Artemis Fowl (2020) - full transcript

Artemis Fowl, a young criminal prodigy, hunts down a secret society of fairies to find his missing father.

Authorities worldwide

expressed shock
at these allegations.

Most daring
thefts of modern times.

Fowl is said
to be hiding ancient relics

worth hundreds of millions of...

Time and again,

these museums
were robbed of untold riches.

Some say the true amount stolen

may never be known.

Where I am amidst
what can only be described

as a media frenzy.

He couldn't dismiss the fact
that when he was arrested...

The collection contains

the rarest evidence
of ancient worlds.

Most expressed horror at his
alleged criminal activity,

while others hinted at a more
widespread conspiracy.

Many similarities

to numerous daring thefts
shrouded in mystery.

A crowd has gathered...

It's him! It's him!

Breaking news.
There is the car.

Yes, the car has come down.

And it looks like
young Artemis Fowl is here.

have now made connections

to one man.

Artemis Fowl.

Breaking news now

and a suspected accomplice
of Artemis Fowl

is today arrested
near Fowl Manor.

Help me.

Is this
unidentified individual a link

to Artemis Fowl
and the multiple thefts?

We have reports

that British intelligence

are expected to question
the subject immediately.

Is it true?

Do you have anything to say,

How does it feel

to have a criminal
for a father, Artemis?

Your name?

Mulch Diggums.

Exactly what were you doing
near Fowl Manor?

So now it's illegal

to go for a hike?

This was no hike.

Unless you tell us exactly
what happened at Fowl Manor,

you will be
permanently imprisoned.

Wait, wait, wait.

You don't want me.

No. No, I'm just
a talented tunneler.

You want the brains
of the operation.

The one who stole the Aculos.

What, precisely, is the Aculos?

The Aculos.

A weapon
so powerful and mysterious,

it can barely be imagined.

You're lying.

Look, I know
you don't believe my story,

but I can prove it.

Mr. Diggums,
I highly doubt that.

You will see.

All I see is

that there was some highly
unusual seismic activity

around Fowl Manor

and reports from a crazed
fisherman of fairies.

Well, maybe the fisherman saw
something he wasn't meant to.

It's fantasy.

What's reality is that
you are a common thief

who is somehow in league
with a quite uncommon thief.

We want to know everything
about the man you work for.

The man?


This isn't about the father.

This is about the son.

The son?

Do not underestimate the kid.

Let me show you

the infinite possibilities
of magic.

Let me tell you

the story of Artemis Fowl.

A story that begins where
every great story begins,

in a place where magic
and wonder still exist.

The most magical place on Earth.


Home of Artemis Fowl.

Artemis loved Ireland.

The sea and the land.

Not so much the school.

You see, he just didn't need it.

When he was seven,

he beat European
chess champion Evan Rashoggi

in five moves.

When he was nine, he won
the architectural competition

to design
the Dublin Opera House.

When he was ten,

he cloned a goat
and named it Bruce.

Weird choice,
but he's an unusual kid.


And you know
when you're that unusual,

you're going to stick out.

Well, Artemis,
let's talk, shall we?

Certainly, sir.

I can see
you're admiring my chair.

It's a family heirloom.

Grandfather acquired it
from Sotheby's.

William and Mary period,

1689 to 1702,
as I'm sure you know.


Once in use at the palace,
Buckingham Palace.

Queen's favorite chair,

Now, Artemis,
there is a problem.

The problem is that
I know the textbook reply

to any question
you may choose to ask.

The problem is that you don't
respect anyone enough

to treat them as an equal.

That's ridiculous.
I hold several people

in the very highest esteem.

Really? Who, for example?

Albert Einstein.

His theories
were usually correct.

How about someone
you actually know?

You seem to have
all the answers, Doctor.

Why don't you tell me?


where shall we start?

That's my biography, I presume?

It is.
It explains quite a lot.

Such as?

Well, firstly,

there's your dear mother,
of course.

Who was a wonderful woman,
in my opinion,

and taken from us far too soon,

but who sadly had absolutely
no control over your behavior.

Then, of course,
there's your father

and his mysterious absences
from home.

This is a sensitive area,

But do you think
that's why you are as you are?


And by the way, I didn't know

they allowed fakes
at the palace.

- Fake?
- It's clever,

I'll give you that.

But look at these
furniture tacks.

Crisscross pattern on the head.


Makes it 1890s at the earliest.

Your grandfather was duped.

you're lashing out at me,

but I think I know
what this is really about.

Is it because of the burden
of your father's name?


It's because
I'm forced to endure

this ridiculous therapy.


Look! Just who do you think
you are?

But, of course,
Artemis wasn't on his own,

even if it may have seemed
that way sometimes.

For if there was one thing
Artemis liked

more than his own company,

it was being at home
with his dad.

Artemis Fowl, Sr.,

a dealer
of antiques and rarities

and just about
every Irish fairy tale

you might care to imagine.

They're trained in the art of...

Except that
you didn't have to imagine,

for Artemis Sr.
Taught Artemis Jr.

Everything there was to know

about the leprechauns
and the banshees

and the sprites and the goblins.

So much so that you might
even have thought

that Artemis Sr. believed

in the legends
of the little people.

He certainly shared
his passion with his son

on the rare occasions

when he wasn't away from home.

But while he was there,

he was absolutely determined
to have Artemis know

all that could be known
about the fairies.

To prepare the boy for a day
that would come much sooner

than anyone expected.

Did I ever tell you
how all those fairy stones

got to come to Fowl Manor?

Thousands of years ago,

this is where
the peace was made.

After the war
between the human world

and the Tuatha De Danaan,

a human and a fairy met...

Just tell me
when you're leaving.

The helicopter's

being prepared
for me right now, son.

I'm sorry.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

That's what you said
the last time,

and the time before.

I know, Arty.

There's just one very
important thing I have to do.

And I know it's been hard,

but, look,
my work is coming to an end.

And like the stories, you know,

they all have an ending
that just...

Well, it makes you smile.

And this one
will be no different.

And when it ends,
a new story will begin.

And maybe,

just maybe,

it'll be yours.

I'm not a kid anymore, Dad.

Well, you used to
believe in magic.

You believed in the goblins,

and you believed in the trolls.

You believed in everything
I told you

about the Hill of Tara.

All I really want

is to believe in you.


Come here, son.

I love you, son.

More than you could ever know.

Then take me with you.

You're all I have now, Arty.

Let me keep you safe
for a little longer.

Come on.

And remember,
until I see you again,

may the road rise up
to meet you.

May the wind
be always at your back.

May the sun shine
warm upon your face.

May the rain fall soft
upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

may a friend be always near.

Good night, son.

Good night, Dad.

What are you talking about?

Yes, he took off yesterday,
as planned.

What do you mean,
he never arrived?

The boat was empty.

Have you checked the manifest?

How long
before the media have it?

I don't know. You'd better
make some inquiries.

Domovoi Butler.

Friend, mentor, bodyguard.

Ten years of martial arts
training in Kyoto,

seven years of
weapons training in Moscow,

six years of strength training

at Gold's Gym in Venice,

And under no circumstances

were you to ever call him
"The Butler"

even though his last name
was in fact "Butler."

You could call him "Dom,"
or "Domovoi,"

or "Very large man in a suit,"

but call him "The Butler,"
and he'd snap you in half.

Not always sunny, though.

There will be some cloud

that'll bring a few drizzles
now and again,

especially along the western
and northern coast.

Now back to our main story.

Authorities today launched

a worldwide manhunt
for Artemis Fowl.

A reclusive businessman,

but now
a controversial public figure

whose superyacht, the Owl Star,

was found abandoned last night

in the South China seas.

Fowl is a known collector
and antiquities dealer,

but in dramatic new revelations,

he is also suspected
to have been behind

some of the biggest robberies
of the past 10 years,

including the disappearance
of the priceless Rosetta Stone

from the British Museum,

the irreplaceable 14th century
Boru's harp,

and the iconic Book of Kells
from Trinity College, Dublin.

No sign of struggle was found
aboard the Owl Star

and her owner's fate
is entirely unknown.

Investigations are ongoing,

but until further news
of his whereabouts

can be established,
doubts will remain.

My dad.

- Artemis.
- Where is he, Dom?

We don't know.
I have people on the way

to the wreck as we speak.

And the remaining question...

Artemis Fowl,

antiquities dealer
or criminal mastermind?

How dare they!

He's not a criminal!
He's my dad!

He's my dad!


Artemis, don't answer the phone!

- Artemis!
- Dad!

Hello? Dad?


Artemis Jr., I presume.

I have your father.

What? Who is this?

Is this a hoax?

If you have my father,
I want proof.

Then you shall have some.

Dad? Dad?



You listen to me, son,
you stay out of this.

Okay? Do you hear me?

There's no way you can help me.

It's too big.

Everything I've told you
is true. It's all true!

Your father stole something
from me and hid it.

My enemies have prevented me
from retrieving it myself.

You will do so on my behalf.

Find the Aculos, or you will
never see him again.


What's the Aculos?

You're a clever boy.

You'll work it out.

You have three days.

Artemis, what did they say?

Word for word.

Whoever it was...

- Man? Woman?
- I couldn't tell.

But they were asking for
something called the Aculos.

What is it?

Artemis, get dressed
and come with me.

You weren't supposed
to see this yet.

Your father would kill me
if he knew we were here.

I'm showing you
because I have no choice.

What is all this?

This is where your father

kept his entire life's work.

And his father,
and his father before him.

It's not what it looks like,

Everything in this room
was acquired

for a specific reason.

Sometimes to protect
its secrets,

sometimes to keep it from
falling into the wrong hands.

These are relics
from another world.

I don't understand.

I was never meant to share

the details
of your family business.

These relics
have been passed down

through the generations.

They're secrets that your father

had intended to share with you

when the time was right.

But the fairies are a myth.

None of this is actually true.

Look around you, Arty.

Maybe those stories
can help us find him.

But where to begin?

I don't see anything
about an Aculos, do you?


I helped him catalogue
much of this,

but he never mentioned
such a thing.

And he always shared
his discoveries with me.

The only thing he kept private
was his journal.

Then that's what
we have to find.

I wouldn't know
where to begin to look.

Could your father
have ever given you a clue

as to where to start?

He never told me how to start,

but he may have told me
how to end.

- End?
- Yeah.

He read the same poem to me
every night before bed

and every time he left.

"May the road rise up
to meet you.

"May the wind
be always at your back.

"May the sun shine
warm upon your face."

"May the rains fall soft
upon your fields."

Who wrote this poem, Arty?

Nobody knows.

That's just it.

Then how do you find it?

It's known
as "The Irish Blessing."

It's a journal.

It's Dad's journal.

Go to the last entry.

"She's hunting me now
and would kill me to find it.

"She knows the truth of

"what Beechwood gave me
before he died.

"They know
we have the Aculos."

The voice on the phone
told you to find it.

"The Aculos cannot fall
into the wrong hands.

"It had to be protected,

"even from
the fairies themselves.

"Time to believe."

Time to believe in fairies?

But they're not real.

Are they?

But as Artemis
would soon find out,

they are very real

and they've been living
right under your feet

for 1,000 years.

And their cities
at the center of the Earth

are not something
out of a storybook.


They are just as real as you.

Diverse and strange
and beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the wondrous,
thriving metropolis

that is Haven City,

home of the fairies.

You have now arrived

at Haven City Central,

this transporter's terminus.

Please make sure you take
all your belongings with you

before leaving the transporter.

Officer Holly Short,

two minutes
to security briefing.

Do it with Koboi.

Shuttles to the surface...

We bring you
a community leader...

Our main story this morning.

As a second week passes,

there is still no sign
of the Aculos.

Fears are rising.

However, authorities assure us

the crisis
will be swiftly handled.

Even so, doubts are mounting.

Yeah. Thank you.

See, this is my favorite part.

Mainly because I'm in it.

Keep an eye out, brothers.

We dwarves gotta watch
each other's backs,

am I right?

Lay low,
I'll get us out of here.

You're not a dwarf.

- No, I am, I'm a dwarf.
- No, you're not.

I am a giant dwarf.

You've got a big mouth
for a dwarf.

You won't talk so much
at Howler's Peak.

That's where we goblins
do the talking.

And what we say goes.


Hi there, gents.

Mulch Diggums.

Two G's in Diggums.

Tunneling and entering.

Repeat offender. 400 years.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Hey, hey, hey.
Knock it off. Knock it off.

Knock it off!

Next! Move!

Officer Short.

Good to see you.

What are you in
for this time, Mulch?

Tunneling and entering.

Put in a good word for me,
will you?

You know I'm an artist.

Yeah. A con artist.

Art is art. Great artists
are never understood.

Hey, you and I would make
a great team, you know?

Me cracking safes,
tunneling into banks,

you watching my back

with your tiny
but effective fairy weapons.

That's your plan?

Less of a plan,
more of a lifestyle choice.

By the way, this your wallet?

Stop picking my pockets!

Think of my children, Holly.

- You don't have children.
- Not yet.

Prisoner for processing.

Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, don't go yet.

We're the same, you know?

Your last name is Short.
My whole body is short.

You're not short.

I keep telling you that.

That's just discriminatory.

I'll write it off as ignorance
because I love you!

And thanks for the music.

Move it now.

I am very much a dwarf.

Over here!

Briar Cudgeon.

Is this about my appeal?

Yes, you will be
a commander again.

All charges dropped.

I've convinced the executors

to grant a pardon
after your court-martial.

Commander Root
was powerless to stop it.

Who are you?

My fairy godmother?

Yes, only now you work for me.

The Fowl boy is in play,

and I want nothing
that prevents him

from bringing me the Aculos.

You will infiltrate
Fairy Command on my behalf.

I spy?

You spy or you die.

Morning, Shorty.


Commander! What are all
these rumors about the Aculos?

Knock it off!

You've seen the news.

The Aculos is still missing.

Kelp, Verbil, B Squad, C Squad,

you're all
on triple night duty downtown.

The delicate balance of peace
in our world

now hangs by a narrow thread.

Until the Aculos
is safely returned,

our entire civilization
is at risk

from the humans

or from enemies
amongst our own kind.

There is a dark force at work,
and it will stop at nothing

until it has the Aculos.

So keep your eyes peeled.

See it and report it.

We must recover the Aculos
and protect our anonymity.

For the peace to remain,
so must our secret existence.

Preserve that at all costs.

Jeopardize it,

and I'll have you incarcerated
at Howler's Peak.

Any questions?

No? Good.

Get to work.

Commander Root!

Yes, what is it?

Commander, I have
a new lead on my father.

He was at the Hill of Tara.

- You're not going.
- But, Commander...

That's an order.

Not a request.

Yes, Commander.

A word of advice.

You're 84, you're young,

you have your whole life
ahead of you.

You'll have plenty of missions
to fly, Holly.

And you can be a good officer.

Just don't make this personal.

Let them take care
of the Aculos.

With Artemis Sr. gone...

Let's go with backup.

Domovoi knew
the stakes couldn't be higher.

He knew he would need to
bring in some reinforcements.

Someone he could trust
to watch his back

to help protect Fowl Manor.

There was only one person
he knew

who fully understood
tactical reconnaissance,

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,

and the complicated mind
of a 12-year-old.

Another 12-year-old.

His niece, Juliet Butler.

No links found.


The searching's important,

but you can't forget the basics.

- Eat.
- There's no time.

You've done 12 hours straight.

It appears to be nowhere
in this house

- and yet it has to be.
- Zero matches.

You're not giving up, are you?

Of course not.

But I think
I may know the problem.

I'm not the one to find it.

So, how do we summon

this mysterious finder
of Aculoses?

The fairies,
of course. They'll help us.

Will they?

With a bit of persuasion.

And do you know where they are?

In my father's journal,

he wrote of a fairy

who would periodically visit
the oak tree

on the Hill of Tara.

She's our best option,

because their world,
it's too well hidden.

And their books,

it's not
just a different language,

it's encoded.

Of course it's encoded.

By this guy. Foaly.

Fairy tech genius and centaur.


Do not ask him for a ride.

Hello, Holly.

I learned that the hard way.


What is it, Foaly?

We have a problem.

One of ours is unaccounted for
on the surface.

Elf? Dwarf? Goblin?

Hard to tell. But it's big.

Could be a deep-tunnel breakout.

Perhaps through a fault
or dormant volcano.

Send someone up to identify it.

All active duty officers
are downtown

searching for the Aculos.

- Officer Short.
- Yes, Commander.

- I'm sending you up there.
- Yes, Commander.

Identify, report,

- but do not engage.
- Yes, Commander.

- Clear?
- Crystal.

- Go, go!
- Thank you, Commander.


Two minutes until Lava Launch.

Authorized personnel only
on the launch site.

This is the quickest way
we can take you to the surface

so pay attention.

You'll be sitting on 200,000
tons of molten lava

and traveling at over
600 miles an hour,

so don't get out
until I give the all-clear.

Otherwise, it's...

Goodbye, Holly.
Rest in pieces.

No need to sound
so excited about it.

What can I say?
I just love science.

Um, Foaly?


Lava Launch

in 30 seconds and counting.

Stay shielded
once you're up there.

- Total invisibility.
- Yes, Commander.

Magma flare in 12, 11...

The last thing we need

is a fairy sighting
on top of everything else.

Hello, Commander.

This is not the time.

We have an unidentified runner
on the surface.

Hold on
to your breakfast, Holly!

This is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Is this the best we can do?

Send in the daughter of
Beechwood Short, the traitor?

You're not fit to say his name.

Beechwood Short used his magic
to steal the Aculos from us,

which, need I remind you,

is the most precious artifact
in our civilization.

The Aculos was stolen
on your watch.

He has put our entire people
in danger and disappeared.

In my book, that's a traitor.

Get out, Cudgeon,
before I throw you out.

The executors
are watching you, Root.

And I am their eyes and ears.
And I see everything.

Carry on.

Ejecting you now.

Come on! Yes!

Artemis, I'm in position.

Domovoi, anything to report
from the Hill of Tara?

- Yes. I'm freezing.
- Understood.

Now, the oak tree's
where Dad saw that fairy,

and for my plan to work,

we need her.

And what exactly is your plan?

Keep watching.

Trust me.

Copy that.

Head east
towards Martina Franca.

Officer Short,
your orders are to

contain that thing
until Memory Wipe arrives.

Is that understood?

Yes, Commander.

Approaching Martina Franca.

Runner located.

It's a full-sized troll!

Pick on someone your own size!

I want a Time Freeze
around that thing

before anyone gets eaten.

Are you sure, Commander?

We'll need authorization
from the executors.

I'll take
full responsibility. Go!

Time Freeze capsule released!

Do not use magic on that human.

Do you read me?

She's hurt.

Come on.

Come on!

Go! Now!

Time Freeze loading.

Set focus
for interior paralysis only.

Leave these people alone!



Get that thing
back where it belongs

and mind-wipe all those humans

who think they've seen a fairy
or a troll.

L.E.P., begin withdrawal.

Good work, Officer Short.

Now get yourself home

Yes, Commander.

That's an order.

Mind wipe complete.

Prepare to release Time Freeze.

Um, Commander Root,

it looks like Holly may be
taking a slight detour.

Officer Short.

Where are you going?

To clear my father's name!

I'll have her badge for this.

That's a bit harsh, isn't it?

Shut up, Foaly,
or I'll have yours, too.

These are dangerous times.

I've lost a friend

and soon,
Artemis will begin to know

the rumors about me
and the thefts.

Is he ready for the truth?

That a darkness threatens

both the human
and the fairy worlds?

When Beechwood came to me,
I knew there was no choice.

The Aculos was being targeted.

In the wrong hands,
it would mean access

to the greatest spells
in fairy lore.

One could teleport armies,
wipe out life.

The wrong hands
are now very close.

They belong
to a brilliant fairy.

Perhaps the greatest
of them all.

But gone to the bad.

Name, Opal Koboi.

You are now approaching

the sacred Hill of Tara.

Coordinates 1-8-3-8-7.

Officer Short!
Return immediate...

Communication disabled.


Dom. The fairies.

They're real.

Everything my father said
was true.

Reload. Quick! Quick!


We got one.

Holly Short
just dropped off the grid.

I've lost sound and visual.

I warned her not to disobey me.

We can't rule out
an interception.

Give me her last coordinates.

She just arrived on
the Hill of Tara in Ireland.

I checked the maps.

The only human habitation
anywhere near it is...

Fowl Manor.

You know it?

Alert all personnel.

I'm launching
a full-scale recovery.

- All personnel, Commander?
- Land, sea, and air.

There's a fairy unaccounted
for in the real world.

If the humans see it,
we'll lose everything.

Dear me, Root.

Are you losing your touch?

Errant trolls?
Abducted fairies?

Whatever next?

If the executors find out
about this,

you'll be finished.

Get the four-leaf clover
out of here.

Not happy!

And what if
you look one in the eye?


They're trained
in arts like telekinesis,

hypnosis, and mesmerism.



Defensive options?

Humans should wear
reflective glasses

in order to escape mind control.


What is unique about dwarves?

Besides digging,

they're master thieves
and pickpockets.

And why?

They're obsessed with treasure

and can't resist
searching for it.

Where am I?

I'm impressed.

You speak English.

Speak English?
Of course I speak English.

I thought you might be hungry.

Look, I don't know
what fairies eat,

but I thought maybe salad?

Yeah, whatever.

I bet you have beautiful eyes.

I wish I could see them.

That's not going to work.

We've got protection.

Who are you?
What do you want from me?

You're part of the plan.

- Who's in charge here?
- I am.

You're just a child.

Welcome to Fowl Manor,
Officer Short.

- How do you know my name?
- It's on your helmet.

But it's in Gnomish.

I've read all about you.

You've what?

I'm here to officially
invite you into my home.

Invite me? You just shot me!

You must now do
whatever I demand.

You'll have to
keep me here forever.

If that's what you want.

You'll never get away with this.

My people will come for me.

That's what I hoped you'd say.

This isn't over.

You expect us to believe

he did something this dangerous?

He captured a living fairy.
What do you think?

Try to imagine
if humans suddenly found out

there was a world
of magical creatures

living beneath them.

Most human beings
are afraid of gluten.

How do you think
they'd handle goblins?

Artemis wanted the Aculos
to save his father's life.

And at last, his master plan

was starting to fall into place.

He had his first piece.


But now,
a storm was coming his way.

And the fate
of both of our worlds

was in the hands
of young Artemis Fowl.

Artemis. Dom.

It's like
the whole world is ending.

The fairies are doing it.

They're creating a Time Freeze.

I beg your pardon?

It's a kind of temporal vacuum

that they create
so they can operate

unseen by the human eye.

I read about it
in Dad's journal.

It's formidable.

Einstein and Hawking were right.

Time is bending all over.

Anything could happen now.

Anything's possible.

And while it holds,

the perfect conditions
for an attack.


We just picked up
your friends arriving.

Can't wait to meet them.

You won't even see them.

Whatever you're planning
will fail.

Fairies do not negotiate.

You can't win!

We'll see about that.



En garde!

You are so dead.

The pair of you.

I need that Time Freeze now.

Exterior only.

I need the inside to be alive.

I have to talk to that kid.

Receiver dishes
in position, check.

Time Freeze successful!

Top of the mornin'.

They're coming for her.

Artemis, do you really think
this is going to work?

Who knows?

I'm going to need the suit.

Send in the advance team.

Yes, Commander.

Capture only.

We need the humans unharmed.

We scare them.
We do not kill them.

I want them alive.

Scared, Artemis?

A little bit.

But I prefer scared to dead,
if possible.

I agree.

If possible.

- What are they doing?
- Unarmed?

Against all of us?

Take the shot!

Stop them!

They have Officer Short's

Behind you, Dom!


Shoot the Time Freeze capsule!

Take the shot!

destabilized the Time Freeze.

How long do we have?

I can try to patch it,
but it's not going to hold!

This is serious.
Whatever you're going to do,

you need to do it fast.

Send in someone to negotiate.

You have five minutes.


Well, it appears
your clever little son

has kidnapped a fairy.

He has your flair
for the dramatic.

Why are you doing this?

It's very simple.


Not only did your people
wage war on mine,

considered yourself superior
in every way,

mocked us, reviled us,

dismissed us
as the little people,

but as soon as we were gone,

you reduced us further
to silly stories.

To have people laugh at us,
or to frighten the children.

You can't win.

You underestimate your people
and mine.

Fairies and humans

are incapable of friendship.

Incapable of coexistence.

With the Aculos,
I will rise to the surface

then release my army
to take over the Earth

and own both worlds

and systematically wipe out
all of mankind.

Then, I will restore fairies
to their rightful place

as humanity crumbles beneath us.

Some said I was mad.

They wouldn't listen to me.

Guess what?

They're listening now.

My name is Commander Root.

I invite you into my house.

Nice try.

I'm here to negotiate.

Who's in charge here?

I am.

You're only ten years old.

Twelve. How old are you?

If you must know,

I'm going to be 803 in May.

What's your name?

Artemis Fowl.

So, that explains it.

You Fowls have been giving us
trouble for centuries.

Where's your thieving father
these days?

I wouldn't worry about that.

Now, listen carefully,
Artemis Fowl.

Unless you release
Officer Short immediately,

I'll destroy this house
and everyone in it.

And I will expose
your existence to the world.

You can't.
You're in a Time Freeze.

You can't get out.

But only for another 27 minutes.

Commander, here are my terms.

Bring me the Aculos,
and Officer Short goes free.

I beg your pardon?

You heard me. The Aculos.

In one of those pots.

From under a rainbow, I presume.

I warn you,
we do not pay ransoms.

We never have,
and we never will.

You might just want
to reconsider that.

I'll give you 15 minutes.

And in case you're thinking
of storming the house,

no fairies are allowed
to enter it while I'm alive.

As you say.
While you're alive.

Who is this child?

I think he said
he was Artemis Fowl, Jr.

Shut up, Foaly.

Can't anyone ask a rhetorical
question around here?

But he's going to find out
we don't even have the Aculos

and we can't storm the house.
That's fairy rules.

He never said anything
about dwarves.

Remember what I said about
not underestimating the kid?

Well, here's exactly why.

The next piece of his plan
was set in motion.

Knowing the fairies
couldn't enter Fowl Manor,

he forced their hand and set
the stage for the entrance

of the true hero of our tale.

Well, if you ask me, that is.

Get me Mulch Diggums.

The kid's plan
was fiendishly clever.

He just had to get me
in the house

because he knew the truth
about dwarves.

We can't resist treasure,

which is what brought me back
to this cozy little jail cell.

See, this was my third time
in Howler's Peak,

the worst prison in Haven City.

My first time in,
I did 164 years.

But this time,
I came with music,

courtesy of Officer Holly Short.

1984, Foreigner!

It's a real classic.

You know,
if you like human music.

You seem like
more of a glam kind of guy.

What are you looking at, dwarf?

Your eyes.

Just wondering
what thoughts lie behind

those two impenetrable windows.

So, you like eating dirt.

Well, I don't know
if "like" is the right term.

Tunneling is kinda something
I have to do.

It's an occupational hazard.

Just don't stand behind you
while you're doing it, right?

So, this just got awkward.

Are you laughin' at me, dwarf?

At you? No.

I was just following
their social cues.

Because I'm not laughing.

Yeah, I can tell.



They're really
understaffed here.


Do you like fire, too?

No. Not so much. That's...

So you know,
no dwarf really likes fire.

Careful, careful.

We could all go up in flames.

Not us.

Our skin
is completely fireproof.

That's right, isn't it?
Forgot about that.

Your skin may be fireproof,

but what about your brain?

Mulch Diggums!

Commander Root wants to see you.

Exceptional timing.

Goodbye, gentlemen.

So, I just spoke to your boss.

I think she got the message.

How are you
expecting this to end?

With me getting what I want.

Which is what, exactly?

My father's safe return.

This has nothing to do
with your father.

Look at you with that grin.

Thinking you're
outsmarting everyone

in your little suit
and sunglasses.

You're enjoying all this.

You think it's a game.


My father was kidnapped.

My father is dead.

Can I trust you?

You'll have to.
You have no choice.

How did he die?

It was on the Hill of Tara.

He was ambushed
by one of our kind

because he'd stolen
something called the Aculos.

I've read in my father's
journals about the Aculos.

About a fairy
who swore to protect it.

A fairy named Beechwood.

Beechwood Short was my father.

He knew how dangerous
the Aculos can be.

It can open portals
between worlds.

A skeleton key
for the whole universe.

He hid it.

And for that, some say
that he was a criminal.

That's what they say
about my dad.

But you know it's not true.

That hurt!

Artemis, it looks like
we've got another visitor.

Commander, Time Freeze
integrity down to 60%.


Hold it together, Foaly.


This is a one-time offer.

Fifty years off your sentence

if you'll dig your way
into Fowl Manor

and bring out Officer Short.

Commander Root,

do you mind if I call you...

I actually don't know
your first name.

Let me guess. Britney.

I'm way off, aren't I?

It appears to me

like you've got a big problem
on your hands.


Has anyone ever told you
you're like David Bowie

if David Bowie were a fairy?

So, essentially,
you're David Bowie.

Do you think
the humans will ever

find out he was one of us?


50 years off my sentence
just isn't gonna cut it here.

I know what you want.
I can't give you that.

Come on, Root.


I just...
I just want to be small.

I just want to be normal,
like the rest of my kind.

To be accepted.

You fairies got magic
coming out of your ears.

What have I got?

Three, four feet I don't need.

Look, a giant dwarf is exactly
what I need right now.

What I need right now.

A big, fast, hungry tunneler

who'll dig their way
into that house.

It's your choice.

Either bring out Officer Short
or get back to jail.

Listen to the two of us

grunting at each other

like a pair of hippos
with a throat infection.

A criminal?

A criminal.
That's what you think I am?

I am so much more
than a criminal.

Um, technically, most of what
I do is criminal activity,

but I'm also an artist.

You're picking my pocket.

Okay. A hundred years
off my sentence

and a single cell
with no goblins.

Single cell and 55 years.

- Seventy-five.
- Sixty.

- Seventy-four.
- Done. Officers!

You reading me, Mulch?

Loud and clear, horsey.

Dwarfus Giaganticus.

Dwarfus Giaganticus.


stand back.

It's feeding time.

I'm in.

I know that sound.

Mulch Diggums.


I'm switching
your iris-cam to X-ray.

That's good.
You do you, Foaly.

You might feel a slight pinch.

- You son of a...
- Sorry!

What would your parents be?

We have a visitor.

What is it?

It's in the portrait gallery.

It's like a really, really

big dwarf.


Right on schedule.

Well, if I was
gonna be manipulated,

might as well be by the best.

And make no mistake,
the kid is the best.

House marks the spot.

What have we here?

The TXTL 5000.

He's discovered a safe.

Let him open it.

That's exactly what I want.

We meet again.

So, they've sent in a dwarf.

Look, I need your help.

Listen, if I let you out,

will you promise not to
take command of my brain?

I want nothing to do
with that brain.




You've evolved.

But so have I.

Sounds like you're not
the only one opening locks.

By the way, if you run,

I will expose your existence
to the world.

You are my guest.

I invited you in.
The rules are clear.

They are, but you think
you can trust me?

Now you can trust me.

Fair enough.

Let's find that dwarf.

Eight new
motion-sensitive tumblers.

You devil.

It can't be.

Holy moly!

Step back, Mr. Diggums.

It's real.
It's perfect.

The Aculos.

The most powerful treasure
in the fairy world.


It will kill you if you use it.

If any human does.

I don't need to use it.

Because my bargaining position
just got a whole lot stronger.

The fairies outside mustn't
get to hear that we have this.

I'm sorry, human,

but they already know.

There's been a development?

They found the Aculos.

As I expected.

In Fowl Manor.

You know what to do.

It's risky.

Root has our entire army
at her disposal.

It's quite simple, Cudgeon.

If you wish to survive

and thrive
in my brave new world,

then you will intervene now.


This Time Freeze
is seriously unstable.

This may not hold.

We've lost one!

Commander Root,

you are hereby officially
relieved of your command

on authorization
of the executors.

You're making a mistake,

My only mistake was not
doing this a long time ago.

With the Aculos in play,
the game has changed.

Time for a little direct action,

don't you think?

Let me show you how it's done.

Knock it off!


I mean, really, big mistake.

This should wrap things up.

Recognize our new recruit?

We fed it a little potion
of nettles and wasp juice.

Everything trolls
are allergic to.

It's made it twice as strong
and 10 times as mad.


That can't be good.


Come on, let's go!

Come on!

Gods alive.

What is that?

A creature that consumes
humans in 2.97 seconds

and fairies in less than one.

Get ready.

This is going all the way.

I'll need my gun.

Jam all magic in the house.

But Officer Short,
she'll need hers to survive.

Her father used his magic
against us.

I'm not making the same
mistake twice. Do as I say.

I didn't read much on trolls.

Anything I should look out for?

The teeth.

Good to know.

All magic
in the house is now jammed.

Everything okay?


Help! I'm stuck!
Get me out!

I'll distract him!

Help! I'm stuck!

Mulch, help.

Juliet, look out!

It's okay, I've got this!
Juliet, run!

Run, Juliet! Run!

Come and get some,
you big meanie!


Quick! Quick!

I'm reaching!



No! No!


I could use a little help!




Let me just put this away.

Artemis, run!

I'll see you guys
on the balcony!

Juliet! Jump!




Holly! Holly!


Let go!


Artemis! Jump!


I'm trying!
I'm trying!

Juliet, run!



Holly, look out!

I'll get the gun!


Dom! No!



Get help!
Try the phones again!


Domovoi? Dom?

The Time Freeze is collapsing.

I can't hold it any longer.

There goes another fairy!

Help him!

I can't.
They've blocked my magic.


there's nothing
I can do for him.

Hold on, buddy.

In kendo,

we call it kiri oroshi.

- "The fatal blow."
- No.

You did great back there.

Really. All the Butlers
will be proud of you.

Goodbye, my friend.

May the road rise up
to meet you.

May the wind
be always at your back.

May the sun shine
warm upon your face.

May the rains fall soft
upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

may a friend be always near.

No sign of
further activity in the house.

Five more minutes,
then we're going in.

Request permission to

Officer Short's magic, sir.

Permission denied.

It could save her life!

She's a traitor,
just like her father.

No, she's one of us!

Commander Root.

I didn't make you captain
for nothing.

Don't you dare!


Unblock magic!

Come on!

Artemis, look out!

Come on.

Come on, Domovoi!

You're back!

Holly brought you back!

I didn't cry, did I?

Little bit.

The Time Freeze is
gonna collapse any second now.

All L.E.P. personnel,


The Aculos.
Do you still have it?

Yeah, sure.

Right there.


I have a plan.

That's it.

Temporal convergence
at maximum force.

Time bend start now.

Distortion, elastication,

and space grabs coming your way.

For your own sakes,

get out of there now
and get home safe.

This Time Freeze is gonna blow!

Officer Short!

Get out of there now.

Leave the humans.
Save yourself!

Artemis, what's happening?

Take cover!


Watch out!

Come on,
we've got to get out of here!

We gotta get out...

See you on the other side!

Mulch, get out of here!


Take cover!


Holly, this is your last chance.

You can't save him.

Just get out of there now.

And now,
the final piece of the plan.

The Time Freeze is ended.
They're gone.

Did we win?

Not yet. I can't give this

to Opal Koboi.
It's too powerful.

Then what are you waiting for?

Use its magic
to get your father back.

- I can't. Not yet.
- I don't understand.

This holds a power
no human can access.

It's their source of magic,

as important to them
as the sun is to us.

You have to try.

I thought I could, but I can't.

Holly said if any human
uses it, they'll die.

We're running out of time.

Artemis, it's too dangerous.

It's useless in my hands.

But not in mine.

You're late.

You know I'm breaking
every rule in the book.

You like to break rules.

You can talk.

Let's make a trade.

The Aculos for my father.

How do I know I can trust you?

My father used to say,

"A friend's eye
is a good mirror."

Are we friends,

Artemis Fowl?

We are.

Forever friends.

We need to hurry.

Your time is up.

The young genius Artemis Fowl

has failed his beloved father.

Say hello to Beechwood for me.

I don't even know
that this will work.

You have to try.

Carry me always.

Carry me well.

I am thy teacher
of herb and spell.

I am thy link to power arcane.

Forget me,
and thy magic shall wane.

Die, Fowl!

To power arcane.

Forget me,
and thy magic shall wane.

Carry me well. Carry me well.

Forget me, magic shall wane.

Carry me well.

Did it work?

Did you bring him back?

I don't know.

He can't be. Please.




I'm so sorry.

It's over.

I've lost him, haven't I?


Did you hear that?

Dad! Dad!







How did you save me, son?

I just followed the story.

With a little help
from a friend.


meet Officer Holly Short,

daughter of Beechwood Short.

Your father was a great man
and a dear friend.

He brought me the Aculos

because there are forces
in your world

who wanted its power
for themselves.

So, he was trying to protect it?


Yes, yes. He was.

And he did.

With his life.

Your father was a hero, Holly.

Just like you.

He, gave me this list.

It's a list of names
that I can't even pronounce.

These are Opal's accomplices.

We were looking for them
when I was captured.

They're the ones
you'll want to investigate.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you very much.

- It's so good to see you.
- I am not going to cry.

I'm not going to cry.

The Aculos is safe at last,

now that we know our enemies,

thanks to you, Holly.

Quite the day.

Yes, Commander.

Curb that maverick streak in you

and you'll make
a decent officer someday.

Thank you, Commander.

This place needs
fairies like you.

Our world has never been
so much in danger.

It's not perfect, Holly.

But it's ours,
it's a light to guide us,

and it's worth fighting for.

I want you to investigate

every name
on your father's list.


Well, who else am I talking to?

Nobody else, Commander, just me.

- Go on.
- I'm going to...

You won't regret...
I will not...

- Go on.
- I'll just go.

Here we go, Dad.

- Nice work, Holly!
- Well done, Holly!

All right, team,

here we go.

This is a community
still coming to terms

with these stunning revelations.

The family has lived
in the house

for generations
and is well-known locally,

but there's a sense of real
shock here that Artemis Fowl,

who neighbors describe
as quiet and...

It would appear we've garnered

quite a bit of interest.

Not ideal.

The media?

I have someone
working on that right now.

I expected you would.

These are for you, son.

Just don't forget to wash it

before you bring it back, okay?

Where are we going?

To finish this.

You think I'm ready?

I know you're ready.

First, I have a call to make.

You failed, Opal.

You were wrong about my father.

About Beechwood.
About everything.

And now...

we're coming for you.

You think you can beat me?

You have no idea the world

that you have just entered, boy.

Just who do you think you are?

I'm Artemis Fowl...

and I'm a criminal mastermind.

What an extraordinary ending

to your remarkable fairy tale.

But let's get back
to the thief, shall we?

He will be brought to justice,

and you will not leave here
until you assist us.

You really don't believe
any of it?

The only thing
in that fanciful tale

I did believe
is that you can be bought.

So, let us offer you a deal.

Help us apprehend
Artemis Fowl, Sr.,

and then you'll walk.


Or perhaps I offer you a deal?

I walk out on my own,

and you leave
the Fowls alone forever.

And why would we ever do that?

So that you can
all sleep at night,

knowing that the fairy tales
you tell your kids

remain beautiful dreams,

and not living nightmares.

And the next time
you see the Fowls,

be sure to thank them
for protecting us all.

They keep the peace.

Don't ever forget it.

That's why Artemis
set up my arrest.

That's why I'm here.

He figured
you'd have to believe me.

Alert the guards.

I hope you don't get squeamish.


Immediate lockdown.

A tracking device.

Designed by the kid.

Clap your hands
if you believe in fairies.

That's my ride!


Get back here,
you filthy little dwarf!

Dwarfus Giaganticus!

Don't mind me, I got this.

Are you ready
to get back to work?

I thought you'd never ask.

We have
some unfinished business.

I love my job!


Let's go.