Anniversary (2015) - full transcript

The story evolves between Keung and Bao who are in their 10th years marriage. It followed by relationship with their own families and friends. They had numerous disagreements and conflicts which leading to divorce state. Are they willing to give each other a chance to be together ?

There is nothing happening between me
and Crystal


Then why did she wechat
you during mid-night?

She said she misses you,
and you replied missing her too?

Why did you peep in my phone

I asked you why you peeped in my phone

Yes! I did peep in your phone

- Why did you peep in my phone
- But I...

...rather I didn't

Did you have sex with Crystal?

- No
- You did

How many times do I need to explain to you

I will not trust you, because you did

No, I didn't

- You did! Go away
- I didn't

- You did
- There are a lot of people around,

don't act like this


I didn't, I really didn't

I tried my very best already

I do whatever you asked me to do

We have been together for so many years

do you think I am blind
on what you have done

You think I am stupid

Go away

Karman, let's go back together

Hey! Take a look at
this, they are quarreling

they are quarreling

The guy has cheated on his girlfriend,
and now she found out

The girl cries so badly, such a poor thing

If I was the guy

I will definitely admit my mistake
and apologize first

It is such a shame
to quarrel like this in public

If I was the girl

I will give him a hard slap on his face
and walk away

I won't be fighting with him on the street

Maybe the girl is still around because she
is waiting for her boyfriend to say sorry

That is called stupidity

What's next after he apologizes

Do you think he will remain loyal
to his girlfriend after this?

Once you have cheated,
you are always a cheater

Well, not everyone is the same

Some people change
after they have once made a mistake

There maybe half out of ten who will change

Hey, are you ready to go?
They have all arrived!

Yes, I thought you still want to watch

I don't trust you, and I will never
trust you again, never ever

- I don't trust
- Karman! Listen to me please

I don't want to

Yeah! Let's eat

Miss Lily

why you lost so much money
last month? What happened

It can't be

I worked everyday, I
didn't even take a break

You didn't open the
store for 4 days last month

I worked everyday,
maybe I forgot to put it down

Let me go back and check later

Take a look at this yourself

There isn't any input or output from
the 26th to 29th

Lily, have you forgotten

you went to Korea for Big Bang concert
on the 26th to 29th

I went to the travel agency to arrange
flight tickets and hotel rooms for you

I even upgraded them

No, I didn't go

You must remember it wrongly

I won't get it wrong!
Your boyfriend is a professional

Your boyfriend is a professional

I even bring along the receipts

You see, from the 26th to 29th


You better get moving,
I don't want to see you

Please don't, let's eat some vegetables

You must be really excited to watch Big
Bang, even leaving your business behind

It was really difficult to get the tickets!

You would know, it is so much better
to watch them on live

G-Dragon is such a cute guy

Is he really cute?

Shall we close down the shop

Wasn't there a real estate agent came and
asked about the shop's price few months ago?

Let's just sell it

After that you can immigrate to Korea

and eat Kimchi everyday

I mentioned this several times

this shop is given to me by your Dad

I won't sell it even if I become a beggar

Otherwise he won't be able to find me
in the future

If this bastard is really coming back,
you wouldn't have waited until now

I think you are the most stupid person
in this world to have believed in him

The selling price is good now,
let's just sell it

When you have time, post an advertisement
for Lily at your store

try to offer her a better price

Let us just give Lily sometime
to think about it clearly

I have thought about it for her in details!
Do you still need sometime to think?

No, I don't

I will say it once again

I will not sell the shop

unless I am dead


you don't understand things between me
and your dad

No one will understand how a mistress

could stupidly waited a guy for decades,
yet still hoping he will come back for her

Are you still young? Otherwise why
would you still believe in such things?

What now?

I have mentioned everything clearly
before I leave

Were you listening?

Everyone is here, dishes are ready,
what time will you arrive?

Go and buy one back if there is none
in office! Don't you have time now?

On fire now, wait! Will come soon!

Whatever, the client said she must have it

Your mum starts to be annoyed, come ASAP!

Go back to the office earlier tomorrow

Let me know after you have checked
everything clearly

Sorry we are late, terrible traffic jam!

Hey! Take a seat

Dad, Mom

Aunties and uncles

Dad, Mom

You can bring in the dishes now

Sure, no problem! Mr. Wong

Let's make a toast everyone!

Cheers, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

I just can't understand, we are always
your second round in all celebration

Can't we be the first next time?

Second round is always the more important,
it states our identity and status!

It is better than me leaving early
during the middle of dinner, that's no fun!


Mommy! I only ate very little just now

I purposely save my quota to eat with you!

You are always the most important!

So does my wife! Cheers!

Auntie 3, so good to have you in HK this
year, when are you going back to Canada?

I will go back next week

I want to announce a good news to everybody

Joey is pregnant again


That's good! Congratulations

Two in three years' time, you are so lucky

Keung! You need to work harder

All your cousins have become moms
and dads, except you

I will try my best

Nice! We are waiting for your good news

Even Keung tried his best, this will still
needs his wife's co-operation. Am I right?


Can't you find another shop
if this one is closed

What time is it now?
How can they all be closed so early

Did you walk further and see

Don't call me if you haven't

Hey man! Am I the owner of the florist shop

If I am I don't need you to go
and buy flowers back

Can you be a little bit smarter

How many times have I tell you

Bo is so charming when
she talks about business

She looks exactly like
those business women on TV shows!

Yes! Indeed

That's why she can only be a business woman

start to forget how to be a wife at home


How many times have you asked me
the same question today

I am tired talking with you,
from now on before asking any questions

Can you check it yourself first

I don't have much time to reply you

Go back to work one hour earlier tomorrow

double check everything for me

This is a big client

Don't miss out anything, that's all


Everything's done

I don't understand why are people so dumb
in this world

asking same questions over and over again

Because you are smart

People with higher ability will
certainly bare a bigger responsibility

My brain is exploding now


Your mum is criticizing me
in front of all your relatives just now

If she is not happy with me,
she can talk to me in private

You know her, she likes to complain
but she will be fine afterwards

I admire your dad

Being with your mum for so many years,
he still has such good temper

This is called love

We are the same too, aren't we

What do you mean

Are you saying I am as annoying as your mom

Definitely not

I just wanted to say I
have good temperament

I can't control my temper
when I see this stairs

When will you start renting a parking slot

If I need to walk up these stairs with
heels everyday, I am going to be dead soon

I asked already

The owner isn't willing to rent out the
parking lot, I can't do anything with that

Others are working as real estate agents,
so are you!

Why can't you be a more persuasive one?

It's okay if you can't walk up the stairs

I can carry you up

Come on! Jump up

Come on

I don't want you to drop me onto
the floor later! Let's walk

Let's walk

How's business today

Sigh! Same like old days

Let's see what you've got today

No way

Why are you only cooking
vegetables these days?

Are you taking money out
from the grocery fund for your self use

Nowadays the company didn't earn much,

of course we need to save some up
for future use

I have a viewing with a whole bunch
of mainlanders later

They are all old rich clients

If I got this, we can take a break
for a few months

What if you don't

If I don't, we will
need to fire some staffs

The first one must be you

I am not scared of being fired

By the way I am on annual leave
for the coming whole month

Who approves your annual leave?

Where are you going?

I do not approve this

I need off and you have no right
to stop me from taking annual leaves

My son needs me to go Shanghai
to take care of my grandson

I will be back in around a month's time

Auntie LAN, you can't go away

You are the soul of our company

That's right

My soul will still be around
even I am off to Shanghai

Don't worry, I have made
a proper arrangement

I will find someone to replace me
for the meantime

Carry on with your lunch

I still need to do some visiting
with clients later

Mr. Cheung

Hello Miss Chung

- How are you?
- How are you?

Jac always mention about you

- Is it?
- Yes

Thanks so much for helping us
on our wedding plan

It's okay! We are all Jac's friend

Let me introduce my fiancee to you

This is Cherrie

I don't think you need to introduce

We all know about Cherrie Ho, top model

Take a seat please


This is my business card

Miss Ho

So this is our first meeting,

tell us what kind of requirements
do you have in mind with your wedding

Our professional planners will try our best
to match with your ideas


Do you want to say
something about our wedding

We have made a sketch for the wedding

You guys can take a look and see
if you want to make any changes

Woah! Take a look babe

see if you like this or not

This is just a sketch, we are still
not sure if you can really do it or not

Miss Ho

we do hope you can give us more ideas
regarding to the details of the wedding

we hope you can have a perfect wedding

Our wedding planners will provide
detail suggestions regarding to the wedding

including the wedding films, photos,
brides' make up,

arranging lawyer for
the marriage certificate

and of course settings
and arrangements of the wedding venue

I have only one requirement

I hope my wedding is unique and special

I want it to be as huge as possible

I need fireworks at the back
while I am walking up the stage

It will be best if there is a parade too

I will call a few hundred reporters
to come on that day

As you know, wedding
is a once in a life thing

I wish the whole world to know
I am the happiest and luckiest bride

What do you think Baby?

As long as you are happy

Ming! Can you get me the key
for Marry Garden court 8 for me now

How can I go back to office to get now?
I shall wait you there

Be quick

I don't really like it.
Do you have another one?

How about this?

You can take a look and decide
which one you like more

How long have you been married?

My daughter is already 5 years old

5 already

Woah, I still remember when you were
an intern at our office

Suddenly you have become a mother now

Are you saying I am old now

Of course not

You are prettier than before,
you must be really happy now

You need to look for houses

Yes, my husband wants
to expand his business in HK

so he is planning
to move the headquarters to HK

So I am busy finding
flats and offices recently

That's right

You are so good in finding
business opportunities, Wong Chi Keung

Don't say that, just trying to help you

As you know, HK real estate agents
can be very tricky

Like the one who showed you flats just now

I am different from them

I'm not too sure about this

Alright! I shall trust you for once

Thanks boss

I will let you know if I
find any good places

Okay! I shall wait for your good news


Almost done

Okay I call you back in a second


Is that your wife

Yes, I am going to pick her up from work

So envious at you two

You guys are still so happily in
love after getting married for so long

Same as before

I haven't have a chance to meet her

let's have dinner sometime


My car is here

let me know when you got any good places

Okay, will give you a call

Thanks, I will wait for your call

No worries


Two, three, four

You see how happy Bo
is with my little daughter

If I don't say anything

people might think she is my daughter's mum

I don't understand too

she loves kids but she just not willing
to have one herself

Mid age women are all the same

they like to take care of kids

play with them and stuff. But they
don't want to pick up the responsibility

At least they can still show their love
of being a mother

Hey! Let me tell you a secret


You went to find prostitute in China
and messed things up

If I do I won't be sitting right here

Then what is it

I met Kiki today


Is that the intern you met in Shanghai

the one with a sexy body

You had sex with her right

What is she doing here?
Does she want to be with you again


When did I have sex with her? I didn't

Do not try to cover shit
up with your excuses

Otherwise why are you mentioning
about her suddenly now

I am helping her to find places

She is happily married now

Wives are the best

I warned you, do not let your wife know

otherwise you will be dead

Of course I know

telling you is the worst choice I have made

I felt so stupid now

Hey, what is wrong with Bo's face

Did she get tan

Why she always look so grumpy

I told her many times

I have asked her not
to bring stress back from work

But she said she is used to it

To deal with women like this

you need to be dominating the relationship

you need to voice out

once you feel uncomfortable

Just say it

Just say it straight in front of her

Just saying

You got to use some trick dealing
with your wife

Whatever she says, you need
to reject all her ideas, always say no

I am serious! You need to be more dominant

Are you sure this works

Of course

Honey have you finish talking

We have made a reservation for dinner

Yes Madam

I thought you just taught me
to reject everything she said

and always say no

Well, as I am a coward,
I don't want you to be the same

We have been married for 10 years,
we can't change now

Do you know what marriage is for men

It is a life imprisonment

So rather be terribly treated

you need to fight for yourself

Reserve your dignity

Stay strong buddy, don't give up

Keung has never changed
throughout these years

he is still like a little kid

Well, nothing can be changed

He always talks about
figures, games and soccer

throughout these years

But, he seems really scared of you

Scared of me

Sometimes as a woman, you got to be softer
in appropriate times

Take it easy

Just let them make some decisions

guys will then think that they are strong

After all, they just want to act smart
in front of us

You still need to be smart
in order to act like one

No one said you need to let him to
take charge of your whole company

You just got to give him some compliment
from time to time

Haven't you have a dog before

It's just like petting your dog

and say good boy

When you say good boy,
it really seems to behave better

Sigh, we are married for 10 years now,
something can never be changed

Marriage is women's lifelong career

Everyday you have new skills to learn

if you don't perform well, then you
just have to correct it until you can

You need to be with this man
for your whole life,

surely you wish he can pamper you
for the rest of your life

Do you still need to work after dinner

Of course, this job is killing me

Maybe you should quit


Are you going to take care of me

Or are you going
to pay the home mortgage yourself?

When can we finish paying off the mortgage

We will be 60 years old
when we finish paying off the mortgage

By then we can't do anything else

Alright then

Since you love me so much,
how about you pay for my trip to ski

in Switzerland this Christmas

The farthest place we have been
to so far is Hokkaido

I felt like we should travel out of Asia

- Do you have time to go
- Of course

if you are paying

I can go back and take leave immediately

You said that everytime

but in the end you will say
you have a lot work to do

and you don't have time to go on a holiday

Not when someone
is paying for me to go Switzerland

I can even quit my job in order to go

You say so! I can get us two tickets
in the coming 2 days


Morning Auntie LAN

Why are you so late?
I have got a plane to catch

You are leaving today

You can't go Auntie LAN

I thought you have someone to replace you?
Where is that person

I brought her here today!

- Yan, come
- Yes

this is my niece Yan

Yan, this is your boss

- Boss
- You can call me Keung

Brother Keung

Have you work in a real estate before


How about jobs related to this field

You are being ridiculous

I sell vegetables in a market before,
but you still hire me

- She has talent,
- Indeed

she can slowly learn

I just need to know more about her

I have a lot of special skills

I got lots of prizes, I can show them all
to you immediately

What's that

Second runner-up in 2nd Beijing daze game

What's that

I tried my very best

do you know those who got the champion
and the first runner-up

one of them is in a coma,
the other one has Alzheimer

They are too hard to beat

But I am defeated gloriously

Auntie LAN, you cannot leave

She really is very talented

There are very few people like her nowadays

I purposely introduce her to you

I got to go to the airport now

See you later

Auntie LAN! I don't allow you to go

If you go I will fire you

- ByeBye
- you won't get your retirement pension

Brother Keung! You don't have to worry

I will work hard

I should give a big thanks to Auntie LAN

What kind of magic do you know

You don't believe? I can show you one now

- Good, I'm waiting
- I will not fail this time

Look carefully at this ball

I will put this ball on my palm

and when I do, it will become bigger

Don't blink your eyes


Auntie, why are you suddenly back

Don't play that magic

What? You already did

Alright then, I am leaving now

- Bye
- Auntie LAN, are you really leaving

I already said my weakness
is having very good memory

Pick those balls up quickly and go
give out leaflets on the streets later

It depends on how many people you have

as our venue can hold
a large amount of people

We can put it this way or that way

we can decide when you confirm
the numbers of people

Still working?


I have something need to ask you,
can you give me a minute?

Come this way

What do you want to talk about

Are you planning to go on a trip

Yes! I just booked tickets

I am planning to go Switzerland
with my husband to ski during Christmas

You are going to Switzerland too

What do you mean?
I haven't been to Switzerland before

My husband always blames me I am busy
at work. He kept on complaining these days

so I promise him I will go on a trip
with him this Christmas

But honestly, you know how busy
we are during that time of the year

how can I just walk away

exactly! We are always very busying
at the end of year

what should we do
if you are away during that time

Luckily I have you

You have been working
for us for many years,

you are always in control
of everything at work

So I have decided to
pass greater power to you

Then I can go on holiday

Bo, the company relies on you now

Don't worry, I will raise your salary too

Switzerland is a really beautiful place,
have you been there before


When you have time you should go

But I think you are probably difficult
to get day offs now


Did you have something to say just now

Yes, but I forgot already

That's funny

tell me when you remember then


Honey! Why are you back so early today?

Are you hungry? Shall we cook together?

Let's go out for dinner!

Good idea! Come and take a look.

I went shopping today
and noted a lot of things are on sales!

I'm smart, I quickly bought a lot
of stuffs for our trip

otherwise we will be in rush
if we buy them right before our trip

also they might not have discounts by then

You see, this matches you a lot!

I've got one for myself too!


I looked up the air tickets
and hotel packages on the internet

Anyway I think we should book in advance,
it will be cheaper if we confirmed earlier!

Shall we go during summer holiday?

How can we ski during summer?

You didn't ask for annual leave?

Of course not! I did

But do you know what's the funniest part?

Today when I was going
to tell my boss about our trip

he suddenly told me she is planning to
go Switzerland to ski during the same time!

what a co-incidence

She even said she will let me take in charge
of the whole company while she is away

so it is difficult for me
to tell her I wanted day off

But let's think on the brighter side,
this might be a good thing

if I get control of the whole company while
she is away, that means I got promoted

Although we can't go on holiday
during that time

it is still something
to celebrate for right?

So after all, your job is still
the most important

I did not say we will never be
going on holiday, just not this year

We can't go ski this year, we can still go
diving under the sun in Maldives next year

By then you will say you are busy again

But next time I will be smarter

I won't be buying all
the swimming suits and hats

and wasting all my money like a fool

What kind of attitude is that?

You seem to act like I purposely
lied to you about this trip

No one asked you to
buy everything in advance,

why can't you just wait
till my annual leaves are confirmed,

then we can plan the trip together?

Yes! It is my fault again

thought you wanted to go on a holiday

I want you to be happy, so I quickly
get everything prepared in advance!

It is my fault, I should not be
in rush for all these

But who say she can
definitely take day offs?

You always say you are
the only one who plans

but you have never included me
in all your plans!

Can you be a bit more considerate?

That is my boss, I am just an employee!

So I should ask my boss

not to go on holiday and let me go,
because my husband is the most important?


Your work is always your first priority

I think we should stop arguing

I will refund all the things tomorrow!

I need get change and go jogging now

Why do you need to go out to jog?

We got this expensive treadmill machine
and you never use

It is healthy to go outside
and sweat while jogging

Doing exercise does not work
with turning on the air-con

and watch Korean dramas at the same time!

I don't think that is a problem!

You are just being ridiculous,

I still sweat a lot while using
the treadmill machine!

Things always look the same,
but there're actually different!

Whatever, you won't understand anyway!


Boss why you go running during late nights?

What are you doing? Do you practice Kung Fu
during late nights?

no way, I am practicing hard on my skills

Do you want me to play a magic
for you right now?

No thanks! I need continue with my jogging!

Since you are here, take a seat first!

Give me some support please!

I promise, I won't miss this time!

Then just do a quick one

No problem! Watch closely!

Haha! Am I smart? I still got another one

watch out!

Why it didn't work?

Exactly, why?

Damn it!

Boss! Can you help me call the police?

No way. Why do you need to call the police?

What can I do? You see!


Maybe you've got the steps wrong

Take a look in here

See, it is out!

Did you forget the words?

What words?


Oh my god boss!

How did you do that?

I don't want to lie to you, I actually know
this trick since I am grade 3!

Boss, I admire you

Can you teach me magic?

I won't teach my skills to other people


If you are willing to give me
two months of your salary.

I can teach you straight away.
I can even teach you one more trick!

Are you insane?

Don't act like a girl, teach me immediately

I really want to learn, I really admire you


Have you think of joining me
in the magic competition?

No, I am going to
embarrass the neighborhood!

Why? I worked very
hard on my magical skills

Although I don't have much talent,
but I always try my very best

Why do you like magic so much?

Because my mum is a magician!

Your mum is a magician
and yet you are not talented?

If I was your mum, I
will be very disappointed

My mum got a serious sickness
when I was very young

at that time she couldn't
even get out of bed

My dad asked me to play magic for
her everyday, so she won't feel so boring

I still remember my mum used
to have a lot of notes about magic

I learned one by one

read every single page

Everytime I played magic,
my mum would smile happily

At that time I thought I played very well,

Now then I realized

I actually played poorly,
and so my mum laughed at me

But I didn't regret learning magic

Because I know I brought happiness to my
mother during the last few years of her life

Therefore boss, if you are willing
to join the competition with me

We will definitely win

Please don't drag me into this,
I am old already

I don't like competitions

You can put some makeup on
to make you look younger

I thought of a great magic for both of us

but you need to be my assistant

Are you joking?

I am your boss, why
should I be your assistant

I need to get going, please help me
throw this away, can't eat anymore

I need to continue with my jogging, just
remember to be on time at work tomorrow!

Don't go

There are lots of people around,

- this is Central!
- So what?

Quickly go back, continue practicing

Knowing I hate red bean soup

Should have bought
fungus sweet soup back, stupid!

Your fungus sweet soup is here!

Why are you hiding behind my back,
did you do something wrong?

I know when my wife would want
to eat when she is mad

And when she is really angry, she will
definitely want to eat something sweet!

This is yours! That is mine

Let's eat together


How come

Okay, I will come right now

What happened

My sister is in hospital now!

Do not try to move those
heavy stuff next time

What happened if you injure yourself again
next time



How's your hand

Why did you fall off suddenly

I slipped into the band room just now

How did you know I am in the hospital?

He told me to come over

Why did you ask them to come at
such late night? It is such a small matter

A small matter? You are pregnant now

it can be very dangerous you know

Luckily the doctor said the baby is fine

Remind me give thanks to God tomorrow

Hold on a second!

Don't fool around with me

Sis, I wasn't joking

I planned to announce this news
when you two arrived

Me and Bella are going to be parents soo

Aren't you happy for us

You can't even take care of yourself,
you are jobless

Are you two insane?
Have you guys clear up your minds?

Is there something wrong with your brain?

- Go home with me right now!
- Bo, just calm down first,

we are on the streets

- Let go of me
- Take it easy, there are people around

Go home and talk to mum with me

Let go

What happened? I am so worried!

Who ask you to come?

Of course it is me

Good, now everyone is here

Hey sir, you don't look familiar

Anyway since everyone is here now

dear mother-in-law, congratulations

You are going to be grandmother soon

What did you just say?

Your daughter is pregnant


Don't be so agitated, stop shouting please!

Me and Bella are actually... you see

we are truly and deeply in love with
each other! Can you just be happy for us?

What so happy about?
I wanted to beat you up right now,

Don't use your hands, you are a lady! Bo!

Please, let go of your hand

This is our family matter,
it is none of your business

It is surely part of my business

Who are you, uncle?

Let me introduce,

he is your daddy


I am starving

Let's eat, why aren't you guys eating?

Really? That's awesome


I am really happy to come back this time!

I can't believe I am
going to be a grandfather

Why do you come back suddenly?

I miss you guys, I wanted
to come back to see you all

I am asking, what is your main purpose
to come back

Bo, your dad has already answered you!

He misses us all,
that's why he came back for us

Miss us?

Suddenly? So where has he been
for the past 10 years?

Did he think that we were dead?

Bo! Your dad always wanted to come back

he just couldn't before

He has his reasons

I know, you must be a warranted criminal!

After all these years, probably the police
are no longer finding you,

so you can get a fake passport
and smuggle your way back to Hong Kong now!

you are so cool

I couldn't come back as my wife
didn't allow me to before

Miss Lily! You see!

The man you have been waited
for all these years eventually has a wife

Have you finally realize how stupid you are

I knew he has a wife since the first day
I know him, it doesn't bother me

What have he given you?

Why did you become so stubborn and stupid

He is obviously fooling you around


I didn't lie to your mum at all,
I do truly love her

Is that true?

Alright, if you can get a divorce
immediately then come back and marry my mum

I will believe you

This is between me and your dad,
it is none of your business

None of my business?

I have been helping you for everything

All these years, how many times
did I help you with your mess?

I have been helping you
with the place you are staying

the shop you are running
and even the men your dated

Now you tell me it is non of my business?

On the other hand,
I really don't need your care

Since young, you have
never taught me on my homework

Even when I was sick, you asked our
neighbor to bring me to see the doctor

You didn't even find schools for me

I need to work and earn money
to support you two at that time

I am been supportive
with all your decisions all these years

I see you as a friend, don't you
feel happier with such relationship?

A friend?

I can get to know friends
if I go drinking in LAN Kwai Fong!

I need a mother! I need a mother
who cares about me,

do you understand?

Actually I have a good news to announce

Me and Bella have decided to get married

Give me an applause please

Who approve on your marriage?

Sister, you wouldn't want the baby
to have no father,

this will be really pathetic

When the baby is born,
we will take care by ourselves

This is better than having a
useless father, he will just be a burden

Besides, our family are
used to have no father

Even you disagree

I will still marry this man!

Why is your hand
bandaged? You hurt your brain

You are only 24 years old, you will
definitely regret if you get married now

You get married when you were 24
years old too, are you regretting now?

We are different

Anyway if you want to marry this
useless man, I will definitely disagree

You said we are different right?

So whatever I decided now,
it is none of your business


Whatever you want, mom
will always support you!


You are a grown-up now.

But the day you get married,
please don't invite me!

I will not come

Honey, where are you going?

Please don't follow me, I don't need you!

Don't be like that! Let's go back

it is very impolite to just walk away

You can go back if you want

Your dad has finally come back,
let's just have dinner happily together

What for being so
grumpy at him at all times?

I haven't complain about your attitude

why didn't you say a thing when I object
my sister's idea of getting married?

This is your family matter,
I don't know how to get involve

you are my husband!

can't you say something to agree with me

You just sat there and eat

If you wish, you can go back
and carry on with your dinner

Honey, your sister is pregnant now

and most importantly her boyfriend
is willing to take up the responsibility

They even planned on getting married,

and your parents have also agreed
with their decision

So why should we disagree

I have mentioned this many times!

Her boyfriend is useless, if Bella
marry him, her life will be miserable!

Why don't you guys get it?

Bella is a grown-up now,
she can make decisions of her own!

She can get a divorce
if anything goes wrong in the future!

At least this is her own choice

She is not your sister,
of course you can say that!

Everyone is the same, you all simple come
for me when you needed help!

Honey, relax!

You don't have to take control
of everything, right?


What do you mean by taking control
of everything!

They are my family!

What are you suggesting now?

Are you saying I am dominating you
and you feel miserable now?

I didn't, I didn't mean that

you are always like a coward
whenever I scolded you

just like your dad,

Hey, you can comment on me

but you can't comment on my father

I mentioned it several times already,
you can be unhappy

but you can't criticize about my family

Have I said anything wrong?
I am only stating the truth

I really don't understand you,
you are just different from your family!

Your mother and sister are both nice,
but why are you always so grumpy?

You kept on criticizing
and scolding people all the time!

Are you too used to using such
attitude towards your colleagues?

We are not your workmates

we don't get paid to get scolded by you

You like them a lot right?

They are all nice people

you like to act like a good guy

You all are such a perfect match,
you can go back to have dinner with them

I picked all those by myself!
These are the best

I'm sure there will be
something that fits you!

What do you think? Any
particular one you like?

If yes I can give a call to the landlord
immediately, we can go and give a look anytime!

How about you give me
all their information first

I wanted to show my husband!

He is not around these few days,

I think it is best to let him decide


is he always not around? Are you bored?

He is very busy at work

Besides I am very independent, as you know

I know for sure, is he treating you well?

I won't choose him if he isn't!


You seem worried about me!

You will do the same too right?

We are friends, of course we care
about each other

Hey, you can't eat peanuts!

You still remember about
my allergy to peanuts?

Are you still allergic to them?

I will always be, this is genetic!

My dad is allergic to peanuts too!

Oh you haven't see my
daughter before right?

Let me show you my daughter's picture!

She looks cute!

- Hey
- Hi

- why are you off so early today?
- Yes


God mother!

- What are you doing?
- Homework

Such a good girl!

- Where's Min?
- In the kitchen!

Alright, continue with your homework!

You're here! Can you help me
wash the things in the basket please?


What happened to your husband?

Why he looks so annoyed?

Maybe he is just too tired!

By the way, why you suddenly decided
to join us for dinner today?

Where's Keung?

Don't mention about him,
I don't want to see him!

You two fight again?

You two should grow up
and stop having cold wars

He kept driving me mad

and he won't apologize.
He always think he is right!

By the way,

you said you were sick and end up
went the doctor's 2 weeks ago?

You even said you did a brain scan

How was it? Is the report back?

Doctor said

I have a tumor inside my brain,

and it is a malignant tumor!

Don't joke about this,

are you crazy?

I wish...

But it is fine, I am arranged
a schedule already!

I will start chemotherapy next month

the doctor said there
is a new medication for me to try!

It will be harsh at the beginning,
but I have faith in myself!

Tumors are always very tricky

they will fool you more
if you think too negatively!

So I am not scared,
I will fight against this tumor!

And you

will always be there for me right?

Mr. Cheung?

Haven't I arranged a time
to meet up with you and Miss Ho

to check on the venue's decoration
a few days later?

Our sketch is not ready yet!

I am here to cancel the wedding!

People think Cherrie has a good marriage,

but she herself thinks
I am not good for her

What do you mean?

Cherrie will get marry in Paris next month

as she wishes!

Her wedding will be held
on the Tower Eiffel with fireworks around!

She said this is what she mean
by true happiness

I think this is her fate, she is just not
lucky enough to be your wife!

I've heard a lot of similar comforting
words for the past 3 days already

Sorry! But never mind,

according to our policy,

the deposit you've paid before will still
be valid within a year's time.

And for the white color roses
that you pre-ordered,

we can use them for your next wedding

we can even change to another kind
for you for free!

Good, I need to try
harder to find a wife then!

But anyway, I'm sincerely sorry

Sorry to bother you for
canceling my wedding

- Sorry
- Don't be silly! Don't say that

it is our pleasure to help you!

Thank you

If you need any help,
give me a call anytime

I really do have something
that needs your help

My grandparents purposely came back
to HK from Canada to meet Cherrie

But looking at the situation now

Can you be Cherrie for one night
and have dinner with us?

Yan, why didn't you come to work today?

Boss, I need your help


Boss, why are you so late?

I have been waiting you for ages

I waited you to come to work
this morning for ages too

Do you think I have no work to do?

Why did you dress up like this?

I don't have time to
explain to you, let's move

To where? You need to tell me first
before going

I was supposedly meeting up with a friend and
we are going to join the competition together

But he can't come
suddenly as he has diarrhea

So I can only find you

Boss, you are such a kind person

Can you help me this time?

I really need you

I asked me out to be insane with you?

I don't have time

Boss, don't leave

Why are you pulling me?

Help me finish my dream!

Just this time, please?

After I have completed my dream

No matter what the
result is, I am satisfied

Just this time

I haven't been practicing,
how can I help you?

You are good at this,
you can just follow what I say

We still got some time

This is my partner


Remember get an extra pillow
when you get on the plane

Yes - Be careful to have
back pain after a long ride

Take care

Cherrie, come and visit us in Canada
if you have time

Yes, I will for sure

- You take care too
- Yes


Be careful

- I'm leaving, bye
- Bye

Be careful

Give me a call when you land, okay?

- Bye grandpa
- Bye Cherrie

Thank you for acting with me tonight

You are welcome

I can't bare to disappoint your grandparents,
after all they have come a long way to HK

By the way

I haven't seen them smiles so happily
like today for a very long time

Oh yes, when are you going
to tell them the truth

Maybe wait until they go back
to Canada, I will see how

But I have to say sorry first

I planned to tell them you fell in love
with someone else

You aren't serious right?

Luckily I seldom go to Canada

It will be awkward if I see them again

that's true, so you need
to be more careful in the future

Don't look down on my grandma,
she looks nice and gentle

But she can be very fierce too

Long time ago, when she found out
grandpa was cheating on her

she nearly killed someone

Alright, I have decided

I will not go to Canada anymore


Didn't you guys added each other
on Facebook just now


You see


Don't be crazy, you look like a fool

Stop jumping in public

Boss, do you know

I played magic for so long

yet this is my first time to have a prize

What is so happy about?

Best stage performance,
there is no such thing in magic playing

Obviously everyone will have a prize

At least it is better than having nothing

Can you don't be so negative?

It is still better to have won a prize

Can you smile a little?

You're crazy

See how handsome you look when you smile,
you should smile more often

How can I be like you, putting a smile
on your face all the time

Looks like a hotpot

What do you mean?

Like a fool


Since we get along so well,
can I ask you a question?

Do you quarrel a lot with your wife?

Who said that?

Auntie said your wife is a very
difficult person to get along with

Does your wife always put an eye on you?

You trust your aunt's words?

Your aunt said she went for Miss Hong Kong
before too, do you believe in her?


Actually I wanted to thank you

Because of you, I completed my dream

Also because of you, I didn't miss during
a magic show first time in my life

Thank you

What are you doing?

Kiss you, I kissed you because I like

No other meaning, do you?

I have a wife

I know

That means you feel something

It was such a success today

Shall we go celebrate together?

I am off to France to learn magic
tomorrow night

Tonight is your last night seeing me

Let's go

I had a lot of girlfriends before

So I'm those men who want to get
any girls they met

But even I had lots of girlfriends before

I am still a lonely person now, look at me

I did think about what I have done before

Maybe there were a lot of girls
who truly loved me before

Yet I didn't cherish them, so they left me

I then said to myself

No matter what my next girlfriend is,
I will still truly love her

So you mean Miss Ho is a retribution?

At first she is, she has bad temper

when she treats me badly

I don't feel that guilty

I thought that will be it
for the rest of my life

yet God still decided
to give me a second chance

things are quite funny sometimes

Alright then, I will you can find someone
who truly loves you and cherishes you

Can I date you again?

I am married


girls like you, who has a good heart
and appearance,

it is impossible for you to be single

I am so stupid

I feel glad for your husband

I think I am good, and so do I

Seems like you have something to say

Is it really good to get marry?

Don't know why many people
are looking forward to get married

I just don't understand

Why, do you regret?

What are you doing?

That's so wrong!
Fine, I am not playing with you

Hello? Honey?

Hello, what are you doing?

Me? I just off work

I haven't had dinner yet,
I will be back after dinner

Are you alone?

Of course, who else can I be?

Alright then, I'll see you at home

okay, bye

Boss, there's no cap

What now?

But I remember there is a taxi stand

- So I need to go back there?
- Let's go

I parked my car over there,
how about I give you a lift

love looking at you being so concentrated in
the movie cuts, take care! I will miss you

Enough, this is enough

Why it has no response
even I kept pressing it

No problem, I come fix it now

I can go up and find the instruction guide


I can't find, but don't worry

I can call someone to
come and fix it tomorrow

Honey, come and take a look

I just read something
interesting on Facebook

They say there are 5 symptoms when your husband
is cheating on you, do you want to hear it out?

Of course not, you can never
trust posts on Facebook

Why not, I think it has its point

Let me see

There it goes

Okay, firstly

He always miss his wife's calls

I didn't, whenever you call,
I will surely pick up


When you call him, he will always say:
I'm busy, I can't talk right now

This one yes

But you say more than I do

Okay, third

never brings his wife to social activities
or introduce her to his friends

Well, you know all my friends

You are the one who never bring me
to meet your friends

Seems like I will embarrass you


Purposely cover his phone, worries that
others will see who is calling him

Don't pin on the innocent, good man

I didn't purposely cover my phone

Is that all? I shall go
up and take a shower

Still got one more

which is having once or more
than once cheating experiences

I think it is quite true,
what do you think?

I don't think so, I am going up

Who's Kiki?


I said who is Kiki, stop pretending

Why do I need to pretend

She is a client

I am helping her to find places

Why does she has such a intimate name?

When I went to work in Shanghai,
she was my intern

I met her again recently on the streets

She said she needs to find houses,
so I help her

So she is the one whom my friend saw you
were holding hands with

in Shanghai New Town Plaza?

Here you come again, I said it many times

Your friend was mistaken,
I didn't hold her hand

So it is the same one

She is already married,
her daughter is already 6 years old

Even she is married doesn't mean
you two have nothing with each other

Are your period coming soon?

I haven't finish

Who is the girl with you
on the streets that night?

What did you say?

I said who is the girl chatting and
laughing with you on the streets that night?

I called you

And there was a girl beside you,
but you said you were alone

She is auntie Lan's niece

Auntie LAN is on holiday
and she is not in Hong Kong

So she asked someone to replace her at work

and that's her niece

just that simple

Then why don't you say it that night

Because I don't want you to think wrongly

So I won't now?

Wong Chi Keung, after all these years,
you still have the same taste for women

Before it is your ex tutor

Then it is your office intern

Now there is a colleague's niece

What is it called?

They are just easy for you to get

What do you mean by easy to get

Can you saying things so ugly

You know it is ugly right

Do you still remember I am your wife

I already said there is nothing
between me and Yan


There is nothing or there hasn't
been anything yet

What about Kiki?

She is calling you,
do you want to answer it now?

How about you?


Who is the guy who was shopping
with you that night

Which guy?

So now it is your turn to pretend

I said my words are not trustworthy right?

But at least I picked up your call

How about you

You didn't even pick up my call

He is my client

Is there a problem
if I have dinner with a client

You've made a mistake
and now you are trying to blame me back?

Women always have double standards
seeing themselves and others

You can have dinner
and watch movie with other people

Yet I am always a suspect
for you to be suspicious about

Mr. Wong

Don't forget you had once cheated on me

So because I had once cheated on you
before, I need to follow you like a dog now?

I am your husband, I am not a criminal

You are my wife, you are not a judge

Do you still remember

Can you stop shouting at me?

Being loud doesn't mean you are right

Right is right and wrong is wrong

Now you are wrong,
so stop finding excuses for yourself

Aren't you shouting now?

You kept on digging at the past

How can we continue to be together
if we kept on fighting

If you can't continue, then let's divorce

You wanted to say that right?

You know me well, you can't take it back
once you've said it

You are insane

Where are you going? I am not finished

You always find places to hide everytime

Wong Chi Keung, I tell you

You couldn't fool me 10 years ago,
you can't fool me now too

I lied because I love you

Otherwise how can we
be together for 10 years

Do you think it is very
easy to be with you?

I am a difficult person to be with,
so you feel tired now right?

let's get divorce

Do you really want to get divorce?

yes, I do

You really want to get divorce so badly?


I did held her hand in New Town Plaza,
your friend wasn't wrong

So you want a divorce now?

Since you are being so honest

Then I shall tell you a secret too

Do you know why didn't we have kids
for so many years

It wasn't supposed to be

10 years ago, you have
a chance to be a father

Yet you got together with Josephine

I hated you

So I went for abortion

What did you say?

I don't believe you

I don't believe you

I didn't tell you all these years

Simply because I am
waiting, waiting for a day

when you said you don't love me anymore,
when you want to leave me

I will tell you this secret

I want you to regret
for the rest of your life

You can hate me,
yet you will also hate yourself

I don't believe

I promised

I will love you unconditionally

Be proud of you and respect you

Try my very best to take care of you

Comfort and protect you in difficult times

and growth with you together in love

always be loyal and pamper you

for the rest of my life

I now legally announce Wong Chi Chung
and Lu Ka Min, husband and wife

Thank you

I haven't been jogging with you for awhile,
why did you become so physically poor

your muscles are smaller too

I am not bad, you are just too strong now

You don't have to be so strong man,
are you joining a competition soon?

If I don't become stronger, how can I
take care of my wife and daughter

How's Min

Didn't you say they changed
a new medicine last time?

Is there any improvement

Take it easy, you need to hand in there

Min needs you now

Did I tell you

Min fainted on the street the other day

I rushed to the hospital

the doctor said to me: Sir,
I need to be prepared

We found out your wife has brain cancer
and it has reached the end stage

You need to go and prepare her
for hospital administration now

He kept on saying

I went deaf, I can't hear a thing he said

after awhile, I suddenly remember I need
to pick my daughter up from school

so I immediately drove to her kintergarden

When I got to my car, I suddenly remember
my dad used to say to be while I was a kid

There are three things in life
that brings happiness to a man

get promoted, become rich
and having a dead wife

After being married for all these years

I can't stand her sometimes

You know women likes to get control
of everything, they are very annoying

when I got so mad sometimes

I did imagine how wonderful
if I never get married with her

Now when she has cancer
and going to die soon

I think again

If she passes away,

what is going to happen

with my daughter and me?

I miss my wife badly

Have a drink

I'm fine

I tell myself

Hang in there, right?

I can't fall, it will be terrible if I fall

My dad has some classmates who are doctors

They are quite famous

How about you bring Min
to get a second opinion?

Bo gave Min the contacts already

She didn't tell you? Your dad knows too

You two still fighting?

Don't be like that, you two are married
for 10 years already

What for creating a big fuss now?

If you don't love her, you will have
the courage to get a divorce straight away

What for having such cold wars,
you think you are still a teenager?

She is the one who wanted a divorce,
so let it be

Do you know what you are saying?
You sure you don't miss a thing?

She took my child away

but you cheated on her too

So then she has the
right to abort my child?

I am not judging who is right or wrong here

If now there is a moment

that Min will be fine

I wouldn't mind even if she tells me
she had an affair before,

Look at me, I am an example

Things are so unpredictable in this world

Bro, you can't fight against God,
but you can fight against yourself

Don't make things worse,
you will regret for what you have done

Just be happy together as a couple

Where should I put them? Here?

Give it to me

I bought a lot of new clothes for Ceci

First season

Second season

That's a lot of clothes?!

You don't understand

Kids grow very fast,
soon these won't fit anymore

Besides, I don't know
if I still have any chance

to buy new clothes for her in the future

Are you okay?

take a seat first

Are you ok?

Can you help with something?

Are you ready?



Ceci, Mommy wants
to tell you something very important

I know if I said it now,
you probably won't understand

But I know, you will
understand in the future

Ceci, you are so beautiful

There surely will be a lot of people
who want to date you in the future

But remember, you don't need to rush in
and pick someone at the beginning

As a girl, you should try
on a few relationships

choose slowly, it will never be too late

But you must know how to protect yourself

find someone who respect you, understand?

If you have a chance
to meet someone like your father

It is not a bad choice

Your father is a good man

It is worth marrying him

Also, you need to make some true friends

Like your mother, I don't have much friends

But I am lucky enough to meet someone like
your god-mothering, who loves me dearly

Maybe one day

your Dad will bring a woman home

He might want you to call her Mommy

If you think she is kind to you
and good with Daddy

I don't mind you calling her Mommy

But just remember not to get mad at Daddy

It is because without me being by his side

He must be very upset like you

Therefore, I wish

He can find someone who loves him
and can stay with him until he grows old

I know Ceci is a very good girl

you wouldn't want Daddy to be alone right?


When Mommy is gone, you can miss me

but don't be too upset

Do you remember

when you were two, three years old

Mommy still need to go to work,
and you often wouldn't let me leave home

You said to me, you miss me a lot

Do you remember what did mommy say to you?

I said

Silly girl, you don't have to miss mommy,
I will always be in your heart


So remember, Mommy
will never want to leave you

If there is another life,
I still wish to be your mother

and you still need
to be my darling girl, will you?

Ceci, I love you


Can you help me?

I don't want to die

I don't want to leave them

Can I don't die?

What do you want?

Any recommendations?

How about Pig offals? You can
eat that alone or go with noddles

Pig offals are very oily



You haven't had dinner? Take a seat

Sit together

Why are you here?

Mom said you need to stay behind
for school meeting,

so she didn't cook and went to play Mahjong

You called mom?

Gosh, that's bad

Why are you so scared? Did you sneak out?

Shu, don't let your mum know

Or else I am dead

Are you serious?

Pork offals

See, there it is

Just a bowl of noodles,
is there something wrong?

You know your mum

Every food needs to be organic and healthy

This pork offals has high cholesterol,
your mum sure won't let me eat it

She is so picky about food

She wouldn't appreciate the taste
of this pork offals

Indeed, yet after all this
is just a bowl of noodles

You talked like you cheated on her

Well, women are always like this

they need everything
like she wanted them to be

As for men, we just need
some freedom for our own

Take me as an example

Occasionally I will go out and eat
by myself, watch movie, go shopping

I don't need to report to anybody

Just like a free man

Shopping, eating and watch movies,

I didn't know you hide so many things
away from Mom?

Don't tell me you two
are in a marriage crisis

This happens when you get married for long

At the beginning,
you need to understand each other

It is important that you know what
she likes to eat, what she likes to wear

She will be happy when
you compliment to her

As time goes by,
you cannot say you understand women


If you got one thing wrong

you are putting yourself to a death
penalty, there is no way to return to life

After all it is just about tolerance


you still need to give yourself some space
to feel the freedom around you

then you two will still be happily
in love at home


You are someone's husband now

don't tell me you don't know this

I know

Have you decided on what you want to eat

Same as him, pork offals noodles please

Dad, let's drink


Don't tell your mum you saw me

Of course

Mom, why are you here

Relax, it was just a joke

- Two large beers please
- Ok

Let's eat

You first

This is good

Pork offals are famous here


You are so on time

You think I am you?

You're so late after all these years

Why did you want me to come here?

I wanted you to shop around with me
in Tsim Sha Tsui East

You can ask someone else
to shop with you, I am very busy

Lily told me you wanted
to know about my stuffs

I can tell you everything now

I don't have time to listen to your speech

You have been mad with me for many years

If you are still unhappy after this walk

It only takes around an hour, isn't it

Do you know your mum used
to study in this school?

Of course, Me and Bella studied in here too

Do you know how I got to know your mum?

I used to have a bar nearby

I always saw your mum
every morning when I off

She always smile with her big eyes
and pony tails

One day I asked her:
why do you always smile

She put up a face and answered: I
just love smiling, there is no explanation

I love when she pretend to be fierce

Oh yes, does she still likes to smile

How would I know

You can ask her yourself
if you want to know

But after knowing someone like you

I don't think there is a reason
to smile anymore


Do you know your arrogant
face looks exactly like your mum

Why are you trying to
say after this long walk

You can say directly, we are all adults

Do you really hate me?

I don't hate you

Why would I hate someone I don't know

After all these years,
I am used to not having you around

I don't have any feelings towards you

Now you suddenly come back

Do you expect me to act like
characters in Korean dramas

To run into tears and hug you tightly

I really can't do it

You can be mad at me, you can hate me

I don't mind

Can you go with me to one last place?

Why did you bring me here?

A few days ago, I asked Lily why does she
still keeping the little store I gave her

She said, if she didn't keep it

I wouldn't know where to find her
when I am back

Actually it is not hard
to find a person nowadays

Your mum is a very simple person

She has her own way to make herself happy


I'm so sorry

If you are angry, you can be mad at me

But please don't be mad at your mother

She gave birth to you
when she was 17 years old

She wouldn't know much

If she did think clearly

you wouldn't be here now

Mr. Chan, don't be too upset

Miss Wong, please go and take care
of the documents with him

Mr. Chan, this way please

Be good, Daddy is going
to get the documents ready for mommy

Can you wait me here?

Daddy, why are you crying?

Daddy is fine, I will be back soon

I want to go with you

You wait here okay?

God mother, is mommy dead?

God mother, I want my mommy

Can you wake her up?

God mother, I want my mommy

Can you help me wake my mommy up?

My dear family and friends,
I invite you all to be my witnesses

I, Ching Siu Kit, take you,
Chung Ka Bei to be my lawfully wife

I, Chung Ka Bei, take you,
Ching Siu Kit to be my lawfully husband

I promise to love you unconditionally

I will honor you and try my very best to
take care of you all the days of my life.

I will protect you from danger
and comfort you during sad times

To grow with you in love

From this day forward, I will be loyal
and love you until death do us part.


Thank you so much to experience
our big day together with us

I promise you, from now on
I will improve myself

You don't have to worry about me

I love you


I know you hated me with long hair

I cut them off just to make you happy

I quit my music band and I found a job

I will work hard to earn money
for the milk powder

I will take good care of Bella and our baby

You don't have to worry


I love you dearly too

Can I give you a kiss?

Just pretend I didn't say a work

Just a hug?


Talk later




I heard you are leaving soon

I will be back soon

True, 10 years is short

You really can't say something nice

Can't help with that, I am born with this

Do you have wechat?


Just in case I can't find you
if something happens

I tell you, Lily really does miss you badly

Don't go missing again

I won't

Don't find me if nothing special


By the way, how's things going
between you and your husband

How does that relate to you?

If you still like each other,
just try your best to tolerate

Can you just don't be
so stubborn at all times?

Don't worry about me,
I know how to handle my things

Besides, I may not see him

That's not true, you may see him anytime


What takes you so long?

Yes, this is the documents of the house

Why did you ask him to come too?

He helped me in finding houses for Bella

He really knows his stuffs

He found me a really nice and cheap flat

I still got something
to do, I shall go first

What? you are leaving?

I haven't seen you for ages,
we need to catch up

I am in a rush, maybe next time

Stand still, if you dare to leave

I will break my promise
and ask someone to beat you up

Listen carefully, come and have a talk

I am going to the toilet now, okay?

What? Are you really
so unwilling to talk to me

I don't want to fight with you
in case I said something wrong

I am really in a hurry

Where are you going?


For holiday?

I bought a lot of winter clothes last time

I still don't have time to get refund,
so I don't want to waste them

Are you going alone?


But I will have accompany once I reached

That's true, you are such a causal man

I'll call you when I'm back

I will pick up if the line gets through


Why don't you ask Keung to stay?

He got a plan to catch

To where?


Didn't you tell him you are going
to Switzerland too?

Why are you still here?

I'm waiting for my cab,
how about you? Where are you going?


Are you going to Switzerland too?

Switzerland is a large place,
you aren't the only one who can go there

So are you going there alone too?

I will know when I reach

You taught me that

So you finally decided
to take somedays off?

Boss wanted me to clear
some of my annual leaves, so I did

And at the same time I noticed
there are some cheap flight packages

So then I bought them
and take a short break

I called a taxi, I can give you a lift

I called a cab too

Mine is reaching soon, do you need a ride?

No thanks

By the way, when did you started to jog
on the streets

How did you know that?

You haven't block my Facebook

I got bored using the
treadmill for too long

So I try jogging outside

And I find it quite nice to go jog outside

After awhile when the weather
gets cooler, it will be nicer

Do you still remember

the couples we saw
quarreling in Tsim Sha Tsui?

What about them?

They got married

How do you know?

They came to our office to get advice
with their wedding

I got a video tape, let me show you

I can't believe they got married after
the big fight

They were very sweet at the wedding

Seems like things are hard to say after all

They will be together
if they're meant to be

Do you need to call your taxi driver?

He might not show up

just call another one

He won't, I know him well

He wouldn't stood me up

How well you know him?

I called him 10 years ago and said

If you don't show up now,
my wife will get a divorce with me

The next day he called me
and asked how things went

I said: luckily, we are still together

And from then on, I will always find him
when I need a ride

So we become friends

You never mentioned this before

I am not you, I don't keep on
reminding myself of those unhappy things

Are you criticizing me being vengeful?

Isn't that obvious?

Since when?

Alright, good bye

My car is arriving,
told you he will not stood me up

Shall I give you a ride?


Yes, I am waiting for you there

Yes, alright. Thanks

My driver will be here in a minute

Don't eat too much hamburgers,
they are too oily and unhealthy

You didn't block my Facebook either

If that couples can be together again

Do you think we can too?

What did you just say?

Can you give us another chance?

Do you think we can?

You think we can't?

This is different from last time

It won't be that easy

Shall we just say things
out clearly once and for all

Am I really that difficult to be with?

Yes you are

If I am such a difficult person,
why don't you find another one?

It doesn't mean another
person must be easy to be with

Yes, maybe for the first one or two years

Yet it will still be the same afterwards

How many people have you been with?

You seem to have a lot of experience

Having you is more than enough

Can you don't say like
I scold you every day

I don't scold without a reason

Yes, I had been very stress at work
for the past few years

I am very irritable and
always get mad at you

But if I don't, who else
should I be mad at?

if I made you unhappy

then sorry

Talking about sorry

I have to apologize to
you for many more times

I did many wrong things before

But if possible

Can you promise me

If we fight badly in the future

Can you allow me to sweet talk you

give me a chance to apologize?

I really don't want to wake up every morning
and realize that you are not by my side

Do you think I want to eat alone?

If the one who is eating with me isn't you

I rather eat alone

Do you think we can wipe out everything
about the past

- And be together again?
- Yes

Why are you so sure?

Even though we cannot forget everything

We can still learn to accept

Accept? or tolerate

It is a pain to tolerate

What do you mean

We can say "I tolerate you"
rather than "I love you" in the future then

I love you is easy to say

Who can't

But you really need to be able to tolerate
a person in order to say that

If you are in love with a person,
you got to tolerate him

You will still tolerate
because you still love him

I don't know how long can I tolerate

Then just try until you can't

Shall we just let God to decide

If your taxi comes first,
then you can decide our future

If mine comes first,
then I got to make the decision


Excuse me

Honey, I got held up
by the meeting just now

Don't worry

I am very hungry, have
you ordered anything?

Lamp steak cooked in medium rare
with vegetables

I have ordered your favorite dish

I know you are always the best

Baby, wait me for awhile,
I need to go to the toilet

Why don't you go?

If you didn't see me when you arrived,
you might think I am late

Wait for me

You forgot to bring your phone

Just help me look after it

You sure you trust me?

I don't have any secrets



Sorry, I can't pick up your call right now

just leave a message after the 'beep'

Hi, it's me

The flat you showed me last time

I have discussed with my husband,
he is interested too

Next time when we are back

Can you show us again when you are free?

Give me a call back when you have time


Angel, don't eat that

How many times have I told you not to eat?
Why do you still want to eat?

Otherwise we will need
to see the doctor again

I really want to eat peanuts

Be good Angel, don't eat that

We will have dinner with Daddy later

You still remember about
my allergy to peanuts?

Are you still allergic to them?

I will always be, this is genetic!

My dad is allergic to peanuts too!