Arctic Void (2022) - full transcript

When the power mysteriously fails, and almost everyone vanishes from a small tourist vessel in the Arctic, fear becomes the master for the three who remain. Forced ashore, the men deteriorate in body and mind until a dark truth emerges that compels them to ally or perish.

Where's the ride?

You said book the flights.

You wanta mint?

How're we gonna
make it to the dock?

Alan, relax. There's
gotta be cabs here.

Look around, there's no cabs.

There's none.

Okay, alright.

well, that's fine.

We'll thumb it
and meet some locals.

No, are you... Ray...

I don't wanna meet any locals,

What I wanna do is
I wanna make the boat

which leaves in
15 frickin' minutes!

I'm gonna do something
right now, watch this.

Watch this, Meurs.

How ya doin'?

number you have dialeds not in use.

Hey, Alan!

Alan, I got it worked out.

That's Alan.

His buddy runs the cab company,

he's gonna be here
in five minutes,

so uh, we're all set.

You want a mint?

Man 1:
So where you guys from?

Uh, United States, Los Angeles.

It's your first
time on Svalbard?

Yes, sir.

How do you like it?

I don't know yet.

Hm, Me neither.

And I've been here for 26 years!

Locals are fun, Meurs.

Don't forget,
we're the minority here.

White people?

No, bears!

Good luck with that.

You the camera guy?

Yeah. Sean Tibbets.

Sean, Ray Marsh.

I host the show.


Let me help you with that.

No, no, no, no!
I... I got that!

I'll get this one.


Well, I'm sure producer said
this as he blew by,

but we're thrilled to have you.

I don't know why our regular
guy didn't get a visa,

but as long as you've got
a camera,

we'll get what we need.

You ever done a travel show?

Uh, no.

Nature show?


You're gonna be great.

Welcome onboard the Langoysund!

We are based in Longyearbyen,

which is the northern most
settlement in the world.

We always have people from
all over the world on this boat,

so who is from Sweden?


Hey, Swede brothers from Sweden!

♪ Money, money, money ♪

♪ They're always funny ♪

And we also have
some scientists from Tromso

They are here to uh,
study aquaculture or Aquaman.

Or something like this.

No, no, no, no, no!
Don't put your hands up.

Uh, I think the books give
it away.

And we also
have some Germans here.


Always Germans visitor.

Wilkomen ja! All is gutta?


Supah dupah!


Last but not least,
we have Americans.

Some Hollywood weirdos.

And they are here to
film beautiful Svalbard.

And to corrupt us
with their sex

and bad super hero movies.

Okay! A few tips about Svalbard.

These islands are one

of 14 demilitarized zones,

so there's no danger of war

You are in one of the
safest places in the world.

Although, another way of looking
at it, of course,

is that we're all sitting ducks

if someone does decide
to wipe us out.

That's a joke, come on!

Come on, guys, come on!

Okay, no more jokes!

We have lunch a little bit later

and we have
some great viewing points,

so if you have any problems,
any question,

just shout out
and what's my name?

Jim! Jim!

so let's get this baby rolling!

Hey, brought you coffee.

Thank you.

Listen, I wanted to uh,
say sorry about before,

I was stressed
about missing the boat...

No, I understand.

As you can see,
we have a shorthand.

We grew up like brothers, so...

But what about you?

Whe... where you from?

Uh, nowhere in particular.

I was an army brat.

Really? Was that tough?

Moving around?

Yeah, but you get used to it.


I don't have friends
from 35 years ago.

Hey, that might not be
such a bad thing, right?

Did you get some...
some good stuff of Jim,

up there on the deck?

Yeah. He was great.

He was, man?

Also went up to the bridge,
got some shots from up there.



Uh, did you get a shot from
the back of the boat?

Uh, no, I didn't.

I'll do that now.

Yeah, could you?

I think it would really
be useful.


Appreciate it, thank you, Sean.

Whoa, where you going?
You're my drinking buddy.

He's a bit boring, huh?

Well, we all are,
compared to you, Ray.

Ugh, come on, Alan.
I said I was sorry.

No, you didn't, actually.

You didn't say you're sorry.

Okay, okay. I apologize.

I fucked up the travel.

I was just tryin' to
make your life easy.

And I appreciate you, bro.

It's fine.

You got a great ass.

And it's a bit supple,

and it's a bit hairy,

but it's really nicely-shaped.

It's supple. It's not hairy.

Yes, there he is.
He's back!

I like it! I like it!

Such an asshole.

Appreciate it.

I like to see you in that shape.

Now let's welcome
Sean to the party, huh?

Hey, hey, Ray, listen,

we are lucky to have this guy,

Please don't piss him off.

He's gonna be fine.

He's gonna be fine!
He's a big boy.

What's his story anyways?

Why the hell's he in Norway?

Who knows?

I'm just thankful that we got
a guy with 2 days' notice.

Yeah, that was lucky.

What the hell's
he got for lunch?

Ray. Hey, that's his food.

Whoa! What the...

Jesus, that is some retro rig!


Don't turn it on! Come on.



Ray. Shit.



Uh, it's actually pretty


You check it out.

Oh shit.

Turn it off, turn it off! hit!

Hey, man.

Excuse me.

Yeah, bro. Yeah.

Don't forget your coffee.



What? He'll be fine.

Don't look now, but I think
the German girls are into us.

Don't say anything.


No, Ray, don't.

Oh, here we go...

Hello, ladies!

- Hi
- Oh, hello again.

Listen, did you meet
my old friend Alan Meursault?

- Oh, no, not yet.
- Not yet.

Hi, how are you?

Uh, I apologize for Ray here.

He's very forward,
so feel free to ignore him.

No, no, it's alright!

Yes, yes.

we know he talks a lot.


We have his show in Germany.


Oh, they have my show
in Germany!

Oh, you see what he said?

He said his show.


Why? Do you work on the show,

Uh, yes, I do.

What it is that you...
'cause I don't remember you.


Uh, no, I'm not on camera.

Alan's being very modest.

He... he actually IS the show,

he's the director and producer.

Oh wow!

I'm just the mouthpiece.

- So it's your show.
- Yeah, so it's your show.




If there is a place on Earth

that could bring about
an existential crisis,

Svalbard must be it.

Looking at this barren

it's hard to believe life
can be sustained here at all.

But there are multitudes of
species on land, in the air,

and underwater.

We even found a
Viking Santa Claus!

Ho, ho, ho!

Okay and cut.


Is that it?

we'll use that for the opening.

That's it!

Oh wow, that's easy!

Hey man, you're a natural.

You were great.

Thank you, Jim. Thank you.

Jim, I gotta ask you this,

and I... and don't want it

to come out the wrong way,

but why do people live
in this place?

To get away from
people like you.

Nah, but you know, it's...

I think it's for the beauty


And the solitude, and the risk.


'Cause up here,
it's nature that sets the rules,

and if you don't
play by those rules,

you're dead.

Maybe they find you
when the spring comes.

Maybe not.

You're kind of a wacko,
aren't you, Jim?

Come on, guys,
would you like a drink?


Well, you have drink.
You guys.

I... I don't drink anymore.

Oh my God, that's terrible.

Uh, let's go.

Uh, I have some cognac
and ice from the glaciers!

How does it look?

Oh, looks good.

Yah, good.

Jesus, did you see that?


Th... there was a bird.


I... I don't think it had eyes.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

I must be seeing things.

Hi. Uh, two cognac.

Excuse me.

You guys are from
the university, right?

I'm sorry,
do you speak English?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

Uh, can I ask you
what you're studying?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

- Um.
- Um.

Well, yeah, the university
in uh, Tromso,

they wanna open
a fish hatchery here.

Um, so we're studying
the water, and food sources,

and things like this.

Oh, I see...

But we're much more interested

in the geomagnetic storms
up here.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

I don't know what...
what is that?

Uh, when there's a storm
on the sun,

that affects the Earth's
magnetic field.

Have you ever
heard of an aurora?

- ...The northern lights, yes.
- Yes!

- Yes.
- Yes.

And that's a type of geostorm.

Are they dangerous?

Not so far, but...

- They could be.
- Yeah

Um, a... a massive one
and all technology on Earth

would be useless.

Uh, the planet will go dark.

Everything with electricity
would be totally corrupted.



Well, what about the human
brain? That's electric?

Ah, the thinkers have
found each other!

- Yes.
- Haven't they? Yes.

Well, let me jump right
into it, kids,

because I know you're
into science world,

is there room
for God in science?

That's pretty deep.

Should we have a cigarette?

Yes! Good idea.

Okay, bye, will see you.

See ya.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You alright?

Yeah, fine.

You're thinking about Marie.

She's not gonna leave you.

It's just a warning,
she wants things to change.

How are things gonna change?

She doesn't want me to travel
for work, that's what I do.

What the fuck
are we even doing here, man?

This isn't fun anymore.

It's... it's not fun.

What are you... what are you
talkin' about, Alan?

People literally
do this for fun.

They travel the world for fun.

but is it worth my marriage?

Is it worth my kids?

We're back in 10 days.

I'm 4,500 miles away from home.

I've literally run
away from my problems.

Who does that?


Everybody does that.


I do that.

You know, it's this place,
it's just makin' you squirrelly.

Yeah, I know.

We're back in 10 days.

It's goring the baby!

It's the mother!

I've never seen anything
like that before.

Can we go inside, please?

The show is over, please.

Come on!

Okay, please inside.


And you as well.

What the hell was that?

I don't know. It's gruesome


we... we got that, right?

- Yeah.
- Good.

God, that was strange!

This is a strange
place, my friend.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are now taking lunch
on the bow

where we have some
tasty minke whale for you.

Exhibit A.

Jim, whenever you're ready.

Well, whaling is
legal in Norway.

This is minke whale.

The law allows 999 minke
to be caught every year.

It used to be that
every Norwegian ate Minke,

but now it's mostly
the people in the north.

The snobs in Oslo,
they don't go for Minke.

No! They feel sorry for it.

Mmm. It tastes a bit like human.

And cut.

- I think... I think we got that!
- Oh, that's very good.

Thank you very much, everybody!

Uh, hey Sean, shoot...
shoot some B roll.

Yeah, I think I'll have
your job in a minute.

-I give it freely.


-That was a great job.

It's good?

Thank you so much.

Um, do you want some more?

- No.
- No!

You sure?

No, we're okay, yeah, thank you.

It's delicious.

I'll... I'll get
some plates for you guys.

That minke is killin' me, man.

You ate it?

You didn't?

There's a fine line
between polite and stupid, Alan.

You know what?
I need a bathroom.

My stomach's about to explode.

Oh God!

How was that?

Whale of a time?

Very funny.

Where's Sean?

He's getting some
stuff on the front.


Jesus Christ.

Where is everyone?

Did we miss something?

Was there an excursion?

They wouldn't have
left all their shit.



They must be in the lounge.


I don't know what the
hell is goin' on here.

Alright, wait,
let's talk this out.

Uh, we're on the bow.

We're shooting that
whale stuff with Jim.

- Yeah.
- Right?

Everybody's there.

You get sick,
you go to the bathroom.


I come out,
we're talkin' on the back deck,

power goes out.

It was maybe five minutes
at most.



Sean! Jesus.


Where is everyone?

I don't know.
I was in the bathroom.

Well, what the fuck is goin' on?

What do you mean?
They're not outside?


No. No one's outside.

No one's inside.
No one's on this fucking boat.

Okay, is this real?

Am I going insane?

You guys are
fucking with me, right?

I'm not fucking with you, man.

This is not...

Th... this defies the laws
of nature.

There's no logical explanation
for it.

Did you check the bridge?

Yeah nothing.

What about the engine room?

You think everyone stuffed
themselves in the engine room?

There's fucking 20 people
on this boat.

I'm gonna check
the engine room.

Have you seen my notebook?

Your notebook?

Alan, plug in
for Christ's sake.

We're looking for people.



This is Tibbets.

Hello? Hello?

I'm eating a donut.

Oh, we're gonna be in trouble.


Yes, daddy, I am eating a donut.



Uh, this is uh, M.S. Langoysund.

The... we have a Mayday.

People have disappeared.

We... we... need help!

we have an emergency.

Uh, yes this is Langoysund.

We, uh... we left Longyearbyen

uh, four hours ago.

we... we've been going north.

Uh, northwest, ah, four hours.
The fuck!

Uh, Mayday, we have... we're,
Listen, we're drifting!

We have no power!

And uh...

No... no power.

What're you doing, Alan?


Does it matter?

Yeah, it fuckin' matters!

We're drifting.

I saw something, come here.

That's a town.

Maybe it's where they all went.

I'll get the raft.


Meursey, we saw a town,
we're gonna go to shore.

Whoa, you know you're
bleeding, right?

Did you fall?


This needs cleaning. Come


You think Jim is a big
Hunter S. Thompson fan?

I love this book.

You know, I'm gonna keep this
for him.

Where'd you get the rifle?

Get in, we should go.

We should stick together.

There's bears everywhere.

You know how to use that?

Point and shoot, right?

This place isn't right.

It's gotta be an old coal mine.

It's a goddamn
wasteland is what it is.

If there's no one
here, we're fucked, Ray.


Maybe we should
go back to the boat?

Do you think the Amish
built this place?

Alan, focus.
isten, we need a plan.

Look at the wood work.

Sean, should we
go back to the boat?

Amish swimming pool?

Or is that like against
their religion or...

I mean we at least
had food there.

Hay, look at the detail work.

Guys, guys.

- Honestly, this is not...-look at
the... look...

Quiet. Quiet!

What is this?


What the fuck is that?


There's no one here.

There's NO ONE HERE!

What in God's name is going on?


You know what, God?

Show yourself to me, huh?

Show yourself to me,
you fucking coward!

Alan, we need you here now if
we're gonna get through this.

Yeah? Get through this?

Ray, this is not some
travel incident, okay?

The airline didn't just
lose our fucking luggage.

A supernatural event
occurred here, Ray!

That's what's happening!

Who gives a shit?

We need your help!

You know something?

This - this is proof that there
is something bigger than us.

Am I right Sean?

Yeah, see, he gets it, Ray.

Alright, this-this is beyond
our meager existence!

Why is there no one here?

You know why?

Because we... we're in
the middle of the hereafter Ray!

For fuck's sake!

This makes no sense.
It makes no sense.

This is a ghost town.

It's a ghost town
and we're the fuckin' ghosts!

- No, -No.
- Alan: Yeah!

No. No, no.

The people went somewhere.

We just have to
figure out where.

Is that what you're worried

Is that what you're
worried about?

W... where all the people went?

I don't give a shit
where anybody went.

You know what I care about?

I care about
why we're still here.

Think about it, Ray.



Ghosts, Ray.

Whoa, whoa.


There's something.



Sounds like a radio...

I don't buy it,
there's gotta be someone here.

Someone was here!

Who the fuck was there??






That does not look good.

I think I'm gonna just park it
here for a second.

You know?

We gotta keep lookin' around
Meursey, we'll come back for you



You got that?

Yeah, I'm good.

Hey, bring back another TV.

This one's busted.

We gotta talk about Alan, man.


"Well, I thought

this is how the world works.

All energy flows

according to the whims

of the Great Magnet.

What a fool I was to defy him."

"There i's a
big machinen the sky,

some kind of electric snake,

coming right at us.

We'd be fools not to ride
this strange torpedo

all the way out to the end.

The possibility for physical

and mental collapse is now
very real.

No sympathy for the Devil.

Buy the ticket,

take the ride."

Are you my friend?

I'm your friend.

And friends don't eat friends.

You got a family?

Got an aunt and uncle
in the States.

That's about it.

How'd you end up here?

Came to Oslo for a girl.

How'd it work out?

Like all the rest.

Sounds like a
Norwegian country song.


tryin' is succeeding in my book.

Yeah, then I'm a massive


I'm a total failure
by that metric.

Commitment issues.

So you're a coward?

Yeah. I guess.

Scared of a makin' a
choice I can't live with.

All seems ridiculous right now.

What's the story
with that necklace?

It's my sister, Cassie.

We used to play Jacks.

She died when I was 10.


Uh, it's alright.

I try to live for the both of us

I like doin' the show, '-cause
it keeps me movin' you know,

makes me feel alive.

Meurs doesn't like bein'
away so much anymore.

There's a light on.


Holy shit.

It's heated.

I'm gonna check upstairs.


Is someone here?


What the hell are
you doin' out here?

Oh hey, you got my message.

Let's go.

Let's get you inside. Come on.

When did it start snowing?

Come on, buddy.

There's food in the kitchen.

That's great.

I'm gonna go outside
and grab the bags.

I saw a bear.

What's that?

Hey, Ray?


I need a drink.

What can I get you?





Hey, Ray.


I'm not mad about
the taxi anymore.


I need a bathroom.

There you are.

Alright come on. eah, come on.


Oh, okay. Okay!

There you go.
There you go.

I'll get you some soup.

And Elsie is really looking
forward to this.

No. Elsie is not looking
forward to this!


Here's some soup
and water, Meurs.

Alan, you gotta stop drinkin'.
It's messing you up, man.

- No, I saw... I saw Sean...
- Just lay back.

- Just relax
- On... on the video.

Just lay back.


I left the luggage in the lobby.


Listen, there's food here,

but not much else.


So we're gonna need to find
a working radio or move on.

Move on? Where?


We have the nautical charts,
it's only 40 miles away.

How long would that take?

In that boat,
four and a half hours,

assuming the conditions are good
and there's no wind.


We need more fuel.

There's probably some here.

There's no instruments
on that raft.

We have to respect the elements.

We'd be killing ourselves.

He's in and out, man.

He needs medical attention.

Look, civil twilight's
in three hours, then darkness.

It's too dangerous to be
on the water

for at least six hours.

I'll find some fuel.


For the bears.


What are you doing here?

Who... ho...

Who are you?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

No. No.

Who are you? No.


No. No.

No. No.

How the hell did we end up here?



Ray, Ray, Ray.

You gotta
stop drinking.

You gotta try
and get some water down there.

He was... he was upstairs.

Was watchin' it all go down

like a Jesus

I saw him, Ray.

Okay brother, just relax.
ake it easy.

The boat. The boat.

I saw a video of Sean

and now he's tryin'...

He's tryin' to kill me
with the headphones.

Alan, you're not makin' sense.
Just relax!

It's a fucking plot!

Alan, relax!

listen, he's killing
my fucking mind, Ray!

I'm fucking dying.

Watch the video, Ray.

Watch the video.

You son of a bitch!

What the hell are you doing?

What are you up to?

You said you were
in the bathroom!

What are you hiding?


I'm gonna punch your
fuckin' lights out!

Alright, alright, alright,

I'll tell you, I'll tell you!

Just what the fuck is goin' on?

I'm just here
to document the effects.

Effects? Of what?


What experiment?

We were all exposed
to a vibration.

It's like a hum, but
you can't hear it.


What does that mean?

It's a sonic weapon.

It attacks neural function.

The brain.

You're in the military?

Not anymore.

What are you?
ome kinda mercenary?

they just paid me to be here.

Film it.


Who's doing this?
Some government?

People you don't wanna know,
trust me.

They could be working
for some government,

but I don't know anything
about that.

They just hired me to film it.

What did you see?

What happened to those people?

Vaporized or something.

There's this interference.

My field of view shifted.

When it came back...

They were gone.

Oh, fuck you, man!

You expect me to believe
this dystopian bullshit?

They were just supposed
to get disoriented.

Throw up...

Quit fuckin' lyin', man,
that's not possible!

I don't know, man!

I don't have
any fucking answers!

I don't wanna be here!

What's with the headphones?

It's like
a countering vibration.

They said it's like
an inoculation.

It's why we're still here.

I listened to more than Alan.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Well, could it help him now?

I don't think so.

It's meant as a safeguard,
not as a cure.

I gave it to him earlier.

So what's next?

What do you mean?

How were you gonna
get outta here?

They were supposed to
get me from the boat.

But I can't reach 'em.

The satellite phone they
gave me doesn't work.

Where is it?

Where's the phone?

Come on, Meurs,
we gotta get you up.

Clean you up, brother.

Come on, now.

We're gonnaet
out of here soon, okay?

Longyearbyen's a
couple hours away.

But, Alan, you gotta eat, okay?

Your body needs energy
to fight the infection.

You gotta sober up, Alan

What about Sean?

He's coming with us,
he's got no choice.

Listen, Ray.

If something happens to me,

I need you to say something
to Marie and the kids.

No, no, no, no, fuck all that.

You're gonna see 'em
in two days.

You tell it yourself, alright?

Oh, shit.


I'm not gonna make it.

No, no, that's not true, Meursy.

It's just a mindset.

You tell yourself you are
and you're gonna be fine.

Ray, listen.

You gotta let me go.


There are people that love you.

And they depend on your love.

- Listen...
- Stay with us.

You need to leave me here.

Hey, it's...
Ray, it's okay.

- It's okay.
- No.

It's what's meant to happen.

It's what's meant to happen,

I'll say "hi" to Cassie.

What did you say?

What did you say, Alan?

Alan, I'm... I'm not gonna do

We're not doin' that.

What we're gonna do is
we're gonna get in that boat,

and we're gonna go
follow the coastline south,

and we're gonna get you
to a hospital.

And I don't care if you
agree with me or not,

that's what we're gonna do.

Now look at them.

Look at them!

And you tell them you should
be home soon.

Hey, guys.

Um, it's your dad.

And uh, look, I know I...

I looks pretty bad right now,

but um, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

So uh, Ray and I,

We ran into a little bit of

But... but I'm okay.

And um...

Dylan, I want you...

I want you to take good care
of your mother, okay?

And Ruby.

I love you guys so much.

I'm gonna be home... home soon.


I'm comin' home.

What the hell are you doin'?

Checkin' the engine.

We've got a four and a half hour
boat ride

over open water, Ray.

We can't afford any fuckups.

Right. Thanks.

How did you get
involved in this?

Old navy buddy reached out.

I needed the money.

Spend it wisely.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
What, what, what, what?

I don't know, I heard something.

Wait, wait, wait,
hold on, hold on, hold on!


Can you hear that?

Come on, let's go.

Oh dammit.

The bears look so friendly
on the signs.

"We have your location.

Extraction in 30 minutes."

Holy shit.

They're coming.



They're coming for us.

- Ray.
- We're goin' home.

You're such a good host, Ray...

Everybody... everybody loves you.

Everybody loves you, Ray.

Okay, Meurs. Okay.

How's this gonna go down?

You guys hang back.
I'll go out and talk to them.

What are you gonan say?

I'm gonna tell 'em the truth.
There's two survivors.

You better not fuck us.

Okay, come on.


I like it here.

We're almost there,

Hang on for me. ok?

Hang there.


It's getting close to time.

I'm sorry, Alan.


We've had some fun, huh, Ray?

Yeah, we have.

We're not done now, brother.

This is gonna be
our best episode yet.




Alan, don't go.