Babangluksa (2011) - full transcript

One year after the death of his girlfriend, Carlos' current love Anna thinks that her ghost is haunting her. Anna is told by a medium that the spirit of the dead girl is haunting her for revenge. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Yes. Yes.

I'm on my way to update you.




that's Doctor Catacutan, right?

She's asking
so many updates again?

You're new here, that's why
she's giving you really a hard time.

You're right...

I don't know why
it's so difficult to update her.

I'll better go...

I still have to make rounds to Onco.

Where are the results?

Doctor I had x-ray results
and it seems that...they...I should...

I'm asking
about the laboratory results!

How is his hemoglobin...
I is the status of his PDD!

I'm sorry doctor.
I'll follow it up in the laboratory.

With that kind of attitude,
you will not last here!

You're a doctor...

you should be professional.

And besides...

if you can't follow
the hospital's policies...

you are free
to leave anytime.

You are not a big loss.

There are many pretty
and intelligent doctors here.

What a way to start the day.

Good that you all come.

We have not seen
for a long time.

You were not visiting me lately.

So, how are you?

We're okay aunt.

We apologize
for not visiting you lately.

We're just so busy.

Of course,
we will never forget this day...

especially it's Beatriz' birthday.

is just like a sister to us.

And you are like a mother
to us all.

Thank you Ana.

Thank you all.

You're like
my own children.

It's just sad that Beatriz
is not around.

please don't think that way...

You'll get even lonely.

Beatriz wouldn't like you to be sad.

C'mon, smile!

And how are you aunt?

I'm good.

With God's help, I get by.

Time went so past.

It's been a year already since...

never mind...
I'm emotional again.

I can't help it.
I'm missing her.

we knew that already...

don't worry, we are here.

that's enough before we all cry here.

We are here to enjoy.
Let's celebrate!



Cheers what?
It's juice.

That's okay.


Aunt, lighten up.


We will go now.

If you need anything,
don't hesitate to tell us.


Just call us.

Thank you.

Your rice cake
was really delicious!

Aunt, you're the best!

Okay, thanks.

My daughter was lucky
to have friends like you.

Wait, where are Ana
and Carlo?

Carlo accompanied Ana
to the CR.

We'll go ahead now aunt.

Bye and thank you.

Please visit.



Aunt, we're leaving.


Thank you.
Where's Ana?

Aunt thank you.

Thank you very much.

We better go.


Are you sure you'll be okay?

I think so...
anyway he'll take care of me.

Yes I'm sure.

Okay, go now.
It's getting dark already.

I'll wait in the car.

What's wrong Ana?

Nothing is here.


No one's here.

You're just tired.

I know you had a long day.

Get some rest.

Thank you.
Go now.

As you can see,
with our year end's profit...

we will be able
to increase our sales...

up to 20%
in the next six months.

Mr. Tolentino,
don't you think that we should double...

our target cost

I think we have to set
our standards from other companies.

Considering the 4%
mentioned by Ms. Reyes...

would definitely be beneficial
to the company's RTD.

I agree with that.

I'm sure our potential market
will take notice.

We do not need to give in
to the advertising firms.

This means,
it will give us more savings.

Exactly! Mr. Tolentino...

I think you make a revision
with your RTD.

I'll be expecting that tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen...
Iet's have our lunch first.

Good evening sir.

Good evening.

Is mom inside?

There inside,
she has been waiting for you.


Mom, you're drinking again.

I thought...

Carlo, you know very well...

that this is
my only source of relaxation.

Why are you nagging me?.

You didn't even treat your dad
this way before.

Is he boasting
these Chinese antiques?

Besides you are the eldest...

you should
inherit all of this.

Look mom, look.
I had a long day.

I'm going to sleep now.
I'm sorry.

Okay Carlo,
get some sleep.
I know you're tired.

Good morning doctor.

Good morning Dr. Valencia.

How is the patient
in 3809?

Yes doctor!
3809 's lab results is okay.

I'm just making follow-up
on the Plain LR.

Very good! Very good!

But it's not you
whom I'm asking.

Would you like
to tell your buddy...

to be kind enough to answer...
and act like a doctor.

She's asking if you would like
to answer friend.

Doctor I already increased
the Dofamine dose...

and the Plain LR
is next for follow-up.

That's what Dr. Santos
and Dr. Salvacion told me.

Let me remind you
that we are all doctors here...

and we should provide the best quality
of care to our patients.

Luckilly I am pretty...

and It makes my day beautiful.


Bye doctor.

Thanks again.

That's nothing.

She's at the menopause stage,
and you know that.

She's already old,
that's why.

But you look bothered lately.

What's going on?

Nothing. Maybe it's the duty hours
and lack of sleep.

I lack sleep too,
but don't behave like that.

I think I'm falling
for Doctor Torres...

imagine he asked me
about the patient in the Onco.

I am obviously assigned
in the Pedia Ward.

I have a feeling it's his way
to get close to me...

because he's falling
for my beauty!

You're not yourself again.

I have been talking here
and you're not listening.

No. I'm listening to you.

You just said
that Doctor Torres...right?

Doctor! You're needed
in the emergency room!

Give me the vial of lasik stat!

Let's cover it in the album!

Start ECG.

Nurse, BP.

BP, 50.

Please repeat.


Let's have ECG.

Hook to Cardio Scope.

Doc, OR stat please!

Doc, palpitory.


Why did you stop doctor?.

My child! Doctor!

Why can't you save
my child?

Please save her life.

My child!

What kind of doctor
are you?

You can't save my child!

My child!

My child!

Who's there?.

Who's there?.


Ana, favor please.
Where are you?.

Always on duty?

How can I reply?
You talk so fast.

What's the problem?.

I'm just kidding.

Well, actually,
I'm having a good time, a little fun.

You know... I was so stressed.

A little fun?
You go out almost every night!

Never mind! So, now you know,
I will sleep over.

You used me
as your excuse again.

You know, I will be answerable
if aunt finds out.

Okay, you can't say
I'm not concerned.

What time are you coming?

I'll be there in 15 minutes...

I'm about to ride the taxi.


Bye, see you.

Okay, take care.

Why? What?
What happened?



There's someone
beside you.

What, beside me?
There's no one beside me.

Kris, there's someone
beside you...

- and even singing with you.
- Don't scare me. You're crazy.

I'm not scaring you Kris.

There's really someone
beside you.

- He's even singing with you.
- You know, you're only tired.

Do you see anyone
beside me?

There's no one, right?
Go to sleep now.

You must be tired.

You should have told me

that you don't approve me
sleeping here.

What can we do?
I'm already here.

Go back to sleep,
you're just tired.

You drive me crazy!

You want to win
a best actress award?.

You're overacting again.

Go to sleep!

So, we're okay with this?.

Bro, If chance favors us,
we will earn a lot from this.

Yes bro.
That's why I chose you...

I trust you in this project.

By the way,
I have to go now.

I'm so busy in the office.

I'm waiting for Kris.

She'll be here
in any minute now.

Hello Kris.

Yes. Sorry, I will be late.
Super traffic.

- Anyway, I was with Ana...
- Really?.

Yes. That's why
I need to talk to Carlo.


Is he there?
Let me talk to him.



Hello Kris?

Hello Carlo,
have you already talked to Ana?

Not yet. Why?.
Is there a problem?

According to her,
weird things are happening to her.

I don't know,
I can't explain...

and she can't understand either.

But I think,
she needs you now Carlo...

You take care of her.

Go and talk to her.

I'm sure,
she needs you Carlo.

Yes, I will.

I'll drop by in the hospital.

I'm just quite busy...
but...I will...

Here's Mig.
Thanks Kris.

It's okay.

Dr. Ana,
you have visitor.

You're the pretty one.

I'm almost done here.

There you are again.

Let's go.

Hon, thank you.

For what?.

For the flowers.

C'mon, that's nothing.

I love you.

I love you too Hon.

By the way,
Kris talked to me.

She told me about the weird
encounters you have.

That's why I came here
to check on you.

Hon, it's okay.

Carlo, don't you think,
Beatriz has already forgiven us?.


By Beatriz?.

I don't remember us
doing something wrong...

or anything against her
that we should be sorry for.

I just thought maybe Beatriz...

might have something to do
with what's happening to me.

Why Beatriz?

She might have the answers.


we did nothing wrong to Beatriz.

Don't think that way.

Get some rest.
I know you're just stressed.

So, family business?.

It's a little hard, but I enjoy it.

That's okay
as long as you enjoy it.

Sorry, I'm late.

Hi Beatriz!

Carlo, this is Beatriz,
Beatriz, this is Carlo.


Don't let this happen...

I love you not her.

No, Carlo.
I can't afford to hurt her.

Please, not like this...
I love you very much.

I'm sorry Beatriz.
I hope you understand.

Carlo, please, don't leave me.

I beg you!


Thank you Beatriz.

I understand.

Im not leaving
I'll just be around.




Laida, call an ambulance right now!



Carlo! It's Beatriz!

Excuse me,
is Ana here?

She's not here.

You came by, Ana is not here.

Is that so?

Isn't she on duty today?

I am unable to reach her.

Maybe, her phone
is low battery.

She's supposed to be on duty.

But she called
that she can't work today.

To take care
of some important matters.

I'm sorry Carlo,
I really have to go.

I have a patient waiting Okay?

Thank you Dr. Cathy.
Thank you.

Take care.


What happened?

We found you
in the living room unconscious.

And we also saw this outside.

Tell us the truth.

Are you planning to set a fire?

You're becoming weird Ana.

Give her a break!

You saw what happened.



is there a problem?

I'm just tired from work.

We have a brownout a while ago
that's why I got that candle.

But don't worry about me,
I'm okay now.

Are you sure?

Just tell us
if you need anything.

Maybe, you're just tired.
Take a rest.

You know what?

I just take
a day off from work.

I'll take care of you.

Don't bother Hon...

I'm okay
and I'm going back to work tomorrow.

Don't worry.
I'll be fine.

There's someone
who can help you.

You could trust her.

I'll take care of it.

Thank you Cathy.

There's something
bothering me.

I want to tell Carlo
but he might not understand.

Besides he's also stressed at work...

and I don't want to be
his additional burden.

I know, I understand.

But be careful Ana.

You have no idea
what you're getting into.

That is difficult.

Yes, I know.

But I have to understand
why this things happen.

And as long as it does
I'll never be at peace.

Thank you for this.

That's nothing.

You're Ana?


has no concept of time.

They are not aware
of what's happening.

Many of them
dwell with us.

They are just around us
night and day.

There are a lot
of troubled souls.

They wanted to leave...
but they can't...

because they are destined to remain
in the world of the living.

How long since you friend died?

About a year.

It's been a long time already...

she would had made
her presence felt long time ago.

Time does not determine
what the soul feels.

For us, what happened
was over and done...

but for them,
it only just began.

Why do you think your friend
is haunting you?

Have you done something?

I'm not really sure.

The only thing
I can think of...
is when Carlo
becomed my boyfriend.

She likes Carlo.

But Carlo loves me
even from the start.

That's the reason why
I suppressed my feelings for Carlo.

But I know
Beatriz understands me.

That's why
I tried to talk to her.


Beatriz! If you are here
make me feel your presence.

I beg you Beatriz.
I just want to help you.

You should not have done it!

There are certain things
that we are not suppose to meddle.


You have the ability Ana.

You have the power to see things
ordinary people can't see.

But, you are not aware of it
because you're fighting it.

You're avoiding it.

You are not supposed to do that...

because it's a wonderful gift
that you must accept.

What do you mean?.

You are not supposed to intervene
the course of time.

You have the strong
ability Ana.

The soul
won't stop haunting you.

It could be anyone
friends, family, relatives.

They will haunt anyone.

I can't imagine why...

but while I'm telling you these...

I saw...I saw the images...

You opened the portal Ana!

You let them in!

He he he...
you're so cute just like me.

Do you remember me?.

I was you're classmate
in Physics.

Oh, I remember...

there will be some light
maintenance work right now.

Where's the flashlight?

Where's the flashlight?

Hey! That's enough!

Check out the time.

You think working overtime
will make you rich?.

What do you care?

You're pestering Miguel.

He'll get rich for sure.

He's always the Employee
of the Month.

- What about you?
- I hope we all get rich here.

Don't expect.

Wait, Ding wants us to go to Sea Wall,
what do you think?

That's right Miguel,
I forgot to tell you.

Are you coming?


Let's go!

I'll pass.
I have to go home early.

I am expecting a call
from my brother in London.

- Pass again?
- Sorry. I can't miss my brother's call.

That's a pity.

So, we'll go ahead?

Are you sure
you're not coming with us?

But I'll go next time.

I'll make up to you.

That's a promise?.


Okay, Let's go!

Just take care.

Let's go!

I'll just get the trash.

Go ahead Romy.

Romy! Just leave it there,
I'll take care of that.


Don't wait for me.






I'm sorry
for not telling you right away.

I'm not yet so sure
about everything.

I'm scared Hon,
I'm sorry.

Hon, don't worry.

You're not doing
anything wrong.

I thought by doing that...

I would be able to the find
the answers but I was wrong.

I just want to this to end.

Hon, I'm scared,
what if Beatriz do something bad?

What if she get back at us?

We don't know anything yet.

So, we're not sure.

Hon, we don't owe
Beatriz anything...

because we've done
nothing wrong.

What we can do right now
is to be careful?

You have to be strong Hon.

God will take care of us.

Kris, what happened?

Ana, what's happening to you
is also happening to me.

Ana I saw it in my room
at home last night.

You saw it too?

Not just her Ana.

I'm not yet sure,
but I heard and felt something too.

I really don't understand
why you two are experiencing the same.

What do you mean?.

You know, those unusual things
I am experiencing...

those stories
that I can't explain.

I tried looking
for the answer behind this.

Remember when Carlo
found me unconscious?.

I was trying to communicate
with Beatriz then.

Third eye?
You didn't know even before?

I wasn't aware
about such things then.

And I didn't know
I have this ability.

But, Kris, Miguel...
Beatriz is back from the dead.

She's the one haunting us.

But why?

I can't think of something
we did wrong?

Could it be your relationship
with Carlo?

What I know...

Maybe...but I can't think
of other reasons.

Right now,
there's nothing we can do...

except to be careful and pray.

Just call me if you
experience anything unnerving.


My God what did you do?

I have been dreaming
about her.

But she's not telling me anything.

Aunt, she's haunting not only me
but also Kris and Miguel.

What's she telling you?.

Nothing, I don't understand.

We just felt her
and I'm really scared.

Something might happen
that's why we came here.

My God! My child!

What do you want?

Why can't you rest in peace?


Be careful! Be careful!



Ana we should be careful
warned Beatriz!

My God!


What time
I'm going to be there?


Okay, fine.
I'll be there in 30 minutes.




You need to be careful.

She's here already Ana.

You called... B...

Where is it now?

Where is it now?

Hon, Miguel called me up,
our fears are realized.

What do you mean?.

Something happened to Kris.


She was found in the CR.

She's gone Ana.


Hail Mary full of grace
the Lord is with thee...

Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee...

Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the fruit thy womb Jesus...


According to the book
of superstitions...

there are certain rituals
to pay respect for the departed.

Each departed has a guardian.

If you fail to follow
the superstition...

they will punish you
by taking the souls of the living.

When you tried
to communicate with Beatriz...

and by not following
the superstitions...

you called
upon their guardians instead.

They are the ones
haunting you Ana.

It's not Beatriz.

It's not Beatriz?
What should we do?

How can we stop this?

The truth is...

I don't know
how to answer your question.

All I can say is say,
you have to be careful.

We don't know
who's going next.

I have to warn
Miguel and Carlo.

Hon, have you talked
to Miguel already?

Yes Hon.

He said,
he's dropping by the funeral parlor...
where Kris was brought.

What about you Hon,
I've been calling you...

I'm worried about you,
I'll pick you up.

Don't bother Hon.
I went there alread.

And don't pick me anymore...
I'm going back to the hospital now.

I also have to check on a case there.
Are you sure Hon?

Yes Hon.
Just stay with Miguel.

Come to the hospital
after the wake.

And please be careful,
we don't know who's next.

Let me know If anything happens.

What's going on Hon?.

I'll tell you later.

You will know soon.

Okay, I have to go.

Bye, bye.

Hello Carlo.

I need to talk to you
and Ana as soon as possible.

You need to know something.

Is that so?

Ana is not with me
right now.

But, okay, I'll go there.


Since Beatriz's mourning after...

she never stops haunting me.

She even appears in my dreams.

What do you think
she's coming back to us?.

Is there something
she wanted to tell us?

She's telling me in my dreams
about the "superstition"'.

Superstition? About what?

Don't you think
that this superstition...

has something to do
with what's happening?.

That's possible!

Things are getting clearer now.

Beatriz has something to do
with everything right?

Since the mourning after,
a lot of eerie things occurred.

Let's not wait
for terrible things to happen.



is gone.


But how?.

She was found
inside the CR of a bar.

I think this has something to do
with her death.

Ana did you give something
to the dead before she was buried?.


I put a rosary to Beatriz' hand
before she was buried.

That's the curse!

That's the superstition
that you did not follow...

that's why
all these are happening.

You need to get the rosary Ana.

Break it to end this end now.

They won't stop
until they get what they want.

Hello Ana,
we are here with Aunt Soledad.

What? Why?

How is she?.

Beatriz is haunting us,
we thought of coming here.

This might help.

Alright, If aunt is okay,
you come right away.

Just hurry!

Carlo, I know now
how to put an end to this.

It's the rosary!

We have to destroy the rosary.

I gave to Beatriz
when she was buried.

That was the last superstition.

Carlo, you and Miguel
should stick together.

Take care.

Okay, bye.

Aunt, I know now the answer...

everything has something to do
with the superstition.

This is causing a lot of misfortunes.

It was the rosary
given to Beatriz by Ana.

We need to get
and destroy the rosary.

I understand.

This is what we have to do
to put an end to this.

You go ahead, I'll just follow.

Ana is waiting for you.

Just call us if there's problem.

Thank you.

God will guide us.
Go, hurry!


Excuse me,
where's the canteen?.

Down the stairs,
near the lobby, then turn left.

Okay, thank you.


I saw the guardian!
I saw it!





Laida! Laida!





Ana, we have been calling
aunt Soledad...

but we can't contact her.

She might be
in the cemetery already.

We have to end this now.

Don't worry Ana.

Now that we know already
how to break the curse...

this will be done.

What is really happening?

The guardian
is behind all of this.

Carlo it's my fault.

I accidentally called and awakened it
when I attempted to to do seance.

And we did not follow the superstition
that's why Kris died.

Carlo, I promise,
I'll fix everything tonight...

this has to end.

It's the ritual in the superstition
that you didn't follow.

We need it.

It has to be destroyed.

We have to take it back in anyway we can!

It's the only way to end the curse
and stop the guardian.










It's the ritual in the superstition
that you didn't follow.

We need it.
It has to be destroyed.

We have to take it back
in anyway we can!

It's the only way to end the curse
and stop the guardian.