Apostle (2018) - full transcript

The year is 1905. Thomas Richardson travels to a remote island to rescue his sister after she's kidnapped by a mysterious religious cult demanding a ransom for her safe return. It soon becomes clear that the cult will regret the day it baited this man, as he digs deeper and deeper into the secrets and lies upon which the commune is built.

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My dearest father

I pray that you have not been consumed
with worry

in the time that has passed
since I was taken.

I write to you in the hope that you will
put an end to my suffering

on this wretched island.

My captors inform me
that if I am to survive,

you must travel here alone with the means
to purchase my freedom.

That should a man of law,?be sent
in your stead, it would seal my fate.

Father, I grow weary.

"I fear our Lord no longer hears
my prayer.

Yet still, I pray for your presence

for my savior.

Please bring me home.

Your beloved daughter


The world thinks you're dead.

And then, till I found you,
I thought the same.

That ransom letter

it was addressed to him.

Look at him.

He's broken.

He lost.

Doesn't even know you're here
let alone that she's gone.

Whatever ill there is that stands

stands between you and him,
not your sister.

She needs you, Thomas.

Now more than ever.

And what of the ransom?

They won't be expecting you.

Stay hidden among his flock.

But do not pay the ransom they seek

until you see her.


These people

they're blasphemers

a cult, a disease.

Be careful. Be smart.

Bring her home.

Have your tickets ready, please.

All printed materials,?corrupting images,
ornaments, decorations from the mainland

are strictly forbidden.

Clothing and heirlooms only.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, sister.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, sister.

May I help you, brother?
Much thanks, sir.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, sister.

Thank you, sir.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, sister.

Welcome, brother.

Full ahead!


Forgive me, it's just

I don't recall having seen you
at any prayer meetings.

Nor I you.

Some happenstance?

Quite. Only

Only we meet now.

We do.

It was as intended.

Only She decides whether to give or take.

We do not intervene.


Let me, sir.

Welcome to Erisden, sir.

Should you need anything
I don't need anything, boy.


Prepare the table.
Aye, Father.

All new citizens, please line up.

Oh, my!

Open your mouth, please.
Put your tongue out.

Okay, thank you.

Elaine Williams.

Thirty eight.

Hello. Let's look here.
Skill or trade?


Tell of your donation.
I offer my undying devotion

Open your mouth
and put your tongue out, please.

drop of my blood?to Our Lady.
As we should.

Criminal record?


Worry not, Elaine.
You'll want for nothing here.

Please take your receptacle.

Welcome to Erisden, Elaine.

That's good.


Thomas Richardson.

How long ago did he begin?

I have no idea.

At least I'm not the last to arrive.
He hates that.

You've got, uh something on your

Don't tell.




Enemy of the King.

Those are the words
they attributed to me

as they shackled my hands
and the hands of my brothers

before they imprisoned us
on the charge of treason.

Sentenced to death.

But for what?

My only crime was to dare to dream
of a world

in which each waking day we rise equal.

Compassion is no crime.

But my fate was not to be found in death,
my friends.

No, no.

Three brothers we became

bonded by our escape.

Stowaways, cast into the rough seas.

Oh, the taste of the ocean beating down
my throat, I shall never forget.


nor will I

the sweet, sweet sound

of her voice

as she beckoned us out of the storm.


the goddess of this island,

who saved us

and who chose my

chose my tongue through which to speak.

A man who once walked godless,

she gifted me her wisdom,

entrusted me that I may enrich
your minds.

I ask you all where is the land
which has no call for wars?


Arms? Money? Nor taxes?

Well, that land is here.

No tax gatherer's bill shall ever
threaten our church door!

We, I tell thee, we

we are free men.

Come on! Let's play!

Wait for me!

What's this?

He wouldn't tell us where the money is.

Well, now you've so broken the man,
he can't tell us

even if he wanted to!

You've brought the wrong man.
It's him.

Of course it's him.
He's the one that gave me this.

It has the mark.

My brother.

I have promised you a life of
riches without the icy sting of suffering,

greed, and injustice.

And yet here you are

and there you suffer.

Ssh, ssh.

We have an intruder on our land.

He's out there somewhere.
He knows to remain hidden.

We have to find him.

Did you miss me?

You were only away for two sunsets.

Aye, and two sunrises.

One day, I promise,
we won't have to hide like this.

We'll have our own house,
with our own name.

We can take this boat and use the wood.


You're going to build me a house
using this now, are you?

No, you're right.
It's a stupid stupid idea.


I'm sorry.

It's beautiful.

And look, we have enough to make
a front door,

enough to carve the name
of our home onto it,

and we can hang it up in the rafters.

And everyone who knows us,
they'll see and they'll know it's ours.

No one will ever stop me
taking care of you.

I love you, Jeremy.

Ffion, we shouldn't.

It's all right.

I'm with you, Jeremy.

Call to quarters!

Back to your dwellings!

The hour of night is here.

Call to quarters!




It's okay.

Who is it?

It's, um It's me, sir.

What is it?

Time for work.

Five more, and she'll do!

Five more!

What is it?

Uh, sir, last night, I'd like to know
why you What

Why was I outside?

I was having a cigarette.

Why were you?

Such distrust.

And I was of a mind
I could put my faith in you.

Sorry, sir. I beg your forgiveness.

I mean no insult or quarrel, I just

I have limited thought, and


No, I apologize, Jeremy.

Forgive my lack of grace.

I will gladly forgive you, sir

so long as you'll be so good
as to help me?

With what?

You dragged this here by yourself?

Not I. A man.

Malcolm, he says the man wanted
to bring death here.?Says he was a spy.

He tried to leave, but the sea took him.

She protected us.

Did she?

Do many seek to leave the island?

Just the blasphemers.

Are they granted safe passage?

Why do you ask, sir?
You've been here but a day.

I can trust you, can't I, Jeremy?

Of course, sir. What bothers you?

Sir, I must go now.
No, you don't!

You know her. Yes, you do,
I can see that you do.

For Christ's sake, be a man, not a child.

I don't know of what you speak.
You're lying!

Please, I should go. I should.

Look her in the eye and lie to me again.
You know her.

Say it.

I knew her.

A month ago, she was on our boat.

Frank said we had no choice.

The crops are failing,
the animals have stopped breeding.

We have no means to smuggle food
in from the mainland.

He said her father was rich,

but we only wanted his money
so we wouldn't starve.

But it never came.

Why didn't you help her?

Look at me, Mr. Richardson.

If they thought I had any part,
if they caught her in my charge

They? Who's they?

Prophet Malcolm's guards.
Please, sir, I beg of you.

If you are in possession of the ransom
they seek, do not pay it.

You, boy, are in my charge.

If you wish to keep your affair
with that girl in the shadows,

you will serve me during my time
on this land,

and hold fast the purpose
of my being here. Do you understand?


Hold her down, for fuck's sake!

Jesus, it's turned.


We cannot go on like this.

She will gift us another pure harvest.

Have faith.

All new arrivals,
please make your way to the church!


What is it?

Tell me.

You're you're knowledgeable.

You would know if I

if I should be with child.

Well, first, you and Jeremy
would have to

Frequently For many moons.

Andrea, I know what we do is a sin.

Do you love him?

With all my heart.

Then do not judge yourself as sinners.

When was it you last bled?

The winter months.

That may already be your answer.

But there are ways to see

To know


All new arrivals are requested
at the church.

As the leader of this community,

it seems I have failed to make clear
the rules

that bind us.

Under no circumstances

are any members of this village,
new or old,

permitted to venture out
after the ringing of the night bell.

But last night

one of you

broke that rule.

Kneel if you would be so kind.

Book of Therese,

verse seven, chapter 12.

"For I shall profit not

I will seek not"

"the gold of my brother,

for he hath not more than I,
nor I than him.

For my life"

Shh, shh.

"For my life is not defined
by consumption,

wealth, and material goods.

It is an echo of my neighbor
and of my neighbor's neighbor.

We, the people of"

"We, the people of Erisden,

stand bonded in our unity,

stand united through equality,

for we shall suffer not,

shall want not."


For King and country!


This heathen land

will burn!


Treat the man! Do it!


He was from the mainland. An assassin.
His knife has the King's markings.

Did you bring anyone at all
that you weren't supposed to?

If the knife of that bastard
cut just one of us,

we all bleed together.

If your blood has been shed in my name,
I shed mine for you.


I'm indebted to you, brother.

Your act of bravery
shall not go unrewarded.

You have my word.

Today the King sends spies.
How long before he sends ships?

I want spotters stationed
along the coastline.

Strengthen our defense.

Load the carriages, arm the barricade.

Travel to the north point.
To the north point!

We're not done here yet.

The intruder still walks,
and we have a ransom to find.

All right, collect the girl.

If he insists on remaining hidden,
we'll show him the consequences.

Afraid I spilt a little.

How dare you!

How long did this collection take?

Trinkets like these
are not easily acquired.

My uncle.

My mother's kin.

He's a doctor.

Is that your mother?


She died giving birth to me.

I'm sorry.

My uncle says I remind him of her.

Says it gives him peace to know
she lives through me.

All my life, he's been the only one
who could look at me,

see her, and still smile.

My father

sometimes I can just see it his eyes.

A resentment.

Do you resent him?

Your father, for bringing you here.

Mr. Richardson
Don't misunderstand me.

I'm glad that he did, but

You strike me as somebody
with more to give this world

than merely being the daughter
of a prophet.

Do you resent yours?
Oh, every day.

A few drops of these
should see you through the night.

I'll come by tomorrow
to change your bandages.

Thank you, Miss Howe.

Call to quarters!

People of Erisden!

Hear me!

The woman you see before you

has broken the laws of our land!

She is an agent of a dying god

and a weak King.

She's come here to corrupt

and destroy our community!


there is another.

Her kin is here also.


I call to him now!

Make yourself known.

Make good on the debt

that she owes

and forgiveness shall be hers.

Stay in the shadows

and it be the Heathen's Stand
that awaits ye both!

Very well.

No! No!

Don't! No!


No, no!



Please, no!

The sands of time are sinking!

Her life is in your hands!

Let them play.

You good?

We don't have the resources
for this, Malcolm.

These festivities will decimate
our livestock.

Celebrating our way into starvation.

Tonight, while they celebrate

we'll search their rooms.

If he's here, we'll know it.

First, we find the money, then we'll

Well, we'll deal with them both.
Trust me, this ends tonight.


Off from her, now!

Can we at least
afford this woman her dignity?


Slowly, or your body will reject it.

Thank you.

I'll see to it that no one harms you.
I promise.

Just hold strong.

Come on!

Get up!


Be ready.


Good evening.

Well, hello.

What's all this?

There's more to life
than harvest and prayer, Mr. Richardson.

It's called "fun". You should try it.

Are you going to ask me to dance?

It would be an honor,
my lady, but

do you think the prophet will permit?

I'm not sure my father?would be persuaded.

I sincerely doubt he'd be happy
with hands such as these

on the hips of his good little girl.

These are far from scholarly hands,
Mr. Richardson.


And I never proclaimed to be as such.

Your eyes

they've seen things.

Who are you?

Will you excuse me, Andrea?


Come on.

I found these.
You've done well. Let's go.

Are you going

We're wasting our time here, Quinn.

Every room, Malcolm.

Let's move on!

What is it?

It's the house.

Frank! Frank!

The house!

Close it after. Don't seal it.
Yes, sir.

Jeremy if you meet any trouble

use this.

No matter who it is.

Thank you.



Go on, go!



Down here.

He's inside.

Okay, Frank, take my hunting rifle,
get down there and flush him out.

Quinn, stand guard should he return.

Should be me down there.

I want him a prisoner in possession
of answers, not a corpse.


Don't hesitate.

You see him, you shoot him.

Wait, don't shoot! It's me!

Jesus Christ, man!




You showed yourself.

To him.


He's not to be trusted.

He won't worship you

as I.


No more shall you poison our crop.

I swear you shall starve,

lest you give us pure harvest!

No! No!






You found it.

What is this?

You wouldn't believe me.


Change into these.

What happened to you?

My faith.

I once held fast a belief in the divine.

Like you, I

knelt before a deity.

Armed with the book of Jesus Christ, I

led my parish into the heart of Peking.

And we showed them the glory
and the love of God himself

and then they showed us the Devil.



Blessed be, my Father,
I beg of You, hear my prayer!


As Your faithful servant,
in this hour of need,

I pray for Your divine intervention!


Please! Show Yourself!


The promise of the Divine
is but an illusion.

Nothing in this world is pure

except for Jennifer

my sister.

Always in my heart.

She did not abandon me then

and I will not abandon her now.

As for God,

he left me, left all of us to suffer.

But you survived.

Only my body, and barely that.

God is pain

is suffering

is betrayal.
Is forgiveness.


Thomas, let me help you.

Says the daughter of the man
who wants me dead.

No. Not I, and not my father.

Child, you must be blind
to think otherwise.

He may be many things, Mr. Richardson,
but he's not a murderer.

He wouldn't.
Oh, he would.

And he has.

"Beware of false prophets
which come to you in sheep's clothing,

but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Andrea, you know it to be true.

My sister

is no traitor.

No spy.

She didn't come here.

She was taken.


She provided for us


Enough of your superstition.

Where are we?

Worry not.
They won't know to look for you here.

It's toxic.

All the crops have become riddled
with impurities.


All this land

it's scorched earth that we live upon.

And yet, somehow, it grows.

Why now?

I don't know.

Perhaps her strength is fading.

Or something has angered her.


Ffion, Frank wants I should travel
with him today to the mainland.

Then I'll be at shore
to greet you at sunrise.

He wants I should stay there.


And I want only should you be there
by my side

as my wife.

Well, you know yourself,

your father would never allow it.
Me, you


our child.

We could be together

any time of any day.

To love each other.


Wait right here.
I have something for us.


Father, please. I can explain.

Please! I was going to tell you. Please


Tell me now!

What suspicions have ye confirmed?

Father, no!


Inform me, child!
Lest I see what ye hide!

It's mine to keep!

Where you going, Frank?

The boy and me are leaving.


Sorry, Malcolm.

I can't be part of this anymore.
I won't.

This community needs you.

I need you.

You need my boat.

I was happy following you

when this was all about the word
of your heart.

Come on, Frank. This

this is our island.

We built this

with our own hands. You, me Quinn.

It's our paradise.

No. It's our hell,
and I'm dragging the boy down with me.

And you, your Andrea.

No, no.

No, no, you're wrong, Frank.

We have homes here. We have families.

We have faith.
Oh, faith

We have a god in chains
poisoning us from the inside out.

We have an innocent man's blood
on our hands.

We have a kidnapped girl, held for ransom.

I'll go to my grave washing the blood
of that wee soul from my hands.

This place, this community, it's broken.

Then we'll fix it!


It's finished.

You know it in your heart.

Whose is it?

Who put that inside you?


Father, do not see it
for the judgment of his actions.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Pray no.

Not him.
He followed only what I asked.

This is a harlot's tongue!

Them be a whore's lips
that move before me!

Look into my eyes,

and see the daughter that stands
frightened and in need of a father's love!

You have no idea
what monstrosity grows inside you!

This is an abomination!

A bastard mongoloid breed!

To be born in lumps of twisted flesh
no mother would ever call her own.

Yes child.

I've seen it.

I've seen it.

That thing

It will kill you.

I won't stand for it.


No! No!

No! Stop!


You did this.

You put your seed

inside my beautiful angel.

I had no choice.

My Ffion.

My daughter!

And you

took her from me.




Agh! Agh!


Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Somebody help!

He killed her!

He killed my girl!


No, I didn't.


Don't let him escape!

After him!

After him!

This way!

Prepare the Heathen's Stand!

By order of purification!

But, sir, only Prophet Malcolm

Malcolm is not the divine ruler
of this land!

Now, follow my orders.

Or I swear

by the blood of my kin

ye shall face the same fate.


Sound the alarm.

What's happening?


Jeremy! Jeremy!

Please, help me. I didn't hurt her.
I swear I didn't touch her!

What are you talking about?
What's happened?

Jeremy, where is Ffion?

I didn't do it! It was him.
He ripped our child from her!

Get back!

The boy killed her.
He needs to be purified.

Pick him up!




Listen to his words!


Jeremy! Agh!


No! Stop, please!


You monster!

Restrain him!

You know that boy would never hurt Ffion.

He has nothing but love
in his heart for her.

Is this the love of which you speak?

I, a father

robbed of kin,

even in this,

a moment of unforgiving grief,

am merciful.

Am I not?

How could you? How could you?
He shall be cleansed


according to the edict of this land.

Don't let this happen!
Please, don't let this happen!

Oh, please! Please!

Let us begin.

I've wanted this.


I grant unto thee

this symbol of purity.

Let it guide you.

Pray for him.



My boy!

My boy!

Take him.


Tragedy befalls us both, my friend.

Your boy took my Ffion.

No, not my boy!

What have you done?
I have brought justice.

Give me my boy!


No, you have no right.

I am still the leader of this land!
Not anymore!

This man be a false prophet!

He is weak.

We've suffered for it.

I have faltered, aye.

And I am repentant.

We can rebuild anew.

Ask yourselves

who will see us through
these dark days?

Who will see to it
that this land sustains us?

Who will drive a spear

through the hearts
of those that oppose our god?

But at what cost?
Whatever it takes.

Prove yourself.

This man is the enemy
we have long sought.

He seeks to destroy

our way of life.

We demand justice!

Do we not?

Before the eyes of your child

and all that doubt you

take this man's life.

Father, don't.

Hush, child.

Lift him.

Father, do not mistake this man
as thy enemy.

Trust me, child, I do not mistake him.

I know who this man really is.
As do I of you!

Please be not who I fear you have become.

What are you doing, Frank?

Stay back! This has to end.

Frank? Wait!
She has to die.


Thomas, stop it. Please! Please

This way!

Burn it all down.



Take your hand off my gun, Malcolm.
It's over, Quinn. Look at him.

Let go!
I said look at him!




Ssh. It's Thomas.

It's Tom, it's Tom. Ssh.

Ssh. It's Tom.

I'm going to get you out,
I'll get you out.

I'll get you out.

Ssh. I've got you.

Ssh, ssh.

Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer!

Ssh, ssh.

Ssh, ssh.

Let me see you. Let me see you.

I can't.
I know. I know. Ssh.

I am going to get you out of here.


Father They told me you were dead.

Well, to him, I was.

But I'm here now

for you.

Upon bended knee,
I call upon Thee.

Please, Lord

protect me in my hour of need.

And watch over my father.

Guide me as I seek solace

from the hurt of those
who wish to inflict it.

I beg of You

hear my prayer.

























Oh, how I've waited for you, my son.

How dare you!

My father will see to it that you never

Your father can't help you no more, child.

I saw to it.



I've sat and watched

as those ingrates
gave thanks to your father.

False prophet

hiding behind a false god!

I should have had that praise!

Should have been me they thanked!

After all, it was I that imprisoned her.

I, who discovered
what she could do for us.

Hold her legs down!

Set me free, my child.

Forgive me.

Your father was right about her.

You put a god between your enemy
and the people,

put the word of the Almighty
between the crosshairs of their muskets,

you'll see!

The people won't falter not one bit!


binds you.




But she's no god.

She's just a machine.

You feed her

and she



he was soft.

When the blood of the animals
stopped working

he tried to feed her himself.


He fell victim to faith.

He would have let us all starve.

Instead of doing what needed to be done.

Instead of feeding her
what she needed to be fed.

Look above you.

That will be your sun

your cloud

your moon

your only way of knowing
that a day has passed.

And many will.

For I will save this village.


will avail your bodies to me.

And when it is ripened

I will feed her

the flesh of your womb.

And every year

we shall celebrate.





Your Bibles!

Your texts!

We must leave this island now!

Quinn! Where's Quinn?

He took her! He took Andrea!

The church!

Don't let the boat leave without her.
May God be with you, Mr. Richardson.

And also with you.

Unchain us!

Consider it a mercy.




No! No!



The boat's waiting for you.

For all of us.

We have to go.

No! Thomas!

Go! Leave me

You'll never make it.
No! I can't leave you.

You have to. Look at me, Jen.

I can't feel my legs.

I don't want to lose you again.

You never did,
and you never will.

Don't do this

Not now!

This world has taken so much from me.

But in all my pain,
even in my darkest days,

I swore
I swore it would never take you.

Now go, get on that boat,

live, and be the light
that guides me to eternity.

Always in my heart.

And you And you in mine.

Pray for me.

Come, children! Quickly!

Join the boat!

We leave now!