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Arn: The Knight Templar (2007) - full transcript

Arn, the son of a high-ranking Swedish nobleman is educated in a monastery and sent to the Holy Land as a knight templar to do penance for a forbidden love.

You saved our lives, Knight Templar.

You speak our language!

Then you will understand,
that I do not wish to be...

...indebted to a Christian.

God truly moves in mysterious ways.

Only He knows why He sent an...
enemy to our rescue.

You could have killed us
as easily as you killed the bandits.

Those bandits have robbed
many pilgrims,

and is our mission
to protect the pilgrims.

I've heard of you.

You are a great warrior.

I an Yusuf. This is my brother Fakhir.

We are merchants...
on our way to Cairo.

Taking this way around the Dead Sea
without an escort?

- This is the shortest route.
- But not the safest.

We've sworn not to raise arms
against each other.

So let us be honest.

You are warriors... like us!

I'll... I'll go get feed the horses.

Do you know who I am?

You are Yusuf Salah ad-Din Ayyub.

The one we know as Saladin.

And you are not afraid?

You've given me your word,

as I've given mine.

You're a man of honor...

...not like your brothers.

How is it that
you speak our language?

I've been here many years.

And you do not wish to return home?

I have...

Unburden yourself, my son.

I have...

I have disobeyed and ventured
outside the monastery grounds.

There was a girl singing,
and she spoke to me, Father.

That is the end of
your confession, my son?

All thy sins I thee forgive.
Ego Te absolvo... the name of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Ghost.


Arn, listen, you did nothing wrong.

You've grown up now,

sooner or later you have to experience
the life outside these walls.

The world outside, Father...

- ...I know so little of it.
- Yes, yes, well...

But you'll get used to it.

It was your mother's will, and God's...

..that you should be brought up
here in the monastery.

She and you father
had promised you as a child... God.

She said, it was the will of God.

You had been sick,
so they prayed for your life.

And God granted them a miracle.

So the promise was a sacred trust.

We cannot oppose...

...the will of God.

But I am reluctant to raise a child
to become a monk.

But who says that God
sent me here to become a monk?

Hold it tight.

And now... aim.

And now try to hit the target.

Very good!

Good. Again.

Good. Again.

Very good! Hey, look!

I told you, always look in my eye.



You see?

"To read is the foundation
of all knowledge."


In which hand does it feel
most comfortable?


Brother Guilbert,

why are you so good fighting?

Once I used to be much better.


You seem to be training him
to be a warrior.

Is that entirely wise?

I am merely strengthening
the skills that...

...God has already given him.

I wasn't sure that you were ready.

But you are. Now...

You must do the Lord's calling.

Brother Guilbert and I
have discussed this...

...and we have reached a decision.

The time has come
for you to go home, Arn.

You must go back to your family.

"In this sign thou shall conquer."

Before I came here to this...

...peaceful monastery,
I served another order:

God's holy army.

The Knights Templar.

For twelve years...

...I fought with this sword
in the Holy Land.

With this sword,
no one has ever defeated me.

But you may never draw it in anger
or use it for your own gain.

It has to serve God's good cause.

This sword... is a blessed sword.

"Many are called,
but few are chosen."

Guilty or not,

you have been convicted
of an abomination,

and no man can lift that sentence.

But you will not stay
here at Varnhem.

I have written to the bishop,

and he has agreed...
to our request.

Under the name of "Arn de Gothia"
you will journey first to Rome...

...and from there to the Holy Land.

- Father, I...
- You will be a Knight Templar, Arn.

A soldier in the service of God.

De Gothia.


Back so soon? I trust you have
completed your mission.

I have, Grand Master.

But I have bad news to report.

Go on.

- Saladin is here.
- What?

He could march
on Jerusalem at any time.

- This is not possible.
- Saladin's troops...

...are scattered across the country.

Surely, we would have heard something
if he had assembled an army.


Saladin is here,
and he is sure of his victory.

I have just spoken
with the King of Jerusalem.

His spies report that
Saladin is in Damascus.

Not anymore.

Grand Master,

I don't know what de Gothia hopes
to achieve by spreading these rumours.

Who told you this, de Gothia?

An eye-witness.

Who told you?

A man I trust.

So you saved Saladin's life,

and then you sat down
and shared hid bread.

I gave him my word.

You gave him your word?

Now, what did you learn?

He was heading south.

That's where the attack
will come from.

I'll inform the king.

We must prepare for a siege.

Tell me, de Gothia...

What kind of man is he, our enemy?

He is like us.

A man of his word.

I am glad that God has given me
this chance to get to know my enemy.

You respect him.

That won't stop me
from fighting him, sir.

It is a shame...
that you must lose this war.

- I have sworn to win.
- So have I!

And we shall soon see...

...which one of us is right!

What the hell is going on here?

Who is this?

What are you doing here?

I will speak only to Al Ghouti!

Al Ghouti?

- What do you want with him?
- I will speak only to Al Ghouti!

- You speak his language!
- Let him go!

How dare you?

This is has to be interrogated.

As you wish.

But the Grand Master
won't be pleased, be assured of that.

Very well. You make
your little friend talk.

Release him.

I wish God had brought us together
under more pleasant circumstances.

So do I.

I am indebted o you, Al Ghouti.

You will lose this war. You know that.

But because you have saved my life,

I will be merciful.

Leave Jerusalem
without giving battle...

...and you and your brother Templars
will have safe passage wherever you wish.

My duty is to protect Jerusalem.

Even if the decision
was mine to make...

- answer would still be "no."
- Then you will die.

It's all in the hands of God.

The king of Jerusalem
sends his blessings.

The True Cross.

Thank you, de Ridefort.

We appreciate the king's kindness.

And we'll need it's protection,
since Saladin... already on his way to Jerusalem.

Grand Master Torroja,

The battle for Jerusalem
does not have to be fought at Jerusalem.

- What do you mean?
- Saladin's army is great...

...but that also means
that it moves slowly.

Which gives us time
to prepare for siege.

Which gives us time to stop him
before he reaches Jerusalem.

To save time, Saladin will take
the way across Mount Gisard.

There's a shortcut there
used by the Bedouin.

- I think you know of the place.
- Yes, I've been there.

A narrow pass through the mountains.

Saladin would never expect us
to confront them there.

An ambush could do Saladin's army
a great deal of harm.

Grand Master,

We have no evidence that
Saladin will choose that way.

Unless of course, de Gothia has
intelligence from yet another...

- ...secret source.
- De Ridefort...

...this is no time or place
for personal fights.

- De Turenne, what's your opinion?
- It's a wise strategy.

Could avoid the siege,
God be willing.

We should get a force
out there at once.

We have nothing to lose
and all to win.

My lord.

Arn de Gothia,

The encounters that you've had
can't be interpreted as anything other...

...than the will of God.

You shall lead our
brothers in this battle.

You will be in command.

I am honoured, Grand Master.

We'll wait in ambush here.

A sandstorm will soon be upon us.

It would be madness to fight in this.

It's a godsend.

Saladin will be taken by surprise.






You have fought well.

Thanks to you, we have defeated our
greatest enemy and defended Jerusalem.

You have served our order faithfully
and I want to make sure...

...that you receive
your rightful reward...

...when the day comes.

De Gothia,

When your time is due...

...this is your way out of here.

May God keep you until then.


Instructions from headquarters, sir.

You're ordered to join
Sir Ridefort in the desert.

Burning days, freezing nights.

Do you ever get homesick?

I do.

But my time here is soon over.

At the next full moon
I will return home.

I have received news that Saladin
and his army have set camp..., by the lake of Tiberias.

There they await reinforcements.

We, shall march
directly to Tiberias...

...and take him by surprise.

- Is that clear?
- Sir!

There's not a single drop of water
on the way to Tiberias.

It's hotter than hell out there.

I must agree with de Gothia.

It will take us three days
to cross the desert.

Saladin's army is bigger than ours...
and he has the water!

We cannot meet him in the desert!

That is exactly what Saladin thinks.

And that is why we shall defeat him!

We have the True Cross, de Gothia.

Under it no Christian army
has ever been defeated.

It was because of the True Cross
that we where victorious at Mont Gisard.

And now we shall be
victorious again.

Or do you... doubt the power
of the True Cross?

It's not the True Cross
that I doubt, Grand Master.

You will obey my orders!


De Gothia!

I would like you to read this.

It's an honorable discharge,
signed by Grand Master Torroja.

The day after tomorrow
my time here is due.

I am well aware, de Gothia,
that my predecessor...

...thought highly of you...

...for some reason.

But to me you're just
another subordinate.

Don't think you will mourn
my departure.

- "Departure"?
- My penance is over.


When we're about to crush
Saladin once and for all?


You are free to leave.

But if you leave...
you will leave as a deserter!



We raise our tents here!


we cannot set up camp here.

We need to find water.

The men are exhausted.

Raise the tents!

Fire! Fire!

Where am I?


Why am I alive?

Ask my brother.

He was the one who saw you.

I have Jerusalem in my hand.

The city will fall when I wish it.

To show mercy is the mark
of a great king.

The Christians killed everyone
when they took the Holy city.

My people would wish the same.

If you choose the path of revenge...

...the Christians will come back
in greater numbers than ever...

...and the war will never end.

You speak wisely, Al Ghouti.

If all our enemies where like you... would be difficult
to win this war.

It may be that one day...

...we could share this great city...

...all men alike.

Take this dream of peace and unity...

...with you home.

It is time for you to return home...

...and keep your promise.

I hope you will not only remember me
as an enemy, Al Ghouti.

No, my king. That I could never do.

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