An Organized Killer (2021) - full transcript

Recently divorced, GRACE McGuire, embarks on an affair with a younger man, ALEX, who works for her at her new restaurant. Her life is full, but chaotic, juggling a new business, a new lover...

Help me!

Help! Help me!

Please don't!


Don't, don't please!

Poor Mia.

They'll catch you.

No, they won't.

I am very good at cleaning up.

To a fresh start.

To a fresh start.

Newly divorced, with a 17
year-old daughter

and also new owner of
this fine establishment

and zero spare time.

So I don't really know
how fresh, but...

Oh come on.

You could have twin babies

and a husband who only talks
to you when he wants sex.

Todd's a doctor.

The doctor is Todd, and
I'm like his Tesla,

spit shined and
Polish to show off

to all his sophisticated
doctor friends.

I'd love a spit shine.

Oh, you guys are so bad.

Come on, being
single has its perks.

Yeah, like what?


That tight thing right there.

Oh my, he's cute.


We heard rumors you're
dating the new guy.

Oh yes, honey and
they were nasty.

He's 10 years younger than you.


It's perfectly fine
to date younger men.

After dealing with James McGuire

and his cheating butt
for what, like 16 years?

You deserve it.

Plus, a bartender's
perfect rebound material.

He's not a rebound.


I need my best manager
back at work as soon

as you're off maternity leave.

Todd doesn't think I
need to work anymore.

He's gonna stop you?

No, he isn't.


He's not coming here.

Yeah, we have a meeting.

What happened to that new
young thing he was dating?

Well they split and he told
me he started AA last week

and that he's turned
over a new leaf.

They all sell that line
just to get you back,

and then a few months later,
go right back to cheating.

Yeah, well I'm not buying,
I mean we're divorced

and I'm good with that, so.

Look I just need a few
minutes to talk to him.

Black coffee, I'll be over here.


Hello ladies.

Hello James.

They okay?

Yeah, it's ladies night.

Oh, right, sorry.

Final reconciliation from
our retirement account.

Your half has been wired

and the keys to the
investment property.

My new home, thanks.

We should have sold it.

Well, I want it to be close

to you for Charlie's sake James.

So maybe we can at least
try and be civil neighbors.

This place is going
to suck you dry,

you're taking on too
much, I could help.

I used to own the place,
I mean, I know the game.

Okay, my plan is
self-reliance James.

And to make an honest living.

What is that supposed to mean?

Oh come on, you ran
a cash bar for years.

Who knows how much you
skimmed off this place.

And to think I assumed you
were handling it correctly.

The judge awarded
me the restaurant,

so first things first,

I'm putting things
together financially

and I'm giving it an upgrade.

You're changing my bar?

Yeah, it's my restaurant now.


He's the upgrade.

That's okay Alex.

How long has it been?

Five days since my last drink.

Are you feeling okay?

No, I feel horrible.

Um, where's our daughter?

She's at home.

She's spending the
night at Vanessa's.

School night?

It's summer break, James.

Hey, mother of the year.

Okay, well yeah,
only second to you.

Maybe I'll stay for dinner.

How's the snapper.

Fresh out.

Go home James, this is no
longer a good place for you.


I'll see you neighbor.

The jerk's gone.

It's not fair.

Is he still playing
the innocent card?

Yeah, yeah, he claims
it never happened.

Some dudes just
never come clean.

Grace, are you all right?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Anytime you need me I'm there.

He's cute, and heroic.

To being a sugar momma.

How about a nightcap?

I would love that but
my place is a mess,

there's boxes everywhere.

As soon as I get organized,

I will take you
up on that offer.

Sounds amazing.

Good night.

I'll see you tomorrow.


I'm home.




Hey, rate it
one out of ten.

- One out of ten.
- Ohhhh!

A four!

Hi Ms. Mcguire.


Okay, that one was
better than a one.


Hi mom.

Oh, hi Mrs. Mcguire.

Bailey. She's divorced now.

Hi Vanessa, don't
worry about it.

Hey the kitchen's
kind of a mess.

Sorry we were hungry.

Okay well what time are
you going to Vanessa's?

Uh, about 30 minutes.

All right, make sure
you clean up the mess.

Thank you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Thank you.

Don't drop it in the water.

Bye Ms. Mcguire.

- Bye.
- Bye.

you've reached Kristin,

you know the routine.

Hey neighbor.

So, Charlie's going to
a sleepover tonight

and I was thinking I would open
a really good bottle of red.

I will leave the
front door unlocked

if you want to come over.

All right, let me know, bye.

Friends, yeah right.

Help! Kristin!


Kristin, Kristin, oh my god.

Grace what is going on?

Somebody attacked me.

Oh my god.

Okay, okay, come in, come in.

Jeez Louise.


We checked the property and
the house and they're clear.

We found this in your sauna.

Thank you.

You might wanna check if
anything else is missing

before I finish the report.

Yeah, I will.


- Hey.
- Hi.

Are you okay?

Yeah I'm fine, I'm just rattled.

Where's Charlie?

She's at a sleepover.

I don't wanna tell her, I
don't wanna get her scared.

Yeah, we thought it best.

Yeah, good idea.

Have you found any
prints, anything?


What about video?

I don't have a security system.

Its James, did she tell
you about her ex husband?

Yeah, he was at home, but
he doesn't have an alibi.

We're keeping a close
eye on him for sure.

Look, this is a big home on
a large piece of property,

its a perfect opportunity

for someone looking
to make a quick score.

You know what I suggest, you get

that security system
or a large dog.

No dogs, I just got
the hoa to handle

the barking dog on
the other side of me.


Grace is your friend.


I like to sleep in.

Whatever, you know
what, or a roommate.

You have like ten bedrooms.

I don't care if she's
got ten bedrooms.

She's by herself.

Ladies, any of those options

are a great way to deter crime.

Thank you, yeah I'll call

a security company
in the morning.

You bet.

Please, give us a call if
anything else comes up?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

A camera won't stop someone

from getting in and hurting you,

they'll just wear a mask,

you should really
consider a roommate.

No, I completely disagree.

She's by herself Kristin.

She shouldn't have
to go through this.

Oh, it's Alex.

- Go.
- Go ahead.


are you all right?

I just got your message.

Yeah, I'm fine.

I can come over and help.

That's really sweet of you

but Jaclyn and Kristin are here.

Grace I'm worried about you,

it's dangerous to
be living alone.

Yeah, I might consider
renting out a room.

All right, well how
much? I'll move in tomorrow.

I'll see you at work.

You can call me
for anything, anytime.

I care for you.

Thank you, bye.

Do you guys wanna come in?

Yeah, yeah, we will.

I don't really wanna be alone.

That's fine.

We're not leaving
you alone tonight.


Come on, let's go.

Charlie, time to get up.

Come on honey, we
have stuff to do.

We've had the intercom
for two weeks.

I'm going to revoke
your license to use it.

It's Sunday.

Sunday funday.

You want scrambled
or sunny side?

There's tots or hash
browns, bacon or sausage.


Your date with Alex
must have been swell.

It was, why?

You're very chipper.

Am I?

I hadn't noticed.

Its weird mom, he is
not much older than me.

He's 10 years older.

And besides I'm not a
grandma, nor is he a kid.

I didn't say it like that.

It's just you haven't
been divorced very long.

You want some cream?


Since when?

Since I grew up.

Okay, you are still
in high school.

So you're still mine.


I need you to finish unpacking
those boxes this morning.

I'm still not sure
about living here.

What do you mean?

I liked it with dad?

Look things change, honey.

I've changed, I can help you

for a couple hours this morning.

I can't, Vanessa
and I already made

plans to go on
the boat with dad.

Yeah, after you finish
unpacking and clean

up the mess that you
made in the bathroom.

Mom, I'm not going
to cancel on dad.

He is all alone and
I'd like to see him.

Right, okay, well
you should see him.

Tell him hi for me.

Thank you, I will.

Oh, I almost forgot,

I'm meeting a few
potential roommates

at luxe this afternoon.

Also really weird, mom.

Okay, well, weird.

Guess I'm weird.

♪ I'm counting down the hours ♪

♪ cause you and I ♪

♪ my list is long and slower ♪

♪ so don't hold too tight ♪

♪ trying to figure
out what I want ♪

♪ but you won't ♪

♪ cause I'm the one
who's holding the gun ♪

♪ the gun ♪

♪ I'm no good at playing ♪

Hey dad, we're out of ice.

Okay, I'll hit the dock.

How's your mother?

A mess.

She hasn't unpacked anything

and is having a
midlife crisis daily.

She really dating
that bartender?



She's hooked on that one.

Charlie, come DJ.

I can never pick a song.


Any luck?

Hey, no, they're all duds.

Jaclyn's sending one
more to meet me now

but I mean, honestly, if
I'm gonna rent out a room

I just want somebody
I can talk to.


Oh, Kristin.


Hey, can you
come over right now?

Oh, I can't, I’m
stuck, I have meetings.

Can we rain check?

That's what you said last time.

Yeah I know, I'm sorry.

Next time, I promise.


Hey look, why don't we make
some time this weekend?

I'd like to,

but I told Tommy I’d
spend it with him.

Okay, well have fun,
we'll do next week.

Okay, sounds good,
I'll see you next week.

Okay, bye.

Can I get a menu, please?


Oh wait, I actually
know what I want.

A dirty Martini,
ice-cold, like my heart.

You need anything babe?

No, I'm good, thanks.


That was funny. You know,
ice-cold like my heart.

Keeps the wolves at bay.


Lilith Jones.

Oh, uh, grace mcguire.

Oh, I mean Bailey.

You don't know
your own last name?

No, I'm just recently divorced.

Well then, here's to happiness.

Yeah, that's a much better
way of looking at it.

Can I buy you a drink?

Well it's actually
my restaurant.

Oh, well then drinks on you?

Yeah, yeah, I've
been working all day,

I will have a drink with you.


You have the most beautiful
restaurant on the lake.

Aw, thank you, we're
undergoing a remodel soon.

That'll cost a few nickles.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah well, you know, I got
it in the divorce along

with enough cash to turn
this moose lodge around, so.

Moose lodge?

Yeah, I mean that's
all it ever really was.

At least for my ex husband

and his band of
brothers to drink so.

Here's to turning it into
a profitable establishment.

Sounds like you're in the
middle of a little facelift.

Well you know, the
restaurant, not me.

Well I think with a little
attention to detail,

this place could be
the new hot spot.


You have a suggestion?

I might.

It's my friend Jaclyn,
she keeps sending me

these no-shows for
this room I'm renting.

Allow me.

Jaclyn, hi it's Lilith.

Girl you move fast.

I know.

She is everything you
said she would be.

I think you guys
would make great roommates.

Yes, we will be good.

Okay, good luck.

Okay, loves, talk soon.

I'm sorry for the ruse

but I have had a few
inferior roommates.

I wanted to make sure that
you were compelling.

Well there's no sincerity
like a woman telling a lie.


It's Alfred Munson from
the movie indiscreet.

Movie buff?

I... the classics, really.


No, no, it's not me.

Uh huh, okay see
now that I believe.

Well if I haven't
completely blown my chances,

I would really love
to see the room.

Yeah, perhaps tomorrow morning?

Look I'm currently between
homes, staying in a hotel,

is there any chance we
could see it tonight?

I would really,
really appreciate it.

Sure, yeah, its just
around the corner.

Thank you.

Just give me a second to deal

with something in the kitchen.


Hey babe, actually I think
this girl may be good,

I'm gonna go take her
home and see if she...

Okay, what do you
wanna do about dessert?

Did you want to do strawberries,

or do you want to
do blueberries?

Grace Rose mcguire, still
haven't changed your license.

Have you watched the
YouTube video that we watched?

Yeah, sure.

- It's...
- Yeah.

Well actually, oh you know,
I can figure it out.

Sure, sure.

You have
lots of experience.

Just trust your gut.

Sorry about that. Uh, shall we?


It's really close, you
want to take one car, two?

One car.

So how do
you know Jaclyn?

I'm redesigning their baby room.

Oh, are you and
interior designer?

I specialize in organization.

Life management, the removal

of unwanted aspects
from ones life.

I just started
reading Marie Kondo.

Spark joy!


Wow, old movies,
reading self-help books,

gonna have to stay on my toes.

No, just pay the rent on time.

And this will be your room,

once I get all of my
stuff out of here.

Would it be possible
to rent this furniture?

I don't have much.

I'm starting to think
there's more to the story.

Bad relationship, had
to get out quickly

and I'm just now starting over.

Yeah, I understand.

Mom, I'm home!

That's my daughter, Charlie.

May I use your loo?

Yeah, the guest
bathrooms right there.


No, the answer is no.

It's only a week.

It's the week
before school starts,

there is so much to do then.

It's Barbados, and he said
I could bring Vanessa.


I can come back.

No, oh, sorry,
Charlie, this is, uh...


- Hi.
- Hi.

Hey, if you go to Barbados
you have to try the cove,

it is the best club
at St. Lawrence gap.

That's near where we're staying.

No, no clubs, no Barbados.

Mom, please. Please!

Oh my gosh, I will call
your father in the morning,

maybe he'll move the dates.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

No it's not, you know
James did this on purpose.

He knows it's the week
before school starts,

he just loves playing games.

So stop playing.

Easier said than done.

Look, I have a friend
who's a mediator

for divorced couples, you
communicate only through her,

never directly towards James,

she'll make sure the games end.

Hmm, I like that.

Look, the offer on
the room still stands.

I'm intrigued, but the rent,

it's a little more
than I can afford.

How about this, you
help me get unpacked

and organized and I
can knock of 20 percent

for the first three months?

It'll give you sometime
to get grounded.

Wow, that is so generous.

Would you like to
see my references?

Oh no, any friend of Jaclyn's
is welcome in my home.

Okay, deal.

Is tomorrow too soon?

Uh, no.

Well that's the last of it.

I didn't realize I had
so much stuff.

Who's your mom talking to?

Alex, she's hired him for
the restaurant remodel.

And he has the qualifications?

He has her eye.

Love, it's a funny thing.

I wouldn't know, my
parents barely let

me out of the house,
let alone date.

Well don't rush.

Its dangerous.

Hey, where's your inhaler?


-I'll be back.

Yeah, I'll be in later,

I want to go over the
inside seating area.

Yeah, no babe, I want
to pick the color.

Yeah, it's important
to get it right.

You know, wrong color,
people don't wanna eat.

No, I mean, it shouldn't
be long, just...

Where's your inhaler?


Where is it?


It's not there.

It's not here.

It's not here.

Uh, in the clothes?

I can't find it.

You're okay, you're okay,
you're okay, come on.

Come here, ready?

Deep breath.

One more, one more, one more.

I'm okay.

Oh, that was scary.

I almost died while you were
out on the phone with Alex.

Honey it was work.

Really mom?

Is Alex work or play?

You haven't even been
divorced for five minutes.

Charlie, I...

Hey, she's upset
because you canceled

that trip with her dad.

Yeah but I cave
every single time,

I have to stand my ground.

Oh god I'm shaking.

Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Oh, I love this color.

This one's better, you
would be surprised

how the color burgundy
makes one hungry.

Burgundy, I don't know,
it's just so dark.



Thanks for giving me a
job while you're closed.

Yeah, well I needed somebody

to take down all the old signage

and be the go-between
with the difficult vendor.


Thank you.

Can I get you guys anything?

Coffee, cappuccino?

Yes, coffee please. Um soy...

Soy milk with two sugars?



Black, please.

All right.

It's great that you
found someone so nice.

Yeah, he's a good guy.

Seems to be.

Not my type, but.


I like women.

Oh, I, I didn't realize.

My last relationship
grew a little unhealthy.

She started to abuse me.

A narcissist would be
putting it lightly.

So I ran.

I'm really grateful
for your help.

Yeah well, we're all a
little bit broken, right?

Yes we are.

And these drawings
are wonderful.

Is there anyway you
can draft them onto

the computer so I can
get a bid on materials?

Yes, I am currently
without a laptop though.

I actually have one, an extra.

I mean I basically only
use it to shop online,

so it's probably better to
have it out of sight anyways.

Charbear is the password.


Here, I'm gonna give you
these, see if you can scan...

Excuse me.

Excuse me! Please
be careful it's really

important we don't have
any costly accidents.

Really mom?

Get a room?

She was watching it.

Her window faces the kitchen,

how much watching
can she actually do?

Look I don't like her,
okay, she is not one of us.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means she's some
stranger off of the street.

Look you're opening the doors
of our community to trouble.

Okay Kristin, you're
over reacting.

I mean honestly, I
like having a roommate.

Maybe you should try it.

You know, I am happy
with my lifestyle

and you should be to.

Okay look we can just agree
to disagree, I gotta go.

Fine, I'll talk to you later.




Hey, I just left the market,

I was picking up the
new table cloths.

Did you give somebody
the key to luxe?

No, of course not.

Somebody's here.

Hello grace.

Hey, what are you doing?


I thought I'd make
myself something

to eat while I waited for you.

But obviously that was too great

of a pleasure for the
universe to allow me.

How did you get...?

You made a copy of the key?

I have copies grace, I
used to own this place,

what did you do with my signage?

Some of that had value.

This is no longer
your place James.

If you want something,
you call the mediator.

I don't want to call a mediator.

I want to call you.

Well that is the only choice
I'm giving you right now.

What happened Gracie?

What happened between us?

Have you been drinking?


God, no.

I am still sober but
it has not been easy.

I need somebody to talk to.

Then call you sponsor James.

I can't do this for you anymore.

I never cheated.

Go home James.

Please, just listen to me.

I've heard enough.

You called the cops?


Damn it grace.

Let go of me.

She just called and asked
if I had given anyone else

the key, I told her no
and then she hung up.

Anything else you remember?

She seemed concerned
so I hurried over.

He's promised not to come back.

Thank you.

Are you sure you don't
want to press charges?

Yeah, yeah he's upset,
just let him walk it off.

Okay, be careful.


Ma'am, please do not
hesitate to call.

Grace, are you all right?

Yeah, why did you
call the police?

He just wanted to talk.

No, I didn't.

We were on the phone.

I thought the call dropped,

I was worried, I
didn't call anyone.


The paint contractor
is gonna be here.

Hello, detective?

Thanks for checking
the restaurant.

Okay, will do.

Wow, that's a good shot.

I'm sorry, did
you say something?

Did you take that?


It's really good.

It's my mainly
Vanessa, she's so hot,

it's hard to mess
up a photo of her.

Oh come on, give
yourself a little credit.

Look, the lighting,
the composition

tells me you know
a thing or two.

Thank you, my plan's to go
to calarts after high school.


I heard it's really
hard to get in.

Not really, they don't
even look at your grades,

it's mainly about
your portfolio.

Do you have one?

I'm working on it.

Ooh, can I see?


You'd be the first person to
see it besides Vanessa, so.

What, not your parents?

No, they're too caught
up in their own drama.

Okay wait, that. I love that.

That ones my favorite.

You're 16 Charlie, decide
what you want to be

and your parents will
learn to live with it.

I'm not even sure what I want.

And that's okay.

You think so?


Thank you, I think you're
the only person who gets me.

Good work.


Hi, I'm Lilith.

Yes, I know.

You've been keeping
grace so busy lately,

I barely see her anymore.

I think grace decides what to do

with her time an who
to hang out with.

As if you know anything.

I know she doesn't have time

for drunk spinsters
who never grew up.

How dare you?

You still living
off daddy's money?

Better than no good street
trash looking for a free ride.

I've called the home
owners association,

she's not supposed to
be renting out rooms.

Especially to people like you.

It's against the rules.

I thought you were her friend?

I'm saving her for her own good.

Don't make waves, you might
not like where they take you.

These reviews, they're
endless, listen to this one.

Robert says "would be
a great place to hang

"if every other bar
burned to the ground."

"Happy hour, more
like crappy hour."

This isn't funny.

Oh come on, we gotta
laugh at something.

I mean look, we're rebranding

and Lilith has a friend that
does social marketing, so.

And she's amazing.

Alex there is a delivery
for you in the back.


Excuse me.

Of course.

What do we think about the sign,

it's a little work in progress.


Oh nothing, we have a
slew of bad reviews.

Hey, did you take four
bottles of that chardonnay

that we were testing by chance?

No, of course not.

We're missing four bottles.

Oh can't it just be
one problem at a time?

Lilith the sign is
a really good start

but we have to focus on PR.

I will go home and grab
your laptop and get to work.

Thank you.

Oh hey, can you grab Charlie
on the way, she's at Vanessa's.

Of course.

Great, okay, let's
do the inventory,

discover what else is missing.

Thank you, for picking me up.

Of course.

You know I never
had any siblings.

Me either.

So sisters it is?

Yeah sure.

I'm gonna get the mail.

Oh wait...

I got your bag.

Thank you.

Hey, what are you doing tonight?

Nothing, do you
maybe wanna order

some pizza and watch a movie?


You pick the movie.

And I'll order the pizza.

Violation of subletting,
renter must vacate.

So okay, what else was it?

Let's see, it was two
bottles of whiskey,

and one bottle of vodka.

I wonder who it could be?



What's wrong?

Somebody stole some booze.

But you've been closed.

Yeah, exactly, so it's either
James, or I don't know.

I'm gonna pull the car up
so we can get to dinner.


You two are such a sweet couple.

You're drunk.

I found this quaint spot.

Uh huh.

Mia's wine cupboard.

You went to Mia's?

Nice grape juice...

But it does the trick.


Where's Kristin?

She didn't wanna come out.


She has an issue
with your roommate.

I know, I think
she's being nosy.

She likes her group

and her group is all
she likes, no outsiders.

Come on, really?

Well okay, I'm caught in the
middle and don't like it.

Lilith is good people.

Well a few of her
references were sketchy.

What do you mean?

A few of them didn't check out.

You called them, right?

No, you referred her, I
thought she was in the group.

Oh no, she's not in.

She just redid my baby room,

that's it, that doesn't
mean I trust her.

Seriously Jaclyn, she's
living in my house.

Girl you always check
your references.

I don't know, she's
been a really big help.

She got my life back on track.

Yeah, so what's to
worry about then, right?

I lied on my resume
when I was young.

Oh stop. Oh you didn't.

No, I never.


I sent the
letter to grace.

Well if she isn't
gone by this weekend,

you get the police over here.

Maybe it would help
if you just talked to her.

- No.
- Come on.

No, nobody can know
that it was me calling.

Grace wouldn't understand.

Hey can I come by later?

Not tonight Tommy.


I'm not in the mood.


We'll reschedule
for next week, okay?

Okay, but I want to see you.

Thank you.


What the hell?

Nice try Kristin.

I like it here.

Get out of my house.

I'm calling the police.

Oh, smells great in here.

Vegan bacon, egg whites,
and sour dough toast.

What's on today's agenda?

You're days pretty packed,

first I have you meeting
with a new hostess

who I think you will love

and then you're scheduled

to meet the liquor
license inspector.

Have you guys seen my bag?

It's over there.

Thank you, I’m
going to Vanessa's.

Where's the rest of your outfit?

We're hanging out at the pool.

That's Vanessa.

What's in your bag?


Open it.

Really Charlie?

Mom, I don't know
where that came from.

They came from the restaurant.

I've never seen that
before I swear, mom.

You are not going anywhere.

- Mom!
- You're grounded!

Give me your phone.

Not fair!

I'll go check on her.

Hey, it's me.

You okay?

I didn't take
those wine bottles.

Even if you did,
I think your mom

is just really stressed
about a lot of things.

Luxe, feelings for your dad.

What do you mean
feelings for my dad?

She left him.

He cheated.

What about Alex?


Look I think that is the root

of a very unhealthy

Perhaps the two of us
could make her see that.

She never listens.

It's not about listening.

It's about making her
understand what's best for us.

Should we go get some ice cream?


Thank you.

It's gonna be okay.

Hey, our reservation's at 11.

I know, I know, I’m
sorry, I can't go.

I meant to call you.

I'm totally swamped.

Okay, we can reschedule
for tomorrow?

No, Alex, look I really need

to spend more time with
Charlie, I'm sorry.

I was kind of hoping maybe
you could handle things

at the restaurant for me
just for a couple of days.


I gotta go, thank you.




Hey, I got a text saying I
should call you directly.

Yeah, we need to
talk about Charlie.

What's up, is she okay?

No, she's been seeking booze.

Ugh, I'm afraid I've never
been a very good example.

You want me to talk to her?

I'd be happy to talk to her.


I want our daughter
to make good choices.

Hey grace?

Could we meet and just talk?


Thank you.

Thanks again.


It's a beautiful day.

Yeah, it is.

Can I ask you something?


How would you like
a full-time job?

Oh well I sort of
like my freedom,

but what did you have in mind?

I need a personal assistant.

I mean, I really want to spend

a little more time with Charlie.

I can pay you really well.

I would be honored.

Thank you.

Now you get in.


You're crazy.

No, I'm fun.

As your new assistant, we will

be taking more time
out of the day for fun.

Because without fun
life is such a bore.

Good morning.


How would you like
to go shopping today?


I thought I was
grounded indefinitely.


Did I say that?

Yeah, you did.


Well, I unsay it.

Let's just relax today.

What do you say?

Sure, sounds like fun.

I'll be right back.

Hi, sorry to bother you.



We'd like to have a word with

you regarding your
neighbor Kristin Carter.

What's going on?

We have some bad news.

Kristin was found murdered
in her home this morning.

Oh my god.

I'm sorry.

Oh my god.

We noticed you had
a camera pointing

in the direction of her home.

May we take a look
at the footage?

Yeah, I can email you.

Great, here's my email address.

Thank you.

We're so sorry for your loss.

Our condolences.

Thank you.

Hey what's going on?

Mom, are you okay?


It's okay mom, tell
me what happened.

Mom, what's wrong?

No, no, no.

Mom, mom it's okay, it's okay.

I spoke to Jaclyn.

Kristin's father is taking
her body back to Houston

and they're having
a service next week.

I assume you're going.


You know I checked
the security system

and the cameras were turned off.


Yeah it was Charlie's code.

Hey, what was my code?

Have you been turning
the cameras on and off?

No, why would I?

I am sure it's just
a misunderstanding.

I get confused with those
things all the time.

Yeah, maybe.

Can I invite Vanessa over?

Yeah, yeah sure.

Thank you.

Oh, that's Alex.



Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm better now
that you're here.

Hello Alex.

Hello Lilith.

Another glass of wine?

Thank you.


I'll have a beer.

I got it.

Thank you.

You did that a
little too expertly.

It's a bottle cap mom.

To friends who have gone on.


It's so good.

Well Charlie, I'd say
we did a bang up job.

Maybe a little over-salted,

but we will get it
perfect next time, right?


What do you think, mom?

Mmmm. I
think it's delicious.

Charlie it's very good.

What happened to Vanessa?

She couldn't come, Dylan's
having a party tonight

and I was wondering if I
could meet up with them later?

I don't know if that's...

I'm not feeling very good.

How about the two
of you go relax.

I'll help clean up.

Thank you.

Whoa, whoa.

Okay, okay.

Are you sure that it's okay?

Yeah, she said
it's totally fine.

Have fun at the party.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

Let's go.

Hey, what's wrong?

I don't think I should go.

Why not, it's Dylan, he
throws the best parties.

I know, it's just my mom,

she lost a good friend

and as much as I
hate her boyfriend

I should be here for her.

Hey, look if you don't wanna
go, then I'm not gonna go.


Yeah, I was only going to
spend time with you anyway.

We can have a horror
movie night part two?

Do you have popcorn?


I'm in, let's go.

Let's make popcorn first.


You didn't
even talk to me.

You don't
know what you're doing.

Uh, who's that?

My mom's boyfriend.

So now I need your permission?

You did that, not me.


I'm gonna go check on her.


I'm leaving, good night.

When you're mom wakes
up, tell her I'm sorry.

What is going on?

Your mom just had a
little too much to drink.

It looked like you
guys were fighting.

That's because he was trying

to take advantage of
her and I stopped him.

Is my mom okay?

Yeah she is, but we
should get her inside.

Okay, we can help.


Mom are you okay?

Come on, let's get you inside.


Did you do it?


You were passed out I was
just going to bring you inside

and that's when
Lilith came out and,

maybe she thought it
was something more,

but I think she's
playing a game.

Why would she lie?

I can't say.

But I promise I
didn't do anything.


What are you doing here?

- What is he doing here?
- Hey.

She asked me here.

Hey, hey what is it?

Charlie told me
what this punk did.

Okay look, he
didn't do anything.

I believe it was a

Thank you.

What about the text you sent me?

You said you were
still in love with me.


No, I didn't text
you last night.

Okay, sure you
have to put an act

on in front of him, I get it.

But we have years together

and a daughter, that
has to mean something.

Okay James, I'm sorry but
I didn't send you anything.

All right, you need to go.

Or what?

Just go, she's over you.

No, no, no.

Stop it, stop it!



Did she send me this?


No, I didn't send that.

I didn't send that!

Maybe you were too
drunk to remember.

Either way, I thought
it meant something.

Looks like I was wrong.

Are you okay?


The only who has access
to my phone is Lilith.

Honey, you got drunk
and made a mistake.

And then why would she do that?

You guys are like
two peas in a pod.

I don't know, but you know
I check the security cameras

to see if what she said
about Alex was true,

and they were turned off again.

By who?

I don't know, I mean
it's my code but.

Yeah, but who has that?

Well it's the same as my phone.

So Lilith?

Why did you give
her your pass code?

She's my personal assistant.


You said some of her references
didn't check out right?

Do you still have that list?

Yeah, I'll find it.


So what's the plan
with your birthday?

Oh I don't know, I think
I'm just gonna stay home.

James actually called
and wanted to talk.

Whoa, yeah I get it.


Hey, what's up?

Hey baby.

Do we still have that list
of references Lilith gave us?

I think it's in the office,

you know the drawer I
shove everything into.

Yes, I know that drawer.

Yeah, her
name is Lilith Jones.

Come on, I know it's there.

Oh, I think I got it.

You found it?

Great, send me a photo
of the paper please.

Thank you.

Hey what are
you doing now,

you wanna come hang
out at the pool?

Oh yeah, I'd love that.

And it's hot.

I know.

There you are.

Hey are you all right?

Did I ever mention to
you that I was an orphan?



I've never known my real mother.


As a kid, I was shuffled
around from foster home

to foster home until
I was finally placed

with this couple who
had a son about my age.

They couldn't have anymore
kids so they adopted me.

And my senior year
of high school

I lost them to a drunk driver.

Rather than be split up
my brother and I ran away.

Where is he now?

We fell in love.

One day I woke up
and he was gone.

That was the end of my family,
the end of my trust in men.

Lilith I am so sorry.


Uh... oh.

Thank you.

For what?

Letting me be apart
of your family.

You're welcome.



Todd, I'm on a call.

Hi, sorry, did you get
the photo I sent you?

I did.

You did?

- Yes.
- Great.

But the photo you
sent is not Lilith Jones.

What do you mean
it's not Lilith?

It's not the same person.

Hold on.

Go ahead.

It's not
the same person.

It sounds like someone

has stolen Lilith's identity.

Lilith Jones has blonde
hair and blue eyes.

Are you sure?


Well okay.

Well I appreciate you
finally calling me back.

It's none of my business,

but identity theft is a felony,

maybe you should
call the police.

Yeah, I will.

Thank you.


She's asleep,

was there something
I can help you with?


Hello Jaclyn.

I need to talk with grace.

I really wish you
hadn't made that call.

I liked you.

How'd you know?

It's amazing the
things you can learn

when no one knows
you're watching.

Wait, did you plant
cameras in our house?

Call me a lawyer.

No you're sick, and
I'm calling the police.

Ah, good morning.


Happy birthday.

Thank you.

Now, are you ready for
your birthday festivities?

Because I have a
whole day planned.

Oh babe, I was kinda
hoping to just lay low.

Oh we will at the spa.

- Happy birthday, mom.
- Ohhhh!

Are you ready for
dinner tonight?

Oh please keep it small.

So only 200 people?

Got it.

Very funny.

- Love you.
- I love you too.

Hey have you seen Lilith?


I can't find my phone, I
think she might have it.


Where we're going we
don't need phones.

I'm gonna go change.

Lilith's throwing her

a surprise party
at the restaurant.

Sounds like fun

but my parents want me to
go somewhere with them.

So maybe we hang out later?

Sure, let's do it.

Cool, I'll call you.

Okay, bye.

Hey, how's the
party, everyone here?

Yeah sure, I need
you to make a call.

Sure, to who?

Your dad, I think
he should be here.

I'm not doing that.

I didn't ask for your opinion.


Dad, mom wants you to come

by the house before
the surprise party.

Are you sure?

Yes, please.

Okay Charlie, I'll
see you there.


Bye sweetheart.

Good girl.

Why are you doing this?

It's a little game
I like to play.

Destroying happy families.

You are so beautiful
when you cry.

Don't try anything smart.

Wait, wait.

What are you doing?

I'm cleaning up.

I guess we do this the hard way.

Please don't do this.


So relaxing.

And you sneaking into
my dressing room.

I didn't know you were
so full of surprises.

I have a few more
tricks up my sleeve.


Get in the sauna.

Get in.

Stop, Lilith, please, please.

Let me
out, let me out!




Look, I'm trying to work
things out with my wife.

If you have plans on
getting in the way,

it's best you move on.

No sir, I have no intention
of getting involved in that.

I do have other plans.

Give me your cellphone.

Give me your phone.




Please help me.


If you call the cops she'll
hurt Charlie, please hurry.

please come quick.

That's the sauna,
drive, drive, drive.

All right, all right, all right.

Get out.

No, no, no.

Get out!

It's okay.

One day, when you mess up and
you look over your shoulder,

I will be there to make you pay.

I'll be waiting.




That's far enough.

What do you want?

The game is over.

You need to get Charlie
out of the sauna.

Shut up.

You want money, is
that what you want?

I have money, whatever,
whatever you want.

Just, just let
Charlie and James go.

I don't want your money, grace.

Then what?

I want him.

I am sorry grace.

I almost believed
that you loved her.

Oh I bet you loved
that, didn't you?

What is this?

You were so pathetic,

barely out of a toxic
relationship with this prick

and you jump right into
bed with my brother.

Oh yeah, that little story
I told you, it was true.

Even part about him leaving me.

But then I tracked him down

and it was such a rush to win
him back from his new lover.


So now we play our little
game and it is quite a rush.



How far do you
think you're gonna

get before we tell
this story to the cops?

Well pretty far
considering the cops

will never be looking for us.

Tomorrow Alex will
find the three of you

in what looks like a
really sad murder suicide.

He will testify
that you were crazy

and no one will
ever be the wiser.

I get to shoot him.

I think she dies first.

No one dies!


I really hated that
burgundy paint.

Call the cops!

I'm on it.

Get her inhaler, I'll call 911.

Oh my baby.

Oh please live.

Baby, come on baby, come on.

Charlie, Charlie.

The cops
are on their way.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.

Come on baby, come on baby.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Come on, come on.

You're okay, you're okay.

What you got?

All clear here,
clear in the back.

My men searched everywhere.

Both of them are gone.

We're gonna catch
them, don't worry

but your friend, Jaclyn,

she was brutally
attacked as well.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Shhhh.

Hold me, I got you.

I have a head
injury, I'm not deaf.



It's so good to see you.

Hey, hi.


Glad you guys are well.

Oh I'm so happy to see you.

Thank you guys for coming.

Of course.


Well you guys, what
are we waiting for?

Let's get this party started.

Yeah, go in, go in.

Hey, you okay?

I'm good, really good.

Six months. Felt like six years.

I'm so proud of you.

Proud of you.

Cause I'm opening a restaurant?

Yes you are.

Well, it was the split
second decision,

you never really
know how you'll react

in a situation like
that until you're there.

And the little boy was okay?

Oh, not a scratch on him.

I saved his life
and I'd do it again.

And again, and again.

What are you doing later?

Sounds like I'll be with you.

So where on park
Avenue do you live?

The Upper East Side.

- Oh, you're kidding.
- No.

I just got a job
at a wine bar up there.

Neat, really?

Yeah, bar tender, yeah.

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