¡Ay, mi madre! (2019) - full transcript

Spanish woman must follow intricate instructions in order to receive a reward.

Oh, my God.


-Here, sweetheart.
-Thank you, dear.

My mom...

Poor thing.

I was very sorry when I found out.

I didn't dare ask.

I won't be able to talk to her anymore.

Never again.

It's a fact of life, child.

But it's over now.

It hasn't even started.
I still haven't been able to see her.

Does it scare you?

I just wanted to smoke a cigarette
before going up.

I'm going to make a lentil stew.

It's such a shame.

Such a sudden death.

And she never had to take any medicine.
I have more aches and pains than her.

Far more. Who would have imagined it?
We are nobody.

We are nothing.

I'm very sorry, Mom.



How was it? Did she complain a lot?

I didn't notice if she did.

I heard a loud snore, and when I checked,
she was already dead.

You haven't come to see her
for a long time, right?

-How could she?
-Well, you know...

We had our ups and downs.

-But like everybody else, right?
-Yeah, sure.

Your mom talked about you a lot.

-Did she?

-And what did she say?
-Nothing much, typical mother stuff.

You know she had a terrible temper.

What shall we do?
We'll have to tell everyone, won't we?

Whenever you say.

-You don't want to tell her anything else?

Because from now on,
I will talk to her for sure,

but not now, no...

-Not now.

Your mom told me
that if she died suddenly,

her shroud was in the closet
in the small room, in a box.

I'll go and get it.

-I'll be right back.
-All right.

You know what she was like...

Yes, I do.

She controlled everything.
She always had the last word.

-Even after her death.
-For sure. Even after her death.

-Oh, my.
-Where are you going?

To get the shroud.

We cannot leave her in her pajamas.

I don't know...

The girls from Frozen.

They must have been on sale because
why else would she buy me one, too?

Look. See?


She would say, "I'm the blonde one
and you are the other one."

No, the shroud...

I'll get it, yes, but she liked telling
people what to do. I was sick of her.

Always bossing people around.

Wait! I'll go with you!

She might be in heaven,
but I'm in paradise.

Good God, my mom's shroud is...

It's my flamenco dress.

Did you double check?

It's the only box that was in the closet.
Go and see for yourself.

We had so many fights
because she didn't want me to party,

and now look at her...
Surrounded by so much happiness.

Yes, she loved you in her own way.

-Isa, I can't do this.

-I'm leaving.
-Where are you going?

I'm leaving because
I can't handle this. Listen...

You can't leave!

Nobody has seen me. Only Petra.

You talk to her later
and explain it to her because I can't...

-No way, no...
-Isa, please, let me go...

Okay, listen to me, María...

No way! I'm not staying here
with you alone. Fuck it!

Hey, come here!

-This is a sign from your mom.

-A sign...

Your mom didn't want people to be sad
at her wake.

-Don't you think so? Yes.
-Do you?

Of course!

If she wanted to dress
as a flamenco dancer...

That's what we're going to do.

Okay, that's it.

This is crazy.


Look at her.

Should we put some makeup on her?
Don't you think she looks a bit blue?

Blue? Well, she always had
a very strange complexion. Very ugly.

So we'll put some makeup on her.

Do you think people will understand it?

But how do I do it?
I've never seen her with makeup on.

Me neither.

I don't know...
You can paint a beauty spot on her.

And put on some lipstick.

-And eyeliner.

To give her a gypsy touch, right?

-Speaking of gypsy touches...

We still have to...
We'll put them on her.

Her hands a very stiff already.

Don't worry.
Nobody will pay attention to that

after the show we've set up here.

Good God...

She didn't miss any details.

She never did.

Right. Let me through.

-Where are you going?
-We have to tell everyone.

But I'll tell you,
people will talk about this.

-Wait, where are you going?
-Well, I...

We should also dress for the occasion...

I'm not dressing as a flamenco dancer.
I've never done it.

And I'm not fucking doing it for a wake.

-It's not that.
-So what is it?

-You do her makeup.

I'll bring some carnations.
This house is going to look so beautiful.

And I'll have a flower in my hair, okay?

It's going to look so beautiful...

She's crazier than her mother...

-Listen to me.

Tell anyone who comes

that we will serve them a drink
in my mom's honor.

By all that's holy!

Oh, my...

I love it, Paquita.

Because I'm going to paint you
like an old door.

This is crazy.

It's unbelievable.

I didn't want to leave.

I swear on Dad's memory.
May God have...

Wherever it is that you're going.

I was across the street
for two hours waiting for you to come out,

but deep down you and I are the same.

We're both too proud.

That's why I understand...

You know...

You won't be angry
because I didn't call you, will you?

I just hope you won't.

And you weren't wrong.

You knew he wasn't right for me.

I knew it, too.

But I needed to see it for myself.

I needed to get away from you.

And he tricked me
with a bunch of promises, Mom.

But you insisted so much
on finding me a man

and I insisted on doing the opposite...

I hopped on the first train
without your approval.

But I don't regret it, okay?

I needed to experience that.


I didn't know you'd go so soon

or that I'd miss you so much.


Please, don't scare me like this.
My heart can't take it.

You want to tell me something, don't you?



-Hurry up, child!

Isabel, my God.

I told a few people and you know
how quickly news travels...

People will be here soon.

Isa, you don't know what happened.

What? Did you see a carriage at the door?

-Come on!
-My mom appeared to me.

Don't talk nonsense.

Why would you say that?

Where is she going with all that flounce?

I'm telling you, I saw her
in her flamenco dress.

Maybe she wants to tell you something.
She won't shut up even after her death.

We're missing something, Isa.
We're missing something.

We can put her in the cocktail cabinet.

It's the only thing we haven't done.

What could it be, Isa? Think.

-What is it?
-Do you want to drive me crazy?

I saw her so clearly.
She was so beautiful.

My mom is like me.
With a bit of makeup on, we glow.

That's true. But don't worry.

I painted her like an old door.

I've never seen her so happy.
She wasn't very eloquent, but she was...

-She was...
-No, she wasn't...

No, she didn't express her feelings.
Your mother was...

A very special person.

Okay, I told everyone already.
Your cousin Segundo is on his way.

-He will inform the family.
-Poor Segundo.

-He won't understand... My boy...

You know
you're going to drive him crazy, right?

-Yes, you.

-He cried his eyes out when you left.
-What are you talking about?

Everything I do is wrong?

Okay, I'm not saying anything else.

I won't. I don't want any problems.

That's better. Here.

Put one in every woman's hair,
and the rest of them...

-in the vases.
-A carnation?

-This is just...
-Tell everyone we don't want any crying.

My mom didn't want anybody to cry.

She was next to me

My mother wanted to die

Come on! I don't want anybody to be sad.

A toast for my Aunt Paca, please.
Come on!

You have a real gift, Segundo!

I'm like the blind people
selling lottery tickets. I sell happiness.

You're like a Kinder Surprise.

Look, I won't say anything

because my aunt is here, otherwise...

Otherwise what?


Nothing. Because the most beautiful woman
in the world is here.

Come here. Women want to drink, too.

-I missed you so much.
-Me too, cousin.

Don't say those things.
You're making me nervous.

I could eat you!

Of course she's my aunt. I thought
I was the only artist in the family,

but seeing all this,
I think it runs in the family.

Don't you think it's great
that she wanted to say goodbye like this?

Better this way.

-People will talk about this.
-Let them talk.

-I don't know many of these people.
-This is great. Like a bar in the house.

You're still unemployed?

But not for long.
I really want to settle down.

-And I'll tell you something.

Count on me for anything.
Your cousin has your back.

Look at all this happiness. That's the way
to say goodbye to our loved ones!

With happiness. A toast to my mom!
To Paca!

To Paca!

To Paca!

Not like my mom. When she left,
nobody paid her any attention.

Poor Antonia. What a long-suffering woman
she was, and for no reason at all.

-Well, no reason?
-No reason.

She was a widow with no pension...

I'm lame, my brother's cross-eyed,
her sisters used to beat her up...

Remember, your mom
didn't even want us to see each other.

-My mom has changed a lot.
-She's dead.

But listen, I'd love to say goodbye
to my Aunt Paca. Can I see her?

-Because since they argued,

I haven't seen her.

Well, then, let's go. Come on!

Hon! You have more
cold dry sherry in the fridge.

-A toast to my mom!


-Play something, please. Yes.

Hit it, maestro.


What the hell was that?

What he can't do with his feet,
he does with his hands.

Poor boy.
He's never been lucky as an artist.

And he's madly in love with his cousin,
but she doesn't realize it.

-Cousin. Cousin!
-Yes, dear?

-I just wanted to tell you that...

Nothing, just that
everything looks beautiful.

-It's gorgeous.


-Everything matches...
-What are you saying?

-Everything came together...
-Yeah, sure.

My aunt looks very beautiful.
She looks like a painting.

Right? She's always been very pretty.

You should have your sight checked.

You've been away for so long
that you couldn't say goodbye to her.

That's such a shame, cousin.

It doesn't matter, because
dwelling on the past is a waste of time.

-And we need to move on, cousin.
-You'll inherit everything, won't you?

I don't know. Maybe my mom decided
to disinherit me. I don't know.

That's nonsense. It's all yours!

Hey. Wait, you stay here. Come outside.


People used to talk about your mom
meeting the young priest too often.

-The one at San José church.
-Who is he?

And they also say
that he was taking her money.

Priests are very cunning.

-They'll leave us with nothing.

-Keep it down, please.
-You are right.

-Come on. Let's get some air.
-Take her to...

Let's have a dry sherry.
Too much gossip for me.

I can't believe it.


Come, darling. Come.


Listen, dear.
My mom didn't want anyone to cry.

I know. I didn't know her well.

I just had a few drinks
and I'm not used to it.

Also, I haven't eaten anything,
so I feel like crying.

Please, don't cry
in front of her, darling.

My mom didn't want this, I'm begging you.

Thank you for offering drinks.

-Nobody would have come otherwise.

Your mom didn't talk
to any of her neighbors.

You know how she was.
But she didn't hold any grudges.

I know she didn't, but she hit me once!

She didn't tell you?

Probably. But she didn't think
it was important.

Maybe, but I shat myself
when she beat me up.

I spent one month in bed
because she broke three of my ribs,

my radius and my ulna.

-Your ulna?
-My ulna.

Your mom's strength was...

She was very special, Juani.
Let's leave it at that.

Or else I'll start getting nervous
and I don't want to. She's my mom, please.

Stop it. Oh, my God.

-This house is like a ticking time bomb.
-I know.

Either we get her out of here
or it'll be a circus.

I told you people weren't going to
understand this.

Isa, but she's leaving surrounded
by her loved ones and her friends.

-Right? There you go.
-We weren't real friends.

Who are you?

I'm her cousin, Segundo.

What's your name?

Segundo. Go there, they're talking
about Tere. Her husband left her.

-Tell me all the details afterwards.
-Okay. I'll be back.

I'll be right back.

Juani, don't cry. Juani.

-That woman...
-It's okay. We have a lot going on.

-I learned it at the tablaos in Jerez.

There are people here
I've never seen in my life.

-She's a foreigner.
-No, I let her in.

For five euros. It's her first time here.

-That's it.
-Well, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that
these were her friends.

We have to be at the church in two hours.

-What? Shall we take her out?
-We need to clear all this.

-Right here.

And the sooner the better.

-It's a bit awkward.
-We can do one thing.

We can tell them the last drink
is at the church.

-That way you won't feel so alone.
-Find some men

who can help you take her out.
I'll be right back.

-I said I'll be back!

Guys, happiness!

Happiness, please!

Honey, happiness.
My mom wanted happiness.

Play something. I can't hear the music!

Oh, my God. My mom.

All right, come on.

What's going on?

It won't fit. Turn it sideways.

My Paca doesn't want to leave. Dear God.

Stop bumping it. We got it in,
so it has to come out.

What goes in can come out.

But we brought it in sideways.
We didn't expect this. It's too big.

She wanted the biggest
and the best fucking coffin.

She doesn't want leave her home.

She can't stay here.

Put it back inside!
We'll think of something.

Okay. Jesus...

God, we need to fix this.

Some of us can pick my mom up,
and we'll take the coffin out later.


Don't worry. I'll take my aunt.

-Okay? I'll take care of it.
-It's going to be a mess, María.


Come, my dear. Come.

Some of us will help you, just in case.

María, please. Let me carry my aunt.

I loved her very much. Okay?

She was like a second mom to me.

Let him do it. It'll make him happy.
She's his aunt.

Okay. But be careful, please. I beg you.

This is going to be a mess.

Then what do I do, Isa? What do I do?

I don't know. I just think...
I don't know what needs to be done.

Oh, please...

It's okay. Watch her head.

-That's it. Come one.
-Oh, my God.

My mom wanted happiness. Happiness.



Look at her face to face

-What are you doing, cousin?
-This is the first turn

This is the first turn
Look at her face to face

This is the first turn
Look at her face to face

You're the next one.

Over my dead body.

Very good! Olé!

This is the first turn

What's that, Isa?

María, the castanets.

Don't you worry.

We're almost there.

-My mom needs something, cousin.
-María, please.

What does she want?

She doesn't want anything. Calm down.

-We're all here.
-What could it be?

My mom wants something.

Please, María, calm down.

Cousin, what does my mom want?

Please, María, calm down.
Your mom is all right.

Do you know what she wants?
Your mom wants the last one.

There you go. Come on!

If you are leaving, love
Let me tell your story

-Los Chunguitos?

If you are leaving

There are some issues left
Between you and me


To me

See, cousin?


Hey, hon.

What's going on in there?

Paca has died.

-Poor woman.
-What? Look at her!

-She's so happy!
-I see.

Things have turned out really well.

We even created a WhatsApp group, cousin.

It's called "The Bye-Byes."

That's crazy! Who's in it?

Rossi. The one in the dress with flowers?

The one with curly hair and white ends?

You didn't see her? The one
who was singing with me in the cemetery?

-Oh, that ugly one.
-She's not ugly. She is very pretty.

-But she sings really well.
-We have a band.

Like Melody and her dad.

Wow, girl. What a beautiful face you have.


-A band? What do you mean?
-I don't know.

What really matters, María,

is that I have a job,

and we're going to nail it.

And look...
We can stay here tonight, together.


Singing together? How?

I don't know. Choosing the songs...

I can choose the flamenco and folk songs,
and Rossi, the pop and modern stuff.

-That's great.

And the deceased can choose the songs
before dying,

or if they can't, their family.

A musical group, "wake style."

Cousin, I have a job.

-That's great.

Rossi's already published it on Facebook.
She said, "The Bye-Byes".

"Say goodbye
with your heart and a song."

And why is the name of the group
in English?

Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know.
It's what Rossi said.

She thinks it's more modern,
like Triana or Pimpinela.

I don't know.
And I never say no to a woman,

-so there you go.
-And you think people will understand?


They understood your mom is leaving
dressed as a flamenco dancer...

What a head she had, right?

She thought of everything.
She's gone and she left us.

Happiness, right? A lot of happiness.

What is it?

You could be our makeup artist.

I've always been good at that.

Although I don't use it myself anymore.

I can picture your business card.

"María, makeup artist and stylist."


But the most important thing, María,

is that you're staying here,

in this house, with me.
You won't be leaving anymore.

-You won't leave me alone anymore.

Right? We'll be together.

What are you thinking about?

Cousin, you want
to tell me something, right?

Come on, go ahead. Tell me.

-What's wrong, María?

I'm just tired, very tired. Listen to me.

Why don't you go downstairs
and tidy up there?

Okay? And I'll stay here.

You want to be alone, right?

-Yeah. Okay?

Let me know when you want me to come up.

I will.

Oh, my God.


Mom, they all left now.

It's over.

People were very happy.

I don't know if that's what you wanted.

You know it's very hard for me
to decide what I really want.


I'd love to see you and talk to you.

I can tell you everything now.

How I miss your smell.


"My house in the village,

the one by the sea

and two pieces of land in San Ambrosio,

a two-hectare one
and a three-thousand-meter one,

the redeemed money,

the bracelets with the coins,
five earring sets,

twenty-two rings and the two chains."

All gold, of course.

Of course.

And 123,320 euros in cash.

And several personal belongings

in the house on Generalísimo Avenue.

Well, you've received
quite an inheritance.

Quite an inheritance.

If you'll excuse me.

I don't know what to say.

You didn't know
about your mother's possessions?

No, my mom was very...

Excuse me, but before you continue,
you should know

that your mother left certain conditions

in writing...

If you want to inherit her possessions.


I have a month to...

get married, to get pregnant...

We only have a month? Well...

the church will keep everything.

That really makes me sick.

Good God...

How can I be so unlucky, Segundo?

How will I find a man in this village?

Am I that much of a mess?

What are you saying?

-You and me.

Segundo, please.

I can't take any more nonsense, Segundo.

I'm going. This doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make any sense at all.

I could help you.

Well, there are not so many men
in the village,

and people here act out of self-interest
because of the crisis.

And let me tell you something...

Don't tell anyone about the inheritance.


I won't.

I'm tired of this. No.

It's over, Segundo. It's over.

The whore!

Please, stop!
You're talking about my mother!

No, Pili... Pili the whore!

-What Pili?
-Pili Valencia.

The one that stole your boyfriend?

Is she a prostitute?

Yes, she is.

She stole so many boyfriends
that she decided to charge for it.

She was such a bitch!

She can help us.

She knows all the men

and has all the information.
I'll call her.

Wait! Shouldn't we be more discreet?


I already told you.

Call Pili.

Call her. Do it.

Hey, you cripple!

-What are they saying?

-They're not talking about me.
-What did you say?

Fucking cripple!

-What are you saying, asshole?

Nobody insults you!

-Calm down, María! They're just mean!

-I'll kill them!
-Careful, they're very mean!

Damn you, motherfuckers!

Fuck! Come on! Come here!


Leave her alone! Come here!
You already got me!


I shat myself, cousin!


I shat myself.

-Did you?
-Yes. I felt something.

Let's go wash up.

-We'll go to a bar. It's okay.
-Oh, my God, cousin!


-You scared the shit out of me!

I have a very faint heart.

I'm sorry, girl.

You can't just come bursting in like that.

-But I texted you.
-Did you?

I'm scared of your texts.

You're always horny.

Well, listen.
I charge a lot for threesomes.

No, we're not here for that.

We're mourning my mother.

My aunt.

Oh, all right. Let's go inside.

Yes, I heard.

Some friends called me to go for a drink.

But I was very busy.

A lot of work?

Yeah. You offered wine, so the women,
they went to the wake,

and the men came to me.

See? My aunt is gone,
but she left work for everyone.

I can't complain. It's so hot!

Strange place, don't you think, Pili?

It's because I'm very modern.

You've always been very special.

Well, you see...

I have two apartments by the sea,

the two houses in the village,

I bought my mom's house in Seville,

and then I wanted
a piece of land with a view.

It's awesome.

You've done really well. You're so lucky.

Have a seat.


-Do you remember my cousin María?
-How could I forget?

We went to school together.

And we're the same age.

Who would have thought.

That's a pretty hen.

My little girl! My Esteban!

Look at her! So beautiful.

My baby!

She's such good company.

And her eggs are the size of your balls.

Don't say such things, please.

Have you seen your cousin's balls?

We did some things
when we were little, right?

You make a very nice couple.

It's very funny that you
have a hen as a pet.

Since always.

Where do you think the saying comes from?

"Sluttier than a chicken."

-That's me...
-But there is also

the one that says,
"Old chicken makes good broth."

That suits you better.

But look how beautiful she is
after all she's gone through.

-Your mom was awesome.

How cool is it to leave this world
dressed as a flamenco dancer?

It is... Come on.

Go play with Bollo and Terelu.

But don't fight, okay?

You drive me crazy.

It's so hot!

Let's go now!

You're not going anywhere.
We only have one month to sort this out.

Only one month.

Be patient, please.

Be nice to her.

Pili! You should have seen my mom.
She was stunning.

-She looked awesome.
-That's what I say.

Life should be like a blow job.

-Like a blow job?
-Of course.

You need to plan it
from the beginning to the end.

-And how do I give them?
-Very well.

Very well.

When he leaves here, he doesn't even limp.


Ask her, come on.

Pili, listen. We've come because...

We need your help

to find a man.

-Well, a man... I need to get married.
-A man...

She needs to get married very soon.

-In a month.
-In a month.

Well, that's going to be expensive.

And you'll have to buy some clothes.
I can't work with that.

Mariluz has opened a very nice shop.

Did she? Which one?

"Mariluz's Fashion."
On the main avenue. Divine.

I can lend you some of my savings.

-No way, cousin.
-Yes, I have some savings.

-You'll pay it back later.
-Please, no.

You clearly need a "three G."

A good face, a good dick and a good
career or wallet. Like all of us.

Well, I'd be happy with something normal.

In that case, marry your cousin.
You have money, right?

Yes, my pension. Because of my leg.

Please, can we focus?

Okay, let's see.

The look, the face and the boy
and my payment, of course.

That's 370 euros in total.

-Are you crazy? Come on, let's go.
-No, please.

-We can pay that.
-Don't you move!

-Your mom is dead, right?

In case of death,
I can give you a 25% discount.

So that'll be 277.50,

plus the 50 you owe me from the other day.

Okay, we'll take it. Yes.

Yes? So I'll start working on it.

Sure, mate, it's a fact of life.

But listen to me.

I don't agree with treatments
and that kind of stuff.

Sure. When someone decides to leave,
better to leave things the way they are.

-Yes, sure.

But let me tell you something.

I just think
sometimes it's not good to linger.


Come on, it's for your own good.

Yes, sure.


You're so nice.
Paying that tribute to your dad.

Yes, sure. I love the songs you've chosen.

Beautiful, yes.

Yes. What?

What do you mean I call you too often?

I do it because I care.


I shouldn't care.
That there is a ray of hope.

Well, then... Sure.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Mother of...

And call me, please.

Talk to you soon, man. Bye.

Old piece of shit! He won't die.
I could go with a gun...

-Good afternoon.

He's getting medical treatment.

He's a bit better.

Oh, cousin, and we've spent it all.
What will we do now?

Don't worry. We borrowed it.

These clothes are already dry.

I don't know
where we're going to get more money.

Don't worry.
Your cousin Segundo will sort it out.

Hey, those clothes are mine!

I'll bring them in for you.

I'm so unlucky, cousin.

All we need now is the east wind.

Please, María! You'll bring us bad luck!

Come on.

Go upstairs

and make yourself beautiful.
That's what we need.

Come on. I'll call Rossi
and I'll sort it out. Go!

Nice afternoon, right?

Clothes get dry so fast.

The east wind.


I hope it's not my mom again. Please, God.


My mom wants to tell me something.

-Who's there?

Shit, girl!

You're going to kill me!

-You scared me! What are you doing here?


I forgot my bag

and I came back for it,
but I'm leaving now.


That outfit wasn't my mom's?

Which one?

The one you're wearing.

This outfit?
I've had it for a very long time now.

-Are you sure?

Your mom and I used to borrow
each other's clothes since we were kids.

-My mom didn't lend anything to anyone.
-Oh, María.

Your mom had many faces, my dear.

The one who has many faces is you.

What about you?

What are you doing
with those bags from Mariluz?

You're not mourning your mom anymore?

Shame on you!

After everything she did for you!

Do you think I'm stupid?

-Show me what you have in the bag.

Don't you "hey" me.

Show me what you have in that bag.

Are you trying to say

that I'm stealing from your mother?

One hundred euros
for everything in that bag.

Deal. But I don't want to hear
anything else about this.


Right. I'm going to make some coffee.
Do you want some?

-Yes, please.
-Let's see. I have 75 here...

-I owe you 20 euros.
-That's okay.

-And add some of your stuff to the coffee.

-A bit or a lot?
-All right.

A bit of happiness.

A lot of happiness, my dear. A lot.

Take that!

I don't know if you've seen
our Facebook page,

but we've set up a band for wakes...

Sure, whatever you want. Reggaeton.

Yes, I'll ask Rossi when she comes.
She'll be here soon.


But there won't be any problems.

Olé! Good for you, honey.
You only live once.

I'll call you later.

-Good afternoon.
-It's not good at all.

That woman was good, but she died.

Did you come to keep an eye on things?
Like always?

Look at that face...

Incapable of evil...

-I'm looking for María.

My cousin?

I've heard about you.

Haven't you heard that I never lose?

You won't get the inheritance.

Just what I wanted to talk to her about.

I think Paca...

Don't mention my aunt's name.

Don't you mention my Aunt Paca's name.

You've brainwashed her
to get the inheritance.

I was very close to Paca.

My Aunt Paca? You and my Aunt Paca?

I don't want to hear it.
It makes me sick. Get out!

-Don't misinterpret things.
-Go away, please.

Get out of this house!

Just in time!

Come on! I heard about...

-The priest?
-Yes. We're doing business.

Look at him! And we thought he was stupid.

Why didn't I think of calling him before?

You are a godsend!

Rossi de la Vega.

I'm sorry, my child.

You can call me whatever you like.

With the priest on our side,
we'll definitely succeed.

So you're joining The Bye-Byes?

Rossi, we're talking
about something important.

Something important? Well, what I'd really
like to talk about is...

She left, she left!
Who took it?

No, my child, I think you got it wrong.

You're more modern, right?

Today they asked us for reggaeton.
Did they call you?

I'm going to the urn, cousin

I'm burning alive

-That one is better for cremations.
-Rossi, please!

Thank God.

I'm sorry. I just get carried away.

But do you know how important
the priest is for our business?

We're talking about something else.

Did he come to ask for something?

Don't count on me. I am broke.

I am not after anybody's money.

Really? And how did you convince
my aunt to leave it to you?

Your Aunt Paca left him everything?

What? That's all I needed to hear today.

Nobody is taking anything.
Not even Paca's false teeth!

Over my dead body!

Wait, Isabel.
Isn't that dress the one that...

-What are you saying?
-She was wearing...

Don't you realize I've been cleaning
your aunt's shit all these years?

Wake up!

You are all like vultures,
taking everything you can!

Please, madam!



-Do you know each other?

Yes, Juan and I were together
many years ago.

I thought you were in the army.

In the army?

You said you received the call.

Well, I didn't understand you.

If they give us a minute,

I'll explain myself.


I'll grab my bag, and we'll go for a walk.
Sound good?

Sounds good.

Tomorrow still stands.
Everything suits me.


-Are you going with him?
-Don't worry.

This is an old story. Relax.

Shame on them...

You look beautiful.

Because of this? This is nothing.
Looks can be deceiving.

If I told you...

I went for black. It's slimming.


I just can't believe it.

You're a priest?

-I told you.
-Yeah, right.

You were always quite spiritual,
but to become a priest?

I know.

I just can't believe it.

Me neither.

I saw myself more as a family man.

With a woman.

Something more normal.

Boy... I mean, Father.

-I just can't...

Call me Juan.

I never understood
why my mom loved you so much.

Then again...

You were always so perfect.

I thought you said
you didn't want to speak about your mom.



I'll tell you something.

Your mom was very impertinent.

Very much.

And she made me feel
very uncomfortable. Very much.

-After I left?
-No, while we were together.

I tried so hard for her to like me,
but it was impossible.

Really? I never got that impression.

I would have never thought
that you were so uptight.

-I was.
-Well then.

Hi, it's María.
Leave your message after the beep.


María, please, call me. I'm very worried.

-Are you angry?
-Come on.

I just didn't know the priest was Titi.

How was I supposed to know that he was...

Call me, please. I'm very worried.

Come on! We're going to be so lucky!
Our first gig!

Come on!

-Good afternoon.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes, honey. Trust me.

Don't you see that man is already...

-He's looking at us.

Yes, can't you see his eyes moving?

He's looking at me?

-Careful, she's coming!

-It's her, right?

Let's be clear.
We came to show our repertoire, right?

Well, not exactly.

-You're such a liar. What are you saying?
-Shut up!

We have to anticipate events, Segundo...

-No, I don't want any pastries.
-Eat, man.

-I don't feel like it, Rossi!
-They are really...

They're very dry. I don't want any.

-We need to be one step ahead.

Ahead of whom?

Ahead of the business,
the supply and demand.

You were tipped off and we snuck in.

More or less.

What do you want me to say?
That I screwed up?

You look beautiful.

I can't believe the fuss she made
about the inheritance.

She clearly wanted...

She wanted us to see each other
face to face.

That's something
I should not interfere with.

That's between you and her.

Yes. Maybe.

It's better this way.


You must have been with a lot of men
all these years, right?

-With many men.

And what does it matter now?

It's always mattered to me.

What are you getting at?

Do you know why I became a priest?

I don't think I want to know.

Although to me, that's only black clothes.


Well, such is life. It's true.

-Never mind.
-What do you mean?

-It's nothing, María.
-Come on, Juan.

-Never mind.
-Juan, say it.

The thing is that we should be honest

at the right moment.

Do you understand?

Are you giving me a hard time
for leaving you?

-For not knowing...
-No, I'm not doing that, María.

-Yes, Juan.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm doing this because...


Don't you see that I can't be near you?

It hurts.


Do you know those two?

-Play along. Act normal.

Excuse me. Are you with the church?

Good afternoon.
My name is Rossi de la Vega.

-And this is my partner.
-Segundo de Palma.

Commonly known as "The Bye-Byes."

Well, that was your idea.

"Rest in peace"? Is this a joke?

We organize postmortem shows.


-You're not from here, are you?

No, it was my dad who wanted to live here.

The whole family is here.

My poor dad...

-Yes, we know all the details.
-We know.

We saw his file. We're well-informed.

-Aren't we, Segundo?

Have you heard
of postpartum depression?

We have the postpartum depression,

"postparty" depression
and "postmorty" depression.

We are involved in the last two.
Right, Segundo?

We were told you needed us, that you
wanted our music, which is a blast.

We have Camela, Triana,
the soundtrack from Deprisa, deprisa...

We have Bambino, "Procuro olvidarte,"
and we make your funeral something else.

I loved him
Why do we have to...

Why are you here?
I just don't understand anything.

Don't you know The Bye-Byes?

Say goodbye with your heart and a song.

I dance and I clap...

If you don't tell me what
you're doing here, I'll call the police.

No, please, there's no need for that.

-We're just singers.

-We are wake singers.
-Wake singers.

-Yes, we play...
-We play

-with Titi
-...with Titi.

Sorry, I mean with the priest.
I'm a bit nervous. I meant the priest...

-Sorry I'm late.
-Thank you for coming, Father.

Are they really with you?

Yes, sure. Of course.

They are from...

From the Brotherhood of Santa María.

-God bless this house.
-Virgin Mary is so good.

It's a service we offer in our church
for these kinds of cases.

We'll explain that later.

Sure, Daddy.

-Father, yes. Whatever you say.

María de la O

How unfortunate you are, gypsy

Even though you have it all

You want to laugh

But even your eyes are...


From so much...

Everything wears out, Mom.

You cannot use things so much.

I tried so hard.

But everything has a limit, honey.

Don't give me that look.

Don't do it.

I'll remember you
the way I fucking want to.

Not like you want me to.


That's what I'm going to do.

And when people ask me, I'll say,

"She was such a good person.


She was a real bitch...

But she was a very good mother."


That's what I will say.

I just don't want to remember you
with all your faults.

And you have quite a few, don't you?

You had them all.

But in my mind,

my mom is the best mom in the world.

I got sick and tired...

of trying to change you.

I didn't realize
I was the one who had to change.

I was so stupid.

I feel sorry for myself.

But that's it.

It's over.

Have you heard about the scandal
of my friend Paca's inheritance?


You haven't?

Okay, I'll tell you about it.

-You can't tell anyone.

Cars, mansions, luxury cars,

and all the lands from here to Conil
belong to her.

Did she get so much money
from the fruit shop?

Girl, that was a cover.
And she has two mansions in Marbella!

You should become her friend.
She's loaded. Her bank account is full.

Also, she's into everything.

And she used to badmouth you.
What do you think?

You should marry her.

-From the village?
-Yes. I think her mom was not from here.

The Duchess of Alba is her relative.

Shit! I'm going to call Carli.
He's single now!

If that woman needs to marry someone
in order to inherit, here I am.

That's why they call me "Spin Cycle."

You know I'd do anything for money.


Suck it. Come on.

Who are you talking about?

Carla, are you sure you want him
to receive the last rites?

I would like that.

It's been three sleepless nights.

Also, he was a firm believer.


The most important thing
is that he's at peace.

Do you hear that, Father?

Yes, my dear.

Is he dead? It was for the best.

God, I dozed off.

This is so embarrassing. I am so sorry.

Family, is everything okay? I'm so glad.

What a strong man. It's amazing.

I'm going to go for a coffee...

-Segundo, dear.

Sorry, but I'm at work now.

That makes two of us.

Tell her you're with me.


Listen, I just wanted to tell you
I found a man for your cousin.


-Tell me.
-My brother.

The best of the best.

-Your bro...
-I've been thinking about it,

and we've always been like a family.

And now that I've found out
that you guys have a ranch...

A ranch? Who told you that?

Don't play dumb.
Everyone in the village knows it.


-Listen to me. We need to live our lives!

But isn't your brother a bit crazy?

Your cousin isn't Lady Di either.

María might not understand this.
I need to talk to her first.

Don't be so sensitive.

The best thing you can do
is listen to me.

Pili will give you what's yours


I don't know, Pilar.

Let's not argue over this.
Everything's okay.

Everything's ready for tonight,
just as we planned.

-You need to pay for the party in advance.

We've already paid you.

The party is paid separately.
No one will come if there're no drinks.

-Yeah, but...
-No buts!

Don't you try to change anything
or I'll kill you.

They're already setting the lights!

The tables! The catering, tablecloths,
Cutlery, everything!

You can't imagine how many people
are here! More than 20!

I haven't slept since you told me
about it, completely restless.

Very worried.
Very worried about the family.

Yes, I know.
How much money are we talking about?

It's very cheap.

Eight hundred euros will do the job.

What? Eight hundred euros?

See you at 10:00.


She hung up.

I am sorry, Mr. Juan.

My sweet brother!
My brother's getting married!

I'm so happy, darling!

What are you going to do to her
when you meet her?

No, darling. Don't laugh!

You need to be serious.
Women like that better.

If you have to laugh, put your hand
on your mouth and... Yes! Like that!


You're so handsome, my boy!

Okay, come on!

We need to prepare everything.

Call your friends.

Come on. Yes.

He's so handsome.

What a body. Look at that!

We are here today to accompany
our brother Juan on his way to heaven.

Segundo, my dear.
I fell asleep at the beach. Yes.

But everything's fine, darling.
I'm relieved and very happy.

What's going on, Segundo?
What's the matter?

Everyone knows.

About your inheritance.

Please, don't tell me that.

She's inherited everything.

Pili is asking for more money,

and I've already told her I'm broke.

I'm trying my best,
but everyone's getting on board.

What do we do now, cousin? I can't believe
I'm so unlucky and hopeless.

And this east wind... It's horrible.

Calm down. I'll try to
figure out the problem with Pili.

Listen, Segundo. I'm not going anywhere.
I'm sick and tired.

-I'm serious.

-Don't worry. Go home and I'll call you.
-Beautiful! Pretty!



I'm being followed.

What do you mean?

I don't like this. Go home, please.

-Segundo, my dear. Don't get angry.

I don't belong here. I don't...

-María, you can't leave!

María, you can't leave me again!

You can try to get your money back.

María, please, listen to me.

You're the love of my life.

-I'm in love with you.
-Segundo, dear.

Madly in love with you.
I can't live in this village without you.

You're the only one
who doesn't call me "the cripple."

Please, María.

I need you.

I don't know what you're going to do,
but I'm going to that party...

So that we can be together.



I'm sorry. I'm getting emotional
because there's a friend who's in love.

Listen, you need to do the consulting
just like I said.

I'm at work. I'm going to hang up.

Sorry. These things...

Alone. I'll always be alone.

Oh, God.

Come on. Let's go.

It smells of death in here.

Rossi, please.

Look at the wonderful Swiss roll
I found in the kitchen. Want a bite?

One second, Rossi. We need the money
and we need to fix this.

-Are we going to kill him?


Every cloud has a silver lining.

Don't be upset.

What do you want, Petra?

Look at yourself.

Do it for me. Please.

All I see is darkness.

Do you remember when you were a child?

You used to come to my door

for bread and butter.

With that beautiful face
you've always had.

-Shut up.
-It's true.

See? You never look at yourself.

And here I am, whitewashing the wall.

It was so filthy.

I've always wanted to do this.
For a very long time.

And look. It looks great,

and it only took me a little while.

It looks different.

I did it in a flash.

Thank you for everything, Petra.

But it's over.


One can't start over

until they've finished.

We can't do anything else.

He received his last rites.
He's in God's hands now.

I'm going.

Yes, Father.
In God's hands and in ours, too.


I'm sorry, miss. I'm so sorry.

But I...

I need to confess something.

Do as you like.

But we can't do anything else.

Thank you, Father.


I have a problem.

What's wrong?

Apart from being crippled,


Since I was a child...

It's hard for me to say it, Rossi.

You're scaring me, dear.
I don't get what you're doing.

Take your time, Segundo.

-Say it.
-I see dead people.

That's true. Since he was a child.

Father calls him the "Second Sense."

Have you seen my dad?
But he's still here. He's not dead yet.

No, I didn't see him.

I can't see your dad.

-You know who I saw?

Think. You know who I saw.

My mom. Did you?

-Yes, dear. Don't be scared.
-Oh, God.

-What did she tell you?
-She told me

that everything's fine,
and that I should tell your dad

that she loves him very much.

And that you shouldn't worry.

They haven't spoken in 20 years.

Yes, I know. But things work differently
in that universe.

Everything is more spiritual.
Peace, love. It's another level.


Right? And... she told me that...


I should speak to your dad.
And so I did while all of you were busy.

And your dad told me...

That he wanted a farewell party.

-A party?
-Yes. We do that a lot here.

His aunt actually...

We threw an amazing
flamenco party for her.

We dressed her up as a flamenco dancer.


Did he really say that?

Absolutely. And very clearly.
Farewell party.

He became mute during the war.

I know. But he told me on another level.

-He told me...
-How did he tell you?

That's right, Rossi.
He used sign language.

Right? Yesterday you told me,

"I'd like a party."

And I... party.

I think this is all very strange.

It's coming.

-There's another spirit.
-Who is it?

Your mom is here.
She's carrying a suitcase.

A suitcase?

-Can you feel her?

What do you mean? Come.

-Come. Come here.
-Go there.

-Feel her. Do you feel her?

Your mom.


She came and she's standing there.
Talking to your dad.

-My mom?

My mom?

Your mom is here.

-What do we do now, Father?
-I don't know, Carla, dear.

This is a very personal decision.
The church can't take part.

We'll have to do something!

Sure. I can throw him a party.
But we have very little time.

He'll die soon.

Let's hope so.

Let's hope you have a heart of gold
to throw a party for your dad.

That's it! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

There's Mr. Ángel!

Let's hear it for Mr. Ángel!

Our host!

And for his beautiful daughter, Carla,
who made this party possible.

She's dedicating it to her dying dad.

Her dad is dying, and she wanted
to dedicate this party to him.

Mr. Ángel! Hello.
My name is Segundo, and your daughter

wants you to have this song forever.

With lots of love!

Come on!

You leave

Like the love

That wanted to become my spring

I stole that flower

For you there and then


I traveled and took

Your heart
Your heart in my wallet

That way

You'll be able to stay
By my side

Maybe I got
Maybe I felt

I also dreamt
And lost another time

And now I know
That you are here

And it was because of you
Because of you, I loved

And everything was
Because I wanted

To be by your side

Just like that
I can say

That everything was wonderful


Maybe I didn't think it through

-I didn't look for it
-I didn't look for it

-I didn't have it
-I didn't have it

And then I understood

And I saw you there
So close to me

That way
I was able to stay

By your side

-Thank you very much!
-Thank you!

-Thank you.
-Thank you. Thank you very much.

-What a success, dear!

What do we sing now?
We can't let them down.

-A reggaeton song?
-Wait a second, Rossi.

Now that I'm onstage, if you don't mind...

Which is the dream of my life.
I wanted to thank someone

who isn't here, but I wanted to thank her
for opening my eyes.

For taking care of me,

and for making me see
I can do lots of things

I could never imagine. So, for her,

and for every woman like her...
Thank you for making our lives easier.

-Thank you very much.
-That was beautiful! Olé!

What's wrong?

Nothing. Ask for music.

Music, please.

Dear! Come here!

What should I do?




Well, we leave with nothing,
and start with nothing.

It's crazy to feel you
By my side again

To feel so much in love

But it's so nice to know
You won't hurt me anymore

It feels so nice
To be in your arms

I never imagined
Having to live without you

I'm dying for your kisses
There's sadness in my mind

She left and what I want now

Is to experience wealth or poverty
With you

With no gold nor wealth
I learnt not to forget about you

I learnt how to live
Without seeing you

And now I fly every day
For your essence

And pain will die in my calm conscience
Because of your love

Are you sure you want this color?

You're so annoying! Of course I do!

It's going to be a girl.

I'm sure of it.

-Tell me, darling.

Didn't you say the wardrobe was empty?


What about this box?
Did it fall behind something?

-I don't know.

What's going on?

My mom's shroud.

Put it away, cousin.

I love it.

-Have you seen what a nice color it is?


I love it.

-Can I help?
-Yes. You can paint that wall.


Subtitle translation by Pilar Hernández