Babette Goes to War (1959) - full transcript

Comedy about a naive French country girl in London who helps the war effort by parachuting into German-occupied France to help kidnap an important German general. She bungles through to a heroic finish of plot and counter-plot. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

The Calvados sauce, L?one!
Quick, the Germans are coming!

I need some directions...

4 Rue des Moulins?
- Here.

- Rue des Moulins, I don't know it.
- Very well.

- Hey!

It's the 2nd on the right.
- Thank you.

-Madame Fernande, please!

- In the salon.
- The world is upside down!

- You're ready, Mme Fernande?
- Yes, I've packed my case.

- What are you doing here?
- Mme Fernande?

- Yes.
- My name is Babette.

I've travelled from Conflans on the
recommendation of Sergeant Simon.

I don't have the time.
- Can I help you?

- Yes, little one! Come on, Gaby!
Close the shutters!

You came for what?
- To work.

- The country is ablaze.
Civilisation is threatened...

and Miss wants to frolic!
- Frolic?

They will not be short of breath
in Conflans!

The Germans are within 10 km!
- And the tide is at 5h 20.

The captain will make a fuss!
- This appeal for calm,

applies to everyone!

What are you doing here? Go home.
- But where?

You're alone? You have no-one?
- No-one.

- Get on, we'll take you!

No, not the bike!
- Thank you, you are kind.

I will not leave a Frenchwoman in
the hands of our conquerors!

They think anything goes!

As the Father said, we shall not go to
heaven without doing a good turn.

Ladies, the tide is at 5h 22!

The "Intr?pide" is not amphibious,
so after 8 min,

I won't answer for anything!
- Quickly, he's getting edgy!

But no!

Well, a new charming person.

Captain Gustave Fr?mont,
merchant navy, retired.

30 years of shipwrecks,
but hale and hearty!

You are ravishing!
Welcome aboard.

- Okay like this? Hurry up!

Very fair.
- Load your suitcases, quickly!

- Ladies, be seated!

So, Mr. Marcel, ready?
- Ready, captain!

Set the machinery in motion.
Cast off!

Full speed ahead!

The motor stops.
- So, Mr. Marcel!

I don't know what it is.
- I should have brought my bike!

It restarts.
- Bravo! Marvellous child!

Hoist the flag and set sail!

Come on, M. Marcel, give her the gun!
We can do better than this!

With nerve, with audacity!
- It's not so prudent.

We may not control the roads but we
control the sea.

On the big blue sea...

we admire the stars...

We'll be in harbour for dinner.

I don't know anyone!
- In your trade,

you'll get to know people quickly.
- How did you come to the house?

I was already in one.
- If sir heard you,

he'd be happy!

Where were you placed, the first time?
- Welfare. At 14.

- Hey?
- Cool, the welfare!

- With a notary in N?mes.

Why are you laughing?

We are not talking about the same
sort of houses! He was kind?

Too much. The next day, I left and
took myself to Conflans...

the brasserie "Lion d'Or".
The boss had the mumps...

it was irritating! Only dominos..

and fishing interested him!
- Why did you leave?

It was them. They were afraid of
the Germans.

They could have taken you!
- No space....

it was the silverware or me. You
see... it was inscribed with their name!

Listen, Babette, you are a beautiful
girl, you have a good heart...

that's not enough. A warning!
-About what?

- The motor broke.

- So, Mr. Marcel!

Wouldn't you know it !

The motor just farted.
- A simple problem, it'll fix itself.

Must be its age!
- The breakdown!

We'll sink!
- Teach me to swim!

- Silence! Everyone sit down.

The situation is under control.

Hoist the distress signal.

Currently, it is a conflict between
machinery and the human spirit.

In the Name of His Majesty,

make your ship available to your

I will make nothing! We were broken
down, we have been towed.

It was very kind of His Majesty's fleet...

but once repaired, I am returning
to France !


you are requisitioned.


To join the fleet preparing to rescue..

the army from Dunkirk.

We will repair your engine.

Ladies, follow me.

Sir, I have to get back to Conflans!

Disembark, please!

No women on a naval vessel.

A naval vessel?
- Disembark.

Forgive me! Don't hold it against me.

You're going ashore?
- The law.

- This is a pleasure boat.

And now it's a naval vessel.
- The war, it's one madness after another!

Goodbye, little one!

- Goodbye, girls!

Okay, you!

Hurry up a little!

Stop! Stop!


-Come on !

What was that?

The invasion!
- I'm scared.

Hitler follows us everywhere!
- Calm down! I'll go see.

You're crazy!
- It's a sight to see!

Look inside!
- He's gone!



Don't be afraid!

You're French?

You too?

From Conflans! Let me embrace you!
- And how!

And me!

Hands up!

Oh, listen to him!
Don't shoot, they're French!

- For sure!

Your plane isn't very French!

We stole it.
- Gosh!

We were prisoners at an aerodrome.
But the soup is better here!

But what are you going to do here?

Rejoin de Gaulle.
- Who?

He is giving tickets for a return
to France.

That's who I'm looking for!
- You too?

Go in front.

If the military attack,
defend yourself!

I'll distract them. Go!

My stocking is out!
- Please!

We are in the way!
Twelve... Thirteen.

Who are you looking for in there?
- Oh!

How are you?
- Hello!

I'm going to see the general.

That's an idea!
- And you?

I'm doing the rounds.
- And the lieutenant?

He's resting. He's up there.
- Good luck.

You too.

What are you trying to do to me?
- I would like to keep you here.

At information?!

I came here to fight,
not to become an eavesdropper!

Against who? We haven't any
weapons, nor equipment.

Unless you are going to fight with
your bare hands...

the general needs information on
what's happening in France.

I know nothing.
- Perfect, me neither.

I was in the Fine Arts.
- Mata Hari was a dancer...

The Arts can lead us anywhere!

Who? The lieutenant.

Hello? Yes, I can hear you.

Who are you?
- Guess!

It's me!
- Anonymous, mysterious et discrete...

undoubtedly, one of your agents.
- Hello!

Who are you?

Babette, of course...

you've changed your voice,
you sound like an old codger!

Ha ha ha! I am downstairs,
what should I do?

Whatever you like, I don't care!

Hello, but what did you say?

No... really! It's me, G?rard!

Our little French girl! Hello!
Come up quickly! We're waiting.

-Okay. You heard that, they're waiting!

Where is it?
- Up there.

You were also waiting for me?
- I'm going to see the general.

Tell him I'd like to return to
France with the others...

I'll go tell him!
- He is busy.

Until when?
- Our departure.

- It won't too long.

- Ah, good... you won't leave
without me, you promise?

I swear it. Lieutenant!

Thank you. Thank you, "Monsieur"!

To avoid misunderstandings, there is
no "Monsieur", nor Babette.

There is a general, officers...
I am Captain Darcy...

soldier, welcome.

Hello, captain!
- Hello!

Hello, Babette!
- Your cigarettes !

Thank you.
- Mine?

You could get extra?
- Out of the question.

My respects, lieutenant.
-My respects, servicewoman.

Tell me, Babette.


Those flowers that appear daily on
my desk, where are they from?

Flowers? Well...
- Look at me.

Would you defy someone in

I have the antennae.
- And?

Do not spend all your pay.
- Your antennae are malfunctioning...

I picked them.
- Where's that?

At the generals.
- And the cigarettes ?


Group chiefs!

- My captain.

- Ah, lieutenant!

Order a search.
Somebody stole my cartridges.

Your cartridges?

The cartridges of blue "Gauloises"
brought back from France!

You have the right to 2 cigarettes.
-I want mine!

What is this "mine"?
- We are living in a commune.

For domestic questions,
we depend on Babette.

You're kidding?
- Good...

I have a right to my ration!
- Ah...

Since it's that or nothing...

The black out, what are you doing?
- Excuse me, lieutenant!

I forgot to close the curtains.
I'm doing it, lieutenant !

Look, everything's in place.

That's going to be my fault.

Come in!

You didn't hear..

the alert?

It's extraordinary! I'm fully
prepared to go down to the cellar.

How far down are you going?
The South Pole?

You're not coming?
- Other things to do.

I'm not going to freeze on my own
down there!

What's occupying you?

Homes, families, the birth of
the Resistance.

At first, a little amateurism
and in the end, some hope.

Where is Conflans?


this little point.

Say, it's not much!

Without the war, I'd never have left.

I would never have met.

You want to go back?
- Where?

To Conflans!
- Hmm.

They will prevent them from getting
through? - I hope so.

You're not afraid?
-Of that, no!

You're a funny girl.

You've become indispensable here.

For sweeping and peeling potatos...

a little housekeeper.

It's more than that.
You are our smile.

Why are you..

so nice?

I was alone.

Not even a boy?

If I had let them...
- You liked someone?

Careful! Oh, you!

I am Colonel Fitzpatrick,
announce me to Captain Darcy.

At once.

It's come on there!
What do I do?

There, in the hole. You see?.


Yes. At once.

Hold the line.

Colonel Fitzpatrick
is downstairs, captain.

What do you want me to do?

-Oh, it's you Mimile? Sorry.

There, it's lighted up again!
- That goes here, in the hole.


Miss, I asked you for the
Admiralty, not the archbishop!

-Ah, captain! You're in luck...

there's a Fitzpatrick asking for
you downstairs.

Ask him up.

Very well...

Come up to the colonel.


You've crossed my number!
Are you deaf?

Don't panic.

A little plug... and voil?.


I have a late pass. We could have
supper at yours?


Don't be upset. For a first time,
it's not so bad.

Everything can be learned.

When you understand it is not
a game of chance...

Don't make fun of me!
- I'm not.

I'm here to give you a mission.
Up there, we have an important Englishman.

It's you who will serve the tea.

Calais. Reinforcement
of coastal batteries...

troop movements and at Dunkirk,
naval concentration.

The Nazis are going to invade
our old England.

We are not ready to receive them.

We all agree.
- Where and when will they try?

Opinions differ. We think the winter...

the Foreign Office prefer the spring.

Do you have a pin?
- What is your opinion?

I think that this project is so

that Hitler will give up on it.

He has no reason to do it.
- What solution do you propose?

The solution, it is forbidden to
the military...

If you'll excuse me, aren't you
the military?

Oh no! Only a little...

in civilian life, I am professor
of psychology at Oxford.

A pocket knife?

Exciting, no?

Psychology? No.

What things..

interest you?
- DIY...

mainly oil lamps, whistling teapots,

combination locks.

And then... explosives.
I love explosives!

Psychology sooner or later leads
to explosives.

Yes, yes !
But let's stick ..

to psychology.
- Yes.

You want a chisel?

The problem is, I always forget
the combination.

Thank you.

Here are gathered the only Germans
who know...

the invasion preparations.

One of them surely has the plan.

We have to find it.
Proceeding in order:

Hitler, nothing doing!

The idea is his. Author's vanity.
Goering, married to a singer.

He promised her..

she'll sing in Covent
Garden. Nothing will stop him.

Not money...

he has all he needs.
The decorations, he has the lot.

Here's the tea!
- Admiral Walder...

35 years on the waves,
liquified by the seas of China.

Brutalised by the sea air.

Him there, it's Von Arenberg.
Esteemed strategist.

Man of the world,
but an incorruptible officer.

Too aristocratic,
the party is wary. But...


How many sugars?
- One and in the tea,

if possible.




Here are Hilda and Von Arenberg
at the start of their love in Berlin.

Here they are two years later.
It was always the "grand amour".

Always for Hilda and for Von Arenberg.
Next, please.

3 years later.

Always Hilda.

Always the grand amour.
But it is not any more Von Arenberg.

He has never gotten over it.

The ressemblance
between Hilda and Ms. Babette..

cannot have escaped you.

Admit that it's amazing.
- Evidently.

It is, I must say!
- The silhouette, most of all.

Would you mind if
general Von Arenberg...

fell in love with you?
- No, he looks nice.

She is in agreement.
- You're not serious?

It's awful!
- You're being difficult.

That, he's not my type.

No importance. It is not you and
the general.

The mission I envisage for Ms. Babette,

withh your accompaniment,

is most delicate.

Excuse me, colonel.
- I would speak with you.


If it is a delicate mission,
Babette is not qualified.

She has a small head, a very small
head, like a little pea.

A little pea, her?

Before the war, she was a waitress
at a small provincial cafe.

These are details.
I need you and her.

Conferring any responsibility
on Babette, it would be...

Madness? Reasonable people
don't win wars!

No, not mad, unconscionable.
-Oh, bravo! Bravo!

Heaven sent her..

and I should not ensure my country
benefits from this miracle?

So, the salvation of England..

rests in those hands?
- Yes, you've said it.

God protects England.

Who will believe it?
-Hitler, naturally.

I appreciate your humour,
but the Free French..

are not numerous enough to test
your psychological theories.

War is not a joke.

Have you finished your whispering?

Your leaders think that
you should not accept this mission..

to France, with lieutenant G?rard.

But yes!
- But no!

Tell me why!

Have you ever seen,
on a beautiful summer night,

the butterflies flitting
around a gas flame?

- Heu... yes.

Ms Babette is the gas flame.
And Von Arenberg, the butterfly.

- Ah.
- It's easy for the gas flame..

to set the butterfly on fire.

Especially if he has a predilection
for a type of gas flame.

It's clear!

Not very...
- Not at all.

It's not complicated!

I meet the general,
I please him and hup!

And hup! The Germans give up
the invasion of England..

and all commit suicide!
- He has prepared the invasion plans..

with a staff.

We remove Arenberg so they think
he has deserted..

with the invasion plans.

The Germans will have to start over.
- They won't be able to do it overnight...

- A month gained...

that's all England needs.

A view of human nature based on
a hypothesis.

Don't worry, my colonel, we shall
bring him back to you.

It's easy to pick up a German
general in Paris...

I'll just be housekeeping
somewhere else..

Ha ha ha! Splendid!
You have a great team!

To create a war machine,
depends on the sculpture...

training starts tomorrow.
- Training? It's a detail.

And you tried to tell me she was

You said that, lieutenant?

No, no, no, no!


I won't "go"!
-Go on !


This initiative
is very charming, but...

it is a little redundant.

This is not what I'm asking.
- But to seduce a general...

Not Von Arenberg.

You know men... Ouh!
They are all the same!

Von Arenberg is not a man,
he's a music lover.

You need, as regards him,
conditioned reflexes.

If we speak of Bach...
he plays.

You have to speak of the canto,
evoke the fugues...

and the "Magnifica",
if you are at your best.

Good. Mozart...

Ah yes, Mozart.
- What about him?

Mozart is Olympian.
- Oh!!! He is divine!

That is indisputable.

It's Beethoven who is Olympian.

Debussy, he is a stream...

and Wagner, a torrent!
- Oh no!

I'll never get it!
There are too many.

No, don't cry.

Mozart could be, if needs be, an
Olympian. It's not so serious.

But, in literature,
don't stop at the vague.

When we talk of Shakespeare,
say "Hamlet".

I'm going to annoy him.
- He'll adore you.

Shakespeare, you reply?...

Don't mind me!

Thanks anyway!

When we speak of
Shakespeare, you reply?..

- Ohh...

Beautiful, the entente cordiale!
Loyal England!

We can rely on it!

On Sainte-H?l?ne!

And let's talk about Joan of Arc!

And Fashoda! Not bad either!
- Shush! I'm training!

They took Canada off us!

You'd like more embarrassments, you?
- You want help?

Yes, sir.
- Good, you have a laugh!

I've had enough! Enough! Enough!

Colonel, for the mission,
it's her or me!


Goodbye, old man.
- What?

- Leave, you are a free man.
We are fighting for that.

You want to know my reasons?
- I know them.

- Ah, you know?!

I'll give you a cigarette!

This attitude is correct?

This conduct is perfectly moral?

Hey? What just happened?

Ha ha ha!

You smoke too much.
It's bad for the nerves.

It's a small demonstration.

Take a cigarette Fitzpatrick
and you blow up along with the house!

Seriously, I have somewhere under
here, a note.

In it are the instructions
for the removal of Von Arenberg.

Where is it? Ah, here.

You leave tomorrow evening.
- Already?

The general is only in Paris
for two weeks.

15 days to find and remove him?

You are French.
You'll manage!

Here's your equipment...

clothes, money, cigarettes...

all authentically French.
- Babette knows?

No. Invite her for dinner this
evening. Tell her face to face.

Naturally, champagne, caviar...

women are sentimental.
- You're not dining with us?

No. I hate caviar.

You're ready?
- Yes.

It's good, us two. We can imagine
we're on honeymoon.

- Ahh !

Coastal battery.
We're nearly there.

You remember everything?
- Hmm.

If we are separated?...
- I call S?gur 75 20.

No name. And the code?
- It's there, with the address.

The address is for emergencies only.
It's my parents.

Oh, I'd like to meet them.
- Yes...

You sound like it bothers you...
- No!

It's not the moment.

Prepare to jump.

In front of them, how should I
call you?

The Germans won't care.
- Your parents!

It's time! Good luck!

See you soon!

- Go!

You go, you!
- Every 15 seconds is 1 km!

You'll never find each other!
Jump! Jump!

Old pig!

Mr. G?rard!
- Shush!

Have you seen a girl?
- No.

Pretty Miss! Oh l? l?!
Give me suitcase.

No, no.
- Give! You, fear not!

We civilised with Miss!

You, Paris ?
- Yes.

We also, to Paris!

The "folie berg?re"!

Fun, all that...


Leave cancelled... about turn!


Come, don't be afraid.
Us, civilised.

You're travelling by railway?
- Yes.

Get in, please.
We'll take you to the station.

- Nothing.

Nobody's seen anything.
- And if her parachute..

didn't open?
- We would have heard.

How will she get to Paris?
All alone, she won't get there.

That's a fact, and me...

I must be in Paris before 5h.
- Oh oh!

We don't circulate like that.

There may perhaps be a way!

That could be.

Why not!

The wagon with Antoine!
- There is a place.

Antoine? What Antoine?
- The Parisian.

A solution! Come see!

He could take me?
- Ah, the transport...

he is equipped for it.

There is a place for one,
and then for a second.

Your papers, please.

Who is that? Husband?

- No.

Brother, perhaps?
- Yes... yes, that's it.


He is married?
- No, unfortunately.


Very nice.

Take a seat, please.
Oh, please.

Heavy! Restocking?

- I don't want to know.

You're going to Paris?
- Yes.

Folies Berg?re?
- Bah! Smutty!

What's your brother's name?
- G?rard.

Ah... Nice little French name.
G?rard. Ha ha ha!

The reconciliation
of our two youths..

depends on accepting the mastery
of the F?hrer.

Our beloved F?hrer, Adolf Hitler.

Where could I meet your brother?
- What do you want with G?rard?

To become comrades with him.

I can be useful, very useful...

I am on the staff.


What do you do?
- I am in surveillance.

Then, you must be important.

Yes. The F?hrer shook my hand once.

I hang out with the big bosses.
I am their little Heinrich.

Really? That's something.

Too bad we must soon part.
- My car will be waiting at the station.

I could take you home.
- If only my parents were there!

G?rard, perhaps?
- No, defintely not.

He has his course.
- What time does he finish?

- You'll see, I'd love to.

Take my telephone.

I'll write it down.
H?tel Continental, ext 16.

Speak only to me.
Useless to call G?rard.

Tell me where I can see you.
- Of course.

Telephone, promise?
- I swear.


S?gur 75 20?
I want to speak to the dragonfly.

The what?

Could you spell that?

The dragonfly?

He is not there yet?

When he arrives,
you tell him..

that the leopard
walks by leaps and bounds.

Stop. Now, repeat it.

Listen, Miss!

I will not be an accomplice to
your pranks.

Annoying epoch...

people are going crazy!
- What?

Nothing, a bad joker!

My God! In what times are we living?

Times of war.
- Don't talk to me about war,

restrictions and the lack of tobacco.

When you add that our son
is involved...

in a rebel outfit,
it's the last straw!

The word rebel is not
a very happy one.

What would you call a general condemned
to death by his government?

G?rard is not going to treat
with the enemy!

I have nothing! There's nothing
left to make it right!


I've run out of
eucalyptus and camomile.

What happened to your beautiful
sunbonnet hat?

You burnt it!

You left only the ribbon.
- Heck!

Meet tomorrow, here.
You'll find the guys?

You can count on it.
- Goodbye!

My dearest! Come on, come on.

Mr le Duc!
It's Mr... G?rard.

- Papa!

My son.
- I am happy.

My child!

Do you have a cigarette?
- Sure. Where is mum?

Fainted, you caused her
such emotion.

- No!

- My little one!

It's a surprise!
Say, papa, has anyone called?


Yes, a leopard.
With the voice of a gazelle!


What are you saying? It's Babette.
- The little sister!

My parents are out. Let's see if
you are good as your word.

You are alone?
- Come. 60 bd Saint-Michel.

It's a caf?.
- I'll be there.


I thought we were having dinner

We abandon poor uncle Schultz.

Hmm? We maybe prefer the company...

Randy pig!

Go! Tonight, bed!
Tomorrow, Poland!

German police, nobody move!

Ms Babette?


Hello, sir.

Follow me, please.

Yes, sir...

The suitcase.


Where is the traitor?





Very good...




Exactly it.

You don't want to be shot?
- No!

All the same!




"..the undersigned..


"..having transported
in my suitcase..

"..certain objects..


"..under pain of death.




Not at all!
- I open it?

- So, date...

and sign.

If you are wise and obedient...

this paper will not leave this office.

If you are not wise...

the paper surfaces.

And you will be shot!


I can go?

Allow me?


Ha ha ha!

My gut tells me everything!

Come with me.

You, cute, kind!

You much interest
papa Schultz.

You are going to help me unmask
the enemies of our F?hrer.

There are some who don't like him?
- Nobody likes him.

Only the Gestapo.
All the rest are Marxists!

They betrayed me
by locking me up for 5 years..

in a nursing home.
The F?hrer got me out.

I will destroy them all!

The world is full of enemies
of the Reich. Camouflaged, clandestine...


Try to find out from a
Japanese if he's a Jew...

you'll see if it's easy! Ach!

They are everywhere!
- Ah, yes?

Your room. Sit down.
- Yes.

The Jews!

The most dangerous are the
staff. One, especially.


Him there.

He's a traitor.

But thanks to you,
Ms Babette, I've got him!

To you, he'll talk.
- Why?

Ha ha ha! An idea of mine.
Colossal finesse!

You have the fake brunette hair,
like Hilda.

You won't regret it.
- What do I have to do?

Papa Schultz will take care of
everything. Tactics, clothes, food...

Ha ha ha!
You, cute, nice!

I'll allow it. You can kiss the
portrait of our F?hrer.

I don't deserve it.

Oh oh oh! Too modest!



He is going to a concert at

A cunning one, the general!

You will have help, tomorrow...

The security of the Fuhrer is

1-A calling 2-B.

Nevertheless, that's where it's

The leopard is in the flytrap.
It is a little warm in the glue.

I am all naked!

Do you know how to ride?


Nobody taught me.

They did well.

Warn me when Von Arenberg approaches.

Ahhh! At last!

I'm not riding that!
It's too big!

No, he is very gentle!
- You've known him 5 minutes!

Very sympathetic!
I'll show you!



Send it to Poland!

You'd like Papa Schultz gets that
piece of paper out of his safe? You...

you also are forgetting your piece
of paper!

- Killer? Bof...

2 or 3 little things...

On the horse!
- Oh no!

You haven't got anything a little smaller?
- No, him, very sympathetic.

Go on! Hue!

It is for the F?hrer !

You are hurt?
- Yes...

I hope that it is nothing.


Sir, sir...

I can't walk. My leg is broken...

perhaps the two.
Are you suffering?

Oh l? l?, yes I suffer!
That crack! Didn't you hear it?

I can't walk. What am I going to
do here all alone?

Send for the car

I will accompany you...

if you will allow me?
- I didn't dare ask.

Where do you live?

42... heu... Rue de Varenne.



Here are the tools.

We have everything. Words and music.
We can start the dance...

it just lacks the dancer, Babette.
- I don't understand at all.

She should be showing signs of life.

What's happened to her?
- Don't turn our hotel room..

into an armed camp!
- Not now. Later.

You will oblige me, gentlemen,
by putting away your instruments.

No concert in the room today.

I respect your ideas,

but in exchange,
respect my peace and quiet.

You'd be cowardly ?

I'll let him speak for me.

If my son is in the Resistance,
me too!

Wait! There... of...

Who's arrived?




Allow me to introduce my big brother...

General Von Arenberg!
- General.

The family..

Von Arenberg...

G?rard, make the introductions!
- Of course.

My mother.
- Hello, little mother!

My father.
- Hello, daddy!

The Duke of Cr?cy-Loz?re.
- Yes, daddy is a duke.

Some old friends of the family.
Very old friends.

Oh, musicians?
- Yes... in our spare time...

My father is organising a concert
for the families of prisonners.

Sit down, general.
- Hope he doesn't ask us to play...

Thank you.
- Little mother, your knitting!

Your leg seems to have got better.

- You had an accident?

I found Ms, your sister, on a
bridlepath in the woods.

You were riding?
- Like every day!

I was riding 'Apple of Love',
when I was thrown in the air, my dear!

If he hadn't been there...
- I thank you.

You would like some port?
- Port! Oh!

She means imitation grenache.

Or imitation banyuls.
[N.B. A dessert wine]

I don't drink.
- Smoke?

Not any more.
- This war is inhuman!


Sir understands the misfortunes
of civilians.

Isn't it so, General ?
- It is not always..


with my uniform.

Hopefully, these things will all
come to an end.

That victory will be soon!
- Which?

- Your wife is right.

The matter is not so simple.
I wonder sometimes.

You are proud of me, eh?
- Yes, yes.

What are you waiting for?
- Look. The second car.

If he doesn't go down, they'll
come up.

The Germans must think they have
been betrayed.

His removal must look
like a desertion.

Your welcome is a most lovely
memory. I must take my leave.

Blimey, he's going.

You're leaving?
- To my great regret.


We will see you again?
- I'm leaving Paris tomorrow.

Don't do that!
- Alas...

The warrior's bed is made,
as Shakespeare said..

from rock and iron.
- "Hamlet", act I, scene 3.

You mean Othello.
- No, I said "Hamlet".

I bet you a dinner.

Well, it would be one bet I'd
be happy to lose.

But I fear... still, charmed.


Will I hear from you again?

I should hope so.

So, rendezvous at what time?

You think you won your bet?
She has a head like that!

He knows Shakespeare off by heart!
- So what?

It's lost.
- It's won!

If I win, he invites me,
otherwise, I invite him.

As we're kidnapping him,
either way, we win.

Not stupid!
- Thank you.

Clear the table.

Children, this is for tonight!

Gentlemen, as I sense we are going
divert into the clandestine,

I would prefer not to know.
Anyone have a cigarette?

We did, before coming here.
- Naturally!

Goodbye, papa! Pardon...
- Goodbye, my little girl.

She is formidable, your mother!
- Yes...

The plane will be waiting here.

The inn is there.
- You told her about me?

- Your mother.

This isn't the time!

We will be in position at 9h.
You bring him to us.

You don't want to stay together
107 years. - Oh, no! Ha ha ha!

- Nothing.

What nothing?

I alert London to send us the
plane at 10h.

Where is the radio post?
- At the Continental.

You live in the Continental?
How did you get in?

Through Papa Schultz,
the chef of the Gestapo.

You're kidding?
You're living with the Gestapo?

Yes, I am one!

We followed the general.

I'll have you shot!

42 Rue de Varenne.

What sort of people
live there? Jews?



Ms Cr?cy-Loz?re, please.

It's me, Babette.

I don't know if I should be
happy or sad,

but I was right. It was

He's speaking in code!

I lost. You will be my
guest, tonight.

Then I am very happy.

I have many things to tell you.

Things scarcely credible from
a German general.

I'll tell you tonight!

Where shall I pick you up?
- At the Continental.

See you soon.

- Yes.

I am so excited.

Bravo, Babette!

Colossal little fairy!


She will make him tell all!
All! All! Ha!

After... later...

she will talk to Keitel, Rommel...







You are a giant
little Mata Hari!

What did he say?
- Nothing, I'm having dinner with him.

Yes, he has promised to talk.

Babette, at last, I have
someone I can trust!

All the Gestapo is at your disposal.

Those who disobey will be
shot without pity!

Enough of that... look!

Nobody will get in your way.
- You are very occupied with Arenberg!

I mustn't be seen coming down.

- Because it'll be known I live here!

Ahhhhh!!! Colossal finesse!

I will go back.
Take your time.

Babette, little angel, between us,

My dear general! You look
very elegant in civilian clothes!

You look very handsome,
you look great!

You speak French now?
- Naturally.

A true child of Paris!
We know each other too little.

Let us become friends!
We have the same ideal, no ?

Not the same methods.
I don't listen at doors!

General, let me buy you a drink.

To our friendship!
From now on, we call each other "tu".

Very agreeable, as long as we don't
have to guard prisons together.

You refuse to raise a glass
to the health of the F?hrer?

Leopard here, the affair is

1-A here. Close the net on
the Hotel Continental.

Are you really anxious to
do me a favour?

It would make me happy.
- You can...

get rid of
those two imbeciles.

I find this
surveillance offensive.

The surveillance is not on you.

We are protecting you,
my dear general.

You are too kind.

Excuse me, there was no bicycle-taxi.
- I would have sent my chauffeur.

I would like very much to be introduced

F?hrer Schultz,
Ms Cr?cy-Loz?re.


I'll take my leave,
you have things to discuss.

Heil Hitler!

He is noisy. A friend of yours?
- Not exactly.

I'm looking forward to spending the
evening together. Where shall we dine?

Not here.

Too many Germans?
- Too many uniforms.

Thank you.
- Will you let me?

I'll organise everything.
I want this to be my evening.

- You'll come?

You are dismissed.

Ha ha ha! An underground
leader at the Hotel Continental!

Your equipment is faulty.

Ah, the traitor!



Search every inch!

He has left with the plans!

To sale to the

Alert the Fuhrer! He must
cancel the invasion!

- Yes.

English cigarettes?


The traitor!
This time, I have him!

He will be shot!

Babette... Babette!

He is going to kill her!

But I know where.
We will catch him.

We will make him confess!
To that! To that!...

and that! Ha ha ha!

Scultz is on the way,

by force, if necessary.

You understand the shock I had
when I saw you?

Excuse my attitude?
- Of course.

Its not fair. Is it my fault
if I ressemble Hilda?

Do I look like her so much?
- She was boring.

You are lively.

She pretended to be cultivated,
but she was vulgar.

You are distinguished.
- You would court me, general?

If you allow it.

What a good idea to come here.
- I hardly dared suggest it.

You'll think me sentimental.
I came here as a child.

Not here! My parents had a
property in the area.

We went to Mass in a
adorable little chapel.

For the first time I heard,
with tears in my eyes, Ave Verum.

You like Mozart?
- He is divine!

In all things,
you find the right word.

We are perfect!
- Franz!

It's hot, no?
Allow me?

What a marvellous night!
Come out with me!

You'd like to?
- It's chilly!

No! Come run with
me in the woods!

I love nature,
the wind, the seasons!

If my memory is right,
there is an echo here.

Curious, the echo distorts the voice.
- Yes...

Everything changes when
you're up close.

I am very moved, Babette.

You are a little afraid of me?
- It's flattering, no?

It's possible I'll never see
you again...

I leave tomorrow.
- Why?

The war... here we forget,
but elsewhere, it continues.

You don't like it, I think.
- I am German.

My country is at war.
- You will come back!

We are not in England.
- Ouh!

Maybe quicker than you think!

Come. I'm afraid that you are cold.

No, not right now!

He's kissing her!

Look at that!

He's kissing her!
- Needs must!

I'm going to punch his face!
- G?rard, don't act like a zouave!

Be serious!

Don't mind me!

- G?rard, you're crazy!

This isn't the time for jealousy!
- Don't move!


so, this is not the brother.

You are not the sister.

It was not a rendezvous,
it was an ambush.

Very nice.

I deplore police work,
but please follow me.

Come on, forward! Come on!

Come on! Hurry!

But the Gestapo are about
to arrive.

We are screwed.

If you don't want
to be shot, order them! Gestapo !

Towards the inn!

We were ordered never to
leave the general.

Et voil?, job done!

A great one-two!
- We've lost enough time!

Oh, there!


- Sabotage!

The general and Babette

Everyone in the other vehicle.

Ms Babette, you are going to pay

They are down there!

Take the wheel!

A car!
They're going to catch us!


Hands up everyone!

Come on! Move!

Don't shoot, I want them alive.

Come on, hurry up!


English Cigarette?

Dear little Babette..

who wanted to sadden
your old Papa Schultz!

We will pull out your

We will burn her tongue!

We will smash her teeth!

And afterwards, we shall find
other ways for our amusement!


You don't look too happy.
I understand it!

You should thank me.
- Thank...

Prisoner of war, it's not so bad!
- It wasn't the height..

of my ambition.
- You are going to be hidden away.

- Oh, hidden...

And to think I took you for the
Duchess of Cr?cy-Loz?re!

She might yet be.

Do not rejoice too quickly.
You haven't won the war yet.

I have!

Congratulations, captain!

Well, really!

It's a beautiful day.

A solemn day.

Your plan had seemed bizarre.
It worked amazingly.

Your subordinates were strange,
but they surpassed themselves.

Bravo, colonel.
- Bravo, captain.

The government of His Majesty and
that of the French Republic..

thank you for what you have done.

What writer spoke so justly of
the self-abnegation of the obscure...

of those without rank?
- Shakespeare in "Hamlet"?

Never was a decoration
more merited.

You aren't stealing this little
gift, either.

You are kind.

Very touching, young people.