Antebellum (2020) - full transcript

Successful author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it's too late.

Em? Darlin'?


Kill me. Kill me.

Now, don't you worry, girl.

I will accommodate you.


I often ponder
the depths of your loyalty.

Prove me wrong.

Say your name, girl.

Say your name.

It brings me no joy
to do this.


You will speak only when
I instruct you to speak.

I am responsible
for you now,

and I will tame
your savage ways.

- Now, get up.
- No, no!

Come on.

Say your name, girl.


You've given me no choice.

Now, please stand up for me.

No, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

Your friends are dead
because of you.

You know that, right?

Try to escape again,

I'll drag you
to the burn shed myself.

Now, let's try this again.

Say your name, girl.



Say your name
with pride and conviction!

My name is Eden.

That's good, Eden.
Real good.

Everything will be
all right now, and, uh,

you can stop
that cryin'.

Maybe I can get away
for supper tomorrow.

You can make us a chicken.

Y'all seem easily distracted.

Why don't we break up
this monotony

and get y'all focused?

Go on, sing us somethin'.

Perhaps one of those
old Negro tunes.

We need to move.
These fuckers is crazy.

Next time,
I won't be so generous.

Back to work. All of you!

Let the sound
of Confederate victory

bring joy to your labor.

Milk, chicken.

We must try again.

- Get down. Get down!
- Get off there. Come on.

- Get off the wagon.
- Move! Get out of here!

What you lookin' at?
Line up. Come on!


Line up!
Get over there.

Eden! Get your ass
down here, girl!

Separate yourself.

Look at her hair.

Quite a beauty.

Shall we
name her, child?

Mmm... Let's name
her Julia.


You hear that?

Those are worker hands.

You're dismissed.


welcome home, one and all.

Now, listen up! All of you.

This here
is a reformer plantation

by the Ninth Infantry

of the Confederate Army
of the 13 states.

Wherever you were before,

whatever small freedoms
you might have enjoyed,

I'm here to tell you
that's over.

I don't tolerate any back talk
whatsoever from inferiors.

In fact,
on this plantation,

you will only speak when
given permission to do so.

That means

absolutely no talking
among yourselves

unless one of the white folk
on property... you permission
to do so.

If you do...


We will know about it.

Over here,
you will find your cabins.

You will also
be given instructions

by one of the overseers

as to your daily duties,

which ought to be
followed obediently

and with a smile.

Here, we whistle
while we work.

Ain't that right, Eli?

Raise the flag,

The general will be
home this evening.

You're dismissed.


Go on. Walk, now.

Get on. Let's go, move.

Hey, what is this?


Go, now!

Mmm. You started early.


How many...

Get in here.

You're from
Virginia, right?

I'm from North Carolina.

Look, I can't do this.

Whatever you're doin',

I can't do it.

Listen to me.

Wherever you came from
before here,

- you need to forget about it.
- Mmm-mmm.

That is not possible for me.

What are we doin'?

Huh? What is the plan?

You think I haven't tried?

We must choose
our moment wisely.

But until then,

we keep our heads down
and our mouths shut.

Do you understand me?

I know you.

And I know that you are
my only way out of here.

I'm pregnant.

I need you to listen to me.

You have to keep quiet.

These white people
will kill you.

Oh, you think being quiet
is being strong, huh?

What has that
ever gotten us?

You ain't no leader.

You're just a talker.

Ain't that right, huh?

You... Hey!

What, you just
a coward nigger slave

with a brand
and no backbone?

Blood and soil.

Blood and soil.
Blood and soil.

As you were.


I want to congratulate you

on our defeat of the Yanks
at Milliken's.

This is what
victory looks like!

We got those blue-bellied
bastards on their heels,

Washington in our sights.

But we must never relent.

We are descendants
of the gods

and we will fight

with the same immeasurable
courage and vigor.

We will sacrifice our blood

and fertilize this soil
of our homeland.

This is the only hope we have

of retaining our heritage,
our way of life.

This land
was always ours.

It is our
rightful inheritance.

And, rest assured,
our nationalist state

will not be stolen from us
by these traitors to America.

I have faith in this
because I have faith in you.

You all are the future.

And it is you

who will lead us all
to the ultimate victory.

But for tonight,
let us put away our troubles.

Drink and be merry.
You've earned it. All of you.

And, by the way,

these Sapphires are here
to fulfill your every need,

whatever those needs
may be.

Faith! Family! Folk!

Faith! Family! Folk!

As you were.

So, which one
of these girls do you like?


Which one of these girls
do you like?

Hey, angel.

Yeah, you.

Come here. I don't bite.

Come on.

My compadre here
was just telling me

he thinks
you're real pretty.

No, man. No.

What, you don't think
she's pretty? Hmm?

No, I mean...

Yeah, of course I do.

Well, then.
She ain't gonna say no. Hmm?

Talk to her.

You're in charge here.


Uh... I, um...

Well, I...

Oh, just...
Fuck's sake.

He will meet you
at your cabin

immediately following
dinner service.

You're dismissed
as of this moment.

Now, go and prepare
for your corporal.

What's that, girl?



That's more like it.

Go on, now. Go.

Well, you enjoy,
all right?

I'm going around back
to the whipping post.

If I may?

I never got
your name.

Daniel. Um...

It's Daniel.

Well, thank you, Daniel.

For earlier.

You said that I was pretty.

Of course you are.
Anyone can see that.

It's, um...

It's just been
such a long time

since any man
has been nice to me.

I appreciate
the compliment is all.

How'd you get
to be so sweet?

Look, you don't...

You don't have to do this.

I can tell
that you're special.

You're not like the others.
Those monsters.

Why'd you speak to me?

You mean, when your friend
called me over before?

No. Why'd you
speak to me

when I entered the room
just now?


I just thought we should have
a proper introduction.

You have
a short memory, then.

You heard
Commander Jasper.

You speak only when
given permission to do so.

- Is that not right?
- Yes, sir. Uh...

I mean, Daniel.

No. It's "sir"!

You don't know shit!
You don't know shit!


I'm as much a Confederate
as any man here.

Because I don't wanna sleep

with no filthy fucking mongrel

instead of my own kind,
that don't make me no...

I'm... I'm a patriot!
You understand me?

Shut the fuck up!

Shut up!

You're lucky
I don't tell Jasper.

You better make him believe
I had my way with you

if you know what's good
for you.

You understand me?

Get off of me.


Well, you're forgiven
your tardiness, this time.

Don't make it a habit,
or the stocks will be waitin'.

Are you okay?


I know. Be patient.

Just keep goin'.
We have to keep goin'.

Oh, no!

No! No, no, no!


- Oh, no! No!
- It's okay.

It's not okay!


The fuck
you just say, boy?

Oh, I'm gonna be
right back for you.


What the fuck is the issue?

She's sick, sir.

Oh, no...

Oh... Go on.
Go get yourself cleaned up.

May I go with her?

She can handle herself.
Get back to work.



Fine. Go clean her up,
get back here.

Take hold of him.

It's okay, boy.


what was that
you were sayin',



You missing your woman?

Give me an excuse.

Go on.


Why, that reminds me,
the shed needs cleanin'.

Too many foolish Negroes
with rebellious hearts.

Yeah. Go get that
cleaned up, boy.

That should stop you
flappin' them gums.



Yes, sir.

Go on, get.

Cracker-ass cracker.

Sweet dreams, Eden.

Good morning, Steph.

Good morning, V.

Just making sure
you're ready for your flight.

Skype is at 8:45,

and the car will be there
at 9:00.

- Oh, shit. Okay. All right.
- Okay.

- Thanks, Steph. Bye.
- Safe travels.

Another bad dream?

No. I'm... I'm okay.

Babe? Can you
please do me a favor?


Can you get Ken Ken
dressed for me today?

Of course. Mmm-hmm.

My first meeting is
right here in Georgetown

and it got pushed
to 11:00 anyway, so...


I don't know.

I'm not gonna even be
dressed before 9:00.

- I got you. I got you.
- Thank you, babe.

But would it be the
worst thing in the world

if you didn't make it?

Not today.
Not today.

There she is.

My favorite girl.

- Guess what?
- What?

Daddy is gonna get
you dressed for school today.

I know exactly
what I want to wear.

You do?

- Hurry up.
- I'm comin', girl.

- She said "Hurry," Daddy.
- I'm hurryin'...

I'm hurryin'.

- Hurry up.
- You're gonna pull

my arm off.

Okay, okay, okay.

What you wearin' today?

look at you two.

Look at you.

Mommy loves that dress.

choice, baby.

Yeah, she picked it.

- Hi, babe.
- You stay trendin'.

Paused it for you.

I understand
you think you are defending

the plight of the black man.

I guess, in your case,
the black woman.

But we are doing a disservice
to the argument,

much less your people...

by conflating race
with basic common sense.

I would say this.

The disenfranchisement
of black people in America

is by design,

written into the actual DNA
of this country.

Your argument,
however flawed

has been successfully promoted

and propagated
through repetition.

We hear it over
and over again.

But I'm here to tell you

that this vicious cycle
of inequity

will soon be broken.

- Boom!
- Boom!

- Boom!
- Boom!


Mommy, why was
that man so angry?

Oh, baby,
that is a really great question.

what looks like anger

is really just fear.

Things are not always
what they appear to be, baby.

Does that make sense?

Do you remember when Vanessa
was bullying you at school?

She was pickin' on you?

And Mommy had to
come up there

because Vanessa thought

that you were gonna
come in class

and take
all of her toys away.

And now you two
are like best friends.

So, are you two
friends yet?

Not yet, baby.

Mommy's working on it.


On a Tuesday?

What is the special occasion?

Well, I was informed

it was pancakes or nothing,
so, you know,

we gotta pick our battles.

Um, question,
are we vegan this week?

Babe, the struggle
is real.

Got it. So, one non-vegan
pancake coming up.

Babe, no. I cannot.


Yes. Dr. Henley.

Hi. And please call me Veronica.

How are you this morning?

Oh, I'm fine.

That lipstick just looks
lovely on you.

It suits your skin tone.

I don't think I could
pull it off.

So, do you have
any questions for me?

How did you
come across my work?

Oh, I saw you on one of
those legacy media networks.

I believe it was a roundtable
discussion about inclusion.

You were so articulate.

It must have been
a ratings bonanza.

Those particular segments
do garner a lot of attention.

I don't mean to be curt,

but do you have any questions
around the book?

Oh. Your book.

Yes, I believe
you mentioned it

on that show that you were on.

As a matter of fact,
I know you mentioned it.

'Cause I thought
it was rather odd

that you chose that moment
to be peddlin' your wares.

Well, actually,
that particular segment

focused on the lack
of inclusion.

And that is exactly
what my book highlights.

Intersectionality of race,
class, and gender.

I wrote
Shedding the Coping Persona

as a road map to revolution

for historically
marginalized people.

Maybe I didn't catch
this earlier,

but who did you say
you were with again?

I didn't mention it.

I'm a bit of a talent scout.

Oh. So, you're a headhunter.
That makes sense.

I'm a headhunter.

Exactly that.


Now, is that Kennedi?

Will you move the camera over?
Oh. She's so cute.

She'll make
a perfect little companion

for my daughter.

I see a playdate
in our future.

As my assistant
mentioned earlier,

I am short on time
this morning.

Oh, no problem. I didn't
mean to trigger you none.

You have fun at your summit,
and I'll see you soon.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.

- Who was that?
- Oh, baby.

It's nobody.

Don't worry
about that woman, okay?


That's my car.

I can't even imagine what
y'all are about to get into.

- Obviously.
- Mommy, wait.

- I'll call you. I love you.
- I almost forgot.

This is for you.

Oh, baby.

This is for Mommy?

Ken Ken, I'm putting this
with all my important work.

When you look in the sky
and you see that big airplane,

you'll know that's Mommy,
comin' home to you.

- Wow. That's a big head.
- Daddy. Come on.

It's not that big.

And I'm gonna hang it
on my wall in my hotel.


- Daddy.
- Yes?

Twenty minutes
of screen time.


- I need you to be strong.
- We got you.

Be good.

Mommy loves you. Come here.
Come here. Kiss me.

Give Mommy all the kisses.

One minute.

I'll be back, baby.
I'll be back.

- Okay, okay. I love you, baby.
- Bye. Love you, babe.

- All right.
- All right, be safe.

I love you.
I'll be back, baby.

Love you more, Mommy.

Okay. Release.

And as we begin to gather
our thoughts for the day,

I want you to focus on
bringing positivity and light

to each and every situation
you may face today.

Visualize yourself

addressing any obstacles
you might face

with the same determination

and focus that you brought
to your practice today.

See yourself
emerging successful

and victorious
on the other side.



V! V, girl,
I got some tea.

You better open this door
and let me come and spill it.

and light, right?


I'm coming!

No, no. Faster!

I'm coming, I'm coming,
I'm coming, I'm coming.

- Hey. How are you?
- Hey, babes!

- Good mornting.
- Good mornting.

How is the number one
relationship specialist...

- True.
- the world

doing this mornting, doll?

Well, you know... Ooh,
it's hot. Just flourishing.

You know, being amazing
and fantastic as per usual.

- You're looking sharp. Yes.
- You know how I do. Thank you.

Oh, hello. Why is it
so goddamn hot in here?

I'm trying to create
my own version of Bikram.

You know I need
all the balance I can get.

Well, speaking of
balance, I saw you balance

and tag that ass
last night on TV, girl.

You got him
all the way together.

- Bye.
- Bye. Thank you.

Okay. Before we
get down to it,

how is my favorite little
human in the world,

Miss Kennedi?

She's great. She's doing good.
Yesterday was tough, though.

- It was tough.
- I just... Ugh.

It breaks my heart every time
I have to leave her.

Mmm. Ken Ken.

I just feel like
I'm not doing enough.

It's like when I'm at home,
I'm not working enough.

When I'm working,
I'm not home enough.

I'm not Mom enough.
I'm not wife enough.


Okay, you listen
to me now. Okay?

Yes, you're a superwoman,
but you're also a human woman.

Okay? And you
are doing awesome.

And Miss Kennedi,

or as the world
will one day refer to her,

Madam President,

is living her best life
thanks to you, okay?

So be nicer
to yourself, please.

- Thank you. I love you.
- Mmm-hmm. I love you, too.


So, Camille's
hostididy ass, right?

- You, girl...
- Oh, girl.

- ...Camille was in the...
- Babe, I can't. I can't.

I... You know
I usually would,

but I have to get
to this walk-through.

I'm already
runnin' behind.

No, I get it.
You're too good for it today.

No, I get it. You tryin' to
namaste in a peaceful space.

And I'm about to ruin that,
so let me just see myself out.

♪ I love
you, I love you I love you ♪

You're welcome
for this free coffee.

I paid $74.93 for that.

- No, you did not.
- I will Cash App you.

- Stop. All right.
- I will. I will. I will.

All right.

And I wanna remind you to
be good to yourself, okay?

- Be kind to yourself.
- All right.

- Be kind to my friend.
- I will.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

All right, I'll see you
downstairs. Bye.


Ms. Henley?

- Yes?
- Delivery.


The front desk
didn't even call.

Who are these from?

V! Oh, my God.

Sarah Bee!

I'm so sorry.
I did not mean to scare you.

It's okay. I have just been
so jumpy this morning.

I guess it's travel
or something.

Okay, I love you,
but I have to run to my panel

"The Exorcism of
the Unconscious Past."


"The past is never dead."

"It's not even past."

You know,
my nana used to say,

"Our ancestors
haunt our dreams

"to see themselves forward."

The unresolved past

can certainly wreak havoc
on the present.

Listen, have an amazing panel.
You're gonna be incredible.

- I'll see you later, girl.
- I'll see you tonight, babe.

Love you.


Can I please
make a reservation

at Stefano's tonight?


Of course.
Working on it as we speak.

What can I do for you?

May I make a reservation
for three at Stefano's?

Um, let's say around 7:30.

And I'm in
the Jefferson Suite.


God bless.

Oh, shoot.

Puddin', I left my key
in the room. Do you mind?

You know,
I learned very quickly

that black people,
black women in particular,

we're expected to be seen,
not heard.

Or we risk being perceived

as threatening
to the patriarchy.

Or, God forbid,

we continue to get branded as
the "angry black woman."


So, the coping persona has
been this mode of survival

for generations
of oppressed people.

What I also learned
through those experiences

is within our authenticity
lies our real power.


And that's even
in those environments,

which by design,

demand our complete
and total assimilation.

To the patriarchy, we've
been practically invisible.

But their arrogance is
their greatest vulnerability.

And our greatest opportunity.


And it brings me to a quote

by Assata Shakur.

"The only thing
that we have to lose

"are our chains."

Liberation over assimilation.

They're stuck in the past.

- We are the future.
- Yes.

Our time is now.

It's now.

Right now.

Just a reminder,
you can pick up

Shedding the Coping Persona
on your way out.

Twenty percent
goes to HBCU schools

including Louisiana's own

Dillard and Southern

The way that you
talked to them, the nuance,

and there's a specificity
that I just can't...

Oh, my God.
That was fantastic.

So sorry.
That was really great, you know.

I really enjoyed
my session,

but I'm really glad
I stayed for that.

- Wasn't that fantastic?
- It was.

- Camille, this is...
- I'm sorry, did I interrupt?

- No...
- I'm gonna continue to.

I really have to steal her.
Sorry to be abrupt.

- I'll call you.
- Okay.

Thank you again.

I'm just gonna finish up
work and get back to... Bye.

- Thank you, love.
- Great. Bye.

- Hey.
- You're welcome.

Girl, I could feel
her angling in

on our dinner tonight.
And no thank you.

She needs to go
sit down some place.

Plus, we could use
a break from academia.

And also, how often
do I get my V?

Twice a year?

- Maybe three times a year.
- I know, I know, I know.

Okay, I need you all to
myself tonight. Okay?

No filter. Full Dawn.

Oh, she comes
with a filter?

Also, after dinner...


You know, when we
leave dinner, it's on.

We gonna be out in
these streets body rolling.

- Oh, dinner. Tonight?
- Yes.

I'm sorry, but I have a date
with my king bed tonight.

I won't be joining.

Whack. Wow.

No. I have
a 6:00 a.m. flight.

I promised Ken Ken I'd take
her to Katie's birthday party.

Okay. All right.
It's fine.

We will keep you abreast

of all of our hoetivities
via text anyhow.

Please do.
I wanna know everything.

Girl, the hoetivity
is gonna be popping tonight.

Girl, meet me down here
at 7:00 p.m.

We'll Uber over, okay?

Yes, 7:00 p.m.
And I have to go get dressed.

Oh, speaking
of getting dressed,

what are you
wearing tonight?

Do not come down here
in mom jeans, okay?

I need all eyes
on our table

'cause I'm tryin'
to fuck tonight.

You are on board
for that, okay?

I won't disappoint.
Bye, girl.

Well, hi. Don't you
look beautiful?

Are you going
to the 49th floor, too?


You'll get in trouble
for talking.

I'll get...

Oh. I'll get in trouble
for talking? Okay.



You rang, darling?

Girl, I said "Step it up,"
not murder these hoes.


Here's a new concept.

What do you think?

Instead of a "fuckboy,"
it's an "inti-mate."

Okay, I love
everything about it.

It's someone who's
gonna feed me ice cream

and knows how to soothe
my childhood trauma.

It doesn't sound like
you need to take a Plan B

with that guy at all.

- An inti-mate...
- I just want somebody

to snuggle me at night.

- That's all I want.
- You deserve.

- Is that so much to ask?
- You can call me.

a great snuggler.

- I am a great snuggler.
- Oh, my God.

What are you smiling at?
Who's that?

you know it's Nick.

Let's see.
Dick pics or no?



See, here I thought marital
bliss was an oxymoron.

Guys, I can 100% confirm that
Nick is not that perfect.

Trust, okay?

- But he is kind of perfect for me.
- Yeah.

- Ugh. Girl, she ruined it.
- There it is.

I thought there
was tea coming.

I miss my babies, okay?

I'd miss him, too.

"I miss my baby.

- "Oh, he's so perfect for me."
- Please, guys.

"He's so perfect for me.

"He's my lobster.

"He's the Chandler Bing
to my Monica."

"He fits perfectly
in my little box."

"Like a puzzle piece."

Yeah, no, we're very happy

for you, bitch.

- All right. Time to live in the present.
- Okay, babe.

- Yeah.
- Okay, okay.


- Oh, my God. Okay.
- Shit, are you okay? Holy...

Henley for three, please.

We have your table.
Follow me.

- Enjoy your dinner.
- Uh-uh. No, no, no, no.

Sorry, I think what my friend
is trying to say is that...

Actually, babe,
I got it.

This table is 100%
not acceptable,

and I think that you know
that, don't you...

...Becky? Mmm-hmm.

Listen, I'm actually not gonna
go back and forth with you

about exactly why this
table's unacceptable.

You're gonna seat us
over there.

Oh, um...

Thank you
so much, Rebecca!

You're doing great!

Yo, get your sis.
The Caucasity!

- No, this is good.
- Well, then you're welcome.

- Welcome.
- Hi.

- Wine list. Hi.
- Thank you.

My name is Sam.
I'll be taking care of you this evening.

- Will a fourth be joining you?
- No, just us.

Very good. And may I start
you off with a cocktail?

Actually, we will share
a bottle of champagne.

How about a nice bottle
of prosecco?

A bottle of Armand de Brignac,
please. Thank you.

but more to the point,

do you have any apt
prospects for the night?


Booked and busy,

Actually, okay,
so there's this, um...

Ooh, I've been trying
to set up a meeting

with this guy, Justin.

Fine. Just like
a dark chocolate,

like a 72% cacao, you know?

Chef kiss.

- Is he fine?
- Yes, he's fine.

- Mmm.
- And he's got a friend.

- For me, a friend?
- Yeah, for you.

- Mmm. A friend?
- Mmm-hmm.

I don't know. That sounds
sort of suspicious.

Like, it can't be good.

I feel like you're leading me
into the snake den with this.

I'm sure he's fine.

- You're sure?
- Oh, my God.

- You're sure he's fine?
- You haven't even met him?

No, I haven't met him.

Nope. This is exactly
what is not happening.

- I am too grown for this.
- It's not...

Okay, you're too grown.

No, got it. I feel blocked.

I do. And that's okay.
'Cause you're grown.

That's cool. It'll just
be you and me tonight

and I will meet up
with fine-ass Justin

some other time.
And maybe his friend, too.


Okay. Do not look.

There is a guy at the bar...

I said don't look.

...that has been staring
at us the entire night,

and it's creeping me out.

Excuse me, ladies.
Before we order entrees,

I wanted to let you know
that the gentleman at the bar

sent this drink
specifically for you.


Specifically for me.

Oh, my God.
He's coming over here.

And he's coming this way.

Okay, all right.

Pardon me, ladies.

I've had my eye on you.

I just had to come by
and tell you

that I think
you're quite stunning.

Oh, thank you. Oh, gosh,
I'm so flattered, thank you.

You are extremely
handsome yourself.


However, um,

I'd be remiss if I didn't
take the chance to sort of

critique your game
just a little bit.

I'm sure that you can tell,

even from all the way
over there,

that we're actually
drinking champagne tonight.

I am a champagne lady,

and we are champagne ladies.

So, sending over
a vodka-cran, yeah,

it just shows
lack of appreciation

for our situation
tonight, so...

Well, what you should
have done is

you should have
asked our waiter,

which, again,
champagne we're drinking,

and sent over a second bottle
of it for all of us.

And then, you make eye contact
with me from across the room.

You eye-fuck me.

Oh, my God.

And I say
all that to say,

Oop, here's my number.

Because this can happen.

Good night.


Why did you
do him like that?

You know why I did him
like that. He needed to know.

Okay, I'm sorry,
but can we just take a second

to acknowledge that that guy
was supernaturally fine.

Yeah, he was really cute.

So? I'm cute, too.

That's true.

- You are cute.
- Yeah.

Hey, to being cute and classy.

- Yes. To being cute.
- To being fine as fuck.

I definitely look forward

to catching up on this saga.

On a group text,
in my bed.

Very safe move.

Wait. Although,
this hotel has been so off.

The front desk.
They didn't clean my room.

So, I'm not even holding my
breath for turndown service.

It's probably a mess.

That's so strange.

My service has
been impeccable.

I got the Uber, but I can't
believe we're splitting up.

- I know. I'm so sorry.
- Oh, no, no, no.

Before we split up,
we have to take a selfie.

- Oh, yes.
- Let's get a picture.

Because it did not happen
if it didn't happen...

- You are right about that.
- a selfie.

Where's my lipstick?

- Girl, you look fine.
- Your lips look fine.

No, but I put it
in there.

- I could've sworn.
- Come on, come on.

- Okay.
- Get ready and...

- All right, that's it.
- Tag me in that.

One-take wonders.

I love y'all.

Thank you so much.

One moment.

- Love you.
- I love you.

I'm so proud of you.

- I love you. Get home safely.
- I love you so much.

All right.
I hate I have to go.

I have to get home
to my baby, though.

Say hi to the family.

All right. Love y'all.
Watch her.

- You watch yourself.
- All night.

- Watch her.
- You're gonna be in trouble.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Is this our car?

This is us. Let's go.

The Montgomery Hotel, please.
I think I put it in.

And do you mind turning
that down just a bit?

Thank you.

First off, that we are
some 5-star ladies.

Aren't we, sister?

And I just wanted
to comment

that you look like
a 5-star gentleman.

- Don't touch him.
- Is that too much?

- Don't touch him.
- I know.

- I wanna have five stars.
- It's too much.

I feel like that was too much.
I shouldn't... I'm sorry, Gus.

I'm so sorry, Gary.

Hey, put your...
Can you turn that up?

- Hello?
- Hello, Veronica?

Who is this?

♪ Blame it on my juice

♪ Blame it, blame it
on my juice ♪

Come on, alto.

♪ Ya-ya eee ♪

Wait, hold on, yo, hold on.

♪ Ya-ya-hold, ya-ya-hold ♪

This is Autumn,
your Uber driver.

- Oh, there must be...
- I'm outside of Stefano's.

Yeah, there must be a mistake.
I'm in my car right now.

I'm outside the restaurant.

No, there's a mistake.
I'm here now.

- Okay, whatever.
- Thank you.

Ma'am, do you mind turning
down the music, please?


Turns out, this
color does look nice on me.

Help! Help!

What do you want?
It's 3:00 a.m.

The arrangements
are already being made.

Now, look, the ballot box
will go our way.

The court will follow
one way or another.

It's under control.
Is there anything else?

Oh, really?

If I see her pathetic husband
on the news one more time

parading around
that little girl...

Mouthy darkies are a plague.

I'll take care of it.

I'll take care of it.

I said I will fucking
take care of it.



They will never take you
away from me.

What'd I say?

What the fuck did I say?

I told her yesterday
she got one pass.

Now she thinks
she can come down

to the fields whenever
she goddamn pleases.

Well, she will learn
her lesson today.

Girl, go get her.

I can head up there, sir.

Who gave you permission
to speak, boy?

I gave myself
permission to speak.


We go tonight.

I'm here.

No, no, no...

- Are you ready?
- Let's go.

Wait. Wait.

Well, I'll be damned.

You're killing me, man.

Hey, dude,
what the hell?

Hey, is this yours?

No, Purcell,

you know I know the rules,
man. No cell phones.

- You fucking cuck.
- No cell... What?

Don't say my fucking name out
here, Daniel!

I'm sorry.

I don't fucking want it.

All right.

You should
have seen your face.

Yeah, I'm mad.

I mean, she's talking
to me all the time.

Well, no, you gotta

stick up for yourself,
all right?

- I know.
- You can't expect every...

What was that?

Well, it came
from that direction.


Man, you scared
the shit out of me.

Oh, what is it?
The spooks got you spooked?

It's nothing, man.

There's no one
out here this late.

Look at that moon,
though. Beautiful.

Yeah. Well,
enjoy it, snowflake.

Fine, you traitor.

Yeah, yeah, write
about it in your diary, Romeo.

I need to piss, man.
I'm gonna take a piss.

Let me get these
fucking things off.


You're not supposed
to say my fucking...

- Get the damn phone.
- Got it.

Oh, shit.

if I don't make it,

the world has to find out
about this place.

It has to end tonight.

I know there's service
at the cabin.

Let's go.

Come on.

911, what's your emergency?

What's your emergency?

My name is Veronica Henley.

I have been kidnapped.
There are so many of us here.

We're on some
sort of plantation.

I'm sorry,
ma'am, you're breaking up.

I need you
to send help right now.

Did you say "plantation"?

Hello? Hello?

We need his face
to unlock this phone.

That's the only way
we can send our location.

I got you.

No fuckin' loyalty!


My name is Veronica!

Open your eyes, motherfucker.

I said, open your
motherfuckin' eyes!



V? V!

I'm okay. I'm alive.

V, no. No, no, no.
Tell me exactly where you are.

I don't know,
but I'm getting out.

Oh, my God. Everyone has
been searching for you.

I can't talk right now.

I need you to call the police, now.
I'm gonna send you a pin.

- Mommy!
- Oh.

- Okay, okay, V. No.
- Baby.

- No, stay with me.
- I love...


Come on. No. No, no, no.


I'm sorry.

This doesn't end here.

We're nowhere

and everywhere.

What the fuck are you doin'
out of your cabin?

It's the general, sir.
He's hurt.

- Please come quick.
- Wait.

- Come quick. He's hurt.
- God!

Oh, God. Oh.

Jesus Christ. Senator?

Senator Denton! Sir?

Eden! Hey! Eden?

Eden, open this door!


open the fuckin' door.

Open the door.
Jesus fuckin'...

Eden, open this
fuckin' door right now!

Open the door!

No, Veronica!

Veronica, Veronica,
listen to me.

Please. Veronica!

What the fuck
is she doing?

Open that
fuckin' door!

No! Get it off!

The hell is that?

Go on, mount up!
Let's go!

Get, girl! Get!

Get, girl!


Get, girl!



You're not gonna
get out of here alive.

Now, why can't you
just accept that?

Accept what you are.

You are nothin'.

You ain't nothin',
but a cotton picker.

You think you're
better than us,

but you ain't better than me,
you fuckin' cunt!

My father kept insistin'.

He said you were
spreadin' such filth!

I told him you weren't
worth the risk,

but he couldn't resist.

The movement be damned!

He just had to have you.

Every single one of you
I picked,

except for you.

His favorite girl.

Now, of course, like always,

it's up to a woman
to clean up the mess of a man.


Get your black ass out here!

Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck up!

What kind of woman are you?

Get, girl, Get.

Go, Daphne. Get, girl.