Baby Blue Marine (1976) - full transcript

A young man joins the Marines during WWII but fails to meet qualifications so is washed out and sent home in a light blue uniform which apparently indicates his status. He meets a real war vet in a bar who wants to go AWOL because he is afraid to be sent back. The Vet mugs the young man in the alley and takes his clothes ,leaving him the war vet uniform to wear. The young man hitchhikes towards home but on the way he stops in a small Colorado mountain town and [people think he is a war hero so he gets free food and so forth. A waitress at the Cafe invites him home stay with her family an he falls in love. Curiously there is a supposed WWII American-Japanese internment camp very nearby in the woods and some scenes are included that make you think it is important to the plot. In reality there never was any such camps in the woods near a town. The only Colorado camp was near Granada in the bleak wilderness areas of the dry flats of Colorado. Later three American-Japanese teen boys escape from that camp and the young man is recruited to find them. The whole town is ready to hunt them down and kill them as if they were actual Japanese soldiers. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It was another time. There was innocence.

Honesty was the best policy. Crime would not pay.

Marriage was sacred. Promises were to be kept.

People believed there was a reason for war.

They believed that cowards
died a thousand deaths,

a hero only one.

They died on land, at sea, and in the air

They're older now, or dead.

They are faded pictures; sometimes amusing.

So proper, so out of fashion

But that was the way they were

when there was innocence

[ running cadence ]

Watch your left

Looking good, looking good

Right, Face!

Left, Face!

Came in same day as you, wavy hair and pimples

but starting to look like Marines!

You people, your thumbs up your buns

and your minds in neutral!


Think about it now...


Left... Face!

At ease!

You still peeing in the sack, Mosley?

You betcha, sir.

10 laps around the fort!
- Aye, aye, sir!

Move out when I say, move out!

Better get going to Tijuana!

You sayin your prayers and biting your toenails?

Yes sir

Will he write ya?

Well he's been kinda sick sir

Marion Hedgepeth the recruitment poster

I land on the beach and you'll step in dog shit!

One damn dog in the Pacific

and you find it!

I said At Ease dammit, you're just vibrating!

I wanna be a Marine, sir!

You'll never make it, you act like a grenade's up your ass


I'm trying sir

Hit the deck!

I didn't say commit suicide


loosen up!

Play with yourself, get in a fight, do something!

How many fights so far?

None sir!

Well pick one!

I'm not pissed off at anybody sir!

Well you have the language but that won't do it

The idea is, Hedgepeth

a Marine is pissed off at everybody!

Detail, atten-hut!

Now what I wanna hear

is one big click!

Just one

not two

Not even one-and-a-half






One click now.

Just one big one!


That's how the Army does it

but we ain't Army, are we detail?

No, sir!

Part of the Navy

ain't we detail?

The best part, sir!

Hell, there may be hope yet

So we do it again!

One click now





My thumb is in the gun!


Your gun?

This is your rifle, this is your gun!

This is for fighting, this is for fun!


Order... Arms!

Right... Face!

Mark time, March!

Forward march

To the left flank, march, to the left flank, march

to the right flank march, to the right flank, march

God damn you bums


Afternoon, Colonel

As you were!

Can't hear you

Just gotta be a Marine, huh?
- it's the best branch

Know what I'd like to do?

Invisible man in wax.

Taking showers with him right in the barracks

Kid I'd get more action than the toilet seat

We're all nuts

They're making us crazy, they're getting us ready

Well, who was last man?

Pop Mosley. It was you Pop.

Who turned it on?

Well I ain't getting out of bed and freezing my ass


Please don't use those bad words

All ready on the firing line! Fight!

Hey, who's gonna clean up the glass?

We'll do it tomorrow!

Beat it!


No one's got it already

I hit it, it was me!

Then you sweep it up

Hey Pop why don't you go piss up a rope

Stop it!

The language here is just terrible

Then say your prayers while a yank my doodle dandy

Leave him alone, Dobbs.

Oh yea?

[ singing ]

Is that the only song you know?

Wanna make something of it?

Too cold to turn off the light, too cold to fight

Hey, you know if they're putting something in the coffee

It sure the hell ain't Spanish fly

What's gonna happen Pop?

I'm gonna fart twice and go to sleep

No, I mean you's think we'll make it?

Surprised they let us get this far

My good buddy's in the war.

All that's left at his home is old men and little kids.

Knock it off, huh?

Just that my father was a Marine

Uniform still fits him too

Suppose you won't mind going in the Army, huh Pop?

The Army takes me and I still fart the old sack every night

You do that on purpose?

That's what's back home, kid

This is your wife?

Don't ask me how I got so lucky

Just that she gets lonesome so easy

Better get back home fast

Try to sleep!

You know, half the town turned out when I left

'course there's not many people, but still

What kinda discharge they give you, Pop

if you don't make it?

You'll make it

Well, in case I don't

Baby Blue Marine

official idiot

I'm no idiot!
- Will you guys shut the Christ up!

If you want to fight get the hell out of there!

Take it easy, take it easy

C'mon, calm down

All I know I'm living in the idiots barracks with the idiots

and that's alright with me



Hey, it's all right.

Things will work out.

No pressure, don't pull it, don't pull it, squeeze it off

Did you ever fire before?

Many a gun, sir

Hit anything?

Look at that.

Make him a sniper and good luck.

Look at the guy

196, he'd need it

Score tied, 10 seconds to go

Pop Mosley fades back

C'mon! Playing a guy so loosen up, move it!

9 seconds, 8 seconds...

he breaks a tackle

4 seconds

he sets, he's in the building

Ah! What the heck?


Okay, smile, c'mon. Excellent!

Okay, take a picture of us

Junior, who are those people?

Oh, Baby Blues?

Just the shit heads going home.

Colonel sure gots some sense of humor
- Bet the General don't know

Why'd they send our civvies home for if
there's a chance of kicking us out?

Just wait 'til momma sees

She'll write President Roosevelt

Mine fits fine. Quit bitching.

They got them their uniforms

Six months, a year...

and windows full of gold stars

their loving sons to the war effort

Boy I sure hate going home looking this way

Better than flying in a box with a flag

Hey uh, we,

we got each other's addresses?

You don't have mine

We're never gonna see each other again

Whoo boy, the things you see

when you ain't got a gun

Just like old mamma boy

'bout to lie down and kiss my ass

Mark off the spot

You're all asses
- Whoo!

Listen to the old salt!

Three days the old salt

is going to be home making
love to his wife

While you two deck apes hang around
heads looking for fruits

Better than the case of claps' your
old lady is gonna give you

Hey, hey, c'mon Pops!

You guys just got nothin better to do?

Well, lookie here

This one's got the baby blue
eyes to match

Now why don't you guys just
get off our backs

Up yours piss-ant!

I better get in line if I'm
gonna see my brother

Good luck, Hedgepeth

Say hi to your mom, huh Rupe?

See you at the PX

Take it easy now

Yea, Semper Fi buddy!

So long, huh Pops

When it's all over

Nobody's gonna give a damn
if you're a hero or 4F

So just stay alive

The Corps is a crock

You'll see

Best to your pretty wife, huh Pops!


Kansas City...

Two... three hours

I'm next, ma'am

Uh... 2:18, three hours

Give me a number


Give me a number


Do you speak English?

St. Louis?

St. Louis...

St. Louis...

At gate 2, three hours

Hey, you look good Betty Grable!

Beer, please


Howdy, sir

- .25

I'd like to treat

You're a Raider, aren't you?

I, I learned all about
you's in boot camp

I just there five weeks

Sending me home

Guess I just didn't have what it takes

Probably join the Army

Just came from D'ego?

Yes, sir

Make us wear this

Trying to shame us

Look like a Marine to me


What's it like out there
in the Pacific?

Weather's nice


A little rain every day

Sun sets, gets dark, just like that

Big mosquitos, huh?

'bout as big as your thumb

You probably killed some Japs
- Yea, everybody did

I hope you don't mind my asking but...

Where'd you get wounded?

Somewhere it doesn't show

No, I meant, what island?

They're all the same

Guess you have 30 days off now, huh
- 10

You're going to have to teach bayonet?
- Sending me back

That don't seem right

You even got two battle stars,
a purple heart, and uh...

a Navy Cross

Only higher than that's a
Congressional Medal of Honor

You earn these too, huh?

You know, it hardly don't seem fair

I mean...

They're sending me home

You gotta go back

In a month...

I'm going to be 21

You like Scotch, kid?

Is Scotch Whiskey?

Yea, it's Whiskey!

I only tried it once,
got sicker than a dog

I like you, kid

Hey, don't feel so good, deep breath

I'm dizzy

Well, not used to Scotch

Well, I'll never drink Scotch again

Scotch is nothing

I knew a guy once drink shoe polish
- Whoa

He'd, um, melt it, strain it through bread

Kiwi, Cordovan I think


Hey, c'mon, get rid of it

Go on


Hey - Hey
- Hey - Hey

Lookie what we have here

It's a real live Raider Marine

I hear that...

Raider's just can't get enough fight

Well, when we have to

Yea, well you gonna have to, boy

I just love to see Gyrenes
get cold cocked

You think you'd have enough fighting

Just beginning to get a taste for it

You know what we're gonna do,
don't you?

It's not Army against Marines

It's Paratroops against Raiders

See, we don't have to wear one of them
shitty little "Ain't I Tough" patches

I don't want to fight, Sergeant

Well I don't blame you

Cuz I gotta warn you about my nickname

Cement Head

I take off bottlecaps with
my teeth, too

But see I got sort of a
little advantage

And nobody

can say that old Cement Head
ain't fair

So way we're going to work it
is this son

You're gonna get one free shot

And then I gonna get one free shot

And then when you get up,

if you do, the fight starts

I don't wanna fight

Well, Goddamn it Corporal,
you're going to

Sorry about your hand, pal

Well, Goddamn I gotta keep warmed up!

Gimme that

You don't, I will

Guess the trick is just not hitting
him on top of the head

Where to?

As far as you're going, sir

You're lucky day.
Going to hell and gone

Forget the "sir",
I wasn't even in the first one

Yes, sir



Beg pardon?


Oh my God, I read about you in Look

Some island infested with Japs
middle of the night, uh...

Sub puts you ashore in river boats

You had faces black,
knife in your teeth

Piano wire for strangling?

Said you were in and out like ghosts

and a hundred little yellow bastards

gone to their ancestors.
My God, congratulations!

Yes, sir

You know sir, this buddy of mine
has got a problem

Buddy of yours?

Yes, sir

See, I'm the lucky one,
they're sending me home

Me and him we've been
through hell together

But they're sending him back

He's talking about desertin'

Well, I sure hope he doesn't do that

Sir, that's what I told him.
Said he could get prison

In wartime, shit, get hung!

After all he's been through?
- Aw yea, hunt him down like a dog

So I think you better
tell your buddy

not to do it

Good luck to him

Yes, sir

Thank you, sir

Hop in!

Where to, sir?

Uh, next stop, Bidwell


Well, it's not much but you
can get something to eat

Jim Wenzel, Sheriff

Marion Hedgepeth



Yes, sir

Then on to St. Louis

I'm gonna see a bit of the country

It seems to me like you've
already seen quite a lot

Enough to last, yes sir

Listen, you just tell me if I'm
outta line, I mean and, uh...

I understand about military secrets,
but uh...

We doin' alright over there?

Oh, yes sir. We'll beat 'em.

Seems to me like you're a fella like
you'd like a plane ride home

So you get to be with
his folks and all

No family to speak of, sir

I mean, I hardly knew my father
and my mother's dead

Bidwell is just a mile now

Uh, you try the Oasis Cafe

Get a nice juicy steak there

Home-fired potatoes

Apple pie's the best in the county
- What's that?

That's uh, it's government land

Used to be an old logging camp

Barb wire?

It's like an Army camp

It's, uh... Japs


Listen, maybe when you're over there
actually fighting the war

it's pretty hard to know what's
going on back home, but

after Pearl Harbor

it got a little scary around here

Those are Los Angeles Japs in there

The Army guards them so don't
have much to do with them

Are they any trouble?

Oh, there's three in there
that raise a lot of hell

I mean, they tired to break
out awhile back

Most of the others stay in line.
They're, uh...

They're hard working little people

You can say that about Japs

Look, I wouldn't want you to
get me wrong or anything

I mean, I'm no Jap lover

Most of the people in there
were born in this country


...remember Pearl Harbor

Thanks for the ride, Sheriff



The special is roast beef
with mashed potatoes,

- Coffee's fine, thanks

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt

It's okay

Oh, we serve breakfast all hours

Eggs, ham, homefries

Coffee will be enough, thanks

Oh, you don't need money

Thank you very much, sir

I do believe that ham and eggs
might be good

"Ham and" Charlie!

Got one on the griddle now

It's a real nice little town
here, ain't it

You just passin' through?

Going to Denver

Ooo, I've been there twice!

You sure have great hair

I'll freshen that up

Much obliged again, sir

Come back and see us, now!

"Ham and"!

That's enough for an Army!

Or one Marine!

It's awful nice of that man

Mr. Elmore

He's a brakeman on the railroad

Southern Pacific

He lost his boy at Pearl Harbor

Well I'm sorry to hear that

Oh, Johnny was the best football
player Riverton ever had

Riverton was my high school
where I graduated from

Was, graduated from

My dad teaches Latin

Eat it! It's getting cold!

Are you from Denver?

Naw, I'm just seein'
a bit of the country

From a little town outside St. Louis

Probably never heard of it

My name is Marion Hedgepeth

I'm Rose Hudkins

Please to meet you, Rose

Rose is an awful pretty name

Marion is kind of a girl's name

Well I betcha nobody's
dumb enough to say so

What do they call you?



I like that!

Okay Hedge

You know you're different
than what I expected


Well I mean...

a Marine like you comin' in here is
like General MacArther walking in

All the battles you've been in

Oh Hedge, I'm sorry I don't mean
you have to talk about it

Oh it's, it's okay Rose

I mean I'm here now

Everything bad seems like
it's a million miles away

You know people in Denver?

Just passin' through like here

Oh, well you know I mean...
- Rose?

Apple a la Mode and a chocolate Coke

Oh Danny, meet Corporal Hedgepeth

Hedge, Danny Phelps

What say?
- Hi

Danny's just back from basic

Yea. Going into tanks.

Your mom said typing school?

Well she don't know nothing about it

80 percent casualties in tanks


see you later, Rose

Nice meeting you

Good luck, Army!

When you said it was so nice here

Sure is

Oh, but you're in a hurry
to get on to Denver

Ah well, I was in a hurry

Until I had this kinda cookin'

Seems to me I remember a

hotel sign up the street

The Astoria?

Oh no...

we call it "bed bug heaven"

We've got a room

Huh, my mom's cookin' makes him
seem like tow man Pete

And the Astoria charges

Oh Hedge, my dad's so nice

And my little brother Barney

He's 13

Are you sure, Rose?
I mean...

I just be kinda walkin' in

They'd be mad if I didn't ask

I'd sure like to stay, Rose

Well, Thelma comes in
at 6 and does dinner

I could go bowling

Bowling's in Riverton

Well, I saw a movie up the street

They're open tomorrow and Sundays

Hey, Charlie always keeps
a pole in the back

and the river's just down the road

Nice trout

Maybe I'll just walk out here

catch the sights

'kay. I'll be waiting

Come back and see us, now!

How much, Rose?

Oh, Mr. Elmore, you don't pay
til the end of the month

I see he's gone on

Oh no, he's just seein' the sights

He's stayin'?

He's having dinner with us tonight

I guess he'll be gone tomorrow

I guess

Long way from home is he?

Long way

He's from near St. Louis

His name's Marion Hedgepeth

He likes to be called "Hedge"


I s'pose so

Your dad says that you'll be taking
up nursing in the Spring


Still work part-time here though

Nursing is a fine calling

Now, we're not a sick people

Oh, I didn't mean it that way

I remember when you
were first baptised

Hmm, I sure don't

In your first long dress

Yea, I remember that

Johnny said to me,

"Dad, after the game today, I, uh..."

"I saw Rose Hudkins in a green dress"

Hedge, uh...

seems to be a nice, young man

Johnny would've liked him


♪ 'Retreat' ♪

Well I sure do like eating this way

Everything on the table all at once

Well we always eat like this

I imagine it's the nature of
rich people to hide desert

How do you eat in the Marines?

Well Barney, in, uh, D'ego, in boot camp

D'ego is what we call San Diego

You can have as much as you want

But you gotta finish ev'r last bite

Cuz when you take your tray up
there's an inspector there

and you gotta show him

One time I had this big glop of butter

and he says, "eat it"

I said, "I'm full"

He says, "Well eat it anyway"

I say, "Can I go back and get some bread"

He says, "Just eat it now!"

I had to eat that whole gob of butter

all by itself.
Now you just try that sometime

What if you said you wouldn't eat it?

Well I don't want to think about that

I bet the food overseas is some shock

Um, what, what do they eat overseas?

Uh, Spam buddy

Chicken-fried Spam

Lot's of Spam, Barney

Spam and raisens, Spam and eggs

par for the course

One of our teachers has a boy in England


Do you like football?

Sure, but why?

Well, the game at Riverton tomorrow

we all usually go

As Mrs. Hudkins says

the pleasure is ours


Guess I got no place particular to be

We're gonna get slaughtered

Oh yea, what about last year

We would have won
- If the other team didn't show up

You know something Barney

In boot camp, they catch you singing

they make you put a bucket on your
head then you have to sing

That's not nice!

But it does cut down on noise

Yes, sir

And if they catch you with your
hands in your pockets

They make you fill 'em full of sand

and sew 'em shut

Well that's better than being overseas

Barney, I'm sure he'd rather
not talk about it, dear

It is our determination to restore
these conduct peoples

to the dignity of human beings

Masters of their own fate

Entitled to freedom of speech,

freedom of religion,

freedom from want,
and freedom from fear

We have started to make good
on that promise

Mean while, the war in Sicily
and Italy goes on

It must go on, and will go on

'til the Italian people realize the futility, of fighting on



Could I ask you a favor?

Name it, Barney

Hell, it's about "Barney"

Rather be called "Ace"

Ace Hudkins? Good Middleweight

How'd you know?

I read


Yea Ace?

You think it'll still be on
when I grow up?

I hope not

Well, what's, what's it like...
out there?

Well, the weather's nice and warm

It'll rain every day;
sun goes down fast

No, I mean the other stuff

Like, how it is

Not like the movies, huh?

No, not really

There's a lot of noise and smoke

Yea, there's that

Did, uh...

did you ever have to kill anybody?

Everybody did

You ever think about it?

I try not to

I'm sorry Hedge

It's okay to ask, Ace

I told you, he lost

Well they haven't scored yet, Ace

He doesn't want me to call him "Ace"

Oh, we'll have a lead at half-time!

Boy that 67 sure can catch
- Clay Carter

He's going into the Marines, too

Beautiful catch! Perfect Spiral!

Still don't believe it

Almost as good as Johnny Elmore!

Hi Rose!

Oh, hi fellas!

Hi Sue!

Hi Rose

Oh, girls this is Hedge

Corporal Hedgepeth

Pleased to meet ya!
- Hi!

Ah, this is Evelyn, Susan, and Jane

Hedge is staying with us
until he goes on to St. Louis

St. Louis!

Seein' a bit of the country

Do like this part!

Oh, it can't be our big,
modern skyscapers

so must be the company

Well, I'll see ya!

Nice meeting you ladies!
- Hedge!

Bye Hedge!


This is Mrs. Townsley,
a friend of ours for years

Please to meet you ma'am
- Welcome

My son, Billie, is in the Marines too

And, uh... well, I just thought, uh...

and here's his address

Can you make anything out of that FPO?

Just Fleet Post Office

Somewhere in the Pacific

I know

He's out there with the 3rd Division

I was...

just wondering...

you didn't happen to see him, did you?

Well, the 3rd's a good outfit, ma'am

I was just wondering...

Hedge, I told her the division
has thousands of men

I know, I suddenly thought maybe...

Wait a minute...


He's got kind of reddish hair and...

First name Bill?


That's him!

Oh I ran into him in a chow line

Sorry, I can't tell you the name of the island

Oh tell me

how did he look?

Well you might not know him, ma'am

He's thrown on about 10 pounds

All muscle

And the other fellas really like him, too

Thank you!

God bless you

I'd better... get back to the stands

I'll miss the kick-off

You know his last game,
Johnny Elmore made three touchdowns

A, hey, wasn't that something?

You go and meet Bill Townsley before
like that way out in the Pacific

Like a miracle

Funny things happen, Ace

And it, you know, when
something like THAT happens

you can't say wars' all bad

Go on, child philospher

Well, it, it brought Hedge here

But he has to go again



maybe, maybe he'll come back

- Yes?

Tell me something

Have I been a good wife?

Mmm hmm... Judy...

That makes me very happy!

Happy as anything else!

I'd loved it so, every minute

Look out there

My heart's been like that

Shining and... white

Yes Judy

It has

Nothing can hurt us now

What we have can't be destroyed

That's our victory

Our victory over the dark

I choose this victory
because we're not afraid


I'm sorry, I feel like going away

Judy, you're marvelous!

Remember while you're away

Tie your tie properly, and

and brush your hair, and...


Hurry home!

Well I have to admit
it wasn't a very happy film

Oh, c'mon Rose, you got stop or your
folks'll think we've been fighting

It's gonna be alright, honest honey

It's only a movie

And George Brent's gonna be a great doctor

And ain't that Betty Davis some actress?

How about those big eyes, huh?

Aww, c'mon, honey!

You think the Oasis is still open?

It should be

Can I buy you a hamburger?

I'm not really hungry

I sure could use a cup of coffee,
how about a Coke?

Yea, that might help

Nice clean grill and in walk
two cheeseburgers

We're just gonna have
a coffee and a Coke

What's the matter, honey?

Betty Davis died

Oh... yea...

I heard about that

It's just a movie, Rose

It's just a movie

Oh, hi

What say, Army
- Hi Danny

Hi, coffee?

What's the matter, on the wagon?

No more chocolate Cokes?

You know many of our tanks
Rommel wiped out in North Africa?

I heared a lot

'course my size is really an advantage

They could train me for tanks then
use me as a belly gunner in B-17's

You can do that, you know

Go from the Army to the Air Corps

That belly turret on the '17

you gotta get in and out
from the outside

And if they crash land

you know how they get you out?

Uh uh

With a hose

Oh Danny, for heaven's sake

Hey Marine

Ever on a plane?


Met a Captain once who took me up

Loop the loop and everything
and not a bit sick

'course to get into planes

you gotta be able to stay
cool under pressure

A lot of guys get washed out

More guys wash out of the Marines


There's something wrong about Hedge

That uniform

You know what it means?

Well I, I saw the skull on his...

Barney tells me he's killed men

You mean,

how can he still be so innocent?

Okay, he was before but

a man doesn't live through a nightmare

and come back the same

I don't even think he's kissed her yet

Heh, neither do I

You know what I thought
we she first brought him home?

Exactly the same thing I did

He stopped in Honolulu on his way back

I mean, prostitutes

I feel like a damned fool

He's treating our daughter like a lady
and I'm finding fault

Maybe he's had enough of...
those kind of girls


all the old ways will die

You remember when we were courting?

All those stories that came out
of New York and Chicago?

Bathtub gin and wild parties

Fast women, smoking cigarettes
in the streets

Flappers in the Charleston

Ever wish you'd been there?




With me?

Only with you

We probably had been out of place

Get a room at the Waldorf's

Take the phone off the hook

God bless you this morning
- Thank you

May God be with us

Good seeing you

Good to see you sir! Come back tonight!

- Good to see you home

Thank you

Well, that's the most miserable time
I ever spent in Church

I think Pastor Cobb dedicated his
sermon to United States Marines

I'm surprised he didn't have them all
singing "from the Halls of Montezuma"

Well that mountain sure is something,
isn't it?

You want to climb it?

Some day

You go home tomorrow?

I guess

Would a Marine pick a girl some flowers?

This one would


you know, I have this uncle, and

he's all the time...


"I love my wife and my kids and..."

"all my friends..."

"and I wouldn't trade my job
for anything in the world."

"If I had to do it all over again..."

"I'd do everything just exactly the same."

"But I'll never forget a brown-haired girl..."

"who served me coffee in
upper Sandusky, Ohio."

I love you, Rose

I love you too

I'll write no matter where they send me

I'll write back every day

Rose, this isn't me

I'm not a Marine

I, I tried to be but

it seems the harder I tried
the worse it got

Whatever it takes it just wasn't in me

But your stories

Well, they were true, I...

I was in boot camp

But you remember that

Andy, I told you about
with the white hair

This is his

He knocked me out

took my clothes and my papers

and left me a couple dollars

He deserted!

There were sending him back!

He was only 20 years old
and he's already an old man

Anyway, I had to have something to wear so...

I put this on

just started hitch-hiking

Are you from near St. Louis?


But it's not like I told your Sheriff

I've got family

They're real proud I was going
to be a Marine like my dad

Mom hung a star on the window
even before I left

Now I gotta go back and tell 'em I'm sorry

just didn't have what it takes to be a Marine

Your family and Mr. Elmore...

I don't wanna tell them

I like 'em so much

I'll just write and say that...

I got put into a special branch of

wherever I end up

Dark green wool

and pretty colored ribbons

They're not mine

I could be put in prison


No, if they find out...

They'll just see what I do

What we all do

I'll always love you, Rose

Dear, it's alright

It's gonna be alright

Hedge, get dressed

What's wrong?
- Don't wake up Barney

What's wrong?


Who escaped?
- The three Japanese

who tried it six weeks ago

This time they made it

Where's Rose?

She's at the Oasis with the soldiers

getting the coffee up

Morning Hedge
- Mrs. Hudkins

Here, Tom

Oh, Rose's gun

Now Helen, nothing's gonna come of this

It'll all be over by the time Barney wakes up

Uh, doors and windows locked

And stay by the phone

- 'kay

Be careful

They'll probably try to kill
everybody they can

Then they commit suicide

Harikari, they call it

They could be miles away by now

They could be hiding in the weeds

waiting for a farm truck

Or a school bus!

Goddamn yellow back-stabbing bastards!

Listen, I think we oughta simmer down here

'til we find out what's going on

Simmer down, hell!

Them slant-eyes probably murdering
somebody right this minute

And God knows what they do
just to get even with us


I guess we can start now

It's blacker than Hades

It'll be light in just a little while

Uh, just coffee honey
- Hi! Me too

I think we ought'a start now

anybody late can get the gist

Well anybody who doesn't know me,
I'm Captain Bittman

I don't care who knows it,
I got shafted out here

You know what I do in real life?

Children's ready-to-wear, ah-heh,
for chrissake

Well, now, here's the picture

We got three, tough Japs

from L.A.

Just the kind that wears Zoot Suits

and carries switchblades

They got weapons, Captain?

M1 and ammo

Are you positive?

Just like my men here

I'm wide open for suggestions

How'd you find out?

Bed check and an, a sentry
found a hole in the fence


Dogs, soldier


You're not issued flashlights?

Well, we weren't gonna use
lights and get shot

Well then they could've headed anywhere

And I don't know rock one about this area

Well somebody's gotta be in charge

Well you're the Sheriff

Yea, with no authority in military matters

Well, uh... I think a...

Marine will know
something about tactics

Uh, he's not from here

He knows as little about the land as you do

Look, I, uh...

I will lend every help I can as a, uh...

a private citizen

Well, that's something

Well, uh, whatta we do?

I'd get my men 10 miles each side of town

Fan out, and work back

Sounds good!

And then, what about you people?

We'll work in pairs

Main force towards the river


There's women and children in town

I'd put a guard at all four corners
and one at each end of the street

Good, Corporal!

I'd say that's just about the ballgame

Uh, not quite

It's not a ballgame

And it's not a turkey shoot

We shouldn't have any rounds in the chambers

I'd go along with than


They got guns!

Hey, listen you!

I'm a Captain in the United States Army

and no civilian tells me what to do!

All I'm saying is we shouldn't shoot
unless there's no other way


I guess you'd have something
special to say about this?

I believe these young men are all American citizens

They're Japs!

I wasn't born in this country

How about you Raider?

Well, they're not soldiers

They SHOT you!

They're killing your buddies!
How can you say that?

That was there

This is here

We are moving out now

and we are going to do it our way!

You people wanna take chances

tough shit!

C'mon, let's go!

On the double!

Move out!

I thought Marines were tough?

Up yours


More coffee?

Alright, pick a partner


if you shoot and you don't have to

I'll cut your throat with your own razor

Hey, hey, Harry, Harry, c'mon

Alright, everyone know where he's
supposed to be so let's get going

Save one for me

What did he say?


Better get going

Be careful, now

We used to come out here all the time

You go over there, and I'll go up this way

I really couldn't

And how you'll discover
when you take off the back?

It can be adjusted to the climate
you find yourself in

Thank you, sir

The Phelps boy...

What did he say to you back there?

He said, "to save him one"

I better check on him

Phelps! Danny Phelps!

Charlie, I wanna smoke

Gee, don't get started on coffin heels

One smoke


Light 'em yourself

You gonna write to each other?

Yea, we promised

Hey, don't worry. He's a Marine!



Danny Phelps!


Danny Phelps!

Answer me!

Hold it right there!

Oh go ahead and shoot you Marine son-of-a-bitch!

Yea, get yourself another Nip!

Just throw your guns down
and walk on over here


Who the hell's got guns?

Captain said you had guns

Aw, Captain Bittman, the Brooklyn moron!

Shoot, you hero!

I'm no hero!

You cross on over here!


So they could relocate us to Cincinnati?

What did we do, huh?

Who do we talk to?
- All we know is the Cincinnati Reds!

Yea, it's all or nothing man

It's either get over here or

get your butts shot off by
some trigger happy soldier

I'm not the only one out here

The woods are full of guys
who just might shoot ya

[ speaking Japanese ]

That uniform

Battle ribbons

Forget it!

Just get over here!

Whaddya gonna do, walk to Los Angeles?

[ Japanese ]

But no hands up, G.I.!

We're coming over like men!

That's okay by me!

Come on over!

Who's idea was this?

Yours, idiot!

We were going to invade Frisco


Middle of nowhere and we run into a Marine!

Take it easy, huh!
That's good right there!

It's good right there
- I can't swim!

You got it now, Tommy!

My ass, I got it

It's just like taking a bath!

Well why don't you jump in and show me

Hold it and I'll come out and help ya!

Hold it there, I'll take it easy

That's right Tommy!
Marine coming to save you!

Hey, you guys shut up!
You're not helping a bit!

Hey, watch Marine go swim and
you'll right over the trees

Hey Marine, I hope you can't tell what he's saying!

Such language!

Here, grab that!

Is the safety on?

I don't know, I don't know where it is

You're no Marine alright

It's not my rifle

Where the hell is that thing?

Shit! We're going to be here 'til the war is over!

Mac, I don't believe you

Look, it's empty anyway

You sure?

That could be a misfire

White man speak with forked tongue

Here, grab hold of the butt

I'll give ya a big yank on 3, ready?




Hey, look out for the rocks!

Help! Hold on, Corporal!

Hold on!

Jesus, save him!

Oh my God!
Go get Rose!

Grab him anywhere!

Hold on Marine!

Hey! Hey go get him!


Hold on Marine!
- Hold on!

Go get him!

It hurts
- Go get him!


Get him!

I aimed at the gap!
I thought they were fighting!

Listen I, the rifle, shit I...

Hold on! Just hold on!

Come and help!

I didn't mean it!

Oh God!

Hang on!

Up the hill!

Got him?
- Hedge!


Tell them! About me...

No, no. No, it doesn't matter!
- You got to tell them

Tell them about me

It doesn't matter!
- It matters!


I promise
- Promise!

Alright, c'mon!

I promise!


Put him in the car
- Easy, watch around his head


Watch it!

The camps closed

The boys came home


For a time...

There was no war...