...

- What did she do to you?
- I despise her!

- Why?
- You think me jealous?

You? No, still...
What do you have against Giselle?

You need some information,
is that why you asked me out?

- Let's go back.
- Tell me what you know!

- Don't you want to help me?
- Oh, yes!

- I must make you leave.
- Leave?

Yes, you must. Don't think
I enjoy having to tell you.

So tell me what you know.

No. See for yourself, here, come.

You saw?


I never asked him
where he put the money.

- That's very good.
- I don't even know where it is.

- Don't worry, it's safe.
- Let him keep it.

I did what I had to,
I returned the ring.

- What?
- Yes. Tomorrow he'll be freed.

- What do you know about it?
- I just got back from there.

Though I think I'll be gone
by then, with that boy.

What a dirty trick.

Couldn't you just leave him inside?


Think I'll enjoy seeing him
again in these circumstances?

But aren't you his friend?

I said "these circumstances".
To tell him how well you turned out.

But it seems that's how it is.

What a blunder to return the ring.
Couldn't you leave it with me?

To avoid any temptation?

There it is. Good bye.

Good bye.

And they say
there's a morality crisis.


Come in.

- Know where Fran?ois is?
- No.

What can he be doing?

Fran?ois won't return.

- Why say that?
- Because I know.

He'll never return because of me.

Simone, what did you do?
What did you tell him?


But he saw and he understood.

- What?
- What you are.

What I am?
You know about what I am?

A dishonest girl who
came to ruin Fran?ois.

That's all you see? You little fool.
What do you know what's between us?

What could you possibly know?
You pretentious little...

No need to scream,
Fran?ois won't come rescue you.

Why do you hurt people like this?

- For his own good.
- How's that your business?

His own good...what then do you
know little Maid of Orleans?

Look at that,
she's angry, jealous, bitter...

Easy to see why nobody wants her.

Doesn't change that he wont be back.

Believe what you want. I won't.

Fran?ois will come back.
You see everything wrong.

Words aren't enough to keep men away.
And I give him something else.

See there.

Go away, you're not wanted.

You'll never be wanted.

- Fran?ois?
- Go away.

- Armand.
- Madam?

Do you remember
your d?partements?

My d?partements?

prefectures, those things.

Oh, no Madam Rose,
I have enough work already!

O.K. then, go to bed!
Hard to find good help.

Ille-et-Vilaine, prefectures...

It's me!

Not sleeping?

Me neither.
Ah, there are times in this life...

Say, you remember
your d?partements?

Ille-et-Vilaine and its prefectures?

Redon, Foug?res, St. Malo.

Foug?res, that's it!

This is good dear,
what's to complain about?

Good thing your
mother is there for you.

Foug?res, there, I was thinking
there was perfume called that.

Geraniums, white carnations...

Imagine a town
called White Carnation!

Good night,
now you can sleep.

- As soon as you tell me it's over.
- That's the problem.

- Afraid of yourself?
- I'm afraid of him.

Don't worry yourself.

There aren't any
other ring situations?

You don't understand!

Tomorrow he gets out, and he'll look for
you, since he thinks you ratted him out.

Let him come! I've already
made him lose his revolver.

- I don't want you to meet him.
- Why?

Because he swore to kill you.

- Well he won't.
- How do you know?

I know. I know just like
I know the weather's fine.

It's nice out?

You see? You don't
even know what it's like outside.

That's why I want to
get you out of here.

I'll fix this like a hotel bill...
before we leave.

Yes, you'll see that it's nice outside!

Oh Fran?ois, you're an innocent.
I'm the one responsible.

I love you too much to be selfish.

Listen carefully to me:

I love you...too much...
to be selfish.

You don't cut them in half?

Think they can't tell?
I only put one, but a real one.

- Is your mother not here?
- She's out.

Already? Then I'll
have to speak with you.

I'm out. I'm leaving.

I don't expect you to figure out why,
but I'd ask you to tell Fran?ois that I left.

Only one thing I can do: Keep Victor.
So I'm off to find him.

You're leaving Fran?ois?

Yes. Since you wouldn't understand...

Sure I do. Even the
innocent maid understands that.

I'll tell him...

As gently as possible.

Thank you.

Open up, it's me!

Let me in.

What is it?

Victor will be out this morning.

There, all that trouble...

- He mustn't get out.
- Why?

- None of your business.
- Then let him get out.

- You'll stop him.
- Why, they just let them out again.

Because if he gets out,
he'll find me, and I'll tell everything.

Understand? I won't fall alone.

You like being alive?

What can I do?

- Foug?res.
- Foug?res? Copy of a perfume?


Remember when they
blackmailed a notary in Foug?res?

They didn't find him. Why? Because
he had an accomplice who killed him.

That was Victor.
Yes, so get going.

The body is at the
crossroads north of Foug?res...

The bullet is from
a gun belonging to Victor...

And the revolver
is in the hands of police.

Oh! Let's go!

Here comes one already.

He's alone, poor fellow.

Sign here.

M?nard. 643.

Coming through.

Recognize your personal effects?

There he is.

How are you?

One moment.


Yes, I'm at the gate.

M?nard Victor? 643. That's right.

Yes. He's out Mr. Director.

About 20 minutes ago.

- I really need to talk to you, Victor.
- Sure, later.

- But it's important.
- Nothing is except freedom...

And freedom is
coffee and 2 croissants.

Oh my my...

What's wrong?
Is your Prince Charming waiting?

I have to see him
as soon as possible.

Not too bright.
I thought you were more refined.


Oh my Fran?ois.
There's no more danger.

Sorry to bother you, Fran?ois, but
Giselle left this morning and left word...

She's gone and won't be back.

I know that song.

- Giselle?
- Yes, just a minute!

See how she's gone?

You'll have to change that record.

- Order mineral water?
- Yes.

Well double it.
They go through it...

Simone, I've thought
a long time about this...

- Listening?
- Yes.

Doesn't seem so.

Yes, I thought this all out...

I didn't do all I wanted in life,
but now, I can tell you...

I have some savings.

So I'm giving it all up, the lace,
the Belgian tobacco, all the scams.

I'm above all that now.
I want the straight and narrow.

- What do you say to that?
- That would be very good of you.

So I'll sell out, and we can
set up in the countryside.

- The countryside?
- Yes.

Worst case, there's still the bus...
No...well, we'll see.

- Evening.
- Evening. Your bill is ready.

Thank you.

You know why I'm doing this?

On one hand, it's safer,
but also I'm doing it for you.

I've always fought to raise you
properly here, but I'm tired of it.

Stubborn just like your mother.
There's no doubt you're my daughter.

So, naturally,
we have some affection.

I'll take you somewhere you don't
stick out. I'll be the one who does.

- It's your turn now.
- Oh Mommy, if you knew me better...

Ah Simone!
You don't have the mom you wanted...

But I'll try harder.

Mom, I'd like so much to get along.

Well...let's try. Eh?

Enough for tonight.
Here, go out to the movies.

- Take a 10 franc seat.
- Thanks Mom.

- And thanks for tonight.
- Go on, hurry.

I'll play a game of piquet
with Armand tonight.

Oh Mom, you know
he's no player.

Of course! With the tips he makes,
I can't leave him all that money.



- Bored of being all alone?
- No.

Hurry, we'll miss
the latest releases!

You won't believe it,
Mom is like a new person...

- What's wrong? Did she hit her head?
- Paulette.

Got a light?


To each his sadness...
To each his own life...

When heaven listens...
My life is pleasant...

To each his own sadness...
To each his own life...

When the cup is full...
My road is finished...

What do you have to say?

I'm happy to see you Mr. Victor!

Yeah, looks like it.

We'll settle up now.

We do have scores to settle?

It's not like that Mr. Victor.
It's not me.

So you knew.
That's what I thought.

- How would you like it?
- No, nothing.

Say, you have
dangerous things here.

Are customers afraid when
you come at them like this?

- Who told you?
- Madam Rose.

I wanted to be certain.

Leave me Mr. Victor,
I have only friendship for you.

Yes, we're very friendly.

And I could tell you
many more things...

- About me?
- About everyone.

- That's what you do?
- Yes, so don't hold that against me.

Oh but I don't...

Eh, just what I was looking for.

It doesn't work!
It doesn't work!

- Are you sure?
- Careful, it has a hair trigger!

Don't worry, here, I'll tell you...

- This revolver seems to work fine...
- Victor...

It aims very well...

I'm aiming at your heart...
It seems perfect...

Do you know your prayers?

I don't have one...

Good evening.

Good evening, Mom.

Movie any good?

People fighting, people killing,
as if they did it all the time.

I prefer society films,
they're more educational.

- Good night.
- You're kissing me now?

I really love you.

It's about time.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Sleep well.
- Yes.

- Didn't expect to see you.
- This is how you greet me?

For safety. You never know...

- Do I come in?
- Of course.

Have a seat.

It's good to be back here.

Me too, I'm happy to see you.

Well, old girl,
I'm back from afar. Look.

If it held, I was
good for the guillotine.

I worried when
I heard you got arrested.

Who told you?

the famous Fran?ois. A real dirtbag.

- So he knew about the notary?
- Must be.

Wouldn't guess just by looking at him.
But, Giselle has him in her grips.

It's real love.

She's a great girl.

For that, yes.

On my end, I was
wondering how to help.

In these situations,
we must make decisions.

- I opened your briefcase.
- Yes, that was a good idea.

I'm glad.
You see, I had scruples.

So tomorrow morning, I would
have found you a lawyer.

No point now, but thanks
for the good intentions.

You know you can
count on me.

Now I think I should go.

That's a good idea,
they'll probably come straight here.

Go hide. And warn me before coming
back, so I can make preparations.

That makes good sense.
What about the money?

I think I'll leave it with you.

As long as you trust me.

I showed you I did.

- You didn't go wrong?
- No, thank you.

Say, you always walk
around with your gun?

Oh no, it's for nighttime.

It's near me when I sleep.

- Under your pillow?
- No, in the drawer.

- Farewell.
- Farewell.

What a dirty hypocrite!
Letting me chat away...

Then stop chatting.

What do you want, your money?
It's there.

That's not all that matters.

You ratted me once, and when I got
out you ratted me a second time.

My fault sure...
But who cares, now you're free.

Haha, so free yes.
Too bad for you.

Don't make trouble,
and keep the theories to yourself.

You came to kill me?


- Bit of a maniac?
- Yes.

You should get help.
Mania's not healthy.

I settle my accounts.

The things people say.
Accounts? You?

Why not justice? It's excuses now,
was it scores when you killed Raymond?

Tell the truth. You came
to kill me because you enjoy killing.

- You're itching for it.
- I'm listening. I like this.

You're shaking.
And they call this a tough guy.

A nutcase more like.

Do you realize that
I came to kill you?

That's what you're waiting for?

You're the chicken.
You're shaking, look!

And you want me to be afraid?

Hardhead, I'll take your picture.

Yes, I see the picture.
I'm a dishonest woman.

But I see another picture.

Another woman, quite sane,
so she can do her accounting.

Unlike you.

You don't even have feelings.

I wouldn't show them to you.

Go ahead, shoot.
Go on, shoot me!

I thought you had a daughter? want me to suffer?
You won't even get that.

My girl will know I loved her,
and that's because of you.

She thought I had changed just now,
she even came to kiss me.

That will be her memory.
Because of you she'll mourn me.

I couldn't ask for more.
So what are you waiting for?


You're scared.
Scared of yourself, poor crazy fool!

Ha! He's afraid of himself!

You won't fret for a gunshot will you?
This isn't the countryside!

- Listen!
- I forbid you, get back in here.

The handle is stuck!

Taxi, get a taxi!

Sure, right over there.


- No! No!
- Be quiet, will you?

He didn't do anything.

He punched me out.

I'll do it again.

- Victor you made a mistake.
- I know.

- Sorry, I thought you were police.
- I'm not police!

I know. You were right
to be angry, and I forgive you.

Now come Giselle,
time is short.

- No!
- No.

- What is it?
- Giselle is mine.

But that's over now,
tell him Giselle.

No it's not over.

I repeat to you, Giselle is mine.

- Is this true Giselle?
- It's true.

In that case,
at the point I'm at...

What are you waiting for?

Doesn't it end happily?
Save your great happiness!

Your famous happiness, what more
do you want? I killed him!

I killed...I killed as well...

You around the back, you to the right,
through the yard, you come with me.

Careful, move along the walls.

Police! Open up!

- This is fine.
- It's secured.

Don't take any risks.

Are you coming?

I'm staying.

Won't you stop
worrying about police?

Since I'm here, and always will be?
If you want.

See? It was too late anyway.

The attic window, I was
going through the tanner's.

Nobody leaves!

Move closer. There's no danger.
He's a goner.

It's me! I did it!
Why aren't you arresting me?!

Calm down miss.

Here, drink something.

Who would have thought?
Such a wallflower...

Clearly a justified killing.

You have nothing to feel sorry for, miss.
We should congratulate you.

Without you, he would
have gotten away again.

This is the last bottle,
so I ordered 12 more.

This is for social security.

Well then, by law, that's 144 francs
for you and 144 francs for me.

But Madame Rose always
paid my social security.

She doesn't run the hotel now.
And I don't take your tips playing piquet.

I used to enjoy a game of piquet.


Subtitiles: eunoia
(KG - FreakyFlicks)