Atithi Bhooto Bhava (2022) - full transcript

Srikant's life turns upside down when he bumps into a middle-aged ghost who claims to be his grandson from his previous birth. Things take an even more comical turn when the ghost seeks Srikant's help to meet his long-lost love.

"Song on Radio"

"Song on Radio"

"Song on Radio"

"Song on Radio"

Grandpa, I am preparing for a test.

Which subject?

Tell me.



Yes, it's an essay.

Feel free to ask
if you need my help.

But grandpa, you can't read.

I can do essays.

What is the topic of your essay?

Love for the motherland.

Essay on love for the motherland.

Love for the motherland.

When you're done writing the essay,

don't forget to hand it over to her.

That will be your real test.

Understand, Makhan?

- Well, grandpa, I am just--
- I've been your age.

Make a note, Makhan.

It's important
to fall in love, and express it.

But...what if I fail?

Your grandpa's here.

Swear on God.

If you fail, your grandpa
will unite you with your love.

Don't be afraid, son.

Go for it.

And yes, instead of 'Dear Manju',
start with 'My Manju'.

It will make a better impression.

Don't stay out too long, Manju,
we're expecting some guests.


"...can't take my eyes off you."

Hey, Genda.

That's Mr. Genda!

Whatever. Do you have a rose?

50 paisa a piece.

- What is this?
- Rose.

- What's his name?
- "Genda" (marigold).

See...and you say it's a rose.

Unbelievable, Gendamal,
trying to rob a child of his money.

Why you...

At least give me something.

"Since the day I saw you,"
"my world seems beautiful."

"You're like the dawn of light,"
"the scarlet evening."

"There's a flame
burning in my soul,"

"for you."

"There's something
like love between us,"

"tell me what's it called."

"There's something
like love between us,"

"tell me what's it called."

"The breeze carries
your fragrance every day,"

"tell me what is this saga."

God, Netra, let me sleep.
This is not the way to wake anyone up.

God, you don't remember anything.

I've been doing
the morning shift for a week.

Wake up.
I've to leave early, Sri, please!

God, your morning shift
ruins my beauty sleep.

You can sleep after I'm gone,
Srikant, please.

Get up!

Thank you, thank you.

If you butter me so much,
what will you put on the bread?

Okay, let's go.

- Omelette?
- Yes, please.

I'll go get ready quickly.


And suddenly he went
down on his knees,

in front of everyone.

The flight was being announced.

The security, travellers,
and air hostesses,

were impatiently waiting for
the girl's reaction.

What is she going to do?

A minute ago, they were
frantically quarrelling.

The girl even threw
her bag on the floor.

Everyone thought that
boy's gonna get slapped.

But no, she leapt
forward and kissed him.

And she said yes.



You found it 'yuck'?

That was so romantic,
and you found it repulsive.

What's romantic about it?

Proposing at the airport
in front of everyone.

Publicity stunt.

Forgot who I was discussing
romance with.

Let it be.

I'm not as dry as you think.

Remember how long it took
me to impress you.

Back then, you needed me,
now I've become a obligation.

My value has depreciated.

Oh, God.
Poor little helpless woman!

See for yourself,
I've told you a dozen times.

No chillies in my omelette.

But no.

Fine, I'll eat it.

Doesn't taste the same
without chillies.

For you!

Not me!

We've been living together
for four years, Sri.

And you're still clueless about
my likes and dislikes.

Hey, wait a minute.

Just because I put some chilly?

Yes, just because you put chilly.

And this chilly symbolises
how much you care for me.

Hello, wait a minute.

Stop lecturing me like a wife.

So let me speak...

I've no clue when
I will become a wife.


- Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
- What?

Why does every conversation
lead to marriage?

Why not?

We've been living together
for four years, Netra,

in a live-in.

Everyone knows what
our relationship status is.

Does it need an official seal?

That means making me
your wife is out of the question.

Thank God at least you still
admit I am your girlfriend.

And for the sake of that, Sri,

don't take this relationship
for granted.

I am not taking it for granted.

- Just because I put some chilly?
- Yes.

That's rubbish.

I got up and made breakfast for you.

- I do it every day--
- Hello.

You don't get up on your own,
and make breakfast.

I wake you up, request you,
and I do it every day.

But at least I make it,
don't you see that?

You only make it
because you like cooking.

If you weren't taking this
relationship for granted, Sri,

you'd remember that
I'm allergic to chillies.

What is this...

You'd also remember,

I can't sleep with
the lights and TV on.

You'd remember my shift.

You'd also remember,

that two days ago it was
our 'first-meeting' anniversary.

- And you'd also remember--
- Wait a minute.

- Wait a minute.
- You're laughing?

- 'First-meeting' anniversary?
- Yes.

Which anniversary is this?

And how many useless people
in the world remember all this?

- Srikant, let it be--
- I didn't forget your birthday.

Apparently, everything is
funny to you, Srikant,

so keep laughing all the time.


'First-meeting' anniversary?

Then there must be a
'First-kiss' anniversary too.

Or the first time I saw her hands,

and her hair.

Am I a calendar?

And she left me 'hanging',
like a calendar.

How can girls argue over
every irrelevant things?

It's an art,
and not everyone has it.

I know, I know, guys are laughing.

I want to know how does
anyone measure love?

Is there a scale?

I'm overflowing with so much love,
it won't fit in any bag.

You can't measure it
with an inch tape either.

But my girlfriend
couldn't see that love.

It's tough to show them your love.

Felt a nudge, didn't you?

I knew it.

And I made a blunder.

I served her chilly in the morning.

Because my girlfriend
doesn't like chillies,

and I love chillies.

That's why she's my girlfriend.

That is it, guys.

That's me.

Thank you very much.

This applause is for the audience.

Because no one's ever laughed
so much at his jokes before.

A big round of applause
for Srikant Shirodkar.

A poor victim of his girlfriend.


girls are impressed
when you do what she wants,

not what you want.

I'm Sucharita Singh, and thank God,

I am not his girlfriend.

It was a good set.

You were on a roll.

Thanks, Sri.

By the way, I shouldn't
have said that last line.

You felt offended, didn't you?

Very offended.


So, you fought with
Netra again, didn't you?

Where did that come from?

Whenever you fight with her,
you crack jokes on her.

It's quite evident.

You've a pattern.

I feel God's gifted
women with an art.

They can fight over
every small issue.

Dude, every fight is
over a small issue.

Rohit and I used to argue
over little issues.


That's why you broke up
with him, didn't you?


Do you want to break up as well?

Are you crazy?


God. How can you drive this?

Sri, please, it's a cool car, okay.

I can't even look at it.

Can't even think of getting in.

I feel sad for you, man.

First, go impress Netra.

Despite the applause
from the public,

your content is getting repetitive.

Tonight's the night...
to end the fight.

Tonight's the night
to take the flight.

Tonight's the night,
to switch on the lights!

Stay away. Stay away.

Let me warn you, sir.

I am married,

and my husband works at
the Rickshaw association.

What are you doing here, Gayatri?

I told you to take the day off.


Did you invite someone else?


Is it a new girl?

Are you crazy?
Why would I invite someone else?

I wouldn't know.

You and Netra are always fighting.

So I thought...

These roses, the lighting,

all this must be for a girl.

Don't rack your brains. Just leave.

Then this leave won't be counted.

I won't. Just leave with your
husband in the rickshaw.

Fine, I'm leaving.

Gayatri, I told you to
leave me alone toda--

What does she do with
you on other days?

Why did you come here?

What? This is my home too.

But...what is all this?

I planned a surprise for you.

The lights were supposed to be off,

and I was supposed to turn
them on when you show up.

But it's all ruined now.

Wow! I am impressed!

- But what is it today?
- What?

Why do we need an
occasion to celebrate?

We can do it whenever we want.

- Allow me.
- I see.

You're always grumbling
that 'I don't care about you'.

So look at this,
'I do care about you'.

Candles, flowers, red wine,
and your favourite fish fry.

Without chilly.

Did you remember since morning?

Of course.
And come here, come here.

There is something more.

This gift for you.
An expensive one.

Take it.

What happened?

You're doing this,

because I told you about
the incident on the flight.


You didn't want to get married,
then what is this?

I never said I am getting married.

- I am not proposing--
- Then what is all this drama for?

This is not drama.

This is not a ring,
they are earrings.

I bought these earrings
worth 58,000 for you.

Am I crazy to plan
all this since morning?

It's very difficult to
keep you happy, man.


So you're doing all this,

to prove that you
can be romantic too.

You care about our relationship!

Damn you, man!

Netra, you're too much.

You always want me
to express my love--

Damn you!

If there's no emotion behind it,

then no need to give my
birthday any importance, Sri.

What's your birthday
got to do with all this?

Sir, lemonade.

Thanks...wait a minute.

Come here.

How do you know I'll order lemonade?

You dressed in casuals,

so lazy men don't drink whiskey.

Sorry sir, but would you stand up?

You don't have a belly,

so no beer either.

And there's a slight
ego visible on your face,

so definitely no Breezer either.

You're very cute, sir,

the lemonade kind.

That was an impressively
detailed observation.

He's not the lemonade type.

He's the 'mango pulp' type.

Mango pulp.

Sir, you're getting cuter
than one can handle.

Mister, just give everyone
what they want.

Real life is a solid
source of comedy.

Shirodkar, you forgot her birthday,

out of all the things.


Stop laughing.
Stop pulling my leg.

I spent so much
and made a fool of myself.

Netra will remember this for life.

She will make my life hell.

Since we're in a live-in,
everything is for granted.

Take today for instance.

He decorated the entire house,

and even cooked my favourite dish.

He bought earrings
worth 58,000, but...


Are you mad?

And you have a problem with him?

But he forgot my birthday.

I only forgot her birthday,

it's not a big crime.

Things were better before,
when we lived separately.

I used to remember all the dates.

It was fun back then,
since everything was special.

Meeting up, spending hours together,

buying gifts for each other.

But now, since we live together,

anyone can forget these things.

He should know what my
likes and dislikes are.

He doesn't care about
my emotions at all.

And anyway, I don't like these
pretentious relationships.

- Do you want to break up with him?
- No.

Why are you getting
annoyed if you don't know?

Drink up.

We'll decide later.

Vodka shots.

Lady's drink.

You're absolutely right, sir.

It's difficult to understand women.

Come here.

You're so right.

Females are very
difficult to understand.

He's right.

That's tequila.

Hey, take it easy.

One more, sir, complimentary.

Hey...stop it.

No more lemonade or mango pulp.

"The night's young,"
"deprived of fun."

"finally given up,"
"after losing her heart so many times."

"Confronts me,"
"eludes me"

"Teases you with a
smile on her face."

"Every day...she stops me,"

"I wonder why."

"Every time she interrupts me,"

"I wonder why."

"Like this moment is precious,"

"all I say is day by day
it drives me crazy."

"This heart of yours,"
"is like a shooting star."

"Wanders aimlessly."

"Never in one place."

"Let it be."

"Can't trust the heart."

"Loves only himself."

"Can never belong to one."

"Let's have some fun tonight,"

"Who knows tomorrow,"

"where we might be."

"It's treacherous,
with awful habits."

"all I say is day by day
it drives me crazy."

(Spanish) "Young and handsome and crazy,
You are my heart"

"Take my hand my boy,
Release me my love"

"All my life i want,
To be in love..."

"It's time to have fun,"
"stop thinking about tomorrow."

"I want to say..."

(Spanish) "Young and handsome
and crazy, You are my heart"

"Take my hand my boy,
Release me my love"

"Every day...stops you,"

"I wonder why."

"Every time she interrupts me,"

"I wonder why."

"Like this moment is precious,"

"all I say is day by day
it drives me crazy."

You're good.

You are very good.

What the...


Why are you peeing here?

Hey...can't you find another place?

Who is it?

What have you done down there?

- Who is it?
- Who is it?

- Who?
- What the...

You can hear my voice?



You can hear me?

This is unbelievable.

No turban, no beard.

You look different, grandpa.


No, not a tailor,

I am a stand-up comedian.

I come up with excellent jokes.

Hi, Srikant Shirodkar.


What a form? Wow!

- Wow!
- Goodnight.

What goodnight?

- Do you want a kiss?
- Kiss me.

No, no, it was a joke.

It was a joke.

Where are you going?

You peed in my home.

- Where am I going to sleep?
- At home.

This is my home, grandpa.

I've been hanging here
for several years.

But this is a tree.

This tree is my home.


I know what you want.

You guys are...

No, grandpa, no.
I don't want money.

I want to sleep, grandpa.

Okay, sorry, sorry.

I'll get it cleaned tomorrow.

But where will I sleep tonight?

My bedroom will reek of pee.


Fine, you can sleep in
my home tonight.

Tomorrow I'll give you
money, a mattress,

- ...and get the place cleaned.
- What?

You're inviting me home.

Yes, Netra won't show
up tonight anyway.

Are you actually inviting me home?


You can come along
if you want to.

-Come on.
-This is exactly what I wanted, grandpa.

When we will meet?
When can I come over?

Which one's the ignition
button, grandpa?

"TV sound."

Netra, please turn off the TV.

I'll make breakfast for you.
Please turn the volume down.

"TV sound."

"TV sound."


Wait a second.

"TV sound."

"TV sound."

Who are you?

Greetings, grandpa.

You still snore like you used to.

I do sometimes when I am tired.

Yes, I know.

What an amazing movie.

Wait a minute, who are you?

Did you forget?

You shouldn't drink alcohol
if you can't digest it.

You said that when I was a kid.

Come watch this film, it's too good.


Last night...
peeing under the tree...

- Okay, okay, fine...
- My home.

I remember.

I brought you here.

No, grandpa, I brought you home.

You were sloshed.

- Yeah, thank you.
- You're welcome.

Slept well, didn't you?

- Now leave.
- Really good. Really good.

Years later I slept so well.

My backbone feels
straight again, grandpa.

Well, you had your sleep,
but not me.

So just leave now.

I'll give you money,
buy yourself a new mattress.

No, grandpa, I like this mattress.

- I won't go back.
- What?

- Why?
- Move, grandpa.

You've got everything
here TV, fridge, AC,

you brought me here, grandpa.

Will you insult your guest?
You've never done that before.

- What guest?
- Don't turn it off...

Don't take undue advantage
of my goodness. Come on.

I come at your will,
but leave only when I wish to.

What do you mean?

Meaning that I won't leave
until my job here isn't done.

What's that?

And I can't sleep hanging upside
down from the tree, grandpa.

You try hanging upside down.

Why should I hang upside down?

This is my home, understand.
You get out.

Your home is my home.

Your home is my home, grandpa.

It's the same thing.
Your home is my home.

Your home is my home.

I am being polite
because of your age,

- ...understand.
- Or else...

Or else what, grandpa?

"I was silly, stupid, crazy."

Hello, Vidrohi.

Can you hear me?

Come up quickly.

A thief has barged into my house.
Need to throw him out.

And listen, bring your baton.

Now watch.

I am a thief,
and that baton's for me...

Okay, grandpa,
I'll stay seated here.

Continue watching this film.
Just don't turn it off.

Let him come.

Do what you want, grandpa.
I am not going anywhere.

Wait. Just wait here.

What happened, Srikant sir?

Throw him out.

I brought him home,
and now he's refusing to leave.

Why are you laughing?

It's okay, sir.
These things happen.

What happens?


Influence of alcohol.

Normally, the effect of alcohol
stays through the night,

but sometimes in the morning...

What are you blabbering?
Throw him out?


Come on, let's go.

Let's go, you swine!

Get up.

How dare you trouble sir?

Come on, I'll show you today.

You'll learn your lesson today.

Hey...stop cradling the air.

Have you lost your mind?

Are you blind?
Can't you see him?

You know what,
you're delusional.

Okay. know what, get some sleep.

Look Vidrohi...

I'll talk to your superiors.



Turn it off. don't know me.

Leave right now.

Trying to intimidate me
by speaking in Marathi?

But I know you.

You don't know me, grandpa.


Who are you?

- Makhan.
- Makhan who?

Truck driver.

Age 55 plus 5.

You mean 60.

No, I've been dead for five years.

Stop screwing with my mind...


What happened, son?

Everything alright?



He's a ghost.

Hey, Vidrohi.


What are you doing?

- Nothing.
- Go do your job.

Okay, sir.

You sleep.

Sleep. Sleep.


Srikant sir, wake up.

Srikant sir...wake up.

- What is it?
- Netra ma'am just came back.

She just got in the lift.

- Netra?
- Yes.

Tell me honestly, did you
really not see him last night?

What are you saying, sir?

These things happen.

Go home and suck
on some lemon.

Get lost...suck on a lemon!


Thank you.

Forget that, what is all this?

And Gayatri hasn't turned up yet.

I was wondering where did you go,

...early morning,
leaving the door open.

Is he here?


- Makhan Singh.
- Makhan Singh, who.

He's a ghost.

What rubbish is this, Srikant?

It's not rubbish.

Elders were right.

Never pee under a tree at night.

Otherwise, you get
followed by a ghost.

And I invited him home as a guest.

Are you drunk?

Are you evening
listening to yourself?

Netra, your bags
are packed, isn't it?

I'll pack my bags too.

Let's go away for a couple of days.

We'll stay at Priyanka's place.

Are you out of your mind?

I am not out of my mind.

There is a ghost here.

Listen...come here.


There's no one here.

You probably had too much
to drink last night,

and you're having hallucinations.

I'm not crazy to have

He is a ghost.

He drove me home last night.

He's been talking to me,
teasing me since morning.

When I got up in the morning, he--

After last night's fight,
this is what you come up with.

Do you think I am an idiot?

You think I'll forget
last night's fight,

hearing your rubbish story?

What fight?

I forgot your birthday.

I am saying sorry.

I'll say sorry a dozen times.
I am even prepared to do squats.

Saying sorry doesn't make
things normal, Sri.

Don't want it to be normal.

But listen, there's a ghost here.

We must leave, please.

- Please...let's go.
- Sri...

Srikant, your hands are shivering.

Come here.

- You've a fever.
- No, it's a ghost.

We should call the doctor, Srikant.

- Did you eat anything since morning?
- No.

Wait a second.

Who kept this here?


Eat this.

Silly boy. can see him,

and talk to him.

Yes, I can see him and talk to him.

But Vidrohi can't, nor Netra.

Tell me something.

What does he talk about?

I mean, what does he want.

Doctor, he was saying,

he won't leave until his
job here isn't done.

You mean to say,

he's in this room as we speak.

Yes, he is.

Sri...take this seriously.

- Really?
- I swear, doctor.

Why are you scared, doctor?

Tell him that he's hallucinating.

His temperature has spiked.

His BP could have spiked too.

What happened, doctor?

They exist.

Ghosts exist.

See, I told you. he right now?

Doctor, there's no one there.

- I am done. I have to leave.
- What done?

You've done nothing.


Doctor, where are you going?

Srikant, you can't
be joking all the time.

I am not...

Doctor, please.
Please stop.

Unbelievable, Srikant.

You scared the doctor away with
your senseless talks.

What the hell?
There is no such thing as... Ghost.

Why did he bring us here?

I don't know.

Where is he?

Right in front.

Why can't I see him?

I don't know.

I am wondering why can I see him.

Grandpa, this place is amazing.

I came here often before I died.

This place serves some amazing
'litti-chokha' and 'sarson-da-saag'.

The best.
Order it, grandpa.

- Will you eat?
- Eat?

Doesn't matter whether
I'll eat or not.

It's good.

You order, grandpa.
Order right away.

Wait a minute.

Clarify something,

why do you keep
calling me grandpa?

Doesn't that mean grandfather?

- Grandfather?
- Yes.

You are my grandfather.

You are my grandfather!


How can I be your grandfather?

- You? Grandpa?
- Yes.

Didn't you say Sardar is an old man?

Grandpa, I may be dead,

but I still have feelings.

- Old man?
- No, no, sorry.

That's rude.

He's not old, he's mid-aged.



But how am I your grandpa?

This is your rebirth.


What is he saying?

Srikant, I don't understand a thing,

- Srikant...
- He's saying this is my rebirth.

This is a problem.
I'll have to explain...

...everything again, grandpa.


So what will you have?

What are we eating?

Litti-chokha' and 'Sarson-da-saag',

Raju, 'Litti-chokha' on this table.

Anything you try here
will be excellent.

This is Gungun's diner,
that's no joke.


Don't scream.

Don't scream.

Now, you'll understand
everything too.


Actually, this happened in '75.


I wasn't even born back then.

No, that's when you died, grandpa.

But then I should be around 50...

I should be 55 years old.

Oh, grandpa.

It's not easy to be reborn as
a human being again.

The same old cycle of
insects, worms, fish...

But grandpa, you came
back pretty quick

I must have done something good.

In 1975 you were 60 years old,

and I was 16.

You were my grandpa.

And grandpa, so was Manju,

for whom I used to ride five
kilometres on my cycle.



Manju Yadav.

She first love.

And last.

"Your smile's bright
like sunflowers,"

"can't take my eyes off you."

"Since the day I saw you,"

"my world seems beautiful."

"You're like the dawn of light,"

"the scarlet evening."

"There's a flame
burning in my soul,"

"for you."

"There's something
like love between us,"

"tell me what's it called."

And there's nothing wrong
with being a mechanic.

On top of that, there's my mother.

No respite from her either.

"Manju, don't hang around
with that Sardar mechanic."

It's not about the mechanic,
it's the Sardar.

"tell me what is this saga."

Never get bored of the sweets
from Shankar's shop?

Mr. Mishra came over today.

- Again?
- Yes.

And that idiot Sunil too.

- Again?
- Yes.

He even gave me chocolate
in the courtyard.


Aren't you annoyed?

Why would I be annoyed
over chocolate?

He asked if I could cook.

You are an amazing cook.

I could get married
to Sunil, Makhan?


Will you marry that Sunil?

Not if someone stops me.

"How do I express, the way you look"

"dwelling in some
corner of my heart?"

"Like a dewdrop rolling
down from the petals,"

"you're that dewdrop."

"Whenever you call out to me,"

"my heart races in your
direction ahead of me."

"I'm reading your eyes,"

"instead of all the books."

"Don't ever leave me, O companion,"

"at every twist and turn."

"There's something
like love between us,"

"tell me what's it called."

"The breeze carries your
fragrance every day,"

"tell me what this saga is."

Listen, son.

Yes, grandpa.

Come here.

Do you know about Heer-Ranjha?


The lovers?

Haven't you heard the story?

I have,

but I don't remember anymore.

She was a lovely girl,


A boy came to her
father asking for work.


His flute sounded
absolutely melodious.

Just like Lord Krishna?

Exactly like Him!

It was pleasing to the ears.

Heer was mesmerised too.

She lost her heart to Ranjha.

Even Ranjha loved her a lot.

They die in the end, don't they?

Everyone has to die one day, son,

whatever the reason may be.

But love should be memorable.

And these memories will help
you fight against the world.

But why are you telling me all this?

Because, son,
love reflects in tears.

Don't shed them unnecessarily.

Let's go.

Grandpa had a heart attack.


It's important
to fall in love, and express it.

But what if I fail.

Your grandpa is here.

Swear on God,

your grandpa will unite
you with your love.

I was heartbroken.

I left the village
and ran away to Mumbai.

Worked hard, drove a truck.

40 years whizzed by.

I never got married.

I used to miss Manju.

I wanted to see her
just one more time.

But just like you,

even I died of a heart attack.

Under the very tree,
you were peeing.

Since then, my spirit's
been hanging there.

Sorry, sorry, I didn't know.

How painful.

but still so romantic, Sri.

You've been reborn.

We met so that you can
fulfil your promise to me.

What promise...

Uniting you with Manju.

It's not an order,
grandpa, just a request.


Just once I want to see Manju.

Only once.

Of course we will.

These things happen only
in books and movies.

I want to know does
true love really exist.


Grandpa, this is amazing.

Whiskey's turned into holy water.

Is it a traditional day
in your office?

People are scared to see a ghost.

They fear them.
But you get a makeover.

First of all, he's not a ghost,
he's a spirit.

- Right, Makhanji.
- True.

This way.

And secondly,
after watching Makhanji,

I've become a believer.

If spirits exist, then so does God.

So true.

And lastly, their love, Srikant,

it's romantic.

This is love.

You should learn from
your grandson...grandpa!

Heard that.

I've planned everything.

We're going to Punjab this weekend.

We'll take a flight to Chandigarh,

and from there, we'll take a
cab to Makhan Singh's village.

There we'll look for Manju, okay.

Who is going to Punjab?
Why is she going to Punjab?

- Done, I'll make the bookings.
- Wait a minute?

We're not going?

We're not going to Punjab?

Do all Sardars live in Punjab?

Then where do they live?

Wait a minute.


- No...
- Canada, how?

Canada will be expensive.

Shrikant, think about it.
Not Canada.

UP. Uttar Pradesh.

- Uttar Pradesh!
- Uttar Pradesh?

Why are you two making faces?

How can we go to Uttar Pradesh?

It's the birthplace of
Lord Ram and Krishna.

The confluence of Ganga and Jamuna.

And Manju lives there.

Seriously, we're going to UP?

We have to.
We have to go to UP.

How are we going?

We'll take a flight to Lucknow.

I won't go in an airplane.

Odd, a ghost scared
of an airplane.

- How else will we go?
- I don't know.

I never sat in a
train or an airplane.

I always drove cars and truck.

This guy is unbelievable!

- I mean ghost.
- Why are you getting angry?

His demands are growing.

Now he needs a road trip.

He's our guest.

How do we say it?


Guest is God.

You mean ghost.

Don't say that, Srikant.

And anyway,
Sri, a road trip sounds nice.

She is right.

This is your chance
to see the world.

- And me to see Manju.
- But how?

But Srikant, isn't UP quite far?

If we don't take a flight,
how else will we get there?

Let me make it clear
I'm not going on your bike.

Me neither.

We can take a cab.

Do you two know how
expensive cabs can be?

You were never going
to set foot in my car.

How did this miracle happen?

That's not the case.

The car is good.

Nice. It's a really nice
car on the inside.

The AC's excellent.

Very nice car.

Your car is just like you.

Look's average on the outside,

but has a heart of
gold on the inside.

Did you divorce Netra?

Are you crazy?

Aren't you from UP?

I am from MP.
From Gwalior.


Then the road the Mathura
must pass through Gwalior?

Yes. Mumbai-Agra highway.

- Perfect.
- Why?


what are you doing this weekend?


Be careful with the car.

By the way, thanks for
coming with us, Suchi.

Now we have company, and
didn't have to hire a cab either.

By the way,
I don't like long drives, you know.

But finally, I can go home,

and it will be a nice
surprise for mom and dad.

Did you have to bring her along?

We lost two days.

I didn't have money to hire a cab--

No money you say, grandpa.
What about these clothes?

You've money for these clothes.

Remember, don't let her
find out you're coming too.

That's for you to remember, grandpa.

What's the matter, Srikant sir?


Going somewhere?

Yes, Uttar Pradesh.

Agra, right?

Do I look crazy, that I'll
go to Agra's mental asylum?

What are you doing?

- I'll sit in the front, grandpa.
- But why?

I haven't seen the road
zoom past for a long time.

What's this?

You guys make me look like a driver.

One of you sit in the front.

I'm going to sit in
the front, grandpa.

Well...we can't sit in the front.

Actually, Netra has motion sickness.

You do.

She will keep puking
if she sits in the front.

So it's better I sit with her.

Wait a second,

aren't you an air hostess?

How can you get motion sickness,
if you sit in the front?

I don't look out
the airplane's window.


Anyway, do you know the way?

I know the way, grandpa.

This path will take me to my Manju.

Hey, I am asking you.

Yes, I know.

I've a strong GPS.
Let's go.

Like your jokes?

Let's just go.

Tell her to hurry up, grandpa.

"My heart's soaring again..."

"Bonding with you again."

"The trail with your footprints on,"

"the heart's heading
down that path."

"My heart's soaring again..."

"Bonding with you again."

"The trail with your footprints on,"

"the heart's heading
down that path."

"You're everywhere, I see only you,
what's going on?"

"I'm lost, somewhere in you."

"What's wrong with me?"

"My heart's soaring again..."

"Bonding with you again."

Stop, stop.


- What happened?
- Sorry.

- How you're you driving.
- Sorry, sorry.

- We got to go back.
- Why?

I forgot something.
I must go get it.

Hello, madam.
We're in Nashik.

There's no way we can go back.

- What did you forget?
- It's...

Let it be. You won't understand.

It's not important to you.

- But it's obvious.
- What is obvious?

This is our first
meeting with Manju,

we must get a gift for her.

We're the groom's family.

Who is Manju?

Manju is the bride.

What are you saying?

You never told me we're
attending a wedding.

I didn't tell you because,

it's not what this looks like--

She just said we're
the groom's family.

Yes...aren't we the groom's family?

Yeah, she did say we're
the groom's family.

We are.

Actually, it's not what you think.


What is it?

Are you two going to,

help someone elope and get married?


It's something like that.

This is going to be fun.

Now, this trip just got exciting.

I wasn't going to tell you.

But since you're coming along,
why keep secrets from you?

By the way, you guys
are unbelievable.

Your own relationship
is on rocky grounds,

and you'll are helping someone else
run away and get married.

Nice. Keep it up.

Good going.


By the way, who is the groom?

Makhan Singh.

- Where is he?
- Where is he?

Isn't he here?


Where is he going?

Why are you lying here like this?

I've never seen death
so closely, grandpa.

What's wrong with Shirodkar?

He's been acting weird
since he got in the car.

Why don't you take
him to a psychiatrist?

The cops are right, grandpa.

Always wear a seatbelt.



Why did you open
the door and close it again?

To let the ghost in.

Hehehe...bad joke!

And we can buy the
gift from Nashik, okay.


And now, we won't stop until
we get Makhan married to Manju.

His name is Makhan, isn't it?

Yes, his name is Makhan.

Manju and Makhan,

like Heer and Ranjha.

No, no, madam, please no more.

I'll have to fold everything
back again.

How will we choose
if we don't look?

But I'm here to sell saris,
not fold them.

Stop screaming like my papa.
We're looking.

You should make up your
mind before coming.

Silk, cotton, or georgette.

Blue, black, or yellow.

500, 2000, 5000!

Lemon colour sari, grandpa.

Who wears a lemon colour sari?


Yeah, okay.

Lemon colour.

Show us a lemon colour sari.

Silk...worth 5000.

- Grandpa...
- Cotton...worth 500.

- Grandpa...
- 500? That's all?

You're taking advantage of me.

Who started it?

500 is too less.

You bought earrings
worth 58,000 for me,

and a sari worth only 500
for your grandson's girlfriend.


Wait a second.
Wait a second.

His grandson?

And his girlfriend?

Will she wear a sari?



Back in the day,

people used to get married
at an early age,

and they used to have many children.'s like that.

She is rather old.

She is 70 years old.

Grandpa, she is 55.


55, grandpa.

Yeah, okay.

She's 55 years old.

Yeah...she is 55.


Manju is 55 years old.

Shirodkar, what nonsense is this?

Are we going to help her
to elope and get married?

Why are you revealing
everything slowly?


She will get us all killed, grandpa.

Tell her, grandpa.


Tell her to look forward.

Your attention please, passengers.

There are two exit doors in the front,
two exit doors at the back.

If the doors open,
it's your funeral.

That was too good.

Does she drink, grandpa?

She's laughing alone.

By the way, how long have you two
been living together?

Four years now.

What's your scene about marriage?

Have you given it a thought?

It's not important.

We can get married
whenever we want.

Do it before you die.

Otherwise, your spirit
will keep wandering.

What do you think?
Will she like this anklet?

Looks expensive.

It's made of silver.

She will definitely say
no to Mishra's son.

Grandpa always said,

it's important to make
your love memorable.

It gives you courage.

She is here.

Chitra...your mother is calling you.

Do you have guests at home?

God, since you got engaged,

my mother's been pestering me.

Well, see you then, guys.

I've to prepare sweets.

You got engaged?

Why didn't you tell me?

No one stopped me.

He was so embarrassed,
that he immediately let go.

Netra, you should come
for his stand-up someday.

He makes so much
fun of relationships,

don't ask.

Well, it's the only thing he knows.

It's just a joke, chill.


- Grandma looks angry.
- Who?

- Grandma.
- Grandma?

Suchi...stop if you see a diner.

I think I need a break.

Need to pee, don't you?
I do too.

It's hard to control now.


The diner's pretty far away.

I think it's better if she
does it under some tree.

The diner's pretty far away.

- Go sit under a tree or something--
- Hello...we're not like you,

who can do it anywhere we like. was so unhygienic, man.

What is this?

Say what you might, but it was fun.

Under the open sky,

amidst the cool breeze.

Grandpa. Grandpa.

Don't you want to go too?

I've stopped peeing in the open.



We've hair clips,
hair pins, bangles--

It's of no use to me.
Don't want it.

Then tell me what you do.

I am stand-up comedian.


What's that?

I tell jokes. I get paid for it.

Get paid for telling jokes!

Ballu, even you can tell jokes.

Tell him a joke.

Do you?

Then tell me.

Once there's a Sardar.

Hey, Shirodkar!
What's wrong with you?

Even your audience
never laughs this hard?

Did you remember one of my jokes?

"The paths look like your face,"

"your smile's scattered
ike the sun's rays."

"You're close...very close to me."

"But I'm still looking
all over for you."

"Don't know where
my destination lies,"

"but I'll be treading
down this path."

Shirodkar, what's wrong with it now?

I think the ghost sitting next
to you, doesn't like your songs.

"My heart's soaring again..."

"Bonding with you again."

"The trail with your footprints on,"

"the heart's heading
in that direction."

"You're everywhere, I see only you,
what's going on?"

"I'm lost, somewhere in you."

"What's wrong with me?"

"My heart's soaring again..."

"Bonding with you again."

Did you see how oily
the vegetables were?

They want to kill their customers.

Yeah...I think I'll take
a trip to the washroom. many times will
she keep going to the washroom?

- Let's go.
- I cannot comment on that.

Grandpa, we're wasting time.

I am missing Manju a lot.

I wonder where she is,
in what state?

Whether she's married,

Wait a second.
Wait a second.

Is Manju still alive?


I mean, she must be your age.

- So...
- Shut up, Sri.

So, what if like you, she's also...

Don't be so negative, Sri.

It's not about being
negative or positive.

It's pretty frank.

We should know whether
she's dead or alive.

She must be, grandpa.

Must be?

You should know for sure,
whether she's alive or not.

There are no two ways about it.

You don't need to think so hard.
She must be alive, grandpa.

Someone must be
guaranteeing about you too.

But you're dead, aren't you?

What are you saying, Sri?

I am saying that we don't know,

whether the one we're looking for
is alive or not.

Don't say that, grandpa.

She's my first true love.

What has that got to do with this?

You're such a negative person.

We've a small job to do,

and you're throwing tantrums.

You do nothing yourself.

And when someone is
trying to do something,

you're finding flaws with him.

- Yes!
- What yes?

I am not trying to find flaws.

I am being practical.

- Fine, let's admit she's alive.
- Admit?

Yeah, okay.

But what if we get there,
and find out she got married,

...and moved to Andaman?

- Then?
- Then we'll go there too.

- What are you saying?
- What is your problem?

Someone's love is alive
even after he's dead!

He wants to fill that void,
and is using us as a medium, Sri.

So that's a good thing.

- But there's no logic in it.
- Logic?

- This is your rebirth.
- Yes...

Your grandson is a middle-aged
Sardar, who is dead.

And his ghost is with us, Sri.

Do you see the logic
in any of this?

There is no logic.

But it's all happening.

That's the problem.

No, the problem is you.

You know, you take all your
relationships for granted, Sri.

Wait a minute, this is not
about us, understand.

- Don't fight, grandpa.
- Be quiet!

This is about us!

We've been together since college.

When you didn't want to get married,
and be in a live-in.

That's okay, I am there.

Quit your job,
that's okay. I am there.

You started doing stand-up.
That's okay, I am there.

In every stand-up,
you made fun of our relationship,

but that's okay.
I let it pass as a joke.


Because I love you.

But you don't appreciate it,
and you know what, Sri.

Appreciation of love
should be expressed.

And someone else wants to
do it even after he's dead,

then don't raise stupid questions.

If there's a one per cent chance,

I will unite Makhan with his love.

Have you lost your mind?

What's this, grandpa?

You've changed completely
like your name.

Get lost.

Shirodkar, did something
happen while I was gone?

"There are two hearts living in me,
who should I listen to?"

"Both in conflict with each other."

"The dreams that
dwelled in my eyes,"

"now seem like tears of sorrow."

"I am here, and so are you,"

"yet we seem miles apart."

"If you're upset with me,"

"my destiny's upset with me."

"Why is this happening?"

"I am losing everything."

"Is your heart crying,"

"just like me?"

"There are two hearts living in me,
who should I listen to?"

"Both in conflict with each other."

"Every moment we smiled,"

"those were moments divine."

"You were here, so was I?"

"Our home was fragrant
with our love."

"You can complain,"

"but don't resent."

"Say what's on your mind,"

"but don't keep
it a secret from me."

"I never stopped you
from saying anything."

"This isn't the road
I had imagined to be."

"There are two hearts living in me,
who should I listen to?"

"Both in conflict with each other."

"The dreams that
dwelled in my eyes,"

"now seem like tears of sorrow."

as Mathura's drawing closer,

I feel anxious.

You still look excited
like a 16-year-old kid.

That's the age we got separated.

Never grew old.

Even if centuries go by,
love should never grow old.

I loved Manju a lot.

Actually, I still do.

And we also fought a lot.


You two had fights?

Everyone does.

Back then, I used to think 'why me'.

"Why should I apologise?"

And she thought,
why should she apologise.


But as the years went by,
I realised...

If there's a fire,
it needs to be put out first.

Whether she does it first or me.


Ego, grandpa.


It's the journey from 'me' to 'us',

These fights are hard
to get out of your mind.

So it's better to make
some happy memories.

It's important to fall in love,
and express it, grandpa.

You said this.

Did you forget?

It's a good thing you
sat in the front.

This way you'll get over your fear,

and I won't feel
like a driver either.

That idiot was from Gwalior.

If I see him now, I'll run over him.

What did he do to deserve that?

A lot. I can't begin to tell you.

Fine, then don't tell me.
Leave it.

It started in school.

He used to make cards for me.

Remember those cassettes.

He used to record
songs on it for me.

And wrote scrapbooks too.

It was very cute.

He also dropped me home every day.

And also gave me
chocolates every day.

But he continued...even in college.

He used to give me cards.

He would say 'I love you' publicly,

and every day.

Every day he would
do something for me.

And he wouldn't
even feel embarrassed,

to hold my hands in public.

- So?
- But I did.

I never made any boyfriends
in college because of him.


- But he was your boyfriend.
- No!

He was in school, but that's it.

Who will tolerate such a clingy
and over-expressive boyfriend?

- Suchi.
- Hi, mom.

My child.

How are you?
How are you?

How am I looking?

- Jacky Shroff.
- Still?

Exactly like Jacky Shroff.

But what's wrong with me?

She's come home after 1.5 years.
Come inside.

Come in.
Come, guys. Come in.

Work faster.

Give me that plate.
I'll keep it inside.

Hello. Hi.

- Suchi.
- Hi.

Is he your boyfriend?

No, no, he's my friend.

- And she's his girlfriend.
- She's just...

- God bless you.
- Thank God.

Or things could have been messed up.

- Let's go.
- What?

Come on.

Come on.

Sit. Sit.

- Sit.
- Come.

Everyone in Mumbai does.

Suchi...after all these days.

You'll stay, won't you?


I am. I am.

Be careful with the effigy.

Suchi now looks like this.

But she looked really
smart in her childhood.

People would say she
looks like her father.

Isn't that right, Pratha?

Come on, papa.
You just...

What? Am I lying?

I looked just like
Jacky Shroff when I was young.

Any street that I walked on,

girls would peek
from their windows.

- Right?
- Amazing.

Thank you.

Well, if she had been a boy,

- he would've been handsome and smart.
- Welcome to my world.

But Suchi's fine too.

Right, child.

Yes, she's fine.

You must be getting
content, aren't you?

Don't you dare...

Uncle looks pretty
smart even at this age,

he deserves some praise.

The praiseworthy deserves praise.

- Isn't it?
- Go ahead.

So tell me, uncle,
do you use any special soap,

- or is this natural--
- Srikant!

It's all in our genes.

All the guys in our family
are handsome like me.


Now, we'll get Suchi married
to a handsome guy like me.

It will be a mix
of our genes and his.


And the children can always choose
which 'genes' they want.

"Your eyes are beautiful,"
"Your face glows brightly."

"Your eyes are beautiful,"
"Your face glows brightly."

"You're my Mother Goddess."

"You're my Mother Goddess."

What is this, mom?

When will papa ever change?

He...never grows old.

Let it go.

Aunty, don't you feel angry?

I do feel irritated, child,

but never angry.


Despite everything,

he does love me a lot.

And he may not brag in front of me,

but he can't live without
eating my cooking.

And everyone has some flaws, child.

But once you ignore these flaws,

life becomes easy.

And anyway, matches
are made in heaven.

Our job is to keep them
intact and abide by them.

Mother Goddess...

I vaguely remember my mother's face.

But I know she must love me a lot.

But I've a regret.

I never could express
my love to her.

I never asked her for anything.

But you're a mother too.

So I request you,

just once...

let me meet Manju.

Wait. Wait.

I heard that ghosts can't
be where God exist.

But the spirit unites
with his Creator.

You said this.


Did you take offerings?

Next time I will stay longer,
I promise.

- You promise?
- Promise.

- She is lying.
- No! I will.


You're back again.

It's been five years.

Get over me.

At least let me have this right.

Rohit, it's been too long.

Honestly, I've nothing left now.

Doesn't matter.

I do.

You can borrow some.

And then?

Then whatever you say.

Your happiness is more important.

Grandpa, true love
never lets you forget.

Not even after death.

Okay, then.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye, mom.
- Bye, child.



The boy isn't too good-looking,

but his jeans were pretty nice.


They looked branded...

Leave her alone.

Tell her to drive faster.

She is going fast.

And we're pretty close now.

I know it's very close,
but just a little...

She's going slow.

Suchi, drive a little faster.

- Okay.
- But drive safe.


"He's my benevolent Lord."

"The magnificent one."

"He's the effervescent
and Ominous one."

"He's my benevolent Lord."

"The magnificent one..."

Stop. Stop.
Tell her to stop, grandpa.

Stop the car.

Hey...what's wrong?

Hail Lord Krishna.


Grandpa, we've reached.

- Give me a minute.
- Grandpa, we're here.

We're here, grandpa.

My heart is pounding.

Your heart is pounding.

It's a figure of speech.

Understand the emotions.

Lord Krishna, the Creator,
Mother Goddess...

Being a Sikh you
believe in all of them.

Whether you offer prayers
in a Gurdwara or a temple,

they all go to one place.

You taught me this, grandpa.

Did you forget?

Now, grandpa,
we need to write a letter.

Like the I wrote back then.

Then write it.

No, you have to write it, grandpa.

Yes, grandpa.

Please, grandpa.

This is the neighbourhood,

but the streets look different.

Even the streets
have become Chinese.

They all look the same.


Where does Manju Yadav live?

Manju Yadav.

It's that house in the front,

and one in the alley at the back.

And yes, that house on
the top is also Manju Yadav's.

It's a very uncommon name, isn't it?

The house near the city square
is also Manju Yadav's

Ask him where's the banyan tree?

There used to be a banyan tree here.

Ask him if the banyan
tree is still here.

Ask him. Ask him, grandpa.

Where's the banyan tree, son?

Why didn't you say that?

There's only one banyan tree,
at the corner of that alley.



Yes, mister.

What do you want?

Take a look.

Take a look.

Sorry...are you Manju Yadav? name is Puja.

Puja Sharma.

Mrs. Puja Sharma.

Do you know where we
can find Manju Yadav?

Manju Yadav...

They used to live here
until a few years ago.

Can you tell us where
they are nowadays?

That reminds me.

Many years ago, Rameshwar
Yadav lived here.

Before we did.


Manju's father.

Ms. Manju's father.

- Manju's father.
- Ms. Manju...

Yes, Ms. Manju's father.

Can you tell us where she is now?

I don't know where she is now.

But I do know they left Mathura.

But I don't know where.


God...we don't know
where Manju's house is.

How will we help her elope?

And where is this Makhan?

Grandpa, let's go home once.

Only once.

Take a left.

- Left?
- You know?

How do you know the way?

Go straight and stop
next to the temple.

Stop. Stop.

What is this place?

This is Makhan's house.

Is he going to keep Manju here?

{\i1}"Listen, son."{\i0}

{\i1}"Yes, grandpa."{\i0}

{\i1}"Come here."{\i0}

{\i1}"Everyone has to die one day, son."{\i0}

{\i1}"But your love should be immortal."{\i0}

{\i1}"And these memories,"{\i0}

{\i1}"will give you the courage
to face the world."{\i0}

{\i1}"But why are you
telling me all this."{\i0}

son, love reflects in tears."{\i0}

{\i1}"Don't waste it."{\i0}

{\i1}"And what if I fail."{\i0}

{\i1}"Your grandpa's here."{\i0}

{\i1}"Swear on God,"{\i0}

{\i1}"if you fail,"{\i0}

{\i1}"then your grandpa will
unite you with your son."{\i0}

- I'll go check on him.
- Wait. Hear my story first.



you took good care of this ghost.

But it's time to go now.

I have to go.

But, Makhan.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

I should apologising, Makhan.


I couldn't recognise you.

You made me realise my mistakes.

Everyone learns from their mistakes.

Did I say that too?

I am saying this.

- But Makhan--
- No, grandpa.





Wake up, grandpa.

It's holi.

Today is Holi.


Hey...didn't I tell you last
night there's a ghost.

- What is it?
- See...

- Wake up.
- There is no one.

There is.
It's a ghost.

I told you last night
there's a ghost. See.

It's just me.

Come on.

Let's get some sweets from
Shankar's shop and then leave.

Milk and sweetmeats?

I did see a ghost here.

Get up.

Hey, idiot.

You've grown old.

Put four sweetmeats in the milk,

and two spoons of cream.

- And a pinch of--
- Saffron.


Did you have to come on Holi?

Now that you're here,

go take the Lord's blessings.

"A bond that connects,"

"your sights with mine."

"It's on my lips,"

"the moments I've been stealing."

"I wish to share these
secrets with you."

"Pick my share of
dreams from the lot."

"I've witnessed,"

"the form love exists in."

"My heart flutters like a bird."

" your land."

"My heart flutters like a bird."

" your land."

My Manju.

My letter and my words,

have been anxious for
centuries to reach you.

Should have conveyed my
feelings to you many years ago.

But fate cannot be controlled.

I know, just like I came back
for you even after I died,

though alive you feel lifeless
without me.

I knew...we'll meet.

Just like you waited
for me all your life,

I did too.

Today I'm going to say
what I never said before.

Manju...I love you.

And always will.

"I wonder why,"

"my heart tells me
to walk in your direction."

"I am treading towards you."

"I wonder why,"

"my heart tells me
to walk in your direction."

"I am treading towards you."
"All our conversations,"

"The sleepless, lonely nights,"

"My heart's soaring like a
kite in the horizon of love."

"I wish to share
these secrets with you,"

"Pick my share of
dreams from the lot."

"I've witnessed the form
in which love exists."

"My heart flutters like a bird."

" your land."

"My heart flutters like a bird."

" your land."

"A bond that connects,"

"your sights with mine."

"the moments I've been stealing."

Srikant, Manju's still inside.

What are we doing outside?

She's there...

Where is she?

"We've met like so, beloved."

"Like the sky
meets at the horizon."

"We've met like so, beloved."

"Like the skies
meet at the horizon."

"Your soul is with me now."

"Forever we shall soar in
the skies, and never separate."

"I wish to share
these secrets with you,"

"Pick my share of
dreams from the lot."

"I've witnessed the
form in which love exists."

"My heart flutters like a bird."

" your land."

I love you, Netra.

I don't want to lose you.

I understood this after
travelling 1100 kilometres.

Netra, I want to cook
breakfast for you.

I'll put chilly in it and also
listen to your rebukes.

And I want to do it every day.

In this lifetime,

and in all the lifetimes to come.

Will you marry me?

"A bond that connects,"

"your sights with mine."

(Spanish) "Young and handsome and crazy,
You are my heart"

"Take my hand my boy,
Release me my love"

"All my life i want,
To be in love..."

"It's time to have fun,"
"stop thinking about tomorrow."

"I want to say..."

(Spanish) "Young and handsome and crazy,
You are my heart"

"Take my hand my boy,
Release me my love"

"I wonder why."

"Every time she interrupts me,"
"I wonder why."

"Like this moment is precious,"

"all I say is day by day
it drives me crazy."