...And God Created Woman (1956) - full transcript

Antoine promises to take the orphaned Juliette away from St. Tropez after a party where she has wandered onto the yacht of the urbane Eric. But in the morning the bus and Antoine zip by Juliette's stop and she runs into the field to capture the rabbit she set free moments before. About to be sent back to the orphanage by her foster mother, she identifies with the rabbit. Antoine's younger brother Michel comes to Juliette's rescue with a marriage proposal and she accepts. Eric wants the brothers' shipyard as a casino site and brings Antoine back to St. Tropez. Life gets complicated.


You have the feet of a queen.

Mr. Carradine, you have
a devil of a nerve.

I brought the apple.

Which apple?

The forbidden fruit.

I said I might give you a car.

You have a car for me?

Is it here?

I came with it.

What is it?

A red Simca convertible.

Where is it?

You got me.

Not yet.

It's pretty.

You'll have the same one.

With that mouth you can have
anything you want.

I'm a gold-digger.

I don't think so.

I'm in for it now.

Hello, Mr. Carradine.

Good afternoon.

You should be at the bookstore.
Of course you'd rather

show yourself off naked
in front of men. Little slut!

I take her out of the orphanage
and this is the thanks I get.

But I work.

Fine way to work.

It's all my fault.

Don't believe that,
Mr. Carradine.

I am the one responsible for
making her late.

I'd like to make it up to you.

Please don't. The honor of
this house is not for sale.

Honor is a delicate word...

It demands a lot of heart.

Goodbye, Mr. Carradine.

You were watching too,
you dirty old man.

Well, I heard your voice.

You won't laugh long!
I have a surprise for you.

You know what people say about
you in town? You don't care.

Well, I do. You little slut!

Well, will you answer me?

If at least you
were a hard worker.

Mrs. Marquand told me you waited
on her barefoot yesterday.

Is that good salesmanship?

Are you going to say something?

- Will it make a difference?
- Definitely not.

Then why should I?

Oh! You!

I've got a nice surprise
for you.

The architect and Mr. Roger
are in the office.

I'm not sure if Jerome
mentioned it,

but I'd like to repaint the back
room. It'll be ready for Easter.

I trust you.

I'm afraid I'm late.

No problem. Working on
a new deal?

Yes, and it's going well.
What about our project?

Any problems?

The site looks ideal.

We'll build the casino
left of the road right here...

and save the pinewoods
for the hotel.

But you'll need to own all
the land up to the cape.

No problem there -
except for the Tardieu shipyard.

Leave that glass alone.

You turn yellow when you drink
and I hate yellow.

How are the talks going
with the Tardieus?

They don't want to sell. One of
the older brothers is against it

Which one?

The eldest, the one who lives
in Toulon.

He's coming in for the weekend.

You'd best talk to him yourself.

Antoine, check out that girl.
Her ass is a song.

What's up?

I have a flat.

I couldn't tell.

Oh, you're so cute.
He's adorable.


You take the bus?

I got a flat.

Every time I see you, you're
more beautiful than the last.

You should really stop.

Are you having fun in Toulon?

I'm working.

You should come back.

I have a better future there.

All the future does
is spoil the present.

Here's the shipyard.
Are you getting off, Antoine?

Are you going to the dance

I always do.


What's for lunch?

Goddamnit! Lentils again!

It's good for your health.

Did you have a good trip?

When I get a car,
it'll be better.

- How's my son?
- Hi Mom.

I can finally breathe here.

What's up with you?
You guys seem busy.

Same old story,
not enough depth here.

All the good jobs go to
the port's shipyard.

- As long as you guys can eat.
- You're right, son.

This one seems in pretty poor

Carradine wants to buy our land.

Let him try.

Maybe it wouldn't be
such a bad idea to sell.


I ran into Juliette on the bus.
She's a real woman now.

I know, because the bus
was crowded.

- She's got no shame, that girl.
- She's got something else.

I hope you're not falling.

Why not?

She hasn't waited for you.

I never said I wanted to be
the first.

Nobody even knows where
that tart is from.

Her father was a captain
in the merchant marines.

It's no excuse for her faults.

Her biggest fault is that
her parents are dead.

You seem well-informed.

Sometimes when I go
to the bookstore, we chat.

I can't wait for tonight.

You're such a romantic.

He's so handsome.

Not enough to afford
to be broke.

Better than your Rene.

Rene gives me presents.
One, two...

That's not it. You're doing
the Mambo. Let me show you.

See, like this.

Eric Carradine came to see me.

So, Mr. Tardieu, I'd like
to buy your shipyard.

Yours isn't enough?

I want to build a hotel.
All I need is your land.

We live off that shipyard.
Nobody'll take it.

Who's talking about taking?
I want to buy it.

I can give you 4 million.

4 million...

We wouldn't get very far.

You could have
a little shop...

We're not grocers.

It might not be such a bad idea.
Your business is dying.

What do you know?

You had to take another job.

That's my business.

Of course.

I need an answer within
two months. Think it over.

I have.

As you wish.

Goodbye gentlemen.
Thanks for coming down.

You coming, Christian?

Here kid. You can listen to it
at home.

Thanks, Mr. Carradine.

People like him don't scare me.

Maybe we shouldn't have come.

Hey, I scored a record.

So what?

Raise your offer.
They'll end up giving in.

What are you saying?

If I give them 20 million
for a shipyard that's worth 2,

they'll smell a rat.

If certain people hear
that we're building a casino

in St. Tropez, they'll get upset
and we may have trouble.

I didn't ask for your opinion.

You idiot! It's cold!

Come on, I'll warm you up.

Hold this for me.

Look at how handsome Antoine is.

I think he's ugly.

But Denise told me...

Hey, I'm taking root.

I'll come back and water you.

Denise, be a lamb and hold this
for me.

Watch and learn.

I need a new face first.


Do you know the story about
the worm who loved a star?

No. How does it end?


I know the song about the

who loves a butterfly.

How does it end?


I don't feel like talking.

But if I don't talk...
I want to kiss you.

I am a fool.

I waited a year before
I realized you were made for me.

I've waited a year for you
to say that.

Yes, but I have an excuse.


You were a kid.

I'm taking you to Toulon.

Monday, you'll take
the bus with me.

You don't believe me?

We'll see.

Can you come?

I'll do whatever you want.

Would you kiss me?

Kiss me.

She's not for us. Might as well
let Antoine have her.

Come and dance.

Go ahead. I always
get turned down.

Your technique is all wrong.

With women you always have to
be sure of yourself. Come on.

You're lucky. I'm free
for this dance.

Do you want to dance?

Hold this.

I can't. I have to hold the bag.

This is my favorite tune.

It's the first time
I've heard it.

Me too.

Not here...

I'll meet you at the harbor.

You seem to be having fun.

Have you ever known me not to?

It seems to be going well
with Juliette.

I'm going to have her tonight.

You don't waste any time
flirting, do you?

Girls like Juliette are good
for one night

then you forget them.

What if she's a clinger?

I'm going back to Toulon.
She'll forget.

You'll have to tell her

My boss wants me to marry
his niece.

What about her?

It's everything she wants.

Wait for me.

It's my turn to pay you a visit.

I love such surprises. May I?
Miss Juliette...


Mrs. Vigier-Lefranc.

Good evening.

I bought it on the port.
I'll give you the address.

Mr. Vigier-Lefranc,
Miss Juliette Hardy.


Don't look smart and change
that record.

Eric, you're a lost cause.


You're about to fall in love.

How can you tell?

When you look at her,
you don't seem as intelligent.

Ever hear of Vigier sugar?

That's me. Ever heard of Lefranc
vacuum cleaners?

That's me.

Will you come and dance
the cha-cha?

Never with a vacuum cleaner.

She'll never get anywhere.
She doesn't like money.

Marcel, you've had enough.

Not yet. I'm okay. You'll see.
From ten steps away. One, two...

It's a cocktail
I invented myself.

No thanks.

Is he waiting for you?



It just caught me
off guard.

You're bleeding. Let's put
some alcohol on it. Come on.

Really, I do apologize...

You've always been
a nasty drunk.

I'm a clumsy drunk,
It's not the same.

Not for everyone.

I thought I had alcohol.

I know a better treatment.

What's that?

It's dangerous. You won't
ever forget me.

I'll risk it.

Why did you come?

I don't know. Or maybe I do.
Or maybe not.

Don't ask stupid questions.

What are you thinking about?

Another useless question.
You can never answer the truth.

I thought you could.

Is he still there?


Yes. Does that bother you?

I don't give a damn.

Get out of here.

I hope she'll live.
Where is she?

She's gone.

Gone? Why?

Because she's brave enough to do
what she wants when she wants.

Nice going! At least you don't
waste any time.

I don't care,
I don't give a damn...

You seem to like it.

What got into you back there?


Shall I wait for you
at the bus stop tomorrow?

I said I would take you with me.

You didn't mean it.

I did. You'll see.

See you tomorrow.

Let's stay together tonight.

Or else you won't take me?

Don't be a child.
That has nothing to do with it.

Then I'll see you tomorrow.

Are you taking the first bus?

I'll wait at the crossroads.
Tell the driver to stop.

Come on, stay.

Is that her?

Half past one!

Did you guys miss me?

You went dancing again?

Until now?

Tell me something...

I do have something
to tell you in fact.

I promised you a surprise.
Well, here it is.

I am writing to the Welfare
Board reporting your behavior

and am asking they take you
back at St. Mary's.

You're going back to the

and you'll stay
until you're 21.

That's all you have to say
for yourself. Heartless girl.

I've had enough
of this menagerie.

My house isn't a circus.

Tomorrow that rabbit
will be stew.

Well, we'll see.

You're staying here.

Stop it.

Fly away...and watch out
for cats.

You too...go on.

Cities aren't for rabbits,
my poor Socrates. Run!

Look, it's Juliette.
What's she doing out so early?

Come back, I'm not leaving.

Socrates, come back here.

What a dumb rabbit!

She's been snooping around town
for three days.

She asked me about you
this morning. I told her off.

I wonder what she's after?

I have an idea. You want to know
what it is?

I understood when she asked me

I'd like "Home and Hearth"

Just there, behind you.

You gave me 10 francs too much.

Shameless, impolite,
and also lazy.

I was hoping to find excuses
for you,

but I help but agree
with Mrs. Morin.

- Excuses for what?
- Your behavior.

- Is it your business?
- Absolutely.

I've been put on your case
by the Welfare Board.

I'll tell them that you're
a disgrace to the orphanage.

I can't deny any of the rumors
I've heard.

My child, I think there's only
one way to save yourself.

Go see a doctor and have him
give you a certificate.

What kind of certificate?

If you're a proper young lady,
I'll give you another chance.

I didn't know love was
a disease.

Anyway, you're not at risk.
You've had your vaccine.

Your magazine. It's paid for.

What do you want?

"Le Provencal."

I want to get it myself.

I'll give it to you, but first
give me a big kiss.

We can come in as close
to the shore as 50 strokes.

Good. Have them stop the engine
in the middle of the bay.

You studied law, didn't you?

Suppose you're right and
they send the girl

back to the orphanage..

I can find out.

How can we avoid this?

It's not easy. You can't really
buy them off.

I mean legally.

There's marriage or adoption.

But that means a very close
investigation, police records,

- integrity...
- I see.

In business, you use a dummy
and lay low.

Why not? All I care in the end
is that she stays here.

Within your reach?

There's that shipyard.

I'm going to try again.
When is that moron coming back?

Probably Sunday. It's Easter.

Did you speak to the Tardieus?

There they are. It'll be easier.

I'm getting off. Wait for me
down the road.

I saw your car yesterday.
It's a Lancia, right?

What will she do?

220 km/hr. I'll let you try it.

No kidding.

Have you changed your mind yet?

I'm stubborn.

So am I. I'll raise my offer
by a million.

There must be oil on that land.

So what?

If I sold, my father would
turn over in his grave.

Strange town. Nobody here
wants my money.

Do you know what I just
found out?

The Morins are sending Juliette
back to the orphanage.

Does that make you happy?

I wouldn't have waited a year.

She's a kid.
She likes to play games.

She likes to play house.

She needs affection.

She needs someone to understand
and to guide her.

She's leaving anyway.

We can stop it.

That wouldn't do anyone
any good.

You say we can prevent her from
going back to the orphanage?


We'd need a man to sacrifice his
freedom so she can keep hers.

Marry her?

Marry Juliette?

The poor guy would never get
a hat on over his horns.

She won't find a husband here,
believe me.

How do you know?

I'd like the Daily Herald.

We only get it in the summer.

No problem. I'll come back.

It's noon...I'm locking up.

So you leave tomorrow.

Are you sad?

If you found another job,
could you stay?

Nothing can be done.

Are you going home?

No, I'm going to eat
on the jetty.

What if you got married?

Who would want me?

Wouldn't you be a good wife?

I like to have fun too much.

Anyone as pretty as you would.

I don't know. It's always as if
I'm going to die tomorrow...

Something inside me pushes me
to do silly things.

What if you were in love?
Would that make a difference?


I've never spoken about myself
so much.

Would you be my wife?

I'm sure I could make you happy.

No, we can't.

What are you afraid of?

Of myself.

You're no worse than
anyone else. On the contrary...

You don't know me.

I don't want you to go back
to that place.

Neither do I, Michel.

I hate to think about it;
I know it'll be awful.

I want so much for you
to be my wife.

Can you imagine your mother's
face when you tell her?

Never! She'll never be a part
of this family.

I'm 21. You can't stop me.

Never! Do you hear me? Never!

It's boiling over...

Take her if you want to...
but don't say I didn't warn you.

You're really getting married?
To whom?


I beg you, Michel,
think this over carefully.

That girl is like a wild animal.
She needs to be tamed.

You're not a man yet.

Ah, there you are!

If Jeanne made up her mind
about buying that motor,

we wouldn't always be late.

Excuse us.

Don't worry. Antoine
isn't even here yet.

I thought he came in yesterday.

His boss needed him at work.

He wasn't at the town hall.
He won't come.

We three have always
stuck together.

He won't come.

He was at the bus stop.
He's coming.

Michel Tardieu, do you take
as your lawful wedded wife

Juliette Christiane Hardy

in accordance with the rites
of our Holy Church?

Juliette Hardy, do you take
as your lawful wedded husband

Michel Tardieu in accordance

with the rites
of our Holy Church?

Please join your right hands.

You could have at least
stayed for dinner.

I have to be at work at 8AM

Well, good luck kid.

Are you angry with him?

I hate him.

At least you're not telling me
you're still in love with him.

Look, it's Juliette.

Do the newlyweds want a drink?

Not tonight.

Why didn't you invite us
to the wedding? Are you jealous?

You better get used to sharing.

The husband's wearing horns...

Come on.

Stop it. You'll kill him.
Are you crazy?

I didn't know you were so brave.

He's crazy to fight Rene.

Can you walk?

As soon as they're back,
we'll start eating.

I think we're having chicken.

Here they are!

Michel! What happened?


He got into a fight.

Michel in a fight?

- We have to call a doctor.
- No.

Start eating.
I'll take care of him.

Leave us alone, Mom.
Take care of the guests.

He must have taken some beating.

I'm sure it's her fault.

They're off to a good start.

You're very handsome.
You know that?

This is the first wedding party
I've attended

without the newlyweds.

Go see if your brother
needs anything.

The door's locked.

Try to get me a thigh.

Do you think you'll be able
to love me?

I love this.

Do I have to cross the dining
room to go into the kitchen?

Yes. Are you hungry?

How is he?

All right.

Does he need anything?

I'm taking care of him.

Good night.

You're an early bird.

I hear you're leaving us.
Going back to St. Tropez?

That's right.

What attracts you to that place?

Your protege is married
from what I hear.

You know I've got nothing
against married women.

Eric, you're so cynical.

We never see you anymore.
Are you hiding?

Set the table.
The boys are coming.

I used to flirt with Rene
to that tune.

We're through, you know.


Listen to this. It's terrific.

You know, Eric's back.
His secretary has a crush on me.

He wants to take me dancing
tonight. Eric's invited you.

We can all go in his car.

You're stupid. Marriage
is not a convent.

We're not deaf.

Don't you like to go out

I'm dying to.

I don't understand you.

I'd like to make Michel happy.

Come on, just tonight.

If I start, I won't be
able to stop.

Listen, it's Gilbert Becaud.

Then what should I tell Eric?

Tell him I don't like apples
anymore. He'll understand.

Here you go Socrates.
I thought of you.

What about me?

A whiskey.

Get me a Tellier at
the Ministry.

The ministry agrees
in principle,

but we have to move fast.

Hello... Give me
Paris Littre 12-34.

We lose our option on
the commune's land in 3 days.

I know. The trouble is news
of our plan are leaking out.

You didn't talk, did you?

I'd cut my tongue off first.

At least we would be safe.

All because 3 idiots refuse
to give up 50 yards of land.

Come in.

I told you to bring me the girl.

She didn't want to come.

You're a jackass.

If you're looking for Juliette,

she comes in here
every afternoon.

She plays songs on the jukebox.

There's a useful kid.

Give me 100 francs.

I don't have anything on me.

Give Juliette 100 francs.

I'm not a money tree.

I'll give it back.

This month, we're in debt.

Of course, she doesn't care.

We'll worry when
there's no money left.

Why don't you work a little
for a change?

But I do work.
I work at being happy.

You're handsome. You
should smile all the time.

I wonder where she goes
every day.

You should keep an eye on her.

I hear only the sound
of your voice in the night

Let's dance together
swaying to your words of love

Slowly and again
and forever and ever

Tell me something
my sweet darling

Take me in your arms

I'd love to.

And smile

I know, in this game

You can steal my heart
and my life

But tell me something sweet

Are you happy?

Of course.

No, you aren't cut out
for this kind of life.

I know you very well, you know.

We're cast from the same mold,
you and I.

You can lie...I can't.

You'll learn.

Let me ask you again:
Are you happy?

I'm trying.

Your husband is a fool.

With a wife like you,
he should find money.

How so?

I'm offering it to him.
Why won't they sell?

I am beginning
to understand them.

As long as they own something,
they won't feel poor.

You're not stupid at all.
Of course...

It's Christopher Columbus' egg.

My mistake was to
offer them money.

I'll offer them a 30% stake
in the port's shipyard.

We'll be rich?

You'll live well.
Will I get my car?

I'm still expecting a visit.

I won't come anymore.

Don't tell me you love
your husband.

Have you ever seen him smile?

You're worth more than a smile.

Everything I love,
I've got here...

The sea, the sun, the hot sand,

And eating.

One day, you'll want more.


I'll wait.

When your hair turns gray,
time is no object.

Only the young are impatient.

Are you angry?

I don't like saying goodbye.

Tell me something
my sweet darling

Take me in your arms...

It's a deal...
but on one condition

I want to manage your shipyard.

It's the best way to protect
our investment.

You won't lose out.

I know how to manage a site
and I intend to make money.

You'd be coming home?

Take it or leave it.

I accept. Let's sign
the contracts right away.

I think it went pretty well.

You were amazing, Antoine.

We signed.

We're rich, Juliette.
I can buy you anything you want.

Antoine is coming home
to run the shipyard.

Say it isn't so.

It is. Everything's signed.

Antoine can't come back. I am
begging you to prevent this.

Even if I could, it's too late.
The contracts are signed.

I beg you, don't let him
come back.

There's nothing I can do, kid.
Is it that serious?

A brand new set. I'll have it
glued back together.

Your little wife seems a bit
agitated lately.

You should really take care
of her.

Don't worry. He knows exactly
how to take care of me.

At night, we're never bored.

Hey, that's rated R.
I'm still here.

I'm going to bed.

Why are you waiting
to follow her up?

Come in.

You know, the last foreman
worries me.

The books aren't adding up.

Are you sure? You have proof?

We'll get up an hour early
to take inventory

before the crew gets in.

Good night.

Are you done? You old maid.

I forbid you to laugh.

They seem to be having fun
next door.

Your turn.

Hey, it's your turn.

They stopped talking.
They have better things to do.

Shut up.

They must have taken out
some brain matter

to make you this tall.

Don't piss me off. You won't
enjoy what you'll get.

They're the ones enjoying
themselves. My trick!

Juliette was made for you.

Your brother had to marry her
to make you realize it.


It's a little late to be angry,

Do what I do;
suffer with a smile.

Get the hell out.

Okay, but you owe me
2400 francs.

We weren't playing for money.

Now that you've lost,
you say that.

Fine. Now go away. I've seen
enough of you.

2400. Don't forget.

Aren't you happy?

Someone asked me that already.

If you've had enough,
just tell me.

I was beginning to love you.

So what happened?

I'm scared.

You're just a little kitten.

You have to love me very much.

I'm crazy about you.

Then tell me.

Tell me you love me, that
I'm yours, that you need me.

Kiss me, Michel.

I'm scared.

Of what?

It's difficult being happy.

Everything okay?

Just fine, sir.

I have to go away for a while.

Have a good trip.

Are you crazy?

I'm shooting bottles.

Where did you find this gun?

In the drawer. I love to shoot.
It's exciting.

I was down there.

I didn't see you.

You didn't miss me by much.

It's not funny.
I said that's enough.

It's fine to play the wild
child, but you're going too far.

If I were your husband
or your father,

I'd give you a good spanking.

Go ahead.


What's going on?

Your sister-in-law
thought it was a good idea

to have target practice
on those bottles.

You could have injured someone.

All right, back to work...
You too.

What are you doing here?

I came to get you.
It's 6 o'clock.


Go, but please
take her with you.

How long do you think
this marriage will last?

Are you interested
in our profits

or in our family squabbles?


- Does she cry?
- Of course not.

Maybe she does when
she's alone.

She's too much of a bitch
for that.

When it comes to female
psychology, my poor boy,

you're stuck in the Stone Age.

They're gonna bawl me out.

Give me an orange.

What are you doing here?

Get out.


Move over.

Too bad I have no one to call.

You'll have to see LeFaur
for the paint.

I also have to see the lawyer.

I won't be able to do everything
in one day.

Are you going to Marseilles?

Yes, for the day.

I'm going with you.

I'll be running all day.
You'll be bored.

You have to get up at 6 o'clock.
I'm taking the first bus.

I don't mind.

Take this to the bank tomorrow...
it's starting to come in.

- Who cares about money?
- Leave that alone.

There's no one there.

They must be deaf.

It's probably a wrong number,

since we've only had the phone
since this morning.

Carradine, you are
the incarnation of luck.

You think, your Highness?

You have money, power, women...

Tell me.

What does one have to do
to have a woman?

You're asking me?

1,800,000 francs.

With the house?

With the house.

Banco only.

It depends on the woman.
Usually it takes jewels, furs...

In extreme cases,
a little mansion.

Let's say you're passionately
in love with a woman.

One night she comes
to see you...

Instead of having her, you see
someone else marries her.

You call that luck?

No, I call it good judgement.


The bus leaves in half-an-hour.

I'm sleepy.

You not coming?

I am.

See you tomorrow.

So how's everything?


Tomorrow, we'll have
the oxygen tanks.

Where's the small boat?

I don't know.

Where's the small boat?

Juliette took it.

- Are you out of your mind?
- No. Why?

The engine's faulty.
Where did she go?

Toward the Camarat lighthouse.

Stupid boat.

Damn thing. Great boat
you got here.

I have to take the boat back.

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Will you get up, you wet slob.

Do you want me to carry you?

Are you going to spend
the night here?

What do you want?

You're feverish!

I think so.

I'm always scared
when I have a fever.

Stay with me.

When I'm asleep, you can go.

Don't worry.

I'm miserable.

Stop drinking.

What's he doing up in her room?

I understand everything now.

You're in love with him.
It was bound to happen.

I don't love him.

It's like a disease.

I was going to be happy
with Michel

and now everything's ruined.

You'll forget.

If only I could lie
like the others...

You'll forget.

Both in the same day.
You could have waited.


You have no business here.

I'm going to take judo lessons.
I'll teach you!

Anyway, she got what she wanted.

Maybe I wanted a friend.

You're not a kid anymore.

I'll make you some coffee.

You're working already?

I thought I'd find you
all asleep.

I saw the lawyer last night
after dinner,

so I took the first bus.

I don't want to go see Juliette.
She must be asleep.

I brought this for Mom.

It's just what she wanted
for her bedroom.

Where are you going?

To the yard.

It's way too early.

What's wrong with Antoine today?

I have to talk to you.

About what?

Your wife, my poor boy.

What's wrong with her?

She's fine. Come in...

It's best you know before
you make a fool of yourself.

Your brother...she's off
to a good start.

What should we do?

You have to tell her to leave.

If she makes a fuss,
tell her we'll provide for her.

But she has to leave now,
this morning.

Here, I brought this
for you.

I warned you.

Where are you going?

To find Juliette.

Don't! Please...
she'll be the end of you.

Isn't that the Esmeralda
coming in?

That's Carradine's boat.

You're lucky I stopped.

Are you hurt?

My goodness, she's smashed.

This early?

A brandy...double.

Have you seen Lucienne?

Not yet, no.

She should be here shortly.
I'm supposed to meet her.

Oh, it's awful!

Another one...a double.

Juliette almost had an accident.
She looked weird.

She went into the
"Bar des Amis."

It's none of my business, but
you shouldn't let her go there.

What are you doing here?
You should be at work.

Wait for me.
I'll be right there.

What's the matter?

I don't know.

Did something happen?

Am I crazy?
It must be the fever.

It's stupid to go swimming
this time of year.

Dying should be as easy
as swallowing this.

I've got such a hangover.

Have you seen Juliette?

I've looked everywhere.

There's a bar where
the whores go.

You can find her there.


Shit, my head is pounding.

Where is she?

At the "Bar des Amis."
Getting hammered.

Don't go.

Forget about that bitch.

I won't allow you
to call her that.

Your bitch whore.

Why whore? Did you pay
to have her?

Yes. She cost me a boat.
I wasn't insured.

What's the problem?
Do I need a shave?

You're upset with me,
aren't you?

Well, I'm glad you know.

Who told you?


She was right to do it.

Forget her!

Yesterday she was screaming
in my arms.

Tomorrow, it'll be another.

I don't care! She's my wife.
I want her back.

I guarantee you won't leave
this place.

You're not going to stay there
all day.

Why not? It'll give me time
to think.

You're jealous.

You'd rather she leave
than to see her in my arms.

You're insane.

Let me through.

That stuff only works
in detective movies.

Give me the key.

Go on, give me the key.

Will you give the damn key?

Stop it!

What do you think you're
gonna do? Don't be a fool!

Enough. Cut it out.

Christian. Antoine's hurt.
In the shed.

Hello...yes, it's me.

Excuse me.

You're always typing
when I'm on the phone.

I'm listening.

I'm calling like you
asked me to.

Something happened with
her husband. I'm not sure what.

She's acting weird...

What's that noise?

It's the "Whiskey Club" band

They're opening up
in a few days.

Come dance?

What's gotten into you?

Can't you see I'm having fun?

Come on. That's enough.

Do you know a place where people
just want to dance and laugh?

I'll take you there.

Is it far away?

Halfway across the world.

I'd like to stop thinking

That's why I'm here Juliette.

I'd like to speak to you.

I am begging you, stop!

Stop it.

Juliette, please.

Don't move.

You fool! Can't you see
she loves you.

You're lucky. You only made
a hole in my shirt.

What's going on?

Come with me.

What got into you?
Are you mad?

I can't drive.

I'll take you to a doctor.

Not here.
They'd tell the police.

And the police don't know
anything about love.

I have a friend who's a surgeon
in Nice.

Very clever.

No one is clever today.
Not even you.


You missed your only chance
to take her away.

I know.

You're no good at playing
Santa Claus.

I'd rather play Santa Claus
than a puppet.

That girl is made to destroy men.

Are you afraid?

Maybe for the first time
in my life.

Poor Michel. He played
"loser wins" with you.

He's young. He might recover.

But you're leaving St. Tropez.

I know what I have to do.

Let me give you some advice.

Don't ever forget that
I'm the boss.

I've broken much stronger men
than you.

Let's get out of here. I don't
want to die in this wreck.