Anjaniputra (2017) - full transcript

Anjaniputra is a Kannada movie starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Rashmika Mandanna, an action romance genre with elements of family sentiment. This family entertainer is directed by well known choreographer-turned-director Harsha A.

'With the blessings of my parents
and my guru'

'I present my small dream before you.
Hail Lord Ram.'

I have been taking
Prakash's tender many years

even this tender will be mine again.

Oh, my God!

There's been an accident.
- It's a pregnant woman, go and check.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! - What happened?
- Call the ambulance immediately.

- Please save us, sir.

I will save you.
- Sir!

Oh, my God! No!

'They are contract killers
who kill people'

'not because of personal enmity,
but for money.'

'The man behind this
is none other than...'

Sir, job done.
- Well done.

'Bhirava, the ruler of injustice'

'is the trustee of this temple.'

Your job is done.
- Very good, Bhirava.

Dev always ruined my business

now, there is nobody
to take this tender.

Now, it's just me.
I will pay you extra 25 lakhs.

Thank you.

'For money, he killed his wife'

'fearing that he would lose
his father-in-law's wealth'

'he threatened his wife's sister
and married her.'

'He is so cunning that'

'though he got many people killed,
there is no proof against him'

'because he appoints his close aides
and confidants'

'for first and second layer.'

'He hires contract killers from'

'Orissa, Bihar, Jharkand and UP
to kill people.'

'Bhirava and his close aides
don't keep direct contact'

'with the killers who work
in the third layer.'

'After the deal is over,
they destroy all the used SIM cards.'

'Running the company under
the name Bhirava Finance'

'this white-collar criminal
who makes money'

'by getting people killed stealthily
from the law'

'is living as VIP in the society.'

I borrowed money
because I was in need of it

but he thrashed,
took away my bike just for Rs 2000.

You should've told him my name.
- I did but he didn't care.

He didn't care?
- No.

Who is he?
- Raja.

It seems he stays in the market.

Raja. Who is Raja?

Hey, auto driver!
- What is it?

Who is Raja here?

You stay in Karnataka,
don't you know who Raja is?

Why? Shouldn't have I asked you?

He's the flower of the mountain that
is blooming in every Kannadigas heart.

If he is flower, our boss is the Sun.

He will wither if my boss
opens his eyes.

Hey, where is he?
- He's here, there, and everywhere.

Is he Wi-Fi to be everywhere?

Or is he Narsimha
who was in Bhakta Prahlad movie?

Hey, he's the Bhakta Prahlad
who impressed Narsimha with his devotion.

Bhakta Prahlad? You mean, is he a kid?

Yes, he's kid to the one who loves him,
but Keechaka to the one who annoys him.

If you give respect,
he's Appu and he's a king by nature.

He's a leader for the brave
and Basava for the courageous.

He's a great warrior
and as powerful as the earth.

He's a great fighter
and wonderful actor.

He's a son of royal family
and the second name for victory.

He's the king without a crown,
the one and only...

Anjani Putra (Son of Lord Anjaneya).

Hey, superb!

After hearing you,
I've become his big fan.

Can I meet him just once?

Okay. - Boss, we've not come here
to give him ratings,

but to thrash him.
- No, no.

Seeing his voting and rating,

I think chatting
is better than fighting.

You! Boss..

I want to meet him only once.

Boss, you stay quiet.
Go and get him here!

- I beg of you, please don't.

What shine, what glamour!

Whatever they praised
about your personality

was very less, I think.

We shouldn't force anyone to praise us.

If people like us, they'll respect us,
if not, they will shun us.

He's Raja!

Hey, just not Raja, he's Rajanna!

I'll give you the money that
I had to give it to your boss,

go and thrash him.

Thrash him!

Oh no!

I should've kept quiet when people
told his highlights to me. Sir?

Where's the guy who said he was my fan?
- I don't know, sir.

I am here!

Hey, what are you doing there?

Sir, I'm anointing your cutout
with milk.

When did you arrange for these things?

Sir, you shouldn't ask fans about
when they built the cutout, garland it,

and anoint it with milk.

We will donate food as well as blood.

Sir, not just simple cut out,
we have built your temple in our hearts!

Okay, get down slowly.

- Enough of this now, leave.

I can't leave without hearing your
great dialogue and seeing you fight.

Sir, please dance a
few steps to entertain us.

- Sir, we're your fans, please dance.

- He agreed!

To all the art lovers!

In just a few minutes,

there will be great
dance performance here.

Karnataka's Raja is coming
to entertain you all!

- Play the music.

Very good! Come on, do it again!

- Sir, we shall leave now.

Who's this old lady?

I had been to Kaddi's house
to ask for the interest money,

his house was locked, this old lady
was sitting there, so I hijacked her.

If people in the market learns about this,
I will be defamed.

Sir, if you be so generous,
it will be difficult to run the business.

You have to hit the fruit with a stone
if you want to eat it.

Hey, I got a call.
- Get me a juice.

I will turn on the speaker,
just hear what Shekhar has to say.

Hello. - When are you coming
to repay the interest money?

I'm not coming, but leaving.

I've packed my luggage.
I am leaving this city.

What about this old lady then?
- You take care of her.

You idiot!
- Hey, what are you saying?

My grandma will ask for soup
with steamed bread in the morning to eat.

She will ask for beer with pilaf.

She will ask for mutton chops
if you give her chips with liquor.

I had got ruined by taking loan
from everyone to fulfill her needs.

You saved me.

Hey, what are you saying?

Didn't you reform even
after seeing Rajkumar's movie?

No matter how emotional you make me,

but if my grandma is with me,
I will die of loose motions.

Please consider my grandma as yours
and take care of her.

- Hang up the phone!

I've landed myself in deep trouble.


Ma'am, what I am saying actually...

I don't want to hear anything.
I am famished.

Get me a pilaf,
one beer, one quarter bottle of liquor,

one plate chops, and two chicken legs.

Ma'am, I don't have chicken legs,
but I have hands, do you want that?

Give me your hand.
- Oh, this old lady bit me!

Seth is always surrounded by girls.

He doesn't give even one to us.

Geeta, I am dying for you!

Listen to me..
- I am dying!

I've called Geeta, she's on her way.

No, I know she won't come. I am dying.
- Listen.

Sanjay can't live without Geeta!

Sanjay weds Geeta, part 2.

I have a doubt that if anyone falls
from here, they'll even get injured,

but he's talking about
committing suicide.

Sanju, stop!
- I will jump from here and die!

You scoundrel, go to hell!

I will hit you with my slippers!
May the cow pee on you!

May you rot in hell! You scoundrel.
- Hey!

May your dead body lie on the road!
Get down!

I don't know if he'll die
after jumping from there,

but he will die listening
to her abuses, for sure.

For what?

For hers love.
- Oh I see.

Geeta, I love you!

Sanju, Geeta is here.

Geeta, if you don't agree, I will die.
- Sanju, don't!

Don't die, I love you.

- Yes, please get down.

- Move away!

Talk to him.
- Look, I have a weakness.

Now that you've agreed,
I'll accept all your weaknesses, tell me.

Look, I can't have
the same meal every day.

I eat different kinds of breakfasts.

There should be some variety.
- Hey, no problem.

Not just in food, but even in love..
- Then?

In love?

Look, I liked you so I proposed to you.

Tomorrow if I like him,
I will propose to him.

The next day,
if I like him, I will propose to him.

If I like him, I will propose to him.

- Yes, sir.

I will not let you do that,
I will get married to you soon.

No, Sanju.

It's highly impossible to live
with one person all my life.

You! I followed you so much that

my shoes tore.
Did I come behind you for Wi-Fi?

I was even thinking of
committing suicide for you.

I have to hit myself with my own shoes.

You're not G for Geeta, but C for cheater,
T for terror, and D for Darn... - Hey!

I didn't tell that.

You meet me later,
I will teach you a lesson!

Guys always want to do social service.

Thank you.
- It's okay.


Hey, where did the girl go?

She told me I love you.

You're mistaken, she didn't tell you,

but she gave an example
about you to him.

Didn't you hear what she said?

Yes. Where did she go?

You did the right thing.
- Look, there she is.

It's okay, come on.
- Hey, stop. Come out.

What do you think love is?

You change guys like you change clothes.

Do you take guys to be like SIM card that
you can throw them to take a new offer?

Do you think guys are like
the security guards of the ATM

who sit there and watch people
swipe their cards? - I love you.

- Again?

I told you that to shut your mouth.
What do you know about this matter?

He has parents to take care of
and a sister who goes to the college.

He has to get her married.
It is his responsibility.

He shouldn't spoil his life
by following me to love him.

I became characterless just to save him
from getting ruined. Get it?

Don't talk without knowing anything.

Ma'am, I feel like touching your feet.

We misunderstood you
without knowing your good intentions.

Please bless me that
I find a girl like you.

G for! - Gauramma!
- K for! - Kempamma!

D for.. - Hey!
- I mean, she's a goddess. - Okay.

Please, you may leave.

I'll check the documents.
- Okay.

You go meet the boss.
- Okay.

Have you mentioned everything
correctly in the file?

Mr. Somashekhar,
the owner of SSK Exports, sent me here.

Who do you want to get killed?

SP Suryaprakash.
- What's the matter?

Our sir had a small case on him,

SP has made our sir's life miserable
because of that.

What's the case.

Three girls who worked
in our garment factory

went missing for one month.

They didn't go missing.

Your owner raped them and murdered them.

If this matter leaks
during SP's enquiry,

your owner will be jailed.
So, you've come to me.

Don't worry, I will handle it.

You've come to Bhirava finance,

to mortgage your property
documents and take loan.

You have to maintain
the record everywhere.

Buy a new SIM card.

You'll receive calls from new numbers.

You have to receive them.
For any reason,

you shouldn't call anyone
from that number.

Okay, sir.

Who do we have to pay the money to?
- You'll get a call.

You may leave now.

- Sir?

Collect the details of SP Suryaprakash.
- Okay, sir.

- Yes, sir?

SP Suryaprakash.
- Okay, sir.

Mano, buy a new SIM card immediately
and call me.

Okay, sir.

I feel very relaxed
when I visit this temple.

Is it?
- Yes.

Even I... - How dare you try to run
when we ask you for the interest money?

Swati, listen, you go shopping,

I'll be back in five minutes. Okay?
- Okay, bye.

You don't have money in your pocket,
but you want to go around with girls?

You also tell them that
you'll take them to Bangkok.

I will thrash you.
- Sir, I like sandwich.

Even we like tomato chutney.

Hey, thrash them.
- Leave me, sir. - Leave him.

Hey, get going. - Leave.
- Don't forget to pay the money tomorrow.

Raja, your girlfriend is coming this way.
- Hi.

Please come. Have a seat.

Thank you.
- "Whose face did I see in the morning?"

"I don't know if my destiny
is sitting behind me."

Buddy, what could I do? Seeing her face,
I could remember this song.

No problem.
Everyone sings the same song seeing me.

By the way,
why were you thrashing that guy?

He is the owner of the machine.

- I mean...

Millet machine, washing machine,
put the clothes... - Hey!

It's just that I had given money on loan
to the Seth.

So, I was asking him
when he'll return the money.

Oh, do you give money on loan?
- Yes.. - Bank business.

How much interest does your bank charge?

Fire interest.
- Fire interest?

The interest rate is like fire.

We give him shock if he's unable
to repay the money.

He should die paying
the interest amount.

But he won't be able to pay the loan.

It's like that. Do you know?

She's a guest here. Get something chill
from the fridge for her to drink.

Go. - No.
- She doesn't want it.

Hey, go!

Actually, I had come to the temple.
- Did you visit it?

Cool drink.
- Hey?

What is this?
- You've come here for the first time.

Guests are incarnation of God.
Please have.

What's this? - You asked me
to get something chill from the fridge.

In our fridge only this was available.

Won't she drink this?
- Oh no.

Raja. - Sorry.
- Which brand do you drink, tell me?

I will get all kinds of snacks for you
to eat with this.

I don't want anything. You have it.

Oh, so sorry. - Hello.
- I don't want anything. I will leave. Bye.

As we've opened it, let's drink it.

I will drink 3/4th
and you drink 1/4th okay? - Oh my God!

Won't she think that I am a drunkard?

Take out all the things
from the fridge first.

Okay, we'll keep only tea or coffee
in the fridge.

My relatives have been waiting for you
from a long time. Please come inside.

Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.

Have a seat.
- Malathi, call sister-in-law. - Okay.

- Greetings, please have a seat.

We've planned to organize veneration
in the coming month of Karthik.

When Muthuraj was alive,
he would perform the veneration.

You all came and graced the function.

You've stopped coming now.

Even we want to come, but...

We are very busy with our work.

Just because you have stopped coming,

some other people are
trying to rule that place.

- Yes, ma'am.

Your husband, the Godly man,
when he was alive,

he had written 1.5 acres of land
in Bangalore for the temple 28 years ago.

Before we could make the documents

and get it registered, he died.

Now the price is 18 crore rupees.

The curator of our temple, Bhirava,

he is hell bent on acquiring
that property.

Why don't you remove him from the post?
- Who can go against him?

All the villagers have decided

to keep Bhirava away
from the temple premises.

We all wish that Satyaraj
should become the curator.

Uncle, why me?

Satyaraj, this is the respect
given by the villagers to us.

You are the right person for that post.
- Okay, sister-in-law.

We all will come to the temple and stay
there until the veneration gets over.

Let's register that 1.5 acres of land
to the temple.

Okay, ma'am. We shall leave now.
- Okay.

Chikka, look there.

It was superb.

The entire flower market
is coming to our office.

- Hi, cheergirls, please come.

Only one person can sit as
there's only one chair. - No problem.

Where's Raja?
- Why Raja? I am the mantri, I am here.

We've not come here to see the poster,
but the picture.

- No, encounter.

What's the matter?
- I was in need of Rs. 30,000 urgently.

Okay, we can't say no to girls.

What do you want to mortgage?
- Mortgage?

We didn't get anything.
- No problem.

Tell this girl in pink
color dress to sit here.

Let she be here for three days.

We'll play with her, then you can repay
the money and take her.

Is it okay?

- No.

Shut up.
- No, C.

I will talk to Raja.

Go away. - Then you won't get the money.
- Pinky, sit here.

Hey! Hey!

Geeta, hi.

Raja is here.

You've brought everyone
from the ladies hostel here.

Have a seat.
- Thank you.

She's my friend Anita.
She's got a job. - Hi.

So, we asked her to give us treat.

So, as you know it is month end
and we don't have cash.

She's even crossed
the credit card limit.

So, we need Rs. 30,000 loan from you.

No problem. Kari...
- Okay, boss.

Why would you need
Rs. 30,000 for the treat?

Yes, actually we asked her to
give us treat in the Le Méridien Hotel.

So, you know it is very expensive.
That's why.

I've heard people taking loan
for their friends,

but you're the friend who's taking a loan
for a friend so that she can throw a party.

- Give it to her. - Okay.

We'll return it in three days.

No problem. - But you didn't tell me
about the interest. - No.

Rs. 3000.
- Rs. 3000? - Fire interest.

That's only for business,
not for friends.

No problem,
you can give me whenever you want.

Thank you.
- Womanizer.


Will you have anything cold to drink?

No thanks.
- Something chilled?

No, nothing please.
- Hot drinks?

You are many, will you have
a quarter bottle of liquor? - No. - Hey!

No. - Half?
- We don't want anything.

I was asking about tea or coffee?
Did you think I will offer you liquor?

Hey, go away. Don't feel offended.
- No, please.

- Chhotu!

He makes really good coffee.
- Is it?

Thank you.
- Actually, you know what...

I am so sorry.

No problem.

Tell her that her sari was stuck
in the door.

SP has only one weakness,
that is his wife.

He's booked two tickets
for the matinee show in Robin Theater.

You have to kill him there.

In the theater?
- Yes.

Come on, yes..
- There's place here.

Come on.
- It is Geeta. - Hey!

Give it to me.
- 'Hi, Raja.'

Hi, Geeta. What is the matter?

I had to return you the money.

It's not urgent. You can give me later.
I've come here to watch a movie.

Which movie?
- Dangal.

If you don't mind,
please can I join you?

But the movie has already begun.

No problem, you go inside,

I will call you when I reach there. Okay?
- Okay.

- I have four tickets with me.

There will be two vacant seats
on either sides.

You both watch Dangal and have...
- Hey!

Where will you go?
- We'll go to the next theater.

Which film is running?

'Andheri Raat Me Diya Tere Haat Me.'

Hey, that's a Marathi movie.
- Language is not important to me.

Body language is very important.
Come on, let's go.

You have to tell me what happened inside
while watching movie.


Tell me.
- SP is leaving.

Okay, you also leave.

SP left from the house.
Tell the boys to be alert. - Okay, sir.

Send two guys to the auto stand.
- Listen.

Send two guys to come
near the car parking.

Hope they are not local boys.
- 'No, sir.'

At any cost, those boys shouldn't know
that we're going to murder SP.

If we miss, we'll be in deep trouble.
- Okay, sir.

He's coming.

Hold until I come.
- 'Okay, sir.'

Stay in the parking lot.

Where are you?
- I am in the parking lot.

I can't come to the movie.
- Why?

There's something really wrong.

You come here soon.
- Okay, I will come.

Tell the boys that the target
is approaching.

Is it late?

Sir, forgive me.

Forgive me, sir.

Who are you?
- Sir, forgive me. Hey!

Hey, leave him!

Leave him! Leave me!

Hey, who are you? Leave me!



I've checked the scanning report.

She's fine.
- Hello, sir. How are you? - I am fine.

Sir, we've started investigating.

People who attacked on you
are not from this city.

They are outsiders.
- You mean, contract killers?

Yes, sir. - Did you see how dangerous
your husband's job is?

Such things took place
without your knowledge till now,

but today you witnessed it yourself.

Dear, I want to meet the guy
who saved your life.

Yes, where's the guy?
- Sir, he admitted you to the hospital.

I don't know where he is..
- Listen,

he saved us by risking his life.

Can't you get information about him?

Sir, there's a CCTV camera
installed in the adjacent Hospital,

I will check the footages.
- Listen,

you told me that
they are professional killers.

They attacked on me today,

they may trouble him tomorrow.
Just leave him alone.

Okay, sir.
- Okay.

Did you see? This is my life.

Why didn't you kill him? Why?

When a policeman was attacked
in such a big place,

everyone were watching,

but how did that guy enter the scene?
Who was he?

How is he related to SP?

Sir, I don't know.
- Was he from the public

or is he an undercover agent
who's watching our activities?

Is he from the opposite gang!
Enquire about him!

Okay, sir.
- Scoundrel.

They have censored the movie. So sad.

Kari, what are you doing?

Chikka, I'm thinking what you call
these vegetables in English. - Hey!

You should ask the people who know.

Is it? Okay.

What do you call this as?
- Pumpkin.

- Earring.

Hey! - Potato.
- This? - Drumstick.

- Ladies finger.

- Gents...

I mean, gents finger.

Okra is called as ladies finger because
it is as delicate as a woman's finger.

Chikka, how can you say
gooseberries as gents' finger?

Players play,
sorcerer performs magic, and you...

Okay, what do you call this as?

Hey, I am Kashinath's fan.
Don't talk to me in double meaning.

Do you know what this is called as?
- No. - Chili.

If you talk more,
I will chop off your...

Geeta, no matter what you say,
I am unable to forget Anwar.

Chaitra, don't be in haste.

Raja is here.

- Hi.

Hi, Raja.
- Hi.

Sorry, I couldn't return you
the money that day.

So, I called you here.
- No problem.

Have a seat. Let's have a coffee.

Raja, you sit here.

You sit there.
- You sit here.

Sir, was there any horoscope problem
with the chair?

Raja will suit more
in that place than me.

Is he in love?
- Nice ambience.

If your madam agrees,
there'll be shower of love.

What nonsense?

G for Geeta,

are you allergic to L for Love?

I am not a senseless girl to fall
for movie dialogues delivered by guys.

I am a practical girl
who is clear about life.

What if a guy comes to you suddenly

and proposes to you, what will you do?

I will hit him with my slipper.

You can hit a loafer with your slippers.

What if gentleman like Raja
proposes to you?

- Yes.

He should be thankful
that a high-five girl like me

is friends with a guy who's doing
credit business in the market.

Do you think I will fall for such a guy?

Anyways, according to me,
love should have ethics,

morality, and moreover our status
should match. Am I right, Raja?


Hello madam, speaking in English
won't make you high-five.

Status is not for showing,
you should have humanity too.

What status are you talking about?

Do you know what his status is,
who he is? - Chikka!

Come on.
- I'm coming.

Geeta, why did you talk like that?


She wants a high breed dog as a pet
and a high-five guy to fall in love with.

No matter if he stays in a hut,
he should have good money.

She is...
- Chikka.

I didn't expect she would say that.
- Hey!

Hit me.

Hit me because I kept quiet
when she spoke about your status

instead of chopping her tongue.

Just shut up and do your work.

Some girls don't understand which
is original and which is second hand.

They need a scapegoat who can take them
out for movies and shopping.

They need a husband who has enough
money in the bank to settle abroad.

She spoke about Raja's status.

She will be shocked to know his status.

Chikka, what are you saying?

Do you know who Raja is
and which family he belongs to?

Our Raja is the owner
of Raj Group of Companies.

His house is like a palace.

'Raja's cousin Lavanya's
wedding got fixed.'

'When it was four days for the wedding,'

'Raja threw a party for groom's family.'

'Won't you buy us liquor?'

'Shut up, my mom is here.'

'Nothing, mom.'

'Hey girl, tell me.
- I need to talk to you.'

Where are you? I am here.

'I'm inside the house. Come soon.
- Okay.'

- Cousin.'

'Where are you?
- I am here.'

'What are you doing here?
What do you want to tell me? - Cousin!'

'Lavanya, what's wrong with you?'

'I like you very much.'

'What are you saying?
Are you out of your mind?'

'Cousin, I like you very much. I don't
want to marry him. - Listen to me.'

'I will marry only you, no one else.
- Lavanya, listen to me.'

'Don't say such things. - Cousin,
listen to me. Please. - Leave my hand.'

'You come with me.
- Hey, Lavanya. - Cousin!'

'Hey, what are you doing?
- Dad?'

'Uncle, listen to me.
- I don't want to listen to you.'

'Come with me. - Uncle, listen to me.
- Come here soon!'

'What happened?
- Your brother's son has stooped so low.'

'What has he done?'

'He misbehaved with his aunt's daughter.
What do we do with him?'

'Uncle, why are you shouting?
Calm down.'

'I'll ask him what happened.
- What will you ask him?'

'I saw him holding my daughter's sari.'

'Should I tell it before everyone'

'and defame my daughter's name?'

- Look, don't talk without thinking.'

'I am not talking without thinking.'

'Had I known that such loafers stay
in your house'

'I wouldn't have come to this house.'

'Uncle, don't talk rubbish.
- Who is talking rubbish?'

'He should've been thrown out
of the house'

'with his share of property
when his father died.'

'Uncle.. - Don't forget that sister-in-law
is the owner of this house.'

'She may be the owner of this house'

'but you were waiting to call us home'

'and humiliate us like this.'

- Ma'am, please come.'

'Ask him what cheap thing
your son has done.'

'What did you do?'

'What did you do?'


'Oh, do you think his mistake
will wash away if you slap him?'

'Listen, you stay quiet.'

'Why did you do this?'

'I considered you as my own son.'

'You put us shame before
all the relatives.'

'Why did you do this?
- Why are you crying?'

'She's the daughter of our house.'

'Just because a third class guy
misbehaved with her'

'we can't let go of our daughter-in-law.
- One moment.'

'No one is third class in this house.'

'You have put me to shame
before everyone.'

'Get out of the house! Get out!'

'If you try to see me again,
you'll see me dead.'

'Get out!'

'Had Raja told the truth that day'

'Lavanya's life would've got ruined.'

'So, he kept mum and left the house.'

'He walked away from everyone's life.'

I was working as a servant in his house.

He didn't see my status and
became friends with me. Raja is great.

So, even I left the house when he did.

She asked him what status he has got
to fall in love with her.

The entire state knows Raja's status.

Kari, I will behead everyone
in their house.

You get the vehicle,
I will go get the sword. - Okay.

- Okay, sir.

Did you find out?
- I am at the theater.

The one who fought
in the theater yesterday,

do you know who he was?
- I don't know who he was.

He came in a white color jeep.

They said he came in a white color jeep.
- Try asking everyone.

Okay, sir. let's go.

Swati, come soon.

- Geeta?

What brings you here at this hour?
- Chaitra.

Geeta, come here soon.
- Swati.

Chaitra has eloped with Anwar.

What? - Our parents don't
know anything about it yet.

Geeta, shall we ask Raja to help?
- Raja? - Who is he?

Aunt, he is Geeta's friend.

I think she's right, you should
take his help. Go. - Yes, come on.

Oh no. - Her parents don't know
anything about it yet.

Please Raja, help us. Please.

Let's go.

Wake up, give me the keys of the jeep.

Gowda, I will send you photo
on Whatsapp.

Send it to everyone.
- Okay. - Here's the key.

Call me if you get any information.
Come on, let's go.


Tell the guys to check
all the railway stations.

I've sent you the picture on Whatsapp.

Tell them to check bus stops.

Don't let any private bus pass by.
Check every bus.

Did you check everywhere?

We didn't find the girl
in Cantonment Railway Station.

She's not in Majestic too.
- Not in Yeshwanthpur too.

Oh no! - Buddy, everyone
is looking for them in the area.

Hi, Raja. What brings you here?

One of my friends has gone missing.

If you have her photo, send it to me.
- Sure, right away, sir.

Hello, control room.

Do you have anybody's number?
- No.

Hello? - Raja, the girl's picture
that you sent me on Whatsapp,

she is here.
- Where?

Kengeri Railway Station.

Chaitra is at Kengeri Railway Station.

Come on, run!

Hey, leave me.
- Leave him!

Leave him.

Raja, don't interfere in this matter.

This is my personal matter.

What is your personal matter?

If you love someone,
you should face the world bravely.

You shouldn't run away like this.

I tried to convince my parents,
but they didn't agree.

What else do you expect me to do?

Do you expect them to accept her
with open arms?

They've brought her up for 20 years,
they can't let her go

with any stranger she likes.
- Raja, leave us alone.

This is the matter of my life.
- Which life are you talking about?

If you run away,
your parents will have to

face the society with humiliation.
Is that you want in your life?

All the parents sleep peacefully
because they trust their children.

They don't lock the door
and keep the key under their pillows.

Don't break their trust.

Raja, I love her very sincerely.

Hey, look into history,

everyone worships parents, not lovers.

Have you ever thought what your parents
will go through after you run away?

You won't know the value of parents
until they are alive.

You'll know only when they are no more.

You wait for months to get a reply
from your girlfriend.

Can't you wait for her parents' consent?

Look, it's not wrong to fall in love,
but you should have some ethics.

Anwar, listen to me.

Chaitra, I take the responsibility
of convincing your parents.

Sorry Raja,
I will wait for her for years.

Bye, sister.
- Bye.

Raja, do you love your parents so much?

Aren't they with you?

Thank you, Raja.

Geeta, did you find Chaitra?

Yes, mom.
- Why are you looking so sullen?

You made a grave mistake.
- What has she done?

Aunt, Raja liked her very much.

But she didn't realize that
and hurt him badly.

But he doesn't have anything in mind.

He came to our help in the
middle of the night when we called him.

Geeta, you'll find many guys
who has status,

but guys who value their parents
are rare to find.

If you miss a guy like him,
there's no bigger fool than you.

Geeta, tell me, if you don't like him,

I am free,
I will try to entice him from tomorrow.

Hey, I love him, Mom.

I am so happy.
- What's the matter?

We found our son-in-law.
- Is it? Congratulations.

When should I book the wedding hall?

"The girl..."
- Buddy, where have you been?

I went to Mysore to paint the Tiger's nails
which was brought from Africa.

You idiot! Get lost from here! Go away!

Why is everyone sleeping?

Chikka, you are drunk
at such early hour of the morning.

What do you think of yourself?

Hey! - You show respect
to the one who insulted?

Me? - She hit you with sandals
in the coffee day, didn't you feel ashamed?

Chikka, you're talking too much.
- Yesterday she called you

and said that someone has eloped.

Why did you go to help her?

- Today she called again and said, 'Raja,'

'my cook has not come',
you go and cook food for her.

Hey, tomorrow she will make you
do all the household chores.

She will fire all the servants

and hire you to do household chores.
Am I right, Raja?

My God!

Chikka has fallen unconscious,
bring water.

Quick. Come on.

Chikka, what happened?
I will get you liquor, get up.

I told you he will get up.

Are you all right? Are you okay?

Raja, when did you come?

Did you meet Chaitra?

You went alone yesterday,
had you called me I would've come along.

How is Geeta?

I will go to the gym.
I need to work on my thighs.

You are really shameless.
- Who said that?

I said it.
- No, I am familiar with your voice.

Who insulted me?
Come and fight me. - Idiot.

Mulhandi, the manager
of Raj Group of Companies.

Oti Ketta, the wastrel with Raj.

You haven't changed at you.
- You too.

Same tie.
- Same body.

Same shirt.
- Same pant.

I am also wearing the same underwear.
Do you want to see?

This is what happens if meat sellers
in Kalasipalya wear tie

and come on two wheeler.

Clear the garbage.

- Vijay.

How are you?
- I am fine. How are you?

I am fine. Uncle has asked you to come
to the registrar office tomorrow.

Okay, I will come.

- Hello, Raja.

Hi, Rani.
- Hey, this is Geeta.

- Where is Raja?

He has gone to registration office
leaving his phone behind.

Oh. Okay, I will go there.

Satyaraj, how are you?
- Greetings.

Please wait for 10 minutes,
I will send for you. - Okay.

Brother, do you require
my and Lavanya's signature?

- How long will it take?

Sister, wait in the car

I will call you once it's done.
- Lavanya.

Father, brother is standing alone.

Please call him.
- No, my dear.

I will go and talk to him.
- No, my dear.

There will be unnecessary commotion,
please don't.

I feel pained seeing brother.

Why has she come here?

Sir, please come.
- Okay.

Raja, please come.

Hello, why did you come here?
- I want to meet Raja.

You can't meet him, his mother has come.
- Mother? - Yes.

The lady getting down from BMW car

she's Anjana Devi, she's Raja's mother

she's the owner of
Raj Group and Companies.

Do you know why she has come here?

She's here to donate her property worth
18 crores to the temple

she, her family and Raja
have come here for registration.

You were boasting about status that day

this is our Raja's status.

Do you understand? Please leave.


I lost property worth
18 crores because of him

where is that old man?

Bhirava, you can't enter
the temple wearing slippers.

How dare you bring those
who left the town to revolt against me?

No matter who comes,
they can never overpower me.

This is harassment,
isn't there anyone to stop this?

Rs 10,000, take it.

Hi, Raja.
- Hi.

Look into the balance money,
I will see you later.

How are you?

Raja, you saved my life from getting ruined
and made me understand what love is.

I want to tell you something.

Tell me.
- Geeta loves you very much.

Really? - When she came to the registrar
office to profess her love to you

she got to know everything about you.

She felt guilty and left quietly.

She asked us not to tell anybody
about it

but I am still telling you.

She loves you very much.


I waited for three years
thinking he would propose to me

but finally, I had to muster courage.

Ours is love marriage. Bye.

Hello. Who are you?
- Do something. Bye.

Sister Geeta! - You called me sister?
- Pay heed to my advice.

What is it? - Read the message
behind my auto rickshaw.


'Hard earned money and the boy you love'

'never lose them.'

You look so beautiful.

Take it.
- What is this?

Open it.

Who gave it?
- A handsome boy gave it to me.

Look, he is there.

My family may be rich

but my wealth is my mother.

I swear by my mother,
I will protect you until my last breath.

Greetings. I am Narayan, software engineer.
- I am Raja, hardware engineer.

I like hardware.
- I like software.

My dear! I like him!


Mr. Hardware.
- Uncle.

You are touching my legs.


Stop! Take reverse!

The owner of the theatre said
he had come in white jeep, right? - Yes.


Mano, the one wearing
blue checked shirt.

No, boss.
- What...

Hey! Get up!

Which area do you come from?
What is your name?

Do you often visit the bar?

Why is he quiet?

Do you want to offer prayers to God
for me?

Who is that?
- Sir, police station.

There's brawl in Millennium Bar.

Sir, he thrashed our men only
because they enquired about him.

How did you spare him?

Sir, we gave up fearing the brawl
would worsen.

Idiot. Hang up the phone.

We are going to our hometown
after ten years.

Let's take Raja along.
- But sister-in-law should agree for it.

He is the heir of our family

he can't be absent for the
veneration of our deity. - Okay.

After going to our hometown,
I will talk to sister-in-law.

Greetings, ma'am.

Shobha, boil milk for the baby.
- Okay.

Come, Lavanya. When did you come?


I swear by my child

your son is innocent.

I am responsible for him
to leave the house.

He is facing punishment because
of the mistake I did that day.

I am responsible for everything,
please forgive me.

There was a brawl here last night,
who is that boy?

I know he comes here regularly.

Who is he? Where does he live?

I think they are from Bazaar.
- I see.


Tell me, Suri.
- Boss, he is from Bazaar.

Don't spare him! Finish him!

Okay, boss. Let's go.

- Greetings.

Why did you take the trouble?
- We respect you.

Look Satyaraj, we have decided that
you will be the trustee of this temple.

If you sign these papers,
the formalities will be over.

Greetings to all of you.

You boast because you are in power.

Father... Oh, my God!
- Why are you beating him?

How dare you?
- Let go! - Hey!

Oh, my God!
Sir! - What happened? Let go!

Let go of him!
- Let go of him!

- What are you waiting for?

Hey! They are dignified people.

You must not misbehave with them,
let's go.

He hit with slipper in the temple
in front of people that day

today, he had his man slap Satyaraj
and put him to shame.

There is nobody to fight against him.

He should be given a befitting reply.

There will be someone
to fight against him.

We must bring him
and have him deal with him.

If we bring a hooligan to fight him,

there will be no difference
between us and him.

Let's complain to the police.

It is futile to complain to the police
against those goons

we must give him a befitting reply.

If the enemies find out
that the king has gone on an exile

they will become fearless

and try to overpower the kingdom.

Had the king been in his kingdom

would anyone dare to harm his family?

If brother was here,
he would've thrashed the enemies to pulp.

If brother was here,
he would've killed the one who hit father.

Mom, brother should've been here,
ask him to come.

Mom, please don't hit me!
- How dare you?

I didn't do anything.
- How dare you?

What did you steal?
- Ma'am.

Hit him only after you find out
whether he has made mistake or not.




- Come to our hometown.

Come to our hometown.
- I will come.

Where is Raja?
- Ask him.

Where is Raja?
- He is not here. - What's the matter?

I want loan.
Where is he? - He is out of town.

Where has he gone?
- Kottnahalli. - Kottnahalli.

Boss, he is from Kottnahalli.

Kottnahalli? He hails from our town?

- Come, bring our men along.

Right away.
- What are you waiting for?

Keep the coffee there?
Will you keep it here?


Who hit uncle?

Who hit uncle?

The one who hit your uncle,
break his hand.

It's your mother's order

break his hand.

Hey! Who are you?

Brother, he is the one who hit father,
don't spare him.


- Don't scream!

You screamed just once
and you have come to this state

if you scream again

you will be put to shame completely.

Greatness doesn't lie in losing dignity

greatness lies in protecting dignity.

Millions of people
pay their respects to us

so understand the power
and the history of our family.

You need ability to
even stand in front of us

you need to have the capacity
to even lock horns with us.

Just because the lion is quiet,
don't try to fiddle it,

this was just a roar

let there be fear in you.

He is my son Raj.


He is the one who saved SP
in the theatre.

He has now put you to shame in your
own town, he is not an ordinary man.

What? Drink it.

Raja, you saved the dignity
of our family.

Don't leave this house,
please stay here.

I will take your leave, uncle.
- Raja.

- Raja... - Bye, aunt. - Please...

Please don't go, brother.

Please don't go.

Please stay here.


Don't leave your mother and go.

Only I know the pain

I went through staying away from you
for three years.

If you go away again

I won't be able to take it.

I punished you

for the mistake that you had not done.
Please forgive me.

Raja, you are the brightness
of this house

if you go away,
there will be only darkness.

Please stay with us, Raja.
- Yes, brother. - I won't go anywhere.

I will stay with you.


I will stay with you.

Ma'am, you came to the town
so thank you very much

but we didn't stand by you
during difficulties

but the show must go on.

We have brought the papers

if Satyaraj signs them...
- No, uncle.

Why, Satyaraj?

Our brother Mutturaj
was the dignity of our family

only Raja has his qualities in him.

He is the heir of our family.

He is the perfect choice
for the position of the trustee.

Raja is the power who destroys
our enemy Bhirava.

He is the symbol of affection

he has the courage
to put an end to arrogance

the person with such great qualities

becomes the trustee of our temple

we will be very fortunate.


No enemy would dare to attack us
if we have a protector.

Raja is equal to an army.

As you please my son
will become the trustee.

Then why delay? I have brought
the papers let him sign them.

The culture shouldn't change
because of us.

We are not so great for the veneration
to take place in our house.

Fix an auspicious day yourself and
let the ritual take place in the temple.


Shall we schedule the veneration
on the day of the festival?


Driver, we are unable to hear the song

increase the volume.
- Increase the volume.

"Shake it."
- Sitting on the bus

it feels like I am sitting
on an Elephant. Don't you feel so?

But there's a small change.
- What's that?

Usually, the throne
will be on the Elephant

but here, the Elephant is on the throne.

"Shake it."
- Ticket!

"We the people..."
- Ticket!

Ticket! - Being a conductor, you get into
a running bus, don't you feel ashamed?

Don't you feel ashamed?

You look like my uncle's
second wife's son

if you die trying to sell ticket to us

who will look after your family?

We don't know your address.
- That's right.

The driver will look after my family

buy ticket first.

So, your wife has two men
to look after her, enjoy.

Okay. Give me two half tickets
to Kottnahalli.

Both of you are adults

you have to buy full ticket.

I will thrash you. May you be ruined.

Don't talk rubbish.
Don't you have manners?

You charge same amount of money to the
passengers sitting inside and watching film

and same amount to those
sitting on the rooftop?

Charge us half the price.
- Will you buy ticket or will you get down?

What did you say?
- Will you buy ticket or will you get down?

How dare you say that?

Do you know who I am?
- I don't care who you are.

I am the Tiger who has
escaped from the forest.

Chikka, what are you saying?

That's what people call me in my town.

If you have the guts...
- Chikka, duck!

Oh, my God!
- Chikka!

What have you done?
Come fast, I will fall down.

You fatso, rescue me quickly.

Chikka, if luck is not in your favour,
you will have to face the consequences.

Idiot. Stop commenting and save me.

If I come down,
I will beat you to death. - No!

I will do something.
- Quick!

Chikka, there's a bus coming,
don't worry

close your eyes and jump over it.

What if I become an impotent
trying to jump?

Why do you worry?
I will help you.

You idiot.

Chikka, the bus is coming,
jump, come on.

I found a loin cloth for the festival.
- You idiot.

He took away my only loin cloth I had.

May you be ruined.

You idiot.
- Chikka.

You can't get scared
and remain on the tree.

There's a death procession coming.

Don't let go the chance, please jump.

I will meet you at the bus station.

How will I come? Fatso, come here.

Oh, my God! - Ghost!
- I am not ghost.

I am alive.
- I will thrash you.

Then why are you pretending to be dead?

It's a big story.

My sons and my daughters-in-law
mixed poison in my food

hence I am pretending to be dead.

I myself will kill you.

Your family is crying for you

why do you put false allegations on them?
- They are pretending to grieve.

Listen to them.

- Yes.

You take four acres of land

and I will take five acres of land.

You take the pearl necklace.

You take the gold necklace.

You... - Did you hear them?

This is how you divide property?
- Yes.

Look, I will give away my wealth to you

please save me.

Wait a minute.


Oh, my God!
Stop! Don't you want my wealth?

I don't want your wealth, give me your
loin cloth. Let's go. - My loin cloth.


Darling, if the two of us...

Oh, my God! Sir is coming!

- Good morning, sir.

I told you clean the house
before we come

but you are coming two days
after we arrived.

Where have you been?
- Well...I had been to the village.

What for?
- To romance, sorry, for harvest.

You should've done that
after cleaning the house.

I cleaned the house that day.
- No, you didn't.

I actually cleaned the other house.
- Which house?

My mistress's house.
- Mistress's house?

What are you saying?
- You don't understand.

This is the fate of men
who have two phones and two houses.

They forget their numbers
and hold others responsible.

You must understand.
- Don't try to fool me. Putaraju.

I have landed him in trouble,
he's finished.

What is he saying?
- Don't listen to him, go inside.

Stop! Oh, my God!

You idiot! Are you crazy?

You should apply brakes slowly.

"Who is she?'

What are you doing?
- I am reading the headlines.

I will gouge out your eyes.

What's your problem?
- What did you say?

You idiot!
She is your brother's wife to be.

Who is my brother.
- I am your brother.

It's me.
- It was in the past.

She now belongs to me.

It was I who wooed her first.

It is not important
as to who woos her first

what matters is whom she will love

and she loves me.

Let's see.
- Shut up.

What's your problem?
- What's your problem?

I will beat you to death, don't mess...
- They are fighting

now I will cast my spell on her.

My phone is ringing, I will show you
the video later, go and play. Okay?

Hi, Geeta. - You forgot your girlfriend
after going to your mother.

Not at all, I was about to call you.

I have become restless
without seeing you.

I miss you so much.
- All right.

I will come and meet you at the earliest.
- No.

I can't wait, I am already in your town.

In our town? Where?
- I am serious.

Look, just 5 kilometers to go,
I will be there.

Stay where you are, I will come.
- Raja.

Stop! Oh God!
I myself would've come. - Hi, Raja.

Why did you come here? The villagers
will see you, please go. - Don't worry.

Please go.
- Bike.

Nobody will see us if we go by bike.
Listen to me. Please. - Please don't.

Please come.
- Are you crazy?

People will see us
only if we go on bike.

Usually, boyfriends wish
to take their girlfriends on bike.

Is that so?
- You're weak in Biology.

You will know when you come
across potholes.

Is that so? But why?

Did you now understand?

Geeta, didn't I tell you
not to meet me frequently?

I will come to the city and meet you.

It's been two days
since you called or message.

Do you think love is Facebook to log in
and log out at your convenience?

Don't try to fool me with these things.
Come on, speak up.

Hello, boss.
- Tell me.

Raja is at the bus stop.
- I am coming.

Stay there, I am coming.

If you do this,
I will come to your house and settle.

Then... hey, look at me.
Why aren't you saying anything?

I am talking to you. Come on, speak up.

Geeta, the bus stop is here.
You leave. Be careful.


- Yes Geeta, tell me.

Swati, I'm coming in a bus
from Raja's village. - Why?

Did Raja leave you in the midway?

No, you won't understand.

You just come and pick me up.

- Where is he? - He was here.

Where did he go? - He will surely come,
he has parked his bike here.

Sir, tea.
- Did anyone ask you for tea?

Sir, will you give me
your residence number? - Why?

You all will be lying on the floor
in the next five minutes.

I will have to call the ambulance.

Hey you! Enough of your build-up!

Sir, do you want tea or not?

- Thank you, sir.

Sir, he doesn't want to have tea.

They want to get thrashed by you.
Come out!

He'll teach you a lesson.
- Go!

What are you watching? Go!
- Go!

Haven't you reformed yet?

I am quitting the job right away.

Sorry, boss.

Share auto, wait I'm coming.
- Hey!

Hey, you go.

I think you have a commitment.
You must have taken a loan.

I can't help it. Your bad luck. Come on.
- Go!

Hey, go in a group of four and hit him!

What are you doing?

We've been eating pain killers even today
for the thrashing he gave us the other day.

If he hits us again,
we will die for sure.

Sir, please leave us. We'll sleep here.

Intelligent fellow.

Eunuchs! Come on, hit him!

I was talking about humor till now,
now you face the hammer.


Geeta, tell me.
- You said Raja left me in midway.

I've sent you a video on Whatsapp,
have a look.

I will see.

He deserves this.
- Yes.

He was acting too much.
- He really deserved it.

Bhirava, how are you?

Hey, don't fuel the fire.

Why will I fuel the fire?

He not only thrashed you
before everyone,

but has humiliated you
before the entire village.

What are you saying?

He has uploaded the video on YouTube.
Look here.

4 lakh people have viewed it
and 1 lakh people have liked it.

Sir, who uploaded it on YouTube?
Sir is already tense.

Delete this first.

I think it must be a girl because she
has put the status as 'He's my hero'.

I will give you her IP address
and details.

Go and get her.

Uncle, did you call me?
- Raja, Bhirava is not a trustworthy man.

He's very unpredictable.

I fear to send women
and children out of the house.

Its better we lodge a police complaint.
- Okay, Uncle.

Isn't it you in the video?

- Officer, arrest him.


I was feeling very bad that I couldn't

thank the man who saved my life
risking his life.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

My wife lost her parents
when she was born.

Had she lost her husband,
she would've become an orphan again.

You saved her husband.

Thank you very much.

Now, I will come to the matter.

What is the enmity
between you and Bhirava?

I will lodge a complaint in your name.

- Yes, sir.

You need not fear Bhirava.

I can alert 100 policemen
for your security,

but Raja alone is equal to all of them.

No one has the guts to touch
a high-voltage transformer.

Ma'am, you've not given birth
to a normal guy.

You've given birth to a fearless,
ferocious lion.

I shall leave.

Brother, who is that girl?

She's put a status on YouTube saying,
'He's my hero'.

What's brewing between you both?
Is she your girlfriend?

Hey, nothing like that.

Okay, carry on.

Hi, Raja.
- Geeta.

Did you shoot a video when
I was hitting Bhirava? - Yes.

Why did you upload it on YouTube?
- Me? No way.

Oh wait, I had sent the video to Swati,
I think she's uploaded it.

One moment,
I will put you on a conference call.

But is everything alright?
- What alright?

16 lakh people have viewed
the uploaded video.

Okay, put me on the conference call.
- Okay.

Who did you ask before
uploading the video on YouTube?

Sir, actually...
- Hello, Swati.

How dare you upload the video on YouTube

and pretending before me. You!

Sir, it was not me.

My friend Geeta shot the video.

Raja, what do we do now?

You don't be in the house.
Take your parents and come to the market.

Market? - There's no safe place for you
other than that.

Get them. Fast.
- Okay.

Mom! - Sir, this girl uploaded
the video on YouTube.

But her friend Geeta shot the video.

Then catch hold of her first.
- Okay, sir.



I am here, don't worry.

I am scared.

Thank you.
- Greetings, sir.


Sorry, because of my daughter,
you had to face all these problems.

No problem, sir. It's not safe for you
to be in Bangalore.

If you come to my house, you'll be safe.

If you don't have any problem.

What do we do?

Come on.

Gowda, I shall leave.
- Okay, Raja.


I am scared.
- Don't be.

- 'Yes.'

I'm getting Geeta and her parents' home.

Inform mom.
- 'Okay, son.'

Raja, you were punished
for my daughter's mistake.

I am a sinner who separated a son
from a mother.

Please forgive me.
- Uncle, what are you doing?

Everyone should have a son like you.


Why did you come here?

I didn't come here to ask
about your well-being

and offer you apple juice
or Horlicks.

You attacked on someone two days ago.

What's your enmity with him?

How much money did he give you?

He thrashed me
in the middle of the road.

Everyone near the circle
has witnessed it.

20 lakh people have viewed it
on YouTube.

What did I ask for so many days?

Anyway Mr. Bhirava,
we'll meet very soon.

What did you say?

You asked me how much he paid me, right?

He gave me his life.

If I don't kill someone
from Raja's family,

I don't deserve to be called as Bhirava.

Chikka, sir didn't call you.
- Is it?

We'll use the money
for the association...

Sir, hi.

Did you call me?
- No.

The money...
- Kari told me that you called me.

Go away. Don't you have
any better work to do? Idiot!

You stay quiet.

You, Kari!

Sir didn't call me, why did you lie to me?
- When did I say he called you.

I said, he didn't call you.
- Why did you tell that to me?

Had he called who should I tell?
- Me.

If he didn't call, who should I tell?
- Me. - So, I told you.


You idiot, if you don't have work to do,
wash Venkatalakshmi's skirt.

Wash Parimala's nighty,
madam Susheela's sari... - Hey.

Go wash her sari. Instead of doing that,
you want to do comedy with me.

How dare you do comedy with me?
- Hey, leave him.

Why are you hitting this innocent kid?

Does he look like
an innocent kid to you?

What wrong has he done to you?
- I will tell you.

Sir didn't call him, so I told him that.
He got angry on me.

Had he called who should he tell?

Me. - Had he not called
who should he tell?

Me. - He said the same thing.
- You don't understand. You stay quiet.

You idiots, if you fight like this,
how will our country progress?

How will RCB win in IPL?

How will Salman Khan marry?

Only because we fight like this,

Trump became the president of America.

There was an earthquake in Japan.

Girls of our country are roaming
half naked in Goa.

Hey, go away! Read the newspaper.

Know about the world.
Have some general knowledge.

Illiterate fools. Move aside.

What's the connection between me hitting
Kari and Salman Khan not getting married

and girls roaming half naked in Goa?

Chikka, listen to me.

I swear, sir didn't call you.
- You!

- Hey!

Dear, be careful.

Nothing, I just tripped.

It's inauspicious.
- Nothing like that.

Its better you sit for a while
and then leave.

Even you think like her.
- Uncle, what's the matter?

They are getting tense
for a petty matter.

Uncle, if you don't mind,
can I come along to the factory?

The factory belongs to you.
Why do you need my permission?

You're most welcome. Come.

That's the export department...

Hey, who are you?

Get up. Why are you holding my feet?
Get up.


Sir, our plan failed.

How did you fail?
Those boys were not ordinary.

They were powerful rowdies.

How did the plan fail!


Police is enquiring the men
that you had sent to kill my uncle.

If they reveal everything,
you'll land up in jail, that's a guarantee.

You were born to a good father,

but my grandpa was a scoundrel
and my father was a loafer.

I was born to him.

I am an evil person.

No matter which jail of India
they put me into, if I have a mobile,

the countdown of your family will begin.

Your uncle who runs
a medical store in Tumkur,

your paternal uncle who works
in the registrar's office in Hubli,

your aunt's daughter
who stays in Mangalore,

I will kill everyone.
- Who gave you their addresses?

Why? - My maternal uncle
stays in Channapatna,

my elder aunt stays in Mysore,

my brother-in-law stays in Bijapur,

my elder uncle stays in Shimoga,

my youngest uncle
who stays in Chikmagalur.

Write down the address.
If you have guts, touch any one of them.

If you start, it's a fight,

if I start, it's riots.

Where's Ratan?

Ratan, look at this video.

What happened, son?

I will not spare him, mom.
I will not spare him.

I will kill him.

Ratan, this is for you.

Son, don't spare him.

No, I won't.
- Don't spare him.

Look here, Anushka Shetty

had worn this sari in the movie 'Baahubali'.
Show them more.

This sari was worn by Deepika Padukone
in the movie 'Ram Leela.'

Geeta, this color will
look very good on you.

Ma'am, I don't want.
- Why?

My boyfriend doesn't like dark colors.

Oh boyfriend?
- Yes.

Who is he?
- Who else? - Who?

The one and only Raja, Viraj.


- Hello, don't joke.

You can fell a mango only by hitting
stone on it. - What do you mean?

I mean, there are thousands of girls
waiting to marry him since his school days.

But he hasn't agreed to anyone.

Oh hello, even I have fan following.

Even during rainy season,

guys hold umbrellas and stand
in a big queue outside my house.

- Oh God.

We forgot to get the umbrella.

Hello, is he your fan?

Like you say,
this is not a one way love story.

- Even Raja loves me.

- Raja?

We don't believe it.
- Even I don't believe it.

- No one will believe it. - Look.

We brought up Raja.

He won't take any decision
without our permission.

Oh, you mean to say,

I am lying to you?
- Yes. - Yes.

Raja is here.

Okay. You all hide,
I will prove it to you right now.

Go, hurry up.
- Let's see.

Hurry up.
- Come on. - Hey old man, leave.


Our house was like a government office,
it's become like a theater.

I think something is fishy.

Sit down.
- Sit?

How are you?
- What?

Forget that.

Do you remember when did you
propose to me? - Propose?

When did I propose to you?
- What did you say?

Look, when babies don't eat food,
mothers show them the moon.

They don't show the food
and make them eat the moon.

What are you saying?
- What are you saying?

If you like me, you propose to me.

You're not so good looking,
but still I will manage. - What?

I can't take the decision myself.

My mom, my maternal aunts,
and my sister has to agree.

Even the dog and horse
of our house should agree.

- Yes, I am a family hero.

All the aunts, please come out.

- Yeah!

Were you all here?

- Thank you.

Didn't I tell you my brother wouldn't
propose to you without our permission?

Oh, do you like her?

When did she say she likes her?
- Aunt, even you like her?

Oh, when did she say that?
- Do you all like her?

We didn't say...
- Sir, do you also like her?

- Okay then.

Okay, I love you. Have fun.

Here, change your DP
and status on Whatsapp. Have fun.

Bye, family.
- Raja!

Mom, did you see?

He acted so well.

You said you want to go to the city to
meet your friends. Where do I drop you?

I lied to you.
- Why?

I don't get to talk to you at home.

So I lied to you and came with you.

Hey, I am going to the court.
- I'll also come with you.

What will you do there?
- I will be your security guard.


Yes, villains are troubling
my boyfriend.

What if something goes wrong?

If somebody has to touch you,
he should go through me.

Will you stay here? I will be back.
- Okay.

Yes, Geeta.
- Hello, Raja.

The guy who had come
to murder SP in the theater,

I am following him.

Come soon.
- You leave, I will come.


I will tell you the address,
you come soon.

Follow him, I am behind you.
- Okay.


Sir, I'll put you on a conference call.

You leave.

Hey, why are you following me?

Who are you?

Raja, he is the one.

Come on! If you have guts, come on.

SP, don't do that.
You're making a mistake.

If I give money, there are people
from your department who will help me.

I will get released in a few days.
Do you think you won?

Sir, Surya got arrested.

What are you saying?
SP and Raja caught him.

How did they both connect
with each other?

Sir, I think they know
about our business.

Don't irritate me by telling stories.

Yes, I know that Surya got arrested.
- Forget that matter.

SP is making a warrant to arrest you.

Let he do it.
I know how to get released from jail.

As per my information,
SP is planning to kill you in an encounter.

"My darling, my dear." - Hey, Kari.

Get fruit for sir.

Which fruit?
- Banana.

Go and get it yourself.

Shall I go?
- No, I will go.

'How dare he order me to get a banana?
I will teach him a lesson.'

Chikka, take this.

What is this?
- A banana.

Where's the skin?
- I threw it. - Why?

What did you ask me to get?
- A banana.

I brought that for you.

Do you think I would've eaten it with the
skin had you brought it with the skin?


You should've told me clearly that
you wanted to eat banana with the skin.

Had you told me earlier, I would've brought
the skin and threw the banana. - Hey!

You scoundrel,
how dare you make fun of me!

How dare you play pranks with me?

If I don't teach you a lesson,
you'll do it more.

How dare you play pranks with me?
Tell me! Come on!

I didn't hit you?
- I don't know.

I will kill you!
You idiots, you always keep fighting.

What's your problem?

I asked him to get a banana, he threw
the skin and brought only the banana.

You tell me what do I do to him?

What did you ask him to bring?
- A banana.

He gave it to you.
- There's no skin on it. - You!

A human being eats the fruit
and a cow eats the skin.

Are you a cow or human being?
- I am a human being.

He doesn't keep his hands clean.
He always keeps scratching his body.

If I eat fruit given by him,
I will suffer from some ailment.

You scoundrel, you eat the Pani Puri
on road side, you don't fall sick.

You eat Manchurian which has worms in it,
you don't fall sick.

If you eat this banana, you will fall sick.
Hey, give that cloth to me.

Give that banana to me.
- Hey!

Why are you wiping the banana
in a dirty cloth?

Hey, I clean the car worth 20 lakhs
with this cloth

and I am wiping this banana to you.

How dare you call it as dirty?
Come on, eat this. - Oh no!

Hey, get me that box. Let's wash this.

- Come on, pour it over this.

Do you have phenyl?
- Phenyl?

Do you have Dettol soap with you?
- Yes, sir. - Dettol?

Now it is clean.
- Hey?

Why are you washing the
banana like you wash clothes?

I will never eat a banana
in my life after seeing all this.

I don't want to eat this banana.
No, never!

That's not dirty water.

It is cow's urine.
- Cow's urine?

Now this banana has become pure.

You have wasted 10 minutes
for this banana.

I will not leave you until you eat it.

Hey, come on, everyone make him eat it.
- What?

Hey, everyone make him eat the banana!

Sir, tell me.

No matter how much we tortured Suri,
he is not revealing anything.

I think they are planning
something dangerous.

You and your family members be careful.

'Okay, sir.'

'No matter how much we tortured Suri,
he is not revealing anything.'

'I think they are planning
something dangerous.'

'You and your family members
be careful.'

Raja, he will be here in five minutes.


- Yes?

Find out who the guy in blue T-shirt is.


Hey, where are you taking me?

Leave me.

Raja, I think he has come here
with wrong intentions.

He has a gun with him.

Who are you?

Who are you?
- My name is Ratan.

I have come from Jodhpur.

'Raj Thakur is the king of contract
killing business in Rajasthan.'

'My father was the district collector
of Raj Thakur's state.'

'He had put many cases on him.'

'Bhirava was Raj Thakur's
right hand then.'

'They both planned to kill my father.'

'Listen, don't go.'

'Come inside.
- Nothing will happen. Don't worry.'

'Listen to me, just come inside.
- Dad, come inside. - Nothing will happen.'


'Don't kill him. Don't kill my husband.
- No.'

'I beg of you. Leave him.'


'By killing my father
Bhirava proved that'

'they both are above police
and the law.'

'They killed my father
in front of my eyes.'

'And I couldn't do anything.'

In the police records, Bhirava is dead.

We all thought he was dead.

But we saw in your video
that Bhirava is still alive.

He not only ruined my house,
but many houses.

I will not spare him.

I will kill him.
- Hey, listen to me.

You take care of your mother.
I am telling you.

I will handle Bhirava.
- No, sir.

You go. Kari, take him.

Raja, don't be in haste.

What do I do?

For how long can I provide security
to my family members?

He has ruined many families.

I won't let that continue.

After the veneration tonight,
Bhirava will be...

What do you mean?

This plan shouldn't fail at any cost.
- Okay, sir.

This is our last chance.

I am leaving.
- Okay.

Where are you?
- Raja, we're coming. We're on the way.

Be careful.


Uncle? Lavanya, why are you all tense?

Nothing happened to them.
They just met with a small accident.

Why did you all come here?

What are you doing here?

What's the matter?

What happened to whom?

What happened?

What happened?

Mom, I made a mistake.
You told me to break his hand.

Not just his hand,

I should've killed him.

Had I killed him that day,

you wouldn't have been
in this condition today.

I beg of you, please don't leave me.

I will give you
the news of his death soon.

I don't have the courage
to live without you.

Raja, Ratan had called.
Bhirava is in Rajasthan.

I traced Bhirava's phone call.

I learnt he's in Jodhpur.

I will arrest him within 48 hours.

I can't wait until you arrest the man

who attacked my mom.


I showed you concern
because you saved my life,

but you're taking advantage of it.

If you try to harm Bhirava,
I will have to arrest you.

Do you think I will tell that?
- Never.

You shouldn't sympathize the enemy.

When Lord Ram killed Ravana,
no one said Lord Ram was a murderer.

They said he was brave,
courageous and a warrior.

He has to die from your hands because
he has done injustice to your family.

I will handle the rest.

Go. Kill him!

Bhirava and Raj Thakur live together.

It's difficult to meet him.

Mom, this is Raja.

Bhirava tried to kill his mother.

He not only ruined our lives,
but of many people.

Don't spare him.

Don't spare him.
- Mom, calm down.

Don't spare him.
- Come with me.

Listen, I have to meet
Raj Thakur at any cost.

There's only one way,
but it is too dangerous.

No problem.

He's the one
who I spoke to you about on phone.

Come on, sit.

Hey, only he can come with me.

- No problem.

He's the one.

Have you brought the money?

What is your name?

Where are you from?

Are you a Madrasi?

I'm from Karnataka.

Yes, Madrasi or Karnataka,
everything is same.

Come on, Madrasi, tell me,

why have you come here?

I have come to give you a contract.
- Contract?

Whose contract?

First tell me your rate.

You want to know the rate
without telling the name.

50 lakhs.

I'm giving you 5 lakhs advance.

Madrasi, tell me the name.

- Who?


I was getting confused

from so many days as to how to kill you.

But you yourself got trapped here.

Hey, you're Raja only in Karnataka.

Here, Thakur is the king.

If he wishes, in only five minutes,

he will get your entire family killed.

You made a mistake
by entering this jungle.

Everyone is cruel here.

- What is confirmed?

I am the hunter.

I am not a Madrasi, but a Kannadiga.

You said you would get
my entire family killed in five minutes,

how can a corpse touch my family?

I am not Raja only in Karnataka,

I am the king of the place I step on.

How dare you attack on my mother?

Forgive me. Don't harm me.

I made a mistake.
Please don't harm me.

I beg of you, please forgive me.

I swear on my mother,
I will never make a mistake again.

I swear on my mother, please believe me.

Please forgive me,
I will not make a mistake.

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