All the Goals of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (2006) - full transcript

(dramatic music)

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- And the winner is Deutschland.

- [Narrator] After six
years of anticipation

and expectation, Germany's
moment finally arrived.

The 2006 FIFA World Cup would be

football's biggest ever party.

Hundreds of thousands
of fans from 32 nations

enjoyed the unique
atmosphere in 12 host cities.

Some of Europe's most
advanced stadia provided

a fitting stage for the
most famous names in

the game as well as
World Cup newcomers like

Trinidad and Tobago and Angola.

Every team shared one objective, to reach

the final in Berlin's Olympic Stadium.

The legendary Pele got the greatest event

in the game under way.

Group A saw the host Germany drawn with

neighbors Poland, Ecuador
and their opponents

for the tournament opener, Costa Rica.

- [Commentator] Now the ball is nudged

forward here by Borowski.

Should be picked up down
that left side by Lahm.

Chance is here and the Costa
Rican goalkeeper is beaten.

And Germany, extraordinary
score through Philipp

Lahm with only five minutes played.

What a start to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Germany one, Costa Rica nil.

You'd have had long, long
odds on Philipp Lahm.

Only second international
goal and this is where

Lahm picked the ball up,
two red shirts ahead of him.

There was a slip, it's
opened the door for Lahm.

He blasted through it.

One nil Germany.

The World Cup is alive and
well and kicking again.

This is Costa Rica's opportunity.

They look for an offside.

There isn't one.

Wanchope will equalize.

What drama here.

Drama in Munich as Paulo Wanchope strikes

his 44th goal for his country.

Was there an offside in here?

Or were they just caught out?

There's the pass.

Well, the player on this side of the field

may just be playing him on.

Wanchope, on he goes.

One touch is two, the third
one dispatches it beyond

Jens Lehmann into Germany's
net and Costa Rica

most dramatically have leveled here.

Frings very busy, part
of the German midfield.

There he is once again.

Schneider pressurized by Marin.

Does well to create space for the cross.

It's a pull back here.

There may be something
this time for Germany.

There certainly is.

That's a second goal.

And the birthday boy, Miroslav Klose

has restored Germany's lead.

Schneider did ever so well
but this was the killer

ball played in and played
across by Schweinsteiger.

The goal scorer was Klose.


The crowd just trying to lift the Germans.

It's been a bit of a soporific period

unlike the start to the first half.

Gap here.

Lahm, can he cross a telling ball in?

He might do.

Saved first time, not the second.

Klose's got his second.

Germany have their third.

They're probably on their way
to three World Cup points.

Suddenly there was space for Lahm here.

It didn't look to be the
perfect cross but it went

over the top of Marin and
given a second opportunity,

Klose wasn't about to turn it down.


Does well, gets it into Centeno.

Wanchope tries to make himself

available down Centeno's right.

This is Centeno now.

And in for Wanchope and Wanchope's got his

second for Costa Rica.

Game on again.

Lovely ball from Centeno, straight between

the two central defenders.

Schweinsteiger who rolls it for Frings.

He'll smack it in.

My goodness me, will he smack it in?

Torsten Frings has brought Munich

to its feet in its entirety.

It flew beyond Porras' straining left arm

and into the roof of the net.

Doesn't matter how many
times you see this one,

it looks pretty good.

Perfectly placed.

- [Commentator] Zewlakow to safety.

This is a good spell for Ecuador.

It's de la Cruz.

Flicked on dangerously.

It's a very good spell for Ecuador.

Carlos Tenorio with that deft
header gives Ecuador the lead.

Edison Mendez again.


So many of these Ecuador players
could be putting themselves

in the shot window for top
European clubs for next season.

And here's Kaviedes, onside, two nil.

Delgado surely wins the game for Ecuador.

Poland were looking for
offside, I think he was level.

Kaviedes just squared the
ball to Agustin Delgado.

- [Commentator] Frings.

Juergen Klinsmann right on the edge of his

technical area urging his side forward.

Schneider into Odonkor.

Odonkor's cross, it's there.

It's the winner.

Joy unconfined in Dortmund.

The deadlock is broken at last.

And all around the stadium the
flags are being hoisted now.

- [Commentator] There's a mistake.

It's been seized upon here by Ecuador.


Nicely worked out.

And Ecuador score.

Carlos Tenorio with a goal.

His second in the tournament.

And Ecuador's second
participation in the World

Cup finals is getting better
and better and better.

Been strict edict sent down
to the referees from FIFA

that any time wasting
will cause a problem.

Here's Delgado.

Right through the goalkeeper Porras.

And Agustin Delgado has surely now booked

Ecuador's passage into the last 16.

Mendez helped it on and
Delgado helped himself.

It's brilliant from Delgado.

But they'll keep their eye
firmly on the ball will Ecuador.

They won't count their blessings too much

but they will count a third goal.

Magnificent, Kaviedes with a volley.

Genuine talent out there.

Edison Mendez right on the money.

- [Commentator] Headed by Mertesacker but.

Here's Lahm.


It's a good ball in, they're
stretching them here.

First goal of the game.

Less than four minutes played.

Miroslav Klose cartwheels away.

Simply pulled in too far
across and when it was wheeled

back in for Miroslav Klose, he
wasn't gonna miss from there.

He makes a habit of scoring
in World Cup finals.

It's his third of this tournament.



Little chip forward, Klose to chase,

Klose's around the goalkeeper.

How did he get through?

He doesn't care, it's a second goal.

Miroslav Klose, his second of the game,

his second grace of the tournament.

You add that to the hat
trick he scored in 2002

against the Saudis and you
know that once this man

has the appetite for goal,
he rarely gives up scoring.

Thumping effort from Tenorio
which is locked away.

Germany on the counterattack.

Schneider's across.


He has his goal.

Nevermind a celebration, feel the relief.

That will be one of the most popular

German goals hopefully that you will see.

Lukas Podolski under
pressure to find his form,

slides in the third for Germany.

There's no way back now for Ecuador.

- [Commentator] This has been
very deliberate from Gomez.

But will it be he?

It is.

And it's a goal for Costa Rica.

Well he was so measured about
that free kick situation.

Good movement from the
Costa Rican players.

That opened up the space.

Look how Marin broke off that wall.


Porras has slipped and the
goal has been scored by Poland.

They were all looking
around to see if there might

have been an incident
in there but Bosacki,

the center back, suddenly arrived.

It was a slip by the goalkeeper Porras.

He just lost his own footing.

Well maybe just a little bit
of contact there from Smolarek.

Unbalanced Porras.

And the header is in.

Second goal for Bosacki.

Krzynowek's flighted corner
and a convincing header

getting above Paulo
Wanchope to bury his header.

- [Narrator] The top two were
safely through to the last

16 by the time they met in
the final round of games.

Germany's emphatic victory over Ecuador

ensured they won the group.

Group B included debutantes
Trinidad and Tobago along with

experienced campaigners
England, Sweden, and Paraguay.

- [Commentator] England won six nil

a week ago against Jamaica.

Beckham created a couple of goals.

And here they've scored again.

England have the lead.

Michael Owen may have got the
final touch but again it's

a Beckham delivery that opens
the way for England to score.

And this may well be a
Beckham goal on his, oh no,

it's off a Paraguayan
head, I think, there.

- [Commentator] Lennon.

Header to pick out
Beckham, in towards Crouch.

Peter Crouch breaks the deadlock.

His first goal at the World Cup finals.

Beckham's cross plum onto
the head of Peter Crouch.

And for once he'd eluded
Lawrence, it was Crouch

against Sancho and he towered above him.

We're in stoppage time.



Oh, yes.

Steven Gerrard has beaten
Shaka Hislop again.

Just has he did in the
English FA Cup final.

A terrific Steven Gerrard goal.

- [Commentator] Elmander.


Here's the chance and here's the goal.

Finally, finally, Ljungberg scores.

And Sweden's World Cup
hopes are suddenly lifted.

And with less than two
minutes of the 90 remaining,

Sweden get their first
goal of these finals.

- [Commentator] Beckham in towards Crouch.

Back across the face of goal.

Looking for Lampard.

Breaks here for Joe Cole.

Oh brilliant, just brilliant.

He's having an inspired game.

Joe Cole has arrived on
the international stage at

the World Cup finals with
a quite wonderful goal.

Sweden need a goal.

They have been goal shy
at these championships.

Just one so far but there's number two.

They're level.

Allback on target, it's one one.

Nobody picked up Allback here.

Nobody could keep out
his goal bound header.

Gerrard was almost there.

Joe Cole flicks it in.


Scores again for England.

His second successive game.

Fantastic cross by Joe Cole
and there was Steven Gerrard

to claim his second World
Cup goal in Germany.

Edman takes the throw.

Oh they've all missed it.

It's gone in, it's two two.

Who got the final touch?

It matters little.

Yet it was Larsson with
the merest of flicks.

- [Commentator] The goal
Paraguay conceded against England

was from this sort of area.

They may concede again.

Paraguay have got their
first goal of the World Cup

finals and it may well be an own goal.

I think the ball may have
floated off Brent Sancho.

I think we'll see from this delivery that

the final touch is there from Sancho.

Little one two in the
area, beautifully done.

Paraguay have their second goal.

It was a lovely goal,
too, from Nelson Cuevas.

Watch how Cuevas tees it all up.

There's the run, there's the
pass, and here is the finish.

- [Narrator] Goals were scarce in Group B.

Trinidad and Tobago departed
rightly proud of their

performances and Paraguay
were far from disgraced.

But as expected England and
Sweden could not be caught.

(dramatic music)

A formidable lineup in Group C.

Argentina, the Netherlands,
impressive qualifiers Serbia

and Montenegro, and the promising
Africans of Cote d'Ivoire.

- [Commentator] Riquelme has it placed.

Just beyond the midway
point of the first half.

Again there are five in the middle.

Heinze's up there,
Ayala's up there as well.

It was Heinze who almost got a touch.

And then it's turned home by Crespo.

First goal of the game and Hernan Crespo

gives Argentina the lead.

Riquelme's cross.

Just took a deflection
and Crespo was there.

Just trying to stretch them a little here.

Riquelme, well timed ball, Saviola.

Stunning goal.

It was clinical, absolutely clinical.

It was Crespo who just stepped offside.

Saviola came from an onside position.

And for that reason the
goal is allowed to stand.

Kalou to, terrific ball through.

Bakari Kone pulls it back
over the head of Drogba.

Still there's danger here though.

Drogba has the goal back.

It's game on.

Nine minutes left to play.

And Cote d'Ivoire are back in the match.

Who else, Didier Drogba.

- [Commentator] Helped on its way

to Robben who's got the pace here.

Only the keeper to beat and
Arjen Robben opens the Dutch.

Once the ball had been played
through here, there weren't

too many doubts in the mind
of Robben who's just onside.

Had the pace and had the finish.

- [Commentator] Mascherano, Sorin.

Look at the ease at which Argentina are

playing these short passes.

Crespo waiting in the middle
here, that's a fantastic ball.

Opening goal for Argentina.

Maxi Rodriguez, it's taken
them barely five minutes.

Fantastic crafted goal.

Saviola set him up.

Maxi Rodriguez, a real toe poke of a goal.



Maxi Rodriguez forcing
it wide, here's Sorin.


This is where Argentina
can be very patient indeed.

I've watched their youth teams do this.

Just play the ball
endlessly around the edge

of their opponent's
penalty area then suddenly

break with devastating consequences.

Saviola, Cambiasso.

Cambiasso, they've done it, they've done

it and scored a fantastic goal.

How many passes did
they put together there?

You'd need a calculator.

The interpassing here
was just devastating.

Have you ever seen a better crafted

goal at the World Cup finals?


Saviola's won it.

Is this number three?

It is you know.

Maxi Rodriguez claims his
second goal of the game and it

all started with that piece of
opportunism there by Saviola.

Via an upright.

You'd could almost believe he meant that.

Here's Messi.

Brilliant goal, Crespo.

Messi's touch was pure magic.

You can see now why they rate him.

It was like threading the ball
through the eye of a needle.

Look at this.


I don't believe it, I
just don't believe it.


Another fantastic World Cup goal.

We're not talking about
Argentina playing one

of the minnows of the
world game, we're talking

about Serbia and Montenegro, the former

Yugoslavia with really good players.


Is this another goal?

Of course it is.

It's Messi.

He just had to score.

The hero of Argentina.

The player they've clamored for to be

included has scored a sixth.

- [Commentator] Van Persie
and Robben and Sneijder.

Could all be involved here.

Or any one of them.

Looks like van Persie.

You don't score better goals
in a World Cup than that.

And Robin van Persie scores his first

ever World Cup finals goal.

What a cracker.

Magnificently struck.

Two, three goalkeepers wouldn't
have kept that one out.

And the occasion is
illuminated by the Netherlands'

Robin van Persie, the 22
year old, with only his

second ever goal for his country.

And here goes Arjen Robben
now and he'll just simply

come in field and they'll
have to chase him.

It's Robben, he's come a long way.

Van Bommel.

The Dutch have plenty forward here.

There's danger, chance of a second.

Two it is.

Ruud van Nistelrooij has
steered Holland two goals clear.

And it might be a Netherlands
nightmare for Cote d'Ivoire.

It's all glory for those in orange.

But was he in an offside
position when he received?

He was just coming back and
he's just got level there.

He's okay.

And van Nistelrooij, you just
knew he was never gonna miss.

Netherlands two, Cote d'Ivoire nil.

With Rudd van Nistelrooij
showing he's as good as ever.

Kone, great pace into the
area he goes, can he finish?

Can he finish?

What a goal.

Bakary Kone brings Cote
d'Ivoire right back

into this invigorating
contest in Stuttgart.

- [Commentator] Zigic
transfers it sharply, then it's

played further wide by Ilic.

And it is up towards Zigic,
the only one in here.

He's going to score, it's a first goal in

the World Cup finals for
Serbia and Montenegro.

And it's gone to the
giant, to Nikola Zigic.

And poor Boubacar Barry
Copa, the goalkeeper

is left totally stranded.

Great ball in, over
the top of the defender

and Zigic taking it down, tucks it away.

It's as simple as you like.

Zigic is in there.

Might be two here.

Two it is and Sasa Ilic
has made it two for Serbia

and Montenegro and the
Ivorian defense is all at sea.

The Cote d'Ivoire defense
is all over the place.

Arthur Boka again to drive one in.

Taken away and it's a hand ball is it?

The referee says so.

And it's gonna be at least a yellow card.

Boka's ball, I wonder if he slipped here.

What are you thinking about?

And a huge thunderclap
goes across the stadium

as Dindane slides it into the net.

No, the referee says no.

He wants it taken again
because there was encroachment.

I always think that's
horrible for the penalty

taker especially when he's scored.

Now he's got to decide
whether to put the ball

in the same place or somewhere
else in the net if he can.

Jevric is poised to try and stop it.

The referee's trying to make sure that

nobody treads inside that area.

Dindane puts it in the same place and this

time the referee says good enough.


They've got it, they've
got their second goal.

And how much they deserve it
and Aruna Dindane has a double.

And how the Ivorians celebrate.

It's the first time they've got a double

and that's the way to do it.

Didier's joining in as well.

And Aruna Dindane's glancing little

header is too good for Jevric.

The shot is through, deflected

and he's gonna give another penalty.

It's the second they've had,
they might have had three

but Senor Rodriguez points to
the spot for the second time.

Well, Dindane's on a hat trick.

Bonaventure Kalou's asking
for the ball though.

Dindane's saying please can I have it.

And this is another hand
ball by the same man

who handled in the first half, Dudic.

Boubacar Barry Copa can't bear to watch.

He's left kissing one of the goalposts.

And Bonaventure Kalou can strike
Cote d'Ivoire into a lead.

Can he?

Is this his moment to fame?

Bonaventure for him and Bonaventure it is.

Cote d'Ivoire three,
Serbia and Montenegro two.

Sensational stuff in Munich.

- [Narrator] Cote d'Ivoire
did at least have a win to

remember but Serbia and
Montenegro were disappointing.

Their thrashing by
Argentina placed the South

Americans ahead of the
Dutch on goal difference.

(dramatic music)

Group D appeared
straightforward with Portugal

and Mexico clear favorites
against debutantes

Angola and outsiders Iran.

- [Commentator] Mexico themselves have won

only 10 of their World Cup matches.

Another 41 in the finals.

Looking to improve on that record.

And maybe here.

Mexico score.

Omar Bravo, the controversial selection

from, perfectly positioned.

Mexico one, Iran nil.

Bravo by name and Bravo by nature.


There's the header which
really opened up Iran.

From the right boot of Ali Karimi.

And there's plenty of height on this

one and there is trouble here.

Iran will score dramatically.

And it's the big, big defender Yahya

Golmohammadi with the leveler.


That was a shocking giveaway there.

Oh and that might be another one here.

Have they let him in?

Chance here for Bravo.

He's got both goals today.

He takes the salute.

He's hobbling away but I bet
he doesn't feel any pain.

Calamitous defending from Iran.

Got two and they're looking for more

to really underline their supremacy.

The cross in is good.

Three it is.

It's Mexico's day and Zinha.

Mexico three, Iran one.

- [Commentator] Luis Figo.

Round, Luis Figo, Pauleta.

Set up by Luis Figo.

And Portugal's all time record goal

scorer adds to his score.

- [Commentator] Figo, he's
got support from Nuno Valente.

May not need him, it's Luis Figo.

It's Deco.

Oh, magnificent.

Special goal from a special player.

Game getting stretched
now as Figo goes down.

Referee says penalty.

And I don't think there
can be any doubt can there?

21 year old Cristiano Ronaldo.

Waits for referee whistle.

Composes himself.

And scores.

And the boy from Madeira who loves playing

for his country as much as
anyone scores a penalty.

- [Commentator] Rafael Marquez.

Caneira catch it out.

Good touch by Simao.

Simao goes the return, Helder Postiga

on mark down the middle.

Simao delayed, he's pulled
it back brilliantly here.

One nil to Portugal.

Maniche on target after five minutes.

Simao took the ball on and on and on.

Who was marking Maniche?


Are they dancing?

Luis Figo.

I think that's a penalty.

The referee spotted some
pushing and shoving going on.

And he is impervious to
any Mexican complaints.

Hand ball.

We're midway through the half.

Portugal with a penalty and
a chance to make it two nil.

Simao makes it two nil.

Maybe Portugal have
just taken their eye off

the game slightly with
this two nil advantage.

Fonseca in the middle there.

Pardo takes it, flicks on, and flicks in.


It's Mexican's boy.

Lovely flick there by Fonseca.

- [Commentator] And Loco for Angola.

Now Figueiredo.

Ze Kalanga with his pace once more.

Flavio's in the middle.

It's Flavio it's aimed for,
and it's Flavio who scores.

It's there first ever
World Cup finals goal.

And who knows, who knows,
is this the cue for

a quite sensational story
to unravel here in Leipzig?

Mahdavikia standing over it poised.

Cool in the shadows.

Oh and it's a heartbreaker.

Bakhtiarizadeh has turned it in.

And maybe with a goal, Angola's chances

of progressing have disappeared.

- [Narrator] Angola's good
showing almost upset the odds

but Mexico did manage
the runner's up spot.

While Portugal's 100% record sent a clear

message to the rest of the world.

Group E was arguably the closest to call.

Italy were marginal favorites
but the Czech Republic, Ghana,

and the United States
looked hard to separate.

- [Commentator] Totti
lays it short where Pirlo

has taken up position
unnoticed and can drive

it in for a sensational goal.

Six minutes before half time,
Italy have the breakthrough.

And it was a quality
strike from Andrea Pirlo.

From that range and with
so little to aim for,

that was a terrific goal.

Not everybody thinks so, though.

It's a good start so far by
the Italians but Ghanaians

still have plans to
spoil the Azures' party

here tonight but not with play like that.



Kuffour slips.

Iaquinta rounds the goalkeeper.

It's a win for Italy now surely.

Samuel Kuffour is absolutely inconsolable.

And he'll remember this moment
for the rest of his life.

And for all the wrong
reasons, so will Kuffour.

- [Commentator] Poborsky.



What a start for the Czech Republic.

Grygera's probing cross right
onto the head of Jan Koller.

They're very easy on the eye.



A delightful move here
by the Czech Republic.

He knew exactly where he
was placing that ball.



And Rosicky.

Is this goal number three
for the Czech Republic?

Was there ever any doubt?

Another breathtaking move
by the Czech Republic ends

with Rosicky claiming his
second goal of the game.

- [Commentator] It'll be an Andrea Pirlo

free kick for the Italian side.

And he'll try and curl
it away from the keeper.

Brilliant goal.

Italy lead here and
Alberto Gilardino does what

he couldn't do in the Champions League.

He flies in with a header.

It's his first World Cup
goal for his country.

It's Italy one, USA nil.

There's the chance.

Sliced into his own goal.

Surely it's an own goal by Zaccardo.

And he cannot believe it.

Well, it's almost a
faint smile on his face.

And a wringing of the wrists.

What an unlikely way for
team America to strike back.

How extraordinary.

Zaccardo seems to lose
concentration almost.

- [Commentator] Cech beats it away, it was

a tricky corner kick, very
close to the goalkeeper.

Cech was taking no chances at all.


And an opening here for
Ghana who score early on.

Gyan is on target.

Picked out by his captain.

African football is in delirium here.

Gyan's the man.

Appiah directing operations.

No offside, Gyan, Appiah, Gyan.


Oh, he's beaten Cech now.

That was unstoppable by Muntari.

It appears Ghana are gonna win this game.

The Czechs appeal for
offside and this time

there was nothing Petr Cech could do.

- [Commentator] Roma legend
Totti will take this.


He's only been on from the
bench for a matter of moments.

And Marco Materazzi, his
first ever Italian goal.

And what a stage to score it.

It's only the injury to
Nesta that saw him brought

onto the field but it
was a great finish here.

It's Inzaghi who is through.

One on one with the goalkeeper.

How's his confidence?

It's not bad is it?

Filippo Inzaghi has the
beating of Petr Cech.

Italy have the beating
of the Czech Republic.

Marcello Lippi's side will stride into

the final 16 as group winners of Group E.

- [Commentator] Reyna's lost out here.

It's Draman.

Goal for Ghana.

Claudio Reyna, the US skipper
lies prone on the turf

but he it was who lost
possession to Haminu Draman.

Now here is the moment.

No I don't think there's
anything wrong with that.

Draman right to be waved on.

Ghana don't have to worry
about what's happening

in Hamburg between Italy
and the Czech Republic

because they know if they
win, then they are through.

Good ball in, it's Dempsey, goal.


Clint Dempsey.

Don't discount just yet
the fight, the heart,

and the vigor and verve of the USA.

Waking pass looking for
Amoah who is very quick.

Bocanegra's filled with work to do here.

Amoah's won the header.

And the referee says penalty.

Pushed by Onyewu on Pimpong.

Well he can't believe it, Bruce Arena,

but Markus Merk had a perfect view.

And what a dramatic finale to the first

half here in Nurnberg.

Stephen Appiah.

The Ghana captain with the opportunity

to put his side back in front.

First half stoppage time.

Ghana are in control again.

- [Narrator] With the
Czech's campaign blighted

by injuries and the US
failing to spark, Ghana

were the surprise package
following Italy through

to be the only African
nation in the second round.

(dramatic music)

Few look beyond the
reigning champions Brazil

to top Group F with
Australia, Croatia, and Japan

expected to be battling for second spot.

- [Commentator] Here comes
another Brazilian move.

It's Kaka.

It's terrific.

It's the first Brazilian goal of

the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals.

It only takes a moment.

It only takes an inch of a chance.

- [Commentator] Up they go.

Schwarzer flaps at it,
the goal will stand.

The ball is in the net
and Japan have a goal.

Schwarzer will feel he was booked

and he sits there in dismay.

There's no doubt about it, Schwarzer just

couldn't do anything
about it and Nakamura has

given Japan the lead here.

Long one from Neill and
Kawaguchi doesn't get

to this and the ball's going in.

Australia score for the first time ever in

the World Cup finals and
the name is Tim Cahill.

And as the ball flies loose,
it is Cahill from the English

Premiership club Everton who
manages to get boot to ball.

Australia are really going for it now.

Cahill, it's his day.

Is it ever, is it ever Tim Cahill's day?

Cometh the hour, cometh
the man for Australia.

What a magnificent comeback
for the Australians.

I said you'd never, ever
count them out and it's taken

a man called Cahill to come
up with the goods for them.

Kennedy now will go one on one here.

They're so tired those
players, they can hardly run.

Aloisi's got Viduka ahead of him,

probably in an offside position.

Aloisi, three one.

Australia win it.

What a golden day for the Gold Coast.

And John Aloisi who's
penalty destroyed Uruguay

in the shootout has just
struck a blow to the heart

of Japan and Australia
have a win in the World

Cup finals, their first ever.

- [Commentator] It's through
here now for Ronaldo.

Little side steps.


Goal for Brazil, Adriano
strikes his first in

the World Cup finals
and it's just what not

only Brazil needed, but
the game needed, too.

Ronaldo played his part
here, slipping it across,

and Adriano on his favored
left boot tucked it away.


For Fred.

Almost casual Fred there,
his attempt to pass the ball.

This might be the moment.

Must be the moment, the ball
is dribbled over the line.

Brazil are home and dry now.

Fred's been on the field two
minutes and he's scored a goal.

Brazil two, Australia nil.

And it's the yellow of
Brazil that celebrates

tonight and not the yellow of Australia.

- [Commentator] Inamoto.

That's a great ball by Inamoto.



One nil to Japan.

He's scored some spectacular
goals but that one will

be his most cherished of his career.



Great vision to pick out Cicinho.


It just had to be Ronaldo.

13 goals now in the World Cup finals.

Only needs one more to equal Gerd

Mueller's World Cup record.

It's his first goal of the
2006 FIFA World Cup finals.


It's a belter.

That ball dipped and swerved

and snaked its way past Kawaguchi.


What a great ball.


Gilberto makes it three one.

Look at this, Ronaldo.

Swap passes with Juan.

And poor old Kawaguchi.

Gerd Mueller's record at the FIFA World

Cup finals has now been equaled.

- [Commentator] Can Croatia
find their first goal of

the World Cup finals as early
as the third minute here?

That's what they're aiming
for and it's through.

They certainly can.

It was magnificently
struck by Darijo Srna.

What a start for Croatia.

What a start for Zlatko Kranjcar.

And what a start for Darijo Srna.

Can Emerton be clever here with a cross?

It's not a bad looking one.

And there's a shout for a penalty

and it's gonna be given by referee Poll.

It's Stjepan Tomas, I don't
think he's gonna complain.

It's a hand ball.

Craig Moore, a defender, strikes the goal

that brings the green and gold level.

They will be roaring back in Melbourne,

in Sydney, in Perth, and Canberra.

It's one one here.

Crowd roar every time
they think there might

be a shot on and there is a shot on here.

What a mistake made by the goalkeeper.

Niko Kovac restores the
lead for Croatia but horror

for goalkeeper Kalac, the
one who's been brought

in for Mark Schwarzer tonight.

His mind will be racing.

Australia's done by how many they commit

forward as long as they get a goal.


There'll be such a celebration if they do

and here's a moment for them.

Chance surely, goal number
two, Harry Kewell is the name.

He got the goals against
Iran in the World Cup

qualifiers all those years
ago when the Australians

didn't make it to the finals.

They've made it now and
he has his first goal

of the calendar year for the Roos.

- [Narrator] Australia's draw in that

crucial final game kept Croatia at bay.

Japan briefly gave Brazil
a scare but their goal was

the only one the champions
conceded as they cruised through.

(dramatic music)

A favorable draw for France though

in qualifying they
couldn't beat the Swiss.

Korea Republic hope to repeat their

feats of four years earlier.

Togo's chances seem slim.

- [Commentator] Well
there's an opening here.


Goal to Togo.

Africa celebrates.

Kader put through, took his
chance quite brilliantly.

Lee Chun-soo.

One one.

Togo have paid the ultimate price.

They have a player sent off.

And from the resulting
free kick, Lee Chun-soo

sends these Korean fans absolutely wild.

Ahn Jung-hwan.

He's done it again just
as he did four years ago.

Ahn Jung-hwan.

The tormentor of Italy
returns to the World Cup

stage and scores a customary goal.

- [Commentator] Korea are
dispossessed but here's Makelele.

Touch and attempt by Wiltord who's shot

will fall to Thierry Henry.

Eight minutes played and the French are

finally, finally off the mark.

It's taken an awful long time for them

to score a World Cup finals goal.

You'd have put your mortgage on this

man breaking the drought.

Are France a little too
relaxed about this situation?

Will they be made to pay?

Here's Seol Ki-hyeon, the substitute.

That's a great ball over.

Headed back and in.

Yes it is, it's.

And it's an equalizer.

Park Ji-sung will claim the final touch.

Now the party commences.

- [Commentator] Magnin joins
the attack, the full back.

Races past Toure.

Over the head of Frei.

Frei scores.

Barnetta turned it back to Frei who missed

the initial cross but
then thumped the ball in.

It's love at first sight.

Time is running out here for Togo.

Magnin's overrun it and
Magnin could be through.

And Lustrinelli who's
just come on as a sub.


Three minutes to go, it's
perfect Swiss timing.

Victory for the Swiss ensured
here by Barnetta's goal.

- [Commentator] Ribery.

Pulls it back here towards Vieira.

Patrick Vieira could well be
the savior of the French team.

It's the birthday boy, 30 today.

And Vieira has scored a
goal which could, and I

underline the word could,
take France into the last 16.


And Henry.

That could be the goal
which sends France through.

Goal number 35 for
France for Thierry Henry.

Great header there by Vieira.

- [Commentator] Tranquillo Barnetta.

Hakan Yakin's free kick.

A header, goal, Switzerland.

Philippe Senderos.

Bloodied he may be.

But a goal scorer and a
very happy one at that.


One of the no frills players
in the Swiss midfield.

Does a good job for the team though.

Offside, now they're unhappy about that.

Frei has scored, is it gonna count?

It is.

Well everything seemed to stop

but it's the right decision for me.

Because the Swiss
players initially reacted

that the flag had gone up
against them when the last

touch and the ball fed Frei
came from a Korean player.

- [Narrator] Togo's
tournament was ruined by.

Korea couldn't quire
recapture their 2002 spirit

while the misfiring French
were ultimately just

please to qualify behind Switzerland.

(dramatic music)

Spain look strong favorites in Group H

but previous tournament
failures meant nobody

was ruling out Ukraine and Tunisia with

Saudi Arabia potentially tricky, too.

- [Commentator] First
real chance for Spain.

And they follow it up with a goal.

Well worked corner kick.

Touched in at the near post.

Spain have the lead.

It's Villa.

Oh, it's two for Spain.

David Villa.

Well there was the deflection.

That's what caught the goalkeeper up.

Andriy Shevchenko.

Pablo deals it away.

Torres is onside.

Torres, has he got the pace of the finish?

Goalkeeper remains solid.

It wasn't the best of efforts
in the end from Torres.

I think he just tried to slide it through.

And the referee has given what here?

The referee has shown the red card.

Vashchuk is off.

Now was there contact here?

A slight pull there
outside the penalty area.

And apart from that, well very little.

He's a picture of concentration.

It's Villa.

It's a save but only
into the back of the net.

Shovkovskiy got down,
did ever so well and got

his hand to it, but
Villa again with the help

of a Ukrainian touch,
finds the back of the net.

It has gone a okay for Spain so far.

Everything they would have
wanted in this game has happened.

Three goals.

Haven't conceded.

Might get a fourth here.


What a strike.

Venomous attack.

They sprung forward with real purpose

and Torres lashes home a fourth for Spain.

- [Commentator] And that's
not a bad looking ball.

It nearly got through, big chance, goal.

Rammed into the back of
the net by Zied Jaziri

and Tunisia one, Saudi Arabia nil.

Just what the game needed if not exactly

what Saudi Arabia needed.

Very, very good ball in
behind the full back,

now he needs a good cross
as well from Mohammed Noor.

It's a super goal.

Absolutely super goal struck by Saudi

Arabia who are right back in this game.

No wonder they stand and applaud,

it was a perfectly constructed goal.

And that's a lovely piece of play

and there's a spare man here.

What a chance this is for
Saudi Arabia to win it.

And he's won it.

He's won it I think.

Sami Al Jaber writes another chapter

in a golden history for Saudi Arabia.

Sami Al Jaber, cap number
161, goal number 44.

Danger, too, in there, it
might even be more than danger.

It could be an equalizer
if they can get this right.

It is.

Radhi Jaidi from Bolton
Wanderers in England.

Steals into the six yard area

and Tunisia get their just deserts.

It looked like Sami Al
Jaber had got a winner.

- [Commentator] Jaziri brushes off Puyol.

Some play here by Jaziri.

Pablo to meet him but still Jaziri.

Can he get the shot away?

He's got support now.

Casillas with the save and
a goal for Tunisia, Mnari.

Less than eight minutes gone.

And Tunisia are in front.

This is Fernando Torres who
will step over Fabregas.

Raul is in there.

And Spain's record goal
scorer strikes again.

They were trying to write
him off but you can't

write off a player of his pedigree.

Inside the FIFA World
Cup stadium in Stuttgart,

Raul's equalizer really
raised their hopes.

And here's Fernando Torres.

Timed his run beautifully and scores.

The player they call El Nino in Spain.

Looks for Torres.

Now has the referee given a penalty here?

I think he has.

Torres with the chance to firmly settle

this match in Group H in Stuttgart.

Which he does.

Not, I have to say, in the
most convincing fashion.

Brushed off the arm of Boumnijel.

But ultimately good enough.

- [Commentator] Referee's
not happy with something.

Khariri just being warned about his

holding inside the penalty area.

Oh and it's bungled in,
bungled in by Andriy

Rusol with barely three minutes played.

Ukraine's World Cup is
up and running finally.


Serhiy Rebrov and again he goes for goal

and scores a quite wonderful goal as well.

Helpless, utterly helpless Mabrouk Zaid.

Well it'll be a free kick right at

the start of the second half.

It was an early goal in the first.

Kalinichenko was the provider
and here he is providing again

and Shevchenko gets the
third of the afternoon.

The right boots of Kalinichenko
providing again and this

time the more likely route of
Shevchenko with the header.

Heres a legend of Ukraine, closing

in maybe on goal number four.

Unselfish play and a great
finish by Kalinichenko.

It's the final moment of magic
from Ukraine's point of view.

The Spanish defeat is
all but forgotten now.

- [Commentator] They do have a free kick

here for Reyes to send in.

And it's not a bad one.

Oh, what a classic goal.

That's an absolutely top draw

magnificent header from Juanito.

Spain have the lead.

Saudi Arabia have problems.

- [Commentator] Shevchenko is the target,

Jaidi is the man to cut it out.

He doesn't do so.

Shevchenko keeps his feet
belatedly decides to go down.

Referee has given a penalty.

It's Shevchenko against Boumnijel.

Shevchenko, delightful.

Cushioned into the back of the net.

No doubt about the quality
of the penalty kick.

It's Ukraine who have the
lead now by one goal to nil.

- [Narrator] While
Tunisia and Saudi Arabia

ultimately fell short,
Ukraine recovered well

from their dreadful opening match.

The manner of Spain's progress suggested

this might finally be their year.

(dramatic music)

Some fancied sides were sure to depart in

the second round with Spain facing France

and Portugal playing the Netherlands.

The hosts had Sweden, dangerous opponents.

- [Commentator] Aimed in here.

There might be a German opportunity still.

There are three around this area

with Ballack and then Klose.

The goalkeeper's made the stop
but the ball is in the net.

Germany have won exactly what they wanted.

It's taken them less than
four minutes this time.

Munich erupts to the
goal by Lukas Podolski.

Germany one, Sweden nil.

Longer ball in there, Klose hustling.

It was bobbling around all over.


There's a cross here from Miroslav Klose.

Oh, it's a lovely little
ball and Podolski's got two.

Germany two, Sweden nil.

They've already got one
foot in the quarter finals.

The two Polish born
players who lead the line

for Germany are leading it to perfection.

- [Commentator] Pavel
Pardo will take this.

There are five in green
shirts waiting in the middle.

Little flicked header and it's in.

Marquez, Rafael Marquez
after five minutes.

And they deserve it.

We've got a game on our hands.

Crespo trying to find the space.

Riquelme gets it over, Crespo has headed

it in, it's an own goal.

It's an equalizer.

And I think it was Borgetti who might

have put it in his own net.

Let's have a look.

Well, it surely, surely came
off the head of Borgetti here.

Maybe Crespo did get a touch.

He'll certainly claim it.



All the way to the back edge of

the penalty area to Rodriguez.

On the left foot, what a goal.

What a strike.

If ever there was a score
that deserved to win

a game in these
circumstances, that was it.

It was Sorin's ball across.

It was taken on the chest by
Rodriguez and then my word.

Sanchez did not stand a chance.

Look at that, on the volley.

- [Commentator] Posh
Spice looks on and hopes,

as the rest of England hopes.

It is David Beckham and it's useful.

Beckham scores for England.

Posh Spice leads the
applause, the breakthrough

comes from the captain,
much maligned but his 17th

goal for his country
promises much for England.

It promises a place in the quarterfinals.

- [Commentator] Deco.

Into Pauleta.

One nil to Portugal and
it's the man who scored

the winner against the
Netherlands in the European

championship semifinal
who's done it again.


Deco here to Pauleta.

And when the opening
came, Maniche didn't miss.

The Netherlands must be
heartily sick of Maniche.

- [Commentator] There are
50 seconds to go before

extra time and a 30 minute bonus for you.

Have they settled for it these two?

Well, they've stood toe to toe and they've

traded the blows but
it's beginning to look as

though were gonna have
another 30 minutes to try

and settle it and then it will
be survival of the fittest.



And still Grosso.

He's done brilliantly.

Play on says the referee.

No, it's gonna be a penalty
kick for the Italians.

Lucas Neill cannot believe
it and Fabio Grosso has

wanted to snatching this
one in the very last second.

Grosso lumbered on.

Neill went to ground.

Grosso fell over his prostrate body.

I think it's no more than debatable.

It looks a shocker of a
decision to be honest.

It's Totti versus Schwarzer.

This to send Italy into the last eight.

And how cruel it will be on Australia.

That Italy go through.

Totti is the name.

Totti's done the Italian job for them.

And the three times champions
Italy have scrambled home

thanks to Franceso Totti's
brilliantly struck penalty kick.

And that was the moment
that Italy continued their

march towards the final and
the Australian dream ended.

- [Commentator] Barnetta
is the next penalty taker.

Chance to make it one one on penalties.

He needs to score this one.

Oh, he's missed it.

Two penalties for the
Swiss and two failures.

Slams the ball against the crossbar.

Next is Cabanas.

He really has to score this otherwise

they're right down to the wire.

He doesn't look happy, he just
doesn't look happy at all.

And he's saved it.

Three misses.

I just felt he didn't look confident.

Ukraine are one kick away from the last

eight and a meeting with Italy.

If they score this, they're through.


He's done it, they're through.

Ukraine are through to the last eight.

Switzerland become the
first team to be eliminated

at a World Cup finals
without conceding a goal.

Oleg Husyev from Dynamo Kiev.

At the time of the last World Cup he was

playing in the third division in Ukraine.

Ukraine win three nil on penalty kicks.

- [Commentator] Emerson.

Almost playing in the
defense at the moment but he

really is the link between
defense and midfield.

I think Ghana will try and harry
Brazil out of their stride.

They played a very high
line here, they're onside.

Ronaldo, is this the record?

It sure is.

No one now has scored
more goals in the history

of the FIFA World Cup finals than Ronaldo.

Player at the bottom of your
picture was playing them on.

It was a horrific error.

There was a player who tried
to challenge Ronaldo right at

the end who had played the
entire Brazilian attack onside.

What a dreadful error that was.

Poor old Paintsil.

He'll have nightmares about that.


Muntari just hesitated
crucially before shooting.

Three minutes of stoppage
time to be added on.

Onside here.

They're queuing up.



It's Adriano.

We do have a goal before
halftime but it's for Brazil.

The man who broke the
deadlock against Australia has

made it two nil to the world
champions here in Dortmund.

Again Ghana played a
high line up the pitch.

Was there an offside there?

Cafu delivered the
telling cross and Adriano

has got his name on the score sheet again.

Ghana desperately try
and win the ball back.

That's really why Brazil
are world champions,

they can control the game.

They can control the tempo,
they can control the passing.

When they have to mix it and be physical,

they can do that as well.

They're stringing all these passes

together to try and emulate Argentina.

Is it gonna be a great goal here?

It is, you know.

This is gonna be one of the
great goals of the World Cup.

So many passes, so many great touches.

At the end of it Ze Roberto is
through and Brazil are safely

delivered into the last eight
of the World Cup finals.

Again onside and poor old Ghana's

offside has not really worked today.

Ze Roberto is not a regular goal

scorer at international level.

- [Commentator] This looks
a dangerous back post.

Headed away and picked up by Xabi Alonso.

And the referee's gonna
give the penalty kick.

Pablo I think it was.

And the French are surrounding
referee Rosetti from Torino.

Pablo it was and Lilian
Thuram into the back of Pablo.

Contact is made and any referee
who sees contact like that

from the position Senor Rosetti
was in will say penalty.

Non says Monsieur Domenech.

Si says Rosetti.

It is David Villa.

He scores and Spain lead.

Spain one, France nil.

What a breakthrough it
is for the team that has

come into the match
possibly as the favorites.

The team that has so far
underachieved throughout its

entire history apart from one
European championship triumph.

David Villa's fourth goal for his country.

Raul trying to combine with Xabi Alonso.


It's opened up this
time, he's onside here.

Big, big chance for Ribery
but shall he equalize?

France are level and it was a
touch of genius from Ribery.

Well, he's away and
running down the touchline

into the arms of the entire French squad.

He has breathed new life into the World

Cup challenge for the French.

And will he ever score
a more important one?

Lovely ball here.

Patrick Vieira, Henry
was offside by miles.

But Ribery wasn't so the flag stayed down.

He still had to go beyond Casillas.

He still had to roll it
into the net and with

two Spanish defenders
converging on the ball, neither

could keep it out of the net
and France are level again.

Well played Franck Ribery.

And a French free kick.

The French have plenty
forward as Zidane takes it.

It's away and.

Patrick Vieira may have
won the match for France.

The Spanish were all over the place.

Let's have a look at it.

It got a flick on there and Vieira.

Puyol was one.

The goalkeeper couldn't keep it out,

neither could Sergio Ramos.

France are two minutes
away from their success.

Two minutes away from triumph.

Spain two minutes away from elimination

and only three or four
days ago people were

talking about them as potential winners.

France have a break on here.

It's angled across to Zidane.

Can he finish it once and for all?

Zinedine Zidane, three one.

France are in the quarterfinals.

It's Zizou and it's goodbye
Spain I'm afraid again.

Once again all the dreams of
the Spanish have evaporated.

Destroyed by the world champions of 1998.

Zidane has scored against
Spain in the first

international ever played
at the Stade de France.

Kept his position,
stayed onside, kept cool.

Went inside Puyol and
drove the ball wide of his

Real Madrid colleague
Iker Casillas to send

France into a date with Brazil.

- [Narrator] The host nation's momentum

showed no sign of slowing.

Argentina next would
be their greatest test.

England had yet to perform
to their full potential.

But Portugal were brimming with

confidence after a fiery win.

Italy got lucky at the last.

While Ukraine were starting
to find their stride.

Brazil had ended Africa's representation.

France could be harder to stop.

That repeat of the 1998
final was eagerly awaited.

Brazil had a score to settle.

But kicking off the quarterfinals,

Germany's unmissable clash with Argentina.

- [Commentator] Most
of Argentina's players

congregate on the edge
of the penalty area as

a nervousness descends over the stadium.

Riquelme with a corner.

Over Sorin's head, a free header, it's in.

It's Ayala and Argentina have the lead.

Jens Lehman is furious with
either himself or his defenders.

And Argentina perhaps can send

the semifinals of the World Cup.

Roberto Ayala who's played
more than 100 times for his

country, has only ever scored
six goals prior to today.

How important a goal will that be?

Germany have not been behind
at these World Cup finals.

They are now.

Will Germany's physical
training come to the rescue now?


Chipped on here, they're level.

Miroslav Klose rescues Germany.

It's one one.

He's not scored a headed goal
for Germany for three years.

He has now.

Clearly onside.

He is a leading goal scorer
of the World Cup finals.

It's penalties to decide who wins

this quarterfinal in Berlin.

Even I've got butterflies in my stomach.

This to make it two two on penalties.

Advantage Germany.

This to make it four two.

Germany in touching distance now.

Cambiasso to try and keep
Argentina in the World Cup.

He's saved it, Germany are through.

The Olympic Stadium at
Berlin explodes into noise

and color because Germany have done it.

One or two tears out there.

They came from behind.

Found an equalizer with 10 minutes to go

and kept their nerve
in the penalty shootout

with some big saves from Jens Lehman.

Germany are World Cup semifinalists.

They win four two on penalties.

- [Commentator] Here's a
good run from Zambrotta.

What a goal from Gianluca Zambrotta.

He's only ever scored one
in his entire life before.

It's two now and what a
goal for Lippi to celebrate.

The 29 year old Zambrotta
who missed the start of

the World Cup with injury,
he's alive and kicking now.

Wonderful, wonderful
strike and it flew in off

the fingers of Shovkovskiy
and Italy have the early goal.

Corner for Italy.

50,000 here in Hamburg.

Totti now, useful ball in,
they've got their second

and Luca Toni has his
first World Cup goal.

They're on their way to play
Germany now you would feel.

Cannavaro didn't get a touch, Luca Toni,

the man who got 30 semi
odd goals last season

for Fiorentina has come
diving in here to send

Italy soaring into a two goal lead.

Here we're surely witnessing Italy's

progression into the last four.

And a run here from Zambrotta.

It must be three unless
he's offside, is he?

Toni having not got a
goal in four games has

got two in less than 10 minutes.

Ukraine are torn asunder
and I have a funny

feeling they might go on and lose this one

as heavily as they lost their first match.

So two for Toni.

And he scored just before
the hour mark and this

is made by the man who set
Italy on their way tonight,

Gianluca Zambrotta, turning
up there, slipping the ball

through, no question of
offside and tapped simply

into the net by Luca Toni who
has two goals in 10 minutes.

- [Commentator] Penalties to decide it.

Portugal against England.

Jamie Carragher.

England have only scored
one penalty so far.

He can't watch.

I'm not sure I can.

He's a monster, that
guy, at saving penalties.

Nerves are drawn so
tight to breaking point.


He's saved it.

Ricardo is proving to be the
Portuguese hero once again.

Portugal are one kick away
from the World Cup semifinals.

The tormentor of England,
Cristiano Ronaldo.

The man who was involved in the incident

with Wayne Rooney that
saw Rooney sent off.

Cristiano Ronaldo can
send Portugal to their

first World Cup semifinal in 40 years.

Is the waiting over here for Portugal?

It is.

Portugal are World Cup semifinalists

and England, as usual,
lose on a penalty shootout.

History has repeated itself.

He's got the beating of England again.

It's the end for Sven-Goran Eriksson.

His reign as England manager
ends via a penalty shootout.

Who could have believed it?

Just one successful penalty for England

scored by Owen Hargreaves.

Three successful penalties for Portugal.

- [Commentator] Free
kick here for the French

and the tall man Vieira is up there.

So is, so will be Gallas.

Danger now, here is a big, big chance.

France have the lead.

Thierry Henry has stooped for the glory

and it's Brazil nil France one.

They call him terrific Thierry
in France and in London

and Thierry Henry has
brought the contest to light.

He's brought Raymond Domenech to his feet.

He's got every French arm in
the whole of the country and in

the whole of the stadium in
Frankfurt waving in salute.

No question of onside, it's stowing away.

But where were the markers?

They were all preoccupied
with others and Henry

took full advantage to prod it home.

- [Narrator] For the
first time since 1982,

all the semifinalists
were European and all

of them but Portugal had
lifted the trophy before.

The pedigree of the final
four was impeccable.

(dramatic music)

- [Commentator] Two minutes
of extra time remain.

Still goalless in the World Cup semifinal.

And it's Del Piero with a corner.


- [Commentator] It's Grosso, Italy surely

are through to Berlin.

- [Commentator] Germany
have been silenced.

What a time to score.

- [Commentator] Are you kidding me?

Fantastic little ball by
Pirlo inside the fall back.

Brilliantly struck by Grosso.

Right in the top corner.

Fantastic goal.

Oh my goodness, what a
brilliantly taken goal.

- [Commentator] What
timing by the Italians.

Germany have to score now.

It's now or never for Germany.

Is the party over for them?



The Azure are moments from glory.


Del Piero.

Berlin here we come.

The tears will flow here in
Dortmund from the German fans.

Alex Del Piero with the
last kick of the game.

Victory for Italy.

They make the World Cup final as they've

done every 12 years since 1970.

- [Commentator] Well, what fantastic play

by Italy on the counterattack.

Germany kept going forwards.

Beautiful little ball into Del Piero.

He bends it into the top corner.

Brilliantly taken goal.

- [Commentator] Malouda.

Clever little touch.

The referee's gonna give the spot kick.

Thierry Henry taken down.

The Portuguese can't defend it.

It's always a dangerous
ploy and Ricardo Carvalho

has taken out Thierry Henry
in the opinion of Senor

Larrionda here and the
game will open up now if

France score from the spot kick.

- [Commentator] Tell you
what, I'm not so sure.

Certainly Carvalho.

They're tight enough.

It's not the biggest of
nudges and I think had

the ball not have run
away from Henry as far as

it had, he'd have gone
after it to get a shot away.

There's definitely a little bit

of contact with Carvalho's left leg.

It's enough, John, it's just enough.

- [Commentator] Well,
it's such a massive call

for a referee in any game let
alone a World Cup semifinal

but here he comes, Zizou, to
try and score his second World

Cup goal of 2006 and he's up
against one of the best shot

stoppers in terms of penalties
in the world in Ricardo.

He's not taking much of a run up here.

It's Zidane to give France the lead

in the semifinal in Munich.

And it's his World Cup at the moment.

Zinedine Zidane belts
it home via the fingers

of Ricardo who got very,
very close to keeping

it out and the big man Zizou
shows absolutely no emotion.

They certainly do.

It is Portugal nil, France one.

- [Commentator] There's
many different ways

to take a penalty, we've
seen lots of players

in the tournament so far
with long run ups etc.

Zidane just a couple of strides

and popping it in the corner.

Ricardo went the right way but

it got half a fingertip to it.

Just a bit too powerful.

- [Narrator] Italy's stunning finish

had dashed the German dream.

In Berlin, the Azure would face France,

an aging side reviving memories of their

glory days when it really mattered.

There was one last chance
for Germany to party.

Pride and third place
at stake in Stuttgart.

- [Commentator] Germany break.

The game's still in the balance,

55 minutes played, nil nil the score.

Schweinsteiger on the ball.

No substitutions as yet.

So Schweinsteiger will
look for a shot in here.

It's a thrilling shoot, it's a thrilling

goal from Bastian Schweinsteiger.

He took aim and it was deadly aim.

He scored in the pre
World Cup warm up friendly

matches but it's his
first in seven games at

the World Cup of 2006 and
the 21 year old who has been

building a reputation with
Bayern Munich in the last two

years has brought Germany
the lead against Portugal.

Germany one, Portugal nil.

And the name is Bastian Schweinsteiger.

And he did it all himself,
in fact, he had to evade

the Japanese referee who
nearly fell over in his path.

But Schweinsteiger looks up
here and really lets fly.

And that's what they mean about
this ball moving in the air.

It certainly beat Ricardo and
it flew between the Portuguese

goalkeeper's fingers and into
the net, one nil Germany.

Another promising position.

Can they go two ahead?

With Schweinsteiger's free kick.

Interesting lack of Klose
in there and Metzelder.

He'll probably go for goal.

Oh, it's an own goal.

It's two nil Germany.

Nobody in a white shirt
can claim this one.

Petit stuck out his boot and there wasn't

a hope in the world for Ricardo.

It's an own goal,
Schweinsteiger taking much

of the credit, but there's
no way he can claim it.

It's a Petit own goal.

In other words a little own
goal but a big one for Germany.

Germany two, Portugal nil, surely

they cannot be stopped now.

Sliced in by Petit from
the Schweinsteiger drive.

Though he may have been going
wide otherwise, but Petit

has just probably handed
third place to Germany.

That's as clear an own goal
as you can see really, that.

Neuville, a lovely turn on a runaway from

the defender as well and
then feeding the ball

out to the hitter of the
night, Bastian Schweinsteiger

who looks like scoring
every time he lets fly.

Does he ever, does he ever, Bastian

Schweinsteiger, this is your night.

Well Juergen Klinsmann could not

have hit a better one himself.

He's only been denied a hat
trick via the boot of Petit.

Michael Schumacher beams
as though he's just had

the flag as he crossed the
finishing line in a Grand Prix.

Bastian Schweinsteiger
with goal number nine

in only his 35th appearance
is the star of the future.

He's a pretty good star
of the present as well.

How's he hit this one?

Ricardo never saw it,
it absolutely flew into

the net, it nearly burst
it and we got goals

for you now, though
they're all German goals.

Bend it like Bastian.

Three nil Germany and
what a night for him.

Tournament lost a little bit of something

when the host went out.

Portugal do deserve a goal
for their efforts in this half

and Figo fires a ball in
and they do have a goal.

Lovely, lovely header from Nuno Gomes

has stunned the German public here.

It's belated consolation for Scolari.

And a lovely goal for Nuno
Gomes, his 24th for Portugal.

They're happy about that and
the three one score line was

something many of us predicted
and that's what we've got

at the moment and it's
Luis Figo cross as well.

A beauty curling onto his head and Kahn,

for all his efforts, has been beaten on

the night, he'd be mortified by that.

But just with all the other
goals this evening, there

was nothing much the
goalkeeper could do about it.

Luis Figo with a lovely
cross here at least has given

Nuno Gomes a World Cup goal to celebrate.

And it's Germany three, Portugal
one with 87 minutes played.

- [Narrator] The hosts said farewell

to their own tournament with a bang.

Juergen Klinsmann's young
side unable to go all

the way but they more than
satisfied expectations.

The pre tournament critics
have been silenced with high

tempo attractive football that
had the nation enthralled.

All that remained was one final match

to crown the 2006 FIFA world champions.

For Zinedine Zidane, the last
game of an illustrious career

would be a chance to win the
World Cup for a second time.

Opponents Italy were looking
for a silver lining with their

domestic game embroiled
in a corruption scandal.

69,000 fans were in Berlin

to witness the competition's finale.

The drama did not disappoint.

- [Commentator] The other
move going here which

will involve Camoranesi, the
Argentine born player, off to

Grosso on the left who's a key
component for them as well.

You're talking about Henry
being a key component.

I suppose everybody is in this game.

Oh, that has to be a free kick.

That wasn't followed through.

And this might just be
a yellow card as well.

It is for Zambrotta.

First of the match and
he really into the man.

- [Commentator] Yeah, it was
late wasn't it and dangerous.

- [Commentator] Not quite sure what

he's appealing about there.

It is a yellow card for a man who missed

the European 2000 final
against France because

he'd had a red card in the semifinal.

Now a chance for Malouda.

He's down, penalty.

A penalty for the French.

Well shades of Germany
and the World Cup finals

of 1974 when Holland
were awarded a penalty in

the very first minute
and Johan Neeskens scored

for the Netherlands then against Germany.

Here down goes Malouda and
Zinedine Zidane will have

the chance to get a penalty
in the final in Berlin.

- [Commentator] Malouda has
gone down inside penalty

and I think rather fortunately.

- [Commentator] Zidane
on the last occasion

he took a penalty whacked it hard to

the goalkeeper's right and if you remember

the Portuguese goalkeeper
Ricardo got a hand to it.

It's Zinedine Zidane here.

It crossed the line, it's a goal,

but how lucky almost is that?

How casual, how cheeky?

Only one of the world's
great, great players would

attempt anything as audacious
as that but he nearly

paid the penalty if you'll excuse the pun.

- [Commentator] Well I guess
any penalty that ultimately

counts as a goal but that
was mighty cheeky and indeed

having clipped the crossbar
he set the goalkeeper down,

clipped it over the keeper,
it hits the crossbar,

and the referee's
assistant on the far side,

he's perfectly positioned,
he sits on that goal

line so he can make any
call on whether the ball

goes over the line and indeed it did.

Zidane opens the scoring.

- [Commentator] Camoranesi
managed to fool Abidal there.

He read the flight of the ball better.

He's in a position to try and win a corner

at least here and that's what he will do.

He's got a lot of ability Camoranesi.

Doesn't always, I think,
sort of round things off.

He doesn't always get the good final

ball in that his ability demands.

- [Commentator] Well, he
certainly works himself

into good positions and
I don't actually think he

wants to take this corner
either particularly,

it's Pirlo who normally
delivers from set plays

and we've also got a little
bit of a skirmish in the

middle of the penalty area which
the referee has sorted out.

- [Commentator] Pirlo's
corner, Italy trail by a goal.

And they're level.

It's Toni, it's the big fellow
from the back, Materazzi

who does to France what he
did to the Czech Republic.

He climbs into the set
piece and a thumping header

from the center back Marco Materazzi.

Has brought Italy right
back into this game

and nothing was gonna stop this one.

- [Commentator] Well, it was
a powerful header, wasn't it?

What a great climb but
the delivery made it.

Pirlo, we'd already
spoken about his delivery.

And great power from Materazzi.

Patrick Vieira doing his best
to get a challenge on it.

Couldn't climb high
enough and the big Italian

central defender with a powerful header.

- [Commentator] Italy one, France one.

Fasten your seatbelts
for the penalty shootout.

- [Narrator] Zidane's swan song had

turned sour, sent off in extra time.

And there was worse to
come for the French,

facing the shootout without
their legendary leader.

- [Commentator] Trezeguet now.

To keep France level.

It's not crossed the line, he's missed,

it definitely did not
cross the line a la Zidane.

And it's the first miss
and it's advantage Italy.

Buffon didn't have to do anything.

It's gonna be Grosso.


Fabio Grosso.

Lippi knows that this is the
moment for the young defender,

the young man here from Palermo,
to win Italy the World Cup.

He does it.

It's Italy's cup and the
man who scored the goal,

that broke German hearts, is the man who

is immortalized his name in
Italian football history.

He's off and running.

He's already gone the
whole length of the field.

They're not bothering to chase him

and Italy are the world champions of 2006.

- [Commentator] From minute one

to minute 120 plus penalties.

- [Commentator] And a reckless
act of idiocy, of lunacy

by Zinedine Zidane has
contributed to the French defeat.

Who would have believed
it and who would have

believed that this young
man Fabio Grosso who

scored the goal that broke
German hearts has now

scored the goal that has
broken French hearts, too.

- [Commentator] Well, just
wonderful scenes of delight.

Absolute delight, players,
management, coaches, fans.

- [Commentator] And Fabio
Cannavaro, for me the man

of the series, steps up
now and he is the man who

will lift the trophy to the heavens.

It's the Azures blue year of 2006.

Italy are the world champions for

the fourth time in their history.

- [Narrator] The Italians were the winners

of an outstanding tournament.

For 31 thrilling days, the
entire globe was gripped.

There was joy and pain
on the road to Berlin,

happiness and heartbreak, but no one will

ever forget the FIFA
World Cup Germany 2006.

(dramatic music)

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