Anna Nicole Smith: You Don't Know Me (2023) - full transcript

Anna Nicole Smith, featuring never before seen footage of the iconic Playboy and Guess jeans model, who blazed a trail through the 90s before her tragic death at the age of 39. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I would just advise people
just to follow their dreams.

You know?

They can come true.

I'm living proof.

This may say a lot

about our current culture
of celebrity and media these days

when all the major cable news networks

switched over to non-stop,
live coverage this afternoon,

when word arrived
that Anna Nicole Smith had died.

She was 39 years old.

She was adored by millions
but loved by few.

You look gorgeous, Anna.

You're the most beautiful woman
in the world.

I love you all!

This small-town Texas girl
is a sudden superstar.

A death that opened
a Pandora's box of questions.

Smith is now worth
an estimated $490 million.

Her story is one
you just have to hear.

what are you hiding from?

I was being all sweet to you guys,
and y'all screwed me over.


Yeah, y'all did.

Just how did
the sex goddess lose it all?

A life lived out
in the tabloids

and touched
by more than its fair share of tragedy.

Is there more
to the story than we know?

What is the truth
about Anna Nicole Smith?

I grew up in Mexia, Texas,
a small town just outside of Houston.

Population 6,923.

Welcome to Mexia, Texas, my hometown.

Most people pronounce it Mex-ia,
and it's not.

It's Mexia. M-E-X-I-A, by the way.

And I'm gonna show you
through my hometown.

So if you'll come right this way
with me. Come on!

This is Mexia High, home of the Blackcats,
and this is where I went to school.

I wasn't very popular in high school.

Although I was flat-chested.

But now I have curves. See?

Ooh la la. Ooh! Oui, oui, oui.

Hi. It's me, Anna,

back at Krispy Fried Chicken,
where I used to work for four years.

And I'm back, and I am bad.

And this is the house that I grew up in.

Tell me about
your home life, your mom, your dad.

My home life
with my mom and my stepfather, um...

Um, I switched around a lot
and stayed with my aunt most of the time

because of my home life.


I'd really rather not talk
about my home life.

This is where it all started.

Mexia's a small town.
It's in the Bible Belt.

Young people, uh...

If you're high school kids,

there's very little entertainment
for them.

I'm the uncle of Anna Nicole Smith
by marriage.

She was always, uh,
going out in the front yard

and practicing cheerleading,

waving at the boys driving by,

attracting attention.

And she always loved the attention.

You know, she... she craved attention.

Anna Nicole Smith's real name
was Vickie Lynn,

and that's how I know her.

It was all about fun with her.

Vickie's, uh,
four years older than I am.

She always made me laugh.

She always dressed up.

She wanted to put makeup on me.
I wouldn't.

I said, "I don't do that kinda stuff."

She said, "Real men
let women put makeup on 'em."

I said, "I don't think so."

Uh, as a family,
me, Vickie, and Mom,

all of us went to church.

We... We were all God-fearing people.

She always wanted to be the center
of attention.

And she enjoyed it.
She loved being the center of attention.

We would go to the mall,
and I swear to you,

there would be 50 men and boys
walking behind us.

And she says, "Mom, look!"
I said, "I know. I see 'em. Come on."

Vickie was always beautiful.
She just... She was just born beautiful.

When she was a... a teenager,

that's when I started having problems
with her.

Sneaking out of the house at night.

Her mama,
she sent her to our place.

They were having troubles with...

with this 29-year-old man
that Vickie Lynn was infatuated with.

I had her windows nailed shut

so she couldn't get out the windows
without me knowing about it.

She hated Mexia.

Ours was a life of deprivation.

Vickie Lynn quit school,

and she had a job
at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken,

and, uh, she was gonna support herself,
and nobody was gonna tell her what to do.

You know, all the guys that came in there
just wanted to take her out.

Billy was a cook.

She, uh, asked Billy one day
to give her a ride home,

because she didn't have a car,
and he said, "No."

And it just absolutely stunned her.

Who was he thinking he was?

So after that,
she chased him 'til she got him.

She got him, and...
and they got married right there in Mexia.

♪ At last I found you
My sweet señorita... ♪

I got married
when I was 17 years old.

I thought I was in love.

Oh gosh! He was so, so jealous of me.

And I couldn't go anywhere,

And, uh, I was just locked in this house
when he would go to work.

And I thought to myself, "I'm so lonely."

And I thought, "Well, if I have a baby,
I'll never be lonely again."

So I flushed them pills down the toilet,

and I got pregnant.

I had my son, Daniel.

And then I'm not lonely, and I love him.

That's when I left,
when my son was six months old.

She had big dreams.

There wasn't nothing for fame
or what she wanted in her life

in Mexia, Texas.

But, uh, she couldn't see
where all of this was going.

We miss her.

We miss her.

I want lots of money.

I want to buy me a whole bunch of land.

And I want to create my own house
and build it.

The American dream belongs to you.

And build a nursery,
because I wanna have another child.

I wanna have a little girl.

In Houston,
there were, uh, strip clubs everywhere.

The oilfield had put them on the map,

because everyone had expense accounts,
and money was flowing like crazy.

I ended up working at the Executive Suite.

The guys that would come in would
put money in your G-string, you know?

Uh, they'd come in, they'd just put
the dollars in there, whatever.

Now, on really good days,
you'd have millionaires come in,

and give you $100 bills
that make grass skirts.

That's the ones we liked.

If we didn't come home with $200,
that was... it was terrible.

That was a bad day, you know?

There were days
we made a lot of money in there. I mean...

Well, we made...

We made lot of money
in there sometimes, so...

One day, we're...
we're just doing our normal thing,

and, uh,
in walks this gorgeous, gorgeous girl.

And everybody was looking at her.

You know, I hear a couple of the girls
like, "My God, she's good-looking."

I know they're gonna eat her alive,
so I volunteered to walk over,

and talk to her,
and find out what her story is.

And she appeared to be very naive.

She said, "Oh my God. What... What is that?"

She was shaking. She wasn't sure
if she could do that or not.

She did her audition,
and of course, he hired her.

She couldn't dance. She looked like a...

She reminded me of an emu trying to fly.

It wasn't gonna happen.

You felt maternal towards her,

You just wanted
to take her under your wing

and protect her from everything.

She did tell me
that she didn't like her name.

She said she didn't like Vickie.

She said, "I like Nicky better."

So I said, "Okay. If that's what you wanna
be called, then I'll call you Nicky."

But no one needed to give her any pointers
on how to attract a man.

She knew what she was doing.

And she doesn't need a lot of help
manipulating anybody.

She's actually better at it than me.

Within a week or two, she was like a pro.

She had, uh,
an incredible work ethic.

Her ultimate goal was to...
to save up money,

and, you know, get the things she needed,
and make a home for Daniel.

Right off the bat,
she was making a lot of money.

It... It gives you
a sense of empowerment.

And for a lot of girls

that come from the sort of background
we came from, it's a big deal.

One day, we sat down,
and... and I told Nicky my life story.

I was raised in a small town,

and I had an abusive childhood.

My stepfathers had... had raped me
and... and beaten me,

and so I ran away from home when I was 13.

And I didn't trust people.

She changed that for me.

I did trust her.
I... I learned to trust her.

She told me about Virgie, her mother.

She was in law enforcement,
and she was kind of a tyrant.

Well, she would handcuff her to the bed
for days and just beat her mercilessly.

And I'm buying
a lot of what she's telling me.

You know, I don't have any reason
to disbelieve her.

She told me all the time
that she was gonna be a famous model.

I would be like, "Yeah, yeah,
of course you are." 'Cause you know?

"Of course you will, dear."

But, um...

...she, uh, she was convinced

that the only thing holding her back
was her boobs.

So she set out on a mission
to get a boob job.

God, it... it was painful.

You know, it was horrible
to watch somebody go through that,

because it... it hurts like hell.

And that is where she started
on her, uh, pain pills.

Valium, Xanax, Lortabs, uh,
Vicodin, and, um, the Klonopin.

From that time on,
she was always taking them.

There was nothing she could do
to stop it, you know.

Being with her was...
was like a roller-coaster ride.

It never got boring, I'll say that to you.

We got in a lot of trouble together,
and, um...

That's what I always say. It's like Nicky
had gas, and I had matches, you know?

And when we got together,
it was combustible. Shit happened.

I... I was in love with her.

She was fun.

She had a big heart, and she was kind.
You know, she really was kind.

The whole thing, the... the whole friendship
with her in those early days

was as good as it gets.

I would like to meet a man,
but where do you meet them?

Um, they have to love my son.

They have to be nice, sweet.
I love a funny man.

They have to be very, uh, sensual.

I mean, I just love sensual.

I like people to hold me, and cuddle me,
and watch movies with me,

and just, you know, be very sweet and...

But you're gonna go on
with your career even if you're married?

- Yes, I will.
- Mm-hmm.

And you will not, uh,
stop until you have fulfilled your dreams?


Nicky started to tell me about,
uh, this... this man that she had met.

She met him when she was dancing,

and his wife had died, and he was
very, very distraught and... and depressed.

She said that then he's starting
to fall in love with her,

and he wants to marry her,
and he's a billionaire

with a "b" not an "m."

A "b," a billionaire.

She told me his name
was J. Howard Marshall.

I love you, sweetheart.

I love you.

You're the light of my life,
now and always.

You're the light of my life,
now and always too, honey bunny.

All right, sweetheart.

Do you miss rosebuds?


Do you miss rosebuds?

Yes, I do.

You wanna see rosebuds?

I'd like to.

You want me to come over
and spend the night?


Okay, honey.

He bought her a car,

and... and he bought her a home
so that she could be stable.

And she quit working at topless clubs.

It's like having a genie or something
just grant your every wish.

He asked her to marry him several times.

And she would tell him, "No."

"I'm... I'm not gonna marry you
until I have a name for myself,

because I don't want
people calling me a gold digger."

And he said, "Okay, very well."

I was the West Coast photo editor
for Playboy.

That's me directing a shoot,

which was the Playmate of the Year Car,
as I recall.

Beautiful young girls
would want to be Playmates.

It was akin to them as being Miss America.

Some girls would try year after year,
but they wouldn't make it.

The Playmates, there was just
this kind of magic that they had.

And they were so excited

when they would get accepted
as a Playmate.

My idea of what really worked
for the magazine

was a very natural-looking girl.

I heard from a photographer in Texas.

He said, "I have pictures of this girl
I think would be a good Playmate."

Frizzed-up hair, a lot of lipstick,
a lot of eye shadow, and...

ample, to put it mildly.

So I said, "Whew!"

"What am I gonna do with this?"

So I decided to bring her in
for a Playmate test.

My staff thought I was crazy.

So I brought her in.
She didn't have any makeup on at all.

She had beautiful features.

She had that wonderful aura about her
of not trying too hard, you know?

She was just this sweet gal
with this incredible face.

We started testing her.

Well, the photographer said,
"You'd better come in here."

So I went in here,

and she was sitting in the corner
with a sheet on,

and she was terrified.

And I thought,
"God, how can I get over this with her?"

So I talked to her,
and she had brought a record with her.

And into the preliminary shoot,
we put on the record.

And it was Marilyn Monroe singing
"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

♪ A kiss on the hand
May be quite continental ♪

♪ But diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪

And the minute I put
that record on,

all of a sudden, she changed.

She was a different person.

Getting nude
was really hard for me.

And I did it.
I'm not ashamed. I'm not ashamed at all.

So what do you think
of Playboy as a magazine?

Um, I think it's really a classy magazine.

You called Playboy
a "dream magazine." Why?

It was my dream,

because it sort of kind of happened
to make my dreams come true.

I put her on the cover
featuring debutants.

She was the furthest thing
from a debutant you could ever find,

but I had her prim and proper,
sitting there,

without overacting,
just giving us that nice smile.

Hef approved the cover right away,
and there she was.

Fame is something that people strive for,

but the other side of that coin

is that fame finds people
and won't let 'em go.

All those years,
she told me she'd be a famous model.

Well, here she is.
She's doing it now, you know?

Like, okay, you know, maybe...
'cause maybe I called it wrong.

You go, girl.
I was, like, behind her all the way.

Playboy had called,

and they wanted her to come back out
and do, um, the Playmate of the Month.

So, she needs someone
who could help with Daniel.

So I moved into the house
in Spring, Texas.

- Oh no!
- Oh no!

That is the first home that...
that Mr. Marshall had bought her.

- Hey, Missy!
- Go away. Go away.

- Hey!
- Yes, come on.

Let me have it.

Paul Marciano called me up.

Paul was a good friend of mine,
and he was the head of Guess Jeans.

And we started talking,

and he commented on that girl
on the cover,

and I said,

"She is the new Claudia Schiffer."

Guess began
with the single dream

of making jeans that are sexy,

jeans that would show off a woman's body,
instead of hide it,

jeans that would embrace
a woman's innate sensuality.

They were one of the biggest
jeans companies at the time,

and Guess models
were all very, very famous.

It was such a big deal.

And she was really, really excited
about it.

She just rolled out of bed,

and she actually couldn't find
her hair tie.

She took her thong off,

and pulled her hair up,
put it in her hair.

I was like, "Gross."

And that's how she went.
And she came back. She looked great.

They had done her hair and makeup,
and she really looked good.

She was thrilled about it

because Paul Marciano had told her
how great that they were coming out,

and he... he was happy.

She said,
"Well, Paul and I decided

that I need a... a name
that's less provincial."

"You know, something more global."

"I liked the name Anna, so I chose Anna,
and he put Nicole with it."

And she said, "Voilà. Anna...
Anna Nicole Smith was born."

"When we're in public, you call me that."

"Don't call me Nicky in public.
I don't care if you keep calling me Nicky,

but don't call me
anything but Anna Nicole in public."

I said, "Okay."

The first modeling trip
that I took with her was to LA,

and I saw the billboards.

They were everywhere, you know? She...

I started to see her face, uh,
all over the place,

and it was so exciting.

She had arrived.

She was big and bold, and it was just...

It's... it was magical. It really was.

She got an invitation
from the Coen Brothers

to go and read for a part
in The Hudsucker Proxy.

And she goes in.

One of the Coen brothers
was sitting over on the couch.

And Nicky went over
and sat in front of him.

And he gave her, uh, you know, the script,
and he said, "Uh, can you read this?"

And she read it, and he said,

"Okay, can you do it
with more, you know, meow?"

And... And she did,

and he goes, "That's perfect.
That's exactly what we're looking for."

I was just acting very calm.

And we said our goodbyes to everybody,
and got down to the bottom of the stairs,

and start screaming.

We're jumping up and down.

That was her first movie.
She's in movies now.

Mr. Barnes, Rumpus Magazine called you
the most eligible bachelor of the year,

and the society pages have been linking
you with model Za-Za. Care to comment?

There's no truth to the rumors.
We're just dear friends.

Isn't that right, Za-Za?



I got out my camera. I said,

"Come on. You know, like, we're not gonna
waste that look."

I'll be like,
"Come on, give it to me."

And you know how they talk on... on TV

when they're taking photographs,
that kind of thing.

She was so beautiful.

I... I was really in love with her.

I was her first, uh,
female lover, I guess.

She had an insatiable appetite for sex,
just like everything else.

She enjoyed having sex.

She was exceptionally...
She... She got a lot of practice.

She was good at what she did.
She was a good lover, a very good lover.

I found it impossible
to be intimate with a male.

I just... I didn't trust men.

But I found it very easy
to be intimate with her.

And that kept me fulfilled,
you know, for a very long time.

I loved her.

The world knows Anna Nicole Smith
as the Guess girl.

She'd been told she was too tall,
too blonde, and too shapely

to make it as a model.

- Watch out for her.
- I'm... I'm... I'm a lot taller.

But now this small-town
Texas girl is a sudden superstar.

If any of my kids came to me
and said, "Daddy, I want to be famous."


Uh, it's... it's not all
it's cracked up to be.

Yeah, sure, you'll be famous
and you'll be adored.

People will put your picture on the wall.

You'd have the fancy house
in Beverly Hills

with the swimming pool
and the glamorous car on the driveway.

But along with fame,
there's stuff that comes along.

It's a bit like a slag heap from...
with a coal mine, right?

You get the coal, you get the diamonds,
but there's all this waste material too.

That's like fame.

There is... There is stuff that comes along
which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

When Anna Nicole went out,
she knew how to make a good story.

Where'd you get
all the beautiful flowers?

- This man here.
- Jeez.

Much of what happens
with celebrity and paparazzi is a game.


it's a waltz that you do.

And they know that they're on camera,

so they know
they're not really interacting with me.

They're interacting with the world.

So the beat that we worked
was the Sunset Strip

from Hollywood
through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

And we primarily did
the nightclub circuit.

We would sometimes start
at, like, 12:00, 12:30 at night.

And, um...

Because we didn't wanna get there
too early.

We wanted to wait until people were,
you know, somewhat inebriated.

Particularly with the showbiz in America,
they were just fed...

Most of it was... was... was a lie, mostly.

It was... It was whatever
they wanted to promote.

You know, "This actor is not gay.
They're straight. Look at the proof here."

They'd... They'd swallow it
hook, line and sinker.

But we didn't do that.

Instead of going in the front door,
we were around the back door

and... and picking up on the...
on the chauffeurs,

who could tell you
what was really going on,

on... on the maids coming out of the houses

who told you what was going on
behind closed doors.

...plenty of that. Shut that shit off.

Anna Nicole, she was a money shot
every time you saw her.

This is my Valentine for today.

For today! It's once a year, so for today.

We'd get calls,

"Hey, if you get anything on Anna Nicole,
we'll buy it."

It would be at least $2,500 a clip.

But oftentimes, 5,000 to 7,500 a clip
because she was so animated.

That's wonderful.

You know,
I'd almost be shaking while filming it,

knowing that they're gonna love this.

I was giving...

She came alive when she would see us.

I love my flowers.

Do men
have a hard time approaching you?

Oh, they do have a hard time
approaching me,

but if I have a relationship,
they're not shy at all in bed.

Oh... Yeah.

I thought that's what
you were trying to say at first.

- Um, we can talk more about sex.
- Okay!

I could ask you questions
I asked Dr. Ruth.

You know what I asked Dr. Ruth?
Has she ever faked an orgasm?

- Have you ever faked an orgasm?
- Absolutely.

- You have?
- Many times over.

- Why?
- How about you?

- What? Wait. Um...
- It's hard...

We were shooting
at this house in Malibu,

and when you looked
in the big plate-glass window,

there was this gorgeous picture
of Marilyn Monroe.

It took up the whole wall.

Nicky was looking in the window and
she said, "Oh my God! Come look at this."

"I have got to get in this house
and take a picture."

This beautiful girl just caught my eye.

They were yelling at her,
the director, "Don't disturb the tenants."

So I opened the door,
and they were saying, "We're sorry."

I said, "It's okay. Honest."

There was really a deep bond
between her and Marilyn.

She really felt like

maybe she was
Marilyn's reincarnated daughter.

We became friends,
and she found out I had the guest house.

I said, "Well, you can stay here
if you want, Anna, anytime you want."

She said, "Really?"


I think it meant, for her,
that she had privacy,

that she was... she could be herself.

Um, there's two major movies
that want me at once,

and they're both shooting
at the same time.

Um, one's called The Mask
by Chuck Russell, and one is Naked Gun 3.

Um, The Mask movie I've had
for about four months.

I really haven't read the script
until last week.

So, um...

It's got Jim Carrey in it, that funny guy.

So, I love the script.

But the thing is, is...

They offered me...

This... I have a lead role,
the lead girl role,

and they offered me only...

This is embarrassing.

They offered me $50,000.


I love it, and I think
it'd show more of my acting ability.

Me too.

Okay. Thanks.

I'm not sure
what Anna needed her refuge from.


Um, maybe from her... herself. I don't know.

Marshall residence.

I need to speak
with Howard, please.

- Okay, hold on.
- Mm-hmm.

Hello, precious.

Hi, honey.

How's my lady fair?

I'm doing okay. I miss you, though.

I miss you too.

Do you miss me?

Very, very much.

How much?

Light of my life.

You're the light of mine, honey.

I love you. Give me a kiss.

Love you, sweetie.

Take care, precious package.

I will.


There's Jesus.

When I first went to meet Anna,
I was, uh, taking a document,

and she breezed in,
and Howard wanted to talk to me.

He wanted to adopt Daniel, Anna's son.

He wanted to do that, clearly,
to protect Anna and Daniel.

Because if Daniel was his son,

then he would be his heir,
and they would be protected.

There would be nothing
that his family could do

to freeze them out.

Is that a statue?

He told me, "Tell him to go ahead.
Tell him to go ahead.

Make sure it happens."

So I went back to the lawyer
I was working for,

and I said to him
that Howard was very insistent

that he wanted this adoption
to go forward.

And the lawyer looked at me
and just rolled his eyes.

The lawyer was just completely dismissive,
which was really peculiar.

Mama, that is... What's that?

I don't want... I don't ever want
to give the impression

that the relationship
that Anna had with Howard

was simply a gold digger
kind of relationship.

Uh, what impressed me,

uh, between the two of them
was how much they loved each other

and how well-suited they were
to each other.

And that seems terribly improbable to say.

She was such a young, voluptuous woman,

and he was an... little, old gnome of a man,

but they were both, um...

...kind of extraordinary people

that... that other people were always trying
to take pieces of.

And Howard and Anna were protection
for each other.

They got each other.

Daniel wants to say hi to you.

- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Daniel.

I love you, Daddy.

I love you.


We lived in, uh, Oakhurst, Texas.

And there was, like, 215 people
in the whole entire town.

There's literally a post office,
a... a gas station, and a... a bait shop.

Nicky had never known
her biological father,

and she believed it was because her mother
was just an impossible tyrant

who didn't want her
to have her father around.

So Nicky had, uh, built a vision
in her head of who this... this man was,

and... and she just knew
he had to be out there looking for her

like she was looking for him.

Well, we had
a private investigator call the house

and want to know if, uh... if my father
wanted to talk to his daughter.

And he wouldn't really give
any information.

Just wanted to pretty much know if...
if he wanted to speak to her.

He said, "Yeah, yeah, I'll talk to her."

And he hung up the phone,

and then of course the phone rings.

And then, uh, you know, he picks it up
and, uh, started talking to her,

and she's wanting to bring us
out to California,

but she wouldn't really tell us
much information.

...gonna go see my Daddy.

You know, her last name, anything.

Just like, "Hey, I got tickets for you,
and, you know, come see me."


What a sweetheart.

So, um,

what did you say the very first time
when you called them up?

I don't remember. I was shaking.

I was very emotional.

I was trying not to cry
because I had makeup on.

I was going... Aah!

And what was your father's reaction?

He was so happy. Like, freaking out.

He said he waited for this day
for years and years and years.

And he said there wasn't one night
he would go to sleep,

and I wasn't in his prayers.


I was literally like,
"I have no idea what I'm walking into."

You know, even my dad was like,
"There's something going on."

We just know we're supposed to meet her
there at the, uh, airport.

There she is.

Is that my daddy?

That's him.

Let me get this for you.

Love you!

This beautiful girl, you know,
comes out with pigtails.


And I'm like,
"Is this her?" You know?

Honestly, I was still in shock.

This is my daddy and my brother!

...go to my car and get the stuff out?

And she goes,
"Do you know who I am?"

"You've never seen me before?"

I believe, uh,
Missy, uh, was in there too,

and, uh, she was, like, going,

"You... You don't recognize her?
You don't..."

And, "She might be hanging on your wall."

Yes! My daddy.

Okay, now I'll tell you what I do.

I gotta hear this.

Um, I'm a Guess model.

I'm also Playmate of the Year this year.

Um, do you know who Guess jeans is?

Maybe who... who Hugh Hefner is.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Hugh Hefner's part
of our family now.

You'll be at the Playboy Mansion
Sunday night.

You'll be at the Mansion tomorrow
to meet everybody.

So you'll meet Hef in person.

She's been so excited about this.

- Man, you couldn't believe it.
- Yeah, I have.

It's a great day.
It's so good to see this.

Oh gosh, okay.

No, at the beginning,
it was great.

I mean, she was excited. We were excited.

I mean, you could tell she, like,
wanted a father figure in her life.

We all decided
to go to Disneyland.

Daniel was there, and, you know,
I got to meet him, my nephew.

And, uh... And he had
some blond, blond hair,

just like I did, you know?

I was like, "Wow! The kid looks
just like me when I was little."

You know?

It was a beautiful day.

She wasn't getting along with her mother.

You know,
that's why she got a hold of our father.

You know,
everybody wants to look up to somebody.

I just met my real father
for the first time in 24 years.

I never expected
it'd happen this late.

You know, that many years gone by and, uh...

Anyway, here she is, and here I am.

And I think she's really done great
for herself.

She's beautiful, and I love her.

And I love you too.

And he's my daddy.

We were, like, invited
to the Playboy Mansion.

You know, I'm like, "You're kidding."

And it was, like, a big party of, uh...
for her being Playmate of the Year.

I remember, uh, meeting Hugh Hefner.

Uh, he was giving her her gift,
which was a... a champagne-looking Jaguar.

My dad was there too.

Looked a little
like Elvis Presley, I remember.

Anna Nicole burst into my office saying,

"My dad's here! My dad found me!"

She was over the moon with excitement.

And she brought him in, and I met him.

He seemed very nice, very polite.

They left together.

And then that was it.

He never came back.

So I don't honestly know
what ever happened to him.

I wanted Vickie
to know the truth.

My father is not a type of guy
you want to be alone with,

or say... or... or feel safe.

You're not gonna feel safe.

I mean, he's... he's a monster.

I was about 16.

He told me a story

about how he, uh, raped his wife's sister.

He chased her down by a tree
when his wife wasn't around.

She was a child.

He's very scary.

Uh, I was always afraid of him.

"I'll kill you dead."

"I'll stomp your head
right in the ground."

I mean, he's that type of person

where he looks right at you,
and you really believe he will do that.

And I just let her know straight up that...

that, you know,
everything about him is true.

Nicky came back from Los Angeles,

and I asked her
about her father and her brother,

and she said
she didn't want to talk about it.

Um, so we got...
When we were alone, um, on the plane,

uh, she told me

that, um, uh, her father had tried
to have sex with her.

My dad?

Assaulted her?

No. I mean, it's...

Uh, that would be like him.

But is it true?

It couldn't be.

I was there every step of the way.

But you know what?
I wouldn't put it past him. I mean...

I guess, uh,

guess I wasn't there all the time.

So it could be true.

You could see it on,
and I was really sad to see that...

...for her,

because I know how happy she was when...

when she met... you know, when she met him.

'Cause she had all these, um,
ideas in her head

of what he was like
and what it was gonna be like,

and she was just so, so disappointed.


Anna Nicole,
you been to Luther's lately?

No, I haven't been to Luther's.
I haven't been anywhere.

I went out with my friend tonight,
and that's it.

This isn't Houston.

We had been seeing
Anna Nicole show up at various clubs

with many different people,

and then she shows up
with this young, blond guy...

She was somewhat subdued with him,

but she was showing him off
as her new boyfriend.


Bye. Good night!

Anna Nicole Smith has been hospitalized.

Now, the story broke just hours ago.

So right now,
there aren't a lot of details.

Four months prior to Anna Nicole,

River Phoenix, another actor,
had a drug overdose

and died on the streets of Hollywood
right on the Sunset Strip.

It was...
it was a trend that was starting to happen

where people were taking
their partying too far.

When the news came out, I think
a lot of people were initially shocked,

um, you know, because drugs,
it's... it's not something...

You don't automatically assume with her.

I mean, she... she still had this persona,
of course,

of the... of the girl next door from...
from Texas.

So that shattered that illusion.

It also made her more attractive to us,

because, "Hey, there's some... there's some
dirt there that we can... we can go after."

- You got the camera?
- Anna?

Anna, can we get some pictures, dear?

You know, I'm just one little girl.

I'm just one little person,

and I've got 50 things thrown at me,
and I'm like, "You know, what did I do?"

"What did I ever do
but, you know, take pills?"

Well, take pills and drink alcohol.
But I've never hurt anybody.

Let me ask you. Do you worry at all
about ever falling back into that?

Oh, absolutely not.
It will never happen again.

I promise.

No. Mm-mm.

Well, I'm still seeing Nicky, my friend,

and she's... she's really changing
in an exponential way at this point,

because, uh,
she's, uh... she's now Anna Nicole Smith.

And she's got these...
these important people calling her.

She's got these Guess people calling.
She's got the Playboy people calling.

She has all these obligations now.

And it just got overwhelming.

She would show up to shoots
looking kinda haggard, and...

and she would get called on the carpet
for it,

and of course that adds more stress to it.

I think a lot of the stress
that she was dealing with, too,

came from the fact
that she was hiding this from Marshall.

She was always scared
that it was gonna come out, you know?

And so she's taking more and more
and more pills to... to relieve the stress.

And I... I'm getting worried
about her, uh, state of mind,

because I'm starting to notice changes
in her personality.

Uh, she's getting to where, uh,
she's no longer grateful to Mr. Marshall.

She's really treating him
like an ATM, kind of, now.

So he gives her a credit card, and it's...

He... He shares his personal credit card
with her,

which has this ungodly limit on it,

and she... she maxes it out.

J. Howard's son, Pierce Marshall,
worked for his father.

And even the one time
I heard Howard talking to Pierce,

my sense is that Pierce had to endure
a lot of assaults on his dignity

working for his father.

And I think there was a lot of resentment
that Pierce had for his father

and even more resentment
that Pierce had for Anna,

that Anna was just gonna come along
this late in the game

and take away from Pierce.

The things that he had put up with,

garbage from his father for years.

And... And he wasn't gonna let it happen.

He wasn't gonna let it happen.

Of course,
Mr. Marshall is spoiling her rotten,

and Pierce is the one
who handled these things.

So he sees all of this money
that's being plowed into her.

I felt like she was trying
to fill herself up with this stuff,

because there was a hole
in her soul or her spirit,

and she's trying to fill it up
with all this outside stuff,

and it just... it was never gonna get full.

I mean, all that does
is... is make you want more.

This is your husband.

Love you.

I've been trying to find you.

Please call me.

Please call your man.

I love you.

This is your man...

trying to find his lady fair.

Love you.

Please call me.

Your husband wants
to talk to you.

Please call me.

Love you dearly.


- Hello, dearest.
- Hello.

- Where are you?
- I'm in bed.

I've been trying to call you
for an hour.

You have?

- Do you love your man?
- Yes.

Your man loves his lady fair.

Quit waking me up,

or I'm gonna knock you out when I see you.

All right, dearest one.

- I love you.
- Take care, precious package.

Oh yeah.

I told you
that my dream last night

was that I'd been put on this Earth

to try to make life better for you
than when you were young.

I know, honey.

Tell me tomorrow. I'll forget tonight.

All right, dearest.

Okay. Bye.

- Take care, precious package.
- I will.

- Good night.
- Good night.

There came a point
where I realized

that me being there
was not beneficial to her anymore.

There was nothing I could do about it.

I mean, and it's like banging your head
on the wall.

And you're watching this person
that you love and care about

morph into this thing that... that is just...

just an egotistical monster
that is selfish.

And she's a full-blown drug addict.
I mean, there's no way around it.

She's taking a lot of drugs.

I was busting my ass
to do everything I could to help her,

and she just...
she didn't appreciate none of it.

And after everything
we had been through, and...

and the things I helped her do,
and the secrets I kept for her,

I was hurt. You know, I was really hurt,

because my friend that loved me
wasn't there anymore.

She just... There was no compassion,
no nothing in that woman anymore for me.

So, I just... I quit.

I went home, and I didn't...
I was done. We were done.

A couple of months
into my representing Anna,

Howard signed a trust agreement.

It was an effort
to control his estate taxes,

so he could use the money in the trust
for whatever he wanted to use it for

until he died.

But it didn't turn out to be that for him.

Pierce worked behind the scenes

and stripped Howard
of all control over his own assets,

stripped Howard of control over his life.

Howard had bought these beautiful...

a... a necklace, a bracelet,
and a pair of earrings...

and gave them to Anna.

And they were worth
over a million dollars.

All of a sudden,
Pierce was calling up and telling her,

"You have to take the diamonds back.
I'm not going to pay for them."

And that's how Howard found out

that he no longer had control
over his own money.

Howard called me, and he said,

"The diamonds have to go back."
And he was so sad and so broken.

This is Howard Marshall.

I think my son Pierce
has overreached a little bit.

He has no business
coming between my wife and myself.

I want my wife...

to be supported by me.

She's the light of my life.

I don't think
Pierce quite understands that,

or maybe he's a little bit jealous.

I want my wife taken care of.

Howard went... went into a decline.

His health started to fail at that moment.

And Pierce,

uh, stripped Anna's ability to go see him.

They had to go to court in order
to get her access, visitation rights.

What I saw from her was
how helpless and frustrated she felt.

Um, and in the meantime,
she was losing everything.

Anna always told me that J. Howard
had promised her half of his money.

J. Howard Marshall, I think,
was worth about $1.6 billion.

And once the case started,
nothing could stop it.

She probably had no idea,

but she had Howard to protect her
when she came to Los Angeles.

She had him
to hire the people that she needed

to get the agents, and the PR people,
and all of the things that she needed,

put all the pieces in place.

So, she started out, uh, just roaring,

and, uh, I guess she learned the hard way

about the... the cruelty
that was waiting for her.

Anna, how're you holding up?

It's kind of hard to comment right now.

With her court schedule,

the grieving widow may not have time
to squeeze in many more photo shoots.

She's under siege.

She's been sued by many people

who are trying to get their hands
on her husband's money.

Well, another crisis
for Anna Nicole Smith.

She says she's broke.

But there's more to the story
than just a shortage of cash.

What are y'all doing here?

We're everywhere.
You know that.

I came here to get rid of you guys...

- Don't say that!
- I could have a quiet evening.

- You're our favorite.
- You'll hurt our feelings.

I'm your favorite.
What you put in the paper is mean.

No! We didn't put anything!
We take great pictures!

No. Because you y'all turning this thing...
No. Let me make a statement.

- Okay.
- Let me make a statement.

I was being all sweet to you guys,
and y'all screwed me over.


- Yeah, y'all did.
- We never tell them anything.

- We can't help what TV people say.
- I love you guys.

I will continue to love you guys

until y'all fuck with me
like you did the other night.

Thank you for supporting us.

Put this in your paper.

Oh yeah, that's great.

This is Anna Nicole at her best.
And I'm at my best, so...

It's sad but true that, you know,

when someone does come off the rails
like this, and particularly with drugs,

people back away very quickly.

William Morris
dumped her as... as a client.

You... You had some fashion contracts
don't want to be associated with it.

You know, no one really wants
to be that close to it.

Can we get
a couple of pictures, Anna?

So when you're actually
probably most in need,

you're finding the people around you are...
are shying away and shooing you away.

- ...get a couple pictures?
- Go ahead.

- All right then.
- Anna, please?

She kept looking
for somebody else to save her.

What are they doing?

- Jim, get the car.
- Anna, this way.

That's when Howard Stern came in.

Anna, with the gentleman?
What's the gentleman...

- The gentleman...
- What's his name?

The gentleman is Howard.

- I'm her lawyer.
- And he's my lawyer.

- Oh, you're kidding me.
- No.

- So y'all are all fucked.
- Oh, we're in trouble now!

Bizarrely, we... we knew him, because he had
an office in the same building as us,

so occasionally, we would ride
in the elevator going up and down.

He learned how it worked.

And... And he also understood,
not just the publicity,

but the flow of money as well.

He knew, uh, how he could cash in on that.

Come on, Anna. Anna, that's enough.

It's right here.
It's right here.

My impression was
that he was kind of a low-level attorney,

who was looking for a big payday,

and he thought he was gonna move
into this established case,

take it over, and take the money.

You married the man.
He wanted you to have the money.

I know you can't talk about that.
Give her the damn money!

Show me the money!

Everyone in America really cares
about Anna, whether, uh, you know...

A lot of people in the press slam her,

but I tell you, go from house to house,
all over America, everybody loves her.

Everybody has a soft spot
for the underdog.

So I believe that Anna should get
whatever the hell she wants.

- Thank you.
- It's true!

Just wish I could.

Anna Nicole Smith walked
into the courtroom

with a fuchsia knit sweater on
and a picture of her husband close by.

She took the witness stand
and talked about the love of her life.

He was just a brilliant, great,
wonderful, wonderful man

that I loved deeply.

It wasn't a sexual, "Baby, oh baby,
I love your body" type love.

It was a deep thank you
for taking me out of this hole,

and thank you
for saving my life and my son's life,

and thank you for taking care of us.

That's the kind of love
that me and my husband had for each other.

He thought if he gave her
enough money during his lifetime,

I think he probably gave her $14 million
during the course of their relationship

to try to get her in business
and everything,

she would ultimately have plenty
when he died.

The month before he died,
he realized she was a totally lost cause.

He'd given her all this money,
and she had none left.

He loved her.
There's no question about that.

But Pierce knew his father
did not promise her half of the estate.

And quite frankly,
we shouldn't give her a dime.

And the reason is
her entire case is built on a lie.

In court, Pierce Marshall's side
is predicting some bombshells.

His lawyers say they will not be shy
about dredging through Anna Nicole's past.

That jury,
13 out of 16 of them were women.

It was very clear that most women
were going to side with Anna Nicole,

at least as we started out.

And the reason was
they believed and said to us,

"Any man foolish enough
to put himself in that situation

deserves pretty much
whatever was gonna happen."

And so, the whole goal
was to change that mindset.

Going after her
was never going to be the right approach.

The better approach was always gonna be

let her reveal herself
through her own words.

The jury has to reach their conclusion
on their own.

Your Honor...

She's talking, and she's asking questions,
and she's crying and looking to the jury.

And of course, she's looking to nine women
who should be sympathetic to her.

Well, I had seen a couple of movies
that she had made,

which she would never have been,
in those movies, able to cry on demand.

So, honest to God, it was not prepared.

It wasn't anticipated.
It just occurred to me. I go...

Ms. Marshall...

have you been taking new acting lessons?

Screw you, Rusty.

And then we were off to the races.

You gotta buy a gown. You gotta buy shoes.
You gotta, uh, pay hair and makeup.

I mean, it's very expensive to be me.
I mean, it's terrible the things...

She was giving answers

that the average person
would consider ludicrous.

And it did not matter

whether it was alcohol,
or sex, or drugs, or food.

She was a glutton.

The verdict ends up
they answer all our questions favorably.

Anna Nicole was found
not to be entitled to anything.

She received nothing from the trial.

So the verdict was a resounding victory
for Pierce.

She didn't lose
because she was a gold digger.

She... She lost because of who she was.

I would just advise people
just to follow their dreams, you know?

They can come true.

I'm living proof.

Rock and roll!

Where do you want to put my gun, Sharon?
Under the bed?

Wherever you wanna put it.

I'll put it under the bed.

The Osbournes
was a massive hit for MTV.

So the executives
at E! Entertainment realized,

"Maybe we can do a reality show."

They knew Anna Nicole was someone
that their audience really liked.

She said,
"They'll follow me night and day."

"They'll just live in my house with me."

"And everybody can be in it, Daniel and..."

"Howard wants me to do it.
He... He'll be in it. And..."

"Nobody's talking about me.
I'm not in the news at all right now."

"I wanted your advice.
What do you think? Think I should do it?"

And I said, "Well, no,
I don't think you should do it."

I mean, immediately, that was...
She said, "Why?"

I said, "Because they're gonna make money
by making fun of you."

She said, "Well,


And then she did it.

♪ Anna, Anna
Glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole ♪

♪ Born poor in Texas, strugglin' slavin' ♪

♪ Tryin' to get some fame ♪

♪ Then you used what you got
And that was a lot ♪

♪ You became a household name ♪

♪ Married a billionaire... ♪

The Anna Nicole Show was, uh,
designed to be a comedy.

We have a line in the open that says,

"It's not supposed to be funny.
It just is."

♪ Anna Nicole ♪

There was no specific talent
to be on a reality TV show.

Um, you literally just had to, uh,
audition for something,

and... and the producers had to like you
and pick you.

♪ Well, she comes from Houston, Texas
And she's looking for a guy ♪

♪ Well, I thought I'd be the one
But I'm in love with Sugar Pie ♪

♪ Yeah! Oh my Anna
I'll always be faithful ♪

♪ And if I ever cheat
Then you can ride me like a bull ♪

We kind of exchanged details,

and if I was in LA,
I would come to the house and hang out.

Otherwise, we would talk on the phone
and things like that,

but I would actually be curious
to know, like,

how many really deep friendships Anna had.

Anna didn't need
a personal assistant. She needed a friend.

Calling it a personal assistant
was more PC than saying...

"I'm really fucking lonely and depressed,

and I can't make it through the day
'cause I have no friends."

She goes,

"You're not like the others, are you?"

I go...

I'm looking around thinking like,
"I don't know. Who's... Who's the others?"

"I'm not sure."

Anna and I became very, very close.

I don't wanna say
more so than Pol' and Anna.

But we had
that really intimate, special bond

that nobody could break.

Anna always made me feel that...

that I was the only one
that she was talking to.

She trusted me with information
and told me things

that you wouldn't think
she probably told hardly anybody.

She didn't like to talk
about her childhood.

She liked to talk
about how much she hated her family.

She would always tell me
about her mother.

Anna Nicole hated her mother.

The only thing I knew
that Anna ever wanted to do

was never to be like Virgie.

She made sure that
she was there for Daniel all the time.

The world would stop for Daniel.

When I first met Daniel...

he was...

everything I wasn't expecting.

I was expecting a spoiled Hollywood brat.

Daniel was smart. He was humble.

I think he was getting
a lot of bullying at school.

You know, like,
"I saw your mom's tits today."

Or whatever they would say
about his mom. And it's like...

That's my son. Isn't he cute?

And it made him shy away
from people.

Nobody came over for him.

I watch the show pretty religiously.
I think I've missed maybe one episode.

I... I think that,
you know, the son...

I... I feel bad for him.

Yes, that's a definite. I feel bad
for the son and the dog.

- The dog I feel bad for too.
- I think they're both being abused.

Yeah. I feel that Anna Nicole...

I know she keeps saying
that she's not on anything.

I think she is on something.

- What's going on, Anna?
- Oh, not much.

- How you doing?
- I'm doing wonderfully.

- It's good to see you.
- Thank you.

And I also get that,

for some reason,
she doesn't think she's heavy.

I would say
she weighs 300 pounds at least.

I'll bet you 100 bucks she's not over 300,
but it's gonna be so close.

I think she's probably 280 or 290.

All right, let's... let's do this.

The person who comes closest
within five pounds of her weight...

We'll have a pool.

She was devastated
by what the media was saying about her.

I mean, they were,
you know basically calling her a fat pig.

She told me that basically
from the time she was going to Playboy

that... that literally
everybody was always telling her

she needed to lose weight.

She always needed to lose that weight.

And so she ended up
having an eating disorder.

She didn't see herself as beautiful.

Even in her own perfection,

she didn't see herself as beautiful

because she didn't feel beautiful inside.

Temptation, it's tough to resist.

Ask anyone who's trying to diet.

Just one Dexatrim
controls your appetite all day.

A revolutionary weight-loss product

that just may be the weight-loss answer
we've all been looking for.

was a diet supplement company.

They had created some diet pills

that, you know,
they negotiated Anna to represent.

Anna wanted to lose weight.
I said, "Well, I'm gonna come over."

"We're gonna exercise.
We're gonna do yoga."

She's like, "Okay."

She probably lost
at least 25 to 30 pounds.

But then what happened was

Anna was getting antsy,
and she wanted all the weight off.

And about a month later,
the assistant called me up and said,

"You need to come over.
Please come over now."

"I'm really, really worried about Anna."

Anna was in bed. She had no makeup on.

And there was a white ring,

I mean white, like a white sheet,
around her mouth.

And it was dehydration.

She hadn't eaten anything
since the day that I left.

And she was drinking, like,
maybe two inches of water a day

and taking, um...

...a diuretic.

And I said, "Can I get a doctor here?"


"You need intravenous.
Like, you need something." "No."

She didn't look like
the glamour girl she tries to be. Her...

I mean, she could barely talk.

...and her lipstick looked
slopped on.

I had water with a straw
that I was giving her.

And I'm like,
"You can never do this to yourself again

because you won't live the next time."

And she said, "I know."

She said, "I know."

I know that that day,
that I saved Anna's life.

I know I did.

Hi! Hi.

Thank you. I'm back.

You look unbelievable.

- Come on, Anna.
- You look amazing.

Get the attention you deserve.

- Over here, Anna!
- Anna! How did you do it?

TrimSpa, baby!

the ultimate comeback. Make yours.

TrimSpa went crazy.


That was her comeback.

Just one per person.

Okay, one per person, guys.
One per person.


My name is Maurice Brighthaupt.

People know me as Big Moe.

And I was Anna Nicole Smith's bodyguard.

In the beginning, I think she tested me

to see if I was trustworthy
to be with her.

She'd say, "You... Do you like my body?
You think I'm beautiful?"

"Would you like to, you know,
see where we can go with this?"

And I looked at her
dead in the eye and said,

"Right now, I really think of you
as a little sister."

And she shed a little tear.
She said, "You know what?"

"I'm so glad I met you."

After about two days of working with her,
I started calling her baby girl.

And from that point on,
she called me Momo.

Get back. Get back. Anna!

Anna! Way over here!


She had to present Kanye West
with the award

at the American Music Awards.

And before she went on stage,
Howard and her was talking,

and I said, "This is gonna be great.
You're gonna be on stage."

"Be yourself."

And that's when she sat back and thought,

"Wow, I'm going to do something
that everyone will always remember."

Anna Nicole Smith.

She got up on stage

and looked like
maybe a little high or drunk.

That was Anna.
Anna knew how to work the crowd.

And if I ever record an album,
I want this guy to produce mine.

Make me beautiful duets!

'Cause he's freaking genius!

Once she got off the stage,
the first thing she did, looked at Howard,

"How did I do?"

Off the camera,
and we was all by ourselves,

Anna was with it.

And after that,

we got so many other speaking engagements
to go to.

It's crazy.

It's totally crazy.

Everyone out of the blue is calling.
Calling, calling, calling.

And I didn't even have to do a...
a sex tape.

And I'm getting all this attention,

and I'm like, "Oh my God."

I'm like, "Wow!
I should, like, flub a line more often."

It's like, "Whoa!"

Everything would go
through Howard.

But ultimately, it was her decision
whether or not she would take the offers.

Anna knew how to work it.

There's a saying out there

that said that Howard
was controlling everything.

Howard did not control everything.

Anna was in control of everything.

If she thought that anybody
was trying to control her,

she would get rid of them, point-blank.

Larry Birkhead was a photographer

and met Anna Nicole for the first time
at the Kentucky Derby.

Kiss me.

He was extremely polite.

That's going above the bed,
right there.

Larry knew already the power
of the celebrity pictures.

And so as soon as
he met Anna Nicole Smith,

the light bulb went off above his head,

and he was like,
"Ooh, this could be quite lucrative."

I met Larry Birkhead for the first time
when they all came to New York City.

And Larry was there and... and kind of
introduced as her photographer...

...but it was pretty obvious
that he was maybe more than that.

And I also knew
that she was, at that time,

kind of wanting to be pregnant
and to have a baby.

So, my mind of course went there to,

"Oh, this is probably
who she hopes will father her child."

I was in LA for something,
and I went to visit.

He was kind of there,
and they were trying to have a child.

Um, but he wasn't staying in her room.
He was kind of... kind of had his own room.

Um... yeah.

But I heard the details
of what she was looking for in a father.

Like, "You won't have visitation rights,
or be paid money,

or be able to legally say
that the child is yours."

There were some pretty strict parameters

surrounding, um, you know,
her having a child with somebody.

So I figured he was on that same page.

In 2004,
I took over a practice in Studio City.

I was really not interested
in... in a celebrity practice.

I mean, you know,
most of my patients were older.

The doctor before me said,
"Have you heard of Anna Nicole Smith?"

"I see her for chronic pain."

"She's very, um, manipulative,

and she's... and she can charm you and try...
Just don't get caught in that."

She had had many ailments
over the past,

including various things
like fibromyalgia.

Um, uh, she'd had significant, like,
different back pains.

She had some chest pain.

A breast implant that was ruptured
and had to be repaired.

And when there was, uh, emotional issues
that were happening to her,

um, her pain was worse.


What you see
in the public eye

is this bubbly, vivacious,

uh, this, you know,
bombshell type of thing.

But behind the scenes, um,

it's a different story.

She was on methadone,

which was the pain medicine
that worked for her.

This is a medicine that is...
is, uh, always known

as people that are addicted to heroin.

So people would look at it and say,
"Well, she must've been a heroin addict."

She said,
"Um, don't worry about the doses."

"I'm like a horse.
I can take a lot of medicine."

"It takes me a lot to have the effect."

Hi, it's me, Anna Nicole, as you can see.

I've been hearing a lot of gossip
in the papers.

"Is Anna pregnant? She's pregnant.
She's pregnant by some guy."

Well, let me stop all the rumors.

Yes, I am pregnant.

I, uh, I'm happy.

I'm very, very happy about it.

I'll let you see me as I'm growing.

So, that's it at this time.


So one day, Anna sent me an email,

and she said,
"Guess what? You're gonna be an aunt!"

So she said,
"Howard, you can be the father."

"We'll do this together."

Just think of how beautifully that worked.

I mean, this is her attorney,

who is a friend.

You know, not a lover, but a friend.

And, um... And they're going to...

They have obviously a really strong bond,

and they're gonna continue
to have a strong bond

as they work together
through all kinds of legal challenges.

So it made perfect sense
for that to be the ultimate storyline.

I think my parents
were a little shocked.

You know, um...?

Because Howard never, that I'm aware of,

never said to my parents,
"I'm having a relationship with Anna."

You know?
Like, I don't think they knew that.

My mom, like, being a grandmother,
was, like, that was her pride and joy.

I was at my apartment
in West Hollywood.

I'm having a Kylie Minogue
birthday party.

I'm a huge Kylie fan,
so that day is very important to me,

and I try to throw a party when I can.

And just like every party
in Hollywood,

there was alcohol, and there was cocaine,

and we were just having a good time.

And Daniel comes over.

"Hey. You wanna have a drink?"
He's like, "I wanna have everything."

I was like,
"Where... Where did this come from?"

Daniel never drank.

I never saw him drink.

Maybe, I mean, one beer
every two weeks or three weeks or...

It was very rare.

Fast-forward to May.

He's drinking.

He's doing cocaine. He's doing pills.

He was... I think he was about to turn 21.

I had noticed that he had...

kind of changed.

Like, it was a little bit more
of an edgier, darker side of Daniel

that I hadn't seen before.

I think... I think I offered him a drink,
and he was just like...

He said, "Can I drink on some methadone?"

And I was like, "Where did you get
the methadone?"

I'm like, "Did you take it from your mom?"
And he said... He was like, "Yeah."

I'm like, "First of all,
how much did you take?"

He's like... He's like, "I just took one.
I just..."

I mean, honestly... sounds stupid,

because I was at a party
with cocaine and alcohol.

"You shouldn't be doing methadone,
but here have some cocaine."

Um, it...

You know, it's just one of those things
like, "God, be careful. I can't..."

You know, "Stop doing that,
but here have some cocaine."

You know, young and dumb,
but I was really worried.

Former Playboy Playmate
Anna Nicole Smith's bid

to get part of her late husband's fortune
has new life today,

thanks to a very unlikely group of allies,
the Supreme Court.

The high court has agreed
to hear the ex-Playboy model's case.

She's claiming millions of dollars
from her dead husband's estate.

Whenever I would be on, um, AOL,
I would see a box,

people who were on there,
and her name was Hot Smoochie Lips.

So Anna had sent me
an instant message,

and she was referring to Larry.

It was really clear
that Anna Nicole did not want

to share custody with somebody else.

She just wanted the child,
no strings attached,

and the best way to do that
was to maybe escape the States

and... and do this elsewhere.

Anna never wanted anything
from Larry.

Anna wanted Larry to leave her alone.

The truth is

she couldn't stand him.

The Bahamas
would be her fresh start.

This was her chance
to raise the baby all by herself...

and do it the way
that she wanted it to be done

and the way she wished
she could've done for Daniel.

In the Bahamas, there is, um,
a few interesting legalities.

One being that

whoever signed the birth certificate
in the Bahamas is the father.

That's how they see it.

And so if Howard K. Stern signs that,
then he's the legal father. The end.

Anna called me
in late August,

and she had just informed me on the phone
that she has moved to the Bahamas.

And I said, "Well what about your care...
you know, care?"

"Um, well, I'm... I'm here,
and it's a beautiful place,

and it's really relaxing,"
and all this stuff.

I said, "Well, you know..."

And then,
she also was calling really to say,

"I'm gonna run out of my methadone."

That can result
in withdrawals, which can be deadly,

and I was worried about the baby.

And I checked to see

if, you know, you could even get methadone
in the Bahamas,

and there was absolutely no way.

So I called the pharmacy.

"She needs to have this medicine.
She only has a couple of days left."

I said, "What can I do?"

So the decision was made.

We're going to try to get it
to her in the Bahamas from here.

And, um, she got her methadone.

And then, Daniel came to see me

and was saying that he
and his mother were not getting along.

He seemed anxious
and somewhat irritated by the situation.

And he was struggling
with some issues of depression.

And so he ended up being admitted
to a hospital.

He was seen by a psychiatrist

who started him on the medicine Lexapro
before he was discharged home.

I said, "You need
to come back and take care of him."

I don't know if she realized
that, um, he was...

the gravity of what he was going through.

I was called by Howard

and told that she just delivered
a bouncing baby girl,

and she's, uh, she looks beautiful.

And I... I said, "Can I speak to Anna?"

She said, "Momo, the baby's beautiful
and all I ever... what I ever wanted."

Then she told me, she says,
"Well, Daniel's on his way."

Whew! Wow. Okay, we got them together.

They're... They're talking.

She sent the plane ticket,
and he's on his way.

I got
an out-of-state phone call,

and I looked and said,
"Oh man, this is the Bahamas."

And it was Howard on the phone,
very somber, soft, uh, tone in his voice.

He said, "Uh, Mo, uh,
Anna needs you really bad."

Then I could hear Anna in the background,
"Momo, come now! Momo, come now."

So I... I said... I said, "What's going on?"

He said, "Uh, Daniel just died."

I said, "What?

What do you mean, 'just died'?"

He said, "Yeah. He saw his sister,

then never woke up."


"He's gone."

Daniel Wayne Smith arrived
at the hospital late evening

on Saturday, September 9th

and remained as a visitor
with his mother and newly-born sister.

On Sunday, at 9:38 a.m.,
the nurse was called,

following which physicians on the floor
were immediately summoned.

Resuscitative efforts using
advanced life-support protocol

continued for 22 minutes.

He was pronounced dead at 10:05 a.m.

We would like to extend
our sincerest condolences

to the family and the friends
of Daniel Wayne Smith,

and we encourage the press

to please be sensitive
to the family's loss

and give them the opportunity
to grieve during this time.

She was a wreck.

She was incoherent.

She couldn't talk.

She didn't wanna live.

Daniel was the reason
why she wanted to get out of Mexia, Texas.

Everything that she did was for Daniel.

Every single conversation
was what she did wrong,

blamed herself the whole time.

She said, "I just wanna die."

"I don't deserve to be here.
It should've been me."

"It should have never been him."

"It should've been me."

Tonight, the sudden and unexpected death
of a young man, just 20 years old,

under investigation.

Twenty-year-old Daniel Smith,

his death, his sudden and unexpected death
there in a Bahaman hospital,

was it murder?

Rumors continue to swirl
about the strange and sudden death

of Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel.

As new evidence of an overdose emerges,

we ask, could this be an accident
or even suicide?

We're surrounded
with more than 300 paparazzi.

The front and the side is barricaded
with photographers, international.

Cameras sticking up over the wall...

to see her devastation.

Every time she wakes up,
"Daniel's calling me."

"Daniel wants me there.
Daniel wants me there."

I would bring Dannielynn to her and said,
"This is the reason why you must live on."

Her whole mentality would change.

She would sit there, smile,

and look at the baby, and say,
"You're just an angel."

And I said,
"See, this is why you must live."

But she wanted to be with Daniel
all the time.

Because every time she would sleep,
she would see him.

Mom! Mom!

And that's why I believe
that she always liked to be sedated

and taking these pills
that will help her sleep.

Every dream, Daniel was there.

Most of the people that was around her
was enabling her.

She says, "Howard, I want you
to give me all these pills,

and you either give them to me,
or I'll find somebody else that do."

It ain't like Howard says,
"You have to take all these pills."

Howard would never do that.

She didn't need enablers.

This is a time of great joy
for her.

She's bringing a new child into the world.

And at the time of her greatest joy,

something happens
to her 20-year-old child.

That is going to make her
feel tremendously guilty.

Thanks, everybody, for coming.
And I just want to say

that, um, I am the father of Dannielynn,

and I think this is, um,

a crime, basically,
what these people are doing to me.

And I expect to be reunited
with my daughter,

uh, with the help
of my attorney, Mrs. Opri.

Thank you all for coming.

Who's the father
of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl?

If this man has anything to say about it,
it's him.

Dannielynn could inherit
millions of dollars

from the estate of Smith's late husband,
oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall.

Why has Anna Nicole
been so secretive

about who the father
of her new daughter is?

Uh, Anna and I have, um,
been in a relationship,

and we love each other,

and it's been going on
for a very long time.

So you are the father?

Yes, sir.

By the way, have there been
any DNA tests taken? Is that...

- Proud father.
- What?

I said, "Proud father."

Attorney Howard K. Stern says
he's the father.

Ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead says
the child is his,

and in the zaniest moment of the day,

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband,
Prinz Frédéric von Anhalt,

hinted even he could be involved.

There are lots of people
who could be the father.

Could you be the father?

I don't know. I mean...

Sometimes I'm a bad boy. Yeah.

Who is the father of Dannielynn?

He's the father of her.

I am the father.

You know, until science proves me wrong,
I am the father.

We really haven't been allowed
to grieve

with the way
that this whole thing has been handled.

And, you know, I...

It's gonna be, uh, I think, a little while

before, um, you know, we're gonna be able
to experience real happy moments.

Fire and rescue.

Hi, this is Seminole Police.

If you can please respond
to the Hard Rock.

- Uh-huh.
- Room 607.


It's gonna be in reference
to a white female, who is, um...

What, is she not responsive?

Not responsive
and not breathing.

She's not breathing,
and she's not responsive.

She's, um, actually Anna Nicole Smith.

- Oh, okay.
- Okay? All right. Thank you.

There's people
in front of the store going,

"Do you know what's going on?
What happened? Did you hear?"

And I'm like, "What are you talking about?
Who are you?"

All these news vans.

And Patrik goes... calls, uh,
Anna's number. She's not answering.

Calls Howard. He's not answering.

Calls Mo, and he goes,
"Baby girl is gone."

Baby girl is gone."

And the pain that he was speaking with
was so great.

Run to the airport. First flight out.
Five hours later, we're in Florida.

Howard was a mess.

I mean,

he was inconsolable.

A lot of people are really
painting Howard K. Stern as a villain.

How you doing today?

A lot of people have made him out
to be a manipulator.

Reportedly, they are looking
for possible prescriptions

written out to Howard K. Stern
to supply Anna with drugs.

Can you tell me why you're not cooperating
with the Broward County Medical Examiner?

I have no comment to make.

The methadone prescriptions
with my name on it appears in the press.

This doctor shipped it over to her,
to a pregnant lady.

And it... it felt like
they were blaming me for her death,

um, and... and they were.

This may say a lot

about our current culture
of celebrity and media these days

when all the major cable news networks

switched over to non-stop,
live coverage this afternoon,

when word arrived
that Anna Nicole Smith had died.

She was 39 years old.

She was adored by millions
but loved by few.

There was obviously always this sorta air
of tragedy around Anna Nicole Smith.

She had so much misfortune in her life.

So what about Anna's money?

Does she have a will,
and, um, who is the father of this child?

Whoever has access to this child,

whoever is raising this child has access
to whatever monies this child inherits,

which is potentially tens of millions
if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

I mean, the phrase "rest in peace"
means absolutely nothing, unfortunately,

when it comes to Anna Nicole Smith.

She told me all the time
that she was gonna die young.

And I felt really bad because I said, I...
you know, I should've believed her.

I should've, uh, spent some more time
doing things that were positive.

I shouldn't have said
the stuff I said to her,

you know, because now, I'm...
I can't take it back.

I'm never gonna be able to change it.
It's... It's over.

And then I thought about her baby girl,
and I thought, "How sad."

Because that little girl's
never gonna know

how much her mother loved her
even before she was born, you know?

She... She's never gonna know
how badly her mom wanted her,

and she's never gonna feel
her hugging her,

and... and singing to her, and doing
all those things that mothers do.

But I thought, you know,
"At least, she's back with Daniel."

"At least, her and Daniel
are back together," and...

First of all, she's not my mother.

She's my birth mother.

I left home
when I was 15 years old.

I'm just sitting on the couch, uh,
and the TV's on.

And I see Nicky on TV.

What has she done for me?
You wanna hear how my childhood was?

All the beatings,
and the whippings, and the rape.

That's my mother.

That's my mom.

She said
that she was raped at home,

and she had to run away from home,
and she was beaten.


I was shocked, because I knew

that was not her childhood
coming out of her mouth.

That was my childhood.

That's exactly what happened to me
and the way I relayed it to her.

Vickie told people
that my mama abused her.

And she did not abuse her.

My mother was a very sweet, loving person.

The only person
that I ever remember

coming to her rescue was her mother,

over and over and over.

There were times that we got out of
a lot of trouble because of Virgie.

If she had not been
in... in law enforcement,

we... we would've been in prison
a couple times, you know?

They did talk to each other
behind the scenes.

And they cared about each other.

My mom passed away three years ago
with cancer.

We were not poor.

We lived a moderate life in Houston.

Three bedrooms, two carports.

She would tell these stories

about what a horrible

childhood she had.

And I said... I asked her one time. I said,

"Vickie Lynn, why do you tell such lies?"

"Why do you do that?"

She said, "Mother, I wish
you could just understand that...

I make more money telling sad stories

than I make telling good stories."

She... She said, "Don't get me wrong."

"I make money
anytime my name is out in the open."

"Anytime my name
is written down somewhere,

in the newspaper, on TV, in the news."

"It doesn't matter."

"If my name is out there,
I'm making money."

"Which is my purpose in life.
I'm making money."

She said, "But if it's... if it's bad,
something really bad,

I make 50 times the amount of money
than I make if it's good."

And I said, "Well, Vickie, don't you want
people to think good about you?"

She says, "Well, no.
Not if bad pays better."

I said, "Doesn't it embarrass you?"

She says, "No, not to the tune
of however much money I can make from it,

it doesn't embarrass me."

I said, "Don't you think
it embarrasses your family?"

She says, "Mom... this is my life."

"Not your life. This is my life."

"So I ought to be able to tell
whatever stories I want to tell."

"True or false,
I ought to be able to tell 'em."

Nicky did very much get swept away
by a story that she created.

Can you tell so many lies
and tell it so many times

that all of a sudden it's true?

But she lost her son.
She lost... She lost her life.

She lost everything.

That's what it cost her.

♪ While tearing off a game of golf ♪

♪ I may make a play for the caddy ♪

♪ But when I do, I don't follow through ♪

♪ 'Cause my heart belongs to Daddy ♪

♪ If I invite a boy some night ♪

♪ To dine on my fine food and haddie ♪

♪ I just adore his asking for more ♪

♪ But my heart belongs to Daddy ♪

♪ Yes, my heart belongs to Daddy ♪

♪ So I simply couldn't be bad ♪

♪ Yes, my heart belongs to Daddy ♪

♪ Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, dad ♪

♪ So I want to warn you, laddie ♪

♪ Though I know
That you're perfectly swell ♪

♪ That my heart belongs to Daddy ♪

♪ 'Cause my Daddy ♪

♪ He treats it so ♪