BUOYANCY (2020) - full transcript

When an overly ambitious student gets invited for a submarine journey by an eccentric entrepreneur, she comes to realize that deep-down inside people are not who they pretend to be.

It's fascinating to see what
we already

have accomplished over
the last 50 years or so.

Everything is coming together.

Neurology, psychology,
quantum physics, AI.

On a
daily basis like he does.

I know, I mean, Joe,

I see this happening all the
time and it frustrates me

to see people not reach
their full potential

because of such a habit.

Unconscious ideas are always the

of all psychological conflicts.

So, isn't it strange that
these large corporations

control so much of our
daily lives with their data?

Well, how would you
ethically restructure

the vast amount of data
that we have built up

over the past decades?

Well to begin, it's very

The people are tired
of hearing the media

lie all the time, you see?

- Why is that?
- The left nor the right

haven't provided any good

That you...

So, no but think of like
tearing down a big city,

like New York, just
because you were scared

of the things that might happen.

If people wanted to stop
the large corporations

they should have done this years

but they didn't.

It started with radio, TV,

and now artificial intelligence.

Be thankful that the good guys
are coding.

Hello, everyone and
welcome back to my channel.

So a quick update on my
sociology course at uni.

Yeah, I had a great day, today,

I was just super busy.

I did four lectures, a
meeting with my working group.

There are so many variables

that can influence social

Fragile health, little
opportunity to see other people,

living on a small fixed income,

there's disability and mental

and also little transportation.

So, these variables they
have to be addressed

to every individual.

Let me know what you think
in the comments below.

And it's easy for you
to say that I'm rich.

But even though that's true,

I believe that we can bring off
the grid

living to the masses.

For people who seek adventures

or want freedom and above all

an economical and
sustainable way of living

in times like these.

This is why I want to show to

the next generation of top
level students, something new.

I'm proud to present to you

as one of the first, the T-O

A fully self providing electric

that can house up to four

2,000 miles action radius
on a single battery.

You want to go live on a
tropical island,

go there, autopilot.

Or go for the arctic
expedition, while you still can.

Just do it.

But the most exciting of all,

you want to live in the
place with no distractions,

hassle free from society,
welcome to the 70%

this planet still has
to discover, the water.

Thank you.

Amelia, have you got a minute?

Yeah, sure.

Have you looked into the
graduation companies I sent you?

Yeah, kind of.

I don't think it's something
for me, to be honest.

These are good, high
quality companies, Amelia

and they're dying to meet you.

I know but do you really
see me researching AI systems

like the rest of these idiots?

I feel like I can do more.

For the Hallberg Foundation,
you mean?

Have you been reading the

Mrs. Tyche, that's all

You heard him talk.

It's exactly the direction
I want to be going in.

Plus, attaching such a
name will boost my chances

of being published dramatically.

Student affairs isn't
easy to convince, Amelia.

But you can help, right?

I got to go now, sorry.

Please, just tell me that
you'll look

into the companies, okay?

Yeah, sure.

Dear Mr. Hallberg, thank you for

my graduation proposal.

I know this is an unusual
way of researching

but I strongly believe the

we can retrieve on these
topics are of great value.

After reading your book,
The Power of Solitude,

I deeply connect with the
philosophy you provide

in terms of future proofing our

for social isolation.

You will definitely not regret

Sincerely, Amelia.

Thank you tuning in again.

This week I will be talking

something that I haven't
talked about for awhile now.

Would the world be ready for
a new enlightened generation?

Is it possible that our brains

have been given so much

over the past decades that we're

to transform into something

These type of new leaders,

let's call them humanity

they see no greater purpose in

but to be of services,
genuine as they can,

and to learn as much as they

This fundamental shift in

of seeing your life as something

for your safety and comfort.

To seeing your life as
an abundant, adventurous

school of learning,

is essential and the key
to start your journey.

Hey, there, how was your trip?

Fine, thank you.

Well, all ready to go for you.

So this is it, huh?

Well no need to be

I didn't mean it like that.

I was just joking to you.

It's a prototype.

Are you ready?

Let me help.

On you go.

Welcome aboard.


Please enter.

So welcome.

Our small lounge area.

This is the kitchenette,
it's got a food supply.

Food should last us well over a

Definitely enough for the
few days we're together.

It's a shared space

so I thought we could set
up the interviews here.

It's not much but for now.

It's more than enough.

Thank you.

Let me show you your room.

So, here's your room.

Again, not much, but I hope
you can feel comfortable.

Mattress for you.

I normally use it as a gym

but feel free to use the
punching bag.

I'm not sure if you have tried

Oh yeah, I love boxing.

It will be nice to
still get some exercise.

Well, I'll show you the
bathroom later.

You must be tired, so.

The WiFi's over there.

Just bear mind there's
almost no signal underwater

and this is your key.

Just scan it to open and close.

Let me know if you need anything

Thanks, I will.


What the...

I didn't know we were going

Oh hey, yeah.

I just inserted the coordinates.

We'll be going a few miles
south to visit a friend of mine,

I hope you don't mind,
we'll be back in time.

No worries.

So, who's driving this thing?

It all runs on AI.

We are
currently going southwest

at 200 feet.

I'm sorry, I'm used to diving

and you were sleeping.

Next time I'll tell you
when we leave, all right?


Where's the shower?

That will be the last door to
the right.


Hi, guys.

This is my first update
from the T-O Xenia.

We've just started moving

and tomorrow we'll begin
the first interview session.

I'm gonna be recording these

to show my progress during
the time of this research.

Really is strange to see the

of preparation finally going
into action.

Hopefully, these short
journals will give you more

of an insight into my final

Looking forward to sharing
this journey with all of you.

Well, Mr. Hallberg.

I am Detective Ethan Campbell
and I've been assigned

to your case, lucky me.

Just for the record, these
interviews are being recorded

so anything you say or do can
and will

be used against you in a court
of law.

Is that understood?

Mr. Hallberg, looking at this

we have got quite a considerable
amount of work to do.

It will be beneficial to all

if you cooperated.

Mr. Hallberg?

Mr. Hallberg!


Human body doesn't need a lot

to survive and stay healthy.

Just the basics.

Humans can go on for
months, do you know that?

Shall we start?

Time, 9:03.

First interview with Mr.

Please, can you briefly
introduce yourself

and state that you are
cooperating in this research.

Well, I'm sorry but I haven't
seen one

of these in like ages.

Where did you get it?

Sorry, I jumped right in.

It was my grandmother's,

She was a reporter at a local

I mean, how do you store

An app should be more efficient
than this?

I transcribe and then store
the tapes

in my closet back home.


Most people think I'm crazy
but I like working with it

and it can't be hacked in
any way shape, or form.

That's a plus these days.

I'm very sorry, shall we start

I am Nicholas Hallberg,
I'm the founder of Alcom X.

I sold the company a
few years ago to Apple

and then started a new company

called The Hallberg Foundation.

We focused on migration
and the sustainability

of our planet and I'm
fully cooperating with you

on this research thesis
on the effects of solitude

and new technology.

Thank you, Mr. Hallberg.

After you sold your
first company, Alcom X,

you told the NY Times that the,
the quote,

commercial shark in you had
passed away

and a new philanthropic
panda had taken its place.

How do you respond to public

that despite your new company's

philanthropic mission statement

you're still profiting from
the people less fortunate

in this world?

Wow, that's what you
learned at university?

Attack right after the

Sorry, must be the nerves.

Well, after the amount of
money I made

over the last decade
you might say it's easy

just to sit back, relax, do

but I don't want to just
enjoy every single golf course

in this planet.

I want to make a big
difference in the world

and for that, you need to take a

and sometimes, even if your gut
says no.

Okay, yeah but doesn't this
type of...

Can I have a look at
the question you prepared

because I am not recalling any
of these.

No, I'm can't, sorry.


All right, we'll let's
call it a day, shall we?

Maybe you can recognize
some of the questions

so we have a better interview
structure next time?

Hi, everyone.

Day one and I've just finished
the first interview session

with Mr. Hallberg.

All went well, I think I just

to restructure a few questions,

put them in later on
in interview sessions.

I think I need to get to know
Mr. Hallberg a bit better

in order to get the
answers that I really want.

But I'm positive about the
potential relationship we have.

There are just so many topics to

so I think I'm gonna focus
more on personal experience.

So strange to think that we are

so far from home, so deep

No internet connection.

Just us, this metal thingy.

Tons of water.

I think the feeling will go

I mean, Mr. Hallberg's lived
here for quite some time.

It can't be that bad, right?

Okay, that's it for today.

Like and subscribe if you
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You know how they say that
even the worlds best yachtsman

don't even know how to swim?

Just the knowledge of knowing
how to swim

would torment them, if
they had fallen overboard.

But doesn't physic not fall

under huge amounts of stress?

Another complex, more autonomous

of the brain take over?

You've been reading your Jung,

but you see we all want
to get more knowledge.

We never seem to wonder if
there's a limit

or a path of not knowing

that very well could be
better for your psyche.

And so what type of knowledge

would you rather not know?

You come across as a very
self aware individual.

Excellent question.

Well, for instant, art.

I collect paintings, I can
enjoy a nice piece of art

but I don't need to know how it
is made.

It either touches me or it

And isn't that part of
the fascination, you know,

knowing how much effort
someone has put in?

But does it matter?

I mean, all art should do is

to make the unconscious content

and therefore bring it closer

to the understanding of the

the therapeutic effect of that
could be

to prevent a dangerous splitting

of the unconscious process
of the consciousness.

Thanks for today, Nicholas.

We made a lot of progress

and we even got on to some

that aren't on the agenda yet,

No need to thank me all the

I'm more than willing to help.

Can I ask, ever you ever
used any drugs before?

I tried to smoke marijuana

but that didn't end so well, to
be honest.

Do you?

Oh this.

This is just something to
keep me a bit more sane

for when I'm away for awhile.

What is it?

It's an extract from a
plant out of the Amazon,

a little bit like ayahuasca
but better taken care of.

You don't need to spill your

You can try it if you want.

No, thanks.

If you can't go out to have

you have to go inwards.

Oh, you shouldn't take
any caffeine with that.

Just have some water.

Just relax.

Let yourself get carried away.

It won't go where it doesn't
need to go.

What do you think is the most
important thing in the world?



Strange, right?

Nobody ever acted on this.

No, people on Mars are way more

What do you thinks the
most important thing?


So many years on this planet

and we don't even understand
one percent of it.

Why we behave, why we
explore, why we feel.

We do, right?

You think?

Many studies have shown
why we behave the way we do

and why we have relations.

Well, then explain to
me why we cry sometimes.

What's the function of crying,

I mean, I understand for
babies so we know when

to feed it but for a grown up?

Please, explain.

Yeah, that's an interesting

I would say that.

I would say...

I have to think.


You okay there?

Either you are with us

or you are with the terrorists.

But I've learned that
you are never too small

to make a difference.

Hey, stranger.

How did you get into my room?


Tell me.

How did you get into my room?

Well, we took drugs last

I had to make sure that you were

Do you have access with your

- Don't get paranoid...
- Come on, tell me.

Of course I have access.

I mean, what if something

and I have to get into the room?

I don't want
you coming into my room

when I'm sleeping, okay?

So you don't trust me?

Not anymore, no.

Look, you have to understand.

This is a multimillion
investment, okay?

I have to have full control.


So what are we gonna do?

Are we gonna head back?

I will reprogram the card,

So I don't have any more access.

Privacy is a serious thing,


This isn't funny.


We're going up to get some air.

If you want to use the internet.

Hey, Amelia, how are you?

Good, thanks.

Yeah, how are you?

Oh I'm fine, thanks.

You look tired.

I just took a shower.

How's the research going?

Very well, thanks

yeah, we've already had some
very interesting interviews

and talks.

I've even started a video

for my personal development

Very well.

It's good you're doing well.

What is it?

There's something I want you
to see.

A colleague of mine sent
this to me two days ago,

right after you left.

Nothing new, right?

Well, this time it seems

Police officials have
said that three witnesses

have come forward.

Have you noticed anything
strange aboard?

No, nothing really.

Well, if there is anything

you'll tell me, right?

Of course.

I haven't noticed anything in

I've just been very busy
preparing for the interviews.


Let's keep in...

So, Mr. Hallberg,
could you please give me

full details of the events

that went on onboard the T-O

Of course.

As you may know, I invited Ms.

to do some research onboard

for her sociology studies.

So you instigated the meeting?

No, she wrote me a
very compelling letter

on which I agreed that this
might be a very interesting

approach for her graduation

So, what did the two of you

Well, a lot of things.

She also seemed to like
psychology and philosophy

and we have that in common.

I studied that to a great

My team is working round the

studying all the CCTV
footage from that submarine.

When I look at the evidence,

one big question comes to mind.

Why were you filming Amelia?

Well, Detective Campbell,
this is a great investment

of mine and I'm trying to
protect it.

Protect your investment?

- Yes, indeed.
- Protect your investment.

There are at least three

that I can pin on you right now.

The more you cooperate,
the more we could help you.

The media is gonna go crazy

for a story like this.

Let them.

We also found this.

Shall we leave this to the press
as well?


I mean, for someone going to Uni

that is a silly thing to do.

My friends are pretty crazy.

I can see that, yeah.

You miss them?

Yeah, kind of.

I could see why.

They seem like a lot of fun.

You want some more?

The highs get less after awhile

but it's still a nice vibe to
get into.

I'm okay, thanks.

Do you miss having friends?

That's personal.

Sorry, I didn't mean it to be.

It's okay.

I see my friends from time to

It's always relaxed.

Grabbing a beer, catching up.

When I'm with my family it's, of

a different story.

Yeah, I read about that.



Eight years, already.

So sorry to bring that up.

It's okay.

We were supposed to go on a
big family holiday together

after I was working
for two years straight.

My daughter was only five when
she died.

Must have been a terrible time
for you.


Well, this is when I knew
I had to sell the company

and start something meaningful
for the world, you know.

What about you?

What's your family situation?

I was raised by my mom and my
dad died

when I was little.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Don't be.

He was an asshole from what I

An alcoholic

and he left my mom
alone without any money.

But I got pretty independent
from an early age.

I helped out with the chores

and I saved up some money
from part time jobs.

Any brothers or sisters?

No, just me.

I always thought that it was my
fault that my dad left.

That I wasn't good enough.

But later, I found out

that he was the one having the

He couldn't cope with reality.

Paranoid, personality disorder.

Really tragic.

No more interviews today, then?

No, you can take it
easy today, all right.

I still have some work to do.


Let's play one more game,

Pick a city in your mind
right now, any city.

You got one?


Well regardless of what city you

would you think of this
as an act of free will?

And you have to ask yourself

the first most important

How many cities do you know in
the world?


Your free will is already

by the fact that there's a limit

to your knowledge on cities.

Second, you could have
picked any other city

that you've been or read about

but you didn't.

So there is a certain
aspect about this city

that in came up in your

that you have no control over

but yet you think your free
will decided on that city.

You might say it was just a
random pick

but I am sure that you
intellectual mind knows better.

Everything that happened in your

from your birth, born
with specific genetics

in a certain demographic

your family, relationships,

Right now, you're
listening to this podcast.

Everything has built
up to this very moment

and it will affect you.

So whether you like it or not.

There is no free will
in the block universe.

Past, present, and future are
all one

and cannot be changed.

Past, present, and future are
all one,

cannot be changed.

Now, repeat after

If someone says.

Can you have a look at

Did you go through my shit?


You heard me.

This was all folded.


Don't lie to me.

I thought I heard something.

Right, you heard something.

I thought I
heard someone in here.

Anyone in?

Come on, seriously, have a good



All right, well don't
go through my shit, okay?

Go now.

Hi, guys.

I just had a quick chat with

and he thinks that I'm
going through his stuff.

Slight state of paranoia, I
would say.

I don't know why he thinks
I'm going through his stuff

but there's definitely something

Can't really put my finger on it

but it's just a feeling, you

Sorry, this may all sound a bit

at the moment but Nicholas keeps

me these joints with some sort
of hallucinating thing in it,

makes me feel a bit clogged, you

Anyway, plan for tomorrow
keep doing the interviews.

Still think I have to dig a bit

Get more personal.

This will be the core of my



Shall we start?

I would like to go more
into the exact reasons

for you to build this submarine.

I think I've already
told you that my company...

No, I know you want to help
the world

but why do you do it?

Living in complete solitude?

Well, to start, it's easy for
the mind.

I don't need these distractions

from the so called real world.

The amount of stress you let
into your body is a choice.

Not many people seem to
understand that kind of knowledge.

We all want to just watch the
latest show

and buy the newest gadgets,

go to that unique vacation spot

that everybody has already been.

Wear the latest fashion.

It's all superficial stuff.

Distraction for the ego

where as you could

stimulate your higher mind

on a deeper level and
let your consciousness,

your subconsciousness grow.

So, why can that only be
achieved on a submarine?

Surely, you could go
to a meditation clinic?

True but what happens after

when you take back your bus or

You get pulled in, right
away into your daily dose

of impulses from society.

So, you're saying to
reach a higher consciousness

it can only be achieved
without any distractions.


And when did that journey
of the mind start for you?

It's hard to say.

Around seven years ago.

After the car accident?

Have you ever taken a
break from the real, Amelia?

A break from the real?

See, traumatic events are
un-symbolized for the subject.

Therefore, the subject cannot
possibly recall these events.

No matter how hard they try,

they wouldn't overcome
the void that is created

by that trauma that they have

What happens next is that
fantasies created around

this meaningless void and it's

to create an illusion of

As a result, the traumatic event

is perceived by the subject
as something compatible

for the rest of the
subjects symbolic universe.

But in reality, it is not.

Would you say that you have
had some traumatic event

in your life?

Not that I can recall of, no.

Or maybe you haven't repeated

I think I would have recalled

if it had changed my life.

You see, the first
thing that people notice

when they start meditating
is how uneasy they feel.

They get confronted by their

the mind has to intervene

Have you ever meditated?


I take yoga classes

but haven't really felt
that kind of enlightenment.

I see.

I would like to show you

What I'm going to show
you is my latest invention

and I haven't shown it to anyone

This is what they used to call
a sensory deprivation tank.

By closing off your hearing

all your other senses are all

I perfected the method by adding

and crystals that stimulate
the body and mind even more.

One hour in this tank will
give you more insights

into yourself than any top level

could give you in a year.

Looks scary.

What about all the wires?

Well, these wires will
be connected to your body

and brain so we can monitor
the current state you're in.

Happiness, hope, fear, anger.

All spectrums of emotions
are built of in colors

just like any light source.

Sounds like a new age wet

Do you want to try?

Floating sessions starts.

Please enjoy.

I don't know what's going
on around here anymore.

I keep hearing and seeing

Images, memories, I don't know.

I feel like I just want to run

but I can't, obviously.

I don't know why I'm recording
all this.

My brain, it's, it's going in a

recurring thoughts, emotions,

they just keep coming back.

I don't even care about
the research anymore.

I just want to go home.

I miss my friends.


I really miss my friends.

Okay, let me sum this up for

We've got the illegal
drugs, the CCTV footage,

the weird brain scan,

and we've got the gun.

Now, how does all that sound to
you, eh?

Let me tell you a story,

Can I call you Nicholas?

You know what, I don't care.

Couple of years ago, my partner
and I,

we were given a big case.

Missing girl.

Country was going crazy about

Media coverage everywhere.

Jesus, we even had members of
the public

out looking for her.

My partner discovers a
link to a family member

who was living abroad.

So we called him in.

Seemed like a reasonable guy.

Couldn't really pin anything
on him, so we let him go.

Days went by, no new leads.

Some of my colleagues even
thought we'd never find the girl.

Then my partner has,
what we call in the job,

a Columbo moment.

He has a hunch.

Wants to get this guy, this
family member

in for more questioning.

So he goes out, alone,

to this guy's house.

As he gets to the house, the
guys leaving

so my partner decides to follow

Follows him all the way out to
the woods.

The guy gets out the car,
tries to put some distance

between him and my partner.

My partner follows him.

The guy stops by this huge lake.

Starts taking off all his

My partner calls for backup

because he thinks this guys
gonna do himself an injury

and that maybe we'll never find
the girl.

So my partner approaches the

tries to stall for time.

He sees the guys crying.

Really crying, not fake
tears, not crocodile tears

but really sobbing

and the guy turns around and
asks my partner for a hug.

A fucking hug

and my partner, the stupid
bastard, he gives him a hug

and that's when the guy pulls a

and he stabs my partner
in the back 12 times.

So you see in this life, I'm not

of any Muslim terrorist, any
jihadist, any ISIS member.

What terrifies me is
the confused white man.

So, Nicholas.

You don't have to tell me

But fuck me, if I was you,

I'd start talking right now.

What happened, Nicholas?

Didn't she like you, eh?

You couldn't fuck her, is that

I think I would like to
see my lawyer right now.

Okay, so we're not
gonna discuss this then?

Discuss what?

I heard something last night.


Yes, I did.

I have a recording.

Wait, you recorded me?

I was talking to some friends.

Without internet?

I was leaving them a voice

for when we get internet again.

Let me hear it.


Give me your phone.



I really don't like to be

You can barely hear anything.

All right then, give it to me.

I won't give you my phone
because it's nothing, okay?


You better have a look at this.

What is this?

This is the result from
your time in the tank.

Turns out, you have HPPD.

Hallucinogen Persisting
Perception Disorder

and it needs to be treated.

Wait, what?

This is for real, Amelia.

What are you talking about?

During the time in the tank

I got a very high profile
of your pre-fortex.

I believe that's why you
heard things last night.

What do you want?

No, seriously.

What do you want?

I want to help you.

One more session in the tank

and I could go deeper
into the different aspects

that are causing this paranoia.

What if I don't want to?


Hi, guys, how are you doing?

I had a really bad night again
last night.

I'm starting to wonder whether
I made the right decision

by coming here or not.

My research isn't going

I totally failed.

I don't know what's going on.

I mean, I do want to finish

But all I can do is talk
into this stupid camera.

Just a few more days.

I'm getting messages coming

We must be going up.

The Internet's back on.

Amelia, can you hear me?


Claire, what are all these

- What's going on?
- Amelia, I need you

to stay calm.


What's happening?

Who is coming for us?

Amelia, the authorities
have gathered all information.

They have a warrant on Nicholas.

Now, they need to find your

Can you tell us anything?

On what charges?

We're coming back in a couple of

Amelia, I don't know how to
put this.


They think that Nicholas is on
the run

- for a befriended embassy.
- But with me on here?

He's asking for asylum.

It's not possible.

I need you to stay calm.

He mustn't know that
you're up to something.

At this point, he's considered
armed and dangerous.

He's not, here look.

I can send you our location.

We tried hard to find
your current location

but we can only find the
location from where you departed.

Now, I need you to stay calm

and I need you to...

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Hey, you okay?

I'm fine.

Were you looking
for me?

Yeah, I
came to see what happened

- to the internet.
- I shut it down.

We'll start moving again,
battery's fully charged.

- Shut it down?
- Yeah.

Okay, I was trying

to send something to my friend.

Oh, can it wait until

Are you okay?

You want to sit down?

Here, have some tea.

It looks like you were just
hyperventilating a moment ago.

Thank you.

Look, how 'bout some dinner

That will be lovely, thank

Something a bit more fancy
than this?

Thank you, Nicholas.

Attention, dinner almost ready.

Well, hello, Ms. Anderson.

Please, have a seat.

You didn't have to do this.

Please, a little bit of
luxury every now and then,

it's okay, no?

Thank you, Nicholas.

To your research.

To research.

So, are you feeling better?

Oh yeah, yes.

Thanks for checking up on me.

Strange, my perception of time

has completely changed
over the last few days.

I tend to get more done.


How is your sleep, okay?


Any nightmares?

No, not really.


Any unusual heart rhythm or
panic attacks?

A little bit, yeah.

I'm so sorry that I pushed you

into these sessions in the tank.

But they will help you, you

When did you start these

I don't recall exactly
but my doctor advised them

to me after the accident.

Cope with the post
traumatic stress disorder.

Does it work?

I think so, yes.

You get to know yourself much
better when you're in there.

Just in combination with the

just tends a bit much.

It does, yeah.

I hope that you're hungry.

One of the very few
species that have survived

for the last millions of years

still so tasty.

So you didn't notice anything

about Amelia while you were

I already told you no.

She seemed tired but,

I thought she just put a lot
of hours into her studies.

No signs of panic, paranoia?

Nothing that I'm aware of, no.

Did you trust her?

For the time, yes.

But we were just starting
to get to know each other.

So you found her old
school recording device.

Oh yeah, we found it.

With Amelia's last recording in

so sorry that I pushed you

into these sessions in the tank.

But they will help you, you

And that you were an
only child, that's crazy.

You must have missed your dad.

Not really.

I didn't know him so, wasn't

I ever knew anything about,

What are you doing?

Do I what?

What, no, come on.

Relax, nobody's watching us.

So can you tell me
what's going on there?

Don't you have the
footage from the CCTV?

Don't play games with me,

You know full well that all
those cameras

were turned off that specific

You must have missed your dad.

Not really.

I didn't know him so, wasn't

I ever knew anything about,


What are you doing?

Do you know how to dance,

Do I what?

Do you know how to dance?

- What, no.
- Come on.

Relax, nobody's watching us.

Amelia, I have to tell you

What was that?

security program activated.

What the fuck was that?

I don't know.

What do you want from me?


- Amelia.
- What?

I need you to stay

I can't, I've had it with this


Anyone who is watching this,

we are

We have been hit.

Please send help.

Can I please have a smoke?

I told you, I don't remember.

The submarine got hit, I
fell down, unconscious.

That's it.

And you don't recall
anything that Amelia did

while you were out?


Did she get help from
anyone on the outside

or the inside?

Did she call anyone?

Was there anyone else on board?


Please open the door.



Open the door!

Tell me what
the fuck is going on.

I don't know.

We have a leak and I don't
know how much time we have.

You better unlock the door now.

Or I can reprogram it.


Unresponsive server.

Oxygen level 76.

What did you do?

Amelia, please untie me.

Why should I believe you?

'Cause there's no other

You've got no other choice, do

How do I know you're
not gonna attack me?


Why did you pick me?

What do you mean?

Why me?

I don't...

We're the same.

You and me.

No, we're not the same.

You are very different to me.


'Cause I got more money or fame?

It doesn't mean shit, doesn't

Please unite me, please
let us leave, okay.

What do you want, die
down here, suffocate?

Shut up, I'm trying to think.

Come on!

Thank you.

Now get us out of here.

It doesn't work.

Don't play games, Nicholas.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.


You knew they were
coming for us, didn't you?

Who were?

You planned this whole fucking

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

You knew.

What, knew what?

Fuck you!

No seriously, just.

Stop it.

Oh fuck.

We can go all day and
night with this, Nicholas.

We've got an audiotape,
CCTV, illegal drugs, the gun.

Jesus Christ, it's like you're

never get of jail Bingo.

Not to mention all the other

If you won't tell us anything,

how about we let a judge
take a look at this

and let them come to
their own conclusions?

Why can't we make a deal?

We can make a deal when
we know what happened.

Why don't you just tell us?

You saying nothing makes you
look more like a perpetrator.

If we can make a deal
on the stated allegations,

I will give you more details.

Okay, talk.

We got into an argument.

Did you hit her?

We had to get out of the

The water was rushing in,

the oxygen level was less and

Apparently, she destroyed
all the buoyancy levels.


How should I know?

I was out.

So you assaulted her?


Why would I do that?

Well something
went wrong.

This is the reason why
I'm sitting here, isn't it?

Who are you?

Let go.

Unresponsive server.

Oxygen level 55.


You need to listen, okay,

I have to tell you something.

Who is she?

What are you talking about?

The girl you're hiding here.

Where is she?

Oh come, seriously.

Look, Amelia, I have to confess.

I haven't been completely
honest with you, all right?

What are you talking about?

Who is she?

- Look, Amelia...
- Your daughter?

This whole thing isn't real,

I know it's real and you have

somebody's daughter or did
she not die in a car accident.

Amelia, I wanted to
tell you earlier, okay,

but I just wanted to get to know
you a little more because...

You're a fucking maniac.

She's just a child.

What the fuck are you talking

Then what is this?

Okay, all right.

Look, easy now.

If you shoot this one we both
are gonna die, all right?

They were right about you.

Look, I'm sorry, okay,
I'm sorry for everything.

I'm sorry.

You're a fucking asshole.

Shoot me then.

Shoot me, okay!

Fuck you.

The gun isn't real.

It's a dummy I picked
up on the black market.

So why the fake gun in the
first place?

I just wanted to see
how she would react.

So you were testing her?


That's pretty fucked up,

How do you think that's
gonna hold up in court?

I wanted to tell her
but she wouldn't listen.

She just, she just wouldn't

I think we'll take a short
break, there.

Your lawyer should be here any

level 35.

I just wished I had more time.

What does it matter now?

All this bullshit.


Working hard.

Getting people to like you.

It seems so stupid to think
about it.

The fact of knowing
would only torment you.

Feels kind of ironic now,
doesn't it?

What do I know?

I'm not even gonna get a fucking

So what happens now?

Bright light followed by eternal

The afterlife?

Reunited with loved ones?

I never really thought about it.

It feels good right now.

It feels pretty fucking
good right about now.

Why would you do this, Nicholas?

There's still so much that I
want to do,

things I want to say to people.

Tell them they're very

tell my mom that I love her,

even though we have
fights most of the time.

Silly fights.

She always says that I'm like my

Big ego that will never listen.

What does it matter now?

I'm gonna die as a lonely
loser on a stupid boat

because I thought I could
change the world with this.

Silly me.

Silly silly.

Bye, Nicholas.


In the recent incident
relating to the T-O Xenia

in which it was extensively

and the life of my client, Mr.

was put in considerable danger.

Regarding this, the state
has finally admitted

full liability and will in

will pay compensation and

to all concerned parties,
including my client.

All charges against my
client, Mr. Hallberg,

have forthwith been dropped.

Please sign for me, Nick.


Thank you.

I think we're all done here.

Would you be so kind, Ethan?

Oh just curious, Nicholas.

Why did you do it?

I mean it's obvious
you can afford anything

you want in the world, so why
didn't you try to get away?

I mean, you never even left the

Do you really want to know the

It's so simple.

It's because I can.

Can you give me your
full name, please, miss?

Amelia Olivia Anderson.

Amelia, how long do you think
you were onboard the submarine?

Something like a week?

10 days.

Now, we found lots of high
tech equipment on board,

video cameras, video display
units, WiFi signal jammers,

that kind of thing.

Did you know you were being


But you were
aware of the CCTV cameras?



I can't.

It's okay, it's okay.

Amelia, we seem to think that
Mr. Hallberg

was using you as some sort of
guinea pig

in some sort of sick
simulation experiment.

What about the girl?

Is she all right?

- She all right?
- Amelia we...

Is she all right?

Amelia, we found no one else
on board.

Just the two of you.

♪ Row row row your boat ♪

♪ Gently down the stream ♪

♪ Merrily merrily merrily ♪

♪ Life is but a dream ♪