Anything for Her (2008) - full transcript

Lisa and Julien are married and lead a happy uneventful life with their son Oscar. But their life radically changes one morning, when the police comes to arrest Lisa on murder charges. She's sentenced to 20 years of prison. Convinced of his wife's innocence, Julien decides to act. How far will he be willing to go for her?


The last 3 years

We're back.

Was he good?

He only cried when you left.

You came at 8:30, right?

So I owe you 40 euros.


Your brother called.
He can't make rugby tomorrow.

I'll call you about Saturday.

Have a good night.

Let's see if you can eat by yourself.

Take the spoon.

Give it a try.

Ok, I'll do it.

You got it all over!

But he can feed himself now.

Picture time.

You're taking one every morning?

Yeah. Till he's 18.

When's your class?

Eleven, but I've got papers to grade.

Can you get Oscar tonight?

I'd rather you did.

The deadline's tomorrow
and Meyral's tense.

She's so hard to deal with.

Tell her to shove it.
You could quit.

To stay home
and look after my husband?

In your dreams!

By the way,

your mom called yesterday.

Open up.

You didn't call your dad
for his birthday.

I forgot.


You promised, Julien.

Here, show me how you do it.

Good job!

You two should learn to communicate.

Get going, you'll be late.


A big bite.

Police. Mr. Auclert?

Don't move.

- This way.
- Search the flat.

Up against the wall!

You're hurting me!

Calm down.

I'm calm, dammit!

Lisa Auclert?

We're taking you into custody.

- What? Why?
- What'd she do?

Let me go!

- Take her away.
- What's the charge?

What's the charge?



I haven't done anything!

Let me go!

We'll be searching your flat now.

Let me go, dammit!


Back to bed.
Everything's ok, honey.

You can sleep with Dad.

Let's get some sleep.

You're mad at Jeremy?

Sometimes he's nice
and sometimes he's not nice.

Not nice?

He hit Carlos really hard and hurt him.

- Where'd he hit him that hurt so bad?
- In the playground.

The playground? Wow.

It's a toy car.

Can I go in?

Don't worry.

They'll give it back.


Hi, honey.
Can Mommy get a kiss?

- Give me a kiss.
- Go on, Oscar.

You promised.

Did Daddy read you my letters?

You promised.

Did they find the girl
from the parking lot?

I saw the detective last night.


He's questioning
all the junkies in the area.

But it's been 3 years.

That girl exists, she was there.

I know.

He'll find her.

I saw the lawyer.

She doesn't seem optimistic.

She is.

You're handsome.

What about money?

I sorted it with the bank.

Sell my mother's house.

There's no need. I can handle it.

Don't worry.

I'm scared, Julien.

We'll do it this time. You'll see.

Trust me?

We'll do it.

Bye, honey.

Will you draw me a picture
next week?

I love you.

Take care of yourself.

Bye, honey.

Let's go, honey.

Come on.

Hi, kiddo.


- Coffee?
- Thanks.

Where'd we leave off?
You start.

Me, me!

Your turn.


Staying for dinner?

No thanks.

Your brother could go
to court with you.

No, Mom.

Or I could. Dad'll watch Oscar.

I'd rather go alone.

As you like.

Everything will be fine.

I hope so. She's at wits' end.


I'm sorry.

Not enough new evidence,

and the old evidence
is stacked against her.

Her fingerprints on the weapon...

The janitor's testimony...

The victim's blood on her clothes,

and how she tried to wash it off.

Plus, she had a motive.

That's ridiculous.

- Don't touch me.
- Shut up!

Everyone argues with their boss.

You don't get 20 years.


But this boss
was found dead afterwards.

Julien, I'll be frank with you.

You must accept
that Lisa is staying in prison.

It's over.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me,
I've just been told my wife is here.

Her name?

Lisa Auclert.

I'm sorry, she can't have visitors.

I must see her.

How dare you?

What's wrong?

My wife's here.

She attempted suicide.
I must see her.

She's under guard.

Have a heart.


Two minutes.

Your drawing's great.

Know what we'll do?

We'll send it to Mommy, ok?

When's she coming home?

Soon, honey, soon.

- Really?
- Really.

Go to sleep now.

I love you.


- Henri Pasquet?
- Hang on...


Have a seat.

Can't win 'em all.

- Mind if I tape you?
- No. It's not valid evidence.

You wanna teach my book?

I never thought
they'd be teaching me in schools.

- Cigarette?
- Thanks.

These'll kill us all.

Moral? Whatever we do,

the government always wins.

What do you want to hear?

Your story.
How you escaped 7 times.

With balls and a little luck.

No prison in the world is airtight.

Each one has a key,
you just gotta find it.

How'd they catch you?

They didn't. I turned myself in.

It's different.

Escaping is easy.
The hard part is staying free.

Most guys get caught within days.

- Why?
- They're idiots.

They run to their families,
friends, women.

And they're busted.

You gotta cut off all ties:
family, wife, kids.

You gotta plan the outside right.

Down to the last detail.

Leave the country within hours.

Before they cast their net.

- Net?
- You know. barricades and shit.

If you don't move fast.

train stations and borders
are off-limits.

Forget about Orly and Roissy.

Cops and customs officials
have your mug on file.

Ideally you wanna leave
from a foreign country.

Rule number 2:
choose the right identity.

Fake papers are easy to get.

But you gotta keep it real.
No silly jobs.

I knew a guy who passed himself off
as a doctor.

A lady faints in a restaurant,

the jerk massages her chest
and breaks 5 of her ribs.

The old broad dies in the ambulance

and he goes back to the joint.

Stupid, huh?

Another thing:

choice of destination.

Gotta be far away.
no French newspapers.

A place with movement.
to avoid attention.

You need to be invisible.
blend into the crowd.

Last but not least, money.
Lots of cash.

Everything's expensive.

- Hotels. travel. hideouts.
- How much?

Loads. Major dough.

Enough for several years.


You can't improvise.
You gotta be a born criminal.

And too dumb to be afraid.

Killing guards, busting barricades,

blowing away bystanders...
most guys just can't.

A guy who can't,
I don't advise him to try.

He'll get burned.
Burned bad.

- Got what you need?
- Yeah.

Good luck to you.

The last 3 months

The last 3 months

This is Julien Auclert.
Leave a message.

Hey bro. where were you yesterday?

You missed a great game.
We clobbered them. See ya.

I'm sick of talking to a machine.

Mom's mad you missed dinner
on Sunday.

I'll call you back. No. you call me.

Excuse me, sir.

Dr. Gardes.
I'm your wife's doctor here.

What's wrong?

Sit down, son.

Be right back.

Your wife refuses
to take her insulin.

We check her blood regularly.

The results are not good.

Refusing treatment

is another form of suicide.

Talk to her.

If it worsens
she'll go back to the clinic.

I'll talk to her.

Let's go.

- Ok?
- Yeah.

Hi, honey.

The doctor told me
about the insulin.

I'm talking to you.

You must take those shots.

I don't want him
seeing me like this anymore.

He hates coming here.
Stop bringing him.



3 packs for 10 euros.

I need fake papers. Passport, ID.

Not my line.

- Do you know anyone?
- No.

I know someone.

- But you gotta pay up front.
- Ok.

Go to The Comet, near the tracks.

Ask for Hassan,
say Mouss sent you.

- A beer, please.
- What?

A beer.

Do you know Hassan?

Mouss sent me.

Mouss sent me.

What do you want?

I need papers.

Fucking hell.

Follow me.

Got photos?

How much for 3 passports
and a driver's license?

1 ,500 euros.

If I see you again,

you're dead.

What do you want?

I saw you at The Comet.
I can get what you need.


I'm interested.

We can't talk like this.

What do you need?

- 3 passports and a license.
- I have a connection.

Real papers. Risk free.

How much?

£2,500 for everything.

That's a lot.


But with me it's risk free.

Give me the photos.
Delivery in a week.

Cash on delivery.

- Names?
- Duval.

Olivier, Marie and Oscar.

The names are in the envelope.

- I'll bring them Friday.
- Not here.

Don't come back here.

Under Massena Bridge,
across from the car wash.

At ten.

If I'm not there by ten past, leave.

It means something went wrong.

Tell me what happened.


Don't worry.

How can I not worry?

Look at your face.

- I had a row with another teacher.
- Why?

What happened?

It was about Lisa.
He said there's no smoke without fire.


You can't punch everyone
who thinks that way.

Try to understand.

What's to understand?

I mean...

they don't know.

They can't help wondering.

Do you wonder?

I never said that.

- Forget it.
- No, we need to talk.

You doubt her? Answer me!

You doubt her innocence?

Let's go, Oscar.

Catherine, it's Julien Auclert.
My son's sick.

I can't get to school before 2 pm.

Ok, thanks. Goodbye.

That's it.

All good for you?

See you.

What happened?

Nothing. Rugby injury.


Rugby injury.

Where were you last week?

Sick. Didn't they tell you?


- My mother made it.
- What's going on?


- You can tell me.
- Nothing, seriously.

Have you met someone?

No, not at all.

They smashed it during the search.
Have a bite.

I'm not stupid! Fuck the cake!

Something's going on! I can tell!

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

Calm down or I'll file a report.

- Sorry.
- It's ok.

- Sorry.
- 5 minutes.

My love...

Look at me.

Calm down.


I can't take it anymore, Julien.

Look at me.

- I can't take it anymore.
- Trust me.

I can't take it.


You can't improvise.

You gotta be a born criminal.

A guy who can't.
I don't advise him to try.

He'll get burned.
Burned bad.

The Maigret novels
are a major part of Simenon's work.

Simenon died in 1989 in Lausanne...

Dad, come play!

I'm working, Oscar.


Hands up!

Stick 'em up!

Give me that right now.

Give it to me, Oscar.

Come on, honey.
Give Daddy the gun.

Careful, Oscar. Good boy.

Oscar, give it to me.

Don't ever play with this.

Never, understand?

Go to your room.

Wait Oscar, come back.

I'm sorry.

I'm upset because I was afraid.

Too dangerous.
Don't play with guns.

Don't ever do it again.


Want to go to the park?
We haven't been in ages.

Go get your things.

I'm stronger than you.

- Start over.
- My hat's bothering me, that's why.

One, two...

Go on.

I got you this time, I pushed you.

Let's zip up.

Want your snack?

No, thanks. Later.

- Just a bite?
- No, later.

I wanna play football.

Watch out for the big kids!


Your son goes to Guy Ropart?

My daughter too.
She's a little older.

Do you go to PTA meetings?

Not often.

Your wife goes?

No. It's complicated.

I understand.

It's complicated for me, too.

I have to go now.


There's a school party Saturday.

See you there?

Maybe, I'm not sure.



Warm enough, sweetie?

- There.
- It's too big.

First a nice bath,
then I'll make dinner.

Then we'll watch a movie, ok?


Hi, Mr. Auclert.

- What floor?
- 28. I'm changing a bulb.

- How's life?
- Not great. My knee.

Apparently it healed wrong.

I'm not getting hacked up a third time.

No way.


I hope my test results are ok.

Have a nice day, Mr. Auclert.


Oscar, it's bedtime.

What are you doing?

I'm doing like you.

Look what you've done.

Give me that. Hop in bed.

Let's go, Picasso.

Know what time it is?


Sweet dreams.


Get back to bed!

I heard you. Open up.

For chrissakes, Julien!

It's Pascal.

What the fuck are you doing?

Open up!

What's going on here?

- Nothing.
- A little respect!

Fuck off! Fuck you!

Settle down!

I was in the shower.

Sorry, Mr. Henaut.

Come in.

You never answer the phone.

- What the hell's going on?
- Nothing. You know nothing.

- What?
- Don't tell anyone.

Mom or Dad or anyone else!

Let go of me, dammit!

Your uncle and I are just playing.

Come on.

Back to bed.

I'm sorry.

I want an explanation.

It's insane.

What about your son?

He's like me, he needs her.

Come back to earth.

You're a teacher, not a gangster.

So what do I do?

She's suicidal in there.

I can't sit back and watch her die.

- Where's the furniture?
- I sold it.

I found a buyer
for Lisa's mom's house.

Within a month I'll have the money,
and we'll leave.

Where'll you go?

I can't tell you.

I can't let you do it.

You can't stop me.

When will I see you?

What about Mom and Dad?


What is it?

No way.

They can't transfer you to Rennes.
No way.

In three days!


There's a clinic there.

The last 3 days

I don't have a week!
Fuck the lawyers!

Pay me tomorrow
and I'll drop the price!

There's got to be a way!

Fuck you and your legal limits!


Get your pajamas,
we're going to Grandma's.

- Hi Mom.
- What are you doing here?

I've got class.

You never teach on Tuesdays.


I do now.

Bye, honey.

Come on, kiddo.

Out of the car!

- What the fuck?
- Get up!



Open it.

Get in.


- What do you want?
- Shut up!

You'll stop when I say.

Pull over.

Pull over!

Give me your money.

Give me your money!

Is that all?

Where's the rest?

That hurts.

- Talk!
- I've got a little at home.

- 2,000 euros.
- 2,000 euros?

Don't fuck with me!

That hurts!
I don't have shit! I'm small fry!

You're lying. I know it!

Where's the rest?



I can find you some.


At Martial's.

I buy from him.

- Take me there.
- He's flush.

Cut the engine.

Get out.

I brought you, can I go now?

Get out!

If he knows I snitched he'll kill me.



- Ring the doorbell.
- No.

Ring it.

I can't.

What are you doing here?

- Go in!
- Attack!

Call off your dog or I'll kill him!

I'll kill him!
Call off your dog!


Lock him up!


Back up!

- You're dead.
- Get inside!

Get inside.

Back up.

On your knees.

You, too.

Get on your knees!

- Where's your money?
- Fuck you.

Tell me or I'll shoot.

You won't, you're a pussy.

Oh yeah?

Where's your money?


I'll blow you away, bitch.

Where the fuck is it?

You must know.

Tell me where it is.

Or I'll kill you.

I'll count to three.


You talk you're dead!

Shut up!

- Two...
- Don't talk.

- Where is it?
- Don't talk!

- Three!
- Don't talk!

He's a piece of shit!

- You're dead.
- Ok, I'll tell you.

Over there.

Under the couch.

- You're dead.
- Shut up!

Help me...

Help me!

I don't wanna die.

Hi, Dad.

I'm late, I had car trouble.

Is Mom sleeping?

I'll go get Oscar.

Are you alright?

I'm fine.

You must've slept badly in that bed.

It was ok.

Oscar, give Grandma a big kiss.

Big kiss. Give me a big kiss.

Where's Grandpa
taking us Wednesday?

Your coat.


- To the circus.
- Really?

Ask Grandpa
if you don't believe me.

Are we going to the circus?

Yes sweetie, we are.

Run along.

Bye, Mom.


Let's go.

Martial Nachour, 38.
One of our regulars.

He supplied the local dealers.

The kid we found at the bus stop
may have been involved.

What do the neighbors say?

One heard a loud noise
at 9:30 pm.

A car hit his gate.
The time corresponds.

I sent the headlight debris
straight to the lab.

I'll be right back, Oscar.

Hi, Mr. Auclert.

Time to go, Oscar.

Not the firetruck,
just the mouse.

Put on your backpack, quick.

Open the door for me.

I'll be right back, stay put.

I reserved a room.
Duval, Olivier Duval.

One moment.

Share a ride and save the planet.

And save money while you're at it.

Lower your carbon footprint now.

- Oscar, bedtime.
- I'm not finished.

You'll finish tomorrow.

Take your mouse.

Sweet dreams.


I won't be here
when you wake up.

- But don't worry.
- Ok.

I made your breakfast.
Watch TV till I get back.

Don't go outside. Promise me.


If anyone knocks, don't answer.

- Ok?
- Ok.

Sleep tight.
I can trust you, right?


- You're a big boy?
- Yeah.

I'll leave the door open.

I got the lab results.

It's a 1998 Volvo.

The paint is rare,
only 37 in the region.

Did you run a check?

Only 2 owners stand out.

A German
who's a registered pedophile.

And a guy who's wife
got 20 years for murder.

Start with him.

- Morning, Martine.
- Morning, Doctor.

Did you order the analgesics?


Lisa Auclert's latest results
are alarming.

Let me see.

What the hell?
Dial the lab for me.

Strange, no answer.

Call a patrol car
to take her to the clinic.

No one's home.

He's at work.

Do you have a key?

For emergencies, like burst pipes.

Go get it.

You sure we can?

We're just checking the pipes.

Does he always empty his place
before work?

- Where's she incarcerated?
- Meaux.

Call them now.

She's being transferred to the clinic.

Something's fishy.

Send some men over there
and alert the escorting officers.

We'll be there in 10 minutes.

Team 8 to headquarters.

Shit, I lost contact.

We'll call from upstairs.

We brought Lisa Auclert.

Room 947, down the hall.

- You're the escorts?
- Something wrong?



Drop your gun!

- What are you doing?
- Remove your holster.


- Drop it.
- Stop, Julien.

Do it now!


Back up!

Against the wall!

- Stop, what are you doing?
- On your knees.

Put it on.

- What?
- The lab coat.

Put it on, quick.

- We can't do this.
- Hurry up!

Come on.

- What have you done?
- Shut up.

What have you done?

Shut up.

This way.

Come on.

Police! Don't move!

- Easy!
- Outta the way!

Don't shoot!


Get out!

Police, don't move!

The stairs!

You've lost your mind!

- Where's Oscar?
- He's fine.

- Back away!
- Don't be stupid.

Drop your gun.

Calm down.

Get away!

You're surrounded.

Hit the button.

- Hit the button!
- Think!

Get out!

Drop the gun.

Go that way.
You come with me.

Climb over.

Climb over, now!

Don't move!

Back up!


This way, hurry.

Let your hair down.

Keep going.

This way.

Excuse me.
Walk behind me.

This is crazy. What'll we do?

Shh! Oscar...

Hi, honey.

Why didn't you tell me?

You would've stopped me.

What'll we do now?

Go away. Far away.

And Oscar?

What'll he do
if we both go to prison?

Nobody's going to prison.

That's over now.

Trust me, Lisa.

Trust me.

Trust me.

I'm ready.

Let's go.

Let's go.

We'll have their photos soon.
Install the barricades.

Stop all couples with a child.

We're casting the net.

Search his place, question
the building manager and neighbors.

What's with the garbage?

He threw it out next door.

They've just been emptied.

Police! Stop the truck!

Stop the truck!

The suspects
are 2 adults with a child.

Internet's great, huh?

We used to hitchhike
but now we use the site.

Got it.

Stop the car, please.


I love you so much.

Officer Jousseaume here.

They're flying from abroad.


It's not clear.

Send their pictures
to all European airports.

Your son is flying

from another country.

If you know which one,

you'd better tell me now.

No idea.

We never spoke,
I already told you.

Where'd that come from?

Let's go.

Mine, my husband's and my son's.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I've got it.

It's been ringing for ages!

Hang this up.

Come on.

Too late.

They could be anywhere by now.

Issue an international warrant.
Probably futile.

He's a French teacher?


Just an average guy.

Yeah, right.

Just an average guy.


Escaping is easy.

The hard part is staying free.