Back Fork (2019) - full transcript

When the strain of tragedy was too much for a young couple in Appalachia, prescription pills became the medicine to ease the pain. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- It's all right
to do that because...

- No, no, no, no.

That's disgusting.

- Eww, gross.

- Yep, yep, yep.

- My gosh, your hair is so cute.

- It's your first day today?

- You excited.

- Yeah.

- Yeah?

You don't sound very excited.

How was your?

Isn't that what that
little Mexican dude

on Sesame Street
calls Frosted Flakes?

- I don't know what is
wrong with your daddy.

- Hey did you get enough to eat?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, you want anything else?

- No, thanks.

- No?

- All right, you got
everything packed up?

You ready to go?

- Um

- All right, tell bad Daddy bye.

- Hey did you feed your dog?

- No, I did.

- No?

All right, easy, easy.

Hey listen, you have the
best day today, okay?

And we're gonna
be nice to people,

and what do we do?

- Make sure others
are being nice too.

- And we don't pick on anyone.

- Don't let on anyone
pick on anybody else.

- I love you.

- All right, bye daddy.

- I'll see
you right after school.

- Bye.

- Love you.
- I love you.

- I'll see you later.

- Yes, you will.


All right, let's go.

Come on.

- Sticky and
humid with a high of 96.

With the winds out of the
east at 14 miles per hour.

It's currently 75 degrees.

- Hey.

- Hi.

- I was just leaving.

- Okay.

- Here's your coffee.

- Thanks.

- Good morning, Waylon.

- Good morning, Janet.

I was just wondering
if you could tell me

who send out these welcome to
the new school year letters.

- I do.

- You do?

- I'm so sorry.

It's an automated system
through the computer

that prints out the
letters and the labels.

- Right, right, right
but someone has to put

the information in
there and take it out.

Ain't you the person
in charge of that?

- Yes.

- Yeah, so you could've taken

Justine's name outta there.

- I'm so sorry.

- Well you know Justine's dead.

You were at the funeral.

- Yes...

- Listen, let me tell you
what's a good fucking time

is getting this in the
mail and having my wife

crying because you didn't
want to do your fucking job.

As if we needed another
reminder that our little girl

ain't here no more, Janet,
because every fuckin' thing does.

- Waylon.

- I just want to
come by this morning

and say thank you
for reminding me

my little girl ain't gonna
start third grade this year.

- Waylon, I'm so sorry.

- Have yourself a
lovely day, Janet.


- Hey grab a gallon in
front of the fridge.

- How much is it?

- Mom said to put
it on her bill.

- I'll just pay.

- There's a trap in there too.

- What?

- Dad broke the trap in the
kitchen sink or somethin'.

- Of course he did.

Did he flood the house?

- Mom didn't say.

- I don't have time
for this shit today.

- What's wrong?

- Nothing, just another day.

You got any?

- No, I don't.

Dad says hurry.

He's waiting on the milk.

- Hey!

- Yo!

- What took you so long?

Can't eat without
something to drink.

- They didn't have
any whole milk.

They only had skim.

- That right there,
see that's what they get

for not letting Raylene
do the ordering.

That old lady that runs
the place is worthless

as tits on a boar hog.

- He's just pulling
your leg, you old grump.

- It's true.

- Here is your whole milk.

- I wouldn't have
been surprised.

- What are you doing
underneath the sink anyway?

- I was fixing it.

It had a leak.

- No, it did not.

The thing was clogged up.

It only started to
leak once you took

the trap out, couldn't figure
out how to put it back in.

- You've just got
it cross threaded.

All right, turn the faucet on.

Wow, look at that.

- Work?

- Yeah of course it is.

- I couldn't see what I
was doing under there.

- Well that's more the
reason to leave it run.

- What's the matter?

- My back hurts.

- Grab one of my
pills and take one.

- Where they at?

- Right in front of
ya on the counter.

- Bring me one.

- You only have three in here.

- That's all right, take it.

- I'll call the drugstore
and get a refill.

- You've been taking more of
those than you're supposed to?

- I only take what you give me.

- You want me to
stop on my way home

and pick 'em up for you?

- No, that's all right, honey.

I gotta go to town anyway.

- You sure?

- Yep.

- All right, well call if
you need anything, all right?

- Bye.

- Hey stay our from
underneath that sink.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Can't get these.

- Hey Waylon, got a second?

- I'll see you, boy.

- Could you get
that door, Waylon?

- What can I do for you?

- I got a paper
here that I need you

to have your doctor sign.

- What kind of paper?

- It's just a paper saying
that you have prescription.

- What are you talking about?

- You know your drug
test came back saying

you had opioids in your
system which is fine

provided that you
have a prescription.

- Well I ain't got
no prescription.

I mean I took a pain pill.

- I understand.

But you know with
these fellas, opioids

can mean any number of things.

So they just wanna see a script.

- Well what does it mean?

- No script, it means
a failed drug test.

- Okay but Jimmy, I
just told you I don't

have no script, so
what does it mean?

- They will assume the
worst without a script.

- Well I will tell
'em it's my dad's,

and it's because of all
these orders right here.

I mean Jimmy, when
they start cutting

the ever living shit
out of them posts,

it hurts my fucking back so bad
I can barely sleep at night.

Jimmy, have I ever missed a day?

- No.

- Never been late.

Don't have a write
up for nothing.

- I know.

- I got a back that
hurts when they decide

China needs a post
cut for a week.

- Well you can take
the test again.

We give everyone the
chance to take it again

if something shows
up the first time.

- Of course, I'll do
whatever they want.

- Okay, okay good.

You got four days.

I want you to go back
and see that same doctor.

And Waylon, buddy, this
one's got to be clean.

- It will be.

- Now go on home.

- I appreciate you, Jimmy.

- Good evening, Waylon.

- Toby!

Here boy!

Hey babe?

Hey how are you?

- Hi.

- How's it going?

- Good.

- Thank you, darlin'.

I stopped by the board of
education this morning.

- I know.

They called me.

- What are you up to?

You wanna sit for a minute?

- I'm just watching a show.

Just gonna go to bed.

- You okay?

- Yeah, I'm just tired.

- I'm gonna sit
with you for a minute.

Down at the car wash.

- Your feet hurt?

Here I'll rub 'em for you.

- Babe, don't worry about it.

Just eat.

- It's all right.

How was your day?

- Fine.

- Work good?

- Yep.

- You guys get a lot done today?

- Waylon.

- Sorry.

- Here.

I think I'm just
gonna go to bed.

- I'll come with you.

- No, just stay.

- I'm wore out, babe.

- Waylon.

- What's wrong?

Babe, what's wrong?

- I can't do this anymore.

- What?

- This.


I can't be with you
like this anymore.

- Babe...

- I can't.

- We're working on this.

It's getting better.

- No, no.

No, we're not.

Asking me how my day
was and how my job was

is not communicating.

It's not talking.

It's small talk.

I fucking hate small talk.

I don't wanna talk about my day.

- Babe, we can't
just keep talking

about the bad shit all the time.

- Please, come on, Waylon.

I want a divorce.

- How are you, babe?

- Well, well, look at you.

You ain't so bad on
the country scale.

- Shut up.

- But you're taken
though, aren't ya?

- Is that what you're sayin'?

- Yeah, you really
grabbed my heart.

- My god, you want the Turkey?

- Yeah, that'll do it.

- Are you doing all right?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

- Okay, I'll be right back.

Here you go.

- Thank you.

- Where's Raylene?

- I don't know.

I hate to break
it to you though.

She really ain't gay.

- Who the hell says that?

God damn it, Waylon.

- It's good seeing you
over there the other night.

Don't worry, I ain't
gonna tell no one.

- It's time for a warm up.

You want one?

- Yeah.

You got the cream in
here tonight, don't you?

- All the good boys are
home with their wives.

- Is that so?

- Cheers, babe.

- Cheers.

- I'll be back.

- Thank you.

Hey bud.

- What's the matter
with you, Waylon?

Something wrong?

- Charlie, fuck off.

- Ease up, buddy.

- You got a problem, Waylon?

- Okay now, it's
time to go home.

Come on, get outta here.

- Mom, Waylon's up.

- Major focus this hour

on the island of Puerto Rico.

Maria hitting land as a
category four hurricane.

This storm's a killer.

We mentioned before
how dangerous

this storm has become.

FEMA administrator
Brock Long with me

now live out of Washington DC.

- Nida told me to move out.

She wants a divorce.

- What are you doing?

What are you hearing
about this storm now?

- So yesterday, we were looking

at a very fierce
but compact storm.

- No, I am not doing this alone.

- That's what I thought.

I figured this would play out

just about like this.

- That's right walk
away like you always do.

- Where's Waylon?

- On the porch.

- Okay, go on out
and talk to him.

- Why?

- Would it kill
you to say something

nice to your son?

Just get out there
for God's sake.

- Don't tell no one,
but they're gonna stock

the river tomorrow.

They said they're
gonna put 500 pound

of fish up Back
Fork in the mornin'.

- I figure the secret'll be out

by the time the stock
truck goes up the road,

don't you think?

- Probably.

They should stock in the winter.

That'd keep some
fish in the water.

Hey your mom wanted
me to talk to you.

Wanted me to tell you
you could stay here

if you needed to.

Told her you'd probably
stay with Raylene.

But you know you
can if you want.

Well gotta go see
if the food's ready.

Hey Raylene.

- Hey.

How are you?

- I'm good.

- Yeah?

Let me see those hands.

Looks like it.

- Can I get one of
your pills, Dad?

- Yeah, here.

- Thank you.

You need anything from town?

- No.

- I'll be back in a bit.

- Okay.

- Waylon leave?

- Yeah.

- You didn't give him any
of your pills, did you?

- I gave him one.

- Bill.

- What?

- And what about
you, young lady?

When are you gonna
cut this shit out?

- Enough with it, Mom.

- People talk, Raylene.

- All right, I'm not
listening to this.

- Well you think
that they don't.

You think that we don't hear?

- Well let's hear it.

What are they sayin'?

- Yeah exactly.

You always worried
about what people think.

- I happen to care about you.

- You want one?

- No thank you.

- I still haven't seen the dog.

- Just keep food out,
he'll turn up in a bit.

He always does.

Listen I'm gonna take
the rocking chair, okay?

- Yeah, take whatever you want.

- That's it.

- You gonna
stay with your parents?

- No.

- I don't think it's a good idea

to stay at Raylene's.

- Well I don't have
much of a choice, do I?

- Well I can help you.

I mean I can help
you find a place.

There's the apartments
up Back Fork.

- That's okay.

- You know my parents,
they also have that couch,

and those side tables.

It's fine.

I can help you.

- Listen, it's all
good, I'm good.

- Would you just stop please.

I mean, Waylon, don't you
wanna talk about all of this

shit with it not being
a screaming fight?

Don't you want to
talk about why?

- Pretty obvious, ain't it?

- Is that why you don't
talk about Justine

'cause it's obvious she's gone?

- See this is what
I ain't doin'.

I'm not doing it.

- You never do.

Yeah, that's right.

Walk away like you always do.

I'm all alone, Waylon.

Something, anything, I never
know what you're thinking

or feeling because
you won't talk to me.

- I don't want a divorce.

How 'bout that?

But that don't much
matter, does it?

- Well I wouldn't
know what if anything

affected you because
you're emotionless.

It's just, it's nothing,
nothing, nothing,

and then you blow up.

It's like the only
emotion you know is anger.

- You think I don't
care about you or this?

- You're so level
until you're mad.

I don't know what
you're feeling.

- Maybe that was for you.

Did you ever think about that?

- If that was for me,
then why don't I feel

so much love?

- I don't know, darling,
'cause I've been

right here this whole time.

There ain't a whole lot of
times where what I'm thinking

or feeling when you're
constantly in tears.

- I have gone through
this by myself.

I am drowning here.

- And you're asking
me to save you

when I can't swim myself.

I'm sorry you felt a lack.


- I need four 30s.

- That'll be 80 bucks.

Don't have it.

- Not gonna pay anything?

- Not 80.

- I was hoping you weren't
gonna pay anything, Raylene.

Pretty little blouse on
when I saw you drive up.

I like it when you do it.


- Hey Jimmy.

- What do you say there, Waylon?

Listen buddy, I was
real sorry to hear

what happened
between you and Nida.

- Appreciate that, bud.

- We'll get it
sorted out though.

- Well if there's anything
you need, you just

let me know.

- I will for sure.

- Okay.

Hey, did you get
that test scheduled yet?

- Yeah, I'm going on Tuesday.

- Sounds good.

- It's only ever in your
system about three days,

but you drink the
tea the whole day,

and you take the B3.

You're gonna piss all
day long, but at least

you'll be clean.

- All right.

- Why don't you
just get a script?

I know a doc in DC who'll
write you one for two grand.

- I ain't getting
no script, bud.

- It'll make your
headache go away.

- Yeah, I'll end up dead too.

- Nah, look at me.

- That's what I'm afraid of.

You seen yourself lately.

Listen I really appreciate it.

All right, buddy.

- You missed some.

You can't mow with a weed eater.

- You can mow it
yourself if you want.

- Come on.

- Where're you going?

- Fishin'.

- I ain't going fishin'.

- Come on.

I can't go by myself.

I might fall in a
river and drown.

- I can mow in peace then.

- Come on.

- My stuff's at the house.

- What's that you're drinkin'?

- It's tea.

- Tea?

- Yeah, it's tea.

- Tea.

You're drinking tea.

- I'll be right back.

- My God, he's in there.

He's in there!

He's in there.

- Whoa.

- I don't know what
happened to him.

- Nida stop.

- I don't know what happened.
- Calm down, calm down.

I'm right here, I'm right here.

What is it? Tell me.

- It's Toby, he's dead.

He's in there.

He's dead.

Take her inside.

Go now.

One day without somethin'.


- Waylon.

- What are you doing?

- Hey what are you doing here?

- I came to get you.

- I can't leave yet.

I feel amazing.

- She can't leave.

She's hanging with me.

- Waylon.

- She ain't hanging with you.

- It's time to go home, come on.

- I can't get up.
- Get your stuff.

- Hey where are you going.

- Waylon.

- Shit.

- We're going home, let's go.

- I feel so good.

- Now.

- Don't you be jealous, missy.

- Raylene, go home.

- You're comin' too.

Come on.

- I'm so sorry, Waylon.

- It's not your fault, darlin'.

- I'm sorry.

- You all right?

- Yeah.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Well it was good
seeing you tonight.

Darlin', she's no good for you.

- Hey Waylon.

- Hey there.

- You here for your drug test?

- Actually would it
be possible to see

a doctor for a minute?

- Sure, come on back.

We'll take care of ya.

- Hey Jim.

- What do you say there, Waylon?

- I just got
back from the doctor.

I wanted to drop
this off to you.

- I didn't think
they'd have the results

for another few days.

- Well they won't, but
that's for the prescription.

- Prescription?

- Yeah, yeah for the
oxy, so you can send

it along with the
other when it comes it.

- I didn't think you had one.

- Well I didn't, but then I got

to talking with the
doctor, and I told her

how I take one of my dad's
pills every now and then,

you know when my
back would flare up.

She thought that was okay,
so she wrote me a script.

- She gave you any
indication what it might be.

- She likely just said it
was you know just muscle

spasms or somethin'.

She says it wasn't
a chronic pain.

So as long as I'm just
taking 'em as I need to

it'll be okay.

- Okay, glad you
got it sorted out.

Hopefully it helps
with that pain there.

- Yeah, yeah, I think it will.

You know I'm just taking
one every now and then.

You know to get some sleep.

- Okay, I'll just put this
with your file there, bud.

- And hey, she said
to give 'em a call

if you had any questions.

- I think this'll be just fine.

- All right, I'll see you, Jim.

- See you Waylon.

- Hey.

Look I'm sorry.

Please don't try to
make me feel any worse

than I already do.

It was stupid.

- It was stupid.

- I pissed you off.

I pissed Nona off.

I fucked up, and I get it.

Just I don't need a guilt
trip on top of it, okay?

- Put that in your pocket.

- Where did you get these?

You got a prescription?

- Stay away from those places.

You stay away from Cotton.

You think I didn't
know about that?

- You don't know what
you're talking about.

- You think I don't know
what you're doin' for pills?

I know it's not a problem
for you to get 'em

if you don't have any money.

And I know they don't
give 'em away for free.

You're gonna get yourself hurt.

- Don't give me your
self righteous bullshit.

- If you wanna do
drugs, you get 'em,

and you do 'em at the house.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Now I'm not always
gonna be around

to be your babysitter.

- What have you been saying
for the past three days?

I'm not gonna take another pill,

and then you go to the doctor
and get a prescription.

You're no better.

- Darlin, I don't get
high and lay in bed

with a bunch of using jerk
offs that I don't fuckin' know.

- You think you're
better than everybody

who took a pill once for
fun and now they can't stop?

You think because you lost
a kid it gives you the right

to blow that shit up your nose?


Waylon, stop.



- What's going on here?

- You said do it at home.

- You got a few pills, and
you got a few friends?

- Come and have a beer.

- I gotta work in the morning.

- Come on you can have one beer.

Let's go.

- Come on.

Come on.

- What are you all smiling for?

You didn't check this
one out, did you?

- Why not?

- So why are you staying here

with Raylene now?

- Who said I was?

- It's what I heard.

- You did?

- Small town.

- Grapevines are good for
growing gapes, darlin',

and that's about it.

- Is that so?

- Um

- It's hot, isn't it?

You want another beer?

- I'm gonna head in a minute.

- You want anything else?

- No, I'm good.

Nice to see you though.

I'm going in.

I'll see you, darlin'.

- All right.

I'm still in here.

- Yeah, I know.

You want to?

Come on.

I want you.

- Stop.

- What?

- No, I'm not doing this.


- Come on.

No one's gonna know.

I won't say anything.

I know you want to.

- Listen, I know what you want.

All right, stop
embarrassing yourself.

- What did you do?

- What,
your brother's an asshole.

- What the fuck did you say?

What did you say?

Get the fuck outta here.

- Hello?

- Hey babe.

- Jesus, you scared me.

What's goin' on?

- I miss you.

- I can't.

- Why?


I need you.

Baby, I want you.

- No, you want sex.

Babe, stop.

I don't feel that way
about you anymore.

You can have sex
with someone else.

It's fine.

- I don't want to.

- You're allowed.

- That's fucked up, babe.

- It's what you want
to hear me say, right?

You can have sex with someone.

You're allowed.

I give you permission.

- You want me to have
sex with someone else?

Is that what you wanna do?

You do that there's no
coming back from it.

It's over.

- It is.

It is over.

- Babe, we haven't even tried.

Baby, we're just
trying to survive.

Now we can.

- No, I'm done.

I'm done trying.

- Listen, this is worth
fighting for, damn it.

We didn't get married and
have a baby for nothing.

I'm not going to
walk away from that.

Please, let's just
give this a chance.

- No.


Too much has changed.

Too much has changed.

I love you.

I'll always love you, but this,

this is done.

It's over.

- Hey Waylon.

- Hey what you doing?

- I was just hurting
a little bit.

- I still have some
coffee in the kitchen.

- Actually just looking
for a few of your pills.

- I don't think
I have many left.

- I just need a couple
to sleep that's all.

- What about yours?

- Where's yours at?

I wanna see how many
you got in there.

Don't worry, I'll look.

I'm gonna see how many
you have in there.

- Honey, you don't
need those pills.

- I need 'em mama.

My back's in a bad way.

- No, you're in a bad way
because of those bills.


- Waylon, leave it alone.

- Sweetheart.

- Here we are.

Stop, stop!

- You gonna bring her back
when you're done with it?

- Good morning.

- Hi pretty.

- Hi.

- I gotta pee.

You scared the crap outta me.

What are you doing?

- What?

- Waylon?

Hey you gotta go to work.



My God, what you do, Waylon?


Hey, Waylon!


Look at me.

- My God.

- My God, what you do?

- What happened.

- Hey, hey!

- Raylene what do I?

- Wake up!

- Should I call 911?

Should I call.

I'm gonna call 911, Raylene.

- Wake up.

My god.

- Is he okay?

- Fuck.

- What's going on with him?

Is he okay, Raylene?

- Yes, hang up.

What the fuck is this shit?

I told you don't
do that shit alone.

If you wanna do it,
you do it with me.

- Stop, stop.

- Holy shit.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Holy shit.

Fuck that shit.

- I'm okay.

- What are you doin'?

Fuck Raylene, that's not okay.

It's not okay.

- It's okay.

Hey, it's all right.

It's okay.

- Hey.


I've gotta pay it today.

- Yeah, it's all right.

Listen we need to
figure something out

'cause I can't keep
paying the mortgage

and giving you money too
and living somewhere else.

- I know.

I was thinking it might
be best to sell it.

- You wanna try and rent it?

- We couldn't get
near enough in rent

to cover the mortgage.

You'll still be payin'.

- I was just thinking
for down the road

if this worked out.

- Yeah so, I'll talk to
someone and try and sell it,

you know if it's okay with you.

Be better without the headache.

- Yeah if that's what you want.

- Okay.

You'll help get the
place cleaned up?

Yeah, it looks
pretty bad right now.

Don't forget to bring the mower

and the weed eater back.

- Well they're gone, darlin'.

- What?

- Yeah, I pawned 'em.

- That mower was $5,000.

My parents gave us that, Waylon.

I'm sure we can borrow my dads.

I'll call him.

He can come meet
us at the house.

Waylon, you don't look good.

What can I do?

- Nothin'.

- You can't keep this up.

You need help, babe.

- I do?

You tuck tail and run,
and leave me with no home

and no wife, and you
expect me to believe

that you're worried
about my wellbeing?

- We weren't happy,
Waylon, neither one of us.

- No darlin', you weren't happy.

Don't lump me into
your feelings.

I used to hold your hand
at night while you slept

'cause that was the
only time you'd let me.

- See you inside.

- Sign here.

Here you go, last one.

After I go to the
courthouse tomorrow

and get these filed,
it'll only be a week

or two before you get
your judgment in the mail,

and we have everything
we need here.

So there's no reason the
divorce won't be final.

- Hello?

We're closed.

- Hey Ray, ray.

Where you been?

I haven't seen you for awhile.

- We're closed for
the night, Cotton.

- It's okay.

I ain't shoppin'.

- What do you want?

- Why haven't you come
see me for awhile?

- Waylon's on his way over.

- No, he ain't.

I wanted to tell ya.

I miss you.

I was just hoping
that you're not buying

from nobody else.

- I gave it up.

- Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray...

- I don't need it no more.

- Yeah well I heard
you get your pills

from your brother.

He has a script now.

Is he selling?

- This town is small enough.

You can't take a shit
without someone knowing.

There are people
selling, but I can

tell you that he ain't.

- The question is
whether I believe you.

- You got no reason not to.

But I guess that doesn't matter.

You're gonna believe
what you want.

I don't need anything
from you anymore, Cotton.

That's all that matters.

- Yeah what if I need
something from you?

No, no, no, just 'cause
you're getting your pills

from your brother don't
mean you're gonna quit.

Are you sucking his dick
for him like you do mine?

You sucking somebody else's?

Now here's the way
it's going to go.

You got two choices.

Now you can take this.

Now you can take it
in an ass beatin'.

What you want, Raylene?

Which way you want it?

Raylene, there you go.

You know I like it right here.

Right there, yeah that's it.

That's it.

Yeah, that's it.

That's it.

That's it, yeah.

Yeah, you like it
like that, yeah.

- You ever gone too
far out in the river

where the water's too deep?

The current's so strong
that you can't fight it

and you feel yourself
breaking free

from the rocks
underneath your feet?

And before you know it,
you're being swept away.

You're no longer in
control, darlin'.

Right then you
belong to the river,

and you're gonna drown.

Don't worry, darlin'.

I still have my feet.

- Say Cotton.

- Waylon, here you now.

- I just need to get high.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- Sit down.

Sit down.

Not there, that's mine.

Sit down somewhere else.

Hey bro, you want a beer?

- No, I'm good.

- In case you change your mind.

What you lookin' for?

- A couple 80s.

- I ain't got no 80s.

Nobody got 80s.

I got 60s.

- Yeah, how much you want?

- $30 a pill.

- I'll take 'em.

I'll pay you tomorrow.

- Get the fuck out.

- Come on, you know
I'm good for it.

- You and everybody else.

- Have I ever not been?

- No more store credit.

- I get paid tomorrow.

- You've got some fuckin'
balls, man, you know that?

I heard you might be selling.

You buying else when
you come back in here

sick needing pills and
ask for store credit.

- Cotton, come on.

Come on, I'll give
you 100 tomorrow.

- You want two 60s?

- Yeah, that's why I came.

That's why I'm here.

- I'll give you two 60s.

- Yeah, cool brother.

I'll be here as soon as
I'm done working tomorrow.

I'll be here.

- If you suck my
dick, I'll give you

them two 60s.

I'm gonna start treating
you like all the other

crying whores come in here.

You suck my dick,
I'll give you a pill.

- I ain't sucking your dick.

- Really?

Got your two 60s right here.

Here they are.

- Four.

- Four?

- All right.

Four 60s.

Ain't nobody gonna be the wiser.

Come on, brother.

Come on.

Pay up right now.

That's it.

That's it, come on.

- You shoot at me,
you piece of shit?

You stay the fuck
away from Raylene.

Everything is
gonna be all right.

Cotton can't say a word.

He ain't gonna say a word.

If anyone asks you,
you never said a word

to me about what
happened last night.

Do you understand?


I went over there to get
pills, and he shot at me.

That's what happened.

- I've turned on myself.

When he raped me, I came.

- Appreciate it boss.

- Hey man, I heard he broke
his jaw, bust his cheek,

burst his eardrum.

Cotton's gonna kill someone.

- You know he will.

- They know who did it too.

That's what I heard.

- Yeah, you know who
else knows, Cotton.

I guarantee he's gonna take care

of it by himself.

- He's not pressing
charges on him.

- Tell you what I sure
as hell wouldn't want

to be on the biting
end of that snake.

- Sounds like to me Cotton
oughta watch his ass.

If somebody wanted
him dead, he'd be

blowing smoke rings out
the back of his head.

- Okay Waylon, get on inside.

- Man, oughta snap your head.

- It's okay Jimmy.

I ain't mad, bud.

I've been waiting
for it to happen.

It's all right.

- Don't come to work tomorrow.


- It's my fault, bud.

I'm sorry for making
you have to do it.

- I just want you
to take some time.

- What do you mean take time?

- I spoke with the bosses,
and everyone's agreed

that you have had one
heck of a bad year.

I mean this is enough
to kill everyone

here including myself.

They're giving you
full medical benefits,

and you're still
getting your pay.

You need help,
brother, so go get it.

- I don't know what to say.

- I know.

Not a day goes by I don't
think about Justine.

You know I loved her like
she were one of my own.

I don't know what
I would've done.

- Thank you, Jimmy.

- Okay now.

- Thanks for keeping
up her grave.

- There's around
500, 600 missing.

She was skimming.

- You know for sure it was her?

- Yeah Mrs. Skool had a
couple of cameras there.

The books were off a little
bit over a longer period,

so she put 'em up.

- Let me ask you something?

Is there anything
else on those tapes?

Come on I've known you
my whole life, and?

- Yeah, it's all there.

- Can he go away for that?

- Raylene said it
was consensual.

- What about bail?

- Not until she's
been arraigned.

- All right, thanks Dave.

- Transport'll be here in
about 10 minutes for Raylene.

We'll bring her out the side.

- I appreciate you.

- You just can't
touch her, Waylon.

- What are you doing here?

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- I'll be down to bail you
out as soon as its set.

- Don't.

- No, no, I'll get
it figured out.

- No Waylon, I won't
leave if you do.

It's better for me in here.

They said first offense, I
go straight to treatment.

I can't do this anymore.

You've lost two girls,
and it'll all go to waste

if you get lost too.

- Raylene, we gotta go.

- All right.

I love you.

- I love you.

Be careful, all right.

- What you doin'?

- Waiting for it to get dark.

- Yeah.

We found a place.

We'll take you there now.

Take you up to the
hospital, get you something

to get us there.

- Dad, I ain't
goin' to no rehab.

I can't do it.

- You can't keep doing this.

I buried a grandbaby.

I can't bury another.

You're supposed to bury me.

But this won't work
unless you want it to.

I ain't no good at
talking, never have been.

And I'm payin' that price.

You're supposed to
learn, be better for it.

Be better than me.

Go for a walk along the river.

You've got a strong mind.

Get it back.

Make things right.

- Drink this.

Come on.

- Hi.

- You're real.

- How you feelin'?

- I think I'm gonna make it.

Thank you, baby.

- I know it wasn't just all you.

I messed up.

- It's all right?

- I can't work on us until
I work on me, you know?

I'm gonna need some time.

I would never ask
you to wait for me,

but I hope you do.

- I'm not going
anywhere, darlin'.

- I'm not gonna
have another family.

It's only you.

It's always just you.

You know that, right?

- Um

- I love you.

- I love you so much, baby.