Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava (2018) - full transcript

A young scion of a powerful family with a long history of violence decides to put an end to the bloodshed which leads him to a path of self discovery.

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Give a mudsalge tea.

Sir, I'm sleeping for three days

Just when he caresses

Who knocked on the door
It's like breaking the door

That's the only sound, sir

Are you ghosted, sir?

They're more dangerous than people
where are you

Sudarshan sir ....

Mr Sudharsan is scared of haunting
I'll see what I can do

This building is haunted
About your fear of losing ...

Tell me one story?



There are about 10,000 people in this village

He's been ghosting for 30 years

Nalparaddei commemorated Commedition

Narahenkody came under the control of Basheeradi

Because of the clash between the two
Both villages were not ravaged

Communion 30 years ago
5 Rupees

The locale changed the darkest area

The Cyclades are in the Cyclades
There was a bit of argument over playing cards

It's not enough that Beryable did not lose 5 rupees
Give it back

If you play a good family
You need to win or you must pay the local identity

What are you saying?

Do you know what to do first?

That's why it costs Rs

It will be for the rider, Narappadevi

Padeur's men were killed by the men of Pasadur

That anger is Paseurendi Nalparageddy's brother Thimareeddy

Anna killed.

Stay in Nallukud and leave the other

Nalparageddy with it

Pasuregedi's father killed Laxma Reddy

Leave me like your father

Go and talk to my dad

It's like putting on new clothes
Everyday such things happen

Paseurdee earned a lot of coal

I went to politics

For 30 years, keep control

For the first time, compete against him

Submit from the opposition
It seems only Narappadeddi

Just like him
US political leaders

He came to the house talking

This time it's like Narpparadde's side

It's better to write them here, Commaddup
Let's make a New Day for the Kondakale

Will It Happen?

I went to London to study

25 years later, Nalaparadevi's son comes to the village

Father in addition to relatives, to accept Vardagga Reddy

Baladradith was waiting for Bassurabedi's son








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Light morning

Come on

Because daddy's a trip
Do you have Breakback?

Before the station, it was stopped soon

This is for you, son

is it?

Come on

What's wrong with the uncle?

In the election period these two months
We need to be careful

Plus, Paseurvedi has the power

Paduredee's power is only for the party
People have our power to let you go

Dad, come down


Hey, little gentleman

The generation must be lost

Is it Narsparadevi's son?

Who is Yoko Narpaparadevi's son?

Hey, little gentleman


Do not knives here?

Solerdead ... javelin

Biryustdi is on the other side


No ammunition

Daddy cut him up


You have to fight this
Why are we here?

Davey, do not stop me

Let's talk about it

Shoot the husband
Come on

Oh God, your sons ...

How many people have died?

How many people were killed?

You need to do a lot more work
Little mister

Little mister ... little gentleman

Get up, mister

Honey, get up


Little mister

Little mister

Honey, honey

We need to perform the customs of the Lord

Hands off, man

Just tell yöu mother

He was gripping you with love

Now you have to take him on top of you


Stop this, too, boy

Sudhararden Reddy is from Hyderabad

The little man is in the line, sir

Sorry, sir, what's happening to the ghosts

All of us are still in shock

Daddy is gone for one party
It's a big loss

You have to eliminate it

After the works are over here
I'll meet you

Hold on, sir

This is the dark time, little gentleman
Let's finish the assassin's son

This is the whole country that needs to be our control

Even after this, we do
Do we need to wait?

Let's do it ourselves

Hey ....

Are not the houses in the village?
Do not the people in the houses need it?

Is your father retaliated for retaliation?

Should he kill his nephew in Bangalore?

Going on

After dad's marriage

He was a very responsible person

My sweetheart ... is my Sugana

From the morning when he got up, it's OK

After you're born

Your mother felt like a world champion

He's left alone

Collecting the company

He left the village to win

He'll come home again

Your mother is waiting all day long

From then on

There was no comfort

Your thirty years ago
Grandpa says taking his sword

That's a need

You're going to tell your father that he's going to get that murder
 Because of that condition

Many things have been destroyed

You kill that knife

That's great

Will you have that knife for your children?

Feeling frustrating

From the time you took the sword

It's for your own hands, generations
That it was received

Our people are starting to think

It's gonna be fine now

The ones that happened

Now, stop this, son

Who are you?
- Little sister Nagagalli

The one who joined the cook

This afternoon came to come tomorrow morning

Because my daughter was so excited:
It's so far in a situation

I tried to kill you

The police are my husband
He was in charge

He'll come home

I talked to the lawyer
I'll get him a bail

You go home

No, please, little gentleman

Do not bail him

Ram, take the bam away

Our little ones heard out in the office

He is trying to kill Bassurabedi's son

Now my man will come out

He goes to Nallukudi with a sword

He's waiting to kill him there

If so, what happens to my son ...

Do not kid him, please do not bail him

If he's in jail

At least wire out of the wire
Show son

If he comes out anyway
The knife is taking this husband

He's the only one he is alive

We'll trouble you, little gentleman

Do not get him out, man

Do not get out

Everybody wins here
Just looking at it

After all is over

No one else is working

Kenneth was defeated by defeating Kenneth

But one day

Anyone win

But, Vera

War will stop without coming

That's awesome

That's awesome

My brother ... my brother
Hey, you gotta talk

Not over there, again
You can not see my face


God is more important than a son
If there is a sacrifice, there is a fine

What makes the daughter think to keep the thrill?

Who's in the house
It's in the dungeon

Go god to the treasure


Your dad went away now
Are you going around like this?

I'm sorry if he's gone

Except the sorrows of killing him

There is no other thing, Mom


Sword swallowed 500 rupees

That's 500 rupees for the sword



Do you have a camera in the morning?

Get married
The children are in their own hands

It was said to be good first

What record books did you finish?
I do not know what to do

It's training you're off to the side

Are you speaking to Mom?
- Shame is not it?

Mother my father told me Koviffi
How many are there?

Not mine, Mom's one coffee
I said exactly

Hey, he's getting ready for coffee

Can you?

We need six people in the audience

Can all of them cricket?

At least he'll see even the other
You were born a year later

You're more than one year older than me

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Tell me exactly

Our situation is showing a threat

Radhika is an aunt in America
Let's go

What? Do you like Pastry?

They do not make anything here

Tell me who did your homicide?

Make a video on this

All my private office is my office
Not matching

Close the cover

My eldest daughter Aravinda
- Welcome

What is the case?
- Trying to murder, sir

Tell me how to do it

How did you ask?
And who did it?

Then he does not care

Sir, he's our brother sir, he orders
This is why he busted the bow

Then he does not care

Brother's name is in the police, sir
- Then you do not care

Sir I took care of all the transactions, sir

I did not say if you were the only one
You two get up and go out

He says who needs to be

Everyone says it

Do you think you should say something?

Eat betel

To Betel Betty?

Dad, I'm going to college
- Where are you going to?

Kokar willow sir

My daughter is going to Jubly Hills
By the same token

Immediately Damsmi Lassabanda
Where is it?

Yes, Brother Villu is this side

Jubilee Hills on that side

We have your case

To make the wardrobe?

No matter

Ma'am, give me the AC?

Or b ...

Do you consume betel nut?

Betel betel ...

Not a habit

Eat breast milk ... Awakening

- Give it

Ladies' seat
- The seat is OK

AC is available

Give a drop


When you come to college with college
Who comes to give you a line

Papa's what my dad did

That's talking

Greetings sir
- Welcome

The family of Nerpa Reddy is now in trouble

His mother does not care much

His wife does not know anything

His son does not like politics

Her home is his sister
Warlakshmi, ma'am sir

Tell her this time

Sympathy is coming

Sir, Ragawaraddi sir

When a question arises about who is being presented

Do not take new political decisions

I will tell you what is the solution

If you do not interfere

The sword of Besoureddi neck
They're all going to hell Mr. Sudhardan Reddy


Why did not you come in this three miles?

Vehicle number one and brother
What is your guarantee?

Sorry, this car

I'm going to buy

No, please

There's a carpet in this car's fuel tank

The light bonnet is the last time
The seat is new too

It came from the company
Only logos

What is this?

If a salesman likes someone who likes it,
Who are you from the middle?

Who are you, gentleman?

Who are you?

Hello ... call.
- Hello

Whatever it did, sir
If you do not arrive 10 minutes late
My 20 million charge will be taken, sir

Sir sir, here's my car
Come and get tea

- Sir, for my sake, sir

Come on

Oh, sir, bring good tea

Fucking brother

I checked my copywriter at night
But I could not find it

How did you tell me then?

Our car broke up two weeks ago in a brawl

I can not think of a fight

All of us are fighting
It was inside

Oh, I thought

It does not look good when looking at it

Stuck to the side

The petrol tank was damaged
It means a big deal

Sent the rocks
Sir, how big is this?

The bombs did so


You did not hit anything

My father did not

Sorry, sir

I want this speech to be done to the election commission
I voted for a year

What are you doing now?

Put the water out of milk

What do you want to do right now?

Ah ... I need to see

I do the same


Listen to yourself so far
You forgot

Veer ...


Brother tea


Most of them were born because that name was kept

My name changed, sir

Some times I've heard some cases
Do you know how amazing?

That's just one small thing

What are you saying?

Your case

went to

Tomorrow's verdict

At least in 3 years

3 years 3 years
What's the time?

Now, think a little

Two Christmas and 3rd Festival ceremonies

That's the two of them, sir

There are three people at the same time

It's not for those good people, sir

Why is Bun thinking so great?

Sorry, sir
- Now

He's in there behavior is good
First we can get out

Then he catches his periphery and breaks the kidneys
I can get a petition from him

Then he is

He does not need to depend on anyone

He has the capability to come out himself

- Dad

I need to go to the Parc

where is?
Banjara Hills

Yes, Banjara Hills

We're on our way

Get out?

No, do not

He goes to his car

You're leaving



Hey, hold on
- Stay

Where did you go now?

There are six

Why Fight Fear?

Like them as to who they are
You can hit it

But let's not argue
If you can prevent ...

That's awesome

So what's wrong with backing up?

Biphers Archeonoux in one hand
How many kill you?

They are all the same hydrogens


Hold your weapon in your hand
Have you seen a photo?

But he has enough people

Got it?
I like whom I like


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Sorry, sorry

I will apologize for not taking my father

Please ... Well, betel

Let's finish it here from here

Please nut ...

What is betel nut ... your father

We were gimmick for three weeks
Use it as a cleaner

Life in jail
Your dad says it

If we left the case, we could see Kartun

These are not needed



I'll finish the job

Look at this

Listen, we do not have time to go to court in the morning

I have to go to Tint night too
I do not have time

No matter what, I do not mind

But if they do not understand

Get angry

If you try to take half the film

Kill in the seat

Let me explain

Unless you understand, you can look after them

Stay alone

One girl

Great night

They left the car garage and fled

At the same time

Finding that girl

Six of you guys came in

What are you doing, brother?

Six of you came
To fix this for six

Six keys

Six keys have been taken

When the story's over
Brother doubt if there were six keys

That's not such a big story

I'll tell you six big men

Why came?

They earned a donkey

What are you doing now for the earring?

This girl is there
This girl came to leave

Is that all?

It's so hard

Betel Betel

A betel nut

He does not have bad habits
So let's go and eat cheese on our own

There's a saying in English, right?

Even if you say something, you do not say anything

Thank you, huh?

I'm not saying

Actually, you need to tell me

I will not let you down

It could have been a fight

your name

Or the address?
Is it also necessary?

I'm just asking

I'm not just saying no

Wait a minute? I need some space


Use all of this

In the morning, Hyderabad came by the evening
Going to Mumbai

I could have stayed for one week

First of all, we want to hide our guys
Bangalore later on Hyderabad is not good here


Sir, sir?
- Beala's drives are checking

So you see we get drunk all the time?

So, get up, sir

Have you said that your children need to wake up?
- Nylon

Why, please
Wake up

Sir, this is a competition
Check it out

See how he tastes
We do not know what will happen

It's law

This is a small thing to you, who are you?
- Who?

Vera Raga Reddy
- So

You give 50% to finish your job

They care about these people
Not worth Rs. 100

Read the sir
- Sir, I'll awaken


Now if I'm awake, will I be sorry if I'm not drunk?

Will you get a train if you miss the train?

Tomorrow there will be an eniment with Amitabhachchan
Will you lose somebody again?

Sir, do not stop me ... do not stop me

Tell me, have fun?

Or the ID card Passport

Send it to me. Send them away

I just can not say hello, sir
Do not know bottles in the bag

If you go home at night, take a bottle of water

Check it once
Somewhere good

Sir, he's like a big criminal, sir

This is because in the morning you angry overpowered me

I was arrested and arrested for arresting you

There is no argument for everything, Nilembe

That is why our adults found a name for the karma

How can they be so sir?
Do not give me a break if you put me in jail, you will have to bear

Who is your relative and your relative?



In the morning I was arrested and arrested in the night

B ... what?

In his bag, there was a gun

That's why you're sad

That bag is mine

So why not tell this story to the police?

Because there was a gun there

So, anyway, she's got it
What can you give up?

I'm not used to relieving someone who believes

He needs to get out somehow

You're famous for criminal cases
I found out that I was a lawyer

So you've been handed over to the boys

I'm out loud, sir
And take it out

This is a little complicated case
Take care of the information carefully

Well, sir

What happened, daughter?

Father ...
Because it's so fast.

To bring a water?

Drink coffee ... Drink coffee

What's wrong, why is it hurry?

- I'll be right back, sir

Baby, it's coughing ... not coughing
What are they saying?

just wait

OK, sir

Baalu ​​..
- Yes, sir. Wait a minute


We can get about a million of that spoil
He definitely gives

Claiming to be his friend
No need to pay

That's one condition
- have?

At home, children
You have to take care of yourself as a Guardian

Hey, what's that name for?

I've been told to be a man at home

Do not get angry

If you talk with the speaker, this will happen


Now whoever comes in charge of a case, what do you take?

- But our guy is helping everyone

The same guys you came in before
You know her daughter goes to college

His wife brought her to his wife
Go with your school boy

During the whole period, I used it

So many things, they've lost a registered case

They will just go to another lawyer

Applying bail

Go to court and get their family
Take photos in the pocket

Now that you do not have a way out
- Me

I was playing with big keys yesterday yesterday
I told you like a story from a baby

Just ask for anything
The opportunity is not coming again

So your girl's name is

- I did not answer

What's the name of the girl name on the bank card number?

The girl's name is Aurudha

MS Andra College, MS
Collecting people


No, that one drags each one and takes one of them together
- Fucking

That's why it's happening ..

It's trying to figure it out
Tell me what

What is it?

I like
- Do you still have coffee?

- Thank you

If you give a little support, we'll give you the same

- Sunanda


He caught the coffee cup, handing it off

Then the problem was solved

It's learning a little distance from boys


Did Our Balak hear anything?
- No, please

Did you ever say something?

What did you like then?

What I like is that no one is a driver
It's not going to be a defender

Then tell me your name

Tell me if you do it

Aravinda nona liked it

Wait a minute? I need space


The sandwiches there are good

Put it in sauce

It's scarce


This is not enough

Aravindā ...

Hey, you were talking to yourself

Hang on, do not wait anywhere you can see
Like a ghost

People like this like animals

He has been in love for a year and a half

Whenever it comes to talking
Want space

Tomorrow's time for me
You smack your name in the letter

Why are you so angry?


I'm laughing, you're so angry

You're angry

I can see

Aravinda nona

I'm quiet about Shanty
You scream like yöu and sunyka

You're just happy

What happened? Why so angry

How can I get angry?

I'm not angry. You're upset. I'm fine

That's why?

I'm in a state of laughter, but I'm angry
How do you know?

Out of the question

That's not us

Sandwich, okay?

He asks what a seemingly insane person is saying


Keep this copy yours

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much

You're not safe for this
You got work there

The son of Bassurabedi's son Nallakudi is released

There is no mum

And take care of Balarendi
Gentleman needs to be

You killed two people in that village
You think your little husband is coming?

Ma'am, that's what we say in Hyderabad
I will meet Sudarshan Ruddy

So what can I tell you, little gentleman?

I was always on bail
I'm gonna hit you sir

When my father is gone

One to kill

The dolphin here

That pain did not kill people

No wonder the car did not stop

When I left my village, I did not stop

But the first time the girl was met

After a long time I laughed and then lost

Wonder what?

That girl is studying the subject
Both my clubs are the same

That's why I am

What he talked about was normal
I found a solution

Say to Ina a man

It's a different kind of thing that can be seen in the champagne

This is the time I needed to understand

The one who understands Arahindah

This is not yours
Not you

Are you in court?

You see? You see?
What happened now

You got the money on your lucky number
Hey, Ba

What is that fight?
- It's none of that

That coat is inside the Inner's name Ahnalla
The one who is wearing a sherwa is the name of Suban and his brothers

They have a bungalow in Annapolis

It's a bit of a problem to share it

This is my cable, which is my
That's it

Are you fighting for Lidak?
Come and go and settle down for what?

Our husband is one of the reasons for that
It was such a big palace built

This is the very first civilian case he accepted

Now it will not be solved for years

Why did you come here?

Do not give it to anyone after the case is closed
I came to order the court to order that order

Where are you without a house?

Oh, do not worry about that. It's a bungalow in the pavement
A good tent was prepared

A tent?

Pins They're nothing like that old car
All apart from the Kamal Scrub

Everything is done for the money

It's one of my husband's specials until he retires
That's right, they're going to empty the purse

Amanulla to leave the government

Go go

Chia .... They do not change

Aaron, do not look at you strange
Seems to be wrong

Normally, you see the normal way

I want to go out

Or do you have anything else to pull?

He's been this guy from childhood
If anyone talks to me, he shouts


Go or eat me

- Go, go

Let's go right

We need to go left

No, there's a lot of traffic here

Let's go right

Hey, little mummy

Little mister

I have a little work to drive
I'll be right back

Do not work like this
I do not like things

Only this road will boil

All right

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Sir, what do you want?

They did not eat

I do not like

Bring something to you

In the village, you think you're afraid of escaping

Just give it a try

When a tiger saw a tiger and a dog, he lost the tiger


What's wrong with getting off?

His son Baladeddy

You're going to kill the ground
He's waiting, mister


When we say anything, we're not the only ones

Hey, do not you see the dog
- Sorry, sir

Baladerry is not afraid of anger

Tell your family not to do so

I'm going to kill me

Love for any enemy
A person needs Rama Reddy ... that's why

That's why I did not look

How long have you been to fight the village without a enemy?

My grandmother is giggling
He asked what was good

There's nothing good

Do you want to do that?

It's about changing it

Children with your family want you to live

Home and mother came out of hand

You do not understand that again
What if it's gonna kill you, what's up, lady?

Little mister

Sorry, brother

Everybody has an image

Do not harm that

to wake up

It's not that good to be here
All of you go back

How are you mom

Grandma's good enough

Have a heartache

- Mister

Do not get beaten up with people who have the length of the road

Be careful

Withholding our power, creating confidence for some people, sir

No matter how powerful they are, at any moment
A little mistake is Mr. Sudharsan

Raga Reddit did something like that

Mom, tell me my school class is a good story

Where are I talking?
- Oh ...

Your father is in court every day
Judge good speeches

How much a call was made from the muffler, mister

Just when you hear that
How do I know how my secretary knows them?
Eve's talking ..

Holiday in the college
Your father's listening

It's near the forgotten class, Daddy

It's in the middle of it. Is not it someone who knows me like that?
Go and tell your sisters to listen to both of you

I need to go together
Asked if you would give me your clothes

My nephew forgot where he was left
Look at that real word, go ask him

Tell someone in the open to say goodbye

No one walks around in our home.


My brother, the school's magazine
Would you tell me a story?

Tell me?
- Me?

Please ....

One beautiful family

Mother is my sister

This one fell in love with one boy

But that boy and girl
Kemetry did not work

Now that girl is with whom
Mental involvement

Can I talk without chemistry without phyzis?

Whatever story tells us
It must be our own

our own...

Tell me the podda story

The name of this story is a bony sword

One at a time

There was a state in Kosala

That kingdom was king Naga Arjun

There was another kingdom in that

That state's name is a petty country

That kingdom


A king named Bhavavasa

For both states

It's been a war for many years

King Nagarjuna studied at school
He came to bring his son

In the middle of the two states

There is a pavement

The soldiers were fighting for these two kingdoms

From that battle

Ragaw's father, Napgarge, was lost

But it's funny

He's got his fallen sword

The sword crossed the river

That's the basement of the street
The cockroaches


Grave ... everywhere

These are the consequences of the war

And then it's not good to be these things

Big people

That's it

He talked to his countryman

We were able to leave the state weapons and go away

No ... no ... no

Stop the war in the opposite country
You have to talk to the CEO?

We do not want to like those we like

Fight with us
Their will is not useful

So this man is his hero
I want to love people

It is necessary to push people in the opposition

Are you taking out an asshole?

The police in the check post
Mister is also looking for a job

Do I get so easily?
I know how to take care of her

Hey, stop it stop

Where are you?
I could not get it today

What do you have?

Can I give you a jailbreak?



Mr. Mahatay


What happened, mister?

What happened, Dad?

From that time on, I was with myself


From childhood I cut off Subwo's hand

The confidant was Jalkeya

Can they save the lost ones alive?

These are for what, Dad?

The lad is Reddy's boyfriend
It's where he wants to die

Who said dad?

He wants this

Mm, I know everything

He knows that Narappa Reddy's son is there

He'll get the man out if he comes out Baleraddy

Why are not we?

There were 100 people in that day

Did you have something?

He did not spare any cuts
There was no bloodstained man

If you want to eliminate it ...

He did not even know the shadow he had

That's why

That's why he has not seen him

Make it up, check it

They want to finish

Anthropology thought it was easy

No, this is the father of Biologiy

Son of Cycology

What to do with your son?
His father needs to catch up

I'll laugh at evening

Ragawa, my special degree

Do not get it, right?


I do not look at you crazy

Have you heard about Frasinase?

Can be ruined

It has to go to a village with similar cases

People need to question him there

We need to build a record program

All this one is to be delivered in a month

I have a solution



Do not get it, right?

I do not look at you crazy



Italian tomatoes

It's a time management technology

25 minutes

Think good

This is 25 minutes

Do not look in here without the complete warning

What do you learn to learn

Where to do this documentary
You need to plan

Designed and done not just to write it

We worked hard

What did you learn?

Not Anthropology

Your father is very strong
Seeing someone to see you

You know what my father is shy about
- Really

Every time she gets angry, she cooks with her mother

Next day out

When your hands were like that, someone asked

Yesterday we cut down the cultivation with the villagers

That is why the following is a hand:

They lie that way

What are you, Reddy, in the village?

Not in this village

It's a thief ... lost

When the college finishes, I'll meet again tomorrow


But like this

Why did you stop here?

Sir College is here for school
Future kids may be born

It has to be first love before that
Nilemberam has to flower it

Why are you going over here?

Where is 6th C?
- Former block

Why was it here? gets up

Today you were swept

Target failed


Come back if you come

It's left

If you escape




Sir, sir, he will die, sir

Sir, he can not breathe, sir.

Do not hold that vengeance

You can live on that

He has seen destruction to this day

The sword that raised the sword did not even save children


Son of Berylidadi



Five minutes

Tell me why there is no reason to admit it

There was a lot of traffic

Like a friend in danger
Do not lie to me

You do not understand the truth, Auri

You know something

Before telling someone you need
Girls think a lot

He was not this one
 Ten people have been rejected

One is staying

Reminded him and closed his eyes
The whole world is forgetting

But you are not

The first girl to see her

He says that if he does not love, he will die

The name of the hand will be dropped

He bothered 24 hours until he likes

She likes not counting the girl

On the other side of the world

Yesterday I found my eyes right

Turned away today

Miss Cole and 20 minutes 40 minutes late

That's not late. And you've forgotten me for 40 minutes

A more important matter left me for you

You're not the first person in the world
I do not like it

Auré, what I'm saying

There is only one thing that one likes

Like yesterday

That's it

Like today

Take it


Have you seen that Raga Reddy?

Men sent Dad

What sent me?

Our car was sent by Dad

What's the number?

In 2222

In both cases, it's Dad

Two of them are four

Which people have been sent

That was said then

Meera Basha vali

This is why I'm buzzing

Call that Perandi

All right, Dad



Is your husband at home?

No, sir, Chyninia is your business
What happened to Mr. Mahendra Hyderabad?

There is nothing to worry about
She did not have anything, dear

Ugly, Reddy

Hussein Pear get a call

Switch off cell phone, Dad

Waiting for a cold ice inside the head
Do you know how to feel?

Before a tiger tricks
How do you know?

When a storm rattles inside your ears
How do you know?

It's like the cut-line that's the way it is

Cell phone when asked to talk about it
Let me turn off that one

Not my genes

Is not it my son?

This is where the office is out there
It's all over

I will go
- Dad

If he can not kill him, he can not
My sword shook the blood of his neck

Stop daddy's dad ... Daddy, stop

Dad, stay

Hey today I will die or it will die

Daddy, why are you leaving?
I will go

Hey, give me a break
- I'm leaving .... I'm leaving

I will go


I'm looking for Widener

I will kill myself at the place where it is found


No, sir

Basuraendi is where you are

You will not be better in this village again

I left but did not open the bed

Coming to school today, I will come home tomorrow

You think about those in this house
I'm worried about those people in that house

If they need it, it's Lamborghini
Trying to escape


But these are

Girls ... little kids

If anything happens to him, then whoever will kill him
How many people will be killed without suffering

And I'd like to stay in this house


need to

Ragaa Greetings, you do not have to be here now
That betel punishment was punished

Yes Sir, it shouted the lawyer very much and we talked
Two years now and I've been in five years

What time is it?

I did not agree because you were scared

Because I like it here

I will not leave at your address

I'm just hanging around when I think

Got it?



This is what this is saying

So what happened to us?


Come in early tomorrow, mister

Let's talk Rama's at home


It's her birthday

I was the one for her birthday
 I am trying to sow biryani I do not understand it

He likes me to make Miri Biriyani

It's a great choice

He tried to give Elves pork
He's on our head

As soon as Dad's talking
The machine was removed

We're all free to each other
That's what Raghava wants

Do not cheat us

Do not really dare

Should not be ... do not ...

I'll go to college alone

Who is going to let you go alone?
I'll take care of this

He's got a big deal, Dad

It's not normal, it's dope
Generally high

Where is your name?

He was put away

- Yes

Good daughter

He's always dropping you to the college
He's dropping him in the garage

He helps this old man
I have to tell him here

We have to respect the grown-ups

Whenever you're listening to Dad

Is Narpan Reddy's son come here?

Call me
- Right, sir

- Come on, sir



Tell me how can I help you?

I need a meeting with Balerendi

We need a solution to these conflicts

Everyone needs peace

Excuse me. Did you see a schoolboy?
She was from school uniforms


In some villages the tea is on edge
Brings it

But he gives it a glass saucer here

We're drinking a cup of coffee here

But it's easy to peel

Even if your village needs peace as well
I do not agree to meet you either


For thirty years, your province
As a politician, I'm working

Think about how to bring peace
To get tired

They put my hand in my arms and bomb them

Raga Reddy

Preparation is in your DNA

Does not change

It's ok not talking

Sorry, sir


Hello, this time, the phone
Why did not you take it?

Tell me about the meeting

Take Mallie's uniform for school
You do not see him at the mill

Sister, Sister ...

Let's get this guy

Hey, it's noisy
- Let's go

I was missing or killed
Quickly go


We're going to the city quickly
We need to pass

I understand what's going on

Listen to me without you talking

Does not your guy have one arm?
Or say Hmm

After that, Reddy


Go to your habit of killing yourself

We are politicians with the rest
We'll need it

Please bring more tea, sir

Aue, listen carefully to what I say

I'm scared, too
Now he's scared

I will put you on this car
They do not say that they will be saved

Because it's a lie
You're in danger now

That's true

They can threaten you

You can hit it

Can even kill you.

If that happens

All right, I'm crying for you

Only cry is alive

Turn speaker

He's talking to whom he's calling

I do not know who your people are

But I find it is not a hard task

You hijacked me

You can do what he wants today

But tomorrow


You're still a man from now on
Just listen to what's said

But you are now one male
Show me how to feel guilty

From now on, in which village you are hiding

With how many emails you are

If that girl is touched

Mahendra Veera is waiting for Reddy's sword
It's a promise to let you down


Not one of you

I will grab my leg and torture me to kill me

At this point, you showed only fear of death

You're hunting

At least I am you
The hopeful death is brought

When the death is spoken

This sounds like this

Bali Reddy

Do you know me

If you kill your child, kill him

Before you go to the village, I will come and kill you

Bangloor is near me here

First go there

Teach you there, kill your son

You're gonna lose everything to ask

You will not be allowed to cough well, Junior Reddy

It's like a dark cloud covering the sky
Hold Nashuddy


If you think of this wars

You're giving away the kid to his sister

Let me show you how to stay calm

Tell me you like

I'll show you pretty

I'll be there for you

Not only our own people, but sir

Our enemies are always listening

You saw yourself

Fighting is not my DNA, sir

Something I got with a kid

A guy who gets 100 feet in the well is getting water
What do you mean, dig up to 99 feet and stop?

You believe and open your hand

These are the same with 100, sir

Think about it

You did not have anything, did you?

I'm fine

I'm fine

- Anxi

I'm fine, Mom
- Aynda

How can i say goodbye
- What happened to him?

After so many things

Hey ..
- Hey, stop ... Stop ...

What kind of mistake he is attacking

Because you can not hit

Hey there ... stop ...

30000 rupees for his handsome business
That's why he got home

It's my fault?
- Yes

Talk to us about saving us

It's time for you to escape
We're on our way

Go ... go inside


I asked you to come from you

I do not have to go anywhere else
Please tell me to do it

I told you
- Going, sir

But there's a treasure in there

Now I'm going to see

Then come pick up

We got you the first time

I thought I had a solution to my problem

But a few days ago

I realized that you are the solution

No ... it's wrong

You say it

After a girl and a lad

A boy on the side of a girl
I'm seeing the world

That's wrong too

Because win every male in the world
You can leave aside

as me

On a trip you get a girl like yourself

If that girl is gone now

Fear of seeing me again

He gives him the first place

I think all the rest afterwards

Then you

Once again I won
It's supposed to win the world

I can not do it

You're coming to my war after the war

That day

Before you last me before one o'clock

I'm covering my eyes

That guy will introduce you to that guy

A woman's happy for a man
Make money to earn

Comfort if you give the gold
I think if you give it

Do not miss them ... if you give me some time

With my father and my mother
The time has not passed

25 years

The door is set

I put my head on his lap

Saying a song is waiting all night without sleep

I thought it was a pleasure to say

Now understand ....

It's my father's pain

Nagapapa Reddy made such a big mistake

So much for your wife

Did you hear the song that my mother once called or heard?

Wherever he is, he's coming back

I'm Chrisha Redd

The biggest trouble

Baladandry liked it

Sudarshana Reddith is coming to this discussion


The meeting has been organized

Thank you, sir

Mr. Rageau Reddy

I am the only thing you said
It's like this

Let's see if it will work for us advantageously

Or else the other side will work

best wishes

What war is he to win?

Where did he get a big win over that day?

Oh ... without saying what his fight is
When I go to dispute with him ...

Will you open your hand?

Because I was a little man, I came to the garage

I'm from him because he is rational
He demanded the same

Is there anything you did already in the way?
 That girl must understand

Why are you suffering for them?


Kiddie's going to the left to the left

Let's go south today

Then I saw people in my village

If they did not see them, they would not
I was worried about what happened


Because his brother told him to talk
I learned that Breese survived

That's why

We have to speak for the sake of gratitude
Not with our people but with our enemies

I met the Opposition Leader and spoke


We went to hide from the people of Besarbeddi
A house of his dad's client

Do you need more reasons?

Many good things came from him

If something bad happens

That's because of us, Dolphin

I kidnapped her myself

When one girl gets out of trouble
It's a big thing, a guy

But he saved himself again
If you get into trouble

Feeling embarrassed

If I'm here, to your life
Detection is Novembre

Why are the men?

All the others without us
Talking with

We do not even think we can do anything
I think

Who has allowed such things

Are you me?

No doubt you are

Is not it?

Where is Ragama's whereabouts?

To make a documentary program bags
Get ready and do not work

Mike sleep sleeping
 Ready to cook a tent

What's the secret number?

You know

Your card


Which way goes to Kommandy?

straight away
- OK, thank you

This too is just like us

That means
- Why do not you ask her about this dispute


Pay Rs. 5 for playing cards and losing it
Busy Reddie cut his head off from a bit of bitterness

His head is Corporal Kommandi
Brought to the police

Name Siddy Reddy ..
He's a good card player

Trust me if the cards are
Get him in his hands

This is how the conflict started

It is also a question of Rs. 500 argument

And what about Raga Reddy?

Forget it, the maid is his first
Ask Dad what he did

One of our Pasadurdy's dead
We're going to kill two of them

Why should another Panchayat get this?

Dad ... Dad look at his eyes so much
People are kidding, they do not care

Why are you staring at me?

Tell your son
Dad, you do not know

Five of you are locked up in darkness, Siva Reddy

It's not normal, it's dark

- Get out

That's angry Thima Redady, Bashediddi

He was kissing the daylight

So did not they file a complaint?

What kind of case, ma'am, is here

This lady does not know what works here

She killed her father, Reddy

Therefore, it's the Red River's father
Nagappa Reddy was killed

And what else was the same?

do not Cry

It's time out

Where is Reddy? Where is Subaru?

Komedadne must shift to the death of his father

The whole election was going on

But when I got in, I knocked down Reddy
They were killed because they were claiming to come forward

Reddy lost it
I did not

He's Trim Reddy's grandson

He has the strength of Grandma
They cut everything off

That's great
Getting the bodies in the car

Everywhere a village was wet with tears

After that

What do you know ...
For the last six months, she was not seen

Hey, sorry ...

I'm sorry to stop

Please stop

When he told me, Reddy went away
Why are you leaving?

That's when I said things

Chinaman has gone from here

Is not this the fight?

There's no one here to hear that word

That all of this was a meeting

The people of Narpanza Reddy's are Anantapuram
He was killed in the lounge

His name's also little
This is Raga Reddy

Seven years ago in peace
We fought that they should live

He killed a man under a lorry

Come on, let's go
- What happened?

Let me tell you later, let's go from here first
- Speaking

What are you talking about?

Today, our Rage Reddit came with Reddy's son
And this is for a meeting

- today

Sudharshan Reddy
- Welcome

Come on

It's not Signal

Come on, Ragda, Reddy

Hey ... hey ... he's going out

Why are Ragda Reddy these meetings?

From your father's time, it's Kandah
The advantage is on your side

Why should I have peace with them?

Sudarshan Reddy not about losing this matter

About living

This is even worse for this generation
How can I stop?

He made a decision that we did not give him a hand

This meeting is not going to work

Do you know about this meeting Pasredure?

I still do not know when the two first arrive at an agreement

Come to agreement with the man
Come with me, Krishna Reddy

He tried to kill my dad

He told me to kill my kids
- Balaradiddi

The guy will be killed here

Going to jail

My father was a minister

Bail out and come out

- Brother

Give me a knife

You and I will go to jail

My aunt's minister
I'm also getting bail out

That's not just for you

I have

Tell you a story?

Two acres of land

You can not go on your own

He took his wife to work

His six year old daughter

I was at home

Waiting for a full month brother

To cry

She came out with him

I got the girls

Politics fight a bomb
In a village like this

Find a bus somewhere, Reddy

10 km away in the hospital

When I take Cymes to the hospital

Doctor said that it was too late

His brother cried

Tell me this story again?

Two acres are farmers

Currant water is in need

Wives are left alone alone

Cultivate going to Ubudu

Mom keeps things home from home

My daughter went to school

He's playing in the sun on the sun
There can be

He got to himself

This village has no politics
Not a fight or a separate fight

There are so many buses

I took the kid with the hospital

He was provided with Doctor Salon

I was sent home

The next morning ...

The child went to study

Mom too laughing

Your father wrote the first story

The second one

I'm trying to write

What do you want to do Baladradi?

Tell yourself

Yeah ... what my father did wrong

He killed a man for Rs. 500

And what did your dad do?

They killed two men who did not have anything to do with it

What do they say?

We started right

Have you stopped?

We've been killed and accepted

Are you out of your mind?

He hit again, did not he?

Why Rage Reddy?

Why not talk?

I'm very sorry

I'm no longer my dad anymore

Even if you do not come here
And apologize to my father

Your dad followed that murder case
My dad sat on it and talked to him

These people live in 20 villages
Life could have changed

At least give our children even that opportunity

The value of this peace

Five years

Member of Parliament

A minister

I like

I'm not competing

You win

This is not what it was before. Why do not you read it, Reddy

You've been here for the past
I got a couple of vehicles, and I'm a little Reddy

I talked

This is why this road took 4 vehicles this time
Talk like this

To the one who seeks the war

There is no right to call for peace

He has my phone number

Put a mask

If yes, yes

After you leave MLA this right
Let's go meet your father

If you do not answer

From the pillow, in the case of tougher cuts
Until Collie Reddy's circling

From Kanda Reddy colony of Karna
 Ananda Pumble Chab tower

They are hiding in the battles but in Belagampalan
Not even a handful in the middle


The neck is broken first

Krisna Reddy all this time
In my political life

No one from the area

I did not see him taking revenge

For the first time

This is the first time

At one time
The goal is changing

The trump says in the film field
The business is in style

Politicians say that it's a clan ..
Generations say

But it was new to each generation
To take an objective in the past ..

One is coming

His best player is

You see, Baleraddy


That's the best player

The sword of your province and powerful peace are powerful

He decides

Still not normal, Baleraddy

Milk it is not a cat



And then your will

Hello ..
- Raga

Yes, yes.
How are you?

Why am I alright?

How is she?
- All right

She's not been through anything

You have a meeting with Bassurabedi's son
We were scared here, we were

That's not where are you?

Comanche came

Why did you go there?

Can my mother-in-law's village come for me?

Awi, this is not normal
Listen carefully to what I say

You'll first come to our house in the morning

There my men are there
Tell them to call me

Got it?


Abe, I'm just saying ....
- You understand ...

The village is so beautiful
People like to be peaceful

Is this a fight like this?

Is not it that you are very sad?

Start ... Where ... Start

Why Breakaway Failed

Come on, daughter
- Thank you very much

It needs to be built

Are you eating?

Eat here ... A lot of food here is delicious
Listen, listen

The car is broken

It came with a bit of fixing it

Who is it?

Do not you even know the name? Sin

Please, town girl

Not knowing your name here
Do not talk about your husband's name

Tomorrow you'll marry Veera Raga Reddy
Do not say ... it's not right

My husband

My interest

Talk to me

Because somebody is yours
Is the fight over?

I was trembling to see

Oh, drink time

Do not cry

Is that the voice of A Bunny?

Hey now

Like it?

That's Ragavaddee


Do not scare me anymore

Just scared
A man needs some

is it?

is it? is it?


That's enough

Yes, that's all. That's it. That's all

What happened?

It's awkward

Want money?

You can not endure big brother

Can not look at the eyes

What happened?

Ganderkeda are the people of Obedeli
I'm killing myself, my husband

No, who said Bun?

That Subo's Evvo

- We are kidding on the day we returned from the city when they ran away

Better not dead
- why?

Listen to her voice
- Whose voice

When you hear that Ragawa Reddy's voice
I'm shaking hands

But is the launch finished?

He's afraid to marry him
It's true that the girl got off

But these are also what's really great

Not even in the car
Did not have a stiffness to stop anyone?

Your son
- Hey

That rude did not make it, Reddy

The man did not open his hand
What is your son doing?

What are you talking about?

Your son, without your knowledge, with him
Talk to everyone

I'm not a traitor

Am I just wrong?

Bothellay, done at night, sir

He attacked his head with crazy stuff

They're not really sure of me, mister

It will be removed from them
I want to lose my life

That's why

You thought to get rid of you first

I'm sorry, gentleman

I'm sorry, gentleman

You did not have honor, Dad

Nobody to contest from this village

The leader of the party said that he could be MLA

It will not happen, Dad

Otherwise, that one
Redhouse Reddy told you to kill you

Fucking dad



Does it feel like dying?
- Dad

Shortly thereafter

There is not a single feeling

But Baladradi

When I kill you, I would die.

You need to be dead

It's better to die Baladradi

But it's a shame to be afraid

It's a terrible disgrace

How did Baladridi deal with him?

You should be a minister
But it's a god

You have the power

But it's prestigious to go


Not everything has changed. Everything
There must be old stuff

Even if the kids revenge

Marion ... Marion ...

Because I'm sorry about her voice
I'm afraid to be scared

Now, I have not seen anything

Hey Baleraddy

Hey Paseurddi

He killed my son but the sinner

Do not you get up
Do not be so good at all

You had to die without killing my son

I've lost my life

Hey, get out

How many more are going to kill?

Please, my son ... son ... son ...

Hello, Ariel

Raga Reddy

Going bumblebee?

Do you commit my son?


Because you killed my son

My village is home to your village

Honey is burning

Are you telling the truth?

I killed my son

There was a rumor to stop this fight

That peace does not come back

Another change is what the bun ... go

Change Pasuredee

How wonderful?

30 years ago, you
This is where it started

Let's change where we are

Then there you are

What are you doing?
I'll take care of it


What's changed?

Where have you changed?

When my father is gone

I did not kill myself
I do not know

I did not die

Your neck cut
I did not know that I was so angry

Do not you?

Because my grandmother was listening, I got my knife into the ground
I did not know myself

Open your hand

You're behind your back, girl

A fight can be stopped by discussing
I did not know when she called me

These days are not stopping

You're just changing

I do not know how that is. I do not know why Reddy

But I will

It's definite

At the hospital, on the hospital
From here are two miles

Two lives
Take us to death

Remember, you cut off the backpack

You heard your voice muddy trousers moist

This is the Biryadi who killed you

All three were added



But before the kill

This is not the old Raga Reddy

Prasaddi's son was killed

The Rev. Rev.

This is more than this
There will be a massive struggle

How's that gonna change, Reddy

But I've lost more time
Get off soon

This Subwoo's boyfriend, Patriot

When you grow older, who did this to you

Everything came together after years
He starts bombing again

If you stop it, you're done

How's that gonna change?

500 rupees was not watered
Or righty, Reddy

The way it started 30 years ago
It's still here

This house is at home somewhere
It's operational

How's that gonna change?

How can you change Reddy?


The knife is also marketed here
Take it




Not like the old road

This time you are near

I'm here

But you do not have to save

Everything about you happened

But just what you need to do
You yourself have to write

Write anything else

What can I write?

When one man died, the ceremony
This is a village

What's New What?

Will their children live in the future?
He is also determined not to

We need to go to jail
He needs to live on bail

If the bomb explodes in his own hand

Submarine does not have any hands
There will be someone left Zubu

What else can you write about me?

The eyes of the eyes are full of dust

Houses that are not even eaten

This is a scorching village

This is an animal that dwells in its blood

What's new about Ari

It's me, I think, to make this plentiful land in this village

But this knife is about to be used for this purpose

What else is left to write

I do not know who this is


To kill them?

To save two men
Three men to kill?

This is the war I do not want

Here only the sounds of death are heard

What can I write?

Hey, Karappa

What are you waiting for?

He killed his father

He's dancing tears for me

If she goes on her way, we will
Life can survive

Get it

Day mara

They thought my kids were you
Do you oppose me all?

You are a son who has been killed without a heart

I'm talking like a son

Am I a bastard?


Little mister

Nothing happens to your people

That's what I promise

Give this a good word
Like protecting it, it protects it

See if you want to see it

Hey Suba

For 30 years, I looked after my son
How are you doing?


How did you know how to change it?



Listen to what you say and change
I'm not Balaradevi

Cry tears of the eyes
I'm not sweet

Stay thirsty for the Bessuredi bun

How to change



Talk to your son
There was a desire to make a difference here

You killed her

Against the back of one hand
Seeing them had the same desire

Do not let him kill Busteradei

That's why you're killing yourself

You were living here
No peace will come

You know that you are dead

You have to live

And also need to die

That's why you live in death
Do not tell anyone

Take revenge on my father's death
You did not kill yourself, Paseurbedi

Your son is killed because he was killed.

Will others have their sons killed?
They're frightened


Come with only those who believe

My husband killed my son and ran away

This is the record to write

Come on, Mom
- to where?

Give nominations

Do not make decisions from Ragawaddy Gama

But what does he know?

What we do know, Sir, over there with him

My grandmother

His brothers died, but his own son died

It is not for such a god to worship God

I did not wish to have Brasurevedy, sir

My mother

Daddy was raped, not crying

PAZEUREDDI: Think about taking revenge
Not at all

My aunt

Somebody's at home

To destroy the food
Not at all

Now this is mom

They killed my son and my husband
Come here and fight to stop

Whatever the village is for me
I did not miss it

You and the police know that sir

It's wrong to create an incorrect post

A mother who gave her blood, sir

What can not be

This is where the MLA is here

No one has my family in my village
Do not stand out

Anybody there?

Subtitle by Nepali Dude

A centralized view of the sub-heading of the subtitle -

And the ghost story

Are the people who were sent to the school in Brasuradue?

They have a door that can be pulled

Another door locker

Eat foods for weeks

Get out of there, too
Their eyes were forever

Today they see how to solve it

That's why it came

Now they come out with something, Coreot

The person who survived is back
I'm not going to sink

This is not me

He said

For revenge

You take the knife again to this address

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