'Babicky dobíjejte presne!' (1984) - full transcript

A family purchases a home robot designed to look like a grandmum. Their neighbours immediately buy a more expensivve model as the two families always try to up the other one. Both grandmums...

"Charge Your Grandmas Properly!"


The Svajners.

Mr. and Mrs. Svajner...

Are you ready?

Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.


You as well!

That's enough.
I want those animals outside...

Come back and help me with dinner.

I can't work around here.
What's going on?


If you helped me we could've been
eating a long time ago.

I have to learn the Night
Serenade by tomorrow.

...and I have to finish
my thesis on genetics.

But we agreed.
I can't damage my fingers...

I run around and you take
care of the housework.

Why did you buy those rabbits then?
Like there aren't enough animals here.

Those rabbits are my only joy.

Well, almost.

Have you fed them?
-I was about to.

Really? So late in the evening?
-I didn't have time earlier...

They came to repair the TV this morning,
then I had to deal with the insurance...

...took my shoes to get repaired,
did the shopping, got back at five...

...and now I have to practice
and make a racket all night.


Give it to me, that's mine.

Alice, come and help with the plates.

How was school?

Go on, show off...

Alice got a C for maths and a note that
she's continually disturbing the class...

...and Bertik's teacher found a
cigarette in his pocket, didn't he?

That's great.

You won't damage your fingers if you
devote some of your time to the kids.


Okay, I'll devote some
time to you, Bertik.

Listen, we need to have a serious...

Daddy, that wasn't meant for you.
-I'll show you, a drawing pin...

What's going on?
-It was a mistake.

He put a pin on the chair.
This is how he jokes around...

He wants to smoke cigarettes
at school, doesn't he?

-Thank you, Grandma.



Sit, Leo.

Let me pass you your cigars.


Mum, I've had enough of
this fried cauliflower.

Me too.

We often have enough of you two.

Do you know what the
Palkas had for dinner today?

Something like, 'kung pao'.

Kung pao.

We heard them talking
about it in the garden.

They can afford it...

...because they have a Grandma.

Grandma, sure...
The Palkas have a Grandma.

Snobs and slackers, suits them.

Alright, you'll help me with the dishes,
then we'll go through their timetable.

Tomorrow, you'll take the car for a
service, hoover and do the shopping.

Cleaning? I'll damage my fingers
and get kicked out of the orchestra..

Good evening.

He's laughing and she's crying.

It suits them...

He wants to be the greatest violinist,
and she's playing the scientist...

Who can work with all that noise?

I don't remember us being that bad.

And that's saying something.
-Leo, you know what...

We should invite them over so
they can see for themselves.

Come on, Amos.
It's 19:45...

Time for your evening run.


Hi, Mum
How are you?

Hi, Zdenek, if you're calling to ask
for help again, it's out of the question.

I've got a five-day tour group of
Parisians for the tourist bureau...

If I'm not mistaken they'll
want to see every single ruin...

I still haven't finished
translating that crime novel...

...and they want me to
work on a fairy tale.

Otherwise, I'm fine.

To answer your question.

I just thought you could stop by...

Only for a little while.

And tidy up a little?

You could come and make us, I mean
for the kids... those coconut balls.

And while I'm doing that also mop the
floors and hoover, isn't that right?

Zdenek, you wanted to live alone and
today I take it as my victory in life...

I have my own life at last.

However, if you want to come to
the cottage someday, I'll be glad.


Go on kids, in a circle.
Our family wants to have fun.

In the circle.

Go on, eat.


Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

I'm ready.

Hands on your chest.


On the double.

One, two, three.

Come on.
-We're coming.

Come on.
-Half hour breakfast...

Your bags, quick.

That's not mine.
It's this one.

Your umbrella.
-Yes, thanks.


Stop waving and open the gate.

Am I imagining this?
This mess is unbelievable.

These people are animals.
It's just not possible.

This is ridiculous, why do we
have to put up with this?

Hello, Zdenek.

I brought you some coconut balls.

I spent all night making them.

Let me collect my cardigan,
I need it at the cottage.

Why don't you get one of
those Grandmas, Zdenek?

I'm not getting one just because
everyone else has got one...

I just don't agree with it.

It was just an idea...

...but don't complain to
me that you live like this.

I'm not complaining.

Mr. Louda, if you see 'Vivo' written there,
what does it mean?

It means lively... (Live)

...and if we have to play lively, (Live)
what must we do?

Learn it.

Is this a problem for you?

No... Well, yes.
I do have some problems...

...especially at home
-At home?

Do you know what I have at home?
What we all have at home?

We're not interested.

What interests us is the fact that
we'll be performing on TV next week...

Live transmission.

Lively, please. (Live)

You too, Mr Louda.

Let's go.

Good evening.

I see you're very good at that.

Are you Mr. Louda?

Zdenek Louda?
-Yes, from next door.

A neighbour.

What do they call you?

Nice name.

Goodbye Carmen.

Put it on the market.
Do you know how much it costs?

It's an awful lot of money.

I wouldn't want one.
-I would probably be scared of it.

It can do so many things.

"Grandmas for sale"

If you don't mind, we write down the
names and addresses of our candidates.


Please, don't be shy,
while you are waiting...

Relax and help yourselves.

We emphasise the word 'relax',
so you can get used to it...

...because you'll be able to
enjoy relaxing with our grandmas.

Operating our first model,
the 220-S, is really quite easy...

Turn the charger on at night if you
want her ready for the day ahead.

She'll adjust her electrical regime
accordingly during the day.

As to family atmosphere...

...our Grandma maintains the
most tranquil family atmosphere.

Of course in accordance with how
she's been programmed.

Input your children's school
syllabus into her memory...

...and she'll take
care of their results.

She can also take care of their
physical condition and fitness...

Thank you for your attention.

The 250-LS is more appropriate
for larger families...

She's very sociable...

...and she can even help you stop
drinking or smoking if you program her.

We made sure she's equipped universally,
musically and with great agility.

And one more thing;
she only needs 2% of her energy...

...to serve as a watchdog at night.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Our newest and most advanced
model is the 350 GLS...

This one is only for the
most pretentious ones.

Her interaction in interpersonal
family relationships...

Such as love in a family,
is of the highest standard...

She has a built-in family
climate detector.

Also, in this model, we use music
to enhance family comfort...

She has two different positions...

She turns on either in
position 'PP'...

...which is in a position of relaxation.

Green light.

This creates a more relaxed atmosphere

On the other hand in the PKS position...

Which is in an argumentative position.

Grandma's singing reduces the pressure.

Aside from all the functions we've
shown you in our other models...

The 350 can do craft work,
electrical work, even car repairs.

It's almost like a grandpa.
-Our friends overseas got one...

It's completely normal there.

Look at the breasts on the 350.
It's a shame they don't make nieces.

No, it's not a coincidence...

Grandmas were voted the most suitable
choice for families with children...

Therefore, the most significant.

When designing this last model we looked
at your requests and questionnaire results...

She has to inspire feelings of comfort,
evoke memories of nature...

The countryside, childhood books.

All our Grandmas will maintain a
permanent relationship with your family.

The strength of their emotions can
be programmed according to scale.

This is a questionnaire...

Write CV's of all the family members,
enclose photographs...

...and voices recorded on a tape

State what characteristics you'd like
to suppress or expand upon...

Additional required tasks.
-Alright, thanks.

Thank you.

I'm not surprised you don't have any
time if you're running after Grandmas.

At least look at it.

Zdenek, Bertik, Alice.

Dinner is ready.

But we've already eaten.
-How come?

-We couldn't finish it.


I wouldn't eat anything cooked
by that Grandma.

I feel like some soup.

Daddy, you're playing
so nicely in there.

Turn it off.

Bon appetit.


Did you look at it?

Do you realise how expensive it is?

The cheapest Grandma costs more
than the most luxurious car.

I know, but...

Zdenek, try to see it differently.

This way we'll just tire ourselves out.

We're becoming neurotics.

We never finish anything.

Nothing gets done properly.

Our kids are paying for it.
Poor things.

We can have a disco.

This is fun.
It's like being at the Svajners.

Robots can be round, square or domed.
I accept that....

But this one pretends to be human.


You can program her to suit our family.

Is it possible to program
something like that?

Do you really believe it?
It's not right.

Do you know how much work that was?
-Take it off immediately and get out.


You see?
-You see?

Poor things?

Pass me the drink.

1, 2, 3.

I'll finish the dishes for you.

A few plates won't hurt me.

It's my mother.
She probably made more coconut balls.

I'm coming Mum.
My hands are wet.

Good evening.
-Good evening.

Good evening.
-Are we disturbing?


Come in.

We were just saying how long it's
been since we had a nice chat.

You know we have more
time now we have Grandma.

Come upstairs, please.

Well, our Grandma...

You know how it is.
-That's enough, Leo.

And the dogs, Sultan and Til ...
-Please, Leo.

Zdenek, we've got visitors.

Excuse me, let me just
move this out of the way...

We still have some of my grandma's things,
we didn't have time to move them.

-We thought you could also come...

...to ours, just like that,
to relax with a drink or something.

Damned cat.

Good afternoon.

I see you're busy.
-No, it's just that we sit at work...

...and this is a great
way to stay in shape.

You should get a Grandma.
-You can't escape progress.

It's true.
-You can buy the basic model.

The cheaper model.

Definitely not.

We won't buy a primitive model like yours.

We'll get the most advanced model.

Have you heard of the 350-GLS?

In that case, come and see us soon...

We'll show you.

We have to change the way we live.
We have to start from scratch...

Let's continue.

Maintaining cleanliness
throughout the house.

Like it?

Next up are meals...

Never fried cauliflower...
-No, definitely not.

...and mashed potatoes.
-No, absolutely not.

Foreign cuisine.
How many times a week?

Seven times.
-Seven times, I'm writing seven times.

Let her have some fun.
-Let her have some fun.

Next is children's education,
(Czech Philosopher and Teacher)

(Russian Writer and Educator)

We must include the school syllabus.

Overall character of their imagination...

Open-minded, playfull,

I'll show him, putting pins on
the chairs or smoking cigarettes.

We'll tick discipline.

Characteristics we wish to expand...

...or suppress.

We'll do the general things together...

...and I'll finish the details myself, okay?

I'm listening to you, Zdenek.
It's smashing.

Next, overall character, behaviour and
functions of all family members.

You know, Jarmilka,
I haven't said this to anyone but...

...I really think I have talent.

I just need someone
to push me, you know?

I would work harder, compose, conduct...

...travel the world with you by my side.

I'm going to tick the highest level
of strictness and self-discipline for me...

...and lots of rest for you.

...and painting.


You know how I liked to paint.
-They were lovely pictures.


We'll go upwards as a family...

Soaring upwards.

Relationship to the surroundings.
Our likes and dislikes...


Pesky scoundrels.

Don't think we're going
to put up with this.

I managed to buy
some fine beef today.

I'll cook it for you Oriental style.

It's going to be a fine day.

Oriental style?

I'll show you Oriental style.

We like...
We don't like...

We don't like...
We're going to get a 350 GLS.

Mr. and Mrs. Louda?

Are you ready?


Your delivery note,
according to your order, please.

Your guarantee.
-The guarantee lasts a year, right?

Yes, and don't forget changes can only
be made after the guarantee runs out.

-Three free service check-ups...

Instructions, diagrams, description,
maintenance, spare clothing.

-The charger and...

...charge her properly, please.

How do we change her clothes?
-This model does it by herself...

She'll change three times a week
and also does her own laundry.

350s are very clean.

She's heavy and cold.
-Like ice.

When you turn her on, she'll
be the same temperature as you.

She turns on here, isn't it?

Here, this is an electrical switch.

Can we turn her on?

We left her a pile of washing
up in the kitchen.

You know how it is.
-Of course, however...

...it is advised to resuscitate her,
or wake her up...

...in a close family circle.

It's an excellent invention.


During the guarantee period,
it is important not to open her,...

...don't go or look in her pockets...
-Did you hear that, Bertik?

-Everything is sealed.

Thank you.

Now, can I please...
-Hold this.

Okay, children.
-...a signature here for receipt.

Here you are.
Thank you and I wish you lots of luck.

-Children, say goodbye.



...but flexible.

Absolutely silent.

Carmen's hands are so squeaky.
-Of course, that one was much cheaper.

Children, put it down somewhere.
Come on.

Here perhaps.

Come here.

She'll be ready in a moment.

As soon as the circuits warm up.

Does she know where everything is?

And the washing up liquid?
-Sure, everything.

Here I am.
My name's Rose...

...and I am your Grandma.

I know you all.
You're Zdenek...

...such a talent.
You just need to be pushed.

You too, Jarmilka, you can have a
rest from all the washing up...

And you can spend more time painting.
-Thank you.

Bertik, what is it with those pins?

And the cigarettes?

Alice, how can such a bright little
girl get a 'C' in maths?

I love my job.
I love all of you.

We welcome you here, Grandma.

This is your room.
It was our Grandma's room.

Would you like to have a look around?
See where everything is?

It's 14 hours and 31 minutes...

It time to wash the dishes...

...so I have to go up and do it.

I have to go up and do it.

Rose is a silly name, isn't it?

I would rather have Andulka or Mary.

It's written in the guarantee,
we can't change it.

I love my job.
I love you all.

You should all do some work.

I'd like a coffee.
-Wait until she's done the dishes.

Lie down.

Look here, Rose weighs 180 kg...

...and she can carry 68 kg in one hand.

I wouldn't want to get smacked by her.
-Me neither.

Children, children...

Have you done your
homework for tomorrow?

Zdenek, your violin's waiting.

Jarmilka, I hope you're not
heading to the kitchen...

Take your brush and
colours, and start painting.

You know how much you like it.
-But I'm dying for a coffee, Grandma.

Why didn't you say so?
That's what I'm here for.

I just wanted to ask you what
you want for dinner...

Shish kebab or Musaka?

I'd like the Shish kebab.

Shish kebab.

Grandma, we'll have Shish kebabs.

Very well.

They always seemed so humble,
but look at them now...

They've got one as well.

350 GLS.
The latest model.

That's why they kicked
us out of their flat.

They're scoundrels, anyway.
Like you didn't already know.

Of course, Grandma.

That's how it should be.

Amos, it's 16:45...

Time for your afternoon jog.

It is beautiful, Jarmilka.

That house is like a real one,
like a real one.

It's just my childhood memory.

We used to go to the countryside
on holiday to see Grandma.

I'm sorry Rose.
To see my family and...

...all those houses smelled of apples.

They had lovely dogs there and we used to...

Don't mind me, just keep practicing.
You've got talent.

You can compose now.
It requires discipline.

Here you are, Ceasar.

You're wasting time with
those animals.

Study natural history instead.
Something nice about animals.

Mum, when she strokes me
it scratches and hurts.

That's because she has a heavy hand.

Dinner one.
-Thank you.

So how do you like the shish kebab?


It's wonderful.

But it might be a little too
hot for the children.

No, on the contrary,
it's very healthy...

It kills bacteria and purifies the blood.

Some beer would be perfect.
-Yeah, beer.

No way.
Beer's for tomorrow and Sunday.

There's no one there.

Stay here and finish your
dinner while it's still warm.

I'll deal with it.

Who was it?

Someone put this in the door bell.

You've got 'nice' neighbours
but we won't have any of it.

I love you.

"Young love,
it is a paradise..."

What's going on?


What time does she go to bed?
What does it say?

She'll go to bed at eleven,
then we need to charge her.

Time to hit the hay.

Good night.
-Good night Grandma.

It's eleven.
She needs a charge.

The charger.
-Me, I want to try it...

...in case you're not at home.

Here we go.

Wait, like this...
-I wanted to do it.

Charge her properly.

She's asleep.

She uses a lot of juice.
-Well, she works hard.

But she's pretty.
Our Rose.

Have fun.

In a circle children,
in a circle.

Zdenek, wake up.

Do you know what talent you've got?

But Grandma, it's only half past four.
Don't be silly.

Talent can't wait.

Maybe you and Jarmilka can
travel the world.

Where do I have to go?
-Nowhere, Jarmilka, you can sleep longer.

You don't have talent but Zdenek must.

Talent requires the highest level
of strictness and self-discipline.

What is it?
-Zdenek, where are you going?

Maybe somewhere with Grandma?

Right, we're off.

It's time to wake up and get
some fresh air, children.

We must be healthy and
well disciplined.

We'll do some warm-up exercises,
won't that be nice?

One, two.
No slacking, Zdenek.

One, two.
Like monkeys.

Is that what monkeys look like?
Change position.

Who's going to be the first one
to run to that garage over there...

...and back again?
Ready, steady, go.

I'm going to be first!

I was first.
-I was second.

No, I was first.
-I was third.

Stop it.
-Have you gone mad?

If you're hardened to the cold
you'll never catch a cold!

That was a lovely shower.
-In a healthy body...

...there's a healthy soul.

Now, let's dry and scrub.

It's a brand new day.
We'll grow up as a family...

Soaring upwards.

-That's mine.

Where are my trainers?
-Otherwise we'll be late again.


Thank you.

Come on, children.

Go on.

Open for me.

On the double.
One, two, three, four...

Not so fast, Grandma.

Is this how you practice?
I only popped out for a second and...

You're like a little boy, Zdenek.

I'm sorry, Grandma
but I'm terribly tired.

I've been practicing since
half past four...

Let me help you.
-I can manage.

You go and practice and
I'll feed them for you.

You want to be a composer or not?
-Of course, Grandma.

If you're really tired take your top off and...

...do 15 minutes exercise in the garden.
You'll oxidize your blood...

In a healthy body,
there's a healthy soul.

But I feel better now.

The Renaissance restored
hope in people...

With its ability to transform
nature and society...

...and it meant a reawakening.

You really surprised me, Loudova...

I didn't think you'd be interested
in our plane modelling course.

Do you realise you're
cheating your talent?

This is strictness and self-discipline
-No, no, sure, I was about to start...

You can't cheat again.

I'll tidy it, Grandma.

Onwards and upwards.

Soaring upwards.

Dinner's on the table.

Watch carefully.

I'm curious how you'll like musaka.

It's really hot.
I think I made it well.

Well, how is it?
Perhaps it needs more pepper.

Check this out.

The pin again?

The 350 is made of very strong
resistant material..

Didn't you read the catalogue?

Mum, I don't like it.
It's too hot.

Give it to me.

It's delicious, Grandma.
Could you bring us something to drink.

Come here quickly.
We'll snip their cable.

Sure, Grandma.
-They won't have any juice...

...and they'll be bumping into
each other in the darkness.

It was delicious, Grandma.
The children loved it.

I really enjoyed it.

You know what?
I'm not sure if we should charge her.

And I can tell you I have enough
of those shish kebabs and musakas.

I'm going to feed the rabbits.
What do you say?

Where are they?
Could the children have done it?

Certainly not.
When I was cleaning up...

...the rabbits were still here and
the children are asleep.

It's obvious, someone's thrown
them over the fence.

No exercise today?
-No, not today...

And I also forgive you for eating
bread during the night.

A doctor's coming today.
-What doctor?

...and he'll check me.
-For Grandmas.

First obligatory service check-up.

Here we go.

You are Rose...

Date of birth?
-0 27 34.

Series 32 05 41 GH
350 GLS.

-Permanent, Louda family.

Functional duties?
I work for the Louda family,...

My duty is to serve the best
family in the world.

Stand up, please.

E 32.
Hands down.

J 19.
Hand down, sit down.

Now we'll check your mental state.

Number one; you can see various
stains in this picture...

What does it remind you of?
Answer immediately.

Terrible mess.

A shambles!

I must tidy it.
-Second one.

Here you can see a man who broke
your favourite vase...

What will you say to him?

If he is an enemy,
I punish, I don't like.

But what if he didn't mean to do it.
What if he is sorry?

What if he wants to buy you a new one?
-Doesn't matter, he broke it.

Punish. Destroy.
Don't like.

And what if your friend broke the vase?

Someone from your family?
-Don't punish.

Tidy it.
I love.

Number three.

What does this picture remind you of?

This... I don't understand it.
-That's fine.

That was a joke.

Your sense of humour hasn't
changed, that's excellent!

There's nothing wrong with her.

What is your opinion on events
going in the world today?

I have my family.

And your relationship with immortal
merits of world culture? (?)

I have my family.

Your favourite hero?

You are so clever.
You remind me of my dad.

He also wore the same coat as yours
when he made me...

That's enough.
What about your surroundings?

Do they charge you regularly?
-Supply of energy is fluent.

We like each other.
Give them ten points.

But those scoundrels from next door...
-Enough, enough.

We're done\finished.

You see Mr. Louda,
it's possible if you want it.

We hope your home
problems are finished too.

I'd like to try, if you let me, to
play this part a little faster...

...'presto' instead of 'allegro'.
-Maybe it will give it a virtuoso zest.

Get ready, please.
We'll go 'presto', yes?

Good day.

At last they came.
I ordered them a week ago.

I won't leave it like this...
-I'll take care of it.

Good day.

Don't you think you're
overstretching the mark?

Wasn't the other window enough?
I'm glad you've mentioned the window...

Do you know anything about this?

Who broke the window?
Bertik, Alice, answer me.

Not me.
-Who did it then? I want the truth.

It wasn't me, Mum.
-Was it me then?

or Mum?

I didn't do it.

They need to trust us,
young people, and not just beat us.

Wash, scrape and sleep.

It's strange that the Palka's
window is broken too.

You ticked the box not only 'We don't like'
but also 'We hate', didn't you?

I just wanted to return their spite.

We can't just let it be.

Surely, they must have
ticked the box too.

She's coming back.

Keep moving.


That way please.

Say your goodbyes nicely.

Kiss the hand.

See you next Thursday.
We're looking forward to it.


Our motto is: "If we enjoy ourselves today,
no one will take it from us."

Did you take those things?

Look, Dad.
The tires are flat.


Both of them?

All four.
-All four.

I did say to keep the car in the garage.

I'll repair it.
Jarmilka, go and paint.

Zdenek, you go practice.

I love you all.


But we we're not going
to put up with it.

Here you are.
-Thank you.


It means sausage in French.

Boy, you were right when you were
scared of that programmed emotion.

Rosa recognizes only the
most primitive things.

I like.
I don't like.

Mentally, she's like a baby.

But imagine that everyone
has one of these babies today.

I have a strange feeling.

There you go, Mum.

You'll drive him crazy.

So how is your new Grandma?
I haven't asked yet.

She functions perfectly.
-Yeah, she loves us.


I'm so sleepy.

We're coming, Grandma.
-Me too.

Good evening.
-Good evening.

What's up with him?

Something's happened.

Quick, children.
In the shower.

First hot, then cold...

There's nothing in the kitchen.

How is it down there?

It seems fine down here too.
Check the bedroom.

Nothing's here.

Why is that dog going crazy?
It's not normal.

I'll lock him up later so he's quiet.

Keep scubbing!

What is it?

Here we go again.
We won't stand for this.

Punish, destroy.
I don't like...

Of course we won't stand for it.
I'll show them.

I will, but we need to stay calm,
you know.

We must prepare first.
Go in and take care of the kids.

First, we need to watch her so she
doesn't go near the Palkas again...

Because after it will be
Carmen's turn.

Now that she killed the cat,
it's our turn.

The children.
-Don't worry, the dog's still here.

But it gets worse every time.

Now we know it, we can avoid it.

Would you like Rici or
Mlskuch for dinner?

Listen to this part.

Rici or Mlskuch?

Rici or Mlskuch?

You know what?

I'll prepare something today.
Yes, Grandma?

I won't let you in the kitchen.
I love my work...

I love you all.

But I want to.

Get your mitt off it.

Would you like...
-Stop, Jarmila.

Rici or Mlskuch?

I have a plan.

We need to give Rose
enough work until eleven...

So she won't have time to
go to the Palka's.

If she's busy she...

Her priority's tidiness
before anything else.

At least for now.

Well, Grandma,
are you finished?

I'm just going for a little walk.

That's fine.

Never mind, Zdenek.
-I'm sorry Grandma...

I was so lost in the music that...

I'm sorry.

I'll tidy it up.


It's Loudova.

Please, could you come
here straight away.

350 GLS, Rose.

Yes, still in guarantee.

Thank you.

It's snowing.

You rascals.

Look, Mum.

She didn't even make it downstairs.

If we don't charge her
she'll stop working.

What's wrong with that dog?

I can't stand it.

We should have a quiet
word with the Palkas.

You always wanted a Grandma.

Yes, I wanted one, but you put
that stupid program in her.

Bring the dog in.
I can't bear it.

You should be glad he's
guarding us.

See, they're here.

Good evening.
-Good evening, we're here.

Rose Loudova, 350 GLS.
-Good evening.

I'm glad you're here.
-We didn't charge her.

Never mind.
In about 60 minutes...

...the secondary circuit will kick in
using energy from the secondary source.

-She'll be fine for the next 24 hours.

But this is a misunderstanding.

We'd like you to take her immediately.

She's programmed..., I mean she
doesn't like our neighbours and...

...and their Grandma
-...strangled our cat.

But you chose the programme?

It's obvious, neighbourly
relationship between Grandmas.

You give them first impulse and
their circuits expand them further...

...of course only in the category
'I like' or 'I don't like'.

I know, that's just it...

If it carries on like this...

We've got children.

Please, take her away immediately.

Right now.
-That won't be so easy, Mrs.

That's a breach in the contract
from your side.

You need to state a reason and then
hand it in to our legal department.

You will also pay high penalty...

...because our company complied
with all the clauses of the contract.

We don't mind, not at all.
Please, just take her away right now.

But we can't do it right now.
We don't have the transport order.

We're on a night shift.
There are only two of us.

And also this can only be done in
the presence of the chief technician.


Could you do it for us.

In that case you have
to sign this application.


We'll hand it in and if they approve it,
we'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Goodbye then.

Good night.

You see.
It's done.

Mum, come to us for a while.

We can't fall asleep.
-We're scared.

My little girl.
What are you scared of?

a big boy like you mustn't be scared.

Zdenek, what happened to the dog?
Why is he suddenly so quiet.

We've got to do something.
-Can you imagine what could happen?

Sure I can.
-She'll be downstairs soon.

She'll be downstairs soon.

You think she could...?

All that weight.
Surely, she can't have perfect balance.

I can put a spring here
but we must be really quick.

She's still in guarantee.
If we want we can get a new one.

Come here.

You're not asleep.
That's good.

Come downstairs,
I'll show you something.

Someone put tripwire
on our stairs...

We could have died.

So I'm doing this as a
counter measure.

We can't go on like this,
it's getting worse and worse.

We could all be destroyed this way.

Someone has to take the first step.

We must settle it with them.

We live next to each other now.
-You don't like them...

...I don't like them.

Come in,
but be quiet.

Good day.
-Good day.

We've realised you didn't
break our garage door.

Exactly, we need to do
something with those witches.

But what?
Did she see you?


First of all we need to stop them
from making these vindictive journeys.

In the meanwhile...
-What are you thinking about, Leo?

It's Carmen.

-But where?


Not there.

Yes, yes, thank you.

Why are you wearing your bath robes?

Are you getting up already?
-We were a bit cold last night.

It's probably getting colder.
-I keep telling you...

...not to sleep with the
window open.

You'll get rheumatism.

You'll get rheumatism on your heads.

Grandma, we'd like to have a little nap.
We slept badly.

I'll take Amos for his morning run.

Bye then.

Mr. Louda.

Excuse me, I...

She's quite beneficial for our boy,
His duties and strength.

But he's failing in four subjects.

Carmen only helps him to keep fit.


There's a fire in our garden.
Our gazebo.

Put it out, and you, quick home
before something worse happens.

It was Rose.

Fire, careful.

-Do something.

-Where's your grandma?

She sent me home.
She had something to do.

Was Carmen here?
Where is she?

She's uncertain.
She doesn't know it here.

Where are the children?


She's looking for the kids, it's obvious
-Don't call them.

You'll draw their attention.

If we want to help mum and dad get rid
of Rose we need to study Carmen first.

When we study more evolved animals we
examine the lower species first

Oh yes.
First a worm, then a human.

Carmen is a lower species.

And cheaper, her joints squeak.
-That's true.

Watch out, she's coming.

Are you Bertik and Alice Louda?

Good day.

I know you.

Do you know that?

Run Alice.
-What are you doing?


Run, careful.
-Help me, Bertik, please help.

Where could the children be?
-They were here a minute ago.


Help, Mum.


Don't worry, Alice.
Nothing will happen to you.


No, no.


Come, quick.

...love you.

I love you all.

Still hot.

We paid so much money for her.

Our computer informed us about
an exceptional double accident.

Come inside kids, quick.
We must get ready for tonight's guests.

The Hajeks, The Svobodas,
The Knopas are coming.

Unfortunately, there's no hope.

There's nothing we can do.

'I loved you all'

We served you faithfully.
Don't forget - Your Grandmas.

Mr. and Mrs. Louda...

Allow me to offer you our
sincerest condolences.

Your Grandma,
Rose Loudova...

Was still under guarantee.

Naturally, you have the right
to get a new one.


-As you wish.

I thought now you have some experience...
-I said we don't want one.

Please remember, they are only machines,
even if they are of a high standard.

But this highly advanced technology
must never turn against people.

Let me see.

They're just cables...

Please think about it.
You can still change your minds.

I believe together we'll
come to a sensible solution.

...and that depends solely on Us!

Subtitled by Jurgen
10th JULY 2010