Amityville Clownhouse (2017) - full transcript

Right after the supernatural encounter with raw terror in The Amityville Legacy (2016), the cursed vintage monkey toy finds its way into the new home of the married couple, Ben and Michelle. Once more, the creepy vessel of evil starts to spread its demonic force--which stems from the blood-drenched DeFeo murders--into the house, and before long, the otherwise happy Ben begins to change, and Michelle hears terrifying sounds coming from the attic. Has Amityville's powerful malevolent force returned to continue its dark legacy?


james kelly come on down the party's starting

i hate this house i hate our parents i hate
birthdays most of all i hate her she still

thinks i'm ten she's a [ __ ] that's why our
mom is a you know where dad is probably where

he's been since we moved into this [ __ ] locked
himself in the bathroom do you blame him

this is unacceptable i worked all morning
on this cake making it just the way you like

it so you better come down now come on we
better go down and face the torture last time

she was screaming like this while the neighbors
called the cops on us was she really that

surprised to see birth control pills in my
room i'm 18 for [ __ ] sake i am going to

burn that thing i'm going to dig a hole in
the backyard and burn it god damn him for

bringing something so ugly into my house

there's my birthday boy i remember the day
you were born 39 hours of labor the doctor

didn't think i'd make it you were a fat baby

where's dad forget about him this is james's
day let's sing happy birthday to you

time to make a wish shouldn't we ask dad to
come down oh he'll be coming it's a surprise

shh you don't want to ruin james's surprise
do you

make a wish james dear

now remember don't tell anyone you wish or
it won't come true you've got your wish son

this isn't funny

is this recording

started over 40 years ago at that house

for the next several decades the evil spread
like a plague you can't control it's like

a disease infecting everyone and everything
he comes in that wretched place was destroyed

a long time ago but not before

there are dozens of documented and apparently
related incidences of unexplained phenomena

dating back to the 1980s then an old clock
later a mirror in the replica dollhouse our

believed to possess the same evil that was
birthed in that place

that wicked toy was obtained from that very

but even i know

keep it down will ya oh [ __ ] you nobody's
gonna hear us down here anyways

so why are we here again instead of at the
movies movie you want a movie do you know

what happened in this house don't know don't
care last week ty pangborn a rhode island

state senator dressed up as a clown for his
son's birthday oh well holy [ __ ] that's

more than enough reason for me to break into
an abandoned house and crawl around a dark

basement it gets better it better get better
while the mother son and daughter were all

downstairs lighting the candles of the birthday
cake dear old dad came down in full bozo regalia

and blew the entire family away with a shotgun
and as you can tell by the dry state of my

pants i have clearly not pissed myself in

we are here on a mission and that mission
is money see there are a lot of sickos in

this world and rumor has it somewhere in this
house tucked away is a bit of memorabilia

from the murder scene get this and there's
freaks who collect this [ __ ] i mean we can't

sell anything on ebay but in the dark web
well let's just say that what we're looking

for has a pretty high asking price okay money
i like what exactly are we looking for a painting

of a clown oh i [ __ ] hate clowns nobody
likes clowns but we better start looking for

it i'll search down here with sarah guy why
don't you search upstairs we'll meet on the

second floor in 20 minutes sounds like a plan
all right




oh you [ __ ] you [ __ ] [ __ ] why do you
have to be such a [ __ ] [ __ ] when i see

an ass that shapely i just have to grab a

you know that sexual harassment i don't have
to tolerate it oh can you tolerate this

i could find the time but not right now

come on let's go upstairs and see if guys
found anything yet fine

come on guy let's get the [ __ ] out of here

there you are

sarah i found it i found it grab guy and let's
get the [ __ ] out of here

let's have some fun mother you know
what fun is fun is where i eat your [ __ ] heart

out of your chest



this is the one are you serious

i know it's exactly like the one i had as
a kid honey are you sure you wouldn't rather

get that new ps4 game instead no way this
is perfect i can't guarantee that that's all

right i don't mind i'm great with my hands
sure i could fix him up how much did you say

he was fifty dollars fifty dollars what's
sold out online he is so worth it i won't

be needing one i'm keeping goodbye

come back soon

what do you think i think you need help

hungry i'm starving i should have ordered
more egg rolls i still can't believe you got

that kid's toy the monkey is awesome what
do you want with that thing i'm gonna fix

him up give him life again i lost my old one
when we moved when i was a kid i always missed

him this sort of makes up for that what am
i gonna do with you

what on earth was that probably rats it's
that time of year rats you serious

the ones around here are harmless if it makes
you feel better i can set some traps in the

morning oh i think i'd like you to do that
i'll do it tomorrow afternoon i got that meeting

in the morning and i need to hit the haze
soon promise you'll take care of it i promise


hey sexy how'd you sleep last night nightmares
i'm running late what about

your coffee it's okay i only woke up an hour
early to make it for you honey

did you forget something


is that you












over there and i see a moon


this is about the monkey again damn it ben
i've been hearing strange noises all day footsteps

doors slamming first i thought it was you
coming back for something but you weren't

there when i went to look it's probably the
rats in the attic making that noise i told

you i'd set some traps today it's not rats
rats don't slam doors it's something else

look i don't know what to tell you i've had
a long day i'll go set the traps and then

i'm going to bed you're not even listening
to me

oh wait baby

there are droppings everywhere definitely
rats i'm sorry for getting so upset it's fine

the traps are set let's go to bed


what's the matter are you okay

i can't sleep i'm going for a drive


hey baby how you doing tonight good now that
i found you good are you looking to party

always get in oh okay

so where are you taking this your place

my daughters

so if you like

hey you're going too fast what is wrong with
you dirty

stop [ __ ]

so how do you feel this morning rejuvenated
where did you end up going last night just

around cleared my head listen i'll see you
tonight i love you

there's no droppings no footprints traps haven't
been hit either what are you saying you got

no rats up here ma'am you're clean as a whistle
i don't understand my husband said he saw

droppings and i hear them or something up
here moving around all the time well whatever

it was it's gone now you got nothing up here

wait what do i owe you don't worry about it
this time just keep the trap set and you'll

be fine i'll see my way out



what is it now michelle there's a ghost in
this house a ghost what are you talking about

it threw a knife at me a knife yes this afternoon
after the exterminator left wait what was

the exterminator doing here i already set
the rat traps it's not wraps you said there

were droppings you lied to me why did you
lie about it get off my case michelle i've

been working all day i just want to shower
before bed what's wrong with you why are you

acting so different it's that monkey i know
it is the monkey the monkey get off that already

you know sometimes i think you just don't
want me to be happy ben what are you talking

about benny please

ben are you awake

i'm sorry i guess maybe sometimes i overreact
a little

oh okay honey honey slow

such a oh mouth [ __ ]


i just don't know what to do with you michelle
i think you need help this house isn't haunted

you're acting crazy i think you need to see
someone maybe we should split up temporarily

split up we can't go on like this michelle
you haven't been a wife to me in months what

did you call last night what are you talking
about you beat the [ __ ] out of me and then

it had your way what are you talking about
all these bruises what bruises

we'll finish this conversation when i get
home tonight i don't have time to deal with

your neurosis right now but the monkey



is is he beating you

oh you poor thing

thanks for listening i just didn't have anyone
else to talk to

well if you ever need a safe place to go i'm
right next door i really appreciate that thanks

the other day and i noticed

you know there's a there's something up there
that she doesn't like thanks for stopping

over i'm feeling better now okay well don't
be a stranger you know if you need anything

just come by all right thanks again

you little baby what was wrong what was happening
did i imagine that



and i tried to give you a receipt

an estate

i don't know anything about that i don't have
time for this lady i've got better things

to do i'm gonna go now bye wait


just in 12 confirmed dead just outside of
lincoln in the state of nebraska information

is coming through when 12 bodies have been
found just outside of lincoln police have

yet to release the names of the dead but most
are believed to be members of the same family

witnesses are said to have heard several gunshots
coming from the house in the area believed

to be owned by mr mark jensen we go over now
to lincoln police to speak to officer chad

wilson officer wilson hi peter yes i'm afraid
that the final number of deaths has now been

confirmed at 14 and i can also confirm that
the body of mr mark jensen was one of them

mr jensen was and remains our chief suspect
in this investigation due to his having shot

himself at the roadside however what led mr
jensen to kill his entire family still remains

a complete mystery he was a well-known and
respected member of this neighborhood if all

is as it seems we've closed off the surrounding
areas to present visitors and respectfully

ask all members of the public to stay away
whilst we continue to invest thank you officer

wilson apparently we've got a recording of
a neighbor of mr jensen's let's see what he

had to say

i heard all these gunshots

so that's why i came outside to see what was
going on

and that's when i saw the blood i'm sorry
i i can't say anymore so what makes a man

turn a gun on his entire family i have with
me today father hudson west and retired police

detective dustin stafford gentlemen hi peter
how would you evaluate this situation uh well

situations like this are a difficult of the
best of times uh coming into it from um you

know fairly cold like yourself i've just seen
what's been going on in the news and things

like that um without knowing any kind of background
information on uh mr jensen i believe his

name was it's very very difficult to actually
appreciate what's going through his head at

the time um you know i don't i personally
have no uh working knowledge of him so i you

know it's very difficult to assess as to whether
there was any kind of mental instability there

whether it's being drug led whether you know

excuse me you guys you you always go down
that it's it's drugs and it's it's it's bad

family homes well i wasn't saying that but
you do you that you you people just don't

understand that there are other things happening
that there's there's other forces and and

something like this you know somebody just
wiping out an entire family and you know this

gotta be more than just a guy flipping on
drugs this is nothing to do with drugs and

this is this is spiritual i'm telling you
right i'm telling you that what happens here

is that they get possessed it winds me up
so much all right obviously i'm just looking

at the information that we're getting on on
the news ourselves well i'll give you information

i'll give you information i'll give everybody
information have you ever seen when a wall

just comes to life have you ever seen mirrors
have you ever seen furniture houses have you

ever seen a theater full of people dispossessed
have you ever seen a church have you have

you ever seen a doll's house have you ever
seen blood just spreading from the wall have

you ever no you couldn't have seen it because
you know why you couldn't have seen it because

you wouldn't be sitting there just like a
normal guy going it's drugs it's it's racist

it's it's not sure i mean i i don't know where
you're getting your information from you know

we're looking at the fact that there's 12
12 dead here um you know reports i'll tell

you i'll tell you i'll tell you i'll tell
you where to get my information i've been

there i've i've seen i've seen this i know
what it looks like i've seen it with these

eyes these eyes no no you you people you you
just don't want to hear the truth i can't

do this i'm sorry i can't do this

okay and i think we should just go to a commercial

what are you okay

thank you

you've got 10 minutes

so tell me what happened in your words you're
in great danger what do you mean you have

a monkey don't you how did you know about

that's the only reason why you'd be here it's
evil isn't it

it's more than just evil it's it's the vessel
for which evil transfers between physical

locations spreading all over like like a plague
it all began back in amityville

after he murdered his entire family everything
from the estate sale went to auction houses

and antique shops could be a

whole 40 years before i would find it i don't
understand so the ghosts of the family entered

the monkey and made it evil it's the monkey
itself that caused murders in the first place

something demonic took over that toy very
long time ago and won't let go how do you

know all this it was me that brought it back

it's my fault my father killed my entire family
i purchased that monkey from the amityville

antique shop as a present for his 50th birthday

it all started when i bought that [ __ ] monkey

wow ah mom would you look at this it is

this looks like just like the one i had when
i was a kid where did you find this at an

old antique store back home i saw it and i
remembered you said you had one when you were

little so i figured you'd like it

like it i love it dear thank you you're welcome
brown knows her wind it up all right

sorry i didn't think to check to make sure
if it actually worked it's all right let me

take a look at it

pathetic of course he doesn't want you

stop this you're better than him you're better
than this you don't deserve this do you do

you who is it

who's there


dad it's julia i don't mean a bargain but
are you okay


dad oh [ __ ] sorry dad um we're all ready
to go go yeah you know to the zoo

i'm not feeling well i'm gonna stay here you
kids have fun

are you sure your family won't miss us we
can meet up with them later i want you now

what about your grandma won't she hear us
or your dad don't be such a baby grandma's

basically deaf my dad's probably holed up
in his room and cheyenne's probably dead drunk

soon so don't worry about her either

come on stud

this is how you raise your kids mark to [ __
] where their grandparents can hear them and

out of the holy union of marriage

it's shameful really something should be done
god damn this is some good food i haven't

met don't you talk like that in this house

you got me there babe

go take care of that racket with


stop me daddy

you got julia the know-it-all spinster jenny
the drunk you let brianna [ __ ] that dimwit

under your own roof britney knocked up don't
even get me started on that [ __ ] anthony

my children are good decent people you're
losing your family right under your own eyes

and you don't even see it

jesus weeps for your family mark

what do you want me to do well you're off
to a good start you just need to keep cleaning


dad oh my god what have you done

no no no no oh my god i think the baby's coming

you can't hide them forever finish it no do

what's wrong daddy i don't know nothing's
making any sense anymore i know

i know

you look so much like your mother that's why
i'm your favorite

stop me daddy

that's not what i meant by saving family son
this this is the solution save them from themselves

just like you did carol



and not just the toy either there's been murders
connected to that house every few years for

the past several decades lamps and and clocks
and mirrors and even a dollhouse from that

evil place have all been present during several
copycat killings in the 90s i think i remember

reading about some of those weren't there
some movies made or something hollywood loves

to exploit what makes money

maybe maybe i'll even sell my story for a
made-for-tv movie so how do we get rid of


we must destroy the physical body forcing
it to leave and move on so then that won't

really stop it will it

can't stop evil only ward it off

evil never dies time's up

you must destroy it you can't let it take
over anyone else


where have you been i want to see someone

you man




what happened what's going on let's get out
of here

how may i help you


but we made

and they demonized

he's shy


this is






shout out