Assault Girls (2009) - full transcript

In the aftermath of a global thermonuclear war three battle tested women wage war in a virtual video game against giant mutant sand whales.

This isn't your lucky day.



He who plays is a god.

Only a god is allowed to play.

Playing means freedom.

Which is definitely
the realm of a god.

Of course.

I don't need your help!


How dare you horn in on my sniping.

Call it strategy.

It's the most sensible way
to go hunting.

Stop complaining.

In RL, I hear you've got two kids.

What about it?

I heard you have to game

to support your family

because your alky and junky husband.

Well, I heard that you,

an old hag, still live with her parents.

Sniping is the perfect job for you.

Shut up, you poacher!

Whore. Hag!

What's so funny, Lucifer?

Lucifer might be after some big game.

The Madara?!

The herd might have been tracking

the big boss.

That End Boss is mine!

Where do you expect me to do that?

I'm counting on that luck.

Lady Luck is looking over my shoulder.

They're going at it!

I was just saying hello.

You suck! Watch where you're shooting.

Your grenades are throwing off my aim.

He who doesn't move is a god.

Some say that a god hides,
but a god is one who is always hidden.

By questioning him,
we acknowledge his presence.




Are you saying my stats aren't up to it?

I'll think about it.

Characters don't exist on earth yet.

Both noble and
poor communicate verbally.

What men of former days
said and did still exists

and can never be forgotten.

Augury is not limited
to fortune-telling.

A god's will indicated
through the results of augury

conveys the meaning of that

which will appear
when the time has come.

In other words, the characters used
in augury will not end with augury.

The characters seek augury to appear.

Enjoying camping, boy scout?

Game Master!

I'm not finished eating my bacon!

This isn't the time to play
the part of an adventurer.

Follow me.

Tell me what you want with me.

I hate to admit it but

I can't beat the Madara solo.

What are you saying...?

Join us so we can form a party.

As partners, is that it?

I thought you hated
each other's guts.

Give me a break!

These are delicate negotiations,

so make an exception.

I got more points in this field
than I expected.

I've reached the ceiling now.

The Madara is the last one I need to

beat to get out of Class-A.

If I move up then I can get
better gadgets.

Some have families to support, too.

Shut up, air-head.

We need your monster gun to
beat the sucker.

You hit it with
your 20mm caliber, bull's-eye.

Are you the crack shot
they say you are?

If I wasn't, I'd be crazy to roam

around this field solo.

I've heard what they say about you.

You use all your points on
gear, guns and ammo.

You're a drifter, wandering the
desert on foot.

In other words, you must be an idiot.

We'll keep the target busy.

All you have to do is to
pull the trigger.

Even an idiot can do it.

We'll divide the points in quarters.

In my opinion everybody
deserves to be happy.

I'll take half. You girls share
the other half.

How's that?

You need my big 20mm, don't you?

I have a proposition.

You and I have a 4-round duel.

The winner names the conditions.

How about that?

I won't go easy even if you're a girl.

You might regret your proposition.

Huh, babe?

We have one thing in common.

I don't go easy on girls either.


Shut up!

Give it up.

Are you in? Or are you out?

I'm in.

It is the realm of a god.

It is sufficient
to play with humans.

Playing means that
a hidden god comes out and plays.

"Ryuujou II "

It's gonna eat up a lot of points.

He doesn't always come
when summoned.

Wow, just like Space Giants.

If we're not careful,

it'll cost us more points than we earn.

Stop babbling and let's get started!

Are you ready?

Gray, I'm going to ask you a question.


What's your Melee Combat skill stat?


Didn't I tell you that
I dumped all points into it?

I'm all set.

Just tell me when.

Lucifer, stop dancing.

We've got him!


I did it...

Hey, you girls are cheating!

Whoever returns first gets the points,

Betrayal is the name of the game!

We finish first and get the points!

Don't you know the rules?

You should have spent
points on transport.

Catch you later!

You rotten bitches...


Have you lost your mind?

Shut up! From now on
I'm a player-killer!

I'm going to send every player
to hell!

Mind your own business!

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