Assassins of Brotherhood (2018) - full transcript

We can't wait any longer, it's time to go.

If we don't leave now, it'll be too late.

Yongle Era Year One.
Emperor Zhu Di ascended the throne.

Zhu Di formed military assassin squad
"Jiumen", the Nine Gateways,

to monitor government officials.

Jiumen assassins,

are supreme hitmen hidden in capital city.

When an execution order is launched,

we will reemerge to Jianghu.

Yongle Era Year Eight.

Shangshu, the Military Minister,
colludes with rogue states,

resulting in millions of
missing military funds.


our mission is to capture Shangshu,

recover the loot.

I'm Jiumen Commander Zhao Duo. Sorry for
intruding Shangshu.

Imperial guards are here on assignment,
Commander Zhao,

I foresee you wreaking havoc.

Shangshu controls 100,000 soldiers.

You, are capital city's true havoc.

Commander Zhao, please.

To be fair, your stepfather,
the Jiumen Admiral,

should be here drinking with his old pal.

If it's not too much trouble,

the Jiumen Admiral wants to invite you for
a cup of tea.

Man's habit grows more stubborn with age.

Admiral house tea is too light,

I'm afraid it won't suit me.

On March 15th, Shangshu held a secret
members' meeting.

Perhaps others within your ranks have
shared that same drink.

A Commander needn't be bothered
with such trivial matters.

You better leave, it's about to rain.

Muddy roads make for a difficult path.

You're reluctant to leave the city.

I know you're waiting for
your accomplices.

I see here,

that one arm isn't enough.

Let the little girl,

help master undress.

Capital city roads lead to nine gateways.

One of the gateways shall lead to my

Do not cut off the road.

The Admiral has orders,

for Shangshu to reveal your list of

You're not qualified to negotiate with me.

You...dare to betray me.

That Shangshu spoke nonsense!

Time to sheathe your sword.

Zhao Duo will handle Shangshu's case.

Without my direct orders,

I don't want to see your sword again.

You must remember,


isn't exclusive to our Wei Family.

Your son

will keep that in mind.

Shangshu and his accomplices
have been eliminated.

Perhaps Admiral should finish this game.

Your son Wei Chao lost this hand.

One mistake,

could cause you the whole game.

Admiral Wei,

you should know better.

GO is a game of breaks and surrenders,

the side with eyes always wins.

I appreciate Commissioner's tip.

Shangshu is dead.

We'll see if Admiral is up to

pursuing the remaining rogue states.

Long ago,

I envisioned river lanterns sailing to
the sea.

But I never imagined them stuck in
a ditch.

In the end, they turn into a sideshow.

Even if they sail to the sea,

they will still sink.

So be it.

Short-lived matters,

tend to stick in our memories.

I should be going.

If father asks me to marry the emperor,
will you take me away?

You...dare to betray me.

I urge you not to tell father, otherwise
I will kill Miaoyun.

From now on, you be the princess. I'll be
the shadow.

Are you painting a country landscape,

or a goddess?

I'm painting a country on the back of
a goddess.


you want both.

I think I can.

It's not the right time yet.

Don't let anyone see through your face.

But your face,

I must see clearly.

The pearl of Shangshu estate,

is ever so bright.

But Zhao Duo,

he continues to investigate.


a man like that,

I'd be reluctant to get rid of him.

Shangshu's death left no traces.

Once we get rid of Zhao Duo,

millions of gold will be ours.


I don't want to be a shadow anymore.

You are Admiral's adopted-son,

your whole life is to be Jiumen's shadow.

That is your duty.

It's unavoidable.

You're meeting with Shangshu's shadow,

when is it?


at Capital City Inn,

I will be meeting that shadow.

I'd like this gentleman to help me place
a large wager.

But sometimes,

you have to bet small to win big.

That's why we asked you for help.

If you can win,
we'll have plenty of wagers.

You want my sword for this little money?

I'm afraid that's not enough.

Are these


My East Gate Vault

can support 100,000 troops
for three years.

As long as you agree to help me,

this apartment,

and everything inside will be yours.

Killing Shangshu,

will cost you more than three years of


this money is still made of paper.

Don't you see,

they're already burning?

Zhao Duo is the fire.

If we don't kill Zhao Duo,

allow him to continue this investigation.

By then,

all of our money will be burning.

You're threatening me?


It's Zhao Duo threatening us.

If we join forces to extinguish this fire,

Half of capital city

will belong to us both.

But Zhao Duo is your sworn brother.

Nowadays, all sworn brothers

are all about money.

Three hundred blocks south of the city,

there's a gambling hotspot.

Have you ever been there?

That's the Capital City Inn.

A gambling hotspot since when?



It's now a gambling hotspot.


what's the wager?

The wager

is Zhao Duo's life.

Please place your bets.

We're full.

Why do you insist on entering?

Jiumen Commander Zhao Duo here, with
an order of investigation.

It's late, Commander Zhao.

I'm afraid this case has overwhelmed you.

Since you're here,

why not sit for a drink?

Instead of sharpening your knife,

risking lives.

Commander Zhao, please have mercy!

I was paid to do this.

If you let me go, the money's all yours.

You were paid to do this,


That's correct!

It wasn't me.

It was Wei Chao.

He wants you dead.


then you do me a favor.

You lost another hand.

I'm afraid it's too early to call it.

I said, I have plenty of wagers.

You didn't bring Zhao Duo's blood.

I brought his flute.

Wei Chao kept the stolen loot.

Are you standing up for Zhao Duo?

I'm standing up for myself.

Our lives,

are like fish swimming by a net.

Once we join Jiumen,

we'll be caught.


Why fight amongst ourselves, for life or

Not sure if the next time we meet,

we can still grab a drink.

A lot of things are not up to us,

they're up to God.


The way of mankind,

no gratitude, no resentment.

Where there isn't love,
there isn't hatred.


Zhao Duo betrayed Jiumen.

I had no choice but to seize your command.

The emperor's concubine

was killed.

I was tying up loose ends.

Think it through.

Who killed the concubine?

It was Zhao Duo.

Zhao Duo!

Who was it?

It was Zhao Duo, father!


If your brother wants to leave,

we will send him off.

From here on out,

Zhao Duo's name no longer exists
in Jiumen.

Whoever sees Zhao Duo,

kill without mercy!




I didn't kill those people.



You won't die in a vain sacrifice
for Jiumen.

Horse is at the West Gate.

Leave quickly!

Hurry up!

Go easy on them.

If they bleed,

the chicken meat won't taste as fresh.


Such wisdom.

What an expert you are, Master.

Of course,

Master has been around longer than you.

Murder! Murder!

You bastard!

I saved you, now you want to kill me.

Let go!


why didn't you beat him up?

He's badly hurt.

I don't want to harm him.

Mercy, Master.

I ain't so polite.

If he provokes me again,
I'll whip his ass.

How many steps?



For a thigh.


No backing out.

We've battled through thick and thin.

You know the rules of Jiumen.

When our founding fathers established

defending capital city

was always the common law.

That's the rule.

The equilibrium in your water cup.

You're saying the water in my cup is

My whole life, I never broke any rules of

If it weren't for Admiral saving me then,

a hillbilly like me

would have been dead long ago.

Admiral should do this himself.

You'd give up your life for Zhao Duo.

But for Wei Chao,

you're giving up Jiumen's life.


This guy woke up to the smell of chicken.

That's because he still has greed.

Come, take these.

Just put them away.

Master, you're so vicious.

What are you doing?

Getting along with the turtle?

Since we're meant to be, I'll make you my

You can keep the turtle company.

What do you want?

You bastard!

I made you medicine all night, you show
no appreciation.

I don't know who you are,

but you're heavily injured.

We'll talk when you're fully recovered.

Thanks for saving me, Master.

I will leave first thing in the morning.

To avenge or be on the run?

If you leave now,

we'll just end up carrying you back.


that's my knife.

A knife is for killing and cutting meat.

What's most important
is to be happy in life. Take it.

You put the knife here.

Why here?

It's you.

Don't play the fool with me.

My iron head is aiming at you.

I'm horrified by your iron head.

Promise me one thing and I won't hurt you.

What is it?

Master and I are going to Pudo Temple
in a few days.

Before then, I need to take you somewhere.


Can't say. We'd be in trouble if anyone
found out.

I'll leave you fool with the turtle.

Oh, yes.

From now on, you're my boy.

Anyone messes with you,
you mention my name.

I'm Shi Tianbao.

If Master runs out of water,
it's your fault.

Will it come back once it leaves?

It won't.

I'll help you catch a bigger one.


Then why should we set it free?

Hey fool, how are your skills?

Better than my iron head?


May you be in Elysium soon.

After we're done eating today,

we should go our own ways.

Master, what are you saying?

Master? I'm not your Master.

I'm leaving for Pudu Temple in three days.

But you must remember:

Thousands of doors only lead to one

Wherever you decide to go is in your

Therefore, go with your heart.

Honestly I,

Your wife died.


Master, you're a true prophet.

Buddha said impermanence is the law of
birth and death.

I saw many deaths before I was a monk.

You're too young to understand.

Your injury has almost healed.

Wherever you want to go now,

you decide.

Here, eat your food.

Eat more please.


Are you really letting him go?

If he leaves, no one will carry water
for us.

You can't keep him.

He has unfinished business.

Looks like you're almost healed.

Do me a favor tomorrow.

What favor?

That's a surprise for tomorrow, just don't
chicken out.

Like father, unlike son.

So what if the concubine died.

We must have an answer
concerning the missing loot.

Sir, please allow me more time.

I promise Jiumen will catch these crooks.

Wasn't the crook your son, Zhao Duo?

Grant you more time?

You want the imperial palace
to take the fall?

Seven days.

I'll wrap up this case in seven days!

What are you doing here?

Wei Chao came to congratulate father.

You saw the imperial commissioner.

Zhao Duo colluded with the rogue state,
stole military funds.

We've recovered part of the stolen funds
in his house.

I want to help you resolve this.

Don't be a wise guy.

You know full well where
the stolen funds are.

Hey fool.

You stay put here.

Let me tell you, this area isn't safe.

I'll keep my position and
when the thugs come,

I'll strike first.

This is your base. You hide, then ambush.

You've got to back me up, understand?

I knew you wouldn't get it.

Back up means when I call you,
you come out.



Hey, you pantless coward.

How dare you come back here.

I didn't come back to prove myself worthy.

But I'm here to tell you,

what was taken from me, I will get back.

Once something's taken from you,

it's no longer yours.

Oh, looks like I shouldn't have come.

No, you should have come.

Because I want to see if your mom bought
you new pants.

Go get him!

You assaulted Brother Aruba, everyone
get him!

Hey fool, you're supposed to back me up!

Are you just incompetent?

All those pretty moves.

You didn't even know how to back me up.

You can't fight and you're dumb.

Pudu Temple monks will run all over you.

Forget it, I won't take care of you again.

Tell me, what do I get for raising you?

I had to fight back on my own.

I have many uses,

I can carry water for you.

You have no shame, that's all you're
good for.

You should stay with me at Pudu Temple.

Since you're my boy.

Let your dad know next time you're home.

He better agree.


Dear guest of the temple,

what brings you here in the wilderness of

What are you worshipping?

I see the real Buddha in a ruined temple.

Master, have you seen the owner of this

The dagger was laid down, why look for
its owner?

Master, may I ask,

In ancient fables, Buddha cuts his own
flesh to feed the eagle.

Such distinctive merit.

Self sacrifice is unmeasurable.

What if I were the eagle?

Would you be Buddha?

Master! Master! Master!

Let me go!

-Tianbao! -Give me back my Master!
-He's dead!

I'm sorry.

Your Master died because of me.

What does 'sorry' do? I want revenge!

The whole neighborhood was slaughtered.

I'll escort you to Pudu Temple.

You liar, you made my Master die!

I must go find them, I must go now!

Alright then.

You go ahead, kill them all.




Let him go.

You two are such an odd couple.

A monk who can't find a temple.

An assassin going to Buddha with a dagger.

Maybe I'm the protector of Buddha.

If it weren't for the Admiral twenty
years ago,

neither of us would be alive today.

I think you should be the protector of
your father.

Let him go.

I can let him go.

But you must stay.

No need to wait, Luo Feng won't be back.

Man should learn to go with the flow.

You chose to go against the current.

I suggest you turn around.

Since the day I left Jiumen,

every step I took was against the current.

I'm afraid there's no turning back.

We're the best of friends.

But I must obey orders.

Therefore, I must kill you.

It didn't have to be this way.

I see tears falling, but I know not
who I hate.

Brothers again in our next life.

But even so,

it's still life.


I'm going to see my father.

At capital city,

I will avenge your Master's death.

When you finish, will you be back?

A perfect dice.

A dice in cup can still make noise.

Even a perfect dice belongs
inside the cup.

Ten years ago, you refused to join Jiumen.

But you gave in,

and eventually became
Jiumen's top assassin.

Like this gold dice inside my cup.

Do you dare to bet again this time?

I've been waiting for you.

There's one more game between us.

How amusing, brother; long time no see.

You're more addicted to
gambling than I am.

There's a bounty on your head.

My life was gone long ago.

Information on the stolen military funds

are in this letter written by Wei Chao
to Shangshu.

Wager is your life, fair game.

I see you two are alike,

neither of you can hang on to a dice.

I'd like to try.


You win, you take Wei Chao's life.

You lose,

you leave your life here.

You thought your wager was
Wei Chao's life,

but you had it wrong.

The minute you stood by Wei Chao,

you were betting your own life.

Father, I'm back.

You shouldn't be back after you left.

I'll never forget you saving
my life.

I'm here pleading with you to save

I don't need you to save me.

Embezzlement of military funds in an
attempted coup.

This letter is enough to kill Wei Chao.

Everyone is after him.

You can't fix a hole this big.

Of course I know.

What would you do, if you were me?

Hand over my own son?

I never imagined we would end up
this way.

Go, you were never here the past twenty

You'll always be my father.

You're here.

What's the hurry to leave?

No, I'm in no rush.

What if I'm in a rush?

If you leave capital city,

all your jewelry will turn into rock.

Then I'll stay with you in capital city.

Okay, you said it.

Father! Father!

That Zhao Duo is a lunatic.

I don't think he's after me,

he wants to kill you, father!

You lost me a son, isn't that enough?

Now you want me dead?

You're a disgrace to the family,

I order you to leave capital city tonight!

Everything I did was for the Wei Family.

Hope you did the same.

We're brothers. If you kill me,
we're no longer a family.

Wei Chao is dead, father can stop waiting!

For the sake of Jiumen,
please open your eyes, father!

Since the day I saved you,
we were doomed to hell!

Bring it on!

You gave me my life, now I give it back.

After I met Tianbao, I came to understand,

in the world of Jianghu,

there are two types of people,

those that arrive,

and those that depart.

The ending always includes both.

You either arrive living, or depart dying.

Therefore, Jianghu is destined to be a
lonely road.