Andrei Rublev (1966) - full transcript

Andreiv Rublev charts the life of the great icon painter through a turbulent period of 15th Century Russian history, a period marked by endless fighting between rival Princes and by Tatar invasions.

Andrei Rublev
(The Passion According to Andrei)

Scenario: Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky
and Andrei Tarkovsky

Direction: Andrei Tarkovsky

Photography: Vadim Yusov

Art Direction: E. Chernyaev,
E. Novoderezhkin, S. Voronkov

Music: Viacheslav Ovchinnikov

Assistant Director: I. Petrov
Sound: I. Zelentsova

Editing: L. Feignova, Makeup: V. Rudina
Costumes: L. Novi, M. Baronovska

Intern Director: B. Oganesyan, Second Assistant
Directors: A. Macheret, M. Volovich, A. Nikolaev

Camera Operator: V. Sevostyanov Assistant
Camera: A. Andrianov, R. Ruvinov, P. Sudilin

Sets: E. Korablev

Special Effects:
V. Sevostyanov, P. Safonov

Historical Advisers: V. Pashuto,
S. Yamshchikov and M. Mertsalova

State Film Orchestra and All-Union Radio
Chorus Conducted by Viachesalov Ovchinnikov

Producer: T. Ogorodnikova

Andrei Rublev: Anatoly Solonitsin, Kirill:
Ivan Lapikov, Danil Chorny: Nikolai Grinko

Theophanes the Greek: Nikolai Sergeyev
Durochka "Idiot Girl": Irma Raush

Boriska: Nikolai Burlyaev, The Grand
Prince, and his brother: Yuri Nazarov

Supporting Cast

The Passion According to Andrei
Part One

- Pull the rope.
- This one?

- Arkhip, give me the strap.
- Hold it.

Take it.


It's Yefim , isn't it?

- Come here and help.
- Pull the rope.

- Hold on a second.
- Come on, quick!

Where is it'?

- Where is it'?
- Here.

Come on, fast.

Lift it-

Lord. Let it go right.

Untie it now.

The rope is tangled.

Hold it!

We won't have enough time.

I'm ready!

Archipushka! You try to hold them!

Just a second.

Come on!

Hold him, hold him!

I'm here. I'm here.

Cut the rope, man!

Cut the rope!

I'll show you, cut the rope!

My God!


- Where are you going?
- Archipushka!

I'm flying! I'm flying!

Hey! Chase me! Chase me!

My God! What is it?


Summer 1400

Danil !

Danil !

Danil! The Father
told you to go back!

There is no one to paint the icons.

For God's sake!

It's no business of yours.

You will be sorry for that. You
will come begging on your knees.

But the Father will not forgive you.

Come on. You never know.

We shall see.

It's not good.


That we are leaving Troitsa.

It's a shame.

Aren't there enough painters
in Moscow without us, Danil?

We'll find some sort of work.

All this is right, but it's a pity that...

I passed this birch every
day and never noticed it.

When you know you'll never
see it again, it means something.

It's been ten years. Nine
for you, but ten for me.

No, seven for me, nine for you.

- It's raining.
- Come on here.

Let's go. We will not melt.

The jesters were walking.
Drunk on mead and beer...

...when they met their
master, the Boyar...

...and they sang, to greet him:

0 master. 0 Boyar...

...everything is ready in the kitchen!

The Boyar's plump
wife is a choosy trollop.

Mistress, open the door.
The master's coming!

The Boyar yells: “Jesters are
all thieves and drunkards!

“You should be whipped
from Friday to Friday!“

"You goats and tramps,
drown in your beer!

"Soon you will be impaled!"

The Jesters grabbed him
between his navel and his knees.

They shaved his beard; what's
a Boyar without his beard?

Any woman would
rather he had a beard.

The Boyar yells,
hops about like a flea.

He scurries home,
raps on the window.

But his wife doesn't
recognize his naked cheeks...

...with no beard to grab hold of.

She whacked him with a rolling pin.

What a disgrace!

“Cover your naked cheeks
with your breeches.

“Clear off, beardless Boyar!“

He hobbled off, pursued by geese...

...and met a priest...

...who mistook him for a woman and
dragged him into the bushes.

Without breeches...

...he looks the same at each end.

The woman saw a naked head...

...and grabbed it by the beard.

May we shelter from the storm?

Come in.

Do you want some beer?
You are soaking wet.

Thank you, we don't imbibe.

And don't play around with women.

God sent priests, but
the devil sent jesters.

The woman saw a head!

By the beard!

My woman might have
been playing in the bushes.

I'll show you!

Come here, you.

What are you doing?

Give it back to him.

Where were you, Kirill?

Outside. Shall we go?

Danil, the rain's stopped; let's go.

Christ be with you, mistress.

Summer-Winter-Spring-Summer 1405-1406

I'm innocent!

Let me go!

Is anyone in here?

Have you come to look?

Yes, to look.

Then look. We'll soon be finished.

So you are Theophanes the Greek?

Why look at me? Look there.

Where are you from?

From Andronnikov Monastery.

From Andronnikov Monastery?
Are you by chance Andrei Rublev?


I've heard everyone
praise this Rublev.

He's good, but not as good as this.

Such delicate colors.

Oh Lord, it's just...

Why did you stop
praising me? Go on.

I can't. I can't find the right words.

Konstantin Kostechevsky
was right when he said:

"Only with true insight...

"...can you grasp its essence."

Whereas Andrei... and
I'll tell him to his face...

He's like my brother.

He's praised, it's true:
he paints well. With subtlety.

But there's something
lacking in all his work.

There's no awe, no faith... faith that comes from
the depths of his soul.

No simplicity.

As Epiphanius said in
"The Life of Saint Sergeius":

"Simplicity, without gaudiness."

That is what this is. It's sacred.

Simplicity, without gaudiness...
you can't say it better.

I see you are a wise man.

If so, is that a good thing?

If one is ignorant, isn't it better
to be guided by one's heart?

In much wisdom
there is much grief...

...and he who increases
knowledge increases sorrow.

Proshka! Where is that oil?

Whose ears should I box?

It is as though the earth
has swallowed everyone.

They say you paint quickly.

I cannot work any
other way. I get bored.

I wasted a week on an icon once.

You threw it away?

No. I used the board
to press cabbage.

It's all so boring.

I have pupils and
assistants in abundance...

...but none of them is any good.

They can neither read nor write.

Listen, help me. Be my assistant.

Don't make fun of me.

I'm not making fun of you.

In spring, I must paint the Church
of the Annunciation in Moscow...

...and I have no
assistants to do it with.

The scaffolding is being built.

- Do you understand?
- I do understand.

But I wouldn't be able to cope.

I'll teach you. You never
prepared a wall for a fresco?

You've a brain; even these
idiots can prepare a wall.

I said no and I mean no.

You know best...

...but mind you don't
regret it; I am rancorous.

I may regret it, but it's a sin for you.

An unknown monk comes to you...

...and you like the fact that you
can talk about books with him...

...and you decide to
take him and favor him.

But I haven't looked at a book for
three years and I don't want to.

- Why?
- I have a different road.

Wicked bastards!

Where is Proshka? Where is Vikenty?

They ran to the square to see how
they were going to kill the ruler.

Wicked bastards!


And you don't want to help?

- I shall die soon.
- You shouldn't say that.

The other night I
dreamed of an angel.

He said: "Come with me."

I said: "I shall die soon, without you."

You won't change
your mind, will you?

Only on one condition.

Whatever you want.
Money? Half my fee, okay?

No. I'll work for nothing
if you yourself...

...come to Andronnikov
Monastery to fetch me.

Before the community, the
metropolitan, ask me to help you...

...before the brotherhood,
before Andrei Rublev.

Then I shall serve you like a slave... a dog, until the day I die.

What is your name?


Orthodox Christians, lovers of truth.

How long will this torture go
on, when will you end this?

You are thoughtless
sinners, yet you judge.

You faithless heathens!

He has already seven
times atoned for his sins...

...for both his sins and yours.

You are incredible
sinners yourselves.

And you judge"-

...but you don't have God with you.

Rejoice, 0 young man, in thy youth...

...and let thy heart cheer thee
in the days of thy youth.

Walk in the ways of thine heart,
and in the sight of thine eyes...

...but know that for all these...

...God will bring thee into judgment.

Remember now thy Creator
in the days of thy youth...

...before the difficult days come...

...and the years draw nigh,
when thou shalt say...

...“l have no pleasure in them.“

Remember thy Creator...

...before the silver cord be loosed.
Or the golden bowl be broken...

...or the pitcher
shattered at the fountain...

...or the wheel broken at the well.

Then shall the dust return
to the earth as it was...

...and the spirit shall return
unto God who gave it.

“Vanity of vanities,“ _ H
saith the preacher; “All IS vanity.

Kirill, have you seen Father Nikodim?

Where has he got to
since this morning?

He took my gloves, then disappeared
as though the earth swallowed him.

I have to chop wood
and the logs are icy.

Why is your candle
burning? It's daylight.

Did you feed my dog?

Did you ask me to?

What's the matter with you?

Go away.

The words of the wise are like
goads, and the words of scholars...

...are like well-driven nails,
given by one Shepherd.

And further, my son, you
should stay away from these.

Of making many
books there is no end...

...-and much study is
wearisome to the flesh.

Let us hear the conclusion
of the whole matter...

Fear God and keep
His commandments...

...for this is man's all.

A messenger has come!

Who has come? A messenger
from Moscow has come.

A messenger has come
from the Grand Prince.

- So?
- So so!

A messenger from
Theophanes the Greek.

The Grand Prince
orders you to Moscow... paint the Cathedral of the
Annunciation, with Theophanes.

Is he really Andrei
Rublev, this fellow?

Yes, he's Rublev... and I'm Kirill.

Theophanes the Greek says
he wants you in Moscow...

...and he wishes to see you.

I thank Theophanes.

Tell him...

...that I'll come.

I'll come.

My head is splitting!

Bring my horse here.

What is wrong?

Choose whichever helpers you
like and be ready tomorrow.

Is there a blacksmith
here? If not, I'll fall off again.

There is a smithy outside,
beyond the chapel.

Farewell, God-fearing people!

Semyon! Come here!

Come here and help us!

Why are you standing? Come here!

Let's go today, shall we, Danil?

Go quickly, before
Theophanes changes his mind.

I'm not going.

Why aren't you going?

How can I manage without you?

As best you can.

I thought we'd go together.

Why did you think for
me? I was not invited.

I can't do it without you.

You can; you agreed
to go without asking me.

Theophanes simply beckoned.

Don't grieve; you're
not the first, or the last.

Even without you there's
plenty of work for me here.

Thank God for it.

Foma, Aleksei. Let's get ready.

Piotr, you're coming with me.

Did you forget something, Andrei?

I came to say farewell.

We've said farewell.

I came to say farewell, but...

It was hard for me before.

Then the devil created
enmity between us.

I can't go away like this.

I must make confession.

Will you hear it?

I cannot do anything, Danil...

...after living so many years
together in the same cell.

Apart from you, I have no one.

I see the world with your eyes.

I hear it with your ears...

...with your heart.

lam happy for you, you old fool.

If only you knew how happy.

Go to Moscow. Paint;
I shall be proud of you.

The devil tempted me the
other day too. Forgive me.

I'll come back, Danil.

Where are you going?
What about Vespers?

I'll manage without you.

What's wrong with you today, Kirill?

I'm tired of lying. I'm going
back into the secular world.

Why did we leave
the Trinity Monastery?

Andrei, Danil, you are
not saying anything.

Because the brothers valued
profit higher than faith.

They forgot why they had
entered a monastery. And now?

We sought to praise God with faith
and work, but what's happened?

The monastery's become a bazaar.

Servant of God, how many souls
did you trade in for monasticism?

Twenty or thirty?

And you ran after the
Father Superior, bargaining.

For two meadows, or even one,
you bought eternal salvation.

You don't need me to tell you,
but you prefer to keep quiet.

Perhaps I would also tolerate all
this loathsomeness if I had talent.

But what talent? Just a
slight ability to paint icons.

God be praised that
He gave me no talent.

I'm happy I'm untalented; I can
be honest and pure before God.

You are taking sin upon your soul!

I'll tell you something else, brothers.

What do you want to tell us
that we don't know already?

Do you know what happens to your
sort? Speak! I won't get offended!

Well, I...

Get out, you dog!

Out of my sight, you serpent!
Rejoin the secular world, slanderer!

Now do you see?



It is written: "And Jesus
went into the temple of God...

"...and cast out all them that
sold and bought in the temple...

"...and overthrew the tables
of the money changers...

"...and the seats of them
that sold doves.

"And said unto them," it is written,
"My house shall be called...

"...the house of prayer; but ye
have made it a den of thieves."

For three years I was
cleaning brushes for Danil...

...before he let me touch an icon.

And then only to clean it.

Don't you trust me?

You're always lying, Foma.

Yesterday your robe was
sticky; where were you?

At the beehive.

But you said you
were at the monastery.

Just look at yourself.

Put mud or something
on your cheek...

...or you will swell, like a hog.

It's too late now, it's useless.

You're constantly making up stories.

I even think you have a disease.

Me? What disease?

There is a disease where a
man lies without stopping.

Look, Foma.

Look, I say.


You think you know everything so
I'm not going to teach you any more.

Why should I learn?

Anyway, I will have to spend
three years cleaning the brushes.

I'm sick and tired of you, Foma.

Go back to the monastery,
go wherever you want.

I can't understand why
I took you as a pupil.

You are always like that. First
you say one thing then another.

You yourself told
Theophanes I was perceptive.

You were different then;
you worked, you didn't lie.

And do you know
what Theophanes said?

"What does it matter
if he's perceptive?"

Whatever Theophanes has said...

...l can see blue colors
better than anyone else.

You eat too much; how can you
paint with a bloated stomach?

When your stomach's rumbling,
how can your mind work?

The rumbling is the
only sound you hear.

You're lucky, Foma. For
you, everything is simple.

If you are not painting, you
are sleeping or fooling around.

But only by prayer can
the soul transcend the flesh.

Would you go to learn from
another teacher instead of me?

Why not, if you tell me to go?

Come on, come on. Don't be angry.

What's that?

So you've decided to put
the apostle on the left, Andrei.

Did you take the glue off the fire?

Did you take the glue off the fire?

Perceptive is he?

He should be beaten
every Saturday, like a dog.

You're obstinate, Andrei.

How did you see so much? Everyone
else is thinking only of himself.

I saw it, Theophanes.

The women of Moscow
gave their hair to the Tatars.

What else could the
poor creatures do?

Better to lose their hair than
be tortured. Is that heroic?

It is.

It is true that Russian women
are humiliated and unhappy.

It's not what I mean.

Tell me honestly, are the
people ignorant or not?

Well, are they?

They're ignorant, but
whose fault is that?

It's their own stupidity. Have you
never sinned through ignorance?

Everyone has.

And I have too. God forgive
us and make us better.

Well, never mind.

The Last Judgment is coming;
we'll burn like candles.

Mark my words.

Each will accuse the other of
his own sins, to defend himself.

Theophanes, how can you paint with
such ideas, even accept praise?

I have become a hermit
and lived in a cave.

I serve God, not man.

As regards praise, what is praised
today is abused tomorrow.

They will forget you, me, everything.

All is vanity and ashes. Worse
things have been forgotten.

Humanity has already committed
every stupidity and baseness...

...and now it only repeats them.

Everything is an eternal circle
and it repeats and repeats itself.

If Jesus returned to earth,
they would crucify him again.

Of course, if only
evil is remembered...

...then you will never be
happy in the sight of God.

Perhaps we must forget
some things; but not all.

I don't know how to say it.

Then be quiet and listen to me.

You think that one can
only do good alone?

Good. Remember
the New Testament.

Jesus taught people in the temples... why did they
gather later? To kill him!

"Crucify him!" they shouted.

And the disciples? Judas
sold Him. Peter denied Him.

They all ran away,
yet they were the best.

But they repented.

That was afterwards,
when it was too late.

It's never too late to repent.

Of course, people do evil.

But you can not
blame them altogether.

It's difficult...

...and sinful, I think.

Judas sold the Christ, and
remember who bought him.


And who accused Jesus?

The scribes and Pharisees...

...they could not find witnesses,
however hard they tried.

“Who will testify against this innocent?“

Only later on they found the traitors.

Two were found immediately.
Two, and not one.

There were only two.

The Pharisees were
masters of deceit, educated.

They had studied to gain power...

...lo take advantage of
the people's ignorance.

We must remind people more
often that they are people.

Russians, of the same
blood, of the same land.

Evil is everywhere.

Someone will always sell
you for thirty pieces of silver.

New misfortunes constantly
befall the peasant...

...either Tatars three times an
autumn, or famine, or plague...

...and he still keeps on
working, working, working...

...meekly bearing his cross.

He does not despair,
he is silent and patient.

He only prays to God
for enough strength.

How could God not
forgive him his ignorance?

You know yourself. You're
tired and discouraged...

...and suddenly... the crowd you
meet a human glance...

...-and everything's lighter,
as it is after Communion.

Isn't it so?

You just spoke of Jesus.

Perhaps He was born and
crucified to reconcile God and man.

Jesus came from God,
so He is all-powerful.

And if He died on the cross,
it was predetermined...

...-and His crucifixion
and death were God's will.

That would have aroused hatred
not in those who crucified Him...

...but in those who loved Him...

...if they had been near
Him at that moment...

...because they loved
Him as a man only.

But if He, of His own will, left them...

...He displayed injustice,
or even cruelty.

Maybe those who
crucified Him loved Him...

...because they helped
in this divine plan.

Do you understand
what you are saying?

They'll exile you to the north,
man, to renovate the icons.

Am I not right? You too
always say what you think.

But I'm not a monk; I'm free.

Spring 1408

Sergei, over here!

Light the fire.

Foma, let's get some logs.

Piotr has probably never seen...

...either Assumption Cathedral
or Saint Dmitry Cathedral.

Never mind, he will begin
working, and understand things.

Foma! Where are you?

We won't be on time.

It's okay, we'll be there tomorrow.

No. We'll never finish the Cathedral
of the Assumption by winter.

It's almost June, Andrei.

What is it?

Quiet! Do you hear it?


Nothing else?

Come on.

- What is it?
- Come on.

They're practicing witchcraft.

Where are you going?

Come to me.

Hold on.

Come to me.


Take your hand away.

There is an anthill.



- Who is this?
- I don't know.

Let's go.

It seemed to me... if a black snake
was hiding himself.

What are you doing?

Let me go!

We'll let you go.

At dawn, we'll hang a stone around
your neck, to help you swim.

Heaven's fire will consume you!
The Last Judgment awaits!

Now we'll tie you to this cross... Jesus Christ.

What are you doing, men?
You can't do this to me.

This is a sin. At least
hang me upside-down.

Men, brothers!

Leave him here for the night,
unless he ascends again.

He's not going anywhere.

- And who is this?
- Marfa.

Why did you want to be head
down? It would have been worse.

Why did you threaten us
with fire from heaven?

It is a sin to go naked
and do what you do.

What sin? Tonight is for
lovemaking; is love a sin?

Is it love to tie a man up like this?

You might call the monks...

...who would force us
to accept your faith.

Do you think it's easy to live in fear?

You live in fear because you
know no love but bestial love.

Carnality without soul; but
love should be brotherly.

Isn't all love the same? It's just love.

What are you doing?

Untie me.

Why are you looking at me?

Where were you?

Thank God.

Are these the people?

No, these are strangers.
Don't you see it?

There is some onion, if you want it.

Where were you?

These forests are impenetrable;
I'm all scratched.

The local people like it.
They are accustomed to it.

For people, everything
is a matter of custom.

Old people don't need to think...

...for their days pass
according to custom.

But perhaps they consciously
enjoy the way the days drag on.

- Couldn't you get here before?
- No. I couldn't.

That is your sin, your
conscience, your prayers.

Get him, and her!

Why are they doing that?

Because the accursed pagans
don't believe in one God.

Don't look, Sergei. There
is nothing to look at.

Let me go!

- Let me go!
- You can't see that!

Kick him so he shuts up!

Go, go! Don't dawdle!

Help, Fyodor! Help!


Can't you deal with a woman?


Hold her!

Marfa, run!

Catch her!

- Where are you going?
- She will drown herself!

Marfa! Run, Marfa!

Swim, Marfa!

Summer 1408

Come here!

He's just wasting materials.

Who needs it?


- What do you want?
- Can I go for a swim?

- No, you can't.
- It's hot!

Don't be lying. It's not.

Maybe he's really hot. I'm hot too.

Of course, you are
working and he is sitting.

Let him go swim.

Don't spoil him.

Let him be sitting with everyone.

You shut up!

You sleep all day long like a log...

...and you come down only
to eat and go to the bathroom.

And have you found a job for me?

- You have found what you wanted.
- So what?

Since everyone is sitting here,
let Serezhka be sitting with us too.

If you had let him go, he
would have been back already.

Give him freedom...

...and he will sit in the
water until he turns blue.

He only thinks that it's hot...

- ...and that's why he is whining.
- He's not whining, you are.

It was me.

I was the first to say
it's hot, and not Sergei.

Why are you picking on Sergei?

That's it!

You want to go swimming, go!

Go! Why are you sitting?


Here! You see?

Wait! Wait!

Where's Andrei?

Not here? This is a
fine state of affairs.

I was at our bishop's house just now.

Such a fuss. Yelling!

He was purple with rage.
"I've lost patience!" he cried.

He meant you. All of you.

"For two whole months," he said,
"everything has been ready.

"But they haven't started yet.

"Nothing is ready; they asked for
so much money, but do nothing.

"None of them is working
and nothing is ready."

Did you ask for a lot of money?

How do I know?

He said, "I don't care. Danil
Chorny or Andrei Rublev...

"'s all the same to me."

"It's all the same."

And he pulled a face like this.

"What do I care
about Andrei Rublev?

"By autumn," he says...

"...I want the cathedral
painted, and that's that!"

He's sent a courier with a
complaint to the Grand Prince.

He's sent a courier
to the Grand Prince.

It's a complaint about you, you know.

You haven't started yet.

You'd better hurry
up. Where's Andrei?

He's gone somewhere again.

Can't you start without him?

Go on, start without him.

Why are you smirking?
There are so many of you.

If he can't make his mind
up, can't one of you?

Two heads are better than one.

Where is Andrei?

I can't go on like that.

Answer me: yes or no?

Yes or no? Wasn't
everything decided in Moscow?

To the smallest detail; the Prince
said everything was in order.

What is not clear? What have we
been discussing for two months?

Explain it to me. I may be
old, I may have lost my wits.

The Last Judgment; either you
accept the task and paint it...

...or you refuse the commission.

And if we really refused?
If we went back, Danil?

How shall I face people?
I should die of shame.

We're wasting such good
time. This heat, no rain.

We could have finished
the cupola and the columns.

How wonderfully they
could have been done... brightly, and beautifully.

On the right, the sinners...

...boiling in pitch, painted
to make your flesh crawl.

I have thought of a great devil,
with smoke from his nose and eyes.

- It's not the smoke that matters.
- Then what matters?

I don't know.

- Why aren't you looking at me?
- Because I can't.

I can't paint all that; it disgusts me.

I don't want to terrify people.
Understand me, Danil.

Collect yourself! Listen!
It's the Last Judgment!

I didn't invent it.

I can't do it. Do as
you will, but I can't.

Why didn't you speak
earlier, in Moscow?

You shouldn't have agreed.

This is dishonest.

I am what I am. You
couldn't teach me integrity.

I don't know what to paint.

What do you mean, you don't know?

We were ordered to
paint the Last Judgment.

You see...

...I think it will be better...

...if we don't paint the
Last Judgment at all.

What do you mean?

You know.

I want...

I don't want anything.

- Nothing.
- That's it.

Well, I'm leaving.

This is no work for me.

Thanks for your kindness and
your slaps; I learned something.

But now I'm going to work for myself.

They've asked me to
paint a church at Pafnutievo.

Not a great honor,
but it's still an honor.

I'm going to paint the Last Judgment.

Who will come with me?

Well, then, stay...

...but don't complain later.

When I was a child...

...l spake as a child, I understood
as a child, I thought as a child...

...but when I became a man,
I put away childish things.

For now we see
through a glass, darkly...

...but then face to face... I know in part...

...but then shall I know...

...even as also I am known.

And now abideth..., hope, and charity...

...but the greatest of these is charity.

Though I speak with the
tongues of men and of angels...

...and have not charity...

...I am become as sounding
brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

And though I have
the gift of prophecy...

...and understand all
mysteries, and all knowledge...

...and though I have all faith, so
that I could remove mountains...

...and have not charity, I am nothing.

And though I bestow all
my goods to feed the poor...

...and though I give my body to
be burned, and have not charity... profiteth me nothing.

Charity suffereth long, and
is kind; charity envieth not...

...charily vaunteth not
itself, is not puffed up...

...doth not behave
itself unseemly...

...seeketh not her own, is not
easily provoked, thinketh no evil...

...rejoiceth not in iniquity,
but rejoiceth in the truth...

...beareth all things...

...believeth all things, hopelh
all things, endureth all things.

Charity never faileth

...but whether there be
prophecies, they shall fail...

...whether there be
tongues, they shall cease...

...whether there be
knowledge, it shall vanish away.

For we know in part...

Princess, is that nice?

It's sinful to splash milk.

Such a naughtiness.

- Why is it sinful?
- Because... wipe it off.

But it will dry by itself in a minute.

Let's walk by the stream.

Let me go, Stepan, or I'll
send you to the stables.

How do you like it?

I couldn't imagine it
better. It's light, beautiful.

It's light.

Take her out. Her
nurses have spoiled her.

I say!

No one can build a
mansion better than us.

Who could paint like that?

Look at the carving.

Only Mitiai can do this
directly, without tracing.

It's like a bird singing.

Look. Maybe it is like a bird singing.

I don't care. I can sleep on the
hay. You are the Grand Prince.

Don't you like it?

I'll tell you this. It
should be repainted.

Walls, ceiling, everything:
brighter, stronger colors.

I've been in this trade for forty years.

It's not the years that matter...

...but your ability to glorify the
Grand Prince with your work.

That's enough. Go.

We won't redo anything.

It's time to go. We have another job.

They are waiting for us in Zvenigorod.


At your brother's. They
have the stone already.

A beautiful stone. Whiter than this.

When your brother came at Easter...

...we made a deal and he said: "Do
what you like, whatever the cost.

"I'll tax the peasants more, just
build me the best mansion possible."

Then go to Zvenigorod.

Here, I have brought it.

When I looked at the
Prince, he became numb.

- When I mentioned Zvenigorod?
- Yes, he became paralyzed.

He fears his brother will outshine him.

- Who carved that?
- I did.

Why didn't you set it in the wall?

It didn't come out right.

Pity; it's rather good.

Everything crumbles: I told the Prince
to spare no expense on the stone.

Maybe now he's sorry when
he heard about Zvenigorod.

I could have carved
beautiful things for him.

Come on, you ass!

Where's Stepan?

Where did Stepan gallop to?

He went to Zvenigorod
with the others.

I've dirtied my hands.

We'll build another mansion just
as good for the Prince's brother.

Will the stone be better there?

Yes, it will.

Look, the Captain of the Guard.

Hold on, old man.

You, ass! Help him! In the bushes!

Where's my whip?

Has anyone seen my whip?

Damn. I've lost it. Have
you seen my whip, ass?

- Seryoga.
- What?

Read the Scriptures.

From where?

From wherever you like.

"Imitate me, just as
I also imitate Christ.

"Now I praise you, brethren, that
ye remember me in all things...

"...and keep the ordinances
as I delivered them to you.

"But I would have you know, that
the head of every man is Christ...

"...and the head of the
woman is the man...

"...and the head of Christ is God.

"Every man praying or prophesying,
having his head covered...

"...dishonoreth his head. But every
woman that prayeth or prophesieth...

"...with her head uncovered,
dishonoreth her head...

"...for that is even all one
as if she were shaven.

"For if the woman be not
covered, let her also be shorn...

"...but if it be shame for a woman
to be shorn or shaven...

"...let her be covered.

"For a man ought
not to cover his head...

"...forasmuch as he is the
image and glory of God...

"...but the woman is
the glory of the man.

"For the man is not of the woman;
but the woman of the man.

"Neither was the man created for the
woman; but the woman for the man.

"For this cause ought the woman
to have power on her head...

"...because of the angels.

"Nevertheless neither is
the man without the woman...

"...neither the woman
without the man, in the Lord."

Go on reading.

"For as the woman is of the
man, even so is the man...

"...also by the woman;
but all things of God.

"Judge in yourselves: is it comely...

"...that a woman pray
unto God uncovered?

"Doth not even nature itself teach
you that, if a man have long hair...

" is a shame unto him?

"But if a woman have long
hair, it is a glory to her...

"...for her hair is given her for..."

Why have you stopped? Read.

“But if a woman have long
hair, it is a glory for her...

“But if any man seem
to be contentious...

“But if any man seem
to be contentious...

“...we have no such custom...

”...neither the Churches of God.

“Now in this that I declare
unto you I praise you not...

“...that ye come together
not for the better...

”...but for the worse.”

Danil, listen.

It's a feast.

It's a feast, Danil,
and you are saying...

They are not sinners...

She is not a sinner, even if
she does not wear a scarf.

She is not a sinner.

Leave him alone. Let
God's servant repent.

The Passion According to Andrei
Part Two

Autumn of 1408

They are coming! The
Tatars are coming, Prince!

Hey, Prince! Is this your ford?

It has been raining, and
everything is flooded. Follow us.

We were just going to leave.
We expected you yesterday.

I couldn't resist attacking
a small town on my way.

I am sorry I am late.

Never mind. Let's go. It will be
shallow to the left. Keep to the left.

This isn't a trap?

Believe me, Vladimir is deserted.

My brother, the Grand
Prince, is in Lithuania.

Here is the town, behind that forest.

They say the Prince has a
son, but you want the throne.

We'll see.

I see you want the
throne. I understand.

You were told to keep left.

Grab this!

Come on, Prince! Don't lag behind!

Strong is your love for your brother.

This is our destiny.

When were you last
reconciled with him?

I never was. The
Metropolitan summoned us...

...and made us kiss the cross
and swear to live in harmony.

What are you saying?

The Metropolitan
summoned us to kiss the cross.

- When ?
- Last winter.

Vladimir is a beautiful town.

Do you like it?

Let's go.

Forward! You dog,
stay close, or I'll kill you!

Keep close to the
Prince! To the gates!


Run away!

What is going on?

The Grand Prince is coming.

The brother has arrived.

Hold him, hold him!

Brothers, what are you doing?
We are all fellow Russians.

I'll show you if we are fellow
Russians, you Vladimir swine!

Catch him! Catch him!

Run around! Don't you hear me?

Where the devil are
we? There's no one here.

They've all fled.

How your bitch has grown;
doesn't remember me, eh?

Vaska, take the dog.

Oh please, let me go!

Don't be afraid, beautiful.

I'll show you how Tatars can love.

Well, Prince?

Aren't you sorry about the cathedral?

Tell me, Prince, who is that woman?

It's no woman, it's the
Virgin Mary: the Nativity.

Who is in the box?

Christ, her son.

How can she be a
virgin if she has a son?

Strange things happen in Russia!

Very interesting.

Tie his legs tighter!

Tell the truth, you dog!

Hold on, hold on! I
haven't seen your gold.

By God, by God, I haven't seen it!

It hurts!

I don't know where the gold
is; it probably was stolen.

Your Tatars must have
taken it. You're all thieves.

Ask around your own men.

He hasn't told the truth.

Come here, I'll tell you something.

See how the devils torture
an innocent Russian believer.

Look, you Judas, you dirty Tatar!

You lie, I'm Russian.

I recognize you. You
resemble your brother.

You've sold Russia!
I recognized you!

Mark my words!

"No Tatar shall ever
set foot on Russian soil."

This is my vow to the Lord.

Give me a cross. Let a
believer kiss the cross.

You'll get your cross.

If I have sinned, may God
forgive me. God is merciful.

Lord, will you pardon me?

But all of you will boil in pitch.

You will leave and
we will rebuild again...

...but your guts will
go to the fires of hell.

What are you doing this for?

Theophanes? But you are dead.

I wanted to see you so much.

Even if you had not wanted,
I would have come anyway.

I dreamed you were suspended
in a window with your head down.

You look in, and wag
your finger at me...

...and I'm lying across a saddle...

...and two Tatars twist my head.

And you look at me,
and tap on the window.

And I cry out to you.

What do you cry?

What's happening to us?

We are being murdered and raped.

Together with Tatars,
they are pillaging churches.

And you said to me...

Only now I'm worse off than you.

You're dead, but I...

Dead? What of it?

I didn't mean that.

I've spent half my life in blindness.

I worked for people day and night.

But they aren't people, are they?

What you said was true.

So what if I said it then?

You are wrong now,
I was wrong then.

But haven't we the same faith...

...the same land...

...the same blood?

One Tatar even smiled.

Like this!

And shouted:

"Even without us you'll
out each other's throats!"

What a disgrace.

They killed everyone.

Even my Seryoga.

I found him on such a special day.

She is the only one that survived.

It's time for me to go.


Don't go. Don't you like
being with me; are you bored?

All right, I won't...

Let's sit and talk. I'll tell you...

But I already know everything.

Then you know I'll never paint again.

Why so?

Because it's of no use
to anyone. That's all.

So what? Your
iconostasis was burned.

Do you know how many of mine
they burned? In Pskov, Novgorod...

You are committing a grave sin.

I haven't told you the worst.

I killed a man.

A fellow Russian.

When I saw him carrying her off.

Look at her.

Just look at her!

I don't remember how it happened.

I caught up with him...

...and I couldn't help it.

Through our sins, evil
has assumed human form.

Encroaching evil means
encroaching humanity.

God will forgive you;
don't forgive yourself.

Live, between divine
forgiveness and your own torment.

As for your sins, what
do your scriptures say?

"Learn to do good: seek justice...

"...rebuke the oppressor, defend
the fatherless, plead for the widow.

"Come now, and let us reason
together, saith the Lord...

"...though your sins be as scarlet...

"...they shall be as white as snow."

See, I haven't forgotten;
that may comfort you.

I know, God is merciful
and will pardon me.

I shall offer the Lord
a vow of silence.

I have nothing more
to say to people.

Is this a good idea?

I have no right to advise you.

Didn't you go to heaven?


I can only say it is not as
you imagine it on earth.

Russia, Russia!

Our mother country suffers
all; she will endure all.

But how long will this go on?

I don't know. Forever, most likely.

Yet how beautiful all this is.

It's snowing.

Nothing is more terrible
than snow falling in a temple.

Winter 1412

The apples are all rotten.

In all my years, I've
never seen such a famine.

We are slowly dying out.
Lord have pity on us.

Mefody is bringing someone again.

Mefody, you should not
be the gate-keeper...

...because you will let the whole
neighborhood in here to eat.

- Sit down, man of God.
- Thank you.

To eat!

You can't feed all the hungry people.

There is no one in the neighborhood.

The villages are deserted.

Everyone has left Khotkovo.

The people of Semyonovka have fled.

They've fled, they've fled!

It's true. I passed
Semyonovka this morning.

In Vladimir it is even worse.

No harvest for three
years; everyone has fled.

Those who stayed are eating mice.

Why are you whispering?

I'm not whispering. I have a
cold. I spent a night in a lake.

Why was that?

Wolves chased me; I fled to the
lake, praying they wouldn't follow.

I was standing like that till dawn.

When I got out, I
was completely numb.

I've been sick for two weeks
and I'm shivering all over.

- So you're from Vladimir.
- I used to live there.

Someone else from Vladimir is here.

Andrei Rublev. Have
you heard of him?

He has sinned, and
now he is atoning.

He has brought a holy
fool with him from Vladimir.

A mute girl.

Now they are silent together.

Though she is a holy fool, she
knows where to get better food.

He has brought her... that he may
always remember his sin.

Can you call it holiness?

And Rublev's guild?

It fell apart.

Some were killed by Tatars...

...others were driven away.

Is Danil alive?

Some say he went
north, others say he died.

So he's given up his craft?

Aren't you Kirill?

Kirill, is it you?

Father! Master! Kirill has come back!

Father! Let your
prodigal son Kirill back in!

You didn't ask me
if you could leave...

...and now you want to come back?

You didn't like it in the secular world?

No, I won't take you in.

My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Now you want back
into the den of thieves... the money-changers
and dove-sellers.

You think because I am old,
I have forgotten about it.

Begone! Go back to
where you came from!

There is no place for you here!

Don't drive me away, for God's sake!

There is no truth in the world.
The devil tempted me.

I can't continue sinning...

...and without sin you cannot
live in the secular world.

There is sin and dirt all around.

Accept my penitence
and I will kiss your feet.

You were always eloquent,
but you won't move me, Kirill.

If you knew how I've
suffered, what I've endured...

...if you knew what evil I've
seen, you would forgive me...

...but I will never forgive myself.

You're not guilty before
me, but before God.

Remain here; but
to expiate your sin... must copy out the
Scriptures fifteen times.

Take the late Nikodim's cell.

Thank you! Thank you, God!

How wonderful! Thank
you, Father, thank you!

Hey, it's bad to eat dirty meat.

Brothers, what's going on?

I'll go to tell Father Nikodim.

A good Russian. She eats horsemeat.

Do you want to come with
me? You'll be my wife.

I have seven wives,
but no Russian wife.

You will eat horsemeat every day,
drink horse milk, wear coins in hair.

Russian wife for Tatar
husband is never dirty.

Girl! Come with us!

Come! Give me your hand!

Do you hear me, Andrei?

Don't you recognize me?

Don't grieve, they'll let her go.

They won't dare harm
a holy fool. It's a sin.

THE BELL Spring-Summer-Autumn-
Winter-Spring 1423-1424

Is this the home of
Nikolka, the bell-maker?

It is.

- Is he your father?
- Yes.

Then call him.

- He's not here.
- Where is he?

He's dead.

The plague took them
all: mother, sister, father.

And where does Gavrila
the bell-maker live?

Gavrila? He's dead, too.

So is Kasian, and the Tatars
led lvashka away last year.

Only Fyodor is left.
Go to him; the fifth hut.

But you should hurry; Fyodor's
in bed with the plague.

He can't open his eyes. He
will pass away at any moment.

I can't stand it any more. Where
else can we look? Let's go home.

Get up. You aren't going home.

Is there no one left to cast the bell?

Take me with you.

Let me cast the bell for you.

Are you mad, boy?

Take me to the Prince.

Honestly, I can make
everything very well for you.

You won't find anyone better
than me; they're all dead.

Go to hell!

Okay! But I know the secret
of bell-making, and I won't tell.

What are you saying?

I know the secret. My father
knew the secret of bell-making.

Before he died, he passed it to
me. No one else knows, except me.

My father died and
passed me the secret.

Shall we take him?

What secret?

Do you want the Prince to flay us?

He's lying about the secret.

The worse for him!

- What is your name?
- Boriska.

Come here!


What about the hut?

Did you persuade him?

Shall we dig here?

We can do it here.

But it would be more convenient
to do it closer to the bell-tower... that we won't have to
drag this heavy thing far.

Can't we dig here? Let's do it here.

Mark it out.

Let's dig together, shall we?

We're bell-casters, not diggers.

Why should we be digging?

You know what my father said...

...before he died?

"Bell-casters must
dig the casting-pit."

"I only understood that in my
old age," he said, and died.

I don't know what Nikolka
said, but I'm not going to dig.

Call us when you need us.

Okay, I'll dig for you.


Did you find it?

There is no need to
look for it. Here it is.

No, it's not the right clay.

- We always took it here.
- Then you are fools.

The clay is very good.

- Andreika, isn't the clay bad?
- Yes, it's bad.

You see? Come on.

We'll search until we find good clay.

Stepan, perhaps we
shouldn't have done this.

Come on. Look what
clay we have found.

How hard we've worked, and
now we've found a new spot.

It's not the right kind.

It's the end of August, and we
have not found the clay yet.

Think about yourself.
I'm sorry for you.

I've managed all these
years without your pity.

Let's go back, Boriska.

I can't. I know that's not the right clay.

Then what is right?

I know what it is.

I don't need people like you.

I can manage without you.

I don't need such people!



I have found it!

Uncle Fyodor! I've found it!

The clay! Uncle Seymon!


We've found the good clay, Stepan!

Here is the clay!

I have found the clay, Stepan!

Andreika! Andreika!

Where are you all?

Boriska! Boriska!

- What?
- Shall I dig in?

I'm coming.

What are you saying?

LN \ \ N] I “Q 3

Where's Nikolai?

He left this morning to fetch wood.

- It should be here already.
- He'll be back by evening.

The evening? I need
to reinforce it now.

To the devil with your
Nikolai, he's an idiot.

Why are you standing there? Work!

- The merchants don't agree.
- What do you mean?

They have tripled the price.

They say it's still cheap.

Buy it. What else can we do?

Buy it at this price?

Buy, I say!

The Prince will flay
you. We'll ruin him.

I no longer care. Buy it.

You're in the way,
Father. It's dangerous.

Don't dig in without me.

- Boriska!
- Just one moment.

The cast won't hold;
it needs another layer.

Another layer? You should
have applied the clay already.

You haven't put up the frame yet!

It needs reinforcing, but
there are no more twigs.

We're not going to reinforce
it. We start firing tonight.

Is he kidding?

If we don't reinforce
the cast, it won't hold.

It will crack and our
work will be wasted.

If it snows and we can't fire,
won't our work be wasted, too?

They'll flog me, not you.

The cast won't hold like this.

Apply the clay.

Do you hear me?

I won't do it.

You won't? Then get out!
Andreika, apply the clay.

He won't do it, either.

Are you going to apply the clay?

The metal will burst the mold.

It needs reinforcement.

Will you obey me?
Who is in charge here?

It needs reinforcement.

Flog him! He refuses to work.

He won't obey my orders.

I'll show you who's in charge!

Your father treated us better.

You remember him? Then
flog him in my father's name.

All right, apply the Clay-

Start the work without me.

But we're waiting for you.

Start without me.

Rest, sleep a little.

Why are you staring at me?

Lost your tongue? Are you deaf?

Are you sorry for him?

Go and console him;
that's what a monk is for.

0 Lord. 0 Queen of Heaven...

I can't understand how the Grand
Prince trusted him with all this.

Boriska! Wake up!

I've started the firing.

Why did you start without me?

I told you to wake me.

Only I know when to start.

Fyodor, the Prince's men have
come, and they want to see you.

What heat!

What heat!

That's enough.

Not enough silver; tell the
Prince not to be so miserly.

Our Grand Prince is never miserly.

I don't care. I need another
eighteen pounds of silver.

What's eighteen pounds
of silver, more or less?

Who knows the secret
of bell-casting, I or you?

Tell the Prince not to be miserly.
We need another sixteen pounds.

Are you mad?

I'll get all the silver I
want from the Prince.

Imagine, if after this it doesn't ring!

Watch out.

I recognize him!

Beat him! Beat him!

Are you mad? To
attack someone like that.

You've mistaken him for another.

I'm not mistaken. I
recognize you, Judas.

How handsome he used to be
then. Now he has lost his looks.

Thanks to him, I spent
ten years in prison...

...and they cut off half my tongue.

I'll kill him!

I'll kill him!

I'll kill him!

He's innocent, brother.
He's betrayed no one.

I swear it by the Holy Cross.
Lord, why this punishment?

Strike me, but don't touch him.

Get up.

You're heavy.

The Prince's jester died.

They wanted me to go, but
I'd rather be a carpenter.

I recognize him.

He denounced me.

Give me something to drink.

There are worse things than that.

Andreika, stand aside.

Why stand there? Work!

Add some more, add
some more! Come on!

Boriska, where is he?

Boriska, where is he?

Boriska, the second furnace is ready.

Go, go! We're all ready.


Everything is ready. Shall we begin?

Come on!

It's coming, Boriska!
It's coming! It's coming.

It's coming, Boriska!
It's coming! It's coming.

God, help me.

What a day tomorrow will be!

We should get some sleep.

Boriska! Let's go, shall we?

Just a moment.

This is what happened, Andrei.

I've thought it over and
I've decided to tell you.

You know how much I envied.
Envy just gnawed at me.

It was inside me like a poison.

I couldn't stand it any longer, that's
why I left. I left because of you.

When I heard you had given
up painting, the envy went.

My heart grew lighter. Then I forgot.

I only want to copy the
Scriptures before I die.

The Father Superior is strict...

...and his punishment is
not easy in my old age.

I'm afraid I won't have
enough time to finish my task.

Why am I repenting? Why
should I repent to you?

You yourself are a
greater sinner than I.

Yes, yes, greater than I.

What am I? A humble worm;
nothing is demanded of me.

But you, what are you?

For what sacred deed did
God give you your talent?

For what did you deserve it?

Lord, I don't want to say this.

I know Nikon has sent a
third messenger to you... persuade you to come
back to paint the Trinity.

And you sent them all back.
You wouldn't even talk to them.

I'll tell you the truth. I won't lie.

Then, in my dirty soul,
there, in the very depth of it...

...there was a tiny flicker of joy.

And now... life is ending;
my soul calls out for rest.

Nikon doesn't care
a bit for your life.

He wants you here, to glorify and
strengthen his power with your talent.

Never mind Nikon, but listen to me.

Go to the Trinity Cathedral
and paint, paint, paint!

Don't burden your soul, for it is an
awful sin to deny the divine spark.

If Theophanes were alive,
wouldn't he say the same thing?

Look at me, look at the ungifted
one. Why do you think I returned?

For a crust of bread, to
finish my life in peace.

I shall die soon and
nothing will remain after me.

And I know that I will die soon.

Nor have you much longer to live.

Do you want to take
your talent to the grave?

Why are you silent, Andrei?
Give me at least one word.

It was I who
denounced that jester then.

Curse me, but don't
stay silent, Andrei.

Curse me.

Well, how is it?

Come on, then.

Everyone, get away!

What's going on up there?

Everything is okay.

Come on, come on! Everyone go up!

Is everyone ready?

Well? Come on.

Go on. Give the signal.

Come on!

The Grand Prince is coming
with a foreign ambassador.

Is everything ready?

If not, watch out!


We bless and consecrate
this bell with holy water.

In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Look what kind of people
are overseeing here.

Where are you going?

Isn't it rather peculiar?

They're all peculiar here.

Come on, come on, dumbbell!

Shall I help you, or will
you touch it yourself?

What do you think will
come out of all this travesty?

What do you think?

In my opinion, nothing
good will come out of this.

Excuse me, Your Excellency, but I think
you are being deceived by appearances.

Look at all of this!

What do you think of this
dumb bell, this awkward scaffold?

Iwould sum it up and
say this bell will not ring.

In fact, it can't ring.

Does Your Excellency
wish to make a wager?

I think you underestimate the
situation these people are in.

Besides, they were
the ones that built it.

That may be true, but I wouldn't
venture to call that thing a bell.

Excellency, they fully understand...

...that the Prince will behead
them if it doesn't ring.

Judging from the face of that youth... could say that he is
aware of the circumstances.

Don't you think so?


...have you heard that the Grand
Prince beheaded his brother?

It seems they were twins.

Look at that marvelous girl! My God!

My friend, that girl is not
more than thirteen years old.

That doesn't make her less attractive.

Sometimes these girls are
women at the age of thirteen.

What's the matter with
you, Your Excellency?

Come on, come on.

My father, that old snake,
didn't pass on the secret.

He died without telling me, he took
it to the grave. Skinflint scoundrel!

You see, it's turned out very well.

Come on, come on.

Let's go together, you and I.

You'll cast bells. I'll paint icons.

We'll go to the Trinity
Monastery together.

What a feast day for the people.

You've brought them such
joy, and you're crying.

Come on, come on.