Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) - full transcript

Why do girls always fall for the wrong guy? Their mothers warn them about him. Their friends shake their heads disapprovingly. Their minds tell them to escape while the going is good. But no. oh no. Their hearts are another story. You see, they are sending all the wrong signals. His name alone is enough to scramble their brains and set their hearts racing. Meet Raj (Ranbir Kapoor). He is the stuff of dreams, with the looks of a 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' good boy. Who can blame him for falling in love as many times as love is fortunate enough to find him. It's not his fault that he's a heartbreaker, it's in his DNA. Come discover his three love stories; Raj and Mahi (Minissha Lamba, Raj and Radhika (Bipasha Basu), Raj and Gayatri (Deepika Padukone). Different ladyloves at different times in his life. And each of them, teach him a little bit about love and a little bit about life, in their own sweet, sexy or sassy way. Come fall in love - three times. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
People might tell
you not to love me.

l'm very bad. l can steal your
sleep, sweep you off your feet.

l can hold you in my arms
and make you lose yourself.

l can cook up stories.

Wherever you hide your heart,
l can steal it in..

..a couple of meetings,
with a few words.

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

An admirer of beauty,
an enemy of beauty.

My style differs from the others.

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

l'll tease you in front of
the world, won't spare you.

Even if you look away, l'll
ensure that our eyes meet.

Go on, l'll see what
excuses you come up with.

l'll fling my heart at you.

l'll trap you by
making false promises.

An admirer of beauty,
an enemy of beauty.

My style differs from the others.

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

My style differs from the others.

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

Beware, O beautiful ones..
l've arrived..

'Love. Affection. Fondness. Passion.

Whenever it happens with someone.. changes one's life..

..the heart starts beating
faster and makes you sigh.

lt gives you sleepless nights.. tends to daydream.. teaches you what it
means to love someone.'

lt teaches you how to
take those seven steps..

..which lead to the
journey of seven lives..

lf you're lucky, you find
your love, in just one shot..

My case is different.. l am a killer..

l found this love three times..

1996.. it was a fantastic year.
Thanks to Narsimha Rao.

l at least knew three such people..

..who had Motorola cell phones..

And Sachin and l can now
ask for Pepsi with style..

..during the interval of every movie.

'Cut to April 1996..
and now, me, Sachin..

..Pico and JB left
for Europe with style..

..through the affordable
package of Dhingra tours..

..and travels private limited..'

To see Europe and its girls..

Hey, what's this..
There are only cows..

..and grass in the entire
Switzerland, and mountains..

Wrong! Zero on ten.. imported cows,
imported grass, imported mountains.

Hey, Raj, my score..

Hey, Sachin, my game..
it's your fault..

..what will l do
with the imported grass?

Where are the imported girls?

You should thank me,
it's the cheapest tour.

Then even the girls
would be the same..

Yes, not a single girl
tried to entice me as yet.

You fool..

Hey, call me JB,
atleast it sounds cool.

Okay, so now l'll have to lie..

..that l went around with
4-5 girls during this holiday..

'But l didn't know there was a sweet..

..romantic girl in the
same train.. so romantic..

That after watching 'Dilwale
Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge' 1 7 times..

..she left on Eurail.. hoping that..

..she might also find
her Raj, like Simran

One finds a hero quickly in films..

..but this entire tour is
about to end. l am unfortunate.

l will have to go back and
quietly marry the hosiery ..

..prince from Ludhiana,
district Phillaur

Hey, even the hosiery prince will do..'s just that he
must look like Tom Cruise.

Smiles like Shah Rukh.

Has eyes like Aamir Khan..

Has voice like Amitabh.

And romances like Raj..

Mahi! DDLJ again? Raj doesn't exist.

Maybe he does exist..

Where are you going?

To find Raj..

l am going to the bathroom, you fool..

l'm going to the bathroom.

Why are you announcing Raj?

Excuse me..



Guys, there's a
beautiful girl in the train..

Hey! There's a very
cute boy in the train..

- There..

Friends, brace yourselves..
'Love in Switzerland'..

.. mission begins
at the next station.

Hey are you watching a film?
Give it to me.

Okay, let's go
confidently and greet them.

You greet them.

- Yes, you..

Okay, follow me..

Excuse me..
- Yes?

Hi! l'm Sachin, and.. these
are my friends; Raj, JB and Pico.

Really? Did you hear,
Mahi! Who's Raj amongst you?

He's Raj.. Raj dear..
say hello to your sisters..

Yes? Can l help you?


Are you dumb?

No.. no.. sir..
- Then what's the problem?

Sir.. l.. sir.. l was
looking for the toilet.

- l can't help it..

Go upstairs and take a left.

Th.. thank you, sir..

The one in pink is mine! Wow, Pinky..

Oh no, l chose her.

ls it a school bus seat
that you're choosing ?

Hey, Sachin..

Sachin! So? Did you find out anything?

Yes.. the toilet is outside,
to the left.


Did you go and find out about this?

lf you're so confident then go..

and find out directly
from the girls' parents..

Best of luck, l am
going to the toilet..


Where have these parents landed from?

From Punjab..
- Now?

Now say thank you.
- Why?

l've got all the information.

What are you saying?

The one in pink..
- Pinky?

No, Sweety, she plays
basketball at the state level.

She's sporty.. how sweet!

Hey you too are a cute basketball..

And the one with the specs is Mona..

..English honours from
Amritsar University.

Forget about them, tell me about mine.


Mahi? Huh?

What have you to do with the name?

Do you want information or not?
- Sorry.. tell me, tell me.

She's looking for Raj..

Why? Why is she looking for me?

l haven't done anything as yet..

You know that movie, '
Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge'?

lts hero, Raj. All
girls are crazy about him.

She seems crazier than the rest.

l didn't get you.
Who was in that film ?

Shah Rukh Khan!
- ls she looking for Shah Rukh?

No, you fool..! Her romantic hero!

Two hearts unite on Eurail.
Like it Happened in that film.

lt was all rubbish. Stupid
Hindi film. l went off to sleep.

Tell me the story.


About the movie.. about Raj..

But narrate it in short.

ls it emotional?

Do you want to listen to it or not?
- Sorry, sorry, narrate

- Yes, sure, sure.

Preeti, did you hear?



Thank you, Thank you .

lf he's singing, that
doesn't mean he's Raj.

Whoever he is, he's very cute.

lf your papa sees that, then
you'll be dead.. Cute, huh!

Come on, we have to click photos too.

You go ahead.. l'll see
you directly on the train.

Go on!

Where are the girls?

They are in the front seats.

Deal the cards.

Where's Mahi?

She must be with
uncle and aunty behind.

As aunty always
forces her to play cards.

Stop! Please! Papa!

Shit.. Mahi.. stop.

Where's the chain?

Oh, hi!

Yes, we are in the same train.

We were..

The train is gone. We've Missed it.

What do you mean? Don't be silly..

l am not silly, you're blind.

lt was here, right? Now
it's not. What does that mean?

But.. how is this possible?
This is a foreign country.. can we miss the train here?


l'll help you. Don't worry,
l'll talk to the station master,

he'll pass the message
to your mummy and papa..

..and that we'll meet in Zurich. Ok?


Oh.. by the way, l am Raj..



Oh! Sorry! l am Mahi.

l'll just be back.

Wow! What a name
mummy has given me. Raj!

Hi! Excuse me. When is
the next train to Zurich?

6 in the evening..

And the next one after that?

6 in the morning.

Did you find out anything?

The next train is at 6.

6? That means just in the
next three hours? Thank God.


'We're in Switzerland,
just Mahi and her Raj..

and cows and their grass..

You shouldn't tell the
truth at such a time, dear..'

No, 6 o'clock tomorrow evening.

We'll have to go to Zurich by bus.

Why a bus? What if
don't reach on time?

We'll rent a car now..

..that too an open air one.


Hey, why are you wasting time..
l have just one day..

we got to board a flight from
Zurich tomorrow.. come on.. c'mon..

Oh! Sorry Mahi!

The heroes in the
movies have a lot of money..

You need to make do with
a scooter in real life.

l spent all my money on this scooter,
how much do you have left?

l just have some
pennies left. That's it.

How will we manage without money?

We'll manage. Why do you worry?

You're with me,
nothing will go wrong..

Why? What's the guarantee..

Good things happen to good people..

l don't agree.

What? That l'm not nice?

No, that everything
good happens with you.

Didn't you fail in Maths..
- No.

Hasn't your pocket
money ever been cancelled..

Didn't anyone rag you in
front of everyone in school?

Didn't you ever have pimples?-No .

Hey, you're an alien..

No.. l am just Mahi.. when l
wasn't prepared for the Maths exam..

..the exam would get postponed..

..if l didn't like
any girl in my school..

..her father would get
transferred to some other place..

..if l liked a pink
sandal in the shop..

..then unless l got my pocket money..

..that sandal wouldn't be sold..
that's how l am.. very lucky..

You're not so lucky.. you
missed the train, didn't you?

So what's unlucky about it..

'Hey, Raj, you're really lucky..

either she's too smart,
or she's a fool.'

You'll know your good luck only
when both of us starve to death..

So many flavours..

l know..

Mint flavour, strawberry flavour,
look at that! Blackberry.

How will it taste?

What do you mean by that?
Let's go and try it..

ls it your uncle's shop.. when
he sees you, he'll say, son.. has been ages since you've
come.. you've become so weak..

..come and have chocolates for free..

What else..

Oh gosh, he will get beaten up..

Can l try this one?

Actually that one..

Can l try this one?

That one please.

This one..

This one..

No! l didn't like any of them..
what about you?


So shall we leave it?

Are you open tomorrow?

Hurry up and run, Raj!
- Run! Run!

Come on Run Fast!

Hey! Just a minute..


Make a wish and blow it.
lt will come true.

Children do this.

Absolutely not.. am
l a child? l do it.

Ok.. ok.. fine..

Come on, close your eyes..
and make a wish..

Shall we leave?

Hey, aren't you interested in my wish?

l am, but l do not want to hear.

Huh! What logic is this?

Wish logic! You shouldn't tell
anyone after you make a wish.


Because the wish
doesn't come true then.

This means if l ask for the
opposite and then tell you..

..its opposite will come true.

Huh.. What logic is this?

Wish logic.

'What is this, we
jumped from the train..

..we finished all the money
and we'll even reach Zurich by

morning.. and l didn't even
hold her hand, like a fool..

And as usual, l cracked a killer idea

What happened?
- l guess we've fallen short of fuel.

- Yes.

What do we do now? - Nothing.
You were boasting about your luck.

Now let's find a clean place,
wait for the morning, talk sweet..

Till morning?
- Yes. - Are you crazy?

Let's go. We'll find
someone ahead, who can help us.

- Hey! Miss Mahi.

Oh God.. how do l explain it to her..

Come on hurry! Come on!

Aren't there any people here?

Senorita, statistics
says that there are..

..9 cows to every
human in Switzerland.

You might find a cow
in the next lane..

..but it's impossible to find a human.

What nonsense! Hello! ls
anybody there?! Hello!

l'm going to sit here, you can
go ahead and search for humans.

Do you know? When l was a kid..

..l used to think that
stars are God's light bulbs.

You're still a kid!

When l was a kid..

..l used to think that l'd be
an astronaut when l grow up..

..l'll fly in a rocket and
like Rakesh Sharma l'd say..

.. that lndia looks the
better than the whole world.

Stupid, isn't it?

No.. it's not stupid
at all.. that's sweet..

Raj.. l.. l want to
say something to you..


l'm going to get engaged.


Papa has searched for an alliance..


He belongs to our community..


From Lawrence road..


Mahi, l've to confess to you.

We didn't run out of fuel.

l purposely stopped the scooter
in a desolate spot. l'm sorry..

Mahi.. l'm sorry.. l didn't
know that your engagement..

..l'm sorry.. the petrol in
this scooter just didn't..

.. finish so easily come on.

No! No, wait!

Won't you ask me why l did so?

lt's not a wish that won't
come true if l tell you.

Mahi, l really
didn't know that you're..

..getting engaged but actually..

l've written a poem for you.

See! l knew you'd laugh.

No, no.. l'm sorry. Please recite it.

No.. forget it.
- Please..

You won't laugh, will you?

Nowadays one finds
angels travelling by train..

..eating chocolates, making
you dream casting a spell..

.. and then disappearing
from Switzerland to lndia.

l told you it's stupid.
- No!

Although l was aware
of Everything

Since.. since l've seen you..

l don't Know what has happened to me..

l've.. never felt like this before.

Same here.. it's a strange feeling,
isn't it? Are you scared?

Not at all.. l knew..
that l'd find my Raj..

Then why didn't you
tell me that before..

..l dragged the scooter 4
kilometres unnecessarily..

lt's your fault.. l told you..

..if you be with me,
everything will be good..

Then l'll have to be
with you forever..




Wow! Wow!

Slowly.. slowly l
started believing..

Slowly.. slowly l
lost my heart here..

Has the moon fallen..
fallen just like that..

..or is it your glow?

ls the earth flying
just like that.. slowly..

This has happened
for the first time.

l've fallen in love.

This has happened
for the first time.

l've fallen in love.

l can see it in my dreams
that you'll come and tell me..

..that you're living my life.

l thought what it was..

You'll hear it
slowly from your eyes.

Why not l stop this day right here?

We'll not tell anybody.

We'll lose ourselves here.

Has the moon fallen..
fallen just like that..

..or is it your glow?

ls the earth flying
just like that.. slowly..

This has happened
for the first time.

l've fallen in love.

l've got a moment.

Hide these moments from everybody..

lt's listening to your story.

And in that very moment,
you make me your own.

l found my tomorrow.

Using a bed of flowers.. we'll
lose ourselves in our dreams.

Has the moon fallen..
fallen just like that..

..or is it your glow?

ls the earth flying
just like that.. slowly..

This has happened
for the first time.

l've fallen in love.

This has happened
for the first time.

l've fallen in love.

You know what l wished for?
That you miss your flight too.

Why did you tell me? Now
l really won't miss it.

Dear, check the luggage..

Yes, papa..

Careful, children.. see to it
that nothing is left.. listen..

Mahi was supposed to meet us here..

- Mahi!

Mahi! Where were you,
dear? We were so worried.

l'm fine, mom. Papa!

Papa, l'm so sorry..
wonder how l missed the train..

..l was so scared, and l
didn't have money either..

..if Raj wasn't with me..
papa, this is Raj.

Greetings, aunty. Hello, uncle.

Thank you, son..

We were so scared..
we're indebted to you..

We got your message
from the station master.

Thank you.. God bless you.

You're welcome..
sir.. no problem, sir..

Do meet us when you come to Amritsar.
- Sure, sir..

Mahi.. dear.. give him our address..
come on, come on..

..stand in the queue to check-in.

Come dear -Yes papa

So.. now.. will you call me?


l'll follow you to Amritsar..

and that arranged husband will be..


You won't be late, will you?

Not at all.



- So?

Why are you showing this attitude..
tell us what happened?

We all know you are a killer..
but tell us what happened..

l am so excited, tell us ..
- Nothing..

You're so lucky..
tell me what happened?

What do l tell you? lnitially,
he was just helping me.. then..

What? Come on tell us!
Your suspense will kill us.

Then he wrote a poem for me..

So sweet!

Wait.. l'll show you..

Mahi, what happened?

A lot of things happened..


Everything! Obviously..
won't l take complete advantage..

..if l spend so much
time with her, all alone?

She has already started
showing love towards me.

She has even planned
to get married to me.. know this
happens with me quite often..

first love, then kiss..

..then.. everything. Just like that!

Tell us in detail.

Buddy, her eyes..

C'mon, it's time for
the flight. C'mon..

..Killer! Come on!

'l know, l know.. think what
you want to, but l was just 18!

Would l tell the truth to
my friends in such a case?

lt happens.. all this
happens at that age..

l wasn't going to marry her..
her marriage was already fixed..

..she must have
forgotten me after a month.

Year 2002. Place, Bombay.

Mumbai.. l hadn't seen a
city as rocking as this.

Live your own life.. one's got anything to do
with you.. do what you feel like..

..people around you
don't even know your name..

..everyone's busy in making
money and chilling out.. like me.. had been one year
since l returned from Delhi..

..because l got a job in Microsoft.

That means, money,
fun, and.. and Radhika.

My Radhika.

She was from Ranchi,
clothes in the suitcase..

Some money in the pocket.. and
with a dream.. of being a film star.

She's become a hot shot model and
my girlfriend in just one year..

Excuse me, live-in girlfriend.

Live-in means without
getting married, cool, ain't it!'

Babe.. coffee..

What else does one want?
Love, affection?

l have it! l have friendship,
love, chemistry, biology..

l have everything what a person wants.

Without any commitment.
This is called killer fate.

Which changed just sometime back..

Sometime back.

Till now l was living as a
Paying guest with Sachin..

..after saving some money l could
now afford a small flat of my own.

Hey, what fun! After
tolerating Sachin, his dirt..

..and his nonsense for
one year, my own house.

Now l and my bed will
often speak to each other..

..had you slept, then
this would have happened..

Hey.. who's it?

Hey, you! Decent people
are trying to sleep here..

put off the music..

What's your problem?

Hello, madam, you have a problem..
are you deaf?

Excuse me?

Are you deaf?
- Yes.

Very funny! Reduce the volume.
- Why?

Because l'm your neighbour.

And it's your duty
to play music at a..

..tolerable volume and let me sleep..

lt's 10 o'clock in the morning..
normal people are awake by now.

l'm not normal, l mean..

l work in the night
and sleep in the day..

Too bad!

Hey D.J Open the door.

What the..


l.. sorry to disturb you.. l
have a small request to make..

..if you don't mind.. l mean,
only because l am your neighbour..

..l'm decent, l belong to a
good family, l get a good pay..

l'm 6 feet tall.. l
visit the gym.. l mean..

l'd be grateful to you
if you reduce the volume..

l mean, if you don't mind..
Please. Sorry?

Okay.. l'm sorry.. l didn't
know about your working hours..

lt's cool, really, no problem..
it's not your fault..

Ok bye..

Hello! lt's not my fault..

which fool would like to
sleep if she keeps him awake?

And who else will a person love,
if not his neighbour?

Do you have sugar?

'After four months, we've united,

we own two flats,
but live in one room.

Forever, l mean, not
forever in that sense,

forever for a while..'

'Forever for one and a half year.

Baby, coffee..
- Thanks, sweetie.

Today both of us are
happy with this situation.

Who knows the future, boss?'

'This was bound to happen.
Sachin and l worked hard..

.. for the past three years
and today we've developed..

.. such a rocking game
software that ' along with us,

even our foreign bosses
were happy with our work.

Welcome to the team,
mates. See you in Sydney!

To Sydney!

And the blonde girls in Sydney!

To dollars.

And girls!

To Australian places..

And girls in those places!

Hey, we're going to have fun out
there, and not to get married.

Then sister-in-law?
- Which sister-in-law?

Hey, Radhika.

What happened to her?

She loves you.
- So?

So? Won't she come to Sydney with you?


Because.. you're a killer!
She lives with you..

We've combined our flats.
We haven't got married.

Hey, you're doing that again?

What do you mean?

You know what l mean.
You've planned to ditch her.

And l bet you mustn't have
told her about Sydney too.

l'll tell her, why do you worry?

She's going to worry you now!

Relax! You don't know her.
She's a very modern girl.

Just think, she lives with me
even before getting married.

She doesn't believe in
these old-fashioned things.

Two tequila's please..

What are you saying?

Every girl believes in
these old-fashioned things.

They plan to get married
right from the beginning.

Those girls are really cruel.

They're cool first, and then, fool.

No, Radhika isn't
like that. More than me,

she's interested in her career.

She wants to become a
heroine at any cost,

will she get any job in Australia?

What will she do over there?
Crossover films?

Don't be a fool, have your tequila.

lt's going to make
no difference to her.

l promise.

l'm sorry.. l
should've told you earlier.

But l didn't know about it myself.

We heard the rumours,
but didn't believe them.

But it's sure now, Sachin and l
are being transferred to Sydney.

ln five weeks, we need to
arrange for the work permit, etc. too.

l know everything
happened all of a sudden..

l hope you understand, baby..

We'll have to get married in court.

We don't have time
for a fancy wedding.

Everything will have to be
done in short, in five weeks.

Oh God, that's why
you looked so stressed!

Don't worry, baby,

l am there. l'll handle it all..

We'll have to get it
registered in court,

you'll have to come for that..

the things in the house..
l'll give it to Anushka..

Oh my God.. this is so exciting..
we're going to Sydney!

Mr. and Mrs.Sharma.. in Sydney.

But.. but.. your career?

Raj! Come on, baby!

You know you're most important for me.

A little sacrifice a
little compromise..

.. this is what marriage is all about.

l am with you, l
don't need anything else.

Today is such an
important day for you..

l'm so happy.. l wish mom
and dad were here today..

Anyway, you're here..
what else do l want?

'What's happening with me?
Why is this happening?

What do l do now? Sachin.'


What?! Are you mad? What can mamma do?

Everything! Your mummy
is your secret weapon.

Use her anyhow. Tell
sister-in-law that your mummy is a witch.

What are you saying?
My mamma is so sweet.

You know that, but
sister-in-law doesn't.

Tell her she has selected a
girl for you, from Bhatinda.

From Bhatinda?

Does it make any difference?
Say from Phagwara..

Sorry, sorry.

The word 'mother'
has a lot of strength,

just take your mother's name,
sister-in-law out.

Firstly, stop
addressing her as sister-in-law.

l was just.. getting habituated to it.

Don't get habituated to
bad things, my brother.

Mummy Please Forgive me!

By the way Congratulation
- Happy lndependence day!

Really? So sweet! Oh, he's here,
just a minute, aunt.. sorry?

Mamma.. thank you..
hold on, mamma.. So,

you used to urinate under a
tree in Cunnoor? Dirty boy.

Who.. who.. are you talking to?

To our mamma!

Mom is saying that
dad has to undergo a..

..hip replacement surgery,

so they can't come for
the wedding so soon.

So shall we organize a proper,

grand reception afterwards?
ln December?

You'll get a leave on Christmas
and New Year in Sydney, won't you?

Mama, let's organize it in December.
Yes, just a minute..

Mamma wants to talk to you..

Yes, mamma. Yes, mamma,
promise mamma, sorry mamma..

'Yes, yes, yes.'

'No, no, no.'



Every woman's dream is to
have a few kids around her.

Buntu and Chhotu trouble her
all her life. Go and tell her.

Sorry, not possible.

l lost the ability to
produce children when l was a kid.

Are you mad?

Hey, l'm not challenging your manhood.

Just say, there are
just production hassles.

She will never marry you in this life.

Who'd like to use a damaged product?

Killer idea.


What do you think? A blue..
or a grey tie?

Definitely blue.. very
Shah Rukh at Filmfare..

l can never be a father.

When l was a kid.. from the cycle..

sorry, not possible.. damaged goods.

Why didn't you tell me before?

How.. could l.. l couldn't.. l mean.
l can't handle it myself..

so many tests.. still not possible..
l.. l'm sorry.

Please give us a minute.

'ln just one minute.. my life
will change in just one minute.

ln just one minute, l'll be free.'

Baby.. do you know
how much l love you?

Like.. every girl, even l
have a dream.. to have a house,

a loving hubby, and two children..
my children..

l understand..

No, baby, you don't understand.
l want that family,

but with you, l want children,
but with you.

We love each other so much that our .. won't be
insufficient for anyone.

Even if it's an adopted child..

after all, an adopted
baby is even more special.

Baby.. it's today that l've
realised how much you love me..

.. you didn't hide
this from me. Thank you.

And the best thing is
that the adopted baby..

..won't have a nose like yours.

'Laugh.. laugh on my helplessness..'

August 8th, 3 pm. You'll
require three witnesses.

Anushka, Mrs.Shetty and.. Sachin?

'Sachin, do something..
or else l'll be dead..'

Bachelor party.

Think.. bachelor party..
liquor, having fun..

.. display of sexual desires.

How cheap!


What are you doing?
- Packing..


l'm going over to
Anushka's place for a few days.


Raj.. you want to say
something to me, don't you?

What? Nothing! Why?

l don't know.. since a few days,

l feel you're behaving
very strangely with me.

Almost as if you're not Raj..
someone like Sachin..

l don't know.. what's wrong
with you? ls something wrong?

'This is the right opportunity,
boss, tell her..'

Radhika.. actually..

Am l doing something wrong? l'm
trying my level best so that ..

..everything goes perfect.
Our wedding, our life,

but l don't know why l
feel that you're not happy,

with me, with us..

'Why? l mean, why? ls
it necessary to cry?

No argument, no discussion
is complete without this.

Tears flow and wash off a guy's life..

Baby.. don't be silly,
it's nothing like that.

You know l love you..

l'm so stressed these days,
new job, new responsibility..

And also you've become so emotional.

l'm sorry.

No, it's okay.

Are you sure?

l'm sure.

You're happy, aren't you?

No! Of course, baby..
l am happy. Very happy.

'Mister, how much will an
additional ticket to Sydney cost?'



3 pm on the eighth,
you remember, don't you?

lf l start forgetting now itself,

then how will l remember
our anniversary.. baby..

Ten minutes to 3, Raj is very punctual
he always reaches 15 minutes late..

To new job, new girls.

New life!

His office colleagues said that..

..he left by the
morning flight for Sydney.

'lt's very difficult to handle tears'

'But breaking one's heart is easier..'

'Sydney, Australia.. down under..

.. well, it's a 15
hour flight from lndia..

..but they're far ahead in attitude..

football, barbecues, beer,
babes, boats, beaches, surf,

sun and sand.. this is
the passion out here.'

'Obviously, if one stays here,
he cannot stay anywhere else..'

'The life, the style of working out
here, the people and the seasons..'

'Here you tend to fall in
love with every season..

in every season there is love..'

'Everything rocks! Sydney rocks.
lf you know what l mean, mate!'

Space invasion ? or Alien invasion?

One question can change your life..

Wrong question.

The life changing question is..

..that will we go to
Aqua or Water Bar?

Difficult question. The
same hot shot models.. Water bar with revealing clothes.

And intelligent,
educated girls in Aqua..

Water bar!

You're so beautiful. Your
skin is like porcelain..

You smell so good. l
could eat you up..

Stop.. stop.. go slow..

Come on, Bianca..
let's have some fun..

My name's Tia.

Tia.. yeah.. that's what l said.

No, you said Bianca..

Same thing. They both end in an A..

Stop the taxi!

But Tia.. l meant, Bianca.. l meant..
Wait, what's your name?

What's in the name?

Well, ask her, whose name you forgot.

l'm sorry?

Say sorry to the one
whose name you forgot.

You're a girl!

Really? Your observation
powers are quite good..

l'm impressed!

With my observation powers?

At your speed,

l haven't seen such a fast
hook up and break up in my life!

Are you making fun of me?

No, dude. l'm serious.

You need guts to lose your
chances with such a hot girl..

That was fab!

Actually, l am impressed..
at three in the night, ..

..alone, being a beautiful,
lndian girl..'re driving a taxi in Sydney.

Aren't you scared?

Why should l be scared?
l know Taekwondo,

one pocket of my jeans
has red chillies and..

..the other has a Swiss knife.

And there's a hockey stick in
the boot, made in Jalandhar.

You should be scared, shouldn't you?


So where do you want to go?

Near the village, Double Bay..

Double Bay.. rich spoilt boy, huh?

That's me.

Good for you..

25 dollars please.

Thank you..

Whenever you need a taxi, just call..


Listen, Sachin.. did you know that..

..even girls drive taxis in Sydney?

Australian girls?

lndian girls..

What's the use then? They
must be the aunty types!

Healthy old kinds, and one who
haven't waxed all their life.

The ones who have long
moustaches on their upper lip!

No, a young, cute.. lndian girl..

CSL is moving very sharply.

Yeah, but l'd put my
money on Rio Tinto

The cash flow is set to be 1 1 percent
higher than last year's first half.

l think you're right.

Stop here, please.

Ten dollars please. Thank you.

Rio Tinto.


Hi, this is Raj.


The other night.. l was with a girl.. dropped me to Double Bay..

Oh.. the break up guy?

Yes.. the same! Can
you pick me up.. please?


What's so funny?

Nothing. What happened?

Nothing at all,
what's going to happen?

l mean, do you roam in
your underwear just for fun?



Family friends. Call me!

Where to?

Actually.. l'm very hungry..

where will we get food
at this hour? Any idea?

l have a lot of ideas, but
nothing fancy.. will it do?

Of course it will!

By the way, l'm Raj.

Good for you..

Why isn't life so simple?

Why do people become
so philosophical..

..after seeing the sunrise and sunset?


Life is as simple or
complicated as you make it..

Okay.. so what's your simple plan?

What l do.. Bschool in day
and drive taxi in the night.

B-school? Now l know..
Business school, then job..

..then marrying a rich NRl,
holiday in Hawaii,

shopping in Paris,
wearing diamond earrings.

Why do you need to get
married for all this?

Because every girl wants
to get married, trust me.

Yes, but l'm not like all the girls..

l know that.. you're cool,

..but at the end of the day,
you'll be there.. the wedding dais.. with
the dream of two children..

..and the colour
scheme of the entire house..

You just don't get it, do you?

l don't believe in marriages..
there's nothing lacking in my.. that l need a
husband to fulfill it..

l don't say that all girls are wrong..

..but this is right for me..
marriage? No way..

You're something else, you know.

l know.

Let's leave? The meter is running..

it might have touched 50
dollars or more by now.

Meter? You kept the meter on?

Yes.. you're a passenger..
l am on duty.. wanted to waste time,
that's not my problem..

l get the point.

There are some more in
the store room. Flavoured.

These are not mine. And these.

These spaghetti.. and milk too..

l swear l had taken milk too..
- And.. whipped cream?

l don't know how these
fell in, it's not mine.

Whose trolley is this?!

What are you doing here?
- l work here.

You're a star.. shopkeeper in
the day, taxi driver in the night..

..saving the world from
starvation and boredom.. super hero.

Hey, get it right,
dude! Super heroine!

Will you give me the
rest of the goodies..

Sachin! Hello! Sachin, yes.. shit,

l forgot my friend.. okay listen,
hello sorry Sachin..

What's up?

Nothing.. there was an
important meeting to..

..launch a new game..
l completely forgot..

Which game? Halo 3?

Yes.. how did you know?

Come on, dude, who doesn't know?

The Wall Street
Journal talking about.. since so many days..
Never a company's stock..

has ever risen to 46%%% in such a short
span and that too in anticipation..

What are you doing on Saturday night?

Why? Do you need a taxi?

No. lt's a launch party..
will you come?


Do you have proper clothes?

l don't.. should l not come?

No, no, come,
clothes make no difference.

More spaghetti..

So like l was saying, he's the
one who actually created the game.

And he's the one made the weapon?
- Yes.

The weapons are
basically these big guns..

..we created these new
weapons that when firing..

l haven't played much with the Xbox..

..but l've heard Xbox 360 rocks?

But have you heard
about the Xbox Live?

The online multiplayer system
- Yes.

By Xbox 360.. oh, l love that,

l play it with my
friends all the time.

Taxi driver?! You
brought a taxi driver along?

l agree that she's beautiful
but you, with a taxi driver?

She won't change even if you
say that repeatedly, you fool.. what if she's a taxi driver..
she's educated, intelligent..

Even my watchman is intelligent..

l don't bring him for parties..

Why are you over reacting..

Won't l? You used to be a killer.. you behave like a fool..
you work the whole day..

..and then taxi driver..
you've brought a taxi driver along?

What's wrong with you?

She's not your types.. yourself said she's the
intelligent types.. Right?..

You're worrying needlessly..
she's my friend..

l hang around with her.

Hang around? Brother,
she's a girl since..

.. when have you started
to hang around with girls?

Remember, girls are preys..
and not friends..

'Sachin, is not
keeping quiet for once..

..he's not letting me concentrate..

God! She's looking so beautiful..
you know,

l never noticed her hair..'

Hey, Raj!
- Huh?

l've been barking
for half an hour now..

Hi.. l hope l'm not
disturbing you people.

No, no, we were waiting for you..

..we have no topic left to
talk to each other. - lsn't?

Oh.. get me a drink..
- Ok.

Dance with me..

'Are all girls like this,
and l never noticed them..

..or is Gayatri like this?
She's a friend, but beautiful..

..she's crazy.. but cute too..
she's intelligent, smart..

.. and l think l am falling in love!'






l only bow down to worship

But l also come to a
stop when l see you

Does this happen to everybody?

What do l want from everybody?

Everything concerns you now

You've become a blessing to me

l only bow down to worship

But l also come to a
stop when l see you

Does this happen to everybody?

What do l want from everybody?

Everything concerns you now

You've become a blessing to me

The Lord knows that l'm smitten..

The Lord knows that l'm lost

The Lord knows why this happened..

Why you've become my God..

lf you tell me to, l'll
walk on your footprints..

..and stop at your will

lf you tell me to, l'll make
an excuse out of my dreams..

..and meet you yonder..

l learnt the matters
of the heart from you

l learnt about these ways from you

l lived by dying for you

The Lord knows that l'm smitten..

The Lord knows that l'm lost

The Lord knows why this happened..

Why you've become my God..

My hear wishes to
seek shelter in you

l fear that l might lose you

My heart says to relax and
not cast an eye on myself

l fear that l might cry

l make a hundred promises to you

Bind your heart with mine

l don't know what happened to you

The Lord knows that l'm smitten..

The Lord knows that l'm lost

The Lord knows why this happened..

Why you've become my God..

l only bow down to worship

But l also come to a
stop when l see you

Does this happen to everybody?

What do l want from everybody?

Everything concerns you now

You've become a blessing to me

The Lord knows that l'm smitten..

The Lord knows that l'm lost

The Lord knows why this happened..

Why you've become my God..

Why you've become my God..

What's the matter?

l'm getting married.
l'm getting married.

What? To whom? To.. that taxi driver?

Gayatri.. yes, l'm
getting married to Gayatri..

How is this possible?
What about our vows?

The promises we made to each other..
we'll be together..

..we'll have fun.. with
every girl in the world..

.. you know what l mean..
marriages are meant for fools..

.. you have no idea what
you're talking about..

..what's wrong with you?

l'm in love.. with Gayatri..

You used to say that we've
only done the wrong things.. life, now l'm going
to do something right.

l love Gayatri, l want to marry her..

l have no one left in my life except are my friend, my brother..

..that's all l came to tell you..

Now you sit.. chill..
drink beer.. l am going.

My life is waiting for me..

Okay, now?

No.. just a second.. okay.. now!

- l've had a lot of fun all my life..
you know everything..'ve changed me and my
life completely, Gayatri..

l love you a lot..
l'll always do.. forever..

.. the old-fashioned one.. not
the forever used these days..

Whose warranty
gets..years after marriage

You make life simple..
Gayatri, marry me!


You are joking.. Right?

No, Gayatri. l'm serious.

l am proposing to you, Gayatri..

Please don't do this.. Don't spoil it!

What are you saying..
l want to marry you

How is that trying
to spoil everything?

l'm sorry.. it's all my fault,

l think l let it go
too far. l think l..

Gayatri, what are you talking about?

l'm sorry, maybe l created
a wrong impression on you.

l.. don't understand..

Gayatri, l am talking
to you about marriage..

Raj, l've already told you..
l don't want to get married..

l don't believe in marriages..


But you thought it was
all just small talk?

l talk to the point,
Raj.. l have never lied..'s about my life.. and l
want to live it on my terms..

..tell me, will you allow me
to drive taxis for my MBA?

No, right? Will you let me
work in a grocery store?

No, right?

Today you might allow
me to do what l want..

..and you won't stop me..

.. but let's get real, some or the
other day you'll surely tell me that..

.. you earn a good amount
and you'll pay my fees..

.. why do l need to do all this?

Why do l need to come late everyday?

Why l don't spend time
with you.. l need it..

l want to live the way l want to..

l have to do everything on
my own, on my own merit,

l don't want to lose myself
for someone else's thoughts..

But.. but l thought
you loved me, Gayatri?

Of course l love you,

Raj.. but what has
that to do with marriage?

Everything.. Gayatri, even
l used to think like you..

.. but since l've been in love
with you, everything has changed..

But nothing has changed
for me, Raj.. l'm sorry..

..perhaps, l don't love
you the way you love me..

ln fact, if love is marriage,
then l think l don't even love you..

Gayatri.. just listen to me..

lf you think l'm being in a hurry,
if l'm pressurising you..

..then l'm sorry l'll slow down..

l'll wait the state l am in, even if
you need your entire life, l'll wait..

..forget that l ever
said something to you..

..forget it forget the
candles forget everything..

How should l forget?

All this.. l'm sorry, Raj..

..perhaps, l won't reach
that stage where you are.. answer will be the same..

..the moment you are ready
to wait for, all your life,

l don't have that
moment to give to you..

l'm sorry.

Shit! Why am l crying?

What's this, Raj..
why are you crying..'re a killer..
nothing happens to you..

Nowadays one finds
angels travelling by train..

.. eating chocolates, making
you dream, casting a spell..

.. and then disappearing
from Switzerland to lndia.

You know that you're the most
important person in my life..

A little compromise
and a little sacrifice..

.. isn't this what
marriages are all about?

You are with me, l don't
need anything else in life..

l am just plain lucky!

We both love each
other so much that we..

..won't fall short
of love for anybody.

Since the last two weeks you
haven't answered my calls..

..nor have you come to office,
nor have l seen your face.

And suddenly you are leaving..

l don't understand anything!

Don't stress..

l am not stressed.. l am
finding it difficult to understand..

l am going to
apologise to Mahi and Radhika..

Try and understand my position..

..l am ageing.. it takes
time to comprehend things..

..and l still haven't had a drink..

..let me ask once more
with feelings.. why?

Because now l know how it
hurts when you love someone..

..and that someone
rejects you.. it really hurts.

Basically, you're doing all this
to get back Gayatri, aren't you?

No, Gayatri won't come.
She doesn't love me.

l am going to clean up the
mess l have made in my life.

Don't know why it
doesn't make any sense.

You are going for a world tour
for something you did ages ago?

That's strange..

Strange but true.

Look its simple Sachin, when
my heart was broken it was..

..then l got to know painful it is,
how heart-broken a person can be..

..when someone treats you like Raj..

..and till l don't ease their
pain l won't feel relieved..

..that's why l thought the least a
rogue like me can do is apologise.

You will return bruised.

lt's not that simple,
you ring the bell..

..ding-dong and say sorry, madam.

l know. But l have to do it.
l will have to do it.

The rest depends on them..

This is to announce the
departure of Flight SQ 232 to Delhi.

Passengers are requested to
proceed to security check.

That's me.

You okay?

Let me know if you
need to bash someone up.

l will.

Also call or SMS me if
they have a hot sister.

l surely will.


'The past is over..
there's no control over it..'

'And you will
rectify the future only..'

'When you set things
straight in the present..'

Stop here.. How much?

40 rupees, sir.

'l had called up in her house
as a credit card agent that's..

.. when l got to know that Mahi
has now become Mrs. Ahluwalia..

Great! Now she also
has a junior Ahluwalia!

Whom do you want?

Hello kiddo, is your mother at home?


Fabulous! Ahluwalia and Ahluwalia?

Dear, call your mother.


Why do kids these days don't listen?

No, Goldy please
don't behave like this..


Hi, is Mahi there?

She's gone to her mother's house.

lt is Chhoti's.. my
sister-in-law's wedding. And you're?

l'm Raj. Mahi's friend..

l met the Pasricha
family in Switzerland.

We went for a Eurail trip together.

lt's has been a long time, how is she?

Get used to it. lt
will hurt for a few days..

..till it doesn't turn from
black to blue and then yellow.


l think you mistook
me for someone else.

l.. l.. think there has
been a misunderstanding.

You're the rogue Raj Sharma,
aren't you?



l'm Joginder Singh Ahluwalia,
Mahi's husband.

Where are we?

Doesn't make a difference.. Be
grateful that you're alive..

You.. l mean l..
will stay alive, right?

Shut up and drink the whisky.

Don't get scared. The
brave never harm the timid.

Look.. sir.. l'm not
here to mess things..

You messed up 12 years ago..
and l'm paying for it.

You know.. about me?

Preeti told me long back..

No sir, l've..

lf l could l would have gotten
hold of you and taught you a lesson..

..but no one knew
about your whereabouts..


Don't take her name..

Yes, brother..

l hope you weren't thinking that
she must be still waiting for you..

..pining for your love?

Clear out your misunderstanding..
or l will clear it for you..

No, sir.. it's been cleared..

l had seen her 15
years ago on Lawrence road.

She was enjoying snacks with Preeti.

l've been in love with her since then.

But she didn't even notice me.

From a distance l just
kept on loving her..

..problem is that now she is my wife..

..but l still love
her from a distance.

l still can't talk to her.

l don't know to sweet-talk, in
which rogues like you are experts.

You are so lanky.. you
have no muscles nor spine..

l wonder what she saw in you!

l had to pay the price for
whatever she saw in you.

She neither believes
in love, nor in romance.

She neither watches
movies nor listens to songs.

She holds back everything inside.
She just does her duty.

My house is perfect,
She's a perfect wife.

My children are perfect.

Whenever l talk about love, romance..

..she suddenly remembers
to clean the kitchen shelf.

And l.. l wait for the
day to see in her eyes..

..what she couldn't see in mine.

By God! You are Raj..

l think you are drunk. l am
not Raj, you fool, you are Raj..

No, sir.. Raj.. the DDLJ one,
Mahi's romantic hero..

..the one she was looking for..
her perfect love..

lf l could only have
5 minutes with her..

Not even a single second..

l will kill you if you come
even a kilometer close to her.. have already ruined everything.. don't need to
mess it up further.

l have been rectifying your
mistake from past 12 years..

..if you go close to her then it
will take me another 12 years.. need to apologise to her.

Sardar practically
dropped me till Delhi.

But l am also a killer,
l wouldn't go so easily..

Yes, l was a little scared but l
will do what l came here for..

..and as it is l have paid for 3
nights and 4 days.. so might as well..'

Chocolate milk-shake, sir.


Can't have it the normal way..
thanks to Mr. Ahluwalia..

Come on lets drink and celebrate

Wedding party.

To Karan and Piya!

Piya? Pasricha's daughter?

Yes, sir.

Nice family. ls the groom any good?

Have a look for yourself.. the
one in blue shirt.. Karan Behl.

Behl electrical's only son..
has two bungalows..

and l've heard they also have
property in Delhi's golf link locality..


'Why bother about the market value..
l am just wondering..

..if DDLJ had a few such ideas then..

..that would have made
things easier for me.

Offer him champagne, my treat.

Compliments from the
gentleman at the bar.



Pal.. you can't cheers
from such a distance..

..come here and enjoy it with me.

'lf things don't work
out in the normal way..

..then use a straw.. Mahi..
l am coming..'

Closer.. closer..

Where's Mahi?!
- Mahi!

Coming.. please excuse me..

Sorry mom..

Hey Raj!

lt's him, right?


What is he doing here?

l don't know.. didn't
ask me before coming..

Didn't Karan call out to him?
ls he from the groom's side?

lf it's so then l am telling
you Mahi, break the alliance.

Don't let Chhoti marry Karan..

..if such people are
there in his family..

..then the entire family must be bad..

Forget it.

How can l forget it? lt's
the question of Chhoti's life.. will affect her children..
l will go and find out.

No, Preeti.

Patiala peg
- Yes sir..

lt's Scotch..

From where did you get
the guts to come here?

There's something in
the winds of Punjab.

Don't be over smart.
You will get thrashed.

l am keeping quiet because
the groom's family is here..

..but if you go any closer to Mahi..

..then everyone will return
bruised and battered from here.

Hello.. dad's rifle is in the jeep..

..and l know how to shoot..
so take care, okay?

Oh really! Thank you..
pleased to meet you too.

l can see the
Punjabis' love overflowing.



Yes, of course..

No.. not at all..

l can't be mistaken.. are the same boy who missed..

..the train along
with Mahi, aren't you?

'That's it.. another
slap on the way..'

Son.. l didn't get a chance
to thank you properly then.

You had helped her.

l'm the bride's father.. l
am saying it from my heart.

My family shall never
forget this favour of yours..

..please.. take this
to be your own house.

Thank you, sir..

Let me know if you need something..

Yes, sir..

God bless you, son.

Hi, Mahi.



Meals are being served..
please help yourself..'s a buffet, Chinese,
lndian and continental..

- Excuse me..

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!

l don't want to wear it.. No darling
Dimpy, you are looking so handsome.

- Yes son.

l'll back in a minute
- Please go..

'Both of them should be
Black Cat security personnels..

..why are they wasting
their life in Punjab?'

Karan, where is the drum..

What are you doing? l
will lose my points.

Let me play or l
will complain to mom..

lf you seek mummy, l will seek daddy.

Daddy is also scared of mummy..
l won't give you the game..

What are you doing?

Checking my games..

Which games do you have?

Bio shock, project Gotham,
Raining 4 and Halo 3

Halo 3?
- Hmmm..

Even l want to play.

Sorry, l only let my friends play.

Then lets be friends. l am Dimpy.

My name's Raj.. but what
game do you have in exchange?

ln exchange ..none
goldy took that one stupid

Any other game will do if
you don't have a video game..

Carom board is at home..

Oh.. then l will
think of something else..

Sister, how's that possible..

..that brother-in-law is
dancing and you aren't!

No, Karan.. l'm sorry..

Forget it Karan, she isn't
interested in these things.

Mummy mummy
..Goldy's stomach is paining.

..he is in the bathroom crying..

l'll just come, Chhoti. lf you find
Dr. Bhandari then don't let him go..


Goldy. Goldy. Son..

He's in the drawing
room playing video game..

l made Dimpy lie,
goldy's stomach isn't aching

l wanted to meet you..

l am not from the groom's side..

l do not know Karan either,

l befriended him only to meet you.

Sorry.. l just wanted to
talk to you.. in private.

We don't have anything
to say to each other.

Mahi.. l do.. l want
to apologise to you..

Apologise? What for?

For what l did.. in Europe.. Mahi,

l didn't do it on purpose..
l was an idiot..

l wanted to be a killer
in front of my friends..

that's why that lie..

You said so many lies..
everything was a lie.

You were interested
in just one thing..

You think l do not have any sense,
that l am the biggest fool in..

.. the world or l am a pilgrimage..

.. a holy place where you
can wash away your sins..

What do you want? That
l should forgive you?

l forgive you. Okay? Happy?

No.. it's all wrong.. was wrong that l
tried to be your Raj.

lt was wrong that that l
made you lose faith in love.

lt was wrong that you lost..

..hope that some Raj
is waiting for you.

And l apologise for all that.

There's no need to apologise.

Whether you alive or dead..

whether you feel the hurt or not..

.. it doesn't make
any difference to me.

l forgot those few moments l
spent with you when l got married.

Ok. Ok. Maybe l deserve it.

But why are you punishing Joginder?

What nonsense are you talking?

You have closed your heart so
tightly, that neither could you see..

..his love nor could
his love reach you.

He loves you like crazy..
but you didn't notice it.

The love you always wanted..

Joginder is your Raj, Mahi.

You have married your
Raj but you can't see that.

lt's none of your business..

.. of what's going on
between me and my husband..

l love him..

lt's not necessary to
display your emotions..

What rubbish.. love should be seen..

.. you have taught me that.

Leave my hand.. you don't
have any right to do so..

But Joginder does.. he
has a right to leave you..

especially after knowing
what happened between us and ..

..why are you like this..
Preeti told him everything.

He is still waiting for
you since 12 years Mahi..

Which man has so much patience..
a husband here is happy..

..having a wife who is taking care
of the house and producing babies..

Love is just
restricted to the honeymoon.

But your husband is
not like that.. you are..

You know that both
of you are not happy..

..but you can be..
if you do something..

lt's difficult to find love, but
once found can be lost easily..

Ensure that it does not
go out of your life, Mahi.


That.. kohl is a little..


No.. there.. no..
give l'll.. may l do it?

- Gone?

Chhoti was looking for you the
music ceremony is about to begin..

Oh.. okay.. l am coming..
you go ahead..



There was a delicate little doll

She was a bundle of love

l bestow over that love

There was a fearless lion

He came wearing the nuptial garb

l bestow over that beloved

There was a delicate little doll

She was a bundle of love

l bestow over that love

There was a fearless lion

He came wearing the nuptial garb

l bestow over that beloved

The palanquin was adorned

He was atop the horse

Where did this love disappear, dear?

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

He was waiting to
give away his heart

Sitting afar, ages
passed yet you never realized

Make him forget all
the woes of his youth

Just call out to him sincerely once

Give up your obstinacy

Go to him

When the heart broke,
it was for love

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

O beloved, tell me

My love! My love, come back now

My love! My love, come back now

Even God has forgotten me from..

..since the time you've left my side

Don't know where she vanished,
never found her again

The one who was like a flower,
withered away

Never blossomed again

l asked God for love for
the one who resides here

l wish he comes back to me

Give up your obstinacy

Go to him

When the heart broke,
it was for love

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everbody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

There was a delicate glass doll

She was a bundle of love

l bestow over that love

There was a fearless lion

He came wearing the nuptial garb

l bestow over that beloved

The palanquin was adorned

He was atop the horse

Where did this love disappear, dear?

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody

l'll reveal the secret to them

Jogi, Mahi, Heer, Ranjha

l'll tell everybody..

l'll reveal the secret to them

'You know, one spends his
entire lifetime.. sometimes and..

.. still doesn't know
how he is as a person..

..but at least l
realised what l want to be.

lt still hurts a lot..

..but one thing is for sure
l.' will never hurt anyone again

'We think our friends will
grow up to become a doctor,.. engineer or a housewife..

..but had anyone thought a
small town girl from Ranchi..'

'Would become this..'


'Or this..'

O beautiful girl with
mesmerizing eyes sit besides me

O beautiful girl
with mesmerizing eyes

Take it away

O beautiful girl
with mesmerizing eyes

sit besides me

As l have given out
my heart to you..

Take it away

Take it away with mesmerizing eyes


With one glance l cast a
great favour upon you..

Befriend me

And there will be a million
heavens beneath your feet

The stories in my eyes
have lifelong promises

These promises
welcome you into my arms

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

O beautiful girl
with mesmerizing eyes

sit besides me

As l have given out my heart to you

Take it away

Take it away with mesmerizing eyes

Sown with the thread of dreams,
these web of words

Speckle my abundant
beauty in your path

ln one glance the
youth regains its senses

Giving a twist in this tale

Bringing upon the
plight of the heart

Why is there a
question on everyone's lips?

Magic that has happened is due to me

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

The way you looked at me

l know that you like it

l need a man who
can get me so excited


Man, l wanna tell you no lie

Why do you fear? Why you shy?

l'll make your life

l went from London to
Japan but couldn't find my man

Someone who makes me restless..

..he makes me say, 'goddamn

O beautiful girl
with mesmerizing eyes

Sit besides me

As l have given out my heart to you

Take it away

One more time.

With one glance l cast
a great favour upon you

Befriend me

And there will be a million
heavens beneath your feet

The stories in my eyes..

.. have lifelong promises..

These promises
welcome you into my arms

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

Lucky boy, you're my lucky boy

Who knows who'll be my lucky boy?

l want to leave in 5 minutes..

Get my limo ready.
- Yes, ma'am..

Tell Shiamak that dancer
in the left won't do..

..give him a deodorant and send
him back to his native place..

l want a table
booked for two in Wasabi.. outfit from Gucci
should come tomorrow by 9:00 am..

..and tell the show organizers
l won't perform for an hour..

l have just 20 minutes..
take it or leave it..

Ma'am, it's Saturday..
Wasabi would be full..

l'm sorry? Did l ask you something?

Do what l tell you to do..

Yes, ma'am.

lt was 3 seconds too late.

l asked for Evian..
not Drainage water!

l.. -You're fired.

Sorry, l..

Radhika! Radhika!

Radhika.. l know her..

Radhika, it's me.. Raj..

l'll just call you back!

Radhika, it's me.. Raj.. just moment!

What's the problem?
Why aren't we moving?

Radhika, it's me.. Raj..

Radhika, it's me.. Raj..
- So?

lt's me.. Raj..

Radhika, it's me.. Raj..

Get out of my way now.. Let's go.

Radhika.. Raj..

That night she left
for a holiday to ltaly..

As l had no other option
l followed her to ltaly..

l'm an old friend of Radhika..
- No, no.. - l know her.. Radhika!

Let him in.
- Alright, ma'am.

Raj Sharma..

Thank God.. at least
you recognized me..

How can l forget you.. but
what are you doing here?

Came to say hello? l am famous now..

..have you come here for an autograph?

No Radhika.. l'm happy for you.
l'm very proud of you.

Then? Oh l see.. you have
come to cash on my success.

No, l've come to apologise. l've
come to ask for your forgiveness.

Radhika.. what l did with you wasn't
right it was a cheap thing to do..

Say it.. l want to hear it.

l.. l am a lowly, cheap,
coward, roguish kind of a man.

You see how easy it
is to speak the truth?

Radhika.. can you forgive me? Please?

Ma'am, head-hunters called.. P.A.
has been arranged for..

How desperate are
you for my forgiveness?


Ready to do anything for it?


Good. You're hired. Start
working from today evening..


Do you want my forgiveness?


Then you will have to work hard..
you won't get it easily.

He is my P.A. from today,
explain his work to him.

But Radhika, this..

For the last time my name is Shreya

Shreya Rathod.. And ma'am to you.

Yes, ma'am.

'Congratulations on
the new job, Mr. Raj!

Assistant to Ms. Shreya Rathod..'

Hi, Shreya.. sorry..
good morning, ma'am.

You're late..
- l..

You aren't permitted to talk.
Rule number one..

..personal assistants are not humans.

They don't have the liberty to think..

..understand or talk.. they are
permitted only to follow orders.

Change your clothes.

There's a party at my place,
and you are a waiter..

Bonjour madam, some champagne?

Hey you!

How you doing? How
are you guys? Hello!


Go and serve the
guests outside. -Yes ma'am.

Hi Shreya!
- Hi!



Help Me!

Finish this job fast; l shouldn't
see you here after 15 minutes.

Tomorrow l have a meeting in Rome.

You have to go to the dry
cleaners in the morning..

And yes.. one double shot
cappuccino with skim milk.. sugar at sharp 9..
only from Barreli's.

lt's won't be easy here, nor is
she going to melt down so easily..

okay madam, no matter
how much you make me toil..

..l will take it with a smile..

Cell phone?
- Check.

- Check.

- Check.

- Check, huh?

She is the apple of my eye.
She's a mysterious gal.

She's wonderful, O God! She's
the beautiful bloom of June.

She is the apple of my eye.
She's a mysterious gal.

She's wonderful, O God! She's
the beautiful bloom of June.

She looks into the eyes and talks..

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.


Her style is unmatchable, Good Lord.

She's intimidating, Good Lord.

Her style is unmatchable, Good Lord.

She's intimidating, Good Lord.

She soars in the sky
amongst the clouds.

She dances to foreign tunes.

She's carefree,
she's a snobbish star.

She's carefree,
she's a snobbish star.

She's carefree,
she's a snobbish star.

She's a heap of sweetmeat,
an ocean of cream.

She looks into the eyes and talks..

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

l'm bored. Dance for me.
- Now? - Yes.

Here ?
- Yes

Whatever she does, she does it best.

Her speech is mesmerizing.

She punishes everybody.

She does.. she does..

She dances in the fair, amidst all.

She lets down her hair and dances.

She dances to the beat of
the drums. She dances..

She is fragile yet strong.

She is fragile yet strong.

Stubborn as hell
giving no explanations.

She looks into the eyes and talks..

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She is the apple of my eye.

She's a small town girl.

She's a mysterious gal.

She's a small town girl.

She looks into the eyes and talks..

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

She'll make you dance to her tunes.

She's a small town girl.

That finger still has it.. do
it properly.. are you blind?


Stop smiling.

Remove the nail polish.

You are really very desperate,
aren't you.. to have my forgiveness?

l mean, no matter how badly l
behave.. you will endure it?

Radhika, l'm sorry.. l'm really sorry.

l shouldn't have done
what l did with you..

l should've told you the truth
that l am not ready to get married..

..l shouldn't have
stranded you at alter.

But l was very scared. Hence
instead of behaving maturely..

..l ran away like a fool..
and hurt you even more.

l'm sorry, there wasn't
anything amiss in you, it was in me..

..that's why l'm
regretting for my actions.

Bullshit! There was something amiss
in me.. l wasn't that type of girl..

l was fast as l was
staying with you before marriage.

No one marries a girl like me.. one takes a girl
like me to meet his mother..

..a girl like me..

..and don't you dare deny it!
You know that this is true.

You will never know
how l felt that day.

You know how bad l felt.. like
l'm some kind of a cheap trash,

use and throw types.

Because if l can stay with you,
l can stay with anyone.. right?


No Radhika, it's not that.. l know..

You don't know anything.. how
will you know? Were you there?

Were you?

Were you there when l
was waiting for you.. my wedding dress
along with my friends? No.

lt was my wedding
day for heaven's sake!

The most beautiful day of my life..
and you destroyed it forever.

l've never seen a man like you..

You are the worst kind
of human being possible.

You don't know anything..

And now you fear that you
will be heartbroken once again..

..if someone turns out to be like me?

You punish them before
anyone can hurt you.. have got a chance to
look down upon the world..

..and you are making use of it..

..don't do that..

..that will make
only one person suffer..

..stay lonely.. and
that's you, Radhika.

Shreya.. the name is Shreya.

And l am not lonely. l am at the top.

And 'the person' as you put it..

..who stays at the top, is powerful,
not lonely. lt's my life.

And it's perfect. People are
dying to lead Shreya Rathod's life.

Soft drink companies come up
with offers.. write a slogan and.. with Shreya, behave like Shreya,
live a day of Shreya's life.

Changing your name won't change you.

Just shut up.. you did
what you wanted to..

Now you can't do
anything to expunge it..

Go away, Raj..

This game is over.

Get out of here.. and never come
back.. l will never forgive you..

'Sachin was right.. it won't be so
easy as.. go and say sorry, madam.'

'Why will she forgive me.. l
myself can't forgive myself..'

lt's unimaginable to think how
would l feel if someone had..

..behaved in the same
manner as l behaved with her.

Radhika you..

No one has hurt me the way you have..

..but no one has also worked so
hard to repent for one's mistake..

l am tired.. l got into
a habit of hating you..

..a part of my life, wherever l go..

..shooting, shows, make-up,
recordings, location sets..

l'm still outside
that registrar's office.

l am still stuck on
the date 8th August.

And if l don't forgive you today,
l will be stuck there forever..

There.. that felt good.

So you have forgiven me?

Yes. Yes, l forgive you.

Thank you.

Actually, l should be the one
thanking you. Had you not left me..

..l wouldn't have become
such a famous star in rebound.

Become Shreya from Radhika.

And if you wouldn't have
come back.. on your knees..

..asking for my forgiveness.

Then Shreya wouldn't
have become Radhika again..

Sometimes you need a little
push to recognize yourself..

lt's a different thing that
you pushed a little to hard..

..but l forgive you..

Last and final call to passengers
travelling to Sydney on flight 383.

Kindly proceed for boarding.

All the best, Raj!

l won't go like this..

lt was a pleasure to meet Radhika.

Me too.

Can l say something.. whoever
you will love.. will be a killer..

l know.

Take care of you.

Shreya.. Shreya.. lsn't that Shreya?

The bitch has to be back at work.



- Check.



Check.. it's show time.

Hi guys!

'l can't believe.. l
did what l wanted to do.. l am feeling a little better
inside and today for the first time..

..l feel Raj Sharma
isn't a bad man, after all..'

How are you?
- l'm Fine.

You're a killer. You
did what you wanted to!

Come on.. hurry up..
someone is waiting for you..

- Come on..

Oh my God!

A power packed motley
of SUV and convertible..

..your sister and my lady.. Anna.


Anna Kournikova, you
remember the Russian..

..a looker and great player..
Want to give it a shot?

Of course! You have always
stolen my games and played with them.. it's my turn.

You don't know how much courage
l am gathering to write to you..

Raj.. l broke your heart,
but l am the one feeling hurt.

l left you then why am l missing you?

To tell you about how l feel..

..was as necessary as to breathe..

l make you a part of my day..
l write to you everyday..

..but l don't know
whether you read them or..

.. just throw them away..

..and laugh and say
she's such a fool..

Today l am at the same..

..point where you
were a year ago and..'s not a very nice place..
l am sorry..

l love you, Raj. That
forever kind of love..

..the old fashioned..
long lasting forever..




- Gayatri!


Sorry, l need this taxi.

l got it first. l
have a flight to catch.

No, you don't understand..

No, you don't understand.
This is my taxi. l'm in it.

Adam.. get in.
- Yes dad!

l'm in a rush. l need to
get to the airport. Now!

Gayatri, tell him
that this is my taxi.

lf you don't step on it right now,
l will take your license number ..

..down and report you. Now get moving!

Right now!



You are still drive a taxi?

Yes.. is that a problem?

No.. why.. what problem would l have..

the letters you wrote me..
l just saw them..

Just saw?!

l have been writing them
since 6 months.. 6 months..

..and you just noticed them.. l
mean.. what is wrong with you?

That l.. had gone out.

For 6 months? Why? Where did you go?

For a vacation?

l have been crying my
heart out here and you..

..have been chilling on..

..some beach drinking Pina Coladas?

l hate Pina Coladas.

Don't mess with me.

l know.. there is a hockey..
stick in the boot..

.. and you have learnt Taekwondo.

You should have informed me
that you were about to vanish..

l know.. l wonder why
l didn't l call you..

..let me think.. ah yes.

Now l remember.. you left me
heart-broken.. you ditched me..

Sorry, l'll call you back..
bye.. carry on.

So? l said and you left..

l will speak
whatever comes to my mind.

Can't you apply your logic?

l am a girl; l have a
right to change my mind..

And it's my job to keep a
track of your changing mind..

..when will you decide
in my favour.. right?

- l was doing just that.


Remember l had told you. l'll wait..

At every stage of my life.. l'll wait

Why are we stopping here?
We're almost there.

Just shut up.. this is important..
and you.. get out.

- Out!

Hey! Where are you going?

lsn't it funny..
inside.. you were saying .. many things in
front of him and now..

Shut up.. l'm trying to think..
you know how hard it is..

l'm not into a habit of
accepting my mistakes..

Should l help? lf not anything else

l have at least
learnt how to apologise.

l know you will say you too.. me as much as l do..'ll say.. l have changed you..

..can we begin all over again.. l still love you..
the forever kind?

lf l say that.. then
what will you say?

Got your answer?

You still love me.. after what l did..

lt's very easy, you see,
loving you is like loving myself..

..we both are stupid, we both
thought that we are killers..

we both made mistakes..

..but we weren't perfect..

..we are just the same..

..that's why we're
made for each other..

..that's why.. l love you so much.

'A very killer
philosopher had said that..

..the past is over.. there
is no control over it..'

'And you'll rectify the future..

..only when you set things
straight in the present..

Hello.. l had said that.. Wow..

l am a killer..'