Baby Blue (2001) - full transcript

A young couple gets new English neighbors next-door to their modern home. Of course, everyone is not who they seem. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I look at you and see... sweat on your face...

Pain in your eyes... but you laugh...
because we have a baby...

There she lies! at your breast... and... and she has my eyes.

And I love you so very much...
and you love me so very much...

And we are so very happy.
We have a baby... we have a baby.

I think you're already one hour pregnant!
- God it's hot.

Hey, did you know that?
There goes our peace and quiet.

I have to go now.
- Sweetie, will you call me after you arrived?

Peter de Wilde, insurances. Hi Hamid!
I'm just about to leave.

Quarterly reports? Fuck! Is that today?
Fuck fuck fuck! No, that's alright. Ok! Bye!

No, we really need a police report
in case of a missing person.

Alright. I will hear from you.
Good afternoon.

Missing child in India, five months, if it's possible
to already collect the life insurance.

I'm glad they're not my parents.
- I'm glad it's not my child.

Vera is in a coma.
- Vera?

The cat. A long haired persian cat, you know. I had to
comb her. Otherwise the hair becomes entangled.

Usually Suzanne does this, but you know, with me she
gets a bit aggressive. Because of the combing, get it?

Because she is used to Suzanne. So yesterday I thought
I just give him half a valium. Well, not even half,

but just a tiny bit of the pill. To get him relaxed,
so I it gets easier to comb.

But that far too strong for a cat!
- Yeah, that's what I found out.

She's in the emergency clinic. Tonight we know more.
- I didn't have to make a decent layout. Sorry, Hamid.

Ten lives in three months. Peet, tell me
in all honesty, why did you get into this work?

Peter de Wilde, insurances.
- Hi Peet, it's me.

Hi Marjan! That's sweet! How is it in the colony?
- Good. Hot. I'm going to the beach.

- Yes?

Will you try not to drink?

Marjan? Hello Bandung?
Marjan, tam-tam drops out.

Peter de Wilde, insurances.
- Hi Peet, it's me again.

Hi sweetie. Hi. The connection dropped out.
- What did you say just now?

Er... if you would try not to drink. You know,
for the small one. - Yes. I have to go now.

I'll see you when I get home.
- Ok. Bye sweetie.

- Kiss.

Monique, yeah, top scorer, girl. Twelve combinations
in one month. That's what you call top of the bill.

If I weren't married, you would get a weekend Las
Palmas with the boss as a Christmas gratification.

Well, that's of course fuck a duck De Wilde,
but you know that yourself.

Do you tell the clients we cheat them?

Because I like you I pleaded with the management
to put you on damage. - What?

Shit, is there something wrong with your ears?
I said, I pleaded to get you on damage.

And if I were you I would take it.
They're not happy with it on the sixth.

But I have a contract! Till the end of the year!
- With the company. Not with the life department.

You can't do this to me!
- That's what my wife said to me last night.

Did you manage to get a hard-on?

Say, don't forget to hand over your card key.

Hezbollah! Hello!

Bit of a mediocre quarter, no?
- Yes, there's something wrong with my cat.

Your cat?
- Yeah, valium. So I can comb him.

Hi honey, you're early!
- Had a party?

- Dirty dishes.

Hamid ate here yesterday. How was it?
- Did you cook?

Are you tired?

How are the new neighbors? - Don't know.
I talked to her for a minute yesterday.

- Yeah well, normal, friendly.

And pretty.
- There's only one beautiful woman in Almere.

What's her name?
- Marjan.

Laura or something. I believe.
He is photographer.

Old geezer.
- Hey Marjan.

- I left Fiducia.

They kicked you out.
- I'm starting my own business.

Because you don't sell enough.
- Not my fault.

No, of course it's not your fault.
It's never your fault.

What's never my fault?
- Nothing is ever your fault. What?

Nothing. - True isn't it? It's the fault of the
public you didn't become a comedian.

Excuse me! - It's Dorien's fault she left you.
It's the fault of the application committee

that we couldn't go to South-America.
- Marjan, stop it, you're just awfully tired.

I'm not tired, I just want...
- What do you want! What is it you want?

Where did you get that?

What are you doing?

But you can't dance.

Surely I know what you want.
- What do I want?

What's wrong, Marjan, what's wrong?
Sweetie, are you alright?

Marjan, what's wrong?

I'm sorry.

Are you alright?
- Yes.

Can I do something for you?
- Could you make a glass of warm milk for me?

Warm milk?
- Please.

One warm milk. Warm milk.

See you tomorrow. Be careful.

Jakob, where are you?

He can't swim! He can't swim!


Didn't you like it? What's wrong?
- You already met her.

I told you, didn't I? Didn't I tell you that?
- No. You didn't tell me, no.

She ate here and you hypocritical bastard tell me
Hamid was here. Asshole. Let go of me!

Please, Marjan! She awfully alone. You got to be
a little bit nice to her. They're the neighbors.

You're just a bit jealous... nothing happened.

Exactly. There's no reason for that. And
Ron also doesn't have it easy, you know.

A dead wife, a child that doesn't
want to see him anymore... - O, shut the fuck up.

Why do you talk to me like that?

Sorry to disturb you, police. Nothing to worry about.
We're performing a neighborhood investigation.

This woman is missing.
Her name is Lydia Jansen.

Is she supposed to live nearby, or...
- No, she has been seen here.

No, sorry.

Well, if you hear anything, please contact us.
Have a nice day, thank you.

How are you?
- Bad, my cat is dead.

No thank you. I need something from you
that's connected to a claim I have to finish.

I have an insurance policy with parents who lost
their son. Missing person. Probably drowning.

Didn't you have a job like that not long ago?
- Eye witnesses?

No idea.
- Otherwise it gets a bit shitty.

How much money was it about?
- Two million.

Drowning. Lake IJssel. A gravel hole, you know.
Over there with you in Almere. They just sink.

Sixty meters water, twenty meters mud.
Let me look. Paid out after a year.

On the second of January. A nice new year
for the widow after all. With half a million.

I would've liked to offer her my
condolences, that woman.

So what are you going to do man?
- I'm not sure.

I think you should go to the damage department.
I mean, Jesus, you have a mortgage.

You want a child.
- Key card.

Say hello to Suzan.
- Hezbollah, what exactly are we doing?

Life department, Hamid speaking.
Yes, that's right.

Alright. Make it a fine bottle of whisky.
No, he'll call you. Ok, thank you Hamid. Bye.

Hi Peet! Good guy, good whisky.
I'm in a fucking hurry. Peet! I miss you!

What is it?
- Can you come with me?

Cat... What's the name of that cat...

Thanks for the tour. We'll call real estate agent.
- Alright.

Isn't this the house where the woman lived
that drowned? Terrible isn't it?

O, you scared the hell out of me!
- What are you doing here?

I'm Paulien Jansen. You live here?
- No I live across the street.

Yeah, I'm looking for my sister.
- Sorry?

Maybe it sounds a bit confusing, but er...
This is her photo.

Lydia Jansen must have been here last summer.
Do you know her?

No. But the police came by last year.
They asked about her.

Yes, I surely believe that. She must have been
here last year, when she was looking for

her old friend, Anne Wood. I'm from Australia.
- Anne?

Anne Wood, yes. You see, I'm from Australia
and now I'm here for a while. Because er...

To make myself...
- Sorry. Can you come with me?

Look, here.
- Yes, that's her. You know where she is?

- Yes, Anne Wood. A friend of Lydia.

The last time when Lydia called she told me they
would travel around the world together.

She was really enthusiastic.
- Was she married to a photographer?

Married? No. Anne wasn't married.
- This was Laura.

No, this is Anne, I'm sure, why do you
constantly say 'was'?

She's dead. Drowned last year.
- Dead?

Have you been to the police?
- No, yes, no, yes. What?

They said they couldn't find anything
and that the file was closed. Jesus.

After that I decided to take action myself.
- Hi Hamid, it's Peter.

Hi Peter, telepathy man, I just wanted to call you.
- Why?

Well, I have the assurance policy of your Marjan here.
- I'm sorry, I'd rather not talk about it

if you don't mind.
- Yeah, no, I get it, it's shitty of course.

Even if you broke up.
- Can you check something for me?

Yeah, only if it isn't for the rival.
- There has been an autopsy on that neighbor of mine

that drowned, yes? - Yeah, well, there wasn't
much left to perform autopsy upon.

- Do you have access to that file?

Yes. Let me look. Teeth were nothing.
There was no dental record in the Netherlands.

Blood group o. The state of decomposition
matched the date of the accident.

Not pregnant, never gave birth. Positive...
- Wait a minute, Hamid? Not pregnant?

No, why? Don't tell me you put your dick in her too.

Fuck! Fuck!

Hamid? I just spoke with the doctor of that
neighbor, the man of that woman and...

he still has to send him a bill,
do you maybe have his new address?

The authorization for him to be paid out just
came through. - Only now?

Yeah, first the fuss about the woman
that's gone missing, than she's found again...

He only has an account in New York.
No address in the Netherlands.

But there is an note that he himself
maintains the contact with us.

Because he travels a lot for his work. Why
don't I let him know that he has to call you?

No no, I will send something to a hotel where I
know he often stays. - Sure, whatever you want.

And about the insurance policy, I think...
I will transfer the money to your account.

Have fun with it. Hello?

What's this about and what in god's
name does it have to do with my sister?

Tell me, how did you come here?
- Well, that's very simple...

I phoned the Registry Office and
there only lives one Wood in Almere.

Jesus Christ.
- What?

Lydia is dead. And I saw her. Jesus!
- Er, well, I'm going to the police.

She's dead and cremated as Laura Wood.

Ron must have thrown her body into the water
afterwards and I identified your sister as Laura.

Or Anne as it turns out.
- But why did she call herself Laura?

No idea.

Life department, Hamid.

Jesus, that was great man!
How do you do that?

You don't want to know.
- And now?

We wait.
If money is so important to him... or to them...

And after that?

See you tomorrow.

Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, police.

Sorry to disturb you this late, but maybe you know
where your former neighbor Ron Wood is?

No, I'm sorry.
- We got a special request from Scotland Yard,

This is the woman, Laura Wood, or better,
was. She was killed last year. And since then

her husband has disappeared too.
At least, he lived there, right?

- We're also looking for his daughter, Anne.

She disappeared around the same time. According
to one of the neighbors she also lived there.

And she pretended like she was his wife.

His daughter! God damn!

Husband and wife!
- How do you know that?

I saw them, didn't I?
That's why she called herself Laura.

After his wife! It's sick!

You know more, don't you? Why didn't you just
tell this to the police? I'm asking you something.

You keep things for yourself. You're in deep shit

He's taking a plane and is coming this way.

Jesus Christ, he plays it like nothing is wrong.

What are you doing?
- Something I should have done much earlier.

To the police. And I don't know how you're
involved, but I don't give a fuck about it.

Nobody under that name. And Laura Wood?
Or Anne Wood? Alright, thank you.

Peter? God, Peter, did you visit Marjan?
- What do you mean?

That's really great of you. I mean,
she was with that guy, but you were her husband.

Sorry, I'm looking for a Dutch woman who was
buried here three months ago.

Yes, very sad. She just had a baby.
- What?

Still so young and so beautiful.

She drowned. Fell off the boat.
- When did she start coming here?

Since the summer with mister Harris.
- Harris. A Briton?

He lives on Westpunt with his sister.
- With his sister. Is that her?

Yes, looks like her. She came her last
month to take care of the child.


English subtitles by Morneaux