Back Door (2022) - full transcript

Four friends with big dreams go rogue in the streets when they need the cash to make them come true, but soon find themselves getting in too deep. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Ship Your Way?

Yeah, we're open.

Oh, we're on 19 Belmont Avenue,

the corner of Thatcher.

Yeah, yeah, no,

we're open Monday through Friday 9 to six,

and Saturday and Sunday 11 to three.

You want the number, sure.

It's 347-365-4221.

Yes, we do take faxes, 347-240-3503.

Okay, we look forward to your business.

Have a great day. (laughs)

- Yo, bro why you won't just give me the kicks.

- Nigga, (indistinct).

You ain't paying what I paid for these, nigga.

- What the hell man?

You about just sell them and give them away.

You can just give them to me.

- No, I'm sending them back for another size.

- Oh, okay.

- Y'all niggas wait right here though, I'll be right back.

- All right, I got you, dude.

(door opens)

- [Rose] Hey, Mario.

- How you doing, Miss Rose?

- Now, I didn't think I'd see you

once your parents transitioned, huh?

But, then again you always did support my little business.

- Yeah, you know I gotta come through

and support whenever I can.

- Uh-huh, uh-huh, so what you shipping today?

- I got these J's, they sent me the wrong size,

so I'm sending them back.

- You still a sneaker head, huh?

- Yeah, you know I gotta keep me a pair of feet.

- You gotta save me a pair.

- I got you.

So what I got for you?

- Oh, no, this is on the house.

- [Mario] You sure?

- Yeah, just promise me one thing,

you stay out of trouble

'cause you know your parents,

they rooting for you from up there, yeah.

- [Mario] I got you, I promise you.

- I love you. - Love you, too.

- Be safe.

♪ Shooters

♪ Buck Ruger, what up ♪

♪ Oh, it's too hard

♪ Yeah, bang, bang, bang

♪ Anywhere gang

♪ If I feel it's a problem I'm shootin' ♪

♪ It be walkers and D's so I'm shootin' ♪

♪ That thing on me 'cause I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Don't play with me 'cause I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Don't get to close when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ You might get hit when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Big boys, y'all know what I'm shootin' ♪

♪ You niggas gonna know when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Pop mine, now you red as a stop sign ♪

♪ Straight flat line

♪ 'Cut in single neck time

♪ You know I pack mine

♪ Ruger, chrome and black nine

♪ And I clap mine

♪ Clap, clap, clap, clap, mine

♪ When I get to buckin'

♪ Ain't no fuckin' duckin'

♪ I make it hot as a oven

♪ Straight head bustin'

♪ Yeah, I barely holla

♪ When the lead touch 'em

♪ Bleed I get hype when the red gushin' ♪

♪ Please, don't snitch, don't say nothin' ♪

♪ Breeze, I'm 'bout to come through ♪

♪ And lay somethin'

♪ Trees, I be like green haze puffin' ♪

♪ These bitches on 'em all day buffin' ♪

♪ Email, none of y'all see no one dye cone ♪

♪ G Squirrel, money ride, kitchen and tight go ♪

♪ I gets money, I love the way

♪ That white go to story gets deeper ♪

♪ So nigga just dim the lights slow ♪

♪ If I feel it's a problem, I'm shootin' ♪

♪ It be walkers and D's so I'm shootin' ♪

(dramatic music)

- Right now, I'm just tryna get some studio time, man.

I ain't tryna waste my time with this town.

It's like, I can't do a 9 to five, bro.

- That other shit you laid down was dope, I liked that.

- Can't lay nothing down with no money.

I'm about to go upstairs

and wake this nigga Mario up though.

You pullin' up?

- Ima wait right here.

(door knocks)

- [Man] Yo bro, bro, wake up.

- I'm up bro, chill.

- Call Lucky and Gino, see where they at.

- Damn, they just called me, they said they on their way.

- Oh, really? All right bet.

All right, you want some breakfast?

- [Mario] Where the fuck you going?

- I'm about to go to work.

- [Mario] All right bruh, have a good day bruh.

- All right, so you good?

- [Mario] Yeah.

- [Man] All right bet, I'll see you later.

- All right.

- What up Choice. - Hey, Norris.

- What's up, your brother up?

- Yeah, I'm about to head to work.

- All right, bro.

- All right, dude.

(door opens)

- Yo, what up bro? - What's up bro?

- It's time to get up, nigga.

- Nigga Trav not with y'all?

- You know he can never wake up in the morning.

But forget about him, we all go.

- All right, give me a second, I'll be dressed.

- All right.

(dramatic music)

- So when's the last time you been in the studio?

- Man, I'm tryna get in there,

but niggas ain't got no bread right now, man,

for me to even lay anything down right now, bro.

- You ain't laid the other shit down yet?

- Yeah, I just asked him that.

- Nah, I'm tryna get the bread, son.

- That's fucked up.

- Fuck oh, man this dirty ass, damn son.

- Better you than me, nigga.

- Man that's good luck, fuck y'all niggas.

- If you think so, nigga,

that's good luck right there.


- They don't. Somebody did.

- Cheena, let me get a scratch off, please.

- Yeah, let me get one too.

- Let me get two loose change.

(people chattering)

(card scratching)

- Boom!

- Oh!

- $500, nigga.

Told you that shit was gonna be lucky.

- Yeah!

- Let's go right now, bro.

- Let's go to studio right now and get a bottle.

- Let's get a bottle, yeah.

- I need a (indistinct). Yeah, a cold one.

Thank you.

- [Woman] Yeah.

- All right, thanks.

(dramatic music)

(notes rustling)

- Thank you.

We out, man. We out.

(dramatic music)

(door creaks)

(dramatic music)

- Yeah, I gotta lay this shit down, man.

- Yeah bro, you got two hours in this shift, man.

Don't make me regret it, bro.

- Don't worry about that, you know I'm about to check in.

- Yo, you gotta make it bro.

- Chill, be patient, work hard.

- I'm patient, only time will tell.

- Y'all thought about paying for a feature?

- From who?

How much they talking?

'Cause we are a little fucked up right now.

- I mean, I know a well known rapper out of Brooklyn

who charge about 20K, but it's worth it.

You know brother who the roof though.

- Oh, shit, 20K, we're famished.

- Yeah, 20K that's a little rich Rob.

- I mean that's just one way of doing it,

but if that don't work, get to promoting.

- If we do go that route,

how the fuck you gonna come up with 20K?

- I got an idea.

- What's the heck genius?

- I'm gonna ask my uncle.

- Sure that's gonna work?

- I mean, sure he be walking around here

like he business man some shit.

- Yeah, sound wild.

- I think he a pimp on the low.

- He's something.

♪ I'm untouchable and I make these niggas uncomfortable ♪

♪ I'm a boss and I do what I wanna do ♪

♪ No suck I say in front you

♪ Keep it on me whenever I'm coming through ♪

♪ Yeah, run down some drugs to the sun down ♪

♪ Nobody putting my gun down

♪ Let it burn I didn't hear no gun sounds ♪

♪ Let it burn down

♪ If we catch him, it's a deal wait ♪

♪ Pull up to the block in a GLA ♪

♪ I'm gangster, the shit in my DNA ♪

♪ Eventually like I'm Peter Ray up ♪

- Cut.

Yo, y'all like that?

- Yeah, that fire. - Yeah, that shit fire.

- All right, all right. - Fire.

(dramatic music)

- What's up, Lucky.

- I'm good.

- Yo what's up Mario, man?

What the fuck you doing out here so early?

- Shit, trying to hit a number.

- Shit, the fuck!

You just reminded me man, I ain't put my numbers, man.

- Yeah, but I ain't here to talk to you about numbers, man.

I need a favor.

- And what's that?

- I need 20K.

- 20K?

The fuck, you in some type of trouble or something?

- Nah, my boy Geno, he a rapper and the engineer guy said,

he know somebody that's lit that could get him on.

If we want to get a buzz or get in a good feature

for somebody we need 20K.

- Now let me guess,

this so called artist and all that

is charging 20K for the feature?

- Yeah.

- Listen, I ain't gonna lie to you, man.

I told your parents before they died

that I'm gonna always look out for y'all.

But 20K, that's a little bit outta your league, man.

You digging too deep, you don't think so?

- Come on uncle, you know I'm good for it, man.

- Now listen,

you ain't getting what you asked for.

Take this $300.

Give your brother 150

and then I'ma ask around about this feature shit, man.

'Cause I mean make sure it's the right move

for y'all niggas.

We good?

- 150?

Bro, we good, man.

- Yeah, what about your man Lucky over there?

He fucked up?

- Lucky is a good man, son.

- Give that nigga a little $100 or something.

(dramatic music)

(phone ringing)

- Yo.

- Yo bro, I know this shit might sound a little crazy,

but I'm gonna need you to quit your job today.

- Quit my job?

Nigga that's the most dumbest shit you ever said to me.

- Nah bro, I gotta plan.

Trust me, you won't regret it.

- Yo bro, I can't just quit my fucking job.

What if your plan don't fucking work?

- Twist, just trust me please, bro.


- Mario, you already got me doing some dumb wild.

If this shit don't work, we got a problem, nigga.

(door opens)

- Where you going, bro?

- I don't think (indistinct) no more.

I need my last check.

- You a good worker, why do you want leave?

- Man, I can't, I got other stuff I need to do.

This not doing nothing for me.

I mean, I'm about to have a baby,

stuff, that's hard.

I'm still living with my brother.

I can't do this shit no more.

- Okay, I'll give you your last check.

- All right, man.

- [Man] I hope you find something. I wish you all the luck.

(dramatic music)

(people chattering)

- Hey. - How you doing?

I wanna cash a check.

(paper rustling)

All right, thank you miss, have a good day.

(indistinct chatter)

- [Man] What's up homie?

- You good, Joe?

- That check is go shop.

- [Twist] I don't got nothing, bro.

- Boy, I'm not playing with you, that check boy.

- Yo bro, I don't got nothing.

- Bro, I been watching you for a minute, bro.

I ain't trying to hear that bro.

- I got a family.

- Listen bro, this shit just a robbery bro.

This shit could turn to homicide quick.

Send that check, bro.

- All right here.

(horn honks)

(door knocking) (door creaks)

- What's up?

- What's up, lil cousin, what's the word?

- Cool.

I need a big favor from you though.

- I don't got no money for your little ass man.

Go sell some drugs or something.

- [Man] I don't need no money from you,

why you acting like that?

- So what you want?

- I need a gun and I know you who got one, man.

- Yo, stay up off drawer.

- I ain't get in your drawer.

- So how the fuck you know I got a gun?

Type of shit you been on?

- No, just listen.

- No, you listen.

The fuck you need a gun for anyway nigga?

Somebody violating you?

- Oh nah, nah, you ain't gotta worry about that.

Me and Gino trying to shoot a video

and we need guns for props.

- Prop?

Yo bro, order one of them shit off Amazon.

The shit I got ain't no prop.

It's the real deal.

- Don't worry, we gonna be careful.

You the only person I can go to right now.

Like I got nobody to go to.

We ain't trying to have a corny, cheesy video.

Come on cuz let me down.

- All right, little cuz I'm gonna do this one favor,

but I'm telling you if I don't get my shit back,

you might as well kill yourself.

Oh yeah, and another thing,

if 12 catch y'all niggas, you don't know me.

- [Man] Come on, you know that.

Appreciate it cuz.

- Yo, one more thing, if y'all niggas make it,

I want in.

- You know that shit, come on Cuz.

We gonna make that shit.

- Hit me. - Got you.

(door creaks)

- [Man] Ass little nigga.

Ah, fuck.

- Yo, remember that plan we came up in the studio earlier?

- Yeah.

- I found the way to get the 20K.

- How the fuck you gonna do that?

- You gonna rob Ms. Rose.

- Ms. Rose?

- Yeah.

- Nigga is you crazy?

- Yeah, you fucking, man.

- I mean, she own a shipping company.

Shit should be easy one, two, three and nobody get hurt.

- So we just going grab the money and we out?

Nobody gonna get hurt.

- How you gonna get hurt? Lucky gave me the gun today.

- That's fine.

- I'm down with that. - You down?

- [Man] Yeah.

- The fuck.

Nigga Twist just text me and said Chucks robbed him.

- What? - Robbed him?

- We gonna hang with that nigga later bro.

- What the fuck?

- Tomorrow morning, we gonna link up around here about 8:30.

We gonna head over there, bro, all right?

I'm gonna put Twist on the night.

- We can't afford to fuck up, no mistakes.

- You think I'm gonna hurt Ms. Rose, bro?

- I never know with you.

- Let's get some money.

- No mistakes.

- Yeah, tomorrow, ima call y'all.

- All right bro.

(dramatic music)

- Where the fuck she at, man?

- I think that's her getting out of the car right here.

- Yeah, I know.

Yeah, it's nice out here.

I love you too, I love you too.

Damn thing is huge.

(door rattling)

All right.

(dramatic music)

(car horn honks)

- Yeah, that's her y'all.

Yo, I want you standing on the corner to being a lookout.

- Right.

- You gonna come with me.

Lucky, I want you standing in front of the building.

Aight, you ready?

Y'all ready?

Everything gonna go smooth, right?

- All right.

- Let's move.

- Oh, fuck.

(dramatic music)

- You know, I just got here.

Oh, my coffee is here.

You know I love cold coffee, come on now.

Come on now, now.

Oh, wait.

(man chattering) (woman screaming)

- (indistinct) What you doing?

(gunshot booming)


(dramatic music)


- [Man] Go, go, go, go, go!

- Yo, man, what the fuck?

- Who was shot?

- This stupid nigga killed Miss Rose, man.

- Yeah, you didn't have to fucking kill her bro.

- You killed Miss Rose?

- She knew my fucking name, nigga.

- (indistinct) We gotta go get the money.

Nobody had to get hurt.

- All right, not so loud.

We fucked up right now. Chill nigga.

- Everybody, shut the fuck up.


- Y'all wanna see how much money you got?

- Man, fuck that money right now.

We gotta get (indistinct) out.

- Listen. - How much you got?

- We gonna count the money

then we gonna go to the park,

play some ball so people can see us

so they can know we there for the day.

- [Twist] Larry, what the fuck?

- Shut the fuck up, Twist.


(dramatic music)

- Fuck all that right now.

We gotta get off these clothes.

We gotta change.

Bro, we gonna meet up later.

Somebody cut that shit (indistinct).

I gotta get out of here, I can't stay here.

I can't, I can't stay here, bro.

- We gonna burn our clothes. - I gotta go.

- Yo, safety, y'all.

- Yo, calm the fuck down man, for real.


(notes rustling)

- Yeah, point up, bro.

You're a bitch, bro.

- Who's a bitch, bro?

- My money. My money first, nigga.

- I got your money for you right here.

Nigga, you ain't saying nothing.

You ain't saying nothing nigga, I got you right here.

- Nigga, you short a dime. Give my fucking money, bro.

- Here, here, here, you bitch ass.

Yous a bitch. - What's wrong with you?

- Yeah, pay that man.

Let's go Mario.

- Where's my fucking money? - What?

- Nigga, I ain't got nothing for you, nigga.

Fuck you talking about, I gave you what I have, nigga.

Take it in blood, you bitch ass nigga.

Matter of fact, suck my dick, nigga.

- Why are you talking to me like that?

- Suck my dick, 'cause you caused it Mario.

You never was like that, nigga.

- Yeah, I'ma give you one more chance

to take that suck my dick back, son.

- Nigga, I'm not taking shit back.

Nigga, you heard me. Nigga, yous a bitch.

Mario, suck my whole dick.

You bitch ass nigga.

Get the fuck out of here, you pussy.


(gunshots booming)

- You see what you did my nigga, now suck my dick.

- That's your man?

Get the fuck out the park, nigga.

- Yo Mario, what the fuck is wrong with you?

- That nigga disrespect me in front of my homies.

- Are you fucking serious?

After what we just did, you got the nerve to kill this nigga

in a park?

- He told me to suck his dick off.

- You could have beat the nigga off, bro.


Stop putting your hand on me, Gino.

- Bro, I'm getting real sick and fucking tired of you.

Ever since you got that gun,

you been acting real tough, nigga.

- Don't test me.

- Yo, nigga, come on, come on, come on, come on.

- [Gino] You too gonna back on me now, nigga?

After all we did!

- I never do that, bro.

- You know what, just get my money, nigga.

Get my money.

- Help me take it, bro.

Y'all, I got 10, we got 10.

- We out of here, nigga.

- Get off my crib, bro.

- Let me handle this shit. - Fuck you, nigga.

- Get out of my crib, bro.

- Bro, I'm sick and tired of this nigga, bro.

Ever since he got that fucking gun,

this nigga been really losing himself.

- He off the fuck.

- This nigga really trying to back the gun on me.

- Yo, I gotta get that gun back to Troy anyway.

- Yeah, we gotta get that gun back, bro.

- [Man] At least we got the money for the feature.

- Fuck around and we be his next victims

and I ain't trying to let that happen.

But we got the money for the feature.

Let's just go handle that real quick.

- Yo, what the fuck, bro?

- What?

- Son, you was about to back the grip off

on our fucking friends?

- Man, I wasn't gonna do nothing

to that bitch ass nigga, man.

- So why the fuck you gripping him for?

What you doing?

- Twist, go in the room and get outta my face.

- You gonna stop, Twist-

- Get out of my face.

- Yo, that ass, there's really something wrong with you

ever since you got that fucking gun in your hand.

- Yeah man, now we gonna take care of that for sure.

No, I got you.

All right, yo cop, let me get you right back, son.

- You think I can chop with you for a minute?

- Yo, waddup with y'all little niggas man?

What's good brother?

- I need a brick.

- What the fuck you gonna do with a brick?

You know what a brick cost?

- Nah, how much it gonna run me?

- Some good shit.

Like 18, 18,500.


- 18,500? I got 10 for you right now.

- Nah, son, can't do it for 10.

I'll give you half.

- Nah, I don't need a half bro.

I need the whole shit, bro.

- Son, do you know the cost for a brick?

- Don't worry about it.

If anything happen, it's on me.

- You damn right it's on you man.

But you know what?

I like you son, you know what I'm gonna do?

I'ma give you the other half, son, real talk.

But listen,

listen, the nigga I work for

won't think twice about coming to knock

y'all little niggas heads off, real talk.

- He aint gonna have to come look for me.

- All right son, different number.

But I tell you, but listen,

meet me in the park son in 30 minutes.

Make sure you have that change.

- Good looking, (indistinct).

(sirens wailing)

(tense music)


(door creaks)

- What's up, bro? - What's going on?

- Nice to finally meet you.

- Gino.

- Hola! - Nice to meet you bro.

- We want to know how much

you will charge him for a feature.

- Right now I'm doing features for about 20,000.

- Damn, 20K?

- Yes.

- Work with us?

- I mean work with you like what, talk to me.

- Well, I was thinking something more like around of 10,000.

Like, you know, I'm a upcoming artist.

I'm trying to make it big like you.

- Right.

- It's not me, it's the labels.

They come up with the pricing

and I really can't do nothing about that right now.

- Yeah, I can understand that and everything.

But like we trying to fuck with you.

Like we ain't trying to go to nobody else.

Like I like your reputation and what you do.

Know what I'm saying?

- I respect that.

The thing is I'm contracted, so the labels, everything,

all the business pretty much runs through them.

So it's nothing I could do at the moment.

- You know how it is when you're trying to come up like,

I need this right now.

- Don't always think it's some money thing.

Times is different.

Make hits, kill the internet, start simple.

When I was coming up,

I ain't had a tool that y'all had, to buy cameras,

get studio equipment, I had to hustle for months.

So I know where y'all coming from.

As long as you hungry and you keep going for it,

nobody gonna get in your way.

So do what you gotta do, feel me?

- All right man.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate your insight.

- Definitely. - You know what I'm saying

I really appreciate that.

- Appreciate that and definitely gonna come through

with that 10K too.

- [Man] Say less.

- Yeah, we definitely gonna be seeing you though.

- You know where I'm at?

- No problem, bro.

- Yo, before y'all leave though.

Some up and coming niggas, like some real lit niggas,

they'll take that 10K though

if y'all really wanna fuck with it.

- We don't want them upper niggas, we want you.

- Yeah we cutting with you.

- I appreciate 'em and all that,

but we fucking with you bro. - That's a fact.

- Say that then. - Say less.

- All right man.

- Yep, Pep.

Put this money under the light bulb.

- What do you mean I put on the light bulb.

- Put the fucking money on the light bulb bro.

- Yo, stop talking to me like that.

- Get that bro.

Come on, we over here.

- All right.

- Oh shit, y'all (indistinct).

The fuck is going on? - Good.

- What up, y'all got the bread?

- Nigga, you got that work?

- Man, why the fuck I'm gonna come all the way out here

if I ain't got that work.

Come on, let's get this shit over with, son.

It's cold man, it's cold.

- You ain't gonna let niggas taste it first?

- The fuck y'all niggas (indistinct) now?

- Nigga that shit might be baby powder or some shit.

- Baby powder.

- Go ahead tester, work right there.

- Where the work, bro? - Hold on, hold on, homie.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Where the bread at?

- Shit right down under the light pole.

- All right, don't move bro.

Right there. - We going nowhere.

- Is it?


- Test that shit.

- Nigga I ain't touching shit.

This is your idea.

- Money there right?

- Look like it, for your sake.

Taste good?

Yeah, you look like you do that shit in a regular.

- Yo, you're a funny nigga.

- I mean, I'm testing shit.

It's good?

- [Man] This shit fire, where you get this shit from?

- Don't worry about all that, man.

Okay, man.

Be safe.

Don't fuck it up. Testers.

(door opens)

- What's up girl? - Hey babe.


- Babe, I don't got it right now.

I quit my job.

- Quit your job?

Like we don't got a fucking baby on the way?

- Look Mario told me he has a better opportunity for me

to get some money.

Raise no ass claim,

right now I'm working on getting some more.

- So now you listen to Mario?

You're following him?

Twist, I don't want my baby growing up

thinking shit like this is cool.

He needs a role model.

Get it together or I'm leaving.

- What you mean you leaving?

After everything we all been through.

Now you trying to take my baby away from me?

- I don't wanna leave, I just want better.

And the route you and Mario is going,

my baby don't need to be a part of.

- Can I tell you something Diane?

- Tell me anything.

- Sometimes I don't know how to tell my brother no.

He all I had since our parents died

and we still got this crazy bond.

- I understand that and I agree with you.

Of course I want you to take your brother's side,

but what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong.

And if he can't decide to do right,

then you have to separate yourself from him, brother or not.

But I know you'll make the right decision.

- Look, babe, I'm gonna do better.

I'm gonna go make some money moves later.

I got us, I promise.

- All right, babe, I believe in you.

- Thank you.

Yo, bro, we need to talk.

- If it's about that nigga I killed, bro,

I do not wanna talk about it.

- Nah, it's not even about that, it's about my girl.

She need a few dollars and I feel bad

'cause I can't help her.

'Cause usually when I work, I get paid, give her.

- Well, I can't help you right now.

You gotta go out there and make some more money, man.

Tell her to give you a few days, man.

- I wish I never fucking quit my job, man.

- Quit your job?

Yo, don't come in here crying to me

like a little bitch, nigga.

I told you I got you forever.

Nigga like always.

- I always got your back, I always listen to you.

But lately you been changing.

- Changing?

Changing how bro?

- The same way with the guys, the money, everything.

- Oh, so it's just me now.

Man, them niggas about to kill me out, nigga.

- Or else what?

You gonna kill a brother like you killed that innocent guy?

- Yo listen here, Twist.

You always had the brains, the smarts, the talent.

Oh, Twist did good in school.

Twist this, Twist that.

I finally found something I'm good at, bro.

And you trying to take that shit away from me?

Not gonna happen.

- So what you good at, robbing and killing?

- I can't help it, bro, it's like a drug.

It's a rush.

I love it.

- You need help bro, for real.

- Don't get on my bad side, Twist.

- Yo, just forget about it.

- Yeah, forget about it before you piss me off, nigga.

- Yo, first off, one thing mommy told us

to always stick together.

You continue on this fucking path and I'm done.

- Yeah, you better listen to her.

'Cause going against me is a bad idea.

- [Twist] Yo, good night bro.

- [Man] Yeah, good night pussy.

- [Twist] All right.

(dramatic music)

- Yo. - Yo.

- What's up, you got that for me?

- I gotta go to Mario house,

but I'm gonna get that food tonight.

- All right, bet.

I need my shit tonight.

Can't be out here naked. Got shit to do.

- I got you, I promise you. I got you.

- Nigga, don't promise me, nigga.

Don't say you got me, get it,

get my shit and bring that shit to me ASAP, bro.

- You know, I ain't gonna play with you like that.

Fingers crossed.

- All right, you better not.

'Cause your ass ain't gonna be so fucking lucky

if I don't get my shit back.

- You ain't gotta be like that.

- Auntie gonna hate me.

On this this street shit come with consequences.

You wanna be out here acting like a fucking grown man,

I'ma treat you like a grown ass man.

You remember what I said Lucky, if I don't get my shit back,

you might as well kill yourself.

- Understood, we family doug.

- Did y'all niggas even shoot a video?

- Yeah, the video came up on fire.

- I wanna see it.

- I got you.

Soon as my young boy, he edit it and mix it up.

I got you, I'ma send it to you.

- All right, I'ma let you niggas know

what I think of that shit.

- Appreciate that.

- Don't forget what I said either.

If y'all niggas make it, I want in

y'all niggas used my gun.

- Damn, you acting greedy.

Why people can't do shit from the heart

without they hand out?

- What the fuck you calling me, a handout nigga?

- I'm not shooting.

- Now what I said Lucky, I'll be right here.

Bring my fucking gun.

- [Lucky] Stay put, I'll be right back.

- Don't make me come looking for you, Lucky.

(dramatic music)

- That shit you took the other night.

You ain't put that back yet, right?

- Nah, I should have that shit put back

before the night's out.

- Good.

'Cause I'm gonna need the rest of that to (indistinct).

- I got you. I got you.

- Once you put that back, we going big this time.

The plug told me if I could handle this

I'ma grab whatever I want.

And I'm thinking about expanding to lower Manhattan.

- Yo, who you plan on running in lower Manhattan?

- [Man] I think I have someone in mind.

- Bro, I can handle that if you need me to.

- Yeah, you got too much on your plate already

and I don't wanna over feed you.

- Bro I'm in these streets day and night, this what I do.

Won't be too much for me at all.

- Day and night, and I ain't taking nothing from you.

We been doing this together for a while now,

but I was thinking,

letting the Harlem nigga take care of that,

it's our best option.

- How bro, you know I been all around.

- Yeah, but you naturally a Brooklyn nigga.

- I ain't gonna argue with that.

- You can't argue with that, you know I'm right.

- Well, whatever you need me to do, man, you know I'm there.

- Listen, the only thing I need you to do for me,

Sticks man is get my motherfucking money, man.

That's it.

- Damn, you said that like you gonna kill me or something.

- You now I will if I have to, man.

- [Man] Damn!

- It's business, man, it's never personal.

And you know that better than anyone.

- Yeah man, lemme get your fucking money, sir.

Ain't trying to show a wash the (indistinct) somewhere.

- I'm a little curious,

you know I read the books all the time

and all our regulars turn in what they have for us.

So I just wanna know who you gave that load to?

- I ain't gonna lie, man.

Like keep it real.

I gave it to this little niggas around the way,

like, niggas trying to come up.

So I gave them ranks, they have (indistinct).

- The fuck is your problem, man?

You giving out handouts now

like we running a fucking daycare?

- Nigga, you know they gotta learn the game like we did.

- Sure they do, but not on my fucking expense.

- I'm going out Cop, just relax, man.

No worries.

- You just hitting some Hakuna matata shit?

- Yo, nigga (indistinct).

- Hey Sticks.

- Yo what up? Y'all niggas got my money?

- Yeah man, you give me no time should be out here working,

trying to get that shit out. - Yo bro, shit, slow man.

- Slow?

What the fuck y'all mean slow?

If y'all little niggas knew what y'all was doing

that shit would've been washed already.

- Yo, Sticks relax, bro.

Damn, just gimme a little bit more time.

- More time?

How much more fucking time do y'all little niggas need, man?

- Give me another day, bro.

- Son, I put my life on the line for y'all niggas, man.

I told you.

I knew this was a fucking bad idea, man.

- [Man] Sticks, relax, bro.

I got you.

- Relax. The fuck you mean you got me?

How you got me?

Remember what the fuck I told you son,

its grown man business.

You know what, you got 24 hours, man.

- 24 hours?

What the fuck man.

- Yo, what the fuck you mean a few hours, bro?

Who the fuck this nigga think he is?

- Just relax bro, we just gotta get out here, man

get this paper, man.

- Fine, this is why we should have had our bros

in our corner, bro.

- Man, fuck them niggas.

We don't need them niggas, we all we got, man.

Shut the fuck up.

- Nigga that's your problem there, nigga.

You got the game fucked up.

Loyalty is what keep this shit going.

That no snake seat.

- So you calling me a snake, nigga?

- Nigga, you the only one hissing.

- All right, since I'm a snake bro, be careful with me bro.

- Yo, don't take it personal.

- Don't take it personal, right?

Watch your back Twist.

- Yo, where you going?

Yo, just remember you need me nigga, for real.

All right Mario.

- What's the emergency?

- Emergency?

Yo Sticks, where my fucking money at, man?

- Son I told them to get your money,

just gimme until tomorrow.

- Tomorrow? Are you playing with my bag?

- Yo, ain't nobody playing with your bag, man.

I told you them little niggas move a slow start up.

- Listen, that ain't my problem, man.

And these little niggas you talking about,

is that even true or you just made the shit up?

- Ain't nobody make nothing up, them niggas from the block.

I told you that before.

- I'm wanna meet these little niggas.

- All right, let me handle this situation.

I'm gonna hit your line.

- Don't hit my line, man.


Fuck outta here, man.

- Yo, what up bro?

Yo, one of y'all niggas seen Lucky and Mario, man?

Lucky and Mario nigga, did one of y'all see them niggas?

Yo bro, tell the niggas I'm looking for them, bro.

I gave 'em niggas a joint man, I ain't seen them niggas

in a couple days, bro.

I'm not playing with y'all bro.

Who be with them, you be with them?

- Yeah I had to change the spot,

that nigga Sticks came around.

Yeah, we owe that nigga that bread.

So we be back over there in a few days.

Don't worry about that shit.

Nah, I don't need you today, bro.

Stay in the crib with Diamond and shit.

Yo, let me call you right back, bro.

- Nigga shut the up, I'm gonna call you back, nigga.


I should slap the shit out of this little nigga.

Little niggas be bugging, son.

Yo, what's with you?

Get the fuck off the phone, bro.

Get the fuck off the phone, bro.

I'm talking to you, where the fuck my gun at?

- What gun?

- Nigga, my gun, nigga.

- Nigga I been gave Lucky back that fucking-

- Nigga Lucky said that shit at your house.

Where that shit at?

- I don't have it.

- Bro, so you're telling me my little cousin lying?

Are you telling me my little cousin lying?

- I been gave Lucky back that gun, bro.

- Well, so if I don't get Lucky and bring him back here,

you know one of y'all niggas go got my gun.

I'm shooting one of y'all niggas with your gun.

- All right.

- All right.

Matter of fact, get the fuck outta here, Mario.

- What?

- Mario, get the fuck outta here, nigga.


My fucking gun, nigga.

I'm not playing with none of y'all little niggas.

I do y'all favor for that bomb ass video.

My fucking gun, nigga.

Get the fuck outta here, nigga.

Let's start violating whole y'all little nigga at out here.

I'm dead ass.

Open the fucking door.

- What's popping Big Troy?

- What? Where my gun at?

- Didn't I tell you Mario got it.

- I just left Mario, he said you got the gun.

Stop playing these fucking games, Lucky.

- You gonna take this nigga word over mine?

Listen, I left it with him after the video shoot, bro.

- Yeah, where the video at?

- Damn, that shit still getting edited, for real.

- It's still getting edited?

- Yeah.

- Now if I edit one of you niggas off the fucking equation,

I'm gonna be wrong, right?

- No, listen, calm the fuck down bro.

Relax, that's one grim.

I left it with Mario, bro.

We ain't gotta do all that.

- Lucky I gave you niggas the gun with no problem.

You asked for it, I gave it to you.

What the fuck that nigga (indistinct).

♪ Say it in front of you

♪ Whenever I'm coming through again, run down ♪

♪ Sunrise to the sun down


♪ Better run nigga, I can catch you ♪

♪ I said, dear, pull in it to I'm gonna get this shit ♪

♪ My DNA bring right to your face (indistinct) ♪

♪ You don't want none of this action ♪

♪ Niggas ain't tough, they acting ♪

- Where the fuck my gun, nigga?


(gunshot booming)

- Fuck off me, nigga.

(gunshots booming)

(dramatic music)

(people chattering)

(dramatic music)

- Yo, what's good, man.

Where your father at man?

You know, we don't do business with y'all.

- My father sent me here.

So we doing business or what?

Let me call him, he ain't gonna like that.

- But listen, man, he had usually call me

if it's a change of plans,

I ain't get no update.

- You asked for four, right? This is four.

- Yeah man, let's get this shit over with

because I don't like the way you be talking, man.

And I told your father,

I don't like dealing with your ass anymore.

- You the one act like you got a problem.

- You're disrespectful nigga.

And out of respect for your father is the only reason

why you still breathing.

- Well, since you wanna threaten me, I won't give you shit.

- Listen, I ain't coming to play.

I'm leaving with that respectfully.

- Since you're talking a little crazy,

I put these right back in the truck

and you can deal with my dad.

- Now what the fuck is this nigga talking about?

- So that's it?

You just gonna let that nigga take that shit?

We ain't get nothing?

Man, I'm tired of this nigga shit, bro.

I'm ready to hurt this nigga.

- Yeah, this nigga time expired, man.

Blow that nigga.

(gunshot booming)

(dramatic music)

(phone ringing)

- Hey babe.

- Yeah, what's up baby? What you doing?

- Nothing, I'm about to roll up. What's up?

- I need you to do me a little favor.

- Yeah, anything, what you need?

- I need you to get a little information on someone for me.

- You want me to bring that nigga head too?

- Nah, not yet.

I'll let you know if it comes down to that.

- Nah, you know, I like the excitement.

Come on.

Ain't nothing changed.

- I already know your buck.

- Okay.

Hey, hey, before you go,

do you think that we could makes some time for me and you?

It's been a while and I just want a day.

Or a few hours, whatever.

Just to spend the night or at some time with you

if that's okay with you.

When you free, no pressure. (laughs)

- Yeah, of course.

Just, you know, take care of this for me and I'm all yours.


- All right, bye. Thank you.

Good bye.

- Yo, come on. Hey, but man, get behind the truck boy.

I'm behind the truck.

I'm over here by the truck, come on.

Oh, man.

- Babe.


- Hold on y'all.

Victoria, come on man, you fucking my game.

I ain't even expect to see you.

- Hey you want me to see this dude

but you ain't gimme no peace.

What you want me to do, square up and fight him?

- Oh, can I get back to my game man?

- You can, after I give you a kiss.

- All right, gimme a kiss.

All right see you later, little sexy ass.

How y'all nigga gonna let me get killed?

Ain't y'all ain't even hold me down.

The fuck.


- Can I ask you a question?


Where I'm from we don't have stuff like this.

So what's good here to eat?

- Where you from? (indistinct)

- What you going out here?

- Work, my cousin put me on trying to get (indistinct).

- (indistinct) what did you say your name was again?

- Victoria, your name?

- Mario.

- Mario. Nice to meet you.

- Yeah, but as of right now

I'll grab some chicken or some chips.

- That's the best?

- Yeah.

- I'll have the same.

- What you get into after that?

- I don't have anything planned after this.

What about you?

- I'm either going to crib

or watch a show called (indistinct).

- Can I come with?

- [Mario] You sure, you don't even know me.

- I gave you my name, I'm trying to get to know you.

If I go with you and talk.

- [Mario] You not scared, that I'm gonna try

to hurt you in there?

- No. (indistinct) I'm okay.

- Give me two wings.

- I'ma order the same he has.

No sauce or nothing? - No.

- No?

- [Victoria] You stay here alone?

- Nah, I stay here with my brother Twist and shit.

- What you do for work?

- Ima hustler, baby.

- You are a hustler?

- Yeah.

- What you sell?

- Sell drugs.

- Seriously?

- Yeah, that I gotta survive on here, right?

- Okay, I ain knocking it.

Do what you do.

- Yeah.

I'm gonna get into this fire outta series real quick.

- What is it?

- Some shit called (indistinct).

- (indistinct), but I never seen it.

- Yeah, I know a few niggas in this shit.

And take your coat off, man. Get comfortable and shit.

- You say you sell drug?

- Yeah. - What kind of drugs you sell?

- We selling all types of shit.

Don't really matter.

- It's just you and your brother, you don't have no parents.

No mom, dad, grandma?

- No, my parents died and shit a couple years ago.

- Sorry.

- Yeah. - How they died?

- Yeah, just me say, I don't feel like talking about it.

You are a cop or something?

- I wanna get to know you.

- Let's sit back and watch this show, man.

(dramatic music)

- What's up bro?

- Doing all right. - Heard about Big Troy.

- This nigga Mario. I know it was that nigga.

- Think so? - Can't be nobody else

but him.

He the only one with the fucking gun.

- Nigga Big Troy came and see me hollered me yesterday.

Last night.

He asked me where this nigga Mario lives.

I ain't really telling him nothing no,

but he know I be over there.

- You sure he ain't go to this crib, son?

Knowing Big Troy had to go over there.

I know Mario gotta be.

- That fucking gun, bro.

- I'm sick of this nigga.

We gotta come up with a plan and get the gun from this, bro.

- This nigga asking me for the gun back

and I can't even give it back to him.

- This motherfucker acting like a reckless vigilante.

We gotta do something, son, like for real,

this shit getting out of hand, bro.

- We gotta do something about that nigga for real.

- Yo (indistinct) gang.

- Yo, sorry about the bull. - All good.

- Look Twist, I'll be real with you.

I'm talking about man, I fuck with you.

But your brother, this nigga is out lying son.

You know what that Big Troy got killed last night?

- That's why I came to check on bro.

I ain't know nothing about what's going on.

Me and him been going at it, bro.

Nigga look like he want to fucking kill me.

The nigga sitting in here, (indistinct) out.

I got no control over the nigga.

Honestly, you know that's older brother.

I can't do nothing about that nigga.

- So if you feel like that, I mean what you wanna do?

'Cause we gotta do something.

- Listen, what I'm trying to tell you,

ever since he got that gun,

that nigga changed, the money, the rob, everything, bro.

- You know this nigga.

This nigga almost back the gun off forgot about that shit?

- And guess what?

And I said that's supposed to be all bro.

That's the reason why we had a whole fucking argument.

He don't give a fuck about nobody right now.

Shit, the nigga might even kill me, I might never know.

- So what you wanna do Twist?

'Cause we can't stand around and wait

for us to be fucking next.

- That's my brother bro.

- Something gotta fucking happening, man.

That's my cousin Big Troy, bro.

Now we setting up funeral arrangers, man.

- Bro honestly, I really don't know what to do

about this nigga.

First all, he killed Ms. Rose.

Y'all saying he might have killed Troy.

I don't know who the fuck is next.

This nigga outta his mind.

- So with that being said, I understand that's your brother,

but you know what come next bro.

- Yo, I'm not fucking with this nigga.

- Yo. I'm with Lucky on this one bro.

- Yeah. Yep.

Screw y'all.

I was calling your phone and didn't answer.

- Nah, I came to check on Lucky, man.

- What happened to Lucky?

- Nigga, you got some nerve coming over here.

- [Man] Gino, man.

- We know that was you that killed Big Troy last night.

- Big Troy died?

- What man?

- You still got that 10,000?

- [Man] For what?

- Nigga Sticks on my ass, man, I gotta pay him.

- I ain't giving you nothing nigga.

You gonna close up my plate.

- You don't fuck with me no more?

- Hell no, we ain't fucking with you.

- Yo, y'all chill, man. What the fuck, man.

- Where that fucking gun at, man?

Where that fucking gun man?

Are you fucking crazy? Where that gun at?

- [Twist] Mario. Mario no.

(gunshot booming)

(men chattering)

- Fuck you, Lucky.

And shut the fuck up.

- Somebody help, help me.



- Yeah, what's the worry my boy?

Like little shit, I'm in the trenches right now.

You know, just hit up lick and all that.

That's a fact.

Now I'm waiting for my Uber right now

and I'm gonna come grab some of that gumbo

from you and all that.

All right.

(dramatic music)

Go ahead, lick on.

(dramatic music)

- Hey (indistinct) wad up boy?

Me holler at you.

(gunshots booming)

Where you going? Come here son.

(gunshots blasting)



(dramatic music)

- The fuck you doing over here, huh?

(dramatic music)

- Mario, what's up?

Let me ask you a question.

You always selling drugs?

- Nah.

- Look me in my eyes and you better no lie to me.

I never lied to you.

- Yeah, I'm out here working.

- Why?

- I'm out here fucked up, bro.

You ain't taking care of me. What the fuck is $150?

- You gotta be grateful for what I give you.

Everything I do, I do it for a reason.

When your mother and your father die,

I promise them I'll always look after you.

I don't want you in these streets, man.

This streets is ugly.

Where do you get this fucking money from anyway?

- I had a number.

- And where you get that call from?

- That was a gift.

- A gift?

Where you get that work from, Sticks, right?

- Yeah, how you know?

- I know everything.

You know that little cute girl you met

the other day Victoria.

- That's why she was asking me lot of question, right?

- Where you think she came from?

- Figures.

- Me, I had her follow Sticks.

He led her to you.

Then when I get the name from her Mario,

I said, oh, shit, that was my nephews.

The fuck is you out here doing?

- Just trying to make a living to myself.

I ain't doing nothing crazy.

- Listen, you gotta get that money back to me.

You gotta work it off.

- I got you.

- Sticks won't help you.

- Nah, I don't want that nigga around me.

- It ain't what you want. It's what I'm telling you.

You taking this long, you don't know what you're doing.

That's what I'm trying to tell.

Leave the shit alone, man.

Quit while you ahead.

I love you.

- Love you too. I got you.

(car engine roaring)


- What's good, man?

- Sticks what up bro?


- You know you been hitting my nephews with that work, man.

- Nephews, who the fuck you talking about?

- Mario and Twist, those my nephews, man.

- That's fucking crazy, son.

I ain't know that was your little nephews.

- Yeah, man.

I been trying to keep them niggas away

from the street ever since

their mother and father died

and you just let them nigga talk you into this shit.

- Son, they little niggas from the hood, son.

I ain't know them little niggas was your nephews,

like I said, son,

if you wouldn't have been so secretive with shit

I wouldn't have gave them at work.

- I don't even know what to do about this situation now, man

and I don't even know where they get money from

to even give you to start off this shit.

- Check your stash.

- Nah, everything counted for in the stash, man.

- They doing something, I mean,

obviously they really don't know what they doing

'cause they still owe that brick.

- That's what I'm trying to tell.

And now I gotta pay for that.

- I mean, that's your nephews and I gave it to them.

So it's gonna fall back on me.

But you don't want me to do nothing

because that's your nephews, so it's your work.

So you take that as a loss.

- Can't do nothing, man, what we gonna do?

Kill him, hurt him like we do everybody else?

- I don't know. - It's not even an option.

- Listen, I had a conversation

with the little nigga earlier, man.

I told them they got 24 hours to pass that bread.

So how you want me handle it?

- That shit is fucked up, bro.

- You getting too fucking emotional, son.

How are we gonna handle this?

- I'm still thinking.

- How we gonna handle this son?

- You gonna handle it.

Since you gave them the work,

now you gonna help them get it off.

- Son, I'm a fucking worker.

I ain't no working.

Nigga I'm gonna handle it my way

then they ain't gonna be a good way.

- Ain't nothing good about this shit, period.

- Well, how are we going to handle this situation?

That's your nephews. They owe lot bread.

They ain't pay us, so what are we gonna do next?

- So let me figure it out, I'm gonna call you phone.

- All right, bye.

(birds chirping)

- What up?

- What's good?

- Why you tell your uncle I gave y'all little niggas

that work?

- I ain't even know you knew my uncle.

I tried to lie to him, but he wasn't feeding into that shit.

- So you had no choice and you just went to him

and told him, "Oh, Sticks gave me some work?"

- Nah, he sent some bitch at me, bro.

- Bitch? So now you telling bitches your business.

- She was asking mad questions and I was just answering.

Sorry bro, I fell into it.


- All right, man.

Listen because of your uncle, I spared

y'all little niggas' life.

Remember last time we talked, I told y'all little niggas

y'all had 24 hours to pass me that bread.

But now you got another 24 hour to pass me that bread.

I still need that bread, feel me?

- I hear you. - All right, man.

- Yo twist, that thing gotta happen tonight.

You gotta put that dog down.

- Yo, I'm down with this shit, but this shit gotta go right.

You know he ain't no dumb nigga.

One slip up nigga, we all dead.

- I'm gonna go get us a gun.

- Where you gonna get a gun from though?

- I'ma go holler at my pops mans, nigga like my uncle.

He gonna look at me.

- Yo, I'll hit you back.

- You don't hang up. Yo, yo.

- Yo, got it.

- What's up, bro?

Where you going?

- [Man] Bathroom.

- Yep. - Yep.

You gotta take around with me?

- Where you going?

- Just come with me, two seconds.

- Alright.

- Get your phone.

- Oh shit.

(dramatic music)

- Yo, where you taking me?

- Shot this money to sticks.


- I told you he was gonna find out.

- Yeah, he sent some bitch.

I went through your phone.

It seems you was texting (indistinct) trying to kill me.

- Yo, the fuck is you talking about trying to kill you?

Why you being so paranoid now?

- Paranoid now?

- I mean you talking about me killing you.

How about I ask you, did you kill Big Troy?

Don't fucking lie.

- Yeah, I killed Big Troy.

I had to, no choice.

- What you mean you have no choice, Mario?

- That nigga ran down on me looking for his gun,

started choking me in the hallway.

- So that gave you option to shoot him?

- Yo why are you so pussy, bro?

Every time I do something to somebody,

it is always me, right?

Nigga fuck Lucky or fuck Big Troy.

What mommy and daddy always told us, Twist?

- [Twist] Always stay together.

- So why you not always got my fucking shot, bro?

- What?

Yo, you got some nerve.

I lost my fucking job because of you. Lost my being.

Did this fucking robbery with your ass,

didn't get shit out of it.

And you wanna talk about not being by your side.

Fuck outta here man.

- You know what's funny Twist?

I think it's telling me mommy and daddy, bro.

- The fuck do you mean?

- I'm sorry bro.

(gunshot booming)

(dramatic music)


- What's up? - Sure.

- I need to holla at you for a second.

- All right, have a seat.

(dramatic music)


- Cool. - Come on.

(dramatic music)

Close the door.

What's up with you?

- I ain't gonna lie I need a knocker right now.

- Why, what you doing? What happened?

- I got into a little situation

that's gotten a little outta hand.

I gotta take care of that.

- You sure you can handle that?

- I'm positive I can handle this.

It's kind of personal to me.

- You know if I give you this,

I don't want this shit to come back to me, bro.

- It ain't gonna come back on you.

- You sure?

- I'ma get rid of it as soon as I do what I gotta do.

- All right, just make sure the shit don't come back to me.

- [Man] I can give you some bread for it.

- No, I don't want that.

- You sure? - No, positive.

Just make sure the don't come back to me, man.

- [Man] Never, I got you.

I'll never do that.

I really appreciate that.

- No, don't worry about it. - Okay.

- [Man] Stay safe out there man.

- [Man] Of course.

- (indistinct) give my love, right?

- Exactly. I'm gonna tell you said what's up.

- Yo Mario, yeah I changed my mind about that bread.

I'm gonna give it to you for sticks but I will parts.

All right, meet me downtown tonight by the (indistinct).

All right.

(dramatic music)

Got this.

- What's up bro?

- [Man] Sup?

- Glad you called me and came to your senses.

Got the money?

- Yeah, before I give you this money,

I just need to know why.

- Why what?

- The nigga in the park.

Ms. Rose and worst of all Lucky, bro.

- Yo, listen, I don't give a fuck about Ms. Rose.

I don't give a about the little nigga in the park

and I don't give a about Lucky, man.

I know you ain't called me here for this, man.

Gimme the fucking money so I could go, bro.

- I'll give you the money if you gimme the gun.

- You ain't getting my gun.

You would never get my gun.

- And I ain't come to give you no money either.

- So what the you called me for?

- Let me ask you something.

You did something to your brother too?

'Cause he was supposed to meet me-

- Watch your fucking mouth.

Don't mention my brother, bro.

This ain't that type of party.

This is why I ain't give y'all niggas the 20k now.

You can't fucking rap anyway nigga.

You ain't no fucking body.

Fuck is wrong with you man?

(man thuds)

This is why you called me here nigga? Huh?

That's why you called me here nigga?

You gonna kill me? - Had to happen.

Now its your time to die.

- Hard luck motherfucker.

- Like you taking a trip to hell.

(guns fires)

(man groaning)

(dramatic music)

(somber music)

Man, Lucky.

It was never supposed to end like this.

All the shit we've been through together.

Growing up together.

You was my family, you was my brother.

Never thought our own brother would've turned

his back on us like that.

But that's on gang.

You gonna live forever through me, I promise.

Save me a spot, bro.

(somber music)

(upbeat music)

♪ Shooters

♪ Buck Ruger, what up ♪

♪ Oh, it's too hard

♪ Yeah, bang, bang, bang

♪ Anywhere gang

♪ If I feel it's a problem I'm shootin' ♪

♪ It be walkers and D's so I'm shootin' ♪

♪ That thing on me 'cause I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Don't play with me 'cause I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Don't get to close when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ You might get hit when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Big boys, y'all know what I'm shootin' ♪

♪ You niggas gonna know when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Pop mine, now you red as a stop sign ♪

♪ Straight flat line

♪ 'Cut in single neck time

♪ You know I pack mine

♪ Ruger, chrome and black nine

♪ And I clap mine

♪ Clap, clap, clap, clap, mine

♪ When I get to buckin'

♪ Ain't no fuckin' duckin'

♪ I make it hot as a oven

♪ Straight head bustin'

♪ Yeah, I barely holla

♪ When the lead touch 'em

♪ Bleed I get hype when the red gushin' ♪

♪ Please, don't snitch, don't say nothin' ♪

♪ Breeze, I'm 'bout to come through ♪

♪ And lay somethin'

♪ Trees, I be like green haze puffin' ♪

♪ These bitches on 'em all day buffin' ♪

♪ Email, none of y'all see no one dye cone ♪

♪ G Squirrel, money ride, kitchen and tight go ♪

♪ I gets money, I love the way

♪ That white go to story gets deeper ♪

♪ So nigga just dim the lights slow ♪

♪ If I feel it's a problem, I'm shootin' ♪

♪ It be walkers and D's so I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Bad thing on me 'cause I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Don't play with me 'cause I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Don't get too close when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ You might get hit when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Big boys ya know when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ You niggas gonna know when I'm shootin' ♪

♪ Infra red dot, hit 'em with a head shot ♪

♪ Fella's a nigga with nothin'

♪ But bullets till his heart stop ♪

♪ Fucking make his mums watch

♪ Kill him on his home block

♪ Have 'em plantin' candles and fireworks ♪

♪ Right where that rain drop

♪ Hit him with a hollow clip

♪ I'm soaking like a horrific

♪ If he slip, I'll be sprayin' on him ♪

♪ Till I hear him click

♪ Shut set this nigga mug, these are not camera flicks ♪