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Von Reichenau's coming.

Morning Gentlemen.

Further west, we were
welcomed by ethnic Germans.

The Ukrainians pounced on the
Jews, wanted to rid them of lice.

Colonel Asch
has a good solution for Kiev.

I've ordered up my
best man: Colonel Blobel.

I'm familiar with his CV.
Your Colonel Blobel has it all:

talent and fanatical ambition.

How flattering
that you read the reports.

The bombs have flattened
the fish. We're rich.

I'm hungry. I want to go home.

We've got enough.
- I'm hot. Let's swim.

OK? - Yeah.

Where the hell is Stepan?

These days one should
lock the kids indoors.

The shower of bombs over the
city is never-ending.

When will Sascha
be released from hospital?

No idea.

I'm sick with worry.
They're always being bombed.

He's fine. I know that.

You promised.
- But not today.

That's a pretty dress.

I made it myself.

I copied it from a
fashion magazine. No pattern.

We're surrounded by war and
she's preoccupied with dresses.

Leave her alone.
You're 18 only once.

God knows what else happens.

War or not: Boris
and I will marry as planned.

I'm planning the wedding dress.

Where the hell is Stepan?


Let's get out of here!

What the doc say about Sascha?

Not much. They hope he
doesn't get gangrene.

Luckily his mates
didn't leave him lying there.

If he could walk,
we could head east.

That's our house.
None of us are going anywhere.

The Germans are coming, the
Russians leave... 'N vice versa.

Here in Ukraine, it's one mad
military parade after the other.

Always here! - The Germans
haven't come for a cup of tea.

They shot the life
out of your son's legs.

Not 'cos he's a Jew,
just 'cos it's war. And...

I know. You worked in
Berlin. I know the story.

As a photographer I snapped
photos of their generals & family.

I never had a problem,
and they all knew I'm Jewish.

Yeah, yeah, sweet Germans.
And now they're back.

Most of my Jewish mates
are fleeing.

Get out of here
before it's too late.

And no worries:
we'll mind the house.

We also heard those bad
rumours about the Germans.

It's all just nasty propaganda.

Mama, Mama! - Mama!

My boy!
- Stepan, what's wrong?

In the river: bodies! Dead Jews!


Are you sure?

How do you know?
- He's really scared.

Boy, those fish!
I'll make your favourite dish.

C'mon, c'mon!

What's keeping
the General Field Marshall?

He kept us waiting an hour this
morning. On his bloody nag.

Excuse me Gentlemen! Here!

160,000 Jews live in Kiev.

We don't know how many
of them will flee to the east.

If you ask me, tens of thousands
will stick it out in the city.

To help with the removal of such
a crowd, for the resettlement,

we've only got 150 men from
special detachment 4A.

That's why we need the
assistance of the locals.

Major Superintendent Jäger!
- The Ukrainians are bloodthirsty.

They can't wait
to get started. - Excellent.

On top of that,
we need about 150 lorries

to take away
the Jews' clothing.

We need tables, barbed wire
... Anyone writing this down?

Then there's the munitions,
staff and loads of schnapps.

General Field Marshall, ready
to provide men and munitions?

- Whatever you need.

Where can we do it, without
attracting attention?

Old Grandmother,
in Russian: Babij Jar.

A valley with railway, 3 km long,
50 metres high and 50 wide.

Ideal for our "Resettlement".

Is that a bullet, Stepan?

- Where did you get that?

Found it. If you see a German,
blow on that. Really loud.

Get it?
We'll look out for each other.

Well, if I was a Jew...

I'd flee as far to the
east as humanly possible.

How? Sascha's in hospital.

The troops are succeeding
in the battle against the enemy.

After heavy battles, our troops
have driven the Germans...

But that's mad!

Join us
and keep the gramophone going.

It might drown out the grenades.

Loud! Mind you...
the walls are quite thin.

I always hear him belching.
I guess he hears me too.

What are you up to? - Watching!

I'm very worried about her.

Maybe they'll manage to escape.

And then we could...

As you already mentioned...

... mind all their stuff.

Out of here, fast!

Down to the trenches!

Down! Into the trenches!


What happened?
- I heard a noise.

The Germans?
- No, I don't think so.

Just want to be on the safe side.
Wake the kids, just in case.

Who the hell are you?

Speak or I'll shoot!

Poor Jews! - You're Jews?

It's your lucky day.
'Cos we're Jews too.

Come into the house
before we wake the neighbours.

You must leave immediately.
The German army is very close.

Only 30 km. At this rate, they'll
have reached us in two days.

The Germans want to wipe us
out. They kill Jews like flies.

Propaganda! Rubbish, they
don't have it in for the Jews.

Our parents were murdered.

Once the Germans arrived,
the Jews were herded together.

They had to dig a big huge
hole and lie in it.

Then they shot them!

Those standing above
were shot there. Piles of them.

Then they were thrown
into the hole with the others.

Many people. Blood everywhere.

When the holes were full,
the ground turned red.

Hear me?
- Propaganda? No, it's the truth.

Believe us. They despise
and kill us, just 'cos we're Jews.

Don't you get it?
Those monsters were laughing

and took photographs.
Do you really think I'm lying?

It's the truth. I saw it
with my own eyes.

I saw how
they grabbed my Father.

And how they murdered him.

Then they slaughtered my Mom.

I still see her face before me,
her angelic face.

One of them spat on her,
the other kicked her.

Please, wake up!
Propaganda, hhm? Propaganda!

Can't you get it into your head?

Mama, who are these
people? - Are they Germans?

No. - What do they want here?

They're friends.
Jews, just like us.

No worries, things will be fine.
- I don't believe my ears!

It'll be fine, I promise. And I
always keep my promises.

Things will be fine.

Good grief, you look awful.

Thanks a lot.
- What did the doctor say?

I should give up the drink.


Eat! Please,
you need strength. - Thanks!

Who's there? - Stepan.

Their my sister's kids.

Mundek, Jakob and Franka.

Oh, oh.
- That's our neighbour, Stepan.

I'm sorry.
- No problem, was just the shock.

And Lena, his Mother.

You just want to make a mess?
- Kalinin is speaking on the radio,

about the war.
- He's always giving speeches.

We know more than him anyway.
Natalya hears it at the hospital.

Seeing as we don't want to
lie to our glorious nation,

we'd like to point out how
ruthless the Germany army is.

But the will and the courage
of the Russians is strong

and unshakeable,
like the country itself.

The Germans haven't a chance
of conquering mighty Russia.

The Germans have basically
lost already, the further east...

I hope he's telling
the truth. I pray to God.

Comrade Stalin
is calling on all citizens -

men, women and children -
to defend their Motherland.

The courageous Russian nation
will win out in the end,

and sweep the
German army out of the country.

They won't rest till the fascists
are dangling from every bridge.

I've got to bring you away
from here. You must leave Kiev!

But how? - We've a little money.
We'll buy a horse and cart.

Yes, leave this place.
As fast as possible.

Don't worry about me.
I can't join you.

Even with the fastest horse in
the world: I'd slow you down.

I beg you: leave without me!

Not on your life.

OK then!
- How much for the cart?

I'm keeping it for myself.

You don't need it
at all. Piotr, did you say

you're bribing someone so that
your family can leave by train?

It's not for sale!
- I beg you: I've grandchildren!

My son's a cripple,
because he fought for you.

And I've a family to mind.

We've got
to help each other!

Leave me alone!

Listen here, I can fix
you up with a horse and cart.

From my nephew in the country.

What will it cost?

I think that's enough, Piotr.

If there's any left, keep it.

I don't want even
one rouble from you.

I've known you
all my life.

Thank God to still have friends.

You like it?

Good work. That's an angel.

It's for you. A present.

You could get
a fortune for that.

I can't accept it.

I hope
you appreciate this present.

We could live a whole week
with the proceeds from the lamp.

No, I...
- Mama! - Mama, Mama...

Excuse me.

Stepan, wait a second!

The lamp is beautiful.

I'm not angry
that I had to give it back.

I was touched by your present.

Now I'll always
have light in my heart.

I'll just think
of your glowing lamp.

Where's that boy?

I told him he
shouldn't go out.

You frightened him off.

You put him in an
awkward situation.

He's in love. Leave him alone.

In love with a Jew! While the
Germans could come any minute.

We've been friends
for nigh on 20 years.

We'll do whatever
we can to help out.

They always
looked down on us.

Sascha, the music composer...

Natalya, the well-read librarian...

Not forgetting Genady...

I'll lose the head if he ever again
tells his Berlin stories.

I've had enough. - It must stop!

I don't want to hear such
rubbish under my roof.

Quick, come here! - Stepan!

take the kids! - C'mon!


Doctor, where's Sascha?

Up there. - Above? He'll die
there. I saw the planes.

Surely you'll evacuate him?
- Only those able to fight.

I'm sorry.


Sascha, Sascha!

Wait, I'll be right back.

Doctor, help me.
- No time, I must continue.

You can't do that!
- Why not? I'll take him with me.

Make way! - Out of the question.

Let us through. - That's just
for the ones who can fight again.

Leave her alone. Let her pass.

Come through.

She's coming with Papa!

Mama got Papa. Papa! Papa!

Papa! - Papa!

Nice to see you folks again!
- I'm so happy that you're back.

I'll push him through.
- Bring him to the bedroom.

No, the living-room. On the sofa.

It's been
such a long, long time.

Slowly! Down gently.

Thanks! - Don't mention it.

It goes without saying.

It's great to be
back home. My Sweeties!

I missed you so much.
It's good to hug you again.

I really love you guys.
- That's enough. He must rest.

won't you play the violin?

Who are these people?
- They live with us.

Refugees. We're buying
a horse and cart together.

To escape east. We told
everybody they're cousins.

Want me to play now, Papa?

Yes, wee daughter. Play!

Genady, what's up with Piotr's
horse 'n cart? We must leave!

He needs a few more days.

We don't have that much time.
The Germans are nearly here.

We should
make a run for it tonight.

Sascha is with us.
No reason to hang about.

You're right.

Natascha plays like her Daddy.
- Yeah, it's a Jewish instrument.

Get over here,
see what I've got. - Not now.

You just want to trick us.

Get a move on, children.
Pack your belongings.

Hurry up.
Just pack the essentials.

Warm clothing above all.
Natascha, help the two of them.

Can I take
some toys? - Of course.

But only the light ones.

Did I hurt you? - No.

Are you OK? - Yes!

Darling, it's time for you and
Genady to leave with the kids.

Quick, before the
Germans come. - Only with you!

We'll go together, as a family.

Jakob, don't...!

We wanted to wait
till after the wedding.

It could be our
last chance, Franka.

No, everything will be fine.

We'll marry in front of a rabbi.
And you'll smash the glass,

as dictated by tradition.
- I love you, Franka.

With all my heart. And I intend
to marry you, but...

Jakob, when we're being
hunted and killed just 'cos we're

Jews, then we really have to
live like Jews and not give up.


Bread symbolises strength
and salt for health.

Just knock if you want
some good plain cooking.

I'm really grateful!

Are you mad? Did you forget
who our neighbours are?

They'll be gone in two days.

Ran away, deported
or even dead. God only knows.

Why should a stranger
get half the house?

Wash out your mouth.

You think more about your
neighbours than your daughter.

When Helena marries,
she can live there.

Never. Over my dead body.

The cirrhosis is getting worse,
the jaundice is now obvious.

Her liver will kill her faster
than a Russian bullet.

Tell that to the Jews.

They'll invite me round for
a schnapps. - That's not funny.

I think it's not funny that I don't
know how many Jews to remove.

40, 50, 60 thousand...

Have you any idea
how complicated my job is?

You want me maybe
to send them a personal invite?

You've got my sympathy.

To be honest, it's just like
trying to seduce a woman.

You just tell them
whatever they want to hear.

They want to escape the war.
And a job to feed the family.

They want to stay together.
Always after the promised land.

So I'm gonna tell them
that I'll lead them there.

How can one be so ghastly?
- It's an order from the Führer.

If I'm not unscrupulous, then the
task force won't be it either.

The only way to see it through.

and bend over!

It's cheap,
elegant and there's no panic.

My elegant method,
silent and without panic,

will earn me the iron cross.

Oh? I thought the iron cross was
for murdering Jewish children.

They're not children,
they're Jewish brats.

The Jewish New Year is soon.

They'll all die on the 1st or 2nd
of their year 5701.

Happy New Year!

Are you in love with Franka?
- I'm too scared to tell her.

Stepan, as you well know,
Franka's engaged to Jakob.

Yeah, but what if something bad
happens, and I don't tell her.

She'd never know. A woman has
to know when a man loves her.

Even in these awful times.

I'm not going to be
put off by the Germans.

No, no way.
If you want, I can tell her.

No, but you can help.

Good, I'll help.
Present her with a song.

Better still,
a poem, I can't sing.

They all speak German?


Unfortunately, the German army
can't control the anti-Semitism

of their compatriots and
of some barbarians over here.

We'll punish the offenders.

You have my word, and better
still: the word of the Empire!

Your resettlement would be
a more successful solution.

The Germans' war ambitions
require more work to the west.

We promise work for
every man and woman,

a roof over your head
and education for your children.

Tell everybody
in your community.

Excuse me,
how impolite. Please!

Thank you!

Honey, listen: you and the
kids aren't Jews.

You could get away
and live in liberty.

Dad and I must go with
the others, but you're free!

I'm married to a Jew.

I feel Jewish.
And my children are Jewish.

The law says the mother has
to be Jewish for the kids to be.

With Hitler's racial fanaticism,
1 drop of Jewish blood suffices!

We'll go together!
That's the end of the matter!

Goddamn fascists!
I can't protect you.

I can't even run away
with you. I'm useless!

I'm a bloody cripple!


Chocolate for me?

Thanks, Stepan!

I've conceived an escape
plan for us.

There's ten of us,
children and one wounded...

We've neither a horse nor a
cart. How do we manage?

I'll get us a horse and cart
tomorrow night.

Nobody knows his way around
this place as well as I do.

You're doing it for me,
aren't you? It's too dangerous.

Let things be, Stepan.

You're just a big baby yourself.

I stopped being a kid
the day the Germans invaded.

I hate the Germans!

I've got hand grenades
and will blow them all up.

But I'd rather hand them
over to the partisans.

You help out your neighbours.

They're like family.

And what's more:

even in days like these,
no one can steal our love.

In days like these, who can say
what's right and wrong.

Sit down! Genady,
you're driving me round the bend.

Stepan and Glep are brave.

But what can they do?
- What can we do?

Turn up at the corner to pray!

The deportation order
is a big fat lie.

Mundek and I will locate the
Jewish resistance group.

And Franka goes with you.

No, I...

This constant running away
is making me sick.

That's what the fascists want.

That we believe their lies and
don't look truth in the eye.

They want to kill us!

I want to fight with you!

Side by side. I'm coming along,
you can't leave me behind.

No, Franka. No.

I won't go.
We'll leave with the Lerners.


They should burn!

Throw turf at them!

Get them!

Light it! Light it!

More turf! - More turf!

They should burn!

You're a Jewish pig too.

Jewish bastard! You want to join
them on the pig cart?

I'm not a Jew! - Show some ID!

Why does a good Ukrainian need
ID? I just want to get home.

You're a filthy Jew, admit it.

I ain't Jewish. I'll show you guys
who's a dirty Jew!

You're a filthy Jew, aren't you!

Put down that weapon!

He's no more a Jew
than we are.

Just look at his mug.
He'll howl any minute now.

That's an order!

Go home!

Get out of here!

Let him go!

Play happy music!

What a load of bollocks! Play a
tune your daughter can dance to.

I don't know any popular songs.

Then improvise! And you dance!


Go dance! - Dance!

I said dance! Go on!

Now that's what I call dancing!

Praise be to you eternal Father,
who forgives us our sins.

Look on our misery and pain,
show us the way to salvation.

For the glory
of your name. Amen - Amen.

What's happened? - Fascists?

Speak! - Where are you from?

What's wrong? What happened?

What's in the bag?

Eat the apples. - We can't
accept that. - Go on, eat!

Here, for the journey..

Your cart is empty.

So it looks like you sold
all the lamps, my dear boy.

How much did we make then?

I was robbed by some soldiers.
All the money, and the apples!

There's no more left.

Why can't you look
me in the eye?

I think you're lying!

My son doesn't lie.

You gave it to the Jews!

My apples! My money!
These bloody Jews!

Aha! And what have we here?

You bloody liar, you!

You! C'mon, over here!

I want the money. My money!

Excuse me.
Sorry! We don't need the money.

Your son has
a good heart. Forgive us!

You fucking whore, you!
And you? You bloody pimps!

Lena, what's wrong with you?

Stepan tried to save
our lives. You should be proud!

We'd be better off
if you were all dead.

Or at least gone away.
Get it? Now push off!

Please tell me
that you didn't mean that!

We've been friends for
20 years. You're just scared.

Lena! Look at me.

Say it to my face!

Tell me if you really want
us all to die.

Do you really want that? Tell me!

Say it!




Piotr... Piotr has done a runner.

With our money.
Now we're broke!

There's got to be more.
I can tell by looking at you.

The choirmaster...
and the old synagogue-goers...

They were herded together
on an old pig cart.

A Ukrainian threw a torch.

They were all burnt to death.

Colonel, here's your cognac!




Natalya, I haven't
slept for nights on end.

And lay awake thinking of all
the horrible things I said.

I don't want anything
bad to happen to your family.

Please, forgive me, OK?

I just don't understand how you
could say something like that.

You really hurt me.

Natalya, you can only think
of yourself now.

You're no more Jewish than I am.

What are you trying to say?
- Your family will understand.

Understand what?
- Sascha is Jewish.

The children
are Jewish. But you're Russian.

Tomorrow the Germans will rip
thru' Kiev like the angel of death.

No Jew will escape. You've
got to split from your family!

I can't listen
to this any longer. Stop it!

I can't
stand by and watch. Listen!

You're strong! You're pretty!
Make a fresh start!

Do you really think your family
doesn't want you to survive?

Don't look at me
as if I were the devil incarnate.

When you're gone, our Helena
will get the house, understand?

And nobody will ever
again enquire about the Lerners.

But, if you stay,
I'd be happy to put up my

daughter and her future family
in my place. Please stay!

Be reasonable!
- Don't touch me, you bastard!

Slut! You nasty slut!

I'll kill you!
- What's going on here?

You dug your grave
the day you married that Jew.

What got a hold of you?

I just wanted to help that witch!

That Jewish witch!

If you touch my family,
I'll haunt you from the grave!

The Germans wouldn't even be
here if it wasn't for you Jews!

Shit! Shit!

What kind of person are you?

Is something wrong?
- You hid some hand grenades.

And you kissed Franka.
But no worries, I'm out of here.

The partisans need grenades.

I entrust you with Franka.

You've got to get her
out of here. Hear me?

I just have to get changed.

You know how to use them?

No, but
it can't be that difficult.

Know where the partisans are?
- No, I'm forming my own army.

Don't do it. My father's friends
could bring you to the partisans.

No, it's easier this way.

May God be with you. And don't
forget: take care of Franka.

The old Jew says: "Knock-knock
on the door with your head."

His mate says:
"Why can't I use my hands?"

The old Jew says: "I say,
want to come without presents?"

Know what,
your girl was only 14?

14? She was
an educated young lady!

Halt! Halt!

Franka, Honey, I have
decided to go alone.

It was a tough decision.
But it's 'cos I love you so much.

The only way to improve this
world is with the resistance.

Loving you is the greatest thing
a man can hope for.

Your love bestows me
with the power and courage to

do that what a Jewish man
has got to do in these sad times.

I know
that Mundek will protect you.

You're my wife.
All my love, your Jakob.

Attention: All Jews in Kiev!

On September 29th you are to
appear at 7 a.m. with all your

possessions, documents and
valuables, and warm clothing.

Whoever ignores this decree
will be shot dead.

Whoever goes there
will be shot anyway.

Jakob has gone
to fight the fascists.

He could have
waited another night.

Glep and Stepan know where
to get hold of a horse and cart.

We're heading off tonight.
- Stepan will drive you.

Too dangerous! - He's got to.

If I don't show for work,
the SS will bang down the door.

He knows the way very well.
- And what if Jakob returns?

He opted for the armed struggle.
He wants to see you in safety.

He'll find you!

Where will you get your hands
on a horse? - From the butcher.

I'll steal one tonight.
- But this is madness.

We might as well ask the
fascists to shoot us immediately.

Stepan is still so young.
How could you allow that?

Stop it! Enough.

Mama, I'm
dead scared. - I know.

That's fine.

Where were you all day?

Why don't you say
anything? You never speak.

Hear me? I can't handle it.

I always have to
take care of everything.

The horse is lame.
Bloody German barbed wire!

And here?
Not a pound of flesh to spare!

The fascists stole
all the good horses.

Don't complain! - Leave me be!

All this hassle, day in, day out!

Natalya, Stepan showed me
the map earlier.

He really knows his way around.

Off down to the south-west
of Kiev, avoiding the Germans.

I wouldn't doubt Stepan.
I love him like a son.

But can I
entrust him with the kids?

We don't have a choice.

If we don't leave, we're history.

He's right.

Get away from the wall! - Quiet!

No idea what you heard, God
help you if something happens.

Nasty wound. You stay here.

And you? Just hang in there.

Your lucky day!
You escape the butcher.

I've got the cart. Hurry up!

C'mon. - Wake up!

Time to go. - Stepan, thanks.

We'll make it.
- I'll just be a burden.

He's waiting below.

Huh? He's gonna save our lives?

He's just skin and bone.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Keep him as long as he pulls us.

I've got to get back.
You can rely on Stepan.

I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for everything.

Should my people stand here?

Yeah, a row here, a row there.

My Jews come from the tables
and go down into the gorge.

Your men will beat the Jews
till their arms fall off.

I want my Jews
to be numb with fear.

They should think only
of pain and humiliation.

That makes our job easier.

What's with him? - A partisan!

Says his brother's a
policeman and will vouch for him.

Boris, tell them
I'm not a Red!

Partisan? - Boris, help me,
I'm your brother!


Boris, I'm begging you:
tell them the truth!

I'm begging you Boris.

You now have the opportunity
to demonstrate loyalty.

Brother, you can't do that!

Go on! Do your duty!

I need to know if I can trust
you. - You can't be serious.

I'm sorry!

Now where was I? Oh yes.

Your people form a narrow path.

It's a question of speed.
Don't give them time to think.

Neither your lot nor my Jews.

A good place to relax.

One has a good view
when the Germans come.

Just look at those fields.

War could be a world away.

Thank you. Thanks! Goodbye!


If only he waited!

Don't lose heart.

You don't know Jakob.
He was always so impatient.

I bet you he killed the
next best German.

No matter what the weapon.

The "method" wouldn't matter.

He has gone because
he couldn't live in such a world.

And how would you know?

What kind of world is it,
where hate is stronger than love.

Attention, it's 7 a.m.

All Jews have to be at the
collection point in one hour.

Whoever ignores this decree,
will be shot dead.

Where did you get that? Natalya
gave it to me for emergencies.

Don't set foot
in her house! - Leave me alone.

Those monsters
disappeared overnight.

Did you know that?

Why are you so angry?

The fascists don't seem
to have it in for you.

Who knows?

The Lerners won't appear
at the collection point.

That means the SS
will ask us where they are.

Do you want to risk our lives
'cos of these fucking Jews?

You just want the Lerners house,
so Helena can live here.

You're just the same
as those bloody Jews.

God, go to hell!

We have to cherish this day.

We've got a difficult
journey ahead of us.

Let's hit the road!
- How long do we need?

Till dusk.
Then I'll buy us a boat.

For us? What's up, Stepan?

So I can come along.

You can't leave
your family in the lurch.

I'll really miss my Father.

But I want to fight
with the Red Army.

Be reasonable. You're so young.

The Germans are laying waste
to my country, killing the people

and my friends.
Transforming us into animals.

Helena, wake up!

C'mon, we must go to
the police, the Lerners have gone.

Please, let it rest, Mama.

Do you want the house or not?

Yeah, but not like this.

Of course you want it.
What else can you and Boris do?

What you plan to do is wrong.

You'll soon forget the Lerners
and things will feel normal.

Form orderly rows and walk
calmly to the trains

waiting at the siding
near the cemetery.

The trains will bring
you to your new home.

You'll be given food
and everybody will have work.

Over there! You heard
the loudspeaker announcement.

Now move on!
- That way. Move along slowly.

The trains will bring you
to your new homes in the west.

You'll be given food
and everybody will have work.

Move on! Go on! Get a move on!

He's had enough!

Poor animal. - Not to worry.

When a horse is exhausted,
the veins in his nose burst.

Jakob! - No, no, no, no.

There's about 30,000.

And they keep coming.

My Jews are like sheep.

Here's the list you wanted.

The prominent Jews

attempting to
evade the deportation.

Engineers, doctors, artists!

Sarah Maximova? - Yes!

That's me.

If you plan on shooting me,
then please allow me

to remove the cat
from my lap beforehand.

Shoot you? Not at all.

Did you write all them? - Yes.

No. No. No!

Are you Reshnik and Levy?

Are you Reshnik and Levy?

Doctors Levy and Reshnik!

We'll come after the operation,
otherwise this man will die.

That's completely crazy.
The Lerners aren't partisans.

Let's leave fast, Mama.

Don't you want the house?
Then we've got to do it.

Mrs. Frijenko?

It's about some partisans,
our neighbours.

I know where they fled.

Their name is Lerner.

You can't just
lie there. - Up! Oh c'mon.

Huh! - C'mon, get up!

The horse has had it.
- Stand up old boy!

Up with you!

Bravo! - See, that didn't hurt.

Everything's OK. - Stepan did it.

You're one hell of a blackguard.

You said you'd
take us to the river.

Do you see the water?
- Will we arrive soon? - Soonish.

I bet you they took
all the valuables.

Real china. Not bad.

Those bloody Jews.

What are you
doing here?

Everything in this house
belongs to the Lerners.


To hell with the Lerners.

You no longer have to worry
about your Jewish friends.

What are you trying to say?

What's she getting at? Tell me!

Helena, answer, I beg you!

Please tell me
you were up to no mischief.

Helena! - Leave her alone!

I know they're
attempting to escape.

I know where they went.

Walls are made of cardboard.

I only did what any good
Ukrainian would have done.

I went to the SS.

You what?
- They're on their tracks.

Papa, I'm so sorry.

Mama, Mama!

Mama, why did you
put me up to that?

Do you really think I could
live here and sleep in their beds?

Just what were you thinking?

Did you think my kids
would play with their toys?

You know who it belongs to.
Mama, what have we done?

What the hell have we done?

What have you done, witch?

Papa, you're
killing her. Please! Stop it!

Papa, don't! Leave her be!

Double-crossing snake!

Stepan is with them.
Our son is guiding them.

Our son wants to save them.

Larissa, spread out that blanket!

That way? - Yeah, thanks.

I love you!

I knew we'd make it!

Now I'm happy
that you didn't listen to me.

I'll arrange a boat before
nightfall. The village is that way.

I'll get some provisions too.

Maybe I should accompany
him. - Much too dangerous.

Why not, actually?

That's a brilliant idea.

A boy and a girl...
Nobody will blink an eyelid.

Be careful! - But of course.

Franka, let's go.

Mind yourselves!

OK. - Which one?

There, any one you like.

Hope you have a good trip.


Stepan? I really
need to tell you something.

Maybe this is
my one and only chance.

Thanks! - Not necessary, Franka.

I don't need your gratitude.

I should have done it ages ago.

Not just
'cos you want to save my life

but also because
you're my friend.

You're a beacon of hope.
You have taught me

that there are people
willing to help others without

thinking of self gain.

I love you for that.

It's not exactly the love
that you want from me.

But I hope you accept it.

I see Stepan.
- Come, we'll get our stuff.

Stand up, Stepan's coming.

I'm so happy to have you.

I'm just happy
that we fled together.

God had a good reason
for saving us.

It's all because of you.

Natalya, you care for everyone,

without a thought for yourself.

You could have
split up from us.

That's why I love you so much.

I'll miss you.
- Me too. I'm so mad about you.

I wish you could come along.

C'mon, we've got to go!

You showed the world what an
old nag is capable of.

You're free. Go on, stand up!

Yeah, good boy!

Don't move!
Hands up! Didn't you hear?

Hands up, I mean pronto!

Are you deaf?

Shoot the horse!

You goddamn pigs!

Why did the Germans start killing

children and Jews?

Shut up!

Get them into the truck. Move!

Go on, move!

Get up, will it be soon?


Want me to make you move?

Quick! Get up here!

We can't help them any more.

Follow me!

We've established that you've
nothing to do with the partisans.

Our investigation has proven
you to be innocent.

Thank God!

What happens now?
- Doctor Krieger will tell you.

You should eat first.
- There's bread and milk for you.

Then you'll be resettled.

You'll be brought straight
to the collection point.

Bread and milk isn't much,
but it's all we have.

Please be prepared
to get picked up.

See, everything will be fine.

C'mon, give me some!

Go down to your Mama.

Sit on Papa's lap.

We must make sure
not to lose each other.

Stay seated!

There must be some mistake.

You're under arrest
for making a false statement.

In a war situation, that counts as
treason. You'll be convicted, cow.

But we were only
doing our duty.

Get them out of here!
- We only did our duty.

Get Boris. Boris must help, OK?

Glep, tell Boris I'm innocent.

Hang on.
She was totally naive.

She just wanted me to have
the house, 'cos she loves me.

That was a mistake, but...

Papa, do something.

In you go, you Ukrainian whore.

Calm down.
It's not your fault.

Keep going! Move!

We're dying

Don't stand about!

Forwards! - Continue!

Attention, move on
in orderly rows!

Give your names at the tables,
and show your papers.

In orderly rows,
don't jostle. - Move, faster!

C'mon, Hurry up!

You'll be awarded ID numbers
and assigned to a train.

Out of here!
Sharing her neighbours' fate.

That's a...
It's a horrible mistake.

I'm not a Jew!

I'm not Jewish.

I just wanted to help.
I really thought they're partisans.

Please believe me.

- Go to your Jews or die here.

No, I'm not Jewish.
This has to be stopped!

No, I'm no Jew!

Line up in rows and approach
the tables when summoned.

One after the other!

Name? - Lerner, Alexander.

Deport him!

And you? - Sachin, Mundek.

Put the valuables on the table.

And the ring!

Earrings too! Do it!

Sorted. Next!

Get a move on! I said next!

Hurry up, faster!

Hold my hand tight. - Mama!

Take that!

Get lost!

Pig! Go to hell!

Jewish bitch!

Jewish gangsters!

Out, out! All Jews out!

I don't want to.

Faster, faster! Do it!

You'll all perish!

I'll beat you to a pulp, you Jews!

I'll beat you to a pulp!

I've loads to do...
Yes... No, but I've got to...

Running well. Good progress.

Soon be finished.
How's my little boy?

Has he put on weight?
He's got my eyes?

I'm so happy. I can't wait.

Forwards, drop your trousers!

Can't you go any faster?
- Right, drop those trousers!

Go on, over there!

On the double!
- Go on, get a move on!

Forwards, next!

Make it snappy! - Undress!

Undress, you Jewish whore!

I said, undress!

Get away, off with you!

Papa! - Get out of here!

Do it, out of here!

No! No!

No, not the children!

Out of here!

Boris you've got to help us.
- I can't help your family.

But maybe I can help you out.

How do you mean?
- I can only help you.

I can get you out of here.

You're not Jewish,
I can help. - And the children?

Save yourself, I beg you!

I implore you. Just go with him!

Mama! - Why are you waiting?

No, no!
- I beg you: leave finally!

Mama, you must go.
Go with Boris. Listen to Papa!

I don't want you
to be killed! - No!

It's the only way to have a
witness to what happened. Go!

They're coming because
of you. We must disappear!

Want to calm your conscience?

Go to hell, you pig!

Sascha, Sascha! - No, Mama!

Stop, my lady, that way! - Mama!

Natalya! - Mama!

Aye aye, General Field Marshall
von Reichenau. Over 18,000.

We'll be finished by sundown.
Then you'll get my report.

Yes. Heil Hitler!

Get down - Down with you!

They'll kill us! - I'm scared!

Mundek, help me to stand up!

I love you! - I love you too!

I love you all!

Do you think we got them all?

If not,
we'll put a bullet in their head.

Colonel Blobel!

What is it?
- Was that all Jews for today?

You have a problem with that?

Aren't 33,771
dead Jews enough for you?

Subtitles: Patrick Breen