Back Street (1932) - full transcript

A woman's love for and devotion to a married man results in her being relegated to the "back streets" of his life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

CINCINNATI. In the good old days, before the 18th amendment.

The door opens and there she is.

I know I deserve it, Ray.

For you, Ray.

You sound great!

You are wonderful!

You throw the rope to everyone...

Yes, and the first one who catches it will soon be hanged!

Come on Ray.

We had a lot of fun. But we can do better.

What do you say?


You are great. Let's do something.

I know a small hotel on this street...

Let's damage

- Ol�, Ray. - Ol�!

- How are you? - Very good.

- Why are you here? - I came just to see you.

Who is?

Ray Schmidt, the happiest girl in town.

So it seems.

What do you say?

I keep saying not since before I met him,

and that's been five years.

You think you're very smart, don't you?

With travelers, I need to be.

When I see them, a kilometer away.

Very well, listen to this.

Ray, what happens? I was just kidding!

So was I. Let's stop kidding.

- But, Mom... - I already said no!

Don't go out alone at night with a man.

And going to �Beira Rio� is not a good place for decent girls.

But Ray, you let her go.

Ray Schmidt is not my daughter, but my stepdaughter.

In this way, I have no authority over her.

These are very serious words.

Well, it's the truth.

If Ray Schmidt were my daughter

I wouldn't walk around at night, spinning like a top.

Why not?

He works a lot in the store, and at night...

the evening would be better at home with his family,

and not walking around, going out with some and with others.

But today's girls don't like to stay at home.

The youth of this generation are lost!

It is always said that the young people of this generation are lost.

But in the end, they always manage to save themselves.

- Hello everyone. - Hi, Kurt.

A Ray est�?

It still hasn't come back. Went to "Beira Rio".

- Are you still engaged in this madness? - What is madness?

My dear Kurt, I thought you were a smart boy.


Why, within five years there won't be a trace of them left.

Do you believe?

There's a gentleman in Detroit who makes them by the dozen.

- What's his name? - Henry Ford.

I have no idea who it is...

- Well, he's already won almost half a million dollars. - Half a million?

It's the funniest thing I've ever heard!

Believe me, I would buy a dealership from him,

Even if I had to sell my store.

Keep your store and invest in horses.


They are dirty, smelly pans!

If so, horses don't smell like violets either!

Now, Kurt Shendler, don't be obscene!

- Good night, Bob. - Goodnight.

- There's Ray now. - Good night, daddy.

- Hi, honey. - Good night, Kurt.

- Did you go to "Beira Rio"? - Yes, I didn't stop dancing.

You must be tired.

Ray, I was waiting for you.

- Yea? For what? - I wanted to ask you...

Would you mind coming to the store tomorrow

and help me with my books?

Of course not, I will gladly.

- It's a mess. - Like always.

I read that a girl from Indiana

went to a bike shop,

and found her dead two weeks later

with his head in a burlap sack.


You guys, I don't know, but I'm going to bed.

Come on Frida.

Mom, why do I have to go to bed so early?

They say it may be that a boy gets married when...

Go to your room! You are incorrigible!

It will be better if I go to sleep.

There's nothing like restful sleep to feel like new.

- Goodnight. - Goodnight.

- Goodnight. - Ray, will we see you tomorrow?

- Of course yes. - Goodnight.

Good night.

Simp�tico, n�o?

- Just like you. - Me, like a handsome boy?

For sure.

Not anymore, dear. Start going downhill...

Oh, daddy! Don't say that!

You are the youngest and most handsome boy I know.

Ray, it doesn't seem bad that you dream of someone better than Kurt.

But maybe life can bring you something worse.

Kurt is a good guy.

Maybe you'll never be surprised,

but, it's the best for you.

Most marriages end up giving many surprises.

Hey, Ray, come over here! I want to show you something!

- What did you think? - How wonderful!

- It does 20 km per hour. - But what a beauty!

I'll finish it when I get some pieces tomorrow.

- Will you accompany me to pick them up? - When I'm done with the books.

It's a delight of you helping me on Sundays with the books.

I don't even want to think about how they're going to be, do I?

- What happened? - I turned it off.


Do you trust me?

Of course yes. You will be an important man.

Am I right.

I'm glad to hear you say that, because...

Ray, do you want to marry me?

Well I...

I don't think it's that funny, I...

I'm not laughing at you, Kurt. I only thought of one thing.

You are the first man who asks me to marry him.

I'm the only one I'm worth.

Many have value.

But they think they can have me without marrying me.

What do they think?

Just because you are happy...

Let them dare, and come see me!


It's not like that, right?

- What? - What can you have without...

I already knew!

Daddy's gone up.

Ray, you didn't answer my question.

- What question? - Do you want to marry me?

- Kurt, voc� � not�vel. - Por�m...

Because of me, he doesn't love me...

Not quite like that.

It would be horrible to get married-I get

and one day discover that I would have love for another.

You know me very well. With me, it's all or nothing.

God protect the man I fall in love with.

Well, until I find him, I won't accept any other.

I will keep insisting.

It seems reasonable.

- Ol�, Ray! - Ol�!

- How are you? - Very good.

- Do you know Kurt Shendler? - Hello.

Do you mind waiting? I'm going to the dealership.

- Sure, Kurt. - See you later.

- Well, are you taking this train? - Yeah, unlucky.

I haven't seen her, I'm always traveling.

And whose fault is it?

This is no way to treat me.

I learn to love you, and then you leave me abandoned.

Don't start, don't start, don't start!

Ray, I'm taking the train to Detroit. Come with me?

I would, but I can't.

- Why? - I forgot my toothbrush.

Always with jokes! It baffles me.

I believe she is a joker.

But next time you come, don't escape me so easily.

We will see.

- Hey, Walter. - Bakeless, how are you?

- Why are you here? - The usual. Coming and going.

- How's the bank doing? - Well.

- And the weavings? - Excellent.

- Goodbye, Ray. - Goodbye.

Oh Walter.

May I introduce you to a friend, Ray Schmidt.

How are you?

- What do you think about? - Do you want me to?

I guess I'll say, sooner or later.

I thought it's the most perfect day you've ever seen.

You are mistaken.

It is hot and threatening rain since the morning.

You are mistaken. The sky is clear and the air is intoxicating.

God in heaven and you on earth!

I will blush.

And it is, and it suits him very well.

Let's go?

- I didn't hear your name. - It matters?

No, especially.

Can I take it off?

I have transport, thank you.

It seems to have it all.

Your transport.

I'm in no hurry.

When will we see each other again?


11th Street, corner with Adams.

- I have a meeting. - Cancel it.

- Hello. - How is it going?

He doesn't seem surprised to see me.

- I'm not. - It looks like it!

You are very sure of yourself.

It's just like that.

However, if I desire something intensely, it ends up coming true.

- Shall we go for a walk? - It's fine.

- What's your name? - Ray.

- I'm glad of that. - Are you happy? why?

Names must be appropriate for people.

Ray: ray of sunshine, ray of joy...

ray of my heart!

Tell me, what do you do?

I work at my father's grocery store.

How did you meet the person who introduced us?


He is a simple commerce traveller.

- Now it's up to you. - I'll take a deep breath...

You can talk.

- What is your name? - Walter Saxel.

Also a nice name. where do you live?

In Hamilton, I came to see the Towers.

- Do you know them? - Know Corinne Tower.

Blonde, with blue eyes.

How do you know her?

I've known her for a long time. We are committed.

How lucky for me!

When I meet a nice man, he's always committed!

Does this concern me?

It's raining...

I was absolutely right. Let's get in there.

- Hi, Walter. - How is it going?

Nice to see you.

- When did you arrive? - This morning.

- And your mother? - It's fine. It arrives tomorrow.

- And Corinne? - All right, thanks.

You will be nervous about the wedding.

- � within a week. - Yes that's right.

Were you expecting Corinne?

In fact, I was just waiting for a ride.

- Nice to see you. - See you soon.

- Greetings to Corinne. - I'll give them, good night.

- What are you doing, hide and seek? - Oh, it's you!

I was putting on a disguise for some friends.

- Who? - You don't know them.

- Were you waiting too long? - Do you think it was too much?

- I arrived late? - A half hour.

I am really sorry.

- Coachman! - Yes sir.

- Where will we go? - Wherever you want.

- How about "Beira Rio"? - Very good.

On the �Beira Rio�.

- What do you think about? - Shouldn't have come.

Are you sorry?


Why don't you say what you're thinking?

Are you getting married here or in Hamilton?

Let's not talk about it today.

I feel.

Don't misunderstand me.

Corinne is wonderful. We grew up together.

We've been engaged for two years. My mother really wants this wedding.

Walter, I don't think we should see each other anymore.

In fact, seeing us is crazy.

Voc� � ador�vel!

When I have you in my arms, nothing else matters.

It's like a temptation.

I feel like giving up everything!

Let's go.

I've never met anyone like you.

Why didn't I meet her years ago, before...?

If you only knew my mother!...

Look, my mother will arrive tomorrow.

I have tickets for me and her at the park.

You would show up casually, as if you didn't know anything.

- He understood? - Yes, Walter.

We'll be near the band's bandstand at three o'clock.

We will be seated in front of the bandstand.

You will come, isn't it true?

Yes, Walter. I will be there.

- What a crowd! - Yes, Mom.

Let's sit here.

Man, he's gonna love me. Crown, he will not love me.

Hi, are you back from church?

Ray, I have to talk to you!

Let's talk later. I'm in a big hurry.

Why did you close the door?

- Ray, I have to talk now! - About what?

Hugo will leave town.

- Do you care? - We have to stop him!

He has to stay and...

- Frida! - N�o, Ray!

If mom knows!...

Ray, you have to do something!

All right, I'll talk to him tonight.

It will be too late! I met him on my way back.

and he will travel this afternoon on the 3:20 o'clock train!

Oh, Ray...

But Frida, I have a very important appointment!

One more commitment! It can't be that important...

Listen, Frida.

Nothing in this world is so important

like today I'm in the park at 3 o'clock!

Pray for me!

Wish me luck!

Open the door.

If you don't come with me, I swear I'll kill myself!

- Frida. - I can't go on living!...

- I'm going to kill myself! - Frida!


Ray, don't abandon me!

I don't have anyone but you!

I'm so alone.

No, I will not abandon.

You can count on Ray.

We will. We will.

Let's see him now.

Here, dry the tears. Otherwise, your mother will notice.



Don't pass by without talking to me!

Walter Saxel!

Myself, in the flesh, Ms. Schmidt.

- The usual Walter! - Nothing has changed in five years?

It's been 5 years since you planted me in the park.

- I didn't leave it planted. - Of course yes.

- No! - Of course yes.

- I didn't! - Of course you did.

I didn't...

Excuse me!

We obstruct traffic.

Let's see, where were we? Ah yes.

On the bandstand. I was there, and you weren't.

I arrived a little late.

We stayed until the concert was over.

I arrived when people were already disbanding.

- I was furious. - I saw it on your ticket.

- Very hard? - Shivering!

- I feel. - I swore not to forgive.

So, forgive me.

- Yeah. - Same old Ray Schmidt!

Same, always good, younger than ever.

And it's still as elegant as ever.


What are you doing?

Many things, I will be a partner in my firm.

This is wonderful!

And I am the father of a couple of children.

- How great! - And you, what have you been doing?

Although I didn't become a partner,

I am the highest paid woman in my company!

That's great.

If we don't get out of here, we'll be buried by snow.

Dine with me.

- I have an appointment. - Cancel it.

I'll call my wife and be right back.

- We'll have dinner just the two of us, what do you say? - It's fine.

shall we?

- You're still wonderful. - Thanks.

Do you know many people in New York?


Is there anyone in particular?


75 cents.


I'm sorry I can't invite you in.

Neither gentlemen nor dogs are allowed.

I understand.

My landlady has antisocial instincts.

Well, I suppose we said goodbye here.

It was wonderful to see you again.

True? I'm not so sure.

It would have been better if we hadn't seen each other.

But Walter!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

Forgive me.

Your memory has haunted me day and night.

I tried to forget about it.

And now, you come back to torture me.

Walter, darling!

What can I say? What can I do?

Ray, I still matter to you, don't I?

You know so.

When will I see you again?

- When you want. - I'll call her.

I'll be gone for two days. I'll call you on Saturday.

My number is Liberty 3270.

- Remember the number? - I never forgot it.

- Goodbye dear. - Goodbye, Walter.

Wrap your neck tightly, don't get cold.

Take care. Goodbye.

Calm down, I've changed.

How are you?

- I arrived late? - No, honey. Shall we go in?

It's for you, Ray.

For me?...

We could no longer continue to meet on street corners.

You don't care, don't you?

No, Walter, I don't care.

There Could you please call my number?

My phone doesn't seem to work. Thanks.

Al? Yes, it works fine. Thank you.

After dinner, nothing like my pipe.

Also, I'd like to talk to you.


An excellent dinner. Corinne is perfect.

- And the house is precious. - Thanks to you.

- Like? - You paid for everything.

Corinne has always been my favorite niece.

And best of all, she won!

And that reminds me of something.

You travel to Europe the day after tomorrow.

Tio F�lix!

The negotiations in Dalmatia.

- But, would you... - I've changed my mind.

We need a younger representative.

I'm counting on you, Walter.

It's wonderful! A great opportunity!

A trip will do me good.

I suggest you take Corinne.

But, Uncle Felix...

- Ol�. - Walter!

- Are you happy to see me? - Sure! I didn't expect it.

I shouldn't be here, but I managed to escape.

Have to see it.

- I'm glad. - Missed me?

You don't know how much! It's terrible!

- Only three days have passed... - Only three days!

It doesn't mean much to you, because you're always busy.

Why, with me? I spend time hanging on the phone,

or listening for your key in the door, always waiting, waiting...

- Oh, Walter, it's been terrible! - I'm really sorry.

J does not matter.

Come on, tell me!

- What? - The big news!

But I didn't say anything!...

It hasn't shown anything else since you entered.

Don't ever lie to me, honey.

You already told me everything, even without speaking.

His way of entering, of crossing the apartment...

And that excited boy look! I'm excited too. What is it?

It's exciting. Remember the negotiations in Dalmatia?


Well, Uncle Felix decided not to go and he's going to send it to me!

- A trip? - We leave the day after tomorrow!

After tomorrow? � Europe?

- I can't believe it! - What?

Europe! I didn't even dare dream about it!

Just to go there, it would be wonderful!

It will be my first trip with you!... Oh, Walter!

Ray... I'm afraid I didn't explain myself properly.

I cannot ask you to accompany me.

Don't think I don't want to. I'm sad, as much as you.

But Uncle Flix... He intimidates me.

He's like a sphinx, you never know what he's thinking.

He talks a lot about appearances and said I should take Corinne.

There is no one who understands him! Very unpleasant!

� horr�vel. Between.

My husband told the landlord today that if we don't lower the rent, we will move.

Of all the houses I've seen,


the most harmed is yours.

You moved, without even charging for the renovation of the apartment.

It lacks a lot of ventilation and light, right?

It's a pity.

- Why don't you move? - I can't at the moment.

Of course, until your husband comes back.

Stay out longer, right?

- Yes. - Will you come back soon?

Well, your job is unpredictable. It's hard to say.

Yes, I understand. What is a tree?

No, it's a flower, I see. It's wonderful!

Why, I almost forgot why I came!

- Could you lend me two lemons? - Yes of course.

My husband is due to arrive and he loves lemonade.

And today I don't have... Oh, honey, is this your husband?

Just because.

Wow, how beautiful! He's dark!

- Here are the lemons. - Thank you.

- Tomorrow, I'll replace them. - There's no rush.

Let's see when they run out! This floor is worse than mine.

I arrived in Paris well. I wanted you to be with me.

I have to stay longer. I miss you so much.

- Relief! - What is that?

Relief! Relief!

- What's going on? - An accident!

- The oven exploded! - My eyes!

- Call the fire department! - A doctor, hurry!

Why don't you let me call your husband?

- No, don't call him! - All right, I won't call him.

- I'm abusing your kindness a lot. - Don't worry.

You are being very kind.

- Who are you? What is your name? - Ray Schmidt, your neighbor.

What did the doctor say? Will I be disfigured?

No. Of course not.

I don't know what Jim will say.

- Let me call you. - No, you shouldn't!

I forbid you to call him!

- But in a case like this... - You didn't understand...

He... He's not really my husband.

He's married!


- Ray Schmidt! - Mas, Kurt, Kurt Shendler!

I knew this was her home, but I didn't expect to find her at the door.

- How beautiful you are! - Wait for me to recover from the scare!

- Where is it coming from? - From Detroit.

I would never have recognized you! How well you are!

I was glad! What are you doing?

- Don't you know? - Knowing what?

So you don't know the Kurt Sussexes?

- Of course, everyone knows them. - Well, I'm that Kurt!

- You? - Definitely yes!

Kurt, I can't believe it!

- And what are you doing here? - Business trip.

It's my first trip to New York, and I want to see the city.

And that you be my guide, okay?

You can count on me.

Let's go somewhere that is less hot.

This is a wonder!

- For me, it's a party. - What do you want to eat?

Sabe, Wolf?

He didn't explain it to me. Why is it different?

Remember when I had messy hair?

Now they are well trimmed and combed.

And I also changed my glasses, and I tend to wear suits instead of overalls.

But other than that, I'm still the same as always.

How did you find me?

I wrote to Frida and she gave me the coordinates.

- Yes, she knew. Now I'm on vacation. - That's very convenient.

Because I have a huge list of places I want to go.

- Francine. - Sim?

- Ol�! - Ol�!

- What are you doing? - Nothing.

- Come on in. - It's fine.

Al�? Ol�, Kurt.

No, nothing.

Yes I would. Just a moment. In between!

Now yes.

Sim, Kurt.


Very good.

at seven o'clock?

Yes, I will be ready. Goodbye.

Are you going out today?

He was with the Detroit team. You should hear how Kurt was screaming!

- He is a genius person. - Yes, Kurt.

Are you crying again?

Ray, I'm going to go crazy if I don't hear from Jim.

Oh Francine, better stop crying. He doesn't deserve it.

Mere�o for some?

I know it's very difficult now, but...

But that's better.

Now you are free to do what you want.

But, Ray, I still want him!

It's him? Are you sure you want it too?

Before, he really wanted me. And I just asked you that.

I would do anything for him.

I just wanted your love.

That was all you had. But not the only one you will have.

Give time to time.


What can a man like him do for you?

Can it be seen in your company, or introduce you to your friends?

No, you can't.

He can only hide it in an alley where you are waiting for him.

And hidden phone calls, and postcards received without signatures.

Oh, if only I could hate him! If only I could stop loving him!

Oh well... Francine, listen to me. Leave him, before it's too late.

Find a good guy, get married, have kids. Only then will you be happy.

I know what I'm talking about.

There is not one woman in a million who has found happiness

in a hidden alley.

Ol�, Ray.


Oh dear!

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, Francine.

Francine, this is...

- � Walter! - Nice to meet you, Mr. Schmidt.

- Great pleasure. - I've heard a lot about you.

- Well, I'm going. - See you soon.

- Goodnight. - I'll stop by your house.

Oh, Walter!

Oh my darling!

When did you arrive?

I didn't know that a ship would arrive today.

- When did you arrive? - Day before yesterday.

Day before yesterday?

Walter, you've been in New York for two days!

I've been very busy... You can't imagine.

I know, Walter. But couldn't you have called me?

I wish I had called, several times, but I couldn't.

- Forgive me, please. - Of course yes.

How is the summer? You look tired.

I'll be better when I cool off. The heat has been appalling.

Uncle F�lix wrote me that it has been the worst in these 30 years.

On the other hand, in Europe I had to wear coats.

And in Su��a!

Su��a? I didn't know you went to Switzerland!

Did I not write to you?

Honey, I've only received three postcards from you all summer.

Mas, Ray...

I think I wrote you more letters. They must have been lost...

� poss�vel.

Anyway, when I finished the negotiations, I thought:

Why not get to know Europe better?

I spent four weeks getting to know France, Switzerland, Italy...

It was wonderful!

And when you left, you said you couldn't see the time to go back.

Four weeks!

Well, it was my first trip to Europe, isn't it?

You just told me how hot it was.

There wasn't much more to tell. You already know how I pass the time.

Playing solitary games, mending some dress,

going shopping at the market...

- I even started painting porcelain. - Porcelain?

So I would have something to do. I even sold some pieces!

why? I don't like you doing these things...

There's no real reason, Walter.

However, sometimes it is interesting to have some money in your pocket.


I forgot to leave you money for those four weeks!

I will solve it tomorrow. Hope you didn't have any problems.

Absolutely, honey. I dressed up very well.

- I feel, I... - I don't want you to feel, Walter.

I didn't seek your compassion.

I don't feel worthy of compassion.

I would spend a summer like this again if I had to.

However, there is something we must resolve.

There have been terrible moments.

I left my job to be free with you.

Very good. What I have?

Being alone, waiting for the phone to ring,

wait for you to come, despair me when you don't show up...

I can't meet your friends, or make friends of my own.

You don't appreciate the emptiness that is in my life!

Empty, honey? When do you have me?

This is precisely the problem. I don't always have it.

This summer I didn't have it.

And it will get busier and busier. Do more traveling without Ray.

I can't go on like this, waiting, dreaming, with empty hands.

Walter... Give me a son!

Ray! Are you going crazy?

I don't understand how I could suggest that!

Did you think about the consequences?

No, of course.

They would be terrible, at least for me!

Think of the scandal. It would ruin my future!

� impens�vel!

And above all, Ray, you are not my wife!


I am really sorry. I didn't mean to say that!

Don't worry.

You're tired. Today, it wasn't you,

or I wouldn't have suggested such a thing.

Yes, you are right. I'm tired.

Ray... I have to go.

You know.

I'm sorry, honey.

Forgive me.

Tomorrow everything will be different.

Sure, Walter.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Goodnight My Dear. - Good night, Walter.


Sorry to have arrived late.

However, as I was leaving the hotel, I received an urgent phone call.

Ray, I have to go back.

A Detroit?

- Tonight. - I feel.

Sorry, it's a shame to cancel the plans we had.

I had never been so happy.

However, it is an important agreement. I have to go back.

Although I'd like to stay and hang out with you.

- Are you okay? - It's nothing.

It's just that today I'm a little apathetic.

It's very nice to have you here.

It's a shame you have to go. I will miss you.

I'm glad to hear this.

Traveling like this, so suddenly, gives me the opportunity to ask you for something.

Something I had asked him before.

Something I will keep asking for until my last days.

I don't blame you for not having accepted me before.

Before, I was a simpleton, poorer than beggars.

- That's not... - Let me finish.

Just now, when I got values, I have to say.

Listen carefully.

Anyway, now I'm rich, or almost. And I'm still in love with you!

Will you accept me, Ray?

- You are an exceptional person! - Yes, I already know that.

But that doesn't answer my question.

Accept me?

Kurt, do you know what I am?

Ray Schmidt, you are the most amazing girl in the world!

- Of course, if you're not free... - I am.

I wasn't, Kurt, but now I am! this is the end of our relationship, Walter.

I come home to Cincinnati and...

HUGO HANK City Gas Inspector Cincinnati, Ohio

The door again!

Excuse me, does Hugo Hank's lady live here?

Yes, but if you are a salesperson, I warn you...

Seeing nothing, I look for Ray Schmidt.

I'm very sorry. Don't want to come in?

I didn't mean to be impolite, but I see salespeople ten times a day!

Almost always to sell something unnecessary.

She will come back any moment.

I believe she is already back. Went downtown to shop.

Mom, who is this man?

What are these ways with the hand, Hugo?

These are my children, sir... I didn't hear your name.

- Walter Saxel. - Sim, Sr. Saxel.

This is Hugo, and little Ray.

- Ol�, Ray. - Ol�.

- You are a very beautiful girl. - Yea.

- How is Ray? - Divinely. He just arrived.

She's getting married soon.

With Kurt Shendler, an excellent man.

Before, they laughed at him because he believed in the car.

I was one of the few people who cheered him on.

- Ray, I don't think anything is missing. - That's right, Kurt.

- See you later. -See you later.

Ol�, Ray.


I found your ticket in the apartment.

It is not true that this is the end.

I've been missing you.

I felt yours too.

If you intended to make me suffer, know that you did it!

It's been terrible!

I didn't think I could need a person so much!

I have no right to ask you for anything.

Call me selfish.

I cannot offer you anything that you have a right to have,

a home, a name, children.

I'm only sure of one thing. I need you! I love her!

Come back with me, Ray.

You try to run away from something. Your place is to be with me.

More Walter!

If I come back now, how to end all this?

I love her, Ray!

This trip brings me a lot of illusion.

I'm sorry you can't accompany me.

- You work too much. - I run behind time.

- Ol�, capit�o. - Ol�, Sr. Saxel.

Glad to have you here.

Remember Mrs. Saxel?

- My son... - Nice to meet you.

- And my daughter. - Great pleasure.

Hope we have a good trip.

If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me.

- Excuse me, Mr. Saxel. - How can I help you?

What to say to the Berlin Commission?

I don't have the slightest idea. Maybe you can help me.

Oh, Sr. Saxel!

Suppose I tell you.

Someone would take over my brilliant ideas.

- No, thanks. - Thanks.

Just a moment!

Well, it's halfway through Walter Saxel's life.

- And there's the other half. - Where?

That beautiful woman with the silver fox fur.

She doesn't look like a man-eater.


But wherever Walter Saxel goes, his shadow will follow.

- Does Corinne's wife know about this? - I doubt it.

For Corinne, lover is a character that only exists in soap operas.

- Thank you very much. - Come this way, please.

Can I photograph you, together with your family?

- Look, Dick! There. - Where?

Watch out for the stairs.

Could you please show me my cabin, please?

How do you know?

Good girls can be blind, but not stupid.

- She saw us. - I don't think about moving.

- In the second hallway, on the left. - Thanks.

I'm full!

She has humiliated us enough. Something has to be done.

- Who would? - I!

- Good night, Miss. Schmidt. - Good evening, Mr. Saxel.

- Have you had dinner? - Yes, thank you.

I don't think I'll be able to see you on this trip.

It's okay, Walter.

It seems like everyone knows me.

I understand.

We'll see you in Paris, in the usual place.

I want to consult you on matters before the conference.

Yes, Walter.

See you later.

But now, what happens to you? This little dog is full of fun!

I'll take you and make mincemeat of you, you fool!

Come on, let's go. Get on your chair.

I made you a hot drink.

I love this place.

It's a simple hotel, but it has something special.

"The magic touch of a woman's hand

illuminates even the most dismal corner".

Thank you darling.

Nothing like a French chocolate made by you.

Thanks. Do you want cookies?

By the way, where is my speech?

It's there. I already prepared it.

Here it is.

- He liked? - It's the best I've ever written.

You didn't say anything about your contribution.

- My contribution? - Yes, your contribution.

I used to fool myself into thinking that all the merit was mine.

I thought I was a very bright guy! However, it was not true.

Walter, don't be absurd!

Now, don't start arguing. I'm not in the mood for nonsense.

- You wouldn't hit a lady. - Don't provoke me.

Paris always excites your animal side!

Sit down and behave. This is no way to rest.

You are more and more adorable.

You will be divine with white hair.

No dyes, I hate artificiality.

Also, it doesn't suit you well. You are too authentic.

I would like to take you to Berlin.

- How long will it take to get back? - Four days. I will go by plane.

Be well while I'm gone.

Don't worry. I'll break the casino bank!


Remind me to leave money with you before you travel.


I don't think we need an introduction, Ms. Schmidt.

I've known you for years.

It's following our family like a hateful shadow.

Everyone already knows about you, except my mother. And soon she will know everything.

My sister is going to join an aristocratic family.

If they ask about you, my mother runs the risk of knowing about you.

She doesn't imagine that there are women like you.

I want her to never know. Leave us alone, Ms. Schmidt!

I would kick her out if I could.

All people of your type are cold, selfish, calculating.

They only have one purpose: to enjoy their position.

I won't ask you to think about my sister or me.

After all, what are children to someone like you?


I'm not here to argue, I'm here to warn you!

Leave my father alone! Now! Forever!

You will receive a pecuniary compensation.

After all, money is what interests you, isn't it?


Ol�, Dick.

- Why are you here? - I have the right.

I don't doubt it, son. Why are you here?

- I asked the... - Dick.

Sit down, son. I want to talk to you.

Please don't go away!

Sit down, son.

Dick, long before you were born,

two months before I married your mother,

I met Ray Schmidt.

For 25 years, we've loved each other.

It is too young to appreciate how much time this represents.

I didn't take anything from my family, and everything I could, I gave him.

You wouldn't know that she was happy with what little I offered her.

And she gave me what no one had offered me.

And this part of my life is exclusively mine.

And you can't invade my life. Nor force me to abandon it.

That's all.

What do you want me to do, to applaud?

I want you to understand me, if you consider yourself mature enough.

What if I don't go?

Then mind your own business and go.

I will.

However, it is my business to judge him.

Both are unworthy!


Walter, you shouldn't have spoken like that.

He is your son.


And I love him more than you can imagine.

But I would gladly give everything I have, even my life,

for that little nose of yours.


I love her.

- I know, I... - Don't ever leave me!

I will never leave you, Walter.

Tomorrow we will have the day just for us.

Be happy?

I'll be here first thing in the morning and we'll have breakfast together.

- Ray, what did Richard tell you? - Nothing important, Walter.

Breakfast is at 9 am.

You know I'm always punctual when it comes to our breakfasts.

- Goodnight My Dear. - Good night, Walter.


Good morning lady.

- It's a wonderful day! - Yes, it is.

Director of Friedlander Kunz bank...

suffers a stroke. The millionaire Walter Saxel.


My God!

The famous philanthropist and banker suffered a stroke tonight.

In a report issued at five o'clock in the morning,

his physician, Dr. Durkin, announced a stable condition.

Mr. Saxel's wife and children,

do not separate from their bed.

I'll talk to the doctor.

My son... My son...

Wants to talk to you.

Do you want to talk to me, Dad?

A s�s.

Sorry, Dad wants to talk to me for a moment.

What do you want?


Want me to call?


six... seven... five... three...

Montparnasse, 6753, please.

Al�? � Montparnasse 6753?

Yes Yes.

Wait a moment please.

Ray... Ray...


Ray... Ray...

I'm here. listening...

I can't hear you, honey! What do you mean?

Daddy!... Daddy!

Nurse! Doctor!


Quick, doctor!

Doctor, he doesn't breathe.

He died!

Walter! Walter, Walter!

Do not abandon me! Do not abandon me!


My life...

Walter Saxel's funeral is being held today.

The funeral of Walter Saxel, a banker and philanthropist from New York,

will be celebrated in family intimacy, at 11 am, at the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

After the funeral, his remains will be taken to New York on the Baltic.


I can enter?

My father would have wanted me to come.

I suppose you know everything.

His last thought was for you.

I called her on the phone and he tried to talk to her, but...

Mrs. Schmidt, my father would have wanted to leave you something.

I know from something you said tonight.

Of course, it doesn't appear in your will.

Did he keep you?

My father, how much?...

I mean... What amount?...

200 d�lares.

- Per week? - For more.

- Not all? - Not all.

Oh my God!

Do you want to continue living here?

No, I would like to go back to my house.

Yes. Yes, of course.

On every first day of the month, continuously, you will receive the money.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Your son will take care of me!

It was so kind!

It could have been my son!

Our son!

Walter, I wonder... What could have happened?

if your mother had known me

in that day...

Not park?...

Mom, this is Ray Schmidt.

So, I called out to Ray Schmidt! lovely!

My daughter, have my blessing!

And I hope you are very happy!

Let's go?

I'm coming, Walter.

I am going.

for you