Assassins Revenge (2018) - full transcript

The skyscrapers of New York glisten like golden lights on an Xmas tree, but all is not well in the city and violent corruption runs amok. After a high speed chase through the city streets ...

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This is a robbery!

This is BY3462 reporting

above New York, is there
anyone in the vicinity?

I repeat, anyone in the

Detective Frank
McMillian here, what is it?

Where are you?

We're on the upper
east side near 82nd Street,

how can we assist?

There's two suspects
that have reportedly robbed

Jenkin's Jewelry Store,
heading into Jamaica Boat Yard,

can you deal with it?


Okay, there they go.

Hell are those fuckers going?

Shit, where the fuck
are they now?

Fuckers are on the roof.

Shit, they're on
the fucking roof again.

That's it, we got 'em.

You're not gonna
get away that easy.

My name is Frank McMillian.

I'm 55 years old,

and a detective in
the New York Police Department.

I've been serving
for over 30 years

and the job is getting harder.

Criminals seem
to be getting younger,

and the crimes,
well, they seem to be

getting tougher the older I get.

I'm used to dealing
with murderers, rapists,

gun shootings, robberies,
whatever shit comes along.

Whenever there's a dirty case,

they just seem to call on me.

I'm like a New York Dirty Harry.

But in the past we could
do something about it,

kick a few asses without the law

or the do-gooders kicking ours.

The law would turn a blind eye.

Now if you step on
a criminal's toes,

he screams to
the Justice Department

about unfair treatment.

But what about the victim?

Who speaks for them?

Until recently, I thought I did.

Then one day as we were
on our usual surveillance,

call came in from
the whirly bird.

We were only a couple of blocks
away so we took the call.

That's when we saw it,

the two motherfuckers running
through Atkin's Boat Yard.

It was supposed to be
an easy arrest.

The bird in the sky had
told us that these two guys

had stolen a bunch
of jewels from the local mall,

and that they were on foot.

So, they should
be easy to catch.

But then nothing is that easy.

Joel Wiseman wasn't really
a friend, or a drinking buddy,

but he was a good man.

He had two kids,
and a sex-crazed wife

that would poke anyone
after a couple of vodkas.

I should know,

I wrestled with the woman
once or twice

when my cock
spoke louder than my head.

But what the hell,
these things happen.

Hmm, who gives
a shit now, he's dead.

So he was a nice guy.

But most important,
he was my partner.

Now, the whole
process starts again.

Finding someone I can trust,

and will protect your back when
you go up against the bad guys.

Joel did that for me,
more than once.

Always wanted to be
a policeman, protect and serve.

But it all changed that day.

Joel did that for me,
more than once.

Maybe I'm getting tired,

maybe I'm getting
too old for this job.

You can only do it for so long,

especially when
your hands are tied.

If they'd only let me do what I'm
best at doing, banging heads.

Maybe it's time to retire.

But who then is gonna kick
the shit out of these assholes?

Heh, maybe I should go do it
alone, become a vigilante.

It's more my style,
a Shogun assassin

like they had in Japan, oh yeah,

who needs the police
department anyway.

New York City.

Home to the Empire
State Building,

Times Square, Statue of Liberty.

10 million people make their
way through New York like rats.

Work themselves worthless.

It's a fast-paced,
globally influential

center of art, culture,
fashion, finance...

and crime.

The city's five boroughs sit
between the Hudson River

and the Atlantic Ocean,
with Manhattan at its core.

New York is the largest city
in the United States.

Known as the Big Apple
to some, Gotham to others,

but to its occupants, it is
the city that never sleeps.

Don't you ever
laugh at me again,

you low-life fucking whore!

You won't be slapping
any more girls around

with your little cock,
will you, tough guy?

Mummy, mummy!

Mummy's gonna have
a big lunch now little girl,

- just wait and see!
- No!

I hope your momma's
gonna have a deep throat.

Please no!

It's bad luck to kill a raven.

It is for the bird.

Count me out.

Too rich for you, Shylock?
Or you lost face?

Or maybe the raven's put the
scares on you, eh?

You Jews
are all the same,

you want the money,

but you don't
want to take the risks.

Leave it to us good
Catholic boys, eh, McMillian?


It's like I said,
no show, no go, Shylock.

Ah, now where were we?

Oh yeah, ,
just you and me, McMillian.


It's time to win my money
back and a little more!

And if you are
a good boy, maybe,

and I do mean maybe,

I'll take a marker
against that badge

you wear so precariously.

What do you say McMillian,
you want to be on my payroll?

Earn some decent
money for a change?

You came here
to gamble slime ball,

or romance me with
that tongue of yours?

Tell your Rottweiler to sit down
before he gets hurt.

I'm not so easy to
throw out of a window.

Ha, an uncorruptible
policeman, eh boss?

Now that's not something
you see every day,

especially not in
this city.

You think he's funny, Cyclops?

I'll show you who's funny
when I win this hand.

Then we'll see you laugh on
the other side of your face!

You're hoping I'll
get my boy here,

to teach you some flying lessons
like he did with Dragman.

We're here to
play cards, Wynchapel.

So play.


Now that's a tough guy.

Ain't you, McMillian,
a real tough guy.

Well, don't blame me, tough guy,

when you have to
take the bus home.

Do you want to bet on that?

- What?
- Are you deaf?

You're challenging me,

with that hard-earned
pension fund,

or is it mob money you scabbed from
my fellow business associates?

No show, no go.
That's what you said, remember?

You'll take a marker?

Do I look like
a loan shark to you?

Why don't you ask
your accountant?

Looks like you're the one

taking that bus home,

I don't lose face to no one!

Especially from
a fucking accountant.

You got a problem with this?

He's your
accountant, Wynchapel.

Well I'll have to get another bean
counter to cook the books then, won't I?

You got him good,
Boss, real good.

That fucker won't be
mouthing off to you again.

You bet he won't.

All new situation, eh, Boss?

A dead kike, and his money.

So, can we proceed?

You want me to teach
this joker a lesson?

Teach him some manners,
Mr. Wynchapel?




A full house.

Unbeatable even for you!

Not with that it ain't.

Oh, ah!

McMillian, no, please,
I, I wouldn't have hurt you,

I swear as God as my witness,

I-I-I wouldn't touch
a single hair on your head!

The date was
April, the 26th, almost 10 years ago.

It was the first time that I
encountered Mr. William Bard.

Heir to the Bard billions.

And known sociopath.

He'd just robbed
this old family Beck.

Wasn't going to be the last
time our paths would cross.

You know we got
him in our sights,

they'll be down 57th Street!

Shoot those
fuckers Gilly, shoot them!

Okay Gilly, shoot
those motherfuckers!

Go on Gilly, shoot 'em!

Time to shoot us a
pig or two, Gilly!


We're gonna need more men!

In fact we're gonna need an
army to stop this madman!

Ram the bastard off the road
before he kills someone!

Damn, push this
fucker off the road!

Take the next turnoff
and go down 58th,

and cut him off
down Second Avenue.

That'll surprise
him, mad bastard!

I love this city!

Yay, there he
is, head him off!

Oh my god!


New York, New York, so good they named it twice!

This is Tim Vine

from CNB news
reporting to you today,

the incredible breaking
story that William Bard,

the heir of the
Bard Corporation,

has been jailed for 11 years
at the New York Supreme Court.

There's not a prison
that can hold me,

for I, I'm William Bard!

Good of you to
come Miss Fawkes.

Did you manage to bring
that, book we spoke about?

Well thank you, Miss Fawkes.

It's so much nicer having a
black sheep in the family.

Makes life so more
comfortable, don't you think?

Light's out Bard,
time to go to bed.

You've got two minutes,
and then everything goes dark!

What did I tell you?

Lights out!

A shame, I really liked him.

Showtime, folks!

So what you're telling me,

is that no one knows
what's going on,

and not one of you knew that Dr. Fawkes
was possibly having an affair

with a prisoner,
is that correct?

Hello sir, Tenison here!

It seems that
the CCTV footage

you requested
on William Bard,

has been erased!

But after some time I have been
able to rebuild the data for you,

but there is some digital
drop outs within the timeline.

Transfer image
to the main video monitor.

The images you now
are watching was taken from

CCTV cameras that were
hidden in the lane,

the day that William Bard
got facially injured.

This is the Lombard family coming
home from a night at the theater.

Sir, as you can see,

they never expected what was
going to happen to them next.

Unfortunately for them, a shortcut ended
up being a quick way to the morgue.

William is going
to love you.

But, we
haven't got any money.

I didn't ask for any!

I, I only have
a couple of bucks on me

but I, I've got plenty
of credit cards,

you're more than
welcome to them.

By the way,
just take my wallet.

Yeah, I know you, you're
William Bard, right I...

I, I-I'm Micheal Lombard,
I used to work with your father,

in, in the Accounting
Department back in Queens.

I, I-I suppose
I work for you now.

Did you like my father?

You can be honest,
Mr. Accountant.

No I, I don't suppose I did.

Me neither.

An honest man is so
hard to come by these days.

You bastard!

You asked him to tell you!

Yes I did,
didn't I?

Why did you shoot him?

I like to kill
things, it makes me relax.

nothing but a murderer,

he did nothing to you!

Shut the bitch up!
I'm trying to think!

Look, Lombard!

You take the lom
out of the Lombard,

and what have you got, the Bard!

Now that's funny!

We could be cousins!

How about a fuck, cuz?


What's funny?

It was!

You shot your accountant,

now you'll never know how much
money you have.

- 'Cause you're stupid.
- Stupid, you think I'm stupid?

No, I was just saying.

- Saying what?
- Nothing Boss, nothing.

Nothing, saying nothing?

What do you mean nothing?

I don't need a nothing!

That's right, now you're
really seeing right.

Some people like to paint,

some people like to sing,

others like to fuck!

I like to kill people!

It relaxes me!

When you have money
you can do anything.

You're mad!


I'll be known as
the mad, bad Bard!

Okay honey bun, watch it.

Please, help us!

Take it easy,
have you gotten where

I slip my cock into
that pink fold,

between those legs of yours!


does it look like?

I've seen worse.

Worse, worse, where?

In the fucking abattoir?

- No!
- I'm a billionaire!

Not a fucking!

Oh my god no, ah...

I want you to
scan the city for a Dr. Zilia Fawkes.

Dating again, sir?

She was and employee
at the Bedlam Asylum before

she became an assassin
for William Bard.

I get your point sir,

but it has been
quite a while

since you even went out
to dinner with a young lady,

or Commissioner
Rosen, come to that.

you might be right,

but at the moment
I need to know,

how can someone like William
Bard corrupt the mind

of a woman like
Dr. Zilia Fawkes.

She was rich, intelligent,

but the fiend still
made her his own.

Maybe this club, the Vertical
Smile will hold the answers.

Ladies and gentlemen,

dames and monsieur!

Let me welcome you to
the home of the exotic,

the pleasure dome
of the perverse,

the Sin City of America,
the Vertical Smile.

- Money!
- Money!

♪ Money makes the ♪

♪ World go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ Yeah money make
the world go around ♪

♪ World go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It's money make the
world go around, yeah ♪

- ♪ Yo ♪
- ♪ Break out the money ♪

♪ The money means cash ♪

♪ Bring out the bill,
bringing out the stash ♪

♪ Slinging my thing
all over the club ♪

♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Look at that bush ♪

♪ Still smoking that shrub ♪

- ♪ Yo ♪
- ♪ Money makes the world ♪

♪ Go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes
the world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ Money makes
the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the ♪

♪ Money
makes the ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ Yeah money make
the world go around ♪

♪ World go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It's money make
the world go around ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ Yo ♪

♪ Break out the money,
the money means cash ♪

♪ Bring out the bill,
bringing out the stash ♪

♪ Slinging my thing
all over the club ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ Look at that bush ♪

- ♪ Still smoking that shrub ♪
- ♪ Yo ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ It makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ Yeah money make
the world go around ♪

♪ World go around ♪

♪ Money makes
the world go around ♪

♪ Yeah money make
the world go around ♪

♪ Makes the world go around ♪

♪ Money makes the
world go around ♪

♪ Yeah money make
the world go around ♪

♪ Makes the world go around ♪

You want
something, Detective?

Light me.

So tough guy, why the visit?

Why did you
break William Bard out of prison?

Now why, Detective?

I'll ask one more time.

Why did your break William
Bard out of prison?

Are you in love with him?

You could say.


Would that stop you
wanting to fuck me?

answer my questions.

Or do you want me to arrest you?

Didn't think it would.

As William Bard wandered the
night clubs of New York,

looking for that ultimate
fix, his answer suddenly came.

William Bard didn't
start out depraved.

He just became evil,

and the catalyst event of depravity
took him down that road to Hell.

Her name was Elizabeth
Bathory, Hungarian noblewoman

and alleged serial killer who had
signed a pact with the devil,

with her collaborators,

tortured and killed
over 650 young women,

so she could stay young,
by bathing in their blood.

Now in New York, she lies in waiting
for like-minded individuals

to turn into followers,

as they are embraced
by the Dark Lord Satan.

Whatever you're
selling sweetheart,

I'm not buying, I'm
just here for the show.

Are you sure Mr. Bard,

because you really look
like you need something.

No thanks.

What about
something a little different?

I've just been fucked tonight,

and I'm really not
interested in drugs.

What about
an experience Mr. Bard,

something you haven't
tried or will try again?

You won't regret it.

I doubt that.

Okay you got my attention.

How much?


Okay Miss Bathory,
why am I here?

Be quiet William, and listen.

Do you believe in
the cards, William?

No, I don't.

A shame.
You should.

Take one.

Ah, the Hanged Man.

That indicates that you are
at a crossroads in your life.

You want more, but you
don't know how to get it.

Your family are worth billions,

but that doesn't give
you what you want.


Ah, the Magician indicates that
you are a person without purpose.

But, you have the ability
to be very powerful.

If, you desire.


This is the Fool,

which you will become,
without guidance.

This will unleash
the demon inside you,

to its full potential.

Fulfill your destiny and become
one with the dark side, Mr. Bard!

Breathe it in, William.

And tell me what you see!

Within days,

the drug that Elizabeth Bathory had
given William Bard had taken hold.

Now he was on a mission to fulfill that dream,

whatever the cost.

Oh, please don't hurt us, please!

We won't say a thing!

You can leave and we won't even
mention that you were here!

You've still got time to
go without anybody else

knowing what you've done!

Just please don't
hurt the children!

Hurt you, whatever
gave you that idea?

I like children,
especially the quiet ones!


So tell me teacher, what
do you like to teach?


Yeah but what?



- Who?
- Shakespeare.

I love Shakespeare!

Is this a dagger
that I see before me?

The handle before my hand?


Let me clench thee.

Had me not, though
I had me still.

Children, never forget
Shakespeare, he is real!


Oh leave them alone please!

I beseech you!

They're so young, and innocent!

Just how I like them!

No, they're too young!

You mustn't!

Mustn't I?

They've done nothing
to you, or your men!

For god's sake!

They're just children!

Take me if you want.

Do what you need to do.

But please,
don't hurt the children.

Now would I?

No, no, stop it!

They're just children!

Why should I?

They're children.

If you want to take
it out on anybody,

do it to me, but not here.


Anywhere, away from here.

The other room maybe.

Thanks for the offer, Teach,

but you're a little old for my
taste, you know what I mean?

I like my
fruit a little... fresher.

Now, Teacher
has the right idea.

This is to all you in
the City of Los Angeles.

If you don't bring me
$10 million by 6:00 PM tonight,

her little friends here are
gonna be as dead as the bard,

and their teacher!

Ah, I'll be waiting!

I'm standing here outside
Delmont High School

in central Los Angeles.

It's 6:30 PM on
a sunny evening,

in a mild mannered suburb
of southern California.

It was here,
at 10:00 AM this morning,

that a man only known
to us as the Comedian

with three of his henchmen,

walked into the school

and took schoolteacher
Mary Shelley,

and 12 of her students hostage,

demanding $10 million in
return for their safety.

This is what happened
at 5:00 PM today.

Some of you may find
this disturbing.

We have your money!

Now let the children
go as agreed!

Back off G-man, or I'm gonna
kill her here right now!

Well here's your money!

Let her go.

Let her go, is that what you want
me to do, let her go!

Get down!


Don't tell me what to do
again, do you understand?

I said, "Do you understand?"


Now back off!

Or the next time, the kids in
there are gonna get it too!

But you got your money!

There's no need for
anybody else to be hurt!

Do you think I care about
the money, Mr. Policeman?

Not really.


That was a replay of what
happened here today at 5:00 PM.

Since then the
building has been under siege.

Maybe we can ask the
arresting officer

for some more information.

Detective Stinwinksi, can you
tell us what happened here today?

Uh, I've never seen
anything like this

in my 20 years in the service.

I mean, this
bastard and his men,

they... they didn't care
about the money.

They came here to
kill, that's all.


My god they did.

In the footage, we saw
Schoolteacher Mary Shelley

get gunned down, why?

God knows, I couldn't say.

I mean, this Comedian,
he's a madman.

But you gave this man his
money, what was his reason?

I don't know.

Detective, the money
was in the bag, wasn't it?

Yeah, of course it was.

Detective, was the
money in the bag or not?

No, it wasn't.

Look this state's broke.

We asked the mayor and he said

he couldn't afford
to pay any ransom!

I just do what I'm told, okay?

No questions asked!

It's not my fault, okay?

It's not my fault!

Why did you do it?

Let me loose here
man, ,

love 'em ,
love 'em!

My fellow Americans,

today is a sad day
in American politics,

for I am sorry to tell you

that I have tried again,
and failed in vain,

to bring in gun reform.

A promise to you
the American public,

a promise I made
before my election,

as I believe it is
the number one killer

within our country
and its citizens.

And it needs to be stamped out,

for I believe that
the wind has changed,

and reform will be the only way

that we'll be able to eradicate

the criminal activities
of organized crime

in our great country,

which is starting to take a
strong hold of our nation.

So for every man,
woman and child,

I beseech you to be vigilant!

If you see something
wrong, please report it,

for only the just will win
this war against crime.

Do not let the criminals win.

Hello and welcome back

to Breaking News, this
is Tim Vine from CNB News

reporting to you
another incredible story

about billionaire William Bard,

heir to the Bard

who was just jailed
for 123 years

at New York Supreme Court,

just 18 months after being sent

to Bedlam Asylum for 11 years.

In reality
William Bard should be dead.

But that William Bard was no normal man.

As a billionaire, he was
able to buy his way out

of the electric chair,

choosing instead the option
of being frozen alive.

Went out with his
right-hand man Oswald,

Wynchapel did.

It was time for another person
to step into that position,

and claim the Bard billions.

Mayor Patrick O'Donnel
was that man.

First he had to defrost him.

William Bard is in there.

We want him out alive!

Wynchapel's had use of
his money long enough!

It's my turn now!

Are you sure you
want to do this, Mayor?

It's too late, Webber.

Wynchapel is dead,
McMillian has killed him.

What was Wynchapel
doing in this place?


He kept Bard alive so he
could filter his money.

If he were dead, the
infrastructure of his companies

would have dissolved,
and so would the cash.

With Wynchapel gone
I can take over,

but keep Bard frozen
at all costs!

Okay, you're the boss.

Well get the bastard
billionaire out of there!

We've got him at last!

This is Tim reporting
from Breakmount Cryogenetic

High Security Prison
in Queens, New York.

And I can now confirm that
no less than one hour ago,

a group of men broke into
this facility behind me.

There is no news as of yet

if anything was damaged
or stolen,

as authorities have not
confirmed or denied this report.

Webber, you called?

I must be mad being here!

He's got informants everywhere!

So, Weasel,

is William Bard at the Metropolitan
Wharf, or is my information wrong?


Okay, you can go now.

But we had a deal!

Well if I need
to kill William Bard,

I'll throw in the mayor as well,
how does that sound?

Just do it, soon!

Hello, Mayor,
good of you to come!

"For now is the winter
of our discontent.

Made glorious summer
by this son of York."

I didn't come here
to listen to this shit!

"...buried, our brows bound
with victorious wreaths,

"Our bruised arms hung
up for monuments.

"Our stern alarums chang'd
to merry meetings,

"Our dreadful marches
to delightful measures.

"Grimvisag'd war hath
smooth'd his wrinkled front,

"And now, instead of
mounting barbed steeds

"to fright the souls of
fearful adversaries,

he capers nimbly..."

What the fuck is this?

"But I, that am not
shap'd for sportive tricks,

"I, that am rudely stamp'd,
and want love's majesty,

"to strut before a
wanton ambling nymph!

I, that am curtail'd..."

"By dissembling nature. Deform'd, unfinish'd,

- Shit!
- "And that so lamely and unfashionable

"that dogs bark at me as I halt by them.

"So why, I, in this weak
piping time of peace,

"I have no delight,
to spy upon my shadow,

"and descant on
mine own deformity,

"since I will not be proved
a lover, I will be proved...

a villain!"

Betrayal, however slight,
Mayor, is not acceptable!


I wasn't talking, to you!

Hello and welcome back to Breaking News!

This is Tim Vine from CNB News.

We just received a report from
the New York Supreme Court

that a verdict against Mayor
Patrick O'Donnel has just come in.

Hello, Dan.

Yes I can report that Mayor Patrick
O'Donnel has been acquitted,

after allegations of corruption.

The verdict came in
within just two hours.

The 12-man jury was told
by the mayor's attorney

that there was no evidence
to support this allegation,

and that it was brought
against his client,

by government officials
trying to stop his campaign

from running for
the White House this June.

Amazing considering the
evidence against the mayor.

But after the main witness for
the prosecution went missing,

there was no other verdict
to be given, but innocent.

This is Chelsea Reese
for CNB News

at the Supreme Court
in New York.

As I
watched the mayor come home,

I knew it was time to pounce.

As he was the only person

that knew where
William Bard was hiding.

I've been waiting
for you McMillian!

- Where is he, man?
- Who?

That fucker, The Bard!

You'll never catch him!
I'll never tell you where he is!

I'll turn your
face into a colander!


You can't hurt me
as much as he can!

We'll see!


Let me explain something to you
about that wire in your mouth.

It's hooked up to those
charges back there.

And if you don't tell me
what I want to know,

I'm gonna leave you here.

And sooner or later, your
jaw's gonna get tired,

and it's gonna snap shut,

or you're gonna try
to call out to somebody,

and your jaw's
gonna snap shut.

When that happens, you're
gonna set off the grenades.

And that missile is
headed in a bad direction.

You understand?

Yeah? All right.

So, where is that
son of a bitch?

- Mm! Mm-mm.
- You're not gonna tell me?

You sure?
Absolutely sure?

Whew, you better think
twice about that.

Mm, mnh-mnh.

I guess I'll have to go,

find somebody who'll
tell me what I want to know.

Oh, by the way,

if you think that
you're just gonna wait

until somebody
comes to save you...

well, that ain't
gonna happen either.

You see that little
candle over there?


In about three minutes,
you're all done anyway.


Oh my goodness,
what a way to go.

Mind if I have this?

Oh, ,
that's kind of nifty.

I love weapons.


You bastard!

Now that's what I call
a star spangled banner.

New York at
night is like a beautiful gift,

all lit up like a
Christmas tree in December.

Unless you're looking
for that someone

who doesn't want to be found.

Then you have to shift
through the filth

to find what you need.

That was Little Odessa,

once a home for immigrant families
looking for a safe place to live.

Now it's home for one
defrosted billionaire

by the name of William Bard,

who is trying to escape
the long arm of the law.

As I searched the city
for William Bard's men,

who were all but dead.

I feel proud of
what I've achieved.

To the point where I've
realized maybe it's time

to hang up my hat and coat,

become a normal person again,
stop being a vigilante.

Maybe have a normal
life with picket fences,

two kids,

where I read the kids bedtime
stories before they go to bed.

life isn't like that.

It's too late to go
back to the police force

after my time in the sewer.

Killing all the rats that
worked for William Bard.

I think Tenison was right,

it would be good to go out to dinner
with someone of the opposite sex,

relax like a normal person,

maybe get drunk and fool around a
little as the night comes to a close.

For fighting crime
isn't all it's made out to be.

Bruises aren't just
on the outside,

but inside as well.

But when I think of all
the pain and suffering

that William Bard
has caused...

So as the sunshine comes up,

I drive through the countryside
without smog and filth.

The time has come
to stop and slow down...

enjoy the fresh air.

Subtitles by explosiveskull