Army of Frankensteins (2013) - full transcript

After a failed attempt to propose to his girlfriend, Alan Jones is beaten to within an inch of his life by a street gang and taken to a mysterious lab where Dr. Tanner Finski and his kid genius assistant perform horrible experiments on him hoping to re-animate a Frankenstein. The experiments lead to a hole being ripped in space and time, manifesting an Army of Frankensteins from hundreds of parallel universes and sending them all back to the 19th century, directly into the heart of a bloody battle between the North and South. History will never be the same.

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It's okay. You're gonna be okay.

What're you gonna do to me?

Maggie, I didn't let you
and your sister escape

to find you out here in this.

We're just trying
to help, Jimmy.

You gotta get outta here.
There's a war...

What's gotten into you?

That wasn't me.

Ah. Oh, my God.

Maggie, go. Go, run!



Big line of thunderstorms

moving into the Richmond area
from the west,

going to have a lot of
lightning associated with it.

Good news is, it should be
cleared out by morning.

We'’II have a little more on
your seven day forecast coming up.

It's back to you, Linda.

Thanks, Billy.

Now more on our
developing story...

"Dear, Alan Jones...

"Civil War...
Solomon Jones...

"Lost his left arm..."


Thanks, Linda.

Another strange incident

as more graves have been robbed
at Gracelawn Cemetery.

Surveillance video shows
what appears to be

a grave robber
escaping from the scene.

And just like before,
the alleged suspect

took only certain body parts
from his victims

who were supposed to be
resting in peace.

Thanks, Audrey.

Coming up in sports...

It's open.

Oh. Alan.

Miss Henderson.

Kind of expecting
someone else tonight.

Nice ring you have there.

Thanks. Good night.


You know, Alan, if you
can't afford to pay the rent,

I'm sure we can
work something out.

No, thank you.

You're three months late.
Now I understand why.

You bought that ring
for your slut.


You wouldn't know, would you?

I saw her kissing
Mr. Mustache Man

at the grocery store.


I don't think so.

Well, yeah, I do think so.

Okay, you're leaving.

Thanks for stopping by.

I'll be sure to get you your
money as soon as possible, okay?

-The money by tomorrow.

-No more chances.

I will throw you out
on your hot ass.

Okay, good night.

Or you can give me the ring.

Let me see that.

Is this real?

Are those real?

Wanna find out?

Good night.

The money or the ring
by tomorrow.

Hey, old man.

Better get inside.
It's about to rain.

Excuse me, young man, would you
read this card for me, please?

-Thank you.


It says,

"Dear, Ashley,

"I've been such a...

"Will you marry me?"

That isn't what it says.

Oh, um, no.

It says,

"You're exactly what
I've been looking for."


You are.

-You are going to

have to work on
your proposal to Ashley.

You're welcome.

Hey, I got Aisle 7 done.
Can I go?

What's the rush, Ashley?

Come on in.

Shut the door.

I have a question for you.

Want a cake?

No, I'm good, thanks.


Don't you want some of this
100 percent Grade A Eugene?

-You're sick.

Ugh, please stop. I told you
I am not into you.

Just a little kiss.

Hey, Alan.

Hey, uh, where's Ashley?

-She's in the back.
-Thanks, man.

You can't go back there.
You don't work here anymore.

I knew you had a thing
for me, Ashley.


Thought I fired that guy.

Alan, wait.

I was gonna give you a raise.

I'm sorry, Alan.
Eugene forced me to kiss him.

Did he force you to kiss him
the other day, too?

How do you know about that?

My landlord saw you.

Uh, she called you a slut.

Alan, please just trust me.

Why don't you believe me, Alan?

You know I love you.

That'll be $3.43.

Aren't you gonna say anything?

Do you have five bucks
I can borrow?


Thanks. There you go.

I don't have to
pay you back, do I?



Just keep it.

Hey, congratulations.

She said "yes."

Hey, man, you got some change?

Funny story.
Actually, I'm...

Man, all we asked for
was some change.

All right.

That's enough.

Get outta here.

What about our money?

Check's in the mail.

Now beat it.

-All right.
-God, this is bullshit.


What's this?

Who are you?

Good question.

Is the donor
prepped and ready?


Remember now, only 20 ccs.

That much should
kill him, right?

No, it won't kill him.

It'll do much worse than that.

You sure
his vision's good?

I checked it at
the grocery store.

Now change the bandage.

This is the last
body part we'll need.

You'd like to pull the switch,
wouldn't you?

Just to see what happens?

It's too unstable
because of the storm.

Life and death.

These aren't the things
we play games with, are they?

This is not the same machine

that you read about
in your monster books.

A power surge during
this procedure would be...


So, we do not pull that switch

until I say so, do we?

Give them 20 ccs more each.

Hate when he talks to me
like I'm a kid.

You are a kid.


Shut up.

Tell me that that's not
a Frankenstein.

Something like that.

Nanobot activation initiated.

Cellular reanimation...

Cellular reanimation
in ten seconds.

Oh, what's going on here?

Cellular reanimation
in five seconds.

It's working!

I-I did it!

I did it.
It's working.

He's alive.


He's alive!


Oh, no! Oh, no!
Shut it down!

No, this can't be happening.

Shut it down! Shut it down!
Shut it down!

Why are there so many of them?

What do you mean,
"Why are there so many of them?"

You've ruptured the multiverse,
you fool.


So you love me, right?


Let's get married.




Seriously, Alan,

you're proposing to me
on my break at work

in front of a dumpster?

You can do better than this.

Just get up.

Just get up.

Get up, Alan. Get up.

Get up.

Get up.

Get up.

Hey! Get up.

Over here.

This one's alive.

Where's his uniform?

I don't think he's a soldier.

Let's get him
to the medical tent.

Where am I?

Well, you're in hell, son.

And if we're lucky, we might
just make it out alive.

Oh, damn it.

Come on.

You better live.

Hold on, it's gonna be okay.

Where am I?

Did the experiments
make it through?

I don't know what you were doing
out here on this battlefield

but you are delirious.

Just try and rest.

I don't see any wounds.
Were you hit?

My body is too old

to survive the trip.

Tell me, what year is it?

Lay him down over there.

Confederates took us
by surprise.

Maggie, Maggie, what happened?

There's something else
out there.

Those soldiers,
they're bigger and stronger.

They're not so big.

I took out ten
with one arm.

Just ten?

Well, I had to carry him.

Lie down, Maggie, lie down.

No, no.

-I've to go back out there.
-Wait, Solomon, wait.

Are you hurt?

Virginia, I didn't know
you cared.

I don't. Just doing my job.

Don't lie to yourself, darlin'.

Go away, Solomon.

What you got there, boy?

-I said...

What you got behind your back?

That don't look like
nothing to me.

What is this?

You see those monsters
back there

ripping everything apart?

That's what made them
and maybe can destroy them.

So give it back to me.


I do believe I'll keep it.

Fall back, men, fall back.

Hey, whoa.
It was just a bad dream.

It was just a bad dream.

No, it was...
it was like I was there.

Soldiers, bodies...


Oh, the kid.

So, they are here with us.


They must die.

All of them.

What are you talking about?
Who must die?


was not supposed to happen.

You must find them

and destroy them.

What did you do to me, old man?



You're alive.

It's the Civil War.

Experiments are everywhere.

-What do we do?
-Civil War?

Oh, I'm so sorry, Igor.

It's all my fault.

I knew it was going to be risky.

But I could never have
predicted anything like this.

Kill them all.

Fix the dimensional rift.

And then you can go home.

What's wrong with him?

I don't know, he...

he said something about his body
couldn't survive the trip.

What did he mean by that?

He meant

the trip through time.

I have to repair
the dimensional rift.

Oh, yeah.

And kill an army
of Frankensteins.

Sounds easy enough.

What is a Frankenstein?

It's not called a Frankenstein.

It doesn't matter.

What matters is that we
kill them so we can go home.

Yeah, you go right ahead...

but I'm staying here.

I don't wanna go home anyway.

You're an idiot.

Do you know anything
about surviving out here?

Yeah, of course I do.

Maggie, put pressure
on his wound.

Go get a cart ready.

He's dead.

Your best chance of survival
is sticking with me.

Where are you all from?

We're from the future.

And it's time to kick
some Frankenstein ass.

Captain Walton.

Some of our men have returned.

How many?

Three, sir.

I sent thirty soldiers.

Outta my way.

Company, halt.

How injured are these soldiers?

Not bad, sir.

They just need some rest
and medicine.

They'll be back up
on their feet.

Shoot them.


We need to conserve
our medicine, Lieutenant.

Follow me.

Never hesitate when I give you
an order, Lieutenant.

That's how people end up dead.

Yes, sir.

We are so close
to winning this war.

If we can take this enemy camp,

our forces could overpower
the North once and for all.

And all your sorry men had to do
was scout the enemy.

I need those numbers!

Is that too much to ask?

What the hell
happened out there?

Monsters, sir.



They came outta nowhere
and they slaughtered...

they slaughtered
the entire platoon.

Are you lying to me, soldier?

No. No, sir.

Bullets do them no harm.

They have no fear of dying.

Do you fear dying, Lieutenant?


That's not
a fair question to ask.

We all fear dying a little bit.


tell me

the truth!

I am, sir.

I am.


I found this.

Who's there?

Hey, we're on the same team.


There's some

strange things going on
out here.

Guess I'm a little jumpy.

I'm Corporal Solomon Jones.

No way.


I'm sorry.

I just think I had a relative

who fought in the Civil War,
named Solomon Jones.

My name is Alan Jones.

I think you're my great,

great, great,
great grandpa...

-What are you talking about?
-...or something.

Yeah. No, you're right,
it couldn't be you.

I think he lost his left arm.


Hey, it's me.

Alan, we need to get outta here.


What is this kid doing here?

This kid is going to figure out
how to kill those monsters.

Now, which way did they go?

They're headed north.


Calm down, it's just me.

I'm coming with you.

Virginia, what're you
doing here?

I'm not needed
in the tent anymore.

I feel safer with them.

They know what's going on.

With him?

I can't just let you go.

What if those monsters
come back?

I thought you could take out
ten of them with just one arm.

Let's go.

You did hear me say "monsters"?

All right.

If you're gonna go die,

I might as well go with you.

What is this, Lieutenant?

I've never seen anything
like this before.

I... I took it from a boy.

He said that
it made the monsters

and that maybe
it could destroy them.

Maybe we should see
what it does.

Close the flaps.

Are you sure
they came this way?


I think we may have lost
their trail.

How do you lose the trail
of a hundred Frankensteins?

Well, you're welcome to try.


Alan, wake up.

-It happened again.

I could... I could see them.

You... You saw the monsters?


They were attacking, um...

There was

a balloon

and a basket.


I know where that is.

Follow me.

How are you able to see
where they are?

I don't know.

I do. It's your eye.


You know, your eye,

the one the doctor used
for the experiment.

How is that even possible?

Why don't you ask him?
Oh, wait...

You can't.
'Cause you killed him.

Don't put that on me, okay?

You think I meant
to flip that switch?

Like I wanted my eye
ripped out of its socket.

He was killing people, okay?

I didn't ask for any of this.

He never killed anyone.

You don't know
what he was doing.

You don't know anything.

I know he deserved to die.


Hey! Enough!

Both of you.

Now be quiet.

Or I'll shoot you


Now move.

What the hell are they?

How can we hurt them?

Don't you mean
how can we hurt "him"?


We need to find ours.
The one from our universe.

That's the one.

I see what he sees.

Get behind me.

Wait, Solomon.

This is what I do, darlin'.

Shoot him, Alan.

Load your gun!


We won't be able to
catch up to it.

We gotta go.

No, please!

No, stop!



Alan! What did you see?

He was going to kill her.

She's dead by now.

I'm sorry.

We have to keep following
that balloon.

If we, if we...

If we kill it, they'll all die.

I can't believe she's gone.

You really loved her,
didn't you?

She didn't know it yet,
but she loved me too.

I was gonna marry her.

I have to find her.

Why don't you wanna come back
to our time, Alan?

Isn't there anyone back home?

Like you care.

I mean, after all, you did
rip out my eye and kidnap me.

Look, I'm sorry, but

I was doing what
I thought I had to do.

Doctor mentioned something
about a girl.


I was gonna propose to her.


I saw her kissing another man.

She says

that it's not
what it looks like.

I don't know if I believe her.

Why not? Has she ever
given you reason not to?


And what are you, some sort of
love expert now?

We need to get back home.

That's where
we're supposed to be.

You know...

You know, besides all the...

All the shooting
and the stabbing

and people getting their arms
ripped off by Frankensteins,

I think it's
a pretty nice place.


We got a problem,
I lost the balloon.

Alan, do your eye thing.

See if you can find 'em.

That's not how it works, okay?

I don't just turn it on
and off whenever I...

Then what good are you?


Shackles and chains

They marched me away

Sorry, sorry.

They marched me away

Away from my home
across the sea

Master say, "Go"
And I go

Master say, "Sow"
And I sow

O Lord, will I ever be free?

O Lord

Will I ever be free?

They don't understand you,
do they?

They don't understand us either.

They judge us

because we're different
from them.

The North.

The North understands...


He wants to free the slaves.


I was a slave, you know, and...

Maggie and I, we,

we got away, but...

we almost didn't make it.

But our,

our family, they,

they are still there
on that plantation.

And that's why we joined
the fight for the North so,

so that we can help free them.

Why, why are you so, so mad?

Is it... is it
because you're scared?

Oh, no, don't be scared, you...

you are,

you are,

are so strong.

If, if only,

if you would join us,

if you would fight for us.

We, we could win this war.

We can free the slaves.

Listen, listen... you...

You can help us free the slaves.




Hey, don't worry about it.

We'll find her.

So, that body back there...

There is a war going on.



What is this, alcohol?

I can't drink this,
I'm just a kid.

Thought you were tougher
than that, kid.

Hey, he's plenty tough.

This kid's a grave robber.

It's not like I really ever
had a choice.

I was just a baby
when the doctor found me

that night in the dumpster.

I was abandoned.

Left for dead.


How about that?

You know, I wish I could
remember when I was a baby.

Look, it's the story
the doctor told me, I,

I don't have a reason
not to believe it.

Oh, no, no, he...

definitely sounds like
someone you can trust.

He treated me like
I was his own son.

He taught me everything I know

science, technology.

He became obsessed with stories
about Frankenstein's monster.

Oh, Igor,
please come here,

there's something
I must show you.


Why do you call me Igor?

Is that my real name?

No, I don't know your real name.

You see, Igor, in stories,

was an assistant
to a mad scientist

who was trying to bring
the dead back to life.

What would you think
if I told you

it's not just a story anymore?

So, you're calling yourself

a mad scientist?

Me, mad?

Of course not.

He claimed he was able
to develop nanobots

which could
reanimate dead cells.

No more whiskey for you.

A syringe full of the serum

came through the portal
with us, Alan.

But a confederate soldier
took it from me.

So they can use it to
raise people from the dead.


They don't have the proper
equipment to do that.

It's the living
I'm worried about.

What was that?

It's a forest. There's animals.

You're safe by the fire.

What the hell?

-Distract it.
-Why me?

Just do it.

Hey! Hey!

Come here!

My arm!

I need your gunpowder first.


Hurry up.

Cause I can't
hold it off forever.

Hold on, I'm working on it.

Put this on the wound.

Here, kitty.

What the fuck was that?

I think the chance of you guys
being related just went way up.

This doesn't make any sense.

This happened because of
what we did.

Solomon could've lost his arm
to a cannonball

or a sword in another timeline.

But we showed up
and changed the timeline.

He was supposed to lose his arm,
so he did.

How could you possibly know
any of that?


Don't you read?

Oh, no, you still
call him "Frankenstein."

That's his name.

Come on.

Now, that's an improvement.

Let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, big fella.

You may be bulletproof,

but I reckon she ain't.

Come on.

There's the corporal.

Hey, help here.

-What happened?
-His arm.

the wound, please.

Next to the nerve endings.

The what?

Just clean it up
the best you can.

Hey, sweetness.

You like a man in uniform?

Go away!

What're you gonna do about it?

I'm the man with the gun.


You saw Virginia?

She's alive.

No, I'm not leaving you behind.

Whatever you do to us,
you will never win this war.

The North is stronger.

Keep her quiet, Lieutenant.


No, don't touch me!



this is one of your monsters

that won't die,
Lieutenant Swanson?

Yes, sir.


do them no harm.

What will this do?

You saw what it did
to your cat, sir.

I fear it could make him
only stronger.

This one's strong enough.

Inject yourself, Lieutenant.

I beg your pardon...



What have you done to me?

Kill them both.

Please, stop.

No, please don't hurt him.


put him down.



And you, young lady.

Run back to your camp.

And take your weak friend
with you.


did you...

Let them go?

I want the North to know
what is coming for 'em.


will be the first punch.

And you

will be the knockout blow.


Ugh! I thought
the whiskey was bad.

I just got orders
from Washington.

Tomorrow we are giving up our
position. Heading back north.

We can't leave.
Virginia's still out there.

My sister's alive.

-How do you know?
-Trust me, I know.

We can't afford to lose
any more men.

With those monsters out there,
we don't stand a chance

if the rebels decide
to attack again.


That's for not coming
to save me.

Listen to me, all of you.

The rebels are coming.
They'll be here in the morning.

It's okay.
They're not gonna hurt you.

It gets worse.

Somehow they've created their
own monster who fights for them.

All the more reason for us
to follow our orders

and get out of here
as fast as we can.

No! We must make our stand here.

If the South
takes this position,

they will win this war.

We don't stand a chance.
Look around us. It's suicide.

Any moment those things
could decide to rip us apart.

They won't.

Why not, Virginia?

We've all seen what they can do.


Okay, I know this sounds crazy.

But because they wanna
fight for us.

Prepare yourselves, men.

Tomorrow we make
our final stand.


Let them come!

Let them face
our army of Frankensteins!

Look at them.

They think some monster's
going to save us.

Let's go.

Just you and me.

Just like we were back
on the plantation.

We can't always
just run away, Maggie.

This isn't our war to fight.

It's still mine!

And I remember a time
when it was yours, too.

He understands us.

-The Frankenstein.

Don't you get it?

He knows that the North
is fighting to protect us.

And, with their help,
we may actually have a chance.

Where are you going, Maggie?

Don't you dare run away
from here by yourself.

I'm just checking on my patient.


You can't do that in here!

I keep it close to Solomon.

You and your friends
brought those monsters here.

Glad we did.
Can help you win the war.

I don't want them to help us!

They're dangerous!
They killed Jimmy!


Look, I don't know
what they are,

but you brought them here,
you take them back!


They make the perfect soldiers.
They can't be hurt.

Well, I guess ours can be hurt.


The one from our universe.
Connected with Alan.

I guess you could hurt that one.

Look, I'm really sorry
about Jimmy,

but trust me,
you don't want him back.

The dead make lousy company.

Rest. You need to rest.

What are you doing? He's fine.

Oh, so you're a doctor now, too?

What the hell?

It's a fully functional

plasma coil cannon.


This isn't right!

You can't go around
sewing cannons to people.

He's not one of your monsters.

What's wrong with you?


You'll show me how to use
this thing or not?

I thought you'd never ask.

-Who's that?
-That's a bad guy.

Doesn't look so bad to me.

That's more like it.

So, how does this work, kid?

I found some circuit board,
some of the nanobot serum...

Aah, I didn't come out here
for school!

This is important.

I've connected it
to your nervous system.

My what?

Just try to make a gun
with your missing hand.

A gun with my missing hand?

-Just think about it.

All right.

-Now what?
-Just pull the trigger.

I like this!


You know we tried to follow you
in the balloon.

Just ran into some trouble.

I'm sorry I hit you.

I'll live.

You know, Solomon likes you.

A lot.

I like him a lot, too, and

I might have even married him.

You, you might have?


Until I met you.


You're alive?

What the hell is this?

It's not what it looks like.

Did you guys see
what I did with his arm?

It's cool, right?

Hey, what's the plan?

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be back
in the tents with the women?

I want to be here, okay?
I can fight, too.

About last night
with Virginia...

If we survive this,
I aim to kill you.

Hey, what's that?

Sir, the enemy is behind us.

They're coming
at a forced march.

Do not be surprised
at what you see.

All right, gentlemen,
I want you to get ready.

This could very well be
our last stand,

so I want you to be prepared.

We've got no idea what's coming
out of those trees.

So I want you to be ready.

One thing: we must protect
this Frankenstein.

The one with the flower.

If he dies, they will all die.

Can we get him out of here?
Get him off the line?

You can't just
get him out of here.

If he's not here,
none of the rest will fight.

What're you doing here, kid?

What's going on?

I don't know.
But I don't like it.

What the hell?





Much obliged, ma'am.

Get her.



There'’s something wrong.

I think I can fix it.

I, I might be able
to get you one more shot.



What have you done?

I'm sorry.

No, no, don't say that.
Don't say that.

Somebody get something!

I can fix this.


We were supposed to win
this war together.


Lieutenant Jacobs,
Mr. President.

I hear your company
held the front lines

despite being
significantly outnumbered.

How did you do it?

We had help, sir.

Is this some kind
of a joke, Lieutenant?

No, sir, it is exactly
what I saw with my own eyes.

Who's responsible for this?

A soldier named Alan Jones.
And the young boy, Igor.

They brought the monsters to us.

They say Alan can see through
the eyes of the monsters.

Thank you, Lieutenant.
That will be all.

Send a telegram
to the front lines.

Summon Alan Jones and Igor
to Washington DC.

Yes, Mr. President.

And one more thing.

Tell them to bring one
of their creatures with them.

Yes, sir.

I suppose you've come to tell me
about some supreme victory

on the battlefield
with your secret weapon?

No, General.

-Our campaign did not resolve...
-This way, Walton.

...the way we had planned.


It has become apparent to me
that we cannot win this war

on the battlefield.

That's why I'm sending you
and your monster freak

to Washington.

General, please do not
take me off the front lines.

Stop your sniveling
and your whining, Robert.

I'm sending you undercover.

Here's the address of
the contact that you will meet

in three days.

And try not to draw
too much attention to yourself.

Yes, General.


how will I know my contact?

Ask for Mr. Booth.

Sol, will you join us?

Sorry, things to do elsewhere.

Sol, please.

Look, this probably isn't
the best time to bring this up,

but you two

need to get married.


Right, Solomon,

you plan on, uh, asking her
to marry you, right?

I did.

Right. Virginia, you plan
on saying yes, right?

This isn't fair, Alan.
Why are you doing this?

In fact... Well...

I'm fairly certain
that you two are my great,

great, great grandparents.

And if you don't get married,

I'll never get born.

It's actually four greats.

Who's counting?

No. Leave me alone.

All of you.

Well done, Alan.

What? I'm sorry.

Just make her fall in love
with you again or something.

Go to hell.

Telegram for Alan Jones.

Ho, yeah.


What's it say?

Listen to this.

"To, Alan Jones.

"Bring the boy
and one of the monsters

"to the White House


"Signed, Abraham Lincoln."

Abraham Lincoln!

Lincoln. Huh?

Solomon, wait.

Like on the penny.

What is it, kid?

I need to give you this.

Don't open it.

So when?

Open it when I'm gone.

Whatever you say, kid.

Why is all this happening to me?

Is it possible for me
to love both of them?

Is what Alan says true?
Am I supposed to marry Solomon?

You're supposed to do what
your heart tells you, Virginia.

It's true. I have loved you
for a very long time.

But no one,

including Alan or myself,

can ever tell you
what to do again.

This isn't a plantation.
Those days are done.

Hey, there you are, big guy.
Come on.

What's gotten into you?

Come on,
we're needed in Washington.


Yeah. We got a telegram
from Honest Abe.

It said for Igor and I
to bring Frank to Washington.

Why do you act like you want
nothing to do with me?

It's not you.

-It's Ashley.
-Who's Ashley?

She's from the future.

And every moment
that I spend here,

is one that I'm not
spending with her.

I don't know how,
but I gotta get home.

Well, I hope you find what
you're looking for, Alan Jones.



-Come on.

That is
quite a story, gentlemen.

Is it true you can see
through the creature's eye?

Yes, Honest Abe, sir.

I can't control
when that happens though.

Honest Abe.

No one's ever
called me that before.

I like that.

What do you think, sir?

Well, if I am to be Honest Abe,
it doesn't look exactly like me.

Close enough.

Uh, could you give us
a moment, please?

Thank you.

Gentlemen, I didn't bring you
here out of my own curiosity.

I have a mission for you
if you're willing to accept it.

I hear that Robert E. Walton
and his creature

are here in Washington DC.

I want you to find out
what he's doing here

and report back to me.

This is gonna be so much fun.

This is so boring.

I don't understand.
I should be getting a reading.

-There. Finally.
-Why's it doing that?

He's close.

Hey, there they are.

Yeah, that's him,
all right. Just as I thought.

His nanobot count
is off the charts.

Come here.


Need to borrow this.

Don't worry.
I'll give it back.

What's that?

It amplifies the signal
between you and your eye.

This way we can control
your visions.

Yup, it's working.



You don't have to do this alone.

Yes, I do.
It has to be done this way.


Sorry, I just remembered
something your friend told me.

What is it?

It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.

I'm ready.

This is going to work.

Desperate times call for
desperate measures, Mr. Booth.

What's in it for me?

My friend won't
tear off your arms.

I got no love for the Union,
I can promise you that!

Killing Lincoln
will be reward enough.


Remember, three nights
from tonight at Ford's Theater.

Hey, how old are you?

Get out of here! Hey!

I'm talking to you.

It's the boy.
The boy that gave me the serum.

It hurts a lot, Alan.

-Worse than I thought it would.

No, no, no.

You're gonna be okay. All right?
We're gonna get you out of here.

I can't move.

Told you I'd give it back.

Don't you die on me. Okay?

We, we're gonna get you back
to our time.

You can, you can stay
with me and Ashley.

There's no going back
for me, Alan.

You can go home though.

But only if they all die.

Then the portal will reopen.

You mean, if, if he dies?


He dies,

they all die.

I don't want him to die.

I don't want you to die.

That can't be good.

What was that?


-Where are they going?

They're going to Washington.

How do you... Virginia!

Our orders were to stay here.

He called to them.

Something is wrong.

They're going to help
and so am I.

You're going no matter
what I say, aren't you?

You know, Washington is
three days march from here.

So grab some food
and water!

It's for the monsters.

I'm sorry, Mr. President.

We don't have
the resources available

to give him a proper burial.

I understand.

Thank you.

He was very brave.

He died getting information

that every sixth grader
already knows.

How could I be so stupid?

You can't go!

I have told you.
I'm still going to the theater.

I must show this country
that we are not to be afraid.

We will not hide from those
who wish to go against us.

They'll be expecting you.

You'll be shot
by John Wilkes Booth.

It's in the history books!

Are you in the history books,
Alan? Is he?

No, of course not.

Well, then, it seems
your history books

are not quite accurate,
are they?

Now, I will go to the theater.

And I will not be shot
by Mr. Booth.


Because you and your friend

are going to be there
to stop him.

They're moving faster now.

Try and keep up.

We don't even know where they're
going for sure, Virginia.

We don't have time
for this, Solomon.

We have to keep up with them.

This was a mistake.

-Let's go, Solomon.
-I could be shot for this.

Solomon, come on!


Are you all right?

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

Damn it.

Which he left to you.

No, which he meant
to leave to me.

Then thought better of it
and left it

to his granddaughter,
Miss Merry Meredith.

Miss Merry Meredith.
I'm so delighted.

Oh, no, it's happening.

-What's happening?
-Whatever they're running to.

We don't have much time.


You and I both know that
that bullet's not meant for me.

You cannot stop the inevitable.

Lincoln will die tonight.

Engage him.

I hope this works.


Not heir to the fortune,
Mr. Trichardt?

Oh, no, no.

You see, it all comes from
barking up the wrong tree

for the old man's property!

Come on.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

-You're an actor, right?

Well, break a leg!

Work, damn it!

Get up, you big green bastard!


Oh, come on.

That's my cue.

I don't know who you are,

but you are right about me.

I do know my way
around a theater.

Last chance.

Turn her loose,
and I'll let you live.

Where did he go?

Too late.

Get up. Get back in there!

We are supposed to win this war!

You are doing nothing
down on your knees, dog.

Get up! You are useless...

You be the dog.

No! No!


Don't look at it. Look at me.

What's happening?

He is dying.

S-s-stay with me, please.

Please don't go.

Don't die too.

Go home.



Sic semper tyra...

He fell from the balcony.

He was, he was trying to protect
the President.

I warned him.

I warned Lincoln
that this would happen,

and he wouldn't listen to me.

This isn't your fault, Alan.

What is that?

It's my way back home.

I got to go.

Alan, wait.

You don't have to go back,
stay here with us.

I can't stay.

I don't belong here.

And I got a girl
back home that,

that I owe five dollars to.

So promise me.

If you find a good one, Solomon,
hold on to her.

And don't let her go.

I already have, Alan.

Go home to yours.

Goodbye, Alan.

We won this war thanks to you
and Frankenstein.

Just have a bunch of babies,
all right.


I just want to be born, okay.

No, no!
Oh, no, shut it down!

No, this can't be happening!

Shut it down!
Shut it down!

Shut it down!

I've got something to tell you.

This can't be good.

The portal.
Don't go through the portal.

If you do, you're gonna...
You're gonna die.

Just, just don't go through
the portal.

Would you be here if I don't?

I don't know!
I don't know!

We can't change
what's already happened.

We can't re-write history.

Now, get out of here.

The tavern, don't go
to the tavern!

Oh, Alan! Oh!

I need the rent money.

I'm sorry, but I'm kinda busy
right now.

No more chances.
I need the money today.

-Here, take this.

Look, I'm Mrs. Jones.

This will do. For now.


-Can I borrow five bucks?
-You got to be kidding me.

You have some nerve.

I'll pay you back, okay.

I can't wait.

You're welcome.

Code 10, we have a code 10.

-Where's Ashley?
-How should I know?

What difference
does it make anyway?

She doesn't want to see you.

And what are you wearing?

What do I push to use
the intercom.

You can't do that, Alan.

You don't work here anymore.

What do I push?

Star seven, star seven.

Attention, shoppers.

My name's Alan.


I've been a real jerk.

You see,

I walked in on Eugene

and my girlfriend,
Ashley, kissing.

And I didn't do anything
to stop them.

I'm sorry, Ashley.

You see I've, I've had...

I've had a lot of time
to think about it.

And I

just want you to know that...

Go on.

Screw it.

Ashley, will you marry me?


You know I love you Alan, but...

I had to loan you five bucks
just yesterday.

Okay, but, come on...

You're not ready
to get married yet.

I'm not either.

And, and what makes you think

you can just waltz
in here and...

Oh, my gosh!
What did you do to Eugene?

He hit him.

And what's with the eye patch
and the jacket?

Never mind.

I'm sorry.


Ask me again someday.


I have that five bucks
I owe you.

"Solomon Jones."

"And their adopted son."


Why did you bring me
here, Solomon?

The day Alan left
for Washington...

What about it?

The kid gave me this.

This note too.

What is this? What's going on?

Stand back.

Where are
you all from?

We're from the future.

And it's time to kick
some Frankenstein ass.

Fix the dimensional rift.

You've ruptured
the multiverse, you fool!

Where are
you all from?

We're from the future.

All right.
if you're going to die,

I might as well go with you.

What is
a Frankenstein?

It's not called
a Frankenstein.