Angel Has Fallen (2019) - full transcript

It's been two years since the massive terrorist attack in London had taken place, and, just as Mike Banning had thought they were out of the woods, he was proven wrong. On a flight with the president aboard Air Force One, terrorists see it as a new plan of attack, and take the opportunity. Now Mike has to protect the president once again, with higher stakes than ever before.

There one we still have no visual on the target



Fucking hard

- Not me
- what do you think
- fucking dead
- Mike this course.

you do It great for.

Fight this place anyway during the Cold War days to make cruise missiles

I bought it for next to nothing for month
with man turned standard global into five thousand acre

Did you have you come up with any scenario
you want here? Put it to the test, but any smile?

- Is a hell of a lay on I
- the fuck awesome

- Down the fucking stairs.
- Well, it was standing on the fucking stairs
- you fucking morning Ellen

Hey, you know praying like it's real
and you're dead when it is cooler Bruno

We're all friends here

Simply a nice guy

- So I went off bought a house about a small city in Virginia
- well as I say it looks good to see you

Would be a DS shut down everyone's contracting gigs after black water shit happened.
It's crippled my business

Well, I got keeping us a little over training contracts

Where it is a favorite generating time
and you're on the deck to take over

- Directorate Secret Service, huh?
- I'm here. I just thought you missed me

Well, if I forget a contract for your special lobster
right here finally get me out of the bed

Look, let me see what I can do

Yeah, I'll bring up two Gentry or
whoever the new director is. Hey, that's all mask

Alright, but thanks


- Why don't you in DC next? What do you do now?
- I'm just saying over be nice to you come over

- You don't meet the family throw us some steaks that I bagged tell lies.
- Sure. I'd like to

just say what see but

Yeah, how's the range ah

My friend weights got a good thing going

- Of that miss Wynn how many stories that take this time?
- usual for..

- You take a shower?
- No, I just watched the shoot
- I just

- Love like done about it.
- You know you love it. Hmm

Modern nursing home

- Back to work early
- about it. I think she does something so amazing everything

- Yeah, he hasn't made a decision if you want me to I will march
- down to the White House

Straight yeah

You've got to work. I can be pretty persuasive

Trust me. I know

Leo we have a good life already,
so I'm just saying no, thank you. Don't worry about it

- So how long after this last concussion did do migraines and the dizziness start
- pretty much right away

And you said it was from a car accident?


- When did the insomnia start?
- Oh, well, I've always had a little

comes with the job I guess Oh

What line of work you mean?

computer sales

Yeah, I travel a lot

Mr. Jamison you need to be a lot more careful

I've seen severe compression between c3
through 5 and your neck possible spinal cord damage

You're a disaster waiting day

- There's a few more these prison officers,
- you know certain you have no life

You promise to amend the AUMF War Powers Resolution

- To require approval from Congress before committing US military forces to further conflicts. Is that still your intention
- it is

We've become complacent to war in this country.
I intend to change that by making it our last but clear option

President with Russia continuing to extend its military. Well beyond its borders.
What is your strategy to stop them from?

- Reforming the old Soviet Union.
- Well, you all know where I stand on that issue at the g20

There are rumors in the White House that your new foreign policy will broaden the use of private contractors to help bolster American troops

Who remain scattered around the globe?
Is there any truth to that?

That's all for today folks.
Thank you very much

These walls have more dicks than
a submarine with a screen door

It wasn't me. Sure

I'm sure

- Who once again leaked false info to the press,
- thank you Sam. I

Thought I made my position clear
about private contractor companies during the election. I

am tired

- Sick and tired of a handful of people profiting from our mission hell
- half these guys aren't even American

It's not the same fighting for money
as when you fight for your flag now

enough with the leaks who's talking

- Nobody's messing up
- and what's not?

But let me be clear it is not our troops fault
that they were stretched so thin

It's our fault the status quo has gone on long
enough it's time for a new way forward

You gotta see this fate was very funny.
Yeah. Well I wasn't much of a card player I have to find a way to

My said you grew up in England

Yeah, I did. Yeah, my father was an expat I uh,
I never really felt I belonged anywhere

- But when I moved to the States after school, I I do I do
- and how long did you guys serve together?

I got in there about right after you saw what about three four sons?
My right never tells me stories about his army days

How long also a stone?

It's just our way, I guess

Hey if you want to hear a story no,
yeah, he doesn't want to hear a story, you know, whatever he's gonna say

- This is definitely inappropriate.
- All right. Oh god, well army cooks aren't exactly culinary Giants

So we used to go to this restaurant that made
the best fried chicken you've ever had and we need baskets

- The cook he was this great old guy
- called mom

Well, Lord, walk to work five months work fine back

Rayar Sunday,
you can buy an egg on a Georgia sidewalk in the summer

So Mike, but to every manner of the company the double bag, it has a little minion or else

Now your husband he can be pretty stubborn

- Tell me about it.
- So Mike didn't quit. It's a every single one of them into their wallets

And you know what your daddy did Oh

A car so he didn't have to walk to work anymore

Mike bad is where the most believing man I've ever met

No way we're gonna let old longer down

Yeah like that, please

Did you ever think we'd live past 30

Not back then anyway pal,
I'd miss it smoking joking with the guys adrenalin fighting

Okay, yeah

Sure, can I be honest with you? I

Don't think I'm gonna take the director's job that they offer it

- I'm not ready to write a desk yet.
- I saw in your eyes the moment I mention it

Well, I wouldn't either

We're lives and I ain't never gonna change

What doe

- I'll put in a good word for you when they cooked in the director
- Olivas convenient

Come on come on.

00:15:14,310 --> 00:15:22,070
- Okay, I do want some I make them breakfast with them,
- oh no way am I gonna go I'll get somebody office. Thank you

- You look exhausted I know you didn't sleep it off,
- okay

Can we just talk about this before I gotta go you not that late. I will see you in a few days

Talk about it when I get back. I promise


- that's it started taking fuck man

The five outer middle and inner office that it goes

- I like fishing sir. It's cold shit, aren't you?
- Sorry. I

Need anything to get out of DC for a while

Don't know who to trust anymore

- Whose idea wasn't for you to throw your head in the ring for director, you're the leader
- of mine, sir

For her

- For me - it was mine -
- okay. I think I've ever seen you so nervous

- Look sir, if I'm not...
- I think it's a great idea for you to pick up the torch

So I'm selecting you for director


I'll give it my best shot, sir

- Thank you,
- that's what I was afraid of

What's that sir? Look in your eye.
Like I just had to do a death sentence

If I had my way sir,
I would keep hard charge until the day I die but it's not realistic

- Give it a few days talk it over wouldn't beat up and we'll go from there. Okay?
- Yes, sir

Hey, hey you alright

These need to rehydrate

- Why don't you get some other to cover service?
- I'm good. Okay,
- Mike

I'm fine


Scare I'm a damn fish

- Frozen anyway
- go
- smartass Murphy's banging

I grabbed her off

I come to you

- coming In the boat, give me the way. i covered now
- how about you?

I got you.


We're getting disturbing reports that there's been an assassination there is another half cup marine one

Identity that is haunted by we are best

On his life while on a fishing trip

Okay, I want the presidency and I want banning over here the work.


In 2010 that makes a choice

Mr. Vice president this way

- How is he
- he was already in a comatose state we arrived on Murray one

And we were told our have explosions,
but we're not seeing any signs of swelling from traumatic brain damage

Which is great news now

It's a waiting game


- Security detail
- only one survives there

Mike Banning.

The others died on scene

What's panic states

He was also unconscious when he arrived,
but he's already showing signs of response

We expect him to be alert soon

Don't want some more tests

When you're ready, sir

I'll need to see you outside

Sir judge spire of eastern Pennsylvania,
she will swear you exacting president

So this is only a formality

Mr. Vice president if you place your hand on the Bible and

Raise your right hand.
I compete after me. I

Martin James Kirby do solemnly swear. I

Martin James Karly

You solemnly swear

That I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States

That I will faithfully

Execute the office of President of the United States

- And will to the best of my ability
- and will to the best of my ability
- preserve protect

and defend the Constitution

of the United States

Preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

- So help me God
- help me God


I'd hope hope local police found a ban model the North full of electronics gear some kind of ultra system

Oh, don't touch a thing into my people get there

- Alright secure the area.
- Alright, that's work

- he Is Okay?
- , he's in the yes

But I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you right now

tell me what happened. My husband.



Special Agent Helen Thompson the FBI into Muni we work for

Is Mike Banning, super service.


In st. Matthew's Gospel you remember how you got you?

- Tell me what's going on
- the last thing you remember yeah, Mike is very important. You tell me the last thing you remember

- President, where's president? Where is he?
- Okay

As it in Trumbull is in a coma your whole team is dead

Except you tell me how that happened

What happened on the lake you

Say president now

- Not gonna happen.
- I've been sitting here for hours. No one's telling me what's going on

My husband's in the ice Illya

- I know this is frustrating
- and like my daughter in here, please I think it's best that we just let Lynn sleep

- Okay, and I want to see my husband
- and I'm working on that for you

but first

Did you know about the 10 million dollars in the offshore account?

- Mike's account
- 10 million what
- maybe you can explain why I found your DNA in the band

skin cells pit right there on the launch of controls

Or residue from the same explosives used in the event in your garage

Mike tell me about the encrypted folder we found on the dark web

- encrypted folder?
- the encrypted folder that contained the classified man and your

Secret Service itinerary for the late trip only you had that Mike.
How did that happen?

Did you know about Mike's is with pain killers?

How about that? He has seen four different doctors in the last six months paying each one of them in cash

Did you know about that issue?

The controls were left on auto to deploy the drones during the trips window the facial-recognition

To target the President of the United States as well as every member of your team, except you

- It is perfectly planned my English
- you see their shut up.
- No, I cannot eat your daddy

He's in line to be director of The Secret Service

Exactly, which is why I believe Mike saw the inevitable was looking for a big payout for you guys

Now that's the case leo.
That means somebody paid him to do this

If you can help me find that person it would help Mike's case considerably

Fuck you right.
I can't play me

My husband is a good man

You're being charged with the attempted murder of the President of the United States as well as the premeditated murder of your entire team

No, no way. We get the president. He'll tell you

- Somebody else behind it wasn't me?
- We transporting you to a protected location for arraignment once you play about the doctor's

What the fuck are you?

President troubles top guardian angel has fallen tonight Secret Service agent Mike banning lately freely a little present


She just got home

but a car outside

She's not able to fall to tap. So I'll get bellies or oh dang


Wake the fuck up

Never sleeping again. Oh, fuck Nimal.
Oh, man, you don't even know if you really did Haley deal

Trouble was just starting to turn things around

I'm into all three motherboards pulling their chains in three two, one.

What that

Things just went dead

Look the escort vehicles - this ain't good man

- Call it in
- how the radio.


Three days out same fight.

how are you guy?

this Is the way


Hi, Put the fuck also kind of fucking stairs

Like it was fucking, you know

It's still piecing together what happened but Banning gone.
This was no cowboy hit it was tactical


Keep the search area wide

Triple security at all travel hubs in the surrounding areas Banias Secret Service.
He knows how we do this. He knows all our tricks

I want every surveillance camera in the nation going through our facial recognition system

Any think we see I want it followed up and I don't want to hear anything about a subpoena at this point

I really don't give a shit do you with that? Later?

We just found the crushed suburban ear the anguish the blood inside the Fae numbers in place were stripped

- I want to know if there's banding to light.
- Yes, ma'am


Yes, sir, thank you

The ID trace Manning's money back to
a state-owned Bank in Moscow

How about that

- One against six year seven
- no. No, have you been Banning yet?
- No.

move on. we waiting..

Debating alive doubly so that he can take the ball

then you said we're gonna make it look
like his being rescued him and disappeared with the tech Tinian and

Now he would actually let him get away and.

ready to explosed up

There's still enough evidence to nail Mike as the mastermind the

FBI have already ID'd

planted including his DNA

As we speak, they're also connecting him to the many trail

So let's now start panicking and do something foolish.


Liability if you want to benefit from this

City simple good that when a problem ever wakes up your biggest mistake

Yes, my menu

Okay puzzling

Okay Zeus, she's here with me.

when Jenning grab

Cops are further. Yeah

- Anytime reporters.
- Okay. That's a good thing. They'll watch the house 24/7 so you just make sure you stay inside and I'll keep you safe

- Talk to you
- yeah

What are you telling about the doctors

If I wanted to I can't explain right now just we've gotta trust me

Or are you arguing jail?

Nothing wrong way here.

Guys you got a job to do so do I I'm not gonna stop until they prove who really did this

Just what do you hear me?


Near me

I'm out militia don't move.

call her what?

Hang up the phone now, mr. Good

I gotta go. Yeah

- Got it truck stop on higher 163 every local unit in the area is surrounded
- see those hands turn around

We got us America's boss water here Tim

There's a big old bounty on your ass

Baby stay on him. I'm gonna call it in if he moves shoot.
- She mustn't allow disaster

- save? for revenue
- who?

- How you doing?
- I nine for this shit Bobby

Bob militia neato

Let's drop that gun boy

Please in the truck what?



Those dogs haven't found yet. He's gone. Fuck it. She's really

- What's back to the suburban
- really?
- none of its bannings in fact no matches at all yet

And the answer be always encrypted

How solid is this Intel that Banning colluded with the Russians

It's tricky sir

The evidence definitely points today and it's hard to prove if it's really Moscow's doing or an outside hacker wants it to look that way

- outside
- hacker?

Hackers don't pay out ten million dollars for assassinations.
- None have before it. No

Problem is the Russians will deny this to the end if we take action

But if we don't they'll remain ambiguous as to their involvement, so we look weak just like with their election tampering

I really think we should slow down.


The President of the United States is lying in a coma and 18 Secret Service agents are dead

This already blew up in our face

Like manhunt is underway

Manning has already begun. His face will be plastered everywhere. So he won't be able to use public transport

- What time is it? Please? Call it the semi crash
- scanner traffic beta at 4:17 an eye puts the matter

What about a 200-mile range of the crash to fortify it?

Okay, listen up everybody

Mike will have to find somewhere to regroup they get to his life find out anything anyone that can hide him

Every hour you don't have an answer from his mother. I was kicking of Buccaneers

How the fuck did you find me
- I..

Won security for the president. How do you think

You've been here the last five years, North Carolina before that

Alaska before that

You see that Big Brother for you,
- no, actually it was just me wondering if you were still alive

Did you do it?

I Like it if I did wouldn't you dad

I'm not gonna stay long. You see the place off great lie low for that

- Hey, you got any water,
- yeah

- Ego-c, you're running up your power. So it's watered everything.
- Yeah. Why not you stay attached to their tentacles

They own you for life.

- I Knocked a gurney aspirin something stronger.
- I don't do medications

Of course, you don't look so that you shouldn't either

What's this

Learning your manifesto

Yeah, I had a lifetime to think about things I've seen and done

I don't want to forget that's how to get lost

Chapter abaya

- Why they saying that you I was
- set up
- that is surprised fuckin government

No, not the government was a friend of mine trying to figure out who else sounds like you should pick better friends, huh?

You know what go. Go be son. I lost out right when you walked out of mom and me

I know what I did

But I'd do it again because what fucking war made me turn me into

And I see it in you I can see it in your eyes

You think Reich was different than mom. I'm different than Korea now. It's a fucking same thing. It's war

Then it doesn't matter what you give up

You'll give it because you don't know any better

No, take it your honor. You used your night

Me disappearing was the best thing that ever happened to you

There has been no change in president troubles condition remains in a coma

While we pray for the best

Now recognize the world as we knew it has changed

after careful until ative work

Our intelligence communities have unanimously concluded that Secret Service agent Mike banning

planned and carried out the assassination attempt on the president

With full support from top levels of the Russian government

All options were on the table

to that end

I have just signed an executive order calling through the use of a bold and strong

private contractor force to be employed in our strategy

Looks like we're finally going back to work before the draft


Talk to me he hacked into banks government IP server and compelled searches King there was an attack Korea bandings been constantly monitoring this

It's a social security number. It's collected VA disability benefits. Check this

Ethically banning this makes old man of it. He told me all about him. He was a different Ranger

Dammit on rad Thank You Mack. He went crazy left. Everyone was gone

Where daddy now

All the math for your friend. Japonica

15 and gonna hold them off for this best dog. We got I

ain't gonna wear what I

Fuckin mouth.

Don't watch hey, everyone.

what you doing?

what that..

It was a good idea, I mean your time to kill Jesus


You stay here I'm gonna come.

- i will
- what?
- mereka harus kena bomb

what the fuck?

Just stay here


Planned and carried out the assassination attempt on the president with full support from top level of the Russian


I told you they turn on you here. We
- stop or it just stopped with all your big brother shit

Your country in betray you you betrayed yourself?
- What the fuck? Do you know about it? I

Struggled all my life with this
- what struggle? you gave up

You're right

I didn't give up

But sometimes it's better to know when to quit

Instead of lying to yourself and hurting the ones you love

What are you doing
- calling a friend.

For us

Those blew through

Yes, I snap more guys, huh?
- Why don't you come yourself?
- Yeah, tell them to be ready out.


Sounds like your dad's all fired up
- what happened?

I come in is

I wish I could have been a different life

War is about deception

Trumbull wasn't the way you were necessary on the right place at the right time

Faculty are still breathing

So, what is it you get into another war and you get your billions and contracts
- you think it's about the money Mike

I wish I could trade places with you, you know when I'm there fighting fighting for life

Now I did that like things to know

You'll get your fix. Don't worry about finding me

I'll find you

That's why Mike

This never been washed. Oh

Wait, that's all you're taking ain't letting no big credit pricks read about my life. Oh

My god, you still got it?
- Yeah. She got injured she likes her tires.

get all change

You sure about this


Well, he's disguise yourself
- know that I look guilty.
- We already look guilty. What the fuck's the difference?

HRT have cleared the cabin is a half the mountain sites blown away bodies lined up on the porch.

all on the way ready to this spare.

Work for sailing

Cillian global

It operated by....
- Ray Jennings.
- Yeah

Yeah history.
- I had to investigate some uh salience messes when I was over in Iraq

Any positive IDs
- these guys not a one again

Forensics is not a single match in any federal database

What is this this Moscow tying up loose ends, or is this Banning trying to throw us off the trail?

All right

What if banding of what's being set up who would have the capabilities to pull this off and who would benefit the most?

Come to our company like say me in getting on a mission

I'm gonna die sighs alien. I wanna know what communication is flowing in fluent alpha. We are tapped into who they're monitoring everybody

You know what? Let's go right away. Jenny's cage

Rather than travel, you're right

Is he coming out of
- it was to Iran to safer start he's starting to have distance it shows him. He's drawing go

go ahead and

According to his site for president Trumbull is now responding to stimulus doctors are ready to declare him out of danger

But are hopeful that this is a sign that he will fully recover.


what's wrong? Oh, that'd be true
- no, I am

But wait, it's not gonna quit till he's dead look you
- can call in morning you remember the part

They think I'm working with the Russians

Besides, I don't know. Who else is it on it?

I got to present himself.
- Yeah, then your old shooter
- probably

We are but
- who are they when
- I was gone.

my daughter.

No way

Yeah, look

I gotta go. Hey got you evolved enough

Were you gone
- I still score

See your app


Vision calls into question the retaliatory military response sent by vice-president Kirby

even Russia's aggression

it's no time to reap posture America needs to show strength still even when President trouble is back in command a

Reversal of Kirby's policy could be at hand

It's a secure number

When I made six or seven confirming did you see the news?

We have a contingency plan give better word or I cutter over.
- Excuse me

Don't worry. I know what you're capable of that's why I chose you

But don't you underestimate me for a second

There's a reason I survived Washington for this long

It's time to take the gloves off and make this Country Strong again.

and was to mercy

And everything
- speaking of where's my contract I don't plant ten million dollars for shits and giggles
- it is right here ready to

Finish the job and your bet we'll parlay into balloons

Trust him to do them.
- Just get the fucking job done what's going on with our insurance policy?

Because it's me

What the fuck are you doing
- so started to normally

We snuck around the back to avoid oppressing police,
- what the fuck are you doing in my house?

Wait, Jenny says beautiful minds you getting death threats and asked us to escorts to his calm.

i don't care about you, get off

Please please don't resist a little in here we go


This wasn't where I wanted to introduce myself and

played man

Like that

How would I know it you?

The reason you don't know that truth already is because of me alone

Um tell me something personal about him

The only thing I have for you his birthday

Michael Jamison, Danny

Or on base for Deloitte texas

His mother's me

Mary Alice to it

And to this day, I deeply regret walking away from them

Oh, what can I do should get a cleanup

Exactly do you remember?

Some kind of drone attack, I was floating in the water.


Do you remember where Mike Banning was in concert?

So I killed

This is very difficult to say sir

We know how much it cost him

we all did but we found out that Mike was hiding certain things from the Secret Service and you.


Both physical and mental issues

the FBI also has

Substantial evidence that he was getting support from the Kremlin

Including a 10 million dollar payment.

what It this?

Kirby's very close to going to war with Russia over the assassination attack

good command become
- yes, sir

Okay found a way no compromise

I'll pay you guys enough money.
- We have an incoming helicopter

Good camera on that

You have the eye on a matter of that.


No 45 Eclair Landon

Got a court order for a wiretap and CID is looking into salient servers now.

good, kita akan tanya si brengsek ini.

Mr. Jennings, I'm Alan Thompson. I don't think we've ever had the privilege.
- I wouldn't call it privilege

Agent Thompson's reason we're fighting our Wars with one hand tied to our dicks. I

Guess you know what we're here.
- I think you said it was a matter of national security

Yeah, when was the last time you spoke to Mike banning?

Do your job, you know the answer that
- all I do I see if we come up with the same answer.


Right letter here first will be on to us

Pull the plug
- the whole thing.
- That's an it's over

Moving offshore Roger
- I'll do it
- on the way out.
- Make sure this gets done

make What?

Comes fucking dying

The White House the Acting President Martin Kirby and maybe a unilateral decision to retaliate against Russia.


One 1998 assistance with a gunman outside the ER.


To do and I want to know what the fuck that this.

Claire no contact
- there's a mess

The elevators down here.
- Yeah. I need to get facing ID.
- don't move


- the fuck.
- Sorry billy. I can't really put one guy who's like service elevator go internally

It's the vice-president now find him

Have you completely lost your mind.

aku di jebak si Jenning.

Why the fuck would I give myself up this is a real fucking trick

What's happened baby
- look just the rest of Mike Banning he's saying we have been distant with

Bring him to me.
- Yes, sir.
- We really should wait to speak with the DOJ.
- Damn it Sam bring him right now

I know it did this to us

You're gonna try and finish the job you are not safe here, sir. Hell no

This is the safest place for me, sir

This place is on total lockdown

then how the fuck did I get here Gentry you not
- all of the protocols and now you're a cup
- I

Served with this man. Nobody's Kato know if
- no disguises


So we still don't know side mike is really on yes we did

He's on my side

He's the reason I'm still alive

When you get to be President

You understand that being spit on?

Even betrayed comes with the job

But it shouldn't come with his or any ins

Can we check everything

To get him out of here now get where we won in bacon. Do not tell anyone outside of this room.
- Just

Do with my success

We're 20 minutes out

More than 30 minutes over
- the primary of milk a drill we're not going out.
- The front is too exposed

Check snipers like did Mike check em again?

The snipers check-in
- Oh watch the commandos contractors

This stupid thing is crushed six times in the last hour, I just did - that's weird

What is that weird
- they were working perfectly fine all week, in fact, they rarely crash like this

The IP addresses from a salient global in Virginia connected to this hospital

Check ready creatures.
- Okay.
- Thanks. Come on

Was that coming from
- a connector oxygen wise ok killer pharmacy, what's wrong?

Somebody's controlling ergaster tympanic not us

He's gonna follow this place let me the president ready for transportable.
- No, no we can't wait for marine one. We gotta go, baby

Back now hospital security

Is being played


They discovered us they're evacuating Matthews fucking my goddamn it
- how long before you can detonate
- four minutes

Negative we got the rest of the hospital bed here just a second guys. You can second your ride.
- Well find out

What's eating up the liquid-nitrogen

An unstable levels and we have pure o2 leaking down here one spark and the explosion can set up these banks

The blast below the ICU three times over tensions is too low.

you not get anytime.
- whats you're?
- heads up.

The president is being events now sir,
- if Trumbull is awake we're gonna need his authorization

Before proceeding with any kind of strike. We don't even know.
- What condition is it with all due respect sir

We should speak to the Attorney General get clarity the transfer of power back to a precipice never happened in our nation's history
- exactly

Why we do as I say until we hear otherwise we stay with these op planes. Am I clear?

wait, thats him.

Cover up their cock. Take away their backup Jamie Secret Service comes now.


everybody out. tambah

Listen, kita akan masuk gedung, kamu siap


Get off, get off the back

Still this fucking place off
- I.

katakan situasimu sekarang.

Was like
- oh look up here it comes

That's exactly what we're gonna do right there. All right gotta go.


Those are bad cake, but if in front of this corner office

Good fresh max opposed to having your night

Walker as to her

only chance

Just going over my long enough until the people get here any sooner

So I'm dead before you knowing
- Mike.

Spare your life

Heads up FBI HR teams running to dispatch and the National Guard in Halton

Catholic country would be on to this place in a matter of six.
- Let's get the job done

Sighs I'll try to make sure they don't flank you defend it with everything you got

Go to office I hate this t3 get around the back hallway black


Go Michelle zombie, sir.

- we must finishing this mission
- Go

I get was somewhere else about this.

Drop your weapon, now.



FBI officials have dropped all charges against my value and it's allegations of Moscow's involvement in the assassination

Attempt are reinstated president outlet Trump will address the other world leaders at the g20 of Hamburg yesterday

easing tensions with Russia

Sources say inductance against the real perpetrators are spectacle

Sir welcome back. I would have come to you know, where's Martin. We've been busy. I see

So, how are you feeling
- all today

Presidential that's great

So she was gunned down a very heroic FBI agent help discovered that

Waylon Jennings

kept detailed files of your dealings together

Any insurance I really thought of keeping you on just above with you over the next three and a half years

That's the old way of doing things


Since this is his last day before retirement David guessing on over marching. You will find out the front door

You're joking right
- No

What's your plans quit,
- you know, I

Found a little RP when I thought I'd just

Go mobile for a while go up north 22 summer and those sounds 1 inch with it

So what I gotta see you for a while then huh

No, you're gonna see a lot of me

I'll just drive Darby over here

I'm Kirk about from I just don't want to impose on you don't have to stay on there be dead

We got plenty of room at the house, huh? Yeah. No, we'd love to have you like

Thank You Lina for that great breakfast,
- you're welcome, he's glad you're here

Yo liar just don't break his heart again, I need you to follow through

Yes, ma'am

That's my intention

Come in

Hi, Mike are you doing
- now, you know pretty good track. Yeah,

I Hear there something you want to tell me.
- Yes, sir. I know you're busy so I'll get right to it

Before the attack I

I still being more honest about some of the things that I was dealing with reconcussions


I let you down sir

You're damn right

Why did you think you couldn't come to me with this

After all, we've been through
- I don't know sir. You know how I feel about the job. I

Don't want anyone to take that away from me

But that is no excuse

Now someone said to me once

It's better sometimes knowing when to quit instead of lining yourself hurting the ones you care about the most

I'm not gonna let that happen again

I'm here to offer my resignation, sir

Double net define us

How we have them is what matters

Like I said in the hospital

I'm still alive because you didn't quit

if you choose to do so now and that's up to you, but

I still want to fuck director

If you want

No more secrets

Don't worry loser
- good