Autopsy (1975) - full transcript

A pathology med student and a priest team up to investigate a wave of suicides blamed on sun spots and discover a number of them to be actual murders.

Get your Michelangelo's
Moses here, ladies!

Three thousand lira and you'll get the
perfect souvenir for your place in NY!

Excuse me, Miss, is three
thousand lira a good price?

Offer him half.

Where are you going? I'm
not late, am I?

Well? You need my cab or not?

Let's go.

Hey, gimme a hand here.

This one's heavy.

At least we got a homicide
after all those suicides.

- That so?
- Twelve stab wounds, bud.

Hey, you guys seen my scalpel?

Stop stealing my
scalpels, damn it.

- Anyone seen the police doctor?
- Nope.

- He's taking his sweet time.
- Hey, you can't leave that here.

- Bring me over a lens, please.
- On it, Doc.

- All done here, Doc.
- Take that body away, then.

- Take care of the stabbed lady.
- No time. Put her in the corner.

Done. Send it down to the lab and
finish examining the drowned lady.


Go home after that, you
look a little tired.

See you tomorrow.

- lvo?
- What?

- Help the doctor.
- Yes, Professor.

- You tagged the body?
- Still waiting for the ID.

Here to help you, Doc.
What do you need?

I'd like to give you another kind
of meat, if you get what I mean.

Sure, put it out. I might
even take it home.

Whoa, hold it. I only got one
and I'd like to keep it.

I'm keen on express delivery, Doc, and I
could bring it over one of these days.

Yeah, sure. Let's finish this.

Damn, this day is dragging.

Gimme a cigarette,
man, I need a break.

Don't disappear.

All done with this
black fella, Doc.

- Blood samples?
- What's-his-name got them.

Listen to me, Doc, you oughta go home.
I'll handle this one.

You look dead tired.

Come here a sec.

Found my scalpel, finally!

Don't lose the bullet or the
cops will chew you out.

Yeah, well, they could come
and get it themselves.

Complaining all day long...

- One more coming up!
- No way! I'm gonna go home!


The professor wants you to
take a look at this one.

It just came in.

One ugly feller.

Brace yourself, this guy's
an ugly looking bastard.


Well? That was a nice
evening, wasn't it?

Am I forgiven?

Yes, but there won't
be a next time.

You can't play
around with corpses.

But can I play with you?

Come on, invite me in.

No such thing until I
finish my internship.

Well, it's your decision.

All right. I'll be a good boy.

I'll wait.

Gotcha! You won't
get away from me!

- What are you doing?
- My honor is at stake!

Cut it out, you
had one too many!

Well, it was worth a shot.


Hey, what's the rush? Stop!

I don't want the pictures of
your dead friends in my car.

- Come and get it.
- Toss it.

You don't know what you're
missing, ice queen.

- Who is it?
- You don't know me, I'm your neighbor.

I'm sorry to bother you but I
thought you weren't asleep.

- I saw your lights on and...
- From where?

From my apartment upstairs. I
wanted to borrow an envelope.


So you live upstairs?

I must say you stand out among
all my father's girlfriends.

Here, it's the last one.


Thank you.

Wait. I don't know your father.

How is he?

Who, my father? Sure,
he's a funny man.

Especially when it comes
to American girls.

Blondes, brunettes,
even redheads.

My mother was the first.
American, of course.

May I?

What did you say your
father's name was?

I didn't say it. But it's written
on his apartments door, upstairs.

Gianni Sanna.

You're his guest,
didn't you know?

I didn't, I swear.

A friend from Florence
gave me the key.

She said to put it under
the mat when I went away.

And when are you going away?

I'm returning to my home
in Pennsylvania tomorrow.

I've had it with
these apartments.

And these keys...

Don't tell me that's how
you get your kicks.

Pure scientific
interest, actually.

- Are you a doctor?
- That's right.

You sound smart, I'd have
liked to meet you earlier.

Do you mind if I stay
a little longer?

I think I should
tell you something.

Some sort of a secret.

I'm only half American.

- ls that upstairs?
- From dad's apartment.

I'll be right back, wait for me!

It's me.

I can't. Bye.


Let me open the gate for you.

Easy, boy. Stop pulling.

I didn't recognize you, Miss.

It's a bit late for going out.

Aren't you afraid?

Good night.

"Don't tell me that's how
you get your kicks."

"How is he?"

Go to hell, you American jerk!

- I'm gonna smash his face...
- Yeah, yeah.

- I mean it, I'm gonna destroy him...
- Cut it out.

Hey, red! Wanna screw?

lmma pay you for it!

Fuck off, slut!

- All right, then?
- Yes, of course.

Oh, it's you again.

- Man, I can't stand this heat.
- Amen to that, brother.

Hot last night, hotter today.

Look at that one
sleeping over there.

That's not sleeping!

Gunshot wound. Point blank.

Through the throat and upward.
Looks like a suicide to me.

We need to get an ID first.
Forensics didn't help much.

We could send a photo
for the papers.

What do you say, lvo? Can you
make the body more recognizable?

I'm not sure, Doc.

If she had stuck her head under a train
she'd have looked better than this.

Would ya look at this...

What an effing waste.

Right, Doc? Here's another
client for your dissertation.

This one liked
looking beautiful.

Think so?

I beg to differ. She wouldn't
have shot herself in the face.

- Who is she?
- Who knows.

All she had was a beach bag with
a couple of crappy dresses.

No ID. Either
forgotten or stolen.

Come to daddy, gorgeous...

Look at these pretty
eyes of yours...

I'm gonna fix your bad eye...

At least the eyeball
didn't explode.

There you go.

You like it?

- Can I go take a swim, Mommy?
- Not now.

Good morning.


Looking sharp, I see.

Oh, I'll teach you to
respect your father!

No, stop! You're
getting me all wet!

I thought you were
some hot bimbo.

I was gonna pick you up.

Why don't you try?

Let's have lunch
together, come on.

You're staying out
of trouble, right?

Who, me?

- Why?
- It wouldn't be the first time.

Don't you even realize it's been so
long since we've seen each other?

Where have you been?

You sound just like a
regular wife, Simona.

Worse, actually. You sound
like a mother-in-law.

It's a good thing you
don't think about men.

Don't be so sure.

I thought you had some
big news to tell me.

That's odd, she's late.

You're curious, aren't you?

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

Just tell me, Dad.

Well, I'm getting married.

Don't make that face.

I'm not a young boy anymore. "A wonderful
boy", like American girls say.

Simona, what's wrong?


- Are you all right, Miss?
- Don't touch me! I'm fine.

It's so hot in here, I'm going
to the bar for a minute.

Hello, Simona!

- Danielle...
- Are you here with your daddy?

I'm busy organizing
my exhibition.

What's wrong? I'm not a ghost.

- ls that a wig?
- Why, of course! You like it?

Have you seen my daughter?

Yes, she ran away.
She looked scared.

Don't tell me that's how
you get your kicks.

Dr. Sanna.

What's going on?

Hello, Professor. I was trying
to steal the inspector's job.

I found a red hair on that body.

A hair from a wig, so I tried
putting one on the body.

Dr. Sanna is writing a
dissertation on the difference...

between authentic
and simulated suicides.

This one here is
a textbook case.

We ran all the tests.

Paraffin glove, burns at the
point of entry, all positive.

It wasn't a suicide.

Her name was Betty Lennox.

She was 23 and came
from Pennsylvania.

She's been murdered
the other night.

- Can you prove that?
- No.

Excuse me, Father, but
how can you be so sure?

We ran every possible test, and the
circumstances point to suicide.

You know your corpses,
Doctor, but I know my souls.

I've confessed this
girl the other night.

Perhaps even minutes before
her so-called suicide.

She couldn't have
killed herself.

She was given absolution and had
returned to the grace of God.

It's not easy to understand
a woman's mind, Father.

I've known this woman
since she was a child.

My name is Lennox, too.

I'm her brother.

Yes, Betty was wearing a
red wig the other night.

A wig just like this.

Can you give me a lift?

I'm not familiar with Rome.

Wait. I'd like to drive,
if you don't mind.

You're too upset.

Why are you speeding like that?

Where are you taking me?

To the murder scene.

Where did they find
that dead girl?

Over there, but there's nothing to see now.
- Thanks.

It's here. This is where they
murdered her last night.

An ideal place for a murder.

Have you been here before?

Only during the day.

Like anybody going to the beach.

- Let's go down there.
- I had enough from you!

I wish you stopped
playing Sherlock Holmes!



Simona, I'm here!

Up here!

Wait for me, blondie.

I'm coming down!

I've been trying to get a good shot of
the dome and the statues for two months.

It takes more patience to photograph
stones than your corpses, you know.

They both hold still, though.

It's hard to find
the right light.

It's all about the absorption
and the refraction...

of the various elements of
the solar spectrum in the open.

They change from stone to
stone, from hour to hour.

Am I boring you?

No, it's very interesting.

I'm home.

I feel a bit like Little
Red Riding Hood right now.

- Do you believe it?
- Of course I do.

And this is the wolf's lair.

You better watch out, Red.

By the way, anything
on the mystery girl?

- Excuse me?
- Go on.

Well, her identity is
not a mystery anymore.

Her name's Betty Lennox.

The body was identified
by her brother.

Lennox. Strange.

I've heard this name before.

Let's go, I want to
show you the house.

I might have been
able to save her.

Did you know her?

No, just a random encounter.

Not bad, huh? It's
a king size bed.

And it's waiting
for you, blondie.

You're a good photographer.

Too true. I'm exceptional.

Can I have a whiskey?

Undress me.

There's too much light.


These books must be
worth a fortune.

My dad works as an
antiquarian in Florence.

You should ask him to
appraise their value.

I'm sorry about before.

- Can you forgive me?
- Sure, but I won't forgive your corpses.

They really did a number on you.

I didn't realize
things were this bad.

Neither did I.

A beautiful place, I love it.

- It looks like a billionaire's house.
- What were you expecting, a tramp?

I've only got two hobbies.

Photography and this.

Car racing. Wait a
minute, Lennox!

Now I remember, he
was a famous driver!

Indianapolis, Mexico, Le Mans...

He went off the track in Le Mans
and killed a bunch of people.

Quite a record, huh?

Here, that's the accident.

And that's him. Paul Lennox.

- Name's Paul, right?
- I don't know.

The only thing I know
is that he's a priest.

He stopped racing after the accident and
spent some time in a mental hospital.

He went from a
straightjacket to a robe.

One thing I know, though, is that no
one is closer to God than lunatics.

Hey, boy!

Who's a good doggie? You're
getting cuter by the day!

You're the goodest boy
with the sweetest eyes.

You love me, don't you?

I really, really do.
Yes, indeed.

You had enough? You
want an encore?

Me and the dog share
the same tastes.

The dog's only a dog,
but you're a pig.

Fucking heat driving
everyone mad.

Good morning.

This'll make you
feel better, Sir.

I'm a little agitated
myself, to be honest.

Everyone's on vacation, it's
a paradise for burglars.

If I didn't have my old
pistol, you know...

By the way, Sir, I hope you won't mind me
saying your daughter's a bit agitated, too.

She's working hard
for her internship.

She's just tired.

Maybe she's scared,
being all alone in her apartment.

I have another favor to ask you.

I'll pay it as an
extra, of course.

Who's there? Stop!

Get him, boy!

Get him!

Off! Off!

Got you, you fucker!

I've pinched plenty of you
guys when I was in the force!

You fucking crook!

I've already killed a lot of people!
A lot!

A lot!

And now I'll kill you, too!
I'll kill you!

- Kill you! Kill you! Kill you!
- Lennox!


Have you gone crazy?


My sister's bracelet. You
know where I found it?

In the cogs of one of those machines
they used to clean the beach.

Somebody tore it off her
and threw it in the sand.

Then they set everything up in order
to not have her identified right away.

Betty was murdered.

But they didn't know there was somebody
in Rome who could identify her.

That gunshot, too.

They wanted to destroy
her features.

A beautiful girl would never
kill herself that way.

You're an expert on authentic and simulated
suicides, you know it better than I do.

You're right, but the doctor
wanted to run some more tests,

and he found traces of drugs.

That would explain a lot of
things, even in a suicide.

Betty stopped using drugs after
being arrested for that years ago.

Someone must have forced
those drugs on her.

Your father, huh?

He's still a good-looking man.

Tell me, what does he need
the upstairs apartment for?

And this bracelet looks like it
was made by a Tuscan artisan.

Like that piece of
furniture over there.

You should know about it, your father is
an antiquarian in Florence, after all.

What do you want from me?

Why don't you go to the police
if you suspect somebody?

They think she killed herself and I don't
have enough proof to change their mind.

- Not yet.
- Change their mind about what?

Your name's Paul.

Yes, what about it?

It might take some effort
to convince them after...

all the deaths you've
caused at Le Mans!

Maybe you could also explain them why
you're pretending to be a priest!

I'm really a priest.

I'm a priest, whether
you believe it or not.

I'm not the same man I was
at Le Mans, you hear me?

I'm not that man anymore!

Where did I put them? Where?

Faster, faster!

It's one of his usual crises.

It's a trauma from his old
racing days, he had an accident.

- Where are we taking him?
- His room.

- Let's put him on the bed.
- Yes.

I'm calling a doctor.

I must never forget my pills.

- Hello?
- May I speak to Gianni?

Who's this? ls Mr. Sanna there?

- Hello, Uncle Lello.
- Where the hell is your father?

There's a pile of
work to do here.

Not to mention the mail, bills
and assorted trouble.

The only things your dad is good for are
signing checks and flirting around.

- I'm fed up with a brother like him!
- I thought he had returned to Florence.

- Goodbye, Simona.
- Bye.

Uncle, wait! Did he receive a
letter in an orange envelope?

- Why? ls it important?
- Yes, I think so.

No, there's nothing
like that here.

Please, Uncle, if that letter
comes put it aside for him.

I've never lost a thing!

Chew out your father for
me if you see him! Bye!


That stupid girl would have
to leave all her junk here!

You'd like to go screw some
bitch in heat, you stupid mutt?

You're staying here, get it?

You're staying here with me!

Easy. Easy, boy.

What's wrong, boy?

Don't worry, I'm untying you.


Come away.

I knew he'd have done it.

I just knew it.

I should have never
left him alone.

He had already attempted it.
He wasn't the same anymore.

He became so aggressive
and made me leave.

I'm so sorry.


Another suicide.

What's going on? Some
kind of epidemic?

A case of collective psychosis,
isn't that what people call it?

- Sunspots.
- What?

That's right. Don't you think the sun's
activity could influence the human mind?

Well, I do. I can
feel it in myself.

With all these suicides, the new
statistics went all over the edge.

Miss, your father
signed this check.

A rather hefty
check, by the way.

- How did you get it?
- I found it in the super's apartment.

I should have handed it to
the cops, don't you think?

Well, I didn't.

A thank you would be in order.

Please, no more questions.
I just couldn't.


- You free?
- Yes sir.

I met Betty right here.

I was late and she
was about to leave.

I still remember
her exact words.

Yes, I was leaving. I was
afraid of seeing you.

Yes, I wasn't ready.

Afraid of me?

- Or afraid of what I represent?
- I'm not sure, maybe both.

I was about to commit a
really foolish thing.

The most foolish thing
I've ever done.

I was always the only one paying
for all the dumb things I've done.

But this time I've betrayed the
trust of a man who loves me.

What happened, Betty?

Please, don't ask
too many questions.

Or I'll lose my courage and
stop talking altogether.

I was about to play a mean,
dirty trick on that poor man.

Some real fucked up thing.

- I didn't mean to swear, sorry.
- I wasn't born a priest.

I know, but you put me
on edge just the same.

You always have.

But I love you anyway.

I love you too.

- You've always been a good girl to me.
- No, it's not true.

Well, we priests are
a bit like wizards.

Please, don't make fun of me.

If I absolve you, all
your sins will go away.

- I'm serious.
- You really mean it?

Of course I do, but first promise
me you'll tell that man everything.

It's not that easy.

Promise me.

It was my advice that
sealed her fate.

That's why I have to
discover the truth.

What truth?

This pain is making
you unreasonable.

You should be under
treatment, Father Lennox.

Two deaths! Do you think they're
both fantasies of my deranged mind?

Why was the super paid
first and then strangled?

What did he know?

And why is your father in
hiding if he's innocent?

My father?

My father... You're convinced
he's the murderer!

You don't want the
truth, you want revenge!

You need someone to hate!

My father could never
hurt anyone, unlike you!

Yes, you're right.

That's true, you're right.

I'm incapable of not hating.

But God will help me.

If you really want to know the
truth, Paul, then I will help you.

Oh, Simona dear...

It must have been horrible.

That poor super...

- What are you working on?
- A sketch for a stage play.

Alas, art is always
inferior to reality.

Even when it comes to
horror and sadism.

I mean, look at you.

You used to play rotten tricks on me when
you discovered your father liked me.

Too bad he doesn't
like you anymore.

But you still like
playing tricks.

Meaner ones, probably.

That's why you're here at the
criminal museum, to give...

your sick mind a chance
to learn new tortures!

You reek of whiskey, Danielle. Stick to
your sketches and don't drink so much.

What's this?

Who wrote it?

I beg your pardon?

What did you say, Doctor?

Who used my typewriter?

Nobody, this place is a desert,
everyone is on vacation.

I'd like a little break myself.

"Goodbye. Don't try to stop me. I'll add
my own death to this string of suicides.

It will be more scientific and
well-planned than the others.

They say it's sweet
to die in August."

But... That's my signature!

you'll find
my body in room 13."

Room 13...

That's the room for
suicides by gunshot.

Someone's trying
to drive me crazy!

Danielle! Open the door!

Open the door! It's not funny!


Open the door...

"Don't try to stop me. It's sweet to
die in August", it's the same message!

Why did you lock the door, Doctor?
Open it!

What's happening?

Open the door, open it!

Who fired a gun?

- Good morning.
- Where's Simona?

- Still recovering from the shock.
- Are you her doctor?

- I'm just a friend.
- Wait, I got it!

You're Paul Lennox!
I'm a big fan.

- Didn't Simona tell you?
- Actually, no.

What happened at the museum?
Danielle was a bit vague.

I don't know exactly
either, to be honest.

Actually, there's something
I wanted to tell you.

I think it'd be wise not to ask her
too many questions about that.

- She's still feeling very upset.
- All right. I'll handle it.

Point one, I don't
believe you're sick.

Point two, today I have
a race at Vallelunga,

and I'd feel pretty offended
if you didn't come.

You're invited, too, champ.

What about point three?

Point three is that you have to
promise me and this gentleman here...

that you'll drop
that damned internship.

For a few months, at least.
It's become an obsession.

I can't take it
anymore, personally.

Then, just to please you, we could
even commit suicide together.

What do you say?

I mean, there's better
things to do in this city.


Come on, out of bed. I'm not
taking no for an answer.

It's the end of the first round,

the leading car has finished the race
with an average speed of 135 km/h.

The Fiat Abarth pilot
has finished second,

while the third place
was snatched by...

It's great to be among people.

What's wrong?

Why are you staring
at me like that?

You haven't said a word.

You still playing detective? You don't
believe someone tried to kill me?

Or you could have tried to kill yourself
after discovering something too shocking.

You mean something
about my father?

Nothing like that, I swear.

- That was a close one!
- Did you see it?

These people are only waiting
for someone to get killed.

I'm sorry, I can't
stay here any longer.

One of the cars had
to make a pit stop.

A technical issue, probably.
Another car has taken the lead.


Edgardo Fiorini's car has
crashed and it's catching fire!

The pilot seems to have escaped
with no harm, thankfully.

Edgardo! Edgardo!


Hi, babe. I'm fine.

- What happened?
- Nothing, just a stone on the track.

That's my beloved auntie,
who doubles as my guardian angel.

She's a real angel.

- Would you like me to help you?
- The poor lady can't hear you.

She's deafer than
Ludwig van Beethoven.

I would have never kept
her here, otherwise.



I'm going to bed, excuse me
for leaving you so early.

- Good night.
- Good night, love!

If I could only photograph that
dome in this exact moment...

With this same light, with
this same clarity of form...

You should put it in
your dissertation.

The dome?

its architect killed himself 300 years ago.

It was August, if
I'm not mistaken.

Francesco Borromini.

Another illustrious victim
of sunspots, like you'd say.

What happened to
your windshield?

A stone in the
middle of the track.

At the speed I was going
it was just like a bullet.

I felt so afraid.
It was so horrible.

You really mean it,
my dear ice queen?

You care a little
about me, then?

I want to change.
Please, help me.

Show me that even someone
like me can be seduced.


The city of lights. The
city of pleasures.

What is that? A brothel?

You kidding? That's a
maison de la belle epoque.


Look at how beautiful
this one is.

They're all hand-painted,
imagine that.

I would have liked to
be one of those girls.

Like Nana here. She could
drive any man wild in bed.

What was your secret, Nana?

To take the initiative,
my sweet lady.


It's ridiculous...

It's absurd... No...

We should go somewhere
together, me and you.

Just leave this place behind.

Maybe being away from your nightmares
would help you get better.

Yes, you're right...

Madam, you're wanted
in the other room.

- Excuse me a moment, darling.
- Don't worry.

- Would you like another whiskey, Sir?
- Yes, thank you.

What an honor, the
great playboy.

It must be serious, you
haven't even shaved.

I need a favor. A phone call.

To whom? One of your whores?

Just dial the number
and say hello.

- Simona?
- Dad!

Where the hell have you been?

- Who told you I was here?
- I took a guess.

- A guess?
- I saw you together at Vallelunga.

Now listen carefully.

I'm going home, I'm sick
and tired of hiding.

But I need to talk
to you at once.

Make up an excuse with
your guest and leave.

All right.


Do you want me to take you home?

No, Danielle. I have a car
waiting for me outside.

Go back to your friends.

You know the way, right?

Now listen to me, Father. I'm not
lying, I was in love with your sister.

I wanted to marry her. We took that
decision together in Florence.

Then she vanished.

And the next time I saw her was in the
papers, in those horrible photos.

Mr. Sanna.

My sister told me she
felt guilty about you.

Something about a "fucked up
thing" she had done to you.

And I'm absolutely certain that
thing is the reason she was killed!

If you're not lying, then you'd better
tell me who else I should suspect.

Suspect? I don't suspect anyone.

I believe Betty killed herself.

She felt remorse for something,
you said it yourself!

Betty killed herself.
That's what happened.

You're scared. Even a
blind man would see it.

But scared of whom? Of whom?

Me, scared? Don't talk nonsense.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.

And tidying up the
place a bit, as usual.

I opened this. It's
signed "Betty".

I saw her name in the papers.

"Dear Gianni, I would have
loved to become your wife,

but I betrayed your trust,
and so I'd rather go away.

Before I do, I also want
to ask your forgiveness...

for stealing this document from you.
I'm returning it now.

Please, try not to hate me too much.
Your Betty."

- She really got you, huh?
- No.

Poor Betty was too upset
and she killed herself.

This is the proof to
convince that priest.

Where's the document?

Damned if I know.

There was nothing
else in the envelope.

- Where's the document?
- You crazy?

- Where is it?
- There was nothing else!

- I don't believe you!
- I swear!

- You liar! You thieving liar!
- Take your hands off me!

I swear I'll make
you regret this.

- This time I'm really gonna make you pay.
- I'd like to see you try, you swindler!

- The document!
- There wasn't any!

- Yes, there was! You stole it!
- You went too far this time!

I don't wanna be
involved in this mess!

You're nothing but a crook!

- Give me the document! Give me!
- You're crazy!

- You thieving bastard...
- Let go of me!

Miss? Miss?

We've arrived.

- Right...
-1200 lire, please.


Miss? Miss? You
forgot your change!

Whoa, talk about nutters...

Well, too bad for her.

Anyone in there?
Damn, it's broken.

Simona, you poor thing...

- ls he still in there?
- Yes. It's terrible.

Where did you come from?

Florence. I've arrived
about thirty minutes ago.

That's not true. You've been
in Rome for the last two days.

How's my father, Professor?

Come with me, please.

You're a doctor too, so
you'll understand that...

with such a fracture he'll be
completely paralyzed, even if he survives.


Completely paralyzed...

From the neck down, I'm afraid.

It's a miracle he's still alive.

Will he be able to talk?

Dad, why?


I don't need any priests here.

No, wait. Don't you
even need a friend?

Stop being a hypocrite.

You hated my father.

I bet you're happy now.

Don't you see the state he's in?

I've got nothing
more to say to you.

An injection... Somebody
gave her an injection.

- That's how they drugged her.
- And nobody realized.

Hold it, you mean she
didn't kill herself?

A narcotic.

That made it easier
to murder her.

And stage a suicide
after she was dead.

That was their plan.

That's for sure.

You're really something, Simona.
Simply terrific.

And I'm not just talking
about your brains,

but also about that
incredible bod of yours.

Move your arm.

Sure, where should I put it?

Boy, you're hot!

I always wanted to see
what's under your clothes!

You pig! Leave me alone!

Stop struggling!

I wanna screw you!

I know you let
everyone fuck you!

I know what a big slut you are!

You Pig!

No one can touch me! No one!

- Doctor, stop!
- You hear me, you coward?

Mercy! I didn't
mean to hurt you!

- I'll kill you!
- No!

God! No, please! Please, stop!
It's not my fault!

I'll claw your eyes out!

It's your fault! You're
always teasing me!

- Stop! Please, mercy!
- You rotten bastard!

Calm down. Ajudge'd call this
an excess of self-defense.

You might be an expert on corpses, lvo,
but you got a lot to learn about women.

I beg you, don't tell anyone.

- I swear I'll never do it again.
- Get yourself cleaned up.

Well, I cannot blame that guy too much,
I understand his attraction for you.

Nothing more exciting than someone
like you for a simple fella like him.

It's the same for me.

I never saw you
like that before.

You were filled with rage.

I... I just lost it.

To put it mildly. You were
trying to kill that guy.

I wonder if it might have
happened other times.

You suspect me?

Of killing Betty? Who knows,
you're capable of anything!

Look at the woman in the mirror.

Look at her!

I've never met anyone more beautiful,
but you're trying to destroy her!

That's the worst murder of all!

Don't think about anything.

We're together, making love.

- Don't think of anything but me.
- Yes... Yes...

You're mine. Only mine, Simona.

- I love you. I love you.
- I love you too, Edgardo.

- Say that I'm yours, Edgardo.
- Yes, you're mine...

Mine, mine, mine.

I must... I must forget his...

Take off those glasses.

Look me in the eyes.

About yesterday, I wanted to say that
I no longer think that your father...

Yesterday was a century ago. And
right now I feel very selfish.

Yes, today I feel pretty young
and pretty selfish as well.

Are you really a
Catholic priest?

If you are, I want
you to confess me.

There's a violent
side hidden in me.

Something I don't understand.

Something that'd
drive me to murder.

I'm so scared.

You should have told me sooner,
I might have been able to help you.

Told you sooner? You did
nothing but despise me!

I found another man and we made love,
but that's not my sin! It's not!

My sin was not confessing
my love to you!

It's crazy but I love you!
I love you!

Stop this torture, Simona.
You're just hurting yourself.

I'm not hurting myself, you are.

Why do you keep hiding
behind the robe?

You are a man, or aren't you?

In my dreams, you are.

I made love to another man,
but it really was you!

What do your vows mean?

It doesn't matter! You were
sick when you became a priest!

Stop being blasphemous, Simona!

Forgive me!

Forgive me...

I love you too, Simona.

I'll never give up my
vows, but I love you.

As much as a priest
can love anyone.

Listen, I know a sixteen year old boy
who's paralyzed like your father.

A victim from the
Le Mans accident?

Yes, a victim from
that accident.

Well, he uses a machine that allows him
to express himself by using his eyes.

Yes, there's a machine like that in
the experimental psychiatry section.

A machine like that.

You mean my dad could
tell us what he knows?

- That's what you mean?
- Yes.

Then maybe this nightmare
will be finally over.

Come on.

A swinging priest,
would ya believe it.

Raise him a little more.

His pulse is still weak.

- Prepare the cardiotonic.
- Yes, Professor.

We don't want to
stress him too hard.

- Who are we waiting for?
- Inspector Silvestri.

There he is.

Can we start, Inspector?

- We're ready.
- Good.

I'll ask the questions.

Did you attempt suicide?


Wait, he's going on.


We better stop the machine, Inspector.

What's happening? What
injection did you give me?

- But, I...
- He's having a failure!

Dad! Dad!

Get him to the
reanimation unit, quick!

Don't waste time, hurry!

I'm sorry, Doctor. It's
too late for reanimation.

Don't touch that!

Seize this machine, Officer.

Yes, Inspector.


The foreign office has allowed
you to leave the country.

It took a lot of effort
to convince them.

That's why I suggest you to hurry
up and leave, Father Lennox.

But my duty is here in Rome,
what are they accusing me of?

We've already talked about this,
my dear boy.

I implore you, I...

Bon voyage, Father Lennox.

Your sister's bag, Father.

- I'm putting it on this chair.
- My sister's?

Who brought it here?

A young lady, Father.

It was a good-looking young
lady, just moments ago.

Moments ago? And
where did she go?

I told her you were
leaving and...

Well, she ran away.

Simona! Simona!

Over here, Simona! I'm coming!


He's leaving.

Making a run for it, huh?

I didn't want to tell you,
but it might be important.

I saw him with your father.

- When?
- The other night, shortly before...

Well, shortly before he
fell off the balcony.

You don't believe me?

I wrote down the license plate.

A car rented by
Father Paul Lennox.

You can check it out yourself
if you don't believe me.

A bible?

Traces of ink. There was
some kind of a letter.

A letter or something like that.

Pretty smart to leave in the
middle of August, Mr. Sanna!

The roads will be
practically empty!


Thank you. Have a safe return.

Good morning, Mr. Sanna.

We're going to Florence
together, if you don't mind.

- What do you want from me?
- I'm Father Lennox, we met at the hospital.

Do you remember? You can't refuse
a lift to a priest, can you?

We better hurry.

Let's go.

I'm sorry to leave you alone,

but I've been planning this trip
with my sister for a long time.

Don't worry. I'm going
to sleep all day.


You were jealous of your
father's feelings for me.

The super knew everything.

And what about that charade
at the criminal museum?

A set-up to make
yourself look innocent.

You planned everything
since the beginning.


We're in Florence. What
else do you want, Lennox?

I haven't been to Florence
since the big flood.

What a disaster for the city.

And it was the first time in history that
young people from all over the world...

worked together to save several
works of art that belong to humanity.

I was one of them.

You can't imagine how many paintings
and books were damaged or lost.

But some were saved.

Just like this bible
from the 16th century.

It's a very rare copy, aren't you
surprised I'm holding it in my hands?

Why should I feel surprised?

I bet you have some book
restoration equipment, right?

You bet or you already know?

A mirror! Quick,
I need a mirror!

"In full possession..."

"In full possession of my..."

It might be "being in full
possession of my mental faculties,

and even though this decision
costs me much pain."

It's a will.

That's enough, get out of here!

I won't stand here
tolerating this nonsense!

What about tolerating blackmail?

I thought you were
partial to it.

Where did you buy this bible?

Who was the previous owner?

If you won't tell me I'll
look it up in your records!

I even know when you bought it.

You got it before the flood.

This area was severely
damaged, wasn't it?

But that didn't stop you and your brother
from getting even more well-off!

That's right, it was easy.

A stroke of luck can
solve any crisis.

Stop where you are, Father!

Why did you fight with your brother
the night he fell off the balcony?

Put the gun away, you
need guts to shoot a man.

And you don't have any.

It's the Ferragosto
holiday, I'm all alone.

Where do you want me to go?

He stole my car and the gun!
He's insane, I tell you!

He's dangerous and he's on
his way to Rome to find you!

Find me?

You know too many
things about him.

Don't touch that!



Oh, it's you.

Sorry, I was on the terrace
helping Aunt Elvira.

We're doing a little gardening.

What's the matter? You
sound so different.

Frightened of what?

Get your troubles off your chest, honey.
I'm here for you.

We're so much
alike, Aunt Elvira.

The same patience, the
same attention to detail.

But I keep getting into
messes when we're together.

My money is in a very
tight spot right now.

Like your flowers in the sun.

They need care.

Oh, yes. There's still a
shadow over my inheritance.

It's your brother's fault.

My father's.

I was thinking
about dad, Auntie!

Oh, what a nice boy my poor brother was!
I'll put these flowers on his grave.

He was damn stubborn.

Had he stopped bothering me when he was
alive, he wouldn't need flowers now.

So stubborn he had to get his
revenge even from the grave.

With that dumb idea of hiding
the will inside a bible.

And that priest...

What the hell is he
doing in Florence?

He's just another
stubborn old man.

And just like his sister was.

Poor Betty.

You said I was a
misfit, right, Dad?

You wanted to disinherit
me, but you couldn't.

Here's your will.

Safely hidden.

Only that American guy and Simona
could still be a thorn in my side.

That's right, Dad.

I'm gonna have to
deal with them both.

Simona! It's me!

Oh, Edgardo...

Hey, calm down now.

Come on, stop crying.

I'm absolutely parched.

I ran here in this heat
and I'd kill for a beer.

There's... There's
some in the fridge.

You're not drinking?

I thought we planned of
going away together.

Why did you change your mind?

It was a mistake, you know.

Come on, drink it.

You really believe Paul is
involved in all those murders?

I'm not sure.

I feel so confused.
I just know that...

I only know that every time
something happened he's there.

And he found that bible.

ls that so?

And where?

Plenty of people
tried to locate it.

Your father, your
super, your uncle.

What does Paul need it for?

I mean, it's empty now.

How... How do you know that?

Well, it's pretty simple.

It was mine.

But I had the rather bad idea of selling it
to your dad along with a bunch of books.

And when he tried to restore it, he
found the will disinheriting me.

But, instead of being a
gentleman and returning it,

he started blackmailing me.

Trouble brings trouble, and nothing
attracts it like dishonesty.

My... My father...
A blackmailer.

An amateur one at that.

And a mediocre shooter. Remember
my windshield in Vallelunga?

Well, it wasn't hit by a stone.

And there's our priest.

You stay right here
and don't move.

I'll go greet him.

My... Legs...

A narcotic of my own invention.

- I've put some in your beer.
- But... Why?

Don't worry, it's strong
but it won't kill you.


Simona, where are you?


Simona! What happened?

What's wrong? What
is it, Simona?

Murderer! You killed them all!

I'm going to kill you!

I'll kill you!

Relax, fella. The more you fight the
quicker it will reach your brain.

You bastard, your father knew right
away what sort of monster you are.

Before falling from the stairs.

I knew what he was going to do.

You'll never get
away with this...

And who's gonna stop me? Perhaps
the hand of God, Reverend?

Nope. I was wrong about choosing your
sister as an accomplice, though.

That stupid girl
and her remorses.

And now you're gonna
tell me everything.

Where's the bible?
Where did you hide it?

Come on, spill the beans.


In... In his apartment...

What? After all it took you
to seduce him and steal it?

What are you looking for?
More money?

I can't do it...

I have regrets...

Look here, it's the will.

You weren't gonna to return
it to him, were you?

It's mine, it'd
have been immoral.

But you can send him the letter.
Actually, I'll send it for you.

I promise he'll get it.


That's the trouble with people,
everyone's too curious.

This priest, the super...

Even you, Simona.

I feel sorry for you.
Believe me.

A beautiful couple
for a doomed love.

You'll move people to tears.

I've forged your handwriting to write
a tragic final letter, Simona.

Your dissertation notes came
in very handy for everything.

I'll return to my flowers
and my photographs.

Play your part well.


And Lazarus rose from his grave.

Well played, priest. You're
a regular miracle worker.

I don't wanna hurt you, Edgardo.

Come down with me and
turn yourself in.

I forgive you for everything.

Edgardo! You crazy?

- Stop!
- I'll never turn myself in!

But if I have to go to jail,
I want to kill you first!

Fall! Fall!


- Edgardo!
- Pretty scary, huh, priest?

Think about your immortal soul!

You can't win this
fight, Lennox!


Take my hand! Hold on,
for the love of God!

- I'm taking you with me!
- Don't let go!

- We're going down together!
- You're crazy!

- A little jump and it'll be all over!
- I'm begging you, Edgardo!

All those dead people are
waiting for you in hell!

No! No!

They're waiting for
us both down there!

Let's go! Let's go!
Don't be shy!


Subtitled by Francesco Massaccesi

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