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Amore (1978) - full transcript

So you want a salami, and what about

Some powdered sugar!

Powdered sugar?

What do you need that for?
I just wanted to see your backside.

You can put it back now.

You two are such fools.
Really childish!

- Just pay.

I guess you can stand a joke or two.
- 2 Marks, please!

Let´s look...

Where did I put it?

Here it is.

I´m sure I have it.

Hurry up!

Just a moment.

Ok, pay tomorrow.

Here is a 10 Mark bill.
- No, you pay tomorrow.

Well, we leave then.
- Bye!

- Yes.

Oh my!

Listen! Um...

I´ll help with the bills, therefore you
will take care of the shop for 15 min.

Of course I´ll do that, dear.

I really must see Bärbel and tell her
something important. Is it ok?

Yes, I do it.

Can you tell me how to fill this form...
- Excuse me, sorry!

Hello, do you remember me? I have been
here this morning because of the

marriage ad.
- Yes.

I forgot something very crucial.

Right after "cheerful widower",

"Cheerful Munich citizen, 58 years old,
widower", there has to be added:

"With adult daughter"!
- That is not so easy as you think!

You have to give us some details,
because this is...

That´s just what I told you:

After "cheerful Munich citizen, 58 years,

there has to be added: "with

daughter. But maybe "adult" might
be better?

Best thing you´d write: self-sufficient,
adult daughter".


What are you doing at my car?
- You parked too long, 20 Marks!

Oh my God, just one minute!
- Even just one minute.

Please leave.
- 20 Marks?

Don´t you think that´s too much?
- No.

It´s according to the rule.
- Meet me after midnight...

Ok Daddy, I have sorted it all out.

ThatWell done. Finally we made it.

But this bill for 42,80 Marks is
unintelligible to me.

If it is just a one time bill, I don´t
know about that either.

No, there are some more with just 42,80
on it and nothing else.

In that case, it could be the dowry

Ah! See, now we got it.

Well, looks like we´re finished.
- No, not exactly Daddy.

I have to tell you something.
- Yes.

A friend of mine will visit us next week.

Or rather an aquaintance of mine.
A real nice woman.

Around 45 years old - the best age!

I invited her for dinner, and I want
you to be with us, too.

Why should I be there?

Well Daddy, because I will do some pasta
with vanilla sauce as you really like it,

and moreover, I want you to meet
my friends.

And when will that be?
- Next week.

Well, next week? I won´t say no.
- Dear Daddy!

- You are still the best!

Well done. So we are finished and
I can leave?

Yes you can.

Ok. I´ll leave for my regular table
at the pub.

Just clear the place. Bye.
- Ok.

But don´t stay the whole night.
- No, I will be back soon.


Mister Neuhauser!

Just a moment!

Mister Neuhauser!

Don´t look the door.
I´ve got to talk to Maria.

To talk about what? She went to bed
early because she don´t feel well.

But I have to tell her something!
- You gossiped for an hour this morning!

And I have to leave to the pub.

Daddy! Get up!
It´s 4 o´clock!

What is this?


What a jerk!

"You will hear some news from your
family that are ambiguous!"

Very nice!

Mitzie: before going to bed, always
reading Calabrese...

Calabrese Monaco.
- Monaco...

Um, Florence...
- Rome!

- Venice!

How much are tomatoes today?

Molto bella...
- Piace Venedig.

How much are tomatoes today?

Where have you been at Venice?
- Um...Venice, Venice...

Stupid Spagehtti!


Italian bullshit!

Where does the girl come from so
early in the morning?

From the wholesale halls.

But now I know what I was thinking
about the whole night long.

You know...
Just come here...

I´ll get you a pair of shoes,

real modern, you know, with high heels.

A fancy dress,

so one can at least one can guess
about your booty.

Yes... and also a blouse with
some ruffles.

And a nice perfume.

Yeah... I´ll give you 300 Marks,

so you can buy all that. And now just
give me the key, so I can get in.

All we need is a real man.

But as long as you dress so sloppy,
you wont get him.

Will you confirm that 300 Marks gift
by letter?

But the thing is not me looking for a
man, but you looking for a wife,

so there would be somebody to
support us in the shop!

Sure thing, we need a woman, so all
this drinking will stop.

Otherwise, you might as well open your
own pub, so you can go to sleep at 4 a.m.

and you don´t have to get up at 4 a.m.!

Hello, is it 18.30 right now?
- Yes, even later.

Thanks. Bye, have a nice evening.
- Thanks. Same to you.


- There you are.

I´ve been here yesterday and your
father didn´t let me in.

Could you do me a favour by going to
the Residenz Cafe?

I have a date with Franz, you know, the
soldier guy.

You know about him...

You also said he is so sweet.

I don´t want to jilt him.

And it is very complicated to call him
at the barracks,

it´s so hard to get connected...

If you would go instead, you know,
I can´t go, because I get a visit...

I see.
- Very important, dear...

Listen Franz:

Bärbel really likes you very much,

she told me that more than once for sure.

But she´s the kind of girl who needs
a lot of freedom, you know.

She just have to try some other things,
otherwise she thinks she will miss it.

You know about her.

This time, it seems she got hit really

She forgets about everything while it

But she actually also thought about you.
Therefore, I´m here now.

Tell me: how about taking me downdown

That would be funny, too.

My father gave me 300 Marks as a bonus
for working overtime.

You don´t have to worry about money
at all, because...

my brother didn´t have a penny also,
when he was a soldier.

That would be great.

So, let´s go.

- Cheers!

Oh Franz, let´s leave.

You wanna go so soon?
- Yes, I don´t like the place. Come on...

Just a moment,
that´s Bärbel!

So that might be her new lover.

Listen, I can totally understand if you
would get upset by her now,

I would do the same, but...

maybe it´s better if you leave.

Getting upset? How should one getting
upset because of such an odd woman?

If you want to stay...
- Wasting my time...

If you rather wanna stay, I´ll order
a bottle of whiskey for us.

That´s very kind, but that´s too expensive
in here. I´d rather go to the canteen. Bye.

Don´t take it too seriously.




Sorry, I have to go to my friend.

She´s waiting for me.
-Where? - Over there.

What´s up?

Tell me: Is this the dude you told me
about, who owns that fruit import company?


That makes me laugh.
Wanna know about him?

Just some tomato vendor at the
wholesale halls.

Moreover: he jumps after every girl
that walks across his way.

I just can´t understand how you could
fall for such a philanderer.

Well, Pietro told me right from the start
how all women talk badly about him.

Because he rejects all of them.

But anyway, are you jealous?

Are you completely nuts?

Jealous because of somebody like him?

I´d rather throw up!

In addition, there are millions like
him to be found in Italy!

Eat more vegetables

I´m so glad.
- Oh well...

Good morning.

Heini, good morning. Why that early

Well, just imagine:

as I was entering my Cafe this morning,
my waitress Bärbel was missing.

I waited for more than one hour,
phoned her,

but she was not able to say just one
word, while crying all the time.

But your daughter and Bärbel are best
friends, right?

Sure thing.

Maybe if you send her over, she might
be able to make her talk.




Phoning all day...
- I´m coming!

Don´t phone all the time, if you´d have
another kind of job,

you wouldn´t be able to phone all
day with your friends, too.

Listen: Bärbel is missing today.

Oh my!

He just talked to her an hour ago, and
she is crying all the time.

Go and see her, maybe you can get a clue.

Oh my!

Will you do it?
- Ok.

Hurry up!


That´s just what I thought.

Now I´m really through with this imposter.
For sure!

He... cheated on me with Sissi and Karin
last week.

I found out at the Disco last night.

Didn´t I tell you?

He always told my he had to visit his
parents for dinner two times a week.

Italian family custom...

Better be happy getting rid of that

He was too small for you anyway.

I really am.

- Please answer it.

Hello! WHO?
- Pietro!

It´s Pietro.
- Hi Bärbel, sweetheart...


- Tell him the truth.

What´s happening?

- Hey ciao.

- How are you?

How are you?
- I´m fine.

I´m not too well, you know. A little
tired because of last night.

Can we meet tonight?
- No, no. Not tonight.

Are you really nuts?
- I wanna make a date!

Stupid slut!

I might as well go now.

Listen: next time he will cheat on you
with 4 sluts, so don´t be surprised.

But don´t you come to see me to cry
and moan.

Stupid goose!

What I liked most was that you are
describing yourself as loving,

but also vigorously.

You have to be a little
vigorous in you life...


judging from your letter, I think you
are the ideal spouse for my father.

But we don´t know each other at all.

How about a meeting tonight?

Not binding.
- Well...

actually, I´d rather meet your father.

You have to understand:

I want to have a look on the woman who
wants to marry my father.

I can understand that...

A woman is missing here.
It´s been a year now.

I´m still hoping somebody will turn up.

Good day!
- God day!

Are you the woman I phoned today because
of the marriage ad? - Yes.

I´m the adult self-sufficient daughter.
- Good day.

How about a glass of beer?
- Sure, we can do that.

Does your father really want to get
married again?

That´s the point: he doesn´t know he will
marry again, but he wants to.

He wants to...

He wants to, but he doesn´t know yet.

I don´t think that will work.
I don´t like the idea at all.

Waitaminute: didn´t we meet before?

You are the police woman who fined me
the other day.

That´s right.

So we do know each other.

Yes, but the way we met was
a little rude.

Oh well, that´s the way we are during
the working week.

You know: without uniform, I like
you much more.

What´s the matter?
Are you sick?

It´s getting hot in here.
- Iguess it´s better to leave.

I think the same.

My god, such a sudden heat in there.

I guess I just have to eat.
I didn´t eat all day.

May I invite you?

You just know she´s really hardboiled.

Just like my old lady.

The plan we did...

you just have fullfill that,

just as I told you,

that will be the way to seduce
my daughter.

Really true?


No way about Venice.

Vienna is the place!

Vienna, wine and all that stuff!

You know: I was there with my old lady
and everything went well.

And the money...

is spend by me.

Got me?


Good evening, gentlemen!

Well my girl!
Hello Maria, come to me.

Come here, look who came for
a visit.

I really have to tell you:
This is some fun.

Finally, you snatched a guy.
He´s a nice dude.

Someone to talk with...

and someone to drink with.

Cheers Franz!
See! I like him!

I just wanted... to give you some
flowers because of yesterday night.

Otherwise, I wouldn´t be here...

That´s very kind, Franz. Thanks.

Daddy, please stop drinking now.

You know about my friend coming to
dinner tomorrow.

Sure thing, I promised.
What´s the matter?

You go to bed now, too?
- Sure thing.

But we had such a lovely conversation.

You know that we have to get up at 3.30

That´s just the time when we will
have to rise.

Right. Just sit down.

Best thing to do is to go home home now,
get to sleep so you are fit in the morning.

I´ll go to bed.

- Night Daddy.

- Bye.

Don´t be mixed up, just because
she went to bed.

You know she is hardboiled.

I said it before: hold on to our plan,

and nothing will went wrong.

Shut up!

Another drunken corpse.

Lietenant! Get up! Come on...

Wha..what´s... what´s the time?
- 3.30 a.m.

Of course. I have to be at the
barracks at 5.00

Could you lend some money for a taxi?

You can drive with me. I have to get to
the wholesale halls, anyways.

Ok, so hurry up!
- Slow dowm, I have to get dressed first.