Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest (2020) - full transcript

The young family who moved to a new apartment on the outskirts of the city. The nanny hired by them for the newborn daughter quickly gained confidence. However, the older boy, Egor, talks ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Once upon a time,
there was a witch

who lived at the border
of our world

and the world of the dead.

She would abduct children

by sending
her faithful servants,

the Navs,

merciless half-birds,

The Navs lured the children

to the witch's den

where she devoured their souls.

Parents forgot their children

as if they had never existed.

But one boy
with a pure and bright soul

managed to defeat the witch

and imprison her
in the world of the dead.

the witch didn't give up.

She began to look for someone

who could help her get back.

Someone whose pure soul
would become darker than night,

who could cross the borders
of the worlds.


who had already been dead once.

Time passed,

and the memories of that witch
remained only in fairy tales.

People call her...


why are you so late?

Is everything okay?

Mom, let's go home.

You've grown up so fast, baby.

Remember how we used to play

I'm going to need your help.

This is very important.

- You'll help me return.
- Return from where?

Mom... you're...

You mean, I'm dead?

Egor, you've been screaming.

Was it another nightmare?

Did they not teach you
to knock?

What nonsense do you read
before bed?

- That's why you have nightmares.
- Hey, don't touch it!

I don't like moving either.

Julia, I'm not a baby.

Do you think I don't know
what it's like to be a new kid?

New school, new friends, new...

You should go.

Your daughter's up.

Come here.

Here. Put it up there.


Just so it
doesn't catch the eye, okay?

Are you hiring a nanny?


- But you didn't want to.
- Sometimes you have to concede.

We'll keep an eye on the nanny.

Why does she need a nanny
if she doesn't have a job?

You're not mature enough
to criticize your mother.


She's not my mother.

Sit down and have breakfast.
I made it for you.

I'll eat at school.

What's wrong with him now?

Oh, you know, puberty.

Don't you think
it's been a while?

- Aah!
- What happened?

Ah, it shocked me.

What a morning.

Great, now it's not working.

Alexey, I can't
take it anymore.

I can't handle it.

We've always managed.
We'll make it this time too.

Eva, what time is
my piano lesson today?

Your piano teacher

will be waiting for you
at eight pm.

Thank you, Eva.

Hey, what are you muttering?

Where are you going?
He asked you a question.

What? Is it beneath you
to talk to normal people?

By normal you mean yourself?

Give me the phone.

If you ask politely.
Maybe I will.

Are you out of your mind, freak?

What are you staring at?
Give it to me!

He's retarded!

- Don't be stupid.
- Give him the phone.

Here you go.

I could have handled it.

The hell you come from?

Ready for some of this, idiot?

You're in trouble!

Are you gonna piss yourself?

Run home to mommy,

Get up, loser!

Leave him alone.

Hey, guys, break it up!

Let's get outta here.

See you soon, freaks.

Hey! Wait up.


You didn't have to.

Neighbors should
help each other out.


Is it really yours?

- It is.
- Then why didn't you use it?

Because you got in the way.


What is your name?

Some people call me Dashka.

- And others?
- Dania!

I thought we had an agreement.
No boyfriends.

- Now go home.
- Yes, Mom.

I'm Egor, by the way.


She could
fall out of the chair.

It's not a good idea
to put her there on her own.

I didn't put her there.

Egor, why did you
put her there?

Have you got nothing
better to do?

- She was there when I came in.
- That's enough.

Have you met already?

This is our new nanny, Tatyana.
She'll be looking after Varya.

- And you too, while she's at it.
- Mm-hm.

Well, I don't need
looking after.

Egor, don't be rude.

He'll get used to me
being around.

I always find a way
to get through to kids.


Didn't your mother tell you
it's very rude to spy on people?

- She's not my mother.
- You think you're special?

You think you sense things
that other people don't?

You'll grow out of it.
If you ever grow up, that is.

Anyone home?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Uh... where's Julia?

She's with the little one

while I'm cleaning.


- Is everything all right?
- Everything's wonderful.

I'm sorry, we've never really
had a nanny before.

There's a first time for
everything, Alexey.

What's up?

How's school?
Have you made any new friends?

- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh?

What's with the face? Huh?

I fell down.

Fell down?
Real men don't fall down.

Real men must stand on
their feet.

It's a cliché, Dad.

Real men must protect
those who are dear to them.

What about you? Do you protect
those who are dear to you?

Of course.

But a weird nanny in our house
seems normal to you?

Let me decide what's normal
in my own house, okay?


Come back here,
we're not finished.


Cut it out!

Are you listening to me?

When your mother died,
I almost lost my mind.

But you survived,
so stop whining, okay?

Egor! Egor!

Hey man, give the ball back.

Let's go.


I swear I saw her.

Let me
show you again.

Here, look.

There's nothing in there.

You watch too much basketball
before bed.

It causes a lot of anxiety.

You, on the other hand,
have no worries.

Stop it!

Mom would believe me.

Julia, a moment, please?

Egor, listen. I'm sick and tired
of your drama.

I get it, but Mom is dead.

It's time to forget her.


Protect those who are
dear to you, or forget?

It's easier to forget,
I guess.

As if she's never existed.


If we can't settle this
as friends,

we'll do it the hard way.

The hell is wrong with you?

Who's going to pay for
the damaged goods? Me?

I've been paying for you
my whole life.

You get money from state.


They pay me nothing!

Nobody needs you.

Neither the state nor
your mother.

I'm the one suffering.


Yeah, right.

You suffered a lot...

That's for unloading.

You haven't earned it yet.

Now run to your idiot friends.

Don't come home before 10.
I'm having visitors.

This is my salary... bitch.

What are you staring at?
We're not in a circus.

We have some business to do.

According to Wikipedia,

Claude Debussy
was a French composer,

a leading representative of...

Did you know that being
online for a long time

makes you lose touch with
the real world?


- Nice try.
- Hold on!

Why are you always running

I'm not running, I'm walking.

Why are you serious?

If you were a little nicer,
maybe you'd have some friends.

You'd have some if you learned
some better jokes.

You'd better run.

- Hey! Get over here! Come on!
- Hurry!

Stop! Come here!

There they are!
They went that way!

Stop! Stop!

Guys, help!

What is this place?

I don't know.

Come in, quick.

The forest is no place
for kids.

If I see you again,
I'll tear your head off.

Shit yourself?
Where'd you go?

My mom says
he's an artifact hunter.

He looks for World War II
weapons in the forest.

He also killed his wife.

It's better
not to mess with him.

Weapons, huh?

What is this?

It looks like
a furnace.

My grandma used to say these
were used for burning people...


She also said...

that after their death,

their souls stayed somewhere

Sometimes they'll quietly call
you by your name.

But if you turn around,
they'll steal your face.


Help me get out of here.

Did you hear that?


Boo! Got you.
I'm just kidding.

Varya? Varya?

- Hey!
- I guess it's an echo.


There's nothing in there.

What is it?

We should get home.

Dad? Julia?

- Maybe your camera's acting up.
- Maybe.

This has already happened once.

She's so tiny.

That's weird.

Shall I stay and
wait here with you?

Your piano lesson
will begin in 10 minutes.

That's okay, I'll be fine.

Thank you.

Varya's gone missing.

Her stuff's is gone.

Who's gone where?
Sit down and have breakfast.

Egor, we still haven't brought

all the stuff from the old

Sit. What's the matter?

Your daughter has
gone missing. She took her.

Look. This isn't funny
anymore. Sit and calm down.

Egor, what are you doing?

Here, look!

Wow. Right.


What? We have to do something!
You guys are idiots!

Egor, calm down.

You've forgotten her
just like you forgot my mom!

- Alexey! Alexey, don't!
- Come over here.

- Let me go!
- What are you doing?

Leave me alone!

Stop! Alexey,
what are you doing?

- Stay out of it!
- Enough already!

Stay here and think
for a while.

If you do this again,

I swear, I'll throw you
out of this house.

[Hey, can we talk?
I need your help.]

[I'll meet you on the playground
in 20 minutes.]


Where do you think
you're going?

- I'll be back soon.
- Are you meeting that boy?

He's nice.

One girl once ran away
with a nice boy.

He kept on telling her
how beautiful she was.

But in the end, the girl
was left with a daughter

and an old piano
nobody wanted.

Beauty is dangerous.

Never trust a man.


Am I paying your teacher
for nothing?

Get to your exercises.

I hope
I wasn't too hard on him.

You did everything right.

Children need to know
their place.

He's a smart kid. Why would he
dream up an imaginary sister?

I don't know.
Maybe he wants a little sister?

Not now, Alexey.

Were you serious when you said
you would throw him out?

Don't worry about it.


Children... should never forget
their place.

I can't play anymore,
I'm tired.

Don't let me down.

You'll get there eventually.



If you let him out,
you'll seriously regret it.

Dasha! Dasha!

Dasha, wait! Dasha!

What's the matter?

Dasha! Wait, please.

She'll come back.
She'll come back.

She'll come back.

- Wake up!
- She'll come back.

She'll come back.
She'll come back!

Dasha, wake up!



Egor? What has happened?

- She took Varya...
- Who are you talking about?

You don't remember her either.

You hear that?


It's so quiet.

Hey, moron.
You and I aren't done.

Just go in and
see if anyone's inside.

And then I want you
to open the door. You hear me?

Why do you need the can?

You think you're the smartest?

Don't touch me.

- Hey, get off her!
- Stay out of it.


Now what?

- You think you're so brave?
- Put the knife away.

I'll go inside.

Guys, you have to see this.

Has he been spying on us?

Freaking maniac...

Eva, call the police.

Have you lost your mind?

We'll get arrested for
breaking into a house.

This is our nanny.

My piano teacher.

Hm. She's hot.

Don't worry, it's Micha.


It's you again.

I already warned y...

I could've handled it.

Who is she?

Do you know her?

The lights.
Turn off the lights, kids.

Are you deaf?

We asked you a question.
Answer it.

That's my wife.

She died after
our daughter disappeared.

Died? He killed her, bro.
Everyone knows that.

Has your daughter
gone missing?

Kids have been disappearing
for a while,

but nobody remembers them.

It seems that even their parents
don't need them.

Tell us what you know.

One day I woke up
with a feeling

that I had lost something.

Something important.

But I couldn't remember
what it was.

There was
a single candle burning.

And whenever I looked at it,

I somehow recalled

this old dream
that I had almost forgotten.

A dream about my baby.


That's how I knew
that evil had come to the city.

Every time a child disappeared,

there had been power cut
in the area.

I began following the kids
and taking pictures of them.

If a kid suddenly
disappeared from a photo,

it meant everyone had
forgotten them.

That's how I could track
how many children were missing.

I've been trying to find my
daughter for many years.

But I haven't succeeded.

I moved here, to the forest.

But I haven't found
anything here

except red threads.

Wow. But who would want
children to be forgotten?

Who's taking them away?

Someone they trust.

Someone who can
easily enter their houses.

Are you saying that your wife

and takes children
to the forest?

That's not her.

Eva, did you get that?

Woman. Steal.
Children. Forest.

Your description matches
a Slavic demon

who lives on the border

between the living and the dead.

Baba Yaga.

Eva, are you serious?

I wouldn't joke
about this.

What about this place?
Have you been there?

Many times.

It's an abandoned power station.

You won't find anything there.
It doesn't work.

Believe me, it does.

We should have
untied him.

We'll do it
on the way back.

Hey! Do you really believe him?

The guy's crazy,
but you seem sane.

What do you want?

I'm going to get my sister back.

Do you understand?
We don't need you at all.

You can go if you want.

I don't need you either.

Okay, let's go.

Are you coming?

You'll forget everything.

Where did
these ropes come from?

They lead to the hut.

- Wow, that's huge.
- Shhh!

Hey, chill.

It looks so old.

I'll be quick.

Be careful.

Don't get electrocuted, dumbass.

Hey, guys, I found
something weird in here!


- Don't go in there.
- Coward!

I haven't seen you
in a while.

I've been busy
You miss me?

I don't want you to leave
ever again.

How could you let him go?

When the boy comes back...

I'll kill him.

And I'll be always with you.

Are you okay?

What happened?

1 actually don't know.
1 blacked out.

Me too.

Get up.


I thought you came here
to look for your sister.

Is there actually a sister?

Cut it out, Anton.

Maybe there really isn't
a sister.

Are you jealous?

Why did you take her
to the forest?

Did you want
some privacy?

It's none of your business.

I didn't drag either
of you here.

But you asked us
to follow you.

You know what?

I'm sick of you both.





No sister, no girlfriend, huh?

Screw you!
You're really mental.


Mom! Are you at home?


Dad, are you at home?


Julia, look.

Julia! Julia!

When the boy...

Alexey, what's wrong?


please talk to me.

Good evening!
How are you?

I'm lonely, hurt and scared.

Your request "I'm scared"

"death," "fear," "horror"...

- "death," "fear"...
- Eva, what's going on?

..."'fear", "horror"...

- "death," "fear"...
- Eva?

..."dying of loneliness".

- Dasha?
- What's happening?

We're not at home.

It's not our world.

I know where my sister is.

Nobody needs you.

They will forget you.

Last time,
I saw something in here.


Who are you?
You have a very distinct smell.

- And who are you?
- Shh!

Hush, baby. Don't cry!


My sister.

- She's so tiny.
- Hello.

She cried so loudly
in the witch's den.

What witch?

Is it her? The witch?

Nobody's ever seen the witch.

She can't leave her den.

There are scary invisible birds
who bring children to her.

Who are they?

They're called the Navs.

They're the ones
who help the witch.

They can sense
the smell of memories

just like predators sense blood.

It's important to hold on
to your brightest memory.

We remain alive as long as
we're remembered.

Once we're forgotten,
we disappear.


Look at me.

You're being forgotten.

We should get back
to the furnace.

Don't do it. You can't go out.

If you go out at night
the Navs wills catch you.


Don't leave the shelter.
The cloak will hide your smell.

Hush, Varya.

Hey, where are you going?



Shh, quiet.
Don't scream.

Hey, bro.

Stay still. She's waking up.

We've gotta get home.

Take the blanket.

What for?

So they don't sense our smell.


Shh. Stop.

Help me return.

What is it?
There's nobody there.




The more you struggle,

the tighter they're
going to wrap around you.

We can escape while the witch
isn't hungry.

There's nobody there.
Let's go!

Mom is calling.



- Egor! Wait! Stop!
- Mom!



This isn't
your first time here, is it?

I've escaped from here
many times.

While the witch is eating,
the others can break away.

- Are you okay?
- Don't ask.

We've got to get
to the furnace.

There's no passage
there, I've tried it many times.

We should go back to my house.


Please, come with us.

Your dad... is waiting for you.

We can make it.

Guys, we have to go.

I told you,
there's no way back.


There must be a way out.

That's impossible.

Unless you...

already died once.

You're the one
the witch is looking for.

The candle went out.
He forgot me.

Let's go! Hurry!

Please, hold on
to your brightest memory.

This thing will come back.
What are we gonna do?

Listen, we'll come up with
something, okay?

Dad? Julia?

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

You don't belong here.
Get the hell out of my house!



Was that you
who broke my window?

I saw your daughter.

What daughter?

If I see you again...
Get out!

Who are you, little boy?

How did you get in here?

Why are you crying?

I think I know you.

And one more thing,
but it's a secret.

Every night I have this dream
about a little crying girl.

And then I wake up.

Am I crazy?

You can hear her?

Julia, this is very serious.

If you remember her,

it means she's still alive.

Her name is Varya.


My little Varya.

Julia, I have to go.

Please, please, think of Varya.


Real men must protect those
who are dear to them.

Dad! Please, stop.

It's me.

Let him go!

Run, Egor, I can handle him.

Alexey, remember,
this is your son!

I don't understand
what's going on.

Everyone's forgotten us.

So what?
You're forgotten,

but I haven't been noticed
my whole life.

I don't see any difference.

You're being a wimp.

I'm sure
your sister's still alive.

We'll come back for her and
destroy the furnace,

so then kids
won't disappear anymore.

We need to figure out
how to kill Baba Yaga.

What about
the good, old fashioned way?

We'll burn the witch!

I'll teach you to break
into my property.

Remember your daughter.

We need your help.
You must remember.

Have you seen her?

Have you seen my daughter?


There's a passage
in the furnace.

But she's gone.

I'm sorry.
She didn't make it.

I would feel it if she died.

It's true, she's gone.
I saw it.

She's alive!

Where's the passage?
Let's go.

Stay here.

If I don't come back,

burn everything down.

We'll all go. Together.


Come to me.


Egor, what took you so long?

It can't be true.

You're not real.

you're so special.

You can cross the borders
of the worlds.

Now I know it.

We can leave
this place together.


Your friends
have forgotten you.

Your father, too.

But I love you.

Get rid of the girl.

Give her life to me,

so we can be together again.

I don't want to.

You're not my mother.
My mother is dead!

What's happening?

Tanya, remember me!

Our daughter, Tanya!
We can save her.

She promised
to bring her back...

if I brought her the boy.

Help me
return to your world.

Or die.

He has parents who
love him too.

Like you loved our daughter.

Don't you remember?

He has parents too.

Real men must protect those
who are dear to them.

No one
will remember you.

No. We remember each other.

- Hey! Over here!
- Come get us!

You're the one
they'll forget!

Alexey, look.

Wait, give it to me.

That's enough,
put it back.

- Oh, come on.
- Right, enough.

Guys, stop it.
Let's take a photo.

Aren't you afraid
your friend will come out?

I have you by my side.

Would you like to
join us?

One, two, three.

What's wrong?

She can never be killed.

She'll always come back.