Bachelorette's Degree (2013) - full transcript

"Bachelorette's Degree," a steamy romantic comedy/drama set in Washington, D.C., explores the dynamics of love and sincere friendship, tested by unexpected circumstances. The film stars three beautiful, successful women whose lives are full of possibilities as they debunk the notion of women racing for the marriage altar. Instead, "Bachelorette's Degree" tells the other side of the story. Dennie Lewis is a publicist for a national television personality. Jasmine Dominguez has just finished law school and is eager to get her career started. Kerra Carter is a seasoned middle school teacher. Join them on their hilarious, heart-touching journey. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

(remixed piano music)

- Okay guys, gals,
we need a show

that will knock
the socks off all

other cooking shows on network

and cable TV and
we know the viewers

love Dominicci,
so we have to keep

giving them that
Dominicci flavor.

Now we need a hit to
stay on top, gang.

Let's do it.

- Jeff, that's great,
and I know we all agree,

but Dominicci's
not himself lately.

He has to bring
energy to the set.

Otherwise we're
gonna slip in the

ratings again this week.

- I have an idea.

Why don't we change the set?

Let's get rid of the
GD and do something

like put his face up there.

People love him, they
love his ruby cheeks.

He's the show, why not give him

a better way to steal the show.

- I like it.

Dennie, you're his
publicist, call him and

tell him what we're gonna do.

Have his lawyers handle
any contract issues.

- Sure, Jeff.

I think the press
is gonna love it.

They're gonna wanna know why the

set has changed and
what it represents.

- I love your genius.

- (gasps) Oh I have an idea.

A tall handsome buff spicy man

just wearing this hot red apron

only assistance to Dominicci.

- Okay.

We'll think about it.

All right guys, gals,
that's enough for now.

Enjoy your weekend.

Dennie's already
getting hers started.

I'll see you Monday if
you live to tell about it.

(hip hop music)

- [Dennie] Hi mom!

- Hi baby, how was your day?

- It was good, ma.

- Aye mami, I've been meaning to

tell you, those
pumps, I saw them

this morning, I love them.

They are fabulous!

- (chuckles) Thanks, Chip.

- Work 'em.

All right?

- [Dennie] All right.

- All right.

- Bye, Chip.


- What's so funny?

Are you there?

- Yeah, ma.

- [Voiceover] That
was Chip, wasn't it?

- Yeah.

- Is he still gay?

- Sweet as can be.

- Well you can
straighten him out.

He is funny good looking.

- Ma, I'm not desperate.

- I'm just saying
I just want you

to know you could keep
your options open.

Unless you're gonna
speed it up with Damien.

- Mom, I love you, but stop.

Listen, I'm running
late and I still

have to call Mr. Dominicci
and meet Kerra and J.

- I was just saying
that you really

need to do something
with your life.

Get with Damien.

- I love you, mom, bye.

Daddy, I wish you were here.

(gentle piano music)

- I'mma see you later.

- Okay, see you later.

- Okay, see you later.

(beatbox melody)

- Hello.

- Hey.

- What can I get the pretty
lady to drink this evening?

- What are your specials?

- We have free
martinis until 7PM.

We have specials on
chardonnay and white wine,

and there's no
discounts on liquors

or mixed drinks, we lose
so much money on those.

- Okay, I'll have
a white zinfandel.

- Coming right up.

- Okay.

- Hello.

- Hey.

- Are you all alone on this
beautiful Friday evening?

- No, I'm actually
waiting for some friends.

- This is for the lady.

I'll have another Merlot.

- [Voiceover] Coming right up.

- Thank you.

That was nice of you.

- You're very welcome.

It's the least I can do for

a beautiful woman like you.

My name is Carl.

- Hi Carl, I'm Jamie.

Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Jamie.

- [Voiceover] For the lady.

- Thank you.

- [Voiceover]
Merlot for you, sir.

- Thank you.

- [Kerra] Hey!

- Hey, girl!

Hey, how was your day off?

- I'll tell you about it.

- Excuse me, Carl.

- Enjoy your evening, ladies.

Jamie, it was a pleasure.

- Nice to meet you too.

Come here girl.

- Going by Jamie today, huh?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

Anyway, this day has been crazy.

So I went home, change out of my

pink dress, wanted
to get in something

a little different,
come out tonight.

Traffic was crazy and school,

ending a school year's almost as

bad as starting a new one.

I mean kids are all
over the place, right?

But in two weeks we're done.

I'm giving final exams,
I'm wishing those

kids well for the
summer and I'm done,

Steve and I are going
away for a little while.


- Going away!

- Yes, some of that, right?


- Girl.

He was too old and had way too

much grey hair for me.

That's good for you or Dennie.

- Okay, 'cause he's old?

Thanks a lot.

- I'm still winding
down from taking

the BAR exam, I mean
it kicked my butt.

I'm telling you,
as soon as I land

a job with the firm,
I'm going on vacation

to get rejuvenated
before I start working.

- Wait a minute, but you had an

interview today downtown,
the real estate firm?

- Yeah, yeah.

- How'd it go?

- It went really well other than

the fact that I
didn't get a good

vibe from the hiring
manager, I mean for

a minute I couldn't tell whether

she wanted me or despised me.

- Oh wow, I'm sorry, let
me help you with that.

- This is so embarrassing.

- Look, don't worry
about it, people do this

all the time in the bathroom.

At least we know
it's not mine, right?

I'm just kidding.

Look, no matter the
results, I think you

and I should keep in contact.

I mean I saw everything
in your purse,

I'm a good guy.

Here's the inside of my wallet.

Look, oh my gosh, a card.

Give me a call.

- Okay.

- All right?

- I didn't get it!

I did not, I did not understand

what that was about.
- That is strange.

- Yeah, exactly.

- That is weird.

- Hey!

Hey girl!

- Hey, what's up?

- Whoa, Dennie, did
somebody chase you here?

- No, but traffic was a mess,

we got changes going
on at the studio,

reporters keep
calling and calling,

then Damien's
calling, I finally get

time for a personal
call, it's my mother

who thinks something's
wrong with me 'cause

I don't wanna date
a freakin' gay guy,

and then I bump into this
guy named Chase, right?

He's kinda cute, but
then he was corny.

- Wait, slow down!

- Breathe, take a breath.

- It's Friday night,
you need to relax.

- I know, I didn't realize
how wound up I was.

- It's okay.

- Excuse me, bartender, can I
have a cranberry juice please?


- You know what, I had
a whirlwind day too,

but Steve and I have
a dinner engagement

tomorrow, so that
should be nice.

- Aww, that's right.

- I (mumbles).

- I don't even think
I'm doing anything

except for Sunday tea
with my mom and her usual

"when are you and Damien
gonna settle down" chat.

- Ma Lewis.

- So what are you
doing this weekend?

- Mike tonight and Stan tomorrow

night if Mike is no good.

- Oh my gosh!



- What?!

- That's just nasty.

- Grow up!

- Thank you.

- I'm just not all
that attracted to Stan.

- Right.

- Now Mike.

Mike is fine.

- Oh we heard that before.

- Girl, you are (mumbles).

- Fine with a capital F?

- No, he just better
know what the hell to do.

- Oh God!


Crazy girl.

(R&B music beat)

(R&B music beat)

- Man, man.

(water running)

(water running)

- I know it's time for bed,
but how about round two?

- No no no no, here's a pillow,

there's a blanket on the sofa.

- What?

- [Jasmine] The sofa,
it's downstairs.

- J, are you serious?

- Yes!

I like to sleep alone.

So you can have the sofa
or you can drive home.

- Guess I'll see
you in the morning.

- See you in the morning.

- [Jasmine] Michael.


- Love you, sweetie.

- Love you too.

- [Voiceover]
Increase in cloudiness

with a slight chance of
evening thunderstorms

and I'm sorry, but it
looks like we're gonna have

much of the same for
the rest of the week.

(phone rings)

Stick around because
after the break

we're gonna take
a look at exactly

what's going on in
your neck of the woods.

- Damien.

- [Voiceover] So stay
with us right here.


- That's so funny.

- It's true.

- Really?

- 100% true.

- For real?

- It's true, I kid you not.

- Oh, I gotta head to my class.

My Zumba class.

- Okay.

- You're more than
welcome to come out.


Yes, you have got to come
out 'cause I'm leaving!

- You're kidding, right?

It's Zumba, how can you get
a good workout with Zumba?

- You will sweat your butt
off, I am not kidding.

It works your core, I mean
it will just work everything.

It's awesome.

Can be totally free.

All right?

- I think...

- Okay?

- I think--

- All right, okay, you are in.

I'll see you in
there, all right?

Don't be late.

You got one minute.

One minute, Damien.

One minute.

- 10.

(rumba music)

- Are we ready to have some fun?

Are we ready to groove and move?

All right, let's walk it out.

Warm it up, we're
gonna start with

the warm up first, get
our bodies all warmed up.

You guys look great, thank
you for coming today.

Let's tap it out,
each foot, good.

You're gonna place one
foot down on the floor.

You're gonna start
moving that hip.

Move it and move it and
move it, feel the music.

We ready?!

Get right into it.

Hold those abs in tight and
shake what your mama gave ya.

Here we go, we're gonna move,

we're gonna get into
it, bend those knees!

Hold those abs in!

Yeah, let's turn.

Looking good, looking
good, come on, woo!

And turn!

Shake that booty!

Come on, shake what
your mama gave ya!


You got it!

And turn!

Uh huh.

(phone rings)

- [Damien] Hey, hello?

Where you've been?

- Hey, sorry I haven't returned

you calls, I've been so busy.

I'm on the way to my
mom's, what's going on?

- [Damien] Oh nothing, I
was just thinking of you.

Thinking of my boo bae.

You've been a little
hard to reach the past

couple of days, are we
still on for tonight?

- Yeah, sure.

- [Damien] Okay, what's wrong?

- Nothing, I just...

I just had a really
long week at work.

- [Damien] Okay, now I want
you to let all that go.

I am gonna pick you
up at 7:30 on the dot.

- Okay.

- [Damien] Okay, and afterwards
we'll poon poon poon.

- (laughs) Bye, Damien.

- [Damien] Bye.

- Ma!

Mommy, I'm here!

- Girl, why are you yelling?

- Oh, I didn't see you.

Hey mom, where's Robbie?

- Oh Robbie went
camping with Mark's

family, he'll be
back tomorrow night.

- You let him get home
late on a school night?

- Yes, but I made him take
his homework with him.

- When I was a senior
in high school, 18--

- Hush.

- You and daddy used to
never let that happen.

Robbie's only a Junior, mom.

- Hush!



- They're beautiful, mom.

When did you...

- I got them done last
week, I wanted you

to be the first to see them.

That's why I didn't
tell you about it.

- You know, daddy
would've loved this.

- It's my anniversary
gift to him.

Happy anniversary, Milt.

- Happy anniversary, daddy.

I love you, mommy.

- I love you, Dennie.

Now I want you to help me plant

the rest of these flowers.

- I forgot my gloves, so...

- Use mine.

Oh by the way, when are you and

Damien gonna settle down?

- I don't know, mom.

- Start shoveling.

(gentle piano music)

- What about down here?

- No, you need to start with the

hole so I can get
the other plants in.

- Oh.

- [Mrs. Lewis] Right there.

Gonna put some right there.

- [Dennie] Okay.

Why are you acting so horny?

- What do you mean by horny?

What's wrong with a man wanting

to make love to his woman?

- Not when you're licking
the fork like a pervert.

- Okay, you know what?

It used to turn you on.

What's wrong?

(phone rings)

Hello, Kerra?

- Hey, hold on,
J, are you there?

- [Voiceover] Oh
yeah, I got you girl!

I'm coming!

- Yeah, you got
69 seconds, babe!

The time starts now!


- Hey J, are you there?

- Yes girl, I'm here.

Ugh, this guy has
just been chasing

me around my place, girl I can't

wait for this
weekend to be over.

- Okay, ladies, I have news.

I'm pregnant.

- What?!
- What?!

- Oh my gosh,
congratulations, when?

- I'm so happy for you.

When did you find out?

- Well I took a pregnancy test

this morning, two
of them actually,

and they both came
back positive.

So I made an emergency doctor's

appointment to
take another test,

and sure enough it
was positive too.

- What did Steve say?

- Oh he's so excited.

He's been ready for awhile.

He's been on the phone all day.

Family, friends, telling
everybody the news.

Wait, but this is what he says.

"Uncle Pat" or
whoever, "Guess what?!"

"Kerra and I are having a baby!

"And I know it's
gonna be a boy!"

- No wonder you seem
flustered yesterday.

- Right, I guess
so, but you know,

I felt a little
weird, but I just

thought it was
because I was tired.

God, you guys.

I'm excited, but I'm
really, I'm nervous too.

More than anything, I just
wanna be a really good mom.

My mom wasn't a great
mom like you two have.

- Kerra, I am so so
happy for you and Steve.

Listen Kerra, you
are gonna be fine.

- Okay.

- Yup, but I'm
actually at dinner

with Damien, so let me give you

a call back a
little bit later on,

or we can have lunch.
- Okay, yeah.

Listen, tell Damien I said hi.

- All right, bye.

- Kerra, you're
gonna be a good mom,

and I'll call you tomorrow after

you-know-who leaves too.

And yes, brunch does sound good.

- All right, girl.

Hey listen, don't
hurt that man too bad.

- (laughs) Shut up,
you don't even know.

- Okay, bye.

- Guess what?

- [Damien] What?

- Kerra's pregnant!

And she said hello
too, she said hello.

- Okay, great.

Steve and Kerra are
having a family.

Isn't that nice?

- And I get to be an auntie too.

Like a best friend kind
of auntie, you know?

God, this is great!

Kerra's having a baby!

J's having a surprise party.

- A surprise party?

- It's next Saturday
at J's parents,

it's for her passing the BAR.

- Am I the last to know?

- No, of course not.

It's just I've been
busy at work and I

haven't really had a
chance to talk to you.

It's really not
that big of a deal.

- Excuse me waiter,
the check please?

- Can you wrap this up for me?

- Yes, Madam.

And how was everything
for you this evening?

- It was great, thanks.

- [Damien] Hey,
bro, check please.

- [Voiceover] Certainly, sir.

- What's your problem?

- [Damien] I just
wanna get home.

So we can...

You know.

- Is that all
that's on your mind?

- Okay, where's all
this coming from?

What is wrong with you?

You're not gonna take
15 minutes are you?

- Damien.

(water running)

- She's gonna melt
in my arms tonight.

- She's gonna melt
in my arms tonight.


Listen, sweetheart,
I am so sorry

I seemed insensitive earlier,

I know you had a hectic week.

And I did not mean to
cut you off when you

were telling me that
story about your mom.

Okay, now go ahead,
what happened?

- All right, well she had
the garden re-landscaped

with her and daddy's
favorite flowers.

All these exotic
flowers and I just,

I've never seen it so beautiful.

You know, it would've been
their 30th year anniversary.

- 30 years.

Wow, that's pretty special.

(R&B music)

(R&B music)



Baby, thank you.

That is exactly...

What I needed.

- Since when do you say
thank you for making love?

- Shit.

- Damien, do you hear me?

- Yeah.

What's wrong?

- Thank you is something you say

when you're making
a transaction.

This is not a transaction.

Are you gonna drop a
$50 bill on the sofa?

- Dennie, come on
now, you know that

that's not what I meant.

What I meant is thank
you for being you.

For being the one who
meets my physical needs.

- Physical.

You know what?

This is nothing.

This whole night
has been about sex.

- No.

- Not about me, but about sex.

It's been 11 years
since college, Damien.

Where are we going?

- What's wrong with
the way things are?

- I need more!

- Baby, please calm down.

- No!

You don't get it.

Where are we going, and
are we going anywhere?

- Yeah, I guess we're
going somewhere.

I don't have a crystal ball,
I can't predict the future,

but all I know is
how I feel about you.

And the way that--

- You know what, just stop.

Since you don't know
where we're going,

I don't wanna do this anymore.


- Come on Dennie, that's not,

I know you don't mean that.

- Leave, Damien.

- Dennie.

- Leave.

- Dennie, listen.

Dennie, Dennie look at me.

- Just leave, Damien, please!

- Dennie!


Dennie, open the door, I
need my keys, all right?

You want me to leave,
my keys are inside.


Woman, you better open this...


I took you out tonight,
spent money on you.

Now that's what I'm talk...

You know what?

I know you're in there and
I know you can hear me.

I'm Damien to the
motherfucking Gray, all right?

I bust my ass at the firm daily!


You got me out here, all
these people out here.

Listen, I could have any woman

I want, any woman!

(dogs barking)

(whispers) Any woman!

All right?

Spanish, Chinese, Indian!

And I picked you.

You know what?

You know what, you
don't appreciate me.

You don't appreciate
the things I do.


Okay, okay, that's fine,
that's fine, that's fine.

(car revs)

(car revs)

(upbeat pop melody)

- I love your tie.

Purple Friday.

- Purple Friday.

- [Jeff] How's
everyone this morning?

- Great.

- [Jeff] Good.

- We're just fantastic.

- [Jeff] None of
us made the news

this weekend, so
that's a good thing.


- [Jeff] Listen, I brought you

all together this
morning because

I wanted to let you know we have

some big changes coming.

Dominicci was thrilled about the

ideas for his new image.

Dennie, thank you for
such a wonderful delivery.

He was so excited that he wants

to take the show to Chicago.

- (coughs) Chicago?

Oh no no no no no no no
no, it's like freakin'

two degrees out there
in the Winter time.

I can't survive that.

Plus didn't he hate the cold?

- [Jeff] Well
Dominicci thinks being

in Chicago will help the show.

He's ready to go
back home and that

explains the funk
he's been in lately.

He loves all of us,
especially you, Dennie.

He said we're the
best production

team he's ever worked
with, so with that,

we all have until
Monday to decide if

we're going to Chicago
along with the show.

We're gonna roll
out the new look

and start taping
there next month.

I understand it's a
big sudden change.

Sue and I are talking it over.

I just want everyone
to take time

this week and think it through.

We have until noon next Monday

to make it official,
so let's just

produce a great
show today like we

always do and just
give it all we got.


- [Voiceover] Jeff's right,
this is pretty tough.

But it's a great opportunity.

Let's go out and
do our best today.

And if you need to
come talk to me too,

feel free 'cause God knows I'm

not sure if I'm
going, but I know

that I love this
show and all of you.

I want to do what's best.

I want to do what's best.

- Hey girl, sorry
I'm late, the show--

- [Jasmine] I think
I just got an offer.

The attorneys and partners I met

with yesterday
were very impressed

with my credentials--

- Everything is crazy right now.

- Dennie, they
just said they have

not met a young
attorney as sharp

and as focused as
I am since they

hired Sarah Cook, the
District Attorney.

- Oh my gosh, I'm sorry,
keep going, keep going.

- Dennie, I just know this
is mine and I'm ready!

I mean four years at
Howard Law, sex barely

once a week and it
wasn't even good,

and at the top of my class.

I landed that job!

You are now looking
at the newest

Hilton and (mumbles) associate

real estate attorney as soon as

they call me to confer.

- Aww, I'm gonna pray for you.

You deserve it.

- Thank you thank you.

- Hi, I'm Ralph Newsom,
I'm an attorney,

I've been listening
to your conversation.

Congratulations, your
credentials are impressive.

Here's my card.

If things don't
work out with that

job, give me a call.

I'm a partner at Harris,
Newsom, and Dunn.

- I definitely will give
you a call either way.

- All right, enjoy your lunch.

- Thank you.

I'm getting office, girl!


- You think he
wants to do business

or sleep with you?

- Probably both.

(phone rings)

- Hello, Dennie.

- Oh, Kerra wants to do
dinner tomorrow night!

- Oh, Kerra wants to do
dinner tomorrow night!

- [Brittany] Hello!



- Hi, Brittany.

How are you today?

- I'm fine, just
playing Barbies.

What are you reading?

- Just a novel
from my collection.

I love to read in my spare time.

- You don't have a lot
of spare time do you?

- No, I work a lot, so
that keeps me pretty busy.

- My mommy says women like you

who work a lot are
smart, but you don't

have enough time
to have a family

and that can make
you sad, are you sad?

- No, I really like my job
and that makes me happy.

- What do you do at your job?

- I'm a publicist for
a famous chef on TV.

I handle all of the media.

The magazines and the newspaper.

- Cool!

That's what my Barbie's gonna do

so she doesn't have to wait for

her boyfriend to give her money

like my mommy does
with my daddy.

I'm gonna be like
you and my Barbies.

- Wow!

- Well I have to go.

I hope you enjoy your book.

- Thank you, sweetie.
- Bye!

- Bye.

(hip hop music)

(hip hop music)

Okay, well everything
looks great.

The honorable Jasmine
is gonna be blown away.

- You guys have done a wonderful

job keeping it from her.

Amazing, that one.

I'm so proud of my baby.

- Awww.

- And you.


I'm so happy.

- I'm gonna go upstairs
and get ready, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay.

- Hey.

- Hey, how you doing, sir?

Mrs. Dominguez.

- (mumbles).

- Glad you could make it.

- Thank you so much, this
is my buddy Ron Whunder.

- Ron, nice to meet you.

- Sir, Madam.

(speaking Spanish)

Pleasure meeting both of you.

- Surely.

Are you dating my daughter?

- No, I actually
don't even know J,

but I've heard a lot about her.

- All right, you're one less man

I have to block, and I have a

feeling I'm gonna be busy.

- You have a beautiful
daughter like her mother.

What do you expect?
- Yeah, right.

- Well hey, listen, we
just wanted to say hi

and we will see you
guys later, all right?

- Sure.

- All right.

- [Mrs. Dominguez]
Okay, nice meeting you.

- Nice meeting you too.

- Pleasure.

- Bye.

(Spanish guitar music)

- [Jasmine] We right around
the corner from this house.

- [Kerra] I have to go,
what do you want me to do?

- [Jasmine] We gonna
miss our reservation.

You better (mumbles).

- [Kerra] Gonna
take me forever, J.

- [Jasmine] But we
was in all those

stores, I just don't understand

why you had to make me come all

the way to my parents house for

you to just handle--

- Are you serious?

- All right, all right, Kerra.

You know what, I can't
deal with you sometimes.

I just don't understand why you

just can't do things my way.

You are so spoiled, I just don't

understand why we
had, you know what,

you go handle what
you need to handle,

I'mma sit out here and
do what I need to do.

- [Group] Surprise!

- [Jasmine] Oh my God!


- [Voiceover] Happy birthday!

- Hey.

You did a good job here tonight.

J is really lucky to
have you as a friend.

- Yup.

J's my girl, so we'd do
anything for each other.

- So are you going
to play hostess

all evening, or
are gonna get the

chance to sit down and
talk, what's going on?

- [Dennie] Talk?

- Yeah.

- Talk about what?

I see you flirting with all the

single women here
tonight, right?

Oh, you know what, I forgot.

Not being committed gives
you the opportunity, right?

- Okay, damn it Dennie,
there you go again.

Just because I'm having
an open conversation

with some women
does not mean that

I'm trying to push up
on them, all right?

Or maybe I should.

Look, you won't talk to me.

- What do you want, Damien?

- What do I want?

I just gotta get my stuff
together, all right?

I just need some time.

- You need time?

- Yeah.

- Time for what?

Time to bang a few more chicks?

Or, let me see, time to hang out

with the boys or
time to come home

'till 11 o'clock
at night working

for some sorry ass
accounting firm

that's Uncle Toming your ass?

You know what?

- What?

- Don't yell at me.

None of this stuff even matters

because I'm leaving for Chicago

and I'm going in three weeks.

- [Kerra] Really?!
- [Jasmine] What?!

- Chicago?

- I'm sorry I didn't
tell you guys.

I just, I wasn't clear
until now that I wanna go.

I have until Monday to make
a decision and I'm going.

- Dennie, I'm gonna miss you.

Although it is gonna be harder

for you to help me get
rid of my bad dates.

- You know I'm gonna
miss you too, girl.

But look, we know it's only an

hour and a half
flight, right you guys?

So we can do long
weekends and I know

that you're gonna be here when

the baby comes, okay?

- Yes.

- So look, go for
it, do your thing.

- Thank you.

See that's why I love you guys.

Because you're always here
for me no matter what.

- Absolutely.

- And promise me
you're gonna listen

to me complain when
it gets cold, right?

- Maybe, yeah.

- Yes!


All right, let's toast it up.

Grab that.

- I like that.

- Cheers.

- Cheers to you girl.

- Thank you.

- Congratulations, girl.

- Thanks.

- [Jasmine] Come here.

- What are you doing here?

- Damien invited me.

- How do you even know Damien?

- From the gym, why, we
hang out occasionally.

- You know what, forget
it, it doesn't matter.

You have to get out of here.

- What, I'm enjoying
myself, it's a nice

party, I think I'm
gonna stay awhile.

- Are you crazy?

My husband is on his way here.

- My wife is already here.

I'm staring right at her.

- Ron, I'm serious, you have to

get out of here,
look, this is J's

party, do not ruin it for her.

- Ruin it for J?

I don't get you.

You're more concerned
about ruining

your friend's party
than your marriage?

- Look--

- No, when you gonna tell him?

Did you think that what happened

in the classroom
was enough for me?

No no no, no,
- Look--

you look, I think that you're a

special woman,
and I'm willing to

fight for you right
here if I have to.

- This is not the time
or the place for this.

Not here.

Just let me celebrate with
my friends tonight, okay?

- I'm ready, Kerra, are you?

- Not here.

Just go.


- I'mma see you later.

- Okay, see you later.

- Kerra, shhh.


I thought you and
Steve were happy.

- He is happy, he is.

- I had no idea.

- I know you didn't
know, you weren't

supposed to know, nobody knows.

I've just been
trying to keep this

marriage together and I'm trying

to keep Steve happy and I just,

I don't know if I
can do it, Dennie.

I don't know how to love him.

- Steve is such a good guy
and he's so committed to you.

- It's not him.

It's me.

I was so incomplete
when we got married.

I just, I thought
he was gonna be

everything else I needed.

Truth was I wasn't
ready to get married,

I wasn't ready, my mom,
everybody else pushed

me into this, and you
know my mom Dennie,

she was distant with my dad.

Look, I'm pregnant now,
I'm gonna have a baby.

- Shhh, listen to
me, listen to me.

- (sobs) I don't
know what to do.

- I know, I know,
listen to me, okay?

You can do this,
Kerra, I know you.

You, listen, you and Steve have

the same kind of love that
my mom and my dad did.

I see it with you two.

Kerra, you are not your mother.

Do you hear me?

You can do this.

- I'm scared, I'm just scared.

- I know, I know,
but you're gonna

be a great mom and
Steve loves you so much.

- I know, I know.

- Okay?

- I know.

- So here's the thing, right?


I was trying to talk to her,

maybe you could
just talk to her.


- What's going on, man?

- Good to see you, buddy.

Hey Steve, this is Ron,
Ron, this is Steve.

- How you doing?

- How are you?

- Hey, everybody,
I'm sorry I'm late.

I got held up at the
office, you know how it is.

How you doing?

- Doing good.

- Hey sweetheart.


- Hey.

- You feeling okay?

J said you got a
little sick earlier.

- I'm fine, I'm just
glad you made it.

- Oh Ron, have you
met my wife Kerra?

- Yeah, yeah.

It's nice to meet you.

I have another party
to go to, so I'll be...

- You out?

- Yeah, I'm out, yeah.

Can I have my jacket?

- Yeah, sure, sorry.

- Thanks.

- It was nice to meet you.

- Later.

- I'll see you later.

- Yeah, nice meeting
you too, man.

- Scoot down, scoot down.

- Oh, yeah yeah, have a seat.

Maybe we shouldn't let
you have a seat, man.

Mr. Late.

- Hey man, you know how it is.

Somebody's gotta
work around here.

- Mmmhm.

(gentle synthesizer melody)

- Is that my song?

Ooh, I think that is my song!

Ooh, Dennie, oh that
song bring back memories.

Your father and I used
to love that song.

We would hear it
in the house and

we would rock this
house like it's

never been rocked before.

You talking about
sexual healing?

(laughs) Your
father used to rock

my world like it's never
been rocked before.


What did Damien say
about you moving?

- Huh?

- You heard what I said.

What does Damien think
about your moving?

- Doesn't matter what
Damien had to say.

- So if Damien
was "acting right"

according to you,
would you be leaving?

- Yes, because this
isn't about Damien, mom.

This is about me.

I'm going 'cause I wanna go.

- Hand me that silk scarf.

You know your grandmother made

that for you years ago.

She could've sold
it for over $3,000,

but she wanted you
to have it instead.

You could use it
when you come back.

You could use it
when you come back.

- Yeah mom, the lock
box key is secure.

Okay, just make
sure that (mumbles)

make an appointment
with you first.

Then as soon as I get
to Chicago I'll call

the realtor about possibly
selling the house.

And make sure you're
home so Jasmine

can pick up the spare key.

Okay, I gotta go.

I love you.


- Does this belong to you?

- Yes, thank you so much!

- My pleasure.

Where you headed to?

I promise you I didn't look.

- (laughs) I'm going to Chicago.

- Oh really?

By the way, I'm Brian.

Brian McCormick.

- Nice to meet you.

- I was actually here in DC on

business from Chicago.

- All right.

- Yeah, why don't you give me a

call when you get
settled and I'll take

the opportunity to show
you around the city.

- Okay.

- Have a good trip.

- Thank you, you too.

(remixed synthesizer music)

(remixed synthesizer music)

Thank you sir,
what do I owe you?

- $25, my lady.

- All right, here is 30.

- Thank you, thank
you very much.

- May I please have a receipt?

- [Voiceover] Sure.

I hope you like Chicago.

I am from Russia,
so the cold weather

is no problem for
me, but for you

I think it will take time.

You're a delicate one.

- Spasibo, sir.

- (laughs) Beautiful and smart.

- Thank you.

- Goodbye, my lady!

- Bye!

(upbeat piano party music)


- Hello, Chicago!

Thank you for waking up
to Dominicci Delicioso,

the cooking show that
will charm your heart,

warm your tummy, and make
your taste buds dance.

I'm gonna prepare
for you something

that you can do at home.


I'm delighted to be
in the windy city.

Boy is it windy, even in July.

Just as I was coming
in this morning,

I saw two toupees
blow off of these

two old guys that
were walking down

the street, so when
I got to the studio

I said to my stylist we're gonna

have to glue this baby down.


I have a real treat
for you today.

It's a Monday, so
I'm gonna prepare

something for you
that's easy, tasty,

and will make your toes wiggle

after a long day at work.

And you can make
enough leftovers

for a day or two because who in

the hell wants to
cook every day?

Except me.

I make it fun for you.


- Dennie Lewis,
welcome to Chicago.

- Hi!

- I see Mr. Dominicci
and his audience

are having a
wonderful debut show.

I know it can be do
or die out there,

especially starting
off in a new market.

So why did Mr. Dominicci want to

move his show to Chicago?

Wasn't the Washington
DC market a better fit?

- You know, I'm so happy
you asked that question.

Actually many people
wanna know why would

Mr. Dominicci move
and why would he

leave a market where
he was doing so well.

Well the answer's
very simple, Scott.

Mr. Dominicci just
wanted a change.

After being in the DC
market for 10 years,

he felt that him and his viewers

would love an invigorating
change in Chicago.

With him being in
Chicago, they can still

view him on TV and Chicago
gets a new live show.

- So Mr. Dominicci moved
his show to a new city,

spruced up the show's
format, and plans to

publish a new urban chic
cook book this year.

- Yes.

- At age 59, he's
clearly still able

to connect with adult
viewers of all ages.

What else can viewers expect?

- What else can viewers expect?

Viewers can expect
for Mr.Dominicci

to keep dazzling them with his

wonderful cooking
skills, but how he

does it, they're
gonna have to tune in.

- Thank you, Miss. Lewis.

- Thank you.

- I look forward
to speaking with

Mr. Dominicci himself next.

- Wonderful, we'll
be wrapping in five

minutes, so I'll
see you out there.

- Okay.

- Now that I've prepared
this wonderful dish

of honey roasted
chicken, it would be

silly of me to
enjoy it by myself,

so let me choose one of my new

Chicago friends to come
and enjoy it with me,

who would like to join me?

Who, who, who, who?
(crowd cheering)

You sir, come over
here and join me!

Come on down, don't be afraid.

(laughs) Oh and
you look like you

know what it's like
to eat a good meal.

Tell everybody what's your
name and where you from?

- I'm Robert Langcaster
from Lewisville, Kentucky.

My wife and I are up in Chicago

celebrating our 20th
wedding anniversary.

- 20th wedding anniversary,

how about that,
ladies and gentlemen?

The only thing I've been doing

longer than 20 years is cooking!


You see, I prepared
a chocolate souffle

in my eighth grade
Home Economics class

and right then and there I knew,

and everybody knew,
that cute little

Sarah Clauson was never gonna go

out with me 'cause I
have a certain flair.


Now let me get you a piece of

chicken right here, Roberto,

so you can enjoy and I'm going

to enjoy it with you because

this is one of my
favorite dishes to make.

It's a traditional
meal that people

all over the world enjoy.

And they especially

enjoy the flavoring and the...

Oh, he's choking on
the whole (mumbles).

- [Voiceover] He's choking.

- [Voiceover] He's choking!

(ding noise)



And the saying still goes if you

can't stand the
heat, then get out of

the kitchen and let
me cook, damn it.

Just a little bit too
much cayenne pepper

for the gentleman, we
talked to his mama,

and she says he still gets
choked up over her too.


Why don't you join your
lovely wife in the audience.

Thank you very much, thank you.

Until next time, ciao!


- That's a wrap.

- Hey!

- Hi, kiddo.

How did the interview
go, or did I get

screwed with the guy who
choked on his chicken?

- No no no no, I just
had the interview

with Scott Reed,
everything went great.

Nothing but good publicity.

Also, when he comes
over he's probably gonna

try and make a big deal
out of the choking.

Just, it's natural, it's human.

It's nothing, don't
let him hype it up.

Also, you have an
interview at 6:30.

You Are On A Roll,
international cooking.

Okay, so I'll have
the (mumbles),

I'll get you ready by 3:30.

- You know kiddo,
you've been working

too hard already, you oughta go

out, enjoy Chicago!


- Ciao.


- Good morning, Dennie.

- Good morning, Brian.

Nice to see you again.

- Pleasure's all mine.

I'm glad you called.

And that you could make it.

I'm sure you throw a lot of

business cards to the wayside.

- (laughs) Well you know, not
all business is good business.

- True.

- Yes, and I'm new to the city,

so I decided why not go out and

see Chicago, and you seem like

a nice guy to do it with.

- Oh, nice guy huh?


- You seem like
a nice guy, so...

- Trust me, I am.

- Yeah?

All right, well horseback
riding is definitely different.

I'm ready.

- How about we go?

- Okay.

- You truly are a
brave one, Dennie.

New to Chicago, willing to ride

a horse for the first time with

a nice guy you just met?

You're definitely rare.

I mean most sisters wouldn't

even agree to do
something like this.

They'd be to worried
about messing up

their hair or their clothes.

I really like the fact
that you're open-minded.

- Well actually this
is a weave, so...

(laughs) Just kidding.

It's all mine.

- Funny, I like that.

I don't think the
horse does, but funny.

- Gosh, she's beautiful.

So freeing to do
something we don't

have to be on
point all the time.

- You mean you don't
always look like this?

- Thank you, but that's
not what I meant.

It's just that being a publicist

with the media and
the talent always

have to be on, you know?

I know you know what I mean

being a partner at
a law firm, right?

- Actually I'm not a partner.

(mumbles) if you were
referring to my business card.

The practice has
been in our family

for over 50 years now.

My grandfather
actually started it,

hence the country
club affiliation.

From Princeton to South
Carolina to Chicago.

- That's quite a legacy, jeez.

- Blue really has its
rewards and its challenges.

Mr. Moffin, I think
she's ready to go.

- You're ready,
let's hit the trail.

- You're in for the ride
of your life, my dear.

- (laughs) Better keep me safe.

- Oh I got you.

- Here you go.

- Good job, good job.

- Very good, you're all set.

- Now go ahead and put your arms

around me and scoot forward.

You all right back there?

- Yes, it's nice.

- This here's Shane,
and she's my favorite.

She's a purebred.

She has the best
temperament of all of them.

- She's beautiful.

- Like you.

- Thank you.

- So I imagine
there'll be someone

following you here, or at least

wishing that he did?

- No.

- Why not?

He'd be a fool not to.

- Well we had been dating since

college, the relationship wasn't

really working out,
and when they said

my company was moving
to Chicago, so did I.

We weren't exactly exclusive.

- What do you mean by exactly?

- [Dennie] It's a long story.

- All right, so what
is your favorite

black romantic movie?

- Gotta be Love and Basketball.

- Love and Basketball,
what about Love Jones?

- I used to ball in college.


- Wow.

That sure was a lot
of fun, wasn't it?

- Yes, my thighs are killing,

but it was a lot of fun.

- Well just wait
until the morning,

you're really gonna feel it.

- So now that you've dissected

my past, you gonna tell me a

little bit about yours?

- What do you wanna know?

- Are you single?

- You think I would've invited

you here today if I weren't?

- Depends what your
intentions are.

- Well to set the
record straight,

I'm not in a relationship,
engaged, or married.

I simply invited you here today

because I wanted to get to know

the beautiful, smart,
new Chi-town sister

that I met at the airport.

- Fair enough.

- I mean my last relationship,

with my fiance, ended
about a year ago.

I loved her, but
I was too caught

up with firm business.

By the time I tried to work
things out, it was too late.

- Do you regret it?

- Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

She's actually engaged
again and I'm happy for her.

I guess at the end of the
day I just wasn't ready.

(R&B music)

(R&B music)

- Here you are, love.

- Thank you.

- I would like to
propose a toast.

Welcoming you to this
great city of Chicago.

And to us getting to know
each other a little better.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

So you know anything
about this game?

- No.

Just a little bit.

- Well first thing's
first, take the stick.

Turn around.

Now everything starts
with a good base,

so I want you to open up.

Stretch out.

Get a good hold of that stick.

Wrap your finger around
the stick real good,

now find the spot
that you want to hit,

and then thrust into
it as hard as you can.


That's all you got?
- Please don't be mean.

- Let me show you
how to do this thing.

- I don't...


- Two, thank you very much.

Yeah, now that's how you break.

(loud clang)


So you excited about
going home next month?

- Yes, my gosh.

As much as I love
Chicago and spending

time with you, I miss everyone.

I miss happy hours
with Kerra and J

and my little
brother and Saturday

(mumbles) with my
mom even though

she still calls
me every Saturday.

- Aren't you the lucky one.

You know I'm really gonna
miss you when you go.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Well maybe all
of those beautiful

roses you sent me last week will

help keep you on my mind?

- Hopefully.

- Hmm.

- You truly are worth all
the roses a man can buy.

- (laughs) They were
quite the surprise.

- I would hoping they would be.

- Thank you.

* When it's (mumbles)
sent from above

* Tell me have you
ever fallen in love

- So Dennie, tell us
about this Brian guy.

- You mean Brian McCormick?

- Oh wait.

- Is he white?!

- No, J, he's black, okay?

- Doesn't matter.

- Well if he was white,
I'd still like him.

Golden checklist.

- Okay, that's what's good.

- He's smart.

- That's a check.

- Yes, he's attractive.

That's two checks.
- Okay.

- And he's very
well established.

- Oh good.

- That is important.

- Yes, and he's
just, he's so fun,

we're having the
best time getting

to know each other.

- So good to see you smiling.

- I know, so why is
this catch still single?

- What did I do with a catch?

- No, listen iisten,
he was engaged

a year ago for something like

nine months or something and it

didn't work out 'cause he was

too busy with his
job and he didn't

have enough time for
the relationship.

- Sounds like you.

- Mom, please!


Anyway, she's engaged
to somebody else now

and he's happy for
her and he says

that she wasn't the
one for him anyway.

- Give it some time, okay?

It's true what they say, you
will know when it's right.

I'm so thankful that Steve and I

are where we are
now, as you all know

what I went through
and it's just,

when I just think
about his commitment

to me, but he shows
that, he has proven

that to me time and
again, but you know

what really gets
us through is that

we truly love each
other, you know?

I'm a little better
at this marriage

thing than I used to
be too, I have to say,

but when you're
uncertain about things,

you're trying to sort
out your feelings,

girl just pray about that
thing, just let it go.

God will take care of that.

- [Dennie] That's
why I was having

so much trouble with Damien.

He would say that
he cared about me,

but I would never see
that in his actions.

Not enough love and not enough

respect in the
actions, you know?

Not like Steve.

But Brian, he's, I like him.

- I just, as far as Damien goes

I think he's like a lot of men.

They don't start
to show it really

until it's too late,
they've lost the person

that they love, like
Brian lost his ex-fiance.

- Like Damien lost me.

- Has he really?

I know you still care
about him, Dennie.

- No, I mean I live in Chicago

now and it's too late.

- Yeah.

- Let's open up some gifts.

- Presents!

- Gifts!

- 'Cause you know I gotta

open up my gift first.

- Okay okay okay okay.

No offense, but let's
go with this one first.

- Yes, I got the best one.

- Are you sure?

- No, (mumbles), I got
the best one, girl.

You gotta open mine.

- Look, Miss Reed,
I believe having

the two of us join you on this

important case will
be a tremendous

asset for your firm and mine.

We're in position to win this.

There are around, what, 20?

20 whistleblowers ready to
testify against the company.

You know they're
gonna be looking for

a solid legal team
to represent them.

- [Reed] I wholeheartedly
agree, Mr. Jameson.

As soon as we get clearance from

the other partners in the firm,

we'll start litigation.

We wanna make sure
that we're all

in agreement with this
legal team arrangement.

Expect to hear from
me by Wednesday.

- So this is your deal.

Are we gonna close it?

- [Jasmine] Talk about perfect,

I just finished meeting with the

finest man I've ever met, girl.

Hot, Dennie!


Girl, I had to go
in the panty bag.

- [Dennie] What?!

- [Jasmine] Mmmhm.

- [Dennis] My gosh, one of those

make yo panties
wet brothers, huh?

- [Jasmine] Make
your panties wet?

Girl, I had to change
them completely.

- Ugh, girl.

- I will have the
honor of working

with this man for the
next eight months.

- Oh God, it couldn't get
any perfect than that.

- Actually it could.

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa, wait a minute.

Slow it up.

We are talking about
business, right?

- [Jasmine] Yes, yes I am.

Secondly I'm saying
I'm gonna get that man.


- So guess who stopped
by my house today?

- [Jasmine] Who?

- Damien.

- Really, well
I'm not surprised.

The man's been calling
for you all weekend.

Dennie, I'm tired of him calling

me to see how you're doing.

Dennie, the man flew all the way

to Chicago to see you.

- Wait a minute,
Damien went to Chicago?

- Yes.

- Well why didn't you tell me?

- Dennie, listen, we all
know Damien loves you,

he just doesn't
know how to show it.

Yes, I understand you had
to move on with your life.

I just want you to be happy.

Whether it's with Brian, Damien,

or whoever makes your happy.

You deserve to move on.

- He calls all you guys?

- Yeah.

Now let's eat!

I'm billing by the
hour, girl, come on!

I'm billing by the hour.

- She said yes!

She said yes!

- That was 15 years
ago, honey, shhh.

Don't get everyone all rattled.

- Sweetheart, you have
made my world spin.

Every day since the day we met

here in this café 15 years ago.

Thank God your
boss sent you down

here to (mumbles).

I love you with all my heart.

You are my true love.

Forever and always.

- Oh darling, I love you so much

you wild sexy man.

- You know what?

That's what I want.

Just not right now though.

(gentle acoustic guitar music)

- Brian!

Hey, what a surprise.

- Well you surprised me when you

walked into my life.

I've been a happy
man ever since.

These are for you.

- Aww, thank you.

So sweet.

I don't know what to say.

- Say you'll have
dinner with me tonight.

- Yes, absolutely.

- Good, 'cause
I've really missed

you this past
weekend and I'm sure

you had a good
time, I can't wait

to hear all about it.

I'd be a fool to think that your

ex didn't at least try to

contact you while
you were there.

Listen Dennie, I
know this is all

new to you, so slow me down if

you think I'm moving too fast,

but I'm not gonna lose
another wonderful woman.

Perhaps my ex and I just
weren't meant to be.

I'm not gonna screw
up this chance.

A chance at being with you.

- Awww.

- So I'll pick you
up around 7:30,

we have reservations at eight.

- Sounds perfect.

- Beautiful.

You have yourself
a good afternoon.

- Thank you, you too.

- Bye.

- Pst.

Girl, you must've
whipped it on him.

He's so fine.

So now you have Brian here and

Damien in DC, what are you gonna

do with all those men, huh?

Give me one.

- (laughs) Go away, Chip.

- Bye.

Music Playing

- So you all ready, sweetie?

- No, it's freezing.

- (chuckles) I apologize,

it takes a little
while to get used to.

But trust me, you'll
be warm soon enough.

Especially when you eat this
food my mother's cooking.

- You know Brian,
this is my first

time away from home
on Thanksgiving.

- We don't have to
go to my parents'

house, I can pull out right now.

- No, that's not what I meant.

I'm perfectly fine,
it's just funny

how life changes, you know?

- I get it.

- Yeah?

God has a plan for us all.

We just have to trust
where it leads us.

Like here.

- Well we're here.

- Your parents' house
is so beautiful.

- How about I go
and let you tell

them that yourself.

Come on.

(doorbell rings)

- Brian, why are you
ringing the bell?

- Well mom, we have a guest.

- Hi dear, it's so nice
to finally meet you.

Come on in.

- I don't care where
you go or how much money

black folk have, we still
get down on Thanksgiving.

Ain't nothing like family.

Nothing like family.

- Uncle Jacob, it is
so nice to meet you.

- Girl, stop all
that firm stuff,

come give me a
hug, we're people.

We your family this holiday!

I'm sure your mama misses you.

- Yes she does, but I promised

her I'd be home for Christmas.

- Hi everybody, we're
here, we made it.

Brought the turkey for you.

I know you couldn't wait,
I know you couldn't wait.

There she is!

- Hey man.

- How's everything?

(idle chatter)

- Can we all, can we
all bless the table?

- Yes.

- Okay, bless the table.

Heavenly Father, we
come here for you

once again to say thank you.

Thank you for your grace and
thank you for your mercy.

And most of all we thank you for

each other gathered
around this table

that we may come before you once

again to say thank you.

- Thank you.

- In these blessings
and all others

we ask in your
precious holy name,

Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

- [Group] Amen!

- Ready to get down, okay.

- Pauline, can you pass
me some of that beef?

- Now wait a minute, Morris.

Here, you have to have some of

my homemade cranberry sauce.

You know I make it every year.

- I suppose I have to.

Nobody can eat this
dry turkey by itself.

- Morris how dare you!

- [Morris] Oh come on, Pauline.

I'm getting too old to pretend

that everything you
cook tastes good.

But I do still like that
pudding pie of yours.

- (laughs) Morris,
not at the table.

- Maybe on the table
a little later.

- Okay, excuse me, would
anyone like a beverage, Dennie?

- Yes, I'll take
a Sprite please.

- Young man, could I
have a warm water please?

- Come on, mmhm.

Come on, honey, come on.

- (mumbles).

- Come on, baby, you can do it.

- Oh God I can't do it.

- Yes you can, come on, sweetie,

one more big push, one more
big push and you're there.

Come on, come on.


(baby crying)

All right!

Look who we have.

Mr. And Mrs. Carter.

You have a healthy baby boy.

- Oh look at him, he's precious.

- Aww, thank you, angel.

- We did it.

- Yeah, we sure did, yes we did.

- I'm so tired.

- It's okay, it's okay.

- [Jasmine] Kerra?

Dennie's on the phone.

- Okay.

- She's been on the
phone this whole time.

- Are you serious?

- You did it, girl.

- Dennie, hey.

I wish you were here,
he is beautiful.

He's a head full of hair and
his daddy's nose for sure.

Those are my eyes for sure.

- [Dennie]
Congratulations, Kerra.

I know, I wish I was there too,

and girl, I heard you pushing.

You are a trooper.

Kerra Carter, mommy.

- I'm a mommy now.


Dennie, will you be
Little Steve's Godmother?

- Oh my gosh, yes!

You want me to be the Godmother?

Oh my gosh, I don't know how to

feed a baby, I don't even know

how to change a
diaper, but I'm gonna

go home tonight and
I'm gonna research

the best schools and I'm gonna

get him some more baby clothes.

- You're gonna be a
great mom someday.


- Kerra?

You okay?


Listen, I'm gonna let you get

some rest, okay?

I'll call you a little
later on tonight.

- Okay.

- Don't forget I'll
be home for Christmas.

I'll see you guys
in a couple weeks.

- Bye, Brittany.

- [Voiceover] Let
me check her vitals.

- What's wrong?

- Her blood pressure's going up.

We need to get her stabilized
as soon as possible.

- What's wrong?

- [Voiceover] I need
everybody to move now.

- [Steve] I said what's wrong!

- [Voiceover] Kerra
appears to have

gone into cardiac arrest.

Look, I never everyone,
we're gonna do

all that we can, I need everyone

except you to leave right now.

- Hello, can anybody hear me?

- Steve, give me the phone.

- [Dennie] What's
wrong with Kerra?

What's happening?!
- Give me the phone.

- Excuse me.

- [Dennie] Hello?!

Can anybody hear me?!



Somebody pick up the phone!

- Dennie?

(sobs) Kerra...

Kerra, I don't, I
don't know, she just...

She was fine and then...


God, why?

(mumbles) why, God?!

- No, no.

Tell Kerra I'm coming.

Tell her I'm coming.

- (sobs) She's dead.

She's gone, Dennie.

- Oh God.

God, she just had
a baby, please.

She just had a baby, God.

(gentle piano music)

(gentle piano music)

- Hey.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

- Hey Brian.

Great seeing you here.

- Good to see you as well.


- My assistant's
scheduling a meeting

for next week to talk
about the Hoover case.

If you've got a moment,
I can give you some

insight on what we're up
against with this one.

I'll make it quick
before your date returns.

- No, no date.

So what have you learned
about the Hoover case?

- Good afternoon,
I have a delivery

for a Miss Jasmine Dominguez.

- [Jasmine] I'm Jasmine
Dominguez, J for short.

You can leave it by
the door, I'll get it.

- I apologize for
disturbing you, J,

but I need your signature.

- Sure, what's your name again?

- Nathan.

- [Jasmine] Nathan.

- Horse.

- Here you go.

- [Nathan] Sure.

That's a nice pen
you have there.

- Thanks.

It was a gift.

- I'd like to give you a gift.

- Excuse me?

- I said...

I got a lot of gifts to deliver,

you know Christmas
is a few days away.

- Yeah.

Thanks again, Nathan.

- Would you like to
go to dinner sometime?

Maybe next week?

- I'm just very busy
with work, Nathan.

I don't have time
to go out to dinner.

- Okay.

Well it's nice meeting you, J.

- Thank you, you too.

(organ music)

- And we're going to
invite Steve Carter

and Steve Carter Jr to
come up at this time.

(baby crying)

The best friend Jasmine.

And the Godparents to come and

join in the ceremony.

We're also gonna ask
Aunt Teresa to come.

Certainly we are blessed of the

Lord to have this opportunity to

offer unto God another child to

be blessed by Him.

The scripture according
to Deuteronomy.

Hear, O Israel, the
Lord our God is one God.

Thou shalt love
the Lord, thy God

with all thine
heart and with all

thy soul and with all thy might.

The bible says hear, O Israel,

the Lord our God is one Lord.

Thou shalt love
the Lord, thy God

with all thine
heart and with all

thy soul and with all thy might.

These words I
command thee this day

shall be in thine heart.

Thou shalt teach them
diligently unto thy children.

Let us bow our heads for prayer.

Kind Father, in the
precious name of Jesus

we thank You for the
opportunity of prayer.

You said in Your
word men are always

to pray and not to
faint, and we come

at this hour, Lord,
just to give You

praise, glory, and honor.

Have your way, Lord, let
Your spirit have free course.

Bind us with cords
of love that we

might continue to do Thy will.

In Jesus name, amen.

To the parent, do
you come professing

Jesus Christ as Lord
and Savior of your life?

- I do.

And do you come to
dedicate yourself

to biblical
instruction, discipline,

and love for this child?

- I do.

- To the congregation, do you as

a church agree to
support the parent

by your example, and
through acts of service,

and do you agree
to reinforce the

biblical instruction,

and love of this child under the

supreme rule of the
Lord Jesus Christ?

If so, you may signify
by saying we do.

- [Group] We do.

- Let us pray.

Father, in the name of Jesus we

thank You for this young life.

This soul that we
dedicate unto You

this day that he might grow up

in the admonition and
nurture of Your word to

become exactly the image
of You in the Earth.

We ask Your blessings
upon his life even now.

Use him as Your
instrument and Your hand

available to Your
service that You

might get glory,
honor, and praise.

In Jesus name, amen.

- [Group] Amen.

- And to the godparents.

We charge you that you will be

there for support to young Steve

and to give him all the nurture

and help and
support that you can

knowing that even
though it appears

that he has such
a loving family,

he still needs all
the help he can get.

And to the friend,
and to the aunt,

that you also will be a partaker

in the instruction
and admonition

of this life, this child's life

as it grows before the Lord.

To support the
parent in all aspects

that you can, and to the church,

that you would be
mindful of this

family to help meet any needs or

shortcomings that
they might have.

That they also
would be used by God

as you are to bless other lives.

You may return to your
seats at this time.

We're gonna have the
children's church

from Christ Our Church of God to

come and give a selection.

(organ music)

- I'm proud of you, Dennie.


Seeing you in here
today, it just...

It reminds of why
I am in awe of you.

I know that I've been bad,

I've been crazy,
I've been unsettle

and immature for so long.

Man, I am so sorry.

I was young and dumb, right?

But I don't know, being in here

today, it just make me really...

Figure out what's
important in life.

I hope that the next time that

we're standing at the alter will

be because you have just walked

down the aisle to
become my wife.

Dennie Marie Lewis,
will you marry me?

- Oh Damien, I had been waiting

for this moment for so long.

But for whatever
reason, it seemed like

our time never came.

Or maybe what we
had was our time.

I will always love you.

But I'm in a different
place in my life right now.

And I can't do this.

I'm so sorry.

- Dennie.

Dennie, please don't
walk out of my life.

- (sobs) I'm so sorry, Damien.

After Kerra and my father,

I have to keep moving forward.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


- [Brian] Hey.

So how was your day?

- It just got better.

(remixed piano music)

* I got a feeling inside

* Down deep in me

* I cannot lie

* This is how it's meant to be

* You heal my broken heart

* From love that was untrue

* Now I'm willing to start

* Start it off with someone new

* I know my mind, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* I know my mind, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* There are decisions at hand

* Vision is almost clear

* It's time to understand

* And work through all my fears

* I know my mind, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* I know my mind
and I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

(acoustic guitar solo)

(acoustic guitar solo)

* There's a new
life in front of me

* A fresh beginning
that I can see

* Won't look back,
I'm ready to go

* I'll make my
stand, this I know

* I know my mind, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* I know my mind, I know my mind

* And I know my
soul, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* I know my mind, I know my mind

* And I know my
soul, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* I know my mind, I know my mind

* And I know my
soul, I know my soul

* I know where I've been

* And I know where I'm going

* Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.