Another Round (2020) - full transcript

Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

What is youth? Sen.

What is love? The content of the dream.

S. Kierkegaard

Are you ready? -Yes!

Three, two, one, now!

You have to drink a whole crate while running around the lake .

At each stop a
bottle of beer per person.

In each team, someone makes sure
you bring the crate back.

He must not drink.

If you vomit in groups,
we deduct a minute.

At the finish you drink another beer.

The winner earns a deposit.

Calm down a bit.

Come here.



They call him Fjonk.

Redhead, with a hammer chain.
He and his friend.

Where did he get the handcuffs?

We do not know. He chained the conductor
and they partyed on.

Let them have fun,
but it went overboard.

I suggest
banning alcohol in the next six months . -Right.

How will they do this?
- Like they want to shut down Christiania.

Sune, run the heating. -Yes.

Come on.
- A couple of laps first.

Now faster, 3. a.

Do not cut corners. -Yes.


"I was born in Denmark."

"I was born in Denmark."
Open the songbooks.

Let’s see
how much more you remember.

What is psychology?

Can anyone tell me
what psychology is?

Psychology is a science that studies
human mental processes,

we will be dealing with this year.

Why do we behave, react,
and experience things as they are?

The Industrial Revolution
is a period of world history,

when the western world

trigger the process with technological progress ,

which laid the foundations of the
modern world.

New technology ...
- Excuse me.

Didn't we talk about Churchill?

Let's focus on that.
Churchill, war ...

Another world?
- No, first.

So I talked
about industrialization.

Churchill was a minister ...
- He was torn to pieces by the end.

Malthe, maybe you have
another subject on your schedule?

Did you submit a paper? -Yes.

Are you satisfied? -Kar.

I'm going. I
have a night out all week .

Anika? - See you tomorrow.


Did I get bored?
-What do you mean?

Do you find it boring?

You mean compared
to sometimes? -Yes.

You're not what you used to be
when we met. -Fine.


Tell me ... You
teach history in your third year , don't you? -Yes.

They wrote to you in the e-classroom.
We would like to talk to you.

Do you have afternoon time?
- Yes, all right. You can.

What about?
- Just talk to them.

I didn't expect you that much.

We got together as
far as it went so fast.

Well, here I am.

Our children may have an
history exam.

We need to talk about this.
-Of course.

The conditions for enrollment in colleges
are quite strict.

Therefore, it is not best to
prepare for the exam with you.

will need to explain in a little more detail .

I hate it, but ...

Deuce worsens the average, especially
because in our country history counts twice.

Sometimes we feel
like you’re going smoothly for everything.

Not at all.

It’s harder to learn something
if you browse the phone during class.

Maybe we should ...

But I will consider you
and try to think of something.

Will I get you a
new teacher or ...

I would also like to comment on something.

Your explanation of the constitutional crisis
was totally confusing. Right?

Jonas, put the bike away
if you can borrow it.

It wasn't me. Kasper was.
-What? I didn't touch the keys.

Where are you going? - For Nikolai's 40 years
, we'll meet. Didn't I tell you? -You.

Fine. Right.

I won't be long.
I'll go by car. -Right.

Anika, you have a moment ... -
Stop it. Take the pizza out of the box.

See you. Goodbye, Martin!

So what? Bedarija.

I'm going, boy.

Where are you going? - For dinner. Nikolai
has a birthday. Didn't I tell you?

I do not know.

I won't be long.

Mom has a night out.
They have pizza in the freezer.

Did you hear?
They have pizza in the freezer.

Tommy? -What is?

Are we going? Shit, I
haven't seen you in a suit yet. Where are you from?

From the days when I was still with Mette.
- Have you been wearing socks since?

What? Ah, yes.
No one will notice.

How's what?

Puts. -Put?

I do not know. Oh, scat must.
He can barely walk.

So, Laban.

Like this.


Come on, pee.
I have to help him.

Tako, lulaj.

Fine, Laban.

I drive. I will have mineral water.
No lemon. -No lemon.

Yeah, I have work to do tomorrow.

Others will be sparkling wine.

This champagne is from 2013.
Here, I pour it for you first.

It is characterized by a mineral note.

Close your eyes, and you will see the
French fields.

Mother, he's good. Try it.
- Draft beer and sparkling wine.

Wait with the beer.
-How are you? You are 40 years old!

How the hell am I?

I have nothing to complain about.

I have a beautiful wife, rich,
I live by the sea.

We have three children
sleeping with us.

They fast us every night.
I don't sleep at all anymore.

Ah, come on. -Res. - Let's forget about it for a moment
. Congratulations and cheers!

Martin, it's great. Too bad
that so sober thinking. -Rank.

Who knows
what sober thinking is.

A new theory?
Any nonsense again?

Not mine. -Tell.

Some Norwegian philosopher and psychiatrist,
Finn Skårderud ... - Traparija.

He thinks it's wise to
drink. -Aja?

If you drive? - No, in general.

He claims that we have
half a per mille of alcohol in our blood at birth .

I find it interesting.

That I will imagine.
Half a per mille, you say. How much is that?

A glass, two wines.
And you should maintain that level.

Then you should drink all the time?

He claims that if you have
half a per mille in your blood all the time ,

you are more relaxed

more collected,

musical, open.

Generally braver.

I would just like a
little more confidence and liveliness.

You're fine, boy. - We all would. You don't have a
problem with that at school, Martin?

What? -Class problems.
Peter mentioned ...

I just mentioned
what’s in school. -Fine.

Otherwise, I don't want to get involved ...
- It's okay.

I don’t know, though,
how the two are related.

Mularia must learn to behave.
- Really. They need to be kicked out.

Exactly. - Martin, you're the boss.

Fill them with assignments and papers!

Papers, boom, dream, boom!
-That's right.

In the end, he scolds them.
They like that. - Right, Nikolai?

I don't think that's the point.
It's something bigger.

I think your problems
in class are more banal.

I think you
lack self-confidence.

And joys.
I think the problem is this.

May I make a mistake?
We will serve caviar.

Tonight we will serve you
Baerii caviar.

From northern Europe,
local German production.

It is usually served with vodka.
- You will too today. -Good.

This vodka would
bring a smile to the emperor himself.

Russian vodka Imperia
from fermented cereals, chilled,

which gives it a
velvety and rich flavor.

That will be more than half a per mille.
Tommy? -Thanks.

So. - I'll take the vodka ...
- No, leave it. -Yes please.


Thighs well.

It's getting hot.
A strong matter.

Martin, at least try.

Russia was built by people
who drink vodka and drive.

Treat yourself to caviar and vodka.
You will be able to drive in a few hours.

This really is nothing like that. Act!

That's right ... One time.
- She's damn good.

I told you.
You and your beer.

I just prefer beer.
- It's just ...

It's the main course's turn.
Would you like wine for next door?

Yes. Bring Martin some
really great wine.

Our offer includes open wine,
namely Jerome Chezaux,

From Burgundy. Year 2011.

As Robert Parker writes
in his review,

soul of Burgundy is condensed in this wine .

Thanks. Fill it up there.

It's good? -Very.


Martin, what is it?
What's happening?

A little more.

I don’t do anything, I
rarely get along with anyone.

How are you with Anika?

It is often nocturnal.

I'll see you a little more.

Just in peace, Martin.

I don’t know how this came about.
Excuse me. -Nothing serious.

Have you thought about finding another one?
-I didn't.

She is the mother of my children.

She cared for my father.

We intended to
live to old age together.

But we'll see.

Excuse me.

When I
came to school 12 years ago ,

you were just about to advance.

We were all talking about you.

You had a dissertation
and a guaranteed professorship.

You asked for him?
-No. The children were small ...

I already told you all this.
-It's true.

When I met him,
he was a real little poser.

He was walking around
in jeans, dude.

And he danced. That was not clear to me.
- What were you dancing about? Ballet?

No, jazz ballet.
-Jazz ballet? Give peace. -I.

You went to jazz ballet. And?
-Some go to pottery.

He was insanely good.
A true professional. Almost.

You know what, Martin?
You're a handsome man.

And you know how to dance.
Not bad. Can you show us?

Urgent. - It was crazy when ...
- Come on, show me.

Come on, show us!
-One thing. On the ground.

Wow, it grabbed me in the cross.
- Stop it, no.

Come on, show us something.
- Tommy, you know everything.

Show me, no. -What you give.
- Well, all right.

That's how it went ...
Up, boom, surprise!

Thank you thank you.

Fast walking.
- They look awkward.

Don't lift your legs.
- Martin, you're raising your legs.

No running! -You're running!

One foot should be
on the floor at all times . - That's how it should be.

One, two, three.

Are you crazy?
What was that?

Next! Come on!
- You're twice as heavy as him.

Next! Come on.

One, two and three.

Give it to me!

It! Well we got him!

Hello. -Hello.


I reviewed the substance.

Do you hear? Can you gather?

I looked where we were.

We have
addressed the historical challenges of indru ...

Indrus ...


Which were the result of

Let's go through the substance together,

that we will have an overview. Deal?


Thanks for the last time.
What an evening!

What are you doing?

I can't drive.

You said half a per mille?

I tried.

Hi, honey.
I'm taking Martin home.

He can't ride alone.
- You should go to the store.

He has a car with a mechanic,
so I drive it.

We need milk, more paper,
diapers and hay for the rabbit.

Right. A kiss.
Hi, honey.

Call the boy.
-Calm down.

I just tried. - It's about something
bigger. Call Tommy.

We'll call.

Because Nikolai went crazy.

No! Because Martin is a hero,

who decided
to make something of himself. - He interrupted.

What's happening?

Take it easy.
I only took a few sips,

and then watched
what would happen.

Let's afford one.
-No. How was the lesson?

I had some verbal
and motor problems.

You could say

that we will test
Skårderud's theory in practice .

We will gather evidence.
-Exactly like that.

What if we can't talk?
- I can.

We won't be the first
to drink anything during the day. -It's true.

Hemingway, in the primary,

he drank only until eight in the evening so
that he could write the next day.

And he was a great writer.
We should follow his example.

I find it exciting.

Me too.

We will write a
psychological essay about this ,

that it will not be ordinary nonsense.

Good. - What are we going to write?

A test of
Finn Skårderud's hypothesis , which claims

that a man is born
with half a per mille of alcohol too little.

How are we going to check it?

By consuming alcohol on a daily basis,
we will maintain half a per mille,

for the purpose of gathering evidence

psychological, verbal-motor
and psycho-rhetorical effects

and identifying an increase in
social and professional success.

We only drink during working hours.

No, really. - We'll stick to that.
Like Hemingway.

We don’t drink after eight
and on weekends.

Otto, zaboga, no.

Damn it, Otto.

See? Damn, well.

Tell me if you have to pee,
you're old enough.

Mom, I peed!

Not now! You will wake them up.

You have to say it first,
not then. And don't yell.

If you say then ...
- Why are you yelling? I slept for 20 minutes!

Take it easy. Take it easy!
- I haven't slept all night in three years!

I am very sorry.
-What is it? -Peeing.

Did you pee?
Didn't pee before bed?

What a question! -Why?
- In retrospect, it can be smart.

And take care of it yourself. - I will.
Are you okay, mouse? Are you cold?

Nikolai, breakfast is on the table.
-I'm coming! Just get started!


Malthe, put the phone away
unless you share it with everyone.

No. - All right, put it away.

And close the door.

We're going to do a test today.
I'd like to see where we are. So.

Are you Josephine? Good.

Others listen.

What I’m going to talk about
was taken last year or this year.

Josse, listen.

We have an election with three candidates,
who will you vote for? Are you following me? -Yes.

The first candidate is
partially lame due to polio.

He has high blood pressure, is anemic
and has a whole bunch of serious illnesses.

It's easier if it suits him,

consults astrologers about politics .

He cheats on his wife, is a chain smoker,
and overdoes it with martinis.

Next: he’s overweight,
he’s already lost three times.

He struggled with depression,
survived two heart attacks.

It is impossible to work with him and he
smokes cigars nonstop.

He drinks
huge amounts before going to bed

champagne, cognac, whiskey
with two sleeping pills.

And the last, the third.

He is a decorated military veteran,

treats women with respect,
loves animals, does not smoke

and here and there he drinks
some beer.

Josse, who would you like?

The last one.
-Last? The third. Right.

What do others say?

You're a hedgehog. You just eliminated
Franklin D. Roosevelt,

Winston Churchill and,
thank God, elected this man.


Calm down. It’s really funny,
but therein lies the message.

Which you will hopefully
understand someday.

The world is never
what you expect.

We will have a lot of work to do.

Let's see if we can make it.
Jason, page 83.

Wait. Wait!

Like singing at a Christmas party
at a swinger club.

Clara, seriously.

You sing beautifully, but it doesn't matter
that I hear you.

You have to listen to each other.
Get up.

Close your eyes.

Try to be

completely calm.

Stand firm

in ...

So, now open your eyes.

Good morning.

Now we will sing with ears,
heart and soul.

And hold hands for a moment.

Let the
energy flow through you .

So. Feel the common pulse and
I will give you the intonation.

And? - There's something about it.

It's amazing. Wild.

But I was thinking of
smelling it.

How come? -And how to prevent
the effect from still being here.

Do you smell me? - No, no.
Don't forget to write it down.

What about Tommy?
-I do not know where it is.

Nikolai, where's Tommy?
- He's training a little.

Have a drink,
then move on.

Spectacles, those parents
didn't bring water with them again?

No, you can't mine. Hjalte!
Come here. Give the spectacle a sip.

Why don't you give it to him?

If you want to play in matches,

you will be a good companion
and you will give the spectacle-maker a sip of water.

I'm already wasting time with you, at least obey me.

Scatter! Replay!
Watch out for each other!

They're awful to you, aren't they?

Stay with me,
take a break.

Yeah, good!

Give it back! Yes!

18.07, 18.08

Do you drink wine? - Well, really.

Have you slept so far? -Yes.

Will the boys have dinner at home?
- I don't really know.

I will cook for all four.

What do I serve you?
With coffee? Wine? Both?

Coffee, please. -Coffee.

Jonas is already almost
as big as I am. -Res?

He still misses so much.
Don't tell him.

Which he should find out for himself.
You know him, it will be impossible.

What about the autumn holidays?
- We'll be home.

Those who have no plans.
- We could go on a canoe trip.

What? - You heard.
As sometimes.

Yeah, eight years ago.
- We haven't gone in too long.

Fresh air will do the phantom a good job
and maybe ... What is it? -Nothing.

I can ask the same.
What's wrong with you?

Nothing, I would just go on vacation.



I'm going to get ready.

Who's here? Hey.

Hi, Tommy. -Hello.

Look what I found.
- What the hell? -Drink.

Where did it come from?
-I have no idea.

He doesn’t have many key teachers.


Maybe I forgot to lock it.
And next to it was a newspaper. -Show.

Yeah, you're right.

Someone was having fun.
And look there. Cute.

Mogens, did you inform the headmistress?
-Not yet.

Didn't you? - No, not yet.

And here is another one.

Has anyone noticed
that students would drink at school?

At the time of the voucher.

We found alcohol in the gym .

No? Maybe any of you have a
problem you should know about?

Ugh. - I'm sorry about the cabinet.
I didn’t think anyone was walking there.

We have to be careful. -Yes.

I haven’t
felt so good in a long time .

Even when I'm sober.

There's something about that.
What if we increase the dose further?

It doesn't seem stupid to me.

No one found out.

I haven’t
taught with such pleasure in a long time .

There is certainly more to be achieved.

Are you saying
there would be no limit?

not all of us respond equally to the same amount .

Really not. Hold on.

Peter, you adore
Klaus Heerfordt. -I.

He was a talented pianist.
Rotate it.

He could only play on the border
between sobriety and drunkenness.

Geniuses your butt.

And you would like to bring us to
the level of Tchaikovsky. -Yes.

I don’t know, though, whether the same amount
will affect everyone equally.

Let's try and see.
-Take it easy.

Are we alcoholics or not?
-We are not. -Right.

We decide for ourselves
when we will drink.

An alcoholic cannot do that.
- That's right.

Klaus Heerfordt
with one of his beer brothers.

Wild. No?

What are we going to write?

Second part. Individual plan.

Daily alcohol intake

varies from individual
to individual

in order to achieve optimal
work and social performance

and gathering evidence

on psychological
and psycho-rhetorical effects.

Who will be first?

dear young friends.

I wish you a happy new year.

Hi, Martin!

Martin, are you okay?

I'm going.
It just bleeds from the nose.

Martin, on. -Bleeding?
- You get a compress. Yeah, you're bleeding.

Like this.

Push this in your nose.

Fine. Take this with you.

Don't worry, it's okay.

Right. Good.

Guess what you have in common
with these three gentlemen?

Girls too? -Also.

For those of you
who have slept for 18 years:

it's General Grant, it's Hemingway,
it's Churchill. What do you have in common?

You all drink like woodpeckers.

Every week, all year.
So I'm going to ask you something.

Jason, fant od fare si.

How much do you drink a week?
- I don't know.

You can tell me
I won't betray you to anyone.

The National Committee recommends
14 units for men and 7 for women.

Jason, do you drink more or less?

I drink on Thursdays, Fridays
and Saturdays.

And a little on Sundays.
And on Wednesdays if there is a match.

So how much? -14 to 15 units
on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays,

and 4 to 5 on Sundays and Wednesdays.
- How much does it cost per week?

50 to 55 on a good week.

How much did you say?
-50 to 55.

55. All right. Caro?
What are the rules of lake running?

Did you understand the question? -Yes.

Run around the lake as soon as possible
and drink a crate of beer.

And if you vomit?

Is there a rule for that?
- Class time is deducted.

Not for individuals.
Come on, hands up.

How many of you are involved?


No one noticed, I swear.

This is interesting
because we are talking about Churchill.

In addition to writing
37 books in 58 volumes,

painted 500 paintings, received the
Nobel Prize for Literature

and as a commander won
World War II, he said:

I never drink before breakfast.

When you're crazy about being
totally burned,

vomiting on bushes
and streets,

you are not alone, you are
in good company.

Grant, Hemingway
in stari Churchill

would make you run around the lake
. The question is:

what will be on the history exam?

Which of you will do it,
which will not?

Who's going to
blow his brains out like Hemingway ,

but who will win the war?

Good good.

Josse, help me.
You know everything about landing.

Three reasons
why the landing was successful.

That day, the Allies
landed on the French coast.

Where? - In Normandy.

See you. Thank you.

I booked
a canoe trip.

Martin? Martin.

How much blood do you have?
- About one per mille.


No :( Took a shift.
I didn't know you meant it.


Can't replace it?

See you tomorrow.

Sigrid, quote.

Dare means
losing the ground under your feet for a moment.

Not daring
means losing yourself.

Are you ready? -Yes.
-Get up!

Hand on heart.

You too, spectacles.
Our country is really beautiful,

mighty beeches adorn it,

it is surrounded by the sea,

it is surrounded by the sea.

Hjalte! Hoy, guys!

I have a job. Finish already.
Hjalte! Finish!

Damn it!

Once again.

Pass Huxiju!

Dobro, Hjalte.

Listen, guys.

Hjalte, podaj Kasperju.

Tecite! Huxi, pass Broru.

Now give it to the Spectacles!

So! Run, Spectacles!

Well done, Spectacles!

You are the best coach in the world!

Sliding start! This is allowed!

He is allowed!

Is this allowed?
-Sliding start!

You master the sliding start.
-Tommy, I am!

There you have it! It!

When a
troop of children would run across the meadow to me !

I would like that.

But when you meet something,
it twists you, you throw yourself into tidying up.

Just fuck off, motherfucker.
- That won't help me at all.

You have students.
They will always remember you.

As soon as they leave school,
they will forget about us.

Hi, Sebastian.

Is everything okay with you?

Yeah, I was just learning.

I don’t teach psychology otherwise,
but I know you’re wrong.

What is?

Love problems? -What?

I, too, already had a
broken heart. Sit down.

But know, even if it's not ...
- It's not that.

What? -Everything.

School, assignment, grades.

I blocked the exams last year.
- Are you worried now?

It has to,
I can’t repeat it again.

Cunt. It's awful to be here again.

could have come to medicine with very good success .

I, on the other hand, will be lucky
if I make it.

Have you ever considered
drinking anything before the exam? -What?

A glass or two,

to relax
and loosen your tongue.

I know it sounds crazy.
I won't tell anyone.

Row! We're too close.
-Come on, eyes!

The first boat is in trouble!
We weren't ready.

It's nice. - It's straight there.

All? All stranded?
- It's just a little sideways.

What are we carrying for you?
-Yes. - Don't be important.

Do I carry water?

Put her in here.
-Sam? -Yes.

I want another partner.

Dad, why do you get
a big tent with your mom?

And why is ours in the woods and
yours looking at the lake? -Yes!

Does he live in Africa? -No.

He lives in ... - It's my turn.
- No, you didn't.

You can't just skip me.
I will be sad. - It's going to be a long night.

Is it a manatee? -What?

What? -Sea cow.
-More general questions first.

Lives in Swedish forests?

Does he live in the savannah? -Not.

He does not live in the savannah.

If it lives neither in the savannah nor
in the Swedish forests, it is a coward.

What? Gogovica?

Coward. -Bird species.

It is? -Not.

Start more generally!
-You do not understand?

I understand! Listen!
- Does he live in water?

Every time I ask,
next time there is one less option.

Only 1,224,000,000 remain.
-Come on. -Salmon.

What's happening?
What's happening?

Are you crying? -Yes.

I missed you.

I'm you too.

I missed us.

It's been a long time.

Maybe for too long.

What do you have for us?
Shall we have a drink first?

I spoke to a
reputable psychologist

on a chapter entitled
"Harmful Alcohol Consumption."

Longer regular enjoyment.
- Do you want us to stop? -No.

The full spectrum of alcohol
should be tested,

if we want to write a paper.
Skårderud talks about you ignition.

About the time
after 7 to 10 units

or you get sleepy
and go home

or your tongue loosens.
The more you drink, the more you drink.

I would just drink all the time.

I would like to drink
to the point of "ignition"

and beyond.

I'm talking about catharsis.

About complete oblivion. - I'll
stop here, boys. -Res?

It’s time to get back to family.
- But ... - I'm in favor.

What you are doing?
- We're talking.

Are you drunk? -Not.

Really not? -No. What is?
- Let's go to capoeira.

Right. - Then we'll go to my father
when you're here.

Don't forget to get fresh cod tomorrow.
-Yes. -Fresh cod.

Valid, fresh cod.
Goodbye, baby. -Enjoy!

Fresh cod.
-Fresh cod.

Will you come, Tommy? -Yeah.

Do we have everything? - Yeah, it's all here.
-Drinks? - There she is.

We'll start with that.
-What is it? -Bitter.

Non-alcoholic? -Alcoholic.
Five, six, seven, eight.

Four sugar cubes.
-Right. -There they are.

Cut them. We still need ice.
Four ...

This, however, is really finished.
-No. -No?

Then it doesn’t matter if we drink
pure alcohol. -What is it? -Sazerac.

5 cl bourbona, 1 cl absinta.

It was invented by jazz musicians
in New Orleans,

that he looked guided, but
in reality he is strong when ...

I mean ...
- Why are you turning the glass?

To cover it with absinthe.
Then I add this.

Now another dot on the i.
Give me an orange. -Orange.

You cut a slice.

The shell contains essential oil.

I don't need it.
- What a nice rub.

Smell it.
- This will be mine. Has already? -No no.

Wait for us.
-Right. -Action.

Are you nor, man?

What are we going to write?

The third part.

blood alcohol content.

Maximum share.

Consumption of alcohol in order to
reach the maximum level.

With an emphasis on observation

psychological effects.

The research is conducted as follows

that the negative impact of the
environment is minimized.

There's a new round. Martin, wouldn't you?
- I'm going home. -Really wouldn't?

There you have it.

See you. -I.

Matervola. I haven't drunk
anything like this before.


You spoil. - Mother, he's strong.
-But delicious.

Are you sure, Martin?

And and.


What is this?
-Rank. -Rank.

Oh, shit.

How's the dance?
-For a kid. -Martin!


Super. Rank!


That's the way it should be.

We have to go even further!


Where do you have fresh cod?

We got a fresh snake,
we just have a frozen one.

Why don't you have
fresh cod?

All months with R
are months for cod.

Maybe ... Hey!


I once caught a cod
with my bare hands. I just grabbed her.

It was like ...

Ah, here it is. -What are you doing?
- I'm hunting rake.

I will use it
for cod.

We have to follow the rules.

Let's put on life jackets.

How come you can't swim?
You teach exercise. -Yeah, yeah.

Leave the cod.
Let's go to town! -Right.

Come on! -I'm coming!

- Not again, well.

Shut up.

Lets go.
- See you in town.

We have to eat.

A thousand crowns for fish with fries.
- We don't serve food. -2000, 3000.

Take the money. Stop it.
- I'll eat it.

Marička, no. Stop it.

Karen, give me 47 47.
-It's a Christmas beer.

47 47!
-Last round! Last round!

You've had enough beer, honey.
Good night and sleep well.

Get down! Hey!

I would like to show
how jazz ballet dances.

Are you coming?


Damn it, Nikolai! You pissed!
-What? -Yeah!

Mom, what's going on?

His eyes peed into bed.
Come on, baby.

Horror, how much did you drink?
-Take it easy. I was definitely ...

Otto kissed me too.

Are you really ... Come on,
let's go watch TV.

Do we have to get up already? Now?

What are you doing?
- I'm checking to see if I can drive.

It's an electronic babysitter.

Take it easy.
- Help me up. -What else!

No, no. -Come on.
- I can't trust you kids anymore.

Well, well, honey.

Just find yourself.
I go to my sister with the children.

Nikolai, do you understand
what I'm saying?

Do you hear me? Our neighbor.

Go inside.
-Call Kenyo. Let's get him up.

Get up.

I can not.

Get up. -On your feet.

I'll take it.

Hi, Jonas. - This is not our house.
Come on, let's go home.

Wait. -Nice slow.

You have to explain to the children
what happened.


I got him a
little drunk yesterday .

But you
've been drunk all along for a while , haven't you?

Yes. - I think everyone already knows.

Please go to the room.
- We just sat down. -Immediately.

What's happening?

I don't recognize you anymore.

I have
n't recognized you in a long time either.

We don't talk anymore.

10 minutes on vacation,
then you're gone again.

That's what you say. -Yeah, me.

You've been shutting yourself off from me for years.

That's right. - I don't care
if you get drunk with friends.

It's not about that.

Either way,
everyone drinks like crazy.

The problem is that you are
absent all the time. You are invisible!

And if you’re having fun,
be with someone else, not me.

Are you having fun
with anyone else?

Are you also having fun with someone other
than me?

I could not ...

I couldn’t sit here
and wait for you.

I don't have to wait at home.
Go. -No.

Poberi se.

Poberi se.

Get the hell out of here!

What are you telling me?

What are you telling me?

No one has to wait for me.

No one has to wait for me!


A test of Skårderud's theory,
which assumes

that a person is born with half a per mille of
alcohol is not enough, it ends here ...

Due to severe,
negative social consequences

and fear

before alcoholism.

The reasons for this extraordinary meeting
are quite unpleasant.

I hope you had a
wonderful Christmas holidays.

I have received several notifications
to one or more teachers for longer

enjoys alcohol at school.
During class.

So far, I thought
it was a fabrication, but ...

Ready, three, four ...


Tommy, what's going on?
- I'm just tired.

Maybe we should ... -
I'll sit down.

There are
too many students, boys,

who are tormented ...

Keep going. I apologize.




See who answered?

Marička, no.
Hug me though, buddy.

What? Did you clean up?

You have pasta in the fridge .

Would you join me? Just ...

I just set the table.

I also have a cold beer.

I? -I'd rather have a beer.
- You're right.

What a barn I made at school.
It will not happen again.

I was in a completely
different universe,

and it was fun.

I'm doing a good job.

I was all excited
and calm at the same time.

How's your back? -Even.

It will get better.
You will soon be dancing like this.

Tommy, calm down.

You're right. I have to calm down.

But Martin ...

You don't have to walk here.
I'd rather see if not.

I have everything under control. I promise
to call the school. -Right.

Deal. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

What is?

It's not worth a dime.
- What do you mean?

You don't want that.

I cheer for you.

And for Anika.

Martin in Anika.

They have always been together.

I know you love her.

Head up.

Do you promise?
That's how I remember you.

There are no obstacles for you.

Right. Thanks.

call something anyway , okay?

So ...

Would you like something to drink?

Hello. -Hello.
- Would you like something to eat?

I would like a glass of white wine, please.

- Cold, please.

I'm not hungry.

Kasper is right
to have two celebrations. -Good.

One with me,
one with you.

So you can
invite your mom. -Right.

Is that the purpose of this meeting?

I also wanted to ...

Good. Fine. Right.

I miss you.

I'd like to ... - A
glass of white wine. -Thanks.

I would like to apologize.
-I beg you.

I haven’t been
quite right in a long time .

When I look at you like that,
I think

how many years have I spent
because of it. So I'm sorry.

You said I pushed you away.

If that's true ...
- I can't.

That’s the biggest nonsense
I’ve ever done. -I can not.

I thought we were going to talk
about the celebration. -Yeah, but ...


Let’s talk about the celebration,
if not, I’m going. -Right.

Right. Can I just say
I wish I was still together?

To live on together.
It's still possible. - It's too late.

Too late? -Late.


We're not a hundred years old.
I am here.

You are here, so beautiful.

It's not too late.
We have many more years.


I love you.

I'm sorry. -You love Me?

I can not.


I'm sorry.



I have to go. -Stay.

Can't stay a little longer?

Can I have a coat?

Good morning. -Good morning.

You will have an exam
in history.

I can't give you anything more,

but since we ...
We've reworked quite a bit.

How about something?

- Didn't we process everything?

Yes. Of course.

You shifted into a higher gear.

You could say.

We are well prepared.

Thanks, Malthe.

Me veseli.

You study well.

And good luck on the exam.

Sebastian, it's your turn.

Choose a number.

What number do you have?

Sebastian, you didn't take the dark.
You have Kierkegaard. -I can not.

Of course you can.
- No, I can't.

Of course you can.
You will do great.

Do you remember anything?
- Nothing at all.

You froze.

Tole slept.
- I thought you quit.

Just one sip.
But don't get used to it.

One more, come on.

Give it to me.

Damn it. Higher force.

Kierkegaard says
he is a man

synthesis of mind and body.

Sebastian, take a sip of water.

So much to gather.

The concept of anxiety, right?

conception of anxiety

tells us

how man copes
with the notion of failure.

And more importantly ... -
With failure.

You have to come to terms with being

that you can love others
and life.

Can you tell an example?

Yes, I have failed.

Come on, Laban.

Very good.

Bravo, Sebastian.

Now hurry to the party.

Hi, Martin.
- Hi, Peter.

Come on. We carry the cross.

Our country is really beautiful,

green beeches adorn it,

it is surrounded by the sea.

It is surrounded by the sea!

Hills and valleys,

from ancient times the name of
our homeland Denmark is,

Freja lives in it.

Freja lives in it.

To Tommy.

To Tommy.

To Tommy.

What would Tommy do?

I just walk up to Kasper.

Hello. A table for three.

Would you order a drink first?
-So ...

With a drinker ...

Prinesi my Juvé and Camps.

How are you?
- I think about him a lot.

How is something
on the domestic front?

Has the dust settled?

I think so.
Otherwise we are connected.

Really? Did the children move out?
-No. -Are they already sleeping through the night?

It's better
because I can't make the bed anymore.

The little things make a difference.

Right? A blue thought.

We're doing pretty well.

Even Amalia admitted
that we were making progress.

I miss you too.

I'll keep the crabs. - Why
do they have eggs? Nobody likes them.

After three dates,
you brag like a peacock.

Did you hear? He has a woman.
-Which one? - From a Christmas party?

She was interested in
church modes.

I took her to the workshop,
clamped her in a vice

and sang a high C.

You pervert.

Which one is it?
-Little that replaces pottery.

It's cute. -Pottery?
She's an art teacher!

Res. Why do you call her baby?
- She's small.

Very ...

Graduating students are coming.
-It's true! Our graduates are here!

I think Tommy is
cheering for us.

I also ...

What you are doing?

Did you see them throw me in the air?
-Yes. - They threw me in the air.

Drink, drink, drink ...


Now is the right time.
Let's dance. Come on.

Come on! Let’s show them how
we used to dance. How's it going?

For Ido

They played

Translated from English by Nataša Hrovat, Razplet

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