...And Give Us Our Daily Sex (1979) - full transcript

VerĂ³nica (Barbara Rey) and her friend (Laura Gemser) are two very sexy bisexual nurses who live upstairs from a rather boring couple and their teenage soon. In a science class at school he ...


(With a Sicilian accent)
24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30...

Enzino! Enough!
Your mother is asleep.

Asleep? But isn't she dead?

- Antonio, can I play here?
- No.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

- I said no
- Ugh!

What does it mean that the widow's Corallo
ass is the most beautiful in Catania?

- What did you say?
- I didn't say that. It was Dad.

- Dad?
- Yes. I've heard him saying this on the staircase.

- Can you tell me what does that mean?
- Did you hear it today?


You have the best... heart in Catania.
What would I do without you?

Please, we are both widowers now.

- Margherita was like a sister to me.
- Poor thing.

My mother is dead, my mother is dead,
my mother is dead, my mother is dead.

- Eh!
- Who is it?

- Nino, let me in.
- Do not bother me!

I can't play in the bedroom because
Antonio will not let me...

I can't in the living room,
because Mom has died...

You're here!
So where can I play? Ugh!

I'll go to the shop for a moment to finish inventory.
These are difficult times, you know?

You have to combine business and pleasure ...

What am I saying!
Necessity virtue needs to be done, right?

If you could look after...

Calm down, I'll take care of the wake.
So unfortunate...

- Peppino, who would imagine?

- Stay strong.
- How did it happen?

The other night I found her dead in bed.

- What a disgrace!

- Poor Margherita!
- Thanks.

- Can I help in anything?
- Yes, please. Say a prayer for Margherita.

- I can pray here.
- Is Matteo on the cemetery?

- I don't know.

- Come on, I can't be a closed for a month!
- This is moth-eaten... trash?

No, we put it as the special offer.

- Concettina?
- I'm here.

Sorry, there is a piece of Batista missing.
What do we do?

What do we do?
Look for it!

This is stained muslin.
Will we sell at cost?

What cost?
Send it to the cleaners!

And you, what are you doing, Lococco?

- Measuring the remnants.
- And how do you measure: by eye.

- I wanted to finish fast...
- Finish fast to annoy me.

- How long is this, according to you?
- 280 cm... 290 cm...

Oh, yeah? Let's see.
Use tailor ruler to measure.



Three and 45.
- Bastard, you'll ruin me.

- But, I've seen you doing that.
- But... you're not normal.

You have an arm like a ride level!
- You have to use the meter.

Hurry up, I want to open the store on Monday.
I have to think about the living!


Blessed Mother!

Give me the ball!

I want my ball!

Dill! -

- Margherita La Brocca was an exemplary mother.
- Rest in peace.

- And a sure guide.
- Rest in peace.

- Radiant light of love and mercy.
- Rest in peace.

Enzino, pay a little attention.

See, Nino. That is the most beautiful ass
in Catania. - Ssh!

Tender loving presence
always and under all circumstances.

Living closely and resolving
small and inevitable family crisis.

Rest in peace.

Her husband cries, but there is something
that gives the strength.

He knows that if he can follow
her beautiful example of life...

... eventually he will meet with her
at the glory of the Lord.

Well, the truth is
that I'm not in a hurry.

- But Margherita La Brocca is not dead.
- How she is not dead? She's dead.

She never abandoned
the house which was hers.

There will be no time of day or
room in the house...

...where her soul is made present,
hovering like a beneficial family...

...guardian, I would say to those who
were left in pain and despair...

You don't need to be always at home.

The paths of the Lord are infinite.
Rest in peace, Margherita...

... so you can resurrect at
the Judgement Day.

Thank you for everything once again,
Dona Ines.

Don't play, there's no one at home!

- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.

- Excuse me.
- Please.

- My condolences.
- Thanks.

Sorry, I waxed the floor a bit, because
was very dirty with all the hustle.

- Look how clean everything is!
- I took the liberty to make some order.

I threw out the flowers, they smelled bad.

The candles are still there.
- We can bring them to the Parish.

Yes, everything is done very well. Thank you.
- But forgive me. Who are you?

The Agency told me three days ago to come here.

Signora made the request,
because you needed a maid, right?

Oops, sorry. I thought you were
daughter of Margherita's second cousin...

...the one who lives in Caltanissetta and has
a hotel opposite the station.

- What's his name?
- Do not know. - Ah, Matteo!

My name is Angela La Barbera.

I allowed myself to prepare a dinner.

A soup, stew and salad.
Have I done wrong?

- He's a saint.
- Lentini? - No, Caltagirone.

The order placed by that person.
Neat, clean.

Look Aggatino... if you find a speck of dust
at home, I give you a million lire.

All perfectly clean and tidy.
And you know what is I wonder?

The fact of having so many suits or underwear.

- Wait, see for yourself.
- Certainly never in life I had seen so many socks.

Not if you were a centipede!

Shirts, handkerchiefs,
scent of orange blossom.

Even puts orange blossoms!
Do you realize?

- Thinks about everything.
- A blessing in disguise.

I know who sent her.
I have to thank you, Margherita.

You've sent me the saint
to help all of us.

When you just arrived in Heaven,
you haven't even had time to unpack the luggage...

Margherita, about what Don Cirillo said...

...that your soul and your spirit
flutter around the house...

I wanted to tell you that is not needed anymore,
you can rest in peace now.

And... Angelina can take care
of the house now.

In the end, you've sent her.

Get out!


- Water.
- You kept it running.

- It's freezing, miss.
- Bravo.

Gambino, begin to read this sentence.

- You have bathed the creature?
- It's still numb.

Has put the dick in the glass!
Has put the dick in the glass!

Enough, silence!

If my father had a store, I wouldn't go to school,
I would work for him.

My father says that without the degree
you don't sell even shoe laces.

Your father has a degree?
Yes, the gymnasium's diploma!

- Nino, Nino, come at once, we're waiting.
- Coming.

- Nino, who is she?
- The new maid.

- That piece of "sticchio" (cunt)!
- What?

I know what I'm saying.
You're a lucky guy.

My mother doesn't want young girls,
because of my father.

We have 120 years old cook and butler.
So which ass you want to pinch.

- You always end up masturbating.
- Yeah, all right. - Bye, Porcello.

- But that one you're already...
- Always thinking about these things! Bye.

In this TV I can not see anything.

It is not the TV, it is the wind.

Do you realize?
It's the wind that moves the antenna.

Now it begins to show something.

It looks great.


- Angelina, you give me a bath tomorrow, right?
- Who said so!

- Shut up, idiot!
- You want some?

A fight here!
Leave him alone.

- Why do you shave every morning?
- It grows. - Shut up!


Come on, throw the ball!

- Pass here!
- Move to the wing!

Do not pull it.

- Ninuzzo, why aren't you at school?
- While I was there, I fell.

- Jesus, what happened?
- No, it's nothing. - Come on.

- Ouch!
- Do not worry. It's just iodine.

Now I breathe a little, so the stinging passes.

Oh, mamma!

- Put your hand on.
- On the wound?

No, "pirellino" (wiener),
I need to put a band-aid.

- Angela...
- What!

- Don't say anything to dad, okey?
- Don't worry, I will not say anything.

It will be a secret between you and me.
Still hurts? - No.

- You made up with her? - Of course.
- And saw her naked? - Yeah.

- And then what? Tell me.
- And then we slept together.

Shit, what a luck!
Now, she's in our hands.

- What do you mean?
- You could tell her to do it once with both of us.

No, certainly not!

- I'll let you see Luciana.
- Your sister... I always see her.

- Naked?
- What?

Wait, let me see first.


- Why does she sleeps with the door open ?
- She pretends to be asleep, she likes to be watched.

- Why does she like it?
- Because she's a bitch and all.

- But I don't see much from here.
- Hold on.

- What do you do? - I footsteps.
- But she'll will hear you.


Enzino, angel.
Take a long long pee.

Now go back to sleep, bravo.

- You did it three times?
- Sure.

Nino, did she scream with passion?

Don't get distracted, Nino.

- Is your sister crazy? Dances alone.
- I know, she's crazy as a loon.

- But tell all erotic details.
- It was something overwhelming.

- Tell me some nasty details.
- If you give me your gun, I tell.

But next time you do it, I want to see.

- Stop!
- You're a pervert!

- C'mon, stop!
- You're just a degenerate.

Come and dance.

Come, Ninuzzo, dance.

Why stay stiff?
You look like a broomstick.

What are you looking at?

Your father and brother also do that?

Idiot! My brother is a fool
and my father is old!

My dad has a mistress in Palermo and Naples.
- And one in Milan.

- But I keep an eye on her.
- Even when you're at school? - Fuck you!

- You and that bitch, your sister!
- Ah!

What's going on?

- What with the boy?
- Something made him sick to the stomach.

- He has a fever?
- No, only a slight alteration.

Should I call the doctor?
- There is no need, just a day of rest.

It's the cigarettes, because I know he smokes.

If you continue,
you'll see how it'll finish!

Ninuzzo, what's wrong?
You haven't done the homework, right?

You don't know the lesson?
You don't want to say?

You had a fight with someone?
Is something happened with your friends?

Look, once I could follow the game,
but I do not want to get myself in trouble.

Because you have no fever.
Only 36 and 2.

Nino, tell me something.

Very well, so tomorrow I send you to school,
even if you have 40 degrees of fever!

Got it?

- What do you do? Peeping? - No!
- Get out of here!

- Angelina, I'm doing the exercises.
- I know your exercises!

- What are you doing, degenerate?
- Push-ups, Dad.

- I know what you were looking at, you depraved pig!
- But Dad...

Okay, I peeped, too. That's it!

Because she entered my head
and I can not get her out of there.

Margherita... maybe I should remarried?

You say no?

The truth is that she is so beautiful, so feminine...
Do you understand?

- Gentlemen, pasta.
- Good. - Hold it.

- So, can I go?
- Yes, don't let your boyfriend to wait.

What boyfriend? I'm going to my aunt's house
and then to the movies.

Come on, I don't believe that a girl
as beautiful as you has no boyfriend.

- I have a very special taste.
- Oh, yes!

- Special taste.
- Signor Corallo!

Donna Ines, how are you?

Don Ignazio. It's a pleasure to see you.
How's everything?

You know. With the kids and my work...

That is true. By the way, I decided
to renew my wardrobe.

- I think it's time to take away all these black dresses.
- You're right.

The mourning is carried in the heart, not the dress.

Donna Ines, stop at my store. We have classy things.

I would like you to help me to choose.
You're a man with a good taste.

Why won't you come to my house one afternoon
for a drink?

- You could bring some samples.
- Yes, yes, one of these evenings. - I count on you.

Angela, look.

Signorino, what are you...?


- Are you hurt?
- No, it's nothing, just a twist.

Enzino, don't eat with your hands.

The clinic has cost me 90,000 liras,
you've lost your scholarship for a year.

- Dad, you have to take care of the body.
- The head must be taken care of, you idiot.

- Uee uee, Antonio wants his baby food?
- Shut up, you stupid.

- Maciste want the baby food!
- Enough!

Granted the status in March 1848...

... and the same month
went to war with Austria.

On July 25th was defeated at Custoza...

... and then was defeated at Novara.
This Carlo Alberto was always defeated!

Angela, do not be silly, come here.
- No, sir, please.

- Come closer, Angelina. What do you care?
- Leave me alone or I scream.

- Come on, be good.
- Keep your hands to yourself, please!

Let me!

Good? Drink it.

Drink it, it's cool.

You liked it?

- Get off me, asshole!
- Please, do not fight.

- You're disgusting, leave me!
- And what's stopping you, go, go!

- Stop it, please.
- No, do not stop. Give it to him, Nino!

Enzino, keep quiet?

Moron, what do you do now?

Nino, punch him in the mouth!

- Enough! No more!

- I tell your father when he is back.

- Get off me!
- Stop! Enzino, shut up!

- Stop it!
- I kill you!

Mordetevi, come on!

- Enough!
- Do not stop!

- Enzino, go away.
- Damn, you spit!

- I'll teach you to be a cock!
- Rotten!

- You are too small for her, go to the bathroom!
- I'll kill you!

I'm instead going tonight to her room to fuck.

What do you want?

Ninuzzo, do not take it so serious.
Antonio is not bad, he's just disrespectful.

No, he's not disrespectful,
he's a son of "buttana"!

- I do not want you to argue because of me.
- It has nothing to do with you.

I'm fond of him and you, too.

I saw it how you put
a flower every morning.

What are you saying!
Go to the kitchen to wash dishes.

What do you want?

What a pig!

Did you see that old man!

I hate them, hate them!

Maledetti! Aha!

Alarm, Dad!
- Stop the thief! ln my shop!


- Can't you shut off this alarm?
- And you Sergeant!

I hear this siren for three hours!

After tonight I don't feel safe even in my room.

- I have made some coffee.
- Please, sergeant.

- Give some coffee to the boys.
- Russo, Pirandella.

- What is this?
- Don't bother, go to bed, please!

Why when the thieves came,
you and Dad, both smell of perfume?

Enzino, shut up!

Why you and Dad get new pajamas,
when the thieves came?


- Finally!
- Doesn't seem possible.

- Are you sure that nothing got stolen?
- Nothing is missing, I think.

Strange that the thief broke the window
instead of picking the lock.

They must have been afraid.

- You wants to make a complaint?
- About who? A ghost?

Margherita, it was your doing!

You also begin to use the stones!

That glass cost me one hundred thousand liras!

Why you had to break it, Margherita?

The window, I mean.

Margherita, you need
a little more understanding.

I'll tell you once and for all...

...from the erotic point of view,
our relationship is over...

Living of the past!

The things I have to say to her face.

- Angela, I need talk to you!
- Shhh, Nino is studying.

- Nino?
- Eh.

Nino, go to Lococo and
take the fabric samples to Mrs. Corallo.

- So she can pick the one she likes.
- But I have to study.

What do you mean, you have to study?
Tomorrow is holiday, you can study tomorrow. Go.

- But tomorrow we go to Grandma.
- Then study tonight!

You always discuss
of every thing that is asked of you!

Get up and do as I tell you!
Always discuss everything!

- What are you doing here?
- Nothing, I was passing by and I said...

- You were going to spy!
- Nonsense: spy!

- I was going to meet a friend.
- But you do not have a friend here?

I have take these fabrics to a client...
- I understand! Bye...

- Porcello, wait for me at my place,
I'll be right back. - Okay.

Cincin, Ninuzzo!

Even though this one...
Perhaps a little lighter.

This is not bad
What do you think?

Isn't too juvenile?
Too lively?

In the end, I'm not old.

How old I am, Ninuzzo?

How many years you giving me? Guess.

This is lovely.

But you can not see the full effect
of dress with all this stuff below.

Almost, almost, it is worth of trying it.

- Ninuzzo, what you say?
Should I try it? - Yes

I'm going to hold it with the pins,
it will be easier.

In the meantime, I'll put some music,
so you will not get bored.

I'll be right back, in a flash.

- Here I am. - What are you doing here?
- Your father sent me to help you.

- And you left them alone? - Eh!
- I told you to wait for me.

- I felt that I'm bothering them.
You smell of wine. - It's my problem.

Wait here, signora will be right back.

- Who is she?
- Do not worry. - What do I say?

And now what?

Nino, it's you.

- Nino, are you finished?
- Yes

And the fabrics?

She said she would keep it,
she must think about it.

- You don't feel good?
- I mean. - What is it?

How do I look?

- But you're not Ninuzzo!
- Stefano Puglisi, called "Porcello".

- What are you doing here?
- I passed by and I said to myself...

I pay, do not worry.

Don't talk more about it.
We need to talk about marriage.

You only have to say yes.

But how?
Do as I say.

But what people would say?

Fuck the people!
Angela, my mother gave her consent.

And the boys?
They will do what I say.

No, get out! Guido.
Let me, I'll drive.

- Uffa, Dad!
- Do you want to wreck this car?

- What about tomorrow?
- Not tomorrow or the day after! Angela.

Angela, Enzino!

- Grandmother's kiss stinks.
- Silence!

Dad, you never put directly the fourth,
the engine will crash.

Your brain will crash!
The car is mine and I do what I want.

If I want, I drive to Grandma in reverse!

See, told you so.

Camilo, They are coming!
Get outside!


- The gear, Dad.
- Yes, the gear!

- Ignazio, good to see you.
- Adela, how are you?

- Enzino, behave yourself.
- Just no kissing.

Antonio, how you've grown!

- Adelina, it's you who shrinks.
- I'm getting old.

- Adele, how's the mother?
- After fifty, something bad every 10 years!

- No. I say with humor.
- Ah, the humor! Today north wind blows.

- I will not kiss the grandfather. She stinks.
- Be careful, today is the day!

- I do not want to come?
- Enzino, you're annoying. - Go.

- Please!
- I said no!

Kiss grandmother.

- Where is Enzino?
- Well... - Shut up.

Nino, you're so pale.
You're not well?

- I can't find Enzino.
- Where is he gone... - Shut up.

- Is this the new maid?
- Actually...

Shut up. She's too smart.

Go to the kitchen to help Adelina.

- Mamma, I...
- Shut up! Go.


Give me a hand.

- Mamma, but...
- Shut up.

How many times do I have to say
that the wheelchair is for paralyzed!

- And I'm not paralyzed, I'm just tired.
- Yes, mom. - Shut up!

You need to do these things,
we are at the grandma's house.

I do not want to see her,
because she stinks.

If I wasn' hungry,
you wouldn't have find me.

- Kiss the grandmother, do it for me.
- Okay, but I'll cover my nose.

- Where was Enzino?
- He was hiding in the barn.

Crazy kid!
Say hello to grandmother, give her a kiss.

Come on, sit down and be quiet.

Next time I'll not take you
to your grandmother. - Go. Go.

Nothing than trading!
You are what you owe!

I'm old and will not be here for ever.

The fact is that a farm requires
tough hand and carying eye.

It's time for me to stop
losing money on your store.

These cigars are now a crap.
They look like a straw.

- But, Mom...
- Shut up!

Your Father was real landlord...

- And you are certainly not like him!
- That I know!

- And remember that I can die any day.
- Tomorrow, Grandma?

- Ma...
- Eat Enzino!

Remember, don't talk when grown ups are having conversation. Eat!

Mom, at least in front of children,
treat me with some regard and respect.

Regard? Respect?

Perhaps you have had regard and respect
for them or for yourself?

- The cigarette.
What? - The cigarette

What do you think?
"Dumb son understands his mother".

- I'm dumb because you never let me talk.
- Shut up!

When you open your mouth,
just say nonsense!

- You want to tied your hands with a servant!
- What servant?

She makes you comfortable, but the servants
are for this, since the world began!

- But you want to marry her!
- What's wrong with that?

- She's a good girl, hard working...
- Shut up, she's a servant!

- Maid!
- Servant!

- It would be a big savings for the house, no?
- Have you thought about the children?

Yes, I thought about them. She loves them
and she is like a mother to them!

Shut up!
I can see that you're just an "old fart"!

Enough, Mom!
Stop it, we're done, okay?

I'm not a child! When we're talking,
treat me serious..

...or we don't talk anymore! - Shut...
- Mom, you're not feeling well?

- I'm dying, shut up. You're killing me.
- You're scaring me...

- Shut up...
- Adele, Mom is feeling bad!

Enzino... What's wrong?

What did you see? Mom, right?

- I've heard what you said. - Mom?
- Yes, mom is dead.

She was crying because she wanted
her little boy.

She suffers because you don't want her as much as before.

I want my mommy!
I want my mommy!

Cry harder, call mom!

- Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!
- Scream stronger!

Enzino! What's wrong?

- I want my mommy!
- Enzino, what...

- What happened ?
- He said he had dream about mother. - Mom!

- Enzino, what's wrong?
- I don't want you, I want mom!

I don't want you, I want my mom!

- Look, mother... - Shut up!
- Mamma, it's the first time...

- It never happened before,
even the first few days! - Shut up!

What do they do?
Angelina, call them!

They're coming down.
Why do you want to leave?

She will be sad, poor old woman!

Tell her we had to leave early
and didn't want to wake her up.

- Do not worry I'll call.
- Maybe she is awake, she never sleeps!

I passed in front of her door
and I've heard snoring!

- Come on, move. Where have you been?
- In the bathroom.

You're always in the bathroom! Move!
From morning till the evening in the bathroom!

- What do you do?
- Can't you see? I'm leaving!

- Can I ask why?
- You did everything to make me go!

- Aren't you glad?
- Me? What have I done?

Creating Enzino's nightmares,
the ghost of your mother!

I understand!
You'ver turned Enzino against me!

Do not worry!
I don't want to steal your mother's place!

- Angela, don't go!
- Oh, no?

- So, can you tell what do you want from me?
- Nothing.


Dad, you don't understand anything
about football and you'll never understand!

"I understand nothing" - genius spoke!
Here, no one understands anything!

The Americans play Italy!

They have to go after the ball!
But what they are doing? They are wrong!

- Goal! We have them!

- The game is not over yet.

That's better! Milk is the best
for boys your age!

Best? What are you talking about?
I do not understand!

You don't?
And last night, in front of TV?

Have you already forgotten?
What was that nonsense you wanted from me.

- What is this? - Don't pretend you don't understand?
With all those disgusting magazines you hide?

- Leave it, you'll break it!
- It doesn't rub?

What do you care if it rubs?

If you wouldn't put it on, wouldn't you be freer?
Wouldn't you feel better?

That's my business!

It's better if you don't you put it on.
Do not wear it tomorrow, okay?

Ninuzzo, listen to me...

Enzino, wake up!

Wake up, Enzino!
Mama is back!

Wake up, there's mom!
Why don't you scream?

- Son of a bitch!
- Fuck off!


I don't wear it, I did as you wanted.

- Bravo. Now I want you
- Just now, eh?

Stop it!

- I want you to take off your panties.
- Leave me alone, cut it out!

I want you to have nothing underneath.
Only the dress!

I'll do as I want!

And you sleep tonight and let other sleep!
Have I explained clearly?

- It's all right? - Yes.
Could you pass me to the book, please?

- Me? - Yes.
When I get up on a ladder I get dizzy.


It's a thick book with the green cover.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing, I'm holding the ladder.

- This one?
- No. I think I was wrong.

- The other one, with the red cover.
- Red, eh?

Maybe you're wrong again, huh?

- Yes, maybe.
- And this one, then?

Is this... or this...?

Or is it? Now tell me, is this
the book you want to see?

Are you happy? Want more?

Fucking coward!

Mamma! Mamma!

Be gently. The souls of the dead
are very susceptible.

Slowly. It should be here.

In the hall, above the entrance.

Her blessed soul can be seen and remembered by all arriving home.

- Here is where she belongs.
- I have to make the connections to the power...

...but there is no outlet.
- Find one.

Hurry up, then go to the store.

- Here comes the visioner! Did you sleep well?
- Wait. - Leave me alone!

Disgraceful! What are you doing?
Is that how you answer?

Look at that...


- You should not do that! - I am in despair.
I can't take this anymore!

I'm going to see Don Cirillo and
talk to the boys in front of him.

- And if they are convinced,
you will be convinced... - Okay.

But it would be better to think, wait.

Why should I wait?
They are already grown up!

You only live once.
And when one is dead...

...should stay dead!
Is that clear?

No. She is an exquisite person.

- Have you had any difficulties?
- No, no. - Were you able to talk?

- I spoke with her.
- She just doesn't talk to me!

She is an honest woman.

Now all we need is
to persuade my mother.

- Your mother? What do you mean?
- You haven't talked to my mother?

No. Before I talk to your mother,
which is a holy woman...

...but a little argumentative...
- Shit, very argumentative!

- I have to know what I'm going to sell her.

Look, Angela is a girl who is as clear
as a glass of water!

But you are in a hurry to drink it!

I understand that very well...

... because you do not have many
cartridges to shoot!

Look, I'm still a man of integrity!

Yes, yes, but you're not a youngster
and then there're your children.

And your mother is right to make sure that
the boys get along with Angela.

- They get along very well. I'm telling you!
- All of them? Even Enzino?

Especially. When he wakes up at night
he calls: "Angela, Angela"!

- And if she doesn't come...
- He pisses in the bed!

Ignazio, here at stakes is
yours and her happiness.

And especially that of the boys
and any future children.

- Right, with God's help!
- Naturally, because it's alone...

Please, Cirillo!
Would you to talk to my mother?

First I want to talk to the boys.
Come on, I've got a little hungry.

Dear boys, you should be aware of the situation of your father.

He's still a young man and has
three devils to put up with...

...without the presence of a female hand, without a wife.

I think his decision...

...to take as a wife Angela La Barbera...

...which, moreover, has incredible
knowledge of cooking!

- This dish is wonderful!
- You see, he likes it.

I think this is correct
and well thought decision.

And I approve it unconditionally!

Although it is logical to expect
that this decision...

...is to be made with joy of all of you...

...with everybody's consent.

- Because with this beautiful dove
your father not only marry for himself. - No?

...but also catches "mamma"!

- For me, I'm happy if Dad is happy.
- Dad is very happy!

We are fine with Angela.
We got used to have her at home.

- And you, Ninuzzo, are you happy?
- Angela, for me... Is not...

- Is not?
- Because I see Mom at night!

- What are those occurrences of his mother?
- They are only fantasies, dreams!

Wait a minute. Tell me, Ninuzzo...

It is not like a dream.
I see her as I see you now.

- What does she say? She talks?
- No, she doesn't talk. She cries.

- She always cried! - Shut up!
- No, she is stopping me.

Prevent me from doing what I'd like to do.
He saw it too.

- Is it true that you have seen your mom?
- Yes, she was ugly!

- More ugly than when she was alive.
- Ugly... She was ugly!

Are you going to believe in dreams and imagination of children?

After everything that you eat this evening!

Mother may stop coming to us,
we love Angela.

Of course you love her!
You'd be ungrateful after all she does for you!

You can't complain!

- Maybe it's better to wait.
- More?

These boys see the dead mother crying!

If I were not afraid of these appearances,
I would agree on the marriage.

It is not a matter of superstition.

But science itself, psychoanalysis.
Freud himself...

What it has to do with my life?

Freud didn't say anything!

- You don't have to run! - Good morning.
- Ciao, Stefano.

- Say hallo to your Dad.
- Of course, I will.

You could get your face smashed!

- Come with me. - Where?
- Do you want to have a cannoli?

- If you want to.
- Sure.

- Everything all right?
- "All right" what?

- In school, all right?
- Yes, of course. Thank you.

Would you eat one more?
Give another cannoli for the boy.

- So, all is well?
You got spotted.

- About last night...
- Nothing appeared.

Bravo Ninuzzo!

Remember that last summer
you asked me to buy the scooter?

The scooter? You said no.

I said no because you were a kid.

Now you have grown, and it's give me
a satisfaction to buy you one.

- I'm no longer interested in that bike.
- How's that?

- You've done a blizzard because of it!
- The bike is dangerous, you were right.

- Can you believe it? I was right!

- Hello, Ninuzzo!
- Hello. - Who was that?

- Sister of Porcello. - Hello!
- Will you go with her?

- Dad, what do you say?
- Beautiful girl! You like her?

Nino! What are you doing here?
What do you want?

Don't you see what time it is?
Go to your room.


Look, if you don't go, I'll call your father.

Last night, has been all quiet?

All quiet.

We hope that this ghost has
calmed down once and for all!

Tomorrow I'll talk to Don Cirillo again.

Wouldn't it be better to wait a little longer.
What's the rush?

What's the rush? What's the rush?

Do I still have to explain.

For example, I had always this thought...

...that Nino invented everything because
he was obsessed with you. - No.

I wanted to buy him a scooter,
and he said no.

He has not took advantage,
gave me a lesson in honesty.

Nino, what are you doing?

What are you playing?

Nino, but what are you doing?


Enough, eh? This is the last one!

What should I do?
Please! Please!

Why do you treat me like this?

What have I done?

What do you want?
Can you tell what you want from me?

Do you want to see me naked?

If this is what you want from me,
see me naked.

Eh? I'll get it all!

Pick up the paper and let me study.

- Stefano!
- Ciao.

- Ciao.
- What are you doing? Waiting for my brother?

- Yes
- What a beautiful bike!

- Is it yours?
- Yes

- Can you teach me?
- But this is a man's bike. - So what?

Hold it.

What should I do? Pedaling?

- Yes, but slowly.
- Slowly.

So, good!
Do not look at the front wheel.

- I'm falling!
- Straight!

- Oh, God! - Careful.
- How hard!

- What do you do?
- Nothing!

- I'm teaching to ride a bike.
- But it was her who taught me when I was three!

- Bye, I'm going for a ride. - Ma...
- She is a bitch, you can say.

I brought the gun that I promised.

- You like it?
- Is it loaded? - How do I know?

- But if she wouldn't want to?
- She would, she would!

- And when, when? - Tomorrow.
Daddy's gone to Palermo.

- Antonio is going out... - And the kid?
- Enzino doesn't count!

Now you must do what you promised me.


- Are you sure there is no one?
- No, Enzino is at a friend's house.

- Ma ..
- Shut up! - Who says anything?

- But where? From small window?
- Shut up!

- I'll kick your ass!
- I'm sorry, I didn't do that on purpose!


He brought a friend!

Now I'll get you both to slap!

What should I do?

Shh! Shut up!

These things you shouldn't do here!


- Enough!
- Enough? - Get out, out!

- Why now?
- I've had enough, you disgusting pig!

- Go away. - But what's the matter?
- You must go, disgusting pig!

Disgusting pig? The idea was yours!

- Give me back my gun.
- Get out!

- Let me put the shoes on!
- No! Get out!

- Give me my coat!
- Take it!

Why didn't you tell me you wouldn't be alone.
You're a liar, a scoundrel.

- What difference does it make? One or two...
- What do you mean what?

- So you've noticed. - Of course I've noticed!
- Why did you continue?

What do you mean why? - Because you liked.
You liked it that we saw you both!

You're a whore!
I didn't think you were like that!

- You're even worse than that slut Luciana!
- Who is Luciana?

And you know why you brought
another guy? I'll tell you!

You didn't have the courage to look alone.
You're a coward, a kid!

- I'm not a kid!
- No, eh? - No! Look!

- Where did you get it?
- That's my business.

- You're crazy. What will you do?
- Be careful what you say.

Shut up? I'm sleepy!

- Everything is normal, quiet?
- Yes.

- I almost went there?
- Where? - To see Don Cirillo!

- Not yet!
- Why not?

For more than a week this holy woman
shows no signs of life!

- It's better to be sure.
- Sure of what? Leave it to me.

Sorry, I have laundry to do.

Margherita, if it makes you more alive...
Well, you know what I mean!

I'll make 100 masses for the repose!

My love, my love!
How I can bear.

I would hold you until death
take us both.

I do not mind your suffering.
I do not mind your sadness.

Why are not you going to suffer?
I am suffering.

Forget me!
I will be happy when you are dead.

Do not torture me so much.
You talk like you're possessed by the devil.

I'm sleepy. These things turn my stomach

You're right. It's a love story.

I thought the same when I was your age...
These stories are bored, you know.

- Stupid!
- Nino! What are you doing here?

I saw you doing those tender eyes!
You and him are idiots!

- Do you care?
- No. But I felt so sorry for you.

But I liked it!
Now go to your room, understand?

- Look, if you don't go, I call your father.
- And what will you say?

That you undressed in front of me?

- Call him.
- Do not push me! - Call him!


Angelina, can I come in?

- I'm naked.
- Are you? - Let him in.

- Do you need something?
- No, no. I mean, new mattress comes tomorrow...

- Stand still, you disgraceful!
- Let me in, I will not look!

- Stop it! We'are already a couple.
- Leave me alone.

- Angelina, can you hear me?
- Yes.

Since workers are also to redo the walls...

Are you listening?

- Yes, good night.
- Good night.

Forgive me.
We'll talk tomorrow, okay?

You see.
You didn't let him in. Why is that?

Go fuck yourself!

- Tomorrow, when you bring the coffee...
- Go!

When you bring the coffee...

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Angela.

- The children are still asleep?
- Yes.


- Ah! I wipe it!
- Angela!

- Sir!
- Angela! - What does...?

- Please, stop!
- I can not!

- I can not!
- Enough!

For heaven's sake, stop! Enough!

- Did I hurt you?
- Do not worry! - Excuse me!

Will you forgive me?
I am disgraceful!

- I'm sorry!
- Sorry.

- Have you seen what you've done?
- "I'm sorry"! "No, I'm sorry"!

You're both idiots!
Don't know how to do anything!

What a mess! I'm not doing any more
remodeling in the house!

Here you're eating!
Bon appetit, but hurry...

...or you'll be here for a month!
- Good morning, sir.

- Morning, but hurry.

Close the door, otherwise
you're going to eat dust and paint today.

It will not be worse than the crap
I'm swallowing since this morning.

But enough, by God!

Now I'm going to see Don Cirillo
and I'm taking him to my mother.

So we'll finish it,
with or without her consent!

Okay? Eh!

Better do not come back tonight,
with this crazy weather!

- Are you happy? - What?
Are you glad that mother says yes?

- Yes, yes. Of course I'm happy!
- Can I have a kiss?

- How? Now, on the phone?
- Give it to me, come on!

- You have to give it to me.
- No, I can't!

- I'll see you at home.
- Good night. See you soon.

-Hang up. - No, you hang up
No, you hang up.

- No, you. - No...
- Then I hang up!

I do it.
- Okay. Bye.

Bye, my love!
- Bye.

It was your father. He's staying at
grandmother's house. Returns tomorrow.

- Ah!
- Angela is afraid!

- Yes, I'm afraid of the dark.
- Talking about the brave!

- Well, I need to go to...
- During this weather?

With those few drops!
Don't tell Dad I went out this evening.

- Okay. Take a raincoat.
- Yeah, yeah. Bye.

And you go to sleep after "Carousel".

Yes, Mom. How are you, Mom!

The've made me!

Are you angry?

- I'm sorry that I'm going to marry your father?
- I do not care!

- Look it's time to get over with it.
- What are you talking about?

Oh, the light is gone! Nino!
Go get the candle and the matches?


Where are you? Ouch!

Do not scare me,
you know that I'm afraid of the dark!

Nino, where did you go?
Take that light away from my face. Turn it off!

Nino! Stop playing!

It's not funny, you know?

Enough, please.

Stop joking!

Please! You know I'm afraid!

Stop it!

Enough! Enough!

I'm afraid, stop with this joke.
Please, stop it!

Stop it, I'm afraid!
If I catch you I'll kill you!

- What do you do?
- Take off your clothes and shut up.

This is the last time!
Do you understand?

You're disgraceful!
This whole family is digraceful!

You son of a bitch! Disgusting!
When I catch you I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

But look at me!
What I have to do to make you happy!

Scumbag, pig, degenerate, son of a bitch!

Look what I have to do for this despicable pig!

Looked like a good boy!
Degenerate, pig!

Brought me the flovers!
I'll kill you, you know?

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

That poor man of your father!

Bastard, damn you!
You are a coward!

See what you make me do!
You make me a whore!

You wanted to see me naked?
You have seen it all!

The tits, pussy, everything!
What else do you want? Damn!

I'll make you pay!
It's that what you like?

- Give it back! Stupid!
- No, now I play with you!

You're screwed! Come and get it!
You lost your courage?

- Give me the flashlight immediately!
- How? You don't want to play anymore.

Come here, Ninuzzo!

No, I will not come and you'll
give it back to me right away!

- How? Come here, let's play.
- I'll tell my father.

Son of a bitch, now I got you!
Just play, Ninuzzo!

Now you'll see what Angelina will do!

What are you doing? What do you do?

Fuck, you son of bitch! Fuck!

Fuck, my boy!

My boy! Yes!


My boy... Yes!
My boy, yes!

- Angela...
- My love!

I do not want to go to school!

Look, there is Dad!

- I'm not going back in the car with you!
- I'm emotional!

- Dad! -Hello!
- The grandmother has given us her blessing.

- Now we wait only for your answer!
- Dad... Mom was back last night!

- Shit. - What did he say?
- That the mother returned.


- Are you sure you did not get it wrong?
- I'm sure.

- She was glad that you're marrying Angela.
- You couldn't say this before?

- Ignazio!
- Dad, you die too?

- You should feel happy and content.
- Finally!

- How beautiful she is!
- Looks like an angel!

I can't believe that she was a maid.

Why not? It seems...

No, she is beautiful, elegant and classy.

Course, she is much younger than him!

Some thirty years!

- When Angela dies?
- What say you, stupid? - Shut up!

- Ignazio La Brocca would you take as your lawful wife...
- "...would you take as..."

- Shhh! May I say that I?
- Oh, sorry!

- ...present here Angela La Barbera... - Yes.
- ...according to the rite... -Yes.

- ...according to the rite of the Holy Church?
- Yes.


And you Angela La Barbera, do you take as your husband Ignazio La Brocca...

- ...according to the rite of the Holy Church?
- Yes.

Join your hands together!

So... See you tonight?

Shh! I do not know.

- I take care of the boys
- I got it!

This is the cousin Piera,
the wife of Matteo.

- Children, we have to go to now.
- Signora Corallo, can I sleep at your house tonight?

Until I get back, you are the master of the house! Nino!

Enzino, come!
Please behave yourselves.

Antonio, kisse Angela.

You too, Nino, give Angela a kiss.

Now you have to call her mom. Got it?

Congratulations, Mom.

Translated by Yafi.

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