Babumoshai Bandookbaaz (2017) - full transcript

The movie, filled with humor and romance, is a quirky ride into the life and times of a small time contract killer, Babu, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film spins around his love, his friends, his rivalries and his revenge. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Subtitles by maskmahe


Come in.

Shut the outside
door on your way out.

It's not me its my wife
who needs a massage today.

Lie down, he massages really well.

Give her a really
good massage, okay.

Take her clothes off.
Don't be embarrassed.

Carry on. I have a call to make.


Yes Mr. Dubey, how are you?

I tried explaining you, Rastogi.

How often did I tell
you Rastogi to mend your ways?

So you found out?

I kept telling Mr. Mondal to
give the contract to you, Mr. Dubey.

But he found my
tender more viable.

What to do?

Do you think I don't
know what you've done?

How many women did you send him?

1? 2? 10? 20? Tell me!

Sir, Mr. Mondal has sent
his engineer to see you.

You send these girls and force
them to sleep with the clients?

Tell me!! Why have you shut up?

I sent my wife.

Would you send your wife?

No, I've sent someone else to you.

- Are you an engineer?
- No.

I outsource

for the God of Death.

Why are you so scared?

I don't kill for free.

I've been paid for only one kill.

♪ I am just a Postman. ♪

♪ I deliver death. ♪

♪ I read out the message
their fate sends them. ♪

♪ They are sent back to
where they came from. ♪

♪ Everyone has to die one day. ♪

♪ No harm if I am the
medium then, right? ♪

♪ Everyone has to die one day. ♪

♪ No harm if I am the
medium then, right? ♪

I present you a song of Kishore
Kumar penned by Anand Bakshi.

From the movie, Roti.

♪ People talk... ♪

♪ That's all they got to do. ♪

♪ Ignore it, lest the
night should pass... ♪

♪ In these useless things. ♪

♪ I will somehow ♪

♪ manage to scrape through. ♪

♪ I will somehow ♪

♪ manage to scrape through. ♪

♪ What about you? ♪

♪ Have you ever been in love? ♪

♪ Have you ever given
your heart to someone? ♪

♪ I am not destined for love. ♪

♪ I have just seen love. ♪

Get lost!

♪ All come into
this world crying. ♪

♪ All come into
this world crying. ♪

♪ But the one who leave
this world laughing. ♪

♪ He'll be called... ♪

♪ He'll be called the
king of his own destiny. ♪

16 x 1 = 16.

16 x 2 = 32.

16 x 3 = 64.

Hey!! 16 x 3 is 48!

16 x 3 = 48.

16 x 3 = 48.

16 x 3 = 48.

16 x 5 is... is... I don't know...

Go tell your mom.

Mom has no time.

Get lost you asshole.

So, Bhupati.


How's your ass?

What can I say?
It's started bleeding now.

If I eat anything spicy...

The next morning
I feel like its on fire.

The doctor's advise surgery.

Then get it done.

But remember.

To make sure the doctor
isn't inclined the other way.

How much?

The usual.

5 for me... 15 for you.

Next time 20 won't do.

Tell Dubey I told you.

I already have. He's said
the next job will be with a raise.

And yes, your sister had called.

I mean the one who is in politics.

For "Raksha Bandhan"
function where

she will tie a thread on all
the men to make them her brothers.

Long time Jiji (older sister)
So Babu... you've become so dark.

Dark skin is in high
demand these days.

Do we have beer?

Why did you call him?

Give him Phoolchand's details.

I could've easily done that job.

Why call this idiot?

You see Triloki...

It's one thing to
brag your ass off.

But staring in someone's
eye and shooting him in the face

is a different thing.
Your balls can get blown off.


You see Babu...

I don't even need a bullet...

I can break their
necks with my bare hands.

How about I demonstrate it on you?

Have a chilled beer.

Give him Phoolchand's details.

Don't get so hot headed...

Save your heat...

For later.


Show me your ticket.



Are you new?


Come, I'll show you.

- What is this?
- Ticket.

- Okay-okay.
- No, take a look.

No... it's okay it's okay-okay.
Take a look.

- No, no take a look.
- No... go.

Go sit in your seat.

How much?
- 25 rupees.

25 rupees?!

25 rupees for sewing 5 stitches?

5 for the stitches

and 20 for ogling at me.

What else?

Give me big nails.

Do you want anything else? I do.

I want her.

I mean... I want the big nails.

Why don't you give her first?

How much?
- 100 grams.

That's enough... only 100 grams.

Here... keep it.

It's for you.

It's free.

She's one dangerous woman.
Why did you try to hold her hand?

Don't forget to take a Tetanus shot.

So what have you come
to get stitched today?

Today I have come
only to ogle at you.

Did you see what I did
to that that rascal yesterday?

And that's why I've fallen
head over heels in love with you.

You see this?

This needle?

You don't need to carry a weapon.

All you have to do is look into any
decent man's eyes and he will be dead.

Oh really?
Then how come you're still alive?

Because I'm not a decent man.

Time for duty.

♪ I am just a Postman. ♪

♪ I deliver death. ♪

Why are looking at me this way Sir?

Do you think I'm lying?

No-no... but you were there.

So... you must have seen him.

But it was impossible to
see his face from such a distance.

She says she didn't see him.

She didn't see him?

I'll fuck the bitch.

Then let me see how she forgets.

Shut the fuck up!

Listen... let her go.

You're hell bent on
taking my life, are you?

Rascal, who the hell
do you think you are

barging into my house.

I want to know... why didn't
you tell the police about me.

Have you fallen in love with me?

It happens. It happens.

Love at first sight
can happen anytime.

There's a mirror right there...

Go see your face.

I see it in your eyes.

I may not be tall,
but I'm dark and handsome.

That's why girls like
you are crazy about me.

Are you drunk?

So then why didn't
you tell the police?

I'm asking you something.

If it's bothering you so much
I'll go tell them.

Why didn't you tell
them when they asked?

They raped me.

All three brothers...

Do you want to know how many times?

You killed one of them.

Kill the other two...

I'll give you anything you want.

I'll be your mistress.

Just kill them.

Will you kill them?

Can you kill them?


What was the need to fuck things up?

What did I do?
I sent you to kill Phoolchand.

Why did you kill his brothers
Roopchand and Premchand too?

Oh that! I'm not charging
you for those two.

Festival gift, from me.
Three for the price of one.

Fuck your festival gift!

Premchand was going to support us.

He's the reason why we
sent you to kill Phoolchand.

And you bloody fucker,
killed him too!

You should've told me.
What do you mean you should've told me?

You should've just done
what we told you to do.

The thing is Triloki,
I take contracts to kill people

not to spare them.

I see...

My wish, I will kill whoever I like.

If you have the balls,
let's see you do something about it.

Bloody motherfucker,
if you misbehave with my brother

I will bury you alive! Triveni.

Triloki, tell him to calm down.

Calm down, brother.

Jiji, can I say something?

Don't take it to heart...

When you keep a dog,
it should be of a good breed.

Because then he knows when to bark,
who to bite

and how hard to bite.

Otherwise there will be problems.
You're right.

I sent you to bite someone else
and who did you bite?

Okay... it's fine.

Now on, you don't cross my path
and I won't cross yours.

Have fun.

See you, goodbye. See you later.


Sumitra, where are my slippers?

Wait, I'll give them.


Call me when you're done.

And listen, what about Babu?
Babu is dead.

♪ Let this cold night...
melt away. ♪

♪ Let it melt away. ♪

♪ There is an icy
wind in my breath. ♪

♪ I feel safe in your arms. ♪

♪ There is an icy
wind in my breath. ♪

♪ I feel safe in your arms. ♪

♪ Let me burn tonight... ♪

♪ Let me burn. ♪

♪ Let me burn. ♪

♪ Let me burn. ♪

♪ Let this cold night melt away. ♪

♪ Let it melt away. ♪

♪ I feel alive again ♪

♪ when your lips touch me. ♪

♪ When your body envelops mine ♪

♪ my drenched heart
feels relived. ♪

♪ I am like a drop of rain ♪

♪ which kisses the
smoldering earth. ♪

♪ I am like a drop of rain ♪

♪ which kisses the
smoldering earth. ♪

♪ Let me turn into hot vapors. ♪

♪ Let me burn. ♪

♪ Let me burn. ♪

♪ Let me burn. ♪

Mr. Ashfaq controls the
entire area of Behram Pada.

If we let him contest from there
then victory is ours for sure.

We have three other candidates

who have a good image
amongst the public.

But before that

we must deal
with Jiji's henchmen.

What are you doing?

Don't you have work to do?

Don't you have work to do?

Babu, where are you?

Here comes the pain in the arse.

I clearly heard that.

I've a problem in my arse,
not my ears.

I didn't come here for free booze...
It's official.

Mr. Dubey has joined politics.

He's given you a contract for three.

I told him we won't work
at the old rate any more.

So he's paying an extra 5000.

And you get to keep all of it.

Nothing for me.


Not you, I need to speak to Jiji.
Move aside.

We need to talk in private.

What is it?

Dubey's given me a contract
to kill three of your men.

That also includes
your most trusted... Triloki.

You've taken a contract
to kill Triloki?

Jiji, you're just...

I call you sister.

I've known you for years,
so I thought I should tell you.

I think you should
hide him somewhere.

It will be safe for him.

Do you have any shame or not?

You call me your sister

and you're threatening to
kill one of my most trusted men.

But he's not my
brother-in-law, is he.

If I see him roaming outside,
I'll have to kill him.

You'll 'have' to kill him?

Let's see you do it!

Jiji, I just came to tell you that...

Let's see you kill him now.

I challenge you. If you're not the son
of a whore, let's see you kill him.

Let's see if you really
have the balls to kill him.

What's wrong, Sumitra?
Who are you talking to?

To a fucking traitor.


So now I'm a traitor?


I'm going to kill all three.

But I'm going to kill
your favorite one last.

Yes, go ahead Ansari.

That Babu had to see Jiji.

- Reason?
- Don't know.

But Triloki was there.

And he still is, alive.

Should I talk to Yasmeen?


Look... there he is. Catch him.

Catch him.

You've made me run!
You won't be spared!

How many kids does
Bajarangi have, man?

One of his sons is old
enough to be his grandson.

I wonder what he eats.

His wife must be
seriously screwed up.

- What happened?
- Get down.

- Here?
- Yes, get down.

If you say so...
Thanks for helping me out.

Otherwise, people don't
even ask if you need help.

So is thank you enough,
or should I pay in cash?

Fine, I'll pay...

You dare lay hands on my target
I will break your arms.

Do you know who I am?

The name's Babu. Babu?

Babu who?

Babu Bihari!

I am a big fan...
since I was a kid.


I was only 10 years old

when I got in this
profession with my uncle.

Since them I've been hearing stories
about you and your escapades.

You killed the Headman of Bhadoi.

In the Kumbh fair.

That was amazing.
Everyone was shaken up.

And also the one in the theatre...

I still remember.

I've killed two
guys in the same way.

Actually, you're my guru.


I am telling the truth.

I even named myself after you.

Banke Bihari.

Any last wishes?

One autograph please.


He's the one.

- Dubey sent him.
- So?

So? Doesn't he trust me?

What's the point in giving the
same job to two different people.

Babu, elections
are around the corner.

Someone must have goofed
up in all this tension.

In any case, whoever completes
the hit gets the money.

If you kill them,
why will this fucker get paid?

That's exactly what
I was telling him.

Get lost asshole.

He messed up everything back there.
Shat all over.

He won't do anything
but make things difficult for me.

I think Sir's fear
is something else.

If I kill those three before him

then he'll lose not only the money,
but also his name and reputation.

You'll kill them? Before me?

He's my mentor.

The disciple's always just
two steps behind the mentor.

If you're old gold.
I'm the new spark!

Okay son, let's play a game.

Whoever kills two
out of three wins

gets paid for all three hits.

And the one who loses
quits this profession.

- Do you agree?
- Hey man...

What about my commission?
Who's going to pay that?

- Agreed.
- My commission.

You just watch...

I'll kill all three before you.

My name's Banke Bihari.

Ask anyone...
I've a reputation in the market.

Have you ever had popcorn? Yes.

Do you know how it's made?


When corn is cooked in the wok

it makes a lot of noise. Do you know why?


Because its arse is on fire.


Hey, Babu.

Quitting the business,
is this a joke?

I don't mean to say
he will kill them first

but, what if he does...

When you gotta shoot,
shoot, don't boost.

Every gun has its own tune.

It's very important.

Don't worry, Yasmeen.

Like I said, I'll handle all that.

You just give him
the measurements, okay.


I am coming.

Let me get dressed first.

Mr. Shabbir is making a film.

We were in a story sitting.

Did you get the job done?

Do you know who I met today?



Babu? Babu Bihari?

He's been given the contract
to kill the same three men

which Ansari gave you.

What the fuck!

What do we do now?
I have a plan.

Want to know?



This is what we'll do.

♪ Everyone as yet. ♪

♪ Has only seen my figure. ♪

♪ Everyone as yet. ♪

♪ Has only seen my figure. ♪

♪ And their heart is
already triggered. ♪

♪ Imagine the sight. ♪

♪ Everyone's plight. ♪

♪ When from my face slips away. ♪

♪ O my veil. ♪

♪ O my veil. ♪

♪ Mesmerizes, my veil. ♪

♪ O my veil! ♪

♪ I'll die of shame. ♪

♪ When someone lifts my veil. ♪

♪ O my veil! ♪

♪ With grace... ♪

♪ Like a crime it is
to move with grace. ♪

♪ Everyone reads the signals
broadcasted by my waist. ♪

♪ When I glance in sly, give
them a look as a reply. ♪

♪ Everyone's heart stops. ♪

♪ Imagine the sight. ♪

♪ Everyone's plight. ♪

♪ When from my face slips away. ♪

♪ My veil! ♪

♪ O my veil. ♪

♪ Mesmerizes, my veil. ♪

♪ O my veil! ♪

♪ I'll die of shame... ♪

♪ When someone lifts my veil. ♪

♪ O my veil! ♪

♪ Oh my... ♪

♪ O my veil! ♪

♪ O my veil! ♪

♪ When someone lifts my veil. ♪

♪ My veil... ♪

♪ My veil... ♪

♪ My veil... ♪

♪ My veil... ♪

Don't be scared, sir.

I wouldn't have waited
so long if I wanted to kill you.

- So do you give up?
- Not yet.

The game's just begun.

- I am here to recover 2500 rupees from you.

I fired 10 rounds because of you.

Each bullet costs 250 rupees,
you know.

Is that all?

- How many did you kill?
- Three.

I would've recovered
60,000 instead of 2500.

I never kill for free.

You get 20 to kill a guy?
- 25.

5 that fatso takes away...

- Bhupati.
- What the fuck!


25000 to kill one person.

No one's even prepared
to pay me 12,000.

They agreed to pay me 10
after a lot of haggling.

Otherwise they pay me just 8000

which they've been paying
for the last five years.

Tell me, how much has
inflation' gone up in 5 years?

Inflation goes up every year.

25,000 rupees and Bhupati
takes 5000 from that.


The booze is free. Have it.


Otherwise if you have to pay for it,
you'll say it's expensive.


My life's fucked...


If your life's fucked,
what's all the attitude about?

That was my first job.

I got paid 2000 for it.

Later, when I got a bit famous.
It got raised to 5000.

Five years went at the same rate.

Finally now I'm paid 8000.

How much did you
get for your first job?

Two bananas.

Two bananas! What the fuck!

I maybe crazy, but not insane.

Who kills someone for two bananas?

A 10 year old kid,
who hasn't eaten for four days...

Can kill the whole fucking
world for two bananas.

10 year old?

So you... you actually shot
someone at the age of 10?

No-no I killed him with a stone.

I learnt how to shoot a gun in jail.

Respect sir.

I salute you.
I want to touch your feet.

I need your blessings.

I salute.

Don't even think of dying
before the game is over sir.

If you die, who will I defeat?

Don't worry, son.

I will defeat you by 3-0.

How much?

1 quintal.

Mughlai Darbaar.

1 quintal Mughlai Darbaar.

How much?

25 quintal

32 quintal.

- Murtuza Kabab Corner.
- Hey...

32... Murtuza Kabab Corner

I've got the stuff as well.

Aye careful with that!!

Aye careful with that!!

Make sure they take the bullet out.

Stop it... as soon as I get home...
Mom, dad's back home.

As soon as I get home, you guys lose it.
I shot you. Now die!

Oh hell...


Get lost.

Run away.



Oh God...

You call these 'kids'?

Since when have I
produced them myself?

It's all thanks to you.

- Give me the water.
- Here.

Let me tell you clearly...

If it's a girl this time,
then fine.

Otherwise I'm getting
myself operated. No more kids.

Ya... ya... go get it done.
Who is it?

Asshole calling.

Get lost!

Hail India sir.

Yes, sir.


Wait, you...

No, it's nothing sir.

I'll be there, sir. Okay sir.

Tarashankar Chauhan is your name?

Do you know Babu?

Babu Bihari.

The same guy who killed Bajrangi.

Oh yes...

But Babu...
why will he kill your men?

He's like family to you.


Now he licks Dubey's balls.

Bastard came and told me himself.

Dubey's given him a contract
to kill three of our men.

The first was Bajrangi.

When's your turn?

Second or third?


What? Did I crack a joke? No...


I was just wondering that

all this time you raised
him so well to screw others

but never imagined that
he'll screw you back instead.


Madam, it's the laundryman.

No need for any grand arrangements.

Just keep it low...

Yes, I know.

But just do as I tell you.

Just get 2, 4...


So... Babu Bihari.

How are things?
Well... I'm still alive.

Not for long.

Nothing in life comes
with a guarantee.

But one thing's for sure...

I'm not getting bumped off
at the hands of a bloody policeman.

Yes, Meena.
We're out of onions and potatoes.


You'll need to get some. I will.

You always inform after
we run out of them.

Do you need anything else?

I'll call if I need anything else.


- What?
- What?


Let's go.
You seem to be in a hurry.


Game over!

What happened?

Oh God!

Want some?

Is it local brew or malt?

- Malt.
- Yeah I'll have malt.

There you go...

It's really tasty.

Drinking policeman's booze is
a completely different experience.

Isn't it?

Why you... Motherfucker...

Tell me Babu,
who was your partner?

Tell me...

Come on come on... tell me...
who was it...

He wasn't my partner.
Then who was it?

He's my fan.

You motherfucker...


Let go!

Yes, Meena...

The house is infested
with mosquitoes

and we're fresh
out of mosquito coils.

If I make it back home, I will.

What's all that noise?

Is it gunfire?

No dear... they're just firecrackers.

I had a tough time with
the mosquitoes last night.

Do you understand?

Don't forget to get them.


Why did you save me?

Why didn't you tell
that cop about me?

I am an asshole.
Well, I am a bigger asshole!


- Ticket.
- Ticket.

Come, I'll show you.

Where are you taking me?

- What's this?
- Take a look.

I don't want it. No-no...

- Take a look.
- No...

Look carefully.

I said I don't want it.

You don't want to see the ticket?

Do you know what one
ghost said to the other - What?

I hardly see you these days.

Do you know what one wall said
to the other? Meet me in the corner.

It's nothing, I'm still alive.

Why did you come back alive?

You should've come in a body-bag.

It would've been better
than showing up like this.

- Banke.
- Ya?

Let's die and come
back in body bags.

Where the fuck are you going?!

Look at yourself...

You can't even walk.

I'm still alive.

I really owe you for this.

Lie down.

It's nothing, I'm absolutely fine.

What fine... just lie down quietly!

♪ O sweetheart... buy me
a pair of sunglasses. ♪

♪ Because I'm not getting
my youth back. ♪

- And what are you?
- Banke.

Banke Bihari.

I saved his life.

How can you be so stupid?

Why did you bring
him back here like this?

Couldn't you have taken
him to a hospital instead?

Back in the city, the doctor
checks the patient later

and calls the police first.

So what are you carrying this for?

To show off?

You should've put this
on the doctor's head!

His threat to call the police would
come out of his arse like a fart.

I told him to bring me here.

Oh ya? Because there's
a doctor at your disposal here?

Look at that wound.

It's turned blue.

Dr. Phulwa?

What are you doing?

I am going to severe your arm.

What's it to you?

Then how am I going to
clean my arse after I shit?

Don't move... lie still.

Who's he?

Claims to be my disciple

but actually wants
to take my place.

He has a nice body.

Why don't you let him work with you?
He'll be of help.

Is his body better than mine?


Ya, mine.

His body's better
than yours for sure.

My body's like Bruce Lee's.

- Do you want to see it?
- I do...

Show me. Yes.

Show me.

Should I?



It's me.

Where the hell were you?

Do you know how many
times I tried calling you?

My battery was dead.
I just charged it.

Listen, I am stuck here for a job.

I'll be back in a day or two.



What can I say?

It's okay to have one.


She works in the movies.

She's an actress?
Wow! You're lucky.

How is she?

A real back-breaker.

Better than mine?

Naah... Yours is different.

She's amazing.

Really amazing.

She's amazing?

Where's your drink?

He's one of us. Go get yours.



You know, she sings really well.

No no... he's lying.

I'm not.

A peg or two down...

And she'll be crooning
like Lata Mangeshkar.

And after three.

She's Madhuri Dikshit.

The "Ek Don Teen" song.

You just wait and watch.

♪ No eyes like these eyes... ♪

♪ No eyes like these
eyes, kohl reckons. ♪

♪ No eyes like these
eyes, kohl reckons. ♪

♪ Oh my beloved, wear goggles. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ Oh my beloved, wear goggles. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ No lips like these lips,
lipstick reckons. ♪

♪ No lips like these lips,
lipstick reckons. ♪

♪ Oh my beloved,
have a betel leaf. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ Oh my beloved,
have a betel leaf. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ No place like this
place, beloved reckons. ♪

♪ No place like this
place, beloved reckons. ♪

♪ My dear, call brother-in-law. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ My dear, call brother-in-law. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ Oh my beloved,
have a betel leaf. ♪

♪ You don't stay young forever. ♪

♪ O my dear... ♪

♪ My dear... ♪

You two are so much in sync.

Didn't I tell you?

Wasn't I right?

Can I say something?

♪ I'll break my bottle of
rose wine in distress. ♪

Wow... wow!
Sir, listen carefully...

♪ I'll break my bottle of
rose wine in distress.. ♪

Break it... break it!

♪ For a wife like her... I'll
dump even my mistress. ♪

What a poem!!

I think you've fallen
for each other.


If you two want
then just for tonight

you can have some
fun with each other.

I'm serious...

I can sacrifice this night
for your happiness.

You motherfucker...

Who do you think I am?

You think I'll sleep
with this scoundrel?

Am I on heat?

I'll sleep with this scoundrel?
Go die!

You just screwed it up.

Do you really think
I have no ethics?

Stop being so over-dramatic.
Weren't you ogling at her?

- Ogling?
- Yes.

- Me?
- Yes.

Just because we sang
and danced together

you got jealous.

You should've made it clear

and I wouldn't even
have looked at your woman.

I was ogling at her.

I was testing you two.

If you had said yes,
I would've blown your brains out.

You fucker my name is Babu Bihari.

♪ O sweetheart... Call
my younger brother. ♪

♪ Because I'm not getting
my youth back. ♪

Give me your hand.




♪ Capricious...
that's how life is. ♪

♪ Filled with bubbles
tickling at my feet. ♪

♪ At first she shows
such attitude. ♪

♪ And shies away from afar. ♪

♪ Then slowly and steadily she
comes closer, smiles, hums ♪

♪ and now life feels
so liberated. ♪

♪ Capricious...
that's how life is. ♪

♪ Filled with bubbles
tickling at my feet. ♪

♪ How can I not fall in love...
love is so gorgeous. ♪

♪ Every nuance of
hers is so unique. ♪

♪ But when she is stubborn,
I can't do a thing. ♪

♪ She never listens, she's
like a spoilt child. ♪

♪ Her attitude drives one
too many to bankruptcy ♪

♪ once she decides to
play mischief... ♪

♪ Capricious... capricious... ♪

Only the poor can feel
another poor man's sorrow.

Like Jiji!

She worked in brick kilns

and since then has raised
her voice for the deprived.

Along with Mr. Satyajeet

she made sure the
poor got their rights.

Jiji, keep fighting...
We are with you.

Jiji, keep fighting...
We are with you.

Come on... Let's go.

- Buzz off.
- Run!

Is everything okay here?

Where's Triloki?

My brother left with the constables.

Which constables?!

What the fuck?!

They got him.
What are you blabbering?

They took him! What we thought
was a blast, were just firecrackers.

You motherfucker!

Are you here on duty or to
see your mother do a striptease?

If anything happens to him

I'll make you'll regret
you were even born.


Hello, Triloki.

You're so much in demand.

Now see, he wants to kill you,
and so do I.


Banke... Banke Bihari.

I'm the one who killed Sahay.

Enough with the introduction.

I am telling him because
this is the first time we've met.

Look Triloki, this is our job.
Our bread and butter.

Don't take it personally.

We cannot betray our profession.
We'll have to kill you.

Now it's up to you to choose,
at whose hands you wish to die.

His or mine. The choice is yours.

- What are you saying?
- What?

I abducted him,
so I get to kill him.

Did you do it alone?

And it's his choice,
who he feels should kill him.

But I bought these police uniforms.

So what? The plan was mine.

Doesn't matter who made the plan.

Who parked the cycle there? It was me.

I set the fuse...
Sir this is wrong.

I didn't know you'll
make such an issue of this.

I would've never come with you.

Did I beg and give you
a hand job to come help me?

To hell with your game,
I don't want to play any game.

This is cheating.
Out and out cheating.

Do you want to cheat
and win the game?

Fine, kill him.

You know what... Let's do...

- What is it called?
- What?

Tea-breaker... what...

- Toss?
- No...

What's it called?

- Tea break...
- Tie-breaker.

Right, tie-breaker!

- Your English is good.
- Fine.

I'll shoot first.

What the...

Fine, go ahead you shoot first.

Triloki... bye bye.


Stop this!
You're ruining my reputation here.



Banke... use your legs.

Your legs...
catch him with your legs!

Banke... use your legs.

Bravo. Bravo!


You bastard, I won't spare you.

You've lost your chance. Get lost.
Your chance is over.

Your chance is over.

You can kill him if you want

but I am going to
first bust both his knees

and then his balls.

And then you can kill him.

What the fuck...

Kill me if you want,
just end this here.

Fine, fine we're going to kill you.
It takes time.

Let's shoot him together.

Wait... who will win the game?

Neither you nor me. It'll be a tie.

On three then, okay?

One... two...

At least let me finish counting.
No, Babu.

- One...
- No, Babu.



Look son, I did you a big favor

by letting you stay
in this profession.

But don't forget...

A mentor is always a mentor.

Don't ever try to cross my path.

But you will have quit
this profession, sir.

Because I won the game.


What do you mean I won
the game... I won the game...

You got 1½ and so did I.
It's a tie.

But the contract wasn't for three.
It was for four.


I won.

2½... I win.



I'll show you.


Where's the bus depot?

You'll see Dubey Square
after four blocks.

Turn left from there.
It's right there.

Duby Chowk?

When did that get built?

You're new here?

When Dubey won his first election.

That was seven years ago.

Seven years?!

Put it on my tab.


You're still alive!

Where the fuck were you?

Arm-wrestling with death.

It took death seven
years to realize

I wasn't going
to be an easy prey.

Eight years...

It's been eight
years since you died.

How much is it?

Whatever it is, it's all I have.


It's better than
going home empty handed.

Is the bullet still inside?
I don't know...

But it feels like it.

No non-veg?

It's been 5 years.

She stopped making it.

I stopped eating it.

Pappu wouldn't eat
if there was no non-veg.

Oh yes... Where is he?
I don't see him.

He must have grown up now.

He died.

Five years ago.

There was an outbreak of Dengue.

Look at the irony of it.
I didn't get it, he didn't get it

and my son got it.

Like they say...

Man forgets the evil he does...

But karma doesn't...
it catches up with him one day.

I guess you two kept meeting,
didn't you?

How is Phulwa?

I said how is she?

Bloody bastards.

They even took the door.

Who did this?

It happened after
you killed Triloki.

God knows how Jiji found your home.

And that bastard Triveni...

He brought his gang with him.

Run from there,
from there, asshole!

They set your home on fire
right in front of my eyes.

I was scared shit.

I just kept staring from afar.

Couldn't do anything.

And Phulwa?

♪ Void they are... ♪

♪ My nights, of dreams. ♪

♪ Dark they are... ♪

♪ My days, too are dark. ♪

♪ Thorny it is... ♪

♪ My bed, as I toss and turn. ♪

♪ Every move hurts. ♪

♪ Thorns prickle as
I toss and turn. ♪

♪ Every move hurts. ♪

♪ Weeps and wails,
nights in pain. ♪

♪ Dark they are... ♪

♪ When I saw the
mirror of time... ♪

♪ I saw someone else. ♪

♪ I got scared of myself. ♪

♪ For I learnt that I am dead. ♪

♪ I breathe... ♪

♪ I survive... ♪

♪ The heart beats... ♪

♪ I carry upon my shoulders
my own dead body. ♪

♪ Dark they are... ♪

♪ My days, too are dark. ♪

I've quoted three hundred thousand!

It's a big job.

He'll pay at least
a hundred thousand each.

Do you really need
all that lipstick?

Your lips are naturally so red.

- Which one?
- Both.

You motherfucker!

- I'm leaving...
- Come here.

I'll tell you a secret...


You want a massage?

Here, hold this.

Guys, what happened?

Come here...


Don't do that, sir.

Don't kill me.

I made a mistake,
please forgive me.


Your mistake was that
you couldn't kill me.

I didn't want to kill you,
but what could I do?

I was given your contract.

I couldn't have
betrayed my profession.

What would you have done?

Hadn't you said exactly the
same thing when we killed Triloki?

That you can't betray
your profession.

I don't have any
personal enmity with you.

I saved your life.

Please spare my life
for old time's sake.

Spare my life. I beg you...

I beg you!

They killed Phulwa.

Burnt her alive.

You spat out everything
in front of them. Like a wimp.

Motherfucker why did
you tell them where I lived?

Why would I tell
them where you lived?

What did I stand to gain from it?

You fucker, then who told them.

Who gained from this?

Who gained from all this?

He did... he gave
them your whereabouts.

He gained from it.

He's the one...

He gave me the contract to kill you.


You saved my life once.
So I'm sparing yours.

But the next time
you cross my path...

I won't give you the time to
speak nor myself the time to listen.

If you're thinking about
killing those rascals

then forget about it.
I will do it for you.

I mean... I've got a contract.

I swear...

Sir! How about we play another game?
For old times sake...

If you kill two out of three

I won't just quit this
profession, but this city as well.

And if I win...
then you must quit both.

Say something...



You're still here?

I was thinking about Babu.

Should I stay back
tonight if you're scared?

I'm not scared.

Are you?

He's stubborn and he's mad.

He's standing erect in
the storm with a lamp.

That's brilliant.

- Standing erect...
- With a lamp.

This is great. Wonderful.

Come come Jiji...

You must hear what
this boy's written.

Fire burns...
Listen, my stomach is growling...

I need to use the toilet.

Of course... go ahead.

Do come back again.

My wife just loves poems like these.

You must recite this one for here.

Where's the mug
that used to be here?

I had a nozzle installed, use that.

You'll love the feel
of the water gushing.

Give him your number.

Go and flush.

Are you okay?

There's no news of
Triveni since morning.

I'm really worried.

I... saw Babu yesterday

at the function.


Babu Bihari.

No wonder you have loose motions.

Come on now... Babu's dead.

Are you sure you didn't see a ghost?

Triveni's body has been found...



So, 100,000's gone.

Gopal, Murli...

Papa's come...

What's going on, huh!
What are you all up to...


Papa, sweetmeat...

Enough... enough...

Papa, sweetmeat...


Enough! Quiet. Take the sweetmeats,
come on now... go off.

You guys drive me crazy.

- Where's your mother?
- Inside.



I bought your favorite... 'Rabadi'
and 'Jalebi' (Indian Sweets).

Take it.

I met my aunt this morning.

She said my face has turned pale.

And even this time
it's going to be a boy.

Fuck your aunt.

Who does she think she is?

What she says doesn't matter!
But still...

Bloody nonsense!

If it's a boy again, I'll shoot...

Your aunt.

♪ Please take it. ♪

♪ Please take it. ♪

♪ Please take it. ♪

Sumitra ma'am.

Hello... Today's my lucky day...
tell me...

I have a solution.

Till Babu isn't arrested

we'll go underground, in hiding.

Doesn't matter where you hide,
he will find you.

There's one place.

No one can ever imagine
will be a hideout.



Have you lost your mind?

That's the red light area.

So what?

In fact you'll feel at home there.


That must have been
your mother's home.

I won't go to that brothel.

Oh, and...

You are scheduled to visit
the Naxalite (Extremists) area.

Oh yes... that's important.

You cannot cancel that.

And if Babu shows up,
gun down the bastard.

Do you think I'm an asshole?

You want me to go
there alone to die?

I'll be with you.

What will he do?

You think he can
kill you with me around?

We'll go with security.


How the fuck will security stop him?

Forget it, Dubey sir.

She's scared shit.

She's a woman after all.

The best place for her is Jobanpura.

Babu really won't
need to try hard

if you stick your head
out like a sitting duck...

Roll up the window!

Don't step out.

Don't step out!

What happened?

Who is it... who's shooting at them?
Is it Babu? - No

I'm talking to you who was it?
Shut up!

Bloody motherfucker.

What happened to your security now?

Shoved it up your arse?

Big talk... that's all you do.

Now why did you run off?

- Bloody scoundrel.
- Shut up.

Shut up or else
I'll smash your face.

What did you say?

What did you say?

You'll smash my face?


Will smash my face! Bloody fucker! Asshole!
Stop it... stop this shit!

How dare you?

How dare you?

You have a death wish?

Get out!!

Hit me.

Come on hit me!

Hit me!!

Now my turn.

If I knew, I would've
beaten the life out of you.


Haven't you beaten
me enough already?

Tell me something...

What do you put in your betel leaf?

It smells so nice.

Oh, my...

What happened?

Run, Sumitra.


For my sake. I won't leave you.

Sumitra, run.



Come, Jiji. Come.

See what a scoundrel Dubey is.

He betrayed you the
same way he betrayed me.

Sheer betrayal.

He took advantage of the situation,
killed one of your men.

And then targeted you.

No one can save him
once I get my hands on him.

But where is he?
Hiding between his mother's legs?

He's got an entire
battalion protecting him.

You won't be able to get to him.

Me? Ha!


He's hiding in Jobanpura.



Babu, I beg you.

Kill me if you want,
but not like this.


Babu, you're like my brother.

Babu, you call me your sister,
don't you.

Babu, shoot me!
But don't leave me here.

Babu, you motherfucker!

You bloody bastard! Kill me.

Babu, don't leave me here.



Where in hell are you?

What happened to you?

- He shot me.
- Who?


And who brought him here?

I did.

What if the fucker had died?

There should be someone
who carries my name forward.



One's an asshole.
The other one's a bigger asshole.

Great. I need a drink.

Is he going to marry you?

Marry me?

Why? Will you?

Who's Phulwa?


You were repeatedly taking her name.

So I asked.

How long have you known Banke?

Since I was 12.

He lived in my neighborhood.

Did his first job for me.

For free... all I had to do was ask.

But he told me
he got 2000 for his first job.

Bloody liar.

Who did you ask him to kill?


My father's brother.

♪ Please take it. ♪

♪ Please take it. ♪

♪ Please take it. ♪


Huh... is it paining a lot?

Listen Gopal... you have
the doctor's number, don't you?

Yes... call her.

Yes, yes, the same one...

And call your mother's aunt.
Call her.

And listen... Listen, son.

I won't be able to come home soon

so take care of your
mother and let me know.

I'll try to get home really soon.

Yes, take care.

No-no, Sir...

Not that one!

That one's my favorite.
Take any other.

Here, shove it up your arse.

Why are you taking such a big risk?

The fucker will come
out of hiding someday.

We'll kill him them.

I'll go into his
hideout and shoot him.

You don't have the balls
go get your arse stitched.

You've already lost the game.
It's 2-0.

Now it will be 3-0... whitewash!

Where is he?

On the phone with his wife.

Yes... more-more...


Fucking over the phone!


Mr. Dubey.

Mr. Dubey.

That was my wife on the line.

I was telling her about Jiji.

I want to tell you something too.

Babu wasn't alone.

- Banke was with him.
- Banke?

What was he doing there?

That's exactly what I want to know.

What was he doing there?

He's one of your men, isn't he?

Hell will break loose today.

Yes Meena.
God has finally answered your prayers.

It's a girl.

- Really?
- Did you hear her?

Who does she look like?
I mean... how does she look?

She looks just like you.



I have a daughter.

God bless her.

See Ansari, that's Osama Bin Laden.

Who was made by America

and later, he turned
around and screwed America.

Our story's quite the same...

But with a different end.

Here, Osama's going to fuck America.
And get away with it.

I admit I made a mistake.

I... I shouldn't have
told Jiji where you lived.

But what could I do? She insisted.

She wanted to avenge
Triloki's death.

At first,
I refused to tell her anything.

It was only after I heard you were
dead, Babu... that I told her...

Doesn't matter whether
you told her before or after.

Phulwa's died.


You gave a contract for me... fine.

But why Phulwa?

Phulwa was...

This one's for Phulwa.

You shouldn't have done that.

What was her fault?

You got her killed.

That's enough, now get out.

What are you looking at?

He's the one who gave me
the contract... for these three.

Why did you kill Phulwa?

You won't get paid for this one.

Babu killed him.
Have you lost your mind?

I shot him first.

Or I'll shoot you as well.

I've risked my life to do your job.

Okay listen, I am going home.

I have spoken to Ansari.

You'll get the money within a week.

A week?

Does it take a week
to pay a hundred thousand?

Three hundred thousand.

I've told him to
pay the entire amount.

But will he pay three
hundred thousand?

Of course the fucker will pay.

The job was worth that much.
Yes, but...

I'm coming back on Sunday.
Let's talk then.


A hundred thousand.
What do you say?

Your offer's tempting.

But I've decided to quit.

You'll change your mind
when you hear the name.


Do you think I'm like Banke?

I won't make the same
fucking mistake he made.

Whether you offer me a
hundred thousand or a million.

- I won't kill Banke.
- You will.

You'll definitely kill Banke.

Why did you lie to me?

You took all my savings.

I thought this way I
could make some quick money.

I asked him for 50...

I thought he'll bargain,
but he gave me 55 instead.

You look so different.

Look at you all dressed up...

Like a complete woman.

Nice home too.


Fresh paint.

Everything neatly arranged.

Remember, when we had gone
to the market once... shopping?

There, a store had had a scheme

exchange old for new.
You remember don't you.

That's exactly what you did with me.

When you are bored with him...

Will you exchange him too?

I love her.

Didn't I love her?

I loved her the way I knew to love.

And you had me killed.

Look, papa.

You were out playing marbles again!

Go wash yourself you're a mess!

I'll throw all your marbles.

So many marbles.

Did you win them all?

- Ya?
- Yes.

Then you must have a good aim.

I did too.

Which one should I hit?

This one?


I taught these two.

Didn't you hear what I said?

Go wash yourself!

If you had me killed

you should've aborted
my child as well.

You took away everything from me.

Why did you do this to me?

Phulwa, where are you?

What happened yesterday
can never happen again.

It's not right.

I'm leaving.

I'll be back when the job's done.

Where's the asshole?

When do I see you next?

I don't know when
I'll get the chance.

And what do we do till then?

If you love me, let's run away.

Are you crazy?
He'll find us and kill us.

Even our bodies won't be found.

No worries, anything for you.

Where the hell are you?


if I give you a contract
to kill someone...

Will you do it?

Can you do it?

How did he find our house?

Must have been your girlfriend
who told him.

Again the same shit?

Why are you dragging her into this?

You can't let go of her, can you?

I told you to kill him.

Can't do a single job right.

I shot him in the head.

He survived.
What more was I supposed to do?

Shoot him again.

Shoot him again!

I shot him once and couldn't sleep
peacefully for 8 years.

How could I shoot him again?

Now he'll put you to sleep forever.

And me too.


Does he go to school?

We've got him admitted
but he's not keen on studying.

Plays marbles all day.

What's his name?


Abhishek. (Indian actor)

We were thinking of naming
him Hrithik. (Indian actor)

But Abhishek is her
favorite and mine too.

So we named him Abhishek.

Abhishek is your favorite?

What are you saying?
I never knew.

Did you ever have the time to know?


Take him inside.
We need to talk.

Whatever it is,
say it in front of me.

Don't be stubborn.

Take him inside.

I said say what you
have to say in front of me!

I'm going to shoot him.
Should I shoot him in front of you?

Let's play one last game.

Load a bullet and
shuffle the chamber.

Let's see who destiny favors.

Whoever wins lives,
and whoever dies is the loser.

Do you agree?

What kind of game is this?


But this time if you die

your blood won't be on my hands.

I forgive you my death.
You have my word.

On three then...




Really, sir?

You know, you learnt to
do everything the way I did

learnt everything but this

this trick of
shuffling chambers.

You could never learn it,
could you?

The bullet should come back
to the same place. Like this.


No worries

anything for you...

Mama! Mama!!

♪ What I got under the
pretext of life. ♪

♪ Was death to me. ♪

♪ The moments I lived. ♪

♪ Were suicidal for me. ♪

♪ Those moments too. ♪

♪ Are now dead. ♪

♪ Through me. ♪

♪ Have passed. ♪

♪ With them I too
have been cremated. ♪

♪ Void they are... ♪

♪ My nights, of dreams. ♪

♪ Dark they are... ♪

That day I made up my mind

to quit this job forever.

No one gains anything
from bloodshed.

I'll work hard.

Educate my boy make
him a decent man.

I won't let his life
be ruined like mine.

♪ My nights, of dreams. ♪

♪ Dark they are... ♪

♪ My days, too are dark. ♪

Bhupati's wife was absolutely right.

Man forgets the evil he does.

But karma doesn't it catches
up with him one day.

Subtitles by maskmahe