American Woman (2019) - full transcript

Inspired by the headline-dominating kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst in 1974, this atmospheric drama is a fictionalized re-imagining of her time in hiding, from the perspective of Jenny, a political activist assigned to take care of her.

Open the door.

They tell me
you won't have visitors.

Not even your own father.

Why did you ask for me?

Could you get this to her?

They're throwing
the book at her, you know.

Her lawyer may
try to see you.

Get your help.

I'd sure like to know why
you girls are so goddamn mad. ricocheted

across the parking lot.

Store clerks recognized
the shooter

as the kidnapped heiress,

whose conversion
to a radical cause

has captivated
the nation this year.

We're coming to you now
live from East Los Angeles,

where local and federal law
enforcement have surrounded

what is thought to be
a safe house of the kidnappers

who call themselves the "PAL."

The People's Army
of Liberation.

That's Los Angeles?

They broke
into Match Game.

I mean, this is happening
right this minute.

It's that Army
of People's Liberation,

or whatever
they call themselves.


And that poor,
brainwashed girl.


Oh, Iris, read a newspaper
once in a while.

They snatched her from
her own home at gunpoint.

Next thing you know,

they got her running around
with them robbing banks.

Surely, you've heard them on
the radio? Their communiques.

"Mom, Dad,
I'm joining the revolution!"

I'm alive.

God only knows
what they did to her.

How do you know she doesn't
really agree with them?

Do you know
who her grandfather is?

Who her people are?

A girl like that
doesn't really change.

Not a girl from that family.

I'm hearing explosions.

I'm hearing ammunition
in the house blowing up.

What I presume
to be ammunition.

The house is
engulfed in flames.

No one is getting out
of there alive, I'm afraid.

A tragic end
to this very dramatic story.

Oh, I'm going to need
a yellow croquet ball.

And I won't pay
for a whole new set.

I just want the one.

You could go into
the city if you have to.

I understand that
they have everything

down in Chinatown there.

"Dear Michael,

"I love you.

"I miss you.

"It's hard hiding.

"Hiding who I am,
holding my tongue...

"I don't know how much
longer I can stand it.

"I never wanted
to be in this alone.

"I need money or friends.

"I don't have either.

"Please write back."


Iris, is that you?

I hope you got lemons.


And I see you
picked up my pills. Good.

What about my croquet ball?

You were right,
they have them in Chinatown.

I knew it.

Oh, and, Iris,

somebody came by
today looking for you.

I hope you recall
our agreement

about room and board.

Of course.

No male visitors.

It must be a mistake.

What do you mean a mistake?
How could it be a mistake?

How many
Oriental girls are there

living in Upstate
New York, do you think?

What's the matter with you?


I'm not
wearing a wire.

Might be happy
to see a friendly face.

All my friends are in prison.
How'd you find me?

Some of those friends
get letters from you.

I figured you must
have a go-between.

Sharon sold me out?

All she did was
give me a post office box.

And then only after I swore

that I just wanted
to help you.

- I don't need help.
- Why, because you have a plan?

You saw this.

- The safe house is burned.
- Everybody saw it.

Those poor people.

They were good
at getting attention,

but does anyone really know
what they were fighting for?

Couple of those people
weren't in the house.

That girl is alive. Pauline?

Her and a couple
of the others.

I've got them stashed
in a safe house

in the middle
of nowhere up north.

Are you out of your mind?

Those are the most-wanted
people in America.

It's a sensational story.

They're gonna write a book.

And I'm gonna publish it.

They need someone
to take care

of the everyday things
while they write.

So, you know...
Grocery shopping.

Someone who knows how to hide.

You came from them to me?

Come on, you believe
in their principles

even if their tactics
are a little far-out.

They kidnapped her!

Liberated her!
And she calls it that.

Come on.
You're broke, you're alone.

You can't go on like this.

You're lucky it was
me who found you.

You know,
as well as I do,

if the Feds
kick down the door,

they won't bother
to take you alive.

Think of the deal
I could get right now

with what you just told me.

They'd drop all the charges.

I know you'd never
sell anyone out.

Six weeks.

And then anything you want.

Their book could do
what we always wanted.

How much does it pay?

President is going down.

Everyone knows
he's a liar.

Everyone knows
it was a disgraceful war.

A lot of people
hated the war.

They wrote letters,
they marched.

Not everyone
did what I did.

Get yourself
the right lawyers.

The right lawyers
cost money.

Get the book done.

You'll have the best lawyers
money can buy.

Pauline does that.

Keeps her calm.

I'm Jenny.

How long have
you been underground?

Couple years?

I got a lot to learn.

News is the manhunt's
still in California.

You've been spotted in
Alberta, Tijuana,

but nowhere east.

Juan? Baby?

This is Jenny.
Michael Fisher's girlfriend.

Did Frazer
bring cigarettes?


I'm Jenny.

You make bombs.

I used to.

Juan says you bombed
an office building.

It was a draft office.

A government target.

It was the middle
of the night.

What the fuck am I supposed
to do with one gun?

This isn't one of
your campus protests, man.

You can't leave
us defenseless.

They murdered our comrades.
This is a war.

a time to rise up,

there's also
a time to lie low.

Folks want
to get behind you.

Your book is
gonna reach them.

And fund your struggle
as a bonus.

He's right.
We need to survive.

- Thanks, man.
- Okay.

I'll take the pickup and
leave the Beetle. It's clean.

I thought maybe
they could dictate the book,

you could,
uh, type it up.

Just get them writing.

You need to eat.

I'm too tired.

I can't sleep
with all the mice.


Our brothers and sisters
all over the world

survive on only
one bowl of rice a day.

Yeah, not like the fat pigs
you grew up with,

gorging themselves.

Frazer brought newspapers.

He thought
you might want to read

how they reported
the fire.

We watched it on TV.

Our comrades burned alive

while America sat
eating their TV dinners.

Search and destroy.

That wasn't just
something that happened.

Let me tell you,
that's a fucking policy.

Juan fought alongside
his black brothers in Vietnam.

He saw things.

You could write about that.

About what?

About the war,
how it changed your thinking.

You could write about
how you grew up with so much

and how little you need now.

If you could change,
maybe anyone can.

The newspapers
get it all wrong.

They interviewed your parents
while your comrades burned.

What did they die for?
What did they believe in?

"You were the man
of my dreams..."

It sounds like
a Hallmark card,

"the man of my dreams..."

No, it's romantic.
She falls in love and...

"You were
the man of my dreams."

Juan: Says who?

"Evan, you were
the man of my dreams.

"We both grew up
like birds in a golden cage.

"Afraid that
if we ever escaped,

"we might not survive.

"Like you, I'd always
felt called upon

"to fight the injustice,
the racism.

"Did I feel
more called upon,

"or less able
to answer that call

"because of whose
daughter I was?

"We had so much
to overcome.

"But you changed.

"And you showed me
I could change.

"The poor man
is our brother.

"We are not afraid to pull
your scraps from the trash."

Where are you going?



What the hell are you doing?
Are you crazy?

We gotta
deliver the eulogy.

Deliver to who?

To the radio station.

We need to get
the word out there.

- Where's the keys?
- Not radio, a book.

I can type it out for you.


You can't drive into
town in broad daylight.

You can't just
mail it, it's basic!

Don't tell
him what to do.

They won't arrest you.

- They will kill you.
- Do you fear death?

- 'Cause I don't.
- Where are you going?

Our deaths will
be righteous.

I'm coming with you.

you can't come with us.

- Yes.
- God damn it, I'll go.

I'll go.

There's a woman
in the Midwest.

She copies out my letters
and mails them on.

If you're caught now,
it's the end of me, too.


And get more wine!

- You from Vietnam?
- No.

Huh. Just asking.

Where you from?
Never seen you around.

New York.

My brother went
to Vietnam.

What happened to him?

He was fast,
but the gooks were faster.

You have
a nice day, now.

- Hello?
- I've sent you something.

When you get it,
wear dishwashing gloves.

Mail it to a radio station.

I think it's something
people need to hear.

Shut up.

You really
shouldn't be doing that.

You want a turn?


The Orientals have
exceptional aim.

Great archers.

Brace yourself,

They're saying
she didn't even recognize

her own mother at first.

They're saying
she was brainwashed.

Seems to me, the main sign
of being brainwashed

is a sincerely-held belief

that you have not
been brainwashed.

Maybe she was afraid.

...prepare to veto
any bill that doesn't fit...

Ego reconstruction
tomorrow at dawn,

then we'll do combat drills
up in the woods.

We don't have enough people
for combat drills...

We play each other,

Yvonne gets you
as a handicap.

Fuck you.

What'd you say?

Jenny could join.

Jenny doesn't want
to do combat drills.

She's a pacifist.

You could
be a real leader.

You've got the chops.
You've got the skin for it.

My skin's got nothing
to do with it.

It's a privilege. Gives you
a Third World perspective.

I'm from California, Juan.

You know what?

You're too humble.

Our leader, he was humble.

He was also a hard-ass.

I don't understand
a pacifist that makes bombs.

No one was ever hurt.

So you were lucky.

It wasn't luck.
We were careful.

Not careful enough.
Your boyfriend went to prison.

She's just jealous.

The princess
is a big step behind,

and she likes to
pretend that she isn't.

Isn't that right?

I said, isn't
that right, princess?


Do you know how
filthy rich that girl was?

Her consciousness
is our responsibility.



- Here, take care of it.
- No, no!

- Juan...
- No, just let her do it.

- Go ahead.
- Stop!

- Go ahead, go ahead.
- Stop! Please!

I can't, I can't...

- Go ahead.
- I can't, I can't!

- Come on.
- Juan...

She needs to get
her little, white hands dirty.

I can hear them chewing.

They made a hole.

It's just mice.

Hand me the tape.

Tape it.

Say please, princess.

She's not
your fucking maid.

Thank you.

Hey! Not-from-'Nam.

Got enough wine
to hold you this time?

- What's your name anyway?
- Alice.


I didn't see that.

Don't forget
to punch out.

Already did,
Mr. M.

I'm sorry about your brother.


He was killed
in a terrible war.

A pointless war.

Don't be mad, Alice,

but I was
just shitting you.

My brother ain't dead.

He was drafted.

Then he ran off
and never came back.

So, it's like he's dead.

My dad did the same thing.
Refused the draft.

But in World War II,

he was angry
that the government

put the Japanese in camps.

Who did?

The government.

After Pearl Harbor.

They didn't teach us
that at school.

How much do they teach
you about slavery?

They didn't
teach us shit about that.

What happened
to your dad?

He went to prison
for a couple of years.

If my dad caught my bro,
he'd wish he was in Vietnam.

- Oh. Is this your old man?
- No.

- What are you doing here?
- Who's this?

Helping me
with groceries.

Hey, man.
How you doin'?

Good. What's
your name, brother?

- Thomas.
- What are you doing, Thomas?

Just saw Alice here and...

It's a good thing I didn't
make my move, right?

Hey, you want
a ride home?

So, Thomas.

You know me?

You've seen me before, yeah?

I don't think so.

All white people
look alike to you?

I don't think so.

You work for
the Man, Thomas?

- Sure.
- No, you see,

you should
work for the People.

Your people.

My people don't
own a grocery store.

Where's your house, Thomas?

Tell you something.

Alice here, she ain't
my old lady, so...

So you still got a chance.

She's my sister-in-arms.

She's been helping me out.

I had a feeling she was
helping out someone.

She was doing some
extensive grocery shopping.

Do you want to
help me out, too?

Sounds serious.

Is there a bank
out by your store?

I guess so.

Mr. Morton makes
the night deposit.

- Mr. Morton's your boss?
- That's my house.

I hope to see
you again, Alice.

- Cigarette, Thomas? You sure?
- No, I'm good, man. Thanks.

You know,
Jenny, the war is over,

but there'll
be more wars.

And with the draft gone,

it'll just be poor kids

like that kid back there
going off to fight.

While the rich kids
stay home getting richer.

Sometimes the only
way things change

is if you force
them to change.

What are you making?

A mousetrap.

I see why you were
good at making bombs.

Cut it out, princess.

It's a compliment.

I said,
cut it out.

Don't talk to her like that.

Don't tell me
how to fucking talk.

You can't just sit around
waiting to die or be caught.

You have to start writing.

Write the book,
get the money.

It's the only way you're
gonna survive underground.

Turn it up.
Turn it up! a Los
Angeles safe house last month.

The poor man
is our brother.

We are not afraid to pull
your scraps from the trash.

Another apparent
survivor of the shootout

issued a violent threat.

After slaughtering
our comrades

in a battle of 100-to-1,

we read that the chief

picked our shotgun shells
from the rubble.

Do you desire a souvenir, pig?

We've got something
better for you.

Vengeance for
our slain comrades.

Blood for blood.
Bullet for bullet.

The search
for the fugitives is...


I made a mistake.


Don't do this.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Please...

What are you... What are
you doing with those people?

The FBI is talking
to everyone you used to know.

Don't mail me
anything ever again.

I'm not your
go-between anymore.

Please. You're my only link
to Michael. Please, Sharon.

Don't say my fucking name.
Don't ever call me again.

New ideas
in the air around me...

New ideas, real ideas,

and slowly
I began to understand...

...the travesty
of my former life.

I heard a voice
reading the stirring words

of Karl Marx,

Eldridge Cleaver,
George Jackson.

I longed to see the face
of this kind and wise comrade.

I begged him
to take off my blindfold...

No blindfold.

No blindfold?

She falls in love with him
through the words.

We have to know
why she can't see him.

I don't care if she
fell in love with the words

or with his big dick.

No blindfold.

You already said I
couldn't be in the closet.

For the last fucking time,
it was a fucking pantry.

how would I know?

I had a blindfold on
the whole fucking time.

You did?

On the radio,
you said you let her exercise.

Read the newspaper.
Eat with you.

You said you were honoring
the Geneva Conventions.

She had to be blindfolded
in the beginning

so she couldn't ID us.

That is standard.
It's for her protection.

How long were
you in a closet?

It wasn't a closet!

I don't know what
I thought, but not...

Sister, you can
see for yourself,

Pauline is not
some helpless prisoner.

I'm more committed
than you are.

Hey, don't you dare
talk to Jenny that way.

I would like
to see you do half

of what Jenny has done.

Are you kidding?

The only reason why
you think she's so great,

- is because of her skin.
- You watch your mouth.

Why don't you shut
your fucking trap, princess?

Don't tell me what to do.

Just stay out of it.

Maybe she was afraid.

Oh, she says she was
scared the whole time.

Afraid for her family.
Her sisters.

Says they told her
they'd kill them

if she even imagined
getting rescued.

I meant, afraid of you.

Don't you know
where all this leaves you?

Good morning.

One fucking gun.

What do you do
with one gun?

Anything you want.

You just have to get in
and get out fast.

Twenty hijackings every year,
you never hear about it.

Government doesn't want
you to know how easy it is.

They cover it up.

If we go to Cuba,
we wouldn't have to hide.

We could get a place.

We could write our book.

We could keep
the fight alive.

We'd be alive.

We've been so lucky
this whole time.

How you rode
a desk over in 'Nam.

How we weren't
at the safe house

when the Feds came.

We can't...


Sure smells good.

I'm Bob.

- Hi.
- Hi. I'm the owner.

Oh, I'm Jane.
Uh, good morning.



I thought...

You know, I'm sorry,
I'm pretty lousy with names...

Deirdre was going to be here
with her kids all summer.

Yeah, uh, she took
the kids to her mother...

I thought
I might as well check-in

and see if there's
anything anybody needed.

- If everything's okay.
- No, we're fine.

And I always,
like... I always...


I always like
to have a number.



Wow. Um... Hi, I'm Bob.
Good to meet ya.

- You too.
- Yeah, how're you doin'?

I was just driving upstate

and I thought
I might as well check-in.

My wife and I grew up
in these parts.

- Welcome back.
- Thanks.

Well, what do
you say to, uh,

taking a walk
down memory lane?

Yeah, maybe
I'll go and see

if the crick's
runnin' low this year.

Yeah, I'll come
along with you.

Haven't had much
of a chance to explore yet.

You know, I think that, um,
Bob's looking to walk alone.

You are not
paying rent on this place

to have me bother you.

So, you have
a wonderful summer.

You too.

Yeah, take care now.

I'll call
Frazer from town.

Making coffee.

You want some?

Didn't want to
lay our plan on you

until we had it all formed

and it was firm in my mind
how things would go.

We need to carry on the fight,

but we'll need money
to survive.

You've been solid,
so you're in.

- "In"?
- On the plan.

We're going to hit
that kid's store.

Rob his boss
on our way out of town.

Yvonne, does this sound
like a smart idea to you?

His boss makes
the deposit himself.

We'll approach
right when he's closing. Easy.

Are you out of your minds?

We want to make
it up to you

that you'll never get
your cut for the book.


We know that's
why you're here.

You've got to survive
just like we do.


I will not commit
armed robbery, Juan.

Give me
the car keys, Jenny.

You can go.

Or you can stay
and wait for Frazer.

But this...

This is over.


- Just let me go, Pauline.
- Jenny!


He's not gonna
let you just walk away.

He thinks you're
going to rat us out.


He will kill me
if you leave.

Please, Jenny. Please!

Princess, you better
get back in that house

in three seconds.

- One, two...
- Jenny's in.

She'll do it.
She'll hot-wire the car.

Oh, well.

Now, back in the house,
both of you!

Let's go, princess.

You don't
need her, Juan.

You better be here
when we get back.

Let go!

Grab her!
Stop, stop! Stop!


Get her in!

Come on, come on.

Don't leave me, please.

Oh, God,
oh, God. Oh, God.

What happened?

Get in the car.
Let's go...

What happened?

Oh, God, oh, God.
Oh, God, oh, God. Oh, God.

- She's good. She's good. She's good.
- What happened?

- Whose blood is that?
- Go, go, go, go.

Drive, Jenny. Now!

- It's okay.
- Juan, whose blood is that?

Is he dead? Is he dead?

No, no, no.
He's gonna be fine.

He's gonna be fine.

Slow down, slow down.
Don't speed.

Take us back.
Back to the farmhouse.

Just take us back.

Is he dead?

He's okay. He's okay.
He's gonna be okay.

Let's go.
Come on, come on.

You're okay. He is okay.

- He's dead.
- No, no, no. He's not.

Get in the car.
Get in the car!

get in the car.

Get in the car.

Get in the car!

Get in the car.

I can't.
I can't, I can't, I can't.







Did Yvonne
shoot someone?

That kid's boss,
is he dead?

An innocent man...

Wipe down the car.
Wait here for me.

I've called the police.

I'll be. Iris.

Back to rob me,
are ya?

I suppose you've got your
young man out in the bushes.

I need to buy your car.

I can offer you $200.

It's quarter after 4:00
in the morning.

And my car is worth
much more than that.

You don't drive,
that's why you hired me.

$400, that's
the least I can do.

I bought that car brand-new.

You owe me
three months' wages.

A few weeks' notice
is the norm.

250, and I'll
leave you my car.

You know you need the money.

I said wait!

This is my
friend from New Jersey.

My friend, Ann.


I never took you
for an outlaw.

$300. Cash.

And I'll consider it
a favor to you.

My parents will help us.

I'll drive you to California,
but I don't want their help.

Did you ever
send your father a sign?


I haven't spoken
to him in years.

Even before
I went underground,

he thinks I made them write

that we aren't loyal
to our country,

to this country.

Did Juan ever explain
ego reconstruction to you?

It's a game or something.

It's a trust exercise.

The way
that it works is you...

You say "time,"

and then the other person
has one minute

to say anything
they like.

Like lifting up
a lid to your mind.

A minute can
last a long time.

Okay. You could
just say one thing.

Okay. I'll go first.

- You ready?
- I'm ready.


I wish you'd say one thing,
as long as it's true.

That's it?

Yes, it is.

Okay, time.

After I'd been
with the cadre for a while,

our leader posed
the question,

whether or not
I should join them.

Juan and Yvonne voted no.

Juan said that I would
never fight to the death,

and Yvonne said
if I was ever caught,

I would probably
rat them all out.

Mom. Dad.

You should know
I'm being treated

in accordance
with the Geneva Convention,

because these people believe
I'm a prisoner of war.

A war you might
not think you're fighting,

Dad, but you are.

I know you don't like
to think about it.

The whole system depends
on you not thinking about it.

I have been given a choice.

The choice of being
set free in a safe area,

or of joining forces
with the cadre to fight.

But I've realized something.

That's right.

You can't be
given freedom.

You have to fight for it.

I have chosen
to stay and fight.

Our leader divided us up
into groups of three.

He put me with
Juan and Yvonne.

And then he sent us
out on this mission.

Not a real mission,
it was like a supply run.

But I think, really,
it was like a test.

Juan said that
if I ever ran away,

he'd go personally
to kill my sisters.

What the hell
are you doing?

Get off me!

Get off him!
Get off him! Fucking pig!

Get off!
Let him go!

I need some backup here!
I need some backup now!

Come on, baby.

That's where we were
when the FBI was

the safe house.

All the police and the FBI...

There were no negotiations.

And when the ammo in the
house started to blow...

...they just let it burn.

I wasn't inside
the safe house.

But the police
thought I was.

And they let them
all burn alive.

Do you think
it's safe driving in this?

Maybe we should find a place
to stop for the night.

You lied to me.

Back at the farmhouse.
You lied.

Juan never
would have killed you.

Or me.

I could have
just walked away.

Why didn't you
just let me go?

You needed a ride.

You would have
said anything.

Damn it.


Damn it!



- Hey!
- Pauline!


You have to hide!

You have to hide!
He radioed the state police!

You have to hide! Go!

- They're on their way!
- Now is your chance!

I'll stay,
it's me they want!

Just go, Jenny! Go!

I'll never sell you
out, I promise!

I'll never
sell you out!

Please, Jenny,
just go! It's over!

You the girls who caused
all this trouble?

Yes, sir.

Heard you need a jump-start.

I don't want you
to say anything

in response to what
I'm about to tell you.

She's naming you
as an accessory

to the murder
of a grocery-store owner

in Monticello,
New York.

I don't believe it.

Well, she's her
father's daughter.

She's realized
the adventure is over.

She's naming names.

She's naming
everyone she ever met.



Some guy
named Rob Frazer.

Your friends at the farmhouse,
we've got them in custody.

They're saying
they don't know you,

never even heard of you.

It's funny who
your friends turn out to be.

You're lying.

♪ Well, I met him on a Sunday

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ And I missed him on Monday

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Well, I found him on Tuesday

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ And I dated him Wednesday

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ I said, "Bye bye, baby"... ♪


They're beautiful!

There were at least three
of 'em that I interacted with.

There could have been more.

And they were just
like hippies, you know.

Kind of just hippies.

I don't know
when they left,

but they paid through
the whole summer.

A house doesn't get wiped
clean like this by accident.

I've got
a clear partial here.

Right index finger,
middle finger.

Well, that's
a pretty old mattress.

It could have
been my wife,

we were trying to
fix it up years ago.

"June 12, 1974."

Jesus! Would you
look at this?

Get that to the lab.

Do a search on known radicals
on the East Coast.

And Wisconsin.

The Midwest.

I got
a whole handprint.

Do the whole
damn country.

What can I get you?

I'll take a whiskey.


Little splash of water.

Another one, Jimmy.


Next one's on me.

This is our last one.

Where you girls headed?

- New York.
- Casper.

I don't
care for Casper,

guess I'm
a country boy at heart.

Now, New York,

you'd have to bind me and gag me

and carry me
to get out there.

I don't even know
how they live in there.


It's harder if you're
used to wide-open spaces.


We better get going.
Gotta get to Casper tonight.

Come on, one game of pool
before you go. Let's do it.


Did you go through
Jackson on the interstate?

We like the back roads.

It's your break.

You know what you're doing.

You hit the white.
That's right.

It's not bad,
for a girl.

So what are you?
If you don't mind my asking.

She's a person.

Crow Indian. No...


She's Californian.

How come you don't
ask me what I am?

Oh, I know what you are.

You're a girl called Trouble
with a capital T.

Get us another drink.

Little splash of water.

Yes, ma'am.

I don't want
to be an outlaw.

Outlaws always die
at the end of the story.

I want to be in a comedy.

There's always a wedding
at the end of a comedy.

We have to go.

Aw, don't leave.
It's a waste of whiskey.

She wouldn't have been using
her own name, I don't think.


They all look alike to me.

Mind if I take
a look in there?

It's just an old thing

I haven't driven in years.

I know
that's your car.

It was stolen last
summer in San Diego.

I've got the police report
around here somewhere.

And I know
who you gave it to.

I don't know
any of those people.

You wanna take
another look?

Never seen her, man.




"I think of a monk.

"A Buddhist monk I saw on the
news who set himself on fire.

"In protest against the
horror of killing, of war.

"That sight shocked me

"more than anything
else in my life."

It changed everything.

"I thought I knew
what he was doing.

"But maybe
I was wrong."


You? Wrong?

I thought he
wanted to shock us.

Make us see him.
But what if he meant something else?

- It's better as a question.
- Police! Freeze!

Hey, freeze! Freeze!

Freeze, God damn it,
or I'll blow her head off!

I got 'em, I got 'em.


- Pauline!
- Jenny!

Jenny! Don't!

You think that's
how you change things?

You really think that's how
you change people's minds?

Why did you come here?

That's my little girl.

She keeps running away
from boarding school.

Says she wants to come
out here and live with me.

Hates her mom,
hates her stepdad,

hates the whole
goddamn thing.

She says this country's
built on Negro bodies

and dead Indians.

Her whole life
growing up,

you had the war,
the cities on fire,

that pimp Manson on TV
right during dinner.

Never had a president
who didn't lie

every time he opened
his goddamn mouth.


Don't help her lawyer
if he comes around.

Defense will be she was
always just a prisoner.

But I think you and I
both know that's not the case.

It's her they want,
nobody cares about you.

Frankly, I think
they'd go easy

if you help them
put her away.

Take my advice.

Cut a deal.

Save yourself.

Now, you and
the defendant were together

for approximately
eight months,

is that correct?


And you traveled
together across the country

from New York
to California, correct?


Now, during
this time, in your opinion,

was the defendant

She smoked a great deal
and rarely ate.

Was she deprived of sleep?


Was she frightened?


I'll rephrase.
Do you think she was capable

of freely
making decisions?

I think she made
one decision.

I think she decided
not to die.

Would you say,
in general, in your opinion,

that the defendant was
a captive during this time?

I thought...

I thought she was
something else.

But she was a captive.
She was always a captive.

She was
found guilty of her crimes.

And I was, too, of mine.

She went to prison,
and so did I.

Then she got out, and so did I.

Later, she got married
to one of her bodyguards.

And me...

I watched it on TV.