Aval Appadithaan (1978) - full transcript

The film revolves around a solitary women, her plight and ordeal against evil society.

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Hello. Yes, you.

Lean slightly towards your left.

Don't worry.

Is it ready? Ready. Start sound.

Similar to enjoy some form of animal dancing...

...audience enjoy my dance.

Whenever I think about it,
I feel like vomiting.

It is not some art.

But, I need a way to live my life.

I have one type of hunger, those
seeing me has other type of hunger.

I peel myself for their cash.

That's it.

If I had known that I would
dance half-naked like this...

I would have died before I born.

Play one song.

You come from there to the centre and
rotate your hip and turn into circle.

Shall we go for a rehearsal?

Getting late!

Sound cut, sound cut.


I must go.

Let's take a shot and
we will finish it off.


What happened.
Why are you laughing?

Nothing, dear.

I thought the leaf of waist will fall,
but, here it's the head which is falling.

What happened?

The whole thing is stupid.
the movie, the process...

...people like you who are sitting and enjoying!
I'm disgusted by the whole thing.

See, it's just an ash print.
Not the whole film.

Yeah, by the way, Arun...
this is Manju, art director.

This is Arun, director of the film.

Just how a person with monkey
make it dance and earn money...

...you are earning by
making women dance?

You see, Miss...

Shit. Only now I introduced Manju to you.

You are forgetful on women's matter.

See, Miss Manju. It's just
a part of my documentary.

Actually, my documentary is based on women.

Why? Beedi, cigarettes,
soap are getting boring?

See, this is purely business. They
make films based on the market.

And, market will always
be there for women.

So, you're saying, women are
equivalent to selling goods?

See, Miss Manju. I am not making
this film to insult or humiliate women.

Actually, I sympathise
with the Cabaret Dancer.

I am angry on those, who
are harassing her like this.

Using my documentary. I...

Hey, hey, hey... Stop, man.

Let me finish my work and leave.

Then, it's between you and Manju.

Look, Manju. Either you like the film or not,
you have to help Arun to complete the film.


Yes, you only, please.

You will understand my purpose later.

The moment you feel disinterest on
the project or the film you can exit.

Say okay I say.



- Okay.
- Thank you.

Where is my appreciation?


Look straight.

Smile lightly.

What sir, all ready?

What is this, dear?

We are making an ad of bathing soap.

That's why, photoshoot is happening.

But, you are here as to
advertise for a saree shop!

Look, this is soap.
Not a tooth powder packet.

Go and remove these and wear a bath
towel exposing the shoulders. Please.

No, mother will scold me.


Press media will see me, madam.

Oh, oh!

If nobody sees, you will pose anyway, right?

Mother won't say anything, right?

- That... - Listen, dear. Do you
know why we selected you?

Besides your face, your
body also looks beautiful.

Or else, I would've posed, no?

Go fast, wear towel and come, dear.
Don't waste time.

Come on. I'm giving you an entire day.

Go home, think if it's the only way to save
your honor or not and come tomorrow.

You will get a lot of money, Say this
to your mother. She will understand.

Hello, Mr. Arun.

She brought her honor to the press.

It might not be as difficult
as your filmmaking, but...

...these are some cases demand.

No, no. This is also difficult work.

Sir, don't say anything to please me.

As per my boss order,
I'm here with a job to do.

You can speak openly.

I like you very much. Okay?

Awkward joke.

What is your film based on?

About awkwardness.

I mean about women's.

The title of the film is
'One Half of the Whole Sky.'

If our society is a sky,
the half of it is women.

The title seems to be a poetry.

Have you keep it so that everyone
gets hooked by the title itself?

No, there is a purpose of this title. The
title isn't a bait for others to get hooked.

I have some ideas on present
days situation around women.

- As example. We're thinking
women as slave... - Best of luck.

Thank you.

Do you believe, you can change every
women's situation with your one film?

Tying a girl in bath towel with...

...a soap in hand, if you believe
soap will sold out, then...


It's not my belief.
It's Soap company's.

- Whatever it is, I'm saying...
- That's all right.

What do you want me to do now?

At first, let's not talk like
strangers, okay? Agreed.

See, I am searching for some women.

Is it women or money?

- Don't be like this!
- Okay. Whom do you want to meet?

As you are the head of the Seva
trust, we are here for an interview.

I didn't give any interview till today.

Did anybody been here
before to interview you?

Hmm... many presses came here.

I only said, it's not possible.

Because, I am very busy you see!

What are you going
to say for us now?

You see, I am making a
documentary film on women.

I feel your presence should be there.

Are you doing a cinema? For that,
I have to do makeup and all, is it?

Yes. The makeup you do everyday
for the society, that's enough.

Okay, okay.

Mm... wait.

Come. Move the chair.
I don't need it here.

Place madam in the centre.

Okay, ready? I'll ask questions which
you have to answer on the mic.

Don't look at camera. It doesn't look
natural. You talk as usual, okay?

Camera ready?

Light, fan.


How many woman are
there in your protection?

Approximately, 25 women.

What type of woman are you allowing?

Those who did crimes.

The place is for those,
who failed in their lives.


While you kept them alone or seperate...

...have you noticed any change in
their thoughts to do crime?

Coffee is here, take it.

No problem. Let us drink afterwards.

Okay. Is there any motive for
you to do the social service?

What motive do you expect me to have?

I have a soul desire in this.

So, if your soul desire
has to be continued...

...many woman have to continue
failing in their lives, isn't it?

How many children do you have?

Two son's and two daughter's.

What do they think
about your service?

- They are proud of my service.
- Is it?

Will you permit your son to
marry a girl from your trust?

I always believe in freedom
of an independent person.

They should take their
own decisions in life.

I am very determined on that.

Very convenient answer.

Why? Don't you feel it or do your
son's don't believe in reformation?

At least, it's enough to treat women
of your house without any degration.

Excuse me, a small question finally.

What do you think of your job?

It's not a job. It's a service.

To bring prosper & justice to the society...

...four good hearted people...

Cut it.

You should've been there.

Her sweat of shame on face
would've filled four buckets.

From your words, Arun seems
to be very mischievous.

No, no.

Nothing like that. But, he
is a different character.

From the questions he asked,
I understood, he had clear ideas on it.

So, you liked Arun very much?

I see you frequently with him.

Nothing doing. He invited me for
a coffee, soon after the interview.

I replied, I am going home & left the place.


I know, what he is going to ask next.

While drinking coffee,
he will ask about me.

Then, without waiting for my question,
he will say about himself.

Unknowingly, his hand will fall on me.

His foot will rub me.

Why bother to these nonsense!

I don't know how you can act like this?

You behave like children, who put
moustache on face before sleep.

It's okay. You have no faith on men.

So, helping on his film
is past tense from today?

No, no. That will go on it's way.

Helping is one thing.
Rubbing is another. Isn't it?

I think I am giving you a lot of trouble.


If not this, I would've been
doing something else.

One minute, I am coming.
Make yourself comfortable.

Don't worry. You cook yourself & eat?

Where are your parents?

My parents are in Coimbatore.

Father is a businessman.

Okay, where is your family?

My father is... Mother is in Paris.
Father is also there in embassy.

Are you living here alone?

No, no. l am with my cousin.

Why didn't you go to Paris?

I can go, If I wish. But, I like it here.

Okay, you will drink coffee, right?

What else can we do here?

Let's drink coffee.

Are you a communist?


You have kept Marx book.

I wish to know everything.
So, I read this.

Why? If I am communist, what's wrong in it?

I hate the red colour.

It should be your eye's problem.

You will earn lot of money
by making a film, isn't it?

That's not my only aim.

Having an unusual proffession
become a fashion nowdays.

- I believe in my work.
- I don't believe you.

Okay. Sunday, we are
going to meet Janaki.

- Janaki?
- Playback Singer.

- Oh...
- Bye.

What are you thinking, buddy?

Is it about any woman?

No, no.

When a man is alone, he will
think of a lady or his own luck.

What are you thinking about?
Surely, it can't be about women.

Not about a lady, but about ladies.
Because they always gets cheated.

Hey, buddy.

I don't know about liberty
or equality. But, one thing.

Two things should be
tasted and appreciated.

One is Wine.
The other is Women.

Be it by birth, or in habits
or even in the bedroom...

...men & women can never be equal.

Specifically in bedroom,
there is no room for equality.

See, it's useless arguing with you.
You are a prejudiced ass.

Yes, I am a Male ass.

Okay, leave it. How is your
your documentary work.

Then, how's Manju?
Is she helping you nice?


Proceeding well.

Manju is innocent. She is having
some disturbance in her mind.

I think the reason behind
her critical behaviour is...

...caused by some misery of her past.

Hey, buddy. A bad bag spoiling
a good subject. Don't you know?

Mother went behind other men. Daughter
and father tolerates her to certain extent.

When the opportunity struck, the man divorce her.

Then, how? How could Manju be happy?

What? Whom are you talking about?

All about your Manju's history. Too stinky.

Why Manju didn't marry?

Hey, who will marry her?

It's for people with stable mind. She is unstable.

Try discussing marriage with her. She
will say, she has no faith in such drama.

- Oh.
- Hey, hey, hey...

Why do you bother about it?

Look. Women and Politicians
belong to same category.

They will go to any extent to achieve their goal.

But, they don't know what their goal is.

See, buddy. Be careful. Okay, forget it.

Today, there is a hot film in
the film society. Interested?

No, thanks. You proceed.

Do this. There's a religious film playing
in Kamadhenu theatre. Go & watch it.

You think your youth will always be
with you? Play when your are capable.

Go, man.

Wonderful... design! Manju, you are beautiful.
Your design gets influenced by it.

You know? When you first
time came here for a job...

I didn't see your certificates. Your body...
Sorry! I see your face. It's enough for a job.

Normally, I like women very much.

Wheather they are children, or youth,
if they look beautiful, l just love them.

Sir, put the signature.


I like women when they are angry too...

One thing. Don't think I have
crass, cheap opinion on girls.

In the world, two things you
have to handle very carefully.

One is Women.
The other is Culture.

By the way, I met Arun now.

He said, you are helping him nicely.

I told him to interact with you
without any fear or hesitation.

I think the film's output will be
interesting. You like it too, isn't it?

I don't like it.

Me too.

Boring thing means the documentary,
if it shows, I'll get out for a smoke.

Not like that, I like documentary
films, but the way they make it...

- What they say? - Taking method.
- I don't like the taking method.

But, Mr. Arun's subject is too good,
we have to congratulate him for that.

Congratulate him then.

Oh, Manju. Will you discuss
whatever we spoke here with Arun?

Should I?

Nothing like that.

I also felt after watching
Arun's documentary...

...there is no safety for
women in our country.

If a man has willpower and money,
to safeguard more than one lady...

...then the law should allow the
man to marry more than one lady.

They are talking about
Monogamy & all... no, no, no!

That's practically impossible.
Too hard. They say it for sake.

Don't think, I am talking in a sex motive.

Sir, firstly, do your first marriage.

He is not even worth of first marriage...

...and talking on polygamy,
you're thinking? Okay, leave.

Look, you can't fool me.

I heard your comments.

I care a foot for your comments.

When I see someone speaking
at the back of anyone, I feel hasty.

Like the coward who
writes in the bathroom.

If you have guts, come and
talk to me straightly.

"She walks wearing stylish saree."
"She wanders with dozen men."

"She talks freely about sex."

These are your topic, isn't it?

Whatever dress I wear,
it suits me. What can I do?

If you have three children and done
30 abortion and can't wear anything...

...so, you are jealous of me?

"She is talking freely about sex."

Am I talking to have free sex?

Or, do you feel shame that I
don't discuss sex with you.

"She roams with many men."
That's my wish.

If I wish, I will roam with your husband too...

You are insulting me.

I will go and report now
to the managing director.

Go with pleasure. He is
always behind me only.

Come. Wait for a minute.
Let me finish this.

What? Anger?

- One minute's anger will affect
entire day's happiness. - Look...

I hate living in ignorance.
I hate hypocrites.

I don't like people put on a mask.

They will talk like this. You should
ignore them. I would've done that.

If they will be like that
then, I will be like this.

You're going to face many difficulties.

I don't care.

I hate people who want honor...

...believing themselves above their worth.

So, you are saying that
you don't like yourself?

What do you mean?

Unwanted prestige, double life, double standard...

...believing themselves above
their worth & all... suits you.

Shut up.

Or else, why would you sent
your parents to imaginary Paris?

Get away from here.

Hello, Arun.

Who is this?

Manju. Come fast to the news centre.

Manju, why do you call so late?

Anything wrong?

Yes. Are you coming?

Arun, if I say about myself,
even if the story seems bad...

...sometimes I think it
will be the utmost truth.

Arun, are you getting bored...

...coming here for me during midnight?

No. Why are you thinking something
and talking in some other ways?

I feel so happy, you personally
called & wished to talk to me.

I feel scared thinking,
how can I change like this?

I can't say, I enjoyed my
childhood as other childrens.

I also had a house.
There was a father...

...and mother. But, our
house was a crushed one.

Yes. A broken home.

I also had some happy
moments in my childhood.

I still remember the things
happened in my childhood.

It was mixed with dream and reality.

Thoughts which come across
as dream. It's very sweet.

But, the reality is bitter.

Does every reality seems to be bitter, Arun?

I also had some laugh and dance in my teenage.

I liked to play hide and seek in those days.

We can't see with open
eyes during the game.

Have you played this game, Arun?

All my dreams of those days
disappear when I begin to see.

When my bangles broke at an unexpected
time like that, my life too broken away.


Why didn't you came to house?

Yesterday, a man came with your mother...

...very tall and fat. Was it your father?

When I saw my mom in that situation,
the world around me broken into pieces.

Mom, the great lady in my mind fall
away from the highest place and died.

Even my friends knew about my mother.
What answer I could've given to their questions?

I sat alone and cried without
going to house at evening.

That was the last time
I cried in my life.

After that, whatever
bad thing happens...

...I hide my feelings without
showing it to others.

From there on, she used to carry
me along her, everywhere she goes.

I was there like a dumb witness.

My mother thought about her
happiness, not about my pain.

Father is not here, uncle.

I know.

Mother is also not here, uncle.

I know that too.

Are you studying?
Study... study...

Uncle, leave me...
Uncle, leave me...

Similar to a sudden attack to a person...

...who is standing without any weapons...

At an age of mischiefs, many experience
attacked me beyond my understanding.

I felt like an orphan.

I thought to say everything to my dad.

Should I say now? Should I say now?
One day, dad discovered everything.

What does a father can do to comprehend?

Despite recognising my mother as a
drainage, he continued living in that.


Manju, have you eaten?

Hey, stop there. Why are you so late?

Can't you see?

Oh, are you telling me, you went to temple?
Or precisely to meet somebody in temple?

Why are you talking like this?
If anybody hears, they will laugh...

Whole town is already laughing.

You are trusting those waste
neighbours of ours, isn't it?

They are circulating lies, dear.
I am saying the truth. Trust me.

I promise on my Sutra. Trust me.

Don't lie.

Why are you beating me?

Don't beat me. What are you doing?

You made me ashamed.

- You are worst.
- Don't beat you?

Hey, donkey...

...how can you do this when
we have a teenage girl at home.

I will kill you.

Wife, Husband, Family. I lost all my
respect and trust on those words.

It seems to me like a slogan
of political procession...

...which eventually gets meaningless.

As I didn't like it at home, often
I used to run away from there.

There is a proverb, if the ghosts
rule, dead bodies will eat sastras.

...our home was also like that.

Eventhough, I was living with
my parents, I grown up alone.

I have the same feeling now.

Sometime in everyone's presence, I felt alone.

A feeling of having no
connection with anything.

Because, I had no friends to share anything.

Why are you not saying anything?

I really didn't felt anything
while listening to you.

Having lot of experiences in one's life
that even in childhood is a great thing.

If I feel sad on one side,
I feel jealous on another.

My head is already very cold. You don't
have to keep ice there with your words.

Come. Let's have a hot cup of coffee.

- No.
- For me.

Why are you not coming to temple?

My skills are not working with this God...

...even if I speak in insulting manner, no reply.

If there is no reaction, what's
the use of talking to a stone?

Nowdays, you seem to be very busy...

What busy?

House, then office or to
roam with Arun somewhere.

So, you liked this film job?


Do you like Arun?

I like the way you talk.

Hey, Manju. Didn't you thought
that he is a different character?

I don't know.

But, the burdens I am taking are bought by him.

So, you guys are going
for shopping regularly?

How foolish!

I didn't mean that. I'm able
to speak with him openly.

I scolded him on that day
in one mood and felt sad.

I felt why did I do that?

I called him directly to say,
why I behaved in that manner.

And, I told everything about my parents.

So, you have become close with him.

What do you mean?

If you are not close with him, why
would you say about family matter?

No no, not like that.

I felt to say, so I said.

Anyway, Manju. If you have a
friend like him, I am also happy.

Is the location okay for you?

But, if they don't allow for shooting?

Why are you worrying about that?

You will get it.

I came here already before.


With Manju.

Wrong, dear. Why so eccentric?
Is she co-operating with you nicely?

It is very astonishing.


She won't socialise with anybody steadily.

Very unpredictable woman.

She is in touch with you
continuously, so I asked.

What is there in it?

If anybody else was there, no problem.
But, she! She is very hard nut to crack.

- Why do you hate women so much?
- What? Hatred?

If my hatred comes over women, I'll commit
suicide. What is life without them? Go, man.

You are saying about making
documentary on women and all.

I have written a poetry on women.

"Enjoy the woman.
Don't experiment."

"Let she follow you.
Don't follow her."'

"Search the girl.
Don't search her heart."

"Dont get fooled by a woman.
Dont get fooled for a woman."

"Hey, friend, Iron is not
the only metal that bends..."

"...women too bends."

Enough, enough. I have no time
to listen your poetry. Good night.

Whom do you want?

I want to meet Manju.
l am Manju's friend.

Everyone comes here & say the same.

My name is Arun.

Oh, you are that Arun?

About me, Manju...

I know, I know. You are
the film director, isn't it?

Why sir? Will you make
only documentary films?

Won't you make good
films with smart heroes?

Who will see your documentary film, sir?

Who are you to Manju?


Will it take time for her to come?

It's her time to come.

She doesn't think this place as home...

...for her, it's hotel.

She will come and go by her wish.

Why? Any important news?

No. We have to meet one person for my film.

Who's that?

Playback Singer, Janaki.

Janaki who sang, "Machana Pathingala?"

I only know "Singaravelane" Janaki.

You are taking her with
you to Janaki's house?

While going for an interview,
if a girl is with us, it looks good.

Girl? Manju? Hmm!

How would you see good time
having company of bad luck?

Your fate.

l have some work inside. Inform me once
when you leave. I have to lock the door.

What happened, Manju?
Why are you so dull?

We can't find reason for everything.

It's not necessary as well.

You always seem to be happy.
But, today you are very silent.

- That's why, I asked.
- Nothing.

While we are walking together,
it seems you are walking alone.

What are you thinking about?

Your sister talked about
you in a different way.

What does she said? Tell me.

She said to me, "Leave my sister
and go alone to Janaki's house."

Oh, nice. Only that much
she said. Innocent aunt.


Are you shocked?

The person whom she called
as sister, now calling her as aunt.

Yes, she is my aunt.

Father's sister. She took pity on me...

...and kept me in her house.

But, why she treat you like this?

She feels pride on the fact
that she kept me in her house.

Okay, leave it.

But, she is treating you like this...


I am not responsible for my situation.

l am forced to the situation.


Don't ask about this anymore.


- I...
- Keep quiet.

- l am sorry.
- Please, don't spoil this evening.


There is no waterflow in the
river for the lifeboat to cross

There is no waterflow in the
river for the lifeboat to cross

There is no chariot in the town
for anyone to go in the chariot

Somewhere, something, someone

There is no waterflow in the
river for the lifeboat to cross

There are fences between the
beautiful stage and wonderful music

An unhealed wound and hundreds of
thorns are there in the swinging legs

Feminity doesn't see happiness
in anything

Feminity doesn't see happiness
in anything

Is the girl a unburnt light?

There is no waterflow in the
river for the life boat to cross

There are stages everywhere
in the town with disguise kings.

They are not real kings

There are gardens everywhere
in the town with scented rose

They are not roses truly..

Feminity is not elevated in the world.

Feminity is not elevated in the
world. Girls are useless flowers

There is no waterflow in the
river for the lifeboat to cross

There is no chariot in the town
for anyone to go in the chariot

Somewhere, something, someone

There is no waterflow in the
river for the lifeboat to cross

What, sir? You said you have
some questions to ask.

Why are you trimming your eyebrow?
I mean, why are you doing it artificially?

If everything goes natural,
who would enjoy then?

In cinema, for audience enjoyment...

...especially, for men's enjoyment...

...you are putting makeup.
Don't you feel like a slave?

Sir, I think you have lot's of free time.

So, by having these weird thoughts
you are confusing your mind.

See. In the morning, I had Heroine
character who fought for her virginity.

In daytime, I was prostitute...

...and a princess in the night.

There is no time to think about these, sir.

Check, check.

Check, check.

What's your opinion on
the world of cinema?

Everybody willingly watches cinema.


There are people who have
wrong idea on film actresses.

When a girl stands before a camera...

...they think, she must've lost her virginity.

I feel very hasty.

Why sir?

The women outside the cinema world...

...can pour rain with their innocence?

Please forgive me for saying like this.

No, carry on.

It's surprising to know about
the tragedy of this world.

It is the world of cinema...

...and people write stories around it.

Oh, I forgot. Sundaramurthy
brother, 'Kumaran arts' has...

...asked call sheets for tomorrow
morning. Tell them it's impossible.

What are you blabbering?

Spit out and tell them my words.

What were you saying?

Oh, sorry. I was saying...

In cinema world, both tragedy
and comedy exists equally.

There is something stuck above your eyes.

Nothing, it's jigina.

Again today, I'm going
to act in a love scene.

You also come and watch.
l am sure you will enjoy it.

What, Manju? While shooting, you begin
to laugh infront of them in the set itself?

Sorry, Arun.

They talked about their love, isn't it?

Love, our love is so scared and holy...

...I felt like vomiting.

l was unble to bear that.

They said what they know.

Mr. Arun

Love, affection, care... these words
have no meaning at all. All are lies.

You may not believe these...

...but, for that, doing this, in insulting manner...

No, Arun. I am not insulting.

I laughed when I saw
the false side of love.

l am not a person who doesn't
know or understand love.

I lost my family and it's
happiness in my childhood.

Now, my mind is searching it everywhere.

When I was into a deep mud hole,

I met Kirupa.

Kirupa was studying along with me.

He had every characteristics, which
a charismatic young man could have.

Then, what! Love was destined, isn't it?

So, it happened.

When it was a massive
task to even talk to a boy...

...I can go anywhere with him according to
my wish seemed great fortune to me.

I was happy thinking, what I have is
something many can't afford to have.

If I think of it now, it seems funny.

We also rambled around
beaches, theatres, hotels...

...like lovebirds of press & cinema.

I begin to think, my misery faded
away. And the happiness which...

...I have is stable and true.

Our love is holy and sacred are words
we repeated regularly then, you know...

...like we heard in that cinema shooting.

'l am not without him. He is not without me.'
were regular words in our conversation.

Now those things seems to
be mad. But, those happiness...

...wound my scattered heart.

Kirupa was like someone, whom we met
after losing our way in a deep forest.

I felt Kirupa has filled my void,
which was created by my family.

I was in heaven those days,
while l was getting cheated.

My mom has killed me for the first time.

And, he killed me for the second time.

Stones are getting empty.
Shall I collect some and give you?

You said, "you have an important
news to tell." Won't you tell me that?


I had thought to say it, day before yesterday.

We also met that day, no?


We have met.

Why didn't you said then?


...has fixed my engagement.

So, when are we having the wedding feast?

Manju, don't you know about
my family's situation?

I have two sisters at marriageable age.


Bridegroom's family said, they will
arrange a job for me, after marriage.

What happened, Manju?
Why are you not speaking?


Don't think, I didn't love you.

I don't know what to do in this situation.

If I think about you...

For Me...

For Me...

What is there to talk?

He tried to pacify me
saying other things.

But, when we rambled around,
he never remembered his father...

...mother, sisters and marriage. Did he?

I feel pity, when I think about him.

But, I understood, it wasn't cowardness.

It is the carelessness of every youth.

I only pity that bastard.

In the chocolate advertisement,
your designs were exquisite.

It's an old one.

But, you are really a genius.

How do you get these type of ideas?

Oh, that?

Daily, I get up at 3'o clock.

I drink a glass of milk...

...then, I run fast along the beach.

I close my eyes tightly.

And sing loudly near water.

I get the idea immediately.

Are you scared? What idea?

Turn and see four foreign
magazines, ideas will flourish.

I thought, they are your own ideas.

The skill is to hide the art of stealing.

Chandran, take that cello tape.


Chandran, what is your age?

Nineteen completed.

- Do you go to temple?
- Yes, I go daily.

- Do you have girlfriends?
- No, no. I don't have.

If I ask you to sleep with me? Will you?

No, you are like my sister.

Like Sister?

You shouldn't touch anywhere
to your sister's body.

Chant mantras, wash your
hands and come back. Go.

- Why are you degrading the relation?
- You are wro... - Get out.

Why are you staring
at me like an eagle?

Manju, don't be angry.

I think you unnecessary angered on him.

What Chandran did was wrong.

You may leave it in ease...

...or you should punish him.

But, you bursted out.

If I could, I would've burnt him out.

I would've forgiven, if Chandran
alone was doing such mistakes.

Every other Chandran,
Indran, Kuppan, Suppan...

...I met, has done the same.
- You are speaking generally.

Damn it. Don't think
l am talking in an urge.

I have experience.

You bloody...

You know how to extract things.

I never think of saying anything to
anyone about me.

...but, you make me say it.

Okay, I will say.

Who? Is this Manju?

How are you? Are you fine?

Why are you not coming to church?

When I was studying, we thought
this as a playground and played.

Now you've grown old?

Problems increased more, father.

Confusions are killing me.

God will bless you.

Forgive me, father.

Whatever God it may be...

...if they want to help, can't
they help us little quick?

Why are you laughing?

If he don't know what to do
with the gathered applications...

...can't he keep assistants?

l am sorry.

My mind is very confused, father.

I wander here and there to get peace...

...and for that reason, I am here.

If I find it from a butcher's
shop or a crematorium...

...l am ready to be there.

Manju, don't go anywhere in search of peace.

It is there with you. But, to
understand that, we need belief.

I mean faith.

You should maintain your mind peacefully
before confusion affect you mind.

- Father.
- Yes my child. l am coming to you.

You should turn your mind somewhere
else before confusion defeat your mind.

Whether it is with God, Music
or Literature, you have to do it.

God will surely help you.

Come, Mano. Dont you
know her? It's Manju.

Don't you know Mano? My son.

Hello, How do you do?

What is the matter?

Piano has arrived at home, daddy.
Here is the bill.

Mano plays the piano very well.

Come home. I will ask him to play. Let's hear it.

Come on.

Mano plays the piano really well.

Piano music didn't solved my problems,
but, it brought comfort to my mind.

I found solace to my heart in their home.

I felt, I found something,
which I searched for so long.

So, I used to go there frequently.

To see them was my happiness.

The way they pray, the silence,
the environment of their home...

...had given me a new ray of hope.

I thought it was like that.

I thought no other place
can give me comfort now.


...Mano should be with me, I used to think.

My mind will get peace...

...whenever I speak and be with him.

Whenever I was with him...

...it was always a great pleasure for me.

He was like King Solomon of bible...

...standing beside the Queen of Sheba.

As you are listening to me now...

...I shared my misery with him as well.

These things made me closer to him.

I gave up myself to him.

Even when I had bitter experience
of socialising with a man before...

I started to get closer to
Mano because of my heart.

I remember an old fable.

Have you read it?

One bird find it's prey on a boat.

The bird begins to eat the prey.

Suddenly, the boat starts sailing.
The bird didn’t know that.

While the boat was
sailing over the mid sea...

...the bird gets it & understands
it has to fly back.

It starts to fly to the shore.

Even after covering a long
distance, there was no shore.

Being tired, it fly back to the boat itself.

After few days, she tried
again & went back...

...after being tired of flying.

I have also searched for
a true love like that bird.

But, I become tired of searching.

And, never received the true love.


It's my bad luck that I never
received anything on my hands...

...like searching an Oasis in a desert.

Arun, by losing every relationships...

...I was in a deep sorrow.

Hey, Manju. What are you doing?

Burning the candle.

See the candle. It looks
beautiful & destroys too.

Why this sudden philosophy?

When hatred borns, philosophy ablaze.

What's the matter?

Family matter.

Manju, I think you are making
too much of your family matter.

No. Do you think I just blabber around?

I hate my home each and every second...

...when I think about my parents.

What is the problem today?

While we are on our
way to a wedding...

Dad asked mom, why don't you
wear the saree, I bought for you?

Attending the wedding
itself is enormous...

...if wearing his saree is
important, she asked.

I don't understand them.

Okay, Manju. Why do you feel bad?

They are living a false life
by deceiving each other.

They are fighting like
animals with each other.

Seeing this, I get mad.

If my father doesn't like her,
he should divorce her.

Or my mother should get separated.

Without doing it, they are
leading a shameful life.

I feel disgusted seeing them.

l am sorry.


Don't leave.

l won't feel good, if you leave.

With you, I feel there is a way
to escape from the misery.

That's good. Continue.

Relations are like continuous
chain of series.

Feelings are like a short story.

A story ends any time

A new one may continue from the end

Hereafter everything will be fine

I will bear your burden
in the chest for you

I will be a burden bearer

The edge of your eyes is wet
for some reasons

I will change the shredded tears

Pain can be relieved

Just let the snow go away

Let me join the beautiful white cloud

Relations are like continuous
chain of series

Feelings are like a short story

A story ends any time

A new one may continue from the end

Hereafter everything will be fine

Though life is a song,

music develops daily

There will be happiness everyday

What you saw is sufferings

Life is full of pleasure from here

Happy life begins

The new waves in the river
mixed with the sea.

Our relationship joins today
and a new pleasure has born

Relations are like continuous
chain of series

Feelings are like a short story

A story ends any time

A new one may continue from the end

Hereafter everything will be fine

Hereafter everything will be fine

Mano, what happened?


I feel, I used you through your weakness.

I used you for my feelings.

I don't know how it happened.