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Aruna lives a wealthy lifestyle with her paternal grandfather. She has come of marriageable age and he wants her to get married to a young man named Pran. But Aruna finds him possessive, controlling, and hot-tempered, and will not have anything to do with him, so she decides to run away. Her grandfather asks Pran to search everywhere for her, and Pran takes a oath that he will not return home until he finds her. He does find her and brings her back home. Shortly thereafter, her grandpa develops complications and passes away, leaving her in the care of Pran and a servant named Harriya. When Pran offers to marry her, she refuses and tells him that she loves another man, Ashok, she met when she ran away, the one who lives in an abandoned bus in the country. When they locate Ashok, he is unable to recognize her, and is in the company of a beautiful street dancer, Roopa, who he hopes to get married to soon. Was her romance with Ashok all a dream for Aruna, or is there some other reason why Ashok is refusing to recognize her?

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Pran's father, Prithivi Prasad...

...Pran's responsibility was
handed over to me when he died.

He helped me a lot.

And I promised my
friend on his deathbed.

- That Pran and Aruna.
- Is that so, sir?

Hello my dear.

He handles my car
company very well.


- Did you address me so politely?
- Did I make a mistake?

- No.
- All men are equal.

- Do you know this?
- It's a coin.

- Do you want it?
- Take pleasure.

Turn off the radio.

Turn off the radio and go to sleep.

didn't you hear me

- This is not the time to listen to the radio.
- is it!

- Turn off the radio.
- Can't.

If you don't do that…

- Let's see.
- Okay, I will.

- Pran, what did you do?
- Shut up!

Those who disobey me
will face a similar fate.

Pran, why is this?

You are quick to anger.

Ask Uncle before he blames me.

I am an eyewitness to everything.

- But...
- Go to your room.

Baby, stop crying.

I'm tired of these constant fights.

One should consider a
man's heart, not his speech.

Pran is a good boy, although he
is a bit stubborn and has manners.

I am that stubborn.

You two will make a beautiful couple.

There are few couples with similar traits.

Will you marry us?

This was decided 15 years ago.

I would rather die than marry him.

- Don't talk nonsense.
- Not reconsidering your decision?

Girl, you will regret me…

...If this happiness is lost.

I had made a promise to
Pran's father on his deathbed.

My breaking that promise
is a disgrace to my family.

I cannot dishonor my commitment.

Now relax. Whatever happens
will happen for your good.

I had made a promise to
Pran's father on his deathbed.

I cannot dishonor my commitment.

Aruna, what if you
really married Pran?

What if you actually marry Pran?

What if you actually marry Pran?

Your life will be ruined.

Your freedom will end.

Aruna, remember, it's a wrong move

You will have to pay a heavy price for that.

Think it through.

A moment of freedom is
better than a lifetime of slavery.

This is the time to make a decision.

But where can she go?

Were you all asleep?

No one knows a young
girl until she leaves home.

Pran, what's going on now?
I wonder where she is.

Don't worry Uncle,
I will find him today.

Where can you find her?
I don't think she even ate.

She is immature.

She was upset about something.

She herself will return.

- She can't be without you.
- Don't comfort me.

Pran, go find him.

Sir, need two more annas.

- Not enough?
- It's not enough for me.

It is true that commodity prices are rising.

But you can work.

- Can I find a job?
- for sure.

- Give me how many, sir.
- Okay.

Is that all?

Shut up and go!

Please sir, give me some.

Will you push my
car to the petrol shed?

Don't make fun of me sir.

I pay you.

I don't want to steal other people's money.

- Give me some.
- Shut up and go!

You asked me for a job,
so why not do this job?

This is not a permanent job.

So begging is a good profession.

- Give me my money back.
- You beg from a beggar.

- Give or I'll make you...
- Here's your money.

You will always remember me.

Come on, I'll push your car.

Beat three liters.

Take this. Is that enough?

- Not so.
- Then?

- I need a job.
- It's hard.

I am a graduate
looking for a job.

I can't afford you
a job. Keep this.

I can provide this kind of support.


- Give me an Ovaltine.
- She means milk.

I haven't even seen them in years.

You are very lucky!

When luck comes, money flows.

But why did she come here?

I am also unable to eat or drink.

Now I have to take care of her too.

God help me.

Mrs. Ovaltine, here's your tea.

- Who are you?
- Don't worry, drink the tea.

But who asked you for tea?

I am a good host.

- Do you own this place?
- Yes.

My name is Ashok.

- and you?
- My name is Aruna.

It's a very beautiful name.
Drink this tea here.

do you brush your teeth

- Don't you have that habit?
- Does that mean?

Didn't you bring toothpaste?
OK, I'll give you mine.

Brush your teeth and drink
your tea before it cools down.

This is too much. Give it to you too?

thank you! You are very smart.

You didn't give me a chance to ask.

- What did you put in it?
- Nothing.

This is a herbal tea that gives warmth
in winter and coolness in summer.

It does not smell. why is that

It's not that bad.

OK, your choice.

Now tell me about yourself.

- Tell me about it, please.
- My name is Aruna.

It doesn't matter. Tell
me how did you get here?

- I came from home.
- But why did you do that?

- Does that mean?
- Why did you come like that?

- You ran away from home, didn't you?
- I'm back...

Your relevant answer was not given.

- Are you going to stay here?
- Yes.

Oh my God! Look at you.

How do you adapt to this situation?

- Come on, I'll take you home.
- I don't want to go home.

Did you decide to stay here?

with me

don't you say

I will take you home
or to the police.

Stop crying.

I will not take you to the
police. Please believe me.

I can't watch a
beautiful girl cry.

Don't do this to me.

- Did you find her?
- I tried my best. But it failed.

- Is that what you came back to?
- What else can I do?

I think we should inform the police.

Do that.

Pran, this is going to society…

...not good for my daughter's name.

It destroys the honor of the family.

Check in the whole city
and somehow find her.


It is true that a woman
can build a house.

This house is like new now.

Stop teasing me.

This is a bus.

We need to hide this
bus from the world.

Because if people hear
that they live in buses.

Not everyone is as smart as you.

That is why I live so happily
even though I am poor.

Here, eat.

- have you eaten?
- Not yet.

So let's share.

- Do you live alone?
- No, with you.

I mean where is your family?

I am alone.

My mother died 10
days after I was born.

And my father after 10 months.

I assumed at this rate that
I too would die in 10 years.

But it didn't happen.
I grew up in an orphanage.

I have graduated and
now looking for a job.

- This is my story.
- Your life is full of stress.

But I live with them.

But now I have someone
to sympathize with.

I've had enough of that.

- Tell me about yourself.
- Be patient.

I beg you not to pressure me.

It is unfair. You asked
me everything about myself.

When I ask you, you say no.

Ashok, trust me, I won't
hide anything from you.

But talking about it
now makes it worse.

- eat
- First you eat.

- No, you eat.
- No, you eat first.

Why should I take
the lead every time?

- First you eat.
- Okay.

- Sorry!
- I can't forgive you.

- Did you find her?
- Did she tell me where she was going?

why are you shouting

You are responsible for
him leaving this house.

Your anger has caused
me many problems.

My child who never went out alone.

The roads have to go.

I didn't think things
would go this far.

Now you have to solve this problem yourself.

Uncle, I promise you.

That I will not return to
this house until I find her.

- what are u doing?
- Why am I telling you?

I saw what you were doing.

- What did you see?
- Your game.

- What game?
- Tell you?

You wrote my name and then erased it.

I came here feeling lonely.

Aruna when you are at home...

...was in a luxurious life.

But instead you are here with
an unemployed young man.

I am enjoying it.

I am really lucky

About finding a friend like you.

Do you think so?
Don't want to go home?

No. I don't want to go to that
house with all the comforts.

No luck there.

Even if you get a good bed, it seems like you don't sleep.

It's a really uncomfortable place.

This natural environment and you…

...nothing but paradise.

You didn't before, but now you do.

- Do you know who created all this?
- An angel of love.

He later saw a goddess.

I once saw a boat in a dream.

A mermaid comes to the beach...

...shouted to me in a sweet voice.

I woke up from the dream when I went near her.

She won my heart.

Who taught you to steal?

- Give me a packet of peanuts.
- Where have you been all these days?

- I'm busy.
- Happy for you.

you are here come with me

Pran, let me go.

Let's take him to the hospital.

My baby is back.

Daughter, why did you leave me?

Didn't you feel sorry for me?

You come back, that's enough.

If you hadn't come,
I would have died.

- No, father.
- Where did you go, daughter?

Why did you leave me alone?

That happened to my father.

You don't know the pain I've
been going through these days.

I didn't see any of this...

...because you walked away from me.

She may not even be able to eat.
Prepare to eat.

Daughter, eat something and then rest.

Go, daughter!

Pran, don't act like that again.

- Has he not regained consciousness?
- He opened his eyes only once.

When I asked his name,
he gave me a confused look.

- Then he lost consciousness.
- Take good care of him.

what is your opinion

I think his brain is affected.

He loses consciousness.

And when he regains
consciousness, he forgets his past.

Can't he get his memory back?

Sometimes it can be
done with major surgery.

But in his condition, the
operation can be fatal.

We have to wait for
his injuries to heal.

- Can't you see the eyes?
- I'm very sorry!

- Ask,
- Did you call me?

- Yes.
- what?

Since you look educated,
will you answer my question?

- Yes.
- How much is 10 and 10 added?

- 20 years.
- I knew you didn't know.

It is 30.

No, 20.

- It's 30.
- No, 20.

We have to argue.

- 20 years.
- Where are you going?

- I have work.
- Let's make a decision.

- I said 20.
- Okay, I admit defeat.

- Then give me 20 rupees.
- What is that for?

Don't you pay?

He owes 30 rupees but he
only wants to pay back 20 rupees.

- what are you saying?
- You owe 30 rupees.

I owe you nothing.

You admit that it is 20 rupees,
pay him and solve the problem.

I don't owe him anything.
He is a fraud.

what did you say?

Stop fighting. How
much money do you have?

- why?
- tell me.

- I have 20 rupees.
- Then pay him that amount.

- But I don't owe him.
- I'll tell you.

I'll pay, don't hit.

- here it is.
- The fight is over.

I was warned about going to town.

But I didn't listen to that advice.

- Come here.
- What is it?

What is 10 and 10 added?

- Why am I telling you about it?
- I want to learn math.

Then go to school. I have work.

I will teach you a lesson.
For cheating a poor man.

Give back the money
or I'll break your jaw.

let me go

Sir, come here.

- Give him the money back.
- Here.

- Now apologize to him.
- forget it.

I said sorry.

Now get out of here.

Can't look back.

Sir, you are an angel.

I am grateful to you.

what is your name?

Who am I... What is my name?

best wishes!

Friends, our show is starting now.

Stay tuned.

Please step back.

You guys are back.
Pull back your chimney.

Friends, clap your hands
for the Lord's blessing.


Very good! Hold this drum a little.

Hold it like this.


Friends, isn't it good?

This is a matchbox.

You may have seen it flash.

- Yes.
- Have you seen dead bodies being burned?

You must have seen many lovers too.

- Yes.
- But you have not seen a man jump into a burning fire.

- Never.
- Then take care of it today.

You should think about my problems.

For that I jump into the burning fire.

- I do it for a living.
- Remember that.

a fire.

Look carefully.

Champa, what's our next item?

- They have seen cars.
- Definitely.

- A cyclist.
- Yes.

- but never saw a tightrope walker.
- Yes.

- You have to walk on this rope.
- Okay.

But if you fall, your legs will break.

Because he failed, friends,
now a woman is doing this feat.

Look out for her, friends.

She does all this for a living.

Friends, a stick game.

Show up without a stick.

Are you injured?

Dad, I'm fine.

- Who is he, father?
- He is the one who saved you.

God bless him! Come on.

You can go now.

- Not there, here is our way.
- Let's go.

- Where are you going?
- I'm bored at home.

So I'm going out.

- You don't go out.
- Why is that?

Your father died not long
ago. People will gossip.

- I don't care about them.
- We must follow the norms.

It's better if you don't go.

Oh God, if Roopa were mine...

...I pray often.

who is this

Take out your chimney.

You saved Rupa, didn't you?

- Rupa, come here.
- why?

- father!
- Why daughter?

Look who this is.

- Champa.
- What has happened to you?

You can create false sympathy
for people and deceive them.

- Where do you live?
- This world is my home.

- where do you work?
- Not everyone needs to work.

- How do you live then?
- God will take care of it.

- Eat something.
- Thank you!

- He is a strange man.
- Yes, decent...

Did you quickly realize that he was decent?

- Why is it impossible to judge?
- Did you continue to judge him?

Stop teasing me.

I am a loser again.

But I keep trying.

I wish I was a boy
who could climb a tree.


- Where is your attention?
- To the mango and to you.

- Do I look like a mango?
- Yes.

- take
- You eat it.

I don't need it. I
chose it for you.

- for me?
- Yes, I know you are hungry.

- Please eat it.
- Why are you so worried about me?

I thank you for saving my life.

Would it be okay if you give me this mango instead?

Don't look at the gift, but
look at the love behind it.

All my income was paid to the priest.

When giving this ring he said...

...that Rupa will be crazy about me.

Like a fool, I waited for her.


You fooled me too.

When wearing it...

Rupa said she would love.

But that didn't happen.

A stranger in this hardware...

When I apply them above my eyes…

...He said that Rupa is
following me like a shadow.

This one also failed to do the trick.

The Himalayan priest deceived me.

He said that he had climbed the
Himalayas to give me this magical herb.

Actually, he cheated on me.

The world is full of cheaters.

- Boss, may I come in?
- Shut up!

- who is?
- It's me, baby.

Where is my future wife?

Are you drunk?

I breathed a little.

Take the leg away.

Sit down, idiot.

Boss, I'm sorry.

- What are these?
- These are things bought for love.


Rupa! where is she

what are you doing

hurry up!

Do you think this cigarette
will help me catch him?

All things fail.

So how does your cigarette work?

You don't look good
enough to attract her.

I find a magical cure… make her like him.

Imagine you married her.

When does it happen?

- Just a guess.
- Okay. And then?

- Will Champa allow it?
- I will take care of her.

- She doesn't think about it.
- Why are you doing that to her?

- Do you smoke again?
- No.

So what is this? I forbade
you to smoke, didn't I?

If you smoke after this,
you will break your fingers.

Boss leave me alone, I'm
going to see a priest now.

- what did you say?
- Yes.

- Is there anyone?
- Yes.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- what?

- Bring him here.
- Okay.

Take this.

OK, keep this one too.

Stop craving, go now.

come here

Go through the back door.

This needs to end.

Go through the back door to avoid Champa.

Leave me alone boss.

- your...?
- Don't shout!

- Where are you going?
- I am...?

- That's not okay with me.
- Okay.

I know you are
going to meet a priest.

How did you know?
This is all the boss's work.

I will teach him a good lesson.

Save me from it.

- Come on.
- where is?

Remember, I cannot be
intimidated by these strike threats.

- Work on the old salary level.
- Why is that?

Because the factory is profitable,
we should also get a salary increase.

- Are you shareholders?
- No, we are the foundation of this company.

- We fight for it.
- You get paid for it.

But the price of goods has increased.

Then reduce your expenses.

Friends, he won't
listen, let's go to court.

- You are welcome.
- wait a little.

- What do you want?
- We want justice.

Our wages will not increase
unless the work increases.

Don't strike. I assure you

- I guarantee you a raise.
- Madam, that is our only need.

We're going now. Let's go.

Why did you join factory work?

I did it for the benefit of the factory.

If it is profitable,
meeting their needs…

...Why not look out for their best interests?

- I don't do that.
- But I gave my word.

- Who asked you that?
- This is my duty.

Remember to honor my word.

Hail, priest!

Why are you shouting?

your...? please sit down.

Bless me as I am
your humble servant.

- Don't be discouraged, children.
- Thank you, priest.

He told me everything.

- I advised him to tell.
- What is your wish?

I will say

There is a girl called
Roopa, I love her so much.

- Boss, try to understand this.
- You, be quiet.

That girl really
hates seeing him.

It's true, but I love her.

So bless me and awaken
her feelings for me.

Don't worry, I
will pray for you.

hurry up.

You broke another girl's heart, didn't you?

- Is this true?
- Yes, no...

Who broke the heart? lie to him

- He asks you.
- Gurudev, did you ask me that?

I am omniscient, so don't
hide anything from me.

- Shall I say something?
- Yes.

Ask him again.
Maybe there was a mistake.

The Lord is never wrong.

The Lord says you have
sacrificed love for another woman.

- Did you say that?
- Yes.

- Why do you hate that girl?
- Do you expect me to fall in love with that witch?

You also run away if you see her.

She is not a girl but a witch.

Your friend is bothering me.

- Baby, what do you think?
- Trying to understand you.

If you disturb the priest
again, I will beat you.

Refocus your attention.

- This is my brother?
- You will end up in trouble.

Don't touch her.

- Who is Champa?
- She is my maid.

May your wish come true.

- Isn't that what you want?
- I couldn't ask.

- Then close your eyes.
- Do I keep one eye open?

- No, close both your eyes.
- Okay.

Take these ashes. It is strong.

Apply this ash on your
body and think of Rupa.

Then she will appear before you.

To me, you are like a god.

Rub this ash every 5 minutes.

If you make a mistake,
it loses its power.


- Your charge?
- Money cannot charm the godly.

- Good!
- God bless!

Boss get up now.

Where is the priest? He has disappeared.

He is a true saint. Do not
say anything against him.

Rub these ashes on my back.

- Drive slowly.
- I am sorry.

- Do you know who that saint is?
- He is an incarnation of God.

He gave such a powerful
medicine without taking a penny.

- Hurry up.
- But...

- why?
- Coughing.

- Then luck will get money.
- why?

I feel itchy too.

- Did you remove the ash?
- There are some.

- Is it over?
- Yes, turn now.


Count more.


I will show you how
to apply it. Here it is.

Step back a bit.
I need to focus now.

Come, my dear Rupa,
sing sweet songs for me.

- Boss, what happened?
- It bothers me.

- Who is that priest?
- She is a young woman.

- Who is that?
- She is Champa.

I can only defeat
her if the itch stops.

- Bring a brick.
- what?

Can I get a job?

There is no vacancy.

I feel like I've met you before.

- Ramlal, give him a job.
- Okay, sir.

come with me

what is your name

your name.

Why are you afraid to say your name?

I want all information about you.

Tell the details.

Did you get his details?

He does not say his name.

Why not tell your details?
Anyway, come to work from tomorrow.

thank you!

I think he is reluctant to work
because he comes from a rich family.

It makes me happy to see your smile.

I also feel sad to see you sad.

I am also looking for happiness.

But that happiness eludes me.

The more I try to remember
it, the more it eludes me.

That sadness keeps happiness away from me.

smile at me I will
give you happiness.

You are like a ray of sunshine to me

A breath of hope.

- Sir, please help me.
- That's not my problem.

- Sir, who else can we ask for help?
- Get out of here.

Stop! You cannot enter.

Why is this?

Only one person can enter.

- You?
- Yes.

- what do you want?
- What can you give?

We are the ones who sweat for you.

And when even that is not
enough, you suck our blood.

Hold on!

Who can control a storm?

Take him to the hospital now.

I will look into it.

What is his fault?

He did not ask for a
share of your property.

What is his fault?

He has asked for money
to save his wife's life.

The company operates
according to certain standards.

Human beings also
follow certain norms.

Do not forget that we
strive for your convenience.

Without us, you would not
enjoy all these pleasures.

- Money has blinded your humanity.
- Shut up!

The truth is hard to bear.

I came here to
teach you humanity.

You are fired.

What else can I do?

- Aren't you hungry?
- I'm hungry.

- Why don't you eat then?
- No, Rupa.

When man becomes a slave
to hunger, he forgets humanity.

Then he begins to deceive
himself and the world.

- Where are you going?
- To find someone who appreciates my work.

- Did you resign?
- It's like that.

- Does that mean?
- I had a dispute with the owner.

He fired me.

Because he thought I was very smart.

If too smart, the
boss feels threatened.

If you are not smart,
you will be unemployed.

- You should try to get this job.
- It's not necessary.

I'm going to find another job.

You seem very tired today.

I was tired of walking the streets.

I have no one to entrust myself to.

Don't be so sad.
I feel sad when I see you sad.

My happiness lies in your happiness.

Your words give me a zest for life.

- They are together.
- Who...?

- Look at that.
- where is?

Look at the hand.
My grave is dug there.

I was there for her
but it didn't work out.

That guest is having fun at my expense.

It is his pleasure.

- Rupa, are you leaving me?
- I have to ask you this.

i'm yours

- What is it?
- What are they whispering?

They discuss your
grandmother's wedding plans.

What about my father?

- Same as mine.
- Okay.

- Boss, did you see?
- They laugh.

- He has something in his hand.
- What is it?

He has a sacred
medicine in his hand.

They are similar to the one
I have. Now I understand.

Why does Rupa like him more than me?

- Because handsome?
- Shut up!

Today I have the wealth of love.

This is a treasure of dreams.

This treasure makes one
forget all their problems.

Losing my love, I see.

- That's good too.
- I can't bear to see it.

The enemy rejoices, I grieve.

The magic herb is responsible for all this.

If I had that herb, I'd
be there instead of him.

- I'm sorry too.
- I'll get that herb anyway.

- Do you think he will give them to you?
- Come with me.

- why?
- Champa is coming.

- Rupa, father called you.
- I will go.

- Welcome!
- How are you?

How does it look? It's like
you haven't even shaved.

Get out of here!

Boss, let's do it.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

- what do you want?
- Nothing.

Do you like this lifestyle?

- Why don't you have a job?
- I am looking for a job.

- What are you doing?
- I grind medicine.

- For whom?
- To dad.

- How is he now?
- Same as before.

- No cure?
- He is slowly recovering.

I'm sure of it.

- What do you think about marriage?
- marriage?

- I made my decision.
- Very good.

- It's okay.
- What is it?

- What do you have in your hand?
- Nothing.

Lalli told me everything.
Give me that herb.

- I don't have any herbs.
- Really?

- Do you know this?
- What is it?

- Itchy powder.
- Then give me that herb.

- Here.
- Is this all for Rupa?

Yes, no.

Baby, you gave her confidence.

I'm very sorry.

- Can you tell me where Mr. Ashok is?
- This is a place where a gypsy tribe lives.

He is a young man.

- it's me.
- No brother.

I'm talking about a tall handsome man.

So I...?

Now I know who you mean?

Do you know
where I can find him?

It's hard to track him down.

- why?
- where is he?

Why do you want to know?

This girl is looking for him.

He comes and goes as he pleases.

But she holds him.

- But where is he now?
- Why do you want to meet him?

He is our employee.

- Do you know his name?
- He doesn't even know what his name is.

- How is his character?
- He is a villain.

Do not take his words seriously.
He is a very good person.

You will love everything about him.

You are crazy about him
because of that magical herb.

- Madam, don't take her seriously.
- Shall I call Champa here?

Then I better go.

Lady, she is a good girl,
and that man loves her.

I am your humble servant.

How do you know him?

We are two bodies but one spirit.

- Do you know me?
- Yes.

Are you the owner of the car company?

- Is that all?
- That's too much.

I need you.

Employers need employees
to run the company.

Don't hurt me so much.

Ashok what happened to you?

- So you baptized me?
- This is your name.

Did you forget everything?

Ashok look at me.

I opened

I spent the best time
of my life with you.

And you loved me.

Did you forget that Aruna?

I don't know Aruna.

Did you forget everything?

You have even forgotten your identity.

Who am I and what is my name?

How does it affect you?

Wait! I have a question.

How long will you keep me in the dark?

Tell me if you're not mine.

Be honest, tell me everything.

Don't play with my
feelings, accept your silence.

That you remember your
past and still try to act innocent.

Rupa leave me alone.

I try to rest when
I find some shade.

But I can't find peace.

I came to you to ease my mind.

But you made me sad.

I tried to remember my
past but it didn't work.

I will never let
you go anywhere.

I promise never to
question you again.

- You can stay here in peace.
- Where is the peace?

Don't know where to stay?

I really don't know.

- Think and answer me.
- What is there to think?

- Where did you go?
- I went somewhere.

I know where you
are going these days.

But your dreams will never come true.

Who are you to crush my
dreams? I do what I want.

Let's see how you do.

- Where are you going?
- To assist.

- Shall we take him too?
- Definitely.

The day this man came,
Rupa fell from the rope.

So if you go with us,
there will only be problems.

- Right?
- Drop my ear.

- Why are you dancing here?
- To entertain people like you.

- But we don't need it.
- Who needs it?

The rich enjoy themselves at the expense of the poor.

God created this world for both.

But now it is disappearing.

- Do you own this road?
- Don't be harsh.

Then tell me about a place that is not respectful.

You can't do this everywhere.

- is that so?
- Yes, it is.

- Sir, let him go.
- Stop.

Save him.

That terrible one will kill him.
Have mercy on us and save him.

Why are you silent? His life is in danger.

- Get out of here.
- Sir, excuse him.

- Don't torture the poor.
- Get out of here.

Tie him up.

Now I will teach you a lesson.

Why did you stop?

Did they do you wrong?

They even risk their
lives for their livelihood.

Instead of being kind to
them, you try to kill them.

- You don't believe in humanity?
- Aren't you ashamed to support them?

I am ashamed of your brutality.

How do you torture
a human being?

Asuras are better than such people.

We are grateful to you.

I am sorry for everything that happened.

You are badly hurt. come with me

We're going. Wounds
will heal in time.

Let's go.

Your wounds will heal,
but who will heal my heart?

- Do the work carefully.
- I'm good at pushing people away.

Get this here.

Be careful. Leave him here.

Now you can go.

- Is it serious, dad?
- The wound is deep.

It is difficult to predict anything
until he regains consciousness.

Do not worry and trust God.

I will come.

- your...?
- Yes, it's me.

Where am I?

Come with me and I will tell you everything.

- What are you going to do?
- Leave me alone, father.

He rejected my love, my devotion.

He left me without saying anything.

- Father, let me die.
- Why are you going to die?

I am sure to make you happy.

come with me

Why are you surprised? This is my home.

Are you that rich?

Now that you have come, I am rich.

Don't you feel ashamed to
meet a poor man like me like this?

do not say that.

Your smile makes it all disappear.

eat something

- First you eat.
- No, you eat first.

I remember meeting you on the bus.

And we had some
wonderful moments together.

One day we went to the market.

Then something happened to me.

I think I was in a car accident.

I don't remember anything after that.

Where have I been all this time?

Wherever you were, you were in my heart.

Aruna, what happened?

who are you your...!

Are you here to loot?

Okay, set him free.

- I'll call the police.
- No, don't call the police.

Why did you want to kill me?

Being poor does not
mean being a villain.

If you need money, here it is.

No. I don't need money.

God bless you!

- What happened, father?
- Let me wait.

She is Rupa, who has
taken care of you for so long.

You had spent that time with these people.

Rupa I can never repay you for
everything you have done for me.

But accept this humble gift from me.

Please don't refuse, sister.
This is a humble gift from both of us.

Is this the price for a poor girl's heart?

Don't try to bribe me.

We are Ahiguntis and
travel for our livelihood.

But we don't sell our feelings.

Don't talk like that because
you don't know the truth.

You say now.

After taking away my love, now
you have come to comfort me.

- Love?
- Yes, you tried to buy it.

Rupa, forgive me if I accidentally
dreamed of love with you.

- It's not me.
- Then who is he?

I had lost my memory.

I know that a rich man's memory
and his love are both a joke.

I worshiped you like an angel.

But I did not realize that one day
this rich woman will steal my love.

You misunderstood me Rupa.

I loved Ashok before you.

But after losing his memory...

...He fell in love with you.

Is it wrong to love me when
his memory comes back?

Why do you blame my wealth?

do not say that. You
hurt me with your money.

But don't think I'm taking it for granted.

I am an Ahigunti, I can love
and take revenge for my love.

Father leave me alone.

I'm going to kill this woman.

Would you kill your own sister?

- Sister!
- Yes, Rupa.

She is your own sister, Meena.

- what are you saying?
- I'm telling the truth.

This incident happened 15 years ago.

You had a high fever that did not go down.

I didn't have
money to treat you.

To save your life...

...I sold Meena for two hundred
rupees to a childless rich man.

If I hadn't sold her, I
would have lost you too.

- is it!
- Yes.

i will take care

- Shall I come with you?
- I have this.

I really hurt you.

- Come with me.
- No.

- Are you coming?
- No!

- Come on.
- Leave me alone.

Come forward, don't be afraid.

let me go

What did you do sister?

You are a devil in human form.

are you happy now?

Look what you did.

Her sacrifice will be immortal.

And I will give you
a life-giving death.

Don't bother him.

Only God has the
power to punish anyone.

Arrest him.

I will die happy.

Don't break Champa's heart.

God bless you always!