Babyteeth (2019) - full transcript

When seriously ill teenager Milla falls madly in love with smalltime drug dealer Moses, it's her parents' worst nightmare. But as Milla's first brush with love brings her a new lust for ...

Smoking is not allowed at this
station, or on the train.

Like everyone's wearing
strapless to the formal now


Yeah, that's good,
'cause it's a bit, like

I don't know,
that would suit you.

I reckon I'm going to say
something to Mrs. Martin.

Seriously, she need to get her
scales right

and everything, like...

No! You can't!



- Doors closing, stand clear.
- Milla!


Your hair's like, uh...


Your hair's like bangles
or something.


Like with the light,
it's like bangles, it's...


Yours is nice too.

Yeah, but look at this.

Look at that, see.

I cut myself. See?

I had to get on like a weird
angle to get to that bit.

- And then I...
- Can I feel?


- Feels like snakeskin.
- Ooh! Yeah.

Oh, shit, there's blood...


- It's so stupid.
- It's okay.

I'm just gonna wait over there.

Shit, it's gone on your...

- Oh no, it's fine. Seriously.
- It's gone on your shirt. Here.

- Happens all the time.
- Just lay down for a minute.

I got you.

Passengers on platform four,
the next train...

You just find
a little bit of sky.

Sorry, could you just
take it off my face.

It smells.

- Is there blood in my hair?
- Nah.

- Oh, there is a lot of blood.
- Get up.

Hey, um,
I hate to ask you this

um, I've just been kicked out
of my house and...

- Evicted?
- Yeah, evicted.

And, uh, I just,
I'm sort of trying

to put some money together
to get a bed

in a shelter for the night...

Why did you get evicted?

Just because I got behind
in my rent. I hate to ask you.

You just seem like a really nice

How much?

Uh, just whatever
you can manage.

It doesn't have to be much.

Just 'cause I saved your life
or whatever.

- I've only got 50.
- Fifty! That's too much!

- I can't...
- I can split it.

Uh, no, no, no.
Fifty's okay.

Hey, you want to take this one?

If I give you 50,
you have to do something for me.

You know she's playing easy
listening in the reception?

No wonder your patients
are so tense.

- Is my time up?
- Not quite.

I'm just boring you.

- It's quarter past.
- Yeah, alright.

- Really?
- When's your next client?

It's just she tends to be early.

Oh, let's just do it.
Don't you think?

It's the last thing we're going
to feel like doing next Tuesday.



While I remember...

Take one of these with food.

These are the same things that
are in the blue bottle, yeah?

And, darling, start taking an
Ativan in the morning as well.

Just for the next few weeks,

- I love this bra.
- Hm.

Couch or desk? Hm?


She looks like a little kid

Do you know
that was five years ago.

I don't remember
this being taken.

She looks so pissed off.

- She does not look pissed off.
- She does.

That is, no, she does not.
It's the sun across her face.

That is practically a National
Geographic standard photograph.

How are you doing
with that sandwich?

Many of my patients have said

that it looks like
a professional photographer.

Yeah, but they are crazy, Henry.

She's gonna be okay.

- Can you just move your leg.
- Yeah.

- Does that hurt?
- No, babe.

I've got to answer that.

- I have to answer that.
- Uh-unh!


I'm sorry.

Uh, can you just get her last

MRI scan ready for me please?

No, there's a more recent one.

There's a more recent one
than that.

But that's... that's the one.

- Are you okay?
- Mm-hm.

- You gonna pick her up now?
- Yeah. I'll see you tonight.

Oh, fuck. I love you


- We've got to go.
- Why?


My violin! My violin.

Duncan Abrahams is big
but he doesn't throw himself in.

Oh, I know. Hello! Hello!

Oh, I know,
I'm sorry we left you...

He's got reach,
but he can hardly...

Come here, Zach.


Hey, Zachy.

Uh, I'd like to report
a break-in.

Fuck you, mum!

You've got...

...little trimmings
on your face.

They're like, so pretty.

- Like little gold...
- Just have your water, mum.

What's it called?

Is this a... style?

I was going for rat's tails.

You're a hairdresser,
are you, Moses?

Mum trains Bichons.

And that's how you know
about rats, is it?

That's why I've got access
to clippers.

They're poodle clippers,
but I use them on me as well.

I mean, you get a result
you're happy with

using poodle clippers?

They're just like regular
clippers, mum.

Bit louder maybe.

They're probably a little bit

less accurate, I imagine.

No. No.
We were competitive.

Mum's a three time state award
winner with her bichons.

Oh, wow.

How old are you, Moses?

- I'm twenty...
- Sixteen.

- ...three.
- Twenty.

I'm twenty three.


I'm a bit freaked out by that.

But, um, lucky for everyone

I forgot I'd taken a Zoloft
when I took two Xanax

while I was waiting for you
at the hairdresser to show up

thinking you must've been

because why else
would you not even come?

We know that she's okay now.
Don't we?

- God, two of those blues.
- Right?

Those ones you gave me.

Though I'm feeling
very relaxed right now.

Feels like we...
I'm havin' a stroke.

I can't feel this.

You look like a different


What have you done
with my daughter?

I killed her.

Oh, my God.

She's got a great shaped head
for it.

We were nervous.
I mean, well, I was.

I was nervous,
because she was very overdue

and had to be, have those, um...

What's that word?

Um... What do you call 'em?

What's... what's that word?

The... Henry, what is the,
what is that word?

- The...
- Vase.

- Vase?
- Forceps.

She had to be induced but then
they used the forceps.

And she started pulling them
right up inside me

because she did not
wanna come out.

And I was ripped to shreds.

- But we got in here, and we...
- Oh, my God!

Anna. Anna, let's go for a walk
around the block.

Sorry, Milla.
I am so high, right now.

You've got blood in your mouth.

- What?
- Your mouth is bleeding.

Oh, fuck.

I've had this loose tooth.

Not a baby tooth though,
only Milla has baby teeth.

And it's an aberration
for someone as old as me.

Which one is it?

This one. At the back.

- Show me.
- There.

Oh! Hi there, little guy!

- Get away from her!
- Mum!

Ahem. Sorry, Moses.

Don't apologies to him
for me.

- Why is he even here?
- He's my guest!

N... no.
No smoking.

- Not in front of Milla!
- I'm sorry.

- Outside! You take can it outside!
- Mum! Mum...

Mum, he... You don't,
you don't have to go outside.

Do you have that, um...

Oh, yeah.

Um... Yeah. Here.


Thanks for dinner.

- I'll see you round.
- Where?

- Around.
- You don't have to go.

Henry! Henry!

Fucking hell.

It's a bit flat sweetheart.

- It's still a bit flat.
- Henry!

You fucking mongrel.


Who is she?

We're gonna have to move.


We're lucky Gidon
can fit us in this morning.

Maybe he can give you some
theory you can carry on with.

Tell Ann that we're still aiming
to do the exam in March.


What's wrong with you?

What do you think's
wrong with me?

You can't treat things
like this.

What about you?
You were disgusting yesterday!

That boy had problems!

So do I!

Bye, darling.

- Hey.
- Hello.

Oh, shit! Shit, shit. Fuck.

Fuck! Bit of ash.

You shouldn't smoke,
yo... you know that.

- Yeah. I need both hands.
- No.

Because, you know,
you're pregnant, so...

No, they did a study about that,
actually it's totally fine

as long as you don't smoke

in the first trimester.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

- I read it online.
- No, that's bullshit.

There's no such thing
as a safe cigarette.

It's not bullshit,
I read it online.


See you round.


- I've lost my dog.
- Hm.

Probably just out, you know

checking out
his new neighborhood.

Yeah. Hopefully not stuck
to someone's bumper.



- I'm Toby.
- And I'm Henry.

I... that's my name, Henry.

- No, you're not.
- Yeah. Henry James Finlay.

But Henry's a dog's name.

Why didn't you say something?

- Bye, Toby.
- Bye, Henry.

Go to hell.

Truly, I never hear
anything like, huh.

Everything you touch
you destroy.


Oh! Here we go.

Who did this to you? Huh?

My boyfriend.

Ah! You have boyfriend now?

What kind of boyfriend
give you mange?


...he's actually a wild dog.

You know, with this new look,
you need something... need something like...

...something like this.

Hm, hm, hm!

Try, try, try. Yeah.

Hey. Where your brother is?

Hey, why are you not at school?

You want to wait in here?


Come on, come on, yeah.

Yeah, come on, come on.

Come on. We have biscuits!

We have coffee!

Dancing girls!

- What's your name?
- Tin Wah.

Taking the day off school,
Tin Wah?

- Missed the bus.
- Yeah, right.

Ah, you know this?

Eh, here.

Put your chin here.

Like that. Yes.




Don't move.
Don't you fuckin' move.

It's okay.

Don't come any closer.
Shh! Don't move.

Don't fuckin' move.

That'll just make you feel sick.

That'll just make you sick.

These ones have got
codeine in them

these ones will make you
feel calmer.

- Mum!
- Ah! Just get out.

- I won't tell anyone. Go!
- Mum!

Coming sweetheart!
Go, go, go.

- Milla! Henry! Henry!
- Shh!

Hey! Shut up. Shut up.

- Just get out! Get out!
- Alright!

Milla, don't come in here.
Go back to your room. Now!


- Oh, Milla.
- Are you ripping us off?

Oh, this is so bad.

- Oh, God.
- He was in the kitchen.

- Have you called the police?
- No!

When would I have had a chance
to call the police, Henry?

If you call the police
we're totally entering

the cycle of abuse, Henry.

That is 100% your fault.

Please, dad. I won't be able
to respect you if you do.

What's his... What's your
surname? I'll call his parents.

- Please don't.
- He's been thrown out of home.

- It's complicated.
- His mum's troubled.

Then I have to call the police.

I just don't think
that's right for him.

Milla, he threatened me
with a meat prong.

You threatened my wife
with a meat prong?

No, I wouldn't have
done anything.

Mum, I'll... I'll do anything.
I will.

I'll... I'll... I'll practice
the violin

and I'll go to support.

And the fucking formal, I'll go.

Can he just please stay?

Anna, we can't do this.

He was remarkably inept, Henry.

And he's probably harmless.

He's a drug addict.

Don't pigeonhole him like that.

Hey, thanks for being
so kind to me.

You're so kind to me.

- I lost my hair.
- It looks cool.

It's like way better
than the one that I gave you.

Anna, if there's no consequences

he's going to be
back here again...

- Anna? Anna!
- What?

I just need you to listen to me
and think this through.

I didn't invite him here, Henry.

The boy is desperate.

I was dreaming about you

when you came in.

You were dreaming about me?


N... not...

No, we weren't doing anything...

You were just... were just
sort of... there.

It's morning.

He could stay for breakfast.



He must have fallen off his bike
or something.

He's got this scar.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Sit down.

- Sorry about last night.
- Do you have a girlfriend?

Uh, I wouldn't call her
a girlfriend.

- How old is she?
- She's 26.

Sounds very appropriate.

- You're making crepes?
- Mm-hm.

Well, well.

So, Moses, what have you got
planned for the day?

You, uh,
you working at the moment?

Not in any formal way.

And, um, informally?
What do you do?

All different things.

Oh. Mm-hm.

You think there's something
that I should be doing?


I don't think the world would be
this big or weird

if we were meant to choose
just one thing.

I think as soon as people start

doing that they become obsessed
with functionality

instead of is it beautiful?

Hm, it's true.
That is what happens.

I'm not ready to be functional.

Of course that doesn't mean
you have to be dysfunctional.


What is it you do, sir?

He's a psychiatrist.

I guess you think that you can
pin me like that.

- Mill, you better get ready...
- Having my breakfast.


Don't leave.

I can drop you at home
after this Moses.

Oh, no, I... I don't want to
put you out...

No, no trouble.

I can do it after I've dropped
Milla at school.

Hey, Moses, I don't know if you
make a habit of this or not

that is befriending girls

that are significantly
younger than yourself.

But Milla's in a very
vulnerable situation...



Henry, can you grab his collar?

- Yeah.
- Sorry. He's a car-chaser.

No problem.

Hey, um, can you come and stand
on a stool for me?

- All my lights keep blowing.
- Um...

I don't trust myself within five
meters of a stool at the moment.

Um, I've just, I've got...

- I've got patients that are waiting.
- Okay.


- See ya.
- Bye.


I wanna see you again.

No way.


Okay, bye, mum.

You'll let me know

and I'll come and get you
if it's too much.


- Where do you live, Moses?
- Uh, just drop me up here.

Oh, no, I'll take you home.

Thanks for the lift,
Mrs. Finlay.


Thank you.

I don't want you near
Milla again.

Yes, alright.

I felt my, my body go cold.

Like I knew.

If I'd have just said...

God, if I'd just said don't.

If I'd just said
don't leave me...

J... Jenny can I,
would you just ex...

...just excuse me
for one moment, please.


I'm gonna change that bulb.

- Thanks.
- Right.

Um, hold on a sec.

- Got it?
- Yeah, not yet.

Ah, there we go.

- Fuck!
- Fuck! Fuck!

- Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- No, no.

The electrics in these houses,
they're fucking crazy.

- Can you sit down?
- Oh, no, I'm okay.

I'm so sorry, Henry.
I'm so sorry.

- Sit down. Please sit down.
- I'm okay.

- No, I'm okay, I'm okay.
- Please, sit down.

- I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm fine.
- God!

- Hope you're not brain damaged.
- No, I'm fine.

Can I get you some water? Do you
want me to get you some water?

- I'm fine.
- Fuck. Are you allowed water?

What's that rule
with hair dryers?

Oh, you can see
straight into our house.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Okay. Can I just...

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Your hair's sticking up.

Can I just...
Can you wait a second?

Wait, I've got something
that will be perfect.

This is gel,
but it smooths the hair.

Um, can I...
Okay, you do it.

Just don't be shy of it,
i... i... it goes completely...

Actually, no, let me, here.

Was that your boyfriend dropping
you off this morning?


Are you bringing him
to the formal?

Think so.

What school does he go to?

He's left school.

My boyfriend's 18.

I love your wig.

I wanna get extensions
for the formal.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

- Can I try it on?
- No.

Just to see how I'll look
with long hair.

- Just for a second.
- No.

Please? I'll be quick.
I'll give it right back. Please?

Ha-ha. Yeah?

Oh, my God.
I look so different.

It's to show my hairdresser.

Oh, yeah, I love that.

It's better on you.


- What're you doing here?
- What're you doing here?

- It's my school.
- It's my school.

It's an all girl's school.

- Shit.


Stop it.

- Milla?
- What?

Where have you been?

- Ah, with Scarlett.
- Hey, sweetheart.

- Hi.
- Feeling okay?

Mm, okay.

You should invite her over.

Or is her mum still paying her
to be on that paleo diet?

Mum, um...

...I need some money
for tickets to the formal.

- Okay.
- Okay.

We'll have to go shopping
for a dress too.

Do you have any... any ideas?


Maybe we could take tomorrow
morning off and...

...go shopping.

I don't want to miss
any more school.

Are people taking partners, or...

Oh, don't!

Th... that's because
foreign policy

in this country is based
on this small mindedness.

Would you like me to ask
Andrea's son?


I'm not going with Leif.

...especially about
this strange

effusive character
that was Mozart.

It's unique music

for expressing
tragic sentiment.

Always with open-eyed wonder
for the world.

Never is it cynical.

It can be dark,
it can be menacing

but essentially
it's extraordinarily

optimistic music.

And when Mozart is at his peak

and sometimes he doesn't
always reach his peak

but when Mozart does write
at his peak

such as the "25th Symphony"

you're dealing with something

that's indescribably

Um, this is an exploration
of the music of Mozart...

I think something in you
is changed.

What could it be?

I see the same in your mother
when she is in love.

Is when she is becoming
drunk with it.

When she met dad, you mean?

- You were crazy about her.
- Of course.

- We play Shostakovich together.
- Were you together?

You never observe
this crescendo.

- Were you?
- Look.

How many times I underline.

You're not so breathless
this time.

Come, lifting the wings...

When you play this with focus

it can make the heart so big.

When you do bird calls
is so stupid.

What're you looking at?

Piss off

Hi. Hi, Mrs. Finlay.
Is Milla here?

- No. She's not.
- I brought her these.

I brought her a present.

You weren't in school.

I didn't go today.

Did you run here?

I've been playing basketball.

- Do you want to do something?
- No. She has to rest.

- We can sit out back.
- No.

Milla. Milla.

- What are you thinking?
- What?

Well, can't you see
the state he's in?

Sorry, I couldn't find a cup.

I wanted to ask you something.


Will you come to my school

Aren't I a bit old for it?


Do I have to wear a suit?

I don't think so.

I'd like to wear one.

Oh, my God.

My heart's beating so fast

it feels like having a heart
attack or something.

Feel that.

I didn't think
it would be like that.

- I think I'm going throw up.
- Hey?


- Mum!
- Are you alright?

Can you get me an Ondansetron?

Sit up. Sit up. Sit up.

Can you sit up? Milla.

I know you have it.
It was right next to the phone.

Give it to me right now.

That's not it.

Will you still come
to my formal?

- No, he won't.
- Sorry.

- Mo?
- No, he won't Milla.

Have some self-respect.

Is that why
you hang out with me?


Is it the only reason?

Is it?

You have to leave Moses and you
can never come back here.

Sit up, honey.
Sit up, honey.

Come on. Have another sip.


Fuck it! Fuck!

- Yeah, nice. Yo.
- Hey, Mo, Bambi's here.


The hell are you doing here?

What the hell
are you doing here?

Does your mum know
where you are?

Does yours?

You can't hang.
I've got to go to work now.

Tracy Marrow?

Yes, sir.

- Cheers mate.
- Yep.

My brother's doing a party
tonight. You should come.


Where's it at?

- Brian's place.
- Oh, yeah.

Hey, we won't stay here long,

Unless it's really fun.

You're really pretty.

I love this.

Are you avoiding me?



Hey, Mill, do you want to...

- Do you wanna go dance?
- Yeah.

I'll meet you in there.

Are you babysitting?


Can you get me a drink?

Hey. Hey! Are you drunk?

- Where's your girlfriend?
- Hey?

Where's your girlfriend?

Hey, look at me. Look at me.

Fucking loser.

Hey! Fuck! Fuck off!


You okay?

What is this?
What did you take? Mill?


Are you allowed to drink
on your medication?

It's never come up.

- I'm gonna ring your parents.
- No.

No. Not yet, Mo.

Not yet.

♪ Ooh baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ Dreams of you all the time ♪

♪ Feels so good
when we're together love ♪

♪ Just can't wait
until tomorrow night ♪

♪ Hey baby let's shake it ♪

♪ Oh hey baby ♪

♪ Hey hey baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ When we're out
in the moonlight ♪

♪ Looking up on
the stars above ♪

♪ Feels so good to be near you ♪

♪ Holding hands
and making love ♪

♪ Oh oh baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ Yes oh baby ♪

♪ Sandy beach
and was making love... ♪

Where's my house?
Would it be over there?

No, it's much more... this direction.

You see that?
That's your school.

- Uh-huh.
- This down here is, um...

When, uh...

That's, uh, where we were today.

Moses, do you like me?


But do you like, like-like me?


It's complicated.

I don't wanna hurt you.

So don't.

I'll be back in a minute.

- I'm coming with you.
- No, no. No, no.

Go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep.

She didn't take any
of her medicine?

I hope he doesn't just stick
a needle in her arm.

Why did she not at least take
her phone with her?

Come on, Milla.

How did we not see this coming?


Did you hear me?

I'm up with her every night,

Her body gets so hot.
You're never there.

I am. I'm there. I'm always
there. You just don't notice.

Well, I can't find you.

Even now I have no idea
what you're feeling.

'Cause you don't tell me.

Tell me Henry, because I feel
so alone right now.

This really isn't about you,

It... it... it is.

It's really not about
how you feel!

This is about Milla,
for God's sake!

Wh... what's wrong with you?

Our daughter has disappeared.

She might not make it
through the night

and, and, and

a... a I can't feel anything

because I can't breathe.

'Cause you take up all the air.

Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Okay.

Anna, I'm sorry.
Anna, darling, I'm sorry.

I just want to find...

Excuse me.

Have you seen this girl?
Excuse me.

Can you just look?

Excuse me.
Have you seen this girl?

Ha... have you seen this girl?

Let's go home.

Oh, baby.

Not yet, sweetheart.

You've got a chest infection.

Please, mum.

We have to get you better first.

It won't take long.

- You always say that.
- It's true this time.

You say that too.

Mill! Mill, stop it!

Milla! What, are you trying
to kill yourself?

He won't find me here.


Come on, darling.

Come back here. Come on.

He... Henry, can you come
and feel the water pressure?


Darling, I checked it
this morning. It was fine.

Well, it's very weak now.
Can you come and feel it.


I felt it this morning,
it was fine.

Henry, just come and check
the water pressure

with my concerns in mind
and see if it's too weak.

It's just a basic conjugal duty.

Hey, there's water there.
Don't slip.

Hurry up. Come on, I've got to
get to the hospital.

Milla's obsessed with that boy.

- She's a smart girl.
- This is her first love.

- She'll get over it.
- You don't just get over it.

I'm pretty sure
that she won't be

strong enough to save herself.

- She's not like you, Anna.
- I'm not saying that she is.

What do you mean?

- It's fine.
- No, it's...

Exactly the same the same
as it was this morning.

- Have you taken your Ativan?
- It's still weak.

Have you taken your Ativan?
Because you'd better.

- I don't take them anymore.
- Since when?

Since Milla came back.
I'm off everything.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

This is the worst
possible timing.

I don't want to miss anything,

I'm fine without them, you know.

- Just my back's been...
- No.

- What're you doing?
- You're just exhausting.

Okay, it was the shower, Henry.
It's reasonable.

No. It's not reasonable, Anna.

It's... it's,
it's not reasonable Anna.

You just, you cannot

cannot, cannot, cannot,
cannot lose it yet.

You cannot.

Mm-hmm. Ah-ha.

But you see, uh, uh,
this violin is mine.

It's too big.

Milla learned that song.

He is in love with her.

- No, I'm not!
- You are.

You don't know yet. Eh. Here.

Here, go and get yourself
a coffee, uh

or whatever you like, huh?

Come back with longer arms
please and we will work more.


It's good to see you.

Can you turn...
Can you turn to face the piano?

Please. Come on.

- Mm...
- Come on.

Oh, stop it.

Anna, please. Play with me.

I don't want to.

I believe you do want to.


Gidon, stop... Stop it!

We can fight if you want to.

Is that why you come?

Do you remember
when we were doing the Sculhof

how I couldn't go on?


- In Hamburg, remember?
- Hm.

Milla was five months...

...and I left her crying
with that woman

I couldn't even understand.

I wasn't ready to stop then.

I should have been the one
who was holding her.

I want that time back.

You think Milla will get better
if you stop playing?

I don't have anything else
to give.

Fuck the tiny gods
in your head, Anna.

Milla's mother plays the piano.

Hi! Henry! Henry!


Fuck! Henry!


I unpacked the cups last night.

Do you wanna come
and have a cup of tea with me?

Well, what... Uh...

W... what have you been using
for the last month?


- You alright?
- Yeah.

Me too.

This baby's such an asshole

He's kicking me
all the fucking time now.


Come here.


That's his bum there. Is it?

Yeah, there... And shoulder.

Ah. Oh-ho! It's quite lively.

- Did you feel that?
- Yeah.

He likes the sound
of your voice.


I'm... sorry.

It was nice.

- Shit.
- No, no. It doesn't matter.


Uh, sorry.

- I brought you some...
- Yeah, I don't...

I don't wanna talk about it.

You don't get to do this, Henry.

Um, I can't... talk.


How long
has this been going on?

I just can't talk right now,

- What?
- It's the first time.

- It's the first time. It's...
- What?


It's just morphine.

It's just a little bit
of morphine.

It's alright.

It's okay.

We're losing her, aren't we?

We're losing her.
What the fuck are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?


Moses, I just wanna talk.

No, no. I just...
I just wanna talk.

- Whoa! Whoa!
- I just wanna...

I said I just want...

Henry! Henry! Henry.

Is... Is she dead? Is she dead?

- No.
- Is she de...


What were you doing?

What are you doing leaving there
in the middle of the night?

What kind of...

What kind of fucking person
are you?

And I came back.

I did. I came back for her.

It all just got fucked.

Will you come and stay with us?

I can get you what you need.


I don't like you.

But Milla thinks
you're something special.

She should have the world
at her feet right now.

I can write you prescriptions.

Come and stay with us.


Who did this to you?

- It was your dad mostly.
- No, who did it?

What? What the fuck... Oh!

It was you!

No. Just some dickheads.

- And your dad.
- No.

Do you want another beer, Henry?
Oh, you're on wine.

- Anna?
- No, thanks.

I love those chrysanthemums.

They're just like
such an explosion, aren't they?

- Hm, they're dahlias, actually.
- I love that color.

It's so deep... Excuse me.

It's so deep in the middle.

Dad! No! That was with food
falling out of my mouth!

- Well, take another one, Henry.
- First, let me finish.

- Okay.
- Ready?


Oh, that's nice.

Oh, that's very cute.
Hold on. There we go.

- How's that?
- Milla, give me a look...

Get your...
Oh, no, that'll do it.

- Okay. Okay.
- Alright. Alright. Just...

I'll get some more dahlias

Oh, no, I think
we're okay for flowers.

Oh, you have to just go for it
with dahlias.

The... the... the season
is so short.

- I know.
- Uh, like, uh...

It's like horse mushroom season.

My dad used to say
that horse mushroom season

was, like, the best time
of the year.

It'd be good to meet your dad
sometime, Moses.

He'd love that!

- Uh, outside.
- Oh.

- When's horse mushroom season?
- Huh?

No idea, darling. No idea.



I thought I heard something?
Did you?


It must have been
my imagination.

Anna? Hey, what detergent
do you use?

Are you sleep talking?


These sheets smell so good.

I forgot what it's called.

Do you wanna know now?

It can wait till morning.


...does your mother know
where you are?


Don't you think she'd like to?

Milla said she used to sleep
under the piano.

Yeah. She did.

She liked the feeling
of the vibrations.

She used to just... curl up

Like this.

And wrap her whole body
around it.

You get some sleep.

- Milla?
- Mm?

- Can I sleep with you?
- Mm-hm.

Ah! Fuck it!

It was good, Mo.

He just needs to let go
of some of the tension in his...

He's just a perfectionist.

- Mum, play with me?
- I-I don't know. I...

We can play the "Le Cygne."

- I think you should rest.
- Mum, what do you wanna play?

I just... I just I want you
to get better.

I'm going out for a bit.

Can you keep your eye on them?


This is the worst possible
parenting I can imagine.



Can you put these
in water for me?


Do you still wanna take him
to your formal?

Do you want to?

- Try it on.
- Oh, my God.

Try it on. Try it on.
Try it on.

How is it?

It's perfect.

Turn around.

You look so beautiful.

Maybe we could just put
a dart...

I just wanna show Mo first.

I love it, mum.

You are my dream girl.

Mo, I just found this thing
under my arm.

- What sort of thing?
- A lump.

Do you know what it means?

Really, um...

- What's wrong with you?
- Nothin'.

Are you stoned?

Henry sorted me out.

- Henry!
- But it's cool.

- Henry!
- What is it? What's he...

- You've been drugging him, dad?
- Oh...

- Well, it's nothing illicit.
- What? To keep him here?

- No.
- No. It just...

It's pres...
Just, just prescrip...

Prescribed by you, dad! You've...

You've made him
into some kind of hooker.

- Well, sex isn't part of it.
- Did you know?

You'd given up
on everything else.

You think I can't take the fact
he doesn't love me back?

You can't treat people
like that.

Yeah, but Mill, it worked.

You're so stupid!

You... you think you can fix
things by handing out drugs.

I mean, my God.
I have no idea who she is.

You keep her so fucking high.

I'm off everything actually.

Except I had a half
a sleeping tablet last night.

You think you can fix things
by paying off some junkie?

You think that's what I need
from my dad?

Oh, Mill,
it's not what this was.

Mill, I'm not here
'cause of the drugs.

- They're shit anyway.
- Why are you here?

I care about you.

You're lying.

You're always
a million miles away going

"What can I get
out of this person..."

You're just being nasty.

When I met you it was like...

I can't believe it,
it was like... weren't scared
of anything.

But it's because
you don't give a shit.

I mean, all that crap
about horse mushroom season!

Do you even know? Do you
even know who your father is?

Fuck you.
You're so fucking perfect.


- You think you're so perfect?
- No, I don't.

You lie all the time.

You wanna tell them?

- What?
- She's got a lump.


She's got a lump.


Is that true?

Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out.


Stop wasting my time!

Hey, Zachy.

Hey, come and open the door.

Well, come on.

Isaac! Come on!

Hey, I just wanna see you!

I thought you were my mate!

You can't keep doing this,


...if you die I don't know
what I'm gonna do.

- I'm going to scream.
- Can you just hear me out?

I never went camping
with my dad.

I stayed with him one time,
one Christmas

and he hardly even talked to me.

He was working in this
restaurant where he was fucking

the manager in his car
every night

and I had to wait in the carpark
until he was finished.

I never told mum.

I told her that we slept
in treehouses and shot birds.

I want to be with you... Milla.

I don't know how to do this.

I win.


Did you cheat?


Do you wanna eat that?

Can we just do one more,
until I win one?


♪ Oh put some more sauce ♪

♪ On my fajita ♪


Thank you.


- What's this?
- This is a little sangria.

- A little bit of birthday.
- Oh.

Little bit of birthday

And he's making...

♪ Fajitas ♪

- What!
- Ow!

Oh, my God! It is so good!

My God!

When are we having the cake?

When you have eaten
all your greens.

Hey, Mo.

I've heard that you're
a really good dancer.

Could we...

...maybe watch
some of your moves?

- No. No way!
- Isaac said...

Isaac said you did it
at a Rock 'n' Roll Eisteddfod.

Isaac! What the...
What are you doin'?

You were really good.
S... so I told her.

- For my birthday.
- Don't pull that card!

Oh, you can't refuse
the birthday girl.

Go on, pussy! He is pussy!


Everybody, ready?

That's it. That's it.
Yeah, that's it.

- That was excellent.
- Mum?

Will you play with me?


Bravo! Bravo!

- Bravo.
- Hey, Henry.

- Can you sedate him please?
- Mm-hm.

Do you... Do you have a car?

- Of course.
- Okay. Shh.

- Is Toby having her baby?
- It's all good.

Oh, my God. Oh... Um...

Tin Wah! Tin Wah!

I don't think I can take
another morning, Mo.

- Do you want some morphine?
- No.

Will you do something for me?

You know I will.

Will you take this pillow...

...and just hold it
over my face?

If my body starts to tense
or it looks like

I've changed my mind,
just push harder.

That's just what bodies do,
something in it fights

but it's not me.

Hey, I'm not gonna do this.

Don't leave it unfinished.

Wait until my hips drop open
and there's no hold in my spine.

Then you can take
the pillow away.

Hey, if you want
to kill yourself

get your dad to give you
too much morphine.

It would kill dad.

This way I just stop breathing.

No. Fuck no.

I know what happens from here.

This body, it's too much.

I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.

And it just...
It gets more painful, Mo.

Please don't ask me to do this.


I need you to help me.

- Can I have a sip?
- Yeah.

I'm sorry, Mo.

I know you love me too.

Not any more, I don't.

Don't stop pushing.

Your body has to bear me down.


You okay?

[breathing heavily[

You birds are crazy.

- Should I make crepes?
- No.

Don't you like my crepes?

No, they're fine. They're
just always such a big deal.

Well, I don't make them
as punishment.

Oh, this cake is disgusting.

Do you think they're having sex?

I do.

Did you hear something?


Can you just knock on the door
and give her this?

- No!
- Come on. Just...

Henry, come on...

- No.
- Just...

Just give the door a little tap.


- Good morning, sleepyhead.
- Good morning.

Is Milla awake?

I didn't hear her in the night.
Did she sleep through?

She, uh, woke up at about 4:00.

And then she went to the,
went to the toilet.

She didn't need her morphine?

- No.
- That's great.

That's like the first time
in about six weeks?

That's, that's great.

I was going to make you a tray
to have in bed.

Just gonna finish my cigarette.

Oh. I thought you could
eat together. Doesn't matter.

She's got to get up and eat
something in a moment anyway.

She was dead already.

You come in here and you...

And I woke up and she was,
she was already dead.

She looked peaceful.

Not now she doesn't.

She doesn't look so peaceful now

with her eyes rolled back
like that.

- I closed them.
- Well, they opened!

Why didn't you call me?
Why didn't you tell me?

We could have... We could have...

We could have...
We could have resuscitated her.

She might... She might...
maybe she...

She was dead.
She was already dead.

Will you stop smoking
in my house, you fuck!

You fuck!

I didn't get to say goodbye.

She didn't say goodbye to me.

You come in here
and you smoke us out.


You're the one
who got to hold her

you're the one
who got to have her last breath.

And you use it...
And you use it all up!

I didn't say goodbye.

I didn't say goodbye.

Alright, hey,
are you guys ready?


Ah, ready?

One, two...


- What did you do?
- Sorry.

I accidentally went like this.

Okay, you ready?

Isaac, come and be in the photo.

Sit in the middle.

- Middle.
- Oh, Jesus.

Seriously, mum's got a bit of

about the beach, mate.


You all ready?

Got it. Got it.

Come here, mate.

- No.
- You're coming with me!

What're you doing?
What're you doing?

- How is it?
- No, no, no. Stop.

Stop, stop, stop.

Here we go. Oh, my God!

Oh, yeah, I got this idea.
Okay. Okay.

This is good. Mill? You ready?

I'm tired, Henry.

Darling, I know,
but, but you can just...


I'm tired.

You know we'll be okay.

I'll take your photo.

- No, no...
- Go.

- Go and stand over there.
- No, dear, it's okay.

- I want to do it.
- Alright.

Well, do you know
that t... to do the focus

you do, the, um, the outside
wheel and for the finer points

that will be the fine focus,
and then obviously that's the shutter.

I know how to use it, dad.

Yeah, okay. But just y... you
might want to wait 'til...

Will you look after Moses, dad?


Are you going to smile?

Um, just give me a minute.

I'm going to enjoy becoming
part of a sky like this, dad.

Hey? You okay?

Are you ready?



One, two, three.