Ayalvaashi (2023) - full transcript

A petty misunderstanding changes Thajudheen and Benny's relationship from friends to foes. Thajudheen goes above and beyond to prove his innocence but ends up making things worse for his loved ones.

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Oh! My dear buddies!

Let me tell you something based
on my life experience.

It's pretty hard to live with good people.

Good family members,

good friends,

or good neighbors!

If you have a choice,
avoid living with such folks.

In particular...

don't ever make them your friends!

Why, you ask?
Look at my condition now!

What I really want to say is...

Where do I start?

Yeah! The day Benny returned
from the Middle East...

That is, on the day
of Kunjimalu's engagement.

Hey. Go and get it quickly.

- Is it coming?
- No.

-On the tip of cardamom-fragrant lips
-Salaam Alaikum

- Walaikum Assalam.
- Dripping is a wedding song

Following, you peel a half kilogram
Of spicy gossip

-Closing her almirah
-Your hair is wet.

-A little princess is getting dolled up
-Give it to them.

- Malu, wipe her hair dry.
- The day breaks to see

-Shamiana tents stand tall in line
-No problem, I'll wipe that.

I'll come back.

-Daily it should continue
-This is our sweetie-pie.

In the graceful day spring
On the ship's deck

Rigging a sail, all merrily

-A Prince Charming awaits

- Water is not coming!
- To get a glimpse of you

-The dream boy, all set to tie the knot
-Is that good?

-Coming across the bank
-Can we send him?

Sailing on a ship

No way! Let's go!

-To conquer and make you his girl
-She thinks she is a princess...

-A Prince Charming arrives
-Can't you see, Thaju?!

Observing a fast

On the tip of cardamom-fragrant lips

Dripping is a wedding song

Following, you peel a half kilogram
Of spicy gossip

You go and work in the backyard.

Pachu! Your boss is here.
Didn't you see the time?

Where is your henna tattoo?

- Look here.
- Fantastic.

All good?

- Aameen!
- Aameen!

You wanna join?

Come along this way?

Oh, beloved
Sit by my side for our feast

The woks and pots
Clamor and prattle

Oh, Papa, we got to cook
And serve the flavorful rice

We are short of spoons
Pans and handles

Yet, the desires arise

And we get restless

Borrowing a worn saree
We head to attend the wedding

That day taught us
Where there's love there are tiffs

Oh, Papa, this time

May the feast be grand
In this season of marriage!

In the graceful day spring
On the ship's deck

Rigging a sail, all merrily

A Prince Charming awaits
To get a glimpse of you

-On the lips reddened
-Hey, Benny!

- with cardamom
- How are you, Thaju?

Begins a chat about the wedding date

-Nod yes to it and come to me
-Hello, Gulf man, take it and serve them.

Oh, my loved one

With quite some struggle

Six sovereigns worth of gold
Is all set for the Mahr

Spreading smiles and merry

Two families unite

May this day gleam with joy

In the graceful day spring
On the ship's deck

Rigging a sail, all merrily

A Prince Charming awaits
To get a glimpse of you

The dream boy
All set to tie the knot

Coming across the bank
Sailing on a ship

To conquer and make you his girl

-A Prince Charming arrives
-Make sure,

-Observing a fast
-he doesn't mess things up this time.

To conquer and make you his girl

What will I mess up?

Not you, me.
Because I am the son-in-law here, right?

-To conquer and make you his girl
-Hey, come here.

A Prince Charming arrives
Observing a fast

The thing is, when a function happens
in the neighborhood,

we, the neighbors,

blatantly consider it
as our own family function.

Even Aunt Grace considered it
in the same way.


Why is this stuck?

Oh, no!



Kunji, can you go
to the hostel by bus tomorrow?

I have to open the store tomorrow.

I don't want you to drop me
at the hostel anyway.

- You go to sleep.
- Yeah, I'm going to.

- Venu.
- Be quiet.


- What's the matter?
- Are you asleep?

Come! Let me put you to sleep.

- Come on. Get up.
- What's the matter?


- Why are you here, Malu?
- Me?

- We'll be right back.
- Where's my shirt?

He's got some urgent work to do...

Papa! Hand me a bidi as well.

If we both smoke together,

we can effortlessly solve all
our wedding-related issues.

You've been running around
the whole day, Papa. Go to bed now.

Come on, get up!

Stop smoking! Get up!

Get up.

Sister, why is she coughing?


This is the place where we come
to chitchat.

It's so hot.

- We haven't gathered here in a long time.
- There's no breeze.

Since it is an open place,

it is a good location to speak freely.


If Busharatha
doesn't attend this function,

she's never gonna come for anything!

It's not that. My brother-in-law
is busy with his stuff.

Moreover, they have
to travel all the way from Kannur.

She called me this morning also.

- Right?
- Yeah! Right!

And not because she's trying to avoid
repaying the money she borrowed from him.

The money that you didn't get
till today,

you expect her to repay it
in the next two weeks?

Don't hurt his feelings
on the first day itself!

Let him keep his hopes up
for two more weeks.

Yeah! Wake me up from deep sleep,
bring me here, and pull my leg!

You guys better stop this!

Hey, Thaju.

No matter who you deal with,

you ought to make them
stay within their limits.

Otherwise, you will have
to suffer like this.

Really? That must be why

your wife fought with your mom
and lives at her house now.

Do you have any shame?

You're such a mama's boy,
even at this age!

Go on. Jump.

Free food doesn't mean
there are no limits to follow.

You want some?


Have you lost all of your fire?
Did it fizzle out?!


If the presence of a good daughter-in-law
creates family conflicts,

how can one solve them?


does your mommy have a passport?

None of this is the real problem.

What's the so-called "real problem"
which I don't know?

The mere thought
of how to face Celina's dad

- makes me feel so embarrassed!
- Oh!

I don't have any points for defense!

- Hey.
- Yes?

Stop playing around, and bring your wife
back home tomorrow itself.

And stop bathing outside.
Stick to the bathroom.

Nagging us late at night for no reason!

Yes, man. That's the plan.

What? To bathe in the bathroom?

Not that!

Tomorrow, I'm taking Mom out

to treat her to some KFC chicken

and show her our new car at the showroom.

I want to make her happy!

Long odds!

She's your mom, right?!

Of course! She will be happy!

Just watch!

Hey! Why didn't you have it?

Is it too cold?

I will order something hot.

A coffee, maybe? Hello...

- Let me order!
- I'm good.

So, these documents are okay.

Aadhaar card, PAN card,

Celina madam's salary certificate,
and the tax receipt.

All okay. No further formalities are left.

The bank's delivery order will be
fulfilled today, they said.

And the regional transport office,
we have our guy there. It's fine.


we can't change the car's color now.

It's because ma'am insisted on blue
on the day of booking.


Not you, ma'am.

Celina ma'am.

To be frank,
I personally like the cherry color.

We could have received the delivery
at least a week earlier

since we already had it in stock.

Had you brought your mom
during the booking,

we could've avoided this confusion, right?

Why didn't you come that day?

You didn't discuss it with her?

She should have had the basic courtesy
to ask me before deciding on the color!

My dear Mommy...

She and Navami just visited the showroom
while returning from school.

Why would she avoid you, Mommy?

Are you asking me?!
Go and ask her!

At this rate, you might even accuse Celina
of damaging our refrigerator!

Yeah! That's the next thing!

Your friend, Thaju.

While he may be your childhood friend,
there is a limit to everything.

Otherwise, such things can happen.

Didn't you see how they made a mess
at our home yesterday?

And your wife is even more open-minded
than you!

Mommy, the water valve was damaged!

Stop blaming them!

Don't forget that Malu and Pachu are
of great help when I'm not around!

Even the well we use is
at their sole property of 2,5 cents.


What's your decision?

What now?

Let's settle for blue.

We aren't gonna get cherry anyway!

- Oh, no!
- Benny! Son!


She left voluntarily,
so let her return at her own discretion.

Would anyone just leave the house
for no reason?

So? Do you mean I'm responsible for that?

Mummy, did I say that?

It's been so long
since I saw my child Navami.

Even if I said something,

what was the need for calling
her brother over and leaving with him?

That's what I asked, Mommy.

What should we do next?

That's what I said. She left on her own,
let her come back on her own too!

Look! This is Benny's situation.

Mom's best son!

Where are you going?

I'm going! I'm fed up with this life!


I can come only if you move.

Straight. Come.

Watch out. Straight.



We must conduct the marriage
at some point,

so we are doing it as best we can.


What can you even do?

Even your house's flooring
is not finished.

And you think you can conduct a wedding?!

Stop making fun of me.

I'll sell this vehicle if I have to.

Do you mean you'll sell the vehicle
the mosque committee bought you?

Sure, why not?!

Don't spoil my fish, Thaju!

Really! You are saying this?!

My payment for several trips
is still pending.

Will I get today's payment, at least?

I have no money because
people like you aren't paying me!

Come on! Enough with your speech!

It's about your payment, right?

I'll shove it down your throat

- today itself!
- Yeah! Give me!

Don't be so greedy for money, Thaju!



Give me the money!

It's an emergency. Give me.

- Money? What money?
- For...

For our last trip, and the umpteen trips
before that. Come on! It's urgent!

Don't you behave so inhumanely, Thaju!

Didn't I pay you 2,500 rupees
just the day before yesterday?

Twenty-five hundred...?

What about the balance, 6,100?

Didn't I pay 27,644 rupees at the market,
right in front of your eyes?

I'm just out of the frying pan!

You must be so heartless
to ask me for money at this time.


Unload it before leaving, Thaju!



You can't park your vehicle here.
Move it.

- Where else do I park it?
- You can't park it here.

Move it.

As if this is a shopping mall
where you can't park?

And my friends promised to buy
a lacha dress for me. So, that's set.

What's left now? Need to arrange jewelry,

wedding hall, food, and the wedding card.
That's all, right?

Relax, dear.

It's not our headache, right?

Papa and Brother will take care of it.

"Save the date" video shoot...

Dear Chinju...

So, when are you gonna buy
the wedding dresses?

- Today!
- Today? I too, wanted to come!

Didn't I tell you...

- Not there. Here!
- Where does it hurt?


- Right here.
- Here?

Kunji has no inexpensive dreams.

After all, she's the bride.

Why do you smell like fish?


What happened to her now?

They said it could be pneumonia.

She might have to stay here for five days.

Five days?

We need to collect the blood
and urine test reports from the lab.

They've asked
to get an X-Ray of hers too.

Did they ask
to conduct her marriage as well?

Do you have any money?

How would I...

What do we do now?
I don't have any...

This is Thaju.

He is always plagued by bad luck.

- Isn't Benny around?
- No.

He left because he was fed up with life.

Come on, start the scooter.

We should catch him before he dies.

Hurry up!

Whatever is meant
to happen will surely occur, correct?

Without any delay.

See, it's coming.


That guy in a checked shirt.

- Aren't you Benny?
- Yes.

A day before yesterday,

I had come to your house and paid
25,000 rupees in advance for this scooter.

Your papa asked me to wait
till you return from the Middle East.

As it's a matter of just two days,
I thought I would wait.

That's why I sent my son this morning
to get the scooter.

But... what's the matter?

When he came to my store
with the scooter,

I saw a scratch on the scooter, which
wasn't there when I paid the advance.

- Scratch?
- Yeah. Not just that.

Have a look.

The scratch was concealed
by applying a sticker to it.

- You see that?
- Yeah.

Wouldn't that be considered fraud?

The sticker was applied neatly.

Wouldn't the party purchasing this from me

accuse me of deliberately deceiving them?

This idiot should have checked it
before taking the scooter!


Who else would take the scooter
from my home?

Didn't you see?

Only my papa and mommy live there.

So what?

Did you ask this chap?


Didn't he collect the scooter
in the morning?

What if it happened after that?

Wow! That's great!

He took the scooter
from there hardly half an hour back.

Within that time, how could he have
hit the scooter, brought it to my store,

hidden it after pasting a sticker
on the scratch,

looked for you at your home,
and then arrived here already?

Did we have so much time?
Be logical!

You pinning the blame on my son

is even worse
than what you did with the scooter.

So, shall we say goodbye to this deal?

Here. Take this!

Now, return my 25,000 rupees.

I'm leaving, Thaju.

- Richard is alone there.
- Okay.

What's up? Is your mommy happy now?

So, you didn't call Celina?


I came here to ask you something.


Haven't they picked up this scooter yet?

They were here.

But they left it here.

There was a scratch that was
not present when they paid the deposit.


How could they do that?

Let me see.

Mom said that you were the one who last
took the scooter during yesterday's event.


What's this?
You could've told me if you had hit it.

I... I took the scooter.

But it was Pachu who took it outside.

Come on! Pasting stickers? Seriously?


Don't you and Pachu know that

this scooter is for sale?

But, Pachu didn't tell me anything.

Does it matter to them
if Pachu said anything or not?

Barkath, the dealer,
humiliated me in front of the entire town!

He could've just informed me.

No, I don't think it's him.

You know, right?
He tells us everything.

Not everything.
This is how you find out...


My dear Celi...

How will I be able to pacify Mommy
if you keep causing trouble like this?


Why did you select a different color
for the car without consulting Mom?

Hey, Bennychan!
What the hell are you saying?!

You're the one who insisted
on selecting the color blue!

I told you a hundred times
that your mommy prefers cherry!


Yes! You!

Why the hell would I care about the color?

If Mommy likes cherry,

why did I ask you to book a blue car?

Are you really asking me that?

This is what happens
if you call people when you're drunk.

And now you're blaming me!


Anyway, when are you coming here?

You need to meet Papa, okay?

Yeah! Papa!

Brother, I ran out
of money completely yesterday.

Because of that, I had nothing
to offer when Sister asked me.

We might get 1000 rupees
if we sell this.

Still, we'll have to get more birds
by the time Chinju gets discharged.

Otherwise, she would get to know.

Hey, Thaju bro.

Brother, let go of that scooter issue.

Bennychan might have said it
while being under stress.

But he says nobody else took the scooter.
That's why.

If we keep quiet about this issue,

won't he become certain
that we are responsible for it?


- Triny...
- Yeah.

- I'm off.
- Alright.



I saw Labeeb going with the scooter.

- Who?
- Bike dealer Barkath's son.

Did they buy that scooter?

I guess so.

In that case, they only did this!

- I'll be right back.
- Carry on.

- Start the bike!
- Where?

Their store is quite close by.

Get going.

Dare they play a trick on us!

- It's their usual trick!
- What?

They'd offer a price and fix the deal.
They'd pay a good advance too.

And when it's time to pick up the bike,

they'd point out silly issues
and reduce the price.

That's their profit margin.

But this time, they're trying
to fool our Bennychan.

- Fooling Benny?!
- Yeah!

During the last tournament,

they had a scuffle with another party
for the same reason!

- I witnessed it.
- Are you sure?

Apart from us, they are the only ones
who have taken the scooter.

They'd do such things for their profit.

And blame and label us,
the naive, as frauds!

Brother, here.


Where's Labeeb?

- What's the matter?
- Hey, Labeeb!

Stop shouting here. Leave.

He tried to pull his usual con
on us this time.

Better stop that father and son duo!

Or we will thrash you to a pulp!

Don't take out your rants on me,
direct them towards them.

- You're also working with them, right?
- Hey! Who's it?

How can you say you don't know anything?

Because I don't know!

- I'm only talking. Keep your hands off!
- Get lost!

- Hey, you!
- What's wrong with you, Pachu?

If you have any issues at the playground,
finish it there!

Don't drag it to the store!

Hey! Labeeb...

Just because we're silent,

- Pachu!
- don't you dare pull your tricks on us!

- How dare you make a scene here?
- I will!

- Let go of me!
- Stop it!

Listen to me. We will talk it out.

- Let's even it out, then!
- Come on!

- Come on!
- Get lost!

- Let go of me!
- Come here!

- Come here!
- Let's go!

Let go of me!

What's the matter? Tell me!

It's them, Dad!
It's about that morning scooter issue!

Let's catch them!

Hurry up, Dad!


Hey, Itty Master!

What are you doing here, sir?

- Where's the Mounam Hotel, son?
- It's over there.

- Alright.
- Okay, sir.

Take the balance.

Where is the Mounam Hotel?

It's over there.


- Hello?
- Hey, Papa. I'm here.

- I'm here too. Here!
- Where?


Yeah. Come.

He's my son-in-law, Benny.

He works in Dubai.

Benny! What are you doing here?


See you later!

Carry on.
I'm busy with something.

Let's go.
We'll be late to the shop.

- Have you been here for a long time?
- No, I just came.

Oh, okay.
Shall we sit and talk then?

- Let's get in.
- Alright.


I've been trading vehicles
for quite a long time now!

The deal would work
or not work at times.

Sometimes at profit
and sometimes at a loss too!

But I've never picked a fight with someone
over business deals to date.

Till this moment!

- What's wrong?
- What's the matter?

What is it, son?

If you have anything to tell me,
talk to me privately.

You shouldn't be sending folks
to beat my son up!

- Sending folks...?
- What's the matter?

- What's the issue? Tell me!
- What's the issue? Tell me!

I paid an advance amount for the scooter,
but it was ruined when I went to get it.

Oh, no! It's not like that. He was just...

- Let me explain. Hold on.
- Stop it, you!

- Let me handle it.
- Move away!

It's not like
Benny isn't aware of the fact that

smoking is injurious to health.

But little did he expect

to get into a tussle with Barkath

in front of his father-in-law.

Benny's father-in-law
was unknown to Barkath,

just as Barkath was unknown
to Benny's father-in-law.

Amid these misunderstandings,

knowingly or unknowingly

caused by Thaju,

he arrived on the scene,
completely oblivious to all these facts.

You had a narrow escape, Benny.
They're total frauds.

They aren't frauds!

They aren't frauds!

What's this?

Keep it there, Thaju!

Keep it there, Thaju!

Benny, I was...

Did I ask you to pick up a fight
with random people on my behalf?

Did I tell you?!

Did I tell you?!

Do you have any idea what harm
you are causing me?

How have I caused you harm?



- Thaju.
- Thaju.

Can you just get out of here?

But what did I do?

But what did I do?

Every time you defend Pachu,
I find myself in deeper trouble!

Why would Pachu lie to us?

And if this really caused you trouble,

we shall find out who did this.

Didn't you tell me
Pachu was the last to take the scooter?

What is more to find out now?!



What's going on, Benny?

Press the knob and try.

I can't open the door.

Press the below part...

What the...

What are you doing?!

Come and see.

Oh, God!

Oh, my dear Lord!

They have no clue
what they are doing.

Kindly pay them
their dues right outside!


That was not intentional.

Thaju and Benny are no strangers
to petty quarrels.

I didn't anticipate it
to become this loud and painful.

For instance,

when I stepped on the chicken poop
on my porch today,

I was confused about

whether to blame my mommy or the chicken.

Ask me what did I do instead?

I just got into the river
and washed it off.

The fish must've eaten it by now.

And now,

what's the big deal if it's Pachu or not?

Was anybody hurt?

Did the marriage get called off?

Any police case filed?

Monetary loss, defamation,
non-fulfillment of wishes...

Any such grievance caused?
No, right?

But it's not Pachu who did it.

Just imagine Pachu did it.

Never mind. Imagine it's not him.

Or imagine whatever you want!

Does it make any difference?

You're right...

Let me tell you one more thing, Thaju.

I agree that you and Benny are
thick friends, like cookies and cream.

But, his life is settled.

He doesn't have anything to worry about.

But what about you?

The hospital case is on one side.

On the other, marriage.

And then, your housing floor!

Leaving all those,
are you worried about this trivial matter?

Floor, my foot!

Benny is the one irked about it.
Not me!

His humiliation before Celina's father
became the talk of the town.

Write in the middle of these two lines.

- Here?
- Yes.


- Hello. Tell me.
- Hello.

Is your dad home, Celi?

- B...
- Yeah. He's here.

He mentioned meeting you to me.


And what?

Didn't he mention anything?

Answer me first.

We'll discuss Papa's matter after that.

What answer?

Your second marriage!

What should our kid and I do?

Everybody knows that you're home.

Just that nobody will ask you anything!

All are asking me.

No, wait...

Did your father not tell you anything?

Did anything I say fall on your ears?

What would Papa tell me?

Listen. Let me make this clear.

I am coming there with our kid.

You decide whether
to tell your mommy about it or not.

You still get nervous in front
of your mommy!

But I am not nervous like you. Got it?

No, wait! I'll come and pick you up!

Suit yourself!

Is this the way you talk to Benny?

Yeah! You too blame me now, Papa!

Benny came early this time
to take you back home.

Knowing that, is it right for you
to treat him like this?

And look at me!
I'm still here, Papa!

His mother likely filled his ears
with accusations against me by now.

Even if I complain, it's for the sake
of running our family smoothly.

You think I'm having fun here?

How can you say that
she doesn't take care of you at all?

She used to finish
the daily chores, right?

Is taking care of the family
just a chore for you to finish?

What more should I do?

We, the junior teachers, are assigned
all sorts of work in the school.

Since we reopened, the principal has been
pestering us with administrative work.

Once I return home,

I have to attend Matru Vandanam and
Anganwadi meetings on alternate days.

Once she leaves for school
or panchayat matters,

she won't answer her phone,
even if it's an emergency.

Does she ever call back? No!

When the kid returns from school,
she cries for her mom.

What do I do then?

Is she all for only townsfolk
and politicians?

Teachers are supposed to keep
their phones in the staff room.

You made that policy, Papa!

There would be a hundred missed calls
by the time I am done with the class.

It's not possible to call back everyone.

Still, she is the first person
I always call back.

But if I don't answer first,

she'd keep complaining,
even if I call her back or not.

What's the point in getting upset
over such trivial matters?

The problem this time
wasn't a trivial one, Mommy!

All she gets is a day off on Sundays.

Your kid had a fever, and she
had been in meetings since morning.

A hundred daily wage workers and
neighborhood group members were there.

When she didn't take care of
the sick child, I got angry.

I said a few bitter things then.

Do you spare anyone
from your bitter things, Mommy?

Even she knows that, right?

So what?

How can she scold me
in front of the townsfolk?

Don't I have to face them again?

Several of them were
the parents of my students.

Couldn't she just scold the guests, then?

Was I doing it for my personal gain?

Don't I, too, deserve an off day
and a visit to the church?

And what do I see next?

A police jeep in our front yard.

Didn't recognize him?

One with a golden heart
underneath this high headedness.

This naive lad is Kunji's groom.


Straight from Dubai,

he's arrived to give her a surprise.

Hello, guys!

Today I have a surprise for you.

Hey, Salman is going live! See!

Here! See this!

- Wow!
- Is he in town?

- Is he somewhere here?
- Let them wait.


And here is the surprise.

This is my fiancée!

- Ceia!
- When did you arrive?

Just now.



- Are you leaving?
- Carry on. I'll be outside.


Hello, buddy...

- Why didn't you go?
- Why did you cancel your journey?

- I was testing you!
- How many videos of him?

Oh, God!

Who's this reel-aholic?

What's the matter? Why are you here?

Not just me.

They're also here.

Isn't he the one who irked Boban
during our last tournament?

- Hey, isn't that Pachu?
- You didn't tell me anything.

We couldn't even out our issues
in the morning.

Let's talk it out.

Let's finish it right here!

- Hey! Let go! Let him talk.
- Wait a minute, Labeeb!

He's got something to say.
Let him say it.

- Hey, you!
- My sister and brother-in-law are here.

Her marriage is around the corner.
They're here for the wedding shopping.

- Pachu.
- Come on. Let's have a word.


- Move away! Move!
- Hey...

- Move! Listen to me!
- Move!

Azin, listen to me!

Move away!

Things are getting out of our hands!


Leave me!

- Hit him!
- Stay put, man!

I didn't know that his family was around!

- Come, Labeeb.
- Let us talk. Give us a minute.

Let go of my hand!
You weren't so decent in the morning!

- Let him speak. Just wait!
- What will he say?!

The situation got out of hand.

Let's talk and solve everything.

- Salman!
- Don't go there!


- Don't go!
- Punch him!

Punch him!

- Mom!
- Don't go!

Oh, no!

Don't hit him!

- Enough, man! Stop!
- Punch him!

Brother-in-law, come on!
Get up and run!

No use! He's done for!



Yes. May peace be upon you.

Though a bit late,

Kamru uncle too got a...


I'll come there now.

Kamru brother, where are you going?

I'll be right back.

How many days should she stay here?

Dr. Khadeeja said she'd check her X-Ray
and tell you if she's better.

Anyway, she'll have to stay here
till the antibiotic course is over.

Pass her that note.

- Sister.
- What about her parents?

Let the parents wait outside.
It's alright.

Did you hear? Salman fell off a bike
and is admitted to the hospital now.

Ajipan! Don't you have anywhere to go?

Are you hell-bent on getting
the wedding called off this time too?


Kunji is weeping over the phone nonstop!

Whenever Papa or Mommy calls me,
I feel scared.

Amidst all these, how can I manage
it alone here in the hospital?

What are you talking about?

Hey! Don't act stupid!

Remember the tussle you had
with the bike dealer?

Kuttimalu's groom got beaten up for that,
and it's become quite a pickle now.

That's what she's talking about.


See, if the wedding gets called off
one more time because of you,

- I swear, I will...
- But what did I do?

What more could you do?!

Others don't have to bear you
the way I do!

You're the eldest son-in-law
of the family.

A wedding is around the corner,

yet you are barely bothered!

What's new in it?

Who are you to come in between us?
Don't you have anything else to do?

Listen, this is not your bedroom
but a hospital gallery!

You should stop hanging out
with him first, okay?

He's only hanging out with me.

- He's with you always...
- Hey, you!

Two kilograms of bananas
and 200 grams of Dalda.

Bananas? Dalda?

So, it's not a noisy marketplace!

- Here's the bill.
- Oh! Taking a dig at us?

I don't think you will need the
child's discharge to leave the hospital!

You both carry on to the ward, okay?

Go get these.

Thirty-two hundred?

Listen. I'll have to go home today,
no matter what.

Jacob sir has ordered three cakes.

You won't ask for money
that is owed to you.

So I have to do something, right?

It's not like I can't call Busharatha,
your sister, and ask for the money.

Where's Pachu?

It's his sister's wedding, after all!

He'd be busy with that.

When did you come, Kunji?


What's the matter?

Why are you so dumbstruck?

Hey, did you see the way
Kunji looked at me?

Shall I go and talk to her groom?

Oh, no! Don't even think of it, man!

What's the point?
Wanna get an earful from Salman too?


You only noticed how she looked at you?!

Didn't you hear what Malu said?

Everybody's blaming me for no reason.

For no reason?!

You stay at your wife's house.


Because you sold your ancestral home
to get your sister married.

And paid her shares.

You paid off your father's debts as well.

But where's the rest of your money?

You gave it to your brother-in-law!

Why aren't you asking him to return it?

Kuttimalu will indeed interfere now!

That would result
in an unpleasant family matter.

Are you waiting for that to happen?

Will Kunji and her groom not visit
after getting married?

Where will they sleep?

On your lap?!

I'm not a third wheel in that family.

Thaju, you never felt like one...

That's their kindness.

Not because of your merit!

And the wedding...

Though we have peanuts to give as dowry,
this proposal came for her.

It's only because he loves her.


When a fortune comes to our doorstep,
shouldn't we happily welcome it?

Not like...

Enough. Serve it.

Don't you know? He's so naive.


Therefore, he'd do more harm than a scamp!

That's what irked me the most.

Pachu is still a small boy, right?

He might be embarrassed
to accept the truth in front of us.

But why does Thaju have
to be so stubborn about it?

He's going through a lot of troubles
due to the hospital case and the wedding.

That must be it!

Then go, tell him

to stop obsessing over this

and concentrate on Kunji's wedding.

Oh! Now, I'm the one to say it?

You guys used
to be birds of a feather, right?

You go tell him yourself!

Yeah! Now you want me
to go after him for this?

- You wish!
- Yeah!

So, that's what you have in mind!

It will go on!

- It will go on like this!
- Have this.

I don't want it!

Okay, fine with me.

Hey, Pachu.

Come and have food.

- Coming, Mom.
- Come!

I said I am coming!

If he has a phone in his hands,
nothing else is needed.

- Hey, Pachu!
- Yeah.

You didn't go to play today?


Why not?


What's wrong with him?

- Hey!
- Leave it. Let him be.

- Stop the bike!
- Leave it.

We're the only ones here who'll help you
with your sister's wedding.

We've borrowed more than
we can afford from the store.

I have to work really hard
for every penny I earn.

How am I gonna repay it?

Poor Triny! He gives us everything
we ask him from the shop.

I have no peace of mind!

Thanks to Kabeer brother, we were able
to secure the mosque hall for the wedding.

But what about the rest?

Shouldn't everyone in this house
contribute equally to that?

To the outside world,
this family has three men.

Hey, come. Sit.

Get the popadums, Malu.

That's enough.

Salman doesn't need any money.


Shouldn't we give something to our girl
when she gets married off?

Of course, we should.

Besides, it's not like my marriage, right?

She will have to live
in her husband's house, right?

Let me go get some pickles.

Oh, God!

We won't be able to carry this out
without the townsfolk's cooperation.

We shouldn't trouble them, right?

Isn't this a matter of our girl's future?

- Son...
- I am done...

Are you angry?


I didn't mean anything...

The only thing you said was
that we should treat Salman with gifts.

Pachu is here to do all that.

What's this, dear?

Maybe because I am an orphan...

I swear, I haven't done anything
that could hurt this family.


Still, why did you...?


Yes, I'm coming.

Don't break it.

What happened?

Is it my fault that I am an orphan?

Is it my fault that we had to sell off
my father's house?

The wedding is around the corner,
and my child is hospitalized.

Do you know...

what my family told me yesterday?

Was that me who went to Barkath's store
and picked up the fight?

Am I the reason
why he had an argument with Benny?

Why did that fatso beat down Salman?

Am I the reason for that?

I, who did nothing wrong,
am suffering now.

So I have decided something.


You were right.

I got to conduct the marriage.

And build the house.

I won't be able to do that now.

But there is something that I can do.

And I ought to do it.

I will find out who scratched
that scooter.

And then?

And then I will kill him!

To tell you the truth,

I've never heard a lie as blatant as
"Peace for the kind-hearted ones."

Just tell me...

Do you know any kind-hearted folk
who has attained peace?


And there's a saying,
"Search, and you will find."

So, we shall search.


When we think about various possibilities,

shouldn't we just stick
to possible suspects?


In that case, I suspect Rahul Gandhi.

To heck with his...

Did you pack twelve packets of bread?

Four kilograms of rusk?

Ten packets of dilkhush?

On the day of the engagement,

there was a huge crowd.

- Whom do we suspect?
- Yeah...

It must be Rahul Gandhi.

He's your suspect, right?

Call and ask him!

Hey, who was present on that day?

Who else was there...?

If we think that way,

the ones who might
need Benny's scooter...

Tasty Petta Caterers wouldn't need it.

Nasser doesn't drive.

If Pratapan takes the scooter,
don't expect to get it back.

Jose wouldn't take the scooter
like a freeloader.

And who is this guy?!
I've literally no clue!

And the Ustad...
He's totally clueless about any of this!

We're the only ones remaining, right?

Shouldn't we avoid doubting ourselves?


Why can't it be them?

Let him be!

We can't buy and store jasmine flowers
in advance, right?

So let's go buy it now!

Don't worry.
Hold on a minute.

How do we buy it now?
That's the problem.

We need to buy it, right?
Let's go.

How about sending this guy?

- Right, I guess...
- Yeah? What is it?

Him? No way! Let's go!

How else will we get it, then?

Are scooters hard to find here?

What? That red scooter?


- It's her!
- Who?

Didn't you say they slept at Benny's house
the previous night?

In that case, she would have
definitely taken the scooter!

- Aunty, bye.
- They took Benny's scooter

and went to town,

where they crashed it.

Ruined it,

pasted the sticker,

brought the scooter back
without anyone noticing,

and fled the scene.

After all, she's not Superman
to buy jasmine flowers and return

by the time Kunji finishes taking a bath!


I'm telling you what I saw.

Call Kunji now.

Won't she feel bad
if we suspect her friends?


You're an expert at doing nothing.

Give me your phone!

- Hello.
- Kunji...

Is Smriti around?

It's me, Smriti.

- Who's this?
- Looking at your arrogance that day,

I was sure it was you who did it!

Oh, it's you?

Yes. Ajipan.

You're the one
who crashed the scooter, right?

What did you say?!

After Salman,
now we're your scapegoats?

Tell me the truth.
Isn't it you who crashed the scooter?

Really? You can't even ride a scooter,
and now you're blaming me?

So, you mean to say that
we, girls, can't drive?!

Yes! That's exactly what I meant!

I know very well that
your "male-biogrammar supremacy"

is the reason for
your internalized sexism.

I understand that you can't show
solidarity with progressive movements.

Can you at least not be so regressive?

Okay. Sorry.

Sorry. Take care.

Hang up!


What did she say?

You were right.

They felt very bad.

Oh, no...

- Who was it?
- That guy.

Don't bother calling him again.

Let's go to the mess.

Did we miss out on anyone
who could take the scooter?

Why is he looking at me?

He had taken the scooter! Yes!

He had taken it that day!

No way! Let's go!

- Are scooters hard to find here?
- She thinks she is a princess...

- You spilled it!
- Can't you see, Thaju?!

Five kilograms of sugar
and half a kilogram of lemon.

Get the juice ready again!

- They'll be here any moment.
- I'll get it.

- I'll get it right away.
- Keep this vessel over there.

- Hurry up.
- Hey, take this glass.

Hey, Ajipan...

Could it be you...?

No! He can't be!

I shouldn't be thinking
that it could be him. It's so wrong!

Somebody's thinking about me!

How can we blame Benny?

If it was just a scratch,

he could think that we forgot to tell him.

But, as stickers were pasted,
he'd think it was intentional, right?

Then, he should show his arrogance
to the ones who did it.

- Hey...
- Yes?

Was there a sticker on that scratch?


- Where would that be from?
- Keep moving!

It must be from a paint shop
or a sticker store, right?


Can't we just go to that store and ask?

For what?

The store owner would know
who pasted that sticker.

We could find the culprit then.

But we don't know the store, right?

We must trace it!


I was about to tell you this!
You go and find the store!

Where's the water?

I had kept some water here.

So you're not coming?

I always knew you were on Benny's side.

Hey! Hey...



Nadakkal, and Moonilavu.

I'll search in these areas.
You handle the rest.

Here is your tea.

- Keep it here, Mommy! Go inside!
- What is all this?


You go ahead. I'll get the bike.

Okay, brother.

Stepped on a chewing gum

Stepped up and smeared it all around

Oh, mate, so heartbroken and downtrodden

Who kicked you so hard?

Stepped on a chewing gum

Stepped up and smeared it all around

Oh, mate, so heartbroken and downtrodden

Who kicked you so hard?

Go on.

What's up with this incessant frenzy?

Running around in circles, so crazy!

Snags seem to be piling up, so hazy!

Don't you scurry in a hurry
Oh, buddy!

Let's go search, go search

Let's go search at Chennad junction

Let's dig deep into both the rivers
Poonjar and Chittar

What are we gonna search for?

My dignity!

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Stepped on a chewing gum

Stepped up and smeared it all around

Oh, mate, so heartbroken and downtrodden

Who kicked you so hard?

Chewing gum

Chewing gum

Chewing gum

Chewing gum

Oh, superpower, why did thee
Device life into me?

To blaze in the fires of agony
Or to chant thy name?

Thou art the supreme almighty
Who's mightier than thou?

Come to me
Oh, enchanting moonlight

I seek only you as my night ally

Oh, Mother Mary, all I need is this

Albeit the night fades away

Though I am a zero in your eyes

I am a hero of my own tale

I'll blow into the climax, all gallant

Don't you flaunt so much
Oh, buddy!

Let's go search, go search

Let's go search at Chennad junction

Let's dig deep into both the rivers
Poonjar and Chittar

- Why do you seem so glum?
- This scratchy destiny!

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Words unspoken, nuts unbroken

Look into my heart
An untorn sac filled with griefs

Nurturing others' dreams

Guarding them with the vigor of fire

A glue that doesn't stick
A tape that doesn't hold

A loop with two ends not meeting

It's a cunning case, a stunning set

Save us
Oh, almighty!

Thaju, what happened?

Is this even gonna work out?

Navami is a very smart girl.

Right or wrong?



- Are you going back home today?
- Yes.

I'm thinking of going there
after school.

You said either party has to adjust
for things to get sorted out.

- So, I will...
- To heck with his booze and feast!

Are you leaving?

Had you left from here
before Benny's arrival,

I would've dropped you there myself.

But, if you go there now
on your own,

- things will only get worse.
- Mummy!

Coming, dear.


People have been cooking up gossip
for quite some time now.


now that Celi is going there on her own,
why do you wanna stop her?

When Benny was out of town, it was fine.

But now as he's back,
it doesn't look good.

It's not that, Mommy.

It's not just a matter of ego clash.

I saw what she was going through
when I went there to pick her up.

She has to stay there
even after Benny goes back, right?


Don't worry.

I had a word with Benny.

He said he'll convince his mommy first

and come here after that.

Each problem has its
own way of solving it.

Right, Papa?


How can you say that it's him?

I'm not the one who said that.

Badar said it.

Why would he need money?

What did he say to you?

I called you here to tell you just that.

Pachu hasn't gone to the store today.

Where's he then?

Come here!

Here. Right here.



I'm not the one who said that.

Badar said it.

Badar said it.

I'm not the one who said that.


Pachu hasn't gone to the store today.


He used to live somewhere here.


Things may not be as simple as we think.


You know Panakkapadam Babu's
younger brother?

Police nabbed him from Ernakulam recently.

Police? Why?

It was only when the police called
that Babu realized

his brother is into this business.

The ones who trap you in this
would spend money to release you too!

Don't worry. Come.

He lives somewhere around here.

He used to live somewhere here.



Room number three?

- It's over there.
- Three...

It's over there.

That one.


Hello, brother!



- Hello!
- Thaju brother.

What happened?

Why did you lend money
to Pachu without asking us?

Where did you get
so much money from?

Shut up! What do you want?

To heck with his Hindi!
Talk to us in Malayalam!

What did you say?

How dare you come to my room
at midnight and create a scene!

To heck with your Malayalam!

Hey! Stop blabbering!

Why did you lend money to our boy?
Tell me!

I'll lend money to whomever I wish!

It's my money.
What do you have to do with it?

- Who are you to tell me?
- Your response after the mess is this?

Badar, what is the problem?

What are you doing? Move aside.

What's the issue, Thaju brother?

What's his problem?

Everything has gone terribly wrong, Badar.

To tell you the truth,
when he didn't come to the store,

I thought he must've gone to the hospital.

Later I got to know that
he hadn't gone to the hospital.

As I had kept that money aside
for my family,

I asked Pachu to return it
the next day.

I didn't want to trouble anyone.

What has happened to Pachu?

Why does he need the extra money?

Where is he now?

Can you please tell me, Badar?

Everybody was busy at your home
on the engagement day.

So, for the vehicle matter,

he went to the police station
all by himself.

He wasn't comfortable sharing it.

Pachu? To the police station?

Police station?!

Police station?!

We don't know anything.

It's he who forced me
to go to that dealer's store,

saying it's them who did it.

Even after Salman got beaten up
because of this issue,

what did he tell us?

That Salman fell off a bike!

And now, would any of us come to know
if Badar didn't tell me this?

About him going to the police station?

No, right?

Stop it! Don't just cook up things.

Well, we no longer
need to chase that issue now!

Pachu took the scooter,
and something went wrong.

He went to the police station,
paid money, and settled the issue.

And on the next day,

that dealer came and created a scene.

Do we even know where he went today?

No, right?

After causing so much trouble,

why are you so hesitant to accept it?

What to accept?


He doesn't know a thing now!

I didn't do it.

Nothing went wrong from my side.

So, I don't have to accept anything.


Then tell me, where were you today?



Yeah. See?

Don't play your guessing games
and label me as the culprit.

Police caught Yesudas that night
for drinking and driving.

He called me to pay some money
and settle the matter.

Not Yesudas! A.R. Rahman!

Such blatant lies!

How do you know that I'm lying?

Then tell me. Where were you today?

Don't tell me that you were at the store.

Why should I answer your questions?

See! Instead of accepting the truth,
he is lashing out at me!

What do you want now?

I wanna know the truth. That's all.

To heck with this man...

You should trust me at least, Sister.

Can you just stop it?

Is it not true that you're just guessing
it's Pachu's fault?

Are there any witnesses?

Benny, the bike dealer, anyone?

Let them be. Did any of you see anything?
No, right?

So, don't try to blame my brother.

Isn't there enough evidence?
He's the culprit!

- You're the culprit!
- Pachu!

- You've been going on...
- Leave!

Malu! You're the one spoiling him!

- If you're so sure, bring a witness!
- Pachu!

- Let's see!
- Keep quiet!

We will! I and your brother-in-law
will find and bring them!

Go find out!

If I can do this much,
I know what to do next!

We'll see then!

What is this?!

Get out, everybody!

Is this all you ever do?

Keep moving.

- Coming to trouble others!
- Go, walk.

It better not be you!

What were you doing there?

Who did you boast of bringing?

Didn't we go to every store
and asked?

Where are you going? Answer me!

Let me tell you the truth.
I didn't go to any store!

Just think, Thaju.

Was it something
we can announce to the public?


- And now?
- We must find out now, no matter what!

And after that,
I'll punch right in his face!

Let's do this.

I was thrown out of a shop that day.

- Brother!
- Yes, dear?

Is this the place where the scratches
are hidden by pasting stickers?

Tomorrow, let's start from there.

When Thaju comes here
and asks for you,

I'll have to pretend
that I don't know you!

Thiruvalla is not in space, right?

And you went there
just to take the exam, right?

You could've just told him!

We barely manage
to meet Kunji's college expenses.

Amidst that,
I can't mention this at home...

You borrowed money from Badar for it?

No. That was for Yesudas' issue.


My classmate.

And I was writing an exam
when Badar called me.

I have returned his money.

I'll add the previous balance
to your current bill.

To be honest,
I have lost my peace of mind.


The culprit is someone right among us.


I am determined to find
the one who did it.

No way! Drop it!

Have you lost your mind as well?

If you ask me
whether someone came here for that...

Well, that's what we do here.

The thing is, we checked
all the stores around this area.

Your store is the only one left.

I understand your situation.

I hope you, too,
understand my situation.

See that? Look what they've done!

And they've pasted a crappy sticker
on top of that!

It's me who did this.

I can recognize my work.

And it's not a crappy sticker!

It's "Marco's sticker." Got it?

- We understand.
- No, you don't!

In this city, you'll only find
this sticker at Amal Baby's store!

Or you'll have to go to Kottayam
to find one.

It's not that. We get it.

Will you be able to recognize the one
who came here to buy this sticker?

Do you doubt me?

Just a minute, brother.

Oh, no. Not you!

- Come here.
- You decide first, man!

Show him Pachu's photo.

Once we confirm that it's him,
I will beat him to a pulp!

Even if he confirms that it is Pachu,
would they accept it?


Aren't you lying
after yesterday's incident?

What to do, then?

Come here.


We shall bring someone here.

See him and confirm if it's him.

Why not?

After all, I'm also a culprit
in this case now.

So, it's bound to end this way.

Call him.

I was wondering...

After working outside the country
for around 20 years,

I started this store here
only two weeks back.

And such troubles have already started
coming up!

This is the situation here.

Call him.

I know how to handle this.

Is he about to throw a bucket at him?

He did the same to me the other day.

Please don't cause any trouble,
even if he's the one who did it.

It's my scooter that he ruined.

So, I shall handle him.

- Please.
- Are you the one to decide it?

Are you the one?

I was peacefully working here
without troubling anyone,

and he made me do such dubious work.

Yet I shouldn't ask him anything?
That's not fair!

What if this was a police case?

I would also be an accused.

- Co-offender!
- Listen...

We won't call him
if you're gonna hit him.

- This guy! Come here!
- No, brother. Please...

I'll break your head
if you don't call him here. Okay?

I know what to do with someone
who tricked me! Okay?

Don't you teach Baby that! Okay?

Who doesn't make mistakes, brother?
Let it go!

- You...
- Don't beat me!

Can't you stick to any one point?!

No. Let Navami go on the school bus.

Shall we roam around a bit,
pick her up by evening and go home?

Some or other things
would always be misplaced!

Yeah. That works for me!

What do I do to fix this?!

I'm already quite weak and unwell!

Mommy seems to be in quite a mood today.

Who's her scapegoat today?

Thankfully, not you or me.

This time, it's Bincy!

Let me go and check on them.

A fight may break out otherwise!


I'll have all my luggage with me.
Don't make me wait!

When have I ever made you wait?!

Tell me!

C'mon! When you go to the Middle East,
what do I do here?

- Hey, I will call you later.
- I'm done.

That's it?

- Oh, my Bincy! Go mind your work!
- Bennychan!

You better don't make me talk!

She thinks everything I say
is about her!

This has been going on for a while now!

This is my worst fate!

I'm so knackered, cleaning this up
over and over!

Who are you scolding, Mommy?

Who else?

This wretched cat!

It has scratched the whole place!

So, what about the scooter seat?

Is it also torn?

It must be this wretched animal!

Get lost!

But didn't you say...

Thaju and Pachu are the ones
who scratched the scooter?

- Move.
- Now you say it's the cat?!

- Mommy!
- Hey.

Where's he?


Is it the cat or Pachu
who scratched the scooter?

I want to know right now.

Tell me before you go anywhere.


Tell me, which cat rides scooters
and pastes stickers on it?

He's a polytechnic graduate, it seems!

What, brother?

- You crook! I'll finish you off today!
- Brother, let him go!

- Trying to fool me, Amal Baby?
- Let him go!

- Who's this?
- Hey...

Let go of me! What's the matter?

- Didn't I ask you not to attack him?
- He's insane!

I wouldn't have called him!

You called me here for this?


It's not him!

His voice is not like this.

You're simply bringing random people here...


Who's he?

No, it's not him.

Didn't you hear him?
Shouldn't you be happy?

You're sure, right?

I'll be right back.

Hey, let us bring him here once again.
What do you say?


- Here.
- Take the money

- Here you go.
- Take it.


- Brother, I'll pay you in a moment.
- Sure.

Give me a bar of soap.


Why didn't you answer my calls?

Don't be so childish.

Hold on.

For the last time, I suspect someone.

Not just suspicion. I am sure.

Please be with me on this.

Go away.


You and Pachu hit me in the face.

So I went back and hit the bar.

Leaving you and Pachu in this state,

can I ever stay in peace?

Will I ever be able to sleep?

I kept on thinking hard,

where did my calculation go wrong?!

You know I can't sleep
if my calculation goes wrong, right?

By summing up, multiplying,
and dividing things,

I have come up with quite some findings.

I came here to tell you that.

Look at this.

Bincy sister?

- Oh!
- Useless!

- Joel?
- Yeah!

The evidence came to me,
riding a scooter!

Listen to me!

Why are you so late?

I have other things to do.

Here are the appetizers for Benny.

What's this? A rubber band?


Just for playing.

After that, all I could think about
was that rubber band.

I had seen such a rubber band

While thinking about that,

something else came up in my mind.

Don't you remember?

- Him? No way! Come!
- When I was talking to those naive girls,

you crashed onto me, spilled the drink,

- and sent me to the shop to buy sugar.
- Can't you see, Thaju?!

Get the juice ready again!

- They'll be here any moment!
- I'll get it right away!

When I took the scooter then,
I saw a similar rubber band on it.

I'll give this and come.

But how can it be Joel?

It's because he took the scooter,

the rubber band was on it!

Upon closer inspection,

he appeared identical
to the store guy's description.

What did he say?

A puny boy.

Look at this.

When I looked into our list,

I realized, he was the puny boy
we missed to check!

Have a look.

No! It's not him.

Look carefully.
Please don't go wrong this time.

Don't mistake me for an idiot just
because I got it wrong once. Okay?

Not at all, brother.

Do you have any front-facing photos
of him?

Do you have one?

Are you asking me if I have?

Who's this guy on that side?

He seems quite familiar.

Do you have any other photos of him?

- Which guy?
- This guy!

Isn't that Pachu?

He's the one we brought yesterday!

He's simply wasting our time!

Hey, blockhead!

The guy in the red shirt.
Take a closer look.

- Here!
- Him?

Yeah. It's him.

- Are you sure?
- Yes. It's him.

No. It can't be him, by any chance.

- Why so?
- He lives very far away.

So what? Are you planning
to marry off your sister with him?

Check if you have any other photos of him,
and tell me!

See this.

It's him.

He's indeed that trickster!

Oh, no! It's Richard!

Is it Richard?!

- I want that Richard now!
- I will give you!

- Right now!
- I will bring him here!

- Tell me! Where's Richard?
- Tell him that we'll bring him, Thaju!

Brother... please let go of me!
We'll bring him!

- Where's Richard?
- He knows!


This is not Richard.

This guy is not Richard.

Hey! It's Beena's son Richard!

Which Beena?

Have you completely lost it?
It's Richard!

When I say that it's not Richard,

why don't you understand?

But don't I know him?
I just saw the photo!

Didn't he say that he's seen him?

Just call him once!

Or tell me where he lives.

He shouldn't dare to do this anymore!

- Call him!
- Call him!

Benny and Richard are my neighbors.
Not yours, right?

Wouldn't I know Richard better?

Stop wasting time. Let's go.

Brother, that's not Richard.

Hey! Come!

It's not that Richard. Come!

Brother, let me talk to him once!

- It's the same guy as you said.
- Are you coming?

- Thaju. That photo...
- You coming?

If you show him Richard's photo,
he will confirm if it's really him.

Hurry up and get on the bike!

He should be able to recognize him easily
if you show him the photo, right?

You will be
in the Bharananganam area, correct?

I'll see you later!

Are you playing dumb?

Hey! Don't you know?
Richard is the son of Benny's sister.

Don't we know him since he was a baby?

What if he realizes that it's him,
comes with us, and harms Richard?

Wouldn't it create a bigger problem?

Oh! That's the case!

You could've given me a signal!

I'll give you one!

Could you not discern
from my behavior up there?

This has turned into an infection.
I need to take antibiotics for five days.

I fell down at Jolly Club last Sunday.


What happened to you last Sunday?

Wasn't it Kunji's engagement that day?

Weren't we together that day?

When did you go to the club, then?


Hey! Thaju! Ajipan!

You here to invite us for marriage?
Come inside.


Isn't Richard home, Beena?

Yes. I don't send him outside these days
as he's in tenth grade now.

What's the matter?

Can you call him once?
Benny told us to ask him something.


Have a seat. I'm cooking mutton today.


Thaju and Ajipan are here to see you.

Why didn't you tell anyone
that you fell off the scooter?

Does your mom know about all this?

Come with us. Let's ask you something.

You ride the scooter now.

- It's the second house on the left.
- Alright. Move.

It won't be good
if I ride the scooter there.


The uncle who lives there is a cop.

I see.

Hold tight.

Oh, you're here!
Hurry up and get in, Richard.

- Give me a minute.
- Sure.

I'm doing this
without your uncle's knowledge.

Be careful, okay?

Who are you?

I... am here to pick up a package.

Isn't this Benny's scooter?

Take it carefully. Okay?

Of course! Subhash bro is also with me.

Don't worry!

- Heard that he's listed it for sale.
- Really?

I'm interested in buying it.

- Hey, son.
- Yes.

- Drive safe, okay?
- Sure.

You rode the scooter while going there.
Now, let me ride for a while.

My dear bro,
this is my only chance to ride a scooter.

You have a license too!
So, stop the scooter!


I'll give you a chance!

Stop the scooter, Subhash bro!

I said I'll give it to you!
Did I deny you?

Only a few kilometers are left now.
Stop the scooter!

I'll expose all your shady deals to your
family if you continue with this act.

You're riding my scooter and trying to
mess with me? Stop the bike!

You... won't be able to balance it.
You're still a kid.

As if you're all manly like Salman Khan?!

- Of course, yes!
- Nothing went wrong when I rode there!

What if something goes wrong now?

- It won't!
- It can happen!

- I said it won't! Stop the scooter!
- Stay calm, kiddo!

I said I want to go.
Stop the scooter!

We're losing the scooter's balance!
Hit the brake!

- Are you okay?
- Oh, no! Mommy!

Hurry up, pick them up!

Let me tell you the truth.

Of all the lies told in the world,

only 50% of them are told
by deceitful individuals,

while the other 50% are told
by honest people.

Please don't plan to hang out with her
and the kid today.

Come straight home.

I'll prepare dinner. Don't eat outside.

- Understood?
- I was about to tell you that.

We'll all dine out today.

Ask Beena and Richard also to be ready.

- Never mind. I'll call them.
- You hang out with your wife today.

- Okay!
- Really? So you can really talk!

I'm off, Mommy.


Benny. He will tell you
who took your scooter that day

and what happened to it.



Let me...

Thaju! Hey, Thaju!


Did I ask you to pick up a fight
with random people on my behalf?

Shouldn't everyone in this house
contribute equally to that?


Don't park the bike here.

Hey, Richard!

Why did you take the scooter?

Leave everything else!

You could've just told us
when things went wrong!

Such an irresponsible fellow!

After creating all this mess,
he's all unbothered!

- Benny!
- You...

I didn't do it on my own!
I was asked to go there!

I kept quiet, as I was asked to!


Who made you do all this?

Tell us, dear. Who made you do all this?


What did Richard say?

I'm asking you! Who was it?!

Celina aunty!

I took the scooter and went there
because she asked me to.



If she asks me not to tell anybody,

what can I do?

Did you hear that? What do you think now?

Is it clear to both the father
and son now?

Why was I always complaining?!

What did you think? I was jealous?!

She did all this without our knowledge
and instructed the boy to keep mum!

Don't let anybody know about this.

Asked him to hide it from everyone!

You're all dressed up, right?!
Go bring your princess home!

Why did you do all this?

Have you ever considered the agony
I endure, caught between you and my mom?


Shouldn't we do something?

Didn't she do all this for us?

Would she have gone through all this
had she stayed at home and done nothing?

That's why I said,
having a good heart is a problem.

What did Celina ever do?

Hey, I'm on my way.

Don't chase behind unnecessary things
and put me under stress now!

I'll be there in just five minutes.

Hang up now.

Wouldn't it be a problem if your
mother-in-law saw you at Kunji's place?

Isn't that obvious?

She had to apply a henna tattoo on
Kunji's hand, so she couldn't stay home.

She took the boy and
went to the wedding house that night.

They aren't here.

- Oh, no! A snake!
- Oh, no!


That foolish woman comes around
to bother people.

Oh, my goodness!

- I told you...
- While applying the henna tattoo,

Celina noticed that Kunji doesn't have
any ornaments to wear.

It's her special day,
and she doesn't have any jewelry to wear?

As if we have loads of jewelry
stacked up here!

You could've told me then!

I knew this was gonna happen,
so I plotted a plan.

Classic Celina, full of kindness,
naturally sent the little boy home again!

- To borrow her sister-in-law's jewelry.
- They will come now.

You can find both an earring
and a necklace.

The scooter dropped somewhere
while the kids were riding it.

Well, Celina is not just kind-hearted
but intelligent too.


Are you hurt?

No. I'm alright.

Cool. You got the package with you?

- Yes.
- Okay.

The package is safe.

Don't tell this to anybody then.
Just come over.

She did all this so that
we don't feel the absence of Bennychan.

And now both Bennychan
and we are unaffected.

That poor soul is the only one suffering!

I want to see Bennychan right now.


What's your decision about Celina?

What are you up to?
Making the poor soul suffer like this!

I'll pretend I haven't noticed them.

I need to act surprised!

Let me also look surprised for him!

They're the only ones left now.


While the scene was almost happy here,

somebody else was restless there.

Our Itty Master was so upset that he
couldn't speak to Benny about something.

Does your mum know about this?

I'm not afraid of anyone.

Yeah! We'll see that once we get home!

Oh, no!

Papa is calling me.

- Oh, no! Brakes!
- Oh, no!

That was scary!

- Hello?
- Thank God! We're alright.


What was he trying to say?

Let me talk, Benny!

Isn't this Benny's scooter?

Brother, you're mistaken!

I'm interested in buying it.

It's me...

Hold this.

It's me...


Drive safe, okay?

It's so simple, right?

Oh, no!


Stepped on a chewing gum

Stepped up and smeared it all around

Oh, mate, so heartbroken and downtrodden

Who kicked you so hard?

Stepped on a chewing gum

Stepped up and smeared it all around

Oh, mate, so heartbroken and downtrodden

Who kicked you so hard?

What's up with this incessant frenzy?

Running around in circles, so crazy!

Snags seem to be piling up, so hazy!

Don't you scurry in a hurry
Oh, buddy!

Let's go search, go search

Let's go search at Chennad junction

Let's dig deep into both the rivers
Poonjar and Chittar

What are we gonna search for?

My dignity!

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Stepped on a chewing gum

Stepped up and smeared it all around

Oh, mate, so heartbroken and downtrodden

Who kicked you so hard?

Chewing gum

Chewing gum


Chewing gum

Chewing gum


Oh, superpower, why did thee
Device life into me?

To blaze in the fires of agony
Or to chant thy name?

Thou art the supreme almighty
Who's mightier than thou?

Come to me
Oh, enchanting moonlight

I seek only you as my night ally

Oh, Mother Mary, all I need is this

Albeit the night fades away

Though I am a zero in your eyes

I am a hero of my own tale

I'll blow into the climax, all gallant

Don't you flaunt so much
Oh, buddy!

Let's go search, go search

Let's go search at Chennad junction

Let's dig deep into both the rivers
Poonjar and Chittar

- Why do you seem so glum?
- This scratchy destiny!

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Is this scratch an illusion
Or our destiny?

Is this a bottomless trench?

Is this a milky gleam that drowns you?

Is this a never-ending mayhem?

Words unspoken, nuts unbroken

Look into my heart
An untorn sac filled with griefs

Nurturing others' dreams

Guarding them with the vigor of fire

A glue that doesn't stick
A tape that doesn't hold

A loop with two ends not meeting

It's a cunning case, a stunning set

Save us
Oh, almighty!

Is this even gonna work out?