Along Came a Spider (2001) - full transcript

Detective/psychologist Alex Cross loses his partner in an out of control 'bust.' He stops working and cannot forgive himself. He is drawn back to work reluctantly when a senator's daughter is kidnapped and the kidnapper seems to want to deal with Alex personally.

Tonight was your first
time at the club, wasn't it?

No, I've
been there a few times before.

Really? Well, how come
I haven't seen you?

I noticed you
the first night I walked in.

You always stand out.

Well, thank you.

Well, how come it took you
till tonight to talk to me?

You're not shy, are you?

Maybe a little.

You, uh,
you okay with this?

Just taking off
with someone you hardly know.

I trust myself.

- What do you mean?
- Well, I believe in human nature.

You know, that people
are basically good.

You're right.
Most people are.

Tracie, you spell that
with a "Y"or "l-E"?

"L-E. " Guys are always
assuming I'm a T-R-A-C-Y.

- Oh, I hate guys who assume.
- Me too.

You look like a James.

Nope, just Jim.

- How about Jimmy?
- No, just Jim.

Oh, come on, you are shy.

Look, um, there's something
I've been meaning to tell you.

I think you have
beautiful hair.

- Oh, you think so?
- Yeah.

Brown Bag, this is
Brown Bird. We have audio-visual.

Do you think it's sexy?

Brown Bag,
close into one click.

Yeah. There's nothing sexier than
short hair on a beautiful woman.

What is it about big hair
that turns men on?

What is it about big hair
that turns guys on anyway?

Bad taste?

Look at me.

I want to see your eyes.

Just the way I like 'em.

That's him.
That's our man.

Car is registered
to a Jim Gelway.

Brown Bird,
this is Brown Bag, move in.



He's testing, Tracie.

Tell him...

he's got the Midas touch.

You got the Midas touch.

That's 'cause
I'm God's gift to women.

You know what I think
you are?

I think you're
a natural-born cocksucker.

And I think it's time you did
what you were born to do.


What is this?

- What the fuck is this?
- Oh, shit.

- You fucking bitch!
- Bust him.

Brown Bird,
Brown Bag, move in! Take him!

Take him now. Now!

Pull your vehicle to the side,

- your hands where I can see them.
- Fuck!

Pull over... now!

I got him, Alex.

- Call for help now!
- Tracie! Hold on!

Don't move, stay where you are!
Stay still!


Hold on,
we're going to get you.

- Come on, guys, help out.
- There's nothing to hook onto.

Hold on!



- Hey, Hannah.
- Hi, Megan.

I hope we don't have
that big math test.

- Jezzie.
- Hey, Megan.

Jezzie, guess who
called me again last night?

Oh, let's see, um...

Ah, good morning, Dimitri.

Hey, Megan, I downloaded
some really cool GIFs.

- You want to see them?
- Yeah, sure, what are they?

Agent Flannigan.

- Check in Starodubov and Rose.
- Check.

Jezz, what do we call Russkies these
days? Russians? Former Soviets?

- I forget.
- New world order, Devine.

Get used to it.

Charles Lindbergh, Lucky Lindy
or the Lone Eagle as he was called,

is our subject today
because he was...

the first man to... what?

- Megan?
- Fly over the Atlantic?

Very good. First man to fly solo,
nonstop from New York City to Paris,

and that was 1927.

An astonishing accomplishment, which
brings us to today's assignment.

Let's see which of you can
navigate, or fly if you will,

from our home base
to our hero's website here...

in the fewest number
of links, all right?

And you're off.

Well, that's very clever,

Megan, might I have
a word with you?

- Save me a seat, okay?
- Okay.

Come to my office.

Take a seat.

Now, Megan, you know I understand...

the particular pressures
of your life.

Your father being who he is,
and the enormous expectations...

all adds up to
rather a lot, doesn't it?

- Yes, sir.
- Hmm. But, none of that excuses...

- your breaking the honor code.
- What?

I know all about
you and Dimitri, Megan.

We don't tolerate cheating,
now do we?

Cheating? Mr. Soneji,
there's been a mistake.

We only pass notes,
you know, jokes and stuff.

Megan, before you go
any further,

you best have a look
at that.

- Mr. Soneji?
- Yes?

This essay,
it isn't mine.

Beg your pardon?

What do you mean?

Oh, my.

Oh, dear girl, I'm...

Oh, dear, dear.

Gary, why is
the door locked?

- Oh, my God, what happened?
- She's collapsed.

She's collapsed.
I tell you what, you stay with her.

- I'll get some help.
- Okay. Megan?

Hey, sweetheart, can you hear me?

- Hey, Jezzie.
- Hi, Kila.

Hey, Hannah,
where's Megan?

She's with Mr. Soneji.

Control, I'm en route
to Soneji's classroom.

I'm sure it's just
a meeting that went long.

Well, it's against procedure.
Mr. Soneji should know better.

His office.

Mr. Soneji,
Secret Service, open up.

Mr. Soneji?

Do you have a key?

I'm sorry, there seems to
be something stuck in here.

Stand back.

Control, shut down, stop all
vehicles. Lock on Soneji and Rose.

So, how many of these boats you have
to make before you become shipshape?

I have never seen a man
work so hard at looking busy.

- Alex, it's been eight months.
- Hmm?

It's time
you forgave yourself.


you know that forgiving yourself
is the one thing a person cannot do.

... choose to make contact.

We are currently trying to put the
pieces together as to how and why...

this man would murder a teacher
and kidnap a young student.

Here's a photograph
of the missing student.

Megan Ann Rose is 12 years old,
blond hair with hazel eyes.

She's 3'5" tall
and weighs about 52 pounds.

She was last seen inside the school
with the suspect around noon today.

We have just
received information...

that senior F.B.I.
And Secret Service officials...

have arrived at the family home
of Senator Rose.

We will go there live as soon
as we have our satellite feed.

Technicians are setting up extra
telephone lines in the Rose home,

all in preparation
should the kidnapper...


I just wanna go home.

The F.B.I. And police are on the
lookout for this man, Gary Soneji.

- This is a recent photograph...
- We only know that he has...

disappeared with the 12-year-old
daughter of Senator Hank Rose.

How and why is on the minds...

Police are trying to find out
who this man really is,

his motives for killing
teacher Amy Masterson...

We go back live to join...

reporter Alison Peretsky,
who has been at the scene...

since law enforcement
officials arrived.

- Yeah?
- Mom...

I wanna go home.


You tuned into me,
Dr. Cross?

Sounds like
Alison Peretsky at WNKW Action News.

- Gary Soneji?
- That'll do for now.

How'd you get this number?

Unlisted numbers? Come on, Alex,
there's no such thing.

It's all out there in the air. You
just have to know how to grab it.

Hey, how do you feel about
my kidnapping being bigger news...

than your little tragedy
with Jim Gelway?

You ought to give an interview
about what happened that night.

You know what they say about sharing
your pain. It's very cathartic.

- Thanks, but I'm doing okay.
- That's good to hear. Very good.

I thought for a while there
you wouldn't be able to get...

your act back together,
and that would be a great shame.

I've been planning for a long,
long time to involve you...

in the fate of our
little Miss Muffet.

Megan. Do you have trouble
saying her name?

First-name rapport?
Hostage negotiations 101?

Now come on, Alex, you can do
better than that, can't you?

You think you're gonna dissect me
in three blinks of an eye?

I'm not that easy.

But with a little patience
and a little help,

you just might
profile me to a "T."

What makes you think
I'm interested?

They say that when I die,
the case will die.

They say it'll be
like a book I close.

But the book,
it will never close.

Very poetic.
What the hell is it?

I've left something for your visit
with the Roses tonight.

You'll find it in your cold,

corrugated mailbox.

Time to get back to work,
Dr. Cross.

Megan. Do you
have trouble saying the name?

Sorry, Detective,
this is a federal case.

I've been invited.

We have a detective who may have
evidence pertinent to the case.

- What should we do about it?
- Alex?

Special Agent Craig.
Well, I'll be.

Dare I ask?

- In my mailbox.
- Anything else?

That'll get you inside.

get this to MacArthur.

Who's in charge?

Ollie MacArthur.
Pedigree "Feebie."

Made his bones busting
wackos in the Seattle office.

Soneji, clean?

Clean? Squeaky. Fibers look
generic, fingerprints, nada.

The whole school's
a goddamn forensic vacuum.

All he left us was one
very neatly strangled teacher.

Heads are gonna roll
with the Secret Service.

Oh, Jezzie Flannigan,
Alex Cross.

Agent Flannigan was in charge of the
Secret Service detail at Cathedral.

- Dr. Cross.
- Agent Flannigan.

I've read your books
on profiling.

not close enough, but...

Kyle, this shoe was I.D. 'd
by the Roses. It's Megan's.

Dr. Alex Cross,
special agent in charge...

- Oliver MacArthur.
- How do you do, sir.

Alex, I'll catch you later.

- Forensics.
- Yes, sir.

Senator and Mrs. Rose
are through here.

Before we talk to them, you any
idea why Soneji is involving you?

- Not at all.
- This way.

Uh, excuse me, shouldn't Agent
Flannigan be in the room with us?

Not a good idea.
Miss Flannigan is not welcome.

But she's
a material witness.

She failed the Roses,
and she failed the Service.

I think Agent MacArthur
has a point.

No, he's missing
the point.

You saw Soneji every day,
five days a week, for how long?

Two years.

You have no idea how much
you know about this case.

Agent Flannigan.

They say that when I die,
the case will die.

They say it'll be
like a book I close.

But the book,
it will never close.

Very poetic. What the hell is it?

I've left you
something for your visit...

with the Roses tonight.

You'll find it in your cold,
corrugated mailbox.

Well, for what it's worth,
that's Soneji.

His speech pattern's
the same.

Is he, um...

Are we dealing with
a sex maniac?

Someone who might,
you know...

No, sir.

This man has no such interest
in your daughter.

She's merely a means
to an end.

What do you mean?

I see no standard procedure
in anything he's done.

I disagree.
This is a professional kidnapping.

It's going to be about money,
which is good.

But you're saying
it isn't about money.

I think he wants to
draw this out.

From what he said,
whatever his motives...

it's very unusual.

What did he mean
about the book?

That it will never close?

I honestly don't know.

Well, I think I do.

Let me tell you
what this Gary Soneji is up to.

The last thing he wants
is good crisis management.

What he wants is to confuse.

mixed signals, disorientation,
those are his tools.

So, he calls a local cop.

A damaged cop, shouldering
some heavy baggage.

He's using Dr. Cross
as his messenger...

Excuse me. The man that kidnapped
our daughter didn't call you.

So your agenda is what?

- To insult the man he did call?
- Mrs. Rose, I never intended...

No, you wait a second.
A madman has our daughter,

and for some reason
he contacted this man.

Do you know why?

No, ma'am. Not yet.


You okay?

You, uh...

got any tips
for helpless situations?

Well, you could
smoke a carton a day.

Or you could bounce back.

Yeah, well, I don't see
anywhere to bounce to.

Like to get out of here?

Can I ask you something?


What did MacArthur mean
when he referred to you as damaged?

Last summer, I let a sting operation
get out of control.

My partner was killed.

Hello, Megan.
How are you?

Coming to see you.

Do you recognize my voice?

It's me.

Mr. Soneji. Hmm?

I brought you that.
A lovely cup of tea with honey.

I know your throat is sore.
It'll make you feel better.

There you go.
It's all right.

You have nothing
to be scared of, Megan.

I'm not scared.

Good. But you're wondering
what's going on.

I know what's going on. You're a
kidnapper, and you're a sick weirdo.

Megan, you're the most
opinionated girl in my class.

- Think you got that from your mom?
- I wanna go home.

You will. Just promise me
you're going to behave yourself.

So, now listen,

if you need to use the bathroom
or anything, just press that, okay?

I wanna go home! Now!

- I brought you some fresh clothes.
- Please!

Mr. Soneji, please!

This is a fine gun.

It's Turkish.
Handmade, 1924.

That is nice.

My daddy won it in a game
of poker. Aces and eights.

Dead man's hand.

That's about as much
as I know about my father.

Have a seat.

Do you know of any relationship
between Amy Masterson and Soneji?

Amy? No way.
Why do you ask?

He strangled her.

It's an act of passion.

It's a demonstration
of will.

A message.

Take me seriously.
What do you see?

- Dr. Cross...
- Alex.

Alex. Woman's intuition,
third eye, sixth sense...

whatever it is,
I don't have it.

Sure you do, you just
don't look at it right.

Every face has two aspects.

Now try looking at it down
the middle, one side at a time.

Would you say this man
was confident?

- Yeah.
- Narcissistic?

- I-I wouldn't know.
- Ever see any flashes of hatred?

- No. No. No!
- Anger? Hostility?

Look, everything about him
was right.

He was always patient, he was
pleasant. He had a sense of humor.

I mean, he was
the perfect teacher.

What do you see?

I see...

No, I mean about me.

What do you see about me?

That's why you're here,
isn't it?

Size me up. Evaluate
your primary material witness?

I see that you're about
to start an argument.

I need to help get her back.

What makes you think
I want a partner?

- You don't. I can understand that.
- That's right.

- No, you can't.
- Can I tell you why I don't care?


Look, when I was
assigned to Cathedral,

it was a job
I didn't want.

It's a far cry from working
rope lines or flying Air Force One,

but I have been there
for three years.

I have been responsible
for Megan for three years.

And that little girl means
more to me than even a partner.

Can you understand that?

I suppose so.

Even if I say no, you'll probably
follow me around wherever I go.

So, if it's a choice between
having you as a partner...

or as a stalker, I guess I'll
take my chances with a partner.

Thank you.

The student drop-off is there.
That's my morning post.

Students sign in. Cameras are
there, there, there and there.

Motions sensors
all around the periphery.

Foolproof way to keep
the kooks out.

Exactly. We were always looking
in the wrong direction.

- Which door did he go out?
- Uh, that one there.

It's a straight shot
to his parking space.

Let's go in.

- His classroom.
- Mm-hmm.

He was teaching how everything
on the Internet is connected.

Alex, you got a sec?

Listen, I think turf wars
are a total waste of time.

If I was out of line
last night, I apologize.

Don't. I've been there.

- Anything you need, let me know.
- Sure, Mac.

Dr. Cross,
you might want to see this.

- This was Megan's desk?
- Yeah.

- What are you doing?
- Scoping GIFs.

Graphic Interchange Formats.
They're all Stego-encrypted.

Somewhere among the billions of
zeros and ones making this image...

- is a string of text.
- I know about this.

It's the cutting-edge method
of passing notes in class.

It's driving the teachers nuts.

How long before
you can access it?

Try never.

You don't crack Stego
without a password.

Would you take me
to his office?

Oh, when you find Soneji,
ask him for the password.

He planted a monitoring virus
on the girl's hard drive.

Every keystroke Megan hit,
Soneji was recording it.

Good move, Jezz.

Angling for a position
with the D.C.P.D. I like that.

Dr. Cross,
Agent Ben Devine.

Agent Devine is security
systems supervisor.

Well, for now.

We're going to be thrown
to the wolves,

as soon as they find
Megan Rose dead in a ditch.

Now what makes you so sure
that's what's going to happen?

Me getting fired
or the girl in a ditch?


I'm having
a pessimistic day.

Tell me,

Soneji, did he... did he ever show
any interest in what you do?

How you do it?

The man never talked to me.
I never talked to him.

Well, thanks
for your time.



What do you think
that is?

- An empty frame.
- Mm-hmm.

Otherwise known as...

A missing picture.

You onto something?

Our missing picture.


Our Mr. Soneji
has a sense of humor.

He didn't just kidnap a little girl,
he turned it into a game.


Let's see what you know,
Mr. Lindbergh.

- My, my.
- What do you got?

Dr. Cross isn't
in cyberspace anymore.

You're at a live site,
looking through a video camera.

Those arrows down there
move it.

Where are we?

I would guess
we're in Soneji's home.

Now we're supposed to
find out where that is.

Oliver MacArthur's office.

Yeah, it's me. Hold on.

How about the files?

- There... on the wall.
- There's a...

Can you zoom in there?

- "Jonathan... M"...
- "E"...

- "M-E"...
- "L "?

You can't move that around,
can you? It's stationary.

No, there's something
somewhere else, I guarantee that.

- Right there.
- There.

- You can...
- Focus.

- Bingo.
- M-E-R...


M- E-R-C-U-S-I-O. "

- "Fourteen... thirty-two... "
- "Thirty-five... "

- Granville.
- Gary Soneji is also known as...

Mercusio, Jonathan,
1435 Granville Street.

Well done, Alex.

In, in, in!

Eyes open!


Not until we get the go-ahead.

His surveillance
was better than ours.

He's been at this
for years.

Imagine the patience,

the dedication.

You sound like
an admirer.

Well, he's...
he's like a spider.

And I happen to
like spiders.

He had
an elaborate setup here, boss.

Want to see how he
stayed clean at school?

It laminates a plastic veneer
over your hands.

Look at this.

It's foam rubber. Looks like he
was wearing prosthetic appliances.

I understand the Secret Service
are being cautious tonight.

There is speculation that a full
investigation is under way into...

Yes, Kevin,
one of the Secret Service agents...

What's the problem?

Help! Help me!

You've got a rule 21 problem...
no running lights.

Again. I just replaced
the fuses yesterday.

Help! Help!

Sir, no running lights.
You're gonna have to follow us in.

Please, help me!

Well, let me see what I can do
with the fuse box.

Hold on. Hold on.

I'm in here! Help me!
I'm in here, help!

Help! Help!

How's that?

Thanks a lot, fellas.

Help me, please!

Help me, please!

Help me!

"And before the hood
was pulled over his head,

"he bragged
to his executioner,

"They think that when I die,
the case will die.

"They think it will be
like a book I close.

"But the book,
it will never close."'

Soneji was quoting the final words
of Richard Bruno Hauptman.

I'm sorry.
I don't follow.

1932. The infant son
of Charles Lindbergh,

America's greatest hero,
was kidnapped.

When Bruno Hauptman was arrested,
what followed became known as...

"the crime of the century. "

I believe that Soneji
wants to do the same thing.

You think we're dealing
with a copycat.

Something like that.

Dr. Cross...

what does he want
from you?

He's brought me in
and left this trail...

because he wants me to make sure
that he's properly appreciated.

But in order for him
to achieve this...

he has to kill Megan.

No, no,
not necessarily.

The death of the Lindbergh baby
was accidental.

Nevertheless, it's critical
that we pull his strings.

The more we make him
a living legend,

the more likely he is
to keep Megan alive.

Dr. Cross,
you've been brought into this case,

what can you tell us
about Gary Soneji?

I can tell you that Soneji
is very determined,

obviously highly capable and we
consider him a serious adversary.

What about Megan Rose?

Megan Rose
is Gary Soneji's ace.

As long as he has her,
he's in control.

Sir, would you assign
as many agents to this case...

if she wasn't
a senator's daughter?

The size of our task force
is a reflection...

of who Gary Soneji is,
not Megan Rose.

Mr. Soneji.

You can parse
the words if you'd like...


I need to
go to the bathroom.

All right.
Be right there.

Come on.

Come on.



Please, help!

Help! Please!


Help! Please!

Help me! Please!

Help! Help me!

Help, please!
Please, help me!

I'm comin'!
Hold on!

- Help!
- Hold on!



No, please!


Help! Please!


Shh. This will keep you warm.
Here you go.

Megan, you promised me
you were going to behave yourself.

Because of you, what you've done,
that man is dead.

Now... promise me.

Promise me you're going to
be a good little girl, okay?

All right?

Say, "Yes, Mr. Soneji."

Say, "Yes, Mr. Soneji."

Y-Yes, Mr. Soneji.


Let's go have
that cup of tea.

I'd say eight hours.
About 9:00 a.m.

Slugs are large caliber.
Shots hit him here, here.

Kill shot tapped him
crown of the head.

This here is Thomas Mathias.
He found all this. This way.

She's not in the water, Jezzie.
Soneji still has her.

There's no way
of knowing that.

Think about it.
Megan is precious cargo.

Soneji's not gonna let
some twist of fate bring her harm.


But why Megan?
Why her?

Come on.

Where are you going?

Back to the city.
We'll talk in the car.

You asked, "Why Megan?"

That's the question we should have
been asking right from the start:

Why Megan?

Who is Senator Hank Rose?

- He's...
- Nobody.

Most people don't even know
who he is. Never heard of him.

Couldn't pick him
out of a lineup.

This is front-page news now. Where
will it be in two months? Ayear?

Know why?

Because Senator Hank Rose
is no Charles Lindbergh.

Well, okay,
then, who is?

Ah, there's
the troublesome question.

Come on, Jezzie. Two years,
five days a week. You know Soneji.

Who's a bigger fish
than Megan Rose?



Dr. Cross, Agent Flannigan,

we appreciate your concern,
but, uh, Dimitri's fine.

Our security services
are more than capable...

of protecting the son
of the Russian president.

Can we at least
talk to him?

Nothing would please us more
than to be of help,

but speaking to Dimitri right now
would be inappropriate.

Thanks for your time.


Well, MacArthur's
dragnetting the bay, right?

And, I mean,
he's not really missing us,

so I was thinking maybe
we could just stick around and,

you know, scope out
the place a bit.

Agent Flannigan,
are you...

are you suggesting
a stakeout here?

Yeah, you know,
stale coffee, some doughnuts.

No, no. That's a first-class
stakeout, Agent Flannigan.

What you're talking about
here would be no frills.

You'd only get to think about
stale coffee and doughnuts.

Well, I can handle it
if you can.

I get the feeling
you've done this a lot.

Oh, yeah.

Every chance I get.

Especially when
it's cold and wet.

- No parking here.
- We're on the clock, Officer.

- Everything okay?
- Everything is all right.

What's the problem?

Go ahead, Jezzie.


Have one.

Thank you.

Alex, that's Dimitri.

Jezzie, it's him.

It's him!

Soneji, hold it
right there!

Jezzie, shoot the tires!



Police! Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!


Jezzie, you're gonna
get Megan back, right?

Yes, we are.
I promise.

Use this
to get Mr. Soneji.

I will. Thank you.

You talk to Hal.
I want you to bring him up to speed.

Well done, guys.

Avert an international crisis
and paint Soneji into a corner.

Not bad for a night's work.

Soneji ditched a patrol car near
Reno Park. Hijacked a tan Sierra.

One bullet in the driver's head.
Last seen heading toward Route 50.

Annapolis. I knew it. Seventy-five
thousand boats. Other marinas?

We're here. Dead fisherman here.
These, all the marinas.

All locked down.
Patrol boats in each of them.

All right, listen up.
We gotta move fast.

Roadblock Route 50 and triple
the surveillance in the harbors.

I want two choppers on the pad
in five minutes. Let's go!

What's wrong?

I blew it,
that's what's wrong.

I had a shot right before
he hit the hydrant.

But instead of pulling the trigger,
I was thinking. I was thinking.

Yeah, you were thinking,
about your shot going astray...

and blowing Soneji's head off,
in which case...

We would never find Megan.
I know that.

Well, then, don't beat
yourself up for being prudent.

You don't get it. I was trained
to shoot first and think later.

for heaven's sake.

If you hadn't convinced me
to stay there,

Soneji would have
two victims instead of one,

plus we'd have an international
incident on our hands.

- You did good. You did good.
- Yes, but still...

- Anything?
- Oh, not yet.

We're sitting on the area.

Chief, Soneji's
on the phone.

- Soneji?
- Detective Cross,

I want to explain
how the agenda's changed.

You're gonna bring me
ten million in diamonds,

point five carat,
color "D," clarity SI-2,

in a thermos
in nine hours.

If the stones are rigged, laser
tagged, irradiated, the girl dies.

- Does that penetrate?
- It does.

I'll call back,
4:00 p.m. Sharp.

He beat the trace.

Clock's ticking, people.
Let's move this downtown. Let's go!

- Dr. Cross.
- I'm here.

The Watergate, 20 minutes.

There's a package for Mr. Antwerp.

Okay, people, let's move.

- Don't lose him, kiddo.
- You won't even see me.

- I'm on police business.
- Eddie, this way.

Hi, how are you?

Do you have a package
for Mr. Antwerp?


Yes, sir.

Over there, that one.

- Cross.
- Leave the phone, leave the car.

Pennsylvania and Sixth,
the fountain, 14 minutes, run.


- Mac, you there?
- Alex.

He made me ditch the car.
Looks like it's a running game.

I'm on my way
to Sixth and Pennsylvania.

I'm left
and behind you, Alex.

Bearing onto Pennsylvania.


Twelfth and Madison. Twelve minutes
will get you there. Go.

Unit three,
loop on 23rd Street.

Unit six, take "K" Street
and double back.

You've got four units
on top, Alex.


Four minutes, Union Station,
main entrance.

Jezzie, Union Station,
main entrance.

It's rush hour.
He's drawing them into a crowd.

Hey! Hey!

Don't answer that!
I think it's for me.


- Cross.
- Keep this phone, take the metro,

platform "A,"
you got two minutes, go!

Jezzie, metro,
downstairs, platform "A."

- Cross.
- Go to the center of the platform.

Track 15, go!

Go to the first car.

You there yet?

- Yeah, I'm there.
- Go to the left side.

- Open the window.
- These windows don't open.

You're smart, Detective,


- Police officer. Everybody, down!
- What?

- Get down! Everybody, down!
- Come on, outta my way!

You ready?
All right, now, throw!

We can neither confirm
nor deny that Gary Soneji...

was involved in the incident
on the MTA train this morning.

We've heard that a ransom
was paid. Comment?

- I can't comment on any of that.
- What about Megan Rose?

I'm not going to go into
any details at this time.

What about Soneji's
state of mind?

I'm not going to comment
on his mental stability.

You can draw
your own conclusions.

Now, Senator Rose has agreed
to make a statement,

- So?
- The file on Soneji,

- is it still on your kitchen table?
- Yeah. Why?

I'm gonna have
another look at it.

This business about the diamonds,
money, I didn't see it coming.

I am grateful that
the F.B.I. is here,

with the objective expertise
to find out where my daughter is.

Secondly, I now...

This is worse than killing time.

Yeah, but you'd be amazed at how
often the small, neglected things...

become the most important.

I just got the feeling
we're missing something.

Maybe I'm in
the wrong line of work.

Maybe I should take on
something less challenging.

You do what you are,

You mean,
you are what you do.

No, I mean,
you do what you are.

You're born with a gift.

If not that, then you get good
at something along the way.

And what you're good at,
you don't take for granted.

You don't betray it.

What if you do
betray your gift?

Then, you betray yourself.
That's a sad thing.

- Who is it?
- Police.

Gary Soneji.

Hi, Alex.

Now, right hand, thumb and
forefinger. Just give me the gun.

Alex, you can't shoot me.
You'll never find Megan.

Sit down, Alex.

I'm-I'm a little concerned, Alex.
I'm a little...

I'm a little worried
that you...

you don't really care
to understand me anymore;

that you won't paint
an accurate portrait.

And I need you to convince me
that I'm wrong.

In order to do that, we're going
to have to talk about Megan Rose.

No, no bargaining, Alex.
No cheap interrogation techniques.

It's transparent,
and it's clumsy.

This is between
me and you.

I want you to see.

I want you to look inside here
and tell me what the fuck you see!

I'm a gift to you, Alex.

I'm a gift to you.

And you are beyond... pitiful
if you cannot understand that.

I'm living proof
that a mind...

the mind is
a terrible thing.

I see you've got
your sense of humor back.


I wondered what happened to it
during the ransom drop.

The ransom drop.

That was
a well-earned 12 million.

Twelve million.

Senator Rose says
he can pull strings.

He says he can fix it so you
keep the 12 million and walk.

All you have to do is return
the child. Where is Megan?

Where's Megan?
Where is Megan?

Where's Megan? Where is Megan?
Where is Megan?

She's trapped on my boat, Alex,
isn't that right?

Or maybe she's stuck in a warehouse
somewhere or floating in a river.

Swinging from the end
of a rope, buried alive.

I envy her.

What would life had been like
with parents like that?

Come on, Gary, blaming your parents
for what you are?

I'm not blaming them, Alex.

They've been punished

I burned down the house
while they slept.

I was 15 years old.

Was it what you expected?

Not really.
It was a new experience.

What, killing?

No, being
in the newspapers.

So, in your opinion, Doctor,

were my actions
triggered by nature...

or nurture?

If you want me
to be brutally honest...

I think you just have
a morbid desire to burn in hell.

We're done for today.

I'm taking her with me.

- You're not taking her anywhere.
- I'll send her back to you.

You just tell me
which piece you want first.


Ow! Oh, shit!

Damn it.


Oh, my God.

What have you done?

What have you d-done?

Residents of this normally
quiet suburb are still in shock...

as news of the shooting of Gary
Soneji, America's most-wanted man,

filtered through
their community.

Apparently, Soneji had attempted
to confront, or even harm...

members of the kidnapping
task force hunting him.

So, he came after Jezzie
as payback for Dimitri.

Ostensibly, yeah.

That's how you want it
on record?

Yeah, for now.

Here they come.

Dr. Cross, tell me you have at least
an idea where my little girl is.

I'm sorry, sir, I can't.

You kill the one man
who has the answers,

and you're telling me
you haven't a clue, not one clue?

The man walked in the fucking room,
and you shot him.


standing in his shoes, I'd have
done the same thing, sir.

That's your job, not his. He's
supposed to find my little girl,

not shoot the man
who knows where she is.


It's not over.

The book is not closed.


thank you
for saving my life.

Good-bye, Jezzie.

- Wanna hear something funny, Mac?
- Sure.

Cheer me up.

I congratulated Soneji
on scoring $12 million.

You mean ten million.


He had no idea
what I was talking about.

I know you.
You work at my school.

Eat your food, Megan.

where is this going?

We've been through these tapes
backwards and forwards.

I can't see how this is
helping us find Megan.

You know
what I see, Mac?

Someone was onto Soneji
long before we ever heard of him.

Look at this.
What do you see?

Agent Devine hauling ass
out to the front gate.

Mac, he could have shut this
whole place down from right there.

Now, you wanna tell me
why he didn't?

Good God.
Devine was in on it with him.

Then, when Soneji hit the embassy,
he pulled a double cross.

He ran his own ransom.

No, Soneji was a loner.

An accomplice would have
been beneath him.

I'll tell you
what happened.

Soneji was hoodwinked.

And so were we.

Details are still emerging,
but this much is clear:

The manhunt that began over a
week ago in the nation's capitol...

came to a violent end yesterday,

With the death of kidnapper,
Gary Soneji.

Don't move.

Turn around.
Hands on the wall. Feet apart.

Hi, Jez.
Where'd you come from?

You know something, Devine,
you're pretty stupid.

Your car in the driveway.

TV so loud, you wouldn't be able
to hear a SWAT team come in.

- What are you doing...
- Shut up!

Where's Megan?

She's in the barn.
She was so doped up,

I don't think she knew
I took her off the boat.

She's still alive? You were
supposed to dump her in the river...

- after you got the diamonds.
- Yeah, well,

maybe killing a kid is something
I'm not prepared to do on my own.

Anyway, today, tomorrow, it's still
gonna look like Soneji killed her.

She can't die
after Soneji, you idiot.

It doesn't make any difference.
They're never gonna find the body.

Okay, I'll go do it now.
Will that make you happy?

Yeah, it would. Wait!

Can I see them?

Hey, do you realize
we spent an entire year...

following Soneji's
every move?

I think
we deserve these.

That beats the hell out of
a Secret Service pension, huh?

Profiling the profiler.

Kidnap from the kidnapper.
That's brilliant.

You are a genius, Jez.

Genius has nothing to do with it.
I'm just good at what I do.

Didn't hurt that everyone else
involved was a complete half-wit.

You think Alex Cross
is a half-wit?

You really believe that
he shot Soneji to save my life?

Cross pulled the trigger because
he knew Soneji didn't have Megan.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that sooner or later,
he's gonna figure it out.

He already knows Soneji
didn't run the ransom.

He's onto us already,
isn't he?

No, he's not onto us.

But I think
he's onto you.

It's Turkish. My daddy won it
in a game of poker.

That's about as much
as I know about my father.


Megan, it's me, honey.


Jezzie, Jezzie,
I'm in here! Jezzie!

Open up, honey. I'm gonna
take you home. It's all over.

Yeah, sure,
just hold on a second.

- Jezzie?
- Yeah, honey.

What happened
to that other guy?

He's dead, Megan.
You're safe now.

Open up.

- Jezzie?
- Yeah, honey.

Why isn't there
anyone else with you?

Megan, it's me. Don't be
scared of me. Open the door.

Megan, I'm gonna ask you
one more time to open the door.

Right now, open the door!

Megan, open the door
for me.

Listen to me!
Open the door!

Megan, open the fucking door!

Open it, bitch!

Stop it! No!

Stop it!

That was very clever,

Shh, shh, shh.


It's over.

Drop the gun.


how-how did you, um...

Aces and eights, Jezzie.

Plus, your timing
was a little off.

I watched the tapes.

You and Devine could have
stopped Soneji at the school.

Just like you could have stopped
him at the Russian Embassy.

But you had
a different agenda.

You know something, Alex?

When you said,
"You do what you are,"

you were right.

I'm living proof.

Put the gun down, Jezzie.

Would you kill
another partner?

You're not my partner.

Are you all right?

You're a very brave girl,

Who are you?

I'm a policeman.

My name is Alex Cross.

I'm a friend
of your parents.

Can you take me to them?

Nothing would give me
greater pleasure.

Could you...
Ah, thanks.